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I just purcharsed a refurbished M700 SFF, model  10GTX029US.  I can not find the exact model specification anywhere, with and without the X in the middle. Here is what the outlet says I purchased: ThinkCentre M700 SFF - RefurbishedSystem Common AttributesProcessor: Intel® Core? i7-6700 Processor (8M Cache, up to 4.00 GHz)Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64Display Type: None - DesktopMemory: 8 GB PC3-12800 DDR3 SDRAM 1600MHz UDIMM MemoryHard Drive: 1TB, 7200RPM Serial ATA 3.5" Hard DriveOptical Drive:Warranty: 1 Year On-Site WarrantyGraphics: Intel HD Graphics 530Desktop AttributesForm Factor: SFF BlackFacet Features MTMCTNote I know the machine has DDR4 2400, not DDR3 1600.It came with an Intel Wifi Card, but had Qualcom drivers installed. In particular I am interested in the specifics of the mother board and bios for SSD/m.2/NVMe options.
Since Firmware 4.04 the Thunderbolt Docking runs hot.It smells like slow "burning" plastic. My whole office smells like "burning plastic" after 2-3 hours in use.I have checked all items and found that the plastic smell comes from Thunderbolt Docking.After Update to Firmware 4.4 nothing changed. It smells and I'm afraid that it burns some day. I have changed the Docking to another new one. Flashing firmware to 4.4 and same issue. The new one also smells after 2-3 hours like burning plastic. That's not normal ... My configuration is:- Yoga 370 connected with USB-C (only USB-C connected for Data and Power)- two EIZO Monitors connected on Thunderbolt-3 Anyone have this same problem?
I experienced very strange problem which I can't explain.
We have big LAN with mask /16.
There are over 1000 devices in LAN, but I describe it on example of 3 devices in that LAN with addresses: - exchange NLB- virtual addres pointing to 2 CA servers - draytek router
test workstation - any workstation from LAN. (fe.

Now tracing path from to NLB ( i got additional hop through draytek router.
router seem to be properly configured (WAN interface addressed, LAN addressed 192.168.x.x)
all above in one LAN with mask
and all packets from workstations to exchange NLB goes through

If i trun off draytek router all workstations go stright to NLB without additional hop.
If i power on draytek it comes as additional hop.

Please help! I dont have ideas how does it work
Hi All,

When i am connecting my pen drive to the USB port in the CPU it is not detected. I have 4 pen drives but non of them are detected when connected. Could you please suggest me on this.Please refer the attachment where i have kept the screenshot.
I bought a lenovo yoga 510, after installing a set of updates by windows, I got deafult boot missing or boot failled problem.  I downloaded the recovery media by following all the instructions, but the laptop stucks on this screenany suggestions
two three days before i have updated mozilla firefox latest version, after that my browser is getting crashed. before updating into newer version i can open around 34 windows in laptop. after that 28 window gets crashed. i have open two of my website( interpool, stackon ) database in the same browser is that the problem
I have an 8 year old PackardBell which has been enough for my limited uses (I don't play games or other high power needing programmes). I do use it for connecting with my microscopes, and as it has USB1 ports that makes imagery a bit slow etc. Now, the
monitor caught on fire, which I replaced with a Samsung 2233SW, which I have no trouble with. I need to buy a new PC tower, as it really has had its day, which I guess will be Windows 7, but I need to buy one that is compatible with the Samsung(I don't
want to buy another screen when I just bought one a year ago) which has VGA connection. I need a sugestion as to which PC Tower I need that is compatible, and one that has at least 5 USB2ports - with  two or three USB2 ports preferable at the front
(the USB leads from microscope cameras seem ridiculously short). My budget is about $A600. many thanks,
Hello I recently tried logging into my PC, but since I couldn't remember my password I locked my account and now I need a bit locker key. Anyone know where I can find the bit locker key?? 
Okay I had a .txt file that had all my passwords and usernames in it and I use Notepad++. I tried opening it to login to one of my Google accounts and found it's smeared in "NULLNULLNULLNULLNULLNULLNULLNULLNULLNULLNULLNULLNULLNULLNULLNULLNULLNULLNULLNULLNULLNULLNULLNULLNULLNULLNULLNULLNULLNULLNULLNULLNULLNULLNULLNULL", it doesn't display anything in any other program.
Hi, I installed a clean copy of Windows 10 (from a flash drive, not through recovery) and downloaded a lot of the drivers/software from the lenovo website, but I can't find the Harman audio software anywhere.  Can anyone help me get it please, or at least tell me what the name of the software is as I can't find it anywhere. Thank you. 
Netgear model d6200 won?t load into window 7 professional- in device manager it shows up with an exclamation mark- needs a driver, but windows can?t find a driver. Have tried resetting, makes no difference. Have internet, so device is working but I want wifi and cant set that up on my computer?

