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I have windows 10 1511, updates stopped 12/22/16 for update 2016, I have error code 0xc1900-201, windows assistant is constantly trying to up date but ends with something went wrong " you can't install windows on a usb flash drive using set up".
I am not trying to use a flash drive this my computer! PLEASE HELP!!!
I have an HP Probook 650 G1 laptop that I have installed Server 2012 R2 on so I can have a mobile imaging server using Ghost.  The problem is I can not get the LAN adapter to be seen by windows.  What I have done is turned on the wi-fi through
server management, but I need a hard wired connections for obvious reasons.
I attempted to use powershell, but as a newbie it is a bit beyond my skill level, but the only way I might be able to do this is through powershell.  I have a broadcom 802.11 2x2 wifi and bluetooth 4.0 combination adapter in the laptop. 

What comdlet do I use to find that adapter and once I do what cmdlet do I use to enable it.
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 32 bit
Processor: AMD A8-5600K APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics, x64 Family 21 Model 16 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 3041 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 7560D, 768 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 73 GB (40 GB Free); E: 74 GB (74 GB Free); F: 74 GB (64 GB Free); G: 74 GB (74 GB Free); H: 74 GB (73 GB Free); I: 931 GB (903 GB Free);
Motherboard: MSI, FM2-A55M-E33 (MS-7721)
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Enabled and Updated
I am planning on getting a Dell Inspiron gaming PC with the specs: 8GB Memory, 1TB Hard Drive, AMD Radeon? RX 570 video card features 4GB GDDR5 dedicated graphics memory, Windows 10.

Is a 144Hz monitor compatible with this computer?
Hello everybody. I am in need in a little help and I hope that this will be the best place to find it. I've been having problems with my laptop recently - The SSHD started making strange sounds(you could call it clicks like when you just hold the power button and when it shuts down it has a clicking sound in the SSHD's area), sometimes it crashes and sometimes it can't find the SSHD, but, of course, sometimes it turns on like nothing happened and and works quite decent. All the time I used this computer (around 2 years) I noticed that when I open up my task manager " DISK " skyrockets to 100% . This issue has been for a long time and I've tried countless ways to solve it,but none of my found solutions worked. So I just wanna know if it's just the SSHD failing or is there some problem with my OS, or am I just too stupid to notice the problem. Also, when the SSHD started not working properly the internet started having spikes, when it loads a page a loooooot longer than it should. Also my gaming experience has gotten worse, because I've been having FPS spikes too and some of the games crash. I suspect it's all connected to my SSHD problems, but I don't want to jump into conclusions. The graphics driver is almost up to date(388.00), because on the latest drivers games work worse. no malwares or viruses, just checked it. It's a real pain in the arse.
 I recently purchased a used computer.  How do I change the email account One Drive asks for?  It still shows the previous owner.
 I'm getting a fraction of the speeds from my home 5G wifi from the Yoga 920. I have three other wifi devices and all currently get ~46 Mbps at common speed test sites. On the 920, I get 2-7.Things me and Lenovo phone support have tried:- In the driver advanced options, setting "roaming aggressiveness" to 5 (that temporarily seemed to fix the problem but it now persists)- Updating the Qualcomm Atheros wifi driver (it was already updated)- Reinstalling the driver (version is a clean Win 10 Home system running on Fall Creator's Update with nothing installed to take bandwidth. No apps are running on startup.Lenovo support had nothing for me, beyond reinstalling the driver or resetting the machine to factory. Anything else I can try before I take this step? I don't want to spend four hours downloading Windows updates again  
A few weeks ago I was using my computer, listening to music, and the left ear of my headset starts cutting out and gets REALLY quiet to the point that I can barely hear it. So, I try in a different pair of earbuds (that I know work fine in my phone), and they only work out of one ear as well. And so I tried to reinstall the realtek sound drivers on my computer and then restart my computer, but it still only plays out of my right ear. Finally, today I plug in ANOTHER pair of earbuds (which I tested 20 seconds before on my phone) into my computer and they only work out of one ear.

Can anyone recommend what I should do to fix this? Is there a problem with my computer?
I need urgent help. Someone helping me with this would be very kind.
Our OS hard drive keeps getting filled up, especially by temporary files, from Adobe Lightroom. I thought I had set it to save everything on the D or external drive, but the C keeps filling. What settings do we need to change to keep this from happening?
