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I cant boot machine with boot media, access recovery or BIOS.Its a z570 & was running win10 x64 (Home - i think) without issue...until recent windows update, which is when it would freeze. Tried a couple of times before it stopped booting or responding. Initially at this point i could get into recovery mode (i had made and used recovery image usb)It would stall out, then altogether would not boot nor run BIOS start like normal. I am attaching an image of the error screen. I cannot find any info to troubleshoot/explore root cause,  let alone a solution. Please help as i have exhausted available resources. Thx Sol Or a hardware side issue?

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Dear All,
I followed the below guide and created a USB recovery drive successfully:
But I never used such USB dirve, which functions will it provide?

Will appreciate much if you show any advices.

Franklin hong
I have two different AC adapters. From what I can gather, the two AC adapters were both made for the same laptop (HP Compaq 6515b). The first one has a part number of 709566-012 and 90w voltage, while the other one has part number 519331-001 and 120w voltage. I know that the first one works fine, but I am not sure about the second one. It would be greatly appreciated to receive some insight on this. 
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Hi, How do I use a shortcut to change the light intensity on my screen? I just got a HP EliteBook 840 G3 14" For volume/sound its fn+f8/f9 but i cant seem to make that work for the light? (f5/f6) Is there a setting somewhere?? Idealy I would love to not have to press function first. Simply have the settings as a mac - straight pressing f8/f9 you are adjusting the volume and pressing f5/f6 you are adjusting the light strenght on your screen,, Is it possible, is there settings for this? Thank you for any advice )Br, C
Hello everyone. I have got a notebook HP EliteBook Folio 1040 G3 (ProdID Z2W81ES#ACB). Amid its features in Internet is pointed out an LTE-modem. There is a slot for micro-SIM on my notebook. However there are no mentions about a modem in Windows. My questions are: Has this model an LTE-modem? Why don't I see it in Windows?
Good evening, my computer was bought in the United States by a relative but I live in Colombia, I need the recovery kit from HP. Is there a possibility of a virtual sending or the country of my residence? thank you very much for your attention ... my computer model is HP mini 311-1037NR is no longer valid warranty ...
Hi, so i've had the below message show on start up : Boot Device Not FoundPlease install an operating System on your hard diskHard Disk (3FO) Can someone please tell me what has happened and if it is fixable or is it more advisable to purchase a new laptop? Thanks inadvance.
My husband and I have several email addresses for our business that were created and hosted by another party using cPanel. Unfortunately we are late in paying our bill and our emails addresses have been shut down. Is there any way to redirect them? Any other advice? We did have access to the cPanel account but looks that was access was changed too. (see attached) If I am able to obtain access again, can I transfer the email addresses somehow?
I'm trying to Install Windows 10 on my Windows 8 Ideapad Z710, and I can't get my laptop to boot from DVD. From the InsydeH20 Setup Utility, I've so far disabled Secure Boot, set Boot Mode to UEFI. In this case there is only three options 1) EFI Network 0 for IPv4, 2) EFI Network 0 for IPv6, then 3) Windows Boot Manager (no other options). When I boot with these settings  it boots to Windows. Why can't I boot from DVD? Note that when setting is Boot Mode to Legacy Support and Boot Priority to Legacy First (with Secure Boot disabled) which results in this error: "windows cannot be installed on this disk. The selected disk is of the GPT partition style."
My yoga did a regular update. I got a blue screen and now it will not boot into windows 10. I get a never ending loop of splash screen and black then reboot. I have tried to hard boot and the novo button. Can not even get into safe mode.
Am unable to see my E: drive on the machine.I was using this sometime back and all of a suddent it disapeared. I didnt find any help with device manager, where only my C:/ disk is available.Please help me for any possible cause and advice. Machine config:g thanks!
I want to add 2 SSD drives to my desktop, but only have 1 SATA power connector free. I've been told I can connect a splitter cable into a Molex connection, but don't see this in the case. Would this be inside the power supply unit or would I need to buy a new one that would have more SATA connections?
does the 508149-001 1100 watt replace the 508148-001 850 Watt? I noticed the 1100 watt PS has one extra pin on the P21 connector which I suspect provides another 12VDC  line  but The system work with the 850 watt PS before I plugged in the new 1100 watt PS.  Is a troublr shooting guide availablr=e for the main system board?  Thank you!!
New modem installed by ATT.  Before new modem installed, networked printer and laptop were both on-line and working.  After putting  the modem ID and password into  HP photosmart-C6180 All in one printer, it  shows connected.  However, the online HP Pavilion dv6-2150 recognizes the printer, but shows it "off line". 
I face a problem each time when I am going to install MS office softwear ( any version ).In below Insert the screenshot that the problem i was faced.Please give me a solution to solve this Error ..I also insert the screensho of my current softweras that are install now on my PC. 
As a regular user, why spends 99% of the internet time, reading and browsing, do I need The Windows 10 Creators Update? I never played a game on PC and not using it for work. Would I notice any difference if I decided to install it? At the moment, everything on my Desktop works absolutely fine.
how to format a java phone spice company model :- STOB-03
My flash drive (Hp v220w 32 GB) is not working. It shows that windows can't complete the format when I tried formatting it and it's only showing 8mb capacity.please tell me a way to solve this problem
I have a cheap HP Laptop with just 20GB HD which appears ro be be almost full just with Windows 10 I need to download Office. But there is not enough space on my hard drive for Office. Can I save Office to a flash drive (and is it easy to do!)

