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Satellite NB10t-A - Webcam is not working after Win8.1 update

Q: Satellite NB10t-A - Webcam is not working after Win8.1 update


I recently upgraded to Windows 8.1 and then my Webcam doesn't work... I checked if I have the driver in device manager but I couldn't find it. I don't know how can I fix it I was looking for driver in thosiba website but I got any result.
Someone can help me?


Preferred Solution: Satellite NB10t-A - Webcam is not working after Win8.1 update

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Satellite NB10t-A - Webcam is not working after Win8.1 update


Which notebook model do you have?
Webcam should be listed under “Imaging devices”. Can you see any entry there?
What happen when you try to start Camera application?

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I have a touchscreen Toshiba Satellite NB10T-A-101 , the touch screen works fine however i mostly use the mousepad as i find using the cursor much easier,

However recently my cursor kept freezing for a second or two and then moving again, but today the mouse pad doesn't seem to be working at all the left and right click buttons work but not the touch pad.

I've made sure that the touch pad is enabled in the mouse settings so i really don't know what to do now.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

A:Satellite NB10T-A-101 - Mousepad is not working


Hmm?did you check also the key combination FN+F5?
This would enable and disable the touchpad as well.

But from my point of view it might be possible that the touchpad module malfunctions.
I?m thinking about the hardware malfunction because the touchpad buttons work and just the touch area of the touch module doesn?t work properly.

Usually if the touchpad would be disabled by any software, both; buttons as well as the touch area should not work.

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Satellite NB10t is fairly new and just has this message when trying to start up "Failure configuring Windows updates Preparing to retry Do not turn off your computer".

This can remain for hours and happens quite frequently. Can anyone suggest what this may be?


A:Satellite NB10T - Windows 8 update failure


In my opinion it is Microsoft related issue so check please at first this Microsoft document

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The web cam suddenly stopped working
I tried
Even bios update with no result
Here is photo from device manager

A:Satellite NB10T-A-10F - web cam suddenly stopped working

You forgot to post screenshot from device manager.
Is web cam recognized and listed properly in device manager?

Do you use original preinstalled operating system that you got with your machine?

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I recently updated my laptop satellite pro c650 to windows 8.1 pro.i updated and installed my drivers with the help of drive booster software.All the other drivers are working fine but my inbuilt webcam is not working,it has failed online webcam tests.I tried to find the solution online but to no relief.My microphone is also not working eventhough it is seen in control panel>sound>recording.The green bar is not going up.I have installed conexant hd audio.
Kindly help!

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I have a client with a refurbished L850 which is currently running Windows 8.0. I ran the upgrade advisor and it found some issues with 8.1 and was wondering if anyone had upgraded and what their experience was like? I also contacted and they seemed to say was Ok but you might have some issues and we won't guarantee it will work as it does on 8.0.

So, it seems like the best thing to would be to leaver her on 8.0 and not bother with 8.1.

Any suggestions?

A:Satellite L850 - Update from Win8 to 8.1


I don't know which L850 has your client but fact is that this model is supported for Win8.1 upgrade. If you visit Toshiba download page on http://www.toshiba.eu/innovation/download_drivers_bios.jsp you will see all listed stuff that should be installed.

More about Win8.1 update you can find on http://www.toshiba.eu/innovation/generic/windows8_1-message/

In my opinion you should create recovery media with original Win8. After doing this install Win8.1 update following instructions on Toshiba Win8.1 page. Check the functionality and if everything is OK I hope your client will be very happy.

If there is some problem install original Win8 version from recovery media and notebook can be used with ?factory settings? again.

By the way: check Win8.1 section on this forum to see if there is some issue with L850 model.

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i bought SATELLITE P50-A-144 toshiba laptop a couple of months ago with windows 8, that became 8.1 with w. update.
Since that moment, fn+z key doesn't work, it only says keyboard light deactivates whenver i press it.

How could i fix it? it makes my ocd tingle.

Thanks all for replies :D

A:Satellite P50-A-144 - FN+z key doesn't work after Win8.1 update

Strange. Something like this should not happen. I have updated my machine but everything works properly.

I don't know if this will help but try to reinstall Toshiba system driver and Toshiba function key utility.

You should find it on Toshiba download page - http://www.toshiba.eu/innovation/download_drivers_bios.jsp
Check it out.

