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Hi we use with great pleasure the Lenovo m93p as server in a our environment. They would like a charm. recently we faced a situtation and e wanted the servers to turn on at a specific time.  We went into BIOS and set the time to turn on the PVC.  We expected that the PC could be turned on manually. It will not turn on at all.  We took off the CMOS battery to see if it would reset the BIOS settings: Nothing ! The the PC will not turn on... Also no Lenovo screen , nothing  We must also say that we increased the video memory to 1024 MB AND set up the start time. These settings were saved since then the PC would not turn on.... Would appreciate anything that could help in having the pC turn on or resetting the BIOS to default ... Thanks in advance We need to perform somthing alittle more complex .. Will ask after solving this pesky problem Zeprez
Hi all! I've a problem with my 3 years old Y50. Status:1. Battery status on system tray is: "connected, charging" but no, its not charging!2. If I unplug the AC cable my laptop shut down immediately3. Y50 can't turn on without AC cable Info:Vantage says battery is good thx for helpRedHanded
I have a visnic 30000 power bank.I tryed to charge my Lenovo IdeaPad 510s 13 80SJ0079IV with the dc output but it doesn't charge.This is the power bank I have: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vinsic-Dual-30000mAh-External-Battery-Chargers-PC-Laptop-Power-Bank-4-5A-19...Can It charge my Lenovo IdeaPad 510s 13 80SJ0079IV ?Thank you
This driver has previously worked fine on my Lenovo W540 Laptop. Now it failes to install correctly. It works fine when connected to other various laptops (dell, lenovo running w10 etc.). I have also tried to delete the driver and install it manually by downloading the driver from "contourdesign" website. Seems to apply to Lenovos about 2 years old running W7.  Anyone having this problem?
Will this product (part number) 4XB0L63274 fit in my Lenovo p51 for storage expansion? https://www3.lenovo.com/us/en/accessories-and-monitors/memory-and-storage/storage/HDD-BO-ThinkPad-St...
I have a computer / tablet toshiba satellite click mini l9w-b and suddenly it does not show me any display on the screen. I turn it on and I see only black. Like black screen, but "ON".
what can we do? It is plugged into a charger and I do not think there is a problem with the battery or charging.
Would appreciate help. Thank you!
Dear All,
As per organization policy, Software should be installed by IT team only so in order to implement this, We have disabled the Admin rights to all users, everything is working fine except the .net developers, they have to work VS and IIS and sql server services

IIS would work only when users are provided with Admin rights.

How can i resolve this situation without providing local admin / special privileges to developers. 

Thanks in advance,
Manoj Kumar
My Acer Aspire E1510 laptop screen has vertical lines. How to fix this issue. Images uploaded. Please help

Hello, My lapatop lenovo G50 was working fine for the last 2 years. Since last month when I press the power button it start to flash the screen repeatedly without booting, is stays like that for about an hour , then the Lenovo logo appears and boot normal. Please see the attached video. Thanks! 
Hi there, I am currently using Yoga 370.  I wonder how can I can turn on the automatic mode for backlight keyboard.  I only have 3 options now.1. OFF2. MEDIUM3.HIGHAppreciate your help.
Hello dear.I bought this DDR on Aliexpress - BINFUL DDR3L 8GB 1600MHz PC3L-12800 1.35v sodimmAs I can see from DDR I received - it's SKhynix ram.But when I inserted it in my laptop - I seen just black screen after turned on.Is this DDR or compatibility problem? What DDR I can purchuased on Aliexpress that will work with my laptop?

