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Hello guys, I'm new here

I have an Acer VN7-591G Aspire V Nitro Black Edition, and for the past years, I been having a problem with CPU fan that triggers randomly (while playing games or in idle) and when that happens CPU performace drops drastically (becomes almost inusable). Might add that I have a cooler and it shouldnt be because of overheat issues.

The Laptop is 3 years old and I never did a clean up or anything.
I sent it to the store where I bought it (one of the biggest tech sellers of my country, Worten - I live in Portugal).

After 1 week of waiting they told me the problem is caused by the OS and of the clean up, and wants to charge me 150 euros for both.

But as a geek and a computer enthusiast myself, I'm pretty much scheptical about the OS part, since the problem also happens when am on BIOS or when I boot from a pendrive a Linux distro.

Should I trust them and pay for their cleanup + OS chance? (Also considering putting a SSD), or they are just trying to play me as a fool?

Thanks in advance, and sorry for long post or if I didnt follow any particular rule.
are they a software where i can record live streaming sporting events online on my laptop.
I asked Lenovo support and they told me to go to Best Buy?s to get it fixed. This laptop is one year old. The mother board is fine dc in cable is fine and adapter is fine, how do I access power switch board and cable?Battery and disk is fine. It suddenly turned off and never turned back on after a day. The cost of initial repair costs 300$ excluding parts and service. I might end up paying the same price for how much I bought it. I want to know what caused this but I?m not willing to pay 1000$ for a repair. And im in college and money is hard to come by. I bought batteries to replace the old one but it doesn?t work. The motherboard has current running through all parts of it. I tried 4 different Lenovo chargers made specifically for the Lenovo flex 3 1480 80R3.if all doesn?t work how can I jump start it?also it doesn?t charge after the day it stopped working. The charging light doesn?t come on.  I would want to get it working as soon as possible because I?ve tried most of the methods like discharging the laptop, which didn?t work. Any way to help get this running would be much appreciated and thank you
 If not, it needs one!   Great machine, but the keyboard backlight needs to be automatic.
Hi Everyone

Just wanted to ask if there is a way to copy only part of a PDF document (having problems coping one page) and save it as a pdf when all you have is a pdf reader, i have to print 50 pages of a manual for an assignment, then scan them all, (only have a small scanner where i have to do one page at a time) then convert to pdf or save as pdf when scanning, it will be a huge job, any suggestions on how i can get those 50 pages into pdf format, (not the rest of the document) to add to this assignment i have to submit via email.


My Yoga is randomly going into tablet mode when I move the lid. All drivers and BIOS are up to date. I'm noticing it most often when I open the lid after closing it while the laptop is powered on. The fingerprint reader still functions, but the keyboard is unresponsive. I recognize that it's going into tablet mode because the keyboard backlight turns off and the keyboard stops sending input, and Windows shows the "auto-rotate on" message. I normally open the lid to about a 90 degree angle, maybe a touch past that - not nearly far enough to where tablet mode should be kicking in. I have to play with the lid, moving it back and forth by small increments to make it realize it's not nearly positioned far enough back to be in tablet mode. Sometimes I have to push it all the way back to ~180 degrees, and then bring it back to ~90 before it realizes it. Extremely annoying.
I have owned the lenovo yoga 910 for less than two years and it died after 13 months of very light use right after the 1 year warrenty ended! The laptop stopped accepting any charge and was useless because when the power ran out it would never turn on again because it would never charge again. Lenovo support refused to help solve any problems fixing the laptop and told me to go to geek squad at Best Buy to fix it. Geek Squad confirmed the charging problem was none other than the motherboard and USB Type C board being completely fried and needing a full replacement that was foing to run me a stiff $530!!! Thats an entire THIRD of the price of the ?PREMIUM? laptop i just purchased almost nearly ONE YEAR AGO! This is insanely ridiculous to sell a one year lifespan  laptop at $1500 and refuse to repair it when it was at absolutely no fault to the customer and entirely a product defect! Now I am stuck here without a computer that wont work, and I cannot afford another one because I used all my money to buy the first one! What do I do now? 
Hi all. Recently purchased an Ideapad 720s. Very nice laptop but I have noticed that when it OFF charge the wifi is painfully slow. Works great when plugged in. Has anybody ever experinced this? A quick search doesnt bring up much info. Thanks in advance if anybody has a solution!
An Ideapad y570 that needs to have work done in the repair environment, but only the SSD is visible. I have roamed around the website driver download section, can't find where the F6 driver is located.I went to intel, got their f6flpy-x64.zip for Rapid Storage Tech & tried that, made no difference.Does anyone know where the F6/repair/install driver is located?
I have BigFish games loaded on my computer. They stopped working a few weeks ago and I began getting the above message. I have gone into the advanced settings under my computer and clicked on advamced settomgs and then the DEP thing, but they still won't work
It's been a while since I've posted here. So, my wife's 2009 iMac died. We took it to an Apple authorized service center and they couldn't fix it. Unfortunately there was data we hadn't backed up. They said they backed up the hard drive for us on an external HDD and gave us the original.

