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Firefox 67 Switching to Empty Profiles Causing Data Loss Fears


Mozilla Firefox users are reporting that when they upgrade to the latest Firefox 67, they are finding that their addons are missing, their customizations are gone, and their history is gone. This is being caused by the browser creating new profiles for Firefox 67 and using that instead of the original one. Click to expand...

However, I've not experienced any issues with FF 67 on a Linux platform ( Puppy Linux ) other than it did resurrect my Malwarebytes addon that I had problems with earlier in the year. Seems stable now, though.
Hi all, Would it be posible to install the Full HD 400 nit x250 display on a X260 (with almost the same specs, but 300 nit brightness)? The screen brigtness on a X260 is just to low for me. Looks like 50% brightness. Regards, Marco.  
Hello,I've a T470 with simple HD display, and I need to upgrade it to a FHD one. Since I'm used to touchscreen controls, I'd like to choose a FHD with touch screen. My doubts refer to the 30 pin connector and the actual touchcontroller support: can a HD model support touch functionalities? The Lenovo part picker, shows this list (by selecting "compatible" radio button), that includes touch panels as far as I understad: IVO 14.0 FHD IPS AG On-CellLCD PANELS00NY421 FRU Dummy 14 FHD IPS 250nit LGDLCD PANELS01LW010 BOE 14.0 FHD AG TouchLCD PANELS01YN175 AUO 14.0 FHD IPS AG On-CellLCD PANELS00NY420 AUO 14.0 FHD IPS AGLCD PANELS00NY422 AUO 14.0 FHD IPS AGLCD PANELS00NY673 14FHD IPS AG 250 45% VESBkt INXLCD PANELS02DL764 14, HD, AG, N-Touch, TN, AUO, FlatLCD PANELS00UP061 14HD,NT,220nit,AG,Slim,INXLCD PANELS01EN019 14HD,NT,220nit,AG,Slim,BOELCD PANELS01EN020 14FHD,IPS,NT,250nit,AG,Slim,INXLCD PANELS01EN100  Any hint? 
      Hello everyone, My Yoga 710-14ISK laptop's camera doesn't working properly. I think it has a hardware connection issue. Windows Camera app finds it first but after a few seconds it says no camera connected. Its LED blinks and it become connected when I press on the lens and the area near of it.       I searched the net and saw the same issues other users experienced. It's thought to be related with the adhesive that bonds the camera circuit melting with heat overtime. How can I fix it and Will Lenovo issue a recall for these devices? 
It is few days that BIOS 1.26 has been withdrawn from the support page. Now latest option shown is 1.25.Is there a problem with 1.26? Should users revert to 1.25? 

P52, 8850H, P2000, W10pro 1809
Hi; I have Lenovo ThinkPad T430 having W10 installed. I have noticed that unless other brand Laptops, when I do Hybernate it, it consumes battery. Is this a designed fault or any other problem?
i use an 8 year old Toshiba Sattalite laptop.cant vid chat to my bro overseas..
my other laptop has no facebook messenger issues.can i use a usb stick to download f.b onto and get it to work if its plugged into my Toshiba? so i can vid chat??
cheers DAVE
I don't know what this is, my laptop saves my files here and I can't even find it anywhere when I look in my files explorer it says,

<<Local State > Files > SO >599 > Attachments

I don't know what it is and it's driving me crazy help me
Hi Everyone, I've run into my fair share of problems with this laptop including an uneven base and extreme ghost touches that I have not gotten around dealing with warranty yet which is quite frustrating. Recently I came into another problem - everytime I plug something into the audio jack, whether it is a speaker or headphones, any playable audio or video that is running will play (only one of them at a time).  For example, a youtube tab in the background will play, or my spotify will play, or my VLC media player will play the video.  I will manually pause it, and then within seconds it will automatically play again.  I have not had this problem before (probably started sometime in February), and I do not have any problems with my wireless bluetooth headphones. I've searched on this forum and on google for similar cases in this laptop or other laptops and haven't been able to find any.  I'm not sure how to approach this in diagnosing whether it is a hardware issue or a firmware issue.  I also had a nightmare of a problem when I first bought the laptop where my laptop speakers will play at max volume no matter how I adjust the volume and will only stop when I bring it down to zero/mute.  It was only fixed when I played around with the intel audio drivers/realtek drivers, so I am hesistant to play around with the drivers to diagnose my current problem. This is driving me nuts as I can't leave headphones/speakers plugged in if I... Read more
Dear Team,
I have two server DC1 (main domain controlller) and DC2(Additional Domain controller). My main domain controller was having some issue so i seized all roles to DC2 so it can work as domain controller. Now i fixed DC1 and trying to make it Additional domain
controller but unable to connect it. Even i have mentioned ip address of DC2 in preferred DNS. Please find the error below while joining DC1 to domain.

