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My computer won't load WMP it keeps giving me a pop-up which reads 'The file wmploc.dll has a version number of 12.0.7600.16385 where 12.0.7600.16667 was expected. Windows Media is  not installed properly and must be reinstalled. Do you want to install
the Player from the Microsoft website?' 
Each time i get here, it promts me to download a new WMP and each time i try install it,  a pop up about repairing the already installed version shows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #frustrated
My system used to recognize headphones plugged into the audio jack on the left side of my all in one. It used to be that when I plugged the headphones in, a message popped up. Now, nothing and the sound comes through the speakers. I've gone through the Windows troubleshooter, the HP guided support, etc., and followed the steps. I've followed a couple dozen steps, actually, and nothing. I know the headphones and jack work. And I used F2 to check the components and the headphones worked fine for the test. And the system keeps saying there are not errors with the heaphones. They are enabled, etc.  One thing I can't find anything about: when the troubleshooter tries to set the headphones as default, they can't. Not sure if they need to be or...?  Help?
so i love this laptop but its running slow and its not performing things i want it to do. now being a man who doesnt like spending money and has knowlage in building desktops i wana know what the specs are for my HP Pavilion 15 Notebook PC- 15-p247sa (ENERGY STAR)because iv bben through this website twice now and i cant find what the motherboard is in this thing therfore cant figure out what cpus i can use haha


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Please help me. My laptop HP ? 17-y003nc is very hard turn on. I press power button and laptop by itself shuts down for about 5 seconds. Again press power button laptop starting, black display and nothing. I Must do hard turn off. Again press power button and laptop starting normaly. This happens all the time. Yesterday I am update bios from F.05 to F.35. Laptop starting still wrong. Where is problem please? Laptop is new. I have him one month.
One  of our User is in Srilanka using HP laptop. Laptop is in extendable warranty. He is facing the battery draining issue. Warranty does not cover battery and charger. If some other issue found. So Is the warranty globlewise valid in srilanka Or not?
Hi Folks, New to the forums here and after some advice if possible. I have a hp notebook( 15-r211na) which has a Realtek RTL8723BE wifi adapter to which I want to replace with : - a) Something other than realtekb) Preferrably is 802.11ACc) Preferrably can be a direct replacement instead of an external USB adapter.d) Runs ok with Linux(Ubuntu). As my notebook is out of warranty, I'm not worried about warranty issues - just getting fed up with Windows and would prefer using Ubuntu(or other linux versions in time) as my O/S which I have tried out previously. Any help with the above would be greatly appreciated.  
Hello,I am facing problems in loading any videos whether it is online on a website like Youtube or offline videos which are previously stored on the hard disk of the computer. On youtube it is showing error like an error occured, please try again later along with some playback id number. If I restart the laptop sometimes videos start working. I just got this ENVY X360 laptop 3 months ago and is under my warranty period. Can anyone please help me solve this problem? It would be a great help! I tried chatting with HP Support executive but that didn't help.Thank You.
Dear All - I have an HP X2 Detachable 10-P010NR, having (only) 32 GB Internal EMMC, came pre-installed with Windows 10 Home. I have attached 128 GB Micro SD and an 1 TB External HDD to the same as I want to carry out as Primary Laptop for programming in VB .NET. But, sadly, the first online update of Windows 10 on the same has ran my machine out of memory and is not letting itself installed, as Windows itself has taken around 18 GB installation on Drive. I can completely understand that one cannot expand internal memory of the kind of Hard Drive fitted in the same. However, I request someone to suggest me the best one out of below options to tackle this problem: a - Downgrade OS to Windows 7, with a hope to save some space on windows installation. However, do advise if the touch drivers are available for the same and the link to download them as well. b - It is possible to boot this laptop from external Hard Drive of Segate with 1 TB Space? If so, then I will install Windows 10 on the same and format internal Hard Disk. c - Can I clone or move Windows instalation from C Drive to external Hard Drive (Seagate 1 TB, marked as D Drive on my PC) and format internal Hard Disk post that, making external one as primary source of booting? Please help as I want to stick to this laptop as my primary device.
Hi ,Since one year i am using HP Pavillion 15-p202ne laptop. today morning i tried to switch on the laptop, its not working. Yesteday night also i used the laptop, and i nkept overnight charging, forgot to remove the charger. i am not understanding what happend to laptop. charger is working but light is not coming when connected to the laptop. Can you suggest me how to solve the problem
hi  i have installed this utility but not been able to understand how it works .... plz anyone who could help me in this regard thanks
Hello,I am facing problems in loading any videos whether it is online on a website like Youtube or offline videos which are previously stored on the hard disk of the computer. On youtube it is showing error like an error occured, please try again later along with some playback id number. If I restart the laptop sometimes videos start working. I just got this ENVY X360 laptop 3 months ago and is under my warranty period. Can anyone please help me solve this problem? It would be a great help! I tried chatting with HP Support executive but that didn't help.Thank You.
I recently got my laptop when everything worked well and there was only one administrator account after a couple of days I installed software and when User account control window appeared the yes button had greyed out so I had to click No which can't proceed to the installation wizard. Now I am blocked from installing software, I can't run anything as administrator and I cant even play multiplayer games because it needs the allowance of my PC to public network which requires administrator permissions. Please help me.
A few months ago I upgraded my Windows 7 Pro to Windows 10 Pro via the free upgrade promotion. For the first few months I experienced absolutely zero problems. A few days ago, the "Activate Windows" watermark appeared on my screen. Upon checking my activation settings I got a notification saying that I don't have a valid digital license or product key - which makes no sense, since I got the digital license directly from Microsoft. Below is an image of the window.

