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Hello together, I'm using a new Thinkpad L380 for about 4 weeks and have been experiencing battery drain issues when off since the first day.After all possible corrections found on this forum (Bios Update, Win10 QuickStart, Managment Foundation... and some more) it now comes down to a final observation:When I shut down the computer and the battery threshold in Lenovo Vantage is off, it will keep its charge for two or more days without loosing a single percent of battery charge.If I shut off the computer with battery threshold activated (e.g. after using it at a docking station), the charge will decrease by approx. 6% every 12 hours, so after a weekend without use more than 30% of the battery charge has disappeared. I was very surprised to find out, that this for sure is the only remaining issue, but I can repeat it over and over again and everytime I deactivate the battery threshold function, my battery will keep its charge when shut down. Is there any solution or improved Lenovo Vantage functionality (current is 4.12.13) known or to be expected to solve this issue? Thank you for any helpful reply
Mouse Cursor is always stuck ,..any idea or settings  and I having problem ,..is when i go to any page ,the page go down automatically ,i think this problem is not much complex if i know (maybe settings)  ,...and also when i open my windows automatically
choose last folder .....any idea / experience ...plzz help me.....i can't install another one now
Hello together, I'm using a new Thinkpad L380 for about 4 weeks and have been experiencing battery drain issues when off since the first day.After all possible corrections found on this forum (Bios Update, Win10 QuickStart, Managment Foundation... and some more) it now comes down to a final observation:When I shut down the computer and the battery threshold in Lenovo Vantage is off, it will keep its charge for two or more days without loosing a single percent of battery charge.If I shut off the computer with battery threshold activated (e.g. after using it at a docking station), the charge will decrease by approx. 6% every 12 hours, so after a weekend without use more than 30% of the battery charge has disappeared. I was very surprised to find out, that this for sure is the only remaining issue, but I can repeat it over and over again and everytime I deactivate the battery threshold function, my battery will keep its charge when shut down. Is there any solution or improved Lenovo Vantage functionality (current is 4.12.13) known or to be expected to solve this issue? Thank you for any helpful reply
I have just purchased a Thinkpad X1 Carbon, along with a Thunderbolt doc.when i plug my laptop into the doc it appears to not charge, plus when i plug my external keyboard and mouse usb into the dock, there is no response?Yet, my external monitor works through the doc with a HDMI lead.Any suggestions why? Please keep it in layman terms as im no computer expert, just use them. Thanks
Display a Report in a Dashboard in Dynamics CRM without report toolbar in CRM
I am currently trying to PXE boot an M93z, however I get the error "NBP is too large to fit in free base memory". In BIOS, Boot Mode is set to Auto, while Boot Priority is set to UEFI First - which is the working configuration on a number of other Lenovo computers.What is the cause of this issue, and how do I solve it?
Hello,I have problem with BIOs update 10 for yoga-520-14ikb. Every time when i go on automatic driver download on lenovo pages, then i get msg "We are encountering some technical issues, please try again."How can update my software? Thank you! 
Hi When trying to pair iPhone (6S or 8) with Carbon X1, get message to iPhone that the PC is not supported? Help?
Hi all, I have a Thinkpad T6670, it has upgraded for win 10 and Wireless keys haven't worked since this day. I installed win 7 and chnaged bios keyboard settings but it is still same.There is not any inoformation for T6670 Think pad about this isssue. I read old topics about other models but i tried for it but it doesn't work.Could you help me for that? Thanks in advance
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Hi, I am using an HP windows 10 desktop computer, HP deskjet printer, and Serif craft artist software
I have been successfully using these together for over a year, and have previously created new forms in the control panel, so I can print on different size card and paper.
Today, when I went to print my design, it was letting me select the correct paper size as normal, but then would not apply it.
I went to the control panel to check the sizes, and created a new form, deleting the old one - but now it does not come up as an option to print this size in the forms
The size is still visible when I look on the printer settings within the control panel though - so why is it not visible to select when I try to print?
I have tried re-starting my computer and re-launching the software a couple of times now, but nothing changes.
Please can anyone help? Many thanks, in advance :)
Hi All,
I tried to update my driver for my AMD Radeon R9 200 and my screen has just gone black.
Have tried to restart many times to no avail.
If I try to reset in safe mode I am asked for my MS password which doesn't work.
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Hello Lenovo Community,please I need  help to solve this problem, my laptop ideapad 520 with two graphic card (intel HD , Geforce 940 Mx)the problem is when I want to install geforce drive  I fail (get message there is no device related ), and geforce dont show in device manger ,I show the hidden devices and still not found .I read that maybe problem in BIOS ........any ideas. 
I have recently bought a lenovo yoga 920 FHD and it heats a lot. Core temperature while running simple applications are above 60 C. Can anyone say me whats the normal temperature range for this laptop?  I found a solution to solve the fane noise problem from lenovo forum. But that decreases the PC performance.  Also when I feel the air ventilation hidden in the hinge only the extreme two holes give off air. The remaining 4 holes in between doesn?t. Is this normal?  Plus when i run apps like HWDmonitir or speed fan, it doesn't show any fans nor speed.  SEEKING HELP ASAP 
x1 yoga 2nd gen notebook.product # 20JDA01UAUAll latest system updates installed. I have created a disk password in the bios for security purposes. This works fine, except that when the laptop is docked, I cannot use an external  usb keyboard to enter in the bios password at all.. If I do not have a disk password, I can use the keyboard in this configuration to enter and manage the bios itself. Everything else works fine in this configuration when using Windows 10 Pro. How do I overcome this? 

