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First time on forums so sorry for any mistakes, etc... I was in my bedroom, using my Lenovo laptop (charging, it was on 96%), when I had to move into the kitchen. Grabed my laptop and my charger. After re-connecting the charger in my laptop, once in the kitchen, the laptop wouldn't charge anymore, it just shown me a message: "Connected but not charging". I really don't know what to do. Already tried restarting it, checking the Lenovo Vantage battery's options, but still isn't working. Was hoping that removing the battery was the last thing I could try, 'cause I'm pretty scared of breaking the laptop (it is new), and since it is new (1 month old) I doubt the problem might be the battery itself. Would aprecciate pretty much if any of you could help me! Laptop Specs:Lenovo Ideapad 320 80YH0007BRIntel Core i5-7200UNVidia GeForce 940MX 2GB GDDRR58GB Ram1TB HDWindows 10 (2018) 64-bit
Hello, Lenovo.  I've got problem with unworking fan. For this moment I tried next things: Physical accurate cleaning of fan and surroundings from dust and suchlike things. Nothing prevents fan to move it's blades (huh, blades? I don't know how it's calling)Checking connection and reconnecting fan from\to motherboard.Reinstalling Windows back to the clear version.Installing all "recommended" drivers from your support part of website.Updating BIOS to the newest version that you've offered for this laptop model.Second reinstalling of Windows but now not from Windows Settings, but from special .iso file from Microsoft's support website.Always doing checking by Lenovo Diagnostic Tool. Also, I've tried to get something from sidepart apps like SpeedFan.Stresstest with expectation of reacting temperature sensors on overheating and turning on fan.Laptop was bought from LenovoIsrael ~1 year and 2 months ago. One day (the last sunday, I think) fan just stop working and laptop, obviously, become overheating every time I'm doing some work on it. Now is the last night before really important exam for me and I can't prepare doing tests online for three days because of lags caused by overheating.There is screenshot from Lenovo Diagnostic Tool. Also, I've added dxdiag (i dunno if you need this) and msinfo32. There was no alert messages like "I cannot run Win10 because of missing fan" or something like that. Laptop is just continue working as everything is ok.  &n... Read more
Hi TechNet! So, I turned my computer on this morning and started working. Nothing unusual came up. While working I was checking the detail of an image and noticed that the Owner and Computer listing had changed to "xoCDA". I have no clue what this
is or where it came from.
I've attached some pictures for illustration. (I CAN'T ADD THEM UNTIL I'M VERIFED)

