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Mouse and Keyboard stop working after "installed". USB and PS/2

Q: Mouse and Keyboard stop working after "installed". USB and PS/2

I have a very strange problem on a computer we are attempting a repair on. No keyboards or mice, either ps/2 or usb, will work properly on this computer.

The computer is running Windows 7 x64.

The reason why it's very strange is that when I plug in a new mouse or keyboard, one that has not been previously installed, it will work until it has become fully installed. The moment the hardware installation popup says "your devices are ready to use", the device becomes completely unresponsive. Lights remain on the mouse and the numlock light continues to stay on but will not respond to any buttons or keys. The computer's time still ticks and the computer will shutdown properly if the power button is pressed so the computer is not frozen.

The same result occurs in safe mode.

We have tried running the windows 7 recovery disc and running 2 different system restores but neither would complete.

Preferred Solution: Mouse and Keyboard stop working after "installed". USB and PS/2

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Mouse and Keyboard stop working after "installed". USB and PS/2

Give this a try.

Shut down the computer.
Unplug the keyboard and mouse. (USB)
Boot the computer then plug in the keyboard and wait for the sound and the popup to go away.
Then plug in the mouse and do the same thing.
Try the mouse and keyboard.
Reboot and see if they still work.

It's very unusual that a PS2 won't work.

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Enabled Windows updates, it caused my mouse and keyboard to stop working (except in the BIOS), so I did a restore. The problem then was *after* logging into Windows (using my keyboard to type the password and login), Windows searches for updates for my USB keyboard and after they are installed (takes about 2 minutes), the keyboard just stops working. The LEDs stay on, "extra" buttons on the keyboard (such as the music button to open Windows Media Player) still work, but that's it. I tried a second USB keyboard, it has the same problem (LEDs are on, extra buttons work, nothing else).

So, I restore again, unplug my keyboard so it doesn't auto-update and disable auto-updates for drivers for all peripherals on my PC. Then I plug in the keyboard, it doesn't try to update anything and my keyboard is working again.

The problem:

This is not a long term solution because eventually I will want Windows to auto-install drivers for any new hardware I get. Clearly the latest Windows keyboard drivers are faulty, so what can I do about this?

A:Windows "auto-install" drivers causes keyboard to stop working.

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Help! This annoying little problem is driving me nuts. When I right click on the mouse the options that use to appear on the screen no longer do & I cannot use ctrl c or v on the keyboard either. What can be causing this & how can I fix it?? Thanks in advance!

A:Mouse will not show "right click" options-keyboard ctrl c & v not working either???

Does this just affect Word, or all programs, such as Notepad?
Did you make any changes recently?

If this is just affecting Word you may need to go to the following link for additional Keyboard shortcuts for Word and support:

Character and paragraph formatting
To do this Press

Copy formatting from text.


Apply copied formatting to text.


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Mouse cursor constantly flickering between "arrow" and "working in background" .
How can this be fixed?

A:Mouse cursor constantly flickering between "arrow" and "working in background"

Hi, is this a desktop or a laptop?
Let us have some Pc specifications.
Check and post
TSG System Information Utility - found here.

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I was having an issue with my Windows 7 cursor flickering between 'arrow' and 'working in background' at an irritianting rate and found the following TechSupportGuy thread a couple of minutes ago:


One of the posts in the thread lead me to the solution but unfortunately it seems most people have opted for reinstalling the OS instead!

Given the the original thread is closed I decided to create a new one and post the solution here in an attempt to prevent people from taking such drastic measures to get rid of this (incredibly irritant) issue in the future.

I simply disabled the Windows Search service and killed the process behind it (SearchIndexer.exe) in Task Manager. My cursor is now back to normal

Disabling this service means any new files will not be indexed although you can re-enable it and leave the pc running for a couple of hours every now and again so that new files are indexed. Hope this helps!

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My mouse cursor is constantly flickering between the normal "arrow" and "working in background". I restarted the pc, but that didn't work. Anyone had this happen before, or know how to stop it?

A:Mouse cursor constantly flickering between "arrow" and "working in background".

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I just did a clean install on W10 and change my bios to UEFI (which it supports.) I'm having this intermittent problem with the Windows "Start" Button in the lower left. It just stops working - left clicking doesn't do anything, although right-clicking does. I just have the basics installed now.

Also, my Windows "Start" key on my keyboard stops working as well. I checked on a keyboard checker and the key itself is fine. I have to log out/back in to get it to work again. Annoying!

Any thoughts?

