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I forgot my email password of my gmail account. But I still logged in to the same account using windows mail universal app both of my mobile and PC. And also in chrome profiles. And I mistakenly couldn't save the password in google password. And now I couldn't be able to log in to my email using password recovery options even though I entered mobile authenticator number and security question. I'm not so sure about when I created the account but I check the date of first email which is sent by google using mail app. so I now know the date. And at last they ask the recovery email and I entered a email which I though I have added in the beginning.
But at last I'm getting the messege saying, "google couldn't verify??"
And now I'm asking is there any way to recover using my mobile number (which I have already added) instead of using mobile authenticator and without using security question and all above.


Can I use my mail app or chrome profiles to get my password.
My laptop will not power on. After putting in a ticket and being unable to ship out my laptop in time, I extended my warranty so that I could have on site repair. Since then I have put in a ticket on Jan 12th when I was told by support staff over the phone that I would be called within 2 business days. I did not receive a call. I then called again on Jan 20th to report that I was never contacted, the support staff then put in another ticket for me and said that I would be called in 2 business days. I was never contacted either through email or by phone. Today I recieved an email stating that my repair was completed. How could my repair be complete if nobody ever came to pick up my laptop? I am a student, I need to have a working computer and I do not have money to be buying a new laptop every year because companies make faulty products. As of now I am stuck using the library at school for PC access. So much for 24 hour on site repair that I paid an extra $47 for. 
Please,  I'm looking for the FRU number from a power supply for Lenovo Yoga 510, but I can't find it.As attached a picture from that power supply I mean. Kind regards for all.

IMG_20170109_103017.jpg ?1989 KB
My Yoga 11s shuts down without any warning when it's plugged in. It may operate for a few or several minutes but will always eventually shut off--completely, almost violently and requires a reboot. This issue only occurs when plugged in. No problems with sudden shut down when running on battery power. The battery fully charges without issue when closed and not in use. I have been just making sure I keep it charged and use it unplugged. However use often extends beyond the battery life. The random and persistent shut off has become extremely frustrating.  What is the problem? Any solutions or ideas?
She, the 1st friend, loaned it out - it had Vista. It came back with win 7 ultimate. She was hoping I could recover their Music files.
Seems the friend's Kid installed Windows 7 Ultimate, but the activation either failed or he didn't bother...
I think the kid activated MS Office Professional..

So we have a not genuine version, build 7601. Yes I've tried a few Product keys - it looks like the last one I tried ( - bhwgc ..with no luck, go figure) is stored in the system, or in this report .
Also, there have been quite a few different Product ID's appearing in the control panel, system info.
from various 00426 - OEM's - 8992662 - 00006, 00400, 00497
00426 - 065 - 2110075 - 86634
and a Belarc report: 00426 - 067 -2714777-86683 ( the same as MS IE..)

REGEDIT - field Windows NT, currentversion, defaultproduct key - productID: 55034-292-0000007-85389
which is reflected in the DigitalproductID field,

-> SO, Is there any hope of acquiring a valid Windows 7 license for this beast?
Thanks, in advance, for your time and any help

Diagnostic Report (1.9.0027.0):
Windows Validation Data-->

Validation Code: 50
Cached Online Validation Code: 0xc004c4a2
Windows Product Key: *****-*****-667Q8-KCXTF-BHWGC
Windows Product Key Hash: RE8s7yu/sPw4goYg125831jshgw=
Windows Product ID: 00426-065-2110073-86634
Windows Product ID Type: 5
Windows License Type: Retail
Windows OS version: ... Read more
its just started happening.. twice so far,everything in the notification area (icons/show desktop) disappears.. l can get them back by going control panel then editing the notification area settings and clicking show all then unchecking to only show the ones l want shown.

however l noticed they disappeared maybe 5mins after, no idea why as l havent changed any of the settings at all, going to reboot see if it happens later but lm kinda confused as to why the clock and the notification area icons are just disappearing randomly.
Yesterday I was working fine then I shut down and restarted my laptop and now getting the message of:

Faulting application name: IEXPLORE.EXE, version: 11.0.9600.18538, time stamp: 0x582749db
Faulting module name: KERNELBASE.dll, version: 6.1.7601.23572, time stamp: 0x57fd0379
Exception code: 0xc0000005
Fault offset: 0x0002ece7
Faulting process id: 0x3b40
Faulting application start time: 0x01d27674fc1976a4
Faulting application path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE
Faulting module path: C:\Windows\syswow64\KERNELBASE.dll
Report Id: 3a793495-e268-11e6-88a4-bc773754b31a

