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I bought the Yoga S940 (i7, Full HD, 16GB RAM) in Germany (I think it is called Ideapad S940 outside of Europe) in June 2019. Unfortunately I face two major problems with it: 1) Heat It heats up extremly fast without doing any major tasks. Simple things as Word, or browsing the web makes it turn very hot. By doing so it is throttling the CPU and so a 2k Notebook is feeling like a 300? machine. Unfortunately I have no idea to turn up the fans. The Lenovo Vantage Software is very unclear about how to tackle this issue. Currently the "intelligent cooling" is turned on and set to "high performance". However it is a miracle to me what it actually does as the other option is "cool and silent". I could not notice any differences between those modes. Is there a software update coming for that or is this a hardware problem that cannot be fixed at all? 2) Battery Life I am not sure how much the first point is affecting the battery life but heat won't do it any favour I guess. However the Full HD is being advertised with 17h of battery life (I know that this value was probably reached under extreme laboratory conditions with turned down brightness, now wifi etc.) and I do not even come close to HALF OF THAT TIME! With 50% brightness, and again doing simple tasks as writing this post (which was already difficult because the CPU was throttled that much I had a delay on the text I wrote) gave me around 6h of battery life. Furthermore the battery is... Read more
On or in the metal hinge of my new lenovo yoga 730-15IWL laptop there are some white spot/marks. See attached photo with flash. I can't get them off with a cleaning cloth or rubbing with my finger. You can clearly see them when I put a direct light on it. Without a direct light shining on it it's harder to see. You can't feel the spots with your finger, the surface is just as smooth as the rest of the hinge. I noticed them as soon as I removed the plastic around the hinge. What is this? How can I get rid of these ugly white spots?It is an expensive laptop so I would not expect this. 
My laptop was working fine until one morning it decided it would not connect to/ recognize any HDMI outputs. I checked my cables and HDMIs with other laptops which worked fine. For some reason my laptop refuses to identify the external monitors. I tried updating drivers, changing the screen to "Extend" mode and even performing a factor reset to no avail. Please help. 
Will the MC7455 card work for me in X230 and will have 4G ?
Hello, I'm having issue on system update feature with x230 laptop. when i do the update, it cannot find the package. i just formatted my laptop and trying to do the updates. can you help me on this issue. Regards.
The thread I commented on concerning my issues with Mediacom has been locked. I figure I would start a new thread to follow up with my issue.

Recap is I've been having progressively worse performance with my Mediacom service for the past few months. It started off with poor streaming and VPN instability. Now it's affecting regular web browsing where Facebook pages take forever to load and some web pages necessitate a browser refresh to get the web page to load. In addition, doing ping tests to a known server on the Internet results in consistent packet losses.

So I finally broke down and contacted Mediacom to do death by scripted troubleshooting. Fortunately, I didn't have to do this. The tech I spoke to on the phone immediately saw major issues on my line. Said there is a lot of noise and there's no doubt someone needs to come out to figure out what is the problem. I have a service call set up for this Saturday. I'll report back on the results of the service call.