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 16366 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD RADEON HD 6450, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 449 GB (335 GB Free); I: 1862 GB (704 GB Free);
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0Y2MRG
My pc shows "There might be problem with the driver of the local area network" and "wireless network".
My desktop pc is intel core 2 duo 3.00ghz, Ram 3GB & Win7 Ultimate with 64bit.
I had Avast Premier but uninstalled now.
I uninstalled the network & wireless drivers from device manager.
I did like gpedit, regedit, services etc from internet solutions.
I restored my system for sometime but nothing is succeed.
2 days ago everything was fine but I didn't anything.
I am connected on this network with my phone perfectly working. No problem to my other devices but my desktop only. Pls dear I need my pc is connected badly for some needs.......
I have a laptop and a second monitor. When i hook my laptop up to my second monitor through HDMI it moves all of my desktop icons and taskbar onto my second monitor even when my laptop is set as my "main display" but when i select my second monitor as my "main display" it will move all the icons back to my laptop but leave my taskbar and windows related actions on my second monitor. I am trying to use "extend displays" but it will not recognize my laptop monitor as the main display. What can i do to fix this?
In my T460s there are 2 internal batteries.When working on 2 full batteries I get sudden death - just like unpluging battery - every time when forst one is 0% and it swiches over to other battery.After turning device on again it works normally from second battery. Looks like the swiching is faulty. What can I do about this? Can it be solved throug software settings or it is physical issue.
Hello Windows Insiders!

Today we are releasing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 16273 for PC to Windows Insiders in the Fast ring and Skip Ahead.

Flighting Update for PC
We have some updates for Windows Insiders on how we?ll be releasing new builds going forward for the next couple of months.

As explained when we introduced Skip Ahead, we have ?forked? the release into its own branch we call ?RS3_RELEASE?. Many Windows Insiders will recall we did the same thing for the Windows 10 Creators Update when we started flighting builds from the ?RS2_RELEASE? branch. Insiders in the Fast ring have been getting new builds from this branch over the last few weeks now. We are now at the point of the development cycle for the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update where our focus is now on stabilization for release to the world. This means that we intend to release these builds to Insiders more quickly to both the Fast and Slow rings as these builds we include mostly bug fixes.

For Insiders who joined Skip Ahead, we will continue to release builds from the RS_PRERELEASE branch but they won?t be released at the same pace as builds from RS3_RELEASE. Since we are just now beginning development for RS4, Insiders will soon notice a jump in build numbers just like we did early in RS3. Also because we are just beginning development for RS4, Insiders shouldn?t expect to see a lot of big changes or new features just yet. Our engineering teams remain focused on getting the Windows ... Read more
I have several computers on my wireless network along with 3 Tivos. I also have one computer hooked up by cable.The wireless internet has been going off frequently on the wireless devices but stays on the computer with the cable. The wireless computers can see my network listed under available networks but they don't want to connect unless I reboot router. I'm thinking it must be a problem with wireless part of the router but wanted other opinions before spending money.
Hello, I just recently downloaded the upgrade to 8.1, which had options for me to display my taskbar on multiple displays. However, after this update, my multiple display options have disappeared. Is there a way to turn these back on because it was a feature
that I really loved about 8.1...Can anyone help??
Thank you!
-Lyssa Prince
My Carbon X1 3rd generation laptop has died. The support technician can't seem to fix it (despite trying two new motherboards). I need to get my files off the SSD (see photo), it is a Toshiba 256GB THNSFJ256GDNU. Does anyone know where I can get an adapter or something that I can use to retrieve my files?  Thanks!

