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So several week ago, I tried to do a system cleanup and accidentally deleted the Bluetooth/Wireless Network, so hence no Internet Access. I have been told that I need a windows 8.1 replacement disc that will reload the network adaptors. Any help,
guidance and or direction is greatly appreciated.
I have an air-gapped lab that I need to patch with the MS17-010 patches (Win10, win7 and server 2008R2 - all x64)
The hashes that are referenced in MS17-010 do NOT match the hashes on the downloaded files.
What are the correct patches to download and where can I get the correct HASH files to compare with before installation.
I have just updated from Vista to Windows 7 Home Premium.

Although everything seems OK on start up I am getting a message stating:

There is no email associated to perform the requested action. Please install an email program or, if one is already installed, create an association in the Default Programs control panel.

Can anyone tell me if there is a way to find out which program is creating the message and/or how I can fix it.
It isn't affecting my use of Windows 7 but is just annoying having to close the message each time I start Windows.

I have asked this question on another forum I have used over the years but not had any positive response so was hoping someone here might be able to help.

I use Gmail, and I have had a quick look at the Default Programs option but can't see a way to assign Gmail.

Thanks for help in advance.

I am including the SysInfo text file as requested.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual CPU T2370 @ 1.73GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 13
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2038 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset Family, 384 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 92 GB (38 GB Free); D: 92 GB (5 GB Free);
Motherboard: TOSHIBA, EQUIUM P300
Antivirus: 360 Total Security, Enabled and Updated
Hi! I'm using E-prime 2.0 and I'm on a windows 10 notebook. I'm using E-prime to record participant's responses, but the audiofiles that are created contain no sound at all. The microphone itself is working, checked that via the 'recording devices' tabs in Sounds, but the programme does not seem to recognize it. The programme is supposed to use Window's default microphone, but said microphone seems to be working perfectly in the Recording Devices tab, so I'm not sure what is going on right now. I've also tried a second microphone, so I'm pretty sure it's the software itself.

Any help is appreciated!
Hello,first of all, here the necessary informations for my Laptop: G550 Laptop (Lenovo) - Type 2958 - Model 29588MGT4500(2.3GHz), 2GB RAM, 320GB 5400rpm HD, 15.6in 1366x768 LCD, Intel 4500M, CDRW/DVDRW, Broadcom 802.11bg wireless, 10/100 Ethernet, Camera, 6c Li-Ion, Win7 Home Premium 32(taken from the lenovo page via serial-number) I'm trying to fix the laptop of a friend. He deinstalled a lot of drivers for some reason, and after that the laptop wasn't running anymore.I thought, sure no problem we just format the hard drive and reinstall windows. Unfortunatelly after formating i couldn't find the chipset drivers on the lenovo web page. I contacted the german lenovo support but they told me they do not provide the driver for windows 7, only xp and vista. I asked if it would work when using vista but he didn't know.  And now i wanted to ask if anybody could please help me with this. I thought the driver must exist because the laptop was bought with windows 7.  Or did they just use vista and it works more or less? Help would be very much appreciated, thanks!
Hi, i have a lenovo h50-50 with an i7-4790, my gpu is the gt 705, i would like to upgrade to a gtx 1050.Is this possible on the 280W PSU from FSP group?Here is a picture of the PSU: http://imgur.com/COi2YYz
I have a Lenovo 4480B1U, which is a ThinkCentre small form factor M91p desktop with integrated video.  I wanted to add a discreet video card to it for playing Minecraft, because playing it with the integrated video is choppy at times.  I installed a low profile 1GB AMD RADEON HD 7470, and when I turn the PC on, there is no video whatsoever.  I made sure to go into the bios and set the graphics to use the PCI-e slot.  If I take the video card out and switch back to the integrated video, it works fine.  Any ideas?  Can anyone recommend another video card I can get for this machine?  I won't want to spend more than $50.  Thanks in advance!
Is it possible to a fingerprint internally to this laptop (is there space for the modules?)If so, is there any way to do it without voiding warranty.....and which is the better option on the module and how to do so.....Any help would be highly appreciated... 
Hello, yesterday i just purchased my new yoga 900s - 12.5".when purchase ive been told it has backlight o keyboard, and also i do see a little light sign on the left side of keyboard.however, i couldt get it to work. Of course i've tryed the Fn+spacebar, and checked drivers.im clueless .. please help me figure it out


