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If you're still using Windows XP SP3, the only browser that still supports it and which is kept up-to-date is Maxthon Cloud Browser.

Version was recently updated to version, but it has been updated again to version

You can get it here:

I use it in my Windows XP Professional SP3 test computer, and it works fine.

Trying to swap my laptops HDD to a SSD.
Used a cloning tool to 100% clone the drives, but when I go to boot from SSD alone, I get an error "inaccesible boot device"

Any help?
This has been an ongoing [almost 1 yr!] problem. The monitor screen image, "suddenly became pixelated". I upgraded the video card, thinking that was the problem. No change. I've attached a screen shot to show what my display looks like. This problem also affects any and all video viewing, burning DvD's, you name it. It doesn't work properly. I usually am able to resolve any PC or MAC problems, but this has me stymied!
Heres the sysinfo:
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 94 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 32653 Mb

Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 530, 1024 Mb - Could this be the problem?

Hard Drives: C: 893 GB (325 GB Free); D: 1862 GB (689 GB Free); G: 2794 GB (1905 GB Free); H: 4657 GB (4533 GB Free); I: 7451 GB (3435 GB Free); J: 4657 GB (2018 GB Free); K: 7451 GB (4252 GB Free); L: 5588 GB (3469 GB Free); M: 3725 GB (2018 GB Free); N: 7451 GB (1767 GB Free);
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Enabled and Updated
For some reason unknown, Video card was not detected in this sysinfo file. I have a
GeoForce GT 740
Operating System: Windows 10 Enterprise, 64-bit
DirectX version: 12.0
GPU processor: GeForce GT 740
Driver version: 399.24
Direct3D API version: 12
Direct3D feature level: 11_0
CUDA Cores: 384
Core clock: ... Read more
Lenovo active pen 2 stops working intermittently with Yoga 530. I have all the latest drivers and windows updated installed. I tried rebooting. Scanning for viruses. Any advice ?
I have a Yoga 370 with Windows 10 on it. The trackpad and trackpoint have ceased functioning. I have had this happen in the past and if I deleted the drivers and let them reinstall it resolves the issue.Not this time.I have also checked in UEFI and in Windows itself, the trackpad and trackpoint are enabled in both.i have tried to disable the trackpad and trackpoint and then re enable but no love.I have opened the bottom and reset the connectors, no love.The touch screen does still work but it is very annoying as the only mouse.I can put wireless mouse on it and it works but I should not have to do that.I have looked for replacment trackpad but have not been able to find anything.The fact that they both stopped working at the same time makes me think it is disabled but where?
Not sure what happened.  I use my notebook occasionally, but mostly, my kids use it for school.  Anyway, they went to turn it on, and it acts like its about to boot up and then I get a Boot Menu Pop up with two options: ATAPI CD0PCI LAN  I have an old Windows Install USB drive, which boots to the options, but when I try to restore, there are no restore points found, repair fails, and there is no option to 'reset' the installation.  No log file is shown or referenced. Errr.....I could use some troubleshooting advice here, I need to get this back up and running.  It's running Windows 10.  Thanks guys!
Hey guys! After the longest time, I decided to check up on my T410s to see how it was still hanging on. It is an i5 @ 2.4GHz, HDD, and has 4GB of RAM. Not exactly a beast but it holds a special place in my heart. Starting it up I took it for a spin and noticed its' performance was kind of iffy and it was heating up a lot. I figured the fans were dusty and decided to open the case. Upon closer inspection, it was clear that my initial thought was correct 'cause the fans were practically fully consumed by dust. After cleaning it up, I closed the case and booted up the device happy that I helped an old friend. However, to my surprise, its' touchpad and mouse are now just completely unresponsive. I thought I might have messed something up reassembling it but after opening the case again, everything seemed to be in order. Now, I figured it might have been a software issue. I am currently running Ubuntu 18.04. - Starting the BIOS, both TouchPad and TrackPad are recognized and ENABLED.- However, running xinput list in the terminal does not show any of the two as devices.- I've looked up more info online and tried some other software solutions but all to no avail. I'd really appreciate some help from you fellow ThinkPad laptop enthusiasts! If needed, I can also provide pictures of the machine or more info about some of the software fixes I've attempted.
i have a problem with windows7 and IPv6...
I'll configure an static IPv6-Address to the client.
If I add the entry in the GUI, and run ipconfig after that, i get the following output:
Ethernet-Adapter LAN-Verbindung:

Verbindungsspezifisches DNS-Suffix:
IPv6-Adresse. . . . . . . . . . . : 2003:ff:ff:ff::2
IPv6-Adresse. . . . . . . . . . . : 2003:ff:ff:ff:211:d8ff:fe38:1275
temporary IPv6-Adresse. . . . . . : 2003:ff:ff:ff:695a:9ca6:84a:fa99
Linl Local IPv6-Adresse . . . . . : fe80::211:d8ff:fe38:1275%11
IPv4-Adresse . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnetzmaske . . . . . . . . . . :
Standardgateway . . . . . . . . . : 2003:ff:ff:ff::1

(It's a german windows, i translated the important things)
The Client add automatically more than one IPv4-Addresses... But I would only have one IPv6-Address (2003:ff:ff:ff::2) configured.
I don't want the temporary IPv6-Address, the Linc-Local IPv6-Address, and the IPv6-Address configured automatically from the Client.
Do you know how to disable or remove this Addresses?
Thank you for your help.
Hi All! Here goes! Very frustrating situation!I have a z575 I bought new less than 5 years ago. Windows 7 64 bit. In spite of all my best efforts, it will not connect to WiFi. I haven't done anything such as add new software. I haven't done anything. It just stopped working. It says the WiFi card is working properly. I just updated the drivers. I've uninstalled all my antivirus, turned the firewall off. Gone thru the steps and tried it that way. Nothing. When I run the troubleshooter it says "There might be a problem with the driver for the Wireless Network Connection 11 Adapter." and "A network cable is not properly plugged in or may be broken." When I look control panel,it shows 3 bars illuminated. I'm assuming this means the card is working but the info is not making the connection. I bought a WiFi dongle. Tried that. Laptop didn't recognize that. No luck there. This laptop works well other than this problem. I'm about to declare a hardware issue and replace the WiFi card. I've done a ton of research and have come to the conclusion that this isn't an uncommon problem with this particular laptop. I also haven't seen anything that really pertains to the wifi just stopping. Things I've read generally indicate someone has made a change that caused the problem. Does anyone have any suggestions to offer? You have no idea how much it's appreciated!I'm about at the end of my rope with this project. I've spent hours on this!Thanks in advance!
just wondering how to download steam games from my hardrive to my laptop and if it is possible?
Hi, hope someone can help. I tried to use Quickbooks and it said I had to have IE6 or newer to use. I've always had IE. Long story short - it's GONE! I spent two days researching, following suggestions online, etc. and there is absolutely no trace of IE on my computer. I've tried to download and it doesn't complete. I've tried to restore my computer to an earlier time, which didn't work. I found a suggestion online to try restore in Safe Mode. That worked but did not restore IE. Computer is also telling me "there is a problem with windows help & support, it can't start". I am running windows 7. My computer was acting up a couple of weeks ago and I did several types of clean up programs - don't remember which ones at this point, but I think they were Microsoft (not sure). Any ideas?? Thank you for your help!
Can i download steam games from a hardrive to my pc and how
Any help would be apreciated.
I'm trying to install windows 8.1 but my product key is not working. I've bought Lenovo Ideapad Z510 laptop with windows 8.1 configured in 2014. Now my laptop hard disk crashed and not working. So, I've installed new HDD in my laptop. Since Key is not visible
on the back of laptop so I've tried windowskeyfinder.exe to extract key from my BIOS. Now I've downloaded Windows 8.1 but it's always downloading Windows 8.1 Pro with 4GB size. And my key is not working in that iso. 
Can somebody help me to download Windows 8.1 Home edition. Or let me know how can I check the edition of windows which was installed on my laptop based on Product Key.
I don't have the hard disk on which windows was configured so can't check it. 

