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What is the best way to flash Bios update on 64bit OS? CD-rom w/ 5cjy77usa.exe does not work. Says no boot filename received (PXE-E53). It is for M58-6234-A1U
Dear Lenovo Team, Today, I experienced a power surge on my usb 2.0 ports. I've already tried reinstalling the drivers and restarting my laptop but still it doesn't work. I really need to fix this issue urgently. Thanks!
Hi All, some one pls help me.
1.  On my touch screen - left top corner the volume screen shown 0. This is reduced automatically.
2. The touch pad is not working - I am not able to move the cursor but can click where ever it is placed.
3. The keyboard on tablet mode is also not working.
this happened all of the sudden. Is there any virus or some issues with software. Pls help i am really need of a solution here.
Mod's Edit: Additional information added to Subject line for clarity of issue and moved posting to it own thread.
I am having all kinds of issues..i saw a similar question dated back in 2008, and the replies looked great but since its 2016, I want to ask now. First, I have a dell inspiron N5110 home premium windows 7 laptop, Ive had for about 4-5 years and when i
first set it up, i had no problems for several years. few months ago, alot of issues..i always downloaded programs into my downloads folder then would go to the folder and click to install, suddenly anything i downloaded the internet explorer window popped
up and had to download there then wait for it to scan then try to run/save it, i dont like that method but almost everything i tried to install wouldnt, i tried everything..it seemed that all started after updating to internet explorer 11. i had alot of things
i wanted to remove, basically clean out junk, along with the problem installing anything and a few other changes, I decided to reinstall windows 7. i had the jump drive with windows 7 from Dell, never had used..so i carefully researched steps, and went for
it. It cleaned up alot, other than installing alot of updates, i was glad to start over, I even looked up all updates and carefully chose and went to dell.com to print list of what order to download updates..the internet explorer window still pops up anytime
i download anything, so question 1, what can i do to go back so all downloads i can download into my folder then go to the folder and click to install??? i dont like downloading with internet explorer.. a... Read more
I have a problem with Windows Firewall and was hoping to get some expertise help/suggestions on this matter.
I have made a correct exception rule for all network profiles (domain, private,
public) and everything is working as it should and my program running just fine.

However the problem
arises if I pull out my two network cables from the computer and then plug them back in, then the Windows firewall starts to block my packages (checked the firewall log) and my program fails.
The strange thing here is that if I restart my program it starts to work again and the firewall stops blocking
my packages again.
There also is a little strange thing happening, both my network connections are classified as "Domain" but after I pull both cables and
then plugs in both again it's just one connection that will return to the "Domain" classificatgion the other one is stuck in "Identifying" state and therefor stated as "Public", and
it will be stuck on identifying forever and never regain "Domain" classification.However,
this should not matter anyway I think as my firewall rule is set to work on ALL profiles, and when I restart my program it works again even though "Identifying" & "Public" on the connection.