I also wanted to mention something else with my experience with Mediacom. It appears Mediacom has this policy to nag their customers to death. Since setting up the service call last Thursday, I've been getting at least one call a day from their automated system stating I have a service call scheduled and if my problem has been resolved to call in and cancel the appointment. Some times I get 2 to 3 calls on the same day. These calls are happening on my cell phone and has... Read more
Lenovo Yoga710-15isk running windows 10, camera was operating(produced videos), then suddenly stopped.  Kaltura video utility was downloaded for a class assignment.  It operated fine, as well as thewindows camera.  Then suddenly stopped.  Kaltura will give message that device cannot be found.  The widows 10 error says 0xA00F4291Videopreviewstartfailed. I uninstalled/installed the camera device.  I downloaded latest driver for the camera manufacturer.And lastly I did a RESET of Windows 10.  Now the Windows camera opens with a black screen andKaltura still says it can't find device. In the device manager, should "Lenovo Easy Camera" appear in the imaging device. Mine does not.It has an EPSON202$$$$$ some number.  I do have my Epson Artisan 820 drivers loaded on the system.  Beneath Camera in device manager, I have "Easy Camera".  Should I have a device beneath "Imaging" in device manager, besides the Epson$$$$$device? Thank yuo,Chris
Hi, given that all possible configurations of the P53 have been known, anybody knows if they are have the same cooling system or do higher end models with more power CPU and GPU have better cooling system?
Hi All Lenovo has made available on its website http://psref.lenovo.com/Product/ThinkPad/ThinkPad_P53 the full list of configurable options that the P53 will be available: On the CPU side: i5-9400H 4C, 2.5 GHz 4.3 GHz 8MBi7-9750H 6C, 2.6 GHz 4.5 GHz 12MBi7-9850H 6C, 2.6 GHz 4.6 GHz 12MBi9-9880H 8C, 2.3 GHz 4.8 GHz 16MBXeon E-2276M 6C, 2.8 GHz 4.7 GHz 12MB But, one thing I don't understand is why (and this was the same case with the current P52) there was never a configuration available with the Intel® Xeon® E-2186M (8th generation), now with the new specs made available from Lenovo it seems again that Lenovo won't made available a model on the P53 with the Intel® Xeon® E-2286M which is quite disappointing because I am sure many users would like to have the new P53 with the top end Xeon® E-2286M with 8C instead of the Xeon E-2276M 6C. Can Lenovo confirm if this is going to be the case, no Xeon E-2286M 8C model on the P53. I'm really thinking to switch to the new Dell Precision 7540 Mobile Workstation which you can configure with the top end Xeon E-2286M CPU and same case is with the HP ZBook 15 G6.      
Hi everyoneI bought the L340 laptop today but I can not use any headphones on it. I have tried 3 or 4 different headphones but windows does not detect any of them. I have tried updating my sound drives, uninstalling and reinstalling them but nothing seem to work.I only have this issue with the 3.5mm jack though, I have no trouble using a USB headset.I don't know if this is relevant but the headphone jack doesn't plug all the way although the part that is left out is so small.Thank you
I wish to record a low level stereo signal from the aux output of a stereo tuner using my Thinkpad.  The T460s has no input plug for a mic or other audio device.  Is there an alternative?  Is there any HDMI or USB adapter that will accomplish this task?  Thanks.  

Not very tech savvy here. However, I know of a few ways this could possibly be set up with hardware and software, just covering a bases to not be flagged by my employer since handling sensitive information the the majority of my job description. I have two computers on a rather small desk, work laptop and personal computer. Software is out of the question since I don't have permissions to download on the work laptop. I want to be able to just use the same mouse and keyboard for both to clear up some desk space for paperwork. If I am to invest in a KVM or have them purchase one for me, is there a way to configure it so that file-sharing is not an option? If not what other options are available?

Any information would be greatly appreciated!

Side note (not sure if this makes a difference): Personal PC is connected though an Ethernet cable directly to home router. Work PC is connected through an employer issued router through an Ethernet cable. Same ISP
Just yesterday I got a new hard drive and Windows installed on my computer after my last one got pretty messed up. In getting it back I was setting things up and downloading my games from Steam and tried to start one up when it was done. Immediately I was told to download .Net Framework 3.5. I tried but it kept giving me error messages. Error 0x800f0906 and 0x800f081f.
I looked into ways to help but nothing has worked. I kept getting referred to this page and this one. None of them worked. I spent hours trying to figure out what's going on but nothing is working.
I have Windows 8.1
Hello, as i stated in subject i own lenovo v330 laptop. Last month i spilled beer over keyboard and everything worked fine for 2 weeks. After two months display stopped working, but when i connect laptop via HDMI to the TV i can see desptop just fine. I would also note that under very bright light i can see what is going on on laptop's display, but the screen is very indistinct. My question is,  is there any simple solution to my problem? Is there any specific place where i should take a look inside laptop to figure out if my laptop is still repairable? If not, would it be possible to change motherboard? Is that someting i could be able to achive with minimal skills when it comes to such repairs ? 
This is a bizarre problem I think.  My Lenovo P50 laptop will charge when turned off and plugged in.  But when I turn it on, it's running just off battery and therefore discharges rather rapidly (1-2 hours).  It does NOT say "Plugged in but not charging". It just shows that it's running off battery.  Additionally, there is no light on where plug goes in.  If I power down, sure enough light comes on and if I leave it for a few hours and boot up, it's back to 100%.  But then of course, it slowly discharges.   What the heck is going on? Thanks,Dave

DebugDiag seems to be a great utility to create an application memory dump on a breakpoint.