Windows Active Directory domain, functional level = 2008. Single site, single subnet. 2 DC's: 2008 and 2012 R2. 3 member servers. 30 clients - one Win10 and the rest W7.

On Monday morning one of our staff reported that a shortcut on her desktop was not working. She uses a 32bit W7 PC. At the same time, her applications stopped responding - Word, Sage HR, Excel.

After using Task Manager to 'End Process' for Word etc., we restarted Word, but the same unresponsive behaviour ocurred - the application would start, but within seconds became unresponsive.

The path referenced by the shortcut was not recognised by the system, even though it was correct. It is a DFS path S:\

'Computer' was missing from the Start Menu. Using Windows key + E showed that none of the traditional mapped shares or DFS drives were listed and S:\ could not be connected to by typing S:\ in the address bar. However, typing S: in a command prompt changed
to the S:\ drive and 'dir' listed the contents of the drive.

We restarted the PC. Applications now worked, but the shortcut still failed. Computer was still missing from the Start Menu. Restarted once more.

This time, 'Computer' had been replaced with the name of one of the member servers - orion. Orion acts as a data, mail and backup server.

Clicking it, and using Windows key + E brought up 'Computer', but the name Computer was replaced with orion in the address bar. However, the good news is that the drives were now listed... Read more
I need help finding the source of the problem with my PC. It has been a pain to use it for at least a year now.

Every time I go to the internet (email, browsing, youtube etc), my PC malfunctions.

It disconnects itself from the internet. This happens after a short freeze on my PC for about half a second. Also, when watching youtube, it creates a buzzing like sound before the malfunctions happens.

My PC then stops detecting my neighbors' wireless networks and only connects to my router and saying no internet.

To fix this, I go to device manager and disable/enable my wireless adapter. But I will only be able to use the internet for a few minutes before it malfunctions again.

I know its not a router problem because other devices within the house connects fine. Its just my PC.

Second problem is that I'm getting random blue screen crashes especially when my PC is idle. (Bad pool caller, IRQL not less or equal, kernel security check fail, memory management).

I did all that I can to fix the problem. Updating software and hardware, virus check, disk check, memory test, disk clean up, virus/malware check, bios check, system restore and still the same.

Need help Isolating the problem.
Thank you.