So, in picture 1 you can see I immediately searched the registry and it came up in all the right places where the old name should have been. Confusing.
In picture 2, I went through the Event Viewer and found the "The NetBIOS and DNS name of this machine have been changed..." message which threw during the first morning logon.
In picture 3 you can see how it's displaying in an image's properties.
In picture 4 you can see under the System information that it's showing the computer name, domain and workgroup settings as what they should be. It's current.
And in picture 5, you can see the modified profile name.
I've rebooted multiple times and nothing has changed. AV scans came back empty. My questions are, how could this happen? It's not that easy to just change the profile name, is it? And, the big one, how can I get it back to normal. Can I just edit it through
the reg and reboot? Thanks for taking the time!
I'm experiencing frequent packet loss on my computer while gaming, using chat programs, and borwsing the web. I've already used the command prompt to confirm I have packet loss and it ranges from 1% to 10%. I've already tried two different ethernet cables, multiple ports on my router, and two different computers. The problem is not related to my computer or the cable. I have a feeling the router might be the issue but I really don't know what could be wrong with my router. Just to be clear, I pinged both my router's address and www.google.com and the packet loss was the same. The cable connecting my computer to the router does not go through any wall ports it just goes straight through the wall. Verizon is my ISP. My father has about five miners set up using our network so that could also be the issue but I really don't know the details of the operation. Could miners cause this much packet loss?
I have a Thinkpad Yoga 12.5 with Wacom digitizer that I am trying to use with Photoshop Elements 13, running the latest version of Windows 10.  It seems like the digitizer stopped working in Photoshop at the Fall Creators Update, and the newest update hasn't fixed the problem. The reason I bought this laptop was because I wanted to draw with the digitizer in Photoshop, and this combined with my other issue of the keyboard randomly deactivating is making me question whether a Lenovo computer is worth the investment.
I have a Thinkpad Yoga 12.5 with digitizer. This has been going on for months, and seems to be happening more frequently. Sometimes this happens at startup and I have to sleep or reboot to activate the keyboard. Sometimes this happens in the middle of typing or watching a video. It seems like it possibly happens when I adjust the screen angle (autorotate is off). I have disabled tablet mode on startup. I have updated Windows and the BIOS. I cannot find a solution that works. Please help resolve this issue. I thought this laptop would last me longer than 2.5 years.
Hi Folks,
I'm new here so please excuse any mistakes. I recently was working for an attorney and he has two small form factor HP/Compaq computers running XP Pro. On one of them, I was getting an imminent failure of the hard drive message. So using HP Backup and Recovery, I made a set of 4 cd's and 1 dvd, which was the Restore Plus! disk. The hard drive cratered, and I went to Fry's and bought a $98.00 HP small form factor computer with 4 gigs of ram , a big hard drive, and a cd-dvd-r drive. I reset the BIOS to Legacy and reloaded Win XP Pro. But I could not load the Restore Plus! disk because apparently the Win files were corrupt and did not install a swsetup.exe file on the disk. So I reloaded another Win XP Pro OS and my files are no longer corrupt but I still can't get the Restore Plus! disk to give me its contents! Anybody have any suggestions?
 I've gotta 1.5 year old Ideapad 310-15ABR Yesterday the battery suddenly stopped holding a charge, worked perfectly before that and never showed any symptoms before.It only works when plugged in, the moment it is unplugged it dies.The battery symbol at the bottom right shows 0% available (plugged in, charging), but it does not charge.  I shut it down over night and left it plugged in, but still at 0% the next day.Any way to determine if it's the battery itself or something else? What's my best option?  Get it fixed or scrap the thing?Thanks
I just received the Thinkpad Pen Pro (SD60G97200). I put the battery in but the screen doesn't seem to detect the pen. Is the pen not compatible with this touchscreen laptop, or am I missing something? 
I was wondering if anyone had a BIOS I can use that is free of whitelists, i wanted to update some hardware on my T500 but Lenovo does not want me to which violates my consumer rights 
The fan on my M92P SFF is starting to make noise. I looked for a replace fan, but they come with the heatsink. Is there a replacement fan I can buy without the heatsink? I found one on Ebay that is the correct size,  AVC 8025 8CM fan 4-wire 12V 0.54A DBTA0825B2U. What is the voltage of the factory fan?  Has someone found another fan that will work?
Hi, I went to replace the keyboard on my y510p (purchased from Amazon an exactl replica), but when I removed the keyboard from the computer, there is a white plate type thing completely covering the internal parts of the PC. I've googled and have watched many videos of other people replacing their keyboards and not one had this white cover. Does anyone know if I can get around this and if so how?
Windows 10 auto updated to Version 1803 on my Ideapad Yoga 13.  Since then I have no wi-fi connectivity.  I have tried the following. I have the Realtek chipset.  Realtek RTL723AU Wireless LAN 802.11a USB network driver.  Driver Version 1027.4.630.2015 Tried updating the driver but I get the message that this is the latest driver.  However, the date on this driver is from 2015 so I am suspicious. Moving to three different wireless networks results in the same problem.  All other computers and devices on this network are functioning properly. If I run Windows Network Diagnostics I eventually get the error message "Wi-fi" doesn't have a valid IP configuration". Tried "netsh winsock reset" and then "netsh int ip reset" from Windows PowerShell running as Admin and then rebooting.  Does not fix. Tried releasing and renewing IP addresses but got errors message "No operation can be performed on Local Area Connection* X while it has its media disconnected" and well as Media State........Media disconnected. I've set the IP address manually and that didn't work. Any more ideas to try? Thanks! 
Any Google Docs experts out there? I've just bought my first tablet - I've installed Google Docs on it but when I create a document, the screen does not look like the laptop version. I mean that I do NOT see on the top tool bar the line of options: view - edit - insert - format - tools. etc., which I see on my laptop document.

