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So I've got a broken X1 Carbon 4th Gen with a severely worn serial label.  The laptop is unable to power on after running completely out of battery and shutting off once.  When plugging in the AC adapter the power light simply turns orange.  When trying to start the laptop it simply shows the Lenovo logo for less than a second before turning back off. As I am completely unable to read the serial number off the laptop in any way am I simply out of luck?  I am pretty sure the unit is in warranty but without the serial number the Lenovo reps won't really help us do anything.  If we can get the unit to power on I'm sure we can grab the serial number off of the BIOS, but no luck there.
Yesterday morning, my laptop won't turn on, I tried to press the power button along with plugging the power cord. Nothing happens or change. A few hours or so, the laptop suddenly seems to be working perfectly fine, can charge and turn on. However, one time my laptop's heat was drastically accumulating and then turned off by itself. So, I left it open to cool down. Next time I use it, can't turn on anymore. Overheat that damaged something in my laptop? I have no idea. Any help I would appreciate.
After i use my bluetooth headphones my laptop speaker wont work. When the sound goes it's as if I have no speakers there isn't any bar indication on the volume at all, unlike when you test it with a system sound and there is that green gague.

I disconnected my headphones still doesn't work then i reconnected the bluetooth headphones and that works but not on the speaker on my laptop.... Help!
Product: Pavilion

System: Windows 1o (64-bit)
Hello, I've created several Queries for my co-workers; however, there is still too much manual intervention. I have the file go to a folder automatically now as an excel file. I would like to name this file, so that I can open it and run an excel Macro on it. Here is the file info that is being exported. Thanks in advance.

I would like to open this file, it includes a time stamp, hence the question.

DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet acExport, acSpreadsheetTypeExcel12Xml, "DARDEN_RECENTCALLS", _
"G:\National Accounts\Procedure & Systems\Access Database\P&S Database Suite\Database_SourceData\DARDEN STUFF FROM ACCESSS\DardenCalls_Yest&30daysToo " & (Format(Now(), "mm_dd_yyyy hh mm ss AMPM ")) & "xlsx"
Are there any tried and true tips for exending battery life?  It seems the battery drops another 20% overnight if I put the 920 in sleep mode.  It does a little better if I shut it down, but who wants to do that?  Are there apps that others have found to be part of the problem?
So I've got a broken X1 Carbon 4th Gen with a severely worn serial label.  The laptop is unable to power on after running completely out of battery and shutting off once.  When plugging in the AC adapter the power light simply turns orange.  When trying to start the laptop it simply shows the Lenovo logo for less than a second before turning back off. As I am completely unable to read the serial number off the laptop in any way am I simply out of luck?  I am pretty sure the unit is in warranty but without the serial number the Lenovo reps won't really help us do anything.  If we can get the unit to power on I'm sure we can grab the serial number off of the BIOS, but no luck there.
Context: I'm not a newbie but far from a pro. Small business situation.

I'm trying to set up a PPTP VPN on a pretty bare bones Windows Server 2008 R2, connect to it from Win10 machine and map a shared folder on the server as a networked drive.

I can RDP into the server, Network Policy & Access is running, user is set up with dial-in network access permission, I think the right ports are being forwarded - physical networking might be the problem (Comcast into a Netgear C3000 into a Linksys router.)

I'm basically out of googling skills, could use some solid input into what I should look at.
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2420 0 @ 1.90GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 45 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 12
RAM: 8029 Mb
Graphics Card: LogMeIn Mirror Driver, 8 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 599 GB (538 GB Free); G: 797 GB (696 GB Free);
Antivirus: None