LxUspNB[1].jpg ?66 KB
so i have recent buy a 2nd thinkpad yoga 14 i5-5300u TYPE 20DM-009GUS , S/N R9-0H5NTXso now i want to buy a pen for this product , i saw on amazon and found 2 version of this pen , so which pen compatible with my laptop ?Lenovo ThinkPad Pen Pro Active Capacitive Stylus 4X80H34887Lenovo Active Pen GX80K32884 Stylus Penthanks for support !
Hello, I recently bought a X1 Yoga 2Gen in a HK reseller which does not come with any Sierra EM7455 WWAN card. Would like to know if I can add the card in order to use mobile network for connecting the internet. The machine type is 20JDCTO1WW. Any reply would be appreciated. Many thanks. Ken
i have a question i have a windows vista business version and i want to upgrade to windows 7 but i don`t know which win 7 version i require
since i had a win vista home premium and upgraded this one with a win 7 home premium installation but now i`m wondering
i was asked after i did some tinkering with an ISO i downloaded and deleted ei.cfg and i required a license key of windows 7 professional ant ultimate is this supposed to happen or is this a error or do i need enterprise for a in-place upgrade?
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Has anyone been able to bridge a sagemcom fast 3864ac router modem when using NBN?

I am thinking to get a router to expand home wifi range.
Hi all,

I want to revert back to the Windows 7 that my HP netbook came with but Win 10 seems to have disabled the factory restore function. I can see the Recovery partition and its files but pressing F11 when booting goes to a menu in which factory restore is disabled. The only "recovery" offered appears to be a reinstallation of Win 10. The upgrade to Win 10 was over a year ago so rolling back is not an option either.

If I can get hold of a copy of Win 7 is it likely that I will be able to do a fresh install of it and manually install all the drivers from the HP website? If I can obtain discs I will need to transfer the files onto a USB stick to install as the netbook does not have a DVD drive. It is an HP Pavilion dm1-4012au Entertainment Notebook PC.

Thanks for any advice.
My first quest is to find the right question. My second quest, which I think I can do on google, is how to do it. I teach in 21 different classrooms each week. I only have a few minutes to go and set up the computer, paper, etc in each classroom so I need to be efficient. I want the computer in each classroom to have a timer with a graphic that displays remaining time. I need to show the objective along the very top of the computer (we have these 72" tablet computers in each classroom) and the objective needs to move independently of other parts of the screen. About one fifth of the computer screen (occupying the whole screen from top to bottom) needs to display some info from a website from time to time. This is just a taste of what I need. I will be drawing on a few different sources for information and will need the space resized.

Can I accomplish this by customizing a win 7 desktop? Would making my own webpage (to be opened from the computer, not hosted online) be more useful? I am looking for a light shove in the right direction here, as well as some basic vocabulary that help me be independent.

Hello! In our company we are using Lenovo T470s laptops and we want to prepare a plan to deploy the fix for Spectre and Meltdown, I'm following the official Lenovo website and checking for updated information https://support.lenovo.com/dk/en/solutions/len-18282 Can anyone tell me what would be the best sproach to centrally patch all your clients?My first thought is to use SCCM, but maybe Lenovo already has some tool of it's own that we could utilize? Like the Lenovo System Update tool, coult it be an option? Can it be controlled via scripting?Please let me know your reccomendations? P.S.Does the T 470s have any safety feature for BIOS if remote BIOS flash would go wrong?
I have a thinkpad mini that I haven?t touched in year and I managed to load it up today and it loads up fine, however when i enter my password it just starts squealing. I can?t get past the login because it?s sooooo loud I have to block my ears and shut it off immediately. Does anyone know what might be causing this?
Hi Tech Guys!

