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i don't understand what is going on here...

earlier today, i went to google.com. it didn't load, because it's security/authenticity certificate whatever could not be verified. wut? i hit the 'try again' button, and it loaded fine. same with google mail. (though the mail keeps stalling.)
other sites did this too. even THIS site.

i thought... gah, didn't that cloudflare thing handle https conversion stuff; did that blow up, and now sites are failing security here and there? searched on google for this problem... nothing...

looked on the threads here about it. somebody had trouble with https security sites, somebody else wondered about their antivirus. okay, the antivirus on this machine needs to be updated. i tried to update it but i CANT... because the file veracity couldn't be obtained!?!? i tried to update my browser (pale moon), and that wouldnt apply its update, because... same thing. the update won't apply because the file can't be verified.

haha, then i had a sneaking suspicion... and checked another laptop in the house. no security errors anywhere. okay, so it's just THIS machine. and it's pale moon AND opera.

TLR: only this (win10) machine keeps having errors in two browsers and program fil... Read more
The 750 GB HDD died in my eMachine ET1331G (Windows 7).
Tried to reinstall Win7 on a new 2TB HDD using my Recovery (Factory Default) Discs.
Keep getting "insufficient memory message". Why? What should I do?
Hi, I have a single PC. I keep confidential data in a veracrypt encrypted external hard drive which I plug into my PC and work on my files. Whenever I want to go online, I disconnect the encrypted external drive and browse the net.
Q1. My concern is that are there any traces of my confidential data eg. temp word files etc left behind on my PC after disconnecting the encrypted hard drive which is susceptible to the internet?
Q2. Is there a way to have an airgap within the same PC? What I mean is have two windows accounts in the same PC..one for online use and one for confidential data use without either mixing?
Just when I powered on my laptop yesterday morning, I saw this black patch/horizontal line appearing on the screen.It's not totally black though, there are many red/blue and some green colored dots/pixels around it too.My laptop is under extended lenovo maintenance warranty. It also seems to be elongating and I think there are few more dots than yesterday.Please provide assistance.( I have attatched the image clearly showing the dead pixels on the laptop screen )

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Hi Everyone, I've bought a costumised X1 Yoga laptop with preinstalled Windows 7 Pro.I've also ordered one USB Flash Recovery for Win 10 for my laptop but it was not in my order package when I got it.I ordered Win 10 USB Flash driver throught Lenovo technical support and then tried to upgrade my OS to Windows 10.Unfortunately the recovery process has been failed without mentioning any specific error. (Screenshot Attached) Has anyone faced to simillar problem too? Or does anyone know any solution for this error? Thank you in advance.

