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Is there any options to use my aio computer as a monitor and play games from xbox one or ps4?
Hi all,
My PC is :
4524e3u LENOVO M91P CORPORATE TOWER CI7-2600  3.4GHZ/16GB/320GB , full tower
I just bought it used and installed my old power supply (Enermax Noisetaker 420W), as the one that came with this PC sucks. I installed my old video card (x1900xtx), and it booted fine. But unfortunately it won't support Overwatch (crazy I know...).
I want to know the best possible video card I can purchase for this PC ($100-$210, I'm all about value), for gaming purposes.
I was thinking about

XFX Radeon R7 370 995MHZ 4GB Dual Dissipation GDDR5 HDMI 2XDVI PCI-EXPRESS 3.0 Video Card

, but I read some other threads related that some people's PCs wouldn't even boot with a R7 card.
My PSU does have an additional 6pin power supply.
Someone else said in another thread that the best video card could only be Nvidia 750 Ti. I hope this is not true.
Ultimately, I want to play Overwatch. 
Thanks all!
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Hi,I've got a new Lenovo Z50-75, with Windows 10 pro. When it is charging it is showing 1 min until fully charge, no metter the % ?! It is with the latest BIOS version from the Drivers page A4CN42WW. Where is the problem ?
Hello, I recently bought this laptop, and I'm having some problems. This was advertised as a gaming laptop, and for the games I play it should be more than adequate. However, in some of my more demanding games such as Armored Warfare(I play on medium settings) I get heavy throttling, drops from 60 fps to 30-40; when it drops it's heavy stuttering and lag, making it un-enjoyable to play. Also, half the time I can't even tell if it's using the dedicated or integrated GPU, even when I have my performance settings to MAX. It seems to be no option to switch off the intergrated GPU completely, since Mantle isn't really supported anyhow,  That being said, my main concern is the GPU throttling. Is there any solution, I noticed this is running on a 15w TDP according to CPU Z, that is very, very concerning to me. Is there any BIOS fix or anything I should be aware of, I don't want to return it, but I'm tempted to. 
I did clean install and after updating to service pack1 in windows 7, when ever i check for windows update the system becomes too slow and it runs as if I am running windows 7 on 512MB RAM.
What can be possible solutions?