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I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite Pro NB10t-A-106, the HDD suddenly made the soul of the coup I changed it by an SSD, except that wanting to install windows with a bootable USB key, I I saw that the bios had not been updated so I did not have the UEFI boot option.

I tried to put the partion in MRB or GPT non CMS with Rufus or with Win to USB but nothing.

I tried to update the bios by USB key but it is beyond my skills.

So I bought a sata to USB cable to install windows from another PC but without success ...

I would like to know if you have a solution tried thank you very much!

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Toshiba Satellite Pro NB10t-A-106 Computer
Is it possible to replace the Celeron CPU N2810 2.00 Ghzwith a faster processor to speed up the whole computer If so which one is best? for Pro NB10t-A-106

I use Window 10


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I have upgraded to Windows 8 but I have found that the Wifi adapter needs to be reset frequently (there seems to be no cause) - the Windows 8 trouble shooter resolves it by resetting the adapter but I thought that there would be fix for this?

When I looked to update the drivers I have found that the L300 is not listed (in either the un-upgradeable or the upgradable lists) - is the L300 compatible in this regard with another model? Or can you suggest how to update all the Toshiba drivers for this model.


A:Satellite Pro L300 upgraded to Win8 but would like to update drivers

Your Satellite Pro is pretty old notebook model and not supported for Win8.
It is problematic to find drivers for non supported and old notebook models.

Problem is that if you make decision to do this anyway you are on your own and can be just lucky if everything works properly.
> is the L300 compatible in this regard with another model?
It is not easy to give you proper answer. What must be done is to compare every important hardware component like chipset, GPU, sound chip, LAN/WLAN with other models and see if some Win8 drivers are available. It is not so easy.

For instance: Toshiba offers 4 different hardware platforms for Satellite pro L300. Which one do you have? What is the model number of your machine?

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I hope I can get help from this forum. Ever since I updated my OS from windows 8 to windows 8.1 my laptop(Toshiba c850) has refused to shut down, the screen goes blank(dark, signaling power off) but the power indicator still remains on, have had to do a forced power off several times.

Please help as am losing my mind.

A:After Win8.1 update my Satellite C850 wont shut down


In my opinion something went wrong during the upgrade.
This is nothing unusual since I read in different forums about strange issue after Windows 8.1 upgrade.

I recommend you to do following:
Set the notebook back to factory settings. Recover the notebook back to Windows 8
Update the Windows 8 to the latest state (all updates, patches should be installed)

Then check the Windows 8.1 upgrade information page http://www.toshiba.eu/innovation/generic/windows8_1-message/ and follow the step by step instruction which also contain the installation of Windows 8.1 drivers and tools in the right order!

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I bought a new Toshiba Satellite NB10T-A-101 and would like to boost performance by changing the HDD by a SSD and install windows 8.1 Pro.

I'm however unable to boot from USB, it always mention:
+Reboot and select proper Boot Device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key.+

I already disabled secure boot, used 5+ different usb sticks (work all fine on other laptops).

Can you please tell me what the approach is to change the HDD and then boot from a bootable (UEFI) usb stick.

Thank you.

A:Re: Satellite NB10T-A-101 - cannot boot from USB stick

I tried now with an external USB DVD and same situation.
Why are we not allowed to replace the HDD and reinstall the OS?

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Bought the laptop yesterday. Initially the touchscreen worked.

After an hour or so and a reboot, it didn't respond to any touches.
It has worked after that, but now it's broken again.

The touchscreen either works or doesn't work when booting, and will keep doing that as long as the pc is on.

I did not upgrade to Windows 8.1 yet, and my BIOS is running the latest version.

A:Satellite NB10t-A touchscreen fails

I think you should firstly find out if some kind of software problem cause the touchscreen malfunction.
I guess it?s not software related issue but I think you should make doubly sure.

First of all reset the system back to factory settings. Yu should use the option ?Reset your PC?
[Windows 8 Recovery & Repair|http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/TSB2A03ES0000R01.htm ]

Then check the touchscreen support and test the functionality.
After that you should upgrade the system Win 8 to 8.1 following the Toshiba step by step instruction. After that test the touchscreen once again.

In case you will still notice some touchscreen problems, I would recommend you to contact the service agents since this issue could be related to touchscreen malfunction,

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on NB10t-A-102 I want to change the memory and increase in 8GB or 16GB
Can we make this change?

