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Hello I bought a P50 with an 256 GB M.2 NVMe drive into slot 0. I would like to know if it is possible to add-mix a second hard drive like M.2 SATA in slot 1.The fact is that HDD type in slot 0 (=NVMe HDD) will be different to HDD type in slot 1 (= M2 Sata HDD). I know that i will need a M2 Sata tray (Part number: 4XB0L78233). Thanks in advance
Hi,What upgrades are needed for t430 to stream 4K video? Thanks,
New PC build and I'm 10+ years out of date.

I bought the Gigabit Z390 Aorus Elite motherboard. On the back it states "Dual PCIe Gen3 x4 M.2 with One Thermal Guard"
In the specifications it reads "Expansion Slots / 1*PCIe 3.0 x4 + 4*PCIe 3.0 x1"

It has two slots on the board. Am I right in understanding that the two slots are not equal and if I run raid faster of the two will be reduced to conform the the slower of the two slots?
Please bear with me, I'm a total noob at tech, so may I ask that all solutions contain step-by-step easy instructions?

I've got an Acer swift 5. Never ran into any problems with it, and for the few months I've had it it's perfect. Until yesterday.

I was on an in game voice chat when they said my mic didn't work. I go onto my voice recorder to test it, and it said "my mic wasn't connected". (I'm a little confused by this, it's the mic inside my computer right? So how can it not be plugged in? I haven't plugged in any other mic, especially not external ones, and I wasn't using any earphones or earphones)

I looked up a solution, but they were all really confusing and talked about audio drivers and realtek stuff, which I don't really understand. I tried one thing: I went into the sound settings. It seems like none of the inputs were "enabled". There was 3 options I could pick.
A headset that I think was Bluetooth connected (it asked me to connect it? I think it was an old Bluetooth headphone)
"Microphone array". It said this wasn't plugged in, and the jack was the 3.5mm jack on the left side of my computer (I'm guessing that's the headphone jack). I couldn't enable this, because it said it wasn't plugged in.
Stereo mix. It said something to do with realtek, and was the only thing I could actually enable (even though it was disabled). I tried enabling it, and it s... Read more
I can't find a solution for this, I have a lot of time looking for the solution of the problem and I can't find it, this is what happens... When I'm playing, for example, "league of legends" when in game alone everything is ok but if I'm in League with friends and we are using the voice chat of the game (don't know if its the same using skype) well while in-game the keyboard gets like stuck sometimes and it is so hard to play like that even in fortnite it happens too, this only happens when I'm in voice chat but if I'm not, everything is ok. Please someone if you know why this happens tell me how to fix it.Thank you <3 
My P52 came with 500 GB HDD and I replaced it with 1TB SSD. Can I install another HDD?According to the tech specs, I can install 1 M.2 and 2 HDD's?Can I know where the 2nd HDD bay is located?
Folder on my desktop named ANXFER thats 448 megs and I have no clue what it is. Can anyone help with this?
TLDR - touchpad breaks randomly and stays broken most of the time, seems like a software issue, couldn't find any fix yet, no online support Since the beginning of summer, i started experiencing some really troubling issues with the touchpad on my Yoga 920. As time went by they became more often, up to the point where the touchpad is broken most of the time. When it's not, it's working for a while and, usually after coming back from sleep, the pointer disappears and doesn't come back. In Device Manager a refresh would show one of the I2C HID Device as broken. There are plenty of similar threads online with the same issue, yet no definitive solution. Given that this is the laptop i use for work, I'd rather figure out first if this is a software issue, as i can't afford to have this offline 3 rounds of two weeks as it's the law in my country for getting a replacement if they can't find a fix. I've tried contacting both Lenovo and Microsoft and support for both redirected me to the other party, passing blame on them. Support for Lenovo US, which has an online chat feature, refused to provide any info on this, as if the issue would be regionally bound (???????). Just before my recent BIOS update (5NCN41WW) the pointer was broken 90% of the time. After the update it came back and worked for a few days but now it stopped again. While i don't rule out a hardware issue, it seems odd to be fixed almost everytime randomly through software. Has anyone had a definitiv... Read more
Hi! Brand new thinkpad l380 charged up never even had the chance to set up. Only a black screen. Turned off and on again. Can hear the start up sound, white light on buttons but the monitor is just a black screen. Very fustrating, advice please on what to do!?
I recently installed phoenix os and clicked on reboot now from installer wizard. My pc restarted and took me to grub console, when i try to start it it says kernel not loaded. When i try to load kernel it says no files found. Then i restarted my pc and getting dual boot screen from where i choosed windows 7 and my pc keeps getting crashed. Please help me.
I downloaded the zip file of crystal disk info and extracted it and right click on the exe file and run as administrator well unfortunately the app shows disk not found.