Note: This information is intended for a network administrator.  If you are not your network's administrator, notify the administrator that you received this information, which has been recorded in the file C:\Windows\debug\dcdiag.txt.

The following error occurred when DNS was queried for the service location (SRV) resource record used to locate an Active Directory Domain Controller (AD DC) for domain "ce-nai.com":

The error was: "DNS name does not exist."
(error code 0x0000232B RCODE_NAME_ERROR)

The query was for the SRV record for _ldap._tcp.dc._msdcs.ce-nai.com

Common causes of this error include the following:

- The DNS SRV records required to locate a AD DC for the domain are not registered in DNS. These records are registered with a DNS server automatically when a AD DC is added to a domain. They are updated by the AD DC at set intervals. This computer is configured
to use DNS servers with the following IP addresses:

- One or more of the following zones do not include delegation to its child ... Read more
When I pressed the power button, it didn't boot but only the case fan spin for only a split second and stopped spinning.
Hi Guys,
Since critical security patch kb4499175 is released, we deploy this patch to all the windows 7 machines. Today we receive some issue that some drivers are lost after applying the patch once reboot.
The affected computer are workstation HP Z420,Z440,Z640.
Would you please let me know if you guys face the similary issue recently? And do you have any idea to avoid this symptom. Thanks,
I cannot get photos or videos to download to my Dell computer with Windows 7. Said there are no new photos. Now cannot even get it to show up on my computer when plugged in with USB cord. I had a Samsung phone and when I plugged that in a screen came up that gave me a choice to pick download photos but this phone doesn't give me anything. When I go to the Control Panel and choose devices the Motorola is there but when click on it it is not really showing up anything I can choose. I am not computer savy so this has got me stumped. Thanks
We have issue with 3 x Yoga 720-13ikb out of box. No HID compliant touch screen visible under device manager and therefore no touch working. Did a factory reset without change. Installed windows stand alone copy, same issue. Did I read somethgin about usign older BIOS? How do I get hold of an older BIOS? Any other solution anyone knows about?
Is there a power bank / external battery for Lenovo YOGA 710-11ISK? And what type of cable end is it?
Hi, any user found the coating makes it difficult to slide the fingers or pen across the screen? Why Lenovo put on such coating? Surface on the X1E 4K screen and that of the C930 are smoother.
Hi, any other user has this problem? When the fans are on, the laptop vibrates a lot.
When I open my first webpage - being Google Chrome - if I switch to Task manager x Processes, I can see Google happily opening as many as 15-25 background pages!

90% of them use little or no CPU/Memory but it kind of annoys me just what Google is doing in the background!

This only seems to have occurred in the last 6-12 months and as an ardent checked of Task manager, I have never seen it before!

I trust Google as far as I could throw them so is this "checking" on my comings and going on the web or relatively harmless?

I can kill them off one by one with End Task but they are soon back again!

Any advice appreciated!

I regularly run Malware Bytes and Defender.....all good!
I recently built a PC. This was my first time doing it, and ran into multiple problems which i was able to fix all but one. memory management error is the last one. i am working on that one now, setting up a usb drive with memtest on it, and will be running that soon. i am currently on my old PC so I will do my best with the specs of the new one.

amd ryzen 7 2700x wraith prism cooler
gigabyte x470 aorus ultra gaming mobo
msi 1660 ti 6gb
16gb corsair vengence 3000mh ram 2x8 version 5.30
500gb ssd
1tb mechanical drive
legally activated windows 10 version 1803 (i noticed this to be a problem with people in looking over things here before posting, so i wanted to include it from the start)

A little background when i originally purchased the parts. i bought 32gb of g skill flarex 3200, i could not get mobo to post with this, so thats why it has the vengence ram. according to both g skill and pc parts picker this ram is supposed to be compatable, according to gigabites web site this ram is not compatable. seems as gigbyte wins this one.
question 1.
if i were to update the bios could that possibly make the g skill ram compatable?

i have looked at bios updates on gigabites site, and i see my bios listed and a date.
then up the page from there is other bios versions
f40 mainly and update to make this board compatable with 3000 series processors
f31, f30, f6, f5
i currently have f5 from the factory installed.

