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My V570 device manager says that I am missing 6150 driver. It is no long available on the Intel site. (The site maddeningly takes takes you on a circular route if you follow their instructuions about what to do. ) There is no recent information on them. Is there a safe depository to get the driver. I'm running Win7.
Hello! I have a problem with my old G50-45 laptop. I had to replace my factory HDD because it went bad and I had to put another one in. I rarely used it, but I think before it, it recognized the dedicated graphics card, but now it doesn't show up in the device manager, not even in the bios, I tried installing various versions of drivers and such, but only recognizes the integrated one.I checked in the bios, that it should use both graphics cards, but nothing. I would appreciate it very much if somebody could help me solve this problem. Laptop specs: Amd A6-6310 with R4 graphics, dedicated Amd R5 M230, 8GB RAM, 5400rpm HDD. Thanks,Pexeo
I have G570. I played with some graphics settings in the BIOSand restarted the computer and now it's dead. Did a power drain with no luck. When I turn on the computer the fan moves then stops then moves again. If I press any key on the keyboard I get that loud weird noise " same noise sound when you press too many keys". The screen is black. I removed the RAM and when I turn it on I get a small beep sound.I opened the back and was able to locate the CMOS battery but it seems soildered. How to reset the BIOS or unplug and replug the battery?Is there like a key combination or trick to safely remove the battery.  Any suggestion would be highly appreciated
Hi, I suddenly lost my Nvidia NVS 4200M card, tried all  combos in bios, nothing helped.Is anybody can help how to  troubleshoot, I lost my  second monitor,  I htink could be hardware failure,can't see it in device manager, or system configuration. just for the case can anybody advice solution to get any external  USB video card so  I can get second monitor on HDMI.  ThanksM 
Hello I have a Kids Nabi FUHU tablet for my son. I was installing apps for him. When I unplug his tablet the scren goes black and flickers white can someone help me with this? I've looked all over the internet but all of them said take it apart but I don't have any tools to do this can someone help?
Hi, my laptip is slow, can someone give me some advice?
Hi, my laptop is slow, can someone help?
Hi everyone, I have been using this Lenovo laptop G505s A8 APU 4500M for almost 5 beautiful years.I have been using it for everything: games, work etc.I noticed from the begining that the temperatures go above 40C, so I used a cooling pad with it.Last two weeks I have experienced massive overheating problems and shutdowns because of it.I used hw monitor, core temp, amd overdrive and they all show massive temperatures over 80C. Once the temperature goes to 100C laptop shuts down. These temperatures are all on idle. If left alone, laptop works for 20-25 minutes then overheats and shuts down. When doing anything, works 5-8 minutes tops (installing drivers and updates were hard to do).I have wiped the whole HDD and did a fresh install of windows 10 and drivers from lenovos site. Updated everything. But nothing changes.The only thing I didn't do was the BIOS update. I see that some people recomend but with these shutdowns, if I attempt any BIOS installs and a shutdown happens, I can kiss my laptop goodbye.Is there anything that can be done?
I upgraded an initial 2014 dated BIOS version to a later one but didnt really pay attention to the corect OS version. I am running W10 and the newer BIOS version is for W8 max. The machine wouldnt boot anymore. Changed primary boot EUFI to Legacy Boot. W10 was able to boot again.  What I want is to have the right BIOS into place and boot mode back to what it was or just the correct mode. As I mentioned it was set to EUFI. Runing BIOS: 9ACN32WW, 20-7-2015Previously: 9ACN26WW, 31-7-2014 In both previous and recent situations Lenovo System Update feedbacked no updates available. Via support > G50 > manual update:selection W10 en BIOS it doesnt return any BIOS version at all. See attached screenshot. Gues I am looking for the legacy BIOS section on the Lenovo site. Could surely use some advice on how to handle this. Doent feel solid or stable like this.
i think my onboard sound card is not working. i try reboot event install a new windows.but "sound video and game controller" is missing from the device manager list. will buying a new soundcard solve this problem?
Brand new, fresh outta the box Ryzen 7 3800x, and Asus ROG CROSSHAIR VII mobo. No post; post Q code indicates 07.

No video (Asus Geforce 1060 6gb Corsair venganve DD4 3200 ram.