Win10 Machine:
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6600U CPU @ 2.60GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 78 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 16309 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 965M, -2048 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 475 GB (334 GB Free);
Motherboard: Microsoft Corporation, Surface Book
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Enabled and Updated
Can somone from Lenovo comment on a fix for the mic jack issues.  Is this a known issue or could I have a problem with my particular machine? To me it seems to be software related.  Drivers from lenovo site: sound works but mic does not.  Drivers from realtek site: mic seems to work but the audio is bazaar. One side plays on headset the other on laptop speakers.  Windows self installed drivers: same as lenovo drivers. I need to be able to use a head set with this laptop please.....
Apologies in advance if this isnt in the correct thread as im somebody with very little knowledge on how computers work as far as security. It seems my computer has been infiltrated by someone with access to the Wi-Fi's admin account. I purchased this laptop
awhile ago as NEW. Never had a problem until I noticed strange things occurring on MY laptop. Being the only account (admin rights, etc.), I seem to not have "admin access" to edit MY own files & file locations, properties, even permissions to
change anything that would help free myself of this hacker. After exploring through my computer, getting familiar with navigating it in an attempt to discover what is wrong, I found an article online describing EXACTLY what's going on. Although I cant seem
to find a solution or steps to take in reversing this & protecting myself from this occurring in the future. Ill provide the link to the site that i consulted & maybe that'll help you understand what I mean exactly. Thanks a MILLION IN ADVANCE!
please respond asap
I'm using a Corsair Vengence K70 (CH-9000050-UK) and running Windows 10. When trying to set the backslash key as a keybinding in League of Legends or Warframe nothing happens. It is not previously bound to another action and the game continues to wait for me to input another key.

This is a UK layout with the "\|" key situated between Shift and Z and it should be noted that the key works just fine in most applications. Note: The backslash IS a valid keybinding in these games, this seems to be an issue specific to my setup.

I had thought to rebind the key in the Registry by using "SharpeKeys" which I have previously used to disable Caps Lock. Heres what happened:

I used the "type key" option to find the current scan code for the "\|" key. The Scan code came up as "ISO Extra Key (00_56)". This appears to be nonstandard however I successfully rebound the key. However, for some reason, these games do not recognize the new keybindings. As if they have their own keymap.

I'm pretty sure I could use something like AutoHotKey to achieve the effect I want but I am worried it could be detected as an attempt to cheat and get me banned from the games. At this point even if there is no solution to get the key to work I would be interested if anyone could shed some light on why something so simple isn't working in the first place.

Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to help.
I?m running windows 10 and whenever I try to plug in my Ethernet cord it says connected but no access. Steam still signs me in sometimes and my computer says that the Ethernet is working properly. The thernet cord also works on other computers so it isn?t the physical cord. My WiFi adapter stopped working also, doesn?t even show up on device manager.ive tried all the CMD prompts and troubleshooting. It won?t let me connect to the internet.
New computer builder here.

Built a desktop following closely with Carey's Fall 2016 Gaming Computer Build video (great walkthrough by the way).

Intel i5-6600k
Corsair 8gb DDR4 2666mhz
Corsair CX750 PSU
EVGA Geforce GTX 960
Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo

Worked fantastic for a year almost exactly. Then one evening the computer restarted. Rebooted. Then died. The mobo power led stayed lit but would not turn on. No fans. No post. No anything.

I assumed power supply. Bought an EVGA 500W to troubleshoot. No change.

After checking each component, removing all peripherals, and just trying to get a boot I finally sent the mobo back on RMA. They swapped it. I installed the new one. Used the Corsair 750 power supply. Heard a pop on power up. And now same result. No boot.

Did I make a fatal mistake using the original PSU. Or could some other component be frying this mobo?

Extremely frustrating.
Good evening, impossible to use the software dolby audio, the application launches and there is the message: "connect the speakers or headphones to the audio system"  like for a home cinema or the notice says "2 speakers dolby audio", thanks for your help
Hi all, Is this a known issue at Lenovo 510 -14ISK.  I press the the power button to turn on the laptop , but the orange light only blinks 3 or 4 times and then turns off, leaving the laptop not powering. I ran the last BIOS update which was pushed by Lenovo. PS: The laptop doesn?t seem to respond at all. please help
Hello, I have installed all latest drivers, including the fingerprint reader driver [Synaptics Metallica MOH Touch Fingerprint Reader Driver for Windows 10 (64-bit) - ThinkPad5.1.335.2615 Oct 2018] The button still appears as gray  Thanks for helping!
I have been using Wordpress to upload my blog for over a year without any trouble till now. For no reason the opening page has changed. The left hand and right hand columns have disappeared, and the picture is wider than the screen. I have not changed anything on the opening page since I began using Wordpress. I have done nothing now to change the page. This is the way it opened for me tonight. Is there any way that I can get back to the original opening page? Allan.
I cannot see the side edges of the picture. How can I get it back to normal? Allan
Yesterday I wanted to clean my graphics card and took it out of the slot. When i put it back in and turned on the PC there was no display and there is still now display now.
Things I've tried:
-reseting bios
-unplugging and plugging back in components (even the CPU)
-different cables
-monitor is fine
Does Thinkpad X1 Extreme 4K Screen have the capability of the following?  1. Support Dual 4K @60hz via Lenovo ThunderBolt Dock? If so which dock would work? If not 2. How about on the laptop itself (not going through dock) does it support dual 4k @60hz through its Thunderbolt ports on the laptop?  Thank you, 
My system specs are at the bottom of the page.

