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Rather Technical Memory Matching Question

Q: Rather Technical Memory Matching Question

Greetings, helpful and wonderful people.

I currently have a 2x2gb setup in 2 of my 4 DIMM slots on my motherboard. The timing is 8-8-8-24. The speed is DDR3 @ 1600MHz, and it is a matched pair. They run at 1.65V,

I am looking to expand this memory, but the pair I have picked out to add to the second bank (the remaining two DIMM slots) has differences in the size, voltage and timing. I have tried my best to research this problem before creating a thread but haven't found an answer detailed enough to explain why this would or would not work. Anyways, here are the details on the second pair.

2x4gb, same brand (Crucial). Timing 10-10-10-28. Speed DDR3 @ 1600MHz, matched pair. Running at 1.5V.

The three differences are the size (4gb vs 2gb per module), the timing (CAS latency 10 vs CAS latency 8), and the voltage (1.5V vs 1.65V).

The motherboard can handle all the specs of the possible new pair. Crucial's website confirms compatibility by suggesting this pair with its scan utility.

HOWEVER, my question is: What will happen in my BIOS configuration when I put this new pair in the second bank?
1. What will Dual-Channel, what will not, and why?
2. Will I have to manually reduce the latency of the second pair, or will I have to manually increase the latency of the first pair, in order to make them match? Will this result in a major speed decrease?
3. Will the difference in voltage be modified automatically? To which? (1.65v or 1.5v?)
4. Is it actually worth it to keep the original 2x2gb pair once I get this new 2x4gb pair? In other words, will I actually see a speed decrease in some regards if I try to mix them, versus just ditching the old pair and sticking with two perfectly matched DIMMs?

Your insight is GREATLY appreciated. I have spent a while trying to plan ahead on this.

Thank you for reading.

Preferred Solution: Rather Technical Memory Matching Question

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Rather Technical Memory Matching Question

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Got any suggestions on what could be wrong with my memory card when it won't read the data when it's plugged in?
It says "No Data"
The card is official. I've tried other slots. Other mem cards work, tried turning it off and on, etc. We have a hunch that the problem could be that the contacts on the memory card have been misalligned, however there is no damage we can see without taking it apart.
Is it possible to take it apart or are there rivets or anything in the back end of the memory card that would hold it together?
Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

A:Question regarding PS2 Memory Card technical difficulties

Try it and see, get a screwdriver, and see if you can pry the case open. I have no idea if it will work, but if it doesn't work, then you've got nothing to lose by trying to get it open.

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I just installed Windows 7 64 bit. I have 4 Gig's of Ram installed and it's telling me I have 4 installed, but only 3.5 usable.

Why? How can I fix that? My graphics card is a Nvidia geforce 9500 with 1024 of deicated memory with a gig of ram. It's got a DVI, VGA, & HDMI out's on it.

Can anyone help me understand why that 1/2 gig of Ram isn't showing up?

I'm going to attach a screen shot so you can see.....

Thanks for any help you can give, even if that's the way it's supposed to be!!!

A:Memory Not Matching Up.....

YOur computer is using the ram correctly
Practical PC Online - Beginner's Guides: Vista - How Much Memory Can I Have With Windows Vista?
The article is applicable to Seven.

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i have a gateway with 3 memory slots..2 are filled with 64 meg pc100 modules..the other is free..i want to add a 128 meg pc100 module to the last open slot..can i do this..or do i have to take out the other 64 meg modules..can i just add the 128meg module and have it work with the 64 meg..i heard somewhere you had to match them..??

A:mis matching memory speed

should be okay, i'd put the 128meg inthe first slot and put the 64's in the last two slots. its only edo ram that they have to be the same, sd ram it doesn't matter.

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I added 1 gb of ram to my XPS m140 Dell laptop. After I put it in - it started up and works great. BUT - I just looked on the Dell website and it said that the memory sticks have to match. I have 1 gb and one 512 mb stick in there now - what will happen if I run it like this -- I guess I could order another 1 GB stick but will it hurt the computer to run it without matching sized memory? Help!

A:non matching memory sticks

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I am changing out my system board, currently a Soyo SY-K7V Dragon (with problems) and an Athlon Tbird 1Ghz, and plan to replace it with an Abit KD7A and an Athlon XP processor. I'd like to use whatever I can out of the old system. I currently have several 266Mhz 256MB sticks of PC2100 DDR ram and would like to upgrade but I am a little confused (easily done) regarding how the processor speeds and memory speeds need to be matched. I would like to take advantage of some higher speeds, perhaps 333 or 400 but I don't want to end up buying memory and a cpu with speeds that won't work together. I'm already plagued with stability problems.

