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We have some users with this problem. All of our users use win10 1607 with IE11. Reset IE did not resolve the problem.
For example I downloaded dump file to https://1drv.ms/u/s!Aie0F47tyxf5dHrEmPj_xezrg8U 
Recently i updated the windows patch KB4048957 Monthly Rollup.

After that my application start crashing while closing. I checked the logs and found that the application is crashing when 

FreeLibrary() function gets called.  It is trying to un-register all the dlls and at last it crashes.

The last statement i trapped using application verifier is  
<avrf:trace>mfc120u!+6e7e8f33 ( @ 0)</avrf:trace><avrf:trace>mfc120u!+6e7e9155 ( @ 0)</avrf:trace><avrf:trace>mfc120u!+6e6e7e8e ( @ 0)</avrf:trace><avrf:trace>USER32!gapfnScSendMessage+332 ( @ 0)</avrf:trace><avrf:trace>USER32!GetThreadDesktop+d7 ( @ 0)</avrf:trace><avrf:trace>USER32!CharPrevW+138 ( @ 0)</avrf:trace><avrf:trace>USER32!DispatchMessageW+f ( @ 0)</avrf:trace><avrf:trace>mfc120u!+6e7d86f2 ( @ 0)</avrf:trace><avrf:trace>kernel32!BaseThreadInitThunk+12 ( @ 0)</avrf:trace>
<avrf:trace>ntdll!RtlInitializeExceptionChain+63 ( @ 0)</avrf:trace>
<avrf:trace>ntdll!RtlInitializeExceptionChain+36 ( @ 0)</avrf:trace>

However in other OS(win10 or windows server) this issue doesn't occur. Even on win7 if we don't have this patch applied( KB4048957
Monthly Rollup), this issue doesn't happen.

Can somebody please help to understand why it occurring due to patch.

after I installed windows 10 it said I had to restart it and I did and then I was in a constant loop of it telling me it needed to be restarted to finalize the installation
Hi  I recently wanted to upgrade the graphics, and I could not find too much info online about whether GTX1060 graphics would be compatiable with this model or not. So I plan to just try. Apparently, zotac gtx 1060 is much thicker than the slot allowed. It physically does not fit. I read online saying the tower model power supply should be OK though. I searched online about the M900 specs, the best graphics it stated supported was GT720 which wasimpossible to run some 3D games. I am very ocasionally gamer, however, I still would like to try some popular games. This time is play unknown battleground. I bought think center because I expect a reliable and long lasting desktop. Now I am very regreting of it because the best graphics it would support is not even close to support such a game. I looked at options to connect to an external GPU, however it would cost so much that I should just buy a new computer. Anyways, it is bad day for me. Please let me know if you have some idea what I can do about it. thanksyic
T440p keeps shutting off. Particularly when I start a game. No battery. What I've tried so far:Replace fan/heat sink.Replace i5-4210 with i7-4700mq.Thermal gel properly done.Tried four different brands of RAM.Swapped HDD.Installed MS Office 2013, and .NET framework 4.5 Both run without a hitch. Installed The Sims2, and it kicks off on launch. Same thing with Mass Effect 2. Still kicks off. It will run all day surfing the internet, running office, etc. Any suggestions?
We got to know it a few hours ago
The E-patch E of Kaspashi 2018 products is on its cedar but has not yet been licensed for Kaspersky Products.
I am using Acer Aspire Es 14, windows 10, a few days back when i used it, the laptop still showed the wifi option, however, now it only shows the ethernet icon. When i open up the control panel into the network connections, the wifi option is still missing. (Showing only ethernet and Bluetooth option), I don?t know what is going on.
I have a Yoga2 13 model 20344 that will not boot up at all. The keyboard will light up and let me toggle the backlight on and off but the caps light will not turn on. I thought this was a bios error issue so I took the back off, disconnected the battery and desoldered a leg of the bios battery to default the bios... didn't do anything. I tried disconnecting everything except the keyboard, battery and display to test if another component was shorting out and still no change. I also tried hooking up the HDMI to an external monitor and it didn't work (I knew it wouldn't, but tried it anyway). No sounds are made by the computer at all.... I am thinking it is a bad motherboard but am open to any other suggestions.Thanks in advance
I have been having issues with the touchpad for over a year on my Lenovo Yoga 900. I used to be able to fix it by uninstalling/ reinstalling the drivers but this no longer works reliable. If I didn't have a touch screen I wouldn't be able to use the computer at all. I also have to carry a mouse with me every where I go for when the touch pad fails. I have tried every fix that I have read in the forums. It has stopped working right in the middle of me using the computer and not just after start up. BIOS: Up to dateSynpatics Drivers: Up to dateF6 function doesn't even work when the touchpad is working so that's not the problem. Error: I2C HID Device - error 10 This device cannot start on Intel Serial IO I2C Host Controller - 9D61When I go to the driver details it says it's from 2006 even though I have the synpatics one installed. I have tried getting it to update to the synaptics driver but it won't and windows update doesn't work either. Other observations: The touchpad completely disappears in the system settings as I only see options for a mouse and no touchpad. The synpaptics icon in the taskbar also disappears when the touchpad stops working. I don't know what else to do but I use my laptop for both of my jobs and having to rely on a mouse at times is super inconvenient especially I am working mobile without a desk. Please help!
Himotnhs ago I found an internet security test and posted it on MT!!!but that was not a real test!!