I have a computer that runs Vista. I am trying to rips some store bought cd's. Some cd's I have no problem. Then there are others that are not being recognized. Any suggestions or solutions would be helpful.
Thanks, Darrell
Dear supprt. I was tryig to use Ghost to create an Image of a disk in a MP5810 PC. The ghost software was on Hiren's boot disk. The problem is that after loading the 'small winXP' from Hiren's the system will not see the main PC drive to back it up.In BIOS I have tried to change from AHCI to ID or RAID but on IDE I will get blue screen and the rest will not allow me to see the drive. I think it has something to do with the AHCI but not sure what needs to be chage. Generally bootable software after booting the PC from it will not be able to recognise the SSD. Thank you in advance for you help.
I have a HP Laptop Envy with core i7.  When I have the laptop resting on my lap, it is causing damage to my shirts.  It appears to be battery acid damage based on my experience with autos.  I have checked for a sharp or damaged part on the laptop that could be causing the proble, none found.  I now have numerous shirts with small holes near the waist.  Please any suggestions other than to work on a desk - I figured that one out.  The damage seems to be caused by the front of the laptop not the back by the battery compartment.
Hello, As the subject line mentions that I have HP Pavilion dv6t 7000 CTO quad core entertainment PC. I read in the maintenance guide that HMDI 1.4, which laptop has, supports 4k resolution. But for some reason when I connect my 4k TV to the laptop, the maximum I am getting is 1080p. How can I get 4k resolution?  
So, I am on an HP Envy Laptop and I thought I might switch to a dedicated gpu or whatever so that I can get more frames during games, etc. Its not necessary but I thought it might help me get more frames, because if you have a powerful Core i7 7th Gen then you might want to get a dedicated gpu for the frames. I do not know quite what GPU I should get, or if I even decide to get it. But first I wanted to ask, how do I do it? or Can I do it? if its "solded" to thr motherboard then bam, problem solved, I'll probably build, get a custom made, or just buy a good "gaming" desktop. Unless a laptop is possible, but by "gaming" in the quotes, I mean it to be fast enough for games like Overwatch, Minecraft, League of Legends, etc. Wondering if you can do it, but still not necessary but very helpful!   P.S Product Name clarification, its an HP Envy and the product number is 15-as133-clWhen I identified my laptop on HP identifier or something, it said exactly this:HP ENVY - 15-as133cl 
Hello. I want to change my wifi adapter in a notebook. Now, I have Ralink 3290. Can you recommend some wifi modules for my notebook. It could be Intel, Atheros or Broadcom.
i am not able connect to my internet since today morning.Please suggest what to do about it ??
I hope someone can help me. Bear with me through the explanation.A couple of months ago I started having trouble connecting to my wifi. At first I thought it may be my router or modem, but it wasn't bad. Would drop off the wifi but connect again on it's own. The last few weeks it had gotten worse to the point where no networks could be found.For the past two weeks I have followed the steos of uninstalling, and reinstalling the Realtek adapter, to no avail. I went out last night and bout a Belkin USB wifi adapter only to find it isn't compatible with windows 10. So I searched on the forum and used the recovery manager. I thought I was resetting the entire laptop to the way it was when I bought it. I clicked all the drivers to reinstall.The connectivity issue is solved but I keep getting a pop up that says "Sorry, but the HP document launching software could not be found. The operating system name of the image is Microsoft Windows 10 home."How do I get rid of that, and does that mean the documentation for my laptop is gone? Do I need the documentation? I am so lost right now. Hope someone can help. Thanks! 
Hello! if i've a OEM license where/how i can find an image of windows 7 home pro valid with my production key? 
Hello,I have a new computer.Today, after 3 days of use, suddenly a black screen apears while using the computer.the drive light is off and the only way to use the computer again is to restart it.Please help.
Hello! Gud evng evryone i just installed win 8.1 pro on my pc intel pentium dual core E2200 P1945GCM Motherboard .problem is that i dont know what kind of drivers is to be installed for graphics and chipset driver. . Please help me with this. . Please do provide the driver link dwnlds if any. .
i am unable to use other launchers.when i restart the phone it comes with its default launcher.accessibility goes off automatically.i cant protect my other apps with password protection as because it cleans all apps when i clean app from recent apps.such a ridiculous thing i have faced in lenovo.please help me out.i have not faced this issue in moto phone and micromax phone also.my phone model is lenovo vive k5.i have seen the same problem in lenovo vive p1m also.the default task manager kills every app. 

Screenshot_2016-12-03-21-22-06.png ?50 KB

Has anyone experienced using this Tor Project: Anonymity Online, FF based , I gave it a try seems like a good one.

Expert thoughts.....


I've been getting virus popups on my browsers lately, I tried using the malware removal guide this site has. But the "virus" still wasn't detected no matter what I did.

I also used: Windows Defender quick scan, BitDefender 2017 Full System Scan, Malwarebytes threat scan and full system scan (scanned all drives), RogueKiller (detected some PUMs and removed it but the popups were still there), Junkware Removal tool, all of the tools listed How to easily clean an infected computer (Malware Removal Guide) here (including Zemana Anti-malware), used MalwareBytes anti-rootkit tool even. Some of these scans were done in safe mode w/ networking aswell.

But the popup would still appear, it appears on my Internet Explorer and Steam Browser which don't have adblock on them, it doesn't seem to appear on Chrome though (as I have AdBlock installed on them, might explain why). I still feel unsafe with the popups so I'd love to get it removed if it's possible.

I don't know if this is important but I also saw a suspicious looking program/service in task manager called "7-zip standalone console" while I do NOT use 7-zip at all, when google'd I found Have a PUP that poses as a 7-zip standalone console in control manager. - Am I infected? What do I do? on the first results, so I have been feeling really paranoid about all of this lately.

I'd really appreciate any help I could get with this, thank you for taking your time... Read more
Microsoft Suspends Windows 10 Builds to Prepare New Windows Update System

Microsoft has temporarily suspended the delivery of new Windows 10 builds to insiders enrolled in the Fast and Slow rings, as the Windows team is internally working on the new Unified Update Platform that the company announced earlier this year.