Can I use, say, an XP 2600 at 333 Mhz or higher and 512 MB of Kingston DDR400 or do I need to use DDR333 - or even should I just stay with the 266Mhz sticks?

Or maybe I'm just in over my head!

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.


A:CPU - Memory - Speed Matching?

you could use any speed memory your board can take with any speed processor your motherboard can take. although if the bus speed of the memory is slower than the processor bus your processor will be underclocked to match the memory, the board might run them out of sync, or you will need to overclock the memory(which i am not recommending) to match the processor bus. if the memory speed is faster than the processor bus it will be underclocked to match the processor. your best be is to get the DDR 333 or the DDR 400.

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I just purchased an Asus ROG Maximus IX Code & I just found that it shows a maximum ram of
DDR4 4133 MHz+ (OC) 4 DIMM Dual Channel XMP support. This was probably the fastest ram at manufacture time, as this is an extremely high end board.

Before I saw that requirement, I had ordered
G.SKILL TridentZ RGB Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 4266 (PC4 34100) Desktop Memory Model F4-4266C19D-16GTZR

My question - will this ram work with my mobo, or do I need to order a 4133 (or less) setup?

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When the total is taken of all the memory used by processes, it does not add up to total memory used.

Is this normal?

I am trying to find places to reduce memory as it has spiked over the past 3-4 days.

(I used resource monitor and then copied all the lines to excel where I took the totals. The excel file is attached.)

A:Sum of memory fpr processes not matching total

Adding up the memory usage of processes rarely produces useful results. It certainly will not add up to the total memory usage of the system. There are a number of significant users of memory that are not processes. Memory usage in Windows is far too complex for such simple additions.

Sorry, I don't have the capability of reading excel files on this computer. But I don't need to see the numbers to know they will not add up.

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I have a Inspiron e1505 with a Intel Duo Processor T2400 (2M Cache, 1.83 GHz, 667 MHz FSB). My current memory is 2 x 512mb DDR2 533 (PC2 4200).

I plan to upgrade my memory to 2 x 1gb. I was going to get DDR2 667 (PC2 5300) to match with the 667 MHz FSB. I do have the option of getting DDR2 800, but I think this would be pointless since the FSB is only 667.

Is this the right way of going about it? I'm no expert, but just from searching around the web this is the basic idea I gathered.

Thanks for the help

A:Memory upgrade, matching w/ FSB speed?

I think this would be pointless since the FSB is only 667.Click to expand...

IMO DDR2 800 is fine if its only a couple dollars more expensive.

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I want to upgrade RAM in a DELL which has only 2 memory slots and I want to end up with 2Gig. The current RAM is PC3200U-30330 - 256MB DDR-400MHZ-CL3

Q#1 ---Someone told me this would work: 2X 1 GB DDR SDRAM 266 MHz ( PC2100 )

BUT I believe the correct Ram is : 2 x 1GB PC3200 400MHZ DDR RAM MEMORY

Q#2 - Will either one work? Isn't the Pc2100 266MHZ slower?

Thank you for any information you can give me.

A:Solved: Matching Memory Type - Need Clarification Please

I would use PC 3200 if that is what was in there previously, although the PC 2100 may work. Can you get a look at the motherboard specs on the Dell website? That should tell you what RAM to use.

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I bought a new custom built Pc and it came with 2x512 Corsair ddr2 chips already in the PC.

I bought a pair of 1gb super talent sticks for my not realizing that the timing for these do not match the corsair timing specs. will this cause my pc to act up? i did get a blue screen error msg that had 0x000000?? (cant remember the last 2) i googled and said it was a ram memory issue.

also does the placement of the memry modules mater into the board? i have 4 slots 2 black and 2 yellow offset.

thaks in advance

here are the mobo and ddr2 specs

ASUS P5N-E SLI LGA 775 NVIDIA nForce 650i SLI ATX Intel Motherboard
Manufacturer: SUPER TALENT
Model T800UB1GC5
Type 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM
Speed DDR2 800 (PC2 6400)
Cas Latency 5
Timing 5-5-5-15
Heat Spreader Yes

CORSAIR CM2X512A-6400 XMS2-6400 512MB 5-5-5-12 240 DIMM Black XMS2
800MHz 5-5-5-12-2T CM2X512A-6400 TWIN2X1024A-6400

A:Are latencies important when matching DDR2 memory?

