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I have Shadow Defender installed on this computer, but I only use it when I feel like testing a security program.
I'm having the same issue as this post from 2013!  yikes. Pavilion HPE H8-1121 - New graphics card + PSU, wont boot past HP screen.  I've installed a newer power supply (Seasonic 620W), which has been working well.  I also installed a GTX 660Ti last year and it's been working great as well.  I recently purchased a ZOTAC GTX 970 and have attempted to install that, but it won't go past the blue HP screen and I get the same beep code (1 long, 3 short) which, it seems, suggests the video isn't initializing.My BIOS date is 2011.Where would I find an update for this?I'm also using Windows 10, which I just found on the HP site isn't tested on my model and would likely not support it's use well.  Should I roll back to 7 or 8?  and then update BIOS?  Is there an update for my BIOS and where do I find it.Anyway, I'm hoping that's a solution.  This still isn't a bad machine for being 5 years old.Thanks for any help!   
When I reboot the system, two error messages occur as below:2210 Parameter Frame ErrorME BIOS Extension module execution has halted. Update BIOS or management engine firmware if problem persists.2206-End of POST HECI Failure system halted. Power cycle the system to reboot.I have also updated the BIOS v01.59. Previous version was v01.04Kindly suggest.
Is there a way to force the discrete GPU on?  Not sure what changed but every game I try to run has become painfully slow, to the point of being pointless to try. Even reducing video settings to absolute minimum has little effect. For soem reason the GTX860 doesn't seem to ever engage and there's no BIOS setting to force it.
iIforget my password because i used to sign in only with the help of my pin.So please help me in recovering my password

PC Parts List :
Asus z170 A Bios ver. 1902, only drivers from Asus site downloaded and installed, excluding realtek audio (onboard audio disabled in bios)
6600k @ 4.6x and 4.5 cache - passed x264 stress test 50 loops (8hours)
EVGA SuperSC 2400 2x8GB ram, manual timings inputted into bios (memtest for 3 hours = 2 passes, no errors)
EVGA GTX 1070 SC @ Stock - Nvidia Driver 372.54 with only display and physx installed
Samsung Evo M.2 - IRST drivers from Asus site installed, Intel Rapid Storage software disabled on startup. Samsung magician installed, performance profile / no rapid mode. Can Intel Rapid Storage and Samsung Magician conflict?
Soundblaster Z sound card - most recent drivers / no addons
Corsair k70 rapidfire - both cables in USB 3.0 ports Zowie za13 - cable in usb 3.1 port
The Problem :
Had this PC for about 5 months, recently after updating to windows 10 anniversity 64bit (could be coincidence), ive been getting a lot of BSODs, related to : kernel security check failure, but mainly DRIVER IRQL LESS OR NOT EQUAL BSODS.
Happens randomly when i play Overwatch - can happen twice within an hour, or once after 8 hours.
Things I tried :
Reset windows numerous times (6counts) with clean installs, updated drivers from asus site only.
SFC /Scannow
Reseated the RAM.
OCd to 4.6 with 4.5 cache and passed a x264 8hour stress test. Ram settings inputted manually. Memtest for 3 hours, 2 passes, no er... Read more
According to this thread over at EVGA, the latest version 6.0.5 now works with all Nvidia cards. I'm using it, but I have an EVGA card.

I'm a relative novice to troubleshooting computers. My last updates for Vista were installed 26/07/16, KB890830 twice. The last check for updates was on 8/8/16 and my computer states it is up to date.
Now Windows Update just runs forever. I started it 10:00 last night and it was still "checking for updates" this morning. This morning I tried installing Windows6.0-KB3177725-x86.msu, Windows6.0-KB3153199-x86.msu and Windows6.0-KB3145739-x86.msu but they just go into "Checking For Updates" when  I click to run them.
Am I doing something wrong?
The Lenovo Solution Centar Hardware Scan started running autimatically on my new Y700 laptop. The test completed with two failure codes: WPE001001-UL7CWNWVC007002-UL7CWN Please helpThe full report is below Thanks 

Report_lenovo_20160829.zip ?4 KB
Hi, I just bought a brand new Lenovo ideapad Y700 and when I ran the hardware scan, everything passed except for the mathematical operations test for my Intel(R) HD Graphics 530 video card, which resulted in a failure of the hardware scan and a result code of WVC007002-UK7W7N. What should I try to fix this issue?

