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Anyone knows an Internet radio free utility for windows 10?

I purchased the Z580 approximately 2 months back and out of the box, the laptop had some issues connecting to the internet. It connected out of the box, but sometimes: 1. The wireless wireless connection icon on the taskbar would show a yellow exclamation mark but I would still be connected to the internet2. Sometimes the connection would just disconnect and have trouble reconnecting. It would continuously try to reconnect but not be able to I would restart my computer and sometimes it would reconnect allowing me to quickly download some drivers. After installing some drivers it would work but then the aforementioned issues would start again. Any help would be greatly appreciated as the lack of reliability connecting to the internet has caused a lot of issues while I was doing work and then being disconnected. Thanks! Andy
Hello,I have a Ideapad 110-14ibr and i want to know if there is possible to install more than 4 GB of memory RAM. Also, can i improve the graphic card and processor to play games or is it not possible to upgrade the notebook?
I would like to get the legal information to:1. Talk to someone from legal about this issue.2. The legal information to file a complaint3. The legal information on the counterpart when filing a lawsuit. Short background is that i have already adressed a issue about the computer we bought and its strange behaviour and freezing up etc. The support just brushed it off even thou you can easily read on internet that its a recorded problem with yoga some experience.Now it has come so far that the computer overhetat in my lap and by heat i mean burning as in you cant touch it. Before i got my pants off i burnt my leg pretty bad. This must surely be a fire and health hazard and the modell i have must be withdrawn from the public.  I have looked for information to get in contact with Lenovo but since lenovo want to channel the traffick there is no e-mail to where i can file my complaint. Support numbers i find in plenty, but no HQ phonenumber or legal-emejl adress where i can do a formal complaint and also what counter part i should adress with a lawsuit. Usually companies has legal information, atleast where i live, but i can not find that at lenovo.com. Under legal information lenovo have terms of use, copyright etc. wich is all good but usually there is also information on how to complain, where to call etc. Support is not the same as a formal complaint in my country. Can someone from legal contact me at [email protected] and we take it from there&nb... Read more
My w530 keeps dying with no warnings just black screen. I can haooen after a few seconds, after 15 min, sometimes I cannot start up at all, or I can let it run for hours if I don't touch it. In the process of debugging I have done following:-tested the ram, no issues-tested harddisk, no issues-tested for virus, no issues-running with battery only (fully charged), same issue-running only with power connected and no battery, same issue-I have however discovered that it dies if I press the "cabinet" just above the volume button (but without invoking any buttons), and if I press again it will turn on again. It's consistent, happens every time. Sounds like a short circuit to me, or what do you think? Anything I can do to fix it here and now?   
I need to talk to someone please
Hello. I'm having problems connecting my laptop to the internet. I don't know why it suddenly won't work. I'm using a wifi dongle and im using windows vista. Can someone please help me. Thank you so much in advanced!
So ever time I right click on a file my computer will stop responding and I don't know why. Can anyone help me?
Hola buen da, podrian ayudarme?Hace tiempo qu deje de usar mi G405, y hoy que la intento prender de nuevo me doy cuenta que no recuerdo la contrasea, ya intent todas que recuerdo y nada, sabrn cmo puedo hacer para entrar sin necesidad de formatearla, tengo informacin muy valiosa y no quiero perderla, ya intent iniciar en modo seguro, por medio del Novo boton, pero no encuentro donde se inicia de esta manera, espero me puedan ayudar, les agradecera infinitamente
I'm trying to set up our home office so both my wife (T450S) and me (X230) can easily dock and connect to our dual monitors (Dell E2210). Being a novice, I didn't realize that the two Thinkpad's would not be compatable to the same docking station.  She uses the Ultra Dock at work and I use the Ultrabase Series 3.   What would be the easist docking solution at home so we can easily plug into the dual monitors? I'm open to upgrading my X230 for something that is compatable with the Ultra Dock but would like to avoid that if necessary since it has worked good for me... USB? Thank youPaul
Hi all,I recently installed a secondary 1TB PCIe M.2 drive in my P50. I used Lenovo part number 4XB0N10301 to be sure to be compatible. Winsat reports the performance of this disk to be, frankly, unusable. Below are the results from winsat on Drive C (my original 512GB disk random read at >400mb/sec) and Drive D (my new 1TB disk randome read at 22mb/sec [no, I did not leave off a number ]). Has anyone seen this before? p.s. CrystalDiskInfo reports the temprature of the original disk at 46c, while the the 1tb is at 146c. Is that part of the issue? Thanks,Robert C:\WINDOWS\system32>winsat disk -drive dWindows System Assessment Tool> Running: Feature Enumeration ''> Run Time 00:00:00.00> Running: Storage Assessment '-drive d -ran -read'> Run Time 00:00:43.23> Running: Storage Assessment '-drive d -seq -read'> Run Time 00:00:19.86> Running: Storage Assessment '-drive d -seq -write'> Run Time 00:01:26.38> Running: Storage Assessment '-drive d -flush -seq'> Run Time 00:00:05.84> Running: Storage Assessment '-drive d -flush -ran'> Run Time 00:00:05.92> Disk  Random 16.0 Read                       22.15 MB/s          6.0> Disk  Sequential 64.0 Read                   29.01 MB/s          4.3> Disk  Sequential 64.0 Write           &nbs... Read more
I've been considering adding a VPN to my security but all I can find are clearly sponsored reviews... Is there any reliable review of VPNs somewhere, comparing speed, security, etc.?
I have 5 pics in the root folder.