Unplugged everything. Still 07.

Any ideas?
I've turned on "conservation mode" in Vantage. That means, my laptop will be charged  to maximum 65%. Sometimes I take it off the charger but not fully charged than later take it on back and it will be again charged only to 65%. The question is, should I charge it fully sometimes to save the batterylife after i used it without charger  or it does not matter ?
In about a week, the c740 I bought started to have a broken left bottom cover after flipping the screen to the back. when trying to push it back, I feel the left bottom corner is soft and squeaky comparing to right bottom corner.  according to other users experience in the same forum, this must be design and manufacture defects. no repair or replacement can address it. please be caution when you put order on C740.   
Hi, for the C930 14" sold last  year, there was a problem that the included stylus actualled scratched the screen. After using it for less than an hour, I saw makrs on the touch screen made by the tip of the stylus. I read that some models also have this issue. How about this year C940 14" and 15"? Perhaps I should get one with a softer tip? Which pen do you recommend?
Hi, I read some users reporting that in practice the average battery life of the 14" UHD 4K model is about 5 hours. If I recall correctly, the battery life of C930 of last year was about 7 hours. How about doing basic office productivity and some youtube video watching on the i9 15" UHD 4K version when the dGPU is turned off and brightness level perhaps 2-3 level down from the top?
Greetings, I have an X1 Carbon Gen 6 that is less than 16 months old.  I have been having issues with battery longevity. I get an error "The battery can only store 58.8% of its original full charge capacity (33.55Wh out of 57.02 Wh). Is this normal?  My warranty just expired, but I feel that a battery shouldn't degrade this quickly and is defective.  Is this degradation to be expected?  
I have a T480 that's about a year old. I've never had any issues with it until yesterday when it suddenly started complaining that the AC adapter (the original) has too low wattage. When I boot the laptop with the AC adapter plugged in, I get the following message: The connected AC adapter has a lower wattage than the recommended model which was shipped with the system. To boot with the AC adapter, please connect the AC adapter which was shipped with the system.Press Esc to continue. If I press Esc it boots as normal but then Windows shows a warning triangle on the battery icon in the notification area. If I click on the battery icon it says "Slow charger". I also think that it doesn't charge (or perhaps charges very slowly) since using the laptop seems to drain the battery. If I unplug the adapter and then plug it in again, it's still the same. However, if I boot the laptop without the AC adapter plugged in and then plug it in once Windows has started, it seems to work/charge as normal. I've also confirmed that it charges the battery when the laptop is turned off (though I don't know if it charges slower than normal).  I've found some old questions from others having the same problem (though with older laptop models), but I believe the suggested solutions won't work in my case (like reinstalling Thinkvantage Power Manager, which I don't have). I've also seen the notification on the website about the critical Thunderbolt software a... Read more
I found this old thread from 2018 while researching my problem.

Seems like something is broken. I use Windows 7 and can't get Accuweather to display and haven't been able to for a long time. I suspect that is one reason I don't use igHome as my start page.
Gizmodo also appears completely blank. I'm not sure if it ever appeared.