Go to Solution.
The mouse is constantly slightly moving left,right,up,and down on its own when plugged into HDMI.  Also, this only occurs when the lid is closed on the laptop, if I leave the lid open, the mouse doesn't jump around, but.. I want to work the the laptop through HDMI to my TV with the laptop lid closed.  Anyone know a fix for this?  Even if I set the display to only be on the TV, the laptop lid still needs to be open or the mouse will jiggle.
I have just purchased my LENOVO YOGA 500. And the touchpad ist not working at all - every now and then it freezes. It's not an Elan device, and yes, it is updated. I'm getting no answers from anybody (in Lenovo).  If you do not give me a real solution for the issue, or a different laptop, I promise I will make a campaign against LENOVO in Italy, as long as I work in eComm. I would't expect to see the worst customer service ever at a US company.
Hello Everyone, I'm the owner of a Edge E450 (ThinkPad), i bought it 1 years ago. I have problem with my battery and it happens suddenly. When AC adapter is unplugged, the Laptop immediately die. But if the AC adapter is plugged in, the battery status "0% Plugged In, Not Charging".I'm already run Battery Gauge Reset on Power Management, and I tried to step:(1) Power off, unplug power lead, remove the battery.(2) Press power button for ~10 seconds to clear any residual charge.(3) Plug in power lead, power on (without battery).(4) Log in, let the software settle down. It discovers there is no battery.!(5) Power off, insert battery, power on again.(6) Log in, let the software settle down. Now the 'new' battery is charging!but it does not work all.  if I have to replace the battery? While the battery is still new and it happens suddenly, before the battery is very durable. Sorry for my bad english.
Hello, I currently have a Lenovo E531 /w/ a 3rd Generation i7-3632QM processor. Is it possible to upgrade to a 6th Generation i7? Figured maybe get some more life out of this laptop...
 Hi everybody. Got a question with my e531. I have one, that originally was with pentium 2030, 4 gb ram and nvidia gt 740m. Now I've added 4 more ram and thinking of installing i5-3230M. The question is - does my chipset support all functions of i5-3230M including hyper-threading? It seems that it should, as lenovo support shows by serial number, that I've got HM77 N14P-GV2 motherboard that meens it is based on HM77 chipset. But I'm still not sure, if there's no any functions blocked that my pentium does not have. And another question - is it possible to install an SSD in addition to my hard drive, not instead of it, to install a windows on it? Probably instead of my dvd-drive as i don't use it at all. Thanks
So I got my P50 with a smart card reader thinking it was the same thing as an SD card reader. I turned out to be wrong. Anyway, I was wondering if there's an accessory to fill in the slot while a card is not in there; I don't want dust, particles, etc. getting into what amounts to a whole in the machine.
I have had a complete HDD crash on a satellite L750. (way out of warranty)

I have replaced the HDD with an SSD. I can't access the recovery drive and have long since lost the recovery CD. When I try to download windows from Micros**t with the windows key it tells me its OEM (of course) and to contact Toshiba.

I just want to create a windows 7 bootable USB so I can reinstall the OS using the licence I paid for.
Hello, yesterday my friend was trying to install amd overdrive at my computer and now i am getting this error: system_thread_exception_not_handled aoddriver2.sys
I cant even get in login page, it just restarts and keeps black screen, or shows error again and restart. I am using win8 or win8.1, not sure. I would rather delete this program via safe mode because i have files that i havent backup. But if i have to do something else i will, i just want the laptop to work again.
Hello all,

I need help.
My company sold a Satellite Pro R-50B to a client.
This laptop has windows 8.1 pro.
The selling was done with the option to downgrade from windows 8.1 pro to windows 7 pro.
The client needs the windows 7 because the 8.1 does not work with other software he have at his company.
Now my questions is:
-Where is the option to downgrade? How can I do it?

I have tried the "recover from hidden partition" but he still gives me one option: windows 8.1.
The recover cd's = windows 8.1 pro

Any help?

