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I am running Windows 10 on a 64-bit PC, which has audio sockets both on the back panel and on a media dashboard at the front. I never bothered to fit it with speakers because my late mother was nearly deaf and easily disturbed by sounds she could only half hear, so I normally use headphones, plugged in at the back, if I want to listen to anything on my pc. I use them a lot because I do some freelance work transcribing training tapes.

Last week they were working fine. Over the weekend there was a major Windows 10 update, and now they no longer work. I know the headphones themselves are OK because I tried them on a pc in the library and they worked fine, so the problem is with my pc. I suppose it's possible the sound card has died, but it would be a heavy concidence for this to happen within the same few days as a major update, so it's more likely the update has screwed up my system somehow.

I have tried the headphones in both the front and the back of the machine, but no sound comes out. I have fitted 2nd-hand speakers to the front panel (it would be very difficult to place them so the cable would reach the back, and I've used headphones with the front panel successfully before) and no sound comes out of them either - but of course, I've never heard these speakers working so I can't absolutely prove they're not faulty. All volume controls are set to high. Nothing is muted.

The headphones are not appearing in the list of sound devices, a... Read more
Buen día a todos, tengo una laptop Yoga 510 con Windows 10 y presenta un problema al momento de intentar cargar la bateria: cuando se conecta el cargador no lo detecta y por tanto no carga, unicamente apagando la laptop y encendiendo nuevamente reconoce el cargador. Lo extraño es que cuando la bateria se encuentra casi llena (mas del 80% aproximadamente) si lo reconoce y continua la carga, pero en niveles mas bajos deja de detectarlo. Esto se ha vuelto una molestia y espero que alguien pueda ayudarme a resolverlo, ya intente restaurar la configuracion del plan de energía y las opciones en Lenovo Vantage pero no ha funcionado. De antemano muchas gracias por su apoyo.
1. please give us the s3 mode sleep!! i do not need the s0 sleep(Modern StandBy)?its always cost so much battery energy!2.many times when it in sleep, the fan never stop(hours until battery to 0%or recovery from sleep) even it is been cooled. just the bios version after bios 1.12?when bios is 1.12 or early, the fan is ok, but the keyboard backlight is mad!! so can you tell me how to choose bios? or feedback this to development department to fix this?test with this condition:1.pluged in2.run heavy load task for at least 1 hour.
when i click "start a topic",but it goes to "new Message",way?that's a bug?
I cannot log onto computer because it does not remember my password. What can I do to get in?
I have a Lenovo y50 from 2014, and it's had it's fair share of problems over the years which I have been able to fix, one of those is that I had to change the fabric hardrive after it started failing mechanically. I swapped it out for this one:https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822179111 And it all worked swell until today, I was browsing heavily* for a few hours when I clicked somewhere (If I remember it was a Google Maps widget) and out of nowhere my computer crashed with the blue screen (with the smiley) trying to fix the problem after a few seconds of staying at 0 it shut off.  After I turned it on again I got the EFI Network boot failed which means my hardrive failed again. I tried to look at the BIOS and it still recognizes the hardrive by giving me it's serial; st1000lx015-1u7172, which is the same if not similar model to the one linked above. Both UEFI and Legacy Support boots failed and when trying to diagnose with both the internal and an external Windows Tool, it could not repair the boot config or do anything for that matter. In fact, when I tried to install Windows 10 again it listed the Disk as 0/0MB or it did not listed it at all. Is there anything I can do to save the Disk? Is it something else?  Please help me and thanks in advance. *When I mean heavily, I mean I opened a ton of tabs to research something.
I restored my notebook G460 some days ago, but now I can't lock my touchpad anymore. I tried the button to lock the touchpad but didn't work, then I tried to lock it by the Control Panel>Mouse, but didn't work either. This touchpad keeps making me do a lot of mistakes when I try to write. I am thinking of disconecting/cutting the wires of the touchpad already.
Hello. I got my Yoga900 about two years ago (battery manufactured 2 years ago according to Lenovo Vantage). Never dropped it and usually get about 7-8 hours on a full charge (Grad student, so not too intensive usage). Starting from this past week I noticed that my battery drains super fast.1. Plug in charger and it only charges up to 90% and if I unplug it I will hit 7% in less than 20 minutes and it shuts down.2. Charge up to 100%, same issue, drops to 80 and then 7 in less than 20 minutes.3. When I plug it back in, the laptop would start charging from 7%.4. 3 days ago when I checked my battery status on Vantage, it showed Good. Today it shows Fair. Should I go to Best Buy and have Geek Squad work on my laptop? How should I best approach this issue?  
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 2700X Eight-Core Processor, AMD64 Family 23 Model 8 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 16
RAM: 8142 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 710, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 222 GB (151 GB Free);
Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd., AB350M-DS3H-CF
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Disabled

