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When I first started up my computer today it let me get to the desktop, After which it blue screened and I forced a shut down. When I started it back up I got a post screen that said that the overclock failed so I went to the bios and set all the setting to default. I then restarted and now when it gets to the part to sign in it is just a blank screen with my mouse curse (which I can move around)

I am running 64bit windows 7 home premium
I got the Active Touch pen (the first one) when I got my laptop. I just changed the battery in the pen and now it isn't working. It worked up until now. I've already uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers but there's still nothing. What should I do? 
how to kill wanna cry ?
Hey,I have issue with my keyboard. The key "\" "|" is not working. Both left and right keys are not working.Keys works on external usb keyboard.What should I do?
We have recently changed our SharePoint on-premise authentication method from NTLM only to Kerberos/NTLM. Since then when we try to login from Internet (no kerberos) IE causes trouble getting a 401 (Unauthorized) due to the fact that it does not fall back
to NTLM, but wants to use Kerberos instead. This behaviour only applies to IE and Edge, other browsers like Chrome or Firefox due proper NTLM. The Response Header I see in IE is correct (WWW-Authenticate: Negotiate, NTLM), though. Just that both IE or Edge
always only try kerberos which fails fro outside our corporate network or VPN. It doesn't look to me like it owuld be a Firewall or IIS Server issues, since other browsers (non-Microsoft) do properly work with NTLM within the same scenario. BTW, there is a
similar situation with Dynamics CRM on-premise, I am not an expert here, but with this when trying to browse the internal URL from WAN (which might not be the right approach, but firewall-wise it is allowed), we get the same issue with IE/Edge. Using internet-faced
deployment URL for CRM via ADFS, this works with IE/Edge too from outside corporate network. This seems to be the same cause, these browsers to not fall back to NTLM if Kerberos isn't available.
After I got my Kerberos Ticket once, until it expires or I purge it, I can work with these browser from outside LAN too.
IE security Settings is set to Enable Integrated Windows Authenticaton and servers in charge are members of Local Intranet Security zone
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My pc popped up that wonderful blue screen then restarted itself and went to a page of options to reset and repair the pc. Unfortunately none of them are working and the pc just keeps going back to the options. The pc is a custom build that is primarily used for gaming and YouTube.

These are my specs:
Asus 970 pro motherboard
AMD FX-8350 cpu
Asus RX 470 4gb graphics card
32gb ram
240 gb SSD with OS on it and 6 tb hard drive for everything else
I have used Yoga Gen 1 and 2 and they were ok. Yoga Gen 3 came to me with a great disappointment after I have used it for 3 months.  First, the fingerprint reader is awful as 9 times out of 10 failed.  Either it detects my fingerprint after almost 3 seconds or it does not detect anything. Second, the LTE is awful too. When I use the LTE function and after I leave my Yoga idle for a while, the LTE function just disappears.  I have to re-start my Yoga to get the LTE function re-activated again.  Third, the power drain is astonishing.  I remember when I used Yoga Gen 1 or 2, there was virtually no power drain when it was left idle.  However, for the Gen 3, if I do not turn off the power, the bettery will be completely drained after a night's sleep.I expect the newer generation comes with improvement but disappointedly it is the contrary!!    
Whole file become white and cant open
only 8. 0 KB...
Please Help
Thank you
Does anybody have a Corsair 300r computer case? If so, when I took my front panel off then put it back on the screws in the middle of the case did not have a corresponding thread to go into. I am just wondering if this is normal or if I broke it?
Due to the modem blinking the wifi works but the internet dosnt work. I tried resetting the modem and the router and nothing worked. Only thing I could think of is factory resetting it but I dont know the username or password and my dad's in another country doing work, is there any way to solve this issue?
I have laptop with 8.1 and I'm using chrome as a browser. I am going to reinstall an older image and I want to save all my bookmarks/favorites. Where do I find them or how do I save them?
Hi y?all! I?m new to this, has never had time for forums or the need..My daughter?s laptop was stolen, but fortunately retrieved a week after. its an U410 Model 20170, I changed HDD to an SSD and installed Win10pro on it.  One thing I have noticed, my laptops serial number is changed in BIOS, i.e. originally the serial was read QB0XXXXX8882, now it reads xxxxxxxxxxx8882A3OK and since Future Shop ser the laptop up, I have now idea what BIOS password is, After I put it wrong 3 times it just locks up with message : error. System Lock. It?s a wonderful machine with an SSD, but after installing Win10Pro my mSATA 20 Gb drive is no longer showing, I guess because the raid setting isn?t on? any and all suggestions would be appreciated cheers
If the boot drive encyrption on an X1E 9and any Thinkpad I guess) is enabled using a bios HDD password, how is hardware encyption handled on a second NVMe drive (in this case a Samsing 970 Evo)? Will the bios password also encrypt that drive, too, or is some other configuration needed?
Could anyone tell me which of these laptops are better for gaming (such as CS:GO / Runescape) or if there's a better option for a similar price, thank you



