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SMS seems to work strange lately--from computer to phone -message wont send

4 attachments will glom on and how did that happen?

i was using hotmail and protonmail
HiI have a Lenovo Flex 3 1480 thats about 2 years old. Suddendy the battery wont charge. When the AC adapter is plugged in the icon says 21% available (plugged in, charging) but its NOT charging. My drivers are up to date. Windows 10 is up to date. I downloaded the Lenovo Vantage which tells me the battery is GOOD and that the AC adapter has limited use. Says AC adapter cannot provide enough power to operate the computer....... OK so I bought a new Lenovo brand AC charger. Same problem. I really dont think I have the ability to open the back of this computer and take out the battery then put it back in to see if that works.Anyone have any useful suggestions?
I just purchased this 2 in 1 with the Active Pen, and cannot get it to work with the drivers that Lenovo specifies, and I have also tried several different drivers from Wacom.  The Pen will pair with Bluetooth, but will not stay connected.  The batteries are all in correctly, but the pen will not stay connected or activate anything on screen.  Also, I am not able to get the touch screen to work either, so I am wondering if there is an issue with the digitizer, or that it may be missing drivers for the touchscreen and digitizer.  Does anyone have any ideas what could solve this issue?
The USB port on the tablet portion of my Helix has stopped working.  It does not work with any device now. It was intermittant for awhile and then stopped completely.  Uncertain if this is a software issue or hardware and if hardware how does one change the USB port? I have checked all drives and updates BIOS, etc.    
Question is about Bridge CS4 ... first though I am unable to download your free SysInfo utility which is odd. I've done so in the past. This time I get strings of meaningless characters and it kicks me out of your site.

Anyway I have Adobe Bridge CS4 and Adobe Photoshop CS3 on my desktop PC. Until today whenever I imported images from my Canon 35 mm camera, Bridge automatically opened. Now "Windows photos" opens. I did not make any changes but there was a recent major Windows update. Anyway I do NOT LIKE Windows photos but have been unable to figure out how to get Adobe Bridge to work again. Googling for help hasn't given me any "how to" information.

I'm running Windows 10 on a 64 bit PC. Thank you for any help you can provide. I import a lot of photos and videos daily because of a virtual training site to which I belong.
This has been a problem from the first day. If I have Youtube playing, I can't hear anything on a Facebook video. If I have Ableton Live open, I can't hear anything on Youtube. Same thing for Youtube and Facebook; it happens within the same web browser, too. This applies for every single program and/or window that has audio. Not only does no audio come out, but the video also doesn't play.This is especially frustrating since I make music. Does anyone have any fixes they can suggest? I really appreciate the help!
I'm using an HP laptop with Windows 8.1. A few days ago (I haven't had time to really delve into it until now) my browsers suddenly stopped loading any and all web pages. Mostly I use an older version of Firefox (because I can't live without my roomy bookmarks toolbar and the newest Firefox doesn't support it). Firefox just gets stuck on the TLS handshake phase forever. I tried Internet Explorer and SRWare Iron as well, and had the same problem. All websites refuse to load. Then I remembered I have a 4th browser: Avast Secure Browser. So I tried that one, and was able to access my email and a few other sites, but not all of them. And once I remembered that, I remembered that I recently updated the Avast Secure Browser, because Avast wouldn't stop bugging me about it. It's possible that I did this right before my browser trouble began, but I'm not positive. (Perhaps Avast put some security measure in place that hinders all my other browsers?) Restarting my computer and resetting my internet connection did not help. And the browsers are the only things that don't work. My Dropbox is online and functioning, and my Trillian instant messenger works just fine. My phone, my kindle, and my roommate's laptop all are working just fine with their browsers and the internet. Any help you can provide would be appreciated. Thanks for your time!
I have Lenovo U430 Ideapad laptop. Two of my keyboard arrow keys have stopped working. I need to get my keyboard replaced. Can you please advise where can I get a new U430 backlit keyboard in India. I currently stay in Mumbai, India. I tried reaching out to Lenovo stores but no luck. Appreciate your help. ThanksMayur [email protected]
While on vacation I let my sister stay at my house and us my pc. Guess I won't do that again ... I came home to ad pop ups from www2.putlockertv.to. I have tried malware bits and norton, they can't find it. I tried to use the link in the pinned post for TSG - SysInfo utility and it doesn't work for me. I haven't used this forum in a long time so I read the pinned post but I can't get the links to work.Any suggestions?
Hi, was a happy user of WWAN (cell-phone / GSM) on my ThinkPad X1 Yoga until I did the last big Win 10 update. Now the cool WWAN option has vanished. Any idea what I might do? Many thanks!
So, i have been solely using IE for the past 2 weeks now because all the 3rd Party Browsers stopped working.

