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Bit lock problem i forgot my password and Recovery key.What should i do to recover data from that drive
I have creative webcam-instant ; creative says it will work with win up to win xp,win 2000. But my OS is window 7 and windows 10. can any one help to install driver in my PC
Does video card activity, specifically mining, while CPU usage is like 1-2%, count as not idle in Windows 10?
I suspect a lot of people have upgraded their Win7 SL510's I did that and found a few issues.The screen brightness controls stopped working and aslo there was no Sound or microphone working To fix the screen brightness al I did was a reset of Win 10. I presume as it had updated over the top of Win 7 it may have left problems. After resetting the keyboard controls worked again However no sound. My first port of call was just to try to 64 bit original Win 7 driver it worked but finding the drivers was not so easy. Lenovo have moved the drivers to and end of life site:here: https://download.lenovo.com/eol/ I typed in my model and downloaded the audio driver. ran it and rebboted all is working now including the annoying Cortana. Mic works for searching too! Note: the physical switch on the laptop for the min is lit in red suggesting it is off.. it does not do anything now but at least the mic works ok. Ps; Upgrading he the laptop cheaply, has proved useful: installing an SSD and 8 Gb of RAM along with a T9600 (£12 off ebay!) and it is workable with Win 10 now.
Hi I am facing serious problem, I had an OS (windows 10 pro), and I locked a drive by bitlocker. there is no issue with password in that windows. but when I install a new window my password is not working, even my recovery keys are also not working.
I  am unable to open my drive. that drive contains so much personal and important  data.
Kindly help to get out of this Situation I wil be grateful
I want to copy text from a website using grabmybooks app but can't because the link of that website always first directs you to a page that says "are you over 18" before the main website with the text opens. I'm using grabmybooks because that website has copy disabled. I tried turning the webpage into a pdf file but only the web page saying "are you over 18" turns into a pdf file. What can i do to copy text from that webpage? Here's the link of that page

I'm using a phone and i just want to copy text from that website and complete my book so i can read it on my Kindle
how to extend wifi range from one house to another almost 100 meter away?
Good morning, I reacently upgraded my harddrive to a M.2.After installing windows 10 my keyboard went off and the function key (FN + SPACE) do not work. It is my understanding that you need the lenovo nerve center(sense) app to be able to use the backlit keyboard function.However every Nerve Center(Sense) app i download from lenovo site, does not give me the option to turn on the lights. I have dowloaded the Y520, Y720 and Y900 - they all seem not the have the LED Keyboard funtion.  Please assist me to the correct version.  P.S - I notice on review videos on youtube that the Y720 keyboard backlit work while they run the Lenovo Center app, but on their app the Keyboard fuction is also not displaying as a option. Is there a other way to activate the keyboard backlights? Hope to hear from you soon. Theunis
Hi there, My daughter has an IdeaPad 110s-11IBR and the power adapter has become problematic.  In order to charge the device, she has to force the plug into the laptop until the charging light comes on and then hold it there.  I cannot tell if it is the charger or the port that is the issue.  I have no problem with purchasing a new charger, but I don't want to do so until I know that it is this that needs to be changed.  Does anyone know whether this is a common problem and/or what to do about it.  It is still under warrenty, but the Lenovo website, seems to indicate that they would not consider it a warrenty issue as it would be classed as damage. Matt
I have bought two of these laptops. One for myself and another for a family member. While I was updating both of them I noticed that the first one has a  mushy power button. Its not as easy to power on. Is this the same for eveyrone else? Im getting a little worried that this power button would fail too early.
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I was getting quite a bit of help from you & then one of my serious health issues flared up & that is why I've been gone from here for so long. U had been helping me with several issues. The one that is the most important to me now is this.

Remember - I moved into a condo building where your internet & TV were included in your monthly fees (which are pretty hefty). Where I used to live I had Comcast cable T.V. & cable Internet. But here I have Wi-Fi computer & direct T.V. I think its called. And not only is it direct T.V. It is Mount Vernon Towers (name of condos where I live) version of Direct T.V.