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motherboard stats
1. 200/266/333 fsb, based on cpu, (meaning the mb will choose the fsb based on the cpu)?
2. ddr200/266/333 is based on cpu, (meaning if cpu fsb is 200 then ram needs to be 1600, 266 = 2100, 333 = 2700, etc)?
or does it matter and can the ram be at a dif. speed, so the real question is:

Can i run a duron processor at 200 fsb on this mb with ddr266, or do i need to get 1600, or can i run it with 2700??

just need to know this before tonight, since this is what i need to buy, and i want to buy the correct ram to match cpu and mb, and to make it upgradable to the motherboard max of amd xp 3000+.

so can the ram be faster then the bus, but it will run at the bus speed, but the ram cannot be lower then the cpu/mb bus speed, or does it have to match cpu/fsb speed?!

do you understand what i mean???

A:ram/cpu/motherboard fsb matching question

I know what you mean, and there is a simple answer...
Your computer will only run as fast as its slowest component.
As far as Im aware you can mix ram and fsb speeds, if you have faster ram, it will run at buss speed, if you have slower ram, the bus will run at ram speed etc.. i was running 60mhz ram on a 133 bus for ages, didnt harm anythingg, just a little in perf. Not that I was noticing in my light speed 500 AMD K6-2 hehe

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This is somewhat complicated to explain but here goes. I have two workbooks, one is very complicated with many sheets covering days of events. In Book1 each sheet has listed batches in a column labeled Batch # as you can see in the attached image. The batch number is in Column C. I have another workbook, Book2, generated from another source that has the same batch numbers in a column labeled Batch. In the first workbook the batches are mostly in sequential order but not always and may be on a different day's sheet whereas the 2nd book's batch numbers are always in sequential order.

What I want to do is create 2 columns in Book1 and import 2 columns from Book2, the batch number and the corresponding Good number and here's the kicker, I want it to find the correct matching batch number and align the imported data with each.

Does anyone know what formula/macro/? I could use to do this? Thanks.

A:Solved: Excel matching question

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My PC, running XP-Home, currently has 512MB of RAM. I have ordered 1GB of extra RAM that I will be adding. (Note: The following information was obtained from "Memory Ten" checking my PC to match the proper memory my machine needs.) As you can see from the information (below) I have three (3) empty slots for additional RAM, with 512MB RAM already installed in one of the four slots.

I have two questions:

Will there be a matching problem by installing the new 1GB RAM with the existing 512MB RAM?
Does it make any difference which slot I install the new 1GB RAM in?
Computer Make: VIA Technologies, Inc.
Computer Model: KT400-8235
Computer Version:
Motherboard Model: AT7-MAX2 (VIA KT400-8235)
Motherboard Version: 1.x
CPU: AMD Athlon XP 2.08Ghz
Installed Memory: 4 slots: empty, empty, empty, 512 MB
Matched - Machine: ABIT AT7 MAX2 Motherboard
Matched - Model: http://www.memoryx.net/abat7mamome.html
1GB ABIT Motherboard PC3200 DDR400 nonECC DIMM (p/n ABIT-1GB-PC3200-D) $59.98

A:Solved: Adding RAM - Question about matching and which slot to use

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Right hopefully someone can assist here!

I used to find Windows Media Player had a useful automatic cleanup option when 5 or more mp3s were found in the library without an actual mp3 file to relate too....

I want to know why now when i have 7 or 10 tracks that have been removed by myself, when i go to play them (forgetting i removed them) do i no longer get the option pop up asking if i would like WMP to cleanup the library!?!?

I use Windows 7 btw

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Can I change my Toshiba Satellite L305D-S5914 built with a AMD Sempron™ 3600+ CPU to a AMD Athlon 64/X2 CPU. Toshiba Tech support tells me that the processor is soldered and built into the motherboard but it is not. Both processors are socket AM2

A:Technical Question

The only hardware upgrade that you can usually make to a laptop is to add more RAM - if it supports adding more.

From what I've read so far, that model laptop comes with the AMD Sempron 3600+ 2.00 GHz processor and supports up to 4 GB of DDR2 PC2-6400(DDR2-800) RAM.


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I have XP installed on my PC and wanted to install it on my laptop. I called MS to activate it and was told that the license did not allow me install it on two machines.

I can't believe this. Any comments?

A:not a technical question

"license did not allow me install it on two machines"

I believe technically it's supposed to be that way with all there OS's according to the ELUA

more info...XP Activation


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A while back, I asked a DSL provider about the distance betwween my house and the nearest DSL central office, which is about 6 miles away. Here's the partial response I got:

If the form says you qualify then you should be no more than 18,000 feet from the central office in your area. However, that is 18,000 feet in actual line length, not in walking or driving distance from the CO.Click to expand...