The troubleshooter gave me the following message:

I also tried to reinstall Windows 10 Pro, but every time it stopped at 40% progress for the following reason:

Some other notes:

Before all this happened, I received a notification that my C: Drive needed to be repaired. I ran the drive repair utility which stated that the repair was successful. This happened about a day before I started having problems.

The only hardware change I've made since upgrading was a new GPU, with a clean install on its drivers.

I don't recall which (if any) Microsoft account I linked this digital license to. I haven't been logging into Windows with a Microsoft account.

My previous version of Windows was Windows 7 Pro 64-bit, which I still do have the product key for.

I received remote assistance from a Microsoft technician, but he wasn't able to resolve my issue. He did give me a Windows 10 Pro product key which didn't work when entered in activation settings.
Are my system files corrupt? Anything else I should tr... Read more
Guys plz help me , when im installing my window it stuck on setup is starting but after 15 min it run n came on window is installing but then it stuck on expanding window anyone help me how to fix it
I bought a low budget pre-built computer about a year ago. The specs:

System: AMD FX-4130 3.80GHz Quad-Core | 760G | 8GB DDR3 | 1TB HDD Genuine Windows 8.1 64-Bit
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GT610 1GB Video Card | 24X DVDRW Dual-Layer Drive | Audio: 7.1 Channel | Gigabit LAN Keyboard and Mouse
Expansion Bays/Slots Total(Free): 3(2) Ext. 5.25" | 4(3) Int. 3.5/2.5" | 1(1) PCI | 1(1) PCI-E x1 | 1(0) PCI-E x16 2(1) DIMM 240P
Connectivity: 4x USB 3.0 | 2x USB 2.0 | 1x RJ-45 Network Ethernet 10/100/1000 | Audio | 1x HDMI | 1x DVI 1x VGA
Chassis: Gaming Mid-Tower w/450 Watt Power Supply
I was wondering if it would be possible to replace the current graphics card with a EVGA gtx 750Ti 2GB without replacing any of the other parts
On November 21, Fengtao Software introduces the 1st official release of its next generation DVDFab product line ? the all-new DVDFab 10

The developers at Fengtao Software never stop brining innovations to its multimedia backup software. Accompanying the release of the next-gen DVDFab 10, the company surprises all of us by unveiling a somewhat shrank down version of DVDFab 10, but with a new name code as DVDFab Mini, and also a mobile application called DVDFab Remote for users to monitor the real-time task progress information of DVDFab 10 on their smart phones.
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: AMD A8-5550M APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics, AMD64 Family 21 Model 19 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 7386 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 8550G, 768 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 672 GB (540 GB Free); D: 23 GB (2 GB Free);
Motherboard: Hewlett-Packard, 198B
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Enabled and Updated