A:Memory upgrade on Satellite NB10t-A-102


According notebook specification RAM can be upgraded up to 4GB and obviously with 4GB RAM inside it is already on the maximum.

Unfortunately on this forum we don't have much info about this new machine but in the past we have discussed about older models with maximum 1GB RAM but at the end it was possible to upgrade it.

If nobody can help you with this I recommend you to try upgrade with 8GB RAM and check how it works. RAM part number that you should test is PA5104U-1M8G.

If possible send some feedback.

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Hello to all,

Is there any battery replacement (compatible maybe?) with higher capacity (>2100mAh) for the satellite nb10t-a-103 laptop? the original battery works only for 2 hours.


A:Battery replacement for Satellite NB10T-A-103

Unfortunately I found only one compatible battery for your notebook model and it is battery with part number PA5170U-1BRS.

To be honest 2 hours on battery power supply is not so bad. If you want to use it a bit longer change power profile and advanced power settings.

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currently, I have a Satellite NB10t-A and i don't have a administrator user anymore..
Thats not a problem if you can reinstall the machine, but the Satelite wont accept it because of his v.1.0 bios!

Toshiba could you help me out?!

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currently, I have a Satellite NB10t-A, its hard drive was broken so I bought a new one, I dont know how to reinstall windows 8.1 in this laptop. Please help

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I've got a Satellite Pro nb10t, good machine but key map seems really bad for me, [Home] and [End] keys are really far away from arrows, [Tab] key really narrow, really slowing office working.

How can I remap keys, for example to set [Home] to [Fn]+[Up], and {End] to [Fn]+[Down] ?

Found Microsoft RemapKey, but does not process FN key.


A:How to remap FN keys on Satellite Pro nb10t

Depending on the settings ?special function key mode? you could use the function key (F key) with or without pressing the additional FN button.

Details here

The FN key seems to be an special Toshiba feature and I don?t think that you could remap the FN button.

However, you could try to install the Remapkey.exe which is part of the Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit. This remapkey should allow you to change the button functionality.

Also the 3rd party tool like autohotkey would be good enough to do this job.

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Hello guys,

I have old Satellite U200-165. I installed windows 8.1 Enterprise Evaluation successfully after i changed the hard drive to SSD, but the sound did not work. Windows showing that the sound work perfectly, but it does not come out.

Any advise please.

A:Satellite U200 - Sound is not working after Win8.1 installation

Satellite U200 is pretty old machine and not supported for Win8 or Win8.1. I think we don't have any report on this forum how this old piece of hardware works with Win8.

If sound card is properly installed, have you checked all sound settings?
I presume the same problem is with headphones, right?

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Hello out there,

since seven days i try to update my system to WIN8.1. from the first try i get the errorcod 0xc1900101 - 0x30018.
I have already made a reinstallation of WIN8 and deinstalled everything exept the networkdriver. Allways get the same message. The installation seems to work fine till deviceconfiguration 64%. Then it restarts and sets back to WIN8.
My system is Satellite Pro C870 -1EJ
Need some help, or better an solution.



A:Satellite Pro C870 - Win8.1 update - Error 0xC1900101 - 0x30018

Just solved it myself,

and for anyone else with the same Problem.
It has been the Catalyst suite. Just deinstalled it and voila
It now works.

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After updating from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 the amber wireless indicator lamp is always on, even if wireless function is off.

The key to turn airplane mode on or off doesn't work.
Wireless is working anyway perfectly and turned on or off with the mouse.
Is there a solution to make it work as before the updating?


A:Satellite L850 - after WIn8.1 update WLAN indicator lamp is always on

This theme was already discussed in another thread and SOLUTION can be found here:

Please don?t start different threads about one and the same theme!

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My son's Toshilba Satellite L50-B-1DV hasn't successfully run a Windows Update since last October - I only discovered this yesterday.

When I had a closer look the updates, and just about every kind of troubleshooting I try, is failing with the error message "0x80070057". I've rooted around online but can't see any obvious fixes.

We'd prefer to fix this ourselves but as the machine is only six months our next step is to take it back to John Lewis for repair - which would be a pity as he uses his laptop every day.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!


A:Satellite L50-B-1DV Win8.1 - Windows Update Error Message 0x80070057


You have mentioned the error 0x80070057 while update installation.
This error occurs due to multiple reasons and therefore it?s not easy to say why this happens exactly. But the most common cause could be the missconfigured registry or damaged system reserved partition.