Today when I tried to play some audio, (MP3 and Wav files), the file began to play and was okay for about a minute and a half then there was a buzz and a window popped up that said "the specified format is not supported or cannot be translated....". I was using XMPlay I then tried to play other mp3 files and a WAV file. They didn't play at all, I simply got the error message.
I tried playing files using another player, AIMP3 v 3.60 build 1470. They wouldn't play at all with this player and I got the same error message.

I have been listening to these files with no problem for months. I searched online for any messages pertaining to this problem. Most results were over ten years old and often pertained to video issues.

I then went back and tried to play the file again, (I didn't reboot), and they're now playing! Can anyone suggest what may be going on? Is my hard drive failing or are files being corrupted? Thanks. I'd appreciate any help. I listen to audio files throughout the day while working and this would be a big problem if I couldn't listen to them anymore.
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6500U CPU @ 2.50GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 78 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 12147 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 940MX, -2048 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 930 GB (266 GB Free); D: 0 GB (0 GB ... Read more
I recently followed a page explaining how to speed up my computer which has slowed down a lot in the past year. After disabling Auto manage paging file size for all drivers and setting the custom size for both initial and maximum to the recommended number below the Total paging size for all drivers list. It told me to reset my laptop so I did and then I got a BSOD Error message saying CRITICAL_SERVICE_FAILED. I tried to refresh through the startup repair options. The laptop was stuck finalising file restore and then shut down. Since then Whenever I turn on the laptop it begins the preparing automatic repair screen then goes black. Nothing happens after this on screen. The Harddrive begins to make a stuttering grinding noise. The laptop is an Acer Aspire V3-551G running windows 10.

Is there any way I can fix this or should I just start saving for a new laptop now?
I tried & thought I succeted to stop updates long ago BUT, now every start configures w10 updates for 10 mnts.

Any cure?
I have Lenovo G560
6 gb ram
Intel P6200 Processor at 2.13 ghz 2 core

I want to upgrade my processor without changing the motherboard. So plz tell any processor in less budget to fit in the P6200 socket.

Motherboard is 20042
Hi, my Dell Inspiron 15 3000 series will not boot. When I press the power button, I hear a clicking sound, the LED light flashes once. I?ve tried booting without the battery, booting without the charger and nothing works. I?ve even tried draining it?s residual power and same outcome.
I was playing a couple days ago, and my game froze (as it?s been doing lately) upon forcibly ending the game my whole computer froze. When I restarted the computer, I entered the boot loop. What happens in the boot loop is my keyboard and power butto lights up, and the screen turns on. Top left of the screen a little square similar to the cursor of a command prompt sometimes appears before immediately disappearing and displaying ?Lenovo.? Around 40 seconds later the computer turns off, and turns itself back on displaying ?Lenovo? and the process repeats indefinetly. Aside from the one game freezing often, I have experienced no issues lately aside from possible performance issues in games. I have made no upgrades in more than a year, aside from a headphone driver, and have never had this happen before.To the best of my knowledge seeing as I can?t run the computer I have default product parts, while upgrading the hardrive to ssd, and changing (4+2) ram to (4+8). My ultrabay is using a second gpu (GT750M5) and I am running windows 10. I have made multiple attempts to diagnose the problem. Since the reboot loop happened immediately after I restarted it from a freeze, I didn?t think it was hardware, but I checked anyway. I drained the leftover power by holding the power button with the battery and AC adapter removed, I removed the Ultrabay GPU, I reset both sticks of RAM, and the SSD. I also tested each ram stick individually with the gpu removed, and ... Read more
Hi all, Is this a known issue at Lenovo 510 -14ISK.  I press the the power button to turn on the laptop , but the orange light only blinks 3 or 4 times and then turns off, leaving the laptop not powering. I ran the last BIOS update which was pushed by Lenovo. PS: The laptop doesn?t seem to respond at all. please help
The  Finger Print Reader is sporatic ... it will work for a day or two then stop. O/S  is  Windows 10BIOS version 5GCN27WWCPU i5-7200UMemory 8192MB Any help is appreciated. I have seen this issue reviewed on serveral other units, but not on the Yoga 720  .... Please advise, thank you
Hello .....I plan to buy a Thinkpad X1 Extreme.... and upgrade the SSD and memory later... Can i do that?I did it with my actual thinkpad T450S... i bought with 4 Gb Ram, 1 Hdd ... and add 8 Gb Ram and a M2 SSD by myself...Thanks 

