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I have a P51 on a docking station with two Acer 28" monitors connected with Display port. This user has two monitors on a stand with monitor 1 on the bottom and 2 on the top. No matter what I do the main display appears on the top monitor. I go to display settings and change the monitors to 1 on top and 2 on the bottom, the desktop stays the same (top screen). I select the other monitor (#2 now on the bottom) and select to make this the main display and the desktop stays the same (top monitor). I tried swapping DP cables with the same result. If I open the laptop and boot the system I cannot change the main display. But after doing this, (I close the lid on the laptop) the top monitor now had the resolution of the laptop screen, requiring me to change the resolution to 4k rather the 1024x768 (I think this was the resolution it detected). I thought this was just a one time thing, so I tried it again and the resolution on the top monitor went back to 1024x768. I updated all the drivers with no help. I even tried the latest drivers from nvidia for the quadro m2200 with no resolution.
I need to make a bootable usb to put Windows 7 Pro on my laptop. I'm able to put the file on my but it says it needs a bootsec and this is the pc I'm trying to put 7 on. It's a Lenovo 80r2 if that'll help.
How do I stop Edge from running in the background. I've looked in settings/apps and don't see edge listed but I've turned off all apps. That said, every time I stop Edge manually it always seems to start up again with out my consent and there 7 instances of it running.

I don't like Edge, I don't want Edge............How can I just disable that piece of crap?
Please help.  I have the 320s. Every time I press the space button it is as if I've pressed enter. Every time I press n it types mn. Every time I press the left key it deletes and Every time I press b it types vb. Does my keyboard need cleaning, and if so how do I do this? Please help
Hello, I have purchased Lenovo Yoga 920 with USB-C docking station and connected two external monitors (1 via DP, and 1 via VGA) to the docking station. I have disabled notebook's screen and I use only monitors, however it is impossible to use the Yoga Notebook in this mode, because my mouse cursor freezes every 5 seconds. I am unable to perform any productive tasks while using external monitors, which is very frustrating. I tried looking at the forum and have found that maybe disabling Intel Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework (DPTF) might solve my issues, however when I boot into the BIOS I don't see any Intel DPTF option available under configuration window. Does anyone encountered similar issues? What could be a fix to my solution? Thanks a lot for help and suggestions.
Installing Windows 10, build 1803 on a new X1 Yoga 3rd gen.We used the Lenovo SCCM Driver Package in our SCCM.After the system is installed, all devices are listed as installed, but the synaptics Touchpad is not installed and it is not working.Even when I try to install it manually (setup.exe or dpinst) I?m not able to get it working.(tried version ?
I bought a P50 laptop from Lenovo in early 2016 - it is running Windows 10.  Recently I started to have some issues with windows and decided it would be a good idea to revert it to factory settings and start again. The problem is, after pressing F11 to enter the recovery menu, I am stopped by the message "You must log in to access System recovery options...Click OK to restart the computer". I can access the administrator account on the system just fine (there is only one), but the recovery tool doesn't seem to give me chance to log in. At the moment, the system is working but there are certainly some deep issues and I really want to do the factory reset - windows restore fails if I try that, the windows "reset this pc" option just causes the computer to reset and then hang on "please wait" until I turn it off and on. Does anyone have any suggestions?
This is continue of old topic about absolute minimum system requirements from Windows 7.
This time we work on AMD (TM) Geode (TM) architecture LX-800 500Mhz CPU.
Windows 7 still works :) Unfortunately with 512MB RAM memory refresh in idle mode spends about 50% of CPU.  With 1024MB RAM it takes 30%.
Uploaded with
Windows 7 doesn't work too fast on this CPU, so I suggest to choose other faster AMD solution for W7.
Hi, i try now endless hours to install windows 7 on my computer. Always
mouse and keyboard not working (as i googed cos of not supporting ubs 3.0).
I tried to install usb drivers on my usb drive with my image but not worked.
I now installed windows 10 but still want to install windows 7. But even now the keypad and mouse not works.
How can i install windows 7 ?