Dona Sarkar, head of the Windows Insider program, said they are planning to internally test the new UUP system internally before shipping it to users who are part of the Insider program, so it?s not clear how long this is going to take.

What?s important to know is that users can no longer download new builds in the Fast and Slow rings for PCs. Mobile users are not affected.

?We are getting ready to start releasing PC builds to Insiders using UUP. To prepare for this, we are going to pause all PC builds for both the Fast and Slow rings starting this evening (Friday 12/2). We will begin flighting the latest builds via UUP starting with our internal rings first then to Insiders based on each ring?s promotion criteria. We?re excited to be able to release builds for PC to Insiders using UUP! Mobile builds are not impacted by this,? Dona explained.
What?s UUP?
For those who missed Microsoft?s original announcement on the Unified Update Platform, this is a new updating system that speeds up update checks and dramatically cuts the size of updates by only downloading the bits that you need, and not full new builds.

The delivery of large OS updates ... Read more
 I have an external hard drive purchased from Seagate Tech used for backup.  Tha program works on my Windows 7 laptop but on my Windows 8.1 the program can't find the external hard drive.  Can you Help?BBVXXN
I tried to install the HP Consumer Desktop Bios Update (Rom Family 821D) thee times without success.Also tried tointall the Intel HD graphics driver for Windows 10v1607 wihtout success.  Why do these updates fail to install. The computer is brand new. The outsourced support could not figure out the problem and wanted to charge me to fix it.  Nonesense. What to do?
My computer will not let me access the internet because it says i"m off line. I have rtried everthing I know of to get it back on line but nothing works, i'm trying to connect broadband. There used to be a menu bar that had as one of the options FILE and if I clicked on that it broiught up a list of choices one of which was work off line and if I unchecked that I would be back on line but it is no longer there either
Hello! I was hoping to get some further help on upgrading an older system's processor. Seems HP wont take an email query without a valid warranty. I hope someone here can guide me in the right direction.The help page list on site seems dated/incomplete. There's several processor models that say they are compatible with the AM3 socket, but don't show on the list here. Like the Bxx, or X6 versions of the Phenoms. Are these compatible? Is there a full list of current processors that I can use in this system?Thanks in advance, any help would be greatly appreciated. 


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Hi, So a couple of days ago I bought an OMEN 15 2016 with only M.2 512GB drive.Now I want to install additional 2.5" HDD for mass storage but I noticed the laptop doesn't come with the cable which connects to motherboard on one end and to SATA drive on the other end. I really need part number for this cable or information on where can I order one. Thanks in advance.
Hi, SMART Hard Disk Error The SMART hard disk check has detected an imminent failure.  Hard disk 1 (301) FAILURE ID:  Q37V6J-77R8AJ-MFPV7F-60AG03    Need help!!!
Please help! I just purchased this laptop 5 months ago and it's very seldom I use it. I only use it for music and four out that battery was drained . I tried to charge and I realise that it was not charging at all. I plugged in the adapter and turned it on. A message popped up saying that the battery may need to be replaced . There is and option to continue just press enter to start up. So I did, but I noticed that it's plugged but not charging at all. Please help
I have a HP G60-231WM running Windows Vista. My problem is this: When I turn it on while plugged in the screen flashes on at first but is really dim and red shifted then immediately goes black , but when I turn it on on battery power only the screen will come and remain working but dimly.
Hey all, My Spectre's touch screen stopped working after trying to upgrade its firmware.I was looking for a newer firmware version to make the stylus work, but after running the software I got a red screen, it rebooted and never worked.I called HP support and they told me it is a hardware problem, however the hardware is detected correctly when I boot it with a Linux distro. Looks like it's a matter of having the correct firmware or driver to make it work again.I looked everywhere for a firmware update or a tool to diagnose it, but I had no luck.HP support here in Brazil says they can't do anything, even if I have a global coverage. Taking it to the US for support is out of question. Any thoughts? Thanks Here's the lsusb -v output for it. Bus 001 Device 004: ID 04f3:000b Elan Microelectronics Corp.Device Descriptor:  bLength                18  bDescriptorType         1  bcdUSB               1.10  bDeviceClass            0 (Defined at Interface level)  bDeviceSubClass         0  bDeviceProtocol         0  bMaxPacketSize0         8  idVendor   &n... Read more
BuongiornoHo appena acquistato un pavilion 15-ak112nl e ho notato che il computer va molto lento, visto che mi sono usciti preistallati due programmini benchmark heaven e Valley volevo sapere quali sono i punteggi che di solito un computer con le caratteristiche del mio dovrebbe fare premetto che i miei punteggi sono rispettivamente 813 e 1300Grazue
I cannot connect with internet neither with Ethernet nor with wifi I have already installed new window 7 32bit .I donnot have driver cd handy I lost it . So when I went through troubleshoot of window 7 it said window cannot find a driver for network adapter but even after I searched a fair bit for the driver I couldn't find it anywhere could anyone help me with that it would be really appreciated thanks you
????????????, ?????????? ??????????, ?????? ?? ????? ?????????????? ???????? ????, ? ? ????? ???????? ???????  ( ? ????? ??????? HP 17-y014ur ?? ????? ???? ?????????, ?????? ??????????: Mobility Radeon R7 440, ? ? ????? ????????, ? ?????????? Radeon R5) ? ??? ??? ???????? ?? ??? ??????? ? ? ??? ??????? ???? ???????? ??????? ???????.
I havea Dell Laser MFP for which I've lost the set up disc.  I need help setting it up for use on my HP Laptop with Windows 7.