Any ideas to help this old Luddite? Thank you.
Hi  I had some windows updates installed and thereafter the fingerprint login does not work. I went to device manager and it says: This device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device. (Code 31){Operation Failed}The requested operation was unsuccessful. I had updated the driver as well and it gives me the error message below:  
Hello everybody I bring support to a Thinkpad x270. It ran Windows 10 in the main SSD and client decided to buy an extra SSD for saving files. So i bought a Trascend TS512GMTS400 and installed in WWAN slot. Now my problem is every random minutes, The Transcend Disk it just disappears from Device Manager so it became not accessible. In fact if I suspend and restore the notebook, the trascend disk appears connected again and I can use it as usual... but just for few minutes. I tried:- Configure the power manager to never suspend disks. Did not help.- Upgrade BIOS firmware. Did not help.- Using Lenovo Storage Device Firmware to update firmware's disk: It looks like has no support with Trascend SSDs. Now i really don't know what to do. Are there BIOS settings that could help? is this disk compatible with these notebooks? I appreciate every idea or help I can get. Thank you very much.
My W701ds works great with it's built-in 17" LCD and its 10" side-kick display. The back of the laptop has 1 DIV port and 1 VGA port, as well as a standard Display port. I am trying to connect an external display with the VGA (or the DVI) port while the built-in display screens are lit, making the external display as Display #3.  My W701ds is a Windows 10 Pro 64-bit edition with an Intel Core i7 Q820 @1.7GHz processor and the GPU (Diaplay adapter) is an nVidia Quadro FX 3800M. The external display is a known-working 20" IBM ThinkVision monitor. There is nothing on the screen; the power indicator on the monitor is blinking in GREEN.  In the Settings -> Display window, the "Advanced display settings" page says that "Display 3: Connected to nVidia Quadro FX 3800M, Display 3 is not active." How do I go about activating the #3 display? Please advise.
     canyou victor tremblay at 1 403 820 5151  pleace
Can some one tell me how to pair my X1 5th Gen with activated NFC to my Samsung Android. I get the bleeping noise when they get near each other but that is where it ends. Do in need an app on one of both of the devices ?
I have a P51 with dual SSD factory installed and 32GB memory. I run a couple of vmware virtual machines, each 8GB memory,1 configured with 2 processors, 4 cores and the other with 1 processor and 4 cores. When on battery the whole machine is EXTREAMLY slow  and I have to suspend the virtual machines. My older W530 runs faster than this on battery power! Switching to Full Power plan makes no difference. What is the cause?
Hello! I'm a bit new to GPOs and working on the server so please forgive misleading terms if I mention something that's not quite correct, but I'm trying to configure Lenovo System Update to run automatically in the background, with very little user input. We want the laptops to just grab updates directly from Lenovo so they get the latest and greatest. So when I move the ADM to the directory, this error pops up. I've been doing some research online before posting this query, but I haven't found anything that I understand that points me at a possible solution. If any of you out there in Lenovo Forum land know what I might do to fix this, I'd appreciate it! Thanks!
Ok.. I'll try to keep this breif. I bought this laptop SPECIFICALLY for the capability to run 2 external monitors via Thunderbolt 3. I have spent thousands of dollars on the laptop, monitors, and cables and put hours of research into making sure everything was compatible and it won't work.  My setup is as follows: Thinkpad T580 with TB3 portTB3 to Dual DisplayPort Adapter(x2)Monitors are both 32" Samsung 1080P monitors at 60hz (NOT 4k) Here's what I have done: Updated display drivers directly from Intel(newer than Lenovo provides)Updated BIOSUpdated FirmwareBought MULTIPLE adapters thinking it was possible an adapter problem.Bought MULTIPLE cables thinking it could be a cable problemI called Lenovo tech support and, after 10 minutes of convincing the tech that my laptop even has a TB3 port he obviously was unable to resolve it so I was mailed a new motherboard and a tech came to my house and swapped the board out. Same issue.  The laptop detects only ONE monitor at a time. If I plug them both in to the displayport adapter, one of them will work, the other will say it's not connected. If I unplug the monitor that is on, the previously undetected monitor will immediately be detected and turn on.  If I plug the undetected monitor into the HDMI slot it will detect and output. But this is NOT the functionality that I have spent thousands of dollars for.   I am out of ideas and now quite sure that, even though the marketin... Read more
I can still use Java applets (eg. games) in Internet Explorer 11 and Firefox ESR 52 -- the latter will no longer be updated to support Java after August. I know Microsoft and other companies announced an end-of-life timeline for Flash, but do you guys
know when Java will be phased out of the Internet Explorer?
I had to completely reload Win 10 and now I have the problem that I cannot see the 3 other computers on my network. I have network discovery turned on and also printer and file sharing on. I can see my printer and also print with it on the network. I can go on the other computers on the network and see this computer. What am I missing?
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-5200U CPU @ 2.20GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 61 Stepping 4
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 8102 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 5500, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 918 GB (792 GB Free);
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0KG6JV
Antivirus: Avast Antivirus, Enabled and Updated
Both my screen sometimes go to standby mode. i have AMD graphics and winodws 10 installed.
This problem occured right after reseting all my Windows 10 data. i never had that before.
I tried:
-get the newest driver
-uninstall all graphic drivers and THEN get the newest Driver