My System is:
processor: Intel Core i5-8400 - 4.00GHz - 6 cores
processor-cooling: Scythe Kotetsu Mark II
Ram: 16GB - (2x 8GB) - 2666MHz - CL16 - G.Skill Aegis
Mainboard: Gigabyte H370M DS3H - VGA/DVI/HDMI/DP - USB3.0 - USB-C - Raid
Soundcard: 7.1 HD Onboard
Graficcard: MSI GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB - semi-passiv/Zero-Fan -
Harddrive: 1TB - Samsung 860 EVO
I've Dell Inspiron 15 7000 and it came with all my drives encrypted with bitlocker. I dual booted it with ubuntu 18.04. However i'm unable to access windows drive from it. I tried disabling bitlocker on one of those drives yet it did not show up in ubuntu. Moreover it asks me recovery key every time i try to boot into windows using grub. P.S There's no TPM option in my BIOS (which i saw as a solution somewhere else)
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Hi wird bei euch das X1 Tablet Gen3 auch so heiss wenn es an der lenovo Thunderbold docking station hängt? 
For some reason we as an office can't seem to access the Lloyds or Halifax websites. We are in Regus serviced offices in the UK.

There are 5 of us (only 2 with accounts, but everyone has had a go). Two with Macs (Sierra), three with Windows 10. It was working last week but nothing since. Have tried with Safari, Chrome, IE and Edge. Doesn't work with either iPhones or Android phones on the wifi either.

Now for the kicker. It DOES work if you disconnect from the wifi and use 4G, which made me think it was a problem with Regus, however I've asked someone in a different room and they can access the site so now I don't know.

We've had a lot of problems with Regus changing IP addresses to the point that I've had to run everything via an ethernet switch just so everyone can print and get online. Maybe I've overloaded the switch(?) but why would that affect only one site?

I'm not very technically minded I'm afraid. I seem to have become the default IT Director by virtue of sex and age.

Please help!!
how to fix the problem of lenovo laptop g5080 , after connecting pendrive the files in it becomes shortcut
Hello,I have Lenovo X240 with two discs 500GB HDD SATA 6Gb/s with additional mSATA SSD 24GB . Computer is running very slow and I would like to upgrade disc to SSD. Can anyone give me piece of advise what would be the best option?- change the HDD for SSD and get rid of the additional SSD- keep HDD as a storage and replace mSSD?- or is it time to change computer?Thanks!  
Motherboard of my Thinkpad T540p got damaged and now I need to replace it with any third party mother board.My lapptop model no is 20BFS10L00. Can someone help me what is the part no / model no of the motherboard which shall i replace with?
I am connecing services.msc to other computer from my machine and got the below error.
"Error 1722: RPC Server is unavailable"
Please let mw know the steps to resolve it
Boopathi S
Hi there! Can anyone recommend me the best software to remove malware from system.I am using windows 7.
Hi. I just updated my T470s. First I updated BIOS to version 1.28 and after reboot and everything I updated also Intel Management Engine to version Update was successfully installed and laptop was rebooting. But it didn't boot at all, it stopped at Lenovo sign and dots circle. The circle wasn't even 'moving' just standing still, as it stuck on something - see photo. I waited 10 minutes and nothing happened, so I shut down via holding power button and a few seconds later it booted without any problem.  Kind regards
Hi, I've been getting regular blue screens on my Thinkpad X230 (win7x64). It tells me I have a USB_DRIVER failure. Is there something that can be done? ThinkVantage hardware diagnostics give no errors. 
I used to have DSLExtreme 18 Mbps, using Speedtest.net on ethernet I would get a steady 15-16 Mbps down, wifi was steadily 14-16 as well. I recently switched to Charter Spectrum 200 Mbps, and now I get 40-80 on ethernet and 11-18 on wifi.

All my computers are pretty old, all run Windows XP, I have a Dell Dimension e510 with a Pentium 4 & 1 GB RAM, Dell Inspiron b130 laptop with a Celeron M & 1 GB, Dell Latitude x600 with a Pentium M & 632 MB RAM, And and IBM Thinkpad t40 with a Pentium M & 1 GB.

