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I want to make sure I understand things correctly.
It seems that many program installs hard codes things to go in System32.  There ends up being a large number of 32 bit dll's and ocx's that end in System32.  I just hit one.
I have an old program that uses ComDlg32.ocx.  It provides the dialog that all are familiar with that lets you select a file.  When setting up a new machine the OS puts a copy of ComDlg32.ocx in syswow64 and registers it.  It is dated 1999. 

When the program I am using installs, it puts a newer copy (2011) of comdlg32.ocx in System32.  It does not register it or the registration stays the same. 

Most of the time my program will not open the older dialog. Sometimes it opens but does not return the selected file.  No mater what it crashes.  If I copy the newer ComDlg32.ocx to SysWow64 then it works.
I wonder what is best practice.  Should I do the copy and replace?  Should I edit the registry? I have manually successfully registered the newer version but the program will not go to it.  It keeps going to the older one.
How to uninstall SDA standard Compliant SD Host Controller and reinstall?
My Seagate external drive no longer shows up in File Explorer. I'm running Windows 10 for some time now, and it initially showed up until just recently. My local Tech Support guy says there is a known Windows 10 issue with external drives. Do you know is this is true? If yes, any way to know when the upgrade with a fix is installed?

I already went through all of the suggestions noted in this Thread awhile ago, and concluded my external drive must be toast. So I bought a new one and it works fine. So just wondering about the "known Windows 10 issue with external drives."

Like many others I am unable to get my laptop to autoplay cd or dvd discs when inserted. I am not offered the option to run the aurorun file. If I open file explorer I am able to open the files and use them, but if I insert the same disc in my desktop it offers me to open the autorun file.
I have it set up so that the laptop asks me what to do each time and am given multiple options, just not the one to run the autorun app.
I have read many threads on this issue and have gone through settings, control panel, registry changes, and local policy changes and am unable to figure ot how to fix this issue.

Anyone have any ideas?


I have a preferred WiFi Connection, but Windows 10 seems to require that I manually connect to it. How can I make this automatic?

In case it matters, I use an ethernet connection too, and run both, because they are different subnets each with devices (network shares) that I need access to (yes, I have a bridge.) Anyway, the network works just fine except that I have to manually connect to the WiFi everytime I restart WIndows. Ideas?
I am using a Dell XPS 15 (9550) with an i7-6700HQ, and 16gb ram.

This laptop is used as my main work desktop, so this is my mule. As of last month up until now, something changed and I don't understand what it could have been. My folder searching does NOT work.

For example: If I navigate to my main folder which is also a Google Drive connected folder, and I want to search for a file or document, I just type that and it pulls up all of the related documents. If I search for a Motion or Demand for Discovery, it should pull up many, and I mean many different files with that title.

Now, nothing is found. It just says "No Items match your Description."

I have rebuilt the Index 3 times now and nothing is fixed. This is an important function for me as there are thousands of files within these folders, and it has become rather troublesome to recall a file location from memory.
Every time I reboot I get this pop-up. Just to be safe I click on ok, select all files and click ok again. Then I reboot and it comes up again.