My recommendation for workaround:
Try to repair the system and the registry using CCLeaner. You could use this freeware software for registry cleaning as well as to remove the ?system garabage?.

If this does not help, try to repair the OS using the system?s own options.
The "Automatic Repair" option attempts automatically to diagnose and fix problems that may cause Windows 8 not to start or having a different wrong behavior.
Automatic Repair will start automatically when Windows is unable to start properly. If it detects any problems, it will automatically attempt to fix it but it can also be started manually.

Access to Automatic Repair can be found on the Windows 8 start screen. Now "Advanced" in the search box. When the search results appears click on the "Settings" category.

Now click on the option "Advanced startup options" and you will see the "General PC Settings screen". Look for the option "Advanced startup". Click on the restart now button and Windows 8 will restart your computer to access directly the Advanced startup menu.

Click on the "Troubleshoot" button and then the "Advanced options" butto... Read more

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I bought a NB10T-A-102 but the sound is horrible almost not listening because it sounds like metalic noise.
I tried to change driver but without benefit.
Do you know if it's because of the hardware speakers or if there is a configuration that permits to obtain a good sound quality?

Thanks for your support.

A:Satellite NB10T-A-102 - horrible sound quality


This netbook has build in small stereo speakers and sound is not so good. It has nothing to do with sound driver. As you know you can try to change sound quality changing values in player?s equaliser but this will also not help a much.

I have similar speakers on my U940 and sound is not good. Using headphones sound is really good.
For instance my older NB netbook has harman/kardon speakers and sound quality is simply amazing.

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My SATELLITE NB10T-A-102 has stopped working a whole 9 days after its (1 year) warranty ran out. Its been a great machine (until now), its seen very little ware, its not been carried about much (mostly just stays at home). I tried to power it up on Sunday morning and nothings happening, no lights on the front then it seemed to want to do something (like it was squeezing the last of the juice out of the battery) but then nothing. I have checked the PSU with a multimeter and its delivering 19v which is correct but there is no (amber i think) charging light on the front of the machine. Iv tried taking the battery out and discharging any static but nothing seems to be working.

Any ideas? Pretty disappointing if its totally given up after a year of light use.

A:Satellite NB10T-A-102 wont power up - no lights

If the power LED isnt lighting up when the AC is plugged in, its most likely a Mainboard problem.
ASP can repair it

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Hi people,

i have the above problem since i upgraded Vista to windows 8. my soundcard seemsto work ok. My webcam is also working. i made sure i chose the right microphone on the control panel etc. so theoretically there is no reason why it shouldnt work.. but its not working.

im guessing it has to do with my laptop being quite old, hence no compatible drivers ? i have a Satellite L350.

what should i do?
simly buy a headset?


A:Satellite L350 - built in microphone is not working after Win8 upgrade

I can understand that you want to use newest OS on this old piece of hardware but it can be problematic to use it if the certain notebook model is not fully supported.

I think you are the first one who has reported about this issue. Unfortunately I cannot help you with this but if possible ask some friend if you can get headset and test audio out and mic ports.
It will be interesting to know if you will be able to use mic on headset.

Please post some feedback.

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Can anybody help me? I've tried upgrading my laptop 4 times using windows update and every time it gets stuck.

Each time the installation gets stuck at 83% complete overall and 35% complete on third stage, which if I remember correctly is something like "setting up personal settings". I've left it running for hours, nothing happens and I'm forced to revert back to 8.1.

I've tried using the windows update troubleshooter which actually claimed to fix the problem, but it alas it did not.

Does anyone know what's going on?

Many thanks -

A:Satellite NB10T-A gets stuck during Windows 10 installation every time!

Hmm… I would recommend you to check this Toshiba Windows 10 upgrade page:

There you can find useful Step by Step instructions on how to upgrade to Windows 10 as well as the Win 10 driver and other useful details.

If you will not be able to upgrade to the Win 10 using the Win 10 upgrade icon in the task bar, try to upgrade the system manually using the Microsoft Media Creation Tool for Windows 10

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After I upgraded to Windows 10, The Graphics card worked fine, atleast 4 months later, I saw that the Intel Graphics tray icon was missing when I entered Device Manager it had a little exclamation point by it and said

Your computer's system firmware does not include enough information to properly configure and use this device.
To use this device, contact your computer manufacturer to obtain a firmware or BIOS update. (Code 35)

Then, I looked a little deeper into the problem and found this:

Problem code: 00000023
Problem Status: The resources required for this device conflict with the MCFG table.