I use Protopage and both weather, DarkSkies not Accuweather and Gizmodo have no problems displaying so I don't suspect a problem with my PC nor my browser. It has to be somewhere on igHome's end.
Hi, I'm trying to install windows 10 on an assembled Pc and the only message i got is Driver 0 Unallocated Space. I use a hard drive, seems it doesn't recognise it. Any thoughts?
I just bought a brand new legion Y540. I don't know how to access the advanced BIOS menu, the menu I can currently access has very little settings. Anyone managed to access the "Debug Bios"? I saw someone give a weird solution for the Y740 which was to click on every key + Fn on the keyboard then click F10 but it sadly didn't work for my Y540.
Hello, anyone solved this problem or advice please ? The Touchpad and Trackpoint stop working when an external mouse is connected.  Tried several different USB / Bluetooth mice.Also tried in a different T480 Laptop, same issue follows. The option "Leave touchpad on when a mouse is connected" is ticked on in the Touchpad settings. Thanks.
Hello everyone,i would like to add a second ssd to my T495 (20nj). The manual of my netbook reports: ThinkPad T495 Platform Specifications:  The 250 GB disk currently factory-fitted is M.2 2280 SSD / PCIe NVMe PCle 3.0 x 4 (SN720).Now, I would like to mount a second SSD to have another OS with Linux installed. Looking for a 2242 SSD on internet, I saw that SSDs proposed have two grooves instead one (attached photo):My notebook instead has only one groove.  So I'd like to know, what is the correct SSD to buy? Thanks 
Create and implement the appropriate classes, interfaces and enums for the following facts. If necessary, also use an inheritance hierarchy and define all necessary class and instance variables as well as class and instance methods that are required or required in the given scenario.
Also use packages to encapsulate functionalities. Users can rent scooters, bicycles, scooters and cars from various providers (A Bikes, B Mobile, and C Share) in seconds via a sharing platform for electric mobility.
Platform users have a user name, are assigned a user ID, choose a tariff initially and once (which cannot be changed later in the course of the program), have a driver's license for different vehicle classes (car and or scooter, use an enum here ) and have a credit / payment request to the platform. You cannot rent / reserve multiple vehicles at the same time. Prepaid customers can top up their account with credit and then redeem it and rent vehicles. As soon as the deposited credit is used up, no further rental of a vehicle is possible. In the standard tariff, customers can also top up credit, but other vehicles can also be borrowed without credit. Also use an enum (prepaid, standard) for the tariff.
Each vehicle can be reserved and borrowed via the platform. Vehicles have an ID, a designation (e.g. the license plate), a battery with percentage capacity and are assigned to a provider. The interfaces to the vehicles and the providers are given. A vehicle should only be reserved ... Read more
When exactly if ever is lenovo c630 getting android pie i am stuck on 7.1.1 seems insanely dated since android 10 has been released is the c630 not getting anymore updates or something ?
It keeps saying stop code reference by pointer and restarting over again. I attached a pic below.
does anyone know some possible soulotions to my computer problem my screen wont work it just stays black when pc is on no light is on in monitor plz help 
I have windows10 installed in my Laptop. Usually I do use company WIFI and a static IP address has been set ( on it. Sometime i also use LAN cable where DHCP is enabled and system gets the IP (IPv4) automatically. I have found that anther IP has also set as a second IPv4 which i unable to find by which source it has set. I want to remove or disable this IP. Kindly help.
A couple of time in the past few days, i will be surfing on a browser and all of a sudden it looks a capture screen photo was taken of my entire screen including taskbar, title bar,address bar, and web page i am on.