Hello, Lenovo offers the 65W Travel AC Adapter to be lighter and smaller than the ordinary AC Adapters,which it is why it is handy for travel. Also, it comes with a country specific plug, that can be removed / changed,anyhow, I learned Lenovo does not think that to exchange the power plug makes it a travel adapter, apparently.This is despite the fact that the country plug can be removed.Amazing. So here there is few questions: 1) why does Lenovo not sell a kit with the spare country plugs for different countries?After all, that was meant to be a travel adapter?! Ah no, i forgot, the hotline told me it is only a travel adapter because it is smaller and lighter - NOT becuase you can remove the country specific plug!!! 2) The only picture with the other country plugs is attached, anyhow I found it on a site with bad english, which is why my concern is it might be a copy, not the original part. 3) This document shows the US, CN and EU country plugs with Replacement Number Parts (FRU),e.g. FRU 03X6286 for the US country plug. Anyhow, nobody seems to be able to ship such a single country plug. https://support.lenovo.com/gb/en/documents/acc100125 4)This document shows the country plugs for other regions, e.g. UK, AU, BR... https://support.lenovo.com/gb/en/documents/acc100168 Why are these two seperate documents / what is the difference - if there is any -since the body part FRU 03X8995 seems to be the same in both editions?! 5) ... Read more
I bought my ThinkPad P50 with a 170W-adapter and a 135W-adapter. I also recently bought a Lenovo 90W (12V DC/travel adapter p/n 41R4494) and wanted to share some fps tests between those three adapters using 3DMark06. My system is running Windows 7 OEM and has the 6820HQ with Quadro M2000M GPU, Bios 1.28. Adapter type: 90W / 135W / 170W3DMark Score: 10.827 / 12.579 / 12.510GT1 Return to Pr.: 37,7 / 48,5 / 48,3 fps <--- 22% drop for 90W adapterGT2 Firefly Forest: 31,0 / 40,2 / 39,5 fps <--- 23% drop for 90W adapterHDR1 Canyon Flight: 43,3 / 49,1 / 49,6 fps <--- 12% drop for 90W adapterHDR2 Deep Freeze: 38,8 / 38,9 / 38,9 fpsBoth 135W and 170W-adaper gives the same performance but the smaller 90W-adapter can't provide enough power to the GPU. The perfomance drop shown above is expected. The 90W-adapter is doing fine when playing League of Legends with normal 60 fps (V-sync cap) but can fast drop to 4-5 fps in critical situations such as teamfights. The 90W-adapter will not charge the battery when the system is running, but the battery will not be drained either. I haven't noticed any difference between the 135W and 170W version at all, they both perform well. I know some consumers who want a car-charger to their system but Lenovo does not provide a 135W DC-adapter. This turned out to be a very good solution. The system will of course not perform 100% under heavy load but is good enough for everything else.
Hi AllT410 gave fan error and stop workingI replaced with new one and now fan works perfectly. (I hear it works and blows)Now I have totally black screen problem, nothing on screen even no dots.The power button is green (for me yellow), fan works,BUT I see nothing on screen.Any idea?
Dear All,I purchased a refurbished Lenovo T520 (i5-2520M, 8gb Ram, Windows 7 Professional, 180SSD). I wanted this specific model because of its wonderful keyboard. The laptop is great, but I think it has a problem with the Fan Control. I have ran an hardware scan in Lenovo Solution Center and everything is ok with the exception of Fan Device. I get an warning (yellow triangle). The Result Code is: WFN001000-WLOCJN which means that no problem was found. But still, why does the warning sign appears? I have checked the CPU temperature with Speed Fan and it says that Core0 and Core1 temperatures are around 65 (and there is a flame sign next to it). Is this temperature normal? Is the Fan Control test indicating an error with the fan? Thank you for your replies.Result readings of test:Display Name Fan DeviceCPU Temperature 66 °CCPU Fan Speed 2371 RPMDiagnosticsControl Test Warning
Hi, I'm having trouble to find the sim card access in my laptop.I have inserted the SIM card in the slot, but I cant fint the sim card or to access it in the system.My operative system is Windows 10 Pro x64, and my laptop is: Lenovo ThinkPad T460TYPE:  20FN-003LSP Somebdoy can help me, please?Regards
Hi, I've been having some computer problems, I was going to try CHKDSK but, I heard that doesn't go well with raids. I also heard there's a similar tool in my raid software, but I don't have raid software. Do I have it but, not able to access it?
Here are my specs
Intel core I7 quad core
Asus Z97-A USB 3.1
NVIDIA GEforce 960 (Zotac ver.)
Unknown raid controller ver. I am assuming it's managed by the Motherboard.

