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Using Firefox 61.0.1 and Windows 10.

I used to get www.google.com when I opened a new tab. Now, all I get is a blank page. How do I get it to open www.google.com when I click to get a new tab?

Also, I would like to disable searching from the address bar.

These are my current settings; but, I have also tried every combination of settings I can think of.

ok, I recently was handed a Dell Inspirion 531 Desk top that needs to be factory reset for my fathers Estate sale. How on earth can I do this without a disc? or partition to work with? I've tried all the lovely F keys to no avail. Anyone????
My X1 died on me and, according to the sheet of paper that came back from the repair center, had its system board replaced. Unfortunately, when booting, I get a prompt for a bitlocker recovery key - and the key I have (confirmed with Microsoft) is not working. The key id shown on the recovery screen is also different. I've spent about 40 minutes on the phone now with Lenovo support, and haven't gotten anywhere - how can I get back into my machine? It would appear that, since the hard drive was not replaced, I should still be able to get in with my existing key, or am I missing something there?
Laptop pwr supply: would 3.25 amp output instead of 2.25 harm computer?

Thank you.
Does anybody know who mfg of the Lenovo is using for the 1TB SSD M.2 PCIe NVMe Opal2 card for P52?
Hi,I have problem with wifi, maybe the problem is after windows update, I use win10. Strength of wifi signal is very weak, I catch signal only when I sit next to router. And If I connected internet is not work and also wifi is disconnected by itself after a while and then no wifi connection on list! By cable nothing problem, LAN card is ok. I scanned computer on lenovo support, installed system update, but problem is still here. I have all drivers up to date. Is there any utilities or help???? THANKS a LOT for any tips a help advice, best regards Lucky
I am running Windows 7.  I update and run Microsoft Security Essentials almost every night to be sure my laptop stays clean.  Have never had problem and when the scan does reveal some threats, I remove them.  For the past week, each day the
scan has found some Trojan malware, and each time I click to remove them all, but each time I repeat the scan they are back with the following error message:
The following error occurred: Error
code 0x80508023. The program could not find the malware and other potentially unwanted software on this computer.
Category: Trojan
Description: This
program is dangerous and executes commands from an attacker.
Recommended action: Remove
this software immediately.
What does this mean and how do I get rid of these threats?
I have been using TeamViewer as a remote-control program for a few years to help friends and friends of friends and never charged anyone for this help; but, Teamviewer is now blocking me from using their program, saying I am using it commercially.

Teamviewer costs $600 per year so I can't afford that for free work.

So now I need a replacement. I need a program that will:

Remain on standby 24/7 so that I can log in at any time at will.
It needs to give me complete control of the remote system just as though I were sitting in front of the remote computer.
It needs to allow me to reboot the system and allow me to log in again after the reboot.
Since I don't charge for this work, it needs to be very low cost or free.
If you have personal first-hand experience with a program that meet these requirements, please tell me about it.
Dear All,

Me and my colleagues are facing with a strange issue here! We use VNC to connect to the users remotely to fix their problems, but today we faced with an issue on a machine running Windows 10 Pro x64 (Domain Joined). When we logged in, after about 2 seconds we are getting lock screen from that machine and unable to continue to support that user? Is there any way to fix this kind of issue, if yes please let me know guys.Thanks in advance.

Best regards,
I have a ?at least for me- a very strange situation.

I hope to find in this forum some answers (or directions to seek further) from people with the right knowledge.

Lets first explain the configuration:

- Lenovo laptop, Thinkpad E550, 8Gbyte RAM.

- SSD drive containing Windows 10, latest version

- Latest version UEFI

- In the DVD bay a caddy with a SATA HDD, 500Gbyte

What happened:

1. With the external power disconnected the laptop boots normal.
The HDD is shown as a USB device.
The system works as expected.

2. As soon as the external power is connected, within 15 seconds the HDD disconnects.
After this has happened, the system refuses to boot or reboot.
Boot or reboot is possible as soon as the external power is disconnected again

What puzzles me is:

a. Why shows the caddy HDD up as a USB?
I have another laptop with a caddy and there the HDD is just a second SATA disk
So I think when I can come with the Lenovo to a point where the HDD shows up as a SATA HDD my problem is solved

b. Is the caddy defining the device type?
I mean when the DVD is put into place again, the OS ?sees? a ATA device which is correct.
As soon as the DVD is replaced by the caddy, the OS ?sees? a USB device.

c. If it is the caddy defining the device, can caddy?s be ordered with a specific device?
In my case this should then be a SATA device.