It sounds suspicious, but i am not to sure it is something evil going on. But wanted second opinions.
I have and ran the usual tasks; virus scan, malwarebytes scan.
I am planning in buying a notebook/laptop which needs to have Windows 10 pro 64bit but what I need to know which series of these machines have Hyper-v. In particular the E480 E499 E5xx do these have it.
I noticed that the middle front screw, next to touchpad has ripped the threads completely. The screw turns endlessly if I try to turn it. Does anybody else has this or is it just me? I opened the case and I can confirm the threads have been ripped of the frame. And the screw itself is in perfect condition so it seems like a assembling machine with a perfect head for the screw has turned the screw and it has been set to too much torque. Lots of talk about loose screws on the sides or corners but how about this one screw on the middle? Do you mind trying to tighten the screw and see yourself? I attached a photo and circled the screw without threads. 
Dears,since 6 months I noticed a really annoying issue. When I connect my W540 to HDMI to a TV or a projector, the audio doesn't work. I have to uninstall and reinstall audio drivers, but as soon as I make an hot HDMI plug (through ultra dock station or miniDP connector), sounds disappears and I had to swear to get it back. if it gets back, because with the projector it will never come back. I use a really long HDMI cable (> 5m, but this should' t be an issue). Tried to update K21000 driver to the last version https://support.lenovo.com/us/en/downloads/ds037793Tried to unplug the W540 battery. Sound comes after each reboot. After the 2nd HDMI hot plug sounds dissaper. Tht's weird and crazy ! I hope somebody can help me in resolving definitively this issue.I read several post but none provide an effective solution.I am bored an frustrated. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b9B_0R5MIuQhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7AAHBMx1UWI&t=134s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fSiHz9zWPN4https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-dbi6qu-gXU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=scD69vXOJLk https://i.ytimg.com/an_webp/T1ccTce37Lg/mqdefault_6s.webp?du=3000&sqp=CIjZ0u8F&rs=AOn4CLBXxRwk8cjS7z...  
Dears,I have the following issue.My windows file exlplorer manager is very slow to open up, not only the first time but also the following one.I read several tracks proposal but none worked. I hope you will be able to resolve it. W540 with W10 Pro is the only machine I have with such annoying and frustrating issue. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qnhiKSQ5Nmghttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V2lXma9ec2U&t=54shttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uPPXafs4jqghttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bIws_uU16kohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9OyBbEhvNB4
I have a refurbished i7 T510 coming Monday 16th dec and I wanted to download the user manual .pdf so that I can be up to speed when the laptop arrives.This is proving tricky as I seem to get waylaid by requests for serial number I don't yet have! I have managed to find a 200+ .pdf service manual but that is not what I need. My main computer interest is music recording and I have downloaded scores of user manuals for gear I cannot afford. Manfctrs all just give a link as a rule. Season's Greetings all,Dave.
Hello everyone.I have a Lenovo Z50 and it often overheats when I play games. I have been searching the web for a solution and tried several fan speed control programs but it didn't seem to work with my laptop.Can you help me out? Greets
I'm rather puzzled by my ThinkPad P1 Gen 2's battery drain during sleep. This past evening, I undocked the machine while sleeping from its Thunderbolt dock when the battery was at 90%. When I woke the machine back up around 2.5 hours later, the battery was at 86%. What might be going on? I verified in the system event log that the machine did not wake up during that time. It has 64GB of RAM, but surely the RAM isn't drawing that much power, and nothing else in the system should be active. Thanks.
I recently bought a Motorla Cell (Model XT1921-2) smart cell phone that I use a cheap At&T
prepay service. The phone works. It has some additional internet features on it. I can access
home & guest WiFi serviecs.

At home I connected to my WiFi to my network for a brief period of time but every time
I bring the phone my house I cannot connect to spectrum internet with my computers.
I cannot connect with my computer that uses a ethernet cable or my laptop that connects
through air.

I tried to disconnect the phone from my home WiFi and still have the same problem.
Although I do find the phone is difficult to turn off at times.

Only solution I have is to take the phone an put it outside of my home WiFi area.

So now the phone has a new home in my car far away from my house.

Oh yes, I do have Spectrum's slowest internet service.

Any other solutions to this strange problem?

Thank you,
Attached picture is what my Language Bar looks like right now. It's missing a few buttons unfortunately. (yes - my cursor is over and has selected the textbox). To the right of (JP) Japanese (Japan), There should be an A button which brings a dropdown list of choices of Hiragana, Katakana, Romaji and English. next to that should be a button of what looks like an inkpad. Possibly another button too but I can't recall.

CAPS and KANA are buttons in my screenshot, turning each one on and off again, occasionally allows the Japanese input from my keyboard. It doesn't seem to do it everytime but it does when it wants to

It's been like this for about a month and it's starting to drive me a little mental. I feel like I've read every tutorial, reset every keyboard and language related setting. It won't budge. There are no issues during installation of the (4) Japanese Language features in Win10 settings (basic typing, handwriting, speech and camera),

I'd just love those buttons back, but for the life of me cannot find a setting anywhere for it. I'm open to 'cleaning' a Windows root folder that contains a language bar's "cache"?, or any registry tweaks if that makes any sense, and if anyone can provide any advice.

. I just want my Alphabet button back and be able to type via whatever JP symbols I like but selfishly, without having to reinstall the entire OS
I'm not even gonna go into details until someone asks, this is literally the craziest thing I've ever seen happen on any device,.... literally ever
Just bought myself a pc. Asus strix z270f Intel I5 6600k Msi gtx 970

Had to install some new fans, and got a nzxt hue+ as well. When tried to boot after i installed the hue, i heard a bzzt sound and the computer did not boot. Disconnected the hue and it started normally, but the mobo would not recognize any usb devices. (but my keyboard lit up) Reset the mobo by removing the battery, now the computer is stuck on the American Megatrends screen (amibios) and usb devices cant be recognized
How do I sync chrome canary to my cloud storage? I need to download data logs regarding site security issues experienced due to certifiate installation