Getting "system warning" popup; Trend Micro, Malwarebytes, Adwcleaner and Hitman Pro all find nothing, but this popup keeps reappearing in Internet Explorer. No add-ons or extensions are seen; IE has been reset. No rogue programs installed.

Hello. I have a Lenovo Yoga 720 i5-8250U laptop. I am having issue with the touch screen. The touch screen only works sometimes. One time I turn it on, it will work fine, another time, it won't work at all. It seems to not work more often than it works. I have restarted, opened and closed the laptop, and made sure I have all the latest drivers and updates, but nothing seems to work. What can I do?
When I first received my X1 Carbon Gen 6 around Christmastime, I noticed that the top left hinge had a slight protrusion. I took pictures of it the day I first got my hands on it, in case any issues were to arise from it. I chatted with Lenovo by phone and was told I could send in the laptop for repair or refund, but I did not want to go through the hassle for what appeared to be a minor visual problem. Upon closer inspection, I notice now that the hinge protrusion offsets the entire screen when closed, and although it only is by a small amount, it is easy to tell when in person. If this were a second-hand product, I would not mind, but considering the price I paid for the laptop, I would like to know if this is an issue worth getting replaced as it has been annoying me quite a lot. Attached is an Imgur link with a set of photos of the protrusion and offset, but it is difficult to see when not in person. Also, it seems as if every so often when I click by depressing the trackpad, the mouse moves a bit in a random direction. I will try to reinstall drivers tonight.  Hinge/Screen Offset
I have saved a lot of PowerPoint, Word,
PDF and Excel files onto an external portable drive. I am trying to upload them onto a new Lenovo laptop in which I have installed Office 365.

The files seem to have been saved as XML files and I am struggling to convert them back to PowerPoint, Word etc


