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A few days ago, my computer has started to run as slow as it has ever been. It takes about a 10+ second delay to merely open a window(varies). I figured it was the hard drive and I ran CrystalDiskInfo and it told me Caution. I am not 100% sure it is my HDD but I can't imagine it is anything else. I have an unused SSD(Samsung 860 EVO 500GB SATA 6GB/s) and an external Seagate 1tb harddrive. I can only hook up one hard drive at a time because I only have the cables for one. I have been trying to put a system image onto the external hard drive and then put it on the SSD. I am not sure how this will be possible with being able to plug in only one hard drive at a time but right now I am more concerned about getting a system image finished. Please note that every scan i perform will take hours due to the speed it is at right now. Every system image takes about 8+ hours and it always fails. My issues include but are not limited to: 0x80070002, 0x8007045d, 0x80780119
I bought my ideapad l340 a week before i left on a 3 months trip, so 2 weeks ago. It worked at first but now the keyboard is going crazy. No respons on typing, but it?s typing zero?s itself, continuously. So can?t get in, cause i can?t type my password. It worked once (trying for days now) so i updated stuff, see if it were drivers, it said it updated the bios, and then it rebooted, i had to login again.. and i got the zero?s back. It?s not the zero button that got stuck, it doesn?t feel stuck. So can?t go to the store since i?m a long way from home, does anyone have an idea what i can do?
IVe got an X1 Yoga Gen 2 im afraid has a bad motherboard...but would love to hear if im mistaken or some other common issue.  Power plug lights up when connected to poweron/off button turns green when pressed (as well as red LED on lid/Thinkpad logo)Keyboard lights up for a second or 2, fans spin for a second or 2Nothing else happens HDMI - no output on external monitors (have tried 2 different monitors/cables)Reset Battery procedure - no difference Hoping this is simply symptoms of a bad CMOS battery? Would be much better than mobo replacement Cannot find s/n to see if it is in warranty Thank you very much for input/help!  
Good morning, I have a question re to the fastest RAM that a P52 Xeon can support.- Lenovo's website pairs Xeon E-2176M processor with 2400 GHz of RAM- Intel's website says that Xeon E-2176M supports 2666 GHz of RAM So which is right? I read other posts about the new BIOS 1.28 unlocking 2666 GHz for P52 users, so it would appear it is possible to run 2666 GHz on this laptop. Does anyone know if the 2400 RAM that comes from Lenovo can be unlocked to 2666 via a BIOS update? Or I need to unstall 2666 GHz RAM sticks to make this happen? Soooo confusing and I really hope Lenovo can clarify this for me (I placed an order for a new P52 last night and hope to clarify this asao to be able to change the RAM if necessary) Thank you!!
Hi All I have a T590 with mx250 GPU, and 65W power adapter. i 'm planning to buy a larger capacity charger, however the 135W power adapter is a slim tip adapter and the t590 does not have a slim tip port. is there an alternative ? thanks
I bought two psp 3004 for 30 euros togheter, the problem is that the x, circle, square and triangle button doesnt work. I bought a replacement for the ribbon cable under the actual buttons but it doesnt fit, before doing so i tried to swap the same cable from a different psp 3004 i had but that doesnt fit too. Since everything else in both the psp works i really dont wanna give up on that but dont know what to do anymore plus i'm just a noob in these things. Thanks for help in advance.
I have 2 security camera system DVRs, one is a Swann the other is a Zosi however I have a feeling that is not relevant. I have a Netgear router and have been able to remote view the cameras from the Swann and the previous DVR that the Zosi replaced on my old Asus laptop. I have the Swann as a actual security/recording DVR but I am aware that since it's 1080 resolution it requires a lot of computer resources to view remotely therefore I have the lower resolution Zosi so that I can view live video in real time. I have checked and they both appear to be online so I am really confused as to the issue, any help would be greatly appreciated!
Hey everyone, I?ve read that the z370 got a bios update that would support the 9700k i7?s. Does anyone know if the update has been applied out of the box? I?m looking to buy a new mobo and an i7 but I don?t currently have a 1151 socket cpu. Would I be able to use the 9700k without first updating the mobo? Thanks
So I'm trying to restore my Lenovo to factory settings, but it gives me an error message everytime. It doesn't even tell what went wrong just says something went wrong...How do I wipe my computer clean without wiping the OS. As I've understood I can wipe EVERYTHING from BIOS with "Restore factory keys" option, But I'd like to be able to sell the computer afterwards
I am interested in Registry settings to help customize the "Music" folder template. I need to add several columns and make that the default for all future music folders. I use a Win7 Ultimate system. I have a 500gb hard drive full of music and
the individual artists folders are on the root of that drive. I can't find a way to customize the whole drive a one time and customizing all of the individual folders is not going to happen. I don't want to move all of the individual folders to a new folder
on the root drive unless it's the last resort.

