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Hi There,
is there a way to limit the no. of local profiles on Win7  devices? ie. laptop? lets say to 15 profiles?

my computer type above

hello my computer has been experiencing issues with the audio and video. My computer will frequently stutter the audio and video for youtube, windows media player, audacity , and other programs both online and offline.

The stutters are mostly audio but the video will slightly stutter. the screen does not go black or stop loading but the audio has little hiccups and the video stutters. when recording vocal only the audio seems to stutter.

can anyone help me with my problem
Hello! Yes, my haste and carelessness got my computer into a number of problems, but the first and most pressing is this:

In trying to get some unwanted Norton Security trial software uninstalled quickly, I decided to go straight to Norton, figuring they could do it the fastest. Unfortunately, when I googled Norton's tech support contact number, I didn't notice that it was a sham: it turned out to be a sleazy tech support company posing as Norton tech support. Nonetheless, the guy did a good job of impersonating Norton, and he had me completely fooled-- until he told me there would be a $120 charge to uninstall the Norton trial software!!! At that point I figured out what was going on-- but unfortunately this realization came only after he'd gotten me to go through the procedure to let him take over my computer to do the Norton uninstall. When I realized that he was a phony, I turned off my computer, expecting the connection between our two computers to be severed, but when I restarted my computer he was still there! So I opened Task Manager, clicked on the line showing the connection, and ordered it closed. It did appear to close, but only momentarily, and then it reappeared in Task Manager--he was back. I tried again, but once again this failed to rid me of him. This all happened about four or five hours ago, and I've been afraid to turn on that computer ever since (I'm using a different computer to contact this forum.) That computer is a Lenovo I... Read more
I purchased a Lenovo Ideapad 510 laptop and spent days transfering and setting up all my programs and files. After a while I noticed a vertical line down the monitor and the resolution was not as good as my old HP but, as I had put in so much effort (and money) into setting it up, and because I need a computer for my job (could not be without it for days), I delayed in sending it back. Now it is out of warranty and the resolution and vertical line problem is still there, I googled the issue but could not find a solution. I am very disapointed with the Lenovo product and would hesitate before buying another Lenovo product. Has anyone out there had this problem and how can I fix it?
I've had a really hard time using the fingerprint reader. I've set it up multiple times and entered my fingerprint multiple times in hopes that it'll function better but after 3 times it asks me for the PIN. This is what I want to avoid. One of the reasons I bought the X1 was because of the fingerprint reader. I need it to work as intended and as quickly as a phone. Do I need to forcefully press my finger on the reader? Light pressure? Any ideas? 2017 X1...
Hi  Folks   cannot update my system with dt000 , it starts to upload and stops at 11%  , with error  80070570    also need to remove an issue with a hack?? claiming to be a microsoft tech and suggesting I call a phone number,
or he said he would shut down my system .  Can you recommend a good inexpensive antivirus?    
HELP, So I built a custom PC using a very low Power Supply but I guess my PC needed more power and after a few months it ended up randomly shutting down after a few minutes of being on. I thought it was the Power Supply but now I think it's something else I can't figure out what and my worry is that the PSU damaged the other Hardware.
I restarted my laptop, to find that i could no longer type (neither with my laptop keyboard nor its touch screen keyboard), including my password. Also, my touchpad left click would not function. I tried every windows recovery option, and they all failed, including full reset. i ended up installing a new windows 10 os off a flash drive, which worked for a little bit until the g and h keys ceased all function. I rebooted, and the previous problem came back, although windows recovery options began to work. I whittled my way through all of them, even restoring to factory programs and the windows 8.1 the laptop came with , which did not fix the problem. Throughout the whole process, I could navigate menus with my keyboard, but never enter any characters (touch screen keyboard as well). I ended up reformatting most of my hdd, bar the LENOVO partition, and am currently operating on a fresh Windows 10 os. The g and h keys continue to not work, and I have a strong feeling that if my laptop dies or restarts, it will once again need a reformat and fresh os. Should I reformat the entire hdd? Is there anything I can do? Help would be much appreciated.

EDIT: ran a full malwarebytes scan yesterday, which found no viruses.