When I came to this site through the Event Viewer all worked well. How can I restore IE 11 back to it's state
I am trying to uninstall seagate install manager from the programs in the control panel i get an error 13 specified account already exists. then error 1603. I just want this off how do i do that?
  I am currently considering updating my computer by installing a gtx 1050ti single fan gpu. Everything is stock on my computer except for the gt730 discreet gpu (which i plan to remove to install the new gpu). My 2 concerns at this point is power consumption and actual physical size. Measured the clearence for the gpu at about 6inches eyeballing it which is why im opting for the single fan which is smaller than the standard sitting at around 5.7inches. Also read about the card fitting into a 500-223w which seems to be the intel version of my computer. If anyone could tell me definitively if it will physically fit that would be much appreciated.   Looking at multiple power consumption calculators the range seems to be 250-350w running range. Building an almost identical computer on pcpartpicker.com has it running around at 237w (with the graphics card already in the build).  under load id expect it to spike to around 289w  which is slightly under the stock 300w psu which is living a bit more dangerously than i would like ,so im looking for reccomendations for a "better" psu to protect the parts of the computer from the laws of if something can go wrong it will. Thank you for your time and suggestions  
So I have a 750ti and I wanted to know if it would fit with this computer? I know it has the right power and right pin set to connect to the power but I'm not sure if it would work with the computer. Please help!If this graphics card dosent work, what graphics card would?
What is difference between M1N98AA and M1N98A8?
My laptop has no room for a second hard drive so can I make a second partition on my SSD drive just for windows so that I can boot off of it as I want a faster boot up.
I wish to upgrade the hard drive to an ssd in my HP 15-ay167sa, i was wondering if this would void the warranty as i cant see any stickers that would be broken on the outside of the device. Thanks for any replies.
How many partitions are on a factory M7-j020dx laptop. After upgrading to Win10 and other problems, I have 6 partitions. A 400Mb Recovery Partition, 260Mb EFI System Partition, 900Gb Primary Partition,  861Mb Recovery Partition, 450Mb Recovery Partition and a 30Gb OEM Partition that has a drive label of Recovery. I just want to make sure these are all factory partitions.
I did not set up a password on the notebook but when it was returned to me it was asking for a password.  The person that returned it said they did not put a password on it.  I have tried to use a password recovery disk.  I have changed the bios to diasable the boot and when I go into the boot sequence to select the CD it is not an option.  Is there any other way to unlock this notebook?
I had bought this model no. laptop about 6 months ago. Right now I am facing the network connectivity problem. Even if I am connected to a particular WiFi network it still shows not connected (not connected-connections are available). Due to this problem, I am unable to change the IP settings of the WiFi network I am connected. I have updated the network driver, still the problem persists. So what should I do?
Did a clean install of windows 8.1 pro, 64 bit. Have a bunch of devices not recognized.  One is a network controller. The hardware ids are: The hardware Ids are:PCI/VEN_10EC&DEV_8179&SUBSYS_804B103C&REV_01PCI/VEN_10EC&DEV_8179&SUBSYS_804B103CPCI/VEN_10EC&DEV_8179&CC_028000PCI/VEN_10EC&DEV_8179&CC_0280 it shows code 28: drivers for this device are not installed Where do I find the driver for that, and how to I install it? Thanks
Installed a brand new 500 GB HD Western Digial model WD5000LPCX in my notebook. Trying to install new windows 7 on it with retail Windows 7 dvd. No recovery disks available  After changing  Secure boot set to disabled and Legacy boot enabled in BIOS it reads CD rom player and starts loading window7 files and setup starts normally When selecting installation location it has only one available location: Disk 0: unallocated space: 465.8 GBSelecting it gives warning message:Windows cannot be installed to Disk (Show details)'Windows cannot be installed to this disk. This computer's hardware may not support booting to this disk. Ensure the disk's controller is enabled in the computer's BIOS menu.' Any suggestions?availble options: Refresh, Load driver, Drive options (advanced) (all tried, no help)
Can you help my computer will not re-boot and is telling me that the Boot configuration file is missing some required information.File:\BCDERROR CODE:0XC0000034
hey, it's been more than 15 hours and my laptop ia still sutting down. normally it takes less than a minute but today it's taking forever. I have pressed the power button but it didn't work. What can I do so it shuts down? 
PC Specs:
Radeon Software Version - 16.12.2
Radeon Software Edition - Crimson ReLive
Graphics Chipset - AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series
Memory Size - 2048 MB
Memory Type - DDR3
Core Clock - 800 MHz
Windows Version - Windows 10 (64 bit)
System Memory - 4 GB
CPU Type - AMD Athlon(tm) II X3 435 Processor