Please help
How do you remove "pause arrow" from the center of capture photos? I like to download still photos from videos but the capture/screen snip photos have the big pause arrow sign in them. Thanks for your help!
I have two accounts on my Windows 10 Laptop one is me Administrator and one is a User Account. I have a 1TB Drive too. I did not want the user account to access it so I right clicked on the drive, clicked on properties and then security tab. There were a few options there, I don't remember everything but the last second option was Administrators and Last was users. I full control denied to users and pressed "apply" button thinking that I am administrator so I only I will be able to access it. Then It started applying attributes to everything for a while and then the drive was frickin Inaccessible! I was also not able to access it! All my important softwares and data is inside that drive, now it's lost ! Please help me gain back access to it. Now I hate Windows 10 T^T

Hi there. I wish to change my Lenovo V570 Laptop Password
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Is it an MP3, propriety format or what?
Hello everyone!

I might have made a mistake while trying to make a clean install in windows. I wanted to do it mainly because I wanted to install Win 10 on a new SSD. I made a bootable flash drive, and everything sent fine with the clean install, but when it required to restart, a grub rescue error came up. This was because an there was also a Linux OS on the computer. I have tried to do the bootrec/ fixmbr, which worked, but I got ?access denied? error on bootrec /fixboot. Right now, I dont know what I could do, as I have already deleted the old partitions, but could not finish the install.

Thank you in advance, have a nice day!
I have Windows 7. About once or twice a day when using the computer the screen goes completely black for a couple of seconds and it recovers after a few seconds. Then a message pops up. I will upload the error message in a screenshot:

I'm not sure how to fix this problem and what the problem is. It's worrying. If anyone could help I would be ever so grateful. Thank you.
I have hundreds of old 35mm slides which I'm in the process of scanning and converting to JPGs with a nifty little machine I purchased on Amazon. Once I have them all saved and organized I'd like to be able to view them as a slideshow with each picture displaying full screen but without automatically advancing to the next photo. I want to be able to linger on certain ones as we review them and reminisce and then hit a key when we want to advance to the next photo, if that's possible. I would like to be able to transfer them to a USB drive to view them on my brother's laptop. I don't know if Windows can do this or if third party software is necessary. I do have MS Office 2010 Pro so I have Powerpoint if that's needed.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Here are my computer specs:

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4670 CPU @ 3.40GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 60 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 7986 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 917 GB (839 GB Free);
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Enabled and Updated
I suddenly started having low fps on games. I used to run minecraft at like 100-200 fps and now when i try to play a game that's not even strong at all and which i should run with no problem i get from 20 to 30 fps and I have no idea why this is happening. I tried everything: Deinstalling programs, running anti-virus scan, Updated all the drivers and still not much changed so PLEASE if you have any advice help me.