It's been a while since my computer has been comprimised (3 computers in fact) but I've recently started getting popup-notifications on my google chrome which certainly never used to happen. So where else to turn than to the professionals that helped me out back when I was a kid. Whats happening to my chrome app seems pretty indicitive of some sort of virus/malware. I ran an AVG scan and it came up blank. I've since uninstalled my google chrome and am resorting to IE right now :/

Here is my TSG info, I await further instruction. Thanks for the help!
I cross checked my model via Lenovo Vantage and according to this https://psref.lenovo.com/Product/Lenovo_Tablets_and_Convertibles/Yoga_730_15_Intel my machine is supposed to have the Anti-Glare screen but mine has glossy (I have multiple Lenovo laptops and Dell laptops with matte screens) the difference is night and day. I've repurposed my Yoga 730 15IKB as a mirror for the time being Does anyone from Lenovo wanna chime in on this? I spoke with LenovoSupport via reddit a while back and the representative said "your model with FHD has anti-glare and UHD has glossy" well I have FHD and mine is glossy.... then he didn't respond thereafter    
I have 2 monitors plugged into my L540. One monitor via a VGA cable and another via Mini DisplayPort to DVI-D. I want to connect a 3rd identical monitor to my L540.  I know the laptop cannot connect by itself but please recommend a make and model of port replicator / docking station that can solve my problem, the cheaper the better. ThanksBruce
Hi all, It has been about a month since I received the new X1 Extreme, and it has been quite good so far, but today, for some unknown reason, I've run into some apparent battery issues. I charged my computer overnight yesterday, and when I tried using it in class today, it wouldn't start. The red light on the ThinkPad logo wasn't flashing at all, so something was off. I tried turning it on many times, but nothing happened.  When I came home, I plugged it in and it allowed me to turn it on, but it was stuck at 46% charge and wouldn't move (even after an hour - a period of time sufficient to charge the computer up to 80%). Then, as I was writing this post, a loud 2 bell ringing sound came on and the computer shut down. When I started it up again (connected to the AC adapter), the Lenovo Vantage battery icon displayed an "X" and the Windows battery appeared empty. I made sure to back up everything and updated BIOS and other drivers just in case, but nothing seemed to work. If I disconnect the AC adapter, the computer immediately dies. Like this, the computer is no longer useful to me since I need it on the go.  I'll contact Lenovo support once my schedule frees up a bit, but if this has happened before and you've found a solution, I'd like to get this back to normal as soon as possible. Thanks,  Reilly 
There are multiple, technically seven, black shadows appearing on the bottom my lcd like black headlights glowing outwards from the bottom. Sometimes it disappears but now it has appeared agian. I'll be thankful for any suggestion.
Link to picture
Link to picture
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Hello, I'm new to the forum and hope I've posted this in the right place. I recently bought a brand new T430 think pad, I'm very happy with it except for the poor screen. After searching extensively on forums regarding upgrading the screen [1366x768] I found it was possible. The general recommendation was to buy a Dell Alienware M14x R2 [1600x900] or similar. I found several on ebay so I contacted a reliable seller to see if his M14x R2 would fit without any modification, gave them my screen model number [Samsung LTN140AT20, FRU04Y1556] The seller replied saying they didn't recommend changing the screen. I tried another seller and got the same response. I've checked the listed screens and they are an identical fit to mine. Perhaps the sellers are taking precautions against damaged screens claims?I'd really appreciate some help finding a seller who stocks the M14x R2 that's compatible with my T430. Thanks.
Just a warning, I found this program Free YouTube to MP3 converter (dvdvideosoft) recommended on TechRadar and decided to try it and found it has changed since their review, the free version is choked down wanting you to buy the Pro, took 16 minuets to do one song. I decided to uninstall it and that is when the fun began. During uninstall it said a dll was missing or something. Anyway after uninstalling I tried to get online with Firefox browser, said all sites were not secure, Hunh? I rebooted then Firefox said something about a proxy server and wouldn't connect. I looked in my settings and found Firefox was configured for a proxy server. I changed it to normal and was able to connect again. In my opinion BAD Software! Beware.