So everybody in the condos (300 of them) has to take the same version of Direct TV. So if I want to watch a Pay-Per-View high end boxing show - I can't. Because I don't have an individual account number - The Condo just has 1 account number for everybody who took direct TV. And you can't add or subtract channels either, & no on-demand, no movie library, u have to take what they have. They even give u a remote that just works for the direct TV in these condo's & a sheet telling u what channel to go to as opposed to the regular direct TV channel.

Now, u can opt-out, but you will still have to pay the same monthly condo fees plus however much it would cost you to get Comcast cable for TV & Internet which is a lot because that is what I used to have & I had all the on-demand stuff, plus watch shows whenever u wanted to pl... Read more
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Hello all,I have a ThinkCenter M710 Tiny. I am looking to install a Bluetooth and WIFI card in there ....I found this: Intel 8265 Generic, 2230, 2x2 AC+BT (8265NGWMG)I am not sure it is going to work. It looks I would have to get cables and an antenna or 2.Any suggestions? I dont mind getting them from Lenovo, but want to make sure I get what I need to avoid returns.I would really like to enable Bluetooth as I have a nice keyboard and mouse that could be used and would declutter a port on the box (dongle).Any suggestions would be appreciated.Thanks in advance.Jcruzin
I recently bought Lenovo Yoga 520. I logged using Microsoft Account and tried set-up fingerprint login. But the fingerprint does not work i.e it recognizes finger by saying `Hello Welcome` but doesnot login with error message `Windows can't Signin, The credentials does not verify`. Furthermore the PIN login also doesnot work with error `Username & password mismatch`. But after some research on the internet, I find this link. According to it, there is no problem when using Local Account. But why does not the fingerprint work when using Microsoft Account???
So i've been getting these blue screen around 2-3 times since i got this laptop. It's just 3 months old. Can anybody help me with this please?
I just upgraded to windows 7 and cannot connect to the internet. My router uses WEP encryption and I always get a windows cannot connect error message however if I go tyo my neighbor's home who uses a router†with WPA encryption I can get on the net without any problems. I did not have this problem before my upgrade. Any ideas how I can fix this?
I have a work computer and my browsers have recently stopped working. I'm actually typing this on my phone. I need this computer for work and I have a document due this weekend. So any help is appreciated!

Ok, so my browers have recently stopped working. Firefox will sometimes open, but will usually not work. Firefox will also bring up an error saying "Firefox is already running but not responding" and then "Firefox has failed to open profile". I then tried Microsoft edge and it never loaded any page.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-7100U CPU @ 2.40GHz, Intel64 Family 6
Model 142 Stepping 9
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 12204 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 620, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 930 GB (645 GB Free);
Motherboard: HP, 832A
Antivirus: Sophos Home, Enabled and Updated
Model: Lenovo Yoga 700-14ISKProcessor: Core i5-6200URAM: 8 GB RamHard Drive: 256 GB SSDGraphics Card: NVIDIA Geforce 940M + whatever integrated graphics card comes with this model, unsure.OS: Windows 10 Hi, I've been experiencing a problem with my Lenovo Yoga 700 laptop where the screen remains permanently black. My computer will turn on, or so it seems, but nothing appears on the screen. I've tested many potential solutions to try to fix this issue, which I'll list shortly, but unfortunately nothing I've done so far has worked. This issue first appeared this past Monday on June 18th, 2018. I happened to be using my laptop at the time, when the screen suddenly went black. As far as I can remember there was no noise when the screen went black. I tried to get the screen to come back on by increasing the brightness and pushing the screen backlight button, but neither worked. So I forced shut down my laptop by holding the power button in, and then shortly restarted it to find the screen was still black. However, when powering on the laptop the fans work, the keyboard lights come on (and I can toggle them on and off using "FN + Spacebar", tho I've discovered that after the laptop has been "on" a little while, say 5 minutes or so, the keyboard light gets stuck on and "FN + Spacebar" will no longer toggle it off), and the Power Button Light on the side of my laptop turns on. Since then I've researched the issue for Lenovo laptops, and luckily most forum topi... Read more
So if you need more details feel free to ask, but here goes,
I recently cleaned my gaming pc and blackweb keyboard with a tiny aircompressor and a small paintbrush. After i cleaned everything fairly half-assed, it takes about 3-4 minutes to get the bios splashscreen and the good ol' single short bios beep. After another few minutes i am greeted by a screen that says only," Keyboard/Interface Error. Press F1 to continue" i think its some sick joke because none of my periferals are responding, only lights. I even tried using a ps/2 keyboard but still no luck.

