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Hello All,

My computer has been having problems for the last month, worsening over the course of the last week.
Computer Model: ASUS Desktop PC ROG G20AJ-US029S

My issue began with the computer sometimes not booting properly, sometimes a blank display, sometimes not even turning on the mouse and keyboard. However, when it booted normally, the computer would run flawlessly.

Over the course of the last week, my computer has begun crashing somewhat randomly, usually within a few minutes of logging into Windows. When it crashes, it will display a solid color or different solid colors on each of my monitors. It will then usually restart and run fine and play games with no issues.

However once last week and today, after restarting, the computer ends up crashing to a color over and over again. It got to the point last week where the computer stopped booting at all. I thought my computer was busted at that point but it started working again soon after.

There seems to be no reason behind the crash as far as I can tell. I have noticed that it is more prone to crash when loading something.

The computer also seems to freeze in safe mode and sometimes even in BIOS as well. I have also very occasionally noticed some graphical glitches during POST as well.

I do have some warranty on this computer. I just want to try to see if I can fix it myself or at least diagnose the problem prior to sending it. I am just not sure what diagnostics to run to help me figure out wha... Read more
So I'm only halfway tech savvy and I screwed up. Rather than running a dual boot option, I decided I didnt want Windows anymore and installed Linux Mint 18. All was fine, love it, all the way up until I decided I wanted to install some of my games onto my laptop. Didnt realize how complex trying to install things to Linux are, and its a bit over my head. Anyway, to the problem. I'm trying to reinstall Windows, but keep getting an error message that some drivers are missing. I have found and saved all my chipset and controller drivers to USB drive, loaded them on prompt, but apparently those arent the ones causing the problem. I was thinking maybe my storage controller driver, or the HDD driver itself, but I cant seem to find either of those anywhere, without installing a windows driver update program, which obviously won't work, as I'm running Linux. Hope someone can help. Thanks.
Below is my FRST.txt file, any help is extremely appreciated.


Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST) (x64) Version: 21-06-2017 01
Ran by SYSTEM on MININT-HGJL3KS (23-06-2017 23:12:46)
Running from E:\
Platform: Windows 10 Home Version 1511 (X64) Language: English (United States)
Internet Explorer Version 11
Boot Mode: Recovery
Default: ControlSet001
[B]ATTENTION!:=====> If the system is bootable FRST must be run from normal or Safe mode to create a complete log.[/B]

Tutorial for Farbar Recovery Scan Tool: [URL="http://www.geekstogo.com/forum/topic/335081-frst-tutorial-how-to-use-farbar-recovery-scan-tool/"]FRST Tutorial - How to use Farbar Recovery Scan Tool - Malware Removal Guides and Tutorials[/URL]

==================== Registry (Whitelisted) ====================

(If an entry is included in the fixlist, the registry item will be restored to default or removed. The file will not be moved.)

HKLM\...\Run: [AdobeAAMUpdater-1.0] => C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\OOBE\PDApp\UWA\UpdaterStartupUtility.exe [558496 2014-02-27] (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
HKLM\...\Run: [XboxStat] => C:\Program Files\Microsoft Xbox 360 Accessories\XboxStat.exe [825184 2009-09-30] (Microsoft Corporation)
HKLM\...\Run: [Malwarebytes TrayApp] => C:\PROGRAM FILES\Malwarebytes\ANTI-MALWARE\mbamtray.exe [2780112 2017-01-20] (Malwarebytes)
HKLM-x32\...\Run: [AVG_UI] => C:\Program Files (x86)\AVG\AVG2015\avgui.exe [3795880 2016-02-04] (AVG Technologie... Read more
Hello All,

My computer has been having problems for the last month, worsening over the course of the last week.
Computer Model: ASUS Desktop PC ROG G20AJ-US029S

My issue began with the computer sometimes not booting properly, sometimes a blank display, sometimes not even turning on the mouse and keyboard. However, when it booted normally, the computer would run flawlessly.