Now I know that's slow by today's standards, I've heard many people say you can't even run XP with 1 GB. But I can play many games on the highest settings smoothly with the Dimension e510. I do a lot of 3D graphics stuff on it as well. It's quite powerful for it's age. I have a bit of a hard time believing that it can't handle a 200 Mbps connection.

The laptops are all connected by wifi except for the b130. I tried the Thinkpad on ethernet as well, and I get similar speeds on all of them for ethernet and wifi. I run a speed test once and get 86 Mbps on ethernet, run it immediately again and get 30 Mbps. Upload ranges from .90 to 12 Mbps. Wifi gets 11 down once, 18 down the next, .90 up the next, 11 up the next.
It also seems to run better when I have all of my devices connected and in use at once than it does with nothing connected but a PC directly to the modem or router.

I also randomly get socket errors for both download and up... Read more
Dear All, 

I would like to search for your help on this issue regarding deploy solution from Visual Studio 2013  to Sharepoint 2013. 
Previously, I am able to direct deploy the solution successfully from Visual Studio 2013 to Sharepoint 2013.
However, these few days I have encountered the error message "Error occurred in deployment step 'Recycle IIS Application Pool': A task was canceled. " when I try to deploy the solution to SharePoint. I didn't change any setting in Visual
Studio and SharePoint. 

Currently, I just able to use Sharepoint 2013 Management Shell to write command and deploy the solution to my SharePoint. It's working fine if I am using the Sharepoint 2013 Management Shell to deploy the solution. 

Unfortunately, I cannot debug my coding due to cannot deploy the solution from Visual Studio 2013  to Sharepoint 2013. I am suspect that my server has canceled my task when I try to deploy the solution, but I don't know what happened to
my server since I didn't change anything.

Appreciate if anyone can help on this issue. 
Thank you very much. 

Best Regards, 
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I have a M90 cpu that has and older version of nvidia graphics card. Thus it is crashing windows 10. Hence, I wanted to upgrade the graphics card to a new and upgraded one.Problem is - the space inside is not enough to fit the new graphics card.I am attaching the pic of the cpu as well as that of the graphics card. Please tell me if any other graphics card (compatible with win 10) is recommended instead. 
Whenever I try to open a new window while in tablet mode, a rectangular appears on my screen as if a new window is trying to open then my screens begins to flicker like crazy until I exit tablet mode. Does anyone know why this may be happening? I would like to be able to open two browser windows and have them stacked side to side while in tablet mode like I would if I were to have multiple apps open. Is this even possible? 
Dear All,
I came across an unusual situation and count on your help since I cannot resolve it.
Scenario: Domain network with W2012R2 server as a DC, a spare DC and several other servers both virtual and physical. Several dozen workstations.
One of the workstations (W7pro-64) got a failure with cyclic BSOD. Disks C:,D: and SYSTEM_DRV were restored from the 24-hour-old backup. "Preserve domain trust token on target drive" option is checked, though I do not know if it's correct. Anyway
I see no way change this.
After that the trust relationship was with the domain was broken with the following symptoms:
1. Login not possible with network cable plugged. The system refused to recognize any domain users.
2. RDP connections to the workstation fail.
3. Impossible to connect to MS Exchange.
Additional information:
Domain Member
PolicySettingWinning GPODomain member: Maximum machine account password age 999 days Default Domain Policy
What I tried:
1. Nltest query
C:\>nltest /query
Flags: 0
Connection Status = 1786 0x6fa ERROR_NO_TRUST_LSA_SECRET
The command completed successfully
2. Nltest reset
C:\>nltest /sc_reset:<DOMAIN>
I_NetLogonControl failed: Status = 1786 0x6fa ERROR_NO_TRUST_LSA_SECRET
3. Netdom reset
Also no luck - access denied.
4. Netsh
netsh winsock reset
netsh int ip reset
and attempt to join the domain with the wizard. No luck.
5. Multiple attempts to unjoin the domain.
Every possible combination. Under domain users wit... Read more
so when I press shift the key board does backspace.icons cant be placed on the desktop , they dissapear.renaming folder or just playing with the folders-- deletes them.Down arrow and left arrow do not work.May be more problems with keyboard --dunno. I have done a system recovery.Problem not changed. I  have started the Novo menu.But the first item is highlighted, when I press enter nothing happenswhen I press down arrows, the next below item is not selected--first remains highlighted/selected.(down arrow does not work) Presently I cant get the Novo menu anymore,so consequently I cant load Win 10 via usb thumb drive. Need help, my research doesnt seem to find anyone with similar problem. 
I'm having some trouble with my computer https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/user/w746ehj/saved/q2wQzy
It normally works fine but I left it on for about a week and after I turned on the screen the resolution was a bit wonkey, I have a samsung 49inch ultrawide so that's kinda normal and I have to reboot ocasionally. However this time, it stopped booting, all I see is a black screen after the initial screens from the Motherboard to enter UEFI and such, so I do know the display is working since it is visible.