Why does clicking on Synaptic Settings for Mouse or Touchpad lead to a large graphic being displayed but... no settings are shown?   Synaptics Ultranav driver from 13-December installed:  version Touchpad - no options, just a graphicTrackpoint - no options, just a graphic
I'm not using any external pointing devices, just the trackpoint and trackpad.  Windows keeps installing (if I uninstall it comes right back) a HID Mouse entry.  When I disable it, I don't seem to lose any mouse (or Pen) functions-- the 2nd HID Mouse is the Pen entry.  Not sure what the first HID Mouse entry is?  Still having ridiculous, ongoing issues with the mouse freezing, disappearing and skipping around.   only option is to disable - uninstall comes right back
Dear all, having just updated my the firmware of my Ultra Dock (40AJ0135EU) via Lenovo Vantage to V5.0.6.1, there is now something truly wrong with the power supply; on startup, I am greeted by the famous "low wattage" screen and when using windows, the battery is slowly drained (Lenovo Vantage claims that a 25 W USB-C adapter would be connected instead of the 135 W one). The issue never occurred prior to the firmware update and consistently shows up for any other power cable (trying several ones, including 90 W). So while the "low wattage" screen is annoying, the more severe issue is the constantly drained battery which makes using the dock basically impossible over time. Any ideas? I did not find a way to undo the firmware update - or is the recommendation to wait and hope for yet-another firmware update that (may) solve the issue? Maybe someone has a similar issue and a better / working solution Thx!
My T580 won't wake from sleep mode if I close the lid, press the power button, or tell Windows to enter sleep mode. The power button and lid lights pulse like they do when in sleep mode, but I can still toggle the mute/caps lock/num lock/backlight lights on my keyboard. The fan is usually at full speed too. In order to get the laptop to turn on, I have to either use the reset button on the back, or hold the power button for 20 seconds. I haven't observed the issue while the laptop is plugged in. I can't afford to lose any work that I have open, or wait for all my programs to load, but I've never enountered this behaviour so I can't fix it. If it's a Windows 10 issuse, then I have to re-install the OS. I'd like to avoid doing that if the issue is with the laptop. What do I do?
hello I am having a very hard time accessing my sony vaio with windows 7 I have tried to change the pass codeon the user screen it does not work so I tried to do the exe pass but it seamed to not exist I even tried to access it in safe mode and offline search nothing if anyonit very muce can help I would greatly appreciate it very much
Hello everybody,since I started my new Yoga 530-14ARR (with Ryzen 3) I got several issues with the touchpad that often stop working without any apparent reason.In 2 months I updated the BIOS (twice) and all the drivers using the Lenovo System Update utility but it seems not to be a stable solution. I tried to manually install a Synaptic driver but I only got a "No Matched TouchPad Device In This System". I also tried to reinstall Windows 10 and it worked but just for a while.... At the moment the touchpad is dead, in Device Manager is not even recognized under "Mice & Other Pointing Devices" but only in "Human Interface Device"I don't know what else to do..... any advice? Thank you Mauro
I have a Lenovo Yoga 920. When I connect a single Dell Monitor through a USB-C to HDMI adapter from j5create, the screen appears to be the same as I swap monitors in and out. However, when I used a j5create adapter to plug two of the same Dell monitors in, they're is a visual difference between the two. I'm not familar enough to know if it's color/contrast/brightness/etc, but am confused as to why two of the exact same monitors would require me to set up a custom color profile to work. Shouldn't it be as straight foward as plugging the identical monitors in and expecting the same visual result between the two?
Does anyone know how to contact Lenovo through official channels to lodge a complaint?  I purchased a ThinkPad T470 for my work on 11/20/18 and one month later it died.  I opened a service request on 12/29/18.  The repair depot received it on 1/3/19.  This laptop is my livelihood - I need it to work.  The email I received from Lenovo said repairs are normally completed and returned to you within 6 business days.  It's now been two weeks since they've received it and when I contacted Lenovo they said that they had to replace the hard drive, replace the RAM and now they have to replace the system board!  For a laptop that's only been used for one month, this is ridiculous.  You would think that there would be a trigger point where they would just scrap that one and send me a new laptop for expediency.  And when I finally do receive the repaired laptop, in reality, I purchased a rebuilt laptop.  I should be discounted for that with a rebate and I want to know who in Lenovo I can contact to present my dissatisfaction & demand a rebate.  Does anyone know how to contact them?  Every point of contact number leads me to a technical representative with no authority to address my complaint.
Hello, Do I have a chance to run 3x 2560x1440 @ 60Hz on my Carbon 4th gen (directly connected)? (I am familir with the displays table, I currently have 3x 1920x1200 on the OneLink+ Dock).Since DP1.2 can officially support 2x 2560x1440, and OneLink+ Dock ports are 1.2, daisy chain should work. Or at least one daisy-chained, and one single.Any ideas about this?Thanks

Can you tell me what I would need, to allow a guest device internet access, but not give them access to the LAN?
I have the output from the internet router going into a sg300 box which controls the lan. If I plug a device into the router, that device also gets access to the lan. I tried playing with vlan settings on the sg300 but it seems that that will only work for vlan aware devices. Any suggestions?
I just built a PC with an MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Pro Carbon motherboard and I need help installing Windows 7. I went to the driver download page on my mobo website and only Win 10 x64 was listed, however, when I downloaded the LAN and the chipset driver, the installer said that Win 7 was indeed supported as well. So if I have the chipset, LAN and GPU drivers, will I be fine? Or are there any other necessary drivers?

