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What is the advantage of buying the Windows 10 full version over buying the Windows 10 OEM version, other than the big price difference?
I have a Lenovo Ideapad 320S-14IKB (Model: 80X400G5IN) with 1 TB HDD. The HDD is slow. I want to upgrade to an SSD. Can the HDD be upgraded in this model (or) does it have an extra slot for HDD + SSD memory? Will Lenovo support/service be able to help me upgrade it?     
I have a T540pModel number 20BE003AUS Running windows 7 pro I replaced the keyboard with a backlit keyboard from ebay. "US backlit keyboard US 04Y2465 04Y2387" The backlight works. But the keyboard doesn't type. The space bar turns the backlight on and off. Instead of making a space. The function key works. The number lock works. Caps lock doesn't work. None of the letters work. The pointing stick works. I am baffled. I took it off and checked the connections. Same thing. I am sure it's something simple I'm missing.
I have tried different HDMI splitters to split the TV signal. One signal into the xboxone and one signal to another HDMI input so my dad could watch TV like normal. And all of them had bugs while bypassing
does anyone have a splitter that works with no fails?
the last option that i was looking at https://www.amazon.com/J-Tech-Digit...qid=1393766509&sr=8-16&keywords=Hdmi+splitter
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(I asked this question in another forum and they sent me over here...I'm not an ITpro or admin.)
I seem to be having some trouble with synchronizing offline files for some shared mapped network drive folders on the company server. I am working on an ultrabook with Win8.1 Pro, I attach to the network via a wireless network connection (not connected
as a domain computer) when at the office, and via VPN connection when at home, and I have access to the network's shared drives/folders where my work resides.

The drives are set up to be shared on the network side, so I can usually map them to my computer with no problem (but not always). I use them this way when at the office directly connected to the wireless and also when connected remotely through VPN, and
when it works, it works well. The issue is that I want to make them available offline so I can work on documents within certain folders/subfolders when NOT connected to the network, which speeds up the work/save/update process, and then sync up once reconnected
(and I don't have to sit there watching while it is syncing). I used to do this with WinXPpro and had no problems at all for several years. Now that I have upgraded the computer and the OS, I seem to be having problems making this work. I know that the server
has been changed as well, but I am trying to make sure everything on my end works properly so that if there are any issues, it is on the server side and not something to do with how I am ... Read more
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I did try a search for this... went through half a dozen pages and maybe about 20 some-odd posts, but it's almost 4am here and I'm frustrated and exhausted and have to up by 7am, so I gave up searching.

Our daughter did something to her laptop, but doesn't know what she did [ if she even did anything, she's not totally tech savvy ] and now it won't load a thing. She's got pictures on it that she really wants to get off, she doesn't really care about anything else. I was attempting to access Command Prompt so I could *very* manually get her pix off, but it won't load either. I don't know what to do now. I don't know how to take her hard drive out or where it even is or how I could connect it to my laptop so I could at least "see" the files. So I figured going through Command Prompt would be *easier* [ yeah, I know, it would probably take me a year, but at least I know how to do it ]

So her laptop is Windows 7 Professional and a Dell. Other than that, I don't know and she didn't bother to learn it to remember. It will only boot up into the Safe Mode options, but even after selecting Safe Mode with Command Prompt, it just starts to load Windows and reboots [ as do any of the other options, I tried ]. There is no Recovery disk, she didn't know to make back up disks [ and, quite honestly, I never even thought to tell her she should and explain how... my bad totally on that ] and it probably wouldn'... Read more
printer: hp officejet pro 6830
purpose: scan directly from printer/scanner to usb

I have 1 usb that works with the printer when I hit "scan, then memory device, then put in usb."
I have 1 usb that does NOT work with the printer when I do the same thing.

The usb that works likely has infected files so I bought a new usb. I originally formatted the new usb to linux, but when that didn't work in the printer/scanner, in which I got the error message, I then formatted it to windows. But that didn't work either. The printer error message said "corrupted or uses an unsupported format such as NTFS."