I spend already days on the internet, had contact with the Lenovo helpde... Read more
So i just built my first pc and it has been running for like 4 days just fine,but today i expirienced some problems with my gpu.

So i was playing Dying Light with a friend and it worked fine for like 2 hours but when we got bored we quit to the title screen and saw that the textures were flickering. We thought it was nothing but then we booted up CSGO and we had the same problem in-game,so i took a look at my pc and the gpu was making a strange noise and also a red light was flickering from the right gpu fan on the back of the case.

I tried making sure that the gpu was installed correctly and than i turned on the pc again but it booted into a trobbleshooting stage. It took about 1 minute with no results and than i tried trobbleshooting again and this time it took like 10-15 minutes and still no results.

Finally i chose to boot up the system and after like 10 seconds of loading my gpu's fans started going very fast and making a loud noise so i got scared and quickly switched off the power.


pc specs:

AMD Ryzen 5 2600X
Radeon RX 580 8 GB GDDR5
16 GB ram DDR4
Motherboard: ASRock X370 Killer SLI,Socket AM4
Hi,I have Lenovo y700-15isk, Win 10.The problem: Suddenly the keyboard began behaving weird. Some keys perform different actions than expected.For example, when I press 5 from Num pad, it shows 5 but also activates "options" key (between left Ctr and left Alt).When i hit - (minus from Num pad) it opens Start menu. Strangely, the Win key does not work and does not open Start menu and sometimes instead shows a minus (-).When i hit + from Num pad, the cursor immeadiately goes to the top of the page and then adds the + symbol.When i press 2 from Numpad the cursor goes to the bottom of the page and then adds 2.It is as if the NumLock is on and off at the same time making the keys perform double action.In short, the problem seems to be in the Num pad keys (with the Win key exception).I tried changing languages, layouts, safe mode, holding power key for 10 seconds, restarting... nothing changed.Please, guys, this is very frustrating, can you help me with this? Anyone had something like this?
My problem has a rather baffling set of facts, so I?ll try and parse them out in an organized way before piecing them together: My new laptop (Lenovo Ideapad 320-15IAP, refurbished, running Windows 10) connects to my work wifi network, but doesn?t usually get internet access in my office (on one occasion I managed to connect for several minutes, with some interruptions to the connection, but otherwise, it?s been a few seconds at most and then it doesn?t return).My laptop connects to the internet seemingly everywhere else on the same network. I can walk about two or three yards down the hall and connect just fine. The problem is contained to my office, and perhaps directly adjacent offices (when I say ?my office,? picture a room that?s about 20 x 40 ft.).Every other device (coworkers? devices, my smartphone, my previous laptop) connects to the internet successfully in this office--and in the case of my smartphone and my previous laptop, connects at my desk.My laptop has connected to every other wifi network to which I have access without a hitch. Here?s why I?m confused. Standard troubleshooting thinking suggests that if other devices connect properly, it?s a problem with your device, not the network. On the other hand, if your device connects to other networks properly, it?s a problem with the network, not your device. But both things are true for me, so it can?t be either one. This suggests that there?s something in my little area that i... Read more
Hello Community, I am trying to get some files from a SSD hard drive, that I removed from my lenovo X! carbon 3rd Gen, the model is 512G,M.2,2280,PCIe2x4,SAMSG,STD. My laptop won't boot, and I need to retrieve about 100GB of files from this drive. Can someone point me to some method that I can use to connect this Hard Drive to another machine ? Thank you
Asking if anyone has ever found, or know if the Lenovo Battery Pack is capable (or not), or reporting the incoming line voltage (aka mains voltage)?  IOW, beyond being able to report on the output voltage to my Lenovo W530. My particular battery pack (labelled as "AC Adapter 170W 20V)  is 45 N 0117, obtained less than a year ago.
Hi,I have problem with wifi, maybe the problem is after windows update, I use win10. Strength of wifi signal is very weak, I catch signal only when I sit next to router. And If I connected internet is not work and also wifi is disconnected by itself after a while and then no wifi connection on list! By cable nothing problem, LAN card is ok. I scanned computer on lenovo support, installed system update, but problem is still here. I have all drivers up to date. Is there any utilities or help???? THANKS a LOT for any tips a help advice, best regards Lucky

I would like to get a free copy of the following ebook https://www.thewindowsclub.com/wind...-2nd-edition-19-value-free-for-a-limited-time each time I have tried to download it I get shown this https://thewindowsclub.tradepub.com/free/w_wile251/prgm.cgi would someone please download and send me a link to download this free ebook.