Dear friends,
I would only like to know if and how I can "use" Hp Support Assistant in my desktop pc at office, because my desktop pc itself works within a local area network with proxy authentication.
Thanks a lot, Paolo ([Personal Information Removed)
In my work I have been asked to provide five computers capable of editing video on Adobe Premiere PRO 5.x. What I have available are 8300's, with an i5 650 and 4 gb ram.  I'm looking into upgrading these to handle the task a bit better, however as an NGO we work with a very small budget, hence the recycled office computers.  What I was looking at was putting in a new graphics card and some more ram, it seems however that the supplied 240W PSU won't handle that. So my options are:Run a very low power, low profile GPU on the original PSU, such as http://www.palit.com/palit/vgapro.php?id=2392&lang=en&pn=NEAT7200HD46-2080H&tab=sporhttps://www.msi.com/Graphics-card/N730K-2GD5LPOCV1.html#hero-specification It might also be possible to run an energy-efficient full-size card and simply cut a hole in the lid of the computer, altough I have not yet found a good alternative. Another option I'm hoping for opinions on is upgrading the PSU itself. In the partsurfer I find that the 8200 SFF has a 320W PSU, PARTNO 613765-001Altough I don't care about it fitting IN the case, I need to verify that it works with the MB. Perhaps it's possible to run this (or another more powerful psu) along with a better graphics card.  Thanks for your thoughts and ideas! F
Hello.I have this problem where i turned my PC on and it said "prepairing automatic repair" followed by "diagnosing PC" and finally "repairing disk error, this may take over an hour"It had been like that for 10+ hours and i know there is something wrong. Any help would be appriciated.Thank you.
RECENTLY BOOTED MY DEVICE WITH WINDOWS 7 64 BIT.The brightness slider has completely dissapeared and the action keys  for brightness are not responding the rest action keys work fine.Standard VGA adapter and installed all  the chipset drivers.Tried unistalling genric pnp moniter driver.
I'm thinking of replacing my HDD with a SDD.  The manufacturer (Kingston) says it might work because the SSD is SATA III and the G60 is SATA I, but they won't guarantee it.  Has any one performed this upgradr and did it work well?

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I bought my laptop about 6 weeks ago and this has been a problem since day 1.I tried to chat with online suppot but the chap did not help me. When I type, every now and then the cursor freezes and - whilst it has frozen - the subsequent letters i type do not appear. Then it will unfreeze and the letters will continue as i type.This happens randomly and sporadically. It doesn't matter if I am typing fast or slowly, it still happens. As a result - say I were to type the line 'I went for a walk in the rain. I saw a black dog. I waved and said hello....'It might appear something like: 'I went for a walk in the rin. Iaw a black dog. Iwaved andsaid hllo....'As ilook up at the screen i see that what i intended to type has not appeared. Very frustrating and it is becoming time consuming with work and emails as i have to constantly correct. It is also an issue whilst entering passwords. ********* etc. Just wondering if someone can suggest help / a fix for this issue??? Thanks in advance.         
Greetings All, I recently did a Fresh Install of Windows 7 onto an HP DV7 Laptop and now my Windows Update will NOT work.It just searches endlessly. Could sumone please point me in the right direction and tell me What are the Latest Solutions to FIX Windows Update NOT Working?Any assistance would be Greatly appreciated. Thank You for your time in advance.Best Regards, Rob
I have exactly the same problem. I have bought my "Hp Spectre x360 13 inch, i7, ram 16, Hard 512 solid" less than a month ago from Bestbuy in NJ. From my first use, I found that it gets so hot after less than half a hours which my leg feels burning. I still didn't install a heavy program or compilers and I am using this laptop only for surfing the internet or writing text in the Microsoft word. Please help me for this issue. 
My wifi button suddenly refused to power on and my system indicating to wifi connections. Tried all i could but not working. please can anyone help guide me to fix this.
My HP Stream will connect to an unpassword protected wifi but won't connect to a protected wifi even with the password.  HELP!
I have HP ProBook 450 G3 with Windows 7 x 64 operating system. When I booted it up today, a fatal error message popped up. When I went to the error report screen, it said there was a problem with HP Connection Manager. I uninstalled the program as you suggested, and then  tried to install the program attached to your link and I get the error, "This Software is not supported on this system".
Can you help me get my HP Connection Manager back and up and running? Thank you!
Does the HP 2910 have dedicated hardware (ASIC) for processing IGMP Snooping? If not, do any other HP high end switches have such a facility. Thanks

I am having a issue with my laptop.
My WiFi failed to connect or disconnect every time.
Others laptops and phone I have works fine

Even , when it shows a connexion, I can't connect at all.
I recently did a driver's update recommend by HP support through the laptop, with no change. Also, this problem is not recent, I have been having this issue for a year.