i upgraded cpu / mo / memory lately and since my pc crash sometimes while i play games (black screen and than pc shut down)

background info:
i upgraded to 8700 + asus rog strix b360 h gaming
GPU is a bit old and dosent support UEFI (gtx 670)

thanks in advance
I use the tablet as a dsiplay and it communicates trough RS485 with other devices. Ít is very important the communication and charging simultaneously. As soon I connect the OTG cable the tablet switch on the host mode and the charging isn't possible. Is it a way to be a host and take the charging from outside? It is also very important to display the charging symbol on the screen and the state of the battery. Why supplies the micro usb the tablet? Why can't we use an axternal power supply? thx  
My network's speed are downloading 64.7 Mbps and uploading 3.39Mbps. But I onlu can download a file with 400 kbps speed. Why? What I have to do? please...
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista? Home Premium, Service Pack 2, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5600+, x64 Family 15 Model 67 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 1981 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nForce 430, 64 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 455 GB (324 GB Free); D: 9 GB (4 GB Free);
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0RY206
Antivirus: McAfee Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware, Enabled and Updated

Hi,I'm going to tell my infinity story with Lenovo and my legion y720. In November 2017 I bought a legion y720, but in May I sent it at technical support because the frequency processor was locked. When they sent it to me again, it had the same problems. This, for five times. At the fifth, they decided to replaced my legion, all in FIVE month. One week later, they did to me the propose. Today my new laptop isn't arrived. The said that it would be arrived in October 19th . Yesterday I received an email: there are some procurements problems, so the shipping will be send on October 28th. In all this time (almost six month) I have not a laptop. Now my question is: is it normal that I must wait six month for a replacement? Is this lenovo support, or I am simply unlucky?Thanks 
Hello I have a Lenovo Yoga 300. Once the start button is pressed I get a white screen which is displayed for about 4seconds then a black screen for 4 seconds, This keeps going on without starting windows. 
How do I reboot windows , I can also do a clean install of windows if necessary. 
Thanks for any advice, 
Kind regards
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Have a problem, I have an Ipad without cellular internet, however, this was not a problem because my workplace had free wifi for its employees however they have stopped this access but I was wondering if there is a way around this, I am right next to a wall network outlet which my work computer is connected to. Can I connect from my iPad to this wall outlet via a cat5 adaptor or any other ideas for me to get online with my iPad will be much appreciated
Avast keeps throwing popups up all the time that say Threat Secured which are driving me bonkers. I'm bonkers enough as it is using this Windows 7 IE11 computer. Please can someone explain to me how to stop this constant irritation. It has popped up twice while writing this! Thanks. *SNAFU
Today I decided to install suggested BIOS update via Lenovo Vintage, computer rebooted but about 5-10 min after I lost power.  Now the PC does not output any signal to a TV or Monitor via DP. It does not repspond to Bluetooth Keyboard - tried old USB, but not even Caps or Num Lock lights are coming up (all USB ports on Tiny are USB 3.0) I see there are some tools available:Lenovo UEFI Diagnostics - Bootable USB (64-bit)  USB Drive UEFI BIOS Flash Package Have no idea how to start it from USB now. I am thinking to swap OS SDD for a spare one with bootable diagnostics.  Not sure what are my options now
I have 5-10 Yoga 12s that I am having a dissappearing curor issue on.  When some of my staff members put their Yoga to sleep (close the lid) and then come back later and open it, the curor will be gone.  They can still use the touchscreen to navigate, but no matter how much you use the touchpad or trackstick, the cursor will not reappear until you restart computer. All drivers and BIOS are up to date.  Anyone else been seeing the issue with their Yogas?  I have about 20 Yoga 370s in my environment, but I haven't had this happen on any of those.  Only the Yoga 12s.