Best Regards to all
Luis Martins
I recevied this laptop from family member to fix it's system. I had licence to Windows 7 so i formated hard drive with xp and clean instaled win 7. I used driver easy pro to automaticaly download all drivers (only nVidia go 7600 and Intel WiFi 9450 or something like this drivers was downloaded by me). I cant Now use acpi features like hibernation or sleep on power settings, i have no sound and i cant connect to my wi fi. Also nVidia graphics displays error 12 in devices manager. Bios dont have power section. Can You show me correct drivers for my laptop (i found nothing on toshiba site) or any solution for this problems?

I need the drivers for Toshiba Satellite p100-119 aka pspa3e-00h00dgr but it look like it never existed or it been banned because I can't find it on drivers section and when i enter laptop's specification site and try to enter "drivers" link, it says error 500. I found drivers and bios for PSP3U aka P100, can I use those or can you show or give me drivers for my laptop?

the touchscreen of my Satellite Radius 12 is creaking (makes sounds) if I slightly/normal touch it. This only happens on 1/4 of the display (right side).
Is this normal for this Series?

I just bought a brand new Toshiba Satellite L75-C7250 w/Win10. I can access the internet on an unsecured network or hot spot, but I cannot log into my wireless router. All of my other devices login properly. I have tried every "fix" from the internet, and it still will not recognize or accept my password. I've updated all drivers, disabled all firewalls and anti-virus software (even deleted the McAfee that came on the machine). I've unplugged/reset the modem and router. Any new ideas out there?
Hi and Hello to all,

I am tring to reinstall Windows 7 but mouse pointer
just keeps "flashing around in top left hand corner"

As its a new instalation can`t go into setings etc

Tried connecting a external monitor but cannot get
laptop to show on i (dont now if there is any other
thing to press other thn just the top key ie FN key
or CNTL key first)

The screen in cracked and dont know if this might
have something to do with it thats why I`m trying to
use external monitor

Any help would be most appreciated


The original battery of my laptop is draining out faster and I thought of buying a new battery for my laptop.
At present my C850 laptop has a battery of DC10.8 Volt, 4200mah and has Model No. PA5024U-1BRS.

I had bought a replacement battery and had received a battery of 11.1 Volt of 5200mah and has same Model no.

I would like to know will the battery of higher voltage create any problem for my laptop.
What is HP's fastest desktop system board?  or... What is HP's most powerful desktop processor, and what system board would best compliment it? Thanks in advance Bob C.
my pc has only 2 slots of ram. first slot have 8gb and i tried to put in extra 4gb ram second slot and it's still on 8gb no changes please help me . much appreciated
I have a brand new laptop with Windows 10 pre-istalled.  Not sure if it is 64 or 32 bit.  Updates were loaded and installed when I first set it up. Everyhting was working fine.  However on one internet site it locked up on me.  Could not make entries into their chat. Could not open threads.But I could access the site. When I tried to open a thread I would get a window saying: The www.facebook.com page isn?t workingwww.facebook.com redirected you too many times.  or that the internet site could not be found. Facebook works fine. My cell phone's access here works fine My PC hard wired works fine. This laptop is wireless connection to the net.  I tried clearing cookies and cache twice and it fixed the problem but only temporarily.  After about an hour of usage, on this same site, the same problem occures. Happens on both the new Internet Explorer and Google Chrome I am not very computer literate so plain language would be appreciated. Thank you. Randy
I do have a Pavilion dv4-2160us, is there anyway to disable the USB for booting?   Thanks,
My skype sounds like a robot any time I use it. I have tried donloading it from the website, using the skype video app already on my computer and it still doesnt work. Everything else auditory works fine, video, music, etc. But anytime I try to skype it sounds like a robot is talking, lags and is very annoying. I know others are having this problem too but I can't find a solution. I know internet connection is usually the problem but I have tried it right next to the router and it still doesn't work. I then use the app on my phone and it works fine but its really frustrating to have to do that when I just bought this computer not even a month ago. Please help!
Hello All ,

I have been running Windows 10 professional and its been a month since the anniversary update OS 1607, but I still don't see it enabled for me to download even though I manually check for updates almost everyday .