Now we have a brand new iMac. It turned out they didn't back up the user folders where we kept certain digital documents and assets for art projects. A friend of mine suggested I get a SATA to USB cable to access the drive. He said all would have to do is plug it in and it should read it. I got one, hooked it up but the drive isn't showing up. The manual says it provides power to the drive. Any ideas why it's not reading the drive?
My computer used to get stuck sometimes and fall into a blue screen.

I've installed new antivirus Bitdefender and since then my PC actually stopped freezing. Although a few times a day it just spam me with notifications about threat being blocked and my pc gets slower for a while. It's just really annoying.

The message is: Item was blocked/ Threat name: Gen:Variant.Zusy.228262. Path: C:\Windows\Tempt\tmp000002ee\tmp00000XXX where those XXX changes witht every new notification. It's like 100 notifications in 2 minutes. Maybe even more.

I noticed these temp files creating over and over again, cant really delete them.

I've already tried many scanners and removals, but nothing changed. I even found some topics about Zusy, but nothing that would actually help me. That's why I created this new thread. Hope someone can help.

Thank you
Much talk throughout the web in regard to choosing a VPN is their zero log policy, followed by the country where they are based.

One that is very popular in the US, emphasizes their proven Zero Log Policies. Before taking the plunge, I decided to read their Privacy Policy where they too, mention Zero Logging but I also came across a passage where they can change their policy at any time without notice.

Other VPNs mention that they would at least give their customers some advance notice which I think is only fair.

My point is what good is a zero log policy if the VPN can suddenly change that policy without notifying the customer? In other words, you think they are zero logging, and then suddenly, for some reason they decide to start. Good-bye anonymity and privacy!

In my personal opinion, I think the mechanism for notification of VPN Policy Changes is also worthy of a lengthy and serious discussion, especially by VPN users and reviewers because it supplements Zero Logging, and goes towards privacy considerations for which people choose their VPN.

That being said, I have not found any discussion on this topic, and I think it deserves more attention, in addition to the marketing hype of just Zero Logging, so that consumers can make more informed decisions regarding their VPN provider.
I am getting this program is already running message for one particular software. I have deleted and reinstalled the program twice and it still gives this message. This program is my son's medical program that links to his doctor. Can anyone help me fix it. The name of the program is the Diasend Uploader. Thanks
Hello everybody! I just picked up my new V310-15ISK with Windows 10 Professional. The notebook came with a Western Digital 1TB hard drive and I want to change it with a Samsung 850 Evo SSD. Certainly, I want to keep all the recovery partitions, which means that I have to shrink them to the new drive's size 250GB. I made a clone with AOMEI Partition Assistant but it doesn't boot it gives error code 0xc0000000e "your system needs maintencance". Any ideas?