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The Thinkpad P70 PSREF (Product Specifications Reference) says that: Case Material   Display cover: Glass-Fiber + PPS*;Bottom: Magnesium/AluminumI just spent the equivilant of a late-modeI used car on a 'maxed out' P70.  The  "display cover" (or lid) on the P70 I currently have, got shoddy looking pretty guick. (The material on the corners of lid is wearing away. Swirl marks and streaks on the lid. (Used exact recommended care: sponge w/mild soap 5:1 to water) Has anyone applied something that helps protect the outer case?  Thank you. *Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS) with XX% Glass Fiber Filler (not is PSREF)
My favorites bar has disappeared with IE 11. How can I get it back?
I have a new HP Pavilion which rejects DVD's and CD's. I insert the disc, just occasionally everything works as expected - but usually the player spins up, then stops, the draw re opens, and for a moment the audio plays a couple of random samples lasting less than one second. Updates are automatic so should be the latest version. Whats wrong??
I have just increased the memory from 2+4GB to 8+8GB and now I cannot turn on the All in One. The switch at the left side does not light up when power is connected although the power is to the motherboard with the small light above the socket is lit.I have tried replacing the old memory and that does not have any effect also I have read that removing the hard drive may cure the problem that also does not make any difference. Anybody have advice on this please
 I can't install the following graphic card: PowerColor VGA R7 250 OC 1GB DDR5. When I plug it in, it seems that there is no signal on my VGA monitor because I get only black screen. The graphic card fan working properly but there is no signal on the monitor. There are no problems with the default Intel HD 2000 graphics.Thank you for your help.
Hi, i recently tyook at look inside my  HP Pavilion 500-311no's case and i saw what looks like an SSD which also said SSD on it but wheni look in windows it doensat say anything about an SSD only the harddrive that it has, also on it's specification site it doesnt say anything about it.  Any ideas? And how i can use it ? 
Hello. I would like to add more RAM memory to this laptop. Is it possible?
Well along with discovering the used 250GB 5400 RPM HDD & 2GB DDR3 SODIM RAM I pulled out my spare parts box are fried. I can't find the ordering bottom on drivers page for ordering a replacement USB RAM STICK Recover Drive anymore. Is it still available for my HP Pavilion g7-2341dx??? If it is I plan to order it on the 3rd with overnight or @ least 2-Day shipping. Also planning on going to crucial' website to see what a max ram kit and sad options I can buy on my amazon prime account with the free 2day shipping. I figure it will get me by till I could replace it with a high end fully loaded OMEN 17" Laptop. Thanks for helping me find out how to buy the recovery USB on my iPad. Do have model and serial saved in my iCloud notes. this is what I plan to buy eventually. But at a cost of $3,088.91 and extremely bad credit will take me a long tome to save up for. But being paralyzed all I have is a good computer & cable tv. my OMEN 17t Laptop Build:Windows 10 Pro 64Intel Core? i7-6700HQ (2.6 GHz, up to 3.5 GHz, 6 MB cache, 4 cores) + NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 (8GB GDDR5 dedicated)16GB DDR4-2133 SDRAM (2 x 8GB)17.3" diagonal UHD IPS UWVA anti-glare WLED-backlit (3840 x 2160)HP 3 year w Accidental Care w Pickup and Return Support for Envy 17/Spectre/Omen NB512GB PCIe NVMe? M.2 SSD$70 off Microsoft Office Professional 2016$169.98 off McAfee LiveSafe? 36 monthsComputrace LoJack for Laptops, Four Years6-cell 95.8 WHr Lithium-ion BatteryNo DVD or CD D... Read more
I've had this laptop sitting around for a while, so I figured Id update everything to freshen it up. After flashing the new BIOS (Rev. F.1D) it gives me a 0xc0000225 error and I can't boot into Windows. I'd like to just flash an older version back onto it, but can't get any sort of bios update prompt. Windows key + B does nothing, and the UEFI Diagnostics tool doesn't show the Firmware Management tab, so I'm at a loss. Is there any way to make it appear/what can I do to reflash the BIOS?
I've downloaded the Nvidia driver from the HP website and tried to install it. The driver successfully installed, but the other options are failed to be installed. (The nVidia control panel is available in the systray, but there is a rather limited options to set: mostly related to the physix engine.) Also I've found no way to define which GPU will be the default. In older computers, the bios has options to set the primary GPU, but as far as I see, the accessible BIOS features of this notebook is minimal.) My questions are: (1) how to install HP Nvidia driver (sp78630.exe)? (2) How to make the geForce as my primary GPU?  
My broadband is disabled by device manager this is the issue i cant solve it till now hp connectiom manager version is
I am having issue with my wifi..Actually when i goes for Connect Internet with wifi it shows available devies as i click on device to connet Only processing remains it doesn't connect..Then i goes In network and internet setting for connect as i click on wifi option there it got hang nothing is working my drivers is up to date Brodcam adaptor also..I have reninstalled the driver but nothing is working help me plz what to do..
I am having issue with my wifi..Actually when i goes for Connect Internet with wifi it shows available devies as i click on device to connet Only processing remains it doesn't connect..Then i goes In network and internet setting for connect as i click on wifi option there it got hang nothing is working my drivers is up to date Brodcam adaptor also..I have reninstalled the driver but nothing is working help me plz what to do..
Hi guys. Recently bought new HP laptop, ran into problems since day one.I took it back thinking it was maybe a problem with the computer itself, so I exchanged it for another one but the same model type. These are the issues I ran into:First laptop:1. Downloaded Chrome first up, that worked fine. Tried to download iTunes, download become interupted at 12% (after many clean attempts to download it) every time. Exactly 12%.I tried Microsoft edge, and would get to 10% before the download was interupted. Again, 10% every time. 2. Thinking it was an update issue, I tried updating the computer with all the Windows updates. Couldn't complete any of the installations. I would get an error saying "Installation complete: Failed to install". 3. Even tried turning off Firewall, turning off/uninstalling McAfee (partially because they did an antivirus deal with it, which I wouldn't have bought if I knew the computer already had an AV!), still didn't work. 4. Tried system restore a few times, nothing fixed. Watching YouTube would work fine for maybe 15 minutes before webpages would load all the way to a crawl, before evnetually failing to load. Restarting the computer would fix the problem for another 15 minutes, before the cycle began again. Took the laptop back and exchanged for the same model. Laptop 2 issues:1. Again, can't properly download iTunes. Interuptions at 10% again using Microsoft Edge. But that's if the download would eve... Read more
Hi, Every Body.  Can I Get Sierra Wireless Driver Package for HP un2430 Mobile Broadband Module driver & Hp  protect tool & Security manager  for " Microsoft Window 10 64Bit " I need help!!!!!