Processor: Intel (R) Pentium (R) CPU G3250
RAM: 8 gb
Graphic card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 420
Hello, I have a problem that is presenting on my pc "Lenovo Ideapad G40-70" the problem is the following, the USB ports do not work, with any device that transfers data, they only work with a wired USB mouse, when I connect a memory external usb or my cell phone with usb cable, show me this information in the device panel:  The USB device \ VID_0000 & PID_0002 \ 6 & 12644a98 & 0 & 1 was configured.Driver Name: usb.infClass GUID: {36fc9e60-c465-11cf-8056-444553540000}Controller Date: 06/21/2006Driver Version: 10.0.18362.1Driver Provider: MicrosoftDriver section: BADDEVICE.Dev.NTController rating: 0xFF0000Corresponding device ID: USB \ DEVICE_DESCRIPTOR_FAILURETop drivers: usb.inf: USB \ DEVICE_DESCRIPTOR_FAILURE: 00FF2000Updated device: falseMain device: USB \ VID_8087 & PID_8000 \ 5 & 1f203a8f & 0 & 1 __________________________________________________________________  The USB device \ VID_0000 & PID_0002 \ 6 & 12644a98 & 0 & 1 had a problem starting.Driver Name: usb.infClass GUID: {36fc9e60-c465-11cf-8056-444553540000}Service:Bottom Filters:Top filters:Problem: 0x2BProblem Status: 0x0__________________________________________________________________  Device Status:Windows stopped this device because it reported problems. (Code 43)An error in a USB device descriptor request. __________________________________________________________________ I already reinstalled windows with clean inst... Read more
I reinstall windows on my lenovo yoga 530.What drivers are this?
Hello, I've received brand new Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 6th Gen, turned on, run all windows updates and after that all Lenovo updates using Lenovo Vantage. Everything worked fine, few days passed and I checked for Lenovo updates using Lenovo Vantage again, it recommended me new BIOS update and some driver update (which I don't remember what it was), so I proceed. After successful finish and restart I'm experiencing very odd issues with internet, pages just keep crashing. No matter which browser and no matter which wifi, pages just keep crashing randomly, I can test it out that I keep hitting F5 and every second or third page will crash. I can't even download anything successfully. My unsuccessful attempts to fix it. 1. I've tried windows recovery which didn't work, problem remains.2. I've downloaded official Lenovo recovery tool, made the order to download and create recovery USB for my serial number and I've run it, unfortunately problem still remains. I suspect that none of those recovery images reset BIOS to previous version and I'm not even sure how could BIOS screw up internet this way, I'm thinking to try dowload some old BIOS version and install it but not sure which version and how to find it.I would appreciate any sort of help. Thank you.
Yesterday i installed a new motherboard, cpu and ram. All of which are compatible with each other. I run a 1050 ti and a intel i5 9400F, 16gb ram on a 500w cooler master power supply. GPU and and PSU are about 1 year old. I only got these problems after installing the new motherboard, cpu and ram. I had no problems booting the pc and it seemed like everything worked fine. I installed some of the drivers (some may be missing im not 100% sure if i did all of them correctly), but most should be correct.

I first noticed the crashings as i launched cs go, discord and firefox at the same time. (within 2-3 minutes of each other). Opening some apps made the others crash and sometimes loop. Discord would shut down and start back up, cs:go would just shut down along with steam. And firefox tabs would also crash saying something like "oops we've ran into a problem, try refreshing".

I feel like if this was a hardware problem my pc wouldnt boot or any indicator lamps on my motherboard would light up but only SB_PWR lamp is lighting up. I quickly googled it and its supposed to just show that power is on and connecting to the motherboard.

If any more infiormation is needed please ask ill try to answer as well as i can. Hope anyone is able to help <3

Edit: All fans inside the pc are running, everything seems like it is working, but some apps just shut down randomly. Sorta suffocates
Hey, I noticed the Y540 screen brightness reduction is particulary agressive (check the comparison with helios 300 in image)Is there a way to calibrate the agressive luminosity reduction ?OrWhen I use FN + F5, it reduce luminosity from 100% to 90% (from 10 to 10).Is there a way to change that reduction level to 2. For example, from 100% to 98%.  Thanks by advance
This machine was manufactured on the 27th of November, 2017. So..I'm in a conundrum where I'm going to send off my Yoga 920 to be fixed again or have components potentially replaced. It takes roughly 2hrs to charge from 0% to 100%. Unsure whether downscaling from 4K to FHD makes a difference. The battery once the charger has been removed is set to Battery Saver mode using 10% Screen Brightness lasts about 2 hours or less usage watching streaming video, ms office applications, file managments etc.Using 100% Brightness non-battery saver mode which is less then optimal in my room + lighting condition = 1 hour tops I think roughly.Lenovo Vantage previously reported my Battery only capable of storing roughly 40-50% of it's given capacity (Yellow Font "Fair").  Just gonna also ask if anyone has had an average of 50C+ (hits 60-80C) thermals i7 8550u, I would like to have lower operating temperatures since my first/last geniune laptop which was a Z460 and it didn't have too great of a battery life either. I have tried unvolting in XTU and that was no bueno too. Edited*Kind upset with the battery life as you could tell. I was optimistic in my expectations that this machine may survive me 2-3 years with ongoing usage however  I'd rather not make this a Fake Desktop and charge it constantly. Kinda upset with a 1300+GBP investment. Kingsley.
Hi, I have a problem with the X380 laptop you can help me with resetting the supervisor password.Thank you.
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Hi All, I have P52 with BIOS version 1.18 are working fine. After update to new BIOS version 1.28,  the memory speed had improved to 2666MHz (my laptop have 96GB 2666MHz), but my laptop battery charge are not working. I plugged it into my laptop, fully charged 100% and then proceeded to update the BIOS. After the BIOS update was successful, I have reset the default F9.In the Windows 10 interface, I lost the signal of the device charging, even though the device is still plugged in (Power mode: Battery 1-2). Currently my device only has 80% of the remaining battery power, I shut down the device and do not know how to fix it. Please help !
My kids have always bought consumer laptops. They have had mechanical problems (loose screws, dangling power connector damaging mother board, spills, fan broken, etc). But have never had a software|bios|drives issues ... in last 17 years over 7 laptops, have never updated or asked to update drivers, Bios. All ports work out of box, trackpad works, USB ports work. Don't need to update bios right out of box to get any of these work. I bought a TP P50 2 years ago .. for sturdiness (I assumed I will travel from coffee shop to coffee shop), performance, and all the goodness. When I bought there were posts in forums suggesting need to update bios to get things working. Out of box I did have those issues .. track point would not work, a USB port here, charger, etc. Several hours of downloading, updating drivers bios.. got everything going.  ThinkAdvanatage is great. Will pop-up and suggest do this or that update. I may done Bios update only 2 times since I bought. I am scared of Bios upates .. there are reports of bad things happening at times. But things have been generally ok.  My experience and concern is: This is a great, powerful, beautiful sturdy machine. But unlike consumer grade machine, it keeps me on edge, forces me to update bios/drivers even just to get started, and sometimes updates go sour (peope report machine being bricked after bios update).  Now my kid will be going away for a while. She does need a 15.6", 16GB machine powerful en... Read more
Any help with the attached error.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU G645 @ 2.90GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3488 Mb