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I was just wondering why I lose the sound completely sometimes when i start my YOGA 710 14IKB? I have to restart the laptop in order for the sound to come back. How come?
Secondly, When I watch youtube videos why is the quality so bad? I can almost see the pixels. Is there something I need to adjust?
Please help.
Mod's Edit: System model added to the front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.
Own a 2011 old Lenovo x220, with 8GB RAM, 320GB HDD changed in 2012, Win7Pro, last year I changed the IPS display, added a 256GB mSATA SSD as boot drive, changed the battery. Using it for web, Office, Visio, light DTP, is working fine for my needs.But: the SSD (a cheap MydigitalSSD BP4) is giving me problems periodically with chdisk forced at boot checking and finding corrupted records, CrystalDiskInfo says the HDD is at risk, the chassis has small breaks, the battery is probably mis-calibrated and create uncommanded shutdown with 1.5h last autonomy, the CPU is heating normally a lot.Wondering if make sense to just update/fix some components such as change the HDD and have a quality 500GB SSD, maybe reinstall Win7 (never done, with a lot of programs installed/uninstalled in the meantime, so the registry need to be a mess), recalibrate the battery, or I'm at risk even if the components need to be all high quality. Maybe the mSATA is starting working badly, the overheating CPU is creating problems, or something else is coming from the age and will create only more and more problems.I'm not interested into more performances and i.e. the x270 is not so different for my usage, didn't want to invest without any reason and avoid the troubles to migrate programs and data, something needing weeks to settle.
Good day all, I have installed a fresh version of Windows 10 Pro, on my system and I am unable to get the Lenovo FN keys working properly. I have installed the hotkey package, as well as all other available software packages and drivers for the system. Is there a specific package that I need to get these features to work? I.E. Functions key for screen brightness, bluetooth control, network radio's, etc..etc..  Any and all sugestions will be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
I keep getting command prompt coming up really quick then disappearing, today I cannot seem to download any malware etc . My pc seems a lot slower . I came to this site and then tried to download FARbar but it wont let me
If i want to activate 1000 windows 7 through kms how can i do i t?   

I dont want to go to every pc and run slmgr command ??? is there any solution through which i can activate 1000 windows 7 machines at a same time 
Hi all
Basically, I have a Kyocera printer driver that has an expired certificate. I can get the certificate installed with no issues. When trying to deploy the driver to the machines through a script, it asks to be trusted again. This happens every time the driver
is removed and reinstalled on the same machine. It does not like the certificate that is in the store for the driver.

Is there a way to accept the certificate so it does not prompt repeatedly? 
hi friends,
my ps2 port of keyboard is not working, so i am using a usb keyboard but problem is it doesnt work on boot up, so my problems are
- i can't enter boot options
-in case of some unwanted shutdowns nnot able to select right options

what can i do? suggest me

my system config is as follows
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E4500 @ 2.20GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 13
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3325 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 39 GB (7 GB Free); D: 109 GB (21 GB Free); H: 931 GB (96 GB Free);
Antivirus: Avast Antivirus, Enabled and Updated
I use Macrium reflect imaging software and plan to be prepared for a Lenovo crash.The problem is that for the recovery the Lenovo would have to boot from the flash drive and in order to do so I would have to change the boot order--which was easy in older laptops. Now in the Lenovo and others, you have safe boot, fast boot, legacy boot, etc and choosing what to do is complicated and threatening. I tried tweaking in a Dell and later could not boot the laptop.Please advise.
I had a homegroup on my old Windows 10 machine before it died and I replaced it. Now that old homegroup is a ghost on my wife's machine. So for clarity, lets say my old machine was named xx, my new machine is names yy, and my wifes machine is zz.

If zz is on and I try to create a home group on yy it says there is already a homegroup on xx (which no longer exists). If I turn off zz I can create a new home group on yy but when I turn on zz the yy machine says there is another homegroup on xx and would I like to join. The zz machine now sees the new homegroup I created on the yy machine but the yy machine still thinks there is a homegroup from the xx machine.

So how do I get rid of the ghost homegroup and from which machines?
So I've had been having a few problems with my custom PC for a while. Firstly I should probably explain that it has been randomly shutting down with kernal power error 41 - even after I've basically replaced all hardware components. It used to be related to overheating before replacing the components but now it shuts down when its only been on for a minute or so sometimes. I've taken it to a PC repair guy and he couldn't figure out why this keeps happening (he did clean out and reset my PC components and it started happening less often).

Lately my USB keyboard and mouse randomly freeze and don't respond (although they still get power as they are lit up). Usually I can just restart and they're fine again but the last time I went to manually restart the shutdown button wasn't working properly - the screen would go blank then come up frozen exactly as it was. I even turned it off from the power switch and left it for 15 minutes and when i turned it back on it STILL came up frozen as it was... Eventually it restarted after a few tries, no idea why.

Since I have reinstalled windows 7 (to be sure it wasn't a problem with the OS) windows update KB3109103 won't install even when I download it and try and install it manually. I'm pretty sure I also had an issue before reinstalling the OS with some windows updates not installing (360 security always came up with the same security patches from 2014/15 every time i restarted). Also since I reinstalled it, on start up/restart it oc... Read more
Ok so i decided to build by own computer have everything together and everything powers up but it wont show a display can someone please help me.