Getting heated as all hell, any ideas are appreciated.
Userbenchmark results:http://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/9361649 Any ideas why the cpu is performing so poorly in relation to its peers?  Any suggestions on how to improve this?  Is userbenchmark accurate?  Does it matter? Thanks 
Hi, I just got a bradn new t480s and the fan is VERY loud, even when doing almost nothing it keeps going. It's in the docking station now and while doing little (cpu at 5%) I can hear it. My 450s was super quiet. Has anyone else heard this and/or found an answer beyond returning it? Thanks! 
This past week I've had a few users complaining about IE crashing. There is no pattern, cleared the cache reset and reset ie also. Still continue to crash visiting websites. 

Ifranview Batch Conversion does not work for me at all. I hate it. It is the only part of the program that I find hard to use. I have gone through the steps so many times, it is not working. I love other parts of the program though!

One question, Where is the "C\:Temp" folder to which Irfanview defaults all its saved files ? I just changed this to my regular Downloads folder and that works fine.

Windows update and now it doesn?t recognise my passcode? I have a Lenovo yoga 500 and can?t log in since update, laptop seems to be locked airplane mode so I can?t even change my Microsoft password for the laptop to recognise? Help???!!!
Hi all.


I wonder if someone could help me out, I want to restore my Notebook to factory settings but I have a question. Will I need to enter my Product ID when I do it? Is there anything else I will need? I bought the Toshiba Satelite Notebook (Windows 8.1 with Bing)
at the end of 2013 from Currys PC World, so I can't remember what I did back then. For some reason in Dec 2017, I updated and it took away my Admin rights and now I'm "Owner" so I can't install or do anything other than browse online and listen to


My laptop was unexpectedly shut down on June 8, 2018 and it is causing problems. I tried two previous restore points and this did not resolve the issues. Hope someone can help! Thank-you.
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 877 @ 1.40GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3986 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics, 1801 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 436 GB (368 GB Free); D: 27 GB (3 GB Free);
Motherboard: Hewlett-Packard, 18FC
Antivirus: Norton Internet Security, Disabled
Windows update and now it doesn?t recognise my passcode? I have a Lenovo yoga 500 and can?t log in since update, laptop seems to be locked airplane mode so I can?t even change my Microsoft password for the laptop to recognise? Help???!!!
So Ideapad 310s is the beast I am speaking of. For some unknown reason my Linux Mint 18.3 OS is no longer identifying my sound card. I had assumed that some button got pushed which turned off my soundcard ... or something. It has been a day of trying to troubleshoot that But then I thought that perhaps if I went into BIOS I could maybe figure something out ... anything would be fine at this point Then I found that there seems to be a 5-7  step secret handshake to get into Lenovo's BIOS, that no one seems to know exactly what that secret handshake is, and there appears to be no Lenovo employees ever in attendance to actually provide a concrete answer to this question. I have held in the NOVO button, pushed f1, f2, f12 ... and all of the other ones just for good measure because nothing has worked so far and I am on my last nerve now. Has anyone ever had one way that has worked everytime to get into the BIOS that they can share with me? I have 2 healthy kidneys, liver, and lung I am willing to part with in exchange
Here's a weird question for something I have only come across on my Yoga 720 (touchscreen) I do a lot of copy/paste when rearranging work emails and documents I have written.  So highlighting a phrase to copy/paste and move to somewhere else is something I do a lot.   Recently my laptop has developed a strange quirk.  I cannot highlight individual words without selecting the entire sentence; sometimes it will highlight the entire paragraph when i only want a part of it.  It makes simple things extremely frustrating, especially when I am trying to be quick.This happens in Word, Chrome, Gmail, any program with text. So im guessing there may be something I over looked in the settings or the touchscreen....? Anyone else come across this problem? What do?
W530 suddenly powers down. I found that if I continously press on the area circled in the picture it will not power down. If I remove pressure it will power down within a few seconds. It will occasionall power on for less than 30 seconds then drop but if I press on the area circled, it will not power down.     
is it possible measure HDD (not SSD) read/write operation per day?
I want  replace HDD by SSD. And know how log SDD well work fine on target PC (calc life cycle).
By analogy with a car, I do not need a speedometer, but I need an odometer :)
SCOM and per monitor can't show it. We can't replace HDDs on 20 PCs for test, and HDD not have any counters.
I have a strange problem. Computers runs great otherwise. Boots up fast, very slick. There were no problems until AFTER I used Irfanview Batch tool to learn how to resize some photos:

Now, what is happening is that any time that I download any big size photo, it is shrinking to the size of a postage stamp in my Downloads folder. I don't know exact proportions, but let's suppose that I have a picture of anything that shows up in Google Images as large 1200x1000 image.

I go to save it to my downloads folder and it is showing up as about 300x250. Just tiny, tiny images. I thought that it was a problem with Ifranview so I uninstalled it and reinstalled it. Same issue. If I try another browser and download a large picture to my downloads folder it is being reduced.

Now, any pictures that I previously downloaded before today are fine in size. It are only new downloaded images that are shrinking. Why? I have Irfanview as the default photo viewer.

My Hp laptop has completely frozen the keyboard and mousepad.. I have tried switching it on and off, I?ve tried doing this so many times to run the battery out completely and drain the laptop until it wouldn?t go on at all and then plug in and re-start.. every time I restart, the laptop starts as usual, then once on the home screen I can see a box that says ?PMBVolumeWatcher.exe - system error The code execution cannot proceed because turbojpeg.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem?

Anything I press or do does nothing and I cannot open any boxes, move mouse etc.. all I can do is switch on and off.. could this be a virus? I have no idea what to try?
I have a pretty weird problem with my Lenovo 3000 N200 Laptop.I am using Windows XP now.My "Page Up", "Page Down", "Windows" buttons don't work. I made a lenovo update, reinstalled the driver but still nothing happens. I have no idea what to do and it is very annoying as I use them quite often.Any ideas?? I would really appreciate some help! Cheers, Krizsoo
I have 3 computers connected in the home network, PC1, PC2 and a Laptop = PC3. In addition, I have a NAS that is used for Backups, various files and videos.
All three PCs run Ver. 1803 build 17134.48
It is PC1 there are problems with. It is the one I used for administration.
I need, from PC1, to transfer and put files into place on PC2, PC3 and NAS - as well as download and move files in those locations.
This was unproblematic before the Windows update.
On all 3, network and sharing center are turned on
PC2 and PC3 can still retrieve and add files to the NAS
On PC2 and PC3 are assigned "Full Control" to ALL on multiple shared discs.
On PC1, a disk is shared with permission Read to ALL.
On PC2 and PC3, you receive the message: "Unable to access ..." when clicking on the shared disk drive, but folders that are subsequently shared with a sharen name are accessed. It seems inconvenient that you can not override the entire drive.
It's bitter that I can not create a folder under the root from another PC, and that all folders should be shared separately (pretty much unnecessary administration).
On all PCs, Password-protected sharing is disabled.
On both PC2 and PC3, NAS and all the PCs on display are visible in the left side of Explorer. But not on PC1.
PC1 can not even see itself, neither right nor left Explorer panel?
Hope I can get a qualified bid on how to access PC1 on my PC and NAS
Hi. I have an old version of Word (2002) that I use for my job. I am taking on extra work for times that my job is slow. I have not upgraded because it works fine with my current company to do transcription. I only need it to type the document and send it. Also, if I upgraded, I would lose my hundreds of text expanders that I use for virtually every word I type. The new company has sent me a document that is in a newer version of Word, a .docx file, as an email attachment. When I open it, it opens in the old version of Word. The company I work for now puts them in Dropbox, and I am able to open them and type them and send them back with no problem, even though they have a newer version of Word. Is there a way to convert this file type once I open it? Again, upgrading to a newer version is not something I want to do. I just need to open it in my old version of Word. I see that there is an add-on compatibility pack, but I am afraid that might wipe out my old version. I am a little knowledgeable about software and computers, but definitely not a pro, so please be specific, i.e. step-by-step instructions if possible. I have asked the company to send it as an older version or to change the extension, but I have not heard back and need to get going on it. Thanks!!