But i have an issue using it - when setting & enabling a rule by module-name (which attaches to approx 10 processes), Dbghost.exe crashes on AccessVio (c0000005) often, crashing those services trying to debug.

Can somebody help with this?

From EventLog:

- System
- Provider
[ Name] Application Error
- EventID 1000
[ Qualifiers] 0
Level 2
Task 100
Keywords 0x80000000000000
- TimeCreated
[ SystemTime] 2019-07-17T19:08:30.000000000Z
EventRecordID 99142
Channel Application
Computer ***

- EventData
I have my cable modem and wireless router downstairs. I tried to move it upstairs, to my room. When I hook it up there, it doesn't work. When I run the troubleshooter, it says "DNS server not responding." I hooked it up back downstairs, and it works again. Is there a fix to this to make it work when hooked up upstairs?

Also, my thought behind this is that since all computers are upstairs, the internet would work better/faster if the wireless router was upstairs. Is this true?

Thank you
So i bought a new desktop half a year ago. I did not put it together myself but i bought it as a whole. It worked perfectly fine for these 6 months. Now the graphics cards ( gtx 1070 ) cooling isnt working properly any more. When i run a game, the cooling of the graphic card is starting up. at its max speed it slows down again and makes a noise. Then it gains speed again. This repeats all the time.
I literally am a newbie to computer stuff so i have absolutely no idea what to do or how to handle that issue.
I hope someone of you guys can help me out with it
I'm Searching for a dock to connect the L390 with USB-C (while charging) to the LAN and, in addition, i need the support to two external monitors.In other words something that convert it to a desktop, in particular way LAN, keyboard, mouse and display, can the PC work anyway even with the cover completely closed once connected to the dock?Waiting for news.Thanks a lot.inteso
Does anyone know if the graphics cards in the Lenovo W520 can be upgraded? Say from a Nivida Quadro 1000M to a Nivida Quadro 2000M?  Or is graphics board hard wired into the Motherboard? Thanks!

I've been playing with my old gamepad for years with no problem, but recently like a year ago. The right joystick camera started
to get freezed up!!

I thought the gamepad is going faulty and I have to buy a new one. I bought a new one from Amazon and also the issue is there!

That I knew it's a software problem, I thought the windows 10 latest update including the gamepad driver update is the problem
and the drivers on microsoft are updated.

What to do now?
so about a year ago I built a pretty intense PC, for the first time.

Some of the specs are;

16GB of Ram (TRIDENTz)
Evga 750GQ
Corsair Hydroseries H100i
barracuda 3.5 internal HD 3TB
The cooling system failed about 3 months ago, causing extreme performance hinderance so I replaced it - PC was operational and no issues.

Last week, I shut it down for the night and when I woke up the next morning it would not so much as turn on.

The mb and gpu were lighting up (RGB and LED indicators) but that is it.

So I replaced the motherboard AND the power supply - still no boot.

My last idea is to replace the RAM? I?ve tried each stick in every single slot with no luck.

My other idea is that maybe the power button simply doesn?t work on my tower, the PC is receiving power (I can even charge my phone in the USB hub)

Running out of ideas and money, lol, any help would be SO APPRECIATED.
Hello there PC masters. I am in a tough situation with my PC and life in general, and if there is any advice somebody on here has, I would appreciate it wholeheartedly!

Disclaimer: I want to preface my post by saying that I knew that there were certain things that might have been red flags but at the same time I have had a problem with my molar tooth for a while. I?ve seen the dentist and I have been saving up for a while to afford the treatment, so I did not have spare money for a power supply. I am simply saying I wish I maybe got a new power supply when I started experiencing issues but at the same time I just have a lot on my plate right now. Healthcare is expensive :\ I am looking for any kind of advice and I don?t mind constructive criticism, I just want to fix my PC and I don?t want to over pay and take it somewhere considering my situation.

