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Hello, I have a similar problem as some others here. I made a backup with the Windows One Key Recovery app version and when I try to restore it by pressing the One Key Recovery button -> System Recovery (also version, it tells me that the backup is not valid. How can this be? Would it matter if the HDD was cloned (by Acronis True Image) from one HDD to another (same size HDD, no partition changes made) and second, if the original HDD was cloned to a smaller size HDD with only the Windows partition made smaller by the cloning process? Martin 
Can the processor in the y430 be upgraded?  I dont care about warranties, I dont think there's a device in my house left that hasnt had the warranty voided on it.  Specifically, I really just want to know if the processor is soldered in, or if it is socketed.  I/m away from the device or I would crack it open myself and see.
Hi there, I have read the psref specs for the model and it says the maximum RAM is 16GB however the processor spec (i5-8250U) says that it supports up to 32GB of memory.My question is if there is a chance to get 32GB working or this is some chipset limitation on this model? Regards
Hey guys, pls help this has been the issue from quite a while and I've tried everything possible. But it's not working so can someone tell me if they are suffering from the same problem with Lenovo Yoga 530 Convertible Touch Laptop. I do not have a warranty on this anymore, so any solutions to this would be much appreciated!Thanks
Im trying to get a new cpu, and i have a good good gpu (GTX 1060), alright monitor, but i have not so good cpu which i will upgrade to get it balanced with the computer. Im wondering if i7-8700 will work with Acer Aspire TC-705. Its a bit rare motherboard/case and . So just wondering. Amd will defientely not work it. So will 7 series work with my motherboard?
I have a new X1E with possible issue with the mousepad. I'm a lefty and operate the pointer with left index finger, right index finger rests on the left mouse button area (so I'm not using the physical buttons on top of the pad). To click I press & release right index finger, then let it rest again on the  left button area. This sometimes makes the mousepad 'freeze'. I know that applying two fingers in for example the middle also triggers this (I assume it simply cannot handle two inputs?), but in this case my right index finger is really on the "left button" area. I tried disabling all features (tap to click, two finger scroll, etc) also update mousepad firmware, to no avail. The thing is that it only happens sometimes when you don't expect it to happen. So then I'm moving my left index finger but I don't see the pointer move, sometimes this takes a couple of seconds to realize that it froze, and then I have to release all fingers first. Sounds like a detail, but it's pretty annoying. Now, I'm unsure if this is, software, hardware or maybe just mee that needs to change habbits and start using one finger only? (I could also the physical buttons but that feels unnatural to me)
Hello, this is aman here my laptop doesn't support the Ms word in my dell laptop why is could be happen I don't konw guys please help me out and give me a better solution to get the Ms word is run in my dell laptop so please suggest me to solve this error
in my laptop..
Buenas noches, tengo una notebook G-40 y la luz de teclado no enciende, recuerdo que era color azul. busque en google y me sugieren que aprete la tecla fn + space pero no se acomoda. Ya busque en panel de control y en el buscador general de la compu. Alguien sabria decirme como activarla? Muchas gracias
Hi. Have read some great posts here. Seems like a great community.  Have seen some great Q&A on this same subject.. Some of which has helped me, but ultimately has failed to solve the problem.)  I'll start with the issues, then the solutions I've tried, and then the results. I am running an X1 Carbon Gen 1, and it had never given me any issues when suddenly and it shut down and wouldn't start again.  The green light on the AC input area lights up, and the fan powers up for one second, then... Nothing. Over and over again.  Then it finally started and ran gave some errors and ran through some self diagnostics (sorry, I can't remember prompts. After that it started up, rebooted, ran a while, and then shut down randomly. Ad infinitum.  Fixes I've tried. 1. Battery reset 2. Disconnect battery and Bios battery3. Push ctrl/alt volume up while booting, THIS WORKED! For several days it functioned with a few random reboots. Then... It finally shut down on it's own overnight and that's the end of the story. I've tried all those things repeatedly and it still just boots for one second (enough to hear fan run), then nothing.  Sorry, I'm not a tech guy, so that's the best explanation I can give. Thanks for any help any one can offer, Curtis
I am trying to create a key bind to use snipping tool with. According to a thread here, you can do this via the shortcut tab in snipping tool properties. However, my snipping tool properties does not have the shortcut tab. Unfortalty I cannot link the thread
nor post an image of my snipping tool properties, as "Body text cannot contain images or links until we are able to verify your account." Very unhelpful microsoft!