Over the course of the last week, my computer has begun crashing somewhat randomly, usually within a few minutes of logging into Windows. When it crashes, it will display a solid color or different solid colors on each of my monitors. It will then usually restart and run fine and play games with no issues.

However once last week and today, after restarting, the computer ends up crashing to a color over and over again. It got to the point last week where the computer stopped booting at all. I thought my computer was busted at that point but it started working again soon after.

There seems to be no reason behind the crash as far as I can tell. I have noticed that it is more prone to crash when loading something.

The computer also seems to freeze in safe mode and sometimes even in BIOS as well. I have also very occasionally noticed some graphical glitches during POST as well.

I do have some warranty on this computer. I just want to try to see if I can fix it myself or at least diagnose the problem prior to sending it. I am just not sure what diagnostics to run to help me figure out what's wrong ... Read more
I don't have much knowledge about this stuff so just bear with me.

I recently owned a P-Link TL-WN881ND 300Mbps Wireless N PCI Express Adapter.
That broke due to a family member snapping it in half. My parents replaced this with a EEEKit 600 Mbps Dual Band 5GHz/2.4GHz WiFi USB Adapter 802.11ac w/ Antenna Wireless Network Dongle for PC Laptop. I want to be able to have a good wireless connection for long hours of gaming and work. I have no clue whether this usb would suffice. Please leave your suggestions and questions, I would be glad to answer.
My laptop doesn't recognize my 2.5 external hard drive, disk manager does. Should I try another hard-drive enclosure.
File ini tidak memiliki program yang terkait dengannya untuk melakukan tindakan
ini. Harap instal sebuah program atau, jika sudah terinstal, buat sebuah asosiasi di panel kontrol Default Program.

Ini yang muncul setiap saya buka menu star dan control panel di laptop saya, saya tidak mengerti keapa bisa, tadi kebetulan saya buka, jalankan masuk ke regedit, dan saya hapus beberapa aplikasi, dan saya tidak tau pas saya
keluar dari halaman tersebut, laptop saya Berubah tidak bisa masuk apa apa,

Ada yang mengalami hal yang sama ??
Tolong bantu cara agar bisa normal kembali, saya pakai windows 7
This file does not have a program associated with it to perform this action. Please install a program or, if it is installed, create an association in the Default Programs control panel.

This is what happens everytime I open the star menu and control panel on my laptop, I do not understand why can, I just happened to open, run into regedit, and I delete some applications, and I do not know when I get out of the page, my laptop Changed can not enter anything,
Anyone experiencing the same thing ??
Please help how to get back to normal, I use windows 7
My computer is displaying full internet connection, but I cannot get online with browsers and games with launchers. I can go online with Steam and Skype. This happens 4-5 times a day for up to 20 mins. Both wireless and ethernet connection. Windows 10
QuickSetting.exe using HIGH CPU on Yoga 2 Pro (Windows 10 Cretors Update - Build 15063.413) clean installed.Does any inputs or solution?
Hey Folks,

I've recently did a major reinstall to my Asus R500A laptop and the operating system that is running is Windows 10 Home Version 1703, OS Build 15063.413.

This laptop used to be mine, but I gave it away to my dad. Shortly after the reinstall of the operating system, there are times that the Google Chrome browser may not respond whenever there is a page loading (my internet is still connected, but the Chrome program may not go anywhere - because of something unknown is running. I can surf the web using Firefox and found there is no problem). Sometimes, the web browser thinks it's going to a site - but it couldn't go anywhere because it's not responding.

I tried to forcibly close Google Chrome and attempt to relaunch it - but it failed. I also tried to remove all of the necessary add-ons and even do a clean install of the browser - but sometimes the problem persisted.

I even disabled the "hardware acceleration" feature, but with little success. Sometimes, whenever a computer is finishing booting up, I often see the frequent "Google Chrome Didn't Shut Down Correctly" messages - despite I closed the web browser cleanly.