Lenovo V310-15ISK (80SY03R1GM) with Win10 Pro, Core i3-6006, 4GB RAM, Samsung 850 EVO
Opening a command prompt in Windows 7 and running any command results in error messages such as the ones below (in this case a dir command):01/28/2010  09:06 AM    The system cannot find message text for message number 0x2373 in the message file for Application.                                       Windows      The system cannot find message text for message number 0x2378 in the message file for Application.      The system cannot find message text for message number 0x2379 in the message file for Application.For other commands it references "System" rather than "Application" in the error message.  I've seen other posts online describing the same behavior linked to the copies of Win7 distributed at the Gartner Symposium in October as part of the general availability announcement (this is where I got my copy).  Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
So, basically this is my speed test of the ping, https://gyazo.com/530fe4eb223b6792711d08e29e07f63d
And 24 ms doesn't seem bad but when I am in-game no matter what the specific game is it magically goes to 400+ ms.
Download and Upload are still fine since I can watch videos at 1080p60fps with no problem with the internet speed./
Any Idea what could the ping problem be ?
I recently bought this laptop and you have the following problem.
As you can see in the picture, it shows me that the status of the external video card is off. Does anyone have any progress on how to switch it and where exactly?
The model of laptop is: Lenovo ideapad 320 80XR. This problem detected with this: Intel Driver & Support Assistant program.  
Hello there, I want to buy this type of laptop https://mediagalaxy.ro/laptop-lenovo-ideapad-520-15ikb-intelr-coretm-i5-8250u-pana-la-3-4ghz-15-6-fu... have to know 2 big things about this model(which i didn t found on lenovo site by its MTM) 1.What's the maximum capacity of ram? It has 4gb onboard ram,can i go for a maximum 20gb?2.What type is the ssd? It is a sata III one? An m2 sata or an m2 PCIE? Ty in advance for your time
Is the above a known issue?
Dear all, Last week I received my X1 carbon 6th with HDR screen. It is very bright and colorfull but also shows significant ghosting when scrolling through text and viewing animations or movies. The effect is very noticable and distracting. Is this a factory defect or typical for the panel used? For now i'd rather work on the laptop I was replacing with the X1. The effect is apparant at all brightness levels, either plugged in or on battery power. All drivers & bios are up to date. Anyone else who has noticed these screeneffects? I found this review which describes it in lesser detail. https://www.notebookcheck.net/Lenovo-ThinkPad-X1-Carbon-2018-WQHD-HDR-i7-Laptop-Review.284682.0.html Regards & thanks in advance
Sorry for the long title.

I have an issue on my PC which I originally thought was RAM caused in that whenever it plays a video (.avi or even Youtube) it struggles to play it without stalling, and often on longer videos it loses the sync between the audio and the video. I have changed out all my RAM and the problem remains. Any ideas where I should go next? Would replacing a video/sound card help?

