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I am having a problem for which there seems to be a few threads to review. However, none of the threads' solutions seem to have worked for me.
For some reason, I cannot load some websites, but I can load others. Some websites that are working fine are: Facebook, Youtube, Wikipedia, Udemy, Reddit.
Websites that I've found thus far that are not loading are: ASB (bank website), Soundcloud, Memrise, McMansion Hell. When they don't load, most of them are returning the error: ERR_TIMED_OUT, and some return: ERR_CONNECTION_RESET.
These same websites cannot be accessed by my flatmates either, so I don't think it is a problem with my laptop or my browser. (I suspect that it is my home network.)
There doesn't seem to be any pattern as to which websites load and which don't.
So far, I've attempted
-Resetting the modem/router
-Uninstalling and reinstalling Chrome
-Attempting to access the bad websites on a different computer
-Attempting to access websites on a differnt network/using phone data (this does work, again narrowing it down to my home network)
-Flushing my DNS cache
-Changing my DNS

Any help would be greatly appreciated and I'd be happy to provide any more information.
I recently bought a hp pavilion 15 au038ca model. It came with a lot of bloatware so I decided to clean install Windows10. I used Windows Key Finder software to find my key since it's embedded in the bios, wrote it down and went ahead to install the same version as my previous windows: Windows 10 home x64.
Before I even started with the installation, I could not see my device in the boot options( I was using a bootable usb drive). So I went to the bios and enabled legacy support and when I switched my laptop back on into boot device options, there it was: a usb drive option. So i selected it and went on ahead to do a clean install of windows. Now the problem is, whenever I load up system defaults in bios and save it, my laptop does not boot into windows. It gives me this error:

Boot device not found.

Please install an operating system on your hard disk.

Hard Disk - (3F0)

