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Hi,I'm trying to update my firmware following the ubuntu updater, but every time I reboot it gives me an error and reset without making any changes. I'm trying to apply this update https://fwupd.org/lvfs/device/com.lenovo.ThinkPadN2EHT.firmware I've tried even by command line, but everything it seems fine except when you reboot to upgrade the firmware. What am I doing wrong? 
I have an X1 Carbon 2nd gen with a motherboard that just failed on me. I've ordered a new X1 Carbon 7th gen, but I need to pull the data off the hard drive of the 2nd generation.  It's the original 256 GB SSD drive. What's the best/easiest solution to do so? I guess I'm looking at some kind of external case or hookup/adapter to another computer, but no idea what specifically I should be looking at. Specific product or link to it would be a big help. Thanks!
any one have an idea what can cause this problem?best regards
Hello I am new here and am having a serious problem with my MSI laptop it keeps hard crashing with a blue screen and when it boots up it gets stuck in the aptio boot setup menu. And when it does get past it after a while even if nothing is running it crahes again with the same problem can someone please help. Also I am really bad with computers so I will need alot of explaining if you know how to help.
Today after opening my laptop again, for some reason the brightness is now refusing to change. The slider still shows that I am indeed adjusting the brightness but it's not actually changing. Charger plugged in or not, it's not working. This issue has never occured before even the night before, until I booted it up today. I installed an update two days ago, but after the update the brightness was still adjustable. Restarting the laptop didn't resolve it.
Hi,Recently, my monitor randomly getting yellowish. Something like night mode in windows' setting, but the problem is not about it. Because when my monitor is yellowish and the laptop going in night mode, it goes more yellowish. My night mode works fine.So I searched a little and find "paper display" may cause this problem. But I didn't find the option in my "Lenovo Companion".Another tip is when I go to "Color management" and clicking on "Reload current calibration",  the yellowish problem disappears, and after a while, it comes again.Also, when I connect a USB device, the yellowish screen coms again.
Hi Lenovo,I bought a V330 in VietNam, and the keyboard is a non-backlit one. Then I want to replace it with a backlit keyboard, but when I aksed the warranty centre here, they asked me to confirm that whether my computer is availabe with the backlit keyboard or not.My MTM: 81AX00MCVN. Please help me to confirm that I could replace my non-backlit keyboard with the backlit one.
I set my external monitor as my main display and use the hybrid graphics option. I will get lag spikes when using firefox, transitioning between programs, etc. I looked at this link and saw that it's an issue with using hybrid graphics. Is there any way to fix the lag when using hybrid graphics?
I have 2 Lenovo Thinkpads P50 running Windows 10, latest update. The camera freezes on both. Both in the native Camera app and things like Skype. The camera will take an image, there will be a fraction of a second of movement, then the image freezes and stays. I can refresh and it will take a new image, but never a video. I have current drivers and there are no notifications in Device Manager. Both laptops have shown this behavior for about a week.I have found this problem mentioned in the forum, but there are no solutions (one guy said replacing his hard drive fixed it. I am hoping for a simpler solution).Any suggestions?
I have a Dell N7010 laptop and a Moto g Android phone updated to Android 9

Even before the update I turn on the hotspot on the phone and it connects to the laptop the laptop says " connected internet access " but I cannot get on the internet

the only internet I have is on my phone I
do not have Wi-Fi or anything else here

in order to update my laptop which I tried with new drivers I have to go to a public Wi-Fi hotspot and my laptop has no problem connecting to Lowe's home improvement Wi-Fi which is great
but I cannot use my phone as a hotspot and get my laptop to connect to the internet which I really really really need.

Does anyone know why and can help me ???
Purchased my laptop from Amazon seller about a year ago. Black horizontal line started to show up about 6 months ago. It is only getting worse. This gets really annoying as the line is almost quarter of an inch down the screen and stretches across the whole screen now. Wondering if this can be fixed and if Lenovo offers any repairs? Wouldn't expect such issue to happen to a brand new laptop, and I understand I'm in a situation where I bought this laptop from Amazon that I don't have anywhere to go. This issue seems to be design flaw/defect from manufacturer and not misuse by the buyer.Please advise
Article on enhancing Win 10 security

Nifty new feature that comes with Win 10 1903

How to Enable the Windows 10 Tamper Protection Security Feature


With the release of the Windows 10 May 2019 Update, Microsoft introduced a new security feature called Tamper Protection that protects security settings for Windows Defender antivirus from being disabled by malware or third-party programs.

When enabled, Tamper Protection will only allow Windows Defender related settings to be changed when done through the Windows Security settings screen. If a program, such as malware, or even PowerShell tries to change security settings or Microsoft Defender preferences, Tamper Protection will block the settings from being modified.

Due to this, Tamper Protection is an integral part of the Windows 10 security environment and should be enabled by all users for increased security and protection from malicious programs. Click to expand...