I used to play games for hours in my laptop. Now if I run any game whether new or old, it runs for a minute or two and then my pc shuts down. No shut down procedure or any such thing, just turns off.

I tried installing different versions of Driver available for my NVIDIA GEForce GT 540M and the results were the same.

When I uninstall all the NVIDIA drivers then the games work fine but they use the intel graphics and not the video card so the quality is quite poor with much lag and stutter. So, it must be a problem with either the video card or some software problem. I was thinking of reinstalling windows but thought of consulting you guys before. Any suggestions?

P.S. It's not overheating issue, I thoroughly checked.

My PC Specs:
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2630QM CPU @ 2.00GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 8086 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000, -1988 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 249 GB (56 GB Free); D: 435 GB (45 GB Free);
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0MY6GN
Antivirus: Avast Antivirus, Enabled and Updated
I posted this in the Win10 forum and they suggested that I post it here.

Malwarebytes is often poppijng up and saying that it blocked an outgoing attempt by something in C|Windows\SysWOW64\Regsvr32.exe This item is dated 3 -18-2017 The folder that it is in is dated 9-19-2017.
Does anyone know what this and is it dangerous?

Also I can not get Malwarebytes to open. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it but it still will not open. I can not run a scan since it will not open.

Can anyone help with these issues?
I purchased my Lenovo Ideapad 320-15IAP on 9/14/17 and received in 9/19/17. It runs Windows 10 Home (64-bit). Upon initial boot-up, I was prompted to do all the Windows 10 Updates. Everything worked fine. Yesterday 9/20/17 I called someone on Facebook Messenger and had no issues. Then, today, 9/21/17, I tried to call and suddenly they couldn't hear me. I went through the following troubleshooting steps: 1) Used internal troubleshooter. The worst it could come up with was that I had a "generic" audio driver.2) Opened up sound properties, checked recording devices. Realtek was a) enabled, b) the default, c) not muted.3) Used automatic system and driver update, reboot. (Note it only recommended a BIOS update.)4) Manually uninstalled audio device/driver, reboot, manually reinstall audio device/driver from Lenovo website, reboot.(All the while, confirming multiple times that the microphone was enabled, default, and not muted. Also checking in other programs to see if it would work.) Nothing has worked. I don't know if this is something I can fix at this point, or if there's a hardware failure and I need to return/exchange the laptop. The computer itself insists that everything is working fine, at least in terms of drivers, and it is recognizing the mic. Note I do have sound, just no recording ability with the internal mic. Help?
I've lost track of how many times I've had to drill down to "Manage applications" under "Application Control settings" to fix a blocked program or dll. And it takes 5 to 6 clicks to get there from a tray icon. What a pain.

Is it possible to directly open "Manage applications", or at least add it to the default icon set displayed on the KIS/KTS main panel (there are at least 3 menu icons there which are useless to me)?

I'm guessing there is no way to do this short of involving another application like AutoHotKey.

I bought a Lenovo model M81 on Ebay, but it did not come with an HDD and caddy. I've since bought the HDD and caddy but have 2 very basic questions; the 3.5" HDD fits perfectly into the caddy, however:a) the 2 supporting caddy pins that rotate into the holes of the HDD don't quite meet the holesb) I'm afraid I'll snap the plastic of the rotating caddy pins since they don't appear to be on a hinge Thanks in advance to all who reply,Dan 
Hello guys, Anybody has an idea for configure the keyboard backlight? If unused, turned off after 2 min? Or that is fix? fn+space? Thank you,Balazs
Hi all, I just fixed my y510p from video artifacts due to a loose video cable connection, but when I put everything back together, my trackpad no longer works, and in device manager, I had an unknown device listed that was not there before. Anyone else had this problem, or have any ideas on how to fix it? I thought it may have been a cable that came loose when I was taking the computer apart, but I checked the connections to the trackpad and they're all good. Still not working though. Thanks in advance!
Hello everyone!So I've got that lenovo yoga 710-14IKB Notebook recently, and I've got little problems with my bluetooth. I've been trying to connect my bluetooth headset to the notebook, and the quality of sound was very bad so i thought that updating bluetooth drivers might work. I installed some of the newest ones and now my computer doesn't see bluetooth at all. I've tried to do everything, installing every driver possible, uninstalling them and back again. I even did recovery whole system by that OneKey Recovery tool. Still nothing. There is nothing related to bluetooth in device menager and even when i tried to add legacy hardware - nothing related to bluetooth, i tried to look up to services and see if there is something that could help, found something like Bluetooth support service which was turned off, so i turned it on, set it to automatic but it doesn't seem to be working either. I really don't know what happened. It seems for me like i had accidentally turned off whole bluetooth card or something. Please help :x
Hi All I had my Thinkpad T450 for a while and becasue im a linux user , i have decided to install a linux OS alongside with Win10, however i couldn't because my 240SSD was partitioned already as 4 Primary Partitions which is the Max. number of partitions for MBR. 1-SYSTEM_DRV = 1.46GB2-Windows = 200GB3-Lenovo Recovery = 15GB4- Hibernation Partition= 7GB (Don't know anything about it) now im trying to shrink the Windows Partition but it says that there is no enough space in MBR Record.Please if anybody can help me. what should i do to be able to create a new partitionshall i delete one of these partitions like Lenovo Recovery or smth? thnx 