I want to change my WiFi card. Wich one should I buy please?
The current WiFI/Wlan card is a Ralink Radio Model RT3290
Contains FCC. iD:. VQF-RT3290
IC: 7542A- RT3290
SCT : RCPRART11-0444
CNC:C - 9521

Laptop serial Model is : [personal information removed]
Korean model RT329OLE
Lost all audio on my HP OMEN Notebook PC 15. Installed Realtek sp71314 driver from website and got the audio back, but volume is very soft. That's when I noticed the Beats icon had also disapeared and can't find it anywhere. I looked everywhere on the HP site for the software to reinstall the Beats Audio, but can't find it anywhere and I don't see any references to Beats and OMEN on the help pages.
I plugged in my docking station after not using it because of audio problems with it.  I believed the audio problems had been fixed on my laptop so plugged in the docking station and  now no audio.
hi,i bought my computer with win10 installed but want to replace/upgrade the HDD to SSD so will get better perfromancecan i do it with the cloning SW ? or need somehow to get the win10 iso file and run clean install? any recomendations ?thanks, 
2 hours ago i accidentally upgraded to Office 365 pro plus - it then prompted me to register the licence, everytime i tried i got an error saying the server is down. I then couldn't use word and realised I shouldn't have installed it. I then un-installed office 365 pro plus and now i dont have any basic version of office tools! I dont know what version of office im supposed to have - im pretty sure there should be a basic version available to me.  For 2 hours i have been struggling with this laptop - it's tedious to use and i am becoming increasingly frustrated with this. Can anyone help me? pleeeease!
Greetings All, Most recently did Freah Install of Windows 7 onto an HP DV7 Laptop and now my Windows Update will NOT work.It just searches endlessly. What are the Latest Solutions to FIX Windows Update NOT Working?Any assustance would be Greatly appre iated.Best regards,
My wife has a game called Monument Valley on her Fire Tablet. I have been trying to find the same for my Windows 10 tablet but no luck. Does anyone know if there is a compatible/ similar game I can get from the Windows Store?
I'd like to have the 2 PCs on my network and the 2 NAS boxes show under NETWORK in my Explorer window. What normally appears are the 2 PCs and one of the NAS boxes. See attached screen shot. If I type the 2nd NAS box address in the Explorer at the top, it will appear in the Explorer window but then mysteriously disappears. How do I get it to appear there and remain there. I'm sure it is a simple setting somewhere. I just don't know where to look.

Thank you.

Just got the Anniversary Update last week and I noticed an issue I was having with Windows Photos was corrected (missing next/prev arrows). However now if I have a large photo open in the preview window Photos is using 30% CPU usage. It's causing my SurfaceBook i7 fan to sound like it's prepping for take off.

This seems like an excessive amount of CPU usage just for having a high res (3264 x 2448) photo open in preview mode. Am I right to think that? I don't remember having this issue pre-update.
Just looking for help on something,  hoping somoene here can help. I have an older (Acer) Acer Aspire M3920-E4002 graphics controller is intergreted (Intel HD Graphics Dynamic Video Memory Technology 5.0) HDMI  So what I'm trying to do is this,  PC to sound bar which is connected to TV,   so there is video but no audio,  if I hook it to the tv there is video and audio. Going through the sound bar is what I'm trying to do,  if I go in to control panle then sound and look under the playback tab it shows that there is sound from the HD audio in there,  but can't here it. am I missing something ???  any help on this would be great 

When I alt-tab between two windows, the previous window is greyed out but remains in the foreground.

This happens between windows of any program, whether it's Chrome, File Explorer, Firefox, Microsoft Word...

The new window is the active window, but it remains covered by the previous window.

The only way to switch between windows is for me to minimize the first window. Occasionally, alt-tab functions correctly and the previous window is sent to the background, and the new window appears in front of it.