ssd.jpg ?810 KB
Lenovo, Wireless LAN driver 19.70.0 is being offered, how about getting the companion getting the companion Wireless Bluetooth driver up on your site for Windows 7.
In Internet Explorer, when I get a certificate error, if I continue to the web site, I can then view the certificate to see what was wrong.  However, obviously it would be preferable* to see the certificate
before I make the decision to go to the site.  Is this possible?  I'm sure I could use another browser that does this, or maybe use the F12 developer tools, or write a program.   But I'm looking
for a normal-user way to do it.  I think it used to be possible in Internet Explorer, but this might have been 6.x or even earlier.  Or even
way earlier.  Yep.  I'm that old.  I believe this feature is not in Edge either...unless I'm just missing it.  But I'm using ie11 right now.
*understatement level is set to "high".
When I copy, and paste text from a forum that has black background with white text into my MS Office 2000 word program, it copies as white text, with black background. How do I change this to display as black text on white background?
Hello, I have thinkpad W541 that has a nvidia quadro K2100M. I've had the laptop for a while but I've never used anything graphically demanding on it until recently, but since I have, I've realized its only ever using the intel HD graphics 4600 and not the K2100M. I've tried to go into the nvidia control panel to see if I could tell it to use the K2100M like I have seen suggested in some other posts but whenever I click on nvidia control panel I get an error message that reads "NVIDIA Display settings are not available.You are not currently using a display attached to an NVIDIA GPU." I've tried updating both drivers but that didn't fix the issue. Any suggestions? Thanks.
So, F8 do not work and there is nothing to let me just get to the recovery screen unless I have enable that before??? So now that I buy Windows I actualy have to install linux just because the F8 do not work???? Why Microsoft did that???

------------------------------- Eryx Guimarăes
Help me I think My laptop Gpu is nearly dead.it keep showing a black screen(Only for a 5 minute and then it comes back) when I open My aplication.
I know the typical sites like vx vault and virus sign, but I want to expand my list further. Where else can I get malware samples
I am trying to install .NET 3.5 on my Windows 8 (x64) PC using DISM but it fails with error: 50 (Not supported)
I?m using this command:
DISM /Online /Enable-Feature /FeatureName:NetFx3 /LimitAccess /Source:e:\sources\sxs
My dism.log containing this error reference:
Error CSI 000008de (F) Component marked deleted and is no longer available for: [ml:280{140},l:190{95}]"msil_system.enterpriseservices.resources_b03f5f7f11d50a3a_6.3.9600.16384_nb-no_1de1704ee402e9ee"[gle=0x80004005]
Error CSI 000008df (F) STATUS_NOT_SUPPORTED #13228972# from CFileInstaller::DoComponentOperation(...)[gle=0xd00000bb]
Error CSI 000008e0 (F) STATUS_NOT_SUPPORTED #13228971# from CFileInstaller::ProcessComponentChange(...)[gle=0xd00000bb]
Error CSI 000008e1 (F) STATUS_NOT_SUPPORTED #13228970# from PrimitiveInstaller::CCoordinator::ProcessChange(Change (null) -> 6.3.9600.16384 for System.EnterpriseServices.resources, pA = PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE_MSIL (8), Culture = [l:10{5}]"nb-no", VersionScope neutral, PublicKeyToken = {l:8 b:b03f5f7f11d50a3a}, Type neutral, TypeName neutral, PublicKey neutral)[gle=0xd00000bb]
Error CSI 000008e2 (F) STATUS_NOT_SUPPORTED #13215031# from CCSDirectTransaction::PerformChangeAnalysis(...)[gle=0xd00000bb]
Error CSI 000008e3 (F) STATUS_NOT_SUPPORTED #13215030# from CCSDirectTransaction::PrepareForCommit(...)[gle=0xd00000bb]
Error CSI 000008e4 (F) STATUS_NOT_SUPPORTED #13215029# from CCSDirectTransaction::GenerateCompo... Read more
Hello people. My Laptop is not using Dedicated GPU on external monitor but instead using integrated graphics processors how to make my external use all features available on laptop including gpu and CPU ?
I was in my document folder today and noticed earlier this week had over 600 documents "altered" on Monday. I opened some and they were existing files I had on drive. I was home and on computer at the access time... did I get hacked? Windows 10
I am trying to connect a projector along with my regular monitor to my computer, but it keeps making the projector the main display. I'm using windows 10. How can I fix it?
I have the latest version of windows 10, a gtx 1080, intel i7 7700k, ASUS strix z270E, when I go to display settings I can't see a slider for brightness, it's nowhere, when I search brightness in the task bar the display panel opens up but no slider, this is a hassle because even with nightlight mode or f.lux on max it is still is too bright and it can be annoying to other people in the room.
My dad had me pick him out a computer this past March that would run his PC games on high settings. I found him one and a graphics card and it ran great, until he decided to mess with it without my supervision. >.> He took the side off and cleaned it with canned air. He said it was working fine before that, he just decided to clean it because there was dust accumulation around the air vent on the front of the case.
Troubleshooting already done with no avail:
Checked wiring, everything is plugged snuggly
bypassed the power on button: did not power up
I read on a forum that pushing the power button in a certain sequence will something force a start up, that did nothing also.
Here is where it gets interesting: paperclip test on PSU - unhooked everything and PSU fan started, added the hard drive, HD started up. Hooked everything in, except the pin connector needed for the test, nothing came on. I unhooked the power connector to the motherboard and tested again, everything worked. I then unhooked everything, PSU came on, I hooked the power back to the motherboard, nothing again.