BIOS Version A07
BIOS Date 3/13/2014
OS Version Microsoft Windows 10 Home

Manufacturer Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4770 CPU @ 3.40GHz
Clock Speed 3.4Ghz
L2 Cache Size 1024
Available Memory 85.90 %
Page File Size 37,583.2MB
Available Page File 100... Read more
I have downloaded one software online and its virus total ration is 10/50 how can I remove the virus from it?
I have installed Win XP Pro 32bit and am looking for the correct video drivers.  I have downloaded the Intel driver set for the s100 since the s110 support page only has Win7 drivers. The driver set I have downloaded is called  IN3VDO25WW1.exe When I run the file it unpacks and finishes with the error "This computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software. Setup will exit." Is there another driver set available or do I have the wrong files? Thx ideapad S110Intel N2600 CPU 
My internet explorer has stopped working. On clicking the IE icon the page opens, no address appears and after about 10 seconds the page closes. What can I do?
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Hi, where can I buy a replacement "ctrl" key for a Lenovo ideapad 510 15isk? or what model laptop use the same key hinge? Thanks
Dear friends,                        I bought a new lenovo yoga 520, its not even been 1 month.                        My display keeps flickering, and its really scary, should i be worried about this issue.                        Please give a solution to solve this issue.   Help me out guyz. Really need it.                        I updated the bios, but still the issue is not solved.                          Please find me a solution, really appriciate it.
on the road or in the apartment
I had an Ideapad 100S-11BY with no os installed.After much trial and error I got Ubuntu 17.10 installed and was pleased to see that everything seemed to be working perfectly.I then realised that I had no sound, even after updating all the codecs etc.I believe the problem is that the soundcard is Realtek who have no drivers for this model for Linux.I would like to know if anyone has solved this problem or know of another os that will work on this machine otherwise I might as well just bin this computer.Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
Hello, i live in argentina, sorry for my english. I ´ve forgot my ac/adapter in Buenos Aires (at least 1000km from here), so I´ve decided buy another adapter in Cordoba (my city). I only could buy the ac adaptor for de Lenovo YOGA 900-13ISK (part number ADL65WDA 20V/5V 3.25A 65W).I have a Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro wich use de adapter (part ADL40WDA 20V/5.2V 2A 40W), I´ve didn´t see any difference between both chargers, in fact i think the charger for the Lenovo Yoga 900 will work with my Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro.Anyone could helpme with this thanks in advance Pablo
Hi. I have a SL-510 Laptop, and I did a full re-install of windows. The machine is still very slow in the start-up process. On an other machine I updated the firmware (BIOS) and that really sped up the start-up time.I want to do the same ting with this one, but it is not possible to get in contact with Lenovo. After typing in my product, all I get is that this machine no longer has warranty. There is no option to go from there, so it all ends in a loop. If I click Drivers and Downloads, I am taken through the same loop. If I click Contact Us, the same loop again. Is it not possible to get drivers and stuff even though the warranty has expired???PLEASE HELP
so was looking for some direction on how to disassemble my lenovo p70 the manuel had some not much reason being i damage to under cover screw treading so i had to replace to bottom case but any way here are the pictures hope it help if you every have to open your lenovo P70 20ER my SPEC IS XEON E3-1505M,64GB RAM,4K DISPLAY,M5000M GPU,RAID 1 SYSTEM (NEVER USE),2- M.2 1TB,
2-SAMSUNG 2.5 500GB 850 PRO and a pantone.
Administrator's note : photos moved uner the spoiler

Within out company we are seeing lot of network icon showing yellow warning on them report they is no internet access but we do have internet access.

This is effectively holding up the roll-out of O365, as it relies on this setting to show as having Internet access.
It will happen on one pc but next day or few days that pc would be working fine. it just happens randomly.
I have updated the network drivers and windows update still same problem
 PC's are able to access http://www.msftncsi.com/ncsi.txt page
We are using proxy to access internet.
This is happen on Windows 7 enterprise 64 bits machines
If I make following changes on network card it works fine.
we found that only ?IPV4 Checksum Offload? needs to be set to ?Tx Disable? (ie. Rx disabled)


Also I read online someone with same issue try following (this doesn't work for me)
Then someone asked me: Have you recently installed an Apple product on the system ? And does it  show 2 different networks 1 public and 1 private in the network details  ?   and the answer was YES.  If so the fix is simple. 
It typically occurs after installing certain like Adobe, I-tunes, etc. because the program launches a bonjour service which was causing the problem --- In Windows Services panel change the service to a delayed boot status the problem goes away. It is only
a problem if Bonjour is  launched before the network  connection, and... Read more
I have a local dns server( ) say example.com for AD and the example.com is hosted on google apps for email communication.
I have a machine on local network where i have installed postfix and needs to send emails from it ( Reply don't required ). Now when I an sending email using postfix to example.com, the query is going to my local dns but not going to google apps. So, what configuration should i do if I have to send email to internet instead of local dns.
I an able to send email to other domain like gmail.com, outlook.com, yahoo.com etc.
I tried changing the DNS but no luck.
Any help is much appreciated.
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Hi. This is my first time posting on this forum, so go easy on me if possible. I recently just purchased a Lenovo Yoga 720 15" (the 4K version) online and have received it today. When I first unbox the laptop and charge it, the laptop charged to a 100%. However, after about 3 to 4 hours of leaving the laptop unplug and replugging the charger again, I was not able to charge the laptop. The laptops indicator lights was not flashing and the settings does not have battery conservation. I have checked and tried everything possible such as using different outlets and the one I originally used to charge the Yoga, but nothing works. I hope that by posting on this forum, someone can be able to help me out solve this problem. Also, the Yoga is at 29%, so attempting anything must be quick or the laptop will go "dead".
Which software  allows multiple Outlook files merging within a few minutes and provides option to avoid duplicate items ?
Which is Enable tool to divide  large sized PST files as per choice ?
Which is better utility to compression that  has got an extraordinary ability to compress and compact PST files by removing big attachments . ?
Which utility is Capable to extract attachments of desirable MS Outlook files ?
Which is unveilling fast and safe solution to change ANSI to Unicode PST Files just few clicks ?
I have a old Lenovo Thinkpad that run Windows 7 32 bit. After installed the 64 bit version, I used Lenovo Software to update it's drivers ( include the BIOS ). After that, I noticed my Laptop run hotter than normal, because of the fan speed spin very slow.   I tried to check it by using Lenovo hardware diagnostic, but the software show that test for the fan is unavailable.  
Just today, while browsing around in the power manager, I noticed that the values for "design voltage" and "voltage" under the "battery" tab are different!. The "design voltage" reads 11.10V while the "voltage" reads 12.06V. I have a feeling that this is actually normal...but maybe someone can confirm my suspicions? Out of curiousity, why do these two values differ and what does this mean? I am using using a T510 running on win7 x64, if that is of any help at all.