Dear Lenovo team,  Please help me out here. I have Lenovo G40-80 laptop which I had bought roughly an year ago. I had given it for maintainence and cleaning at a lenovo centre. Now the status of this laptop is its screws have started getting loose and the hinge on the right side of screen has come out. I checked it on lenovo international and it is a much more common problem than anticipated. Apparently, there is some issue with design. Please help me here. The laptop is breaking apart and even though it is under warranty, I have been told it is not covered. Please understand that it is not my fault, but according to lenovo's international forum a design fault. Urgently need help!!!
There are some on Amazon but they look dodgy. Lenovo doesn't seem to make them. Has anyone found one yet?
Get a messagebox saying "battery not detected" and it's not charging from mains. So laptop has now turned into a desktop... as needs plugging in continually... making it almost useless for purpose. This happened exactly after firmware update a few weeks ago. By coincidence the management software also kindly informed me that it could manage the battery better and stop it wearing out by only charging up to 90% - fair enough, but don't treat me like a muppet and disable it without any way to get it back. Tons of Windows 10 updates today (after not being able to use it for a few weeks) but still no battery. I tried F1 BIOS but nothing there to enable the battery (only to disable it). This is frankly a joke - timing shows it's due to the firmware update because the battery was fine and lasted a couple of hours right before. In 25 years of countless laptops, have never had this problem - batteries weaken gradually but don't suddenly lock up and require a paid replacement suddenly. How do we run down our original battery properly before polluting the planet? Phil
I've been reading posts about windows cannot communicate with the device( primary dns server) have tried most all steps and advice with no luck . I did a ip configuration and will post it maybe someone can see what's up I don't speak or read computer lol
My company has users with dual monitors using the VGA port and the Display Port on the Lenovo M73 Tiny  They would like to use the 1280 x 768 screen resolution on both screens.  However even with the latest display drivers, they can only get one monitor to have that option.  The other monitor does not have that as an option.  What is shown is 1280 x 720 and the next option is 1280 x 960  There is no 1280 x 768 option.  Both monitors can have up to 1920 x 1080 however we have older people using the the lower resolution option.  I can not find a fix for this anywhere.  I've installed the (Intel Driver and Support assistant installer)  That updated the driver but did not fix the problem.  The (Windows7vista_64_152258) Display did not even install because of an error saying it is not for this operating system.   We've hash out this problem with a make-shift workstation attempting to solve this issue with no luck.  If you know of a resolution that we have not tried, we will use it on our make-shift workstation.  Thanks 
Ideapad Model 80UD, 110-15ISK. Win10, 64-bit. Brand new. HDD shows continuous 100% utilization which slows machine to a crawl. I could not figure out what was taxing the HDD, so created a USB recover key downloading from Lenovo site. Recovery attempt this morning failed, with error code 0x80070017. Then realized that was the Windows recovery and changed the BIOS to look at the USB key and then obviously was looking at the right recovery effort - it was reformatting just fine and then the DISM.log file shows this.  2017-11-19 22:31:46, Warning DISM DISM Provider Store: PID=2000 TID=2004 Failed to Load the provider: X:\windows\System32\Dism\SiloedPackageProvider.dll. - CDISMProviderStore::Internal_GetProvider(hr:0x8007007e)
2017-11-19 22:31:46, Warning DISM DISM Provider Store: PID=2000 TID=2004 Failed to Load the provider: X:\windows\System32\Dism\MetaDeployProvider.dll. - CDISMProviderStore::Internal_GetProvider(hr:0x8007007e)The blurb on the screen said reagent fail, capture image fail and nothing else of use.  Any hints on what is amiss? This machine was bought by my Sister in Law and basically sat unused until recently when she asked me to "fix" it. Purchased in fall 2016 so I think it may be out of warranty... any help is appreciated. I"m not adverse to installing a new drive and/or memory if we think the disk is bad but if it's the motherboard... 
Hello, when I resume my laptop from sleep mode, only a black screen appears (Nothing works, just adjusting the backlight brightness). After restarting the notebook, everything works as it should.
Hi, I just bought Yoga 720 (13'). I did confront super fan noise problem, slow wifi and heating issues. After updating BIOS and changing settings, the fan noise got down to a bearable level but still not be quiet at all even I was justing writing this online without any other running apps . What bothered me most is the front area of the keyboard and the bottom area of the screen got warm to hot very quickly. It is like when I start the laptop, several minutes later, I can feel the warm in that two areas. Plus, today I figured out the AC adapter became super hot when it was charging the laptop. I felt very frustrating and I haven't talked to technique support yet. Are all these problems normal ?  The JBL speaker is really beyond my expectations. The sound they deliver is dull and enclosed. Neither loud or clear at all.  I am very appreciated if you guys can give me some ideas. How is you yoga 720 ? What can I do to adjust it to the best ? Thank you very much. 