When I open Origin it starts an update for the sims 4 and gets to 523.89mb of 2.02gb and freezes my whole computer where I have to restart it by the power button. ctrl,alt,del wont work either will ctrl, shift, esc. I have uninstalled origin several times, I have done a restore point, ran virus scans, ran chkdsk, defrag and they all came back saying the pc is running great. other games like star trek online works and so do movies, web browsing and my music. I have chatted with origin(ea) and they want me to open origin even after I explain what that will do. It was working just fine the past few days and when I opened it today is when all my problems started. I am trying to play the sims 4 and origin says there is an update but that's about as far as I get before it freezes. I have also tried it on my administrator screen and in safemode with the same results. I am hoping someone can help me.
Hello, I recently bought a Lenovo P50 (64GB RAM, Intel Xeon E3-1505M, NVIDIA Quadro M2000M 4GB) with 4k monitor and a dock station to it.When I'm trying to connect an external 4k monitor (BenQ BL2420U) over DP the monitor does not show anythig - "No signal".I've tried:  - 3 different DP cables;  - updated nvidia drivers;  - changed settings in BIOS from Hybrid to Discrete;  - tried to change resolution or to swith to 30Hz from 60, nothing worked; The monitor is detected by the laptop I can change settings but no output is visible.  It worked with DVI cable but only in 1080p mode.Could you please help me to troubleshoot this problem.Thank you.
Dear Lenovo,seeing that you have completely messed up the Design of the W530 here is my recommendations for features to be included your next mobile Workstation: A 19:10 display with either an IPS 1920x1200 Display or an 2880x1800 (so called retina) Display (offer both). A 16:9 display on a workstation is a joke. Nobody buys a proper mobile Workstation (>$3000 with max memory and large SSD) as a mobile DVD player. I would happily spend an extra $1000 for a good display resolution so stop trying to save a couple of dollars by offering a resolution that is useless for >90% of workstation users.If you need some insight to the type of work done with your workstation:CAD: The ideal working area for CAD is a actually square, else you are liable to take wrong design decisions and make mistakes because you see the sides better than what lies above or below. Even if you place quite a number of toolboxes at the sides a view on a 16:9 screen always ends up rectangular and offers less hight than the old 1600x1200 screensPHOTOGRAPHERS: The ratio in standard analog (35mm) film was 2:3 which has been largely adapted by digital cameras. Again, even if you are working on a landscape picture and placing all your tools at the sides 16:9 is very far from the ideal retio.MOVIE PRODUCTION: One would think that 16:9 is ideal for the production of films, but for editing it is not. Usually timelines are added above or below the output area. On 16:10 at least some of this space was provided... Read more
I tried to turn on my laptop and the led light near earphone jack is on for few seconds then it turn off. I removed the battery thenpressed the power button on for 30 seconds and it still won't turn on. I think the fan got burned or there is power button issue. Any suggestion??
I hope someone can help.yesterday my laptop was broken.the store say motherboard is the problem.But i change the hard drive using an old hard drive that have installed windows 7 32bit and it worked but the problem is if i using mouse and touchpad the mouse arrow not move on the monitor .at the f12 led goes red.
I'm using an external ssd (sandisk 480gb extreme 500) and when transferring from usb 3.0 I can only get speeds of 30MB/s ... need this to be faster for video editing the ssd inside is not that good (pm810 ssd 128gb) but i get speeds of 200 - 300 MB/s when copy pasting files...  I tried new drivers for the USB 3.0 ports (which both work identically) but no good, any suggestions? Is the comp just busted? Any other drivers I should try? Thanks 
I hope someone can help me with the following.... I have Thin clients (MT42 and T620 and T630) and want the users to use the Easy shell. The problem is that I want the user to save their WIFI personal SSID and to connect to cellular connections. In the Easy shell there is no posibility to do so. The SSID won't be remebered and you can't connect to the cellular card. Without the Easy shell the cellular problem is gone and is useable again. The SSID problem still remains. How can I configure this that it works (UWF settings ?).. ?
I was in The process of trying to remove a 268d3 Microsoft Popup that had locked up my laptop and was trying to restart in Safe Mode. On the first attempt, I powered it on then repeatedly kept pressing the F8 key. Lots of start options came up, but none for starting in safe mode with networking. I pressed esc and I powered it off. 2nd attempt I did 't hit the F8 key fast enough and starting Windows came up, so I shut it off again. The third attempt I pressed the F8 key before I hit the power button and after some beeps, I got a message windows would 't start and was searching for a resolution. After that a pop-up came up asking to perform a system restore. I cancelled it, because I didn't want to lose all my pictures, etc. Then HP Recovery Manager popped up with several options and I selected Backup as precaution. It began creating a backup, showing the files and the percentage of progress. Then it suddenly started the process all over again, going much faster, but showing 0 percent for at least 10-15 minutes then after 9% a Popup came up saying HP Recovery Manager failed. Error FFFFFF14. On the portion of the file under the Popup it showed D:\Users. Someone please help me ASAP!!! I'm paralyzed with fear that I'm going to lose all my precious pictures and files. I have a LaCie 1T External Hard Drive that Genie 9 Timeline Home 2015 backs up to and also the Cloud service Sugar Sync. I don't know if the virus or whatever it is has infected those backups or not. I have researched... Read more
Hey guys, I've been getting constant BSODs for the last few months any time I play a game or even when I open a lot of tabs on google chrome. Some of the error messages I have experienced are:

These crashes happen when the PC is under any kind of stress at all, and sometimes just happen completely randomly. I tried running an sfc scan but got an error at 18%, saying "Windows resource protection cannot perform the requested operation." After I got this, I tried running a chkdsk on my SSD where windows is installed, and that came up negative for any corruption or failure. I then tried swapping out the RAM for some similar Samsung RAM I had around that I could verify was working properly, but this did not aid the problem at all. If you guys could analyze any of the dmp files or just give me some advice into sorting this issue I would be elated, but for the last few months I have just forced myself to live with this unstable system due to lack of the necessary finances to replace components. Thanks
cant run it, or group policy to fix it.
  After a system crash, my friend installed a different os. I want to format it so it will revert back to its original factory settings. I've downloaded all drivers from this site but not sure if eRecovery will work on a different os.Can anyone help? Thanks.
I have a keyboard problem  that I thought a bios might fix but my bios is to old to update to the newest one. In the readme it says I need to update to C7CN27WW before I can update to the newest 30  I cant find a download link any help woulf be great.
Dear All,
In my laptop there were two drives. C and E. Yesterday suddenly I found there another new drive ?ESP(F)?. I have no Idea what is this and how it created and how to get rid off. Please help me to resolve the issue.

I have a problem to set my user account to automatic logon. i have enter user account but this "the Users Must Enter A User Name And
Password To Use This Computer" is not visible in it. what should i do? can someone help me with this problem? Thanks!!
HP Pavillion Slimline s5713w, Win 7When trying to run HP Support Assistant I got an Error and it said to update this program.  I went online and it said to uninstall HP Support Assistant and reinstall the updated version.  I went to my program uninstall in Contral Panel and when I tried to uninstall I got Error 1316.A "Network error occured while attempting to read from C:\Windows\Installer\HPsupportAssistant.msi" Now what?
My computer recently downloaded the last version of Windows 10. After completing the download I noticed that my beats audio app was no longer avaiable on my laptop. I'm currently on a HP ENVY 17-j021nr. Any help downloading/finding the proper drivers would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!
I have had my HP Pavilion model number 17-fo84ca for less than 2 years.  A week ago it started to randomly restart itself every 10 mins or so. Furthermore there is a red x by the internet and it says no networks avaible even though there is. Any help is much needed
Task Manager shows CPU usage constantly above 50% while doing nothing.
Looking at processes, all I see is chrome.exe using 60,000 - 140,000K memory (it continually varies) and between 02 - 12 CPU usage.

Currently, while I write this post Task Manager shows this information:
CPU Usage: 55 - 85%
Physical Memory: 42%

Physical Memory (MB)
Total 4061
Cached 1721
Available 2337
Free 677

I ran a Kaspersky scan and also a Malwarebytes one and nothing showed up.

