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I don?t know how to connect my mobile hotspot to my pc. Any help?
I just received my sceptere monitor from amazon today. However the wire that comes with it is a DP to a DP. My computer doesn?t have a DP so I ordered a DP to a DVI. I hook everything up and the monitor says, ?No Signal Check Input?. There are buttons on the back and I am able to change the inputs from DP, HDMI, and HDMI2. After setting it to DP it still doesn?t do anything. I?m not computer savvy so I don?t know what information you need exactly and how to get it. My computer has a DVI, DVID, and another thing that isn?t labeled but I think I can post a picture to show you if you need it. OS is 64-bit Windows 10.
Any way possible of using the motherboard displayports at the sametime as the Nvidia GT 730 display ports? I am trying to connect 3 monitors to this PC but I have not found a away... I belive that the GT 730 is not Display Port 1.2, so I cant use the one port for two monitors via a daisy chain.  Any ideas?
I'm using the X1 Carbon 7th gen, which I've purchased just 2 weeks ago. As I reinstalled the Windows OS, I can't find the Synaptics drivers anywhere... Definitely, they're not present in the support page, where theye usally could be found. Anyone has such a link maybe? Currently my touchpad is detectes as a 'Standard Microsoft Mouse' and it works really badly...
Brand new device and install of Win 10 1809, updated, with the latest Lenovo Fibocom L850-GL drivers installed and verified, APN configured, IPv4 set to DHCP, network reset, card disabled and reenabled, etc - basically all the remedies I could find.The WWAN connection has not worked once despite two days of trying to get it to work.It reports "No service", twice it got to the point that I could click "Connect", but it never connected.The SIM works fine in X1C3 with Windows 7 or in an old Android phone. I am getting rapidly frustrated with Windows 10 being the only option and the dismal state of drivers:1. No Synaptcis touchpad driver, thus much less configurability of the features, no side scrolling2. External microphone level is extremely low, unclear why, even with the boost set to 20dB3. Harware microphone switch in some cases misses a device, so the microphone may not be muted in the end4. WWAN impossible to get working This is simply too many issues, the device is not nearly usable as it should be. I am completely disappointed. Bill
The specs for the P72 states a max of [email protected] while for P73 it states [email protected] Does anybody what technically limits the P72 at 30Hz and if that's really the case ? Currently there is only the LG UltraFine 5K that works over TB3 (and designed for macs although some people had it working on PCs), and that limit to 30Hz (if true) would kill it on the P72. The P72 specs also states that the max res for the mini DP 1.4 is [email protected] while the DP 1.4 says that the max supported resolution is [email protected] This is contradicting so what to believe. There is a iiyama 5K monitor that uses DP 1.4.

Lenovo ThinkPad P72 - i7-8850H / 16GB DDR4-2400 / 1TB Samsung 970 Evo / 1TB HDD / 17.3" UHD / Intel UHD 630 / Quadro P600 / 99W Battery / Linux distro: openSUSE Tumbleweed
I get emails: "Lenovo Support Subscription Update" with lists / links of what is supposed to Product Security Advisories. If I run Lenovo Vantage or their System Update Tools - other software updates may be found & update or the system shows as software Up-To-Date". But the tools do not appear to be these same as the eMail updates and the updates applied by the tools are not the ones in the eMails. Going into the support website some of these can be found but are difficult to find and look cumbersome to install / one at a time.  Are the legitimate patches that need to be applied? How do I reconcile fixes needing to apply between: eMail, Vantage, System Update and website?How do I check if any or all updates have actually been applied (log files???)   I have tried to send an email for this but the Lenovo eMail tool does not work (fails on phone & zip code).I have completed survey's and sent feedback - but no response... this is horrible process and support from Lenovo.  Suggestions??
How do I use the built in webcam+microphone? I have no idea where to start. Any help would be appreciated.
Hi everyone!When I try to register my new P53, it always says "Server Busy. Please try again later.". I've already talked to the support and they said they cannot do anything. This is driving me crazy. I've been fought with this since last friday. Does anyone have any idea of how to register the device?Thanks in advance!
Help!! I've tried numerous methods to resolve this issue and it's still occurring. Not all web pages are effected but a lot are no matter what browser I use. I do not have any issues with my wifi connection.