Are they doing in phased manner , are there any prerequisites , hope someone could shed more lights on it

Thanks in advance

I get random crashes usually while playing more graphics intensive games but sometime out of the blue. I've had multiple crashing problems ever since I've had this compute but It hasn't inconvienced me much. I upgraded to windows 10 and it seems to pretty much only crash while doing graphic intensive things such as playing GTA V. However, I usually don't get a BSOD. I'll get a solid color (typically red) or just a reboot screen.

It sends the error code:

I've attached the crash files.
some specs that aren't listed on my profile:
Storage: Samsung 120GB SSD and a Seagate 500GB hard drive
Wifi: TP-Link something ask if you want details
PSU: 500 watt cooler master
Cpu cooler: Corsair water cooling (so overheating probably isn't a problem )
I am using Acer V5-122P and running Windows 10 Build 1607 64-bit with all the latest updates.

Recently, I have noticed abnormal CPU usage by "System" (regardless of whether the PC is idle). This does not happen in the past, but I'm unable to tell when exactly it started.
The CPU usage graph is very interesting.
Perhaps a little bit less interesting if the 4 cores are displayed separately.
I have downloaded Process Explorer from Microsoft. It turns out that it is the atikmdag.sys that is causing the abnormal CPU usage.
Naturally I uninstalled the AMD display driver using the Display Driver Uninstaller. Then I tried several versions of the AMD display driver (including a pre-Crimson Catalyst driver and the driver provided by Windows Update). Unfortunately, all versions of the AMD display driver I have tried have the same problem.

It is worth noting that the abnormal CPU usage does NOT occur if I use the generic display driver built into Windows. However, the generic display driver is not suitable for long-term use because I can't even adjust screen brightness with that driver.

I am suspecting that the problem is caused by the Build 1607 update, but I'm too late to roll back to Build 1511 and I'm not prepared to re-install Windows at the moment.

It would be great if you could kindly provide me with insights into the problem. Thanks!
I reloaded Windows 7 and now when I rebooted, it is stuck on the message "setup is starting services" how do I fix it?
I need to deploy for 1 enterprise have 1 forest with multi domain, and child domain. And i want ask you that  can I deploy 1 ATA gateway to collect all network traffict from all domain, and is need this ATA gateway server join domain. If it need to
join domain, its  should join domain root, or it can join any domain belong this forest. 
Thank you.
My laptop has 2 graphic processors: Graphics card (integrated) is Intel Ivy Bridge-MB GT2 - Integrated Graphics with Graphics chipset Intel HD Graphics 4000.Second graphics card is NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M [HP] with Graphics chipset NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M. The notebook has 2 USB 3.0 and 1 USB 3.0 SuperSpeed ports, 1 HDMI port, 1 VGA and no DisplayPort.  Microsoft updated the OS to Windows 10 version 1607 (OS build 14393.82) NVIDIA says GeForce GT 650M has a max resolution of 3840 x 2160. I connect the laptop to a 2K external monitor via an HDMI cable. Questions / problems:1. Can I get higher resolution than 1920 x 1080 with my notebook on an external monitor via the HDMI port and how?2. The NVIDIA Control panel menu displays only '3D settings'. Can I see the 'Display' menu as shown on this picture, containing 'Change resolution', 'Setup multiple displays' and how?3. What is the HDMI version on my port? This is not shown on the notebook's specifications.   
I was having issues with my touchpad on my laptop so I got online on the HP website and was assisted with the problem or so I thought. The tech informed me to restart the laptop and now says  "Keep PC on until this update is done. Installing 1 of 9...." and that all it's done for the last hour since the pc was restarted. what do I do and or how can I fix this issue
Hey everyone,
Recently my computer began to BSoD upon opening the program Sling TV and loading a video. It hasn't happened before, and I don't know what changed that made this start happening. I get "IQRL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL (NETIO.SYS)". I did a complete reinstall of the program, updated graphics drivers, ethernet and WiFi drivers, and it still happens. Someone also analyzed my dump file and told me it was something about Network Flow Control, and the only thing I know that can be changed about that is in the ethernet adapter settings, here: http://prntscr.com/cbxqd6

I disabled the network low control and started Sling TV and still got the same BSoD result. Right now I am completely lost. I've attached the file that you guys needed to help me, hopefully I did it correctly. If not, let me know!