how do I use img and src to read all the photo files and arrange them in a row.
These photos are not part of my xml.


In short, what is teh xsl code I can use to read teh Pic1 ... part and then the extension part of each filename and then display it.

<xsl:attribute name="src">
<xsl:value-of select="concat( .[email protected], '.jpg' )"/>
((((I'm need help on the above part. {name} andother variations do not work))))))

<xsl:attribute name="width">300</xsl:attribute>
<xsl:attribute name="height">200</xsl:attribute>

this DOES not work. It displays broken link images.
I have a Acer Aspire One 1-431 with a Intel Celeron CPU @ 1.60GHz with a eMMC HDD 32Gigs and 2GB Ram. It has a Secure Boot, Boot Mode UEFI or Legacy. I have Windows XP, 7,and 10 that I could put on it. Or I could put a form of Ubontu or Linux on it. Or Remix OS or Phenoix OS.

Which would be better for Media Server? Using Kodi or Plex? I am a total beginner with Linux so it would have to be beginner freindly version of Linux. Oh, I have a 1TB external HD that I am going to use for the Media.
Hello, I want to replace my Ideapad Z510 HDD with a SDD drive, but I have two questions:1) Can I use a 9.5mm SDD on the original disk drive location (not on a caddy or something like that) or I just have to go for a 7mm one?2) If I want to use a caddy (to run my HDD) is there any size/dimension restrictions? Thanks for your help,Babak
I apologize for "shouting" my frustration but I've wasted so much time trying to find answers to the below questions for Windows 10 and all I ever find is everything else but 10 and from before 10 was even released.

I have a Surface Pro3 running Windows 10 with Office 2016.

So. I wake up one morning, come to work and my Index is wiped out and I can't search emails or anything else on my computer. I use this feature in my emails CONSTANTLY so I fought with that for two weeks and finally upgraded from Office 2010 to 2016 hoping new 'digs' would solve my problem. It did not. However, going to "conversations" in outlook and rebuilding the Index had me back up and searching happily until ...

YUP. MS upgraded Windows 1o about two weeks ago and it wiped out my Index. Again. Because my index includes 734,000 entries it took a week to get it to finally index everything again because I have to leave the computer running and set up a special power setting to keep it from hybernating/sleeping/shutting down, etc. So it finished Monday and I had two days of blissful searching.

Yesterday I logged in and my index was deleted and it was re-indexing and I was at 4,000 entries.