question 2.
do i update to f6, then to f30 etc. stopping at f31, since at ... Read more
I got a new PC monitor AOC G2460VQ6
After playing on a TV. I am currently using a HDMI cord to connect the monitor to the computer. My computer is a cyberpowerpc ET8140-25861. Everytime I try to play world of Warcraft my screen goes black and flashes off and on and makes poping noices. I can still hear the games music and see the character screen but Everytime I click something the screen goes black and makes the noice again. I'm not very computer sabby. I don't know what to do. Whenever I'm on my desktop everything is fine and I can surf the web no problem.
I have a new T480, running latest Win 10 version (currently 1809), since February 2019. Every 2 to 3 weeks the speakers just stop working.  The problem usually starts just after 8pm on a Friday and resolves either late Sunday night or early Monday morning.  The timing is just right so that I cannot contact support while I am actually experiencing the problem.  Over the weekend, I try all the steps at the bottom of this post, and I still get no results. Then, like clockwork, just before we get to 8am Monday morning, when Lenovo support opens, the problem fixes itself.   Any advice would be welcome.  1. F1 (mute button) icon is unlit; F3 (up volume) is maxed out.2. Sound icon lower right taskbar: ?Speaker/HP: 64%?; right-click; Open Sound Settings > Troubleshoot3. Sound Hotkey Install and Update4. Windows Update > Restart5. Lenovo System Update > Install any new updates6. Device Manager > Sound > RealTek Audio > Update Driver7. Device Manager > Sound > RealTek Audio > Disable Device > Restart > Enable Device8. Device Manager > Sound > RealTek Audio > Remove Device and Uninstall Driver > Restart9. Control Panel > Manage Audio Devices > Speaker H/P > Properties > General > RealTek Audio > Properties > General > Device Status > ?This device is working properly.?10. Download Correct Audio Driver for my version of Windows from Lenovo Downloads Page: http:... Read more
I've installed Hyper-V on a Windows 8 Enterprise PC and can't seem to assign any virtual disks created on my second disk (D: drive) to a virtual machine.
I have created the virtual machine (XML stored on C: drive) in the Hyper-V Manager console without a disk assigned to it. I then successfully created a virtual disk in the Hyper-V Manager console. However, when I try and assign the disk to the virtual machine,
it gives me the following error when I press OK:
Error applying Hard Drive changes
Failed to add device 'Virtual Hard Disk'
Hyper-V Virtual Machine Management service Account does not have permission to open attachment. Error: 'General access denied error' (0x80070005)
I have checked the permissions on the virtual disk and the virtual machine ID account has been assigned Read/Write permissions (I have tried adding full control permissions but this does not resolve the error). The D: drive has been formatted in Windows
8 and if I create a virtual disk on the C: drive then it works fine. As far as I can tell, I can't see any obvious differences between the C: and D: drives in terms of configuration or permissions. I have BitLocker installed on both of them.
Hyper-V has been installed with the default settings - no configuration or service account changes.
Any help would be greatly appreciated - Thanks.Phil Childs http://get-spscripts.com
I'm having problems a game I play on ps4 crashing and disconnecting. it only happens on one game but internet works fine for everything else. I've been told I need to open ports but am Unable to create a static ip. any help would be appreciated. My isp tech support will not do it for me and neither will EA tech support. The game is Apex Legends.
I just got a new rx570 and I was using ddu to get rid of the old drivers then I shut down my PC. My motherboard is missing a pin so my front io does not work. How can I turn it on without a power button?
Just started using a brand new Xeon P1 with close to top of the line specs.  The fan makes too much noise and frequently comes on even when the PC is lying idle.  This is when the PC is set to max performance. My older P50 model never makes so much noise in spite of the highest performance load.  I saw that there are a few who had this complaint with P1.  But couldn't quite figure out a direct solution to this problem other than raising the laptop off the ground or putting extra cooling fans below it.  I really hope there is a more direct and easy solution to this.  Can anyone please suggest?
It's a 13" model (SVP13223CGB) came with an internal 100gb Samsung XP941 Series Form Factor M.2 2280 Capacity 128gb Host Interface PCI-Express 2.0 x4

I want to increase the internal storage, not add a usb drive etc. I don't know what is a sales pitch or what is true.

I was told by a retailer that the only compatible drive that is bigger is a
SAMSUNG XP941 MZHPU512HCGL-00004(0) M.2 2280 512GB PCI-Express 2.0 x4 MLC Solid State Drive - OEM

which is old and very expensive and only 512gb.