I'm at a lost what to do or why crystaldiskinfo shows disk not found.

Note I have a 1 TB hard-drive.
Note I have a OEM windows product key .

No Recovery disk, Repair disk and Installation disk came with my computer.

Do I have to go to Microsoft web site or the manufacturer of the computer web site to download the recovery disk, repair disk and Installation disk.

Some one said you can download windows ISO from Microsoft web site if you have the product key is that true?

If not where do you get the Installation disk, recovery disk, or repair disk?
Yoga 500 m ram extend krwani h kaiae aur kha se krwao

I have tried to change the speed & duplex settings to 10 mbps half and full
Nothing worked.
I?m hoping to get assistance on a problem I?m having with Windows XP. When I attempt to launch a data acquisition program, the program attempts to initialize but stops and error message displayed is Server Busy, The action cannot be completed because the other program is busy. Choose ?Switch To? activate the busy program and correct the problem. Then it gives you to choices Switch To or Retry.

If I select Switch To, the start pull down menu is displayed. Doesn?t really tell me what?s the conflicting program. If I can get rid of this error, I think the program I need to use will boot. Please if anyone can assist with this problem, I would greatly appreciate it! I have attached two photos that shows the error and what?s displayed after the Switch To button is depressed. Thanks!
I have an old HP computer and for some reason, it's not even loading. have a look.

Someone, please help
Because I was trying to get Linux to boot on my new ThinkPad X1 Extreme, I disabled Secure Boot and set graphics to Discrete only. I wasn't able to boot Linux, but at least the machine was still working. I'm aware that some people's machines were bricked by the Discrete Only setting, but for me, that doesn't appear to be what caused it. While troubleshooting the issue with Linux, I went into the BIOS to set it to boot using UEFI Only, and disabled CSM support, because I  wanted to force it to use UEFI. After I saved the settings and restarted the machine, however, it appears that the machine has been bricked. Now, every time I power it on, I see a cursor in the upper-left corner for a few seconds; it then disappears and leaves the screen completely black, then fan turns on for a few minutes, then the fan turns off. The Lenovo logo never appears, and I can't enter setup anymore. I assume the only solution is to have the CMOS flashed, but I'm wondering whether Lenovo is aware of this issue?
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU N3150 @ 1.60GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 76 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 4010 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 195 GB (108 GB Free); D: 735 GB (735 GB Free);
Motherboard: Acer, Magellan_BA
Antivirus: 360 Total Security, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