Looking to buy a new laptop that can host 2 operating systems: windows / Linux
some friend advise me to look at: HP 15-bc207TX
I never used a single machine with dual OSs before,
Any recommendations / comments about this?
have anyone tried using machine with Linux and windows?
how stable and efficient the machine's performance? or not a good idea to have 2 OSs installed?
The device will be used as a regular work station, fully use graphics and all other functions,
the whole job mainly done with Windows 7 or 10, then Linux to be used for learning, and practicing,
Kindly advise accordingly,
many thanks..
Recently got a new(used) W530 and have been putting it through its paces to ensure everything is functional before my return window is up.After battling through some issues I believe everything checks out and I just loaded Windows 10 and began configuring it for my setup.One thing that I just can't get working right is the "rapid charging" and Always On USB configuration.Here is my understanding to frame the issue (please correct me where I'm wrong):1) The W530 has a yellow USB port in the back that is supposed to be capable of "rapid charging"2) The W530 has the ability to be configured with "always on usb charging" if properly configured in the BIOS.So I've got the 2 settings in the BIOS enabled that should allow always on. Lenovo Vantage software also confirms this is enabled.And...things actually work. That is to say when my computer is in sleep, standby, or totally off.Additionally, when plugged into the yellow USB port my android phone shows as "rapid charge" on it's lock screen.The problem is when the computer is actually awake. The minute it leaves one of the standby/off modes the phone falls back to slow charging.I've played around with all the power management settings I could think of:- Disabled in devices "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power"- In power plan disabled "selective suspend" on USB- In power plan disabled "link state power management"Nothing seems to make it charge faster when the computer is on.I'm concerned that the issue may be w... Read more
So i have been trying to start a minecraft server on my computer just for me to build and create stuff with plugins and maybe put it online in the future. For some reason i am not able to associate .jar files with java like there is no option for it. I have downloaded the latest java to run it but it gives no option just notebook as the only option. Whenever i download .jar files it turns into notepad and that doesn't help me at all. Please help.
The fact that Adani Aangan affordable housing in Gurgaon sector 88A and 89A phase one gathered a huge success and that lead to the emergence of phase two. Adani Aangan phase 2 sector 88A Gurgaon is ready to work on and Adani group is trying to make it possible for you to book as soon as possible. The current updates about upcoming Adani affordable housing in gurugram says that there are some criteria to book a home under the project Adani affordable housing in Gurgaon. Well, setting up criteria for allotment of flats is a good step taken under Adani Aangan Affordable housing project.
Hi everyone,

Thank you for your splendid response to the latest Best of the Year Antivirus/Suite polls and Pro's & Con's review section of various antiviruses.

This thread will solely focus on how to configure various antivirus/suites for Best Protection in 2018.
Each week we could discuss about a new software so there's plenty of time to configure our systems

Few pointers:

If possible you can provide screenshots for the same. If you can record a video of it, it could be a lot easier! (There's no harm in just giving a text-based tutorial too)
You specifically don't need to know all the tweaks required for best protection, but if you know any, it could help others a lot.
If you think a tweak can cause degradation in performance you might also highlight it for reference.

Let's start alphabetically?

#wEEK 1 - 360 Total Security

I get this annoying orange screen of death every time I unplug my laptop from the charger when it's sleeping. Does anybody know the fix for this?

Thank you,
Hello everyone. I was hoping to find some help with an ongoing problem I've been having.

My computer freezes, mostly at random. It rarely goes 2 days without doing it, but it usually only happes once a day. I will be in the middle of something and it's like someone pulled the plug out of my keyboard and mouse. There's no noticeable performance changes or warnings of any kind before it happens. I know it's not just my peripherals because I usually log out of windows10 at night before bed and I've come back to see the computer froze at 2:34am. The screen doesn't go black or bsod. It just stops. It doesn't apper to matter what I'm doing at the time. It's happened using notepad++, playing a game, watching a movie, reading the news. If there's a trigger, I'm missing it entirely.

It's been happening for about a month now. It needs to end.

My Specs are:

Operating System
Windows 10 Home 64-bit

AMD FX-8320 20 C
Vishera 32nm Technology

8.00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 803MHz (11-11-11-28)

Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd. 970A-DS3P (CPU 1) 25 C

E420AR ([email protected])
2047MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 (EVGA) 27 C

931GB Western Digital WDC WD10EZEX-00BN5A0 ATA Device (SATA) 32 C

Optical Drives

I've tried running Avast! and updating my graphics card drivers. Nothing malfunctions at all that I can tell between freezes. Except for the freeze... Read more
AOL has new software version called AOL GOLD I was forced to install it today and I hate it already. Most of the user customization features are gone. You can no longer access desktop shortcuts made from Internet Explorer without opening AOL which is what I hate. I've always been able to just click my Facebook desktop icon and open Facebook only, now it opens in my AOL Gold Software Browser. I've had AOL since 2002 and have always enjoyed it now I don't know what to do now AOL really sucks bad. If anyone can help resolve this please post.