I also read that newer drives like the
SAMSUNG 960 EVO M.2 1TB NVMe PCI-Express 3.0 x4
are backwards compatible with this 2014 laptop. And would work but slower. I am not worried about speed but better memory size.

can somebody please give me their honest advise please. I don't want to spend the money on something that won't work because it's not compatible. I really thought that heaps of people would have already done this upgrade but I can't seem to find much modern info. It's no good looking at info that was around 5-6 years ago.
I cant use any adaptors or things like that as it must fit straight in like for like. Thanks for reading hope you can advise me. cheers!
Hello, I realize this is an older laptop now but I am writing this in hopes that someone who has this problem will find this solution. I recently purchased new RAM to upgrade this system and opened it up to replace the exisiting single stick of 8GB RAM that was in it. After slotting in two new sticks of RAM, I tried to power on the computer but nothing happened-- no screen backlight, no Lenovo logo, only two white lights from power and battery indicators, keyboard backlight came on and I could control the backlight of the keyboard with Alt+Spacebar. CPU would heat up but fans stayed off and I could hear the HDD. Eventually the computer would shut off then get stuck on a reboot loop and repeat itself. I replaced the new RAM with the old factory 8GB stick and was presented with the same problem. I was worried the laptop was bricked since even the old stick did not work. I found people with similar issues here:  https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Gaming-Laptops/Y700-black-screen/td-p/2247850Without a real solution aside from contacting Lenovo for repairs I looked elsewhere. I purchased this computer back in 2016 and was not within warranty. I found many recommendations some that included unplugging CMOS battery and other power connectors from the motherboard and reconnecting them. Nothing worked. What ended up fixing it was I realized the interior RAM slot was faulty. I could get the computer to boot up fine if I only had one stick of RAM on the exterior RAM s... Read more
So on my phone I get 50mps and on my tablet I get 50mps but only on my computer I get around .6mps and I don?t know what to do I tried factory resetting my pc and it didn?t help

I have a viglen connect 10 tablet. (2gb ram, 32gb storage, Intel Atom x5-Z8300 Processor)
I reinstalled windows 10, but the drivers were lost. I tried to fix tweakbit driver updater.
The program hasfound 24 updates, updated, but since then tablet has not turned on. BIOS does not start
I'm afraid he's got into the bios and that doesn't start the tablet. if someone has this type of tablet, please make me a backup of bios and drivers.

Thanks in advance for help!
Hello Gents, I have been experiencing a terrible latency problem and I really would appreciate some help with it!I've google quite a bit but have not found any solution.I have a type m900 10FD0022us system with the latest drivers and bios updates. This I made sure of.I'm using the lates version of LatencyMon and it tells me that two drivers, ACPI.sys and NDIS.sys are the problem drivers.I've googled them but nothing relates to my system, just mostly laptops or other items that don't help.I have win7 pro 64, 16 gig ram.All the system tests I have tried don't seem to point to a failure item.I'm not nearly knowledgeable enough to get any further on my own. I'm stumped!  Any ideas about this?THANK YOU!
I use Firefox 67.0 and sometimes the search results appear in their own individual framed boxes and not many fit on a page. Usually I can clear the cache and restart Firefox and it's fine after but today I'm having trouble with it no matter what I do. I find it very annoying. I will actually see the display I want for a split second and then in immediately coverts to this new one. Anyone know why and/or the solution?

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4670 CPU @ 3.40GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 60 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 7986 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 917 GB (846 GB Free);
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Enabled and Updated
The short, right at the root of the square USB shaped plug, was very apparent as there was a flash....now blackened wires and a definite open.  Happen to have another power supply from previous problem (explained later), plugged it in but the laptop, still live and working, would not charge. Battery down to 50%.   Turned off the pc.  It would not turn on again.  Don't laugh, I am desperate now.  I dremeled the ends of the laptop battery away until I could see metal.  Soldered wires to these and hooked them to a variable voltage power supply set for 15v (the battery is 14.4v)  Inserted this battery back into the pc and it still won't power up.  After a couple of hours on this the battery is surely charged up.   The DC pwr supply would have supplied sufficient voltage anyway.  The reason I had a second power supply was the exact thing happened a couple years ago after the laptop was about two years old.  Power cord at the input adaptor shorted and (that time) shut the pc right down.  Fortunately I had a good 3 year extended warranty with Lenovo, and after setting everything up with them, shipped it to repair depot (NC?).  Four weeks later it came back and worked just dandy.  They did not say what was done to fix it.   So I use this laptop a lot.  You would think after that first incident I would be doubly aware of the plug in wearing and fraying at the laptop end.  Nope!  It... Read more
After in ran Lenovo Vantage and it updated the Intel ME Firmware to version p52 needs 30 seconds on a cold boot to shot thw lenovo logo, this is absolutely inacceptable.Please provide a fix. Also similary like with the error described with an earlier version that caused 3 reboots, in BIOS i dont see any ME version being shown.
Hi Folks

I am going crazy i think. I have been having issues with NT Kernal running my cpu usage up.