I have been using a Bluetooth connected headset for several months now and has worked just fine until today. I can no longer connect it via Bluetooth and it actually seems like Bluetooth has been removed from my computer entirely. There is no option to turn it on/off, no button or icon at the bottom of my screen
So this Dell Inspiron 17 7000 Series is my daughter's work computer but super super slow - nearly unuable...at nearly $2000 less than 2 years ago...it's DRIVING me NUTS!

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7500U CPU @ 2.70GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 142 Stepping 9
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 16250 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 620, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 117 GB (63 GB Free); D: 931 GB (931 GB Free);
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 04PYT3
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Enabled and Updated
I?m just check if anyone else is having issues with the Yoga 370 and Docking Stations using the new Intel Display Driver  At my company over the last two weeks we had six laptops out of about eighty stop working with the docking stations.  After much troubleshooting we discovered we had to uninstall the latest Intel video card driver and then install an older one, solved our problem. Anyone else?  Thanks 
After updating bios from 1.21 -> 1.30, the fan now makes an annoying pulsating tone when its spinning, before it was constant tone.The audio keeps stuttering randomly or when minimizing/maximizing browser.Lenovo vantage update is depressingly bad and some info makes no sense. For example my battery was low and got a warning message "Discharging stopped as battery temperature too high" How can 'discharging' be stopped, the battery temperature wasn't high. It is supposed to be a low battery warning but its like someone who has no idea what they are talking about wrote the warning message.No such issues on much cheaper laptops, it can't even play youtube videos without audio glitches. Is this going to be fixed?

Not really sure where to put this question but since we run SCCM I will try it here.

We are having a bit of trouble with users that installs Google Chrome, Dropbox and Spotify application. The applications doesn't need administrative priviliges to install because they install in the users profile folder (Appdata\roaming or appdata\local).
We can't seem to find a good way to stop this or uninstall the software. How are you guys dealing with this?
We just purchased a refurbished Dell OptiPlex 990 MT i5 8GB Memory Windows 7 Professional which shows in blue lights on the front panel of the Dell PC: error codes 1-3-4 with the blue power button on when we power it up. It stays that way until it comes up to the Boot Manager and then asks to select Windows 7 or it will select it anyways. The PC takes 4 1/2 minutes roughly from pushing the power button to fully bring up the desktop. Once the desktop is up we don't see those 1-3-4 numbers anymore. It performs normally. I called the company that sold it to us and they thought is was the Memory sticks being jostled in the shipping that cause those three number to show. They said to reseat the memory sticks and that should take care of it. What do you all think ? Is it a memory problem or a motherboard problem or something else ? I ran the full Dell Onboard Diagnostics and it came up with nothing. I am somewhat skeptical. I don't think it's normal for those error numbers in blue to pop up during start up and for the PC to take 4 1/2 minutes to bring up the desktop fully ?
Downloaded program. Can't get it to run.

Windows 10.

Ordered through eCrater from directsavings4you.

Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Premium v14.
I have ordered a Thinkpad X1 Carbon 7th Gen and had an awful experience.I ordered a laptop from lenovo website in August 2019 and I waited at home on the estimated delivered date. But I didn't received my laptop all the week! I asked the UPS there was no answer for it. Then I decided to return it because I needed a laptop ASAP at that time.What interesting is I still have not received my refund now. After lenovo said they have received the laptop that I have ordered in their warehouse, they always delay to give my money back. As what I have showed in the picture 1, they said they would return the money back in 10 business days in September 26th. But I still have not received it in Oct 15th. I dialed the number of customer service and then I received the answer that I still have to wait for 18 business days. It seems that lenovo fail to keep their promise. What if I still not have received my refund 18 days latter? I think I need to wait for my refund in 2020.What's an interesting story. I recommend all of you to choose lenovo products and return it back if you want to deposit your money on their account for a long time because they are more likely to delay to return your money back.     
My T440P's battery drained to nothing while plugged in and wouldn't charge after I'd been using it for a couple of years in Peru. A technician there checked in out, tested the charger, and determined that both the battery and my AC charger were dead. He told me the reason for that was because I had been leaving the laptop on 24/7 (huh?). Anyway, I bought a new original Lenovo AC charger in Peru, and attempted to order an original battery from there as well, but it didn't come in time and since I had a visit to the US coming up, I didn't bother to order a generic battery while I was there either. For the last few months I've been using in plugged into AC, but without a battery. Well, I ordered a brand new generic battery from Amazon to the U.S. a couple of weeks ago and yeterday I arrived here and installed it. The new battery works fine. It arrived about 50% full. But the laptop doesn't reconize that my AC adaptor is plugged in with the new battery installed. It just uses the battery, and doesn't charge it. If I remove the battery, it again reconizes and uses the AC. The charger is rated for voltage both here and in Peru, so compatability with electricity isn't the problem. What could be the problem? Am I going to have to order another charger and/or battery just to diagnose this? Thanks.  
I have a T580 and a P24h-10 (USB-C) external display. My plan is to daisy chain two of these external displays via DP and then have a single USB-C cable from one of the monitors going into the T580. However, even with only one of these monitors connected to the T580, it will not be detected. When only one monitor is plugged in via USB-C, it will work correctly ONLY after about 10 minutes of plugging and unplugging and ONLY when it is plugged in the USB-C port that is used for charging. No matter what I do, the USB-C port (TB3 compatible) will not recognize the display no matter what I do. I have tried connecting a T590 to the same display, even with two of the displays daisy-chained, and this setup works without any problems. I have already tried Windows and Vantage updates, the only past updates that might have an impact on this would be the USB Selective Suspend Patch and an Intel Management Engine Firmware update. I am not sure what other action to take and would appreciate any help on this issue. 
Over a year ago, when I was working, I used a spreadsheet I had created, for recording holidays. This took into account, working days, and weekends. I had this on a USB stick. I want to access it again, but when it asks if I want to update the links (which are only on another tab), it says that atpvbaen.xls is missing. I recall, that this is part of Microsoft Office, but I don't know where to find it, or where it should be located for my spreadsheet to find it.
Hi...I have a relatively old Lenovo G510 withIntel Core I7 4700MQ, 12 GBs of RAM and recently i added a 240 GB Kingston A400 SSD in place of the 1TB HDD... I installed Win 10 on the SSD before putting it in the laptop...Now, it simply isn't booting...SSD is detected in the BIOS. But every time i turn on the laptop, it says "Check cable connections.  PXE-MOF. EXITING INTEL". I tried changing certain BIOS settings like changing BOOT type from legacy to UEFI and disabling Secure Boot and also changing the SATA controller Compatible to AHCI but nothing helped...I would appreciated any and all help.Thanks in advance.
I don't understand what difference between this fans and other. How is this related to CPU voltage type? Don't they work at the same 5v voltage at  300mA about and why? Or just different sizes?Fan assembly NV for X201 and X201i 60Y5422Fan assembly LV for X201s 60Y5423Fan assembly ULV for X201s 60Y5424 Nhttps://support.lenovo.com/us/en/solutions/migr-70510Thanks.
Lenovo ThinkPad P50. Had extended warranty - Next Business Day. System would not recognize any device in HDD0. Submitted ticket on the 3rd of October. No response from Lenovo at all. Their managedtechnicalsupportaccess.com issued me a ticket number...but it wasn't recognized on their website. Finally contacted them via chat system, they issued me a new ticket number. Again, that ticket number did NOT show up anywhere on their automated support. Finally a tech was dispatched (a week later), and the system board was replaced. It turns out that the replacement system board was also defective (bad touchpad). Was told that a new board would have to be ordered then the tech would return to replace it. (AGAIN). It's now the 15th of October, and I've been without my business Laptop for almost 2 weeks. I was considering Lenovo products for Server replacements next year (6  in total) and some new laptops (6-10 in the next few months) but due to this HORRIBLE service experience, I will NEVER PURCHASE any Lenovo product again. I cannot recommend them for any business use.
Hi I work as a consultant to a company I have currently been using a virtual web filter which people login though the GUI in the morning and they are tracked and restricted. Some of the people have certain privileges etc. What I do is point all traffic on each local machine through the proxy server on the LAN connection. We are almost all using Windows 10 and it is a 40 person operation. Any open source or better solution?
I was looking into doing it through cisco's firepower. Any advice would be welcome.
ThinkCentre model M92P 3209B32 can use 1TB SSD ? any storage limitation?
Hello, Some of our users were used to having an on screen indicator popup when they pressed capslock or numlock.  I'm not finding this option as being available anymore on our L390 Yoga.  Is this something that can be enabled with a driver or utility or is this feature now depreciated?  Thanks for your help  
Long story short I can't connect wirelessly on my computer.
So I got this new rig and before trying to mess with the OS settings and such, I saw that I couldn't connect to the Internet. Before I talk about details I just want to make clear that I made sure all the Windows 10 updates are installed and that I have updated all the drivers. Alright, so to begin with I clicked on the network icon on the lower right. When I clicked on it the only thing that showed up was "Network and Internet Settings". No available networks popped up. I did all the Windows updates and updated the drivers after that. Still nothing. When I connect via ethernet cable the networks tab just says "Network" and under that it says "Connected". In my case I want it wireless because my router and my PC are in different rooms. Some tutorials I saw suggested I go to the Network And Sharing Center or whatever it's called. There I could enable the "Wi-Fi" option. Except for me there was no Wi-Fi option. Like, at all. Another thing I did was change a bunch of stuff through CMD and turn the WLAN AutoConfig to automatic in the services. Oh and troubleshooting had no effect either. I don't think I have to enable my SSID broadcast as all our other devices detect my router just fine.
Some other things to keep in mind:

This new rig is made by the same company as my old one. The new one is kind of like a super upgraded version of the old one. The old one coul... Read more
I cannot get BIOS to display on any monitor. I think the computer is booting to BIOS but I cannot see it. I have a m910x with 4 mini display ports and 2 display ports. From either display port into my monitor the screen times out when booting to BIOS. I am booting to BIOS by selecting advanced startup boot to UEFI settings. The computer comes back up but my screen times out for no signal.I have tried 4 different monitors using both displayports.  I have 20 of these in a corporate setting. If I cannot get to BIOS I am going to have to return these. 
Hi I have a Yoga-530-14IKB can I recharge this one using the Type-c port with a power delivery charger? Intel version, not amd 
Hi I have a Yoga-530-14IKB can I recharge this one using the Type-c port with a power delivery charger? Intel version, not amd 
I have just bought a new 14" UHD C940 Yogo 2-in-1 notebook.  I was surprised that I could only use it for about 5 hours on battery with browsing and youtube video.  Went back to the shop and was told by the salesperson that the rated 10 hours battery life is good only if you leave the machine idle.  Anybody else having such a problem or I just have a bad unit ?
Dear all, i just want to share this issue i faced with my Lenovo X1 Extreme gen 2. Previously i am running on discrete graphics. All is fine until i was prompt for an Bios Update which i horribly regretted to approve updating my bios. After updating my bios to 1.26. my brightness function is not working. Broken. Bricked. I do see the bar and slider moving up while pressing Fn+F6 and down using F5 but the screen brightness does not change.  I tried reinstalling the following 1. HotKey drivers2. Intel Graphic Drivers3. Nvida Drivers 4. Lenovo Power Managemen5. Thinkpad Monitor display driver but none works.  Ultimately, i went to bios to switch from Discrete graphic to Hybrid graphics and it is working.  So whoever out there reading this, please understand the risk and shortcoming of this broken bios update for x1 extreme gen 2.  To Lenovo Support or programmers: Please identify and fix this bug and release a patch for this issue. thanks 
    // open new pop up window
    this.childWindow = window.open("about:blank", "_blank");   