Windows Media Player worked for a while on my Vista 2Core then stopped working. I listen to music a lot and like Media Player so this annoyed me a great deal. Finally I bit the bullet and upgraded to Windows 7 (Home Premium) and guess what -
"Windows Media Player Has Stopped Working" again, and Windows Media Center cannot play dvd's. I am
gobsmacked and $200 worse off. Windows 7 is supposed to be the greatest thing since sliced bread yet there is no fix or patch for the Media Center bug - everyone's complaining about this - just do a google search across the internet.
After hours searching I managed to find a link to email-assistance from Microsft,
with a $100 price tag! This is ridiculous.
Can someone please tell me what Microsoft are doing to remedy their worthless Windows 7/Vista Media Center? I run editions of Windows XP and the Media Player on XP has not failed me once,
not once!
Please advise, thank you.
I hope that I can get some help to resolve issues that I am getting while system is trying to apply new windows updates/ upgrades. I keep getting this error message on Windows update screens, and could not find the information about this error, could you
please help?
The error is :
"WindowsUpdate_8024A000" "WindowsUpdate_dt000"
I recently updated to windows 10 and in the morning I checked if it was done, it was, then I login and everything is black. I tried to run task manager didn't pop up. Checked my cords and everything to my monitor everything was fine. I have no idea what to do can you please help?
Is there a way to permanently remove OneDrive and Cloud from my system, including all references to both from my registry?

In the absence of that, is there a third-party application that will for sure block all functions of both of them?

I recently spent about an hour editing out all references to OneDrive from my registry, at least all that Windows 10 would allow, and now they are all back.
Need a laptop capable of editing go pro footage.. Not wanting to spend over 1000

Sent from my LG-M327 using Tapatalk
ive been trying for about a week to get pdanet on my samsung galaxy s5 to connect to my xbox. right now it connects but im having double NAT issues, UPnP issues, and teredo issues. im at a loss for what im supposed to do. pdanet connects to my computer perfectly and im using its wifi share to connect to my xbox. i also have a packet loss of 100%. at first i tried connecting my computer to my linksys cisco e2500 router but even with internet connection sharing enabled i dont get anything. even the windows 10 hotspot shows no internet access is available when using pdanet as a source of internet. the only way ive been able to get anything is from wifi share but i believe its blocking some protocols or something i need for xbox multiplayer. any help will be appreciated.
I turned my laptop on today, and the battery is saying it is at 0% and that the cord is plugged in but not charging. It worked perfectly fine yesterday and I have never had this issue before. I took the cover off and unplugged the battery and then was able to run my computer without the battery plugged in. This was to be sure that the power cord was not the issue. I ran cmd prompt powercfg -energy to look at possible issues with the battery. Attached is the energy report. I am past my knowledge and I cannot find anymore information on the internet. Can someone review my report and advice how to fix the plugged in but not charging issue I am having?

energy-report.pdf ?91 KB
So, I recently got a new Lenovo Flex 5 14" (touchscreen with Active Pen), but Photoshop is either way too big or way too small. I was reading posts from a few years ago where Adobe said they're "still working on it". How long can it possibly take to fix the scaling?! My laptop's resolution is 1920x1080. I've tried multiple other resolutions, but none of them work. I also tried other methods (creating manifest files, etc) but they didn't help either. Is anyone else have the same problem with high resolution laptops/computers in general?
I own a P50 laptop running Windows 10.  Since December 2017, I have started getting BSOD with orange color whenever I reboot my computer that says "Page Fault in Non Paged Area".  After the system supposedly collects error information, it takes me to normal windows login screen and from then on, it is smooth sailing, until I shut down and reboot the next time. I restored back to the time when the system was working fine...that didn't help.  I checked Windows update and Lenovo's system update software.  They both say that everything is updated. Can someone please help?  I am a little freaked out because I read this could be related to RAM hardware issue.  I sincerely hope it is not the case. I have also tried couple of solutions from googling like checking disk routine and clearing my registry.  Those didn't help either. Thoughts anyone?
It's just that I am severely deficient in Testo XR experience. Aren't you a Testo XR fan who has been trying to find Testo XR? I will show you how I was able to take a Testo XR conclusion and turn it into a Testo XR as soon as I don't know if it's insurable or not.