I followed few recommendations from the web, but nothing worked.

Please help,
Dual Trace
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            &n... Read more
Can ram for this laptop can be upgraded after purchase
Hi I have a Hp Envy Laptop...I love it but both hinges are coming apart. Where can I send it for repair....thank you
I purchased HP ENVY 15-Q 473 CL Manufacturer refurbished product on eBayAfter buying it, the seller may have no GTX 950 M graphics cardHP ENVY 15 - Q 473 CL Manufacturer There is a possibility that there is no GTX 950 M graphics card for refurbished products?If there is no graphics card, there is no reason to purchaseI will return it.So please contact us
HP 450 G2 Probook continually flickers WIFI and MUTE buttons as soon as power charger connected.  Unit will not turn on. Can someone help?  I cannot find any HP trouble shooting information for this model that describes this condition. Thank you all. I have tried already methods of disconnecting power and holding power for 15 secs + with no help.
Initially, the hp 15 touchscreen notebook seemed to startup ok but there was no display. The wireless indicator went from red to white, that's what made me think it was running without a displayed image. So, I connected an hdmi cable to my tv and had a desktop image on the TV only. Next I went to WINDOWS MOBILITY in control panel and noticed the brightness level for the notebook screen was set to minimum, but adjusting it higher didn't change anything.  I left the notebook on while I ran some errands. After I returned it was off and the notebook would not startup. Both the CAPS LOCK and F12 LEDS blink after pressing PWR button. I have tried a hard reset with same result. I'm not sure what the actual blink pattern is. Any ideas at all.
My problem began when the sound was starting to get distorted, i tried some things but nothing worked so I uninstalled Realtek HD audio, then came here to find the software and install it again. But when the installation was complete i no longer had the Beats Audio software, and now the sound comes from the speakers and the headphones at the same time. I did the same thing, uninstall Realtek and then installed again, but nothing happens.Now, how do I get the Beats Audio Software again? and How do I fix the sound coming from the speakers and headphones? 
Hi--My Pavilion G6 stopped working and the usual Windows7 recover options didn't work, so I sent away for a Windows 7 USB stick recovery kit from HP.  Following the included instructions, the notebook boots up off of the recovery stick, and gets part way through the recovery process but then displays this error: "Windows cannot find 'F:\System.sav\Util\Rstone.exe' Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again." This was an automated process, so there could not have been a typing error. I tried the process several times, but can't get past this point.  Does anyone have any advice on how to proceed? Thanks!
Version:1.0 StartHTML:000000197 EndHTML:000096203 StartFragment:000095752 EndFragment:000096039 StartSelection:000095752 EndSelection:000096039 SourceURL:https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl google translate - ??? Google?I have a problem in a sleep mode in the old operating system the devices works efficiently but when I changed the operating system seemed to show some of the problems, such as when the closure device power button still lighted and some times sleep mode sometimes does not work
Most of my HP laptops include HP Drive Encryption which I've found to be a great toolBut last week I was pointed to an HP advisory c05225576 Advisory: HP Computers - HP Drive Encryption Is Not Supported for Windows 10 Anniversary Update Which states that we can't continue to use the HP Drive Encyption tool with the latest update to W10. It advises switching to Microsoft's Bitlocker. Bitlocker as you might be aware is currently subject to some securitry concerns. But then today I see an HP Support email alert with advisory c05348215 Advisory: HP PCs - BitLocker Hardware Encryption Not Supported for Self-Encrypting Drives Which states that the HW encryption built into HP laptops can't be used with Bitlocker. So what are we supposed to use?I bought this Laptop in June of this year, it's not like it's old.
Several years ago I build my own external hard drive. Bought a powered case and tossed a 500GB drive in it. The drive was already "old" at that time, and now a decade has gone by. I've both my wife's and my own cd collections (around 1000 albums) ripped to Mp3 format, a few are Flac as my wife had an ipod as well. I did the same with my daughter's Wii by jailbreaking it so I could store all her games on an old hard drive. She's more or less out grown the Wii, which is a good thing, since the external drive I'd built for that died. She's more interested in playing Borderlands with daddy now at age 13.

