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For years I have my three computers to independently connect to the internet. About six months ago they started to need my main machine turned on before the others will connect as if it is a server or has a bridge. No bridge etc. I made no changes so I assume
I had an unwelcome visitor which made a change. (only a guess)
How do I change them back to connect independently again?  I have Windows 7 Home and a Linksys wireless access Point Router but the three computers are hard wired to the router.
I need help with this.
Whenever I watch a youtube video, or a stream, or load a page, my internet downloads at 7.9 Mbits per second, which is my internet speed. But when I try to download a file (from anywhere) my internet runs at only 1-2 Mbits per second. If I try loading a video while I download it works properly and goes at full speed again, but it doesn't affect the speed of the download, if you get what I mean.
Window 10 Home 64 bit, AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 955 Processor. When I try to open apps and files I get this error message: HPCEE.exe The application was unable to start correctly (0xc00000e5) Click OK to close the application. I can open the browser which is firefox, but it freezes off and on. Windows 10 upgraded automatically when I was out of town. That's when the problem started.
Few days ago, when I boot up my laptop, boot menu appears on the screen and I can't get past it. I tried to select every option given but I yet to succeed. After looking for solution online, I saw a thread saying I should press F2 during boot up. I tried and it ask for a password which I don't even knew.  I also tried the NoVo button and choose every option given but it redirect me back to the boot menu. The boot menu appears as below. Please help! 

IMG_20170624_013322.jpg ?2815 KB
I have a ThinkPad P50 with resolution 1920x1080 (recommended) and scaling 125% (recommended). Everything looks perfect on the laptop. When I connect the laptop via docking station to an external monitor DELL with resolution 1920x1080 (recommended) and scaling 100% (recommended) the text on the external monitor looks a little blurry. If I change the external monitor scaling to 125%, the text becomes crystal clear but because of the bigger scaling everything looks bigger. Is there a way to make the external monitor has 100% scaling and crystal clear text? I use Windows 10 with latest OS updates, the video card is NVIDIA Quadro M1000M with the latest video drivers. Thanks in advance.
An exception happened while executing a system service routine.
Arg1: 00000000c0000005, Exception code that caused the bugcheck
Arg2: fffff8006d06dc94, Address of the instruction which caused the bugcheck
Arg3: ffff99807bd5b400, Address of the context record for the exception that caused the bugcheck
Arg4: 0000000000000000, zero.

Debugging Details:

TRIAGER: Could not open triage file : e:\dump_analysis\program\triage\modclass.ini, error 2

EXCEPTION_CODE: (NTSTATUS) 0xc0000005 - The instruction at "0x%08lx" referenced memory at "0x%08lx". The memory could not be "%s".

fffff800`6d06dc94 48890a mov qword ptr [rdx],rcx

CONTEXT: ffff99807bd5b400 -- (.cxr 0xffff99807bd5b400)
rax=0000000000000000 rbx=0000000000000000 rcx=ffff99807bd5bf28
rdx=0100000000000000 rsi=ffffde8f24b483a0 rdi=ffff99807bd5bf28
rip=fffff8006d06dc94 rsp=ffff99807bd5bdf0 rbp=ffff99807bd5bf28
r8=ffff99807bd5bf00 r9=ffffde8f24b483a0 r10=7ffffffffffffffc
r11=ffff99807bd5c310 r12=0000000000000001 r13=0000000000000001
r14=fffff8006d394810 r15=0000000000000000
iopl=0 nv up ei pl zr na po nc
cs=0010 ss=0018 ds=002b es=002b fs=0053 gs=002b efl=00010246
fffff800`6d06dc94 48890a mov qword ptr [rdx],rcx ds:002b:01000000`00000000=????????????????
Resetting default scope

CU... Read more

Why Windows doesnt allow us to copy the body in error messages!? it would be easier to paste it and directly search the web for solutions. How can someone ask microsoft to develop this?
I have a number of internal www servers that run various non MS operating systems which are not tied to the windows domain in any way. They are secure www sites and require authentication.
When I connect to one via IE on a domain joined workstation or server (ie 8 & 9) I am unable to authenticate because I can not remove the domain name from the authentication credentials that IE is passing back to the www server.  I get an authentication
prompt for user name & password with the domain pre populated.
How the heck to I get IE to NOT pass the domain name as part of the authentication process. I've tried putting .\ in front of the user name but to no avail.
Steve D.
asus.. Black screen.. Won't reboot using F2.. Tried every thing

Please help
Hi, I need a formula (=if etc.) to add a leading "0" if the contents of a cell are only 4 character.