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Hi there, Anybody can tell me about the readings that I got after I downloaded SpeedFan to check how my HP Pavilion TouchSmart 14-b185tu Sleekbook laptop fans are doing. The readings are as follows:          Fan 1: 1128RPM.                                                                            Fan 2: 425 RPM.                                                                                                                                 &n... Read more
I need help to reset my password without the set up wizard which it tells me to load to reset my password.
Hi Looking at the M700 but not sure which spec?I'm a Mac user and the UK proces are now through the roof. I mainly use my iPhone and iPad Pro, I use a Sonology NAS to store all my media files and run my IP camearas. I'm thinking of moving back to a small windows machine for the odd time I want to create a word document or lightly edit a photograph etc the typw of things IOS can't do, manage files. Its main use will be to sync my content using iCloud for windows and access to itunes to manage my media which it played through an Apple TV. Memory I will upgrade to 8Gig minuim and will have windows on a 128Gig SSD. I'm just not sure which processor to go for the base config is currently a good price but I will spend more if required. Any advise from current owners to ensure I buy right first time?I assume I can swap out the processor if required or do faster processors get different cooling motherboard etc? Many Thanks Phil
I have a Lenovo Z710 and though the charger is in the laptop, it does not charge the battery at all. What should I do? I have no Windows but I have installed Ubuntu 16.04 on it. This is the output of the 'upower' command to check the status of the battery. native-path: BAT0 vendor: Lenovo model: L12S4E01 power supply: yes updated: So 26 Feb 2017 15:47:22 CET (53 seconds ago) has history: yes has statistics: yes battery present: yes rechargeable: yes state: charging warning-level: none energy: 0 Wh energy-empty: 0 Wh energy-full: 30,19 Wh energy-full-design: 37,58 Wh energy-rate: 0 W voltage: 10,325 V percentage: 0% capacity: 80,3353% technology: lithium-ion icon-name: 'battery-caution-charging-symbolic'
Hi Everyone, I've bought a costumised X1 Yoga laptop with preinstalled Windows 7 Pro.I've also ordered one USB Flash Recovery for Win 10 for my laptop but it was not in my order package when I got it.I ordered Win 10 USB Flash driver throught Lenovo technical support and then tried to upgrade my OS to Windows 10.Unfortunately the recovery process has been failed without mentioning any specific error. (Screenshot Attached) Has anyone faced to simillar problem too? Or does anyone know any solution for this error? Thank you in advance.

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Need different with Microsoft Office a special recovery damaged Word files tool. I have tried ?Open and Repair? function without success. For ?Open and Repair? need old copies of file. But I do not have a temporary backups on disk.
Can anyone direct me to the fix to sync the older version of Outlook to the newer version? My mail account deletes messages and they disappear instead of going to the "deleted" file, etc.

KIS has Trusted Application mode on, and Behavior blocker on Auto Deny on High restrictied/Untrusted apps.
Voodooshield is running on Smart mode since Autopilot is sometimes buggy.
Hitman PRO Alert has all the features ON on Maximum.
Zemana has the Real time protection ON until the free premium ends, then will leave it for on-demand only.
Chrome has tons other non-security extensions that I didn't list.