My set up is
Cpu-amd fx 4300 3.8gHz
Motherboard-asus-m5a78l-m plus/usb3 micro atx am3+
Ram- crucial- ballistix 16g( 4x4gb)
Hard drive-western digital caviar green 1tb 3.5" 5400rpm internal hard drive
Gpu- msi geforce gtx 1050 ti derict x
Case- diypc-zondda-w atx mid tower
Power supply-tagan bz series 700w
Operating system-windows 10
i bought this Laptop about 1 year (sorry for My English)i have a problem with this GPU since i bought it this is the problem i can't get all option for my AMD GPU Look Photos 1- please guys help me i can't play ant game cz that issue i do all i have to solve it but i can't My Laptop is : Lenovo Z51-70CPU : i7-5500UGPU : Intel HD 5500 And AMD R9 M3758G Ram 1T
Hi, I was just wondering why I lose the sound completely sometimes when i start my YOGA 710 14IKB? I have to restart the laptop in order for the sound to come back. How come? Secondly, When I watch youtube videos why is the quality so bad? I can almost see the pixels. Is there something I need to adjust? Please help.
I've two questions..
First, just what should the Administrator Autologon count be set to for a basic sysprep'd system?  I've seen everything from 1 (posted in the forums) to 5 in the BDD documentation.
Secondly and more challenging is that we add our computers to a Domain during the Specialize stage; unfortunately a GPO is then applied with a LegalNotice requiring user acknowledgment which stops the Autologon from proceeding.  Is there a tweak that could be used to prevent this from happening?  (Incidentally, this is the same behaviour exhibited by Win2K3 when sysprep'd.)
I've tried using a RunSynchronous command to delete the LegalNoticeText and LegalNoticeCaption entries from the registry, but it appears that these commands run before the GPO is applied so they do nothing useful. 
I'd thought of trying to add the computer to a workgroup during the Specialize stage then running a NetDom command via FirstLogonCommands during oobeSystem but haven't tried that yet and would prefer not to kludge it this way.
Good morning everyone,

the following happens at a gas station, where the hour shown on the surveillance camera's
don' t correlate with the hour shown on the back-office computer' s event manager.
There are 3 minutes of difference between both. In my logic, we should be able to sync
the time on both units but we are being told this is not possible. Any opinions/ suggestions here?
Blinking num lock and caps lock ONCE. I know that means a problem internally but is there anything I can try to repair this?
Hi This might be a stupid question but I was wondering how to find out If my X1 Yoga have 4G LTE or not? seller also did not know  Thanks
Does M.2 slot in thinkpad X240 support PCIe?I've try to search in product ref and service manual, but can't find if it support PCIe or not. it only state SSD. as far as I know, M.2 SSD can be SATA or PCIe I would like to know if my laptop works with eGPU. does it could use a PE4L-PM3N or PE4H-PM3N mPCIe setup?
When I connect a Samsung Galexy III smart phone to Windows 7 Ultimate via a USB connection, I do see a "Portable Device" icon appear in the Computer explorer screen, (SCH-I535). This icon works fine for drag and drop file transfer, however, I need to mount
it as a system drive for legacy software support.

How do I mount a "portable device" as a system drive?

So yesterday i decided to do a factory reset on my desktop. Everything went fine and it installed correctly.
When my PC booted up the final time and i got to my login screen, none of my USB devices work, this includes my mouse and keyboard.

BUT, both my mouse and keyboard works fine in the BIOS, so i tried to install Win10 fresh from an USB stick. This didnt work.. when my computer boots past my BIOS, my keyboard and mouse stops working again... they just "blink" whenever i press a key. So i cant run any diagnostics and i cant install ANY drivers.

Ive read almost every forum post there is, but i cant find any solutions. Can anyone please help me? im losing my mind..
I am now using windows 7 and firefox. I have always worked from home on Citrix. Now I receive an error "SSL error 61" You have not chosen to trust the certificate. I have not found anything on the web that can help me. Thanks~
Sometimes, when browsing the internet, I need to go through my documents for references to other things. Lately however the document screen doesn't open in the foreground. It just opens in the background and won't come to the foreground. Solutions?
I have an EPOS System running on Windows 98 and a digipos touchscreen. I've installed numerous drivers but none of them seem to enable the touchscreen functionality. It just works as a moniter. I've plugged both the USB and the PS/2 connected in but still won't work. Any ideas?