Secondly, I can't even get the OS to install. My USB mouse and keyboard didn't even work so I had to use a PS/2 keyboard to navigate in the installer, but when I click the install button, I only get this far: https://imgur.com/a/iMj4mmH

I tried using the MSI smart tool and even the ASUS EZ installer to inject USB 3.0 and NVME (Yes I have a M.2 NVME drive) but it didn't work and I still got the same error message.

I also tried loading several USB 3.0 drivers in the Win 7 installer but it said that the driver wasn't compatible with my hardware? This is one of the many drivers I tried to install: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/product/65855/Intel-USB-3-0-eXtensible-Host-Controller-Driver
Shouldn't this be the correct driver? It says it's compatible with Windows 7 so why does the installer say otherwise? Is the Windows 7 installer just badly coded when it comes to installing drivers or is this not the correct driver for my hardware? (Btw I'm installing Windows using a USB)

The weird thing is, the Windows 7 installer does detect bo... Read more
The windows is trying to do an update and I am getting the following error, see attachment

I have added my current windows version, see attachment.

Can you please have a look and see if what can be done to fix

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7200U CPU @ 2.50GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 142 Stepping 9
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 8064 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 620, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 223 GB (163 GB Free); D: 13 GB (1 GB Free);
Motherboard: HP, 830F
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Disabled
Hi All I've found and successfully used the quick script to change BIOS passwords via Powershell for the Thinkpad line. I'm hoping the community can point me to a similar script for the Thinkcentres. We have several hundred Thinkcentres to update and the .vbs scripting information I've found isn't working for us. I'm really hoping there's a quick line similar to the Thinkpads. Thanks for any help.
Hello Lenovo community!Can i upgrade my Wi-Fi PCI-e card in my Laptop? [i5 7300HQ - 1050 2Gb]? i have an Realtek RTL8821AE card, i upgraded my internet to 1GB/s, and seems like this card does not go anything over 300Mb/s. I have researched that Intel Dual - Band 8265 wifi card can handle up to 800Mb/s, it would be fine for me. Waiting for replies! Have a good day everyone. 

Set up both in Devices but when I click Connect, neither show in list.Can do this easily with friend's Dell.
How do I get the Junk Mail options BLOCK and PHISHING to work in windows 10?
HI! I'm about to purchase a X1 with a WQHD  screen. I'm torn if I should go with the 500 nit one. I've had thinkpads for about 10 years and never with a glossy screen so thats kinda one thing thats keeping me from getting it. But I also work as a photographer so color accuracy is good. But I have external hardware calibrated monitors for that. Have anyone of you any advise? I currently havea t450S with tha 1980x1080 screen. Should i just get a x1 with that setup?
very dolorous error condition. for example running on win10 with linux subsystem enabled. try compiling something with make -j <cpu count>. happens several times and i see big ssd/hard disk usage. KE_DELIVER_XXXXX something like th at
my browsers both Chrome and MS Edge will not longer open sites that do not start with https. All http sites dont open.
In CHROME: a pop up comes up that says "Sign in, http//(website name), your connection to this website is not private, Username ( ) Password ( )"

if i enter a user name and password i get
401 Unauthorized
Access to this resource is denied, your client has not supplied the correct authentication.
We can help you to recover the router?s admin password. Please complete the information below and click Continue.

Enter the router's Serial Number:
(You can find it on the router product label.)

In Microsoft Edge, a pop up says
Windows Security, Microsoft Edge, The server ww.website name is asking for your user name and password. the server reports that it is from NETGEAR Orbi. Warning your username and password will be sent using basic authentication on a connection that isn't secure. (username) (password)

if i just hit enter, i get above 401 message.

I try clearing Cookies and Cache. No help!
Any help to resolve this would be appreciated. I don't know what else to do.
Window 10 on a small network--most everything on the network is shared. For some reason, the drive on another computer is accessible and shared. All folders can be looked at but one which is a very larger data set folder. I cannot be looked at. I'm not sure what other settings I can adjust and I don't know if there are limits to folder sizes---Help
All hard drives die, that's why backups are a necessity.
But, what about lost data through ageing?

I came across this site:
that discusses hard drives kept in storage.
But it also addressed re-copying data back to the hard drive, to address magnetic field breakdown.

