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Without my changing anything my web browser (ie11 on W10) has suddenly started rejecting any addresses that don't start with https. This means that my favourites etc (even a link to google advanced search actually embedded on my own web page) has started to default to the set-up page of my web router. When I do a search and select a web page from the list, even that is rejected if it isn't https. Any ideas? This is REALLY annoying !
Hello, I replace my G510 HDD to SSD and replace the optical drive to optibay with the original HDD (st1000lm024 hn-m101mbb).The HDD in the optibay sometimes appearing in bios somtimes not.If not the notebook starting normally if appearing I cannot boot. I hear the hdd need to starting but cannot start just click and click again. I use the latest bios.I try the optibay with the HHD another machine it's working fine.Any idea? Thank in advance.
Hello,Is there no way to make the fn key work like a switch (like caps lock) ?I mean, when I'm working on programming, I need the f1,f2,f3.. keys all the time, but in all other uses of the laptop I prefer the shortcut keys. I know that I can change the behavior of the function keys permenenatly from BIOS, but this is not what I want, I want to keep the shortcut keys, but be able to press fn key once and get the f1,f2,f3 keys back, and so forth.
I have a screen problem, when I'm  using my laptop sometimes screen begins sort of blinking with violet (or mb inverting colors). I thought mb it's a Intel HD driver problem in Windows 10, so i downgraded to Win 8.1 and it was the same, I downloaded last Bios version and it didn't helped, then I completely deleted Intel HD driver, nothing changed. Sometimes  it's working for long time normal, sometimes not.So mb you can help me, because I already don't know what to do and what is causing this problem.Thank you.https://giphy.com/gifs/3og0IJYnE1iKJFlqZa
Hello, I have always used the following workflow with my W510 and W530: When I'm out working I use my laptop, then I put it in sleep mode and go home.Then I put it in the dock and wake it up and continue working using the external monitors and keyboard/mouse.Works great. But I can't do this with the P50 and the 230W dock. After I wake up the docked P50 the keyboard and the mouse lights up but the monitors stay blank. If I unfold the P50 screen I sometime can see the screen on the laptop. Sometimes it is blank.Sometimes it helps if I undock it and put it back while the laptop is on, then the external monitors work.Mostly it doesn't help and I have to shut down the P50 and turn it back on while it is in the dock. I use the BIOS power-on and HDD passwords if that makes any difference.I only use the Nvidia GPU and I have turned off the Intel GPU in BIOS. Using Windows 10 CU and before that AU with the same issue. On both my old W510 and W530 I use Windows 10 CU without any problems. Any tips? Thanks!
Hi dear Microsoft
My windows is 8.1 RT
I have a problem
This windows is very bad to work
For example: hanging every day, is very low to work
I don't download application s
Please help me to change this windows on the my device
My device is Nokia Loma 2520
My touch screen is not working. I have tried everything from hard reset to Windows Update to trying to install drivers in Device Manager.There is no Human Interfaces node in the device manager.   I am unable to add the devices. I bought the laptop seconds hand.  I didn't even know it had a touch screen as it never worked.One day to my surprise it stared working.   Now it has stopped working again
My HP Pavilion g6  Serial No 5CD2101TFW   907 GB Hard Drive  is running very slow and there is not a lot of apps or data on it, it has up to date Norton installed that continually cleand scans and protects, but only 4.00GB RAM and AMD A4-3305M APU PROCESSOR. Can it be updated in order to make it run faster, and if so what components are required and how easy is it to do. (or should l invest in another notebook?)Any help / advice will be appreciated.
For some time, the casing on my computer's left hinge has been coming apart. When moved, the two pieces of the casing would click together, and moving the hinge would cause the screen colors to become washed out at random, which could only be solved by adjusting the hinge and hoping for it to return to normal. Today, I went to close the computer and the casing on the lid around said hinge popped open, allowing the back half of the hinge casing to fall out. Attempts to close the lid casing, with or without the hinge casing piece, have failed. Opening or closing the lid is now difficult, and I am concerned it may cause further damage. My computer is no longer under warranty, to the best of my knowledge. Is it possible to have it repaired, and if so, how?
My old ProBook was gathering dust and today I decided to reinstall it. DVD won't boot the Windows disk and the Bios is locked - I set up the password ages ago and nothing I try fits As far as I saw, there is no master password for ProBooks... is there nothing I can do to boot the CD? 
I recently purchased an intel 3160 AC wlan adapter to replace the standard one ( broadcomm 4313 ) installed/provided with this laptop as I wanted to upgrade to a dual band adapter.Unfortunately the laptop does not boot when the intel adapter is placed, it comes up with a message the wlan adapter is not accepted (702) and tells the user to replace it and then start again (whitelist issue).  I updated the BIOS to latest version although most recent version is still 2011. It's an old laptop, upgraded RAM and HD to SSD, but still works fine and would really like to get on dual-band wifi ( and prefer not to use USB dongle or similar solution). Could someone provide help here ? Thanks in advance. 
since a couple of days my (wireless) internet has been very slow on my laptop, youtube video's and netflix won't load and it usually takes less than a second to load a website but now it takes at least half a minute. My laptop seems to be the only one experiencing this problem because the internet on my brother his laptop and my phone works just fine. I don't mind to admit that i have absolutely no knowledge about any of this so any kind of help would be very much appreciated   
Is there any way to fix error code 52?  i've tried to fixed by  updating the driver but the driver was upto date. is there a way to disable this  Code? 
I am using Windows 7 Professional on a Precision T3610 desktop machine.