Tonight found a real one!

1-Pls disable your Ad, java blockers and... because the test is not going TO challenge your adblocker! its pure URL and malware test! so enabling the adblocker or similar stuff may break the test!

2- Go here:Cyren Web Security Test - Get Results in Less Than 30 Seconds
3-press the Test your web security!

4-Share the results if you like!
Consider this a rhetorical post to anyone interested, but I felt the need to create awareness on this topic. I recently went on a "tangential harangue" in another TSG forum/thread. My tangent was about colleges having failed to teach "compassionate programming" over these past decades.

Some lovely examples of compassionate programming, are found on:
Houzz forums
...and Slickdeals HOTDEALS forum

The programmers of both those forums recognized the "human" factor, which is:
The practical frustration caused by not being allowed to cross-post to several relevant forums.

And so they provided for same, each in their own way.

Other examples of compassionate programming, would be for programmers to FLASH RED WARNINGS as soon as people have been logged-off due to timing-out their sessions for security reasons,
...or else to FLASH RED WARNINGS when Case-Sensitive passwords are required (thus alerting you of the need to include an Uppercase/and/or/digit for security purposes.

There's ALL SORTS of compassionate programming which could have saved LOADS of grief over the years. Such as programming toward visualdisabilities, or visualsensitivities, or Irlen Syndrome, or photosensitive-epilepsy, or whatever.

So if colleges had cared enough to teach the need to recognize the human factor whilst programming, they'd have developed curriculums and special courses in teaching exactly that, and based on feedback solicited from LISTENING to a pub... Read more

I have a computer with this motherboard and processor

mb-sm-x9dal-i Motherboard, SuperMicro X9DAL-I, Dual socket B2 (LGA 1356), Intel C602 chipset, 6x DIMM sockets (384GB Max), Intel 82574L Dual port GbE LAN, 8x SATA2 and 2x SATA3 ports, 4x USB 3.0 and 10x USB 2.0 ports 1 0.00 0.00T

pr-in-e5-2470v2 Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2470 v2 (25M Cache, 2.40 GHz) 2 0.00 0.00T (two of them)

I recently had a problem with the hard drive and I got a new one. I did the following:

-Installed windows

-Windows updates

-Installed drivers for the motherboard (I got those from the supermicro website)

I still have a problem. On the device manager I can see that the SAS controller is not working. The hardware IDs for the device are the following





I googled those ids and I found that correspond to the Intel(R) C600 Series Chipset SAS RAID.