Hard Drives: C: 931 GB (802 GB Free); J: 465 GB (262 GB Free);
Motherboard: ECS, H61H2-M12

Many thanks.
I have Windows 7. About once or twice a day when using the computer the screen goes completely black for a couple of seconds and it recovers after a few seconds. Then a message pops up. I will upload the error message in a screenshot:

I'm not sure how to fix this problem and what the problem is. It's worrying. If anyone could help I would be ever so grateful. Thank you.
As you can see in the images, my touchpad settings are not showing up. Any ideas on why this is occuring?
Hi, I have a problem with the X380 laptop you can help me with resetting the supervisor password.Thank you.
Before I buy and install an M.2 card, I wanted to ask just what do I need to know or do before and after the installation. The installation itself is basically simple but I'm not real sure how to set it up or what it can be used for? Do I really need it? I've read several articles about this and found more confusion. Some claim to use it as a boot drive for storing Windows, while others claim it is only good for existing drive cache. I'm wondering if adding the M.2 will even be of any use or improvement to me. Does anyone know anything about this? Please keep it like me, very simple. I'm not even sure which one to get for my T440p. I found this.. will it work fine? Lenovo SK hynix 128GB M.2 2242 PCIe NVMe SSD w/ 2280 Bracket, HFM128GDHTNGI won''t use the included 2280 bracket as it's not for my machine. Some of those terms are kinda foreign to me. Any insights or info is greatly appreciated.
I've recently purchased an X1E2, and along with it, warranty upgrades. Now, I've received an email saying that `In order to activate the purchased service, you must register within 30 days of your purchase date. Services that are not registered cannot be fulfilled.`, but the registration page requires a serial number in order to register anything, since my product is very likely to arrive in over a month, I fear I'll be unable to use the warranty upgrades at all before they expire. What can I do? I've avoided contacting support using MTSA because the associated documents clearly outlines that it requires a serial number (which I don't have) to check the associated warranty.
Hi i've noticed over the summer that whenever I put my computer in standby it would jump when turning back on.
The psu turns on, everything sounds fine and then after 5-10 seconds it will turn off for a few secs and repeat this process until I turn the plug off at the wall.

A few weeks ago I cleaned all dust, checked cable connections, and tried booting with various components removed. I took out the gpu, ram, and hard drives and the problem still occurred.

