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I have a problem where my computer will not go pass the windows startup screen. when I click on the picture to display the screen where I enter the password, it redisplays the screen again without the password box.
I have a dell latitude e6400 running windows 10. on Wednesday 02/20/2019 a windows update was sent to me and installed. When I restarted, I signed on with my account that was not the admin account. I received a box with the title onedrive.exe system error and the message "the code execution connot proceed because ktmw3.dll was not found. reinstalling the program may fix the this problem. I rebooted the machine and this time I signed on with the admin account. The machine said that there were updates for my machine and it finished the updates. since then I was not able to sign on.

I search the internet with a different computer and found some things to try. I tried the following but it is still not displaying the screen to enter my password.
1. turn the machine on and off 3 times until i see the recovery screen
2. goto advance repair > troubleshoot
3. choose advance options > startup settings > restart

the machine restarted and did a disk repair which took about 2 hrs.

This did not work.

I am not sure what to do next to fix the problem.

Can someone please help me to correct the problem

I was using my computer and as I was away, it went to sleep. Afterwards, the computer could not get back to the home screen so I did a manual off. Now my computer can't boot into windows and it always brings me to BIOS setting. I changed the SATA connection and took a look at my hardware but i can't find a solution. I even changed the CMOS battery and the time and date, but still can't get my system to boot to windows. PLS HELP!!!!!
Thinkpad X1 Extreme Platform Specifications:https://psref.lenovo.com/syspool/Sys/PDF/ThinkPad/ThinkPad%20X1%20Extreme/ThinkPad_X1_Extreme_Platfo... On the above link, Lenove states this device only supports [email protected] on DP output of Thunderbolt 3 port, which indicates each Thunderbolt 3 port of this device supports only 2 PCI-E lanes. But on the other hand, there are some articles claims that X1 Extreme supports 4 PCI-E lanes on each Thunderbolt 3 port. Which is true? 


I'd like to Ask if someone knows how to startup win10 after uninstalling Ubuntu (booted on a small partition).
Beacouse all i get after retstarting is the grub rescue And nothing i tried by myself worked.
Thanks for any help.
Aslo sorry if inne a wrong category.
i just completed my first build recently and i updated bios during the installation of mobo. there has been 2 bios updates since . should i install bios updates as the mobo is working fine.
Windows 10,so lately after i updated my drivers(might be because of that or it may just be a coinsidence)my PC would randomly start lagging and stuttering after playing for some time could be 5 minutes or 20 minutes,my sound would start lagging and same goes for the whole game and PC until i exit out of the game.The game doesnt matter, it could be Leauge of Legends it could be GTA V,but my PC can run the games.As i see it its either some driver that i mentioned or my CPU, but i dont know why i follow the GPU temps and they do not go over 50 and its definetly able to run these games so i dont think its the gpu.And i also realized once i open task manager the second i open my CPU usage is like 50 and it cant be that much for opening the task manager but then it just goes back to 2 or 3 percent like it doesnt want me to see it
Is there any available update for intel hd graphics 4600 that supports OpenGL 4.5?  WGL: Driver does not support OpenGL version 4.5
Could not create a window!

Process finished with exit code -1  So far as I searched, I am unable to install anything from official Intel webpage because of driver modification from Lenovo. So the question is: can I either: 1) get any driver update from Lenovo (the latest update for model G510 is from 2013 -_- )2) use the other graphics card on my PC (AMD) to run OpenGL 4.5 on CLion? Thanks in advance.
I am running a  20CHS10P02 (Helix 2) on a ThinkPad Tablet Dock (FRU 03X7102, https://support.lenovo.com/de/en/accessories/ACC100200).In the BIOS I have set it to boot at power, like I had done for my earlier T410s-es. However, contrary to my previous experiences with those T410s, the Helix doesn't boot at power. It doesn't seem to detect the event of me plugging in the power supply of the dock. Out of warranty or not, I think that lenovo ought to correct this in their BIOS of which I run the most recent one (2.02).Can anybody please point me to a resource, aside from the one that states 'this is billable'?
Hello, I am using Lenovo y50-70 laptop it has a 25gb ssd hard drive which i think it is for booting but when i installed Windows 10 all of the 25gb of  ssd drive are set to be for storing not for booting.I don't know much about that but i'll be glad if someone help me!Thank you
For the backup of G suite, I suggest you download the  G suite backup tool that software backup  G suite  easily and smartly and in a few steps they require the  username  and password of the  G suite  and export 
G suite account to  PST, MSG,  EML,  EMLX, and MBOX at high speed and for more detail visit the website: https://www.osttopstapp.com/google-apps-backup.html
Hi all,

A whole series of files of mine are suddenly shown as 0 bytes.

They all seem to be in the same folder + subfolders, and be quite large, around the 1GB mark, or larger.
Any idea how I can recuperate them, or what this is?
I've ran chkdsk /f /r, but without any luck.

I've checked for the hard disk health, and it passes all non mega-thorough tests.

I've ran Malware Bytes and Avast, both of which didn't show any infections.

I've booted up from an Ubuntu Live USB, and the files also appear as 0 bytes there.

Maybe I should add I very recently switched to Windows 10, and these files are in my data hard disk, which is separate from the Operating System one.
Many thanks in advance
PS. Apologies, if this is maybe in the wrong forum?
ideal elite
The sound volume coming out of the speakers in my Y530 laptop is very low.Is there anything I can do to resolve this? Thanks
Hello,I've got T480 with 2x NVmE drivers. My second drive is Tosbiha RC100 in WWAN slot. It usually runs about 30-40C, because it's drive only for data, which means it's 99,9% inactive. But sometimes even during the long periods of inactivty (iddling) drive runs about 60-63C with no obvious reasons. This behaviour reflects to power consuption of T480 as well. When harddrive is in normal temps, T480 consumes about 4.5W when idle. When HDD is about 60C, it consumes about 6.5W when idle. I have no idea what can be causing this behavior. I'm running Windows 10 1809.
I've started having wifi problems about 3 weeks ago, when the laptop is not connected to the charger, the wifi disconnects after a couple of minutes (I see a yellow exclemation mark on the wireless icon)If I try to disconnect and then connect again, the issue returns.I tried checking off the option "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power", rolling back the driver, updating the driver but nothing seems to work.Any suggestions? Thanks
Hi, LenovoI have some issued with my T480 keyboard which have some kind of small pimples over its surface.I haven't opened my Thinkpad only for 1 day. Today when I open it, I found its keyboard had a weird texture, it is like a small pimple. I tried to rub it using tissue but it just can't be removed.I find it very disgusting and I'm so disappointed with this.How can I fix it? Is it by replacing the keyboard?Thanks.
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Hello,Does anyone know something about the following error: Log Name: SystemSource: Netwtw06Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 8265 : The network adapter has returned an invalid value to the driver.Thanks for any answer. Regards,bostjanv
I am unable to delete cookies in internet browser
I'm looking for an app that will let my iphone sit locked, and detect motion and record while locked. I have found one that will do this but only while unlocked with the screen on.

Alternatively I'm willing to use my laptop's webcam. I'm just not sure what software is reliable and malware free.
Hi comunity,  I have recently been having issues with my X1 Yoga 3rd Gen laptop Thunderbolt controller.  I am not able to approve any thunderbolt devices or see options on Port 1 or Port 2.  I have updated the BIOS and reinstalled the OS and Thunderbolt Controller Driver.  see screenshot below any thoughts would be very much appreciated?