I connected the original hard drive (the one I am replacing) through USB and I tried to see if the driver is there. It has this path with several drivers F:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository I looked at this driver arcsas.inf_amd64_2a06579fc6ddba80. When I try to install it, I get a list of 87 options asking about the manufacturer and model of the hardware. These are some of the options:

Adaptec FVB 81605




Can you ... Read more
Lenovo Notebook model Z50-70Issue : Dolby Digital Plus not working after recent update to Windows 10 update version 1709 build 16299.125Error message : Unable to start the Dolby Digital Plus audio driver. Please restart the computer or reinstall  the driver if the problem presists.Troubleshooting done : Restart the laptop, Reinstalled the driver but of no use. still the problem presists.Kindly help me to resolve the issue as it is very irritating. I miss the sound clarity using the Dolby Digital Plus.

143.png ?12 KB
I have an Ideapad Flex 4- 1570 with Windows 10.   When I left mouse click the mouse pad on the scroll bar or some parts of an applications window, it starts Windows 10 Search Window. I've updated the mouse drivers to the latest version with out success. Any thoughts on how to fix. Thanks.

mitch aronson
I've installed Windows To Go using the Rufus utility with a USB 3 with 190 mb/s read times. However, the operating system is extremely laggy and I think it might have something to do with the fact my Video Card (1070) is not showing up in dxdiag or device
manager meaning I can't install the nvidia drivers - it simply says Microsoft Display Adapter.

Any thought appreciated.
/* This code works on all other browsers and loads the 800 + fonts, in Edge does not load anything, but if I limit the load to 300 fonts in the loop these are loaded, any idea? Is my fault? */

var familiesArray = [];
$.each( lorem_ipsum.items, function(index, val){ //load google fonts asynchronously
//if (index < 300) familiesArray.push(val.family);
//if (index > 550) familiesArray.push(val.family);
//if (index > 100) return false;

/* lorem_ipsum.items.forEach(function(val, index){
/* for ( var i = 0, len = lorem_ipsum.items.length; i < len; i++){
WebFontConfig = {
google: {
families: familiesArray
(function(d) {
var wf = d.createElement('script'), s = d.scripts[0];
wf.src = 'https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/webfont/1.6.26/webfont.js';
wf.type = 'text/ja... Read more
Not sure where to put this, if this needs to go into another forum, please let me know.
We have a computer that our Hotel Guest can use to print out their flight tickets, do some business work etc.  I have been asked to setup Time Limits for the Hotel Guest Login.  Parental Controls will not work since
we all know that we can set the hours of use but NOT a Time Limit on this account. We want to set the Hotel Guest User to be only logged in for no more than 30 minutes.  However if another Guest wants to login right after the previous Guest logoffs they
will be able to do so.  Is there a way to do it in Windows 7 Pro?  Is there a way to do in Group Policy? If so, how and where do I set it?  
Thanks in advance
I'm new and not sure if this fits in this category.

I have a Hunter ceiling fan/3 lights. It's almost three years old. My wife flipped the wall switch the lights came on, then off. The fan still works. These are the facts and what I've done so far.
All three lights don't work. The bulbs do work on other lights when tried.
I have one wall switch for the entire fan/light
I ordered and installed a new light kit and the lights still don't work.
The fan works fine.
I tested the wire harness from the ceiling and have 120 volts.
I've not tried looking at the wall switch (only one switch for both) because the fan works.
I'm not sure where to go now.
Hi guys, first some background, then further below, my main point (question) is hilited in Red.

I have literally endured countless hours of grief over the past years, because sites have become ever more sophisticated, to the point of causing aggravation.

Today, after spending hours figuring out which clothing to buy, then analyzing my shopping cart, a site kept kicking up a message that my phone number doesn't match my billing info. So I thought that either it wasn't accepting my entered promo code, or else that the site's programmer had failed to coordinate correctly with Paypal. Because my phone number certainly DID jive with my billing info & the paypal acct. info...
It turned out, that it was all because I'd been auto-logged-off within an insufficient period of time!

(also note that I prefer avoiding cookies)

Furthermore, I sometimes run into forums as well which time me out, and then I have to login again.

Whether for security reasons or whatever, the programmers who automatically time-out cause me grief. It's a long story, because I'm then made to endure customer "non"service who are condescending in a drawn-out draining way, who fail to believe my real issues (because they don't offer a way for me to email or fax them a screenshot), and don't believe me when I tell them that I did everything properly, but yet its either looping or else kicking back unwarranted error msgs. Due to them not enabling sending a scre... Read more
Hello. Sorry if this is in the wrong section, because it's not a problem as such, just a general question.