    // submit form to cross origin domain from the pop up

    this.childWindow.document.write("<form name='xform' method='POST' action='" + this.url
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    // window closed event

    this.timer = setInterval(() => {

      if (this.childWindow && this.childWindow.closed) {
     // logic here when window closed

&nbs... Read more
Hello I can't get my compac Presario CQ57 to turn on what can I do.
hi I live in Ireland , , question what is the best old desktop to buy for the home ,,ie what brand thanks
I am an expat working in an office-type situation in sub-Saharan Africa, where internet access has always been limited at best. Broadband is not available in this remote country, and isn't likely to come here anytime soon. But a couple years ago, unlimited data over 3G internet finally became available, which has been a real help to us in many ways. However, it is slow - around 500 Kbps, if the cell towers are working properly - and not too reliable.

In spite of these limitations, our coworkers at the USA headquarters of our society have been trying to get internet video conferencing going, but we have had mixed results, mainly due to the slow connection. We have been trying to find out whether there is video calling software available that our slow internet could handle.

We've tried VSee, which is supposed to be good for low bandwidth situations, but it still seems to need a bit more bandwidth than we can give. Google Hangouts isn't really any better, and Skype is out of the question. I've had some success with FaceTime when calling home to my parents, but most of my coworkers don't have Apple devices.

Can anyone suggest other video-conferencing software that might work over very low bandwidth? It would need to work on Linux and/or Windows.
Hello Everyone,My company is considering purchase of few AIO's - Thinkcentre M920z AIO. M920z meets all our requirements. There is only one question left. What kind of Display does it have? I found some specs on psref (WVA panel) What does WVA stands for? Is it VA or TN display?Could you please provide some brochure that can confirm it?
While imaging L590 / L490 using SCCM  using the Win10 1803  driver pack - https://download.lenovo.com/pccbbs/mobiles/tp_l490_l590_w1064_1803_201908.exe Missing Driver ACPI\INT34BB\3&11583659&0 Win10 1803 build Reached out to the Lenovo Technical Advisor for our organization, after a bit of research, it was found that this device appears to be the Intel Serial I/O ? Intel Serial I/O Driver R0ZLJ01W 30.100.1727.1 What is weird, is that the above EXE installs the needed driver, C:\DRIVERS\SCCM\TP_L490_L590_W1064_1803\Port\R0ZLJ01Wbut the EXE won't extract it - but if you manually point to this directory it will install.
I have purchased a used Lenovo Beacon NAS, which is still logged in to the lenovo ID of previous owner. How can I change the admin lenovo ID or do a full reset of the NAS to do a complete setup with registration under my ID? Tx

I have Asus gaming laptop model Asus strix gl504gm-gl504gm.

What i'm trying to do is setup this laptop to share same picture to two monitors (samsung and specter pro).

I figured HDMI splitter is unable to share picture to two monitors. The laptop has only one Hdmi port and no Vga ports or other ports except usb - am I unable to setup a dual monitor for this laptop? If I could do set it up do you know which tools I need for that?

Thank you in advance for helping me out.