A:"Start" virtual button & keyboard button stop working

bump, anyone? keeps happening. I get one or two clicks on the Start button, then left click quits working

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Ok, the keyboard and mouse are both usb. Ive tried other types of keyboards and mice... Don't matter. Its not recognizing them when it gets to the space needle clock screen. Or even for that matter as soon as Bios is done booting. I am able to get into the bios screen no prob and mouse and keyboard work there. What do I do? Had this sh*t for a day and downloaded my games last night and bam I restart PC and bam, Windows 8 Hates me! Oh I hit Activate on windows update. That was the last thing i did.

Well it seems that now I cant even get into Bios.... Keyboard blinks and I spam delete.... Nothing. Computer loads so damn fast that its hard for me to get a moment to hit up the Bios. Ive thought about complete re-install but it doesn't even pick up the disk! I'm kinda at a loss.

A:All I have is a 42" Clock! Keyboard and mouse not working.

Please don't double post. People will see your original post. If we know the answer or have any suggestions, we will comment.

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Ok, the keyboard and mouse are both usb. Ive tried other types of keyboards and mice... Don't matter. Its not recognizing them when it gets to the space needle clock screen. Or even for that matter as soon as Bios is done booting. I am able to get into the bios screen no prob and mouse and keyboard work there. What do I do? Had this sh*t for a day and downloaded my games last night and bam I restart PC and bam, Windows 8 Hates me! Oh I hit Activate on windows update. That was the last thing i did.

Well it seems that now I cant even get into Bios.... Keyboard blinks and I spam delete.... Nothing. Computer loads so damn fast that its hard for me to get a moment to hit up the Bios. Ive thought about complete re-install but it doesn't even pick up the disk! I'm kinda at a loss.

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Hi everyone!

Yesterday my HP laptop (Windows 7) started getting BSOD with various types of errors (mostly "STOP: 0x00000F4", "STOP: 0x0000007A", "c00021a" and one "missing %hs, c0000135"). Most of the time it restarts without any issues and works fine right after the BSOD and then an hour or two later I get a BSOD again.

I have tried restoring to Last Known Good Configuration, startup repair, hard disk check, virus scans and I also uninstalled any recently added programs I could think of and cleared up more than 50% of my hard disk space. None of these seem to have helped and I still get BSOD regularly.

I have attached the folder from the SF Diagnostic Tool and would appreciate any advice!
Thank you!

A:BSOD every few hours: mostly "STOP: 0x00000F4", "c00021a" & "c0000135"

Welcome to the forum.

Please go to Start and type in "msinfo32.exe" (without the quotes) and press Enter
Save the report as an .nfo file, then zip up the .nfo file and upload/attach the .zip file with your next post.
Also, save a copy as a .txt file and include it also (it's much more difficult to read, but we have greater success in getting the info from it).
Upload a screenshot using: CrystalDiskInfo For how to upload a screenshot or file, read here
Test your Hard Drive(s) by running: Hard Drive Diagnostic Procedure
Test and Diagnose RAM Issues with Memtest86+: RAM - Test with Memtest86+

Pay close attention to Part 3 of the tutorial "If you have errors"
Test the RAM with Memtest86+ for at least 7-10 passes. It may take up to 22 passes to find problems. Make sure to run it once after the system has been on for a few hours and is warm, and then also run it again when the system has been off for a few hours and is cold.

Monitor hardware temperature with system monitoring software like Speccy or HWMonitor. Upload a screen shot of the Summary tab as well:Piriform - Speccy
CPUID - HWMonitor
For how to upload a screenshot or file, read here

* *
* Bugche... Read more

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I tried upgrading from 7 to 10 a while ago and it wasn't successful, so I gave up on the upgrade and ran a clean install instead. That worked, but I'm having enough problems with 10 that I've reverted to 7.

Unfortunately, every time Windows tells me there are updates, when I open Windows Update I get the message "Windows 10 could not be installed" and the prompt to Try Again. When this appears, I have to check update history before I can get 7 to search for new updates.

How do I stop this notice from appearing? I installed GWX Control Panel, but while it does a good job of notifying me when MS tries to download 10 files again, it doesn't seem to have any effect on this notice.

I've tried searching here but didn't find any threads on this issue, and when I search online all I get are advice on how to get the upgrade to work.

Thanks in advance.

A:How to stop "Windows 10 could not be installed" notice

Hello Chris,

If you like, you could use the tutorial below to disable the "Upgrade to Windows 10" update to stop it from trying to install, and hopefully stop this.

Upgrade to Windows 10 Update - Enable or Disable in Windows 7 or 8.1 - Windows 10 Forums

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I tried upgrading from 7 to 10 a while ago and it wasn't successful, so I gave up on the upgrade and ran a clean install instead. That worked, but I'm having enough problems with 10 that I've reverted to 7.

