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I built a gaming pc and it powers on and everything. But it does not boot to the screen. I tried many things like switching ram slots, taking out the gpu, taking out the hard drive, clearing cmos memory, and double checking the cables and the cpu tos ee if they're in right. Is there anything else I can do to fix it or should I just go to a pro?
Here are the parts
Ryzen 5 1600
Gigabyte B450 DS3H
Sapphire Nitro rx 580
240 gb kingston m.2
16 gb kingston ram
corsair 550 watt power supply
On start up my T420 has a black screen with the following:- LTPCE is Compressed. Any assisatance appreciated.Thanks
So i'm trying to remove microphone white noise for live streaming/recording, its not that big of a noise but it kind of bugs me, i tried a noise gate but when it closes i feel like it makes the noise even more noticeable because of the difference between it being there when im talking and being completely muted. Also tried noise suppression but even on the max setting the noise is still there and it lowers sound quality. My microphone is a gamecom 780/788 headset, also the software i'm using is streamlabs obs, voicemeeter banana and virtual adio cable, i would prefer to keep using only these programs but if you think there is a better solution feel free to tell me.

If i broke any forum rules im sorry but i couldn't read them, the rules page and the guide for new members page weren't loading for some reason, this is silly but i'm kind of asking for tech help for an issue on the tech help site xD
I have Paperport 12 installed on Windows 7 x64. It was working fine previously. Scanning docs are working fine. However, when I open a scanned doc with imageviewer and try to select an area for cutting/pasting, it gives this "out of memory" error. does anyone know what the issue?

The PC has 12GB RAM so it won't be the RAM issue. I tried to uninstall and reinstall the Paperport and Brother printer driver, but the issue remains.
My Thunderbolt controller keeps crashing and prevents me from being able to use my USB-C dock (it still charges, but no USB/displays).    To restore functionality, I have to shutdown, hold the power button for 10s, then boot up, but that's only a temporary fix.  The controller inevitably crashes within minutes/hours of booting up and I have to repeat the steps.  Sometimes my external displays continue to work after the Thunderbolt controller crash error comes up, but if I undock/redock they don't work.  I've updated my BIOS (N1MET52W), Thunderbolt driver (, Thunderbolt controller FW (N1MTF25W), and USB-C Dock FW (3.7) to the latest available, but nothing has helped.  Sometimes the problem will go away for a few days then come back.  Has anyone run into this?Thanks!
Any help would be greatly appreciated and I'm obviously gonna include my specs and picture of the problem below.

the issue will pop up during a game but it can pop up starting up or even on you tube .

