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I get this error message that keeps coming back up.
It states:
Script: C:\ProgramData\sm1.js
Line: 27
Char: 58966844
Error: Unterminated comment
Code: 800A03F8
Source: Microsoft JScript compilation error
How do I fix this?
VPN, discoloration, harmful cookies, harmful software 
Hi there. Have a Brother all-in-one MFC-7680DW. Had been working very well. Recently moved from one apartment to another. In the midst of setting up the AIO machine, printer works fine but cannot use scanner. Talked to Brother engineer, and they said that
there is an "Account unknown" in the "Group or user name". Got in touch with Microsoft support who spent more than 1.5 hour but not able to do anything. Finally, they send me here since Microsoft has "limited resource" and this
issue relates to third party server/software. 
Any expert here may be able to help? Thanks a lot.

How do I found out if a online business app is reputable? Say I'm looking for a bulk SMS service, so I Google "bulk SMS" and get many results. How can I get myself comfortable knowing that a service can be trusted with my info?
hey guysI have this nootbook and I'm so confused,i reinstall my windows and now i have windiws 8.1 enterprise but when i install graphic card driver my screen goes to black.i try everything reinstaling windows every windows (7-8.1-10),reinstaling driver one time i get worked but in thos time i didn't install intell graphic dirver and just install geforce graphic driver and I'm heaven, not sure for long time. in windows detect geforce graphic card and tested with fur mark, but didn't work in game so i think need nvidia controll panel in software i choose to perfer nvidia performance i added game in nvidia controll panel and choose perfer nvidia performance however i  open game dah dah dahhhhh didn't work,in game app clicked right click and choose perfer nvidia performance another didn't work I try everything and in game didn't detect geforce and perfer graphic adapter windows I'm in hell I geuss oh and i test every graphic card driver oldest newest.I hope you guys help me.thank you guys for reading?Regards?
Good afternoon everybody,I have a problem with my Thinkpad T430s. Yesterday I turned the sound off, so the led went on. But now the led light doesn't go off anymore, and without headphones plugged in I can't have sound. I am terrible at computers, I don't know enough about them, but I checked if all audio drivers were updated and they were. Do you guys know what I should do?Denise
The two tools collect a large amount of data. However, how to map the data to the issues on the PC? For example, when a video freeze or mouse frame freezing problem occurs, how to locate the issue by using the data collected by the tools?
I am on Facebook with full access and have friends.
My question is if I want to text to a NON-Friend can this NON-friend receive and read my text messages without accepting me a an active friend?

hi, I just bought a thinkpad X1 extreme notebook.I would like to know if it is normal that setting the resolution to 1920x1080 is all out of focus.Is there a way to set the resolution lower than 4k without having the schemre out of focus? I need it because not all the apps I use recognize the windows magnification, so some are very small.Thanks in advance.
I have Port?g? Z930-11Z . My wifi card was dead and I repleced it for new one.
Since that time all my Fn key are lost. They are working for changing sound and brightness but nothing is displayed
I have a problem with turning on and off modem wifi and bt connections. There is no reaction.
I also can not connect to wifi network.
Any ideas ??
Hello, I?m sorry for posting this problem for probably the hundreth time, but none of the solutions are working and I?m about to lose my mind. Windows 10 did another surprise update, but this time I received a notification telling me to restart my laptop to repair my drivers. I did that and it continued to try to repair Driver C a few times before it sent me to the blue troubleshoot screen. I selected the restart option but my laptop never fully restarted because it got stuck on the black screen after the Lenovo logo loaded. My problem is that a majority of the solutions require you to reboot in safe mode. I can?t reboot in safe mode as it keeps bringing me back to the black screen. I have tried rebooting in safe mode through both the troubleshoot menu and the command prompt. I have also tried startup repair, trying to reload a previous version of Windows, and system restore but none of these options worked or produced an error. When I tried to reload a previous version of Windows, I received a message saying it was unable to do that and to try resetting the PC instead. I don?t want to lose everything from resetting, so is there any other possible thing I can do? Thank you in advance for any help and for taking the time to read this.
I had got my new T480 with IR Camera customerzation in yesterdays. But the IR camera doesn't work.I had tried to reinstall the system with offical recovery tools, reinstall the driver, checking thr setting...It's still doesn't work, and the Device Manager not show up  "Integreated IR Camera", just showing the "Integrated Camera".I need a help to fix this problem, thank you
hi alll.
i want to purchase a laptop.
i have selected Lenovo Ideapad 330 laptop.
and these are its specs.
Battery Backup
Upto 5 hours
Power Supply
45 W AC Adapter
Battery Cell
2 cell
MS Office Provided
Processor And Memory Features
Processor Brand
Processor Name
Ryzen 5 Quad Core
4 GB
RAM Type
HDD Capacity
1 TB
Processor Variant
Clock Speed
2.2 GHz with Turbo Boost Upto 3.6 GHz
Memory Slots
2 Slots
Expandable Memory
Upto 8 GB
RAM Frequency
2400 MHz
2 MB
Graphic Processor
AMD Radeon Vega 8
Number of Cores
Operating System
OS Architecture
64 bit
Operating System
Windows 10 Home
System Architecture
64 bit
Port And Slot Features
Mic In
USB Port
2 x USB 3.0, 1 x USB 3.0 Type C
1 x HDMI Port
Multi Card Slot
4-in-1 Card Reader (SD, SDHC, SDXC, MMC)
Display And Audio Features
Screen Size
39.62 cm (15.6 inch)
Screen Resolution
1920 x 1080 Pixel
Screen Type
Full HD LED Backlit Anti-glare TN Display
Built-in Dual Speakers
Internal Mic
Single Microphone
Sound Properties
2 x 1.5 W Speakers with Dolby Audio
Connectivity Features
Wireless LAN
100/1000 Mbps