The version of Chrome in particular is 59.0.3071.109. I also get those "update loop" messages as well.

How can I remedy this particular issue?
hello all, please help..i got a y50-70 laptop. came with win8 originally but i since upgraded to 10 and it worked fine for a year and a half or so.it was my work pc that ive had for about 2 years and ended up buying it off the company after i left (im a 3d games artist)after reinstalling it a few weeks ago, and even in the weeks before, i got random crashes of my 3d application (3dsmax) as well as the occasionalblue screen. however, more recently, the crashes (only of the program) happened almost every 5 minutes, and i blamed it mostly on the hot weather andand overheating issue. it was easy enough to just relaunch the app.then the pc stopped responding altogether and i reset it manually (hold on/off button), only to find that it had fried the ssd (samsung 512gb)the ssd did not doesnt show up in bios or anywhere.i replaced it and reinstalled windows 10.now, it doesnt even run _anything_ without freeze crashing after 10 minutes.totally regardless of what i run. even browsers. it starts going unresponsive (like i cant minimise or move windows) then just freeze crasheswithout error messages or blue screeni did a mem check on both rams, they seem fine. when i ran extended ram checks with the windows tool that also crashed(so i assume its not a driver issue as it was outside of the OS, upon restart)i checked the core / gfx temps with hwmonitor, theyre usually around 60, sometimes as high as 90, but even when theyre in idle at 55-60 thepc crashes.i dont know what else it could be i... Read more
Just got a new Yoga 720 15", fully loaded version. I saw on youtube (OwnOrDisown) that he was able to turn on the battery meter/gauge. I read that you open Lenovo Settings then click on the gear in the lower left. I have nothing useful in that section, and in the battery settings of Lenovo Settings there is nothing to add percentage to taskbar or similar. Windows 10 also has no built-in battery percentage display (really?) other than the never-convenient hover over the battery icon method. Another setting that seems to be missing is the ability to control the Fn key. All of my F1 thru F12 keys are acting as multimedia keys, not as normal F1 thru F12 keys. Pushing Fn + ESC does not change the behavior. Looking in Lenovo Settings, there is nothing under Input...literally nothing...it has a couple spinning wheels for a few seconds then nada. I made sure I have installed every single download for this machine from Lenovo, still no battery gauge option or Fn key toggle. I literally can not push CTRL + F4, for example. The Alt key also doesn't force the F4 function like I've seen before (like, intelligent Fn switching when you push alt). I'm going to go make sure my BIOS is up to date and will report any change, though I doubt there will be. Kind of scratching my head here. Otherwise, I'm loving this machine.
Is it possible to force the fans to run faster as to dissipate heat better? I know they gimp the CPU in this machine, disabling Turbo Boost, but you can easily turn it back on. However, the CPU quickly hits max temp and throttles down, yet the fans remain very quiet. I would prefer using turbo and letting the fans get louder, but if they are hard-set in the BIOS to a certain speed, than I guess there is no way to accomplish this. Didn't people complain about fan noise in the original BIOS, showing that the fans are obviously capable of running faster? If so, it would almost be nice to try that older BIOS and see if the fans would keep up with the heat that turbo creates. I'm guessing you can't back-rev the BIOS though....hmmm. Anyone come up with a solution to this turbo-conundrum? 