Okay now to PC:

1) I got it from cyberpower in sep 2016. The specs are as follows: OEM INTEL CORE I7-6800K SIX-CORE 3.40GHZ 15MB CACHE L

240GB SANDISK Z410 SSD 2.5" SATAIII 6.0 GB/s

3TB HDD 3.5" SATAIII 7200RPM 6.0 GB/s 64MB CACHE







2) I have cleaned it regularly, replaced the water cooler fan, a few case fans but nothing major ever broke for a while

3)S... Read more
Hello, so I have this problem, basically I have 1 stick of 8gb of DDR4 2133 ram that has been discontinued, so I can no longer get it from anywhere, so I was thinking what if I buy the same frequency ram, but from a different manufacturer, does anyone know if that would work or am I pretty much screwed and I will have to buy a brand new pair of ram sticks so I could upgrade to 16gbs?
Im not really a computer savvy person I?m just looking for help. My PC was hooked up to my TV with HDMI chords and when I switched to a monitor it didn?t display. So I just thought I would go back to HDMI and now it won?t display on my TV either I just don?t know what to do
I'm looking into upgrading my machine with a dedicated GPU, and would like to take the AMD route for Linux compatibility. I've read the compilation post and know about the BIOS whitelist, but the information on which AMD cards are supported exactly is sparse. There seem to be some reports of the RX460 working on a ThinkCentre M82, but I wasn't able to find any more details about that.
Has anyone here had the chance to give these recent AMD cards a try, yet? Specifically the RX4xx and RX5xx series?
Thanks a lot in advance.
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Lenovo product managers:
Your product needs to change the camera location on the laptop; it should not be at the bottom of the screen. I use my laptop for videoconferences with clients, and need to take notes during these calls; I also travel and prefer not to carry around an external camera. The camera location provides a great shot of my hands filling 1/3 of the screen, with my chest as a background. (Picture would not be appropriate posting according to Forum guidelines.)
Ladies -- this product may not be for you. The camera location is not appropriate for women in corporate jobs. 
Decided to post this product review here because there are no responses to Forum questions on where to provide product reviews/suggestions. 
Moderator comment: Model added to subject for clarity.
I have a Lenovo Thinkpad L480. Recently, I noticed that above the Esc button, left of the hinge, a hairline crack has formed. I was very careful with the device and did not let it fall or something ... Are there people who have the same problem or know where it comes from? best regards 
Dear all, I'm new to this forum and would appreciate your advice on the following. I've always had ThinkPads. I recently got a Macbook Pro 15" 2017 for work and it's super smooth in daily operation when  connected to an external 4k monitor. I'm keen to replicate the smoothness as I hate the visual lag of the cursor etc. in my older T460s when connecting it to the 4k monitor. I like the X1 Extreme because it has longer battery life than the P1. However, I'm concerned that the X1 Extreme's graphics card won't be up to the job of a smooth display on a 4k external monitor. Am I right in saying that the X1 Extreme's GeForce GTX 1050 Ti is NOT up to the job of running on a 4k external monitor smoothly in everyday operation? If yes, will it be solved by the GTX 1650 Max-Q that's in the X1 Extreme Gen 2?If I'm wrong and the graphics cards above are actually fine, please help me understand what I need to make sure I order so that the laptop runs on a 4k external monitor smoothly. I cannot stand the lag in ordinary operation.BestNamir
I am reading many reviews which are pushing an undervolted i5 as functionally faster in the t490 than an i7, as the normal cooling system can't keep up w/ the i7.  But I also see that the T490 ships with a single-heatpipe cooling system unless you have the add-on video card (which obviously adds a lot of heat on its own.) I found a thread suggesting the t495 has better cooling--it supposedly gets the two-heatpipe system which is only available on the 490 w/ graphics card.  (See t495 part list at https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/us/en/products/laptops-and-netbooks/thinkpad-t-series-laptops/thinkpad-... ) I'm a Win10Pro power user (lots of tabs, lots of office apps, some database stuff) w/ no gaming or serious graphics needs.  Would this be a good firt to upgrade my old T510?   I don't need super-heavy graphics (no video card) but I occasionally do some photo editing and such, so the 3700 w/ Radeon 10 seems promising as there seem to be somewhat smallish thread tradeoffs and large graphics gains. I would love to know if the extra heatpipe and lack of a graphics card will let the processor work as it should.