When I open a photo with the Microsoft Photos application, the resolution of the photo is not automatically optimized. I have to zoom in a little and then zoom out, and then the photo comes into better focus. Is anyone familiar with this issue? Is there a way to adjust this so that my display shows the maximum resolution of a photo when I open it?
My laptop is a T460s running Linux, but the question is more general: is there a way to get an email notification whenever a new BIOS/UEFI update is released by Lenovo for a certain thinkpad laptop?
Problem/ issue Windows 19 Error in dell n7573
Step 1. Download and install windows 8
Step 2. Check Update Windows 10Setting > Change PC Setting > Windows Update > Checks for Updates Now > Restart.
Step 3. Download and install driver for dell (except driver wifi)http://www.dell.com/support/home/us/en/19/product-support/product/inspiron-15-7537/drivers
This is my way to resolve and I hope you also can do it.
Good luck.
Some time ago all the gestures for the touchpad (e.g. zoom, two-finger scrolling, etc.) stopped working. I've tried updating, re-installing, deleting and installing the drivers, but to no avail. The touchpad itself works well, it's just the gestures that have disappeared for an inexplicable reason. I've tried everything I could think of, so I'd be grateful for any kind of advice or suggestion.
I am having inspiron 15R 7520SE with 6 GB RAM, I do not understand why my laptop is running slow.
I found that the CPU load remains only 20 to 3- % MAX but RAM reaches to 80%.
Even in the ideal condition alos RAM usage is too much. It should not go beyound 20% but in ideal it goes to 80-90%.
Dont know which background process is doing it.
Kindly support, I cannot format my system all the time.
i have done a fresh install ,Latitude E5500, Vista 32 Bit.  I have managed to find all the drivers except the SM BUS CONTROLLER.   Not sure what the driver would be listed as on the driver site or where I can find it..  Any help on this?
Since last Thursday 11/15, when a windows update was applied, my PC keeps waking up by itself at 5:55 am every day by itself.     From what I know about these things, which I've had before, I looked at the windows event log and see under System ... "Wake Source: Timer - Windows will execute 'Maintenance Activator' scheduled task that requested waking the computer.".     In Task Scheduler, I'm trying to find the property of whatever task is 'scheduled' to run, with the property 'wake the computer', so I can uncheck it, but can't find it.     Running Win 10 on a Dell Inspiron 3847.     I've encountered unexpected wakes before, and seen a lot of posts on this topic.     Any ideas on this specific issue?
Hi all
Hope someone can assist.
I have a Dell XPS 8900 ... it came standard with a GeForce GTX 745 card.Am looking to get a HP Omen 32" monitor which is soon to be on sale.Am I correct that the existing graphics card won't support this monitor ?If so - can you recommend a suitable replacement ?Won't be using the machine for gaming - mainly Office apps / video etc.Thanks for the help
I have been looking at the OptiPlex Small Form Factors and I have been debating between two options. I have configured a 5050 SFF and 7050 SFF to the same specs (Intel i7-7700, 1TB 7200 rpm hard drive, 16GB RAM, Radeon R7 450), but I was wondering if there are any other hardware differences, such as fans (fans especially, since the 5050 is a mid-range computer vs the 7050 which is high-range), ports, internal differences (I'm planning to add a SATA SSD), or anything else.  
I recently purchased the Ryzen 7 1700 desk top.
I have 3 Dell SE2717HR's connected to the display ports on the RX 580 card.
I have 1 Samsung 40" 4K plugged into the HDMI port on the RX 580
This system will not boot with this configuration.
If I unplug the HDMI cable the system boots fine.
I can then plug the HDMI cable back in after the boot and everything works fine.
Just can't boot with the TV plugged in.
Anyone else run into this ?
My Dell Vostro 260 is getting a message on startup saying that Windows failed to start, giving me two options: launch startup repair, or start Windows normally. When you select startup repair, it just goes to a blank screen for all eternity, and when you try to launch Windows normally it freezes at the very beginning of the Windows logo thing. Please help
I have an Optiplex 960 and I would like something a bit faster. The Optiplex 990s are selling pretty cheap on Ebay. 
I have Windows 10 on my machine and am wondering if I purchased a 990 could I just move the hard drive over from my 960. I know that sometimes the difference in chips will prevent upgrades such as this.