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hi i from iran my english is not good I need to bios pass in ideapad z510 s/n : YB01301507 mo : YB03110731 P/N: 59395805 factory id : JVHFC1 thanks!!
After update at Version 1511 of Windows 10 I run into problems: windows was freezing. At the beginning for not reason at all but afterwards I've noticed that it was freezing during this video autoplay in facebook for example.
Other symptoms were that youtube was not functioning, in any of the browsers. Best results were in Chrome but also there the sound was not functioning.
Googling it did not helped so I've tried somehow to solve it without a clean install (**bleep** Microsoft way...)
and I've found the solution: I've reinstalled the video driver. I've took the one for Windows 7 from lenovo support site, set in in compatibility mode and reinstall it.
This seems to solve the problem and I've wanted to share it with you.
Laptop in case is an x201 but an update on a T410 is in progress and I will make the checks for the symptoms and if they are the same I will try this one on. Will let you know if there are any updates.
My Dell Inspiron desktop from 2009 has 2 swing-out rear stability feet. They have broken, and I have to do a balance dance to get the thing to turn on and STAY on.  Can I buy new feet?  Can I just yank both of them off, and see what happens?  Can I yank them off and experiment with thicknesses of cardboard, like a rickety restaurant chair?  Sounds idiotic, I know - but dropping a heavy book in the same room is sometimes enough for it to crash.  Not ready to replace this - still runs fine - unless you drop a book, or bump the desk with your toe.  Thanks.
I've got an OptiPlex 7040 that sporadically shuts down without a BSOD and when it is powered back on, the NIC is disabled in BIOS. We have to reboot and re-enable it. When the issue started happening, after enabling it, even a normal reboot would disable the NIC again.
I updated the BIOS and other drivers, didn't spot anything in the event log... opened a ticket w/ Dell support and they eventually replaced the motherboard.
Issue still happens, just not as frequent. Anybody else see this issue related to NIC repeatedly becoming disabled in BIOS?
So immediately after restarting my laptop after the BIOS update today my XPS-15 9550 device would not boot. I have ran the diagnostic tests and everything comes back fine. I have many files must be recovered from the machine. Any one can give me advice for fixing my notebook?
Is a compact flash card reader available or some kind of device/adapter able to read/write to these cards?
Just ordered my new XPS27 with only an SSD but want to buy 2 HDD's for when it arrives.  It is supposed to have a dual 2.5 disk cage according to the hardware repair manual, but I can't find out the depth of the disks anywhere.  Can anyone tell me if they are 7mm, 9mm, or 15mm (I hope - I'd like to put the new 4 tb barracuda 15mm in those slots)?
If anyone has upgraded their disk or memory on this beast, I'd appreciate any tips or gotchas you found. It looks easy enough in the manual....
Have tried everything. No error messages. Device working properly. Drivers up to date. Tried new keyboard. Same. Rebooted, removed all usbs, re inserted. Nothing. No lights on keyboard. Wireless mouse fine. Any ideas?
For about three months now I have been tolerating a slow but steady creep of blurred screen display from the lower horizontal edge of the touch screen up towards the top. It started about 1.5mm now it is 3mm all the way across the bottom of the screen. I've been secretly (naively) hoping this would go away with a bios update. Today's update has not fixed it. 
A laptop display repair guy told me it is a hardware failure. Expensive to replace.
Is it fixable? I have no warranty. I bought this machine Dec 2015. Such a short life span for such an expensive laptop.
I hope no one else gets this after all the other troubles seen with this model. I placed a diagnostic query thingy already.
Intel HD Graphics 5500 Display Adaptor
hello all,
i have a problem with my XPS15 since receiving it. All is well, but sometimes the charging status LED is blinking with the following pattern: 
3 orange, 5 white, 3 orange, 3 white
Does anyone knows what it means? I already had a technician who visited and replaced the motherboard and battery, but the problem is still here.
On top of that, my idle temp is not dropping under 45 celsius, and CPU under load goes over 90 celsius. I'm pretty sure that is not normal, and i believe the technician who replaced the motherboard did a poor job repasting the CPU and GPU with thermal compound.
Can you please share what are your temperatures for this model (9560 i7 7700HQ) ?
Hi, I have to disable real-time protection to update windows. Anyone know of a solution? Thank you very much in advance.
Hi. i just need a little help. i can't seem to pin some of my apps in taskbar. Like example i want to pin the autocad and other school relative apps and it wont but in some apps like google chrome and skype pin to taskbar is working. what should i do?
How to get MS security updates information in excel along with the Supersede information.
Earlier we use to get this information from https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=36982

However the Bulletinsearch list is updated till Apr 17, We need the info for future releases along with supersede as well.
i use my android smartphone as my modem and i need help to configure it to make it more secure from hackers.I wanna know how to reach my modem configuration page since "" is not working for me.Need help on how i should find my default gateway and configure my modem!!!