SOrry, never mind. I started this tread in error and need to figure out how to delete it.
The performance of the SierraWireless EM7455 WWAN LTE modem in my X1c Gen 5 leaves much to be desired.  Among its flaws: It takes about 10 seconds to wake up when I resume the laptop from sleepIts sensitivity is really, really, weak.  I know it's bad because I used to use my old X1c3 in the exact same spots and it used to work much better.  My 3-years old iPhone 6+ also has much better/stable data connectivity.Sub-par WWAN performance with SierraWireless products fitted by Lenovo is nothing new.  My old X1c3 came with an EM7345 WWAN modem, which suffered from well documented issues in its days. Thankfully Lenovo realized the performance wasn't adequate for the premium products it was sitting in and slowly but surely improved the performance (see previous link for history).  So in the last 6 months or so (out of 2+ years!) of using my X1c3 its performance was finally adequate.  Sadly "upgrading" to the EM7455 is a massive step back! Please post your experience with the EM7455.  Maybe I have a faulty unit?  If not and they're all as bas as mine, we need to make some noise so Lenovo picks up the issue.
My P70 (new) does not automatically boot from the Optical Drive, which is at the top of the list of Boot Manager Devices. The machine just ignors the ODD and boots into Win 7. But if I interrupt the boot process by pressing the F12 key, boot manager pops up with the ODD at the top of the list, I select it and the machine proceeds to boot from the ODD. Can anyone tell me how to get an auto boot from the ODD? 
Hi, I saw the much needed update for IE 11 and printing kicked out today, but nothing for Windows 10. I get that Windows 10 they want you to use Edge, but the systems I work with require IE 11 for programs to work. Does anyone know if there is a fix coming
for IE 11 in W10?
ISTR asking about this a few months ago (at least), but the solution from then was not as easily found. All I remember is that it was a registry fix.
my game client keeps closing on its own i tried re stalling the game i ran virus scans and it keeps doing it plz help
currently use windows defender for my system, a HP pc ...but my provider, Brighthouse offers free security w/ a McAfee "multi" and would appreciate info on the pros and cons of adding that as well...

Flex3-1480.  System updated to Creator update on 20 June.  Touch Screens fails.  Checked device manager.  Tried below recommendationsFind the Touch screen driver under Mice and Other Pointing Devices > USB Touchscreen Controller(A111). >>> USB Touch screen controller not present.If the feature is still not back, open Device Manager -> Human Interface Devices. Right-click HID compliant touch screen, then uninstall. >>>> HID complient  touch screen not listedOr if you cannot locate any USB Touchscreen Controller(A111), please try to look for an option called "USB Root Hub (xHCI)" under USB Controllers or Universal Serial Bus. If it was labeled as disabled >>>> not disabled.

I have a monitor that will not show the desktop when booted into Windows 10. When booted into safe, I can see the desktop fine.

When I initially hooked up the monitor, I saw the desktop just fine. It was at high resolution and everything. However after 1 reboot, I have never again seen the desktop. I see the bios post, the Windows logo, and then nothing.

Has anyone ever experienced anything like this before or might have some idea of how to fix something of the sort?

It is an UHD monitor. LG 27UD68 and I have a Nvidia Quadro FX 1800 video card.

I do not know if I'm having some sort of video driver issue that I can easily verify, or a monitor issue. I'm filling out a warranty return at the moment, but it would be nice to just simply fix a Windows issue as opposed to shipping my monitor off for the next 3 weeks.

