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ok. i have a problem. this computer was owned by my uncle for 5 years before he gave it to my grandfather who has had it for 2 years. i am trying to remove all admin controls because my uncle graduated college with a few IT degrees or whatnot. basically i cant download anything or play a game. mozilla will crash due to how old the software is, it wont let me try to override admin control enough to do anything. i cant view videos on two of the three browsers i have, (my uncle is a very overprotective ***, pardon my language) im not able to play online games with my friends due to the controls and the outdated flash on this thing and i need to know how i can remove admin to update it to windows 10. my first choice was to wipe the hard drive entirely but i dont have a windows 10 installer CD. im not entirely sure what to do because ive called my uncle to ask for the admin password but he lies and says he doesnt remember it. mom and i both know he's full of ****.
Hello, I spilled sauce over the side of my T60 and upon disassembling it, I found out that one of the part got burnt on the underside of the motherboard. I'm looking at  ebay parts for a T60 replacement motherboard, type 1952, Label P/N '41V9539 JS' (This is a FRU right?)Thing is, I can't seem to find the exact replacement for it, and I don't want to risk buying a board that won't fit/work. Can anyone tell me which boards can fit to my T60? Are boards with the same Type # acceptable as replacement boards? What should I look for so I won't downgrade my laptop when I replace the motherboard? (lower graphics etc) Thank you in advance. 


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Dear All, As all of you aware , there;s an issue in the batch of Yoga laptops its ghosty screen I have a lenovo Laptop ( ThinkPad yoga and bought it long time ago , and i thought its w software issue and its already out of warranty and it has a well-known issue in the screen and its mentioned in the fourms , the screen has many shahodws and its ghosty Im really disappointed and need to escalated this issue to the hightest level .I will never use lenove laptops again!! PLEASE I NEED A SOLUTION!
I have an old youtube account I want to update, delete videos etc. but I don't remember the e-mail address associated with the account. How can I recall the e-mail associated with the account.
After uninstalling an antivirus software and deleting some residue file of that antivirus software from 'program files' in safe mode (because those are not deletable from normal window)
Getting bluescreen error
Stop 0x0000007E (0xFFFFFFFFC0000005,0xFFFFF88001231969,0xFFFFF880033AEF78,0xFFFFF880033AE7D0)
ftlmgr.sys address FFFFF88001231969 base at FFFFF88001200000, Datestamp 4ce7929c.

System is booting in safe mode .
harddisk have free space.
I tried disabling display adapter in safe mode but it didn't helped.
Please suggest me what to do ?
I used to be able to plug my phone into a USB hub and the Microsoft Photos app would open, "see" my phone and scan for any new photos I wanted to import. The app doesn't see the phone now. In "Devices and Drives" my phone is visible and I can right-click on the phone icon and import pictures; but I don't want to import all of them or spend a bunch of time picking and choosing. I like importing only the "new" ones. Things I've tried:
1. Different USB ports and
2. Device manager sees it and have an updated driver for the Apple Mobile device
3. Uninstalled and reinstalled Photos
4. Different USB phone cable.
5. Reinstalled iTunes
I can ultimately live with it the way it is but I really like the auto feature (seemed to be better in Win 7).
Can always try a different app or do a clean install of Win 10 but not yet....


OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 820 Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 4 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 7935 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 9200, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 930 GB (562 GB Free); E: 931 GB (368 GB Free); H: 3726 GB (3385 GB Free); J: 3726 GB (2574 GB Free);
Motherboard: Gateway, SX2311
Antivirus: Norton 360, Enabled and Updated
About a month ago, I noticed this issue. The screen starts flickering after resuming from sleep mode. If I shut it down and reopen it, everything is fine. But if I wake it from the sleep mode, the screen will flicker, especially at the bottem part. I have checked the HD Graphic driver, it is up to date. About a week ago, I reintalled the OS system, the problem still exists. I don't think there is anything wrong with my setting.
Molti Jolti Meena Jangra Khatan
Molti Jolti Meena Jangra Khatan
So the problem is that my hard drive just doesn't seem to exist. I have an SSD and my Hard drive but nothing on my hard drive is visible anymore and I can't find it anywhere in my software. My PC still runs off of the SSD but most of my files and games are gone. Thia happened after I moved my PC across the country so I'm sure it's a physical connection error but I have no idea how to fix that. I was hoping I could find some help here. Thanks so much everyone!
when I am playing games like fortnite, apex legends or even rocketleague I get frame drops. when playing apex every time I try to shoot at someone, when playing fortnite every time I build really fast it drops from 144 to 40 and sometimes in random occasions it drop to 20 for around 10 seconds. i have my settings on low.
Hi,I've got a sound issue on my Yoga 510 - 14ast where whenever a sound is played (windows 10 alerts, sounds from browsers etc.), it plays with an infuriating crackling/popping noise. I have experienced this before and tried multiple things to fix it. I've updated the BIOS, tried updating sound drivers and re-installing Windows (after doing this, the crackling dissapeared for about a week but it's back now). However, in certain applications, there is no crackling (this includes games and a few others). This sound problem happens both while wearing headphones and using the speaker. I hope that somebody can help to sort out this issue.
Hi, I've got two ThinkPad Yoga S1First 20CD type, second 20C0.First supports pen, second doesn't.Second one is more powerful, both have multitouch of course. The questions is:Are screens compatible to each other?I have a plan exchange screens from one yoga to another. Will it work?The reason is that I want more powerful 20C0 having pen support.
Ive tried everything but cant get my computer to start. The best I can do is get to the BIOS setup page but have tried many difrerent setup options amd still cant get it to start. It will restart and get stuck on the Lenovo logo page again and again, for hours, and not restart. Any help wil be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Just Installed Windows 8 Enterprise evaluation version and noticed the Desktop Window Manager high cpu at 80%-90%, has anyone had this problem before?