I am thinking because nothing will work with the motherboard power connected to the PSU that he either fried the motherboard or the connector for some reason quit working. Before I buy another motherboard, I wanted professional help.

Computer Specs:
Lenovo Desktop Computer E20
Intel Core i5 650 3.2GHz
Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit
Link to exact desktop: https://www.newegg.com/Product/Produ... Read more

We have a lot of templates (100+) set up in Word that everybody in the company uses.
For some reason, mine does not have a header set up, but everybody else's does!
Our IT guy told me to copy and paste it to all the templates but this does not seem the most efficient way and I don't want to save my signature over master templates.

It seems like there should be an easier solution.
Madam / Sir, on my Lenovo SFF   desktop 510s-08ISH- 90FN00BYIN I have three sata ports for 3drives. There are 2 drives pre installed. These drives get power from a cable with two sata power connectors and are connected to the motherboard with a 4 pin plug. Can this 4 pin power connector on motherboard support 3drives ??Regards John
I plan on reformatting my laptop soon so I can have a fresh start on everything. I also want to create a new config, so im thinking of different setups. What are your thoughts on this one?

Firewall: Glasswire Pro (Works with Windows firewall)

HIPS & Sandboxing: ReHIPS, Sandboxie

Back up storage: 1 TB external storage & Amazon Drive

SIU: Macrium Reflect

Privacy: Spybot Anti-Beacon, NordVPN, Universal Text Encryption Tool, Veracrypt

Anti-Exploit: Hitmanpro Alert

Second Opinions: Malwarebytes (free), AdwCleaner (free), Hitmanpro (Alert)

Primary Scanners & Behaviour Blocker/Anti-Ransomware: Emsisoft Anti-Malware, Zemana Anti-Malware (Premium)

Browsers: Firefox, Tor

Browser Extensions (Firefox): Ublock Origin, HTTPS Everywhere, LastPass, NoScript, Avira Browser Safety, Bitdefender Trafficlight, Nimbus Screenshot, Grammarly

Other tools: CCleaner, Privazer, Wise Disk Cleaner

So a week ago, when I got off work, I came home and my computer was off, this was very un-usual because I never turn my computer off, ever. So I proceeded to turn it on and it would start the boot up sequence and then shut off, I took the case off and proceeded to see my CPU Heat Sink had became dislodged, and my cpu was heating up, and the thermo protection in the bios was causing the computer to shut off. Simple fix, right? Well I fixed it, the problem is I removed my sata cables from the HD to fix the issue and somehow when I put them back on I dont know if was static or whatever it did something to my Windows profile, and when I tried to login it says something like Cannot login access denied. So I then went into my bios and enabled the recognize USB ports, (my keyboard is a usb plug in) SO I could then actually boot up in and use Windows 7 safe mode. I used safe mode command line to enable the administrator account of windows, logged in, turned the pw protection off my account, (that I was trying to recover,) still couldnt log in, same message: (Something like this
"Group policy client service cannot login access denied "