So far I tried running trouble shooting and it said it was unable to do anything, I've also done 2 full resets and both times I'm able to get past the initial windows setup, then it shows the "Hi, welcome to windows it may take a few", then it says it might restart, does so, and I run into the same issue where it just shows a black screen after going through the initial MOBO screens.

I'm not sure what to try next, the code on my motherboard says 24 which they say is "handed off to Software"
How do I get two external monitors to work with my new Yoga 730 15 inch? I have a USB-C to Hdmi but I cannot use it and the HDMI port because all three screens will not show up, only two. Only two monitors will show at one time. What can I do to get these to work?  Is there a docking station I can purchase? I have the Lenovo part GX90M44577 that is the USB-C to HDMI port.  
There's a 2nd Gen X1 I have my eye on, but I can't tell if its a 1600x900 version or the 1440p version (I think I am right on the two display sizes). I have a manufacturer part #: LX1C582SN10P. I don't get any good results when I search the number and I can't contact Lenovo directly. The specs I do know: 14", 8 gigs RAM, 256 gig SSD.  I would really appreciate any help. Thanks!

When I flag items in my inbox I can see the flag icon on the right.
But when I search those emails, it doesn't show the flag icon despite it being flagged.
This hasn't happened to me before in earlier versions of Outlook.
Is there a setting I need to change?
Hello All. Wow!The more I mess with these things (trying an 11s and a 13" yoga pro 2) the more I find that they are choc full o' glitches.I really wanna like one of them but... I use Chrome in laptop mode on both and every time I enter a text field the virtual keyboard pops up.Yes, this would be appropriate if in tablet mode, but completely unnecessary and counterproductive in laptop mode. Can this be disabled somehow? ThanksB
When my thinkpad x1 yoga 3rd gen is connected to my thinkpad thunderbolt 3 docking station and either automatically or manually entered into "modern standby" state, see this thread, i'm finding that my usb 3.0 / type A port connected jabra speak[er phone] 410 power light stays lit vs turning off as it did with my old x1 carbon 2nd gen onelink pro dock setup.  I have this usb speakerphone device plugged into port 7 / usb 3.0 connector shown in the thunderbolt 3 dock user guide page 6 image which is not an always on usb 3.0 / type A connector like port 6 is so i would have expected it to be turned off in "modern standby" state.  I tried plugging it into the other non-powerd usb 3.0 / type A connector ports on dock, i.e. the two port 9 options, and it made no difference.  Any insights as to what is going on hear and how i address this? 
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790K CPU @ 4.00GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 60 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 16340 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 745, -1 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 463 GB (84 GB Free); D: 12 GB (1 GB Free); E: 1862 GB (1624 GB Free); L: 3725 GB (3695 GB Free); M: 2794 GB (1738 GB Free); N: 3725 GB (1003 GB Free); O: 4657 GB (1710 GB Free); P: 4657 GB (2135 GB Free);
Motherboard: Hewlett-Packard, 2B36
Antivirus: Avast Antivirus, Enabled and Updated
I hope this is the correct forum to post this issue. It has to do with my email, but primarily as I use it on my Apple products and PC. It is a real email "thriller," meaning I am completely flummoxed as to how to fix it.

My email stopped working on the email applications on my PC. I went over the email configurations, reinstalled the email programs (I use Incredimail and Mozilla Thunderbird). The emails continued to work perfectly on my web server (I use AOL mail by Verizon.) I kept going over the configurations and found that they are ok. So, just for a lark, I changed the password at the AOL (Verizon mail) website. Lo and behold, the applications on my computer started working perfectly.