i am not a gamer but if i will play then nfs most wanted 2 fifa pes call of duty.
will it be able to play them or can i get a better laptop at around the same price point which is around 460$
Dell 17" Win7pro latop

I need to securely wipe this pc for sale or donating. I can't find the recovery disks I cut when it was new.

I have a PC monitor with no TV tuner and no RCA inputs, only HDMI. Will these two items below allow me to get TV signals?


TV tuner box:
I just received my brand new Thinkpad P72.  I ran PCMOVER and transferred files and settings from my desktop, including CPU-ID.  This utility shows that I'm running at a mere 2.9 GHz; obviously I purchased the P72 to run at 4.8 GHz.  I looked into the BIOS but found no "advanced" or "overclocking" settings.  I also downloaded Intel's overclocking utility--but that wouldn't install.  Help!
While a appreciate the message. I want to turn it off. Like UAC, and turning it off, it isn't that I don't care for what it's telling me. I'd rather say oops and reimage if anything, for the first time in years, gets by me and somehow cripples my system.Mostly my computer is only being used as a glorified media center machine. There isn't a single possibleway for malicious software to get in that I'mnot closely monitoring.I want to turn this message off without turning off the information bar. That only because it's likely some other automatically blocked event will require turning on the information bar, force enabling something to do what I want it to, but was blocked by IE's builtin security.Context:-Launch Applications and unsafe files (set to enable) to avoid the prompt.I wanted Windows to stopprompting me when Iwant to open shortcuts as links and save things from the internet. Which is only because I set up the links toolbar to replace thequick launch bar.SoI checked enable instead of prompt for downloading and opening files. Now the information bar is permanently open.
For my video installation i need 5 different videos playing in sync. they need to be in different windows so i cannot merge them into one video. I use a mac for that. i know how to have 2 videos playing at the same time in VLC, but not more than that. any ideas how i could press 'play' exactly at the same time for all of them? in VLC (or other programs if that works better)
Hey guys!!! Hoping this is a simple and common issue, but probably not lol. Sooooo I built a computer for gaming a few months ago and I have not had any issues up until now. I was playing Ring of Elysium (PC game on steam) and it started lagging until my computer finally shut down and gave me a blue screen of death. The error code was *BAD SYSTEM CONFIG INFO*. I couldn't get it to boot up so I put windows 10 on a usb and reinstalled windows. Played for a while, then I got a *Critical Process Died* error. I have looked up a few things online and made sure to unplug my HDD and only use my SSD while booting and installing the windows again. I got CC cleaner and used the registry cleanup thing as well. I made sure all my drivers are up to date manually using device manager (no third party programs). Everything has been going good but when I went to restart my computer this time, I got a "Disk read error occured" error. I was able to just press control/alt/delete and restart it and it let me in, but my computer was acting really really slow. Is it possible that it is my SSD? All of my components are fairly new but I am just looking for some input or advice. I would really really appreciate it. I constantly check my temperatures to make sure they are good while gaming. P.S. In the process of all this crap happening, I made sure to flash my bios as well. I also made sure my power settings were good. Please feel free to comment and ask questions, i'll be here che... Read more
Hi guys, im running out of ideas, recently i acquired a lenovo y520 and the problem is that the OS (windows 10 home) detects the gtx 1060 but refuses to use it beyond 10%... the specs are these:i5 7300hq8gb ram ddr4 @2133mhzNvidia gtx 1060 max-q 3gb  Software:Nvidia Drivers: 417.22BIOS version: 5xcn10ww   how do i know this?:i runned afterburner and the gpu maintains 40C and 600mhz running any game, and the performance is awful,for example, i cant even get 30fps playing monster hunter on lowest settings. what have i tried?: i configured nvidia panel to use the gpu on global settings, also program settings individually. thanks!  
I just received my laptop from Lenovo's repair center, and I now have pin issues. Fortunately my password and finger print still worked so I was able to log in. I tried resetting my pin but when I change it, I get the "Something went wrong" page. Under settings, in the sign-in options, it also says "sorry, this pin isn't working for your organization's resources." I click on the fix it option and I get the error code = 0x80090016 From my understanding, I think Lenovo replaced my motherboard and battery. Is there a way to fix it without doing a wipe? My computer is usable, just annoying that there are these error messages when they weren't there before.
I have windows 7.  Tried to install windows 10.  It has been updating daily.  Only now my cd/dvd player says that I have to reinstall