I haven't edited the PC in ANY way, Any solution to this problem
PC Specifications (in case needed)

Model - NB10t-A-101
Processor - Intel Celeron N2810 @ 2GHz
Graphics card: Intel HD Graphics.

(Another note: I need the latest Generic Graphics driver for Windows 10,)

A:Satellite NB10t-A-101 - Intel graphics card problem using Win 10

If Win10 supports that Intel HD graphics chip, a driver will be available in Windows Update.

Check if your Intel HD is compatible:

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I know it isn?t the best section to post, but there is no sub forum for my computer serie (Satellite NB10T) and this problem is linked with Win 8
I'm stuck at the moment: I disentailed win 8 because I want to come back to 7

I'm aware of
The problem is that I don't have Boot mode option under advanced- system configuration; the only thing I can do is enabling or disabling secure boot mode in the security tab, which is not enough

I also added a supervisor password; it does add a clear secure boot keys option, but still nothing under advanced tab to switch to Csm.
Clearing keys does not work too.

I tried to boot multiples linux distro and win7 on bootable usb (theses work on others computers), but no luck. Boot order set to usb first of course).
What can I do?

Edit : will put some picture of uefi

A:Satellite NB10T: Want to install Win 7 but can't change UEFI mode to CSM

Can't edit, here are the pictures

- main tab

- security tab

- advanced -->system conf tab

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I have just purchased an NB10t in the UK, and am trying to boot to a bootable USB

I have noticed the BIOS on this particular model is UEFI mode only, That in itself is not an issue as users can sign their own OS's with a CA and use them, however this laptop refuses to boot from any external medium...or even provide an error message.

I have changed the boot priorities in the BIOS and moved the USB to the top
I have disabled Secure Boot option in the BIOS
I have tried all 3 USB ports as well as 3 different drives (NOTE: THESE WORK FINE ON 3 OTHER SYSTEMS a dell laptop/desktop and an acer laptop)
I have also tried various distributions (Debian & Arch)
I have used multiple installation methods (Unetbootin/Full hard install/Rufus etc..)
I have tried all versions of your currently released BIOSs (Shipping with V1.0, Jan-V1.1 Feb-V1.2)

After trying all of these when pressing F12 at boot, the boot menu shows up but upon selecting a device the system continues to boot into the HDD (Win8)

After googling around I noticed you have released 2 BIOS updates I have tried all versions of these and still the system refuses to boot into my selected device

Can we expect any more firmware updates in the near future? Is there a way to workaround this issue to boot my chosen OS? Is there a CSM option?

Edit: Punctuation


A:Satellite NB10t-A-101 refuses to boot from any external medium


Your notebook was equipped with the new Intel Celeron processor N2810 which belongs to the Bay Trail-M architecture.
This new *Intel Bay Trail* technology support only the UEFI capable devices and systems (Win 8, Win 8.1) and therefore the UEFI / CSM boot mode option isn?t available in the BIOS settings.

_So you can install only an the UEFI capable system_

PS: The same theme was already discussed in this thread:

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Brand new laptop running windows 8.1 Touchpad works for about 30 seconds after windows boots up then stops. Tried downloading latest drivers from Toshiba site but it didn't fix the problem. Tried the touchpad function keys but that is not the issue. Called Toshiba support and they suggested sending it in for a factory reset.

I also have a problem with AMD graphics going split screen after computer goes into a sleep state. Downloaded and installed latest drivers for this on advice of Tech support but not fixed either.

I'm a bit concerned as a search shows both these problems not uncommon and iv'e spent a lot of time copying over data and installing software, don't want to lose it and lose time waiting for factory reset if I have to send ot back.

Anyone have any ideas?

A:Satellite L855 and Win8.1 - Touchpad stops working after login window

Factory reset is best way to fix this but have you upgraded your machine following step-by-step instructions from http://www.toshiba.eu/innovation/generic/windows8_1-message/ ?

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Some weeks ago after a windows update or something, the webcam stopped working under windows. It isn't a hardware problem, as it works fine under Ubuntu.