Directions follow in the article on how to enable.

edit: I just checked mine and found it was already enabled.
Help. After a lot of Win-10 updates the past 2 months, the battery will not charge. Its an original genuine Lenovo battery. Message comes up saying its not authorized. I found some old info on this for win8 but nothing yet related to win-10 0319. I have a 20251 G700. Lenovo will not help on this PC its very old. Any help here will be very welcome!
Hi,  Recently I updated video driver on X1E (20MF) and now 2nd display is experiencing random issues with youtube playing in fullscreen mode. Sometimes white balance will fly off as if VR mode was forced on.  I'd like to roll back but it cannot be done through device manager.  I wonder if I can find older version of the driver somewhere. Thanks!
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home Single Language, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 1005M @ 1.90GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 58 Stepping 9
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 8074 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics, -1984 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 464 GB (257 GB Free);
Motherboard: TOSHIBA, Portable PC
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Enabled and Updated

Hello, I'm having problems and I'm hoping you can point me in the right direction. Every single program I try to open on my laptop says "Not responding" for several seconds up until several minutes before reloading and usually works the second time. It's very time consuming and I cannot seem to figure out an answer. I have a Satellite C55T-A5222 running Windows 10 Home Single Language. My drivers are up to date, I've repeatedly ran Disk Defragmenter, and DISM says everything restored. My taskbar also keeps freezing my entire computer until it finishes flashing and reopening. Malwarebytes says there's no viruses, ADWcleaner doesn't find anything either. I've replaced my harddrive and reinstalled Windows, still having issues. Please help!!
This issue happened 30 minutes ago and I don?t know what to do, I have a Lenovo think pad yoga 260. I was doing some work on it and once I was done I closed it and put it into sleep zone, 5 minutes later I come and it doesn?t turn on the button nothing is helping I tried plugging it in and that didn?t help. Don?t know what to do any help? thank youamir
My PC dram light is on and it won't boot I've moved around the ram in all possible configurations to spray my PC and rebuilt it and nothing changes can someone help.
Hey Guys,I recently upgraded from an X220 i5 2nd gen to a T460 i7 6th gen Vpro. I am having issues with windows/Linux lagging. Note that I have used these systems both as the main system and dual-booted them. I have 1TB of HDD and 8G of RAM. I am so sure my X220 was way faster and less laggy and this is frustrating because I have made such a huge upgrade in search of better performance. I have reinstalled the OS multiple times and nothing works. I am not sure if this caused by the HDD, I am thinking an SSD might solve the problem, but as of now I don't have the money to get an SSD, what is surprising is that the x220 (320gb HDD) was significantly faster and it had more programs on it than I have right now. All my drivers are up to date...  If anyone has any thoughts PS. I am currently travelling abroad and I am in Costa Rica. I am not also sure if my warranty is covered internationally, I have tried to check but I can't find anything. 
Hi and thanks in advance.

All of a sudden Chrome will not display a couple of weather maps that I frequently use and another is behaving oddly. This is an example of one of the error messages...

Map Not Available
The interactive map is not available on this browser at this time. Please try a different browser or update your current browser to the latest version.

The other site is a local weather map that has slowed way down.

These sites work on MS Edge and FireFox. I primarily use Chrome and would like to fix it if possible. I've tried clearing the cache and cookies, using default settings, as well as enabling and adding the sites for Flash and Java. Didn't change the problems at all.

Thanks again!
So I'm rebuilding my computer. New graphics card, fans, cpu...the works. After installing it all to my new motherboard and starting it up, the keyboard and mouse no longer work. More specifically, I'm pretty sure the USB on the back panel doesn't work at all. What's frustrating is that they work long enough for me to get into BIOS, but after that they stop working. Any ideas on how I can fix this.

CPU: Intel i3-9300
Motherboard: Intel z390-a pro
Graphics card: AMD R9 580

Something else I think might be an issue is that I'm running Windows 7 and I think the CPU is optimized for Windows 10. I don't know if this could at all he an issue or not
I entered the wrong PIN for the pre-boot Bitlocker prompt. It's now requiring me to enter a recovery key which I don't have (no print out, no file, no Microsoft account).  I've read various articles stating what the lockout duration is ranging from 2 to 62 hours, but that with TPM 1.2, which the W530 has, the hardware manufacturer can set the duration to whatever they want.  I tried re-entering the PIN after waiting two hours, then again after 12 hours, but it still says it's incorrect -- however, I know without a doubt that it is the correct PIN, so I'm guessing TPM is still in lockout mode. So that I'm not waiting for nothing, can someone confirm what Lenovo sets the TPM lockout duration to be?  Or will I absolutely need the recover key to proceed even though I know what the PIN is? 
my laptop a sony vaio VPCEB3E1E  will no longer detect the built in webcam and i have searched everywhere for the driver with no success any help would be greatly appreciated
How to connect via wireless the HP deskjet F4580 printer
I have a 4 year old self built PC running windows 10. It's a pretty high end gaming setup and I've have no issues with it until now. Last night it was sitting idle. It worked fine the last time i had been on it. I went to use it and I started noticing most web pages were not connecting and stating connection errors. Programs, settings, and other menu items were slow to open or would not open at all. I managed a speed test and my internet connection is fine. Antivirus programs would open but scans would not start. I tried to shut down and restart and it won't boot past the windows icon screen with the spinning wheel of death. It won't respond to attempts to start in boot menu, or bios. After a few tries to restart, it tries and fails to open the auto repair window. The screen just goes blank except for the mouse cursor. Didn't really sound like the cmos battery but I replaced it just to try. No luck. Any thoughts? I've never seen anything like this before and I'm out of ideas.