A conclusion at the above site:

Depending on the priority of the data you've stored, you may want to refresh the hard disk more often. If it is essential data, I would recommend no less then 2 years at maximum. Click to expand...

I have an offline computer that's been in service since purchased new, for almost 8 years.
It was a 'left over' unit about 2 years old when I bought it.
Usage wise, there's slightly less than 3,000 hours on it.
I keep track of the SMART data and run performance tests on it periodically.
Everything checks out OK.

So, my question.
Is this copying back of data to address magnetic field breakdown something wise/necessary to do?
I have a Lenovo G50-80 Laptop.This Machine Model Type is - 80E502Q6IHThe serial number is - PF0GMT8TNow I want to upgrade the RAM.There are 2 slots present.How much Maximum RAM can be supported on my device?
How do I add a roundup option to this existing formula?

=DAYS360([@[Calc Date]],[@[Contract Expiry]])/30

I tried:

=Roundup(DAYS360([@[Calc Date]],[@[Contract Expiry]])/30)
I want to purchase a ThinkCentre M720q Tiny model 10T7 together with a Tiny-In-One 22 (or 24) Gen3 monitor model 10R1 or 10QY.But when I look into the User's Guide of the TIO22Gen3 or TIO24Gen3 I don't see the M720 listed on the page of the supported Tinys that can be installed in the monitor.The ports on the rear of the M720q should indicate that it is compatible and should fit into a TIO22Gen3 (or TIO24Gen3).But I am not sure.Even the PSREF doesn't list the M720 in the Tiny-In-One compatibility list. I have looked into PSREF Version 534 from December 2018. Can somebody confirm the compatibiity of a M720q and the TIO Gen3 monitors? Thanks.  
On a M725s the ryzen vega GPU takes up 1GB of RAM for video memory. So on a 8GB system you only get 7GB usable. In the bios I change the UMA Shared Memory from Auto to 256MB, however that change does not reflect in windows where the GPU continues to suck up 1GB of RAM. This setting works fine on the E585 laptops where the ryzen vega there takes up only 256MB of RAM. But on the M725s it seems to be forced to 1GB. Any way to fix this? Why is the bios setting ignored? (and yes its fully updated)
For years this icon, called "scrolling icon", has appeared on the middle-button click on TrackPad buttons ? providing for a useful visual feedback:  For some reason, this has been removed on X1 Extreme Synaptics driver. Until November 2018 I have successfully managed to install Synaptics on X1 Extreme so as to get a proper Control Panel management for Synaptics instead of an awkward Windows Universal App AND a scrolling icon working, too. This driver 19.3.x.x (not only 201, but all other consequitve version) has stopped working after certain BIOS and Synaptics Firmware upgrade: installing 19.3.x.x instead of gives TrackPoint and TouchPad halt since November 2018. There is a registry key which allows to turn OFF the scrolling icon on drivers 19.3.x.x: https://superuser.com/questions/473325/disable-scrolling-icon . It does NOT help to turn it ON for 19.5.x.x. Any help on either getting the icon back or installing the 19.3.x.x drivers would be awesome. The latter would be more preferrable as I have trying out older drivers in a hope of getting rid of Trackpoint drift ? unsucessfully and only until they've broken 19.3.x.x drivers to work on X1 Extreme.
I just got my PC back from a BIOS Loop Repair, and a new error message reads, Windows cannot be installed on this disk, the selected disk has an MBR partition table. On EFI systems, Windows can only be installed on GPT disks. I did a fix the last time I had this PC, but I don't want to do it again unless absolutely necessary, because I don't know if converting the disk caused the loop. Thanks.
When installing my old 2TB HDD (SeaGate Barracuda) which worked fine in my old server, my PC won't boot. It will just stay as a black screen after offering to enter BIOS. Then, after taking the HDD out, BIOS will not allow me to boot from my SSD, and will only show my 1TB HDD as a boot option. So, in order to boot again, I need to unplug my 1TB HDD, so that it can only boot from my SSD. Then I can turn off my PC, plug back in the 1TB HDD, and it will be fine. The 2TB HDD shows up in the BIOS. but when its plugged in I cannot boot from my SSD, or the recovery on my 1TB HDD.