This ebook is currently being offered for free so I am not asking for something that needs to be paid for.

Other times I have tried to download I am shown a page that asks for work information. I don't work due to physical and mental health issues. I am somewhat disabled. I would still like to be able to read this ebook is seem like it would be useful information to know.

it shows this screen when I choose run on fortnite on the epic games home screen. It might be because I accidently refused to let it install an

anti cheat thing but now I don't know how to give it permission for that.
Hi i've a warranty for my Lenovo that states I get onsite, 5 x 9, NBD service. I have placed a case over a week ago and there is still no visit from anyone. Any correspondance has to come from me. I've been on 3 or 4 chats asking for some sort of communication back as to what is taking so long and been promised call backs and received none. I've filed seperate complaints with BBB and Consumer Affairs as I'm sick of this service. It's really been horrible. First I was told there was no NBD service but got talking to Sales who confirmed I have 9x5, onsite, NBD service. What possibly else can I do to get my laptop which is down for over a week fixed as per my warranty that I paid a premium for?
Is there any way to take out an infinite startup loop on a hp stream 11 model:11-r05qsa without downloading a new windows boot disk to a usb? ive tried system recovery etc? I cant get the laptop to even boot in safe mode. thanks for any help you can give
I didn't use my laptop for a while because I had an Issue with the heat sink. So, I removed the thermal paste and applied a new one and later on my laptop starts and turns off in like 10 - 20 secs. Please help me with what I should do next. I'm just starting to learn about laptops hardware and stuff.

Laptop: HP G42
OS: Windows 7
Core: Intel i3
I'm planning the layout of my new build and would like to know the answer to this conundrum: If I fit 1X or 4X PCIe cards in the slots allocated for additional discrete graphics cards (lenght of 16X slot) does this reduce the number of lanes available to the primary 16X slot as would happen if I had a number of cads in SLI. I'll be using a Z370 chipset, alleged to have 40 PCIe lanes available.
Hello, I have a 910x with the Radeon RX460 and wish to install Ubuntu.  With the live USB for 16.04 I cannot get passed the need to setup graphics as the default graphics is not working. Is there a guide to setup Ubuntu on the 910x with the Radeon RX460? Thanks!
Hello!I have just upgraded my 720S-13ARR to BIOS 30 without any problems.While all devices did not show any errors in the device-manager with BIOS 29, now the AMD Audio CoProcessor has an exclamation mark: Error code 10: STATUS_DEVICE_POWER_FAILURE. Windows says the best driver is already installed. OS is Win 10 1803, x64.Anyone else with that problem or any help?Thanks!Moriarty 
My Lenovo Yoga 720 with an i7 2.8 GB and a GTX 1050 4GB performs ridiculisly low during games. I have serious lag issues and at first i thought those are due to connection problems but then i realised, that the FPS drops dramatically within playing the game for a few minutes. It sarts at about 80 FPS and drops to 30 after one minute. It goes up and down during the game. I already tried playing on lowest settings and resolution but the FPS drops keep ocurring. I already did the Lenovo Scan and the driver updates but nothing worked. I disabled the Winodws full screen optimisation but still competitve games are unable to play because of these FPS drops.  
Hi everyone, I'm experiencing a problem with my 2 days old Y2P. Every time I approach my right hand toward the screen, without even touching it, it goes black and the laptop goes to sleep mode (see the pictures attached for a better idea of the gesture). I have to press the keyboard to turn it on again. I figured that the system thinks that the screen was closed down and proceds with setting in place which was "sleep mode". I changed the setting of closing the laptop down to "do nothing", the problem is still there but instead of going to sleep mode the screen only goes dark and when a take of my hand the screen goes on again. I don't know where the proximity sensor is situated or if the detection of the closed laptop is made by the proximity which would a very stupid/cheap way to do that. Is anyone else having this issue? Are you guys at Lenovo aware of this issue and is there any fix on the way? Thank's to let me know if this issue software fixable or not so that I could return my laptop imediatly because it's very inconvegnant for a touch screen laptop. Thank's in advance for the answers ! In these positions the screen goes black and the laptop goes to sleep mode.     