This issue has been plaguing me for a month. I have had the same Microsoft password for years. Suddenly, my HP Envy started to not accept my Microsoft password, saying it was incorrect. Although, my other devices (tablet and iPhone) accepted it and would log me in. So, I changed my Microsoft password and that didn?t work either. Does anyone have any solutions that have proven effective for this very problem? Thanks
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4460 CPU @ 3.20GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 60 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 8108 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 919 GB (771 GB Free);
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 088DT1
Antivirus: Avast Antivirus, Enabled and Updated

Is there a safe place to download a free copy of Windows 10 that will work on this computer?
i am having a heck of a time figuring this out. my formula in my cell is "=IF(I$1=1,"",Estimate!L5)" but I am getting an #N/A. i would like it to be zero if #N/A. can anyone help me with this.
i have the same proble to pc can someone help me with that?
When I ran UserBenchmark on my new Lenovo to test if it works correctly, I got the notice that: "CPU throttled at 88% by Windows. Ensure maximum processor state is set to 100% via Settings > System > Power & sleep > Additional power settings > Change plan settings > Change advanced power settings > Processor power management > Maximum processor state. " https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/19397536 However, that setting is already at 100%. I reset the power plan settings to be sure, but it did not work: I ran the test two more times and each time the CPU throttled at exactly 88% again:https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/19397664https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/19397929 Now, obviously the Intel Core i5-8265U is still not a slow CPU but I think there is a bug somewhere. The laptop was connected to power in all benchmarks and is running the latest 2.04 BIOS.
Hello... I have a Lenovo Thinkpad W500, purchased some years ago. It was running Windows 7 Pro. Any discs that might have come with it are long lost. I made the disastrous decision to upgrade to Windows 10. To do this, I used "Create Windows 10 installation media" from this this link. I put it on a USB flash drive, configured my W500 BIOS to load from "USB HDD" first, and proceeded.  After several attempts, it finally managed to load what appears to be Windows 10 (clean install w/o Product Key, for now) to the point where I gave it my Micosoft ID and it even loaded the correct wallpaper photo, etc, and there was a Taskbar which briefly appeared before hiding. But after that, nothing... integrated mouse touchpad unresponsive (in fact, no arrow pointer on screen at all).  I know the mouse pad is working, because if I insert the "W10 installation media" flash drive, I can select "Repair PC" instead of "Install W10" can then get a command prompt (with a arrow pointer that moves around). But none of the other options seem to work (it detects none of my W7 recovery partitions, W7 Restore points... nothing. Startup repair reports back nothing. I don't think I am eligible for Lenovo Recovery Media, as the eligibility page does not recognize my Thinkpad S/N. At this point, I'd be happy to just re-install W7 (I have a valid Product Key), but I can't even "Submit digital download recovery order" since Lenovo won't recognize my S/N. At this po... Read more
A few days ago my computer wouldn?t start up at all, so I opened it up and messed around and figured that my PSU was probably burnt out. So I ordered a brand new one and tested it with just the 24 pin and 4 pin cpu connectors. Still not a single noise, so I?m assuming the CPU is the problem. Is there a simple fix to this or do I need to buy a whole new CPU?
Hi. Just migrated to W10 and could enter the computer several times w/o problems during migration. Then suddenly at log in the password is not recognised and I cannot enter the laptop! ABSOLUTELY DESPERATE FOR HELP!!
I was told to post the whole report in the forums to find help so that I can get peak performance and the laptop not recognise the battrey here the report

Power Efficiency Diagnostics Report

Computer Name

Scan Time

Scan Duration
60 seconds

System Manufacturer
ASUSTeK Computer Inc.

System Product Name


BIOS Version

OS Build

Platform Role

Plugged In

Process Count

Thread Count

Report GUID

Analysis Results

Power Policy:Power Plan Personality is High Performance (On Battery)

The current power plan personality is High Performance when the system is on battery power.