Just got an X1 Yoga 2nd Gen.  Pretty great except I see that WmiPrvSE.exe is constantly using 1-4% CPU in task manager. After digging I discovered this is due to the following query being executed by SynTPEnh.exe when it starts up: SELECT * FROM __InstanceCreationEvent WITHIN 1 WHERE TargetInstance ISA 'Win32_Process' This query string can be seen in the SynTPEnh.exe binary file via SysInternals procexp or strings tools. The query executes once every second indefinitely.  This seems minor but bad for battery life, but also seems unnecessary for touchpad functionality. I took a look at the reference SynTPEnh.exe that comes from Synaptics own website.  It does not contain the query string and so presumably does not rely on WMI for any functionality.  However the software on Synaptics appears to be old, from August 2015, so it is unclear if Lenovo or Synaptics has added the query since. What's up with this?  I'd like to not have my CPU used every second always, but I would also like my touchpad to function correctly. 
I know how to send but do not know how to receive faxes as emails or within my Windows 10 fax program.
I need to receive fax as well as send fax.
I have a Dell Pentium 4, 386 Windows XP, Dimension 8400. When booting up everything seems to run fine until you get to the welcome screen is where it locks up.
Dear Lneovo Good evening,four years ago a i was in Czech republic as erasmus student. I didnt have bought laptop from Greece and i bought a laptop from Czech repblic. This laptop which i bought WASNT LENOVO. To start from this. This laptop had all every time problems and i returned this to the shop 6 times. As conclusion i didnt accept my laptop and finally i didnt took a laptop. And now we are in 2017. Now i found a new job and was urgent to buy a laptop.I had tried lenovo in mobile phones fisrst of all with K3 NOTE . I was very happy with my phone AS a result i started searching from my new laptop.With full of searching i decided to buy the LENOVO IDEAPAD 510-15ISK. Three of the reasons which i decied to buy my new laptop was first of all the IPS SCREEN.The sedond reason was the sound because related to the description of lenovo the laptop has dolby audio advanced and harman speakers. Ant the third reason was the card graphic. Was 64bit but although is 4gb and is and Gforce 940mx . This card graphic is not too old. And now lets start with the problems which i have realised during the use of my laptop. I have found two big problems using my laptop. The problems are the following.1)Using my sound i found a problem with the synchronization of the  sound. If i go for example to change the sound volume from sound bar of windows there is a big gap between the two levels. Also if  i open a progam the first which appe... Read more
Hi! As the title said i left the laptop charging a batterypack overnight and now i can't start it. Confirmed that the charger is working by multimeter.. Ive had it plugged in for a few hours no result which makes me suspect the battery,, but the charger should bypass the faulty battery no?  Im at a loss of what to do here, opened it and was tempted to remove the battery to see if the charger would bypass the battery since the battery warranty period is over but i didnt dare to since in my mind it makes any warranty void - feel free to correct me.  Any thoughts would be greatly appriciated.. a lot hangs on getting it running.  If you need any more info just let me know and ill supply it to the best of my ability.   EDIT: forgot to mention thst the laptop was plugged in during the night. 
I have a Lenovo X1 Yoga Thinkpad (manuf April 2017). After removing Windows 10, I installed Ubuntu and found that the built-in touchpad is not detected. Touchscreen works great. I can even connect an external mouse and it works fine. But nothing from the built-in touchpad. I filed a bug with the linux kernel here since it is probably a missing driver in the kernel. BUT, I've read in the internets that other people have been able to get ubuntu installed on X1 Yoga's so I think there must be some workaround that I'm not aware of. Any ideas? 
We have mailwasher free on computers and iPhones. Today the iPhone app will not download emails anymore. Emails download to mail, but never show up in mailwasher.
I have a Dell Pentium 4, 386 Windows XP, Dimension 8400. When booting up everything seems to run fine until you get to the welcome screen where you log in to ether account in this case my wife's or I. This where the system hangs up. Please help dudsieg
I am using Photos and I would like to add comments to the pictures that will show when I post the photo in e-mail and face book. Thanks in advance