could it be something else like my Memory? i dunno...

I can only stop the standby by restarting the Computer
or sometimes by waiting but then i get glitches with my Screen . ist on the wrong Resolution then or just way to small..
This is long, and I apologize. But please keep reading. It gets really weird. A friend came to me, pleading for help. Her G51-35 had stopped working. Suspiciously immediately after the warranty ended. Something about not having a hard drive. I tell her ask the store, see if it's a known problem. Day later she calls back. Store told her update BIOS. Odd. I tell her I'll take a look.  Attempt to boot laptop. It kind of works, sometimes it recognizes the drive but fails to boot. Other times it doesn't see the hard drive at all. Sigh heavily, pull out drive. Make sure it's connected properly and isn't insanely hot. No issues. It recognizes the hdd but fails to boot. Another sigh, reboot. Now the hdd isn't there at all. Pul out hdd, connect to my own laptop using a usb/sata interface. My machine sees the HDD and when it's attempting to access it, the drive makes not very good, hissing noises? Also windows explorer completely crashes when I try accessing the drive. Was gonna throw testdisk at it to at least get some files back. No good. Give up. Have epiphany. And actually update the BIOS on the machine. (This was extremly difficult, no infuriating but it is possible to update the BIOS on a machine with no working boot drive and only an .exe file to do it from) but all of that process is beyond the scope of this. Verify new bios. No issues, c3cn67ww bios installed and working good. Put hdd back into laptop. Then things got weird. No hiss... Read more
Hi, ich habe ein z710 und mein energy mangment sagt das mein akku nicht autorisiert ist. Ich habe immer noch dem selben akku, den ich  bei meinen kauf bekommen habe. Also ein lenovo Akku. Ich habe auch energymangment auch deinstalliert und reinstalliert. Habe auch das mit den bios und dem entfernen des Akkus. Ich auch nichts  weiteres in dem forum gefunden. 
Hello All Lenovo Members, Question regarding the difference in the screens for the lenovo x270 or any lenovo thinkpads for that matter for the FHD 1080 vs the FHD 1080 with multi-touch screen. I know as advertised there is 21 hour battery life but if one got the regular FHD vs the multi touch FHD is there a noticable difference in battery life??  Anyone here with any real world usage info??
Seems to be several opinions on this as I Google, so thought to ask you all here.Lenovo P51S with Ultradock. Two USB hard drives attached to the dock. Both set for "Quick Removal" in Device Manager.Do I need to "safely remove" these drives before hot undocking and docking? Some say no and that would be much preferred.Appreciate your thoughts.
I am trying to troubleshoot an issue with BIOS Flashing. Curious to see if there are some log files it creates that I can use for troubleshooting. 
I have a Microsoft surface pro 10. If I am using my computer and then stop for a minute I come back and the mouse and keyboard that clicks in have stopped working. I have to remove it and hook it back up in order to use it. I can use the tablet when it
disconnects but it's very annoying because it'll stop working if I pause for even a minute. How do I fix this??
When I start up my computer I keep getting a keyboard layout screen and when I select a keyboard it goes to the repair screen but nothing works... I don?t know how to fix it please help
This was after an update
How to remove the "write protection" from my USB device(sandisk cruzer)?
Hi there,