Some time ago I spent time trying to uninstall the Dell Data Protection software which came with the computer. However not all has been removed, I think I uninstalled in the wrong order and some still remain.

The program is no longer available, however, starting my computer is now a pain, first up comes a box saying Dell Data Protection/Security Tools.. Please Wait.

Then after about 3-5 minutes a box comes up and says: ?The Biometric Functionality Is Not Working? and two options are given: ?Log On Without Biometric Functionality? or ?Wait 30 Seconds and Prompt again. I choose The ?Without Biometric? option and then the normal Windows & start up proceeds.

I really need to uninstall this it is driving me crazy. Dell Data Protection is listed in add/remove programs list however it is never successful, when I try and uninstall after a few minutes a box comes up saying

?Error 1721. There is a problem with the Windows Installer Package. A program required for this install could not be run. Contact you support etc?

It then rolls back the uninstall. I have tried various uninstall programs all with the same result.

Some folders remain in C:/ ProgramData/Dell. These are: CommndUpdate. Dell DataProtection. Digital Delivery and Drivers. There are eight files in the Dell Data Protection folder.

It has become a right pain. Anyone any ideas how I can rid myself of this Dell bloatware?
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Computer: Laptop HP Pavilion, 2017
system: windows 10, 64-bit

Please, could any one learn me How I can extend C partition of Disk 0 by that Unallocated 626.06 GB of Disk 1? (see attached please)
thank you
Hello! What's the current best upgrade solution for socket p and lenovo y550? Is not any socket p cpu compatible with this laptop?
Hi,There's supposed to be an option to press fn key + ESC to get paper display mode, this never works on my yoga 900-isk2 though I have downloaded the latest drivers. Is it working for anyone?
Guten Tag,seit kurzer Zeit ist die WLAN Antenne an meinem Lenovo Thinkpad S531 defekt. Daher wollte ich nachfragen wie es mit der Garantie dafür aussieht. Der Garantiestatus zeigt an dass ich noch 170 Tage Garantie besitze. Fällt solch eine Reparatur auch darunter bzw. wie viel würde mich eine Reparatur kosten. Vielen Dank für die Antworten. Grüße Lukas 
today I run Chrome in the comodo sandbox and I removed ublock origin extension, while in the sandboxed session.
Then I closed the virtualized chrome and opened the normal Chrome (unsandboxed)... and I found that ublock was removed

Is it normal?
Does it happen to you too?