Any thoughts or experiences? Thanks.
I cannot get windows to load the drivers for a Jabra UC Voice 550a MS Duo USB headset. Under Devices, Windows 7 shows lists this headset by name as an Unspecified device.  In device manager, Windows 7 lists this headset under "Other devices". 
I called Jabra Support and they say this is a Windows problem.  It must be in configuration somewhere or related to several Windows Updates that occurred on my PC on Oct 2nd, 2014.  Prior to Oct 2nd, 2014, this headset worked and this headset still
works on other PCs.  Any help will be very much appreciated.
After hours spent with tech support trying to figure out why my N22 Winbook SD card was not working right in the card slot, somebody finally suggested that maybe the card was not campatible. Once I then switched from a Class 10 to a Class 4 SD card, all issues went away. Kudos to the agent who guessed at this maybe being the problem. Shame on Lenovo for there being no tech bulletin on this or no reference in the specs to just what class of SD card it does support. My guess is that this SD card issue also exists with other models as well.  
 Hi everyone, I've recently purchased the Lenovo Yoga 710 14 inch and wanted to change the touchpad settings to disable some gestures that I find annoying. The mouse settings and additional settings work fine, but when I click on settings, the Synaptic Control Panel window opens for a split second and then immediately closes again, making it impossible to change the gesture settings. I've updated the touchpad driver multiple times without luck. Anyone know how to solve this issue?
Hi guys, I'm hoping someone here can help me with my ever annoying problem. I have a T450s running on Windows 10 64-Bit. Latest Intel Drivers. I have an 40A2 Lenovo Ultra Dock. The following configuration is coming out of the dock into the monitors. Channel 1 - DisplayPort (dock) to Mini-DVI (monitor 1)Channel 2 - using DVI (dock) to DisplayPort (monitor 2) Channel 2 is not outputting any video signal at all. Intel's software is not recognising another monitor at all. Their DisplayPort Topology is showing 1 DisplayPort (this could be because the other is not connected). I've tried both display ports and they both work on either channels. I will be bringing in a DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable shortly to try, but shouldn't my DVI to DisplayPort. Something is amiss and it's driving me nuts. Thanks,Ron
I have 3 computers at my home 1 XP laptop Wireless 1 XP desktop hard wire and 1 Vista Business Desktop hard wire.  I am using a Monowall firewall with the latest firmware as my DHCP.  My good old Xp computers can release renew Ip addresses freely as they wish, the internet works perfectly fine on them.  The router configuration is very basic and simple nothing out of the ordinary.  Also anyone who brings over Xp latops can also freely use the network as long as they have the keys and such.  My Vista computer was working for about 3 months, but all of the sudden on September 4th for absolutly No reason at all i now get an unidentified network message on my adapter in the system tray. Occasionaly i will get a local access only message at random but reguardless of what message i have in the sys tray I can not connect to the internet.  Vista has that Stupid network and sharing center diagram that puts an X over the link between Identifying network and Internet.  I am using a Asus P5N-E SLI motherboard, it has a Nvidia Nforce6 series 650i SLI network card.I have tried the following solutionsDiagnose and Repair - error local access only Entering in the MAC address manually on the properties of the network adapterTried a Static IP in the range of my network w/ dns and gateway Tried Automatic\Dynamic Will not renew IP addressCan't uninstall the network adapter because it just freezes everytime i try to uninstall itTried Reseting th TCP stack NetshFlushing DNSI dont have an ext... Read more
Good Afternoon.

First time writing on this forum.

I've come across an issue within Windows 7. I've been tasked with deploying 3 updates for Windows 7 x86 & x64. I've utilised the wusa.exe, in a basic batch file, but have come found the machine need 2 re-boot's.

This is going to be a massed deployment, across the estate. I have created a custom task sequence to run a simply batch file, utilising the wusa.exe command, with quiet and noreboot swicthed applied. On the test machine this works fine, but I need to log back on the machine to continue the task sequence.

Is there script I can use, that will after the machine has re-booted, to log as an admin, without any user interaction, so the TS can continue. I've have tried different methods, but so far none have worked?
elderly gen. has forgotten his password to his computer, how can he get into it.
Look now. I use and love Lenovo apps, ok? Lenovo Companion, Lenovo Settings... They all have a huge impact on my pc. I also use Nvidia GeForce Experience and Intel Driver Update Utility. I always keep my drivers up to date. Yesterday, I opened my laptop and checked Lenoov Companion if there is any updates that I'm missing. Then it said that I should update my BIOS, my Camera Driver and a bunch of Intel drivers. I said "Ok. Well that's something. Let's do this then." Then I activated the app. Started waiting. Drunk a bunch of beverages, ate some food... Then I came back. It said "We downloaded the upgrades now you should restart for BIOS update (BIOS Update - 10 (64) - V.56) .". I clicked ok. Then it said it has failed because (AC Adaptor was plugged in) I had 29 charge and the threshhold was 30. I said ok. I waited. Then restarted and opened my laptop. On Lenovo Companion IT SAID OK. IT WAS SUCCESSFUL. Then I tried Camera Driver. It said I should restart again. I restarted. Ah I forgot, when restarting for BIOS Update some black screen with white letters came and blah blah blah and said "Flash Successful". Continue. I restarted or Camera Update then a black screen came. And a loud "BOOP". White letters appeared. Said that "Some files are corrupted or missing. Recovering (I don't remember) Press F1 to continue, press F2 to setup. I WAS SHOCKED. Lenovo Companion had failed hard. I couldn't believe it. Now my laptop's opening speed has drastically slowed. It is now approx. 1 min... Read more
Have Microsoft Greetings 2000. Can't get it to work on Windows 10. I enjoy using this program for Family activities. Anything I can do to get it to work?
We are a FIPS compliant shop. We have smb signing turned on. Currently we have not enabled FIPS on the windows shares.
We are having issues mounting CIFS shares onto our FIPS compliant Linux servers. It seems that while FIPS can be enabled and sec=krb5 used to mount SMB shares, it is not possible if smb signing is turned ON.
In order to be compliant can we safely assume that smb signing is a "subset" of FIPS, turn smb signing OFF and enable FIPS mode on the windows servers?
Thanks in advance.
I had a computer that was AMD and needed the i7 for certain reasons so I had to switch to intel for certain requirements and could not stick with AMD any longer. I put in a new intel based motherboard, an i7 CPU, and new memory. Nothing else is new. The HDD already had Windows 7 Pro full version installed on it and then went to W10 when they had the free switch over.