So I noticed that if I logged into the windows admin account first, then logged off of it, THEN it would let me login to my profile, but it is missing a lot of my stuff, I am mainly after the browsers cache that had some important information in there & important history, and a lot of other things I setup, so is there any relatively quick... Read more
My grandson has a HP Pavilion 11 laptop with Windows 10 but has so much agro with 10 that he would like to use Windows7. I have tried dual booting which did not work. I have also tried to do a clean install by reformatting the hard drive after a full backup. The computer will not let this happen. It seems as though the bios is locked to Win 10. Other than getting hold of another bios free of Win 10 I cannot see any way past this problem. Has anyone any idea as to what I can do.
I have an HP Omen 15t
i7 4720HQ, nvidia gtx 960m, 8gb RAM
When I am plugged in, I get a lot more lag than when running on battery.
On battery, the games run perfectly, 60fps, smooth.
However, when I'm plugged in, fps drops to about 15-20fps... not enjoyable, the extra lag is frustrating.
I checked windows power management options and set all settings from "battery" and "plugged in" to match. Everything is on high performance.
I checked HP Hardware Diagnostics UEFI. Ran AC Adapter Test - OK; Ran Power Source Test: - Battery Check OK; Component Test - Warning. Not sure if that's the problem?
I updated BIOS (F.40) and did see an improvement (30fps) but its still getting lower fps than on battery.
Bought a new ac adapter ($13 off amazon, not an original hp product) but the new one gave me even more lag... so I returned it.
I'm trying to test the adapter with a voltmeter. I set it to 20v (19.5v, 3.33 Amps output), put the black on the outside and red on inside of adapter tip, tried inverse order(red outside, black inside) also but only getting .23 volts either way.
I'd like to purchase an Original HP adapter, but want to test the old one to see if it is the problem, .23v just doesnt make sense. I tested someone else's adapter and got the similar readings.
What am I doing wrong when testing the adapter?
Is there anything else I should update?
Any other power supply troubleshooting tips?
What else could be wrong with it?
Any info i... Read more
Are the USB ports in a Lenovo Z40 connected to mains ground when the computer is being charged with an AC/DC adapter? I ask that because  I'm working on a project where I need to use a USB-to 5V TTL adapter cable for serial communication between my Lenovo Z40 and an external board. I'm concerned about ground loops because I may use a separate AC/DC adapter + power supply  to power the external board. The board is supposed to use a lot of current (about 3 Amp) and I'm worry that if i accidently unplug the the wire that connects the external supply to the board's ground terminal, and the external power supply is also connected to mains ground, then a lot of current will try to flow through the usb port and may fry it or cause other damage. On a separate scenario, lets say I connect the computer to the car's +12V cigarette lighter socket using a Lenovo 65W DC Travel Adapter. Would that cause the USB port ground to be connected to the car battery's negative terminal?Also is there any kind of over-current protection at the USB ports? Thank you.
Hi, Driven by the good performance of some Lenovo Thinkpads from friends, I just bought an Ideapad 510-15IKB and everything is just great, except for the fun noise! It is completely insane, I can hear all the time, even after booting without anything running. After searching a lot on the web it seems to me that this is quite usual on this Lenovo machines and the company is not answering at all to the customers request. Is it that hard to release a bios update that changes the behavior of the fan or does it mean that this design has a cooling problems and it needs to have the fan constantly running?I know that it is not fair to argue that the temperature of the cpu is around 35C and the fan is running, because if the fan was not running the temperature would be higher for sure, but would it be higher enough to justify that the fan is always running at a earable pace? I guess that we, the customers, just want an answer from Lenovo, either saying that this is like it is and we need to live with that or, the preferable one, a BIOS update... In my case, I will wait a couple more days to see if any solution comes up and if not, I will be returning the laptop and buy something that is not Lenovo. ThanksPedro