Is there anyone here who is more versed in how security in Windows works?
It is ... Read more
I reinstalled windows on my computer and now i have no sound and it says no audio output device installed on the right bottom corner where the volume controls are.
I factory reset my computor and now the beats audio drive(i am not sure if it was the main audio driver but it was pre-installed) is gone there is a red X beside the  speaker and when i hover over it says no audio output device is installed.
Subwoofer was working before Windows 10 upgrade (that was forced on my by the way..thanks MicroSoft).
Problm: Nefunguje klvesnice p?i instalaci v prost?ed win. V DOSu funguje klvesnice normln?, v BIOS je vid?t extern mechanika nebo bootovac flash disk. Jakmile p?evezme instalaci Win, vypadnou oba pory USB 2,0. Je nutn ptovst tvrd restart. Mechanika nebo Flash je vid?t, p?i pou?it klvesy F9, d se vybrat. Na?te soubory, starting win, ale jakmile se objev "Vyberte jazyk a dal?, p?estane fungovat jakkoliv polohovac za?zen. Prost? vypadne ijakflash boot, tako DVD extern mechanika. Nejsou ovlada?e pro porty USB 3,0 ani 2,0. Zkou?el jsem instalaci postupn? v?ech win, XP, Vista, 7,. 8,1, 10. 32 bit, 64 bit, home, proof. Z orig mdia nebo bootovac flashky. Skon? to v?dycky stejn?. Co stm? D?kuji.
Hello, i am trying to recover this computer to its factory settings.  My grandmothers husband managed to mess it up and i am trying to fix it.  It came with windows 7 home edition and somewhere along the road he upgraded to an un authentic version of windows 7 premium edition.  It is now causing problems as the background is black and it tells me that i need an access code that i don't have.   He has also downloaded many different PC scans and crap that the computer is flooded with pop ups. I am trying to recover to its factory settings and i cant seem to get it to work.  There is a partition labelled "Recover" and i was attempting to follow the instructions on the HP site but there is no Recovery Manager option in my windows bar and i cant seem to find it on the computer.  I tried to hit F11 at the reboot and it did not work as well.  Does anyone know how i can return this computer to windows 7 home and all factory settings without having to buy a new version of Windows? All the help i can get is greatly appreciated.  Thank you very much.
Hi,It looks like the hard drive in my almost new (just past warranty) pavilion 500-420qe is going out.  When I turn it on, I can hear it but the screen goes to black. I ran diagnostics and got a FAILED for Hard Drive Short DST for hard drive 2.What size hard drive to I need to replace it?  I cannot find that specification.Any suggestions on where to buy one?Thanks!
i need help what should i do,i am using an Hp probook 450 G1 i7. when i try to install bluethooth i am told to that all installation completed please refer to the log file details. plz i need help on i should do
I need to upgrade my laptop to 8Gb RAM and an offboard Grafic Card. What would be the specifications to be compatible?
My Laptop is very slow even though it has 2GB Ram
Hi everyone i just recently bought the HP star wars special edition laptop and i just noticed whenever i restart the laptop the dvd rom will make a sound also happens after it boot up. Is this normal?
  I did everything.I renstalled he graphics driver but noying worked.showing his message everytime.
sound is coming from headphones and laptop's  speakers also in my pc
replace defective product
I just trying to figure out what to do when I cant get my laptop working again and I try eveything that i can think of to do. And plus i made the recovery disk and it seem like nothing is working and i used the ubs flashed drive also and I just want to know if there anything that i need to know. How to fix my laptop on my own since my warranty is expired and I just want my laptop to be fix   
Hi Guys and Gals, Details first: Pavillion 11 x360 PC - born on the 22nd December 2014 (quite newish...) Upon start-up it occasionally goes into the black start up page giving me options to run checks on the hardware (akin to pressing the 'esc' key on start-up). I've taken it back to PC World FOUR times and it always come back as OK but then it starts again. Anyway,  eventually I surrendered and gave in and ran the Hardware Diagnostics UEFI myself. I have also uninstalled the McAfee anti-virus programme I had installed as I read this could cause a problem. I uninstalled this via the Control Panel. Could there be a residual bit of it hidden on the laptop somewhere? Results:   Processor Check   -   Passed                   Memory Quick Test   -   It stopped with ther words  TEST IN PROGRESS                   Hard Drive Smart Check    - Passed                   Hard Drive DST Test   -  stopped with words   TEST IN PROGRESS                   Battery Check   -   Primary OK &n... Read more
Not sure how to do 2 displays with 2 graphics cards as I have a 24" monitor which I want the desktop to always to be displayed on - Display 1 then Display 2 will be the main program / game screen which is the 60" plasma.