So here's the meat of my question. The drive with all the music on it is starting to make "clicking" sounds occasionally, just like the external drive on our Wii did. Currently I'm not in the position to replace the music drive, and with 225GB used of the 500GB, it's not like I could afford to rent cloud space from Microsoft, Google or any other company offering cloud storage.

Other then just carefully packing the music hd away, is there anything else I could do to protect it until I get around to building or buying a new external drive? I have it connected to my laptop at the moment. I had a few movies stored on there, and I wanted to watch one. I know it's not a good idea to just turn a hard drive off, but I don't see an option to "unmount" this E: drive in Windows 10 file explorer. I'd hate to just unplug the usb cable and flip the power s... Read more
It started with one of the game apps not opening- rebooted and was fine. Today still no app so I uninstalled it. Thought I'd go the Windows Store to reinstall and now the Winsdow Store will not open.

I looked for fixes at Microsoft... was directed to Powershell and type: ExecutionPolicyUnrestrictedAdd- Package-DisableDevelopmentMode-Register SEnv:SystemRoot\WinStore\AppxManifest.xml

I have to confess... I am not a tech in the least so I do not know if what I typed was done correctly... besides it didn't work. Got message to the effect that it does not exist.

I cleared cache and checked date and time = all OK

Please advise.
Hi all, I have not yet removed the (green-tinted transparent) plastic cover from the side of my P50.  I am talking about the one that covers my Expresscard and SD card slots.  I had initially not known that the Expresscard slot has a spring-loaded door on it, and was keeping the plastic on as a dust cover (especially since it doesn't cover the vent) until I had something to populate the slot.  However, over Thanksgiving Weekend, I noticed that the Expresscard does, in fact, have a spring-loaded closure.  The SD slot (halfway cut into the slope on the bottom) has a rather big opening (because of the slope of the plastic.) (Please see the pictures:  http://oi68.tinypic.com/10f2492.jpg,  http://oi68.tinypic.com/r7qcr5.jpg,  http://oi64.tinypic.com/33d8109.jpg,  http://oi63.tinypic.com/egsi6c.jpg, and http://oi64.tinypic.com/jrxmav.jpg)My concern is dust, crumbs, and random debris getting in and harming something. My question is:Is it worth the bother of plugging an external SD card reader into a USB port to keep dust out of that SD card slot?  Should I populate that slot with an SD-to-micro-SD adapter to plug the hole, and then just swap it out for a SD chip when I need to, not worrying about safely removing the adapter, as it isn't a memory-storage device?Or should I just go ahead, remove the plastic, and not worry about dust, etc potentially building up inside it? Thanks very much!

-... Read more
I am not a gamer.

For image editing, which is the more reliable graphics card, DDR3 or GDDR5 ?

I have a GDDR5 in one machine that is not reliable at all and has been nothing but a nightmare. (invidia/EVGA)

Thank you.
Hello, Im new here and quite ignorant in the subject at hand, so bear with me please.

Im trying to recover the data using DDrescue (with Ubuntu Remix LIVE CD via USB pen) from a friend's disk that was dropped and now wont open. The disk is a WD Elements SE 500gb (almost full). I'm trying to image the failed drive into a new one of 1TB, using the command sudo ddrescue -r 1 /dev/sdc image log (the new 1TB drive was already mounted)

1) First of all Im almost certain its one of those disk with USB-SATA bridge integrated, and AFAIK it's impossible to do anything with the image that ddrescue eventually produces. If this is the case is my only option something like Photorec? I already tried it and got some files but the time is took was incredible. Something like 2.7MB took 6m45s; 1MB took 3m20s; and in a really bad part a little image of 40Kb took 6m30s

2) To open the casing of the bad drive and to rest the disks and PC, can I stop the process and resume it safely? Ive notice that everytime I unplug and plug back-on the drives, the assigned letters change, for example: Bad Disk is C: and New Disk is D: but if I unplug them and restart the computer the next time they will have changed the letters like Bad Disk is now D: and New Disk is now C:
So Im afraid that running the same command sudo ddrescue -r 1 /dev/sdc image log will conflict with something and in a worst case scenario write on the bad disk overwritting the very same data in trying to recover.

3) Im running DDres... Read more