The fdisk -l readout for usb that WORKS:
boot: *
start: 64
end: 31457216
sectors: 31457216
id: b
size: 15Gb
type: w95 fat 32

The fdisk -l readout for usb that DOESN'T WORK:
boot: (doesn't say anything/ no symbols...)
start: 32
end: 30605311
sectors: 30605280
size: 14.6 Gb
id: c
type: w95 fat 32 (LBA)

The main thing I notice is that the "start" for the working usb is 64 and for the non-working usb is 32. The non-working usb was formatted in a 32-bit computer. The working one was never formatted, just used as it came, and had windows files saved to it.

I do have another computer with 64 bit that I can use to format it there, but that laptop may also be infected whereas the 32 bit has a much lesser chance of being infected. So, I would much rather try to correctly format the usb on the 32 bit computer, but if it definitely needs a... Read more
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Hello. On My Touchpad don't work right click button and Double Tap Function. I reinstall this This Driver, but don't help. Information:Lenovo Yoga 2 13Windows 10 64-bit 16299.371
Windows 7 has been available for approximately nine years.
Part of Windows 7 is the Windows advanced troubleshooting menu.
Sometimes there is a failure to boot and a startup repair is performed.
The event viewer displays that a startup repair was performed.
The purpose of this thread is to find out what precisely was and was not done in the startup repair.
What I am looking for is something similar to a report similar to cbs for scannow or dism for restorehealth or chkdsk for chkdsk /r/ v
Where can a report be found that report which steps within startup repair were performed and which ones were skipped.
And where in the Microsoft library is information about what specific steps can be performed in each startup repair?
For example which of these are part of a startup repair:
bootrec /fixmbr
bootrec /fixboot
bootrec /scanos
bootrec /rebuildbcd
bootsect /nt60 sys

For this thread I would like to know where in the Microsoft library where to find information about the details of what is and what is not included for the commands in startup repair.
And once the startup repair has completed successfully where to find the detailed information on what steps were used and not used to fix the underlying problem (no just a success or fail but what specifically in the use of commands was used.
Hello, I bought Lenovo Y50-70 with Core i5 4210H and Nvidia GTX960M 4GB. I have problem with fans, which are spinning very fast in IDLE or when I browsing the web.I heard, that this problem is in the bios version. I had here v3.03 but fans start spinning on almost full speed when the CPU on 25+- % . My temp is good 36-40 in IDLE . Same problem I have on version v2.02.My question is, can I downgrade to for ex. on older version (V1.14 or V1.13) without any brick this laptop? In these versions are different fan table well? So maybe this can fix the loud fans problem?Thank you in advance.
I have a new X270, Type 20HNCTO and cannot figure how to activate the keyboard backlight.  Normally the "FN" key pressed with the spacebar turns it on on previous X models. Is there a special sequence or perhaps the X270 does not have a backlight on the Keyboard?
I loaded vista on a pc running xp and put it on a slave drive. my primary drive that has xp is failing and i'm happy running vista on this machine now. The drive that i loaded vista on has no bcd or bootsect, it is on the old drive.
anyone know how to create a new boot file for vista pn a drive with out one. I can't figure it out from the bcd.exe help menu.
just a test
My VCR doesn't have the regular video in/out connections. How do I connect the VCR to this
https://m.newegg.com/products/9SIA4RE7A59971 ?

i newly added a 2GB ram in my G560 but it is consuming 1.1 GB as hardware reserved .how i can reduce it. As my usable memory in a whole is only 2.9 GB.
hey all,(First time here, sorry if I'm asking laptop Qs in tablet section.)So, I'm wondering what laptop( or, a "drawing tablet") should I go with. Both has stylus, but samsung has emr, while lenovo is aes.I've been drawing mostly on pencil + pen, and the only "drawing tablet" i have used was galaxy note 2. I mostly draw & sketch things like cars and buildings, and what I want to see is precise pointing and good tracking. (Slippery screen is actually fine, since I've been drawing with slippery pen for more than 2 years.)I got bad taste for aes after the terrible adonit pixel, as it responsed so bad and the drawing point was in wrong place every time when I repositioned my hand.Thx for anyone helping me to make a choice.Any help ?
i was wondering with the i5-2520m CPU in my X220 which CPU power states can I used with my machine to maximize power savings while i work away or go for coffee etc.  This is what i know about ACPI at present http://www.hardcoregames.biz/advanced-configuration-power-interface/  
Apologies that I am very basic with PC problems. I have a HP Compaq 8000 SFF PC
clicking loudly (begins about 5 minutes after power on).