Now the rub. After a while (a day or less), the email again did not work (could not send or receive mail). I got a variety of prompts, indica... Read more
My probook 650 g1, wont boot up. It only goes to a BIOS update screen, restart and go to the same screen all over again. Ive replaced the CMOS battery and tried downloading the new BIOS update on a thumb drive and updating my laptop that way. Unfortunatly nothing has worked. Any ideas???
So I wanted to ask if there was a way for me to use my video camera that can't stream by default, with a hardware encoder. I'm very new to the subject and want the proper information before making any purchasing decisions.
I purchased a Lenovo ThinkCentre M910s SFF (10MKCT01WW) without an optical drive and I now need to add a DVD Burner.  After checking the Service Parts List I believe I need the following:   45K0493     DVD Writer00XL190     ODD SATA & Power Cable01EF799     ODD Latch (to secure the drive)01EF813     ODD Bezel (to fit the case)Can anyone please confirm this?
I was downloading files and accidentally clicked "open with photos" so now all my files I download can't be used. Example, CC for games like Sims 4. How do I change it back?
my pc has one hdmi port (output). i tried connecting my ps4 and it doesn't show up, there's no extra buttons on my pc to change the input. is there any solutions to connect my ps4 to an output hdmi?
I have this Lenovo T400 with a 120GB SSD installed, running Windows XP for maximum backwards compatibility testing. I have a Canon ZR10 digital video camera with an iLink connector on the front, so I connect a cable from that to the iLink port on the front of my T400 but it is not being recognized and I cannot import video. for the those who are unaware, a miniDV tape imported will gobble up about 14-15GB of storage, so my 120GB SSD has more than enough bandwidth, i have lot of large capacity usb sticks to move the video etc the ieee 1394 shows up in the device manager ok, i have a T500 but it does not show up in the device manager at all
Desk top computer froze and whatever we did we couldn?t get past blue screen it was stuck on asking for keyboard to be set up. So, realising I would lose everything I decided to factory reset it but didn?t realise I would lose Windows 10 which was upgraded when it was free to do so. The computer is getting on a bit but after latest upgrade which we think was the issue I am now left in the dark ages. Please can anyone suggest which is best operating system to use now? I do not want to pay the charges for upgrading as I do have Windows 10 on a laptop.
Hello everyone! I use the t450s for school, and I'm very happy with it thus far. My only complaint is battery. Just today, I realized it had a 2nd battery. I'm relatively unfamiliar with it, so could someone please tell me how it works? Does it kick in after the 1st battery dies? Do I have to enable something? Thanks guys!
 Why do I have Dropbox installed on my PC with an (x.86) when my system is supposed to be (x.64) bit system, I bought it from Dell new that away, why am I always having problems with my system being mixed up with different settings. My updates are
far and in-between can't get the updates I need to install when there are updates to install, I don't understand, can Microsoft do anything about this?
I was watching Netflix last night when all of a sudden my screen not really pixelated. I looked into the resolution of my screen and it was fine. I rebooted and turned off for the night and still no change. The lock screen is fine but after that any screen is distorted by pixels.
the security key mitchmatch locked me that i play roblox anymore or maybe its just a violent game...
I got a new HDD and want to install windows 7 on it as the previous OS got bad... #HDD. So I started installation and it always got stuck here. How do I go forward NB: The red line comes up always only installation.
I did a clean install of Windows 10. My Gmail account opens, and I have my emails, but my contact list/address book is gone
If you're using Windows XP Professional SP3 32-bit and have it configured with the POSReady registry tweak so it can continue to receive security updates through April 2019, a total of 7 security updates for August 2018 are available at the Microsoft Update Catalog site.

Download and save all 7 security updates, then install them in order by KB number.

Do NOT restart your computer until all 7 security updates have been installed.

Remote Desktop Connection
I am having trouble connecting to my Remote Desktop Connections. Somehow whenever I try to login, I'm told that my credentials do not match and told to change them including password. I fail to understand why this is happening because I never changed any
of my credentials to begin with and no one else uses my computer.