...But as soon as I enable Legacy mode, it boots up into windows. My question is, how do I install windows into uefi mode and not legacy mode? Because I read many articles saying that uefi equals faster boot times and has more advantages than the older legacy mode. And whenever i try making a bootable uefi disk, there is still no device options when only the uefi mode is on. But when the legacy mode is on, then I can see my disk under the boot device options.
Second question, how do I change my hard disk partition to gpt from mbr?
Thank you
My internet won't work on my computer and it says that the WAN miniport #2 needs downloaded. Error code 31. How do I find this download and how do I down load it if there is no internet working. 
How do I resolve this SMART hard disk error or is it resolvable
Sir,The laptop is not getting charged.Problem is when i puton charger,laptop is getting on and when i remove charger laptop gets turned off.And moreover laptop is showing only 10%charged everytime,even after an hour of charge.please help me with this issue.
We just purchased a hp stream and it powers on with "enter administrator password or power on password after three try's it gives me this code 59142097
Well my current hard drive is crap so a went and bought a good one and copied eveything to it and went i go to boot my pc it says it cant boot from it even though it has the operating system on it and priority in my bios.
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I have a HP Envy TouchSmart m6 Sleekbook. I use the touch pad instead of a mouse. Every time I touched my laptop yesterday I got shocked & it instantly shut down. Today I did not get shocked, but the touch pad does not work. I have a wireless mouse to use at the moment but would like to use the touch pad instead. This is a screen shot of what it says under settings. "The device cannot start (Code 10)". Can anyone help me get it working again? It isn't simply disabled where I can change it to enable. Thank you
Alright, so I have an 120gb ssd and a 1tb hhd. For some reason everything large saves to my ssd like games which can be upwards of 50gb. Ive already set all the download locations as the hdd but everything wants to save to the other place anyhow, and nothing is able to be moved from the ssd to hdd. Any thoughts?/?
I am not able to get any sound from my speaker.  Any assistance would be appreciated.   Thanks.
At some point I lost touchscreen functionality on my Yoga 900 in the Chrome browser.  I already tried the supposed chrome://flags/#touch-events fix and it works but not for long.  It reverts back and I have to basically toggle the modes from Enabled <> Automatic to get it to work again.  This is driving me nuts as I rely heavily on touchscreen (It's why we get this laptop in the first place!).  Is anyone else having this problem???  
Excuse me, can I use a higher resolution 1400x900 screen in place of my 1200x800 existing thinkpad x200 screen issues free? My screen is heathy and is working fine, I just need to know if such option exists as there are screens out there with higher resolution claiming to be suiteable for a x200 lenovo.  Would such a switch cause hardware damage to the system? Thanks,
I turned my computer on this morning (hp Pavilion 20) All in one desktop and it says: Checking media presence.....media present.....start PXE over IPv6. Then it goes to a screen that says: ERROR: no boot disk has been detected or the disk has failed. Help!!!!!
I signed up for Instant ink and now I have HP advertisements scrolling across the printer display  day and night instead of the screen going dark.  It's very distracting as the printer sits in front of my TV.  How can I stop these ads from scrolling across my printer screen?  It is totally unsatisfactory.  Do I have to cancel instant ink or  ???  Would that stop  it?   That will be my next step.  
I just bought a brand new HP ENVY 15-u010dx x360 Convertible Laptop today and according to the specs it says that the laptop has a backlit keyboard when you press the F5 button (or fn F5.  F5 buttn has the light label on it).  However this does not work.  I am not sure if it is a hardware failure or if there is some magical keys that I need to press but it is not working.  Here is the link from BestBuy that I bought it from.  it says specifically there that it has a backlit keybaord.  http://www.bestbuy.com/site/hp-envy-x360-2-in-1-15-6-touch-screen-laptop-intel-core-i5-8gb-memory-75... Thank you and your help is very much appreciated.
Hi, my internal DVD player for my HP Envy 17-s100 was working great, but I believe that somehow the portion of it where you put in the disc fell out somewhere and I lost it.  Is there a part replacement I can order, or do I need to buy an external DVD player? Thanks for any help.
My dv6 has a shattered LCD screen, but works otherwise.  I'd like to get into the BIOS and change the boot order so that I can boot from CD/DVD or USB. When the computer boots and I press F10, computer goes into the BIOS setup but I cannot read the screen and navigate the menus. Any suggestions? If someone can see their BIOS screen, could you tell me which keys to press, in order, to reset the boot order and/or to set CD/DVD and USB to boot before HDD? Many thanks in advance,-Craig-
my optical drive hp BD E DC6E2LHB has stopped working i have been on hp surf and they came up with this HP 466803-700 DVD Drive - 6X BD-Combo NonLS SS BE Bzl ECO but no one stocks it o i cant find it so my question iscan i replace my optical drive hp BD E DC6E2LHB with a hp cd/dvd burner optical drive f so which one and where to find iti ont use blue ray so  cd/dvd would be fine hope you can help
HP Pavilion dv7 on boot blue msg appears "Enter Administrator Password or Power On Password." My disable code is 82258922.  Thanks
Haven't used my laptop in some time and forgot the password. I am now at a black screen with a blue box asking for Administator password...that I can't remember. I now have system disabled with a code of 82887337....what do I do to get into my laptop?


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as the title says thats my everyday problem. but its working everytime i use system restore. but of course it takes a little time and now i got tired and need to ask you guys

dual core 3.00ghz
sapphire radeon hd 6670
2gb ram
upgraded to windows 10. now cd rom doesn't see disk. says insert cd.
I searched through the forum and I find that my problem appears to be very unusual. My Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer browsers are not working properly and this issue has prevented my computer from shutting down or restarting properly. This
problem started when one day, I was unable to open up Google Chrome (which is a browser I commonly use) to go online. Google Chrome refused to launch open. When I finally got it to open, it was a blank screen that would not show my frequently visited websites
as it normally would but would only show my bookmarks bar. When I tried to enter a website, like google.com, it refused to load and responded like I had not entered any website at all.
In a panic, I tried internet explorer, which also refused to launch. Then, I decided to shut down my computer but it refused to shut down. The screen would say "Shutting Down" and would go black but, after waiting over 5 minutes, I decided to force
shut down the computer. (This is very similar to the scenario that would happen when I would restart my computer). Once I turn the computer back on, however, my browsers work normally.