T400, 2764-CTO, Win-Ultimate, Intel T9400, RAM 3 Gb, 160 Gb, Ati 256 Mb.T60,T40
Windows 10 Home 64-bit, was 1803, upgraded to 1809.  am thinking of doing a Windows reset to fully eliminate software.  have checked BIOS settings as well.  removed Microsoft ACPI, Lenovo Vantage, etc to no effect.  if I remove the plug, power goes down.  when I plug back it, it stays static, but does not charge up.  started about 4 days ago and I feel it will eventually get to zero.  have tried different power bricks to no effect.   should I take into a service center?  pic and battery report attached.    
My X1 Tablet wil no longer react to the power button, meaning I cannot press it to put the tablet to sleep. I've checked all the usual settings in win10 (power and sleep) and it's set to make my tablet sleep no matter which button is pressed. What's worse, if I put the tablet to sleep from the start button, then the power button cannot wake it up. However, if the tablet is powered off, the power button works fine, so it seems to be a software issue. I've all the various firmwares, windows 10 is up to date as of today and the BIOS settings doesn't seem to have any options for this. Has anyone else experienced this and did you find a solution?  
Hey there,
my thinkpad t420chg is in need of a new motherboard. I am not sure why, but somehow I am not able to check the exact fru of my current one as the parts lookup page does not recognise my SN (XX-XXXXX).        Serial number removed per forum rules - mod
I have an intel i5 processor and the nvidia 4200 graphics card.
I have two questions:
1) the partslookup page stated that I would need the replacment part 63y1995 and lists 5 substitutes. does this mean that they will all support the existing heat sinks, ... without the need to buy new parts?
2) is there a newer version that it would make more sense to buy?
kind regards
HI I have noticed whenever I try and reboot my machine it hangs on the Lenovo logo,I have to turn the power off, then turn it back on again, can anyone help regrads Adrian Suri
How do I or can I use a sync cord to upload photos from my phone to a digital photo viewer keychain
I have an ASUS with Windows 10 and usually there's a feature where I can tap with two fingers to right click but it hasn't been working for a few days. All the ways on how to re-enable it that I've searched online aren't working. Really need some assistance
The yoga 500 sends a tingling shock while charging if touched. I just sent it down for repair because it was under warranty. Can the charger be the culprit? At first it wasn't charging then after a few days it started charging again... The assumption from the start was a dead battery. Now that it charges, when I plug in the charger the screen flickers, goes off and comes back on with high display resolution.so I shut it down to put the charger in and then power on. And it stays normal. Is the charger the problem or the motherboard? The motherboard was just replaced. What's is the power specification of the power pack for the yoga 500 14, I mean output and input specification. Maybe am using a wrong power pack ? 
I have a new X1E that has had this issue happen 2 or 3 times. The screen will go to white fuzz.  The only way to get it back is to reboot or sleep/wake. Has anyone else had this issue?
I just bought my Lenovo P51 and so far, so good.  Im havin gissues with my mouse though.  Ive done everything from re-boot the mouse, change the battery, try a different port, and even uninstall the driver and restart the computer and nothin gis working.  My old mouse will work with no problems however its not equipped or ideal for CAD/Solidworks.  Can anyone help me get my new mouse to work.  It worked once for about 3 hours but nothing anymore.  The mouse im tryin gto use is a VicTsing MM057 2.4G Wireless Optical Mouse.  The computer will read it and accept it but the mouse wont move.  Any help is appreciated.  Thank you 
is it possible to run an external monitor up to 2560x1080 @75hz via displayport to hdmi adapter?my monitor only has an hdmi and a usb c input
Hello. I posted elsewhere but no one responded, probably due to the odd title. So I'll try again. My Acer Chromebook screen suddently went black with a small red icon in the middle that has what looks like a white exclamation point. I cannot get into into my laptop. I'm wondering if this means someone hacked into it and the laptop is fired or if it's worth taking to a repair shop to be fixed.
Shops here charge a big fee just to look at it so I'm trying to get a clue if it's worthy trying to fix it. Thank you for any help anyone can offer. I apologize if i'm on the wrong thread
So today i tried turnkng on my pc and a message appeared on my screen (Disk scanning, press any key to skip(5)). So i didnt skip and it took way to long so i turned off my pc. When i turned it on again nothing appeared on my steam and it started beeping 3 short beeps and 1 longer beep. I need help, how do i fix this?
Hey, I have some wird issue with my Lenovo Z51-70 with AMD Radeon R9 M375,Intel i5- 5200U, 8GB of RAM and Windows 7.So from verry verry long time I don't use this computer for games becouse I allways play on my PC and this laptop is only for work. I notice in mine device menager there isn't eny Radeon graphic card, so device mamager show me only that Intel HD Graphic and nothing else. I try to intall AMD drivers but allways i got some alert " You don't have eny AMD Radeon graphic card", I even try to intall motherboard drivers but still nothnik. I found topics verry close to that but, that guy who got issue verry colse to mine, don't had swithable graphic card in bios but i have. Please can some one help me ! ;(((
hi, I had a problem with my pc and it was with the disk, I reinstalled windows now everything seems fine. However, I now have no internet, I?ve tried installing drivers but they just aren?t working. I do not have a Ethernet cable and must connect wirelessly. If anyone could help it would mean a lot. Thanks!
How to fix this error? i tried some simple way. but still it wont get installed. this is the update including KB4459922 and KB4457918. Oct. and Sept 2018 update. please help me. I'm new with this. thank you.