Hi, I am just wondering if anyone else has had these problems or if any knows any solutions. The first problem is that the fact that my battery life on my laptop has been reduced. The battery life a year ago when I bought it would give me about 8 years of use when using 50 percent brightness, better battery and light use(eg. chrome). Now, however the battery life lasts about 2 hours which is quite stressful for me because I use my laptop away from an outlet every day. I have also used throttle stop and set speed shift to 255 and also my laptop had balanced settings(control panel) as default. Another issue I have noticed with this laptop is the throttling that occurs when playing games or any intensive programs such like video editing apps. The laptop goes up to 99 degrees and stays there for a little while. The normal temperature is between 70-99 when doing these tasks. This is with an undervolt and turbo boost turned of and performance setting in the BIOS. I know this is quite bad to have high temperatures in a laptop and this issue may be the reason why my battery life has gone down over a few years. I am very grateful for any help and suggestions I may receive. Thank You for taking your time for helping me and I hope I shall receive some help soon...
Any tips on what is wrong with my lenovo screen? it shows dotted black lines. Thank you.
Every time I put my laptop to sleep and have a Windows Explorer window open, the CPU goes to 100% for several minutes after waking up the computer. If I wait for a long time, it will eventually go back to normal, but most often I close all the Windows explorer
windows, manually or using Task Manager, and reopen them again to get to a normal CPU working load. I have not been able to identify clearly with process explorer what is causing this, although SHCORE.DLL is one of the suspects. Searching on Internet I have
surprisingly not found many similar cases, so I do not know how to proceed.
Running sfc gives a few errors, which do not seem to be possible to repair, but I doubt it has anything to do with this problem.

2019-10-13 15:03:07, Info                  CSI    00000991 [SR] Cannot repair member file [l:22{11}]"fdeploy.dll" of Microsoft-Windows-fdeploy, Version = 6.3.9600.17415, pA = PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE_INTEL
(0), Culture neutral, VersionScope = 1 nonSxS, PublicKeyToken = {l:8 b:31bf3856ad364e35}, Type neutral, TypeName neutral, PublicKey neutral in the store, hash mismatch
2019-10-13 15:03:07, Info                  CSI    00000993 [SR] Cannot repair member file [l:14{7}]"fde.dll" of Microsoft-Windows-fde, Version = 6.3.9600.17415, pA = PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE_INTEL
(0), Culture neutral, VersionScope = 1 nonSxS, PublicKeyToken = {l... Read more
After updating to the latest BIOS, i had nothing but trouble. The system became so unstable and when rebooting, sometimes BIOS could see the SSD, othertimes not, resulting in Error 1962. I've manage to fix the problem on my machine and thought i would post my solution to try help others. As of this moment the latest BIOS is for the M72e (Tiny) is F4KT61. After much searching I managed to find F4KT18. Before doing anything you will need to boot into BIOS and allow previous versions of BIOS to be flashed. Security/Allow Flashing BIOS to a Previous Version (Yes). Save and Exit. This next step is very specific to your own situation, dependant on whether you can boot into an OS or not. For me, i was able after many reboots to get into Windows 10. If you can't, making boot disks would be another option. Theres already enough guides so i won't go into that here. Then i had to unpack both the latest BIOS and also the Previous BIOS by running both executables. These can be downloaded from my Google Drive HERE By default, these are unpacked to C:\SWTOOLS\FLASH\ You now need to replace the latest image with the previous version. So copy file IMAGEF4.cap from the F4JY18USA folder to the F4JY61USA folder. Once this is done, open a CMD Prompt as Administrator. Then type "cd C:\SWTOOLS\FLASH\F4JY61USA\" and press ENTER. Now type flash.cmd and hit ENTER. It will ask if you want to flash to a previous BIOS, type Y and ENTER. You will... Read more
So I've been trying to overclock my cpu (Intel xeon x3450) and I change the settings in the bios. I have it set to run at 3.2ghz but it isn't doing anything. I don't know what to do so I need help.
I was having audio problems so I uninstalled Realtek audio driver. When I did that, I accidentally uninstalled Dolby Atmos as well. I can open the app but it says "need to resrart or reinstall the app." I have looked at a couple of forums but I cannot find how I can re-install the driver.  I have tried uninstalling the realtek audio driver and restarting the device, hoping that dolby atmos would automaticcally be downloaded like some poeple suggested, but that did not happen. Is there a site where I can download the app and the driver? Otherwise I don't know why I bought C930 lol Thanks in advance!