Power Policy:Display timeout disabled (On Battery)

The display is not configured to turn off after a period of inactivity.

Power Policy:Sleep timeout is disabled (On Battery)

The computer is not configured to automatically sleep after a period of inactivity.

Power Policy:802.11 Radio Power Policy is Maximum Performance (On Battery)

The current power policy for 802.11-compatible wireless network adapters is not configured to use low-power modes.

Power Policy:PCI Express ASPM is disabled (On Battery)

The current power policy for PCI Express Active State Power Management (ASPM) is configured to Off.

P... Read more
I have a dell inspiron 8100 that is pretty old and never been messed with! Yesterday I somehow installed Windows xp onto it. It does not have WiFi built into it but I'm wondering is there some way I can connect to internet using like a Ethernet cable or something from the laptop into my router. Is this possible and if so how do I do it. I no nothing about this stuff and any help would b greatly appreciated!
My Lenovo G770 is Power Light and Fan are ON (5 seconds) and closed automatically. Please Help me......
Hi, Getting a tad exasperated and wondered if anyone else has had/ resolved this issue. X1 Carbon 6th Gen. Windows 10 Enterprise - all drivers up to date, all BIOSs latest version (docks and laptop). Works wonderfully for the first couple of hours in the morning and then will start disconnecting and reconnecting to the dock. All I've found in the Event logs so far suggest that the power source has changed 'and was handled successfully'. It will do this for approximately 5 minutes and then will settle down and work fine for the rest of the day. I've two docks. At work I use a Thunderbolt 3 dock with 2 x 27" monitors. At home I use an Ultra dock with 2 x 24" monitors. This happens on both.  So far I've re-installed Windows and the drivers in case it was software related. Given it started doing this out of the box I raised a support call with Lenovo and they eventually diagnosed it was the X1 having a hardware fault. I now have a new X1 Carbon 6th gen and it does the same thing! I'm at a loss to what to try next so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Phil
suddenly my laptop got hang and stuck on boot menu, i choose every choice but got looping again and again, and cant get on to windows. pls help me, what should i do and sorry for my broken english
Hello guys!I have finally bought a M.2 SSD to my laptop- WD Blue SN500 and i have some doubts in what to do to reinstall a new windows on the SSD, and so i don't find any Forum talking concretely in what to do it and many people with doubts as well.So after dropping the Windows into the USB drive, what do i need to do? Which BIOS seetings do i need to  implement to the System boot through ssd and so the windows? I want to keep the HDD on it, it's better to Disconnect it while i reinstall the windows and so i connect it after? Or it's ok in keeping it inside as well with the ssd?I would really appreciate if someone could help me.Thanks!
Hi there!!Here is a new and extremely rare issue  "I forget my BIOS password"     After looking for all possibles solutions, all official answers says the same solution, basically "...BIOS Password can only be reset by replacing the Motherboard..." and also "...no master password or magic back door..."BUT I'm triying to remember the password (I put a password for access protection to camera, the laptop was used by a minor!!!)I need to have EXACT address (rules) for write the password, i.e.Min and Max length?Case sensitive? Auto-answer = yes (please, confirm)Valid characters? Numbers, letters, special chars... (what chars?)... (others) Laptop:Lenovo B590Model Name: 3761 (37613EG)BIOS (if apply): H9ET74ww (1.11)Thanks in advance!!  
i tryed doing something on my own(taking free space from D and putting it in C)and i broke something at first mistake:i got D empty second: D is missing theres no D in my computer i used a lot of programs too make it D formate it and i do it and CRASH and over and over when i try other things with unlocated space(D).
Pls help!
Windows 10
Hi everyone, i'm having an intemittent problem between my Tiny M720q and my 2010 Toshiba HDTV via HDMI. Occasionally, if I turn on the Toshiba first then I cold boot the PC I get a message on the Toshiba TV that there's no video signal. If I turn on the Tiny first, wait a few seconds then turn on the Toshiba HDTV, then I have a video signal. (Successful 98% of the time) Sometimes doing the above i.e. turn on M720q, wait a few seconds then turn on the TV will also result in no video. That's rare although it happened twice in a row this morning. I don't think it's a problem with the M720q as once I get past that quirk the display never loses a signal. So my question is, if this is just a HDMI Handshake quirk?
I believe that an update happened last night and when I turned on my computer this morning the mouse and external keyboard no longer work (except in bios and recovery settings) as well as the T-Pad buttons. I can still use the T-Pad to move the cursor but obviously can't click anything. The laptop keyboard also works. Can anyone suggest a way to fix this?
Currently I've tried booting into safe mode and my computer won't let me so I can't test that. I'm also uninstalling all recent updates.
I reformatted my PC, now when I try to load RE2 from steam it will not start, just acknowledges the command, does the circle for a few moments but never starts, doesn't make it to the load screen at all.

It USED to work, I have no clue what is going on.