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-7100U CPU @ 2.40GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 142 Stepping 9
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 8109 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 620, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 930 GB (881 GB Free);
Motherboard: HP, 81ED
Antivirus: Webroot SecureAnywhere, Enabled and Updated
Hi. How can I convert a SCANNED Adobe Reader PDF image to Word? I don't have Adobe Acrobat because I only need to do this twice a year and isn't worth paying monthly for the small amount I use. Adobe Reader has blocked free software (which I use for other formats) by restricting the choice of file formats to Adobe only, so I cannot convert a scanned image before reconverting it.

Can anyone help? Thanks.
Somewhat recently my y510p became bricked while attempting to upgrade the bios from the version it orginally came with(v1.10) to the latest provided by Lenovo(v3.08). I'm currently trying to figure out the compatibility and potential cross-compatibility of the y510p's many different variations of motherboard in an effort to repair it. Hopefully I can get a bit of input and this can also be a nice reference.Not wanting to go through the hastle of having to solder new bios chips, I opted to "simply" order a new motherboard.Well I've since found that isn't as straight-forward as I might have thought, because there are literally dozens of slightly different versions of the y510p's mainboard, as denoted by their FRU number (which all follow the format of 9000xxxx), this number is typically found on a sticker on the motherboard under the RAM.My original motherboard was 90004286 which Lenovo's parts lookup identifies as,"VIQY1 MB W8S 47W HD+ WO/NGFF"This translates to (as far as I can tell):VIQY1 MB = Motherboard for a y510pW8S = System Preloaded with Windows 8 Standard47W = A 47w motherboardHD+ = Full 1080p High DefWO/NGFF = Without a NGFF/m.2 SSD slot.(My original motherboard also had the nvidia GT750m video chip)I have ordered a new motherboard and it arrived however it is not the correct one, even after confirming with the seller which one was the proper one prior to shipment. The motherboard I just recieved is 90003636 is identified as: VIQY1 MB 47W HD GT1So it is a y... Read more
While installing two Windows 7 important updates, received this," Code 80246002  Windows Update encountered an unknown error". Tried to get help with this from the Microsoft site but no information found. Please, what can I do to solve this
Hello Everyone! I'm new here and also a newbie when it comes to computer. I am having trouble with my Secondary monitor even if the operating system is newly installed and it doesn't display to make it as secondary extension. I use Windows 10 pro. Primary monitor is on VGA and the secondary is DVI but the cpu doesn't detect the DVI port or the monitor. The DVI cable seems working as well i tried it on a same cpu. with the same processor different brand of monitors. The operating system is windows 10 pro as well and it was working. I'm trying it now on Windows 10 pro V1511 but im really having trouble on this version. My processor is A6-6400k APU with radeon HD Graphics 3.89 GHz. Please really need help.
Long story short, 1-3-3-1 beep error code and still does after having no ram in the system. No idea why this happened and the 'diagnose' link for my model doesnt even work
Firstly, I would like to apologize if I wrote something wrong, because the English language is not my strong point, but the Portuguese one.
It's been a few days since this happened, I was working normally on my computer and then I went to sleep, I hung up normally and went to bed. As soon as I woke up and decided to turn on my computer, I received the famous "blue screen" with the following error code: Fatal Process Died
When I try to repair the computer it tells me that it could not be repaired and that nothing has changed. When I try to go back to the previous version, it says it was not possible again and nothing was changed. When I also have to use any other option of the advanced options, ALL, EXACTLY ALL SAY THE SAME THING. I can not use repair by Image, I can not use a repair cd, I can not use a Windows 10 installation cd and format the computer, I can not format and delete all files or even keep. I do not get any use of the advanced options or anything, so please, I would like alternative and efficient solutions.
I've replaced HDD with NVMe PCI SSD, and was able to successfully install and run Windows 10 using Dell-provided installation media image.However, the image is a bit old: mid-2016 Windows installer, plus AU update included separately, then the installed OS updates itself to CU 1703 version.Not sure for what gain of performance I was hoping, but I decided to try to clean-install the latest 1703 image downloaded directly from Microsoft. Installer can't see the SSD and asks for a driver -- the situation described on numerios web pages I've read since. The Intel Rapid Storage drivers -- (1) latest from Intel or (2) from Dell support page or (3) older version from Dell Windows installation image -- were all rejected. I.e. installer says there's no appropriate driver in all these locations.I flashed the latest BIOS. Tried AHCI and Raid settings. Other settings are UEFI Boot, Secure Boot and no Legacy ROM -- that's the way I want them. And besides they are OK for Dell installation image. The SSD is clean i.e. no partitions.So, is there any hope to clean-install 1703 version? Or do I have to run install and update, again, from Dell image?
I am trying to use mbr2gpt to convert my windows 10 from legacy to UEFI on a Latitude E7470.
I receive the following error (both from running mbr2gpt within the OS and from an external WinPE USB drive):
ValidateLayout: Cannot map MBR partition type 222. Please supply custom mapping through the command line.
It appears that partition type 222 (hex 0xDE) corresponds to the Dell OEM recovery/utility partition that came preinstalled with my laptop. It appears the utility does not have an entry in the conversion table that gives the correct GUID for this partition type, so I have to provide one myself.
Does anyone know what the correct GUID is for this type of partition? Thank you.
I'm trying to help a friend who has a DELL PP25L laptop she got it from her brother .It was purchased around 2011 with Vista if I remember correctly. I recently did a complete re-install of Windows8 and the laptop ran fine with it for a while. But now my friend is getting errors of horizontal colored line across the screen, and sometimes screen going dark, she has to restart frequently but the problems got worse and she is almost unable to use it. What can I do ? I did run the DELL diagnostic but that did not detect a problem. We checked if Windows 8 had the latest update and we have Defender anti-virus up to date. Can somebody help determining if this is a HW or SW problem ? Thank you .