I downloaded a Drive Updater cracked and installed it.
Then it installed weird things such as Speedycar (weird game) Adult Finder (shortcut on desktop) Win an iPhone! (another shortcut on desktop)
So I uninstalled all of them and also deleted the downloaded rar file.
I ran scan but it took too long so I paused halfway.
I just got a new HDD 1TB because last one was Windows corrupted.
Really need help cause my landline phone all of a sudden after connecting my laptop-infected virus to the internet (Yes I disconnected to the internet immediately after knowing catched a virus) got a weird call with a long weird number (eg. 689384928789052) and claiming to be a Post Service that I did not buy or so what.
Heres a screenshot of what I think is the virus.
On the Task Manager theres like 81 running services of black setting logo's
Please help Im scared as I just joint my new bank acc with dominant email which is allowed and remebered on this laptop.
Tried running SMADAV and detected no viruses.
Plus I tried running rkill and it booted up cmd and detected no... Read more
My P52 came with 500 GB HDD and I replaced it with 1TB SSD. Can I install another HDD?According the tech specs I can install 1 M.2 and 2 HDD's ?Can I know where the 2nd HDD bay is located ?
Is it possible to restrict say a certain phone/tablet or console from connecting to your internet for a certain period of time from your computer?
this is my first Lenovo computer, I bougth it form a friend that was not using the laptop because he lost the charging cord and was lazy to buy a new one, I bought the laptop for 300 bucks, and managed to find an used cord for 20 bucks, the battery was dead when i pluged it in, but it did turn on when I pressed the power button and the battery charging indicator light was blinking, just as normal, the problem arrived when I discharged it enough that windows asked me to plug in the cord, when I did nothing happend (the computer did not recognize the cord on the task bar and the battery light was not blinking), I was worried thinking that the cord was not good (since it is the 90w version), but to my surprise, the battery porcentage was rising up, but the time remaining was not rising, but when it reached 100%, the time refreshed and all is normal now. the only thing is that when I disconnect the cord it jumps form 100% to 95% instantly.. What should I replace?
I have searched a few hours for possible solutions and also installed the "touch firmware update." I have disabled and enable HID touch screen. They did not work. The touch screen with finger stopped a couple of days ago. Why the pen still works? How do fingers and pen work differently? Anything else I should try to make it work?  Thank you!
I just got a P52 that came installed with 256GB SSD. I then installed a Samsung 970 Pro in the other M.2 slot, and then I used Macrium Reflect to clone the 256GB SSD onto the 970 Pro. Afterwards, I rebooted the computer, used F12 and "temporarily" booted from the 970 Pro, which worked. I then went to diskpart to clean the 256GB SSD. Then, when I decided to reboot the computer again, it no longer boots even when I select the 970 Pro, and I keep getting the same 0xc000000e blue sceen error stating "A required device isn't connected or can't be accessed." I'm sure this has to do with me cleaning the 256GB SSD, so how would I recover the computer?
My text file contains two words each on one line. Both words have letter é. I saved the file in UTF-8 encoding in Notepad, and set console font to Lucida Console and code page to 65001 (Unicode).
D:\temp>chcp 65001
Active code page: 65001
D:\temp>type myfile.txt

Now I want to search for the word with findstr. 

D:\temp>findstr "caché" myfile.txt

D:\temp>findstr "fiancée" myfile.txt

D:\temp>findstr "cach" myfile.txt
FINDSTR: Write error

D:\temp>findstr "fianc" myfile.txt
fiancéeFINDSTR: Write error
D:\temp>findstr "c" myfile.txt <-- this search should return both lines
FINDSTR: Write error
How can I fully specify the word (including é) as a search string? How do I avoid the "Write error" when the output contains é? I don't mind using other commands or Powershell, as long as it's in a console. The text doesn't have to be Unicode
(for example, there won't be Euro sign). It's just Latin text, with a few letters that may have accent marks.

I'm wondering if there is any technology out there for convert a physical book into an audio book. Currently, I can scan each page of a book with my scanner, convert the image to a text file, then get a text reader to convert it to audio. I could also take pictures with my phone or a camera, like this guy:

But the hard part is taking the initial pictures or scans. It's very time consuming and tedious. So I'm wondering if there is a machine that can do this quickly, something on the market that's relatively affordable to a regular consumer like me.
I have a new refurb computer that is running Lenovo Bios set up utility. It starts fine on its own, but it wont go past the "lenovo" screen (into windows 10) when an external harddrive is plugged in.

machine type and model 10b50001us
system brand id thinkcenter m73

So I went into the startup menu and right now have the following settings (that still wont work)

Primary boot sequence:

Sata 1: st500lm000-1ej162-sshd-8gb
sata 2: matshita dvd-ram sw830

Excluded from boot order:
USB fdd:
usb key:
sata 3:
network 1: realtek pxe b04 doo
uas hdd:
usb cdrom