Laptop Model: Toshiba Satellite L50-A-18R
Webcam Hardware ID: USB\VID_04F2&PID_B41A&REV_2960&MI_00

Uninstalling & Reinstalling the driver in the Device Manager
If I try the "On-line search" option, it fails to find the driver.Installing Toshiba Web Camera Application [doesn't work either]Reinstalling Toshiba System Settings app.Searching on-line by the hardware ID for the drivers.

But it's no use, i'd need the driver files to make it work again.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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About a month ago my webcam stopped working. I tried various solutions and then formatted my hard drive, installing a 32-bit Windows 7 Home Premium. I still can't get the webcam to work. Could you please advise?

Kind regards,

A:Satellite Pro A300-1EA webcam not working

Do you get any error messages?
What happens starting the webcam software / application?

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At first my webcam gave up but i didnt really miss the thing by that time so i didnt do anything about it. Now my microphone, which i need to use skype also stopped working.

I noticed that in my Device manager there is no driver shown for my webcam, but i cant find the right driver for my laptop somehow.
i thought that if the webcam problem is fixed my microphone would work aswell because it is the same piece of hardware i guess.

What can i do?
please help me out.


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Hi guys,

I have upraded to Windows 10 and now to the anniversary edition. I haven't used my laptop in a while so I can't remember the last time the webcam worked, all I know is that it did. What I have noticed is that the webcam driver isn't on the laptop and when I've searched for it on the Toshiba Drivers Site I can't find it. I don't even know what it would be called. I'm quite confused as it worked before. Could somebody help me? Thanks, Matthew.

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so I just got a new Satellite NB10T-A with windows 8 and am having issues with the wifi connectivity.

It says I'm connected but the connection is limited.
I know it's not my wifi because all other laptops and computers in the house work fine with windows 7 and proffessional ect.

I've tried just about everything including troubleshooting which comes up with the message: Problem with wireless adapter or access point and/or IP configuration invalid.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Satellite NB10T-A - Limited Wifi connection running Windows 8

I assume you don?t know that Win 8 is past and outdated. The new Win 8.1 has been published by Microsoft some month ago and you could upgrade the Win 8 to Win 8.1 free of charge.

For that I would recommend you to follow the Toshiba step by step instruction
[How to Update from Windows 8 to Windows 8.|http://www.toshiba.eu/innovation/generic/windows8_1-upgrade-stepbystep/]

Regarding the Wlan.
I think the Win 8.1 upgrade would fix your issue but I think you should also fix it by new Wlan driver installation

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Hello I recently upgraded to windows 10 since then my webcam and microphone do not work - I tried searching on device manager for these but they are not even showing on there - how do I go about re-installing them? I tried searching for a relevant driver but no luck?

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I hope someone can help me.

My integrated webcam on my Toshiba Satellite R630 spontaneously stopped working in the last couple of weeks.

I have tried:

- Checking whether it is activated in BIOS and there's no option to select a webcam here.
- Restoring my laptop to an earlier state when the camera was working. This didn't work either.
- Updating the webcam driver - this installs the driver but then it disappears and nothing happens.

A few things that it might help to know:

- In Device Manager, 'imaging devices' is missing, so I cannot find the webcam driver here.
- I used to get a pop-up every time I turned on my laptop that was trying to load a bluetooth webcam but saying it couldn't. This has stopped happening; i think i turned it off in msconfig.
- It's not a hardware issue
- Yesterday I had a weird breakthrough moment - I'd downloaded an app to my phone to try and use it as a webcam via bluetooth. I'd turned on bluetooth on my phone and laptop. I plugged in my phone to my laptop and the bluetooth camera pop-up (see previous point) came up, but this time worked without the error message. However, instead of my phone working as a webcam, the blue light came on next to my integrated webcam and that started working. I thought it was fixed so closed everything and ejected my phone and the webcam stopped working again. I've tried to repeat this sequence but with no joy.

I'm out of ideas and really frustrated. Can anyone help?

A:Satellite R630 - integrated webcam not working


If imagine device isn?t listed in device manager, then this means that the module could not be found. Even if the driver would not be installed, the module should be listed in BIOS as imagine device, unknown device, etc?
But this isn?t the case?

So I think there are two possibilities: the module is fault or the connection between the module and the motherboard (controller) isn?t established.

As far as I know the internal webcam module is connected to the USB controller.
If the connection drops (loose cable) the module will not be recognized in device manager?

So from my point of few it must be some hardware related issue?