Well, I had heard that Windows 10 is pretty good about being able to just switch over to the new board and such when you do what I am trying this but I am having problems. It would restart after a little time but I can't get the new board DVD software drivers to install and have since realized that the platform difference is just too much for W10 to make it work properly.

How do I do a clean install of Windows 10? What is your suggestion?
Month ago I downloaded something and I got virus on pc(I think it was trojan cause I read somewhere "trojan")and it was super strong.After ending tasks in task manager and deleting files everything was ok,yesterday pc alone changed theme and some other things and I again ended tasks and deleted files from my pc,and today I saw that something called "shenzhen huaxuchang telecom 192." is connected on my wi fi and I cut it on netcut apk,but I see that it's still connected and I'm scared cause idk what is it.I googled it,but I still dont know what it is.PLEASE HELP!
Good morning... Today I checked one of my flash drives I use for school and I noticed the entire AUTOCAD folder was corrupted. It was a folder with the .dwg and .bak files, but I only found inside it some files with names with strange carachters and extensions. It shouldn't be a worm, because my PC is not infected and there were no suspiscious files in it , but only those files with strange extensions that won't open. Only the AUTOCAD folder was corrupted, the other ones were read correctly. This isn't the first time it happens. In the past, all files in an other folder were corrupted. Then, I saved the other files and completely formatted it. After that, it was fine. I run scandisk on the flash drive, and the folder with the corrupted files disappeared and it was replaced with a blank file with no extension. It should be a problem of the disk, right? What should I do? It is TDK flash drive
Hello everyone, this problem started yesterday but it eventually went away and today it has gotten worse. So it has now gotten to the point where I turn on my laptop it shows the brand logo "MSI" and has the loading icon and freezes within a few seconds. I read that clicking F3 constantly will open up extra boot options and how to access safe mode etc, but it freezes too quickly for me to do that! Someone please help
Hi Team,

My Computer is not working, Its not starting on os. just its showing f12 and f10 option, then again and again same thing happening. i remove ram and clean desktop , also check the cables, but its not booting to windows.. and os is windows 7, can you please help here.
I stupidly left my y510p laptop plugged in during a thunderstorm. Now the white power button led comes on, but nothing else happens. The keyboard does not light up, the fans do not spin up, and the only way to shut it down it to remove Power+battery+remove a powered usb hub. The mechanic says that the nvidia gfx card is blown. 1. Shouldn't the intel iGPU take over. 2. If there is something else wrong is there, what are the possibilities? 3. I don't think that the system is posting.