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I'm trying to connect my NAS to my windows 10PC. It can't see it in network
I can ping it and my other computers are connected without a problem. This PC can see 5 other computers but not this one. Network sharing is on.
Please help.
Hi I have yoga 500 laptop when I power on my laptop then screen does not appear and power on button and keypad light flashing. After some time it opens when I tap and shake it. Some time it takes too much time to boot. I am facing this problem on daily basis.Please resolve my problem I have got fed up with this.
This is VERY DISAPPOINTING that i am reaching you guys on the 3rd month of my purchase. I bought Lenovo Yoga 720 (S/N MP1CGJ1G) on 12th April 2018 from Best Buy and 3 days back i observed the black line on the top of my display, it's probably the hardware issue. For a machine of this expensive i did not expect any issues so early and display was only the reason i bought this machine since it has 4K display. After long waiting on the queue i talked to your executive and she informed me that my machine need to be repair. First of all, machine of price ~1300USD shouldn't get any issue so early and i don't want to get my machine to be open so early on my purchase. It's was totally waste for me to pay this amount of money to machine which requires a repair in beginning. I would have bought the used one rather a brand new. I would like to get this escalated further, i don't want my machine to be repair instead want a replacement.  DID I MADE A MISTAKE TO CHOOSE LENOVO?  All the relevant screens are attached below. Please look into this urgently and get back to me ASAP. Hope Lenovo can provided better customer service atleast as compare to there product. Do let me know if I need to post the bill details here,
Hi, im looking to unlock the BOIS ,instaled bois version 41CN26WW(V2.02) in my Lenovo G575 4383 laptop 64 bit, as i am trying to remove the white list so I can change my WIFI adapter
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Hello,I'd appreciate if someone could help me to solve this anoying problem with screen projection on TV. I'm using Microsoft display adapter for wireless display projecting from Notebook to TV (Miracast). But the picture projected from Ideapad 710S Plus is not good, it is always flickering and shaking. It is ok when I project from other laptops or mobile phones, the problem is only with this laptop. I have cheched drivers, I have instaled the latest ones.Thank you in advance,Alex.
Hi, My VGA port is not working but my HDMI port is working well. I already tried to Uninstall and reinstall the display driver and VGA port Driver but my second screen still black screen when I connected to Vga port. TQ
I am trying to update the BIOS on my T480 to version 1.14, however I am getting the errror: 'The Process does not recognize this system. The process has been canceled.' I have downloaded the BIOS update from here: https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/pa/en/products/laptops-and-netbooks/thinkpad-t-series-laptops/thinkpad-... I have tried for T450's, T480s's and a plethora of others, but it wont work,
Hi there, I have a Packard Bell desktop PC that was originally windows 8. It is now windows 10 and has been operating perfectly until a few weeks ago. The PC is connected to our TV via HDMI cable. When the PC is turned on the TV screen stays blank (No signal being sent) after switching on and off a few times it works but after say ten/twenty minutes it freezes and goes off. The next time it starts it is fine for hours. I have fitted a new HDMI cable but the problem still persist. Can anyone help please.
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Vers
im actaully not sure about my charger but it does pop sound and somehow my charger cant charge my battery. it does smoke a little  so i need help ASAP. 
I have a problem with my unattend files for the sysprep (Windows 7 Pro x64).

What I want  to do is to force the user just to enter the product key in the first boot.
Now i have two unattend files. With one of those files Windows is just asking for the product key in the first boot.
With the other one, the user must enter user name, Password and key.
But, as I said, Windows should just ask for the key.
This is the file which works:
<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?>
<unattend xmlns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:unattend">
<settings pass="generalize">
<component name="Microsoft-Windows-Shell-Setup" processorArchitecture="amd64" publicKeyToken="31bf3856ad364e35" language="neutral" versionScope="nonSxS" xmlns:wcm="http://schemas.microsoft.com/WMIConfig/2002/State" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance">
<component name="Microsoft-Windows-powercpl" processorArchitecture="amd64" publicKeyToken="31bf3856ad364e35" language="neutral" versionScope="nonSxS" xmlns:wcm="http://schemas.microsoft.com/WMIConfig/2002/State" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance">
<... Read more
For some reason I can't get videos to play on my new computer.