Question #1: How many miles is 18,000 feet? I'm sure it's less than 6 miles.
Question #2: Why are the DSL cables so short?

Today, I ordered it anyway from my phone company, and a technician is coming later this week to install it for me.

After it's all hooked up, if it doesn't connect, I'll have to cancel the whole shebang.

I really hope it works cuz I'm getting fed up with this dialup connection on these very crappy voice-grade phone lines.

A:A Couple of Technical DSL Question

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I have a client who needs BOTH some PHP and some SSI code in a webpage. The filetype needs to remain as SHTML. I tried making an SHTML page that included PHP, but what happens when I modify the .htaccess file is that one or the other gets done, but not both.

For example, I used this in the .htaccess:

AddType application/x-httpd-php .php .shtml
AddType text/x-server-parsed-html .shtml
DirectoryIndex index.shtml index.php index.html

That does the PHP coding just fine in the shtml file, but not the
<!--#exec cgi="/cgi-bin/Tracking/ax.cgi" --> SSI code
line in the shtml page.

When I switch the first two lines, it does the SSI, but not the PHP.

How can I get it to do both the SSI *and* the PHP?



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I have a client who is receiving the BSOD when she is just surfing the internet. Here is the STOP code she is receiving:

0x00000050 (0xBFBFBFC3, 0x00000000, 0x8052DB78, 0xoooooo2)

Computer Specs:
XP sp3
2GB Ram

I have researched this as much as I can and have come to the conclusion that it is either the PSU or the Ram. I have just started learning how to research BSOD codes and would like a second opinion about this.

Thanks in advance.

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I am using a program (which I didn't write) which creates a database driven website. It was working well, but suddenly, when I try to add new records, I get errors. I have the system on a WIN2000 server, and also mirrored on my WIN98 system at home.

On the WIN2000 server, I get this error message: "ERROR: Multiple-step OLE DB operation generated errors. Check each OLE DB status value, if available. No work was done."

On the WIN98 system, I get this error: "Errors Occurred"

In both cases, the record does get added, but it cannot be edited - only deleted.

Since I couldn't reach the guy who wrote the program I was using, I did some research, and found this page over at Microsoft:


It described this error exactly. It said I needed to upgrade my MDAC and JET versions to make these errors go away. I don't really know what MDAC and JET are, but I found them for download on Microsoft's site.

Using my WIN98 system as the guinea pig, I downloaded and installed MDAC 2.6 and JET 4.0 - the most recent versions of both. Needless to say, it didn't fix the problem.

The only thing that changed on my WIN98 system is that instead of getting the "Errors Occurred" message, I now get the much longer error message that my server returns.

I haven't tried upgrading the server because - well - I'm afraid to touch the server, especially when the fix didn't work on... Read more

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I bought a new Compaq Presario laptop, and the specs say it has 256mb of PC2100, (266MHZ) DDR-SDRAM, with a max capacity of 1G. So I went out and bought 1G (2-512mb modules, same specs). When I opened up the memory compartment and removed the memory the laptop came with, it was marked 256mb, DDR, 333 mhz, PC 2700.

My questions:

Are the two types of memory interchangeable?
Can using PC 2700 333 mhz harm the computer if it is meant to run PC2100, 266 mhz?
If I use the PC2100, 266mhz, will my computer run slower?
What should I do?



A:LAPTOP RAM - Technical QUestion

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When a song is played in iTunes where does it load to?

Obviously the song is on the hard-rive but does it constantly read it off the hard-rive? Or does it throw it into the page file or ram?

A:Solved: iTunes Technical Question...

Players usually buffer at least part of what they are playing in RAM to insure a constant data stream and smooth playback. Some of that could end up as paged if the OS needed the RAM for something else, but probably not very often, if at all.


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Hello you smart computer techies!!! I need a little assistance. I hate Norton as it was hogging up my PC. So I uinstalled it (via the norton uninstall) and went out and bought PC-cillin 2005. I installed it and everything was going fine until I attempted to connect to the internet (via IE). No internet. No email connection either (makes sense since IE and OE 6 are connected to each other. Aren't they?) Anywhoo, I uninstalled PC-cillin pdq, and viola Internet working just fine.

Called PC-cillin cust. spt. a very nice Hindu lady finally helped me disable the 'Personal Firewall' component of the new software after we reinstalled it. She assesed the problem is with my Internet provider. I was asked to call them and ask three specific questions 1. what port number am i using, 2. do they have a firewall up?, 3. any specific password or setting?