I had recently purchased the Lenovo yoga 510 14-AST. So it has a normal warranty along with ADP of 1 year. While travelling i hit my laptop somehwere by mistake and it was inside my bag and today i notice a small crack near the headphone jack on the lower case of the laptop. Will this be replaced if i have this ADP Warranty or can anyone please tell me what the solution is? Please check the attachment to have a better look. Thanks
My Yoga 720 is suggesting a bios upgrade B8CN31WW. Is this something I should do? Current Bios is 4MCN28WW(V2.0), 10/19/2017I am not having any issues except for Extra large text on MouseOvers.  Thanks in advance,Kevin.
I have a X1 Yoga Gen 1 model 20QC and I want to replace the internal battery which is not a big deal as ton are offed on Ebay.My battery is a 52WH model 00HW029. A battery exist 56wh for the OLED version of the same laptop. The reference is 01AV410 or 01AV409 and It may mount at the place of the 52wh.I compare the picture of those and look similar. What do you think, it could work? Thanks
i have lenovo g550 and the motherboard now is deadthis is not my problem because i can buy a new one but the problem here is because i set bios password for the hard and now can not connect the hard to any other laptop because it asks for the password if i installed it as a master hdd and when i enter the password it says that the password is incorrect but i'm sure that it is the same password because i use it since i bought the labtop since 2010 and now when i connect the hdd via usb it doesn't appear in partitions or in device manager and in disk management appears as an unallocated spacenow i have to unlock this hdd and noway to repair the old motherboard because the vga chipset was damaged and i need all the data on the hdd how can i solve this problem?????if i buy the same model for the motherboard can this fix the problem or the problem related for the old mother board and memory for the bios  please any hope to solve this? 
Device Make:Lenovo ideapad 50015ISKBIOS: CFCN24WWV1.06 Currently my laptop has updated from Windows 10 Home single language version 1511 to version 1709.After completing the update, laptop started experiencing Blue screen of death (BSOD) error with message of "VIDEO MANAGEMENT INTERNAL". So I started finding the cause of error and i found that error is caused due to 'AMD Radeon R7 M360' device driver.Laptop has two Graphics device driver1)Intel HD 5202)Amd Radeon R7 M360 As AMD device was causing error i disabled the device throughDevice manager>display adapters>Amd Radeon R7 M360>Disable device. As soon as i disable the AMD device, laptop works with zero blue screen error and works properly through out the laptop useThe "catalyst driver" from Lenovo site and latest driver "adrenaline" from amd site works good with no error on older windows 10 version 1511 but as soon as windows gets updated to 1709 the bsod occurs. So the real problem with laptop is lack of support of latest driver for Amd device with latest windows version like(1709)The LENOVO Site is providing drivers which are old and works only with older windows version and they do not provide latest drivers for 'AMD Radeon R7 m360' for latest windows versions. The real problem is that i cant stop windows 10 getting updated to latest version and the graphic driver remains older causes bsod on latest windows version .Either lenovo Provide Latest drivers for device or give stable win... Read more
I wanted to customize the keyboard to be "arabic". I was wondering would that mean i will not have the english character? basically I would like the keyboared buttons to show both english and rabic characters. and would the backlight be affected by any mean?
Seems that after flashing a custom bios to my T420s, I've lost my "Thinkpad" boot screen logo.  On startup all I get is the bottom line -  "To interrupt normal startup, press the blue ThinkVantage button", before it boots normally.  No "Thinkpad" or "Lenovo" logos. I've tried re-flashing with several stock BIOS's but each time I only get the bottom line.  I've also tried following the "BIOS_LOGO" instructions (C:\Drivers\Flash\8cujxxus) for installing a custom startup image, but nothing I've tried works.  Both Winflash and Winuptp have options for changing the startup image but neither seems to work. Any suggestions on what I might be doing wrong ?.  Thanks.
So I when to turn on my pc and it came up with an error message saying there was a windows loading problem I was then given a number of option on what to do. But nothing worked so the last option was to re-install windows I clicked in it and I started. About a hour later it sed there was an error and then it black screened. I left it for a bit then manually restart my pc. Now whenever i turn it in it just black screens.