Does anybody know of any good LAN games for me and a few others to play on our laptops? We have desktops but it's just easier to get together with laptops and not have to bother with mics etc.

We have been recently playing Lord of the Rings BFME2 which is great fun, but we want a variety... bearing in mind that we have 4 laptops, which one has an i7, mine with an i3, and the other two are just pentiums. So the games can't be too 'demanding'

Thanks in advance!
So this has been an issue since i built this PC months ago, 6700k, 1080TI, decent enough rig. the OS is on an SSD but most if not all of my games are on my HDD.
Games like FF14, The battle.Net Launcher and some games on steam take over a minute to just launch...
Nioh on Steam can take 30 seconds just to bring the launcher up, and Final Fantasy 14 can take the same amount of time to boot up past the Login Launcher.
I have no idea why it is doing this...and the strange thing is, a reboot of the PC generally fixes the issue almost immediatly. But its so random. Sometimes they take forever to load, reboot computer, then it works again.
I tried disabling superfetch and windows search from the services menu and everything was running smooth for like...2 weeks i wanna say, then it just started happening again so im going to assume i was just getting really lucky for those 2 weeks.
Sorry for the long winded, poorly constructed post, but some help and solutions would be very appreciated.
Hello All,
I would like to know how can I disable the ReadyBoost feature which prompts every time when I plugged in a flash drive?
According to
http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows7/Turn-ReadyBoost-on-or-off-for-a-storage-device it is possible to disable ReadyBoost for a specific drive. But how to disable this feature completely for all future flash drives?
1. I cannot find "ReadyBoost" in "Services".
2. Is ReadyBoost related to Superfetch?
    2.1 Can I turn off Superfetch to disable ReadyBoost?
    2.2 Will disabling Superfecth downgrade system performance?
Since a few hours ago, whenever I click on notifications, they disappear from the screen right after that.

Have tried turning notifications on and off again, but they still won?t work.

This did not happen earlier and do not know why it is happening now.
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Hi  Currently, im using Lenovo Ideapad 320E-15ISK 80XH01GEIN, I want to upgrade my laptop RAM does this model ram upgradable ??? because I have seen in Lenovo companion app its showing max memory is 4 GB only
Hi,Can anybody tel me if it is possible to change the DVD otptical unit provided with my L540 by a BlueRay optical unit  ?I know that the Ultrabay Enhanced can be a HDD but a BlueRay unit ? Regards.
My work computer has been randomly rebooting occasionally, and it seems to have something to do with drives on the USB bus. I believe that the USB 3.0 controller for my front ports (Etron EJ168 on Gigabyte 990fxa-ud3 motherboard) is failing. I have read
in forums that many have had issues with it. The other Etron controller for my back ports might be having an issue now as well. I have a spare 990fxa-ud3 motherboard of a newer revision and am planning a board swap as soon as the computer is available to be
However a look at event viewer logs using Nirsoft's MyEventViewer has revealed an error corresponding to the time of the last crash, and it has to do with ReadyBoost. I have my computer in AHCI and therefore all the drives show up as "removable"
in Windows and are in the "Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media" dialog. I see that the ReadyBoost tab is available for a backup drive I have connected via a USB 3.0 to SATA adapter, but the dialog there says "this drive cannot be used for
ReadyBoost". If this was truly the case, that tab should not even be there. It is not on any of the regular SATA drives. I can only surmise that perhaps ReadyBoost (a very archaic and useless thing IMO, a remnant of a bad idea during the Vista days) is
erroneously trying to do something with that drive and crashing the system.What's weird is that in event viewer, under the <g class="gr_ gr_142 gr-alert gr_spell gr_inline_cards gr_run_anim Co... Read more
Whomsoever it may concern,

I am trying to install Win 7 on Dell Laptop

Ram 4 GB, DDR3
HDD 500
Intel i3

I was trying to reinstall the windows as it was running very slow, It was running okay but suddenly when it was at completing installation stage, it gave me an error that windows could not restart the system please manually restart it.