I used Firefox before, but when I start it up, all it Shows is "Tab just crashed" page. Chrome doesn't work either, I tried to download Opera to see if that would work, but it couldn't connect either. I've already tried reinstalling the Browsers,
Change my Proxy Settings, I downloaded a free Trial Version of the new Kaspersky Anti Virus 2018, to see if I had any Malware (Problem appeared before I downloaded Kaspersky and I didn't have an Anti-Virus Software before that) but it didn't find any, I disabled
my Firewall to see if that was the problem and I've done a System recovery to a day when the Browsers were still working. Nothing has worked so far.
So I am out of ideas. Any help would be appreciated.
Is there any way of deleting Esp harddrive partition?
I don't have permission to view it and I don't have any clue what it does or why it is on my computer.
It only costs me storage space and it makes me feel uncomfortable of using my own computer.
How do I get rid of this if I even can?
HELP. Does anyone know how to make audio adjustments on HP laptop with Windows 10 to stop feedback in headphones and internal speakers?

I was recording and tried making adjustments and now have feedback issues even with my internal mic covered with tape. Does anyone know how to fix the adjustments?

Any assist will be greatly appreciated.


I have had this Ideapad for awhile now, the problem i have is i have been trying to free up space i have deleted everything including my microsoft office i have nothing left to delete that doesn't need to be on the computer for it to function. I have done a disk cleanup often and it still says i have less than 1gb left of space. I can not update my windows nor can i factory reset the computer because i do not have enough space i do not have the money to get a sd card or a usb nor do i want to waste money on it when there is obviously something in my computer that doesnt belong there taking up space. any help would be appreciated thank you.
Hello! I'm experiencing a problem with the BIOS/UEFI version 2.72 for the x230t model. The file isn't working correctly. When I try to install it there's only a message that "The BIOS directory cannot be found". I also tried the ISO image and it does not contain any data.Is there anybody with the same problem? Thanks for the response!
Hi, Today, the "NumLock" key on my 1.5 year old P50 has come off. I tried putting it back on but was not successful.Please check the attached images and tell me if I am missing any part. Apart from the key itself, I didn't find any other loose part.How can I fix this? Am I missing any part? Please suggest.    
My P51 was bought with 500GB hard disk and I replaced it with Samsung PM961 1TB M.2 NVMe SSD. Windows 10 was installed on the SSD and all ran well. Then my P51 began to have this intermittent 2104 errors. Sometimes, I left the laptop running and hours later, the screen is showing the error message as shown in the attached picture. If I press ESC, then I cannot see the PM961 ssd either in the boot manu or in the Lenovo page through the App manu. In summary, the PM961 ssd just disappeared. I have to give the P51 a cold start and all will be running fine. Things I tried: 1. Keep BIOS updated. Now it is latest version (N1UET47W 1.21). 2. Re-install/seat the SSD on different slots. This 2104 error just keeps coming back randomly once per 1-2 weeks, which is really frustrating. I will appreciate any suggestion or comment on this.
Hi. Last month, my yoga 920 glass vibes got broken (doesn't start), so I had it fixed at a repair center (still under warranty). They said that they changed the motherboard of my laptop. After the repair, the fingerprint option to open my laptop is missing. I read some related problems and solutions such as updating the system and drivers, but it still doesn't work. And under the sign-in options, it says that "Windows Hello is preventing some options from being shown." How to fix this problem? Thanks
I'm wondering what is the current situation with the T480 heatsink on non-dGPU models? MobileTechReview: If you order a non-vpro model, then you get a smaller heatsink than the dGPU models (with vpro). Does anyone have information about whether vpro models come with an upgraded heatsink regardless of dGPU option? Thanks.
Hi everybodyI am having some random issues with the wifi on my Lenovo T450.  It sometimes goes really slow or completely drops off connection while other devices on the same network keep working fine. This happens on both windows (where I have installed the latest drivers) and Linux (same, althought they are still quite old as far as I can see). In Linux it seems that rebooting fix the problem almost every time (while trying to reset the wifi only by "service network-manager restart/reload/force-reload" does not), but for windows sometimes it isn't enough (indeed in past months I'm using mainly linux also for this issue).  I'm fearing it is a hardware problem, but does anybody has alternative ideas?  thanks!
I just upgraded my SL510 from Windows 7 Pro to Windows 10 Pro.  All went reasonably well.  Of course some of the Lenovo programs had to be removed because they no longer work.  However the camera app no longer will open with the intagrated camera.  The camera does work with Skype.  Anybody know what is going on???Thanks