Is there a solution to this?
I am on my 2nd A series AIO. My A730 had to be sent to Amy Tupper's prevalent issue department because the screen would constantly go blank and could not be repaired. Graciously, Amy arraigned for me to recieve an A740 as a replacement and thank you for my contribution to research the widespread issue of the A730 blank screen issue. I spent a month without a computer because they said they didnt have an A740 to sent at the time. Unfortunatly my A740 also has a prevalent issue that cannot be repaired. It will not stay connected to my wireless network. Wireless troubleshooter constantly tells me the network adapter is unrepairable. It is still under warranty, after futile troubleshooting via telephone, a Lenovo Tech came to my home. Upon entering he informed me he has the same problem with his Lenovo devices running Windows 10. He informed me there was no solution and my only option was to connect my new top of the line AIO via eithernet. The largest computer company in the world cannot get their most expensive AIO to connect wirelessly to Microsoft, largest operating system company in the world. After having two high end AIO's from Lenovo with unrepairable major issues my confidence in Lenovo's products could not be lower.
Hello all, I have tried to install a Dell SAS 12GBPS HBA External Controller in the Lenovo Thinkcenter E73PCI Express x16 slot, but the desktop wont even boot to the Bios, it just shows a blank screen with no booting. If I remove the Controller it boots normally. **The controller is working on a HP Desktop.**  Any Solutions?  
Recently Lenovo sent me a new HDD to replace my damaged HDD. I was told that I can return the old, damaged HDD in 10 days after deleting all data. I am based out of Frankfurt, Germany and want to know the address to which the old HDD must be shipped. 
I have a base build of Windows 10 LTSB installed on my x1 yoga with an OLED screen. I updated the drivers via System Update and device manager is not saying any drivers are missing. Whenever I put my laptop on 100% brightness, the display turns off. Has anyone else have this happen to them?
Phishing, Vishing, Smishing, & Whaling:
Perpetrators of online fraud using the phishing technique try to get hold of your personal data and or your credit/debit card by sending e-mails.
The message appears to be from your bank or the company issuing your credit card. You have to click a link to a Web site that looks extremely similar to your bank's own Web site. On this site, you read that you must enter, complete or check your personal data concerning your accounts, credit cards and codes. This will be for "security reasons", "file checks", "data loss", etc. Sometimes you will also be requested to mail your data directly to a specific person.

Similar to a phishing scam, the fraudster will masquerade as a well-known and trusted business in an attempt to gain information. However, rather than this being carried out via e-mail, the scammer will telephone their victim.

Similar to phishing scams. You get an SMS message from a bank or service provider asking you to do something. However, the smishing is really a message from a scammer. while most people are familiar with e-mail phishing scams, they're less sceptical when receiving smishing messages and victims get trapped easily.
[SOURCE for the above descriptions: itweb.co.za]​
Whaling attacks are a form of personalized phishing, or spear phishing, aimed at senior executives or others in an organization who have access to lots of valuable ... Read more
Hello everyone,I need assistance from anyone who help, when I try to start my computer by pressing the power button, the first time it starts and all the funs run but only for a few seconds then funs stops. When I remove the CMOS battery and the RAM for about 5 minutes and then put them back. When I start it starts well. When I try to restart, it restarts well but when I switch it off it starts and all the funs run but only for a few seconds the funs stops and nothing is seen on the screen.I tried replacing the RAM and the CMOS but it still behave in the same way. My computer is HP Compaq Mini-tower 7900 Core 2 duo. I will be glad if my problem is solved.
I have purchased a Zotac  GeForce GTX750Ti 2GB single fan Graphics Card that takes its power directly from its slot on the motherboard..Whilst I have been told that it will function OK on my existing 300W PSU I am thinking about purchasing a 500W PSU as a replacement, just to be on the safe side.The PSU I have in mind is the:- SUMVISION ATX PC POWER SUPPLY UNIT QUIET / SILENT PSU 500W WITH SATA 500 Watts4 x SATA ConnectorsMotherboard connector : 1 x 4 pin20+4 pin connector ~ suitable for both 20 and 24 pin motherboards1 x 4 pin Floppy Drive connector1 x Molex Connector (for IDE drives)Operating Life ~ 115 Vac Operation 230 Vac OperationModel ~ Power X3AC input 230V, 50-60HzComplies with FCC Part 15 Class B and CISPR22RoHS Compliant My question is... a) would this be a good choice...and b) is it compatable with my system Your comments and expert guidance wouild be appreciated.