This is a common practice now. If you're ready to begin with Testo XR, then the next point you must know is Testo XR. It's simply that recently Testo XR has been taken to new levels. Testo XR is not all that complicated.
The scenario is that I have multiple APs in the building but one network. So generally id like to know if users are able to log into the wifi of the same SSID but to connect to certain APs, there will be an extra password that needs to be entered. Is this possible?
Hello there,

This is my first post here and I'm looking for some help. I currently have my PC connected to my TV and when I restart the computer for a fresh boot I sometimes get no display. To remedy the situation I have to hold the computer power button and physically restart. Sometimes I need to hold the power times 2-3 times before I get a bios and a bootup screen. My TV is fairly new, it is a Vizio P50-C1 and it has been great. My PC is 4 years old. Some quick specs are i5-4690k, gtx960, 16GB of RAM, one small SSD for Windows and multiple other hard drives from old systems.

I don't know if my display issue is video card related, PSU related, or possibly a bad HDMI cord. Actually I've tried different HDMI cords and inputs.

Can somebody let me know what the next step to text would be?
I see others have had this problem, but the classic ?hold the power button for 10 seconds? trick isn?t working. This has happened numerous times in the past and typically it just eventually turns back on, seemingly with no rhyme or reason behind it. This time, it has been well over an hour. It?s turned on twice, gotten to the lock screen, then turned off again & I cannot get it back on.  It is certainly not an issue of wear and tear-I use it minimally, however when I do use it, I really need it to actually work.  What is going on and how can I fix it??
Hello, I recently bought a yoga 910-13ikb, and since day 1 I cannot get wifi connection, the troubleshooter shows that wifi doesnt have a valid ip configuration, so there's no internet.  i've tried with netsh winsock reset catalog, netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt, ipconfig /release , ipconfig /renew., also turning the antivirus and firewall off, I downloaded the latest update fron lenovo's page, and none of them make the wifi work.  other laptops and phones work well in the same wlan. can anyone help me with a solution for this problem?. thank you.
Dear Sir, One user reported that the mouse cursor will disappeared for a while after client wake up,he can only use touch screen to input to the computer.Please kindly advise for this issue. Best Regards,Jason
I am having a problem with my battery, when i plug it in it begins charging and then after a 10 min or so it just stops, I un plug it and plug it back in and it starts charging again but then after a little bit it stops again.
I have lost the ability to copy and paste on any program. I can not do it from email, word, or any other program on my computer.I currently have Microsoft 10. Is there any solution to assist?

If I do decide to upgrade, will all my files transfer over to the upgraded program?
Me and my friend went to use her Cam on her computer and it won't turn on for any app or website. We've used the Cam multiple times even thou the mic Dosent work either. Her computer says eee on the cover and she says it runs on Linux mint 9. We can't find anything useful on how to get it working again.
I keep getting a black screen on my monitor with the letters ISP
My questions very clear. I want to know what games i can play with GT 1030, second: why i cannot play games with GT 1030? I can only play age of empire 1 and 2, simcity 3000 and ps1 emulator.
My specs:
i5 7400 3.0GHz
GT 1030
Windows 10 Home 64bit
720p monitor
I have a Yoga 900 13ISK2Yesterday my usb ports stopped working (the charger still works) I updated the BIOS and they worked again for about 4 hours, then stopped again. Can you help?