I will be using 2 X Ge-force GT730's for the test setup which can not be SLi'd

Is this a simple thing to setup or not possible, my spec is on my profile page but performance should be identicle should it ????
If I get an .iso of Windows 10 RTM (14393) , I can install over the Preview Build (14931) I'm using without losing my personal files, Win32 programs and applications?
I want to install an SSD alongside the existing HDD and move the OS onto it. Will doing so void the warranty of my new machine? There is a warranty warning sticker on the back of it which would need to be broken to take the cover off - would breaking this void the warranty in itself? I realise that the Acer Warranty wouldn't cover the third-party hardware, nor any damage that might occur from the installation process. Thanks in advance.
Hello, i have an acer Aspire V3-772g (with windows 10) that i bought 3 years ago, yesterday i tried to shut it down and it wouldn't completely shut down, so since i wanted to make sure it was shut down for the night i detatched the battery and cut off the power. Today when i tried to start it it stopped at the Acer screen (the one before windows boots). held down the power button and tried to restart, same screen but now there was "preparing automatic repair" at the bottom of the screen. It kept going for more than 2 hours so i tred to shut it down again and boot the bios, but somehow i can't do that (maybe holding the power button or cutting the power is not a complete shutdown?). Anybody knows how to solve my problem, or at least how to access bios?Thanks in advance
How do I get into my computer when it says I have the wrong PIN number? I have been using the asme one for over a year and it updated last night and changed it. HELP!!!!
I purchased a labor day sale m700 tiny from Lenovo directly.Good price as I got the barebones model. No keyboard no mouse no stand windows 10 premium.A pentium g4400t 4gb ram and the 128gb ssd(only premium item).I was a mac mini freak but I am well versed in windows. So first mod was to pull the stock 4gb ram and add 32gb of ram. I used crucial as it was a good price.  So I am now at : CPU = pentium g4400tSSD = 128gb samsung stockRam = 32gb crucial ddr4 2133M2 = emptyPort = display dongle to hdmi to a sony 50 inch tv.OS = windows 10 premium.Logitech= Mouse + Keyboard So far the dongle to hdmi works great as does the 32 gb ram.I will run like this for a while before new upgrades.  I want to know the proper m2 to add: Crucial MX200 500GB M.2 Type 2280 (Single Sided) Internal SSD  CT8109162 Is the listed one on their parts picker for the m700 tiny. So what M2's work for you all? Second I have a house of intel pc's used to mine coins.  I have i3-6100t, I have i5-6400t, I have i5-6500t. I want to swap the g4400t in the lenovo for one of the better cpu's I just listed. Has anyone done this? I know the g4400t will work in my mining mobos and I know the better cpu's I listed should work in the lenovo.  I do not know how hardit is to do it . So if anyone has done a cpu upgrade please let me know.  Also any links  for the m.2 install or the cpu install would be nice.  SO far I found a ram install link on  you tu... Read more
Dear Forum Support, Recently I have had issue with my Function key at the bottom left of my keyboard. The Function Keys do work correctly, its just this bottom left corner key "Fn" which cannot allow me to toggle between special function and regular function key. In order to use the regular function key i have to go to Keyboard, Function Key, switch to regular, and restart the computer. I recently did some change to my computer to improve gaming experience: update all drivers, update to windows 10, remove all windows things (system->Performance->Settings-> for best performance), I also use my battery for best performance and my video card (intel hd 5500). Nothing that should impact the Fn key except maybe the driver update for the keyboard, I actually do not know if I had to do a driver update specifically for the keyboard after the windows 10 update. I do have to use the Fn key regularly for Excel, and for gaming. But still less than many other keys (WASD) or (123456) or (shift, ctrl, tab) My question is: I cannot do a hardware scan, so how can i confirm that this specific key is not working properly or that something is blocking its use instead? Is there any way to block this key (activate or deactivate) that I might have done by mistake? (for example: pressing it for more than 10 seconds, or pressing it 10 times in a row, etc..) Looking forward to your help and attention, Best,Ted
Hello I've a win7 64 bit, but my hp 840 printer doesn't work and I'm not able to find te right drivers. Does anybody help me? Thanks!!
I know that File Encryption, Drive encryption and keeping files in encrypted container are much secure and reliable method but still there are many free/paid software which can hide files and folders. I have tried some in past and come to following conclusion.

One category of such software, which hide them by simply moving them into deep inside system folders or system volume folder. Fine for novice user but advance users can easily found them.

Some software use driver (.sys) file and make folders/files invisible, write protect, inaccessible etc. These protected object can be easily access in safe mode. Even using power tool like PC Hunter, these driver can be unloaded and all will be visible. Though unloading driver sometime cause BSOD.