I cannot start my pc and get stuck in a blue screen loop. Used EasyRe program to check and hopefylly start my pc - now back to square one. I'm stuck can anyone help?
Hi, 1 week ago I applied the latest Windows 10 1809 updates to my G710 device.Next morning I had a blue screen. Then started to boot again and ended up in "no bootable device". I checked the disk (it is fine, data is there, but boot record may be destroyed). This morning i tried to reinstall Windows 10 again from USB stick, but drive was not detected. InsydeH20 Setup Utility shows:Hard Disk:   [Not Detected] Any ideas what could be wrong? Thanks and best regardsMichael
In my yoga 510, hard drive is sounding and sometimes there is an error coming like its stuck working. 
I have a slightly strange problem with my Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga.The surface of my laptop is peeling, can I open a request for assistance to replace the chassis in warranty? Regards, Alessandro
Hi, everyone. I am new here. I hope everyone is having an awesome day! I have an issue that is actually my friend online's issue. Her name is Sharky! We all call her than because she always appears and disappears out of nowhere on the Disqus forum all the time, lol. But we do talk all the time.

This is her issue. I have copied and pasted what she told me here. This is how she explained it to me. I have never heard of this problem before. If you all need any more info I will ask her. But this is basically all that she has explained to me. Any help would be really appreciated. The main problem this causes is she can't type her words properly or they disappear when she's typing, or they go missing. And she looks down when she types, so she can't see what's on her screen unless she looks up.

It's very frustrating for her. She is very smart, and prides herself on good grammar and spelling, and this issue causes her posts to look messy and she has to keep editing them all the time. Please and thank you all so much! -Singaling

"Anyway, what happens is this - the edges of the window I'm using will blink, as if a window from the back is trying to come forward. But it happens even when I only have only one window open. But when that blink happens it's a disconnect because that's when whatever I'm typing skips letters, words, spaces. So the window is disconnecting for a second or two or however long it is, long enough to skip ch... Read more