I have an HP Office-Jet Pro 8725 All in one. The previous manager set up the printer to only print in black and white. I would like to print in color. However, after rummaging through ALOT of cabinets, I am unable to find a disc to the printer. Are there any other ways I can print in color? When I try it says "You do not have permission to use this printer. Please contact the person who set up the printer". Any ideas on how I can access the printer to be able to use color?

No, I have not contacted HP as of yet.

Please advise.
Hi. I exported a list of invoices for the year. I was hoping to do a pivot so I could see how much I spend each month on a vendor - we get invoices every week.

I created a column and copied the invoice date and formatted it MMM - it shows Mar, Apr, etc.

I then did my pivot table and used that column as a chosen field. It is not rolling up the totals, though. It's showing them as if it was seeing the actual date behind, as if I never tried to format it by MMM.

What am I doing wrong?

Gotomypc is getting really expensive. I see an ad for splashtop as an alternative but I've never heard of it. I'm leery of software I don't know because I don't want to put my work place at risk.

I use for working from home.

I'm familiar with team viewer but I've never tried to use it for anything other than tech support.

Thanks for your input.

I recently got a new PC and wish to buy a good antivirus and VPN.
I have a bunch of questions I could use a good answer to. I really need to make sure I'm safe. Please, answer all my questions and as precisely as you can. I need to get his done soon. You'd be doing me a huge favor.

1. What is the best antivirus out there and should I install it first then install the VPN?
I was recommended to use TrustZone.

I will check if there are anymore Windows 10 updates and can just buy the antivirus? 2. It would allow me to install the VPN when bought(TrustZone)?

I don't want to mess this up..

3. What do I need to do when I purchase a VPN to ensure it will encrypt all my data from PC? I understand if I ask for it to be on my PC then if someone is snooping via my router/network or LAN/WiFi can't see anything I;m doing? Is it enough to just purchase the VPN and ask for it to be on PC and the rest of what I just stated is a done deal or do I need to be more specific as to what I need and look out for different options/offers?

4. Does this apply to emails also? How can I keep my emails safe? VPN will not let them be seen(their content) when sent and if I have a good antivirus then they are safe on PC and gmail pass too?