The one which I tried in past and forget its name, is using very unique method. It actually hide files by marking bad sector specifically related to these hidden file. These file can't be visible in safe mode and even if someone get harddrive. Scandisk and other disk utilities shows bad sector.

Kindly share your experience in this regard or know any other method used by software for hiding folder/files. This will help in some way that how malware can hide files.
How can I do a clean install of W10 and some original Toshiba software later on a fresh formatted partition. I don't want to upgrade on a fresh W7 again.
Question is: Can I ad this software to W10 later on?

I am keep getting run time error for by internet browser can anybody tell me how can i fix
A Runtime Error has occurred. 
Do you wish to Debug? 
Line: line
Error: nature
of script error

Martha Johnson
After the last update I am unable to sign in with my four number code.  My laptop accepted my finger print but my desktop will not go beyond the welcome screen
Dear Support, i have been trying to install windows 7-64 Bit on System Model    HP Compaq 8100 Elite CMT PC which is currently installed windows 7-32 bit.it will boot and stuck with Windows 7 logo,and restart.tried with windows 8 also.but  i can install windows 7-32 bit without any issues. can you please help me where is the exact problem.in bios alreadt Intel VT is enabled. BIOS Version/Date    Hewlett-Packard 786H1 v01.05, 09-Jun-10System Type    X86-based PCHardware Abstraction Layer    Version = "6.1.7601.17514"Processor    Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU         650  @ 3.20GHz, 3333 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s)the above details are the system information.waiting for support.Regards,Najim.
bilgisyar?mla i?lerimi yap?ordum birden bire ye?il izgiler geldi dik izgiler ne yapmal?y?m
Hi,I've twice had to exchange a Probook 450 G3, for additional reasons also (faulty power connector), so have had experience with 3 units altogether. All 3 had the same issue, the fan would kick in too often, a few instances a minute, making an up and down whirring sound which was very annoying and distracting. The strange thing is that the fan would kick in when the CPU usage was minimal, <5%, web browsing is the most taxing thing I do, no gaming or intense graphic applications.Never had an issue like this with any other laptop/computer, it's basically brand new so no possibility of dust, too hot environment etc. My 8 year old Dell laptop with much more inferior specs handles these activities easily with infrequent fan noise/activity.The laptop is not getting noticeably hot for the fan to turn on and off so often. Is the G3 so heat inefficient that the CPU gets too hot very easily, or is the fan's thermal sensor temp. range too low and the fan is kicking in unnecessarily? I've updated the BIOS and chipset and already contacted HP support who want me to send it to them, but I explained that this issue happened on all 3 units, revealing that the model design/components could be at fault.Would appreciate any insight/explanation for this.
Come da oggetto l'analisi con Windows Defender mi da: codice di errore 0x8050800d.Qualcuno sa dirmi cosa vuol dire e cosa devo fare?Grazie
I never changed the default network card ever since I bought the pc, and I always used a dongle to use Bluetooth, but now I recently found out that my networkcard also has bluetooth. So, to my understanding, I shouldn't need the dongle at all.Although here's the thing. Ever since I bought it I have found no option to turn the bluetooth on, other than the dongle settings of course. And whats even weider (at least to me), that in the adapter settings it is called 'Ethernet 2', as shown here:The second line says: 'Networkcable not connected' Is this how it should be? My device manager shows the PAN Network Adapter, and it says it has drivers installed, so I don't know what I would be doing wrong. Laptop is out of warranty, so sending it to HP is not really an option.
I perform clean install windows 10 x64! I need all drivers, were i can find all of this :  http://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/selfservice/HP-Pavilion-g6-Notebook-PC-series/5330578/model/5347... drivers for Windows 10 x64 ? Help my please find all drivers.Serial Number : 5CD316270B & D2Y76EA#ACB
Is it possible to downgrade HP Pavilion Model 17-G192NR from Windows 10 to Windows 7 and maintain the touchscreen?
Computer not allowing me to sign on keeps telling me I am offline will not allow me to connect to WiFi or either my mobile hotspot. Help please
I have been tasked with fixing my friends Pavilion dv6 notebook PC after it's hard disk failed. I've replaced the HDD but can not find where to get the installation disks from, (he didn't create them himself before the disk failed).  All the other answers I've found on this subject only apply to USA or Canada devices, not UK ones. Can anyone help please?
Hi I just bought the notebook did not take long. Since I formatted the hard drive. I want to restore the pre-installed system. If you get the HP service center near you go to work when the time is. How long preinstalled system
Hi there -

