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Driver Management concluded the process to install driver tpfilter.inf_amd64_5eebe62b01d46a9a for Device Instance ID ACPI\MSFT0003\4&18835692&0 with the following status: 0x0.
Hi there, I just got my new Thinkpad X1 Tablet (gen3) and got some problem when using Battery Charge Threshold in the Lenovo Vantage app. I have set the Threshold to stop charging at 80% and start charging again at 75%. It works at first, for a few days I guess, and suddenly during the lunch time today, I locked the X1 Tablet (battery level 78%), going out for lunch, then I come back and the battery level is 100%. I then opened the Lenovo Vantage app to check, and Battery Charge Threshold is disabled. I have no idea completely, why this settings was messed up, I didn't open the Lenovo Vantage app and the setting was cleared. Can anyone help? Thanks.
Hi everybody.My computer failed to boot upIt is stuck on the black screenI have reinstalled windowsAnd now I can not log into app lenovo vantage I clicked signin, it appears the following errorcan you help methank you.Machine Type Model:20FAS4TP00
Hello Everybody, 
Normally I have downloaded some fonts from Dafont.com & as usual when I'm trying to install the font, whindows showing some wired problem like "Font doesn't appear to be a valid font"

Windows-7 32 bit IE-9 doesn't play YouTube videos. I got one error in scripting side like "SCRIPT438: Object doesn't support property or method 'matchMedia'". 
Could you pls confirm is this support or not and Is there any possible to play the videos?
If is this not support then may i know the exact reason for that?
Srikesavan. J
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Hello Dear forum members,  We are in process to create new tool which will edit/update the Serial number of Lenovo PC BIOS, we want to do it with some customised scripts?. My question is can we do this with any type of service available ?  can this be done with  any tool, any company which provides this type of service?  Thanks,Dr RDX 
I get crashes like this on all my bethesda games too. The exception code of this error is 0xc000005. Please help. I looked online and nothing helped.
This (Lenovo so-called "support)  is worse than I thought - I mean, there's not a single place that I can talk to a real Lenovo support staff to get this information... No support email address, no phone number, nothing. All I can do is hop on here, hoping to get an answer... Lenovo is quite smart that it has all you enthusiasts working for it, for free. Anyway, all I wanted to know is what kind of trackpoint cap should I order for my X1C 2nd gen? Appreciated, 
I have been using this Laptop for more than a year now, and Im really disappointed with the battery life. Before that May-June 2017 Windows 10 update, Im normally getting around 3-4 hours of laptop runtime with minimal to moderate tasks, but now it was reduced to half. I already did the following:1. Battery replaced (original not oem or cheap knock-off)2. Windows 10 Reset3. Control background apps and start-up items.4. Everything was updated, even the Bios. When I complained about it, the service center mentioned something that it has something to do with being connected to a Wifi Network, even without downloading any updates. Kindly refer this to your engineering team. Also, the few minutes upon booting this laptop, the machine is somewhat laggy in terms of response, like asking someone who had just waken-up to do task that requires speed and precision. Lenovo might try to communicate with Microsoft regarding this matter as I believe that the system was not optimized for the succeding updates as of June last year.
For some reason all programs in Start --> All programs has disapeared.Any suggestions?
Hello, I am planning to get the X1 Yoga 3rd gen with the HDR screen, however, it seems the wwan is out of stock for it. So I am curious if I could just order the wwan separately and install it later, or, when can I expect wwan to be available with hdr?Thanks  
My category is really Active Directory / Group Policy, but I don't see a category for that, so here goes in Windows 7 IT.
I've been struggling for months to solve this problem; no joy from any other forums yet. I have and Active Directory domain with several Windows 7 workstations as domain members. The AD/DC controller is Samba4. This has been working well for about 4 years.
Sometime during the past year something happened and now a domain user logging onto another workstation for the first time no longer gets his/her redirected desktop. I get an event 1085 warning, "GroupPolicy. Windows failed to apply the folder Redirection
settings." The problem that needs to be solved is apparently an event 1096 GroupPolicy error, access denied on the file \\hprs.local\SysVol\hprs.local\Policies\{178C3418-E432-414A-9185-DCD1AB359A3B]\User\registry.pol. I've checked and adjusted sysvol
folder and share permissions to no avail. I'm quite out of ideas. I hope someone on this forum can help.

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