Any help appreciated
Thank you
I currently have an xps 8920 with 2*4 GB memory installed in the slots nr 1 and 3. I would like to upgrade to 16GB. According to the official manual it seems not being possible to install another 2*4 GB dimms to be installed in slots 2 and 4?!
However Ive seen from the forum here that someone has installed 48GB, which should not be doable by the manual, but still it has worked all fine!?
Has anyone tried to add another 2*4 to get a total of 16GB, and has it worked?
For many other computers Ive been through Ive never seen this issue to arise, having you to ?ditch? the memories, and not being able to install extra of the very same size... If I would have known this from buying the  computer I would have gone for 16GB directly....
My idea is to buy and install the original Dell 4GB modules that are recommended for the xps 8920.
I have an Optiplex 960 and it is a little slow for what I am doing. Photoshop, publisher and more.
I don't need a $1K computer as the 960 only slows down if I load up the windows so I figured there are a lot of nice ones on Ebay with Win10 and ram and so forth for around $200. But there are all kinds of numbers that I am not familiar with.
For instance: Optiplex 7040 MT 3.40GHz CORE i7 6700 is under $200
Another one: Dell OptiPlex 990 Mini Tower i7-2600 3.40Ghz 8GB RAM 1TB Hard Drive Win 10 Pro for a littler over $200
Any help in making this decision is greatly appreciated.Thank you
Hi all, I have a Inspiron 5567, i5-7200U, 8GB ram laptop. Before the update to Windows 10 build 1709, I could connect the laptop to the TV via HDMI without any issues. Since the update, all I get when I connect is an error message on the TV stating Resolution unsupported, change resolution on external device. The laptop will detect that the TV is connected and tells me that two monitors are connected if I go into the graphics driver properties.
I have tried a different HDMI cable, a different HDMI port on the TV, made sure all of the drivers are up to date, changed resolutions, changed display output type (extend, duplicate etc), checked for any device errors, but no luck. I have even got Microsoft involved to see if they could fix it, but no joy there either.
I have noticed that the Intel driver is a little ahead of the Dell/Intel driver version installed on my laptop, but when I go to install that, it fails saying that I need to go back to the manufacturer (Dell). I have even contacted my TV manufacturer, and they had no help either.
I'm 100% convinced that the latest 1709 build broke something, as I can roll back to the previous build and it works again. Unfortunately, I can't check against the latest Intel video driver, because it won't let me, even if I uninstall it first.
Is there anyone else having this issue? is there anything else I can try?
see temperatures for my laptop is there any problem ?
Dell Inspiron 15-3531 . It has A Intel celeron(R) CPU N2830 @ 2.16 GHz  2.16 GHz
This afternoon I had a message popping out which basically tells me my about the battery failing and it needed to be plugged into the AC for it to turn on. I got so scared. I've checked many posts about battery life and it says batteries are consumables and can just be replaced but I've checked the Dell Store completely and they don't sell this model's battery? I've only just seen power banks for laptops! I'm not pretty sure. This is my first time handling this type of problem since this is my first laptop so I'm pretty shaken. 

I don't really have anything on here, just a few offline games, movies, and pictures. But I did always make sure I didn't overcharge it. I don't even know where the battery is located! 

Any help would be great! 
My laptop is 6 months old... Theres a white area created around the back panel on the vents... but everything works fine... even dell online test shows success for full test... do i have to worry about that burnt like area on back panel?
Hello everyone, is the Dell's Latitude 11-5175 micro SD card still limited to 128 GB or has the firmware been updated to accept larger memory sizes??? My 11-5175 is a Windows 10 device.
Hi All,My dell laptop (Inspiron 15R N5110 - IntelCore i7-3670QM) purchased in 2012 (out-of-warranty) had some hard drive issue, few months back. I tried all the basic trouble shooting from my end, but no luck.
Issue : Switching on the laptop shows the Dell logo; post which it shows a blinking cursor gets displayed on the black screen. Windows wouldn't load up and cursor keeps on blinking.
Troubleshooting: Tried all the below troubleshooting; but no luck.1. Removed all connected external components from the laptop (USB; Charger etc). Removed and Reinserted the battery. Tried switchin ON & OFF couple of times. No use.2. Removed the battery and charger. Pressed the power button continously for 30 seconds or more. Connected to the battery or adapter (without battery). Tried swicting ON. No Use.3. Pressed F2 and changed the BIOS settings to boot from HD. No use.4. Pressed F12 and ran the Diagnostics. Basic Test was successful. Thorough Test revealed the followingError Code 2000-0142Validation 7501Msg: Hard Drive 0 - S/N 12*******, self test unsuccessful. Status = 7The given error code and message can be used by Dell Technical Support to help diagnose the problem.5. Tried reinstalling Windows, using bootable USB recovery drive. This re-installed Windows, but had no luck when trying to login to the laptop. Still same issue.