First, Sorry about my English. I have a question.
I use Win 10 Pro, when i use both Wifi( have Internet) and Ethernet( In Local have not Internet). Window can't not access internet although Wifi still work well. When i Disable Ethernet, Window access Internet normaly. Please help!
Does File History (Libraries) Backups utilize the time schedule I created for Automatic Backups?
need confirmation. is GTX 750ti compatible and readily installable in an ATC-705 EB53?live chat support wasn't very helpful. product id is DTSXNAA028. and the main board is intel chipset h81. Thankss!!
I Have an Origin Gaming Computer that just recently underwent possible overheating due to a cooling pump failure.

For the longest time was not even able to reinstall windows because during the install it would BSOD. Updated BIOS and reset CMOS and WALA was able to reinstall windows.

I Purchased new SSD's because I thought the SSD's crashed in Raid 0. Computer is currently running in Safe Mode and lasts about 15 minutes until it BSOD's again.

I attached the MiniDump's and would love any help determining the the problem whether or not it be hardware or software. My guess is that it might be either a failing graphics card or motherboard, but not completely sure as this is my first build that has ever experienced a problem like this.

P.S. The Dump 5772 is the one that occurs in safe mode and the other one occurs 5-6 seconds after booting normal windows.

Power Supply: 1.2 KW Corsair AX1200
CPU Cooling: Liquid Cooling
Motherboard: ASUS Rampage IV Extreme
Processor: Intel Core I7 3960x 3.3 GHZ Overclocked to 5.2GHZ
Memory: 32GB Cosair Vengeance DDR3 1866Mhz
Audio: Creative SB Recon 3D

Edit: Both dumps occur in both safe mode and normal windows.
The SATA connector in this machine is apparently designed to break despite my careful attempt to remove it (while replacing the HDD with an SSD.)   I've search high and low and it's impossible to find the part anywhere. How do I get a new cable?
Hi, there, I have an issue  in that my USB2.0 device did not work with the USB 3Xtensible Host contoller driver and the xHCI driver. I was trying to get into BIOS to find out if there is any options to "USB3.0 BIOS drvier support - disable", but could not find it. I know in HP DeskElite 800 G1 SFF machine, there is an option for that so I don't have issue with that. does anyone have the experience to disable USB3.0 in this new machine so that when Winndows 10 booted up, only USB 2.0 host controller driver will be loaded, such as EHCI? Thanks in advance.
System turns on all cooling fans start for about a second then I get two red beep codes then there is a pause and I get one and the system appears to turn off.  Thinking it might be a thermal sensor I did replace the cpu heatsink and fan.  Swapped powersupplies, memory fan, back fan.  Reseated memory modules.  Any ideas?
Hi, my audio hardware driver is up to date but the mute light is not working anymore. Please let me know when there is an update which will fix the problem. My product number is T6E16UT#ABL Thanks and regards.
I have a HP 17-G129DS.What size and speed memory card will my laptop be able to read and write to ?
I have a HP Pavilion 15-ab032tx laptop. Product number is M2W75PA#ACJ. The laptop does not power on when the button is pressed. The power supply light does light on when the adapter is connected. No other LEDS turn on. The fan does not start. The display does not start.  But I hear a 'zing' sound for a second when I press the power button. The sound comes from the right hand side of the laptop, to the right of the touchpad. I think thats where the Hard disk is.  I believe the motherboard is fried. However, I am unable to find any way to replace the motherboard. I do not even know what motherboard comes installed with this laptop. I am unable to find this information online.  Can anyone help me please?
I've had the ongoing issue of randomly losing internet connection. When I troubleshoot the problem, it says: The Realtek RTL188EE 802.11 bgn Wi-Fi Adapter adapter is experiencing driver- or hardware-related problemsA network cable is not properly plugged in or may be brokenUsually relentless restarting eventually helps but sometimes I'm left without internet connection for hours. Please help!!!

View Solution.
I have a DV7 laptop and the reason I cannot boot up is a hard disk error HARD DISK 1 (3F1).could you please help with this topic?