1. Why did Windows (or Office) delete and/or re-initial my index?
2. Where is the Index File in Windows 10 (I really don't care about XP, Vista, 7 or 8!)?
3. Is it possible to save a copy of that file once I find it so WHEN MS or Windows eats it again I can re... Read more
ive been trying to reset 2 lenovo think pad ones a T430 n the other is a T520 n there not resetting when a T430s did n i got the recovery from that labtop to reset the other ones
Hello all,
I have a pretty large accumulation of dust inside my machine. The logical solution (to a newbie like me) is to put an attachment on the end of the vacuum hose and suck it all out. I have been warned by many techs not to do this as static will destroy my chips. Now, I failed physics so I'm hoping someone can explain to me, in plain terms, what's the difference between sucking it out with a vacuum and blowing it out with compressed air? Seems to me it would be the same.
Thanks in advance
Ho un lenovo ideapad 110 15isk con i3 6100u e r5m430 e vorrei sapere se possibile montare un ssd 960 evo e degli autoporlanti migliori
Se possibile quale sarebbe il prezzo per la scheda.audio e gli autoparlanti
English translation.....
I have a lenovo ideapad 110 15isk with i3 6100u and r5m430 and i would like to know if i can mount a ssd 960 evo and the best loudspeakers
If it is possible what would be the price for the card. Audio and loudspeakers
Mod's Edit: Google translated for benefit of English readers. Since this is an English forum, please post in English as it will ensure a better response. Thanks!
Mod's Edit: Additional information added to Subject line for clarity of issue.
Hi there, i am not able to install windows 10 pro on yoga 720. It came with windows 10 Home edition and i format the hard disk and installed the windows 10 pro but it automatically took home edition. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
Hi everyone, I just received my brand new T470 laptop, and it won't boot... It has been charging for over two hours now, but the screen won't turn on and nothing happens. At first I saw the Lenovo logo and after that it didn't do anything anymore. It just flashes the green ESC and ON light in a low frequency. I already tried the reset button on the buttom several times, and holding the power button and all that. Also removed the battery, but nothing seems to help. What else can I do? Thanks. Ruud
Hello all,I need your help to troubleshoot my T430 that is not powering on anymore :s yesterday, some water dropped from a window onto the desk where my T430 was sitting. I didn't notice any water dropped on the laptop, just close to it. When I turned on the laptop I got some unexpected USB device detected and error message saying the device could not be configured. I turned the laptop off then back on, then the screen wasn't working anymore. When taking the laptop to plug it to an external monitor, I noticed some water at the bottom of the laptop!! I unplugged the battery and AC, removed all devices (RAMs, HDD, keyboard, optical drive) and let it dry for 24h, sometimes using hairdryer. Now the laptop do not power at all anymore, when I press the power button, I hear no beep, no fan turning. Here are the symptoms:- with or without battery on, when I plug the AC, the battery indicator blinks 3 times- when I press the power button on, the power indicator blinks 3 times- when AC and battery are plugged, there is no indication that battery is charging- when AC and/or battery is plugged, there is no power coming from the yellow USB plug- I tried reseting the laptop, emptying capacitors, unplugging the CMOS battery, and no change- I tried power up without keyboard by shorting to ground pin 19 of keyboard connector and same thing happens, the battery indicator blinks 3 times. Same thing with or without RAM installed. Does anyone have any idea of what I could do t... Read more
i dont what happened but after i upgraded to the latest windows 10 creator edition.. i lost my headphone jack functionality. the sound works fine.. so does the headphones set as i tried then on my mobile. however, when i go to the playback sound device the headphones set is no longer listed. so i downloaded the latest drivers.. that didnt work.. i manually downloaded the realtek sound manager and even there i didnt see the listing of the headphones!

what do you think causes this problem?

machine: Toshiba PX30t (all in one)
Hi all

Hi All,

We would be making a hot-fix release of CIS next week and would like to present RC version of the same here.

- We have been reviewing Windows preview builds and came across crash in Edge browser in one of Insider Preview builds as pointed here. These changes in Windows 10 could go into RS3 release, which could happen any time September, 2017 onwards.

- If CIS is updated, it will also update Internet Security Essentials(ISE) to latest v94 in case installed in system.
- When you install CIS afresh, Secure Shopping section in it will not have default websites list. You can always configure a new website and will be alerted. At the moment we do not have remember choice option in those alerts and thus was inconvenient.

Steps for testing:

As update:
1. Install latest CIS v6258

then take next steps to configure test server, via which you can receive RC updates:
2. Open %SystemRoot%\System32\drivers\etc\hosts file
3. Add following string to the above hosts file download.comodo.com
4. Ensure there are no other download.comodo.com entries in that hosts file
5. Save hosts file
6. go to command prompt and ensure you have cleared cache by using "ipconfig /flushdns"

As new installation:
7. after you have ensured you have hosts entries for test server as defined above, you could download following setups:

Online Installers:
Comodo Internet Security Premium
http://download.comodo.com/cis/download/installs/5050/web/cispremium_insta... Read more
hello, I try to update my windows 7 but some update failed with this message " update failure error code 800B0100 " can you help me please? thanks for answer 
Since an automatic Windows 10 update, over which I had no control, Microsoft Edge is not working - as described by others in this forum.