Up to now, there has been very little information posted about the M.2 slots present in the Optiplex 3050/5050/7050 series and how to use them compared to that available for the XX40 series, and some of it is contradictory.
The respective Dell user manuals indicate that all three machines have M.2 PCIe SSD slots and show installing and removing such a device. Some of the tech spec datasheets indicate all machines have the same, but some indicate the 3050 user slot is only meant for a WiFi card.
The 3050 motherboard is an Intel B250. while the 5050 and 7050 motherboards are both Q270 motherboards.  The B250 has sufficient PCIe lanes to support a single PCIe x4 M.2, while the Q270 could support multiple devices.
Outside sources of information seem to indicate that M.2 NVME installation is at least possible. http://www.userbenchmark.com/ shows systems with an NVME drive installed in at least one 3050/5050/7050 system tested (though it is far more commonly found in the 7050).
The comment section in Amazon's webpage for the Samsung 960 EVO 250GB contains one post (search "Optiplex 3050) from "Tom" dated May 24 in which he describes installing ten 960 EVOs into ten Optiplex 3050s.  He found it fairly easy, much easier than the travails and workarounds described in numerous threads for installing them in the xx40 series. 
Of course, the big issue is not getting the drive to be recognized and function, but to make it also bootable.So, has t... Read more
I have a few old GX 270's running XP Pro SP3 that i most use for reorganizing files on external HDDs and sometimes simple games, i keep them offline to avoid any problems with hack attacks, etc.  Recently encountered an odd situation.
I have 2 HDD's connected at the end of the cable on each of the 2 MB HDD connectors and the drives are each set to Cable Select.
Primary Drive 0 = boot drive
Secondary Drive 0 = data drive
When i start the computer it gives me the following  error:
SATA Drive 0 not found - since there is no drive connected.
Primary Drive 1 not found - since there is no drive connected - and since no error it does see Primary drive 0
Secondary Drive 0 not found - this one is the problem drive and is connected
Secondary Drive 1 not found - since there is no drive connected
And the Secondary Drive 0 also does not show up in drive setup.
So it appears it is not  seeing the data drive, however once the computer is started the data drive is visible and works fine.
The data drive did have a bootable OS as well but it will not boot in the secondary position.  Due to some cable issues I don't want to switch it to the Primary MB port unless i have to. Any idea what is going on that the drive is not visible at boot but is visible once XP starts up?
This morning my Dell AIO 27 inch screen went pink/purple and then I smelled something burning. What does this mean? I closed all the apps and turned off the computer. Thanks all. D
For several weeks I have had a boot-up problem with my Dell XPS 8900. I have Windows 10 Home with all updates installed, and all drivers are up to date, according to Support Assist.
The symptoms are that I power on and the Dell logo appears with the spinning wheel underneath, then nothing more happens although the power on button has the white LED showing. The screen is black. If I press the power button and hold it in to turn off the PC, then restart the PC it fires up correctly.
In an attempt to cure the problem I have found a couple of tips on the internet but neither has worked. These are to change UEFI Boot Mode to Secure Boot ON. The other is to Disable C state in the BIOS and I have also disabled sleep. All of these changes are still in operation.
I have disconnected USB peripherals one by one and that has not changed matters.
A diagnostic test shows that the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 fails the Primary Surface Test.
The computer restarts fine - the trouble only shows when starting from cold.
Any help would be welcome.
MVPS HOSTS File Update June 23-2017