Many thanks,
Recently after i updated my Y700, i often found some abnormal noise from HDD.(* I have 2 drive, 1st is 128gb of SSD, main OS. and 2nd is 1Tb of HDD, for data only.) and have problem when i call data from HDD, just afew start and then its stop transfer data and faillure operation afterthat drive of HDD was not working and disappear from system then i scan hardware device but not found HDD drive. ( still have SDD working.), This often happen.However, HDD drive will back when i restart windown and often have a case as above.some detailed of my Y700,1.device was latest updated all firmware bios and driver software.2.working on Win 10, and latest system updated.3.I tookoff back case cover and reinstall HDD, Still found this problem.4.I re-install Win10 and updated, Still found this problem.5.I tookoff battery cable for release electrict and install back still found this problem.6.I tookoff HDD and use its as external HDD connecting by USB for check and found it work in normal, no bad sector.    afterthat i put HDD back connecting by mainboard still found problem as above. Please help. Thank you in advance. 
 My dad bought an Ideapad 310-15IKB about 15 months ago from Best Buy (USA). That puts it out of warranty, right? I used Lenovo Vantage to check for a display driver update and none was listed. A BIOS update was listed, but that does not seem to apply to this problem and I have not yet done the BIOS update (fix one problem at a time). In recent weeks his external HDMI display had started to flicker/shake A LOT, particularly on his Yahoo home page. I took one look at the shaking and thought "screen resolution problem." The Ideapad 310 "preferred" resolution (the max) is 1366*768. Up until a week ago he used a Dell display that did 1920*1080 and then the next lower resolution of that monitor is 1280*1024. Somehow the Ideapad 310 worked well with that monitor for many months in spite of the seemingly incompatible resolutions. But recently he started getting SUBSTANTIAL screen flicker/"shake" on the Dell monitor. It went on for weeks and then I lent him an HDMI cable and a Samsung HDMI display that does exactly 1366*768 = preferred 310 resolution & preferred Samsung display resolution. His HDMI cable was probably fine, but we changed out the cable, too. The new combo of Ideapad 310 + Samsung monitor still occasionally flickers, but not nearly so much as before. I am currently using his Dell monitor as a 1080p HDTV. It works perfectly. The way he uses the external monitor is:- after bootup the laptop displays on the laptop panel onl... Read more
Hi,I know that there are many articles about this problem, but could I have a specific answer? I have a T540p, variant 20BE005YGE with a built-in Intel 7260 AC WLAN card.Its FRU is 04X6007 and is working fine. I wanted to upgrade to a newer Intel 8265 ACand I bought one naively at amazon.de at Amazon.Its FRU is 01AX702, P/N G86C0007J510 and I am quite sure that I bought an original product. Now I have the well known 1802 error that tell me this is a "Unauthorized network card".I do not want to break my BIOS with some of the known solutions. Is there any way to upgrade(!) to a whitelisted 8265 card in my T540p?In the whitelist pdf "t540_fru_bom_20140108.pdf" I do find only 7260 cards.That means I do not need a replacement, I wish to upgrade... I must say that I am very surprised with this problem, because my opinion was that  Thinkpads  are the most serviceable devices.And than such a serious restriction, also in the time after warranty period...? Best regards,Klaus 
 Hallo mensen.
Iemand heeft me verteld dat Windows 7 en / of Windows "Vista" zal "vanish"!
Dat is een van de redenen dat er geen updates meer mogelijk
zijn voor deze programma's! Is dit waar?
Bedankt .....!

I've been hacked, I did a reformat and reinstall on my pc, but I'm pretty sure that someone still has access to my pc.  Two days ago while I was checking netstat ip adddress and where they were connected to I suddenly
got locked out of cmd prompt and couldn't really run any administrative tasks.  I, again reinstalled everything and that problem went away.  I'm adding a copy of my netstat.  Any advice would be most appreciated.