Then last week I realized that if I just turn the plug off at the wall each night and then flick it on and then start the pc it turns on fine every time consistently.
So I'm not sure if it is the power supply being faulty at all or what to do. But although the problem is gone, I can't standby the pc anymore and leave it on all day at home

As it is working ok right now i'm not willing to buy any new components, but do you know if there is anything I can do to test it.
The psu is a 5 year old bequiet straightpower 10, 800w

Thanks, jake
Hi, i have a yoga 530 with ryzen 7 and i want to install ubuntu. For the future, is there the possibility to upgrade bios with linux?I see in the bios package from the lenovo site that there is, if i extract it, a .fd that could be the bios file. Anyone try to upgrade this bios with ubuntu?  Thanks!
Hi,I am interested in purchasing a Lenovo Legion Y540 gaming laptop (the 15-inch version). After configuring it I noticed that the keyboard is in German. Is there a way to change that? I currently live in Germany, so I guess that's why I am offered the german version, but I am much more comfortable with an English keyboard. Thank you for your help!
Hi everyone,Yesterday I bought a Yoga 730 13.3" and this morning I noticed a misalignment of the lid of around 1-2mm.To give an idea, this is an exaggerated representation.Here are some images:Is this somewhat common? I have no way to cross-check as i ordered it online and while I may live with it if this is common/within tolearances, I am also evaluating going for a replacement.
Hi all,I have a T590 with mx250 GPU, and 65W power adapter. i 'm planning to buy a larger capacity charger,  should i go for a 90W or a 135w power adapter ?i don't mind the extra weight Thanks
First time posting here so sorry if this isn't the right section, so I have the laptop mentioned in the title and it just started not charging. I tried the battery reset button but it hasn't done anything and I also opened up the RAM portion to see the power interruption switch which is not being held down (not sure if it is supposed to be). Not really sure where to go at this point since the laptop is dead cause I didn't even see that it wasn't charging, I'm deployed right now and this is like my only source of morale so any help is appreciated.
I'm thinking about purchasing that Lenovo model, but I'd need to know if it has the possibility of enabling such virtualizacion from BIOS, because I'm an Android mobile apps developer and without such possibility it would be impossible to perform such task. Thanks for the help.
I have lost the charger for my old Lenovo x250 so need a replacement. The x250 doesnt have an internal batteryThe one I had was (i think) a 45w 2.25a But I have seen 45w, 65w and 90w chargers (I think the 65w was 3.25a and 90w was 4.5a).Am I correct that the advantage of the higher wattage is faster charging, or are there any other advantages (does it make a difference that I dont have the internal battery?)  ThanksSteve
hello,  lee see,  device manager: synaptic work and up to datewin setting seen trackpad setting and non-tick connect a mouse to disable. (either no mouse connect)bios trackpad: enable fail point: control panel - mouse -mouse properties - no show trackpad tab setting   any suggestions for this problem thanks for anyone help.    
The title says it all.  I would like to write a review for the X1Extreme on how unreliable this expensive unit is.  Bought this late January of this year for the keyboard and the lightness of it. Since late January, my unit has failed me twice already - both times with a dead system board. I wish to warn the users that are looking into this device although I am well aware most people don't pay close attention to manufacturer website reviews and the sellers always show the good reviews first. But I would rather have something written than do nothing. Yet, I can't find a way to post a review on the Lenovo website. How do I write a review on their website? Does anyone know? 
Long story short, I'm trying to look for an audio cable that goes from USB female to 3.5mm female, and the closest thing I found was some PLUSPOE wire kit on Amazon. It had what I needed, except the main part of it was an Ethernet wire that had a see-through end on it. That is not what I need. However, it does come with a USB female to what I'm guessing is a female aux. It also kinda looks like a female DC. (for charging and power purposes to my knowledge) The description of the item says it could be used for things like Raspberry Pi, security cameras or remotes. However, I want to know if there is any possible way to be able to put a power source into audio use. Would anyone be able to determine this, and if so, please let me know ASAP. thanks
After turning on my computer, it has now started to flash colors as soon as the Lenovo logo disappears. It may or may not allow me to log in to Windows. It also flickers randomly if it allows me to log on, and then sometimes it works perfectly fine. Has anyone found a solution to this issue? 
led lights flash for half a seccond then their is nothing, the Lenovo Z50-70 was working properly then powers down for no reason, I was not using the laptop at the time and see it turn off, I have tried different batteries, AC adapters, ram, hard discs, CD drives and nothing has worked it still has no response when I press the power or novo button but lights flash only when I plug AC adapter in. I've done the thing where you remove all power then hold the button for 30 seconds still nothing, I have checked all the resistors on the motherboard and none of them are faulty and i checked a few other things and there is no explanation, I would appreciate any help, thanks!.