I already created a thread in the comodo forums (link)

EDIT: well.. probably the problem is that the Google Account is notified, and reflects the extension edit to other sessions
Hi,I have a hp envy dv7 with ubuntu 16.04 and it is running extremely hot. I usually use a cooling base, but even like that, its reaching around 87°C. It got to the point where it freezes and I have to shut down. Most recently this happened and the only thing I was using was chrome and TexMaker.Is there any suggestion in what I can do?Thanks
i have a HP LAPTOP Windows 10 (64bit)YES.My Computer Started Messing up  something About DSTand IT WENT OUT SO WHEN itCame Back On it STILL DIDN'T Wok so i have been running                                                                                                                                                                                                         A SyStem ExteNSIVE Testthe prosser check      ASSEDthe Wireless module   PASSEDsystem board check :hard drive    Smart  assed  Hard drive  SHORT   DST:       PASSED  hard drive   OPTIMIZED DST :  PASSED   hard drive   Long   DST     Check   TEST IN PROGRESS  ...........      *                                                      ... Read more
I need help, I do not usb working on Hp g & 2113so, I've tried and nece..Win 7 64 bit   I urgently need help https://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/selfservice/hp-pavilion-g7-2100-notebook-pc-series/5262610/mode... Not working  chipset driver
Dears,  i have hp elitebook 8570w i installed alomst of drivers but have not wifi problem, my windows 8.1 64bit when connect to wifi its working for few minutes then go disconnect to back working need to run network trobleshooting do rest then its working again for few minutes then same issue come please your support  BR 
Ineed a  Compatible audio driver for Hp pavilion G6-2004tu for windows 10 64 bit .
I've got a combo headset/earphones not working while connected to the headset port. When playing audio, it plays through the system unit, not in the earphones. My Windows 10 pc does not show a notification that a headset is connected. Help me?
Hello everybody! I own an Ideapad 100s and recently tried a clean install using Novo button. The process somehow failed so I got stuck with the boot logo. Thanks to the info in the forum I managed to reset BIOS settings to enable USB boot and then tried to install Win10 from USB. The installer loads just fine but then comes up a window saying there's a missing driver, which could be anything from USB, DVD, or HDD. Any idea how to overcome this?I'm losing my **bleep** over this notebook. Thanks
I bought a Lenovo travel power adaptor with slim tip for my X260, which plugs straight into the mains ie there is only one cable from the adaptor to the laptop and means I don't have the power brick on the floor/desk. Does anyone know if Lenovo has/will produce one of these for the Carbon X1 5th gen ie with a USB-C tip? (I need one for the UK)
I start my system and I get this message :
Windows could not connect to the system event notification service service. this problem prevents standard users from logging on to the system. as an administrative user, you can review the system event log for details about why the service didn`t respond

Any help with this ?
I have a Dell Inspirion N5110 that I received from my son-in-law that I would like to re-set to "new factory" and have everything that is on the computer erased. I don't want to have his personal files on the computer, not my business to snoop. The computer came with windows 7 home premium installed. I have since added SP1 to it. Is there some way to use the original factory image that I downloaded from Dell to do so that would included the SP1 pack? Would creating another image work? I have a complete back up of the computer.
I have a Dell Inspiron 3252 with Windows 10.
Ever since I've had it, I've had the following problem: when I download a photo from the internet, the dialogue box to save the image opens up to 1/4 screen size in the upper left corner of the screen.
I've tried various methods so the dialogue box opens to full-size, but nothing works.
Any suggestions on how to have the dialogue box open to full-size permanently?
I just started using a brand new Dell Inspiron SMB 3250 desktop with Windows 7 Pro. It seems like the hard drive is constantly spinning, as if it's loading some software or accessing something, even when the computer is idle and I'm not doing anything.  The noise is very annoying. There is nothing in task manager when I'm not running any application, as you would expect. I've already checked for viruses with MacAfee and MalwareBytes, but this has been happening since day one, and it's been a week. Dell Tech Support has been useless. Based on advice from a friend, I turned off indexing, but that didn't make any difference. I've never had this issue over the last 20 years with Dell or HP machines.
Hi Guys,
allready invested my right kidney to get this setup:
(xeon E5-2680V3 and two GTX 1080s)Are there any possibilties to get SLI on this machine running? Cant invest my left kidney to get the quadro equivalents and get this running.best
Hello, I bought a new laptop last week (Inspiron 15, 5000 series), I saw that the turn on button does not show the light on when I use the computer. I am not sure if it is a hardware issue or if I forgot to do something to turn on.