When I say snooping via router or network this is what I mean:
I mean the entire router, any possible configurations(like sending data to somewhere by reconf it, even after having changed it's PW) that could have been made to it(by having a... Read more
Has anyone else seen this problem? I have external VGA display 1920x1080, in Win10 it is set as primary display.Both Intel and Radeon video adapters are enabled. Most of Win10 "modern" aka "metro" apps (Mail, Store) fail to render correctly when their window is bigger than the built-in LCD (1366x768).At least it looks like this. When I resize these apps more than certain size, the added area does not render and stays transparent or filled by background color.Moving the window around, further resize does not help. This behaviour started in version 1708 and still continues after 1803 update.   Please advice how to fix this. Very annoying. Thanks,Pavel A.
I want to connect my Yoga A12 to LAN / Ethernet. I have the correct Ethernet to USB type C adapter, it fits. But there is no option where I can start any other network connection than Wifi / WLAN in the settings and it also doesn't start automatically to have any internet connection when the ethernet adapter is plugged in. Is a normal LAN / Ethernet connection not possible on this convertible notebook? I have the Lenovo Yoga A12 , model: YB-Q501F  ( with Android 6.0.1 )But I really hope it's possible somehow. Has anyone tried it yet successfully? Or any idea what I can do?Many hotels still have only ethernet and some wifi is so slow, it would be great to be able to use a LAN connection.Or is ethernet in general never possible on devices with Android?
I am having issues with my home computer (HP All-on-one] in that I can connect to the internet but when I try to connect to any websites, then nothing is stays blank. Windows 10 is installed. All my other mobile devices are all working ok.
I was working at my computer and suddenly a blue screen popped up (see screenshots). (UGH!).
This comps about 9 months old, maybe. I know they can fail out of the box. I'm on my little tablet to post this.
It's been on this screen that says it needs to gather data then will restart, saying 100% complete, for over 30 minutes now, and it hasn't restarted.
What should I do?
On the blue screen at the very bottom, it reads:
What failed: igdkmd64.sys
Windows did that long April update the other day, and I suspect this is related to that.
Unfortunately when I got the computer, I wasn't able to create a back up because shortly after that my external hard drive crashed. I've just gotten another one, but this happened before I could contact you all, to learn how to do back up (since it says back up for windows 7 though this refurbished came with windows 10 OS), so I don't have a back up.

What do I do. Clearly she's not going to restart like the screen says. Seems I have no choice but to say a prayer and hit the power button....but wanted to check here first.
I would like to buy this kind of power supply for my desktop sff pc (to replace the sfx power supply ) which would power 1 micro atx board, 1 53watts tdp processor and 1 ssd. I would like to have your opinion about this type of power supply? is it reliable ? it can last longer, i mean, as long as a conventional power supply?
I use to watch the videos on you tube of Mr. Carey Holzman who recommended your site.
Hi,I have a user in Madagascar who has a faulty Lenovo X270 laptop. It powers on for a few seconds then immediatly switches off, we have tried everything to fix it, but our IT support team are advising it will need to be repaired by Lenovo as it is still within warranty. The only problem is after I gave my colleagues in Madagascar the address for the Lenovo repair centre that shows on your website, they are advising that the place does not exist anymore... When they looked for it they advised there was a clothes store there instead. Calling the phone number has no response as well.Is there another authorised Lenovo repair centre in Madagascar? They are in Antananarivo so it will ideally need to be within that city. The address in question is: Service Bureautique De MadagascarBrand: 4, Rue Paul Rapatsalahy, B P 1029 Antananarivo 101, Antanimena MadagascarPhone: 261-202-228-959
I have a new t480s, bought last month. The power management does not turn off the screen/display after the specified amount of time. Also the laptop doesn't go to sleep after the specified time either.  I've already tried updating Lenovo PM to the latest version. Is there anything else I can do or is this a known issue?  Thank you!
I have googled this phenomenon and received a number of hits from people who have the same problem but I am unable to find a solution.  My start menu has gone entirely blank on the left hand side (above the "all programs") line.  Things I have done:
1) rebooted
2) have the boxes marked store recently opened programs and the one for files
3) navigated to this site (which describes my problem) and cant figure out what the solution is
If anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate it.
I was trying to directly connect a Macbook and a PC with a standard ethernet cable.. without a router.
Set the IP ad subnet mask on the PC to

and on the Mac

all basic stuff.

I was able to ping the Mac from the PC, however not the other way round

So when I tried to "connect to a server" from the Mac, it didn't work.

Am I doing something wrong here ?
I was connected like this before and it was working... not sure what's going on.