After calling the manufacturer of my computer, they had to put my computer in safe mode and then they scanned it for viruses after deleting the temporary files on my desktop. Strangely enough, this fixed the problem and my browsers worked normally. However,
in less than a day, the problem would return. I know this is not a virus problem be... Read more
i update my bios of xw4600 and the bios update succesfully but whne i restart my pc bios can not show and window restart after windows7 logo how to set it problam old bios ver01.11 and i update bios ver01.34 but bios not show  can any one give me old bios v01.11 plzzzz download link
 I have a Compaq dx 1000 microtower desktop S.No 3CB93624C7 OS-Windows7-Ultimate.Upon switching it on and leaving it running for some time, it goes to power-saving mode as it should and the monitor goes off.The machine is supposed to go on once the mouse is moved or once the space-bar is tapped once or twice. But this doesn't happen to this machine. I have to switch on the monitor again and it cannot stay on for more than minute. It goes off and I can't work with it.Before this, it was adjusting the screen resolution repeatedly till the monitor went off. I returned it to the supplier and he sent it back saying its ok. But it seems to have its old problem again yet its  only 5mths since I purchased it.Any help will be appreciated since am at my wits end.Thank You. I have a Compaq dx 1000 microtower desktop S.No 3CB93624C7 OS-Windows7-Ultimate.Upon switching it on and leaving it running for some time, it goes to power-saving mode as it should and the monitor goes off.The machine is supposed to go on once the mouse is moved or once the space-bar is tapped once or twice. But this doesn't happen to this machine. I have to switch on the monitor again and it cannot stay on for more than minute. It goes off and I can't work with it.Before this, it was adjusting the screen resolution repeatedly till the monitor went off. I returned it to the supplier and he sent it back saying its ok. But it seems to have its old problem again yet its  only 5mths since I purchased ... Read more
Internal Battery Failure. how can I replace with correct battery? What is the part number for the battery?ProBook 450G1
I have elitbook folio 9470m and suddenly os down and can't install any os, it requires bios administrator password and I never create password like this, and this is the first time it requires from me? What can I do, plz help
The fan is whirring, it sounds like it reeeeally wants to start, but it just keeps flashing the hp logo screen, then a black screen with the cursor at the top left, and then complete black (screen off) This cycle repeats endlessly, and if I hit "ESC" to trigger the Startup Menu at the right time I get a few options, but the F-11 System Recovery doesn't work - just throws me back into the flashing screen cycle! If you can help me you will be my hero. If you can't help thank you for trying.  I don't know to function without my baby err computer..........
Hi. My laptop receives the bsod within 5-10 minutes of startup and then it says critical process died. Sometimes when it restarts it says no bootable device found and press f2 for diagnostics. When in that menu it says no hard disk inserted so it can't run any tests. When I am finally able to run the deets smart check doesn't find any errors but it's not able to run long dst because it will shut off saying no hard disk inserted. Also sometimes when booting it says can't read device. Press ctrl alt delete to retry.I suppose it's a faulty hard drive. I am expecting to replace it but I also wanting to know if it's possible to keep the internal hard drive and just use an external hard drive to store the windows OS and boot from there.Thanks!
Please HELP!!! I'm desperate!!! I was trying to free up space on my HP Stream and now I cannot connect to the wifi... My computer says it's connected, but when I open a IE or Firefox the page never loads. I just get the spinning thinking circle. This is my only computer and I have tons of homework! Someone please help! This computer doesn't have an Ethernet port so I can't even manually connect to the internet.
I purchased an HP Envy 17 3D laptop yesterday which features "beats audio".Now I never even fired it up with Windows to be honest and immediately installed Linux on the machine. Is there a way to enable "beats audio" from within Linux? If not yet, can HP provide the information on how it is enabled?I would be willing to add support to the relevant drivers if HP provides the required informatino. Thanks!
Heyy there guys,