Internet provider was very perturbed at first with my three little questions insisting that the problem is with PC-cillin software not with them (the service provider). they answered my questions though, --, no, no.

I just sent an email to cust spt @ PC-cillin with the same info presented here.

but since you guys are almost always quicker, and there is no need to decipher the accent, I thought I'd try TechSupportGuy too.

I have a limited knowledge of computers, even less it seems when it comes to software conflicts. But my guess's at the problem is this, : 1. norton is not TOTALLY off my pc, or 2. I'm runni... Read more

A:Very technical question may be difficult to answer

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When I go to my BIOS, I see two hard drives: P0 and P2.
Let's call them as Disk1 and Disk2.

Regularly, I am booting from Disk2.
(By the way, one of the disks is dedicated to operating systems, and the other is dedicated to libraries. I don't know which one is which, since they are identical drives, but as I said regularly I am booting from Disk2).

When I have a boot problem such as "Insert correct media device", I am putting the system repair disc, and (after booting the system repair disc from cd/dvd drive) it gives me the error that "this repair disc is not compatible with your version".
But, when I change the first drive from Disk2 to Disk1 in BIOS, it doesn't give that error and shows me the system repair options.

What does this mean?
Why it is happening like that?
Does it mean that if I remove Disk1 physically or disable it, I can never use any system repair disc?
How can I solve this problem?
What are my options if a system repair disc gives me the "not compatible" error?

A:Technical Boot Question (2 Disks)

It sounds like your boot files are on disk 1, P0, and your OS is on disk 2, P2. You need to have a look in disk management to see whats what. If that is true, you won't be able to boot up to your OS if you remove disk 1.

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On discord, its not uncommon for me to come across "Cursed MP4 Files" with strange properties.

I'm incredibly interested how the creators of these files were able to get their results and mostly I want to make my own "cursed files". Some of the properties I've seen are video lengths upwards of 13,000 hours long, yet still being 1 MB. I've also seen videos that have negative video lengths and videos that display the video length as 0, yet still plays a video.

How were some of these made? I can file share the specific MP4 files in question

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I just wanted to know if anyone knows a website, or book that I could learn all of the "Computer Lingo" like what is FSB, or a multiplier of 13 = clockspeed. I know somewhat about computers, but in depth I really don't know anything. I love to come to this forum for advice, but I hate not knowing anything at all. I'd rather read up on this stuff instead of constantly asking for help this is to help me so I won't be completley lost; Trying to overclock my computer, or making my computer run very smoothly. Please help.


A:Question: Resource for technical terminology explanations

Computer Stuff @ Howstuffworks

Have a nice time reading.

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Hi there,

I have a question about the "amvo virus" and Combofix...

My goal is to REMOVE this virus and then PREVENT my PC from being infected another time by the same virus...Does ComboFix just remove "amvo" or fixes the problem, protecting my PC "forever" against this virusc ???

If it doesn't, can anyone tell me a good practice for preventing this infection in future? (possibly, something more sophisticated than just disabling the execution of the autorun.ini in every external drive...)

Thanks a lot guys...

A:Technical Question about ComboFix and the AMVO malware

amvo.exe) is a backdoor Trojan that is installed with other malicious files. Backdoor Trojans, IRCBots and Infostealers are very dangerous because they provide a means of accessing a computer system that bypasses security mechanisms and steal sensitive information like passwords, personal and financial data which they send back to the hacker. Remote attackers use backdoor Trojans as part of an exploit to gain unauthorized access to a computer and take control of it without your knowledge. Read Danger: Remote Access Trojans.If your computer was used for online banking, has credit card information or other sensitive data on it, you should immediately disconnect from the Internet until your system is cleaned. All passwords should be changed immediately to include those used for banking, email, eBay, paypal and online forums. You should consider them to be compromised. You should change each password by using a different computer and not the infected one. If not, an attacker may get the new passwords and transaction information. If using a router, you need to reset it with a strong logon/password so the malware cannot gain control before connect again. Banking and credit card institutions should be notified of the possible security breach. Because your computer was compromised please read How Do I Handle Possible Identify Theft, Internet Fraud and CC Fraud?Although the infection has been identified and may be removed, your PC has likely been compromised and there is no w... Read more

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I understand USB flash drives are composed of two components, the memory part that retains the data and the controller that regulates the writing and retrieval of the data. I alo understand there are different types of the controller components.

Also, I've learned that some machines will see just about any USB flash drive; but, I occasionally see some machines that will recognize one of my flash drives and not the other. I suspect this is because of the different controllers in each of the USB flash drives.