On 9/25 at 4:00 AM my system, already a Win 10 machine, applied updates bringing it to v 1607, build 14393.187. Since then I have had no internet connectivity - either through wifi or with an Ethernet cable. I rolled back to v. 1511 build 10586.589 but still no connectivity.

In the Network & Sharing Center I see 2 networks - my Ethernet and my wifi, however the access type displays NO INTERNET ACCESS for each. I have rolled back to earlier drivers in the device manager - the device manager indicates that both network adapter is working properly (Realtek RTL8188CE for wifi and Qualcomm Atheros AR8162/8188/8168 PCI-E Fast Internet Controller).

I think the problem resulted in the fact that I had Zoho Assist software installed. I've uninstalled it with Iobit.

I've been trying everything out there.

I've uploaded the wlan report - it looks terrible as a txt file but I couldn't upload the html version. I'd be happy to email it to you.

Thanks so much - I'm not a network person and appreciate everyone's help. I was on the phone with MS for several hours yesterday and it got escalated to Tier 2 but I don't have a lot of confidence in the team out there.

Thanks again.
Hello All,

What is presently the best way to remotely deploy Drivers to Windows 10 computers on a domain?

Back in Windows XP days we used DevCon. Sadly my Corporation is being ran rather stupidly withy a lot of inexperienced butt kissers are t he corporate office and the new guy in charge of SCCM is clueless.

Thanks All......
I installed Windows 10 on my desktop custom build Asus motherboard AMD 6 six core running 12 gigs ram and I would be on the edge browser or just even at my desktop and it freezes any thoughts to would this may be
So I have been getting this weird error when I am trying to download some files from a site. It's a trusted site where I download Addons for my games.
The first time it happened, it actually happened on the client that I usually download my Addons from. It was giving me errors so I decided to go to the website and download as I suspected that the client was down. So when I tried to download the file from the website, this happened:

Some things to note:
1) Started about a few days ago. Not exactly sure when. The client and downloading from the site has been working well before this happened.
2) It is really weird that I am receiving this error in Chinese. I don't frequent chinese sites so this came as a surprise.
3) None of my friends are getting this error - so I am assuming I am the only one getting affected.
4) Scoured Google and no one else seemed to be having this issue. The (71) Protocol error seems to occur when people are playing with proxies, which I am not aware that I am using any.
5) Downloading other stuff doesn't give me the issue - only downloading from this site.
Things that I have tried and did not work:
1) Turning off my Windows Firewall
2) Restarting my modem
3) Using another browser to download (I am using Firefox now)
4) Deleted all my temporary files
5) Cleared all my cache
Hope to get some resolution for this! Not sure if this is the right forum to post too.
I'm a small IT guy with mostly home and small office clients.
I use 2 flash drives that have my work programs.
One has d7II on it, https://www.foolishit.com/d7ii/,  the other GEGEEK, http://www.gegeek.com/
Both contain a number of forensic programs on them, notably Nirsoft
There are times when I FORGET to disable any AV on the clients PC and it wipes out some of the programs before I catch it.
How can I protect those drives until I'm ready to open the data.
This morning I powered on the computer and I received the message "Preparing Your Desktop" along with the infamous MS circle.
Then I received a notification in the system tray that read: "You have been logged on with a temporary profile". What???
The message continued, "Log off and try logging back on as Administrator".
I have not changed anything recently nor downloaded anything recently except MBAE (Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit).
My OS is Windows 7x64 Sp-1 .
Never encountered anything of this sort. Prior to shutting down the computer last night I ran TFC and SUPERAntiSpyware as I normally do and nothing significant was noted.
Is this some sort of "glitch" or "anomaly"?
Any rational explanation anyone?