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: AMD A8-7600 Radeon R7, 10 Compute Cores 4C+6G, AMD64 Family 21 Model 48 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 7110 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon(TM) R7 Graphics, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 930 GB (264 GB Free);
Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd., F2A78M-DS2
Antivirus: Norton Security, Enabled and Updated
The PC was bought but "upgraded" to use windows 7.0.  When checking the serial number on the lenovo site, it does say that it had Windows 8.1. We tried using the recovery tool to a USB, but its just putting Windows 7.0 back on.  (Seems that is taking the image of the last version of windows.)  I can't find anything online that we could do, but I might have missed something.   If the machine was brought with 8.1 but updated to 7, can we get get 8.1 working?  If so, how? Thank you! JZiebart 
So I've had this problem for a while. Noticed it wasn't getting fixed so I am here in hopes that I find a solution. I've wanted to use a custom cursor like on my last PC on my new Yoga 720, but it keeps going invisible whenever I touch the screen either with the pen or my finger. I have to go back to the settings and apply the default cursor before again switching to my custom one. Has this been a problem for anyone else and is there a known fix? Please help.
I live in South Africa. Where can I get spare nibs and the tool for replacing the nibs ?
Running Windows 10.  C/D drive no longer works.  No problem, (I never use it) however I cannot keep the drive closed for any length of time.  It will automatically open (eject) whenever it feels like it.  I'd like to close it and have it remain closed.  Is there a way I can disable it so that it will no longer receive the eject command?  Duct tape is not doing the job.  Thanks.
I have a T410 laptop. The BIOS is NOT attempting to read the DVD drive when starting the computer (it does not even turn on). I want to install  Win 10 in a dual boot (on drive d). I have inserted a Win 10 DVD (iso burned properly) and set the BIOS to first check the DVD drive but it doesn't even start it. I know the drive works so that is not the problem. I have a unique situation. Even though it is a T410 the original OS was deleted and the computer is running Windows Vista (cloned from a previous computer where the fan died. But this should NOT be an issue as the bios is not attempting to read the DVD. Of course this is before any OS is started. Although I know I cannot run the installation in Vista but to check the drive I attempted to start the installation in Vista and got the message that it cannot be done (so the OS installation files are on the disk). The store I bought the T410 from installed all the necessary drivers for the T410. The drive manager shows the DVD drive and no errors. I think I have covered everything that might be helpful. The bottom line is that the BIOS is not attempting to read the DVD drive on startup.  
Hello my friends!I have a Thinkpad T61 with the follow spec:Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP1Intel Mobile Core 2 Duo T7100 @ 1.80GHz3.00GB Dual-Channel DDR2 @ 332MHzLENOVO 8895W4H (None)BIOS Version 7LETD0WW (2.30 ) I would like to update my BIOS with Middleton's BIOS in order to upgrade my hard drive with an SSD one.I've tried making bootable USB with a lot of programs, including Rufus, Windows tool, UNetBootin etc etc, but always the update is not completed even though because the programs find the iso file as not compatible either because after restarting the pc, i get INVALIDE OPCODE error. Could you please help me update the BIOS, or i have to install Win 7 32 bit?Thanks in advance!
Dear readers, This morning I found myself clenching the rear for all that is dear to me when my Thinkpad X1 Carbon 6th Gen's Full HD Touchscreen started to misbehave. In this thread I will describe the symptoms and finally the resolvement, as well as log anymore occurences of the behaviour it showed today. The symptomsAfter recovering from sleep on my Linux installation, I had to go back to real work and reboot to my Windows 10 Home partition. During the whole recovery, reboot and log-in process, no abnormalities where observed. A few moments after logging in however (it can't have been more than 20 seconds), my display showed an image like this: (recreation made in photoshop)  I was shocked to the core, however immediately assumed it must have been some kind of Windows 10 problem, and rebooted the system swiftly. The computer did not power off immediately, but merely showed a black screen after Windows said it was "Restarting", and blew its fan to pretend it was actually very busy. After two minutes I forcefully shut it down and waited a couple of seconds before turning it back on. The BIOS screen showed no abnormalities, but as soon as the spinning circles were done chasing eachother, I was objectively horrified by what my lock-screen, and subsequent desktop looked like. Here is a GIF that simulates what I saw: (best viewed on a 60Hz Monitor)   It was quite the shock! To be clear, this isn't software or video output causing ... Read more
I am looking PSEXEC comamnd or  setps to delete file C:\windows\abc.exe and delete service from the registry (HKLM\System\currentcontolset\services\abc) on mutiple machines using PSEXEC commands
Hello All

Dell tell me my W10 is corrupt (Hard Drive showing 100%) for many minuets at start up, it's not due to loading lots of stuff. Is it possible to repair W10 without losing all my data, if so how do I do this?

Regards SilverSurf
Hard drive does not pick up on any computer and the light does not show when plugged in instead it makes a beeping noise I checked disk management and it said code 43 really need to retrieve those files
So my office has some reports we do regularly which have a six column list of figures that need totalling. As the reports are amended, the #s can change, so they asked if I could set up an embedded excel table to help make the process a lot faster and less error-prone. So far so good. The problem is that sometimes those numbers have to be marked as "tentative" and I'm not sure how to achieve this, or if I even can.

- I can't add a column because it can appear in any cell and my 6 column table would turn into a 12 column table and be very very tiny on the word page.

- There's too great a diversity in computer knowledge to just teach people "insert a row and add the word there and then remove the border between the row above it to make it all look like one cell" - plus of course this kind of kills the time savings again!

- I found this set of instructions, but whether in an excel table (which I'd prefer for the can't-mess-it-up "total" row) or just plain cells, I can't make it work - either it ignores the number altogether and the total stays $0.00 or I get a "#VALUE!" error.

I've attached a sample file with attempts I've made - please be gentle, all my excel knowledge is self-learned over decades of just "I need to do a thing, let's figure out how to do it using a combination of google, trying stuff until it works, and as a last resort, begging for help from people who actually kno... Read more
My Yoga 730 is a month old and it does not want to charge more than 60% . Every time it reaches 60 % it says not charging .Please an you let me know what the fix is ?
I recently installed some strange software and obtained a virus on my computer. I ran my antivirus and it removed some malware that it had detected. However, after cleaning everything up, I noticed some ads on my google and youtube that don't appear on other devices when I search the same thing. I've tried running my anti-virus scan again and resetting my chrome but the ads still appear.