Spybot's Anti-Beacon applied on Windows 10 with all the options on.

Would love to use Shadow Defender too but it would be a big hassle for me, I would prefer something that only activates upon unknown application and disables after, i guess Kaspersky's System Watcher already does that.

I don't run malware samples and any program I deem not trusted, but I'm paranoid as f.. hence the multi-layer-almost-overlapping security softwares.

I can't remember the last time I got infected by anything, was probably 10 or so years ago when I was younger.
Hi, although I tried various antiviruses and I'm considering myself as a fan of this stuff, lately I'm somehow bored and I stay with Windows 10 and its default antivirus, firewall...

Thinking about change for a few weeks already but did not decided yet. Hope I get some inspiration here ;-)
how to backup to a flash drive
Can I fit a Firewire port to my desktop, if so which one would be suitable?
How to master reset HP TouchSmart 300 desktop
Please tell me some other solution to remove write protect from pendrive v210w
Hi everyone,i have a problem after the purchase of an Omen 15-ax000nl. I have bought the extended warranty of 3 years all inclusive, product paied with paypal on best2serve. Payment accepted and the  e-mails from best2serve arrived with the confirmation that the extended warranty has been accepted and just registered in auto, but it's three days that when i open hp support assistant or when i prove to check my warranty on the hp website they tell me that i have the classic 1 year of warranty. I have sent more than one mail to the hp support  with the attachments about the contract of the 3 years warranty and they never reply to me..... so what can i do, i have to take my money back with paypal??? So angry.... bad client support!!! ps. i'm italian, i live in italy obviously... just to say...
I have an HP 15 Notebook PC. (Product number & serial # available if needed.) It is out of warranty, I?ve will have owned it for 2 years in June. The fan makes a loud buzzing noise, not all of the time, but enough that it?s extremely annoying, and it is getting louder. I have to tap the left side of the computer to make the buzzing stop, but that isn?t always working any more. Sometimes it will be quiet for a day or more, other times I can?t get it to shut up without powering down the computer. It will start right back up when I re-start though. I have a pretty dusty house with pets, and the notebook is almost 2 years old, so I imagine I need to open it up and clean it out. I want to replace the fan. I figure if I?m going to go through the hassle of opening the machine to clean it, I might as well replace the fan at the same time in case cleaning doesn't stop the noise. I understand the fans are not very expensive. Here?s the problem. I cannot find the part number for the fan. I tried using the HP PartSurfer, but it doesn?t recognize my machine. Not by Product name, Product Number or Serial Number. I also tried going to the HP Parts Store, but there is something wrong there. I cannot access the site. I get ?Secure Connection Failed? on Firefox, ?This page can?t be displayed? on Internet Explorer 11; and ?Hmm, we can't reach this page? on Edge. I know I can get a fan on Ebay or another site, but I want to be sure I am or... Read more
HI ,I want to upgrade my laptop Model BE005TU ,Please confirm me how much RAM i can do expandable. 
I bought my laptop recently, my computer was normal.Yesterday I install win7 32 bit , when I turn on my system and windows starting, my laptop hanging and curser mouse is busy.how solve this problem.
how many times have you heard this before?

"i performed a system restore (that failed to work the first time), and now i have no internet connection."
"troubleshooting states that the system is set up fine, but windows can't communicate with the DNS."

BUT... none of the solutions have fixed it.

i have tried restoring to a prior restore point, but that fails. i have tried UNDOing the restore point i used, and THAT fails. i have tried disabling my antivirus, and i have tried running the restore in safe mode.

my last resort is to bomb my system to a backup from last sunday. but i'm wondering... will that even fix it???

i haven't (yet) tried unplugging the router/modem (it's a time warner 2-in-1), because every other device on the wifi connects to the internet just fine.

besides the wireless on the modem, we also have a mac airport that is connected to the router/modem. i can connect to either one, i can switch at will... but nothing, of course, makes a difference.
I HAVE TRIED:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

these various solutions, not necessarily in order...

ipconfig /release
ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /renew
netsh winsock reset

Click to expand...

netsh int ip reset
netsh winsock reset
ipconfig /flushdns

Click to expand...