Thank you for your time
I have a W7 computer where the Image File Execution Options key is being populated automatically for various applications with an entry:
MitigationOptions  Reg_QWord  0x100 (256)
Every application that has an entry can't run.
I'd like to know how to switch this off.
I thought GFlags might be responsible, so I installed it and run, but can't see anything enabled
Appreciate suggestions on things to try
My computer has recently started turning on for 20 seconds then turning off and repeating infinitely. This has happened before but it mysteriously fixed itself in an hour last time. But this time it didnt it's been sitting in the corner of my room for 2 months I've tested it a few times still doesn't work. I want to know what the problem is so I can fix it or sell it for parts and buy a new PC. It makes weird noises and also beeps twice as you probably heard in the video. I appreciate all the help!
Hello there! I just received my desktop think centre m710's, but the thing is I live in the Netherlands.Can I just buy an adapter In a shop and plug my computer on?No damages? Thanks for all. Antoine 
What is a safe way to clean the screen of a 730 Yoga? Thank you.
The CPU can easily reach to the thermal throttling when I am working, and with up to 70C degrees under IDLE.I have already set the cooling strategy in Lenovo Vantage to be "performance", but it seems does not work.

I am playing an app called Pokermaster on the Android emulator LDPlayer. I routinely experience connection issues and I can't seem to figure out why. My Internet is stable and I have no issues with any other application. I have allowed LDPlayer and all sub processes through my Firewall and removed AntiVirus. I have friends who use the same emulator and app version, yet don't experience issues at all. I couldn't find anything regarding the matter on google search and I'm not sure what I could really do apart from the Firewall settings I have already adjusted.

Is there any other settings that may destabilize my connection? Any other fixes you guys can think off?
I have an HP Laser Jet Pro 200 color (prints in both B/W and color)  and a Windows 10.  The print quality was getting lousy, so I decided to add an older HP b/w printer that I had onto my desktop.  It wasn't compatible with Windows 10, so
I had to download a new driver and I also downloaded HP Universal Print Driver.  The installation just did not work, so I deleted the driver for the b/w printer and just used a different b/w printer that was already installed, but now, when I try to print
in color from the HP Laser Jet Pro 200, I cannot access the printer properties tab to change from B/W. I click on it but the menu does not open up.
How can I unlock the printer properties tab?
So i checked benchemakrs, and the specs of my PC. If it were average or good. Still missed some parts like hard drive. I checked userbenchemarks and it said that my GTX 1060 is superseded. Chckecked the word. And it means they cant work together, its usless? Sad after which i really wanted it, and that it would fit. Is this true. Cant Ryzen 2700 work with GTX 1060?