Sound seems to be coming from the front of the PC (?sound card?).

Pretty sure not the Hard Drive, as I've swapped round a few times.
I've all but given up trying to make a guess as to what it is, but what I did was buy another
working same model PC as a replacement, thinking I might be able to interchange parts (?)
to tell what is the culprit in the faulty PC.

I have recorded the sound here:
https://app.box.com/s/5jjvylb742dqjqo4xxkruaamqx4392t3 Clicking noise in HP PC
Can I please ask the advice of anyone out there with far more knowledge than me what it could be.

Thank you in advance, Maryanne.
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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-5020U CPU @ 2.20GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 61 Stepping 4
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 8097 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 5500, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 419 GB (254 GB Free); D: 24 GB (24 GB Free); F: 1863 GB (0 GB Free);
Motherboard: LENOVO, Lenovo Edge 15
Antivirus: Avast Antivirus, Enabled and Updated

When I click on a live link in a word or excel file, I get a message that "your organization's policies are preventing..etc." and I can't go to the URL I'm looking for. The links are good. I can cut and paste in browser and they work. what's up? how can I avoid this nuisance? Thanks
Hello i recently installed an android cleaner app callex "Max Cleaner" after using the file scanner it found these two viruses

I resolved it and it says its removed and problems are fixed but i was curious if anyone knows what these were doing to my phone and if they were actually installed . thank you
Hello.  I have had a very difficult time figuring out how to change the screen timing out.  It only stays on when I am inactive for about 30 seconds or so.  How do I changet that?
I purchsed my YOGA 920 in October 2017. On March 19, 2018, the computer failed to boot. I had purchased the 3 year on-site warranty. Lenovo sent a repair person with a new SSD. On March 26, the repairman replaced the SSD and started the Windows intall process and left. 15 minutes into the Windows install, I got the blue screen of death.  I called Lenovo right away, and after troubleshooting, they decided the SSD needed replacing (again) and also the motherboard. On March 30, the repairman arrived and replaced these parts. The computer ran for about 15 seconds before the screen went black. At that point, we couldn't get the computer to even try to turn on. The repairman called Lenovo and set up the process to send the computer to the service depot in Kentucky. I shipped the computer on April 2 and it arrived April 4, according to both the FedEx tracking and a confirming email from Lenovo. Documentation from Lenova with the shipping instructions stated that the repair process takes 5 business days from when the computer arrives, with another business day if testing is necessary. The confirming email from Lenova said they would keep me informed of any delays. So, I called Lenovo yesterday (April 18) since I have not heard a thing and this is 10 business days later. The storyline I'm being given keeps changing - now they say it takes 7-9 business days to repair a computer, then I was told they were waiting for parts, then I was told they didn't even receive th... Read more
T540p work laptop I bring home at times.  Windows 7 enterprise.  Cox ISP.  Modem, and Linksys wireless router.  Wifi connects to home network with no delay.  Two other issues, though: 1) When I remote in to work server, connection is made fine but then remote desktop connection stops working, automatically tries to reconnect, successfully reconnects, then stops, attempts to reconnect, reconnects temporarily and then stops, repeat, repeat, ...  Work IT remoted in and said they "fixed" the issue, worked one time, stopped working, called IT back and they said it is an issue with my ISP but could not tell me what the issue is (dismissive). 2) In order to isolate any issue with router I connect ethernet to T540p straight from modem.  No connectivity establishes.  Tried a plethora of "fixes" found online but nothing worked. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.  
Hey there, I can't for the life of me figure out what the case may be here.

For the past few months my Windows 10 machine has been just freezing at random moments, mouse cant move, keyboard led is not responging, the machine riterally freezes until I restart.

It's been happening atleast once or twice a day for the past few months with olny some exceptions, it's almost always random, except for times when it happens just as I launch a lot of things together, but I don't know if thats related.

A few hours ago one of those crashes happened and after I tried rebooting, the PC would freeze at black screen after 'starting windows'. Thinking it's a software issue I formatted my hard drive back to windows 7, it booted fine. I installed some drivers and just after display drivers were installed and I restarted, it started happening again.

I have a second HDD, i tried booting from it and it still boots fine, whenever the SATA is actually detected atleast. I accessed my C: from the secondary HDD and saved my files, don't know how I can access i can't boot from it.