Lenovo Ideapad 510-IKB
I downloaded Ubuntu alongside Windows 10, but on Ubuntu the touchpad is not working.  My touchpad is not detected on my xinput list.(The Logitech devices are a USB mouse and keyboard) Does anyone know if there's any resolution to this or am I out of luck? If I'm out of luck, would this be resolved with future versions of Ubuntu? Thanks.
My laptop powers on but the screen stays black. I can't get the screen to come on at all. It was working fine and then I updated it and now I can't get it to come on. It's only a year old.

20170823_144758.jpg ?5198 KB
Hello all, I have a Thinkpad P50 from which I took the HDD out and inserted a newly acquired M2 SSD (a Plextor M8Pe NVMe).I've inserted the SSD into one of the two PCI Express slots before taking out the SSD and I've managed to see the SSD detected when checking in Computer Management. After taking out the HDD I proceeded to install Windows 10 onto the SSD from a bootable USB stick with Win 10 OEM on it. When it came to go with the custom Windows installation and choosing the drive to install the Windows on, I got nothing to choose from as the SSD is not seen / recognized as a drive and I only have the option to load drivers from the USB stick. I've tried with downloading Intel Rapid Storage Technology and save the files to the USB stick and even with specific drivers for the SSD from the Plextor website (although they should be required only for Win 7, which doesn't recognize the NVMe interface by default). I've changed the boot options in BIOS from UEFI to Legacy only, turned the Secure Boot on and also tried to put the SSD into the second PCI slot but still of no avail. Cany anybody please tell me if I missed something, there's some other configurations required for the SSD to be detected or the problem could lie elsewhere? Any suggestion is appreciated. Thanks!
Hi!I'm looking for information & ressources about boot sequence topic. What I need to do is to boot from USB-3 key. 1 - I know to enter into BIOS setup after boot (by the way F1 key works only on my machine if hybernate mode is off. it waste my time to understand why I was not able to enter BIOS setup with my machine out of box)2 - I can locate the startup tab 3 - but I'm no sure about the PCI LAN highlighted "by default"  USB CD should be my dvd burnerUSB FDD should be floppy diskNVMe0 --> ?ATA HDD1 should be Hard drive disk ATA HDD0USB HDDPCI LANother CDother HDD Is there around documentation about meaning of all these items?And also the way to define first device as USB key ? thanks in advanceregards
After Microsoft did an automatic software update, my Inspiron M731R would not get out of a update installation loop.  Microsoft could/would not help so I had to REINSTALL Windows 10 which wiped my disk so I have to reinstall all software.  My problem is the new installation will not read the DVD/CD input.  The type of device is TSSTcorp DVD+-RW SU-208CB.  At point where hardware will not recognize the device so to allow the Device Manager to recognize the device on a scan.  Watched U-Tube vids and checked regedit to see if Upper/Lower tags are present in the class entries and they are not there.  Any help is welcome as I cannot reinstall software without a CD reader.
Hello I have a Dell OptiPlex 755, my O/S windows 10. dell supportassist keeps telling me I need to update my bios. can this be with win10 install or do I need to reinstall win7 please help. 

Hello, just a few hours ago I got a new update from Intel drivers ( Intel Chipset driver and Intel Management Engine Components ). So, I downloaded both of the drivers and install it. However, the drivers keep showing up on Dell Command update. I even try to download the drivers from the website and installing it over and over again but still keep popping up. Any idea how to fix this? Thanks
I can physically rotate my Dell desktop's monitor to a portrait format BUT how do I change the software set-up so that the 'picture' is also in portrait format. (Just changing the physical position leaves everything else iin landscape and thus 90 degrees out.)Answer soon please: my neck is starting tohurt!P
Does anybody know if Alienware audio program is suppose to have an equalizer or sound adjustments, all I have is a setting for stereo sound, quadaphonic, 5.1, 7.1 sound. My old XPS had Maxx Wave and worked great for my speakers. My computer is a new Aurora R6 desktop with Windows 10, any help for better sound quality would be appreciated.