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Motherboard:  Lenovo IS6XM rev 1.0 
Output: from motherboard - Displayport to run 1920 x 1080 27" monitor at 60hz with HDMI input.  
Can I get away with a passive adapter?  Not doing any gaming.  Just want to run 1080p smoothly.  
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Hi everyone.
I have a T460p (MTM 20FXS0MW00) on my desk that recently started behaving strangely.
The 2x USB ports on the right side do not detect USB3 devices, but they work perfectly with USB2 storage / peripherals. Also because of this problem, the FPR (and possibly other devices as well) is not functional (BIOS/Os). The single USB port on the left side is on a seperate control board, so it is not affected by this.
This is most definitely a hardware problem and I have tried to downgrade / reset BIOS as well as clearing CMOS to no avail.
Is this a dead controller on the planar? Would I have to get a new one or can it be fixed?
All the best,
Atli Jarl.
The client is angry because Microsoft support is not support suffers from monthly hangs.  It is Windows 7 per dictate from "knowledgeable" Executives..  It is running one application:  Telephone Reader made by University of Kansas. 
There are dozens of live users serviced by this PC simultaneously.  They are inconvenienced when the operator has to power cycle the PC.  The logs provide no indication as to why the PC is locking up.  How about a fix?

I haven't been able to update in months because of this. I don't understand how the computer's required files can be using up more than half of my disc space. I've done disc cleanup, but that did nothing. I have deleted every possible thing on this computer that I can. The only apps I have are spotify, gimp, and microsoft word. I store all of my documents and pictures on a flash drive. I only use this computer for writing and for surfing the internet, but my disc space is somehow so full that the computer can't update.

So, what do I do? All my space is taken up by "required files". This laptop is less than two years old, I can't accept that it's time to get a new one already. What are my options?
Dear at Microsoft Technet ,,,
I'm facing an issue with IE11 , i would like to open a popup for a web application without user interaction , which means the popup will be immediately show up without prompting of allow once or allow always .
I have a Windows Server 2016 AD , and the AD USERS are on windows 10 Pro . 
I first notice the problem about a month ago. Suddenly I am unable to upload my resume to internet job sites. Word and PDF files will not upload and I end up having to manually enter a text version of my resume, which is time consuming and less attractive
than the formatted versions. I have MS Word 10 but even saved as compatible to lower versions it will not upload. I've tried saving the documents with shorter file names and making sure they do not exceed the space requirements. I've tried removing text boxes
and other unusual formatting in case that was the issue. Off the top of my head, my resume will not upload to government job sites, my university job seeker web site, or the career builder web site. This must be an issue with either windows Vista or my internet
explorer settings. I've searched the internet and this forum for an answer but have not been successful in resolving the issue. I noticed another user of the forum posted the same question, but the answer - a link to a resolution that changes a registry key
- did not resolve the problem. My registry already matches the recommended settings.
To recap - I cannot upload documents to internet sites. This is needed for my job search. Please help!
My computer has good specs and is only a few months old. I cleared my temp, ran disk and memory checks, updated my driver's and nothing worked. I also ran the Tech Support Guy sysconfig from another thread and got this:
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8700 CPU @ 3.20GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 158 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 12
RAM: 16299 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070, -1 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 930 GB (394 GB Free);
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Enabled and Updated

I understand that there is a problem with my graphics card but I need to find a way to fix the problem. Please help.
So i have a lenovo laptop and the Charger stopper working im wondering if i can use a different Charger to power it?
Broken charger: 20v 2.25a
Charger i want to use: 20v 3.25a
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Hello viewers.  I bought the active pen two because it was the logical choice for my Yoga 530. However it doesn't quite work "right". It'll work most of the time but sometimes the pen pressure goes out. This happens once in a few strokes with and it doesn't matter how you hold the pen. This happens in Photoshop but I also saw that when I use it in other programs it also won't connect properly. Either going completely off or having no pen pressure at all.  Example in the image. (PSD) I tried installing multiple drivers who were associated with the pen but nothing worked yetI also tried removing the tip/getting the batteries out   
OS: Windows 10 When moving the mouse pointer with the touchpad, if I happen to touch the touchpad with my thumb the pointer immediately stops moving and switches to scrolling mode. I've tried disabling 2 finger scrolling but the motion is still blocked (but not scrolling). I'm finding this behaviour really frustrating. On most other laptops I've used (MacBook, Dell) if 2 fingers are touching when vertically positioned relative to each other, the pointer isn't blocked from moving. Is this behaviour observed in previous generations of the X1? Any suggestions on what I can try to fix this? I've played around with the settings but haven't managed to find a solution. Also, I couldn't find the drivers for the 7th Gen...
I want to replace my faulty lenovo T410 motherboard (FRU:63Y1483) and buy a cheap one that it has a different FRU (75Y4066). Is it doable or i will face compatibility issues  with the other parts of my laptop? Is there a specific reason  so many different mobo type FRUs exist?