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There are some BIOS updates for the x360 to disabe the led light  of the F5 button. But this option is not given for the 13-3000ed model. Is there another way to turn this off?It is very anoying an I hope there is work around. I am already on BIOS version F16 with still no option to disable the F5 led light. I hope you can help. 
Trying to reset laptop but it will not get pass 62% without saying problem resetting
I am running McAfee internet security on windows 10. My question is should windows defender be on as well? I don't seem to be able to switch it off, it just comes back on after a while. I don't seem to get a definitive answer anywhere.
The first time I installed SBIE with Chrome I had many issues with space and clipboard. I removed it and read further. It seems there is a work around ex; clear browsing in Chrome then run Ccleaner[windows] .
It now installs OK for those interested. Can anyone give me some help about the Windows explorer within SBIE?
I do not understand how to adjust my files in the box then have them retained after the box is closed. I had to repeat my entry out of the box.
Maybe that is where quick recovery comes into play but, this program is not as easy as advertised even after many tutorials
Dell Inspiron

I have been suffering an annoying problem for months, when I try to boot the BKSOD happens. What I did as a workaround was to press the power button, wait for the system shutdown, and then reboot, until the computer run normally. However, I have tried really many times and that I still can't get to the login screen. I already know what the problem is, I ran dell diagnosticsand the problem is in HD. The error is: 2000-0142

My 2nd step was to search the fix for this problem, and many suggested to replace the HD. I don't have money to do it, so I don't know what I should do. Right before this problem, I could ran the system on Safe Mode, but I didn't use this chance properly, and now I'm not being able to enter on Windows Security, I tried to shutdown and reboot the system quickly some times, but not even that is working anymore. I tried mashing F8 and shift + F8 but nothing happened either. I don't have installation or recovery devices. If I just have enabled F8 in the command prompt when I had the chance. I wouldn't be suffering this problem. The last thing I did before I couldn't boot the pc properly was to run the Windows Recovery mode (don't know how) and asked the erase of all my files and windows reinstallation. It did show me an error that my files couldn't be erased.