Best Regards,
Brij K
Hello there,

I'il tell you something.

My problem is that my windows 7 doesn't see a Bluetooth headset. It even makes a connection and even appears on devices but colorless and still using the speakerphone, the headset does not appear.
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: AMD A8-7410 APU with AMD Radeon R5 Graphics, AMD64 Family 22 Model 48 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 11209 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon(TM) R5 Graphics, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 911 GB (721 GB Free); D: 18 GB (2 GB Free);
Motherboard: HP, 81F5
Antivirus: Norton Security, Enabled and Updated

I have encountered a strange behavior that has not happened before with previous versions. After I updated to version 1903 my notification pane on right of task bar started giving me unusual messages that I have never got before. First on top it says in bold CNEventWindowClass with other messages that say; General New Software Update is Available. First of all I can not find anywhere on what is a CNEventWindowClass, and when I click the update, it disappears and comes back when I go back to the message pane.

Also when I right click to get info it just gives me these options: Go to notification settings and turn off notifications for CNEventWindowClass. If I right click top first one on header I get the same with one additional (Make CNEventWindowClass high priority). So my questions are as follows: 1. What is cneventwindowclass?, 2. Why is it telling me software update is available with no clue to which software?, 3. is this something to be very concerned about as in is my system files corrupted? and lastly What should I do to correct this issue? I have posted an image of the ... Read more
I've had my PC for roughly 1 year.