The backlight is working but the turn on button never showed the light.

Would you help me please?
See the below picture for your reference.
Thank you,

Dell Inspiron 13-7359 (convertible)
Windows 10 Home
System BIOS 1.14.1
256 gb SSD

I bought the computer used. There is no warranty or installation disc. I've had it two days.

The problem started with the audio disappearing. I was getting the "Smart Audio needs to be reinstalled" error. I disabled/re-enabled the audio, updated drivers from the Dell site, uninstalled/reinstalled the audio drivers...still no sound, although the error stopped popping up. Sound registers when I check the settings (I can see the bars moving) but nothing comes out of the speakers.

So I reset it using this link: 

I chose to save my files. Still no sound so I decided to wipe it completely (remove everything option) and that's when the problem started. 

Now it turns on, shows the Dell logo for 10 seconds (no loading bar), and restarts. Over and over. No beeps or sounds whatsoever.

I have run the ePSA Pre-boot System Assessment and no errors are found. I ran both the quick and thorough tests. The only thing that doesn't check out is the speakers.

I tried removing static build-up using this link: 

I am now trying to create a Windows USB installation using this link: 
but it has already failed twice. (Completes the download then restarts it.)

Does this sound like a motherboard problem or do I simply need to reinstall Windows? Any help is much appreciated. I couldn't care less about saving any data.
I have a dell 7567 Gamimg laptop with a 1080P TN Panel that I own since 1/23/17 (ordered since 1/12/17) and I'm wondering if it's possible to have the display upgraded to a 1080P IPS, if it's not possible then I'm having a tough decision on upgrading the Display to a IPS Panel to void my 2 year premium display warranty when I have the money or wait until the warranty expires 
The line of four keys on my Inspiron 15-5547 laptop - with the "8", "I", "K", and "," keys - is not working at all.
Is there any way to fix this without replacing the keyboard?
Hi everyone,
I have an XPS 17 l702x, bios A19, Win 10 with latest updates.
In the last week it's stuck on "83% available (plugged in, charging)" but I am not able to turn it on without  the cable. The charging led is always on and if I unplug the cable it immediately turns off.
Also, the battery status button on the battery itself shows five lit leds  when pressed.
I tried disabling and re-enabling the charge from bios and from the OS, and removing the battery drivers from device manager, with no luck.
Is there any other idea before I try to open it and maybe clean up the fan or else?
Thanks in advance
Hello everyoneI have a hp envy desktop but I have no idea what the model is.I want to swap my graphics card which is currently a gtx 750 for a more powerfull Nvidia gtx 1060 but I have no idea if it will fit.Does anyone know if it will fit?
2nd mchine, 1st one replaced as useless. Was signed up to instant ink, but cancelled when this new printer also so slow as to be usless and now will not work at all with new or old cartridges. I understand that the old ones once used are specific to the printer, but new and un used ones as well not working.  Is this printer a total waste of the £69.99 paid to Curry's 6 weeks or so ago?????Very frustrated and annoyed.
how do i chcdsk on hp pavilion notebook
 Hi guys, I have got a laptop HP ProBook 4320s, which laptop doesn't already contain any HP's factory partition (I removed them:-) Now, I saw, that a newer BIOS is published (F.0D) and I would like to update it. As far as I know, I may flash the BIOS with a USB stick. My question is, how to perform this operation? In the "HowTo" are only common instructions which don't help me a lot. Can anyone come with a step-by-step itenerary? Thank you 
Good day ya'll, The following drivers for my Elitebook 8570p are missing: i. Network Controller PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_0082&SUBSYS_13018086&REV_34PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_0082&SUBSYS_13018086PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_0082&CC_028000PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_0082&CC_0280 ii. Enthernet Controller PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1502&SUBSYS_17A7103C&REV_04PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1502&SUBSYS_17A7103CPCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1502&CC_020000PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1502&CC_0200 Can someone please point me in the right direction to find these items. Thank you in anticipation. -D 


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Good morning everybody!
I have recently performed a factory default installation on the notebook object of this thread followed by Windows 7 update.
I had some problem in reinstalling all the drivers, but I solved it.