TL;DR: BKSOD with no cursor, no installation \ recovery devices. Can't replace HD. Worked in safe mode
DbxSvc Failed to connect to the driver: (-2147024894) The system cannot find the file specified. Hi all, This error is always there every time i restart the PC. I even reinstalled Dropbox. How can i fix this error pls?
Hello,I have Z3-710 with i5 on Win 10 (Anniversary). Unpacked a week ago so no dust inside etc. Current temperatures all in normalCPU 45-50CGPU 40CHDD 36CAlso HW usage in normalCPU 2-5%HDD 0-10%RAM 60% Can anyone explain to me why chassis fan still running on 1100 RPM and not slowing down even for a minute?!? There is no reason to keep fan running when no activity in Win! Don't know how to fix it...already tried:- flashing BIOS- updating GPU (Intel+nVidia) drivers- stopping "superfetch" service- changing power consumption plan- Acer bloatware is uninstalled
Hello! Gud evng evryone i just installed win 8.1 pro on my pc intel pentium dual core E2200 P1945GCM Motherboard .problem is that i dont know what kind of drivers is to be installed for graphics and chipset driver. . Please help me with this. . Please do provide the driver link dwnlds if any. .
Hi, Just the other day I got the Lenovo Ideacentry Y900 with the following specs:Intel i5 3.5GHz Skylake, 16GB RAM, GeForce GTX1070, 128GB SSD + 1TB HDD On day one after receiving it I installed CS:GO, GTA V and FallOut 4. CS:GO ran perfectly, GTA V did as well, however Fallout 4 would crash; After starting a new game and finishing the loading screen it simply quit to desktop with no warning or errormessage. I updated the GPU drivers and updated directX to the newest version. It didn't help. The day after I tried to run GTA V again, but this time it crashed after the loading screen, just like Fallout 4. It gave me an error saying "ERR GFX D3D INIT" and told me to relaunch or reinstall the game.  I've read on many forums that these issues most likely are due to GPU drivers, but I've tried clean installs of both the newest Nvidia drivers and older ones, and NOTHING works. I made sure DirectX is up to date as well. Do you think there's a risk I can have received a machine with a defect GPU?  
Why  can't I get windows 10 on my B540 AIO.  Of course there is no phone number, online chat, etc just to ask this question.  The list on Lenovo's site does not list this model but I can't talk to anyone to verify nor find out if it will be available at some point within the year of free download.  Can anyone respond,PLEASE??? Thanks!


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hii have lenovo yoga 900 with synaptic touchpad gesture with tree fingers stoped working after tree month i retry to instal the old driver but still dont work and now i dont find it what can i do? or is noral that this dont work
I used Windows 10 Transformation Pack on my Windows 7 and it changed some icons white... which is nice when I see them against my dark taskbar, but is completely invisible in that rectangle of hidden icons of the notification area.
I would like to make that area dark like my taskbar, to see the icons properly, but I could not find any way.

Any advice will be appreciated.
Attached image to explain better what I need.

Thank you very much.
So this is just 1 event in a very long string of them. I decided to downgrade windows 10 to windows 7 yesterday as i didnt like the performance i was getting in games such as seemingly random FPS drops out of nowhere for no reason in CSGO and EVE despite there being no background processes, with updated clean installed drivers, ect. After i installed windows 7 without issue i noticed when i checked bios and hardware monitor that my CPU temp was sitting at 100 degrees Celsius and my TMPIN3 was 100 degrees Celsius. It would start at around 80 degrees and just climb till it maxed out at 100, but i figured it would have shut down if the temp was really that high or i would feel heat accumulating in the case but i did not. I used an infrared laser thermometer and periodically shined it on my Water cooler and various areas of the mobo like the bridge to test if there were heat issues or fluctuations, all read normal around the 30 degrees celsius mark. Im also 100 percent sure that its not the heatsink or paste or anything of that nature as it only started this after win 7 install, my case is also dust free. So i did some research and heard some people say reflash the bios they could be corrupted, so i got the latest bios and drivers from MSI suite and installed all of them to no avail. I then started to install windows updates and noticed i was getting this BAD_POOL_CALLER issue as the updates were finished and it was trying to boot into the desktop. It has done this a few differe... Read more
Hi all

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Dear All,
I would like to run cmd scripts to uninstall windows update (kb**) based on windows version, so if it's windows 7 (6.1) it will run wusa /uninstall /kb:****
and if windows 8.1 (6.3) it will run wusa /uninstall /kb:**** /quiet 
and if windows 10 (10) it will run wusa /uninstall
/kb:**** /quiet 
So please advice as I been searching for quite too long with no result.