I have an M93p Tiny, part number 10ABCT01WW, connected to a 4k TV (LG 49UF850V). I am using a DisplayPort to HDMI cable to connect the two (http://amzn.com/B004C9P9TM). The display works fine at 1920x1080 resolution, but keeps flickering and cutting out at 3840x2160. It looks to me like the problem is caused by a weak signal from my m93p, because I can occasionally see the whole desktop on the screen in 4k resolution. Any suggestions? Do I need a different type of DP to HDMI adapter? Or is it possible to install a HDMI port in the spare slot above the VGA output? Thanks, Kev
I have a lenovo z51-70 with really slow disk read/write (~2-3 mbps) speed most of the time. I thought its a issue with the hdd and replaced but the issue is still there. Please advice if its an issue with the mother board or of its connector.
Greetings, I've treated myself to a lenovo L440 for my schoolwork, so i dotn have to lug around my 5kg gaming laptop. I wanted to ask about the upgradabiltiy optionsi was curious if i could put in the cpu i was interested in, I had seen one person on a german forum successfully upgrade to an i7 4700mqcan anyone confirm this owuld work? i was looking mainly at this processor and i7 4800mq as well as i7-4810mq, since these are bargains right now on ebayanother question is the screen replacement,Would it be possible for me to exchange the laready existing 1366x768 screen for a higher resolution 1080p IPS one like the T440p is able to do? or am i stuck with htis resolution. I specifically know there can be an upgrade to a 1600x900, but since the size is the same and the type of connector seems  the same as well, i was wondering if the fullhd panel could work with it too, like it does iwth a t440p?i speak of this panel https://www.laptopscreen.com/English/screen-part-number/B140HAN01.3/
Hi. After getting my X1Extreme I noticed the M2 drive was Union Memory branded and since it is mostly a Chinese brand there is little info on it except for a few benchmarks that actually show it performing very similarly to Samsung drives I was expecting to get with this unit. I am posting here to inquire about it's reliability and long term use. Would other users reccomend I switch to another brand or this drive is expected to perform just as well in the long run as a Samsung or another well knows branded one? I have seen the single post here that mentions some of these drives failing in early life but it seemed to be due to a firmware bug that unfortunately bricked them and mine has the latest firmware from Lenovo website. With this in mind. Should I consider a switch? 
So I've been a user of Firefox for quite some time but never had this problem before; The Bookmarks toolbar keeps my website links where I want them, and they function just fine. But I have enough such links that I have to shovel some of them off in the "overflow" section to the right of my monitor/screen margin. Is there no way for a non-programmer such as myself to increase the size of the Bookmarks toolbar to allow for 2 or perhaps 3 lines of such links? It used to be possible just by dragging a link over, positioning it under another link, and dropping it there, but that no longer seems to be effective.
My fiance and I have moved into a new apartment complex where cable and internet are provided. Because we didn't actually "move in" on the first day of our lease the modem/cable box were left in our apartment for us. Now 2 weeks later I am attempting to set them up and it's not functioning properly. I've got the coaxial cable running into the modem (which I was told also contains the router) and the power is on. Everything is lit up and working, but there is no wireless network. We have connected with an ethernet and the internet is working that way, but the wireless is non existent. We have gone into the router set up by putting the ip into the address bar and changed the passwords and name of the network as well thinking that might help, but no luck so far.

Tldr: Modem part of modem/router seems to be working, but no device can see any network from the router.

Any help anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated.
Hi All! Here goes! Very frustrating situation!I have a z570. I bought new less than 5 years ago. Windows 7 64 bit. In spite of all my best efforts, it will not connect to WiFi. I haven't done anything such as add new software. I haven't done anything. It just stopped working. It says the WiFi card is working properly. I just updated the drivers. I've uninstalled all my antivirus, turned the firewall off. Gone thru the steps and tried it that way. Nothing. When I run the troubleshooter it says "There might be a problem with the driver for the Wireless Network Connection 11 Adapter." and "A network cable is not properly plugged in or may be broken." When I look control panel,it shows 3 bars illuminated. I'm assuming this means the card is working but the info is not making the connection. I bought a WiFi dongle. Tried that. Laptop didn't recognize that. No luck there. This laptop works well other than this problem. I'm about to declare a hardware issue and replace the WiFi card. I've done a ton of research and have come to the conclusion that this isn't an uncommon problem with this particular laptop. I also haven't seen anything that really pertains to the wifi just stopping. Things I've read generally indicate someone has made a change that caused the problem. Does anyone have any suggestions to offer? You have no idea how much it's appreciated!I'm about at the end of my rope with this project. I've spent hours on this!Thanks in advance... Read more
installed memory 6gb usable 3.92 GB
I have been trying all week to access Pinterest through Chrome. It works fine through Firefox. I checked my Hosts File and nothing strange there. I even tried through my Bitdefender VPN and not working. Please Help

Thank you in advance for any help given...
i wanna get some information on whether i should get a Mac or PC, and what type. what forum should i ask it in cuz i couldnt figure out which would be the right one. thanks
Hi all

I have a minor yet annoying glitch with Word which is getting to be frustrating but am unsure whether there is a simple fix to or not; it?s regarding Word 2013 and 2016.