Specs :
Acer H11H4 - AD2 Motherboard
Intel Core i5-6400 @ 2.7GHz (Turbo 3.3GHz)
8GB of 1600MHz DDR3 RAM
AMD Radeon XFX RX 480 8GB Black Edition
120GB M.2 Sata SSD
600W PSU 80+ Bronze
6x 80mm Case fans
2x Fan controllers
Thermaltake Xaser III Case
Hello, Lenovo, I really like my laptop, but the battery capacity is not enough. I assume that the 15 inch and 17 inch versions have the same motherboards.Is it possible to install a 4 cell battery in a 15 inch laptop, and will it require any modifications?I can only leave ssd.Thanks.
 Lenovo ram is quite expensive that I have seen and wonder if anyone on this board would know what kind of 16 GB stick would fit well with my existing 16 MB stick on the X1 extreme ?
Lenovo announced the X1 Yoga 4th gen at CES this January, so let's start a thread discussing the brand new version!  ThinkPad X1 YOGA The biggest change is that it no longer has a carbon fiber body with matte black coating. Instead Lenovo changed the X1 Yoga to use milled aluminum with a dark gray finish. It still looks great though. Available June 2019, starting price $1930.  Comparison with the 2018 3rd gen model: Improved- smaller side bezels, 17% smaller footprint- aluminum casing, which should eliminate issues related to paint flaking issues- the fan appears to have its main vent on the side, better for lap use- Lenovo now supports a Windows Hello IR camera AND the thinkshutter- there's a new combo docking port that has an embedded TB3 port- reported to have better speakers (Dolby ATMOS)- now up to 2TB SSD installed Unchanged- the screen aspect ratio is still 16:9 with large lower bezel- no OLED option- no discrete graphics option - weight still ~3 lbs (reports range from 2.98-3.09lbs)- still no volume rocker (needed in tablet use)- it still can't be opened one-handed (see hands-on video at 0m50s) Worse (personal opinion)- the keys no longer retract (and lock?) in tablet mode- seemingly no SD or microSD card reader Preliminary posted specs:   
I have original wimdows product key, of 8.1 version. some month ago microsoft deactivated my wimdows product key, and showing activate wimdows with a new product key.
I started my PC up - no problems. I then closed it down for five minutes, then, this.

Should I take it to my cheap local repair shop or is there a way to recover from it?


I have a PTZ camera that I?m trying to connect to my DVR but don?t seem to have the right connecting part. Is anybody able to hell me find the part I need?
I just purchased the Roku Express and want to hook it up to my elderly father's Samsung tv but the trouble is he lost the remote for the television. Can I still accomplish the setup without the remote or by using his Bell Fibe TV remote? The Roku manual tells me I have to use the Samsung remote in order to see different HDMI options and using the tv remote with its input, source buttons etc.
I've been having flickering display because its LCD cable was defective. I have confirmed this with a local repair shop, but just I had to fix it on my own cause I moved to other city. Anyway, I ordered a new cable and tried to replace it yesterday. Now I only get black screen when I turn on my laptop. Before I replaced the cable, the display kinda worked. It just had the pretty bad flickering issue. When I opend the back part of the display, the whole white board (I think it's a digitizer) had light on when I turn on my laptop. Now an obvious issue is, it doesn't have light on after I replaced the cable. I tried with the old cable and had no light on it...I didn't really touch anything on the motherboard other than the part connecting the cable. I also troubleshooted battery, A.C adapter, hard drive, fan, Ram. I double checked if there is any loose connection on the motherboard. I left the laptop overnight with battery removed so that cmos get reseated. Nothing worked so far. I have connected the laptop to an external monitor and it didn't work. I'm not sure if it totally doesn't work cause the setting for switching to the external monitor was quite tricky without display on in the past and I had to tried it for a few days to finally get it worked. The conclusion of the troubleshoot instruction is that the problem lies on the motherboard. But everything including display itself was fine, it was just the cable. I carefully treated every part and I think I didn'... Read more