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Whenver I am not currently in a program that uses a high percentage of my gpu, it makes this loud, wuite audible, high pitch hissing sound as you can hear in one of my YouTube I created https://youtu.be/Uv5m_nZi7K4 And I wish I could know what could be causing this.
Hi all, I recently purchased a Lenovo Ideapad 720s 15" FHD, and noticed something strange on my screen.There appears to be a dark shadow running along the top screen border.Is this an issue that I should be concerned about? The shadow appears in everything that I do, from Powerpoint to Chrome. Is there any way to fix it?The picture attached shows what it sort of looks like.  Any help is appreciated! Thank you!
 My Lenovo is Z50-70 i was having 2 ram every one is 4GB like but one of them corrupted i checked on amazon and found 2 kind of ram but i do not know which one should i have and will be compatable with my current one
my current ram is the first image and what i found on amazon is the second and the third image , can anyone help my which one should i have??
Mod's Edit: System model added to the front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.
I had a different problem .. some times my curser is alaws pointing to start of the line .. even i am trying to move the curser by pressing rigt arrow it is going back to start of line. . in the problem case if i type lenovo , it is recording as "ovonel"   . please help me 
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I have a Yoga 710-15IKB Laptop (Ideapad) and for awhile the issue in the title would appear and dissapear, but after a reinstall of windows they stopped working completely. They work as keys for games but not as functions (e.g. muting mic). I have reset through bios, uninstalled and reinstalled keyboard in device manager, i have downloaded drivers, and i have run repair softwares but the problem persists. Any help would be greatly appreciated
A week ago, I bought Crucial 8GB DDR4-2400 SODIMM (CT8G4SFS824A & single ranked) as Crucial System Scanner suggested it is compatible with my brand new Lenovo V110-15IKB. Its OS is Windows 10. I have inserted this ram part into my laptop and it works well. 12GB appears under Device specifications at About (its 4GB is non-removable). However, when I shut it down and next day, it won't boot. Just black screen, CapsLk light is on (normally it turns off before Lenovo logo appears) and not responding. I have removed ram part and laptop booted with original 4GB ram. I reinserted 8GB part back and it booted.  But it's still same, it won't boot second time unless 8GB part is removed and reinserted. I've looked for solutions across the internet but none worked (most of them are for home-built PCs) including safe mode resetting (supposed there to be troubleshooting but this laptop didn't have done troubleshooting after resetting and yet it won't boot second time). Also, I got BIOS/UEFI driver upgrade from Lenovo but it's still same. Though I have no idea how to use UEFI. Sorry, I'm not much technological person. I'm baffled with this. I haven't seen similar problem as this. Why does laptop refuse to boot second time with 8GB installed? Is this 8GB ram defective? Should I use other 8GB part (dual ranked one)? What about 2666 one? I don't want to open my laptop repeatably as it would wear ram slot out. Any solutions? Thank you. By the way, I have po... Read more
Hi to everyone!After a BIOS upgrade in 2016 we don't have an upgraded bios with new AGESA, security patch and compatibility with new wifi cards!When do you will provide an upgraded BIOS?Best regards
My laptop doesn't start at all. Once any source of energy is plugged on (battery or AC), I hear the sound of cd-rom for a moment, and power led lights. This is all. Even if charger is plugged in, still charging led is off. When I hold power button for 5-10 seconds, I hear the cd-rom sound again for a moment. And again - no result. I've tried to remove all power sources (battery ans charger) and hold power button for 40 sec, and then plugged battery, without pressing any button. Again - the cd-rom sound and power led is on.This statyst suddenly - I just turned off the laptop ans after 3 days tried to turn on.Any ideas?
Hi,  So I have this very strange problems with my beautiful amazing X1 Carbon 6th gen, When the computer play sound while pluged in to the charger power cort there is very starnge cracking noise from the speakers. The strange part is that the problem is gone as soon as I unplug the laptop from the power cort.  Any ideas? Thank you!
Hi there, I own a ThinkPad W541 in basically stock condition (only alteration has been to add a second 8GB Samsung DDR3 stick, same part number, and a 1TB Hitachi internal 2.5" hard drive in the Ultra Bay since I don't need the optical drive). I am running Windows 7 Professional x64 with the latest drivers for all devices as provided by Lenovo System Update. My issue is that I'm attempting to make use of the Intel Quick Sync video encoding capability that's part of the Intel Core i7-4810MQ CPU in this laptop (it's actually provided by the Intel HD 4600 GPU) and I'm not having any luck whatsoever.As noted, the drivers currently in use for the Intel HD 4600 GPU are the ones provided by Lenovo itself: (NVIDIA Graphics Driver) (NVIDIA HD Audio Driver) (Intel Graphics Driver) (Intel HD Audio Driver) and so far as noted I've had zero success with getting Quick Sync to function. I'm attempting to use the standalone x264 encoder, and I've also attempted to use HandBrake which does see that the Quick Sync encoder IS there and IS available (this snippet of the HandBrake encoding log is offered as proof): [05:22:57] CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4810MQ CPU @ 2.80GHz[05:22:57] - Intel microarchitecture Haswell[05:22:57] - logical processor count: 8[05:22:57] Intel Quick Sync Video support: yes[05:22:57] - Intel Media SDK hardware: API 1.17 (minimum: 1.3)[05:22:57] - H.264 encoder: yes[05:22:57] - prefe... Read more
i just want to change my background using SBC (Starter background changer) since my windows 7 is satrter edition and it wont let me because i lack authorization (i think) or idk how to associate with a program since i dont know which program to accociate..
Hello, I've had this laptop for a bit less than a year, so I believe the warranty is valid, but I'd like to know if there's anything I can do myself. I was using it plugged in although it had a full battery. I have an Anker power bank that was nearly out of battery, on which I was charging my phone. I thought it supported pass through charging but apparently it didn't, so my mistake. Upon connecting the bank (and the phone) to my laptop, the laptop immediately shut off and I could tell the lights in the room flashed very quickly. Since then (at writing this less than one day ago), the laptop will not power on. When connected to the wall the small charging light turns on and is white. The power button lights up for a couple of seconds before turning off again when pressed. Fans do not start, display does not turn on nor do the keyboard lights. I figured it may have overheated at first, but the bottom was not hot to the touch. There were no signs of smoke or smells indicating a bad electrical problem. I've tried pretty much just holding the power button for different amounts of time (10sec, 30sec, 1min) and nothing happens. I believe I've done something to the battery but I'd like to know what. Thank you.
When googling, lots of pages say to use the BIOS Hotkey Mode setting, but on the Yoga 920 there is none.  Other pages say to use Lenovo Settings, but nowadays when starting that, it redirects to Lenova Vantage, which has no setting for this.  Hardware Settings | Input has Pen and More, but nothing at all for the keyboard. It's quite crippling not to have fn keys in easy reach without using a bucky key to access them.  Besides, the Fn and Ctrl keys have been reversed on recent models like this one, which makes it even worse, so I'd like to have a setting to swap those too (and apparently there used to be a setting for that too).  My old Thinkpad Helix has the good old keyboard layout, that's what I'm used to.
Dear all