I have a P51s that I use for work and have had a total of 4 tickets, 2 of which have been escalated and still have the same problem. I have had 2 technicians come out to try to fix the BSOD issue and with replacing the Motherboard 2x's and Hard drive once I still have the same issue. This has affected my work as this has been going on for a month and a half and still same problem.  I want a replacement laptop considering how long it has been to fix this issue. I have requested to speak with a manager and I continue to get the run around and they make another ticket to get someone to come out and it still doesn't fix my issue.  I need help from someone or recommendations on what to do. 
Ordered my P1 on Oc14. UPS just delievered it on 10/16. This is the FASTEST that I've ever received a laptop order from Lenovo (or IBM) in my memory. Now waiting for the workstation dock before start configuring it.
So I bought a new notebook from Dell and whenever I type a certain key it shows a different character. I tried changing language, keyboard and num lock on and off, also reset the computer and tried pressing alt+ctrl etc. nothing worked, any help??
yogo thinkpad this is a work machine so i am limited what settings i can change but since IT cannot figure out this problem i hope you can. just today something happened that my keyboard doesnt work. normally the lid is fully open and i use an external monitor. Today that changed. something popped up asking if i wanted tablet mode and i hit no, dont ask again. this is when the problems happened. i had to put an external keyboard on to type even my password to get in the account. however after playing around i discoverd this: The keyboard will work if the lid is totally at an upright position. I can put the lid down to toward the keyboard and it still works fine.  When I start to tilt the screen back to the back of my desk they keyboard wont work once you get to what id call the 91 degree mark. then On the top left of the screen it says auto rotate on, and bottom right I get asked if I want to switch to tablet mode. I just put the lid back up  and all returns to normal without me doing anything or selecting anything. when the keyboard works. the rotation lock selection is greyed out and says ON.when the keyboard doesnt work, the rotation lock 'cube' is fully operational and you can change settings so any ideas?
Hi all,Has anyone replaced the motherboard on their laptop? My laptop has the 448.01110.011/ SB20G54669 / 00HN602. I was looking online for replacement boards a have found several ones with the same P/N 00HN602 but different variations of the "448...." number.  Is there any difference between 448.01110.011 and 448.01127.0011 boards? Thanks!
Hello, About 30 minutes ago I received a message on my P52 that I needed to upgrade my firmware so I did and now my laptop will not turn on. Once the update was finished my laptop tries to boot up and the keyboard lights up but it only lasts a second and then it restarts. It does this in a loop and I don't know what to do. I bought my laptop only two months ago. Any ideas?
My Mom owns a beach home in Ocean City, Md. and I'm trying to save her some money on her cable bills, as she's on a fixed income and her condo is only occupied a few months out of the year.

Comcast seems to have a monopoly in this area and many condo owners are becoming more and more frustrated with the cost and lack of competitive competition for cable/internet. Our monthly bill seems to sneak up nearly every month and just topped $100, for BASIC service! I thought of getting Sling, but Comcast charges $80/mo for internet service, so that won't fly.

I'm heading there next week with a couple of new smart TV's and the best power antennas I could find at our local tech guru place. The nearest town that broadcasts basic signals is under 40 miles away, so I hope I can pull in a few channels to watch. Her place is an 11 story building and we're on the 6th floor.

My question is, are there any reliable streaming devices that will work without internet service? I was recommended this:


But it is not compatible with my i phone. Would love to cut cable completely and rely on the antennas and streaming for entertainment while we're there. A friend of mine simply returns the boxes and remotes to Comcast in the fall and comes back in spring to start up again, so I suppose that's another option.