Here's the question: Is there a way to determine which USB flash drives contain which controller components?

The reason I'm asking is that I have two USB flash drives, a 16-Gig and a 32-Gig. The 16- is getting too small and I'm going to retire it in favor of a new 32- or 64-Gig and I don't want to end up with two that have the same controller component and then run into a machine that will see neither.

A:Technical question about USB flash drives' internal controllers

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Hypothetical situation:

The givens:
desktop computer
a power supply with intermittent voltage drops
voltage occasionally drops enough to cause a spontaneous reboot.
voltage is being monitored on the 12-volt leg
wall current integrity is good at all times
When a spontaneous reboot occurs, what voltage should one see this occur at?

A:Technical question about power supplies and spontaneous reboots

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Yesterday morning I restarted my Dell Inspiron 6400 to finish installing an update to my virus protection software (McAfee Plus), and as the computer was shutting down my external HD became disconnected from the laptop. Since then, however, my computer has failed to start. It gets to the very first screen, with the manufacturer's logo and progress bar, then moves to an error page.

On that page, "Windows Boot Manager" informs me that failed to start. "A recent hardware or software change might be the cause." To fix the problem, they recommend I insert my Windows installation disc, follow the repair process, etc.

I do not have this DVD, as it never shipped with my laptop. They recommend, as an alternative, to contact my computer manufacturer. I've done so, and checked through Dell's support site. Their FAQs told me to contact their support department. However, my warranty has also ended. Simply to contact them to find out what my recourse is will cost $49. I'd prefer not to do that unless I know they'll send me some sort of repair DVD.

So, a few questions, more to your experiences than to the software itself:

1. Is it likely that Dell will provide a Windows Vista DVD to a computer past warranty? I doubt it sincerely, but perhaps there's a chance.

2.If that doesn't work, I presume I'll have to buy Vista. Being as I had Home Basic before, would I be able to purchase and use an upgrade disc, or would I have t... Read more

A:Not strictly a technical question: trouble starting Vista

They should provide one for a small fee.

You won't be able to upgrade a Dell version of Vista with a normal Vista upgrade. You would need to get a full version, or an upgrade that Dell has altered for their machines.

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Hi there, I have a T400 running Windows XP Professional that's in pristine condition, that I'd like to upgrade to Win 7 Prof + an SSD + 8GB of RAM.  It came with a Window's 7 upgrade DVD (and companion DVD) with instructions that note I will need to do a clean install since I have XP. I specifically had this system downgraded from Vista when it was shipped to me in 2010.  The Upgrade DVD says "Win Vista Bus to Win 7 Pro UPG Fulfill Lenovo" on it. I'm okay with the clean install since I'm running XP, but my question is: if I'm already going  to swap out the HDD to an SSD and I need to do a clean install anyway, can I just remove my old HDD, F1 boot from the disk and then install Windows 7 straight to my new SSD?  Or will the "Upgrade" version of Windows 7 look for something on the old HDD to give it permission to install? Thanks for any advice.  So essentially   

A:Lenovo T400 technical question - upgrading to Win 7 Prof + Samsung SSD and 8GB RAM

If the DVDs came from Lenovo, I am fairly sure it will work fine and use the Vista license in the BIOS

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I asked a question in another thread wanting to know if there were any good free alternatives to programs PCAnywhere or GoToMyPC. Boy did I ever get more than I expected in TeamViewer that EAFiedler suggested.

Now I have a technical question about how TeamViewer works. It connects to remote systems across the internet not by an IP number that I enter but rather by an arbitrary nine-digit number assigned to the system when the program is set up. It connects so quickly that I know it cannot be scanning every IP address on the 'net looking for a TeamViewer connection at every one of them. So, I have deduced that there must be a server out there somewhere that stores TeamViewer information.

Does anyone know enough about this to confirm this and/or explain it to me somewhat?

Next question: What about security? Are there any security issues I should be concerned about, other than the obvious, of course?

A:Technical question about TeamViewer remote access/remote office

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So basically my girlfriend has Windows 7, I decided to upgrade her computer to the Windows 10 Technical Preview to fool around with it a bit more.
My question is, once its released on July 29th, will I be able to get the FREE copy I was originally supposed to get or am I stuck with the technical preview version?
How does Microsoft know I used to have Windows 7?
She has the Chinese version, so when I upgraded it converted everything to Chinese and I had to change all the settings to English. Will I be able to download a FRESH english ISO and upgrade to that for free?