After that, the setup is going nowhere. I am not able to even close to the setup process. It hangs on Setup is starting.

I have tried numerous ways to solve this, I have followed many forum too many troubleshooting steps none of the worked.

Do you think HirenBoot would let me copy the data. Any other suggestion that you could provide me.
this happens with the browser and windows screens, aka pages.

i have lenovo 510S-08ISH Desktop (ideacentre)

Machine Type Model90FN006MUS
I was on instagram direct messenger. during the conversation i was sent a link about a article . looked normal. i opened it read it and went back to direct messaging. i was conversing with a stranger......hours later he dm<d my name........how did he do this? i was on my iphone which was plugged into my computer so it would charge......im baffled
Pardon me if this is a repeat question, I couldn't find a solution before posting.  I'm not able to see how to enable the USB-C / Thunderbolt port on my Yoga 370 to charge my phone.  Nothing happens when I plug in, although I get I beep out of device manager that something's connected.  I am able to connect the same cable / phone to a Lenovo Thinkpad USB-Dock and the ohone picks right up and starts charging.  Is there sometning I con configure to enable this behavior on my notebook? 

2014 MacBook Pro 13.3, 2017 Yoga 370 (personal) 2017 T570 (work), Moto Z2 Force
How do I configure the P51s to always use the Quadro graphics GPU, my older W540 had a BIOS option to set for High performance, where the GPU ran everything, including the output to the displays...Where is the equivalent setting in the P51s, there is nothing in the BIOS that I can see
I continue to troubleshoot hang-ups and slow performance from my trusty old Studio XPS 8100 now running Windows 10. Noticed the SATA HDD RAID 1 can't be optimized as it/they are incorrectly identified as SSD. Any advice on how to address this? Have downloaded the BIOS update supplied from Dell S8100-A05 but haven't installed it yet.Thanks in advance for any help!
Hello All.  I've been around Windows since version 2.1, have reload literally over 1,000 PCs\Servers and currently manage a 50 server Dell data center\1000 seat Dell client network. With that said, I am unable to to get my touchscreen and IR camera functioning.   I've tried everything I can think of so I humbly turn to you for any advice before calling support.   
What I do know.  Both worked fine before reload, that the touchscreen hardware still functions because the screen will blink several times and Windows logs a MTconfig (Multi-touch configuration) App Event when I touch it and that neither device is listed in Device Manager.   
What I've tried.  Windows 10 ISO downloaded from Dell, Windows 10 ver 1511, 1703 and 1709, Windows 10 Insider Preview.  All software, drivers, chipset and BIOS installed in the order recommended by Dell. 
I'm open to any and all suggestions no matter how far fetched they may be.  Fire away.
My Computer (Dell Inspiron)  started to install important updates,  before it was finished the computer shut down. Now each time I start it up I get this error message.  Error status  0xc000012f
How can I fix ( correct) that?