Capture2.JPG ?35 KB
I have two Win8.1 x64 IE11 machines. (Not the same kind of machine, but the presently installed system software environments are very similar.) They are syncing my IE favorites via Microsoft Account. One calls the users\me\favorites folder where it stores
Favorites Bar shortcuts "Favorites Bar". The other machine calls the exact same functional thing "Links". I've even tried deleting both folders with IE not running on either machine. Restart IE on one or the other, enable Favorite Bar toolbar
and the disparately named folders come right back on both machines.
Any idea why this would be and how I get them to agree what to call it? I'm suspecting some reg key somewhere.
(I first notice this because I made the grave mistake of trying iCloud Sync. This *really* sent iCloud Sync into a ditch. What a hash that made of virtually everything it touched in IE, Outlook, Chrome, the stuff on my Mac, you name it. Turned that
off and cleaned up the mess and am now leaving it off. The folks at Apple who wrote that obviously only ever had one PC and only ever ran one browser on it and didn't teach the Mac about their Google accounts or run Chrome.)
<rant>It's stuff like this, and the frequent runaway scripts/crashed windows/"problem with web page"/problems rendering and interacting with way too many sites that have me just about to change my default browser to Chrome.
It just works. IE used to. Not any more. It's b... Read more
How can I get the Microsoft Message Analyzer to reverse lookup Host names in DNS from the IP addresses? All I see now are the source and destination IP addresses. I'm analyzing a trace file created with the NETSH TRACE command on a different system.
I have windows 10 home and i downloaded the iso off microsoft so i could wipe my laptop of all pre installed rubbish, everything went as planned but i cannot get rid of the one note app out of the start menu it seems to be a microsoft hard install type of thing like the xbox app, i want to get rid of both but for the life of me cannot find how to do it.
Lenovo Thinkcentre m92p sff (3227) makes Beep sound when powered on since I updated the bios to the version: 9sjw99usa.exe.Also since I replaced the stock lenovo Fans with Noctua fans it makes a second beep (so 2 beep sounds total and there is a fan error in the bios event log), when I connect back the stock fans it makes only 1 beep again. I dont know if the noctua fans would cause the same behaviour on the older bios version since I replaced the fans after the bios update , but I know that with the old bios version there wasnt any beep on startup with the stock fans.I read somewhere that lenovos can give errors in the bios event log with other fans when their rpms are slower then the original fans rpm were, that doesnt explain the single beep on start up with the stock fans though.I wasnt able to find any older bioses for my model to experiment with them on the lenovo support page only the newest bios is offered for download and I wasnt able to find a way to turn of the self test / beep post on start in the bios. I remember that some oem pc systems had key combination for hidden bios settings, does someone know of such a combination to enable hidden settings for my device, or any other way to turn of the annoying beep sounds?I also replaced the stock PSU  with a Be!Quiet! TFX Power 2 300W Gold + 24 to 14 adapter right after I updated the bios. Bould the first beep on start be because of the new PSU? But how would the System know its not the stock PSU? I... Read more
Wrong section, mods please delete this thread.