So this is my current situation, half the times I start the machine it says BOOTMGR is missing, the other half I can boot only from my Secondary HDD but still access the files on the primary one.

My system is this;

AMD FX 6300
8gb corsair RAM 1600mhz
Sapphire radeon r7 265 dual-x oc 2gb gddr5
WD CAVIAR BLUE HDD 1tb (main one)
Old ****** Toshiba HDD 140gb (b... Read more
My Yoga does this freezing thing - and only after months of troubleshooting, I notice it never seems to do this except for when I use the touch screen feature - then shortly after that, if not immediately - the system doesn't repsond to anything except a restart / power down. It's done this since the week I got it!  Been very displeased.   Looking for some help/support, please. Thanks,Tom ps - I posted in another forum, but wasn't sure if after a problem was marked as 'solved', if it would still be an open forum - so I'm adding it here.  thanks!
I can't boot my laptop from USB to resolve Unmountable Boot Volume problem. I got an "Unmountable boot volume" error on a blue screen when trying to restart my Lenovo Yoga X1. After searching for solutions online, I prepared a bootable USB using Windows 10 media creation tool. I interrupted the regular startup, chose my USB as the temporary startup device, but after that nothing happens. I just get a black screen, and cannot follow any of the steps to fix the boot issue. Am I doing something wrong? I tried to boot from this USB on another laptop and it worked fine. I also ran hardware diagnostics, and no problems were found. If my SSD is damaged or dead, would that show up on the tests?  
I am looking to upgrade the SSD on my carbon, its currently 128 and i want 512.this is my lpatop model number 20FCS2L300i want to know if this SSD is compatible.WD Black 512GB M.2 PCle, NVMe SSD  M.2 2280 
I have problem with TP Yoga370 type 20JHInstaled new preload and update all possible drivers.Problem is, when turn on laptop touchpad works fine, then i switch to tablet modeand when i returned to normal mode, touchpad does not work anymore, until i restart laptop.Any suggestion?
Any help on how to get rid of BitDefender?  It is creating a popup box to send a error file to developers.
Hi all, Recently picked up a T470S.  I'm not entirely sure what's going on with the newer T series notebooks, but the problems I'm having with this machine is similar to my old T460S.  I have used many T440 notebooks which have had 0 issues and much nicer displays. The T470S I have here is brand new.  I first started having issues with using it as a secondary display (main display is a 27" LED monitor).  I managed to play around with the settings to make it work but when I drag windows from one screen to another they blow up and then shrink (when moving files from the LED monitor to the notebook monitor).  This is the least of my problems: 1. I'm on the machine now for the first time without an external monitor hooked up.  The display was blown up and way too large.  My settings at the time were resolution: 2560x1440, scaling was set to 200%.  I reduced the scaling to 150% and the display is now fine.  Now that it's all set, I'm noticing explorer, and many applications are blurry, the text isn't crystal clear and readable (not even close to as good as my T440).  My eyes are killing just using the notebook.  I had to increase the brightness to help a tad.  I noticed Outlook is one of the worst programs and there is no compatibility tab or option for me to adjust the DPI settings which is recommended after researching a bit online.  I think Outlook is the worst due to the colors and style of Outloo ... Read more
Let's just start at the beginning, shall we? Get ready for a ride.

I own a film studio. So we're right in the middle of editing a music vid for a client when the first sign of a virus starts happening. I start hearing an ad for The Incredibles 2. I kid you not. No browser open, just random ad audio playing.

Sign 2 started happening the next day: PC started getting really slow so I opened up the Task Manager to see if some shady stuff was gong down. Sure enough, a program simply called Compliance was running. Naturally, I ended that process, but not before I opened the file location and found the .exe of the same name. Once the process was stopped, I deleted the .exe.

You already know where this is going.

Compliance would not be defeated so easily. Soon Compliance would be running 8 or more processes with .exe's popping up in random folders. This only got worse, so I decided it was time move all my important files to an external drive and reset the PC. Of course, I decided to remove absolutely everything and start over. So Windows 8.1 started doing its thing.

Hours later, this is what I find out: Windows technically did HALF of the task. Windows erased the drive...but then didn't bother reinstalling itself. Just gone.