Expert help please
I'm trying to get this X1 back running. I've looked around and tried a few things such asremove the battery and power on using just mains.press and hold the power button for a long time to flush the staticpressed the reset button through the tiny hole in the basetried connecting to my TV as it's HDMI out on the laptopnone of the above has made any difference. I feel that i need to try a mainboard next but keen to know if you have done it, how hard did you find it? The Lenovo site tells me it's a 3rd generation so I'm going to buy the relevant mainboard. anything else I should try first? thanks for any help/insight you can offerGX1 Carbon 3rd gen laptop 
Its an ASUS X556FU I7 4GB RAM 2 slots - 1 slot used
I'am planning to upgrade it, but I saw on the guides that some remove the battery and some does not.
This one has an internal one. Do I need to remove it or just install it directly.

this is my first time doing this so Iam a little bit scared.
I figured how to send a text message to a cell phone from Outlook 2007 on my pc. Now, How to RECEIVE a reply back in Outlook from the person? I don't have a cell phone. Thanks
I have the S740 15" FHD with an i7 9750H Lenovo specifies that this laptop has up to 14 hours of battery life although i'm barely able to get a third of the advertised battery life despite taking drastic measures towards battery saving.  At 100% charge i only get around 4 hours of battery life with Windows 10 power settings set to power saving mode (best battery life) with 50% brightness and keyboard backlight turned off. Intelligent cooling is disabled in Lenovo Vantage with the thermal priority set to Cool & quiet. I also manually throttled the CPU in Windows 10 power settings to only run at 20% of it's capacity with turbo boost disabled giving me an average clockspeed of 900 Mhz at all times.  While i completely understand that you'll never be able to get to the advertised battery life of 14 hours, i was at least hoping that i could get maybe half of it. Just 6-8 hours would make me very happy, but right now i am only getting 4 hours which is extremely unfortunate despite configuring the laptop for maximum battery performance as described above ^ As for what i'm doing with the laptop, all i'm doing is browsing the web using google chrome. No videos, no games, no other applications running in the background. CPU utilization is always at 1-5%. The Nvidia GPU is always at 0%. The Intel GPU can vary from 0-5%. RAM is never above 50% and the disk is always running at 0-3%.  Oh, and i've also undervolted the CPU by -100m... Read more
I have facing the issue kmode exception not handled. please let me know.How to solve this error
I'm trying to log a new logevent based on 

however my computer cannot run this command. It doesn't recognize it
'logevent' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.
How can I solve this?
I also so the EVENTCREATE command, which my cmd recignize.
Are these two equivalent?
Hello I have a laptop on my home network having internet issues. It?s running Windows 8 and was able to work until recently. My cell phone uses the same internet with no problems. The laptop shows full service. It can also ping itself and ping the default gateway. I cannot ping anything outside the gateway nor access any internet website. Any other ideas on what to try next? If I try to ping something online it says request timed out. Thank you.
Hi, I am trying to decide between the 14" and 15". For the 14", it has the latest components such as 10 gen CPU with AVX512, Irish Plus Graphics and LPDDR4X 3733MHz. As for the 15", it has  older but seemingly to be higher end components such as i9, DDR4-2666MHz and Nvidia GPU. Could anybody knowledable with these please let me know: 1. Is the RAM on the 14" faster in practice?2. In practice, is the Iris Plus Graphics on the 14" faster than the iGPU of the 15"?3. System-wise and when the Nvidia GPU of the 15" is turned off for the iGPU to be used, which performs faster, quieter and have longer battery life in real life?
Hello Folks, I am using Xeon processor and ECC memory for my p1 gen2, I am thinking to replace it to regular memory but not sure if the regular memory would fit the slot.  Is this doable?  Also, do you know where I can order the fan parts for p1 gen2?   Thank
Hi, I am considering to re-order the P53 again. However, I found that compared with 2 months ago, even Lenovo states that there is a big sale, the base price of the BTO configuration I got has been increased by about $1K in Canada. I have been checking since Black Friday. Although it looks like there is a sale, it is actually more expensive to buy now than 2 months ago. How come? Based on experience, when will be the "real" sale for BTO option?