TCP/IP4 is set to obt... Read more
My Lenovo Yoga laptop is locked up wont load into windows 10
Hi! I would like to hear from other P70 owners if they might have experienced intermittent display color changes. The issue I have encountered shows up for a few seconds every now and then and makes the display turn more yellow/orange for a short while. The issue is espescialy pronounced when the Lenovo settings app is running. I am runnig W10 with all latest drivers and the system is an i7 with the M3000M Quadro GPU. The issue also shows on an external display. I would also like to know from other Lenovo owners about their eperience with Lenovo support and for how long support cases has been running. In my particular display case Lenovo has been attempting repair 4 times over a period of almost 2 months, with all sorts of inconvenience and extreme waste of time on my behalf. Finaly Lenovo has offered replacement, but before I agree to this and even more incovenience, I would like to hear from others.    Thanks in advanceSteen
I vet any new software by testing and analyzing it on my sheep-dip virtual machine.

VirtualBox is far more user-friendly and capable for this than Hyper-V; Hyper-V is a royal pain to use for this purpose.

Bitdefender Free is light and effective.
Panda Free has too many problems (stops working, cripples system)
Qihoo has too many false-positives for my taste.
AVG is too heavy and I've encountered enough infected machines with a perfectly functioning AVG to give me pause.
Avast routinely has compatibility problems and why I won't recommend or use it on an operational system.
Hey guys something new that crossed my mind. Do most of the users shutdown, leave the computer on, hibernate, or sleep their computer. Is there any real advantage to any of them? Does not shutting a computer down leave a security or health risk for it?
I need a source for workstation (xw9400, z800, etc) slide-in motherboard standoffs.  To see a photo --I couldn't get the upload feature to work here-- go to http://hardwarerecs.stackexchange.com/questions/6932/source-for-hp-or-equivalent-slide-in-motherboar... I could kludge functional standoffs using machine screws, washers, multiple nuts, and LocTite, but I'd much rather have the real ones, so many thanks in advance for constructive help. 
Which type of ram is there in my laptop-DDR3 or DDR2Product name- hp pavilion g4Model no. - G4-1303AU
when I want to quote a word or use the quotes (either single or the double quotes) I have to either press quote and type, the quote appears and then press quote again, and other times it places 2 dots horizontal above the letter i type.  but this time I need to press it twice and then I get 2 quotes and have to back space out one of them - gets to be annoying....here is what happens, i press quote once nd type - see above my first ""and"" (and see here too) along the line and then so on keep having these issues - annoying i tell yah - i don't know where to turn it off - anyone???

HP ENVY 17-j005tx Notebook, HP ENVY Recline 27-k001a, HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 G2020T, HP MediaSmart EX495 Server, HP MediaVault 2020, HP ENVY 120 AiO Printer


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Hi there , I have a question. Can my laptop HP Pavilion dv6 - 1425ec run on  : Intel Core?2 Duo T9900 3.06-GHz with 6-MB L2 cache and 1066-MHz front side bus (FSB)  ? My laptop have stock processor :  Intel Pentium Dual-Core T4300 2.10-GHz with 1-MB L2 cache and 800-MHz FSB(I found it on "HP Pavilion dv6 Entertainment PC Maintenance and Service Guide", stock OS : Win7 Home Premium 64-bit) Socket is same . Is BIOS supporting new processor ? (ver. of BIOS -  T.43) And how many GB (and max. frequency of each one) of DDR3 RAM support this laptop ? (Sorry for bad English , hope you will understand)
Hi, I upgraded to windows 10 after adding a new ssd drive. But my Optiarc BD ROM BC-5500S will not play bly rays disks now. It will play dvds ok still. I`ve tried power dvd 17 but it still wont read them. Is there a solution to this problem? Thank you
The notebook lose the wi-fi connection when placed 4-5 meters away from the wi-fi router. The router is okay and working perfectly - all my friends come and use the wi-fi connection with their notebooks everywhere in the flat... I tried all the troubleshooting methods described on the HP website - no way... I updated, installed, uninstalled the broadcom wireless adapter several times with different versions - no way... Can anyone here help me and solve this problem?