Because I always am a lucky guy , the installation of the AHCI driver has brought another undesired issue.

I have a problem in searching and installing Windows updates through, obviously, Windows Update (WU).
When I try to perform an update research, I get this error:? Windows Update cannot currently check for updates, because the service is not running...?.

The first thing I did was to check if WU service was running looking into the service ?tab? of control panel.
Nothing was changed accidentally and in fact the WU service was turned on as always.

The second step, suggested by some tutorials on the web, concerned into stopping the Windows Update service, deleting the ?SoftwareDistribution? folder and turning on another time the Windows Update service. This procedure did not solve the issue.

After many others attempts, I found the solution reading a thread in an Italian forum.

Briefly, the post explains that the issue (more evident on just formatted machines) is caused by an incompatibility of Intel Matrix Storage Manager with some processes of Windows Update. This causes that error appearing without any apparent reason.

The solution is uninstalling the Intel Matrix Storage Manager software and installing a newer one, for example this suggested by... Read more
Can I extend my notebook RAM upto 16GB? And, can I change the GPU unit?  
Morning  I have a question about the warranty status shown in HP Support Assistant...   In August last year I purchased in good faith a new HP Envy 17-N152SA from P C World in the UK.... now the first issue I had was the notebook was actually advertised and sold as a 17-N152NA NOT "SA" which is the same notebook apart from the battery...   After speaking to the Manager this issue was resolved and a refund offered to cover the error... all well...   Now up until a few days ago the warranty status in HP Support Assistant was correct and showed as expiring in Augist 2017 ... but it now shows that HP Warranty is not applicable and to speak to the retailer (see attached image)   I have my own opinion that this notebook was from a unauthorised source, and the "SA" is not a UK machine, but P C World just say that the recipt is proof of warranty and as authorised HP repaires they will look after it...   BUT why would HP not be interested in a notebook I purchased in good faith from a retailer? if as I suspect it is down to the model that is not my fault....   Hopefully I will never need to use the warranty anyway but it has annoyed me....  I have emailed a complaint to P C World just waiting for a reply.. Stuart
SYSTEM DISABLED ERROR CODE ( i 63774635 )  HOW DO I BYPASS ????????    
Hello,I'm facing this issue with my laptop where the screen freezes after I connect to any WiFi Hotspot. I can connect to the WiFi hotspot and use it for just like 5 minutes. After that the WiFi hotspot automatically gets disconnected and the screen freezes. This happened every time I connect to any WiFi hotspot.
I keep on installing driver "realtek 802.11b/g/n wireless lan drivers" but it does not show up in the device manager. I downloaded that from: "http://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp73001-73500/sp73310.exe"All i have are these drivers in the device manager:    What i need this is for to fix this : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Se14bnnPXLE  Thank you any help will be appreciated!
sir/maam can you help me i need to reset my laptop because may nepnew put password on the bios. system halt and fatal error CNU9381YF0 THANK YOU I APRECIATE ALL THE HEPL..GOD BLESS


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Hello, in general sound from the laptop speakers are okay, and i can and have applied the B&O output enhancements and the sound is noticeably different yet still lacking depth and fullness.  I've paired a set of Bluetooth stereo headphones as well as a Bluetooth stereo speaker.  playback is okay with both devices respectfully.  I?ve found I cannot apply the B&O enhancements to either device.  so, it seems as though the audio output via Bluetooth is without the B&O quality.  is there a way to be able to apply the B&O output through the Bluetooth audio connections?  ((example of what I?m referring to would be if audio is though the laptop speakers with the B&O interface open under the output tab equalizer option i can see 'graphically' the EQ curves responding to the output, however when the laptop is sending audio out to a Bluetooth device, the EQ curves graphic cease to indicate response based on audio and sound is back to sounding 'flat?)).  The following are my PC's specs: Product number : X0S48UA#ABA Software build ID : 16WW2DST602#SABA#DABA Motherboard ID : 820B BIOS : F.09-07/19/2016 Processor name : Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6200U CPU @ 2.30GHz Total memory : 6 GB // Thank you.