It's a windows 10 pro OS
32gb ddr3 ram

Recently it has been freezing with no error notice and unable to do anything unless I hard reset by keeping my finger on the power button until shutdown. And even more recent meaning yesterday and this morning it has been failing to turn on but beeping 5 sharp times and turning off. I've been told it may be ram usage overload or installed incorrectly so I took them out and put them in different slots because this could be a possible fix but nothing improved.
Anything to help would be really greatly appreciated
I use windows 10 with the MSi tomahawk b450 motherboard and have been using a lan cable fine for about a month. I use a tp-link adapter in my wall so I don?t have to connect directly to the router. I have tried multiple cables, I have reset the router, I have reset my network settings, and have even swapped out my adapter with a different but same model adapter and my computer still does not detect a valid ip configuration. Is it my motherboard port? And if so how do i fix it?
So my C: drive is at 8G free out of the total 447. When I do a search for "gigantic" size files, I get a ton of stuff that I have no idea whether or not it's safe to remove. I've already deleted lots of stuff I was confident about: duplicate videos, podcasts, etc, etc. Is there a product or online something-or-other that can safely tell me what can be deleted? Is there a way to post that to somebody here? Who could say "this and this and anything with this tag is safe to delete"?
Ever since the latest updates from either Microsoft or Lenovo Vantage a few days ago, my X380 Yoga no longer wakes up when the lid is opened, it alway did before.  Now I have to press the Power button on the side which is a PITA.
I am trying to run a chromium usb drive on x131e. Whenever i choose to boot with the usb drive in the boot menu, it gives me this screen, then takes me to the boot windows in safe mode screen. Intel UNDI ,  PXE-2.1 (build 003)Copyright This product is covered by one or more of following pattents : US5,387,459, US5,434,872, US5732,094, US5,570,884, and US5,327,625 Realtek PCIe CBE Family Controler Series v2.44 (10/07/11)PXE-E61: Media test failure PXE-MOF: Exiting PXE ROM I used Hexxah's 4028 build, and a 8gb Sandisk cruzer usb drive.
Hi,Recently my copy of Windows became corrupted. I bought this computer used, and it didn't come with any Windows CD. Just put up with not having access to Windows and used only Linux (I dual boot) for a while, got a system recovery toolkit from computerrepairathome.com and that didn't help, so then I just purchased a copy of Windows 7 Professional and did a fresh install. Little did I know that the drivers for several hardware items, including the drivers for both wireless and wired Internet devices, were missing. What do I do? Will I be okay if I download drivers from this website (from my working Internet connection here on Linux) and copy them over to my Windows partition, and where should I copy them to? Thanks in advance for help with this!Jeff 
I have a Dell Optiplex 7010mt and I gave it a rx470 graphics card and a new power supply it was ran fine for a week now but when I was using it the pc just shut off. So I clicked the power button it turns on steady white light but no signal to my monitor at all. I tried cleaning the ramm making sure everything is plugged in I removed the cmos battery then put it back in. I unplugged the gpu then tried to run it didn?t like it so I put it back. I plugged in a cable to the motherboard for video nothing at all. I NEED HELP!!!!
Hello! I am a young professional and an aspiring software dev/ gaming enthusiast. All my life I have used cheap, cheap laptops and computers on account of coming from a low income family. A couple years ago I put aside some money for a premium laptop. At the time I was intending to buy the newest MacBook Pro, but that was when they hit us with the 'touch bar', so I scoffed and saved my money... After a lot of research I decided to go for a X1C 7th gen. An upgrade to my current Lenovo 110s which is shamefully my daily driver! The questions I have are: 1. I believe the 7th gen is due to be released this month. However, from some forums I hear that you should hold off on buying it immediately as they tend not to have the best configuration options at the start, is that correct? What could I expect if I waited longer? I also hear there can be manufacturing problems initially? 2. When researching which screen to buy, I was unclear which screen would not provide the screen scaling problem when used in conjunction with an external monitor, can anyone please help clarify this to me. I liked the sound of the privacy screen guard version as I would be using this on the train! I do not require a touch screen but do require an accurate screen color display image editing work. What would you suggest? 3. I would also like to do some gaming on the machine when at home. The built in graphics card isnt that great. Do you think the Extreme version would be worth waitin... Read more
So my C: drive is at 8G free out of the total 447. When I do a search for "gigantic" size files, I get a ton of stuff that I have no idea whether or not it's safe to remove. I've already deleted lots of stuff I was confident about: duplicate videos, podcasts, etc, etc. Is there a product or online something-or-other that can safely tell me what can be deleted? Is there a way to post that to somebody here? Who could say "this and this and anything with this tag is safe to delete"?
I have scads of images and videos, etc, with a lot of duplicates. Some of them are necessary: I have two external drives with backups of important family stuff, travel, etc. (plus backed up on Google Drive.) Yeah, I'm paranoid about losing priceless stuff.....is there a good tool/online service/something that I can use to ferret out all the duplicates and safely delete what I don't need? I recently saw a product that promised to do that but it's $50 and before trying that I wanted to post here first. Thanks!
Yesterday after updating the the thermal solution from Lenovo Vantage i noticed that my CPU frequency is fixed at 2.21 does not decrease or increase while befor the update it was around 4 ghz and i always use it plugged and at maximum performace.Is this a kind of feature to let the battery longer and take the laptop cooler or just a bug? because i prefer to have always around 4ghz the cpu frequency.My BIOS has not changed its 1.19 befor and after the update.  


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Hi there,

I have today downloaded and installed the Update Windows 10 Home 1903. It went pretty smoothly on the whole, although I had to change some of my settings and other bits and pieces I didn't like about the new set-up.

However, I have found that after the update, my portable USB hard drives and flash drives won't automatically open now. I have to find them in Windows Explorer and click on them myself. They used to open straightaway when I plugged them in. Has anyone any ideas on how to fix this.

Thanks in anticipation.

I installed a Sophos UTM 9 firewall and enabled the web filtering. I configured it with the basic profile blocking criminal, violent, and porn sites only. Everything is working fine for Windows. But Mac computer are unable to go to ebay, yahoo, etc. and they are blocked. All computers are in the same subnet and allowed for these sites.
Are mac computers being blocked by something else?