My Dell Optiplex 3010 powers up but when i wait for it to show the windows log in the screen only displays purple lines running across the screen. I have tried rebooting in safe mode and changing the vga cable but it doesnt work. Im assuming this has something to do with my video card? Any advice would be appreciated.
I purchased this XPS 8930 Estimated delivery date: Dec. 26, 2017
1 - - 210-ANRF XPS 8930 Base
1 - - 338-BNCZ 8th Generation Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8700K 6-Core Processor (12M Cache, up to 4.7 GHz)
1 - - 619-AHCR Windows 10 Pro (64bit) English
1 - - 480-AACF If accessories are purchased, they may ship separately
1 - - 370-ADUB 16GB Dual Channel DDR4 at 2666MHz (2X8GB)
1 - - 400-AVOR 512GB PCIe x4 SSD
1 - - 490-BEDH NVIDIA(R) GeForce(R) GTX 1070 with 8GB GDDR5 Graphics Memory
1 - - 429-ABFD BDRE Drive (Reads and Writes to Blu-Ray disks)
1 - - 510-BBCD Integrated with WAVE MAXXAudio Pro
1 - - 555-BDBY 802.11ac + Bluetooth 4.1, Dual Band 2.4&5 GHz, 1x1
1 - - 580-ADJC Dell KB216 Wired Multi-Media Keyboard English Black
1 - - 570-AAOS Dell USB Mouse
1 - - 520-AAAO No speakers
1 - - 340-BYJT Windows 10 Placemat
1 - - Sales rep: Rajesh R | 3000020425040.
1 Page 3 © 2014 Dell Inc. U.S. only. Dell Inc. is located at One Dell Way, Mail Stop 8129, Round Rock, TX 78682.
658-BCUJ Additional Software
1 - - 340-BWIO DW1810 driver
1 - - 340-AGIK Safety/Environment and Regulatory Guide (English/French Multi-language)
1 - - 450-AAGO US Power Cord
1 - - 332-1530 Dell.com Order
1 - - 817-BBBB No FGA
1 - - 631-ABNU Windows System driver, XPS 8930
1 - - 332-0550 Dell.com Order
1 - - 321-BDFT XPS 8930, Special Edition Chassis (460W)
1 - - 328-BCJI Direct Shipping
1 - - 658-BCPC Cyberlink Media Suite Essentials without Media
1 - - 389-CGJZ Regulatory Label
1 - - 389-CGBC Intel Core i7 Pro... Read more
Hello All.  I've been around Windows since version 2.1, have reload literally over 1,000 PCs\Servers and currently manage a 50 server Dell data center\1000 seat Dell client network. With that said, I am unable to to get my touchscreen and IR camera functioning.   I've tried everything I can think of so I humbly turn to you for any advice before calling support.   
What I do know.  Both worked fine before reload, that the touchscreen hardware still functions because the screen will blink several times and Windows logs a MTconfig (Multi-touch configuration) App Event when I touch it and that neither device is listed in Device Manager.   
What I've tried.  Windows 10 ISO downloaded from Dell, Windows 10 ver 1511, 1703 and 1709, Windows 10 Insider Preview.  All software, drivers, chipset and BIOS installed in the order recommended by Dell. 
I'm open to any and all suggestions no matter how far fetched they may be.  Fire away.
Hi guys i have one gtx 770 installed in PCIe3x16 75w ext 225w and its working fine when i plug in the monitor My problem is i have quadro 5000 plunged in slot cpu 2 pcie 3x16 75w on top of motherboard there is power to the card but when i plug in the monitor nothing is coming up. I have P10 power cable plug in to the card i only have one cpu installed do i have to have second cpu installed in order to have GPU working or is it because pcie 3x16 75w is only 75w
Thanks guys much appreciated for your help
This thread is currently "under construction", and will be edited for the remainder of today.   Please excuse any blank spaces or crossed-out "placeholders" for items expected to be announced.