the application as module(s)  is(are) missing.  I don't know how to do that.
it's not working.
My PC specs:
GeForce RTX 2080

Monitor is a Dell S2417DG.
I found a couple of calibration profiles online that I want to try out. I tried going to Color Management / checked Use my settings for this device / Add / Browse and located the profile / then set to default. But nothing changes. What am I doing wrong?
what is a security feature in Windows that will monitor activity on your computer for any changes relating to Security or to user accounts and notifies you about the change to take place.

My laptop locks up at least once a day in which I have to hard boot it in order to get it working again.
I installed the the OS 2 weeks ago and updated all the drivers. The same OS was installed previously. I have a wireless
mouse installed on it it and before that a wired one. It happens with both. Any ideas on what could coz this? If you need
more info, plz feel free to ask.

Is it possible to either run Outlook off of an external hard drive or to store the profile on an external hard drive?
I have one profile and I regularly use 2 computers (in different locations) and I need to have everything available to each. (Note: I have been doing this for years working with the old Entourage 2008 and just had the identity on the external drive.) Hoping to solve this so I can upgrade.
Hello Dear people,
I have a pop-up and it written "Windows Defender is blocked by Group Policy". What is this? Please help.
I am connected to VPN but when I try and connect to my home internet it keeps saying no internet connection even though there is full internet 
Just to clarify, this will only happen when the game I'm playing crashes/not responding. I can alt tab out when the game is running smoothly, but when the game crashes, I can't do it.

I also tried alt ctrl and del and then use task manager but the task manager only appear in the background so the only option left is to force shut down the whole pc. It already happen twice so I really want to know if there's any setting that is causing this? I think it is caused by the game mode but I want to make sure before I do something.
I have an m710q that is running windows 10.  I just did a fresh install of windows 10.  I did a automatic update of the drivers and one was the Intel video driver. The installation goes along nicely, but I would say about 60% of the way though the computer will power off with no warning.  then the computer will reboot. Other times the driver goes in but then on reboot windows will not load because of the driver.  then there are times it will boot but then power off with no warning. Has anyone else run in not this problem?  also I'm looking for a previous version to install because it look like I'm hitting a bug. There is no tech support number for me to call to diagnose it. Please helpTerry
I would post a Speccy report of my system, but I'm doubting it's accuracy (another thread)

Often when I'm working in autocad and streaming spotify, as I am rapidly repositioning the cursor (wireless Logitech MX Master mouse fully charged), the cursor will freeze for a second or so then release and carry on normal. This can become a rythmic activity occuring every few seconds which totally kills workflow.

I was digging through blogs and one suggested that the Realtek sound card has a service that can cause these symptoms. Killed the service, rebooted...things seemed better. Could have been just the reboot. I haven't got back into autocad yet but thought I'd get this post rolling while I have time.

Hi everyone, I've been using my laptop for 3 weeks, but from my purchase, my Wi-Fi is gone every 10 minutes. I have removed my realtek driver and downloaded it again via lenovo but this does not work either. I also tried several WiFi connections (and hotspot), but the problem is with every wifi connection.

I also tried the roadmap on the Lenovo website:

Does anyone have an idea how to solve this problem before sending my laptop for repair?