I also have my USB legacy support disabled
No idea what else to try....
Hey, so I just build a pc but I bought used part (mobo+cpu) and I assembled it like normal then it posting ofcourse but it ask me to ctrl+alt+delete to restart cause obviously it can't read my windows on the hdd so I did restart and trying to install my windows with my pendrive and suddenly it didn't post.So how can I fix this. I tried all sort of troubleshooting but none work.Oh and my display port cable not doing well.it turns my monitor blue but I dont think thats the problem isnt it?
I have an HP desktop. I restarted it, and I keep getting the same message, "One of your disks needs to be checked for consistency." When I got that message before, it would allow me to skip the disk check by pressing any button on my keyboard, but now, it ignores my efforts to skip. Yes, the keyboard works fine and is plugged all the way in. Anyway, it scans the disk and looks like it's going to start up, but it just cycles back through and repeats the process over and over. I have no idea how to get out of this endless cycle. Can anyone help please?
Long story short. I had Lenovo replace my top case because the left click button wasn't working. Yes, they replaced the entire top case including keyboard and pointer. They did not replace the trackpad though.  So the keyboard that originally came with my laptop which was built in Nov 2018, was a lot stiffer. I was getting a lot of mistype due to me not applying enough pressure. This replacement keyboard though, oh my, it's perfect! The strokes are a lot softer and my typing accuracy went way up.  If you do not like your keyboard for some reason, you should maybe goto a Costco and bring your laptop to do a compare. I think they are not using the same supplier for some of these keyboards. I like my replacement one a lot more than the original one that came with the laptop.
I bought the Yoga 730 a couple weeks ago, and I'm noticing the volume is incredibly low, though I have the volume turned all the way up. It looks like my drivers are up to date. Is this just the norm with this particular computer? Are there any fixes? My previous laptop was the Yoga 2 Pro, which I had for almost five years, and while the speakers weren't incredibly loud, they felt usable to me. If I can't find a fix for this issue, I'll have to return this computer. 
My x1 extreme arrived with office not activated. I included  Office H&B 2019 AFOLB when I purchased the order. Do you think I am missing anything? Thank you much.
my x1 extreme arrived with 'single fan error' since first turned on. I realized it is the left fan is not blowing air. Is there anything wrong with bios or should I call lenovo to change the fan.


Go to Solution.
Alright, my computer always shows the Aptio Setup Utility and won't bypass the feature. The launch CSM isnt working and I can't enable it due to Aptio Setup Utility keep on popping up.
I have a Dell C1765nfw printer. I am trying to print address labels using Avery 6870 Labels but the print doesn't line up with the labels.

Is there a better label number or am I doing something wrong?
Kingston a400 (120GB) or Samsung 860 EVO (250GB), Are these SSD's compatible with M91p (4524-PJ1)?. I need to upgrade my PC
I have a  Yoga 2 Pro from 2014. The Original OS was Windows 8.1. I updated it to Windows 10. If I press the F10 Button it looks for a wireless device. If I look at the display setting, the setting is fixed for built in Monitor. I have tried to connect the external monitor through the micro HDMI interface. Can I use a docking station to solve the problem? Can anybody help me.Tjien
I suddenly was unable to adjust the brightness on this 3-day-old laptop.  Moving the slider from zero to 100% didn't change the light. I don't have an adaptive brightness setting. Google searches had me disable the sensor monitoring service, which did nothing. A user suggested rebooting while holding down Shift-F12 until reaching desktop.  This worked!  I can once again adjust brightness.  My questions: 1.  WHAT did Shift-F12 do?2.  Should I reenable sensor monitoring service?
Hi, I need some help with Google Chrome and setting up Google Password Manager and "Smart Lock", if there is such a thing.
I received an answer which didn't give me any help with his reply. I replied back but never heard from him.
If there is anyone out there who could help me, I would greatly appreciate it.
I originally posted it under "General Security".
Thanks, ptfitzy
I've read a few posts about a similar Issue here but couldn't find my exact case. So I wanted to increase the dedicated graphics memory for my system but the option is greyed out in UEFI. Is there some other setting that could be causing this or does this model simply not allow for dedicated graphics memory to be tampered with?
I should have a terabyte of storage on my PC yet it says 900Gb is taken up and I can't remove any of that! Please help.
I have a VPN connection that I works fine when the following is entered from command prompt:
rasdial name id password
However - when i try to issue this same command withing a bat or cmd file it fails with a Remote Access Error 623
Im trying it like this
rasdial vpnname username password /phonebook:"location of phonebook"

Any ideas?
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4771 CPU @ 3.50GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 60 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 16322 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 500 GB (313 GB Free); D: 226 GB (222 GB Free); E: 204 GB (192 GB Free); F: 0 GB (0 GB Free);
Antivirus: Avira Antivirus, Enabled and Updated

I had to replace my power supply and I also cloned my hard drive from a mechanical drive
to an SSD. After doing the above I find that I do not have sound?? The power supply was
replaced by a technician who has years of experience. I would appreciate all the help I can
acquire. thanks.
I built my comp 2 years ago