Today is Microsoft Tuesday --- the SECOND Tuesday of the month --- on which Microsoft is expected to release its monthly cycle of Windows security updates.   Based on previous history, they should become available at 1 P.M. [USA - Eastern STANDARD Time]

Please use Windows/Automatic Updates to determine which updates are applicable to your particular system.
For more information, see https://portal.msrc.microsoft.com/en-us/security-guidance/summary 
I just got a XPS 9560 and I could not find the Dell HD audio mananger just like in my old Inspiron. Here is the picture:

 I checked my XPS audio driver and this is what I saw:

I also tried to install realtek HD audio driver from dell and run the file RtkNGUI64.exe but nothing seems to work. Please help me because I'm used to using this feature for every audio activities and now missing it is really uncomfortable
Hi, I received my new Dell XPS 9560 last thursday, and during the weekend I realized that the audio in my computer is retarde after some seconds without reproducing any sound. Its not happening only in windows alerts (the audio alert comes after 2 or 3 seconds after the visual alert) but also after pausing-playing music, videos (streaming or my own files) and even when I want to volume up or down with the f2 and f3 keys, the visual volume bar in the top-left corner of the screen is popping up 2-3 seconds after I have actually pressed the volume key.
Does anybody know what is going on and how to fix it? I have tried to uninstall the drivers and install again, install the realtek retail drivers, the custom dell drivers, microsoft drivers, I have even clean installed Windows with no success.
I have contacted technical support in my country and since they told me they don't do replacements, I could choose between them sending a tech to repair it or to send it back, I choose repairing it due to my necessity for a laptop kind of urgently. They decided to send a tech with a new motherboard who should have come today, but after talking with the technical support again they told me that he didn't because they had no motherboards in stock right now.
So I have 2 questions right now:
1- Is this issue solved by the motherboard replacement?
2- How can they offer me a repairment that they don't have the pieces for and be so cool with it?
Thanks in advance to anyone spending anyt... Read more
I own a LG 21:9 aspect ratio that can support 2560x1080 and has Display Port and HDMI input
Can my dell xps studio with ATI MOBILITY RAEDON 4670 Graphics card support this via Display Port / HDMI in anyway?
I looked ont he website and it says that the Display Port handles this res, but didn't want to buy one in case it didn't work
Any help would be appreciated
I want buy external monitor for my old XPS 16" laptop with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4670 video card. Can any one tell me which high resolution it support?
My XPS13 9350 was one of the first with USB-C port (Thunderbolt 3) only and no DisplayPort, supplied in early 2016. It has caused a lot of headaches. As I tried to connect my external Dell monitor using  a USB-C to HDMI adapter from Dell (part no: 47KD7) there was no external display at all. Dell Support advised me to update BIOS. But it led to a complete freeze of my laptop and Dell replaced the motherboard. (It was a real nuisance as I use my laptop for work!!)
With the new motherboard,  the laptop/USB-C adapter/external monitor worked fine for 15 months. Until one day, out of the blue, the external screen started flickering with an image that was all distorted (cut in the middle). The laptop screen was fine. After a few weeks of flickering, there is no signal at all to the external screen. Moreover, as I connect the adapter in USB-C port the resolution on my laptop screen changes.
I know there have been a lot of issues with USB-C connector on XPS 13 and 15.  I have reduced wifi-power to 50%  but it has had no positive effect (several persons have said on this forum that it helped the video output). 
I am grateful to learn if anybody with similar problems found a solution. Cheers
I have Dell 5537 (service tag<Service Tag removed>) and it randomly shuts down. Before shutting down it throttles all cpu and integrated gpu. Temperatures are always fine, just under or around 50°C. Most frequently happens when watching videos in youtube/using google chrome or working in autocad/ axisvm 13 or just randmly no matter what tasks laptop is doing. I tried different drivers(including bios drivers), tried reinstalling operating system, run different diagnostics and nothing helps. Diagnostics always shows that everything fine. I did plug out all devices, ac adapter and push "on/off" button for 15 seconds but it didnt help as well. i tried changing power plans. 
Before turning off, if music or video is playing, sounds gets mud, dizzy and chirp/crack. After turning it again on, it displays message that computer didnt shut down correctly and allows to pick normal startup or safe. In safe mode it acts the same, it can work fine or it can start to throttle and shut down. 
Please, help me, what can be causing these issues and how to fix my laptop? 
Hi. I've managed to somehow (well, three failed password attempts!) to lock out my BIOS and ended up with the 'Password / unlock key & unlock key hint number' screen on my Inspiron 17R SE 7720
I rang tech support and provided my serial and express codes (they had no interest in the hint number for some reason?) and  they provided me with a 'master' code to unlock the BIOS.  Unfortunately this did not work, so they advised that now my only choice is to pay over £200 for a new replacement  motherboard?  Surely this can't be right...?  Can another code not be generated (I've read the wiki and know codes cant be provided over the forum - i'm after some clarification and guidance)?  Also, on my old Vostro, if i get the BIOS password wrong 3 times it shuts down, and I can retry later - so why can't I do the same with the Inspiron? If i removed the CMOS battery would this get me back to the enter password prompt (i'm fairly sure it won't clear the BIOS password for security reasons), rather than the infuriating 'password / unlock key' screen?? :(
Hi, I have an Inspiron 17 windows 10 home
My problem is that the mouse cursor keeps jumping to the top of the screen.
I have searched the internet and tried several suggested solutions ( unchecked enhance pointer precision, disabled touchpad ) nothing seems to work unless I turn off the laptop and turn it back on,  but it doesn't last for long until it does it again, and I can't do anything when it happens.
Any help will be greatly appreciated