A:Question Regarding Windows 7 upgrade to Windows 10 Technical Preview

Hi Simpuhl What a coincidence, someone just posted a picture on another forum that answers your question.So yes, you'll be able to either upgrade to the official release of Windows 10 on July 29th, or download an .iso to perform a clean installation and use your product key to activate it.

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I have a computer I built and used since 2010 running well. It has two matched 4GB sticks of DDR3 for a total of 8GB. I have two remaining slots (empty) for ram on the motherboard to add more ram. Do I need to find the exact same memory as the ram I am currently using or does it matter?

A:Question regarding Dual Channel Memory- Mix or Match Memory

If you can get the same kit again it would be best but if you can get a kit with the same timings, speed, and voltage you should be okay. You should use cpu-z to find out your kit model and timings it supports. CPU-Z | Softwares | CPUID At the moment your two current sticks should in the white slots.

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Memory Riser Question XW8600 Is the HP 449416-001 MEMORY RISER compatible with the XW8600? I am about to recieve 4 of these risers (free from my friend) and would like to know if anyone could tell me if they are compatible with the xw8600 (part# RV726AV)? xw8600 (part# RV726AV) -->URL: http://h20566.www2.hp.com/portal/site/hpsc/public/psi/home/?sp4ts.oid=3432827 Thanks in advance--- J4.52

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I have a MSI K9A2 CF V2.

It supports Up DDR2 1066 and up to 8GB.

I have 2 2GB sticks right now which I will be moving to another computer. I wish to buy 2 sets of 2 2GB 10666. The board support 4 sticks of ram. If I buy 2 separate of the same memory will I have an issue meaning 4 total sticks of the same ram. Meaning will the sticks do there little duel channel thing??


A:Solved: Memory question DDR2 *not a comparing question*

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I have a dell dimension 8400 and would like to upgrade from 1Gb to 2Gb RAM. Dell wants $80/512Mb. Im just wondering if I can get it cheaper anywhere else. I currently have 1GB Dual channel DDR2 SDRAM at 400MhZ (2x512). I have 4 memory slots. I would appreciate any ideas on how or where to shop. I've never bought or added RAM before so I don't have much knowlege here...

BTW what is "Dual channel"?

TIA for replies, Jim

A:need help matching RAM

because you own a dell pc, you have no other option for said parts except what dell decides to charge you.

it is possible to get third-party ram modules to work in there, but it isn't likely to work out.

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I already have this ram. Now say I wanted to get 2GB more.

Could I simply add in this ram?

It's the same ram and all, except one is 2x512mb and the other is 2x1gb. The point is that I want to have 3gb and I don't want to waste my current 512mb sticks.


A:Matching Ram

I don't know that it would hurt, b/c for all practical purposes it is the same, except the capacity. I'd say go ahead (I'm just glad I'm not paying for it ).
good luck

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Im looking to buy a new PC (listed below), and ive been hearing alot about the RAM speeds should match the CPU fsb speeds, or something along those lines...doesnt make alot of sense to me ;\

So want to know what would be the best 4gb's ram for an Intel Q9450 Quad core processor?

I was going to get either 800mhz or 1066mhz ram, is the 1066 un-nessasary, or not good enough still? Bearing in mind i will not be overclocking any of my pc.

Also what motherboard is good for that system plus an ATi 3870x2, 2 sata hard drives, x-fi soundcard, dvdrw etc. Ive been looking at the ASUS P5K but havnt looked in huge detail at it yet.

thanks for your help.

A:Ram matching CPU?

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I have windows ME, suddenly this past week occasionally when I type in a web address, a pop up window comes up titled "Matching in URL" and it will have one word that is in the address I just typed and the only option on the pop up is to click OK. Nothing happens if I click OK, the pop up just goes away. And it only appears periodically. Any Ideas on what this is. I cant find any info about it.

A:Matching in URL

Not sure but have you scanned your system for Spyware ? If not then you might try this ....

Go here :


Download and Install Spybot Search & Destroy.

In Spybot click Online > Click check for updates > put a check mark against each as appropriate and download them.

Then close all IE windows and again in Spybot click Check for problems > lastly click Fix all checked to get rid of anything Spybot finds.

You might also find it beneficial to then go here :


Follow the instructions to run Hijack This then use the Save log feature > save a copy of the log (possibly to a text file on your desktop - so you can find it) then copy / paste the logfile in another reply in this thread for someone to check its clear. But do not make any changes or fix anything yourself at this stage.
Good luck.