I am in Thai ialands so not much chance of finding a shop to increase / upgrade my laptop hard drive

I have tried already deleting everything I do not use but only have 2.8GB spare mot even enough for Office 365
I used a pin to get into my computer and someone changed it to password and I don't know it what do I do.
I use Win 7. I want to format an external hard drive that is 1 TB in size. I cant find it when it's connected to the USB port. I go to *COMPUTER* and it only shows the machines C: drive.
Suggestions please.
I took my laptop while travelling for a presentation. The climate was very hot. After the presentation I switched off. But after my travel, when I turn ON the laptop responds with only one led blink in AC power. Can anyone help on this as to which what has failed.
I don't remember my bios password and after 3 times it keeps coming up with 83361794.  Please help! Thanks!
I am just wondering what there are no serial number stickers on the tablet itself when IMEI number had been told by HP support team that it couldnt verify any product. i am facing an issue where by 2 newly purchased Elite X2 tablet were unable to turned on and that the boxes had been disposed. thus when i called in, HP Support told me that a serial number is required. Understand that the function +esc key, Bios are able to indicate the serial number, however when the machine is not bootable at all. thus i gave the IMEI number which the support replied that its of no use.  
Hi! I have the new HP Spectre x360 AC-series that comes bundled with a pen. I've been using it for about a month and I've been satisifed with the pen performance, but I JUST NOW realized that the pen tip is REPLACEABLE! That's a "wow" moment to me; I never knew the tip could be removed. One minor thing I noticed when I first got the pen was that the stylus tip is hard plastic, which doesn't give a ton of friction with the screen. It's not a dealbreaker, but I owned a Surface Pro 4 in the past and I really dig the additional friction of the Surface Pen to the screen with its soft nib. I don't think shelling out $50 for the Surface Pen was worth it though, but instead, are there replacement tips available for the bundled Spectre x360 pen? Or, can someone tell me if the $10 pack of Surface Pen replacement tips is compatible with the Spectre pen? Thanks a lot!
Since the last Windows update, the sound on my laptop mutes itself. The sound will not stay on longer than a few seconds and it mutes. I've looked through the threads here and have done all the "fixes" suggested. None have worked. This happened before, and updating the sound drivers corrected the problem. Updating the sound drivers is not correcting it this time. I'm at a loss on how to fix this short of resetting the machine. And suggestions?
Hi,Brightness keys are not working in my laptoop after installing the windows 7.  plz help me out what should i do. 
I forgot the bios password !!! Please help I entered it wrong three times and it saysSYSTEM DISABLED : 5DC32DDC

My printer connection works. I have just printed off several word documents and also adobe reader files that i already had saved in my computers version of adobe - Adobe reader DC.

I have been sent two files that seem to open in adobe and be adobe files that i need to print and fill out and bring in to an interview.

I have tried saving them to my computer, downloading them, trying to make them into files that can be edited etc.

the option to print comes up when I click print. It looks like something is happening. A grren bar moves across the screen as it says its about to rpint but then nothing happens.

Can the printer not read these pdf files?


sorry about my spelling and grammar
Hi we just reset windows 10 and now our mouse won't work we need it to start up any suggestions thanks
Hello. I am already using 2 SSD's in Raid 0, but am planning on buying 2 more of the same exact ones so that I can get the backup capability in case one of the drives fail. I already have Win 7 installed on the Raid 0 setup. When I do install the two other drives, would I need to reinstall the operating system again? or can I bypass that by going through BIOS?