So I think, alright that's weird - but still solvable. I actually had a recovery drive for Windows 10 lying around, so I think well this is my opportunity to drop Win 10 on this thing and move on. So I pop that drive in there a... Read more
Dear sir

While trying to install the keyboard on my laptop The back of the motherboard touched with metal paper then suddenly the laptop turned off.m trying to power on it but nothing happened please help
My camera is not working at all. I've updated the driver and it still will not work. Can I uninstall it and reinstall it? If so, can someone help with a link? Thanks. By the way, I have a Yoga 710-15IKB Laptop (ideapad) running Windows 10 Home 64-bit. 
All of a sudden I cannot save appointments.
I've had my Yoga since it came out a few months ago and in the last few weeks I noticed that the bottom cover is loose and creaking. What I mean is, I can press on the corners of the bottom cover right under the palm rests and they move by a few milimiters. The two screws in the corners are NOT loose, in fact they are as tight as it gets, but they're clearly not holding the cover down tightly enough, almost as if they should be screwed in tighter or just be shorter. My buess is that whatever padding is under the cover got squished and now there is too much clearance. Anyone else have this problem? I could shim the screws or maybe try to stick something under the cover to press it against the screws, but I haven't opened the system yet as I'm already unhappy with this laptop for other reasons (flickering keyboard light, **bleep**ty Linux support, etc.)Thanks.
I have had problems with Windows 7 since Microsoft techs literally ruined my system. This was all a result of trying to upgrade to Windows 10. I have kept track of the time spent with techs and it is at 51 hours now. I gave up and just have had to reluctantly
accept that I cannot install anything on this piece of $##$ operation system. Occasionally I will try any way. Simple things will install but anything at a certain level will not including Windows updates. This is one of the things the techs were working on
and failed miserably at doing. I was not able to install or uninstall Skype for a long time and finally I tried some app that someone recommended that was supposed to fix installation problems with Windows 7. It was a download from Microsoft. I was able to
install the newest version of Skype after that, although I prefer the old one, I can't trust Microsoft or this operating system to even try to install the old one now. 
Today I decided to try to install SQL Server 2014 Express. It was going through and looking like it was working. But at some point, just like always, it stopped and had an error. It looked like the same error I always get when trying to install something.
It was error 2203. I went to uninstall it through Windows uninstall program but that would not work either and also came up with an error. This again, is typical of the problems I have had with this worthless operating system. I am thinking about looking into
a law suit because this ... Read more
I have recent purchased around 3000 fonts now before I installed these I had 437 fonts, I selects the 3000 fonts and dragged them in to my font folder and they installed no warning no duplications nothing but my system is only showing 947 fonts when I refresh the font folder.

All my new fonts are Adobe for Windows but why are they not all being counted or all showing up in the font folder?

Extremely angry as these have cost me a fortune but I can't see them all installed. When I open photoshop I have a lot of fonts available but obviously no idea how many as it would be impossible to count them threw PS.

Has anyone had any issues like this using Windows 10? Is it an issue or is it just my fonts?
Downloaded media is not playing, like video is playing in VLC but no audio is playing. In windows media player there comes an error displaying "Windows Media Player encountered a problem while playing the file."

when i click web help it also displays no help available.

Online media is playing perfectly well, all songs and videos are playing with audio, only downloaded audio of video and songs are not playing. i tried reinstalling VLC latest version but still problem exists.
Earlier everything was fine but after hardware repair the problem exists.
my system is

i would be highly obliged if you help me with this problem.
I have been looking at AptX bluetooth audio capabilities of my Cambridge Audio G5 Bluetooth portable speaker. It worked fine out of the box and I have had trouble free experience for the last 6 months or so. Foolishly I wanted to find out if it was using AptX protocol so I installed some software (Blue tooth analyzer) from the app store, and all of a sudden bluetooth now only connects to the G5 microphone and the speaker audio does not work. I checked if the problem was hardware and paired my LG V20 to the G5 and yes the device still works fine. I have checked services.msc all services are ok. I uninstalled and reinstalled all drivers for the Intel 8620 both wifi and blue tooth. I still have voice only functionality.  My best guess is that some configuration has changed, but for the life of me I am unable to find out which configurations to reset. Is there some way to return all settings to default ? thanks