I've recently begun to have fairly frequent crashes when I attempt to start up games, or update my graphics drivers, going to the Blue Screen of Death and giving the error message TDR_VIDEO_FAILURE and mentioning the file 'atikmpag.sys'.

I checked around about crashes relating to this and found several solutions involving the removal, editing or re-installation of this file, but they also mention the file 'atikmdag.sys' and seem to use it interchangeably with the first one. When I attempted to follow the solutions I found that I had both files in my drivers folder.

Does anyone know if there is a problem with both being around at once, or any possible solutions to my driver issues

Thanks in advance.
The up and down cursor keys have stopped working. Also Fn 2 leastways the Fn key that switches the wifi on and off. Is there a patch that will restore them please?Many thanks.
Tried searching this one here, no luck. I recent;ly purchased a Thinkpad Yoga 14 at Best Buy, from which I understand is a T400 so I hope I'm correct in posting in this section. I love the machine, however, after about a week it started developing a discolored region in the lower left corner: orange in color, circular in shape, about one half to three quarters of an inch in diameter. I searched the web and found for other devices, and solutions varying from returns to software based methods (of which I am dubious). Before I returned the device, I wanted to post here to get any input. Has anyone else experienced this and their solution?
I am using a client computer that is connected to a modem via a LAN cable which is in a neighboring house as far as about 50 meters. The host computer is there. The host computer is only using Internet Connection Sharing (without a router) to share its Internet connection with me. Within this network there are only two computers, the one I use (as client) in my house and the other one is the host computer as I mentioned earlier.

How do I know that the host computer is being turned on or off?

The purpose is to know so that I can use all the bandwidth from the modem when the host computer is not turn on. Because there are no restrictions on bandwidth from the host computer, and I just wanted to use all the available bandwidth only when the host computer is not turned on.

Both computers use Windows 7.
When I try to open my PNG and JPG files I got an error message:

Can you help me ?
I am receiving an Error message when I start my computer.  sqlmangr.exe Ordinal not found.

Can you help me with this.
I have an old laptop that has Windows 10 installed on it.  I have a Windows 7 disc which I'd like to install and use instead.  When I insert the disc and follow the directions error code 6 comes up.  Can anyone help me with what I could
try?  Thanks
exception processing message 0xc0000135 parameters 0x7fff815f1d2 
I get this error when trying to launch h1z1 king of the kill help please
I have a Pavilion P6130y with the factory BIOS (American Megatrends 5.15 from 6/23/2009.  I never had issues with they system hanging and a black screen so I never updated the BIOS back in 2010.  Now I am getting the error and downloaded the executable to flash the BIOS from the HP site. When I try and run the downloaded file I get an error telling the security certificate is invalid or expired.  I checked the certificate and found that, in fact, the certificate expired 12/18/2011.  I have been unable to find an updated certificate or any options on how to work around this. Any ideas?  I'm thinking my only option may be to go to American Megatrends site but HPwarns against getting BIOS updates directly from anyone but them. Thanks
Initial Question/Comment: I am using Model # h8-1360t with Windows 7 installed.I intend to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro.Arethere Windows 10 drivers for my system?And can you provide me with any other information critical to the upgrade?
I have a laptop power cord and need to identify which laptops it fits. How can I do that?
Summary is that the laptop immediately wakes up, unprompted, when put into S3, either using power button or closing the laptop lid. The result if the lid is closed, is it wakes, sleeps, wakes, sleeps, wakes, sleeps, until battery death.Product Number: W2K28UAFirmware versions tested: F.26, F.30OS Revision: Linux 4.9Trouble Shooting: A bug with Linux kernel maintainers has been opened.https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=185521 Details: The bug has thoroughly evaluated by Intel kernel engineers and by Len Brown <[email protected]> who is the maintainer of many things in the Linux kernel: ACPI, INTEL IDLE DRIVER, INTEL PSTATE DRIVER, SIMPLE FIRMWARE INTERFACE (SFI), SUSPEND TO RAM, so his assessment that this is a firmware bug and not a kernel bug should be considered reliable.The central problem is mentioned in these two comments:https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=185521#c65https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=185521#c91
My laptop does not have enough storage space to download any thing.  I purchased an external hard drive to download statistics software for school and that downloaded successfully onto the My Passport (external hard drive).  However, I need to run the program by using the installation wizard and the computer will not allow me to install it on the external drive, it keeps prompting me that my C drive does not have enough disk space.  I kno this which is why I have installed the my passport drive and it will not let me change the destination of where I want the file to go.
"fan is not working properly, not recommended to continue to switch on the computer, will shut down in  15s" I always see this message when I put on my new hp envy x360 convertible, core i5, 12gb RAM. what is the problem with my laptop
Hello,I have a few HP EliteBooks that were donated to a non-profit where I work. We want to refurbish the comptuers and the money we make selling them go back to serve our clients. I'm trying to unlock the BIOS. They all have no HDD. The models are:EliteBook 2560pEliteBook 8470wEliteBook 8460wAre there master passwords?Thank you for your time!Ar713