I prefer to have the display set at 100% (one flowing page), but on a number of occasions I have a gremlin in my Windows PC and the monitor changes the display to 2 pages (sometimes even 4 pages), surely this can?t be normal behaviour.

Does anyone know of a permanent cure?

Thanks in advance.
How to cleaning a virus without format and reset
I have a HP pavilion g6 and the battery is in a weird position and I can?t move the slider to remove it. How can I remove the battery to reposition it without breaking or damaging my laptop? The battery is in on the right (near the slider) and sticking out on the left.
Is cleaner useful or harmful to the system
It is an Ideapad N580, already probe with different chargers, even with a universal one. I always get that combination of lights, and it never starts. I try to put an external monitor, and do it without the battery, can someone tell me what it is, and how is it solved? thank you.!!!!https://www.veoh.com/watch/v1419429662FhqK5MG
I have a lenovo yoga 910 that I bought about 3 years ago and I recently bought a usb-c to HDMI adapter for me to plug my laptop into an external monitor I have. When I set everything up and turn on the monitor, the monitor recognizes that the laptop's been connected but it says that there is no signal so nothing shows up on the screen. My drivers are updated and I know the problem is not the adaptor since I can connect my phone to the monitor via the adaptor and it works. Please let me know if you have any suggestions to fix this. Thanks.
P1 i7-8850H, 32GB RAM, Quadro P200 conected to a LG 32UD99-WBoth in Windows 1809 and 1903 when resuming from sleep it will randomly happen that:Audio through the external display is lost. Audio device shows a warning mark and you have to disable/enable in device manager to get it back working.External display is no longer recognized (2 times in 24 hours) you have to disable/enable the Nvidia Quadro P2000 in device manager to get it back working. Connectivity is unreliable regarding internal graphics, external screens and thunderbolt It seems to me that these recurring graphics, display and thunderbolt issues found in P1 X1 machines are related to it. Is there anybody experiencing the same? This is a summary of bios versions with fixes related to issues alike.<1.21>UEFI: 1.21 / ECP: 1.10- (Fix) Fixed an issue where WMI BootDisplayDevice option is incorrect. - (Fix) Fixed an issue where the system might not resume from hibernation on Discrete Graphics mode with Windows10 version 1809.<1.19>UEFI: 1.19 / ECP: 1.10- (Fix) Fixed an issue where the system might BSOD when connected the external monitor.(Note)NVIDIA Graphics Driver v25.21.14.1735 or later version is required.<1.18>UEFI: 1.18 / ECP: 1.08- (Fix) Fixed an issue where the system might not boot with Hybrid Graphics.(Note)If the UEFI BIOS has been updated to version 1.18 or higher, it is no longerable to roll back to the version before 1.18 for boot problem prev... Read more
Hi all, I have a new T480s with a thunderbolt 3 dock.Unfortunately, I'm experiencing a really annoying problem:- when I wakeup the laptop, an USB device (USB port replicator) is not detected.The workaround I found  is to unplug and plug again the power to the dock!Do you know how to solve this problem?Is there a linux command to "wake up" everithing? Thank you
Hello, I am running a X1 Extreme and generallt very happy with it. Product number 20MFCTO1WW and BIOS N2EET31W 1.13.A few days ago Windows update decided to  install the cumulative update KB4503286 for my 1803 Windows Pro installation. (Yes, I like to be a bit behind in the updates). Anyhow, after Windows update I could not get connected to the outside over Wifi. My X1E could ping but couldn't connect to it or anything else. The other computers on the same network just kept on working. After trying to troubleshoot, device driver change and many other things - I finally uninstalled the update. And lo and behold all my network came back again. Is this known issue with this KB? A quick googling only hinted at some problems with Event Viewer for tha specific KB. Lenovo Vantage offers me no new updates for wifi/ethernet. I'm only running Wifi, no cabled connection Thanks in advance for any insights! 
I need someone to help me get back into my Facebook account, it's being hidden by Facebook and temporarily blocked. I cannot get into it because I can't cha get my old phone number associated with it. So someone please help me get my Facebook back.
This is absolutely driving me CrAzY!