- Windows 10 Home
- Realtek 8822BE Wireless LAN 802.11ac PCI-E NIC
- Yoga 530-14IKB Laptop (ideapad) I 81EK00G9MH

Thanks in advance! 
The reason I ask is that I was beginning to create a different post and I ran Speccy to capture system configs and saw that it says I have a 3GB video card, when actually it's an 11GB 1080 Ti.


1. Is Speccy wrong?
2. Has my card failed and is only supporting less VRAM
3. Was I scammed by the company who built this machine?

I'll be creating a new and different post in a few.

Thanks for any help with this.
Okay so basically I have had a Logitech G430 Headset for many months now and it has worked perfectly. Recently I wanted to update my nvidia graphic cards in geforce experience but it would let me open it. As a result I decided to reset my laptop completely. After resetting it my mic quality on my headset has been terrible. None of my friends have been able to understand me well. Every driver for my pc and headset are updated so I have no clue what the issue is. Please help me.
Hello Have a Lenovo V130. If I connect speakers to it, it doesn't pick up the speakers as attached screenshots. However, if I connect the speakers to a Toshiba laptop it picks them up straight away as per the attached screenshots. Any help most grateful, Thanks.LenovoLenovo 1Lenovo 2Toshiba
Recently bought a new lenovo v130-15IGM laptop (81HL0020HV) Win 10 64 bit installed, everything updated, try to download the driver but didnt helped.Please give some advices for me!  
Hello, i own a yoga 720 13'' i bought a year ago.My pen is registering input when i draw or write while im hovering the screen as well.i tried to change the nibs, i tried to change the battery, i tried to play with the nib and put it less in but that just weakening the input.my question is - whats the problem? can i fix it or is that a faulty pen? thank you.
i am having trouble with my epson printer xp-430

I was winning against computer but game finished unexpectedly. And game call it draw even if there no chance computer to win. This happened several times. I think game has bug or some sort of glitch. Can you explain this to me?
As the title states...
I accidentally changed privs across the whole C drive, because I thought I was accessing and attempting it on Program Filesx86 Only which is prob not the best idea either...
But it was in an attempt to reset things back to being more "normal"... I think.. or was trying to do in my attempt...
I have located and know how to delete the Bin...
But when I go to manually delete it, I get the message telling me that Id be deleting my desktop.ini File... Which Id prefer to try to not have to do, but realize I may have to...
So I want to fix my Bin, Try to Keep and restore the desktop.ini, - without possibly corrupting my user account...And most importantly reset and get this system's privileges back to default or nominal condition...
I do have, and was going to use subinacl.msu, and some prompts, but Im reluctant to move forward with any step until I get some advice from an expert....
I was about to do the subinacl method but wasnt sure if I should, in case I should do something with the desktop.ini situation or the Bin situation before I touched the privileges again...
I was going to move forward with things, but wanted some insight from you experts...
Even with 20+ years fixing cpus, and doing iT... theres always more to learn, and mistakes to make.. and new OS's to learn etc...So I dont think Ill ever call myself much more than an advanced user... and sometimes a risky
one, ... but Ive never bricked anything,or needed to do... Read more
After latest update with Lenovo System Update software I can't get the 4k resolution on both external monitors, one have 4k and other only FullHD. When I unplug one of them, the lasting monitor can get the 4k resolution, pluging back the other monitor restores the problem, but now the latest connected monitor have only FullHD resolution.On System Update software, in View Installation History tab on Status of "ThinkPad Pro Docking Station DP Hub FW Utility", version 5.03.005 it says: "Did not install".When I try install and run https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/pl/pl/downloads/ds505699, I'm getting this error:"Cannot detect ThinkPad Docking Station. Pease ensure that the Dock is connected to your computer"
I recently purchased a T480 and sometimes I get a sudden flash on the screen as if an app is trying to open but then disappears.  I assume this is a Windows 10 issue rather than a laptop issue, but it is quite annoying and I'd like to get rid of it. There doesn't seem to be a pattern when this occurs, I might be browsing the web and then the flashing happens every few minutes or so, but it doesn't happen at every session. Is there an app that causes this behaviour? Any help would be appreciated.
So i have a laprtop with an Intel Core i5-7300HQ and a Nvidia gtx 1050Ti with 4 Gb of VRAM and i am also running on a Windows 10 Pro with 8GB of RAM but when tried a far cry 5 benchmark in order to adjust the graphics settings my system didn't hit more than 13 FPS on the lowest setting. I have already installed the latest drivers for my graphics card from Nvidia but the issue still persists. I will be really happy if someone can help me solve this problem. Thank you!
I have a driver that I installed that is not signed. How do I remove it?
I have tried device management, but I can't find it in there.
it is called
[c:\program files (x86)\razer\rzs3wizardpkg]
rzs3wizardpkgs3.exe Unknown None Not Signed N/A
I have a Dell 2.8Ghz P4 laptop lying around somewhere...
I was thinking of installing Linux

I want to add an SSD hard drive
I assume I need a bracket? Assuming SSD's only come in 2.5 inches?