My set up:
- Windows 10 latest version possibles
- Kingston Hyper X fury black 16gbs of ddr4
- Intel Core i5-6500, 3.2GHZup to 3.60GHZ
- EVGA Geforce GTX 970 4GBS SSC Gaming.
-MSI B150 PC MATE motherboard
- I have dual monitors. One BenQ RL2455HM 24" and a 4 k Samsung UHD 28"
- I have One Crucial BX200 240GB SSD hard drive and I have one western digital 1TB harddrive
- I'm plugged into my VGA ports because I can't get my HDMI and ad DVI to work for some reason

If I run fortnite at high settings as my Geforce experience suggest, I only get 90fps but its very unstable. It will go anywhere from 40fps to 110fps. Even on the lowest graphics my game psike to lower fps still

I just want to know if I just need better parts in my comp.
W52016 gb RAMSeagate HD 500gb mechanical (original)Nvidia Quadro 2000m On Thursday night, I left my computer on for a few hours while I attended an event. When I returned, I found that my machine was frozen. In the lower right corner of the screen, there was a pop up message indicating that Norton LifeLock was running background processes. (I didn't think to capture the exact message because at the time I didn't imagine what this issue would evolve into.) It was late and I assumed that whatever caused the machine to freeze up would be resolved when I restarted the machine in the morning, so I long pressed the power button to shut down. The next day I tried to start up as normal. After the 'starting Windows' screen, the screen went black and remained that way. After a few more attempts led to the same result, I tried to run the ThinkVantage recovery module a few times. It froze variously on a black screen and on the ThinkVantage splash screen. I also tried 'last known good configuration' and 'repair windows' options, but neither would run to completion. Finally, I booted into Safe mode successfully, and then Safe mode with networking. Since then, I've been able to boot into both Safe modes reliably.  My first suspected cause was that my hard drive is failing. A couple weeks ago, a ThinkVantage Toolbox scan found various errors and advised action. So I purchased a new hard drive, but didn't install it. Yesterday, after convincing MS support to... Read more
My desktop running Windows 10 won't start, it goes on this endless cycle of trying to start but finishing with "Bad system config info" stop code error message. Can you help? Thanks
I inherited a Lenovo U310 Touch with a broken hinge. The system worked but Windows was password protected. I used the Lenovo key to do a factory restore. Restore worked (and I fixed the hinges and all else) but now .... 1. I cannot not get into the BIOS or change boot list. I saw a post that this can happen after a factory restore. Fix is via BIOS update 65cn99ww. My BIOS is at 65cn97ww. So I tried installing the BIOS update. It will not install unless battery is good. This is a problem. See next item. 2. The battery light on the front does not come on. When I boot, Windows says no battery detected. Lenovo battery program also does not see a battery. However, if I pull the AC plug, the computer stays on. So there is some charge in the battery and it is able to power the computer. Why is the battery not detected? I also got a used battery from eBay thinking the battery was bad. This battery is acting the same. 3. I thought maybe this is a software problem and maybe loading another OS (Windows 7) might help,. However, if I remove the HDD and power up, the computer shows a blank screen - not even the first "Lenovo" screen, and does nothing. I would at least expect the BIOS to show the "Lenovo" screen. Why is this dependent on the HDD? Does the cn99 BIOS update fix this? 4. If I attach a blank HDD and plug in a bootable USB and power up, same result as in #3 - no "Lenovo" screen - nothing. And I cannot check the boot order since I need BIOS cn99, which I can't... Read more
Hi All Used the laptop the other day on battery only. All was fine. Battery eventually died after i left it on side for a while. When plugging in the ac adapter, the power button light just blinked on and off. Played around for a while and took battery out and used the ac adapter to boot laptop up. All fine without battery. As soon as battery is slid back in all power is lost and laptop closes. Bought a replacement battery. Same thing happened. Not charging and dies when battery is slid back in. So bought a new ac adapter. Made no difference. Any ideas? Replace the cmos battery?
Hey useless Lenovo parasites, here is the code UHD001000-UNCX7I, from your build in diagnostics, I need decription for it or detailed explanation, what can be done to rectify your screw-up. Rest of the gum-flappers and keyboard peckers keep your irrelevant suggestions to yourselves.
"WindowsUpdate_80070103" "WindowsUpdate_dt000"
Hi,I did a BIOS Update and now my power and volume buttons stopped working. I can't find the drivers or anything. What should I do? Thanks!