IMG-20170623-WA0010.jpg ?86 KB
Greetings, I would like to upgrade my laptop (Ideapad 700-15ISK) and buy a SSD. The manual has specified only one, but I would like a list with what I can buy and not having compatibility problems.  For example, I was thinking at this one: SSD Plextor M8Pe 256GB PCI Express x4 M.2 2280 px-256m8peg Can I buy it? Thank you!
I kept getting told it won't work.
Well, they are wrong, it is mainly because of the CPU, the 3rd gen. i7 3770 runs @3.40 GHz and the BIOS is A12.
Also thanks to here, I have found that a 750 PSU will work in my PC.
I just want to thank DELL for wasting my time, I could have done all this when my PC was still under contract, as I bought the PC with the promise I could upgrade it as I went along, then I was told the only thing I could upgrade was the GPU. Now I'm looking for a new BIOS, CPU and PSU.
I just don't understand why my money wasn't good enough for DELL ??
i was able to resolve. please delete.
my pc is dell inspiron 3250 and it has only 8 pin on motherboard too. so if i upgrade my psu can i use this?
Dell OptiPlex 3020 PSU Main Power 24-Pin to 8-Pin Adapter Cable (30cm)
its say only for dell optilex but i thinh my pc can use that right (because its motherboard has ony 8 pin to:))
i just wonder what is the diffenet between 4 gen intel processor or 7 intel processor chip?
which one do i use to upgrade the 4 gen processor or 7 gen the reason why i asking because it say 4 Gen processor chip can i use the 7 Gen processory chip or not on the H81 motherboard or something but so i need help.
I bought a HDMI (M) to DVI-D (F) adapter for an external monitor. The monitor only supports DVI-D or VGA hence the necessity for an adapter. I attached the cables and had set the "project screen" setting to "extend". Lo and behold, blank screen.
I have tried the adapter with other two desktops I have lying around and I can verify it is working. The laptop detects the monitor. It also noticed the DVI-D connection. In terms of actually outputting anything to the external monitor? No bueno. I really desire a second monitor for productive workloads.
Diagram: Laptop (HDMI) > HDMI to DVI-D adapter > DVI-D cable > Monitor (DVI-D)
Ehh, help?
My Inspiron 5559 came pre-installed with Windows 10 and a 1TB hard drive. I installed a Kingston SSD and a clean copy of Windows 7 Home Premium on the new drive. After installing all Windows 7 64-bit drivers from Dell's web page everything was great except that everything to do with USB 2.0 is missing from ...
Universal Serial Bus controllersIntel USB 3.0 eXtensible Host ControllerIntel USB 3.0 Root HubRealtek USB 2.0 Card ReaderUSB Mass Storage Device
In any typical Windows installation, this section lists several 'Generic USB Hub' and 'USB Root Hub' entries but I'm completely without them. Even Services is missing 'USB Safely Remove Assistant'
I suspect this is the reason Windows Backup and Restore is unable to see connected USB drive when I booted recovery DVD to perform a restore. No drive, no image found. 
I'm at a loss as to what might have caused this. This is a fresh install and laptop is just a few months old.
Hello Dell community! I have recently purchased a Dell XPS 15 9560 and I have to say its a pretty cool computer, but I have ran into some issues which Ive seen mentioned on this site. One being the screen flickering. I mean the flickering isn't terrible but its definitely an issue that should be fixed.
However my issue I'd like to discuss on here is one I haven't read about. When doing my normal dead pixel test which I do with every new piece of technology I get that has a screen, I noticed that there were some very hard to notice black specs on the screen. At first I thought, "Hmmm this is a 4k screen so maybe this tiny spec is a dead pixel" since I mean its 4k right? The pixels should be extra tiny and hardly noticeable.
After noticing the first little spec, my tremendously lucky self found about a dozen more little specs around the screen. They specs are really hard to notice and I mean REALLY hard. I have to get about 4-5 inches from the screen to notice them but there are many there and its odd.
I didn't make this thread to complain or bash dell, I just want to know if anyone else is experiencing this issue? You can see them by opening a completely white screen and observing it closely.
I do a ton of photo editing and have not had the chance to do so yet on my new machine so I wouldn't be able to tell you guys if it affects it or not. Its more or less just a nuisance at best. I don't want to return the machine because I like it a lot how... Read more
Hey guys, I'm looking for a site where I can get reliable/safe ISO's for testing purposes. Looking for ISO's of


Not looking to register these pieces of software or crack them. Just to trash them maybe within a trial period?
i need help and advice on my laptop windows 8.1 ever since i did the windows got the windiws 8.1 installion disk/usb stick and back on my laptop computer that i went back to from windows 10 home after i installed the updates that i needed for my computer
to run right and now every time i tryto check for updates and i keep  getting this Error Code: 80072EFE  and i looked that code up it says to go to c drive then to windows then to system32 and look for catroot2 and it says to rename it also
delete catroot2 and when i try to do both of them it wont let me do it at all can someone please help me to do this and fix the windows update and get ride of this error code 80072EFE
Hello. I soon noticed that I have a program I can not find in my computer but I can set it as a default program to open photos. Is this a virus? https ://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/getfile/1089683
Hi,I had installed Windows 7 Ultimate in my Lenovo G580. Everything working fine except dolby audio and touchpad scroll. Volume is too low when it is 100 and also touch pad scroll is not working. I downloaded the drivers from Lenovo Wetsite but they again did not work.Please suggest.More over after format and installing ELAN Touchpad and Conexant Smart HD Audio drivers, initially the audio and touchpad works but soon after I restart after driver installtion, they not work for me.Please suggest.
I have a yoga book, with its nice halo keyboard, when I use it, for example for writing an e-mail, it always appear also the onscreen keyboard, which occupies almost all the screen. In this way t ia impossible to read wha I write. Is there a way to disable the onscreen keyboard when the halonkeyboardnis on?