I appreciates all the advises.
V130-15IKB BIOS 8VCN10WW no possibility disable keyboard beeping sound  In BIOS Configuration no such option.
Some background info: This is my father's X1E. He has been running into 2 issues, "No battery present" notifications causing shut down issues and BSODs. First, "No battery present" notification. Out of nowhere, for no apparent reason, the computer won't detect the battery "No battery present". However... the computer can still remain powered on without the power cable plugged in. Not much of an issue on the surface... except... when this happens the computer does not give any indication of it's charge level and as a result, doesn't go to sleep when the battery is low... instead it just shuts off (battery runs dry). Oh, and the computer will sometimes just randomly shut down. No warning. Needless to say, this is not acceptable for a laptop (especially one that is job critical and costs >$2K). Second, the BSODs. This has also been a complete mystery. Obviously, I'm not at his computer 24/7, but that image is the latest one he sent me. Again, seemingly random. I've done some googling on this BSOD and it seems to have something to do with the sleep function of the computer... which leads me to believe it may be related to the "no battery present" issue... but IDK. I've tried to do some basic troubleshooting. Resetting the battery (as per Lenovo's own instructions), changing settings in power options (I forget what specifically) and some other things I can't remember ATM. Finally, he had the laptop RMA'd. It came back with a fresh install of Windows 10... but the... Read more
My research to date indicates that the integrated graphics card on my new T480 cannot be disabled, and that the graphics load will always be shared between the integrated graphics card and the NVIDIA MX150 card (no matter the global settings on the NVIDIA and Intel control panels).  Is this correct??? If so, this was a truly stupid design choice on the part of the Lenovo design team.  Who wants to buy an expensive graphics card only to discover that integrated graphics capability can not be turned off. On a recent internet delivered video, the loads on the two GPU's appeared about the same - the integrated graphics process was "stealing" about 15% of the CPU, while the MX150 was essentially idling at 15%. Does this make ANY sense???
I have two Computers One is Windows 7 the Other is Windows 10. When i Go in the the network place in File Explore on the Windows 10 computer i can see the Window 7 Computer. When I Go in to the Window 7 Computer I cant see the Windows 10 Computer. Can
Someone Help ASAP
My Google search results are displaying differently to-day. Maybe something I changed? Any help getting it back to the original view will be greatly appreciated. Please see "screen shot" enclosed. Thanks: Dave
fb videos play on my phone but not my laptop
I have updated from 1809 to 1903 and the PC has now gone really slow and having issues with admin rights, I have chkdsk'd and scannowed but no issues found. Tried an inplace update in case windows was corrupted and get the message some hardware on this PC is incompatable with 1903 update. Can anyone shed any light in these issues please. I have had to revert to 1809 to make the PC useable again.Thanks in anticipation.
Hello altruists,tl;dr: Looking for spillproof keyboard cover and cloth cover for the laptop(hydrophobic or normal) purchase suggestionsI have been using the X1E (20MF)  for a few weeks.I tried sarching if the keyboard dimension is the same as the 2018 X1 Carbon,so i can order a spillproof keyboard cover for X1E.Amazon,E-bay and google doesn't seem to return any promising results for the X1E,but a few for the X1C.I am also looking for a cloth cover like this,but for X1E.As you can see,the cloth cover for Alienware is not waterproof.I used this for my Alienware to prevent scratches.Something like this,or something hydrophobic (Without any zipper,handle etc.) is what i am looking for.So far,nothing promising on google.Somebody suggested Pelican covers,but i don't wanna go that far anytime soon.
Hello and thank you for your time,
To give you a quick few information about my laptop Acer win 8.1 have it for 2 or 3 years maybe event longer(guarantee isnt an option and i dont have the money to repair it nor do i want to to it to this pc).
So to start of, i have a laptop and keyboard met beer a half a year ago and stopped working that didnt bother me much since i got some other keyboards .The problem is that the keyboard when i try to press it doesnt work but sometimes(happends alot recently)
that it thinks i spam a botton.
Thats the issue, but i tried alot and searched on the internet for this but didnt found what i wanted or worked for me.
Deactivating is grayed out, when try to unistall it, it tells me that i have to restart the pc when i do its reinstalled.
So i dont really know what to do idk if i can lock the keyboard somehow or the botton on the keyboard if you have any suggestion pls tell me ^^
hi, i upgraded system ram 1 gb to 3 gb.. pc-doctor 5 confirmed 3 gb but reports that "maximum supported memory is 2 gb".. installed system is xp professional and i edited "page.ini" file according to microsoft suggestions..http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/system/platform/server/PAE/PAEmem.mspxhere is pc-doctor report pic.http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v97/endia/mem.jpgthanks in advance..Message Edited by endia on 05-31-2008 04:30 PM