The MVPS HOSTS file was recently updated [June 23-2017]http://winhelp2002.mvps.org/hosts.htmNote: Windows 10 users ... the HOSTS file installs with no issues ...Download: hosts.zip (128 kb)http://winhelp2002.mvps.org/hosts.zipHow To: Download and Extract the HOSTS filehttp://winhelp2002.mvps.org/hosts2.htmHOSTS File - Frequently Asked Questionshttp://winhelp2002.mvps.org/hostsfaq.htmNote: the "text" version (484 kb) makes a great resource for determining possible unwanted connections ... http://winhelp2002.mvps.org/hosts.txtGet notified when the MVPS HOSTS file is updatedhttp://winhelp2002.mvps.org/updates.htm
hello; just this morning i started to have this problem after i used an aux cable to record a reel-to-reel recorder as a Line In device, which is something i've done plenty of times before with no problems. i've tried troubleshooting and reinstalling/uninstalling drivers in device manager, and i am still having no luck. from what i can tell, i'm only having this problem whenever connecting to headphones/external speakers. any recommendation as to what i should do is very appreciated.
I bought this Dell XPS 15 9530 in 2015. The screen started to flicker a few weeks ago. It is like two horizontal bar that flickers and that crosses the entire screen. It does that in any resolution.
I did update my drivers with the ones available from the DELL website, and the flickering remains.
I did connect to an external LCD screen, and there is no flickering on the external screen.
I booted in windows safe mode, and still there is flickering on my laptop LCD.
I also performed the diagnostics from the BIOS menu, and the flickering is present on the screen when patterns of colour are displayed.
I also tried the diagnostics tools from the DELL website, still the flickering appears when patterns of colour are displayed.
My OS is Windows 10, updated with the most recent updates from Windows Update, and with the latest drivers from the DELL website using my service tag.
What can be done to fix this issue?
Dell Latitude D630
Windows 7

A fuzzy line has appeared under my windows taskbar. It's mostly blue but changes to red.
It covers the bottom tenth of the windows taskbar.
I opened a folder on my desktop and the screen went black for about three seconds. The screen returned to normal and my folder's contents were there, but I noticed the fuzzy line. 
I ran the F12 Diagnostic and there was no problems.
The line is not affecting the running of the machine, I'm just worried that it might be the start of something more serious.
Any idea what it is?
Hi. I have a Dell XPS 15z which I have newly replaced battery. The battery came in with 79%, it shows charging but the percentage does not increase. It will work on battery alone. The weird thing is that when I plug-in the charger, the charger lights up even before I switch on the wall switch. It is like power draining back to the charger.
I don't see any wiring loose or damage to the board. Is there anything I have missed? Please help. I have paid good money for the new battery.
where can I get the driver(s) for the built in camera?
OS is Win 7 Pro 64 (installed from Dell recovery image). All Updates installed.
BIOS is A20, the checkbox "Camera" is checked.
There ist no camera driver/software in the support section (after entering the service tag, it shows all the other software, drivers and firmwares).
My Dell Downloads offers Roxio and WinDVD, but not Webcam Central.
I did a complete recovery, hoping that the recovery image had the drivers, but nope.
Device manager shows one unknown device:
USB-Controller - Unknown Device
All other devices are o.k. (ST free fall, mobile radio etc.)