I'm attempting to use Youtube, and whenever I adjust any setting, even just starting and stopping the video, the audio drops out and usually won't come back. I can reload or switch positions in the audio track or some other fiddling with it and it will sometimes restore the sound, but this is not reliable. At some point, it will just die and not come back until I reboot.

If I just don't touch the video, audio will go indefinitely on Autoplay, but try to move ahead, or start and stop muting or whatever and it kills the audio.

Is this attributable to some conflict with the audio settings...or what?

Many thanks for setting me straight on this!

Computer: MSI MS-7693
CPU: AMD FX-4350 (Piledriver/Vishera, OR-C0 (Orochi))
4200 MHz (21.00x200.0) @ 1399 MHz (7.00x200.0)
Motherboard: MSI 970 GAMING (MS-7693)
Chipset: AMD 970 (RX980) + SB920/SB950
Memory: 8192 MBytes @ 933 MHz, 10-11-10-30
- 8192 MB PC14900 DDR3 SDRAM - Kingston KHX1866C10D3/8G
Graphics: EVGA e-GeForce 8400 GS
NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS, 512 MB DDR3 SDRAM
Drive: ST1000DM003-1ER162, 976.8 GB, Serial ATA 6Gb/s @ 6Gb/s
Drive: ASUS DRW-24F1ST c, DVD+R DL
Sound: ATI/AMD SB800/Hudson-1 - High Definition Audio Controller
Sound: NVIDIA GT218 - High Definition Audio Controller
Network: Killer e2200 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller
OS: Microsoft ... Read more
Good Day guys. I badly need your help. I just bought a new hdd and so I transferred the location of all of my library folders, (documents, videos, pictures and downloads) to save up space for my ssd. But I think I did it in the wrong way. Now this is how it looks like now, please see picture. And all of my library folders have the same directory except from music, they're like merged. So if I add a file in downloads, it also adds in other folders, same thing in deleting files. Please help.

The problem here is that my documents, videos, and picture libraries are named 'downloads' and so they have the same directory now. Same location and same storage. when you delete something from one of the folders, it deletes on the other folders.

How can I change that and bring them back to normal?
Hi, I have a question about my Yoga 530-14-IKB. Use case: As it's shown on the promo picture. So the screen is flipped upside down. Problem: Stereo speakers does not follow this orientation. Left sound comes from the right speaker and vice versa. The right speaker is on the right side at normal laptop orientation, but the same speaker is on the left side if I use my Yoga this way. I kind of expect the stereo swap if I use the upside down orientation to match the screen. So far I haven't found a solution to this. It's weird, since this orientation is present in almost all Yoga advertisment.
So basically I reset my PC ready to give to a family member but when I'm trying to set it up for them it says "there's a problem that's keeping us from getting your PC ready to use" and then gets me to do an update and it restarts and just does the same thing again. Any suggestions please.
I just got a new case fan to replace my old noisy one and had a friend come to help me out. He couldn't figure it out after he clipped the case fan cable. I dont know what to do. Is this okay?
?The Group Policy Client service failed the logon. Access denied.? Is what keeps coming up. Cannot login as ADM because it's not set up that way
can you help me !!
Hi everybody,I had a "fan error" at boot. I tried to remove the dust before finally replacing the original fan. Now, when I start the laptop, the fan starts spinning, stops and I get the "fan error" again, just like with the original fan. Any idea of what could cause this (and solve it)? Thank you!Potamogale
Does anyone know whether you can buy printers that don?t need any kind of PC set up? I don?t own a laptop or PC as I dont need one and just want to print via my tablet. Most wireless printers seem to require some kind of installation via a computer and I?m hoping someone has invented one that doesn?t?
It was working totally fine for one and a half year, and for the last few days, it stopped working. I reinstalled the OS, tried in safe mode also. But nothing works. But the device manager is suggesting that the device is working properly. what should I do now?