I am just wondering how that will work. Thanks for the help.
Hay varios juegos de la Tienda Lenovo gratis, que se descargan en la notebook pero luego cuando quiero abrirlos no funcionan, parece que va a funcionar pero desaparece la pantalla y no funciona. Cmo soluciono esto? Gracias
Fan speed varies cyclically from low speed to high speed.  Low speed duration is about 20 sec, followed by High speed duration of about 5 sec. 
I have tried cleaning the CPU and resitting the Fan with new thermal grease.
I have also tried clearing the CMOS with BAT1 jumper reset.
None of these helped.  Any other suggestion to solve the problem would be greatly appreciared. 
Many thanls.
Was doing Shutterfly then laptop update took over shut down not won't reboot
When I open my notebook, it doesn't start up. I have to push the power button to get it to start. Does anyone have any idea why this has happened? It used to start up when I opened it.
Hi. Maybe someone can help me. I have a Pavillion G6 1b60us notebook that started freezing up when I press on an icon or try to open a program. If I close down a program and click on another to open it up it freezes up and I have to wait. It gives me the impression that the last item I looked at has not cleared it's memory.1. I reinstalled the ram and no change.2. I bought a new harddrive and had Windows 7 installed. Same problem. 3. I reinstalled new drivers and no change.4. I even changed the bios battery thinking it was weak. no change.I am thinking I have a bad Motherboard. I know how to tear one of these notebooks down and clean out the heatsink and apply new thermal paste. I have already done this as well and the laptop does not overheat. This laptop went from fast to freezing up on me and I am out of ideas.  Can you help. Logically. I keep thinking the motherboard has a defect. What else can it be. The notebook is in excellent condition with low miles. Thanks, Damon
I have MO 13 that works great with my other softers and HP has MO 15 that I do not want and can't delete or uninstall
I'm getting a failure id: PGBTXA-0008KG-9XPKOK-60RJ03 on product id: H3Y99AA#ABS hard disk 1 not sure what to do operation disks are missing. Plz help
I've set up OpenVPN on my Netgear R7000 (with Tomato firmware) for a specific IP address on my network. I've also put in a firewall script which acts as a kill switch should the VPN connection drop.

iptables -I FORWARD -i br0 -s <ip address> `nvram get wan_iface` -j DROP

About once a day, our internet connection dies for all devices (Wifi and Eth). I connect to the router over the LAN and it still has an active DSL connection. I disconnect the internet and reconnect using the router web interface, and then everything goes back to normal.

I fear the firewall script I'm using is preventing all devices from reaching the internet upon VPN disconnect.

Happy to send through the router logs if that helps. Many thanks in advance.
Okay, so i got a gaming pc in late 2015 and have had no problems out of it until recently. I turned it off one night when i went to sleep and when i woke up the next day and went to turn it on my monitors weren't receiving any signal. Any idea why this could be? I'm not a super computer savvy person, but i had my cousin come over and he basically unplugged the graphics card, ram, and hdds and got it working, but like an idiot i turned it off to go to sleep again and obviously it didn't work when i turned it back on. I've tried unplugging all of those things again and can't seem to get it to work again? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, Service Pack 1, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU 540 @ 3.07GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 37 Stepping 5
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 3255 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics, 1403 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 214 GB (122 GB Free); D: 250 GB (236 GB Free);
Motherboard: MSI, H55M-E21(MS-7636)
Antivirus: Trend Micro Maximum Security, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled
how to show side by side pics
I turned off my computer Flex 10 after usage of about 1 hour. Prior to working,when I had switched on,there was a message that it is overcharged. After completing the work I again put it on for charging,and it remain connected to charging for more than 24 hours. Now when I am trying to switch on it is not turning on. The built in LED is off.And even after holding the Switch pressed for >10 seconds it does not turn on. what could be the reason and the remedy?
My ideapad FLEX 4 will not show any Networks upon start up. I have to go into Troubleshooting for it to fix the issue, but it's temparary. I have to do this everytime I start up my computer. any suggestions on how to elimenate the issue.  Your help would be greatly appreciated,  Thanks
I have a Lenovo IdealPad Yoga notebook for 3 years. It worked well in the past three years, but the fan started to become noisy when the notebook startup since last December. Noisy fan became louder and louder and the duration for the occurance of noisy fan became longer and longer in these months. Could I get any suggestion to solve this annoying problem, please? Thank you in advance!
Is anyone else seeing this? I've spent a day or so trying to QUERY and SET HKLM\Software\Key FLAGS using REG.EXE on Windows7. All it does is endlessly repeat the REG.EXE FLAGS /? help display. The
exception is if the parameters are entered incorrectly, it then displays a syntax error.


I'm running as Administrator on an up-to-date brand new Windows 7 installation. I try the same commands on a Vista system and they work just fine. I don't see anyone else having this problem so I suspect there must be something I'm doing wrong.
I've examined the properties of REG.EXE on both versions:
The Vista version is: 6.0.6000.16386 1/18/2008 59k
The Windows7 version is: 6.1.7600.16385 7/13/2009 61k
I read many articles on UAC and even one on attempting to manipulate FLAGS via API:
On a Vista laptop:

reg flags hklm\software query

Worked fine. Then I went ahead and used RegEdit to add a hklm\software\test key, and set its flags with:

reg flags hklm\software\test set dont_virtualize recurse_flag

And it worked fine as well.