So many gadgets out there promising free cable a... Read more
I run a tech business supporting people on computers in a small community. Since startup last November, I have encountered many computers that fit the following mold:

They are an older machine, typically 5+ years (desktops and laptops both)

They all started with Windows 7 and opted to take the free upgrade to Windows 10
Many are demonstrating issues that typically show up during a Windows Update push, and report poor system performance prior to the WU glitch
The systems in question always meet or exceed sys req's for W10 and are actually solid machines
I have rebuilt these systems from scratch (wipe / reinstall using MS's W10 USB tool) and the update issue recurs and performance is poor
I have even put in completely new hard drives in to some that reported the issue(s) came back
I know in one case, a desktop was only 5 years old, and honestly had really good specs, and should have run Windows 10 without issue. However, I managed to confirm with the manufacturer (Gateway... and yes, a I know "ew Gateway" but their system really was a quality build) that the machine hardware is not supported in Windows 10. Meaning, there is no, and will be no, firmware for that machine moving forward. In that one case, I reverted them back to Windows 7 and they have had zero issues with their computer since I did.

Regression back to a prior OS seems dumb. And not everyone can afford new hardware, and it seems stupid because a lot of these machines are still good. I ... Read more
I have a Yoga 720 13" that will not boot.  It is 18 months old and out of warranty.  There are only about 30 hours of use on it.  The symptoms are as follows: Press power button, it lights up for 5-6 seconds, then goes off.When plugged in to the charger, the white connection LED is on but momentarily goes off every 5-6 seconds, then repeats.When the power button is held in for 15-20 seconds, internal fans come on but shut off when power button is released.Screen and keyboard do nothing. Battery seems fine as I am able to use the USB-3 port to charge my phone and other items even when not connected to the charger. Please help, I cannot afford a new computer in such a short amount of time.  
My Yoga works fine with Thunderbolt 3 eGPU when i put it on when Notebook is running.If I try to restart or turn Notebook on with eGPU Dock I get no signal for screen. Not on Notebook Display and not on external Display.  There is no way to get a signal on any Port or to change output. The only Way then is a Hard Reset. After that everything works finde, even the eGPU.I tried this with Razer Core X and HP Omen Accelerator and Razer support said its a Problem with the Thunderbolt3 Driver.Anybody had this Problem too?I tried Drivers from Lenovo and from Manufactures.   
Hello, I have a Windows 98 computer with a lotus symphony software on it that I would like to know how to access the code and edit it as needed? I noticed the program is locked from edits with a password that know one would know. Is there anyway to bypass that? I should add the software was written by the former owner of the company I work for and is now deceased and no ones knows the password.

I know very little about programming and nothing about the lotus program or windows 98. The program is currently used to perform a series of calculations. I want to be able to view what calculations are being done behind the scenes and adjust as necessary for updating purposes.

Thanks in advance for any help or information!
Hi plz help I can't unistall searchawesome I try control panel and I won't unistall and I can't get on my Internet to download any mallware software.
I have a G510 that has had the free Windows 10 upgrade. I also have a Windows 10 iso disc.My hard drive has these partitions. 1. WINRE_DRV2. SYSTEM_DRV3. LRS_ESP  OEM4. RESERVED (MSR)5. WINDOWS10_OS6. LENOVO7. PBR_DRV My questions are:1. Is there a way to wipe my hard drive, completely removing all seven partions, and still be able to boot into the Windows 10 iso disc for  a clean install?2. If so, will Windows re-create partitions 1,2,&4 during the installation?
When typing G or H it adds \ until i hit backspace, and wont stop until I do. Any suggestions?
I have a 3 Gen Yoga with Windows 10 pro I just got it. When I connect my HDMI cable for projecting the screen it will not detect the additional monitor to duplicate the screen.  I can however project an extended screen and "Second screen only"  I am desperate!  I teach and I need to project OneNote on a duplicate screen and use the  laptop screen to write on as I teach.
Hello!As i see in specification128GB non-ECC memory for special bid onlyWhat does "special bid" mean?Not every P52 which i will find on the market will be able to work with 128 gb ram ?