one of my machines that I rarely use I needed to put into service. I hit the poert button and it go's to the Dell logo but no further. No movement on the status bar, no nothing. I tried Hard power down (battery out Unplugged hold the power button for 8 seconds) No change. I opened it up and one by one removed componets, dvd...no change Hard drive...no change...CMOS Battery...got 5 beeps (DUH) put battery back in...no change  OK now what to try...HELP
   I am using Window 10 Pro on Dell intel core i7. I am getting problem in playing games because when i press "w" to move my player forward and also try to control my camera then the touchpad does not work. What is the problem? I searched it a lot on Youtube and Google but all in vain. 
   Mostly people say that i should go to Settings>Devices>touchpad>Additional Setting> and then Goto the tab Device Setting.
 The Device setting tab is not showing in my Laptop.
Please Help me for solving this Problem. Sorry for my weak English. Thanks in advance
Hi I am Yogi,
My 4 months old Dell Inspiron 15 3558 i5 8gb ddr3 1tb continues shows
Automatic Repair  when I switched it on, on June 26 2017 (exact date )
Please suggest what can I do
Do Dell Vostro 2520 Laptops support RAM upgrades and/or Processor Upgrades? Please explain.

It's been 3 years with Vostro 2529 and I'm extremely satisfied with performance. I just wabt to upgrade the CPU and/or RAM, to continue using for few more years. 
Please explain if possible, how and if not, why.
Hello guys,

I'm thinking about buying a K2100M 2GB Nvidia graphic card for my Dell M4600 laptop.
There are some people saying that K2100M works fine for M4700 laptop. 
Does it work well for M4600? 
or how about K2000M? they all use the same slot. I wonder if the newest 2017 M4600 Bios is compatible with K2100M card.

A friend recently purchased a XPS 13 9343.  Apparently she had problems with the battery not charging when she initially set up the computer.  She claims she was instructed by the staff at the Microsoft Store not to operate the computer on the power supply, but that she should run the battery down and recharge it overnight.  She is under the impression that this is the way Dell intends that the computer be operated.  Given that she is not very technical, I'm a bit skeptical about this.  I suspect she may have misunderstood these instructions.  Is there any truth to this? Is this an initial "conditioning" procedure?  I did read another post that described a similar procedure to reset the battery meter. Does that procedure apply to this computer?  I've searched the Dell site, but I can't find any specific instructions for this computer.  If anyone can point me to some more info, I'd very much appreciate it.
Thank you.
My touch screen function stopped working about a year after buying this laptop. One day it was working fine, and the next it just stopped working. 
I have spent hours on google trying to find a solution to this issue and nothing seems to be working. In fact, under system information, it says 'No Pen and Touch Input is available for this display.' when I know full well I've been using the touch screen function for over a year just fine.  
I have another laptop, same make and model just bought it 3 months later. I've been to the Device Manager under Human Interface Devices where it is supposed to have 'HID Compliant touch Screen' there is nothing there that has anything to do with a Touch Screen.
Can someone please help me with this? I payed for the touch screen function and Its driving me nuts to not be able to use it.  
Needing ETA for Windows 10 Fix for the following:

A blank page or "404" error prints when you try to print a frame in Internet Explorer 11, since patch KB4022725 released on Windows 10 x64.  (KB4022719 for WIndows 7)

Win, 7, 81, server 2008 R2, and Server 2012 R2 are addressed here:

*** However, there is not a Windows 10 Fix Yet.  Please provide eta for fix and fix.  
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