When I transfer files or download files my pc get's crash.
Internet get shut down, HDD/SDD crash.
I tried to fix my problem on this site but I don't know if they can fix it.
All information is there in this link.

I have search for many hours for answers to questions on new Graphics Cards which require 8pin and 6 pin or 8pin and 8pin power connections aside from the motherboard supplied power and what the appropriate method was to connect the GPU cards to the 8 pin pcie power connections. This is complicated by the fact that the Precisions seem to only have 6pin cables installed with the towers regardless of the power supply that is installed.   Yes. Everyone understands hopefully that if you have, for example, a 450 watt power supply ( forget the efficiency aspect of the actual power supply) as I am interested in the mechanics of the  design.
The power supply connects to a PC board, which appears to be called "Power Supply extended card"
Now, looking at the connectors on this extended card, there is a "POWER_VGA1" 8pin connection on this extended card (bottom left black socket).  To this 8pin connector, on my T5600 and seemingly on all the others that have made similar inquiries, we all have a 8pin male connector that fit into the extended card. My 8pin connector has two sets of wires leaving the connector and becoming two 6 pin connectors, one of which 6pin connectors is plugged into my stock Quadro 5000 video card.
OK. So, now most people are wanting to change out the 6pin Quadro card with either an 8pin or 8 pin plus 6pin or 8pin and 8pin graphics card such as a GTX 980TI or GTX 1080 or GTX 1070 or AMDs similar card. 
Having researched the... Read more
I need help with the pin configuration for the Dell Inspiron 620 Motherboard. This is what is looks like:
There is a diagram of the motherboard on the second to last page of the pdf document. I need help with part # 7 on the diagram, the power button connector. The pin configuration is not provided and I would like to know it as I am upgrading the case. I already have everything else connected and placed in the new case. I need the pin configuration for the power switch, reset switch, power LED + and -, and HDD LED.
I have an XPS8300 and am trying to install a new graphics card an RX550 I installed the card however on boot it produces a blank screen there is nothing I can do in the bios. please help.
I have purchased Samsung EVO 960 NVMe M.2 for my OptiPlex 7040 SFF, its working fine but the problem is I cant seem to find the screw that will secure the SSD card to the system board. Is it placed somewhere else? Where can I get it? Is it not really included and it should be purchased?
I've been reading online and it seems that there are some active stylus pen's that are not compatible with my laptop. I'm wondering which ones are compatible?   I'll be using the pen in my classroom so I want there to be some functionalities, specifically it should have the 2 side buttons, for erasing and for highlighting. I'll also be using it to draw diagrams so I also want it to have palm rejection capabilities. 
Any suggestions?
Sir I purchased battery for my laptop Dell Vostro 3560. It's no is KR 0T54FJ 89072 9C5 E1UT A00. KINDLY TELL ME WHETHET IT IS GENUIN OR NOT
Dear all,
I want to upgrade the memory on my laptop to it's maximum, it's not clear the which limits apply to each processor configuration on my laptop series from the following docs, it's written a generic limits without matching each processor.


Thank you in advance.
Dell has a hardware lock, but I have forgotten the password for my login. Does anyone know how to bypass this? Can I reset the laptop. I do not care about losing files. 
Thanks in advance! 
After experiencing issues with the fans of my Dell XPS 15 (9560), I decided to restore my device to its factory configuration and since then I only installed mandatory updates.
Unfortunately since I picked up Adobe Premiere again I have been experiencing major lags and no-response crashes, despite having the latest version of Premiere available. In the light of that I concluded it must be a problem of my machine, not of Premiere.
Now, since I have been so careful and reluctant with updates, could it be that I am missing some fundamental update that would allow everything to run smooth again? What outdated component would you find guilty? Or perhaps it's a completely different problem, with a completely different solution, that some fellow XPS users out there are experiencing as well.
I rest my hopes in you.
Hi guys,

How do I remove the Intel graphic options and properties from the context menu.