Like the title says I turn on my PC and it freezes on the blue welcome screen of windows, even the small rotating thing freezes. Not sure why this is happening as the performance of the PC has not dropped and I haven't noticed anything unusual. One thing I will point out is that before this happened my hard drives were getting recognised time and time again as if I've just plugged them in which was kinda weird. If anyone knows what the problem could be please help me out as I need to access my PC every day.
Good Mornng/evennig/afternnoon eveyrone.I have a problem with my lenovo y50-70,no matter what i do it crashesh (even when browsing internet) and trying to lunch games will make them appear only as a process in the task manager and often lead the computer to crash.Although turning off nividia gtx 860m makes it work normally.If you need any logs,just say it i will post them asap.Thank you in advance.
I have a Lenovo Idea Pad 700-17ISK and I want to find out how to have it formatted so it is back like it was when I first got it out of the box the day I bought it.  
Hi - I have a Lenova TP X260 that will not get past 10% on the update scan for drivers and software, accessible under the technical support pages     DRIVERS & SOFTWARE --> SYSTEM UPDATE --> Start Scan. It runs up to 10% and then hangs.  It has been this way for several months, and I am sure that there are probably updates that I need.  I am running Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 x64 fully patched from MS. Can someone give me some guidance, please, on what may be the problem? Thanks in advance!


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Hi, Let me start by letting you know, I am basically in Pre-K when it comes to computers. I don't know the lingo or anything about them, so I hope someone with patience can help me.
......Last night, I was playing one of my hidden object games on Big Fish, just like I always do, but this time the screen turned blue, said something about crashing, and then went to the black screen that said safe mode, etc. Today, I have been doing some of my paperwork in Word and I haven't had any issues, but I'm scared to play any games because I'm afraid I'm going to really screw this computer up. Can someone please help me figure out why it's starting to crash when I play games? Thank you bunches!