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My problem is 2-fold.   Problem (1) My computer (Ideapad 300-17ISK) stopped detecting a 2nd display.   I have changed cables, and followed updated the display driver from windows 10, nothing fixes it.   So I came to this site. Problem (2)  I have been trying to download the service bridge in order to update the driver (among other things) and it will not download.  The error I get  "LSBSetup.exe Failed - Virus Detected".  Please advise!  
So for about a week every time I booted my computer, a message saying something along the lines of ?correctable memory error in DIMM slot 3? and I was just able to hit F1 to continue. My PC always ran slower after that error happened, so I just thought I could take the RAM stick out from DIMM slot 3, and that?s what I did today.

After I did that, my computer ran WAY slower (which took it down to 24GB instead of 32GB of RAM), so I figured ?alright I?ll put it back in?. Now my computer won?t show display. It will turn on, my fans will work for a minute, my power light flashes, and nothing else. Pretty lost as to why this happened, and it really stinks because I need this computer for online classes.
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My new 510p laptop 4700mq cpu can easily go overheat then the turbo boost stoped.Is there a solution to this ?Also the website notebook check found this problem too.Just see the website,the cpu performs much worse than the same cpu of other computers.http://www.notebookcheck.net/Review-Lenovo-IdeaPad-Y510p-Notebook.97470.0.htmlCan anybody help?


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Bilgisayar?ma 8 gb ram ald?m mhz. Olsun DDR olsun hepsi uygun. CPU-Z'de 8 gb ramin varl???n? gsteriyor ancak bilgisayar?m>zellikler yapt???mda sadece orjinalinde olan 4 gb rami gsteriyor. Ve ayn? zamanda oyunlarda da ramin bir i?e yaramad???n? rahata grebiliyorum. Ltfen yard?m edin
Hi all, ***note - i think i should have put this is the other x series notebook section.. if anyone can move it, that would be great ;-) I have a Lenovo Thinkpad X1 tablet, and I'd like to use it as an additional monitor/screen for my laptop.  Problem is the windows 10 option for "projecting to this screen' is not there.  The path in the Group policy isn't there either (i.e. no connect folder).  I have ran the 'netsh wlan show drivers'  command and the drivers and wifi capability are supposedly there, but still no option.  Any suggestions? Thanks,Mike
I have a used Asus Cromebook C300M. It has two users and a guest option on it.

Can this device be set back to a factory reset with me as a single user?
Should I try to set it back to factory reset or should I look at this device
as a guest user?

Thank you,
Hello Team,  So after year of working fine my keyboard on my X1 CARBON 2nd Gen just sort of stopped working.  It looks like I might have but the keyboard in NUMBER LOCK but I am not sure how.  I was reloaded my windows system from scratch hopeing to fix it.  But nothing.  I have even tried some registery edits to ensure NUMBER LOCKS was off but still did not work.  All other keys work just fine.  Can anyone confirm it just a bad keyboard section?
Yesterday after updating the the thermal solution from Lenovo Vantage i noticed that my CPU frequency is fixed at 2.21 does not decrease or increase while befor the update it was around 4 ghz and i always use it plugged and at maximum performace.Is this a kind of feature to let the battery longer and take the laptop cooler or just a bug? because i prefer to have always around 4ghz the cpu frequency.My BIOS has not changed its 1.19 befor and after the update.  
hey. so im trying to portforward, just making a small server for friends and all. but so yeah ihave made that my pc has a static ip so that doesnt change and then i logged into the router and thats where im stuck really i think. its a B-Box 2 from belgacom. so yeah idk if i checked online it all says that i need to go to lan servers but when i tried that it didnt work. so please help