Have not used my laptop for ages & now lost the password. how to get in?
Okay, here is my situation: I bought my laptop a year ago. I bought the same model with my my friend's one. She said her laptop is still fine. And then I noticed that mine was slowing down. I don't know if I can restore it or not so I want to ask for some solutions to keep laptop working fast. Thanks in advance!
Hello, this is my situation: I bought my laptop a year ago. I bought the same model with my friend. She said her laptop was still fine. And then I noticed that my laptop was slowing down (especially when turning it on). I don't know whether I can restore it or not so I want to ask for some solutions to keep my laptop running fast. Thanks in advance!
I have to manually press function + space bar everytime I turn on the laptop.  Is there a way to keep it turned on all the time?
Hi guys, I notice on my Thinkpad P52 when i press the ctrl and fn key that they goes down and make annoying noise, do you have this problems? Have any idea how to fix it???
in my previous post i said i forgot the BIOS password for my t460s and i couldn't even log into it. I want to upgrade the ram and I know how to but I'm concern that after i do that and the system starts; it detects a new hw installed and asks me for the BIOS password to continue. I would be stuck forever. So do you guys know if BIOS password is asked whenever there is a HW change specifically on a t460s or something similar?
Hi,Finaly I have been able to pinpoint the problem with the battery not charging, to this special flight mode.If I disable it in Vantage it stays disabled and the charging is working fine, but after a re-power it ends up again in this special flight mode, really annoying I can see the windows battery tray symbol with a small AC-plug symbolising it is charging ok at power up, in the windows log in screen but as soon as I log in, after just a few seconds, it changes to the special flight mode and not charging, so it seems there are some sort of software/driver that is not working.I have had this PC since september last year and it has allways been working ok, but now after my third day after comming back from vacation I got this problem.Can you please advice how to fix this.Best Regards,Anders
one particular device in the network keep disconnect approx. after 30 min, sometime upto 3 hrs. working. after that device not pinging, no connection.

if i restart the device, again start working for some time approx (30 - 3 hrs).

when we check the network cable, it is in good condition and while pinging no drops.

what could be the issue.
few devices are connected with our network with linksys 4 port switch (layer 2), then suddenly one particular devices stopped working. we tried dlink other linksys switches no use. that particular device still no communication.

when we change to the normal switch (layer 1 hub - unbranded low cost switch), all devices including that disconnected devices are start working (also pinging).

what are the differences in the above switches (low cost vs high cost).
Hi. Do I need to use third party software for that? which one please? Thank you.
Motherboard:  Lenovo IS6XM rev 1.0 Output: from motherboard - Displayport to run 1920 x 1080 27" monitor at 60hz with HDMI input.  Can I get away with a passive adapter?  Not doing any gaming.  Just want to run 1080p smoothly.  
Hi, I just recieved my X1 Carbon 7th Gen. looks great and the display is very bright compared to my 2 years old 5th gen.However during the configuration process I recognized that the display is not properly alligned in the casing.  I`m the only one with this problem?honestly I dont want to wait a few weeks again for a techician to scew on my new notebook (not the best experience with this)for nearly 2000? professional device I`m thinking about returning it and maybe give lenovo a second chance in a few month
Hello everyone,

I am using the microsoft server2016 I have installed the VMware application to run the image file. Now I want to run multiple images on single vmware application also need to ping the ip address of the server pc from all the images, so what should I do now? Please help me if any one have idea or faced same issue.
Hey guys, I own Lenovo X1 Carbon Gen 6th with latest specs(except my screen is not HDR but a matte one). The laptop is approximately 4.5 months old and I have 3 years warranty on it. I noticed exactly the same "behaviour" around my touchpad which is described in this topic. With no explanation or reason, I have been seeing(already 5-6 times) when my touchpad simply freezes and the cursor stop moving completely. However, usually red button(pointer) along with keyboard work just fine. The only thing which always helped me to solve this issue is just rebooting the laptop.  All my drivers are up to date via Lenovo Vantage app as well as the latest precision windows 10 drivers installed. Any ideas what could cause this occasional touchpad freeze? Should I contact Lenovo warranty support or this is 100% related to a software issue, not the hardware?  Btw, I have done hardware scan test via Lenovo Vantage and no issues noticed at all. Appreciate any help here or advice as this is kind of frustrating considering how new is this machine.
My laptop apears to have a small shaded spot on its screen. The spot is visable with the screen being on, and also when the screen is completely off. The spot is located on the lower left of the screen.
I have at least 2 T460p's in our fleet that are having sound issues. Sound works through the head phones, however when the headphones are unplugged, no sound comes through the speakers. Win10 (1803) is switching between the two audio devices and levels are displaying as if Windows thinks the sound is playing, but nothing comes out.  I have done the following:* uninstalled audio drivers and updated to the latets.* ran Lenovo updates and have the latest BIOS and Intel drivers. Has anyone experienced this and does anyone have a fix?


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