I want to Install Telecom Operations Software Actix Analyzer .
There was showing error like this below.
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE32\Software\Classes\Interface\{BEF6E003-A874-101A-8BBA-00AA00300CAB}\ProxyStubClsid, Verify that you have sufficient access to that key,or contact your support personnel.
My self did  some steps for verify but everything failed like that changing ownership, Administrators, System
please can anybody give me the solutions.
Windows 7 pro 64bit
Thanks in Advanced
Hi guys,
Yesterday evening I was watching some youtube videos when suddenly the sound cut out. I turned the volume back up only to find there was a loud staticky crackling pop as the only audio output. Audio output is fine on headphones.

I have a Lenovo Yoga 920 (with highest specs) with Windows 10 home 64x bit. Since the issue arose, I have tried several things:
- disable/enable drivers by REALTEK related to sound, and Qualcomm Wifi Network Adapter

-Reinstall drivers via windows and directly via REALTEK website
- Update Windows 10 OS as well as BIOS
- Messed around with several battery plan settings
- Restored PC to previous backup, then messed around with audio mixer. This helped, as there was no distortion until volume 20, but beyond that it was the exact same issue.
- Lastly, I resorted to just resetting my computer (deleting all files, etc.)
My next step would be to do a clean install of windows 10 but I need to be using my computer and was wondering if there is a better way.

I believe this is a software/driver related issue as I was partially able to fix it by messing with the mixer settings (even when not having restored my PC). However, this "fix" doesn't work since I reset my PC...
I installed LatencyMon, and the results are below:
___________________________________________________________________________________________... Read more
I have a Lenovo Miix - tablet PC

It says it need to install updates. And can't do without having 8GB spare.