Conclusion : After all these attempts, I believe my Hard Drive is corrupted and am planning to replace it.
Questions : 1. Is there anything that I am mis... Read more
I've got a new Latitude e6500 and the eSATA ports aren't working.  The BIOS is showing eSATA working, but my external eSATA drive isn't being recognized.  I have verified that the drive works in another machine using the same power source, so I know it's not the drive.
Hi everyone. I'm trying to figure out whether or not trickle-charge is enabled in Custom mode in Dell Power Manager Lite; i.e. if a constant charge level is maintained as long as mains power is supplied, once the maximum charge level is reached? I have read the Power Manager documentation but could not find any info about this.

I have dell inspiron 7520 which its original configuration have only 1 hdd and 1 dvd bay and have no m2 ssd bay on the mother so I decided to switch from the 1 tb hdd to an 2.5 inch ssd to accelerate my os and programs but i can not afford an 1 tb ssd so i decided to go for 240 gb ssd and keep my 1 tb hdd and install it in 2nd hdd cuddy in replacement to the dvd bay so by exploring bios settings i found these 3 choices in serial communications tab and i can not decide what would give the best performance and still be compatible and does not affect my computer reliability as I heard that some of these choice would not fit my configuration and my motherboard
Like the title suggests I'm having an issue where a large amount of my systems RAM is hardware reserved, making performance noticeably worse.
A quick google of the issue suggests some bios options which I simply can't see and unchecking a box in msconfig, something that was already done. All drivers + bios are up to date and windows is updated aswell as being freshly installed about 1 week ago, the issue turning up two night ago
The specs, if relevant, I'll include below
Dell XPS 15 9550

i7 6700HQL
32GB DDR4 (2333Mhz iirc)
GTX 960m 2gb
iTB M.2 SSD (Liteon branded)
64bit windows 10
I can NOT open any files that have attachments and every time I turn on my dell laptop INSPIRON N5050 windows popup files are running that will not close or delete?
Bad registry entries forced me to restore to original factory setup from 2010. Win7 Home Premium, and IE 8. Trying to download SP1 update so that I can proceed with other updates and installations.  SP1 download site lists several versions (I guess)
for download. How to determne which may be correct? Have an AMD processor. Installation will go on a different PC than this one.
After entering my 4 digit numeric password, I get a message on the screen stating setting up Windows, and then the following message comes up in a pop-up box.
"We cant sign into your account . the problem can often be fixed by signing out of you account, and then signing back in. If you don't sign out now, any files you create , or changes you make will be lost".
I signed out several times, but still get the same message, and able to sign into my account.
 Any help will be welcome. 
Hi, I'm new to this community. I tried to browse for this problem without success.Early days (1 month ago) all was going well with my Ideapad 310-15IKB Laptop, I was able to press AltGr  and get @.However after the latest reboot/update I have lost this feature, I am no more able to use AltGr and get @ (for instance).I also get troubles since the overall settings of my keyboards have been changed (what I get is not what is in the keyboard).Is there anyone that could help me?Thanks,/Davide.
Is it original device for ThinkPad T61 ? 1.Spoiler (Highlight to read)2.Spoiler (Highlight to read)

Thinkpad SL510 ? Intel Core 2 Duo P8700 (2.53GHz) ? 4GB DDR3 ? GMA 4500MHD ? 640GB HDD ? Wi-Fi ? DVD-RWIdeaPad S100 ? Intel Atom N435 (1.33 GHz) ? GMA 3150 ? 2GB DDR3 ? 250GB HDD ? Wi-Fi
I'm trying to set the BIOS on a T470  to "UEFI Only" boot mode.  On the ThinkCentre, we use the following command: powershell.exe -executionpolicy bypass -command "(Get-WMIObject -Namespace root\wmi -Class Lenovo_SetBIOSSetting).SetBIOSSetting('Boot Mode,UEFI Only')" However, on the Thinkpad, the entry for Boot Mode is "Quick" or "Diagnostics".  I ran Get-WmiObject -Class Lenovo_BIOSSetting -Namespace root\wmi |ft CurrentSetting to see the list of BIOS settings, but it doesn't return anything that references the UEFI/Legacy boot mode setting.   Is there a Powershell command for the THinkPads that would change the "UEFI/Legacy Boot" setting to "UEFI Only"? Thanks!