Spec List:
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770 CPU @ 3.40GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 58 Stepping 9
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 16344 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB, -1 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 916 GB (357 GB Free); D: 1852 GB (831 GB Free);
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0NW73C
Antivirus: Norton Security, Enabled and Updated
I am new to Lenovo and the person at Costco mentioned this over the Microsoft surface pro.  I like this laptop however the pop up ads around every click is absurd to the point I am looking to take this back and get something else.  I am pretty sure that I have all the blocking apps turned on however it seems that after I click on anything some other ad that has nothing to do with what I am doing will pop up in a different window that I have to close out.  Can anyone share some insight on how to correct this before I return it? Thanks, Greg
Good Afternoon,

I have a tower computer and a laptop. both have similar set ups, icluding Gmail and are running windows 7.

On my desk to I can load Gmail and it will open and receive any messages into the in box. However if I click on an email to open and read it nothing happens. Likewise if I wanted to write a new email I click the compose option again nothing happens.

If I follow the same procedure on my Laptop no problems whatsoever, it appears to work normally.
Can you offer any suggestions please that will solve the problem on my tower computer.

Kind regards
MY laptop has been starting up normally but the screen doesn't light when it does.
Now there's only a small probability that it will light up and it wastes time.
What should I do?
I make music, and the most frustrating thing is when your project crashes or itīs not possible to open. Almost everytime its an easy fix. But with this project i have been working with for a while it aint. And to resolve the issue in the program (FL studio) you have to download a diagnostic tool from their website. And here is where the big issue is, it simply wont open and an error pops up which says "Runtime Error 216 at 0040660E. What I can find online it is some kind of virus that makes this happen. But i have antivirus programs and tried to clean my computer from "junk". Any help?
Hi everyone,I have a frustrating problem that I couldn't solve.I have a thinkcenter M720 t that needs to be connected to a scientific tool that only works with windows 7.
I managed to install the operating system thinking that after doing the updates all the problems were solved but I was wrong. Mouse and keyboard do not work as well as any other USB device. I tried to enable legacy mode in the BIOS but it doesn't change anything.Any suggestions?
thank you all
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The warranty of my Yoga X1 laptop is near expiry. I ordered a warranty renewal on 18th of March by phone to the sales center (Germany/Switzerland) and sent an email to the sales agent as per her order. After that I have called them multiple times (about 6-7 times) and still not received the order. The agents are plain unhelpful because they say the same thing again and again. One sales agent says my warranty is upgraded in their system, but the customer service who have no data of any order placed in my name. Another agent says he has to contact his colleague who was my original contact. This is atrocious and appalling to be treated like a ping-pong ball I do not want to call them multiple times a week to get my warranty renewed. Is there a way to get escalate this because such poor customer service is not acceptable?
Hi, We've got one 20A7 X1 Carbon laptop that has developed a strange problem that wasn't solved by a complete format, reinstall of Windows 10, install of all Windows Updates & installing all updates & drivers from Lenovo Vantage. The problem is reproducable every time for this laptop only by... 1. Plug laptop in to OneLink Pro Dock which has two monitors attached2. Close Lid of laptop (the power settings are set to 'close lid whilst plugged in' = do nothing)3. Desktop Windows Manager (dwm.exe) goes to unusually high CPU (about 10% on this i7)4. Mouse pointer disappears and reappears on the screen, making it unusable.5. The Display Settings screen still shows the laptop screen, whereas on working machines, the laptop screen disappears from there whilst the lid is closed. Opening the lid again returns everything to normal. We've tried other docks. We've tried other monitors & mice. It looks to us that something in dwm.exe is trying to do something with the laptop display but not completing. We're wondering whether there is a problem with a lid-close sensor? Or something else? Device Manager is not reporting any malfunctioning devices. One change that we noticed was that prior to the Format/Windows-reinstall was that when the lid was closed the laptop screen was still lit and showing a display, whereas after the reinstall, the laptop screen turns off when the lid is closed but still shows in Display Settings. Does any... Read more
I am receiving my hotmail on my Samsung Galaxy both in the "standard" E-mail App and also via my Gmail account (accessed via the Google App). In my Gmail, I have two additional (not hotmail) accounts. If I delete the hotmail account from my Gmail will the account also be deleted from the E-mail App.
Hi idk if this the right place to ask but I have a problem try to remove some files from the C:\Program Files
from a folder called LAVASOFT but got a message which is "this action can't be completed because the file is open in WC assistant" I've search for it on the TASK MANAGER but I've found nothing also in PRROGRAMS & FEATUES. please if someone know the solution for this answer me. and please excuse my terrible english
Running Windows 10.  C/D drive no longer works.  No problem, (I never use it) however I cannot keep the drive closed for any length of time.  It will automatically open (eject) whenever it feels like it.  I'd like to close it and have it remain closed.  Is there a way I can disable it so that it will no longer receive the eject command?  Duct tape is not doing the job.  Thanks.
HelloPlease help I have tried to do all that is shown on my screen but it's not working out.
Hello folks, I have used my ThinkPad X1 Carbon this weekend and plugged it to my father's USB 3 DisplayLink Lenovo device when I stayed at their home. Since then, audio does not work from my laptop's speakers, laptop which is no longer plugged to the USB 3 device. I am on Windows 10. So far I have:Ran a "resolve sound problems" in Windows, no problems were foundUninstalled my audio driver and re-installed it straight from Lenovo's websiteVerified that the output peripheral is indeed set to "Realtek High Definition Audio"Checked the status of the speakers in the "Sound" configuration window - shows up with a green checkmark as though all is fineIn the "Sound" configuration window, I clicked "Configure" and tried testing the speakers - no sound comes out but the icons say it shouldIn "Sound", checked the properties and it says it is activatedIn "Sound" and "Properties" for my speaker, when I click testing in the "Advanced" tab, I see a little bar showing that sound should be playing but nothing comes outI have deleted any DisplayLink related files I could find in C:\Restarted my PC about 10 times throughout all of these processes.Sound only comes out if I have headphones plugged in, but for comfort reasons I really prefer to use my speakers. I'm at my wit's end. What else can I try? Does that mean my speakers are physically broken? Thanks for any help.