All my bookmarks and history have been wiped and I'm unable to perform web searches other than through Chrome, which I haven't used in the past so have no history, or through web addresses contained in emails - which is how I managed to log into my Tech Support Guy account.

I feel this is totally unethical as not only am I being forced to use Chrome, which is not my choice, I have lost a great deal of information, links and web addresses that are of great importance to me.

At no time before, after or during the process was I warned that I would lose this facility and all the history that went with it.

I am beyond words and would appreciate some advice.
Thanks - to anyone - in advance.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2350M CPU @ 2.30GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 4043 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000, 1797 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 464 GB (304 GB Free); D: 465 GB (450 GB Free);
Motherboard: TOSHIBA, All In One PC
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Disabled
Hi all!
Many people do not like the new Bios Logo.
Spoiler (Highlight to read)
Users would like to change the Logo on the old, familiar.To my personal mail were asked to tell about replacing the Logo In the Bios of Lenovo laptops 700-15ISK/700-17ISK.I will tell you this at the BIOS E5CN60WW. Run update BIOS. After unpacking the BIOS refuse to update it.The Bios was unpacked to a directory C:\BIOS\E5CN60WWIn this directory there is a file winflash64.batWinFlash64 /file E5CN60WW.cap /cvar /bbl /bcp /sd /sn /silent /cac /cbp 30 /shutdownNeed this file to change, add the file name of the Logo.WinFlash64 /file E5CN60WW.cap /cvar /bbl /bcp /sd /sn /silent /cac /cbp 30 /shutdown /logo len-old.bmp
I had prepared 3 variants of the file Logo:- len-new.bmp- len-new2.bmp- len-old.bmp
Spoiler (Highlight to read)
These files must be copied to a directory C:\BIOS\E5CN60WWThen run the file install.bat
Hello, After I installed this bios update E5CN60WW ( http://pcsupport.lenovo.com/ro/en/products/LAPTOPS-AND-NETBOOKS/700-SERIES/700-15ISK/80RU/80RU00LQRI... ) the computer rebooted and refused to boot in UEFI mode( as it was before) and only boots on LEGACY mode. When I try to boot on UEFI mode it says that I should select a boot mode ( hdd, usb so on) and when I select the hdd nothing happens(windows is installed).  Windows was installed on verison 56WW of bios, with UEFI settings only, and after the update to 60WW i cannot boot UEFI anymore just on LEGACY. Why? How can I go back to UEFI booting ? Also before I updated the bios I have created a backup with universal bios backup toolkit and created a file LENOVO-E5CN56WW.rom (is it possible to backflash to this one?) Thank you,Bogdan
I've received an X1 Carbon yesterday (i7-7600u, 16GB, WQHD, 1TB SSD and pretty much all options) and on the first boot Windows had a number of problems during final setup.  This led to a number of "Something went wrong" messages and a freeze at one point but after a couple of restarts it finally got to the desktop. I am concerned there maybe a hardware issue but it could be the combination of hardware options/drivers. A quick hardware test in Lenovo companion didn't show any issues so has anyone else had this type of problem on first boot? 
I like to block a program via Windows Firewall and I like to know what does "Network locations" mean? In a Windows domain network if I just enabled "Domain networks" part and write a correct rule via "Advanced settings" part
then is it enough?

Thank you.
My HP laptop upgraded itself to windows 10 around 2 months back. It was working all fine till today morning.
My system started updating itself today... after updating till 100% it got hanged... after waiting for several minutes... tried restarting but it was getting hang again , so tried starting in safe mode... it showed the error message as per attached pic, tried repairing by starting system settings but nothing helped so have shut down.
Error code : 0x00000f
Please help.
I got this laptop Lenovo 20378 , with this spesc :
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M (2gb)
Intel Core i7-4720HQ Processor
But i still got drop fps in games in gta i got like 60 then after 30 sec15-20 , and with league of legends if i put the setting on max i got 100fps if i lower them i got 80-60 fps. Can someoane help me please?
Hi there, i am not able to install windows 10 pro on yoga 720. It came with windows 10 Home edition and i format the hard disk and installed the windows 10 pro but it automatically took home edition. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
I want to upgrade my pc however i have a few questions. I would like the GT 1030 2GB, and i have had a look and i am able to upgrade to it. then i was thinking in a few months to upgrade the cpu to an intel core i3 7100, however that means upgrading from a 775 motherboard to a 1151 motherboard. i have been looking everywhere for a motherboard that supports DDR2-400 but cannot find one. i do not want to upgrade my ram.