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Webcam stopped working after 2,5 years for no reason.
Reloading windows did not chance anything.
No image in device manager. (windows 10)
Could this be a faulty camera?

Help please

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I've upgrade the device to Windows 10 64 bit, everything works except the webcam and built in microphone.
Microphone shows in device manager, webcam does not. I've downloaded the Toshiba Webcam software but the webcam still does not appear in Device Manager. Any ideas?

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The webcam on our laptop has started giving us the error message "Webcam driver open fail. Please restart camera or computer" but everytime we restart it says the same thing.
What do we need to do to fix it. Our system runs Windows Vista Home Premium service pack 1.


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Hi. I have a Toshiba Satellite L855 and when I was using my webcam on Skype it stopped suddenly and now it is showing only white and black lines( see attachment). I have tried a few things like updating the driver, uninstalling it and again installing and still it doesn't work. Can someone help, please?

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I have an ultrabook z830 and the webcam is not working since W10 upgrade. I have tried installing the webcam application software from toshiba and also the one supplied with the laptop but when I try to run it it just says webcam initialization failed please restart application. I have uninstalled and re-installed a few times. The webcam worked fine before W10 upgrade. Can somebody please point me in the right direction for the correct webcam drivers. I have tried many without success.


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A:Satellite Z830 - webcam not working since W10 upgrade

hmmm somebody has changed my title to portege z830 instead of ultrabook z830

I dont believe my laptop to be a portege

when I list my part number in the drop down menus it shows me this

Satellite Z830

I cant find the words portege anywhere on my laptop

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The webcam of my T130 stopped working.
When windows start, there is a message saing the camera is not found.
At the same time, Windows tries to install a driver for an "unknown" usb device and... failed.
If I go to the device manager, I can see this unknown device (marked as unknown)

I tried to remove it and refresh the devices, windows tried again to install the driver.
I tried to remove the whole usb stack and got the same result: everything reinstalled properly but still an unknown usb device

I tried to remove the webcam driver then got a fresh copy on Toshiba website and reinstalled it... Without any success.

Then, to eliminate a BIOS or hardware problem, I've booted a Linux system and there, the webcam works.

The webcam used to work few weeks ago. Maybe a Windows update is responsible of that.

Any idea?

Thanks in advance


A:Webcam stopped working on my Satellite T130


Something has muddled up the webcam software/driver.
The unknown USB device seems to be the webcam since the webcam is connected to the USB controller.
Usually new webcam driver installation should solve this therefore it?s really strange that you could not solve this installing the webcam software.

Maybe you should clean the OS and registry using the CCLeaner (freeware)
Would recommend this workaround:
- First of all uninstall the webcam software
- Then clean the OS and registry using the CCleaner
- Now reboot the notebook
- After that install the webcam software which you have downloaded from the Toshiba European driver page. By the way ? would recommend testing the webcam driver released for Sat T230. This is a newer driver version

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Dear all,

the integrated webcam on my Satellite T130 isn't working.

I am using Windows 7 Home Premium and already re-installed the 64bit webcam drivers through this website. Nevertheless, when I click on the webcam application, simply nothing happens - program doesn't open at all or shutdowns instantly. Skype also doesn't recognize a cam. Also, there is no webcam in the device manager (one undetected USB device though) and no cam symbol in the Toshiba quicklaunch ribbon, which is how the camera is started according to the "manual".

Anybody got an idea of what the problem is? Seems like a common problem according to Google, but no suggestions other than reinstalling drivers. Maybe some other application blocking the camera? Firewall settings?

I'd appreciate any support, thanks.

Regards Florian

A:Integrated webcam on my Satellite T130 isn't working

>one undetected USB device though

This might be the webcam since the webcam is connected to the internal USB controller on motherboard.

It looks like a webcam driver is not installed properly.
Try the webcam driver released for the satellite t230 or other Satellite series.
The versions are newer?

Furthermore recommend checking the BIOS settings.
In some cases the BIOS contain an webcam option where the webcam can be enabled and disabled.

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Mi webcam is not working after installing Windows 10.

Any solution available?

A:Satellite L755-16M - Webcam not working running Win 10

Can you please post full model name and model number of ypur machine?

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The webcam on my Satellite L955 stopped working. I thought I would uninstall and reinstall it. However, having uninstalled it, I need the latest drivers to reinstall it. Despite my best endeavours, I cannot find any drivers relating to the webcam. Can anyone help please

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