Do I need just the bracket?
Or should I order a kit?
I've seen kits with an assortment of cables

Anything else I need to consider?

How long is a piece of string question: how fast will the machine run?
Would I be better of getting a recent laptop (say 5 years old) and installing Linux on that instead?

Windows 7 / HP ENVY 5530 / WordPerfect 12:

Have tried every preference setting I can locate, but cannot limit printing to black-only / greyscale; even if the following steps are taken, it still prints with color.

- In Devices & Printers / Printing Preferences / Paper Quality / Advanced / Document Options / Print in Greyscale is set to Black Ink Only
- This is the only location I can find that offers an option to select such
- My previous HP printer had the option at an initial stage, not requiring navigating through all of the steps the 5530 requires.

Any assistance? Appreciated.
I have an X1 Carbon 6th Gen with a strange Bluetooth problem. When playing audio through a Bluetooth device, the audio stream will frequently go silent for varying periods of time. Sometimes it's for only a few seconds, and then the unplayed audio will play very quickly before normal playback resumes. More frequently, though, audio simply drops out for multiple minutes, then resumes as though nothing had happened. I have not found any events in Event Viewer that correspond to the failures. The Bluetooth device remains paired throughout the audio silence, according to Windows settings. It is not restricted to any particular program, as the audio failures happen whether playing something in iTunes, Chrome, or anywhere else. It affects all audio on the system when audio drops out, not just the audio from that application; system sounds cannot be heard during the silent period. The volume bars in the mixer continue to move, though, even while the audio cannot be heard. The Windows audio troubleshooter does not detect any problems during the period of silence. Things I have tried:running the Windows audio troubleshooter - does nothingusing a different Bluetooth audio device - tried both Apple AirPods and Beats Studio 3 headphonesupdating the Bluetooth drivers - current version installed is, which is the latest available from Intel's website; also tried 20.70, which is what Lenovo Vantage offeredAny insight would be appreciated.
I have Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Yoga mchine. It has a IR camera too. Under Accounts > Signin options> Windows Hello, I do not see "face" option. How do i set it up? I tried installing the latest updates, one solution was installing VC 2015 redistributables, changing some registries etc.None of them helped. It has Windows 10 RS4(1803). How can i enable "Face" /facial recognition under WIndows Hello? 
I bought the X1 Yoga 3rd Gen during the week of Thanksgiving 2018.  I watched a ton of reviews showing the battery getting anywhere from 7-9 hrs of life even though it specs say 15 hours.  7-9 is still acceptable for me but my battery only gets ~2-3 hours of life.  This isn't even the worse part. Like many others my laptop suffers from the dreaded battery drain but seems worse than others.  I seem to not even be able to leave it without the A/C adapter plugged in at night or it will be below 40% by the morning. I have tried many of the "hacks" suggested.  Turned the USB always on OFF and turned the Thunderbolt 3 active at boot up OFF.Neither of those made any difference.  All my Windows power/battery settings (close lid, on power, on battery, etc.) are set to StandBy. I thought about doing a battery gauge reset but have seen horror stories that batteries are screwed up after doing that. Any suggestions for very low battery life relative to specs? excessive battery drain?  TIA,S104S
Hi everyone,
After upgrading my Lenovo Z51 to Windows 10, the file explorer also has a slight change to it. There's a new section called Quick Access, which I assume is used to replace the Favorites section that was once present on Windows 8 and 8.1.
Quick Access worked for me, though it was kind of irritating how it would always automatically add the last folder I visited under it. However, about a day or two after I upgraded I noticed that this happened:

For some reason quick access has been empty ever since then and I can't seem to add anything to it. I even tried adding things manually, but apparently all I get is an error message. For example, if I pinned the downloads folder, I get an error popup saying "C:\Users\[MyName]\Downloads already exists. 
How can I fix this?
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