C:\WINDOWS\system32>netstat -ano

Active Connections

  Proto  Local Address          Foreign Address        State           PID
  TCP                LISTENING       1040
  TCP                LISTENING       4
  TCP               LISTENING       25160
  TCP               LISTENING       25160
  TCP       ... Read more
Hello there, I'm new here, but I own this laptop for quite a while. I have been using the SD card reader with windows 10 in the past, but since I reinstalled my windows (and the drivers) the card reader will not work. Anybody else has this problem or a solution for it? Edit: I forgot to mention that I also tried to manualy install it by pointing to the .ini file from the DrvBin64 folder, but it said the folder does not contain a compatible software driver.
I have had this ThinkPad for a little over two months, and to my desmay it has been performing very poorly, and constantly crashing. I only use it for business and school, I'm not running anything crazy on it. However I do have Adobe after effects, and photoshop, but the poor performance happens while using simple programs such as excel, word, etc. Please advice.
Hi everyone, I have a W540 running win8.1pro since mid-2014 and clean installed win10pro with a new SSD in mid-2016. It worked like a charm until the recent 1709 update, after which graphic stutters and cursor hangs occur every now and then. I wonder if anyone here experiences similar issues, even with other intel+nvidia thinkpad? And if any, is Lenovo aware of it or working on a solution? Here are the symptoms with my W540 after 1709: In file explorer, cursor always freezes(spinning) for 1-2 seconds when I right click on ANY .exe file if I enable NVIDIA's "Run with graphic processor" in context menu. Disable "Run with graphic processor" in context menu does relieve it.Also in file explorer, If click on a .zip file to extract with "Compressed Folder Tools"(don't need to actually extract), then even I left click ANY .exe file will cause cursor spinning for 1-2 seconds, and so does navigating forward/backward, click on certain files and folders. Reopen the file explorer the problem seems to disappear for once.Flickering animations occur when I maximize/restore/stretch certain desktop and UWP windows (file explorer, IE, chrome, mail app, etc., see gif attached). Dragging file explorer between monitors stutters even worse. I have all the updated drivers installed according to Lenovo's official site: https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/us/en/products/laptops-and-netbooks/thinkpad-w-series-laptops/thinkpad-....BTW, the System Update is not always able to find cert... Read more
For the last few days a Flash Player notice (see attachment) has been appearing on my screen. It has been very persistent & stays on top of my screen sometimes preventing me from executing commands by graying out the display. This doesn't seem like normal behavior for an install box. How can I check if it is legitimate?
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700 CPU @ 3.40GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 94 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 16333 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti, -2048 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 920 GB (642 GB Free); D: 10 GB (1 GB Free); Q: 1863 GB (810 GB Free);
Motherboard: HP, 828A
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Enabled and Updated
My charger started to break for my laptop, from normal bending and such, my bf put electrical tape on it because it was sparking. Told me to get a  new charger. Well I didn't listen. This was abut two weeks ago.  The other day I was in the middle of homework assignment, my laptop was dying so I plugged it in, then I saw it wasnt exactly charging correctly after a little while, and eventually it said "discharging" on the battery icon on the taskbar. and then proceeded to die.I got my charger to work for a second, and my computer to get back on enough for me to type in my passcode, get the word document I was working on to try to save it on a flash drive, but before I could, again said "discharging" and bye bye it went. I went to best buy and tried to get a new charger, the let me test out some, after being told the wrong one the first time, my LED battery light wont go orange saying it's charging, and obviously my computer won't turn on as it died.What I am asking is, what do I do to save it, that computer i have had for almost 5 years, only had normal issues for this computer, my left and right clicker just went out a week ago, wont work else where on the touchpad is fine, my back lit has been gone for awhile, but the numlock lit worked.I do have some of it on an external hardrive, except for this recent semester of school, and the last couple months of work, and programs and such my whole life is on that computer basically. I have stuff I dont want to los... Read more
What we have:

A domain registered with hostgator.comMany AWS VMs and in office PCs each with different logon credentials
What we need:

To enable single sign on across all computers and VMs using Active Directory domain services.Be able to control user permmissions via ADNot have to manually change DNS settings when adding computers to the new domain I assume we have to make.
I started by making a new domain in a new forest on a new VM meant to be the new domain controller(hostgator domain=clearcapgroup.com and new domain=ClearCap.com).  I created records on hostgator to point requests for clearcap.com to the new domain
controller (ClearCap.com domain controller = dc1).  When I use the wizard to try and connect a computer to ClearCap.com via dc1, dc1 is detected but cannot be contacted.  

Is this even the proper way to achieve the end goal of single sign on across all PCs and AD services for users and groups?  Should I make a subdomain of clearcapgroup.com instead of a separate domain?  I am mildly experienced in networking, main
concentration is development usually, any help/advice/resources are appreciated!
Hey guys I really need some help, I'm getting lots of restarts and bsod's.. I can be sitting in the game lobby doing nothing and it will reset its self, I can be sitting on desktop doing nothing at times and it will reset its self totally random

I've had a read through a lot and I mean a lot of threads here on the Microsoft page but nothings fixed my issue, even after I clean install I still get the same issues

memo diagnostic test says everything's fine, I've done bootrec, SFC/scannow.. nothing has worked

I just want to use my pc, its a medium build gaming pc and since upgrading from 7 to 8.1 I'm having nothing but problems

I have a Lenovo Y50 with 8 Gb DDR3L 12800S 1600mhz RAM on 1 slot, can I put 4Gb RAM with same spec on the other slot?(Lenovo Y50 Suppose to be dual-channel but why my CPU-Z only shows "Single" on memory tab?)
Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.5
Scan saved at 7:42:59 PM, on 3/19/2018
Platform: Unknown Windows (WinNT 6.02.1008)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v11.0 (11.00.16299.0015)