I've got 4.4GB free now.
I have 2GB in dropbox. I can remove this.

Apart from that, I have Chrome. NOTHING else.
I don't see how I can physically make enough space?
I've just run delete temp files - freed up 230MB.

I still need to get about 1.5GB from somewhere.

ALSO... the unit has an SD card slot... could I use that for adding space?

I just bought a refurbished PC from a very reputable dealer. My previous PC had an HDMI port and it worked fine. I connected it to my TV and I never had a problem with it.

I plugged the same cable into this PC and I get sound but no picture. Before I take this machine back to the dealer I wanted to ask if there could be any reason for this other than the HDMI port is defective.

One strange thing I noticed that may be of interest. I play music by connecting the audio port to my stereo system. On my previous PC, it was never a problem to play music or watch the TV. The audio came out of the audio port (a tiny round connection at the rear of the PC). But when I try to play music now, I have to remove the HDMI cable. The sound does not come out of the audio port when the HDMI cable is attached. When I remove the HDMI cable, the sound comes out of the audio port - no problem. When I attach the HDMI cable, the sound plays through my TV. But there is no picture.

Does anyone know any reason I can't get any video out of my HDMI port? I have tried disconnecting the audio cable from my audio port. It has no effect.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770 CPU @ 3.40GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 58 Stepping 9
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 16332 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 710, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 931 GB (878 GB Free); E: 1863 GB (423 GB Free); F: 3726 GB (... Read more
Good morning guys i just receive my laptop and i have to say.... what a machine for the price.  Great specs and im reallying enjoying it. I use this for work and sometime gaming. the thing is i notice some problems with the wifi. Laggy and some connection losses,in different wifi networks. i also update every drivers available. still the same. i wonder if i can swap my wifi card for a new and better one. I was looking for the intel card 9560 with bluetooth 5.  if not this one what is the better and compatible for this laptop.  Thanks in advance
Hi, It's me again with a new issue with my X1Y3. It just doesn't end does it?Previously I had issues with losing battery life despite the laptop being shutdown. I was recommended to turn off fast boot in Windows 10 which seems to have solved the issue relatively speaking. Now I'm noticing if I boot up the laptop after having had it shutdown for a few hours, it lights up the keyboard, makes a polyphonic beep at boot, gives a blank screen, then the keyboard backlight turns off. I then have to hold the power button down for a few seconds then press the button again for the laptop to boot normally. I've tried going through the threads that explain what each beep means. This beep does not fit into any of the listed beeps.  edit: I'd just like to add this tends to occur when the laptop is booted from battery only. If it's plugged in the issue doesn't seem to occur, at least for now.
Hi i got a question regarding the compatibility of the charger of lenovo flex 4 to the flex 5. I want to order the flex 4 charger because it is much cheaper than the flex5 one but i dont know if they re compatible. They look exactly the same so can someone please enlighten me??  
When the laptop is connecting to the power source and charging the screen will not function, alI I can see is a black screen. When the power cord is remove the laptop is now functioning .
Hi. Could you answer some questions regarding multiple SSIDs.

This is SSID1 the one that is for me. Tho, I will be using wire, and as far as I understand, my wired connection and PC are safe if no one uses LAN, even if someone uses wifi, but I have made what appears to be a separate guest network.

I isolated both SSIDs for all users to not be visible to each other within network or any other device or between networks.


An important question is the priority..

For both SSID1 and 2 it says 1.
Will that be a problem? I will not use SSID1 as I use wire, and will give out PW to others for SSID2. Should I enable 1 for SSID2 and for SSID1 2? I don't want the others user's wifi to be slow. Don't need the drama . Or, if I don't use 1 then ssid2 will be fast if both have 1 for priority?
And, finally, should I have isolation enabled on this page?

Someone mentioned disabling router page from wifi use or something about remote management.
I only know the PW for router page, so I assume even with access w/o PW cant do anything..
When I boot up or restart my PC, I am now seeing a brief error message in the bottom right hand corner of my screen :- "An error has occurred - cannot connect to your mailbox - http 404". On searching online for the causes of this I see that one of the reasons suggested is that it happens if a URL address has been incorrectly entered, etc., but this message comes up on the screen on booting up rather than me having typed an incorrect URL.
It is a minor nuisance, and the message only appears briefly, but I would be interested if anyone has an idea as to how it could be prevented from appearing each time.