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I put new graphics card in HP Pavilion Elite HPE-599uk but not start upThis computer motherboard accept NVIDIA Quadro K620 2GB Graphics Card.?Kind regards
I am trying to create a catalog file for a custom WIM I have captured through MDT. If I try to edit the unattend file from the MDT task's property sheet or manually using WSIM, I get the following errors.
10:46 AM : This application requires version 10.0.10586.0 of the Windows ADK.
Install this version to correct the problem
10:46 AM :
10:46 AM : Windows SIM was unable to generate a catalog. For troubleshooting assistance, see the topic: 'Windows System Image Manager Technical Reference' in the Windows ADK User's Guide.
10:46 AM :
10:46 AM : System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception (0x80004005): Unknown error (0xc1420127)
Server stack trace:
   at Microsoft.ComponentStudio.ComponentPlatformInterface.WimImageInfo.PreCreateCatalog()
   at Microsoft.ComponentStudio.ComponentPlatformInterface.OfflineImageInfo.CreateCatalog()
   at Microsoft.ComponentStudio.ComponentPlatformInterface.CatalogCreatorImpl.CreateCatalog(OfflineImageInfo offlineImageInfo)
   at System.Runtime.Remoting.Messaging.StackBuilderSink._PrivateProcessMessage(IntPtr md, Object[] args, Object server, Object[]& outArgs)
   at System.Runtime.Remoting.Messaging.StackBuilderSink.SyncProcessMessage(IMessage msg)
Exception rethrown at [0]:
   at System.Runtime.Remoting.Proxies.RealProxy.HandleReturnMessage(IMessage reqMsg, IMessage retMsg)
   at System.Runtime.Remoting.Proxies.RealProxy.PrivateInvoke(MessageData& msgData,... Read more
I have this issue happening on multiple computers. Most of the computers are IE9 and we have ran all available Windows updates. It is not something we can instantly reproduce, but still happens 3-8 times a week.
I have a lot of dump files from multiple computers.
Steps taken so far.
-Clearing IE cache.
-Resetting IE settings.
-Disabling addons
-Enabling Use Software rendering instead of GPU rendering.

Faulting application name: IEXPLORE.EXE, version: 11.0.9600.17840, time stamp: 0x555fe1bb
Faulting module name: unknown, version:, time stamp: 0x00000000
Exception code: 0xc000041d
Fault offset: 0x00690061
Faulting process id: 0x1efc
Faulting application start time: 0x01d1ffb2290e506a
Faulting application path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE
Faulting module path: unknown
Report Id: 9e8aeb45-6ba5-11e6-ae97-64006a564e0c
I want to extend partition C , but the extend is not active on right-click menu. what's the trick

we have a Setup with 1 ATA Center and 2 ATA Gatways.
One of the ATA Gateway stopped working while the other one is still running fine.

The Microsoft.Tri.Gateway.log from the faulty Gateway Shows the following entry:

2016-08-29 15:03:49.7732 4656 16  c3010dfb-64d0-4d4d-8d63-8d63fb30b488 Debug [RpcNtlmClient] Initialized
2016-08-29 15:03:49.7732 4656 16  c3010dfb-64d0-4d4d-8d63-8d63fb30b488 Debug [NetworkNameResolver] Initializing
2016-08-29 15:03:49.8044 4656 16  c3010dfb-64d0-4d4d-8d63-8d63fb30b488 Debug [NetworkNameResolver] Initialized
2016-08-29 15:03:49.8044 4656 16  c3010dfb-64d0-4d4d-8d63-8d63fb30b488 Debug [DirectoryServicesClient] Initializing
2016-08-29 15:03:50.2888 4656 18  c3010dfb-64d0-4d4d-8d63-8d63fb30b488 Error [DirectoryServicesClient+<DisconnectDomainControllerAsync>d__27] System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
   at Microsoft.Tri.Gateway.Resolution.DirectoryServices.DirectoryServicesClient.<DisconnectDomainControllerAsync>d__27.MoveNext()
--- End of stack trace from previous location where exception was thrown ---
   at System.Runtime.CompilerServices.TaskAwaiter.ThrowForNonSuccess(Task task)
   at System.Runtime.CompilerServices.TaskAwaiter.HandleNonSuccessAndDebuggerNotification(Task task)
   at Microsoft.Tri.Gateway.Resolution.DirectoryServices.DirectoryServicesClient.<CreateLdapConnectionAsync... Read more