I see these questions all over the place and I am hoping someone with links can post them here. We have a bunch of available screens:14.0" HD (1366 x 768, 220 nits) anti-glare14.0" FHD (1920 x 1080, 250 nits) IPS anti-glare14.0" FHD (1920 x 1080, 300 nits) IPS anti-glare multi-touch14.0" FHD (1920 x 1080, 400 nits) IPS Low-powerT490 adds:14.0" FHD (1920 x 1080, 400 nits) IPS with PrivacyGuard (Coming Soon)14.0" WQHD (2560 x 1440, 500 nits) IPS glossy with Dolby Vision HDR, 100% Adobe color gamut What is missing is:1) Power draw.  (I thought I found it somewhere, but lost it.  Does anyone know of info?)2) Responsiveness (I have been told to avoid the 400-nit low power model, for example; I hate ghosting.)  I cannot find a single comparison anywhere! Can anyone help w/ links, reveiews, info...?
I am paying Xfinity for 150Mbps and could never get over the high 90s. Checked my ethernet network card and it was only 10/100. Found a USB 3.0 Ethernet Adapter rated at 10/100/1000Mbps on Amazon and got it in one day. Hooked it up this morning and now getting my paid for speeds.
first off please bear with me if ive posted this in the wrong place i am not very computer savvy. i bought a external hard drive (toshiba canvio advance 1tb usb 3.0 hdtc910xk3aa) off amazon a month or so back that came with software you could down load to password protect it . i installed it loaded my files tested it over the coarse of a few days to make sure i had done everything right before deleting the files off my computer. well now when i plug it in to my computer it shows the drive but it will not bring up the password screen to unlock it so it just shows a blank drive. i tried deleting the toshiba program off my computer and reloading it but it made my computer crash and i had to run a recovery on it which thankfully seems to have restored the computer to where it was before, but i still cant figure out how to get the password prompt to come up. im at peace with the fact that the drive might have gotten corrupted when the computer crashed but i figured i should ask the internet before i reformatted the drive. any advice?
I have a 6-year old Lenovo T430 with 180 GB SSD. I recently installed an identical SSD as the second drive into the ultrabay slot by using a caddy. I use the first drive mainly for Windows and Program Files, and the second one for data. OS is Windows 8.1. The setup works fine from the day I installed the second HDD. However, during the last couple of days, I started getting error messages (once or twice a day) saying that second drive (D is not available. I will appreciate if anyone can make a suggestion to remedy this annoying problem.
Defect PT are different to be seen in various programs and by windows.
Can anyone explain that ??
This cannot be correct !
Hi everyone.  First, SteadyState is absolutely awesome.  I just installed SS V2.5 on a Windows XP machine.  The idea is that these Win XP machines will be used as Internet Kiosks, nothing else.  The end user is required to use IE only, nothing else.  Prior to Steady State, I had created a VB script which calls a batch file upon login so that IE is always running.  If you close IE, it would automatically reopen.  We want the end users to only see and deal with IE, nothing else.  Since Steady State is installed, the batch file no longer works, obviously due to permissions.  I've been playing with it, but no luck.  Has anyone ever set their SteadyState up like this before?The main goal is to:(1) always have IE up and running, without being able to close it.  (2) we dont want users to even have to log in or out.Thanks!Mike
Hello, I have an amber light blinking on my laptop, it was indicative of my battery not charging. ( the laptop works on power without a battery) I replaced the battery, which now charges fully, but the amber light still blinks while the power cord is plugged in, any help is appreciated, thanks
Is there any reference about any "disconnected mode" between the ATA Lightweight Gateway and the ATA Center ?
For my client, we use an Azure VM for the ATA Center, while 6 domain controllers are hosted on premise and 1 is in Azure.
If the VPN to Azure is disconnected, how long will the data be retained on Gateways
that could not join the ATA Center ?