Here's the case:
I have an external hard drive which contains several files. I was facing no issues so far, but now when I try to connect it to my laptop, I hear the windows sound that something is connected but when I open my computer I don't see it.

I followed the steps required so as to find it through the "Computer Management" -> "Storage" -> "Disk Management", and assign to it the letter that would then allow it to be shown to "My Computer". But the issue is that the computer doesn't "see" the hard drive at all. I couldn't find it in the "Disk Management". I tried connecting the hard drive to other computers but the results are exactly the same. :/

I have freaked out so please please please let me know what I should do on the matter!

Thank you!!
Hi guys
Just joining today, I have an issue with my motherboard (envy corei7) and I was told I need to change the motherboard, the question is if I change the mothrmother will all the features of the old motherboard (like Nvidia and other stuffs) be on the new motherboard or it will be a lesser quality.
Thank you
Hello everybody,I was trying to use AHCI for my SSD but failed. When Windows 7 is being loaded it reads "Media test failure, check cable". If I disable AHCI there is no problem with Windows loading/booting. I changed regedit value to 0 for AHCI but it did not solve the problem. Please help me use AHCI mode.
I have a Yoga 730-15IKB. This morning the screen would not turn on. The computer starts but the screen is black. I did the unplug, turn off, and hold the power button for 20 seconds.  I hooked up to an exterior monitor and the computer worked was working but still had a black laptop screen. When I went into the display setting the computer did not detect or see the laptop monitor only the external. I ran the self diagnostic and it also did not detect the laptop screen it only detected the external monitor. The diagnostic said the gpu was running fine.
Hello Everyone;

I receive the following error while attempting to install LW Gateway on multiple DCs!

Note : It is successfully installed on 5 DCs already, remaining are showing this error.

Console returned an error while attempting to register the gateway
The computer is missing all Sharepoint addons in Internet Explorer.  The computer is Windows 10 Pro and fully patched.  Every post I find out there so far either says patch the computer or download the addons manually.  The only link I have
found from Microsoft that was supposed to be able to download these says that the download is no longer available and that it is resolved with patches.  Well, obviously it is not.
A computer tech set up my w10 start screen to look like my w7 start screen and I loved it. I hate the w10 big block look. Somehow I knocked it off my system and I cannot figure out how to reset it to the w7 look. I admit I do not understand w10. Can anybody help me. Thanks
Hi All, I received a laptop from my employer and after doing a bios update I'm facing this issue "Unlock Cucial_CT525MX3", we are the first owner of the laptop and we didnt but a password for the BIOS, how can we fix this issue?

After trying to crack microsoft office, most of the files in "my documents" folder has been updated to *.*.wnbqgfci file type. I have tried to rename it back to *.* by removing .wnbqgfci extension - no luck.
Is there any chance to recover files?
Hi!I accidentally broke my notebook's power jack (2 of 5 wires broke off from their pins). The number of the part I need is DC30100KQ00, but at the moment I hardly find any (ebay's shipping can take up to 2 months, and I don't have that much time).My question is what are the differences between these parts? I mean I've seen many of these with the same looking connectors I need, but they're related to other models. Otherwise, can I cause any trouble if I try to replace it with a part from a different model (e.g. G500)? Thanks,Mozes