I've played the same video a number of players including VLC, Films & TV, Windows Media Player, 5KPlayer, PowerDVD and I have even uploaded videos to YouTube for testing and opened it up in a video editor called HitFilm Express.

I have downloaded the K-lite codec pack and the CCCP codec pack which did nothing.

I have messed around with a number of settings in VLC player with no luck.

The they lag and stutter in different places every time and lag differently on some of the players so it's not the video file.

It lags in HitFilm Express.

It plays almost flawlessly in 5KPlayer and super close the flawlessly in PowerDVD.

But the strangest part is that it plays 100% flawlessly once I upload it to YouTube.

Plays fine on my Macbook Air.

Can anyone think of what the problem could possibly be?

i7 8700
1080 Ti OC
Windows 10 home 64-bit
Hi to all We purchased our sons G50-80 just under 2 years ago. It's the 1st time we have purchased this brand and our experience is not positive ! His lap top has been performing poorly for a few months and his school work has suffered from lack of access to a lap top. The lap top has had very light use and is in perfect (cared for condition). Cannot access any Lenovo support services directly from his lap top and ALL Lenovo recovery tools have proved to be completely usleless !  Have run BIOS checks which always come back as clean.  Have tried resetting (FULL RESET) numerous times but never gets beyond 14%. I would greatly appreciate any advice on our issue Best regards
Is it possible to control fan speed on this model?
Hi don't knows if anyone can help. The note book which only hasA 32 gb disc space  is full.the note book which is running windows10Keeps telling us to update but cant. Have gone in to reset to factory setting but where code goes it won't accept anything other than numbers where As The product key is combination of letters and numbers. Any help greatly appreciated.
My 2 year old pressed a bunch of keys and my laptop toggled to a black background with white lettering on all apps except browsing.  I looked in the display settings but didn't see anything to correct it.  I've attached a screen shot.  Help : )
HiI have massive problems here with my setup:2 screens connected to WiGig 40A6. 1 HDMI, 1 DPX1 Yoga 1st Gen (20FQ) freezes every time when I undock. Freeze means: only possible way to get out of this is the power button. It seems, that it is not always the same:Worst case is, if both screens are connected. Then it freezes at every undock.A bit better is, if only DP is connected.A lot better is, if only HDMI screen is connected. I tried a fresh Win10 64 Bit install with all windows updates.I tried with the drivers on the X1 Yoga site at lenovoI tried with newest drivers for WiGig, from Intel, with newest driver for Intel HD graphics 520 from IntelI tried with older driver for Intel HD graphics 520 from X1 Yoga site at lenovoI did not find any working configuration. Undocking (and also rebooting, or shut down) is not possible without freeze. Does a working  configuration exist?Thank you for any suggestion!Roger 
I want to deploy CA certificates to some of my users who are using Firefox. It looks like Firefox uses a different certificate store than IE.
Can you let me know if we can use Group Policy to some how push these certs into the Firefox Certs Store

I have windows 10, I googles microsoft support and I may have chosen the wrong website, how can I tell if I have been scammed.  I am out $649 but I just want to know if my computer has been compromised.
hi when i use forza 3 install (big game) this error comes for me i copied isdone.dll in System32 and 64
but don't works i watched guides
but myself finded problem
is it about storage of Memory My ram is 8gb
and when cls-lolz-x64 take my 62% ram capitaly error comes
2,384,6 MB
62% Ram
But i have more storage for game i don't know where is problem
I've recently purchased a ThinkCentre M910x (tiny) with the upgraded AMD Radeon RX 460 4GB DDR5 128bit GPU. Along with this, I ordered a ThinkCentre TIO 23.8" Gen3 Monitor. The configuration and setup of the system works beautifully with the exception that using the M910x and the TIO monitor in AIO mode uses the onboard graphics rather than the card I paid for. Has anyone else experienced this issue or found a workaround? I intended to begin purchasing this as a standardized configuration, but this potential GPU issue will bar that from happening if there isn't a way to get around it.
Hi, in bios, I was just wondering how to turn off the password for the HDD?? Thanks in advance :-) 
How do i know if my notebook has a WWAN port installed or is only ready?
However, a simslot is available, but i cannot find a WWAN port in the device manager.
MTM is 20ARS0H107.
Its a CTO, but i'm unnable to find out the configuration..PCsupport device info says "WWAN option"
Thanks in advance
BR Mario
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