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i have a query that suppose there is a particular process,it may be possible that we have more than one instance of the process running and if both the instances log into different log files is there any way in which i can associate the pid of a particular instance with the file that that instance is logging into?? plz reply asap very urgetn

A:pid and log matching ?

Sorry in advance for the generic reply, but you'll have to let us know more specifics regarding the processes in question.

If they are system processes, you might want to see How to debug Windows services.

If creating a dump file would be useful for you, you might want to see How to use Sqldumper.exe to generate dump files for Windows applications.

Still, we'll need more info on your query.

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Not sure what happend, most likely the certificate was renewed.

The correct certificate are selected for the IIS binding.
Are there any way to fix this without a complete reinstall?

[ExtendedException: There are no matching certificates [StoreLocation=LocalMachine StoreName=My FindType=FindByThumbprint Value=E010CE0381FD227804429A61695A75E9362E43B8]]
   Microsoft.Tri.Infrastructure.CertificateExtension.GetCertificate(X509FindType findType, Object value) +266
   Microsoft.Tri.Infrastructure.Framework.SecretManager.OnStart() +67
   Microsoft.Tri.Infrastructure.Framework.Module.Start() +40
   Microsoft.Tri.Infrastructure.Framework.ModuleManager.OnStart() +319
   Microsoft.Tri.Infrastructure.Framework.Module.Start() +40
   Microsoft.Tri.Management.Api.Service.Startup.Configuration(IAppBuilder applicationBuilder) +962

[TargetInvocationException: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.]
   System.RuntimeMethodHandle.InvokeMethod(Object target, Object[] arguments, Signature sig, Boolean constructor) +0
   System.Reflection.RuntimeMethodInfo.UnsafeInvokeInternal(Object obj, Object[] parameters, Object[] arguments) +92
   System.Reflection.RuntimeMethodInfo.Invoke(Object obj, BindingFlags invokeAttr, Binder binder, Object[] parameters, CultureInfo culture) +155
   Owin.Loader.<>c__DisplayClass12.<MakeDele... Read more

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Let me start with this comment. My wife and I both in our 50s are trying to help out a mom and two kids. The oldest child is "almost 11" as she put it.
We have little experience with kids.
Here is the situation, we have three computers, two Vista machines and an old XP machine.
I have found out we can set time limits on the vista machines as well as time of day restrictions.
I have locked my Vista machine and so far so good. But what about the XP machine?
I setup a limited profile on the XP machine that the kids can use.
Mom, my wife and I want to restrict the time they spend online.
Of course there is the "times up" approach, just telling them that they are done using the computer, which will probably work but...
The girl is sharp as a tack with computers, and has said she can figure out the password, she probably can.
Any ideas on how to set up time limits on the XP machine?

Otherwise if I end up in a battle of computer wits with an "almost 11" year old girl, I will probably lose.

A:Matching wits

If she's 11 she wouldn't normally be 'Home Alone' at any time.

Why treat the kids like criminals - just specify the hours when they can be on it and make that the deal.

If they break the deal, take the power cords off.

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I have a shinko CHC545 t-shirt printer, it works great with my old imaging system but using the drivers for windows the light colors end up too light and dark colors too dark. especially blue. Blue's also tend to end up purple

So I tried modding the hue matching info. It shows a color chart and RGBCYM chart for both printer and monitor.

If I change the printer box for blue to another lighter or darker blue what effect will that have on output as it seems to do oposite of what I think. The monitor's color boxes are fixed but the printer color boxes can be changed if I make the printers box darker to match the output I think it makes the prints even darker, anyone know how this is supposed to work?


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Hey guys,

So, got all my new parts, and assembled my new computer. Its working on the Windows install now!!! But, I don't know how to hook up the front USB or Speaker wires, cuz they don't match quite right w/the book. I'll tell you what they say on the case, and what the Gigabyte book says, and maybe someone can help me??

It is a Gigabyte M61P-S3 board, and a black case (no clue what it is really!...)

Here we go:

USB Case - GROUND, +D, -D, +VCC (I have two of these, and two USB ports on the front)
Speaker Case - Return R, Return L, Spkout L, Spkout R, GROUND, MIC IN, MIC BIAS

USB Board - Power (5V), Power (5V), USB DX-, USB Dy-, USB DX+, USB Dy+, GND, GND, NC (There are three of these)
AC97 Speaker Board - MIC, GND, MIC Power, NC, Line Out (R), NC, NC, Line Out (L), NC

Thanks for the help!!

A:Need help matching wires

Link for USB headers http://www.directron.com/installusb.html
Link for front sound headers http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/article.php?id=93

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