Idle CPU should be no higher then 5% on average. mine is running @ 20%. NT is using 16% of that.

I have a 2012 SONY Viao SVE14AE13l Windows 10 Pro updates current as of this morning.
only mod is Installed a HD caddy but issue was present prior.

I have tried many things from the internet i think all of them

Run a System File Checker tool
swapped HD
Memory diagnostics
CPU diagnostics
Disable Runtime Broker
Disable Superfetch

Perform a Clean Boot
Run the System file checker Tool

Update Drivers
Run antivirus scan
still running High. Could corrupt windows cause this. i have installed it several times now. but my download could be corrupt right?
any new ideas would be great

Help Im a noob at pc building! What does this mean:The motherboard M.2 slot #0 shares bandwidth with SATA 6.0 Gb/s ports. When the M.2 slot is populated, two SATA 6Gb/s ports are disabled
Im going to be building with a Samsung 970 Pro. Please help!
I have a two year old Thinkpad Yoga 370 running Windows 10  that I just love, but over the last year it's developed incurable trackpoint drift.  I've tried adjusting the sensitivity updating every driver I can think of, but still nothing.  I've just disabled it because its so maddening.  If I turn it on it will work for a few minutes, but then it will drift the cursor to the lower left corner of the screen and wobble back and forth in a small area.  Applying steady pressure 'up' and 'left' for a few seconds appears to re-calibrate it somewhat but within a minute or two it does the same thing.   Some questions: On this machine, what hardware driver controls the trackpoint & who is the manufacturer? Has anyone found a solution to this other than replacing the keyboard? (a frightful job) I've heard of other users who replaced the keyboard and the trackpoint drift came right back again.  Surely Lenovo must have some way for us to solve this issue.

2017 Yoga 370 (personal) 2017 T570 (work), LG G6
I'm building a new rig which I'll use for general applications only. Need your opinion on the Ryzen 5 2400G processor with build in Radeon RX Vega II graphics.

So my previous thread got locked. I just need to rephrase my question and make sure that there is truly no solution before giving up completely )-:

Can I make my own WiFi extender off a WPA2-Enterprise network?
In the Bios (N1WET35W 1.14 2017-07-12) of my Thinkpad T470s I cannot change the "Boot Priority Order" using the "+" and "-" keys to move the device up or down. When I press those keys, I hear a beep and nothing happens. "UEFI Secure Boot" is enabled, and even if I disabled the same happens. I would like to change the boot order, can you help me?
Please refer photos.
I am using Internet Explorer 11 from Program Files folder which supposedly launches 64 bit applications. This Internet Explorer 11 settings from Tools Options of Custom Level and Advanced tabs Security features were if selected; Internet Explorer
11 64 bit simply refuses to load websites with host of other truly funny messages like US DOD official website found 'Not Secure' or Microsoft's own msftconnect.com 'This website is not secure' etc., with other websites like default Internet Explorer 11 webpage
doesn't loads fast enough even though all options favours fast loading with Advanced security features; WHY? this ultimately stops after all settings are set to default without single modification in Custom Settings or Advance Security features.
This coupled with Microsoft Edge's unpredictable website loading with frequent Network's internet connection disconnecting to the brink of unusability; nothing; even Microsoft Edge Reset won't resolve these scenarios.
And now Microsoft Edge DEV; with all above said problems and beta version errings uses 1.5 GB of 4G ISP full speed memory to send computer information to Microsoft within half day of 12 hrs. day, rest of day goes with crawling speed of ISP setted 64 Kbps
in short without internet connection; this happening on all days Microsoft Edge DEV use; now a days I use only Internet Explorer 11 64 bit strictly with Default Level & Advance Security features Resetted instead of selecting app... Read more
I use gmail as my server and have my own domain so my email addresses are [email protected] and [email protected]. Gmail is set up to both send and receive from [email protected]. My insurance company wont correspond with me when I send from outlook because the message comes from [email protected] on behalf of me not on behalf of [email protected], so my insurance company can't see the email address they have on file for me.
How do I resolve this?
Hi, I was working on a psd file and when I opened it, it turned out to be corrupted. Are there any ways to retrieve my file or is it lost? I spent so much time on it and I can't believe it's gone
hi all.
i am back with my dell inspiron 3551 laptop and questions.
i upgraded it with crucial bx500 and it has become fast.
i think i can improve it more by going from 4gb ram to 8gbram.
the laptop has Intel Pentium n3540 4 core cpu, 4gb ram and crucial bx500 ssd.
the cpu spec sheet at.
https://ark.intel.com/content/www/u...-processor-n3540-2m-cache-up-to-2-66-ghz.htmlsays it supports 8gb ddr3 l 1333 ram.
dell website and crucial parts compatibility says it can only support 4gb ram.
what should i do.
should i go with cpu spec sheet or should i go with dell and crucial specs.
and which ram should i take.
since i am from India i shop at.
so please give links from these websites.
thanks a lot.
i have done all upgrades after asking this forum.
sometimes i feel not to put more money into this laptop and go for a new one.
but then i think the laptop is in prime condition and in spite of being over 3 years old is on its original battery.
I am using this setup and getting blurry text on my Dell 2008WFP, but not on the other monitor which is a Dell U2412M.  Both are connected through he 2 separate DisplayPorts. I have been using this same setup with no issues for 5 years through my Lenovo T440p, older compatible Lenovo Pro Dock station and a DisplayPort connection to the 2008WFP and VGA to the U2412M (the older pro docks could only do dual monitors if one of the two connections was VGA). I have tried:Swapping cablesSwapping cordsToggling Windows 10 display settings:On/Off ?Fix scaling for apps?Different numbers for ?Enter a custom scaling size between 100%-500%.Updating the pro dock firmware.Updating the Dell monitor driver.Updating all Lenovo and Windows updatesI have also called into Lenovo support, but to no avail. Thanks in advance
I purchased a W541 4910MQ a while ago but graduly over time and use the CPU temps became an issue reaching 99c and above, which of course caused slower performance. After finding this guide https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GtJnBYRX2Zc I decided to re apply new thermal paste and selected thermal grizzly Krionaut, following the above video was easy, even though not in english. after cleaning the fan and heatsink of any debris and fluff i cleaned the heatsinks with alcohol and removed all traces of the old thermal paste which compared to thermal grizzly was much thicker and looked poor. After cleaning the CPU and K2100 GPU i applied the new thermal paste and re asembled the W541. What a fantastic diffrence thermal grizzly made to temps, before it could reach 99c under full load and now absolute peak is 79c underfull load, it sits at idle now at 32c. it fully boosts and i have to say better than it was new temp wise. When i first got this W541 i always thought it run hot compared to my W530 and was sort of regreting the upgrade. but now i wish i had done this from new. I am not sure what thermal paste lenovo use but what ever it is they should strike a deal with thermal grizzly as i was amazed at the diffrence.
I installed ubuntu os for office work. Now i have dual os in my laptop. Its all ok with ubuntu, am able to access my files from there but when i open windows 10 it shows empty. At first it used to show log in error and it used to login to a temporary id, but now it does not shows this up but it shows nothing, there are no files nothing in it. So to access my files i have to open ubuntu.
Hello there. I have got an m93p SFF desktop. there is a4590S CPU, with a 1030GT GPU, and stuff in it.i want to replace the stock cooling solution, to something better. for example an ID cooling is60.My dilemma is  i am not sure that the chosen cooler works with the motherboard. i've already tried to replace the system fan to a Noctua redux 92x25mm (4pin pwm) but it didnt work, it didnt spin at all -maybe the motherboard (lenovo sharkbay) doesn't support the pwm fans? (the manual doesnt contain any info about the fans) Also i tried a stock intel cooler on the cpu fan connector, that works.And a 3 pin fractal design system fan works too, but on full rpm.So i am confused: can i use a quality 3rd party cooler or not.ani help would be appreciated.(in spite of my bad english) duke.
Does upgrading the ram on "Lenovo ideapad 330s" voids its warrenty ?
I just picked up a new x390 and forgot to include the ethernetr adapter accessory. I just want to be sure which one I should be buying as there are a few options. Is this the correct model? https://www.lenovo.com/ca/en/accessories-and-monitors/cables-and-adapters/adapters/CABLE-BO-Ethernet... I want to use the proprietary port vs. using one of the USB-C or USB-A ports.