My computer: HP Intel Core i5-2410 M CPU @ 2.30GHz; RAM 4.00GB; 64 bit operating system; Windows 7 Professional; Service Pack
I would like to create a text box, in HTML. Whenever I enter data, I press the Save button and the text automatically becomes combobox in this form. Whenever I close the page, the data remains there, recorded. Another button clears the selected data in
a combo box. As I create, all this code, what will do it?
I try to reinstall WES7P-64 with Thinupdate.But when it boots from the USB media I get this error:Couldn't open WIM file!" R:\xxxxxx I tried several times and write the usb memory again with Thinupdate.But same error.I use a brand new 32 GB usb memory. It cannot be something wrong with that.Any ideas..? 
Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 says "hypervisor-powered protection against screenshops does not work in Kaspersky Internet Security 2016"  message appears everytime I go into a secure site (paypal). Called Kaspersky, was told HP needs to turn on virtualization. Now what??
I recently upgraed my Pavilin dv6 laptop with additional RAM. It came with 6 gigs, but the 2gig module was damaged during the swap to SSD (don't ask; I have a curious 2-year old)I thought why not upgrade? So I bought another 4gig module, and installed it in the slot that the previous 2gig chip lived in.The BIOS now wil not see it, only reports as having 4gigs.the Windows 7 sys info reports only 4 gigs.Curiously, speccy program show that 8 gigs are installed, but only 3.47gigs of "total physical" memory.So, in troubleshooting, I removed both modules, installed the "new" one in the slot the original 4 gig came out of.System reads 4gigs.Installed the original module in slot 2, still reads only 4 gigs.I updated the BIOS to version F.25 with no difference.How do I get the computer to acknowledge the additional 4gigs? Most BIOS I have experience with automatically update to the amount of RAM installed..
My laptop died.  I think it's a power supply issue.  I plan to purchase a new laptop and need to get the data transferred from my hard drive to my new machine.    That said, I need to order an external hard disk enclosure for the hard drive in my broken laptop. I am in need of detailed hard drive specifications to order the right size / type of hard disk enclosure.   The standard specs state that I have a 1TB 5400RPM hard drive with HP ProtectSmart Hard Drive Protection.  I also believe it's a SATA drive based on some of the forums that I read.  I cannot find anything in regards to the size of the drive.   Please advise.  Thank you! Eileen
My Laptop is turning on but the screen is black. the capslock light keeps on blinking. 3 blinks then nothing then 3 blinks. the wireless light is off  and power light is on.my daughter was playing with an app wireless connectioncan anybody help me? the OS IS WINDOWS 8 But dont now  if 32 bit or 64
Hi,  I have a big problem, i bought a HP ProBook 4320S from a friend, but it has power-on password, the OS doesn't startThe only thing i know it's USER ID: AexWhen i try a random password for 3 timesIt says "System Locked, Press the power button to restart the system"SPECS: PRODUCT: WS903EA#UUWI need some help, please!! Best Regard,JusTAndrew23
Okay. where do i start. I've read a fair bit of stuff about this issue of mine and it seems like a fairly common problem when it comes to the Y series of notebooks (and to think that it was, at one point, the premium line) anyway. sooo. Basically, from what i garnered from reading stuff here and in other forums is that the Lenovo Energy Management tool, which is programmed to help your battery life stay longer, could potentially bypass a safely mechanism in the motherboard causing it to fry and not charge properly thereafter. Very ironic eh? so... here is what happened. I have had this laptop for over 3 years now and i absolutely love it. it runs most my stuff, i could play a fair amount of games here, i could watch in HD, It basically covers all that i require of any one computer. Up until a few months or so ago, i found that my battery does not want to charge past 69 percent which was mighty off but i ignored it as it is a fairly bulky laptop so the need to transport it isn't too great. one day though, out of curiosity, i opened the energy management tool (3 years and this is my very first time actually doing this, cause, like i said, i was content with what my computer does and found no need to tinker with it) and explored the app a bit (and not just choose energy setting or something; or fan cleaning). Here, i got to check the battery status (which was 'good'by the way) but still, it stops at 69. so i clicked on a few more buttons and i eventually found the charge cycle t... Read more
I found my 2 year old with my computer yesterday... Nothing good ever comes from that. My computer's DVD drive is now not working. The computer does not detect the DVD drive at all. I have tried various DVDs/CDs and different software platforms to play these. None of them are detected. I have tried to figure out how to fix this...but can't seem to figure it out. Has anyone else had this problem? Or does anyone know how to fix this problem?
Lenovo Energy Management Driver for Windows 7 (64-bit) For Lenovo ideapad 100-15IBY  ACPI\VPC2004 driver (This is the Error Detail in device manager)  ? Hi There,I have a problem with model Lenovo ideapad 100-15IBY With Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit Someone can suggest the right driver ? Thank very much ! Regards
(Lengthy) I don't have the error code right now because i am working on recovering my computer right now, and I don't really want to get the error again for what it has done to my computer. I have an Alienware Aurora R5 and was downloading Payday 2 off of Steam. When it was done downloading and i clicked play it had to download Microsoft Direct x as it does with most games, but I noticed it was taking exceptionally longer than usual. So I exited out of the small launcher window that was downloading Direct x when i noticed it was not closing. I then went to try and open my task manager but my whole desktop was frozen. I could not do control alt delete either. So i waited a little bit and it unfroze itself but I restarted my computer, there was no real reason for the restart i just did it after the freeze, after it restarted I entered my pin to login and the welcome message was there for about 3 minutes when it is usually 1 at max. Then I got a error message from the thermal controller and the only logical reason of that happening was from me downloading or trying to download Direct x. So i tried doing a system restore and the first one did not work, it said it was damaged or deleted so I tried a later one and that one appeared to work fine but still had the error message. So the question out of all this reading is, did i do something wrong or do i need to reinstall Direct x or not install it at all? What do i do to not have the error after downloading Microsoft Direct ... Read more
Dell Update keeps crashing my computer with errors like this:
[5] ERROR- Exception on mounting SOS: mk_dellsupport_lnk can't find DSP! errno=0 #StackInfo#

Even caused a blue screen today. How do I fix this?
I have recently purchased Dell Softthinks Backup and Recovery support service for my Dell Desktop computer, but since than i am encountering following 2 problems;
1. Computer takes too long to restart  usually more than 5 minutes, normally it Restarts in within 1-2 minutes maximum ( its usually happens when the problem number 2 occurs)
2. Internet stop working, unable to do browsing, no error massage, just a blank screen, no option just to restart my computer and than problem 1 occurs. My desktop is directly connected to my ISP router with Ethernet, during this hang up session my other Wireless devices connected to ISP router still working properly.
Problem 2 happens after every 10 to 15 minutes.
Would anyone be able to resolve this issue, shall I Uninstall Softhinks program from my computer as its slowing down my computer and Restore to default factory settings, If yes how can I do it?