Boot mode: Normal
Running processes:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Google Input Tools\GoogleInputHandler.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\NETGEAR Genie\bin\NETGEARGenie.exe
C:\Users\Winkie\AppData\Local\Epic Privacy Browser\Installer\EpicUpdate.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\ScanSoft\OmniPageSE4.0\OpWareSE4.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\F5 VPN\f5fpclientW.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\NETGEAR Genie\bin\genie2_tray.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Download Manager\idmBroker.exe
R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Page = http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=54896
R0 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Start Page = https://in.search.yahoo.com/yhs/web...si_17_51&os_ver=10.0&os=Windows+10+Enterprise
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Page_URL = http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/p/?LinkId=255141
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Search_URL = http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=54896
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Page = h... Read more
Hi. I have a Dell Inspiron 3050 desktop I was using as a home theater PC. It came with a small, 32 gig HDD, with windows 10 installed.
Lately I've been getting numerous popups telling me I have to update windows because the version I have will not be supported. Problem is that there wasn't enough room on the hdd for the update, I even added an external drive as it suggested, but It still wouldn't update. So... I then decided to just reset the computer back to factory condition.
After reinstalling windows 10, I am unable to open the update and security page in the settings app. It flashes on very quickly, then disappears.
I've tried all the solutions offered online without any success. I can't even reinstall again because I can't get into that part of settings. I've read that Microsoft had acknowledged the problem a couple years ago and fixed it with an update, but I can't update windows now.
Does anyone have any suggestions how to fix this problem? Thanks in advance.
Hello, I want to update an Ideapad 720-15 81C7 laptop by adding M.2 SSD drive. Will warranty be void if I do it myself (according to steps from the Hardware Maintenance Manual of course).
Hi, I am using an Lenovo Yoga 460 with a OneLink+ docking station.The Docking station is connected to the Network via LAN cable.The Notebook is connected to the same Netwrk via WIFI.I would like to habe LAN connecten when I connect the Notebookto the docking station but currently it stays on WIFI.While the Notbook was new the switching was no Problem.Since some Lenovo Updates the switching does not work any more. Has anyone a solution on this Problem? Currently I allwasy switch on and off the WIFI. Regards Mario
Hello Team,

I have some windows 8.1 computers which are connected to a domain.

HKLM\DRIVERS registry hive is getting deleted just a litter later after our logon and it comes back when we log off and login again. once again it gets vanished after some time. This happens with all the machines which are there in our work network.

I could see the same behavior with VMs hosted in hyper-v and also on the physical machines. 

Assuming that this could be because of some corporate group policy, I checked in some machines which are in our network and not connected to domain, the same problem could be seen also on the machines not connected to domain.

Just wondering if this an expected behavior of this is some kind of a problem.

I work as an application packager and i see some driver installation done by applications gets failed and I wanted to figure out if that is due to this issue with HKLM\DRIVERS registry.

would be helpful if someone could get me out of this.

Thanks & Regards,
Venkata Ramana
My work involves several sites we use on a daily basis. One of these sites (via Chrome) has started coming back as "unsecure", and no fixes I've done are working. I've modified the settings (and then) turned off the warnings, I've added -ignore-certification-error to the shortcut properties, and I've added the site to the list of Trusted Sites. I still keep getting the damn "not secure" warning.

The PCs in question are Dell Optiplex 7040. Does anyone have any other ideas? I've looked at doing Copy To File for the site certification, but the one in question is grayed out.
everything I save into an external drive always converts to shortcuts and a drive file opens up. I have tried multiple way to fix this but nothing seems to work
Hey, Like title says im looking to upgrade my network card and want to purchase a 5ghz compatible card that works with the y500 how any recommendations would be appreciated thanks!
It happens when I wake up computer from sleep, or after a few idle hours (1-2). What confuses me is that some thumbnails are ok while some don't work.I checked for corrupted user account using  sfc /scannow but it didn't find any errors.Maybe problems with GPU drivers? Or SSD drivers?
Can you say where is I have download comodo firewal full ofline programe?