Dell XPS 9550 - CPU will not go above 0.75GHz or 30% Utilisation
My 6700HQ in XPS15 is running at 30% only.
Plugged in, quiet mode off, performance mode power. No changes made at all..
Any ideas?
Was not like this before. Cpu freq was dynamic.
Speccy http://speccy.piriform.com/results/I6ZXmPlTsWDghYR5TKToaL7
Screenshot https://share.rtechsupport.org/files/5zkEbpP0HaNo_Capture.PNG
I have bought new dell insperion 13 5378 with Windows 10 Home. But there is no option for auto rotate and auto brightness in laptop. Its like no sensor is installed in it.Thanks
My 6700HQ in XPS15 is running at 30% only.

Plugged in, quiet mode off, performance mode power. No changes made at all.

Checked in bios and disabled
Turbo boost,
c states control
With these disabled CPU, runs at full speed 2.59GHz.
When I enable one of them goes back to 0.75GHz.
In Safe mode, it goes to 2.59GHz fixed.

Any ideas?

Was not like this before. Cpu freq was dynamic.

Speccy http://speccy.piriform.com/results/I6ZXmPlTsWDghYR5TKToaL7


FYI- I posted this up not long ago, but Dell Admins removed it. They must not like people with £2000 laptops telling other people how its broke.
Dell, if you want to remove this again, please be aware i will spend the next 5 hours posting this on every forum I can find.
I have screenshots, and plus you can still see my old thread within the dell search indexed. (Of which I also have screenshots of)

I’ve discovered a problem with the Latitude 7280 (and possibly the 7380 / 7480) that I'm wondering if anyone else can reproduce.
When the 7280 is Shutdown properly from within Windows 10, the NIC does not remain active and WOL with magic packet or Intel vPro commands will not function. However, if the laptop is switched off at the Dell logo before the OS loads, then the NIC remains active and WOL functions normally.
I have also noticed if I remove the power adapter, then reconnect it, the NIC will become active.
I have tested this with 6 different 7280 laptops.
Steps to reproduce:
Latitude 7280
BIOS version 1-6-4, set to factory defaults
Wake on LAN enabled in BIOS
Power adapter connected
Boot into Windows 10 1703 and then perform a normal shutdown. NIC should no longer be active.
Boot computer to the Dell logo then switch off. NIC should be active and WOL should work.
Could this be an issue where the laptop detects no power adapter connected after shutdown via Windows?
I'm trying to get tech specs on this product: 

However clicking the Tech Specs tab just expands the info box by a few pixels and does nothing else each time. What's the problem and how does it get fixed?
I just made a post about a problem on a product page which I included the link for, but instead of just showing the link, the post shows a giant ASPX image with my subsequent comments underneath and pushed sideways... making it possibly hard or confusing to read.
How does this get fixed?
The link is like (spaces added so it's not auto-futzed again): http:// accessories. us. dell. com/sna/productdetail.aspx?c=us&cs=6099&l=en&sku=331-6304
Screenshot of post (my first sentence is now pushed down almost near the bottom of the ASPX image even though it's previous to the link):