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I have an HP Stream that is having a screen problem. It boots to a white screen with a single line across the top. The LCD is not broken, and when I connect it via HDMI to the TV it shows up on the TV. I'm fairly certain it might be a ribbon of some sort, but this is the first time I've dealt with a netbook.Any ideas? I can post an image if need be.
helloLCD cable got busted from my old notebook  and now i need to find new one for it.so does anyone know what is the exact part number that i should be looking for?and any ideas where i could possibly to buy it?
Hi,I have an HP Envy M6 upgraded to Windows 10. Whenever I unplug the device, the internet cuts out. I have not found any problens with the driver, and the trooubleshooter can't fix the problem. If anyone can help me, it would be much appreciated.
I need assistance finding the drivers for my elitebook 8570w.  Hardware ids are attached.  Please help thanks
My device manager under processor list the Intel i3 7100u four (4 ) times. I am having some slow processing issues and I am wondering why there are 4 processors listed . Any other advice regarding slow operation will be greatly appreciated 
I literally just opened my new HP Omen yesterday and it came with numerous odd and insanely frustrating problems right out of the box. I'll list them because yes, there's that many: 1. Windows Update will NOT work no matter what I do. It consistently just freezes or takes forever when trying to download updates even after I've shut it down via command promp numerous times. 2. My wifi is incredibly slow, even after upgrading my internet package last night. Not sure if this is a problem with my laptop or Comcast but I can hardly do anything because it's so slow. 3. Chrome refuses to download, it just hangs forever. I try to use Edge but pages either dont load or, once again, take forever to appear. 4. I should have at least 1TB of space on my hard drive but Explorer says I only have 118. Not to mention it says I've used 63 gigs already and I just opened the box! I am furious because I don't have a warranty (probably because they cost an arm and a leg) and I don't know why I'm having this many problems RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX
I have another question regarding the i3 7100u speed. It is rated at 2.4 g but I have noticed that even without taxing the system my speed for the most part ranges from .9 to 1.14 g. I have gotten this from observing the task manager performance. Is this normal ? I expected numbers closer to the rated 2.4g. Thanks for any insight. 
Hi, I write mainly in Polish and would like to keep Polish (programmer) keyboard as default. Unfortunately, it randomly switches to English (UK). How can I prevent this or how can I remove the UK keyboard completely. It's Win 10. Tnx.
Hi guys. I am new here to do forum. i had recently bought a new laptop from vodacom contract and i am getting this "blue screen of deaths".Error messages is: 1. ) System expection not handeled2.) Bad poor header.3.) Kmode expection not handeled All my drivers is up to date and i did try reading through the internet for solutions. Any help would be much appreciated
Replaced hard drive and looking for recovery disk(s)
On switching on I saw the SMART hard disk imminent failure message. I ran the hard disk test in system diagnostics and immediately received the SMART check failed message. Failure ID 9GF4QX-5K28GQ-MFHI4J-609V03. Product ID LR149EA#ABU.What's the verdict guys?