Thanks :)
TosibaA505S69803 seems to have some sought of special power cord, I checked w/ BestBuy and none of there adaptors worked it looks to be a recessed opening with a small prong deep inside
If Bitdefender is not working on your PC then it might be the issue with the old version. Check the available update and then update it to the latest version. Sometimes, it may occur due to having third-party software on the PC. In that case, remove the existing software and then reinstall Bitdefender.
 I have the Lenovo Yoga 730 that uses the Lenovo Active Pen 2. The pen works fine, but I want the second barrel button to be a modifier (ALT) so when I hold it, the app thinks I am holding the ALT button. (Very good for color picker in Photoshop) My problem is that I cannot find a setting that allows me to pick a modifier. I have downloaded Lenovo Pen Settings, as well as Wacom Pen Settings app, but the barrel button settings does not include "Modifier". I have read the documentation at https://www.lenovo.com/us/en/pdf/lenovo-pen-button-config-guide.pdf but the "Modifier" setting they speak of does not exist in the app!  What should I do? All I want is that when I hold one of the barrel buttons it thinks I am holding the ALT key. Thanks in advance for any help! i have attached a scrrenshot of how my pen settings look
So, I have a problem with my lenovo L430.It sometimes turns on and sometimes doesn't. When it doesn't turn on, the power button lights up but there is no display on the screen.However, sometimes it turns on if I try and works smoothly like it is supposed to. But, will revert to the same state after rebooting/powering off. Symptoms:1. Sometimes turns on by chance but usually screen stays black and power button does light up.2. Fans are running sometimes.3. The charging light(on the back) lights up after I try to turn it on. When the charging indicator lights up, laptop doesn't turn on.  Things I have already tried:1. Reseated RAMs after cleaning.2. Checked the thermal paste and replaced the thermal paste.3. Changed RAM.4. Checked power adapter and with the external display, doesn't work with external display either.5. I have even reseated my display cables and checked if there was problem there.6. Tried turning on with/without SSD hard drive and DVD drive. I am thinking that something is wrong with motherboard. But, why does it turn on ocassionally? Or, could it be because of possibly malfunctioning capacitor in power IC stuff? I did check the board for the heat to find possibly busted ICs but didn't find any?  I haven't updated the Bios because the restart doesn't work and I am not able to boot up BIOS with DVD-Drive. What do I do? 
Hi Everyone,  I have a ThinkPad X1 Carbon 6th (windows 10, 64 bit) purchased last year, and this month it started giving black screen at start up every time I try to turn it on ..  Keyboard lights up and then there is nothing on the screen.  It also made an alarm sound/music for the last few times I tired to turn it on. Once I hold the on/off button for 20 seconds and hit the reset button, the screen goes back to normal, not sure what actually worked since I hit on/off quite many times to make it work.   Any idea what is wrong with it ? When I did the Lenova Vantage scan for hardware, everything looks fine. But it is not normal for the screen to go black on every time I try to turn it on .  Many thanks in advance!
I need some help in understanding my windows 7 home premium laptop... All of a sudden, it stopped getting an IP address, I only get an APIPA address. I have fired it up using a linux liveCD just to verify that the NICs are ok, and they were.
When I start the computer up and log into the desktop, I notice that it takes a while before it gives me a status on the network connection. It stays a while on "Identifying" and then ends up with "Unidentified network" and no IP address.
I have tried all sorts of things, like resetting the TCPIP stack and winsock:
netsh winsock reset catalog
netsh int ip reset
I have also run adaware, scanned the machine using portable apps clamwin antivirus etc. Done so many things I am loosing control. This is an Acer Aspire 5739G, and I never got around to building the recovery CDs before it stopped working... so I do not have
a good way of doing a reinstall, so I need to find a way to fix this.
When I try to do an ipconfig /renew (as administrator) I get the following error: "An attempt was made to access a socket in a way forbidden by its access permissions."
I have tried setting a fixed IP address, but that does not work either. It is the same behaviour both for the LAN and the WLAN nic... I have also removed the NICs from device management, ticking to remove the driver, and then re-installed the drivers. No
go still...
I am coming up short with ideas to fix this, I need help. Anyone?
Technical detail... Read more
I do not have a keyboard and mouse after WIN7 MDT deploymentI have a computer LENOVO THINKCENTRE M715Q 2nd Gen Desktop (Model: 10VGS05N00)I installed the driver packageThank you for your answers 
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