My laptop won't turn on, the screen is black, and it's beeping three times. The model is an Inspiron 3520. 
I have just re-installed windows XP professional on my Inspiron 1525 laptop. I have installed all the drivers recommended on the dell driver site. I am having problems installing the driver recommended for Serial ATA which is Intel Matrix Storage Manager notebook, dell file R182441. When I click this self extracting file, it unzips several files into a folder but there is no installer or setup.exe to install the drivers with. I have tried downloading and unzipping several times but I still can't find how to install this.
I also have a yellow question mark next to SM Bus Controller in Device manager, which I think may relate to the card reader asI have installed the Chipset driver.
Would anyone know how to install the Intel Matrix Storage Manager notebook dell file R182441, or offer any advice on the driver for 'SM Bus controller.
Also I could not find the Dell notebook software on the Dell drivers/applications CD disc, or on the Dell website, so I am not sure if this is needed. The laptop appears to be basically working fine.
I would be very grateful for any help and advice on the above.
Many thanks.
I would like to complain about a bad experience I am having with Dell's technical service in Israel.
Two days ago (9/19/17) a technician arrived to my house to replace my PC's motherboard and graphic card. Because of VERY limited working hours of the technical support team, eventually my wife had to take the day off, just for letting the technician in to fix the computer. I arrived home several hours after he left, and found out that the PC's cooler fan wasn’t working anymore. It is quite reasonable to assume that the failure of the fan is due to the technician's work, by forgetting to connect the power cable, spilling some glue over it etc. when I called the technical support, all they had to say to me was that due to a Jewish holiday in the next two days, they will contact me the next week (five days later) to schedule a new technician visit. During that long period of time, until a technician will a arrive, I was told not to turn on the computer. I would like to stress that I use my computer for work on a daily basis, and in addition to the five days I have been asked to wait for a phone call, there would be more days to wait until the actual arrival of the technician.
We already had to take a day off for the technician, now we would have to take another day off, due to Dell technician's negligence, and on the top of it, wait outrageous amount of time for the visit, all that time being instructed not to turn on my work PC, which I have to ... Read more
Sir my dell adapter was burned so i got the new one from the shop
Can you please tell me whether it is original adapter or duplicate
The following info of new adapter is
CN- 0928G4-71615
1PKl -3643-A01
Made in china
DP/N. 0928G4
Please reply me sir .....<Email id removed>
I'm planning for the RAM upgrade for my DELL INSPIRON 14 N4050 laptop & the current configurations are:
1. 213-14765 : 2nd generation Intel(R) Core(T M) i5-2450M processor (2.50 GHz with Turbo Boost 2.0 up to 3 .10 GHz)
2. 370-18553 : 2GB (1 x 2GB) 1 DIMM DDR3 1333Mhz
My question is:
1.How much capacity of the RAM is supported ?
2.What if i use 1600Mhz module rather than 1333Mhz ?
Thank You.
Hello, I've purchased a precision 5510 about two years ago, the battery has been working perfectly ever since, until today, where it suddenly showed an error, and no longer operating:Your battery no longer operates and needs to be replaced.Note that in the morning, the battery was working perfectly and lasts about 6~7 hours.
I've tried upgrading the BIOS, disconnecting the battery and reconnecting, nothing works.
Please advise.
Can someone explain these strange hard drives, running windows xp pro 64 bit, installed in D drive. The C drive is accessible (67mb free after format) and the other (450mb/450mb free) is inaccessible. While I installed XP, all three drives where candidates for installation. This was a surprise because I was expecting one hard drive since its a laptop. Can anyone give me some info on these drives? 
Hello, i've bought a used Dell Latitude E6320 few weeks ago with Intel i5 2520m procesor, integrated Intel HD 3000 and upgraded to 6GB RAM. Everything is fine exept for throttle and high temps when i was playing a game or rendering a video, the procesor just hits a 99*C in few minutes and then it throttles. I already changed twice the thermal pase to another but it doesnt change anything. A lot of temp drop does a removing back cover but i guess this is not a good idea to use laptop without back cover for everyday usage. Also i tried to use a cooling pad but it doesnt really help with that too. Disabling Turbo Boost or Hyper-Threading doesnt make any changes in temperatures. There is a way to finally get rid with this problem?
And yes, the fan is blasting with very hot air.
Laptop Specs:
Dell Latitude E6320, Intel i5-2520m 2.5Ghz + Intel HD 3000, 1x4GB and 1x2GB Samsung DDR3 1333Mhz ram sticks, 320GB Hitachi HDD
Inspiron 15 5565,
Service Tag: 7JYMPC2 

My laptop is about 8 months old.  It randomly reboots on it's own. from time to time.  No blue screen. Just a reboot.   Any ideas?  
We have quite a few Precision 3510 devices running Windows 10 (1607)
Some of them are locking up on the users
Some of them are hanging when it tries to load windows
I have read articles that there is a windows update causing this but I have been unable to validate.

Anyone with any experience please respond.

Thank You,
Malwarebytes is sometimes blocking an outgoing attempt by something in C|Windows\System64\Regsvr32.exe
Does anyone know what this and is it dangerous?

Also I can not get Malwarebytes to open. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it but it still will not open. I can not run a scan since it will not open.

Can anyone help with these issues?