Does anybody know of a way to get, or to at least got a part number, for the SATA HDD Interposer (the adapter that sits between the mainboard and the SATA port) for a Dell 7459? I lost mine while removing the hard drive during a warranty repair, and I contacted the sales team who said they don't have any in stock or know when they will return! 
I'm really bummed out; I love the machine, but I also like having a hard drive. :-P 
I tried new drivers for audio and i could not find the drivers for cam. Kindy provide a solution to use webcam and microphone
A blue screen occurred seemingly randomly with error message of DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION
Upon the computer restarting, audio would no longer be heard through headphones.  The headphones are recognised, the dell audio dialog comes up , as well as the "you have plugged something into the headphone jack ". Sound still plays excellently through speakers.  
I did attempt to use different headphones,
update drivers, check for viruses, run cccleaner and download the windows fixit for audio which interestingly enough cannot launch - citing error 0x80007057.
I bought this laptop at the end of 2016.  Unfortunately, I missed the spec on the screen and ended up with a touchscreen with only 1366x768 resolution.  I was able to locate a non-touch version with 1920x1080 resolution, but the touchscreens use a 40-pin connector and the non-touch versions use a 30-pin connector.  Is it possible to swap out the video harness to use the higher resolution screen, or am I stuck with the one it came with?  If it is possible, are there any other gotchas I need to know (incompatible bezel, camera, etc.)?
I've just recently had to replace the hardrive in my Inspiron laptop (due to being a prat) and I have lost my PowerDVD program that was pre installed when I bought the laptop. Is there anyway I can get this back without having to pay for it or is there another way I can play my blu rays?
Has anyone had experience with this. I just purchased an XPS 15 9560 with a TB16 dock and I'm hoping to use the dock and my old Apple Cinema display, but I can't seem to get the monitor to work in the dock. I purchased an Apple Thunderbolt 3 to 2 adapter and the screen works fine when I hook it directly into the laptop, but I get a USB malfunctioned error when I hook it into the dock. Any information or tricks anyone else has found would be helpful. Thank you in advance.
I have a fairly high speed internet service (300Mbps). I have another desktop plug to the same dumb switch and using fast.com to confirm my speed is about what I expect. But, when I test the speed with a XPS 9550 + TB16 ethernet connected to the same switch, I'm only getting around 100Mbps even after I've upgraded to the latest Thunderbolt controller driver and ethernet driver.

My audio line out is connected to the back of the TB16 as well. The audio started getting some noise after about 30min use and I had to unplug and replug to get rid of the interference. At the end, I had to just not use the audio after the driver failed to re-recognize the connection. But, alas, without the audio connection to the TB16, my ethernet speed is up to 300Mbps again. Also, audio connected to the front headphone jack also slows down my ethernet speed too.

Hope this resolve someone's quest for full ethernet speed from their TB16.
I recently purchased an XPS-15 and the TB-16 dock.  The supplied Thunderbolt cord comes out of the dock on the left side, but the associated port on the laptop is also on the left side.  This results in the dock being behind the laptop precluding easy access to the USB ports on the front of the dock.  Alternatively, I've tried facing the laptop away from me (which works because I'm using a dual monitor setup with nothing on the laptop monitor.  Near the end of the manual for the TB-16 it shows how to remove the cord but Dell apparently doesn't make a longer cord.  Research on Amazon for an extension Thunderbolt cable turned up one, but it is not recognized as a Dell cable.  Thoughts or workarounds?
HI There,
I just purchased a new XPS 13 2in1. i7. 16gb ram.
It has two usb-c ports. However, one is for the power.
I have a dual monitor set up (DVI and HDMI)
Can I hook up both of them via one USB-c port?

Previous thread on this issue seems to be closed. 
Dell posted a new driver update that does not resolve the issues.
I would like to keep this thread open for those people still experiencing this issue with no resolution. 
I had a Dell technician come to replace the system board in attempts to resolve this issue but stripped a screw so the issue is still unresolved.
Dell refuses to do anything except waste your time sending in an very expensive laptop with a very expensive warranty.
Extremely disappointed in Dells response to this issue with one of their flagship devices. 
I bought a pc which is thinkpad with a 32bit win 7.I want to change to 64bit win7. I know I should do a fresh install but I don't know how to download the 64bit image.

Would you please to help me?Thank you.
dear team,
i have a memory card. it can not be open in window and it is not formatting, so there is any software to use for repair memory card and pendrive ???

please guide