Go to Solution.
hello to all,
I have never had any problem with my Vista system- so please letsnot go there- it works absolutely fine for many many years. But recently- it seems that when I try to dowload a document- it opens the new page but a blank page appears- for example- I go onto my site where I get my paystub that is direct deposited- it says to download paystub-- I click on it and then another page opens- and the circle appears for a while then a blank page appears?? This never happendd before-- usuaully a page appears showing the printer button and the number of the page you ae on and the rotate picture button and on the lower right is the zoom button etc etc-- why is this all of a sudden not working- what is preventing me from being to download these items as before. Any advie would be much appreciated.
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Hi All, May i ask if it is possible to use an eGPU on this laptop? i am planning to buy a mini PCI-E dock and hook it up with gtx1060. Will it work or not? also, the mini PCI-E dock will go to the wireless lan slot, may i know what the card slot is (Mini PCI-E slot or NGFF slot)? Thanks......
Seguinte comprei meu notebook e o mesmo veio com a versão "Home Single Language". Por motivos pessoais e de conveniência formatei e salvei somente uma pasta de Drivers que veio , após formatar meu notebook e instalar o windows 10 pro x64, nenhum driver detecta incluindo o próprio teclado, touchpad e a placa de video (mx150), ja instalei todos os drivers que estava na referida pasta em questão e mesmo assim nada  Se algúem que ja passou pelo mesmo puder me ajudar, agradeço desde já!. 
Hi All.I am using Lenovo Ideapad 500 for last 2 years. Since last one week I am facing one issue. After I hit the power on button, there is light on Power button, also 2 led lights in the front are ON but there is nothing on the screen. But after maybe 15-20 min the Lenovo welcome screen is displayed and my Laptop starts working normally. Once it starts there is no issue in the working. The only problem is that it starts very very late after hitting the power On button.Kindly help. What can be the issue. Regards,Namrata Ghag
I am used Exists activity for the popup but not able to reach it and is throwing me.
Cannot communicate with internet explorer browser.

Plz help me for issues/alternatives.
I replaced the screen assembly (screen and digitizer) on my Thinkpad Yoga 260. The computer boots up and the display appears to work. However the touch screen and digitizer does not. When I go into the device manager-human interface-HID Compliant Touch Screen, the property box states: "Currently this hardware device is not connected to the computer (code 45)". I tried sesearching for new device without luck. Also tried checking for device updates and running the troubleshooting application without luck. Any suggestion or did I get a bad screen? FYI the orginal screen was a Innolux. the new screen is AUO. the new screen is listed as a compatiable with my system
The laptop model is X1 Yoga 2nd (20JD). I have tried the following drivers for a clean installation of Windows 10 LTSB 1607: https://support.lenovo.com/us/en/downloads/DS120295https://support.lenovo.com/us/en/downloads/DS503825https://support.lenovo.com/us/en/downloads/DS500825 None of the above worked. Fingerprint device shows an exclamation mark in Device Manager. Is there any way I can download previous versions of the fingerprint driver for older builds of Windows 10?
My PC froze and turned off the other day. It wouldn't turn back on so I got a new PSU and mobo but now there is no display on my monitors, the fan is running at 100% and my keyboard.is not lighting up

I have not yet used 2fa. I do use a password manager. Do you suggest using 2fa? How easy or hard is using 2fa?

I am looking for suggestions for which 2fa applications or tools I should use for 2fa. What do I need on my desktop pc and on my android phone to use 2fa? Does using 2fa on Android take from data? My plan has unlimited talk and text but not unlimited data. I use Virgin Mobile pay per month. I have a hydro reach phone if that information helps.

If I decide to use 2fa this is one I am thinking about using https://saaspass.com

If using 2fa needs a QR code reader which one do you suggest? Not sure if QR code reader is the right name.

I only want to use free apps and tools.

Which apps/tools do you use for 2fa?

Which sites do you suggest using 2fa on? Should I use 2fa on all sites that offer it or only certain sites?

Any other free options similar to 2fa that would be better to use? If so what?

Any other tips or suggestions about 2fa please let me know.

Thanks for your help.