Unfortunately, every time Windows tells me there are updates, when I open Windows Update I get the message "Windows 10 could not be installed" and the prompt to Try Again. When this appears, I have to check update history before I can get 7 to search for new updates.

How do I stop this notice from appearing? I installed GWX Control Panel, but while it does a good job of notifying me when MS tries to download 10 files again, it doesn't seem to have any effect on this notice.

I've tried searching here but didn't find any threads on this issue, and when I search online all I get are advice on how to get the upgrade to work.

Thanks in advance.

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I've started getting the message Microsoft Mouse & Keyboard Center has Stopped Working (see error report below) when Windows 8 starts. I've tried uninstalling and re-installing the latest version of the Mouse & Keyboard Center but still have the same problem. Does anyone have a solution to this?

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: itype.exe
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 50934cc8
Fault Module Name: KERNELBASE.dll
Fault Module Version: 6.2.9200.16451
Fault Module Timestamp: 50988aa6
Exception Code: e06d7363
Exception Offset: 00000008221F811C
OS Version: 6.2.9200.
Locale ID: 2057

A:Microsoft Mouse & Keyboard Center 'Stopped Working"

Hi Steve C,

Have you tried just leaving the software uninstalled and; thereafter, is your keyboard and mouse properly recognized and useable?

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I have a G19 logitech keyboard. I use the Play / Stop / Skip buttons on it for iTunes. However, when something else other than the desktop or the iTunes window itself is selected, those buttons operate Windows Media Player.

Simply put, how am I able to always have these buttons function for iTunes. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


A:Keyboard "Play / Stop / Skip" key function


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I was wondering if there was *some* way to launch Modern apps with the "Microsoft Mouse And Keyboard Center", or whether there's a Modern version of "Microsoft Mouse And Keyboard Center" in the works.

Is there some sort of command or something that can be put into the "Open a program, webpage, or file" field?

If nothing else, is there a program that can be launched that can automatically launch a metro app?


A:Launching Modern apps with "Microsoft Mouse And Keyboard Center"....

I was wondering if there was *some* way to launch Modern apps with the "Microsoft Mouse And Keyboard Center"

The only method that I have seen is using macros.  E.g. find the minimal, most reliable method of using the Start Screen to do whatever it is that you want to do via the keyboard, then express that sequence by a macro and assign it to an "unused"
function key.

Robert Aldwinckle

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Hey folks,

This is very frustrating and I am at my wits end. I have tried 5 different wireless mice and two wireless keyboards with nearly no success.

Hardware tried:

HP Wireless mouse. Returned to store.
Logitech mk320 mouse/keyboard combo
Logitech m325 (two different ones)
iHome Mouse (works best actually)
Logitech v220 wireless mouse (very old)
Microsoft wireless mouse and keyboard 1000

With all of the mice I experience issues where the pointer disappears or seems stuck on elements on the screen, for example, the pointer seems to get stuck on the edges of windows. Pointer motion is erratic at best. With the mk320 and m325 mice the pointer does not stay in one place long enough along with the windows scroll up or down a line or two which leaves me with the pointing device version of "whack-a-mole" attempting to click on something. The v220 is a very old mouse and while it works is resolution is fairly low.

With the microsoft mouse it sometimes stops working and needs to be reset. The keyboard does the same and needs batteries removed and replaced. Sometimes that doesnt work and I need to reboot.

With the keyboard on the mk320 combo some keys don't work consistently and sometimes no keys work. Cycling power fixes the no keys issues, moving the keyboard away from the computer fixes the keys that don't work consistently otherwise.

This issue has persisted with windows 8.0 and 8.1 with two different motherboards. At no point has the wireless transceiver a... Read more

A:mouse/keybd stops working. mouse sometimes "sticky"

Hi jenny4, welcome ...

You obviously sound like you're no newbie to computers so forgive me for asking this but have you checked for Malware lately?

Needless to say, the fact that some mice work better than others is strange.

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Been having very, VERY annoying issues with my computer as of late. I could be playing a game. All is well until all of a sudden my keyboard and mouse just completely stop working (although the computer still appears to be running fine, just keyboard and mouse stop). So i restart my computer, only to get a message along the lines of "bios checksum error" with very fast, constant beeping. I reset my computer again and i get nothing on my screen, the light just turns amber. After turning my computer strait off and back on again, it comes back to life and begins working again like nothing ever happened. (until the next time it happens).

I am really struggling to find out what the problem actually is, but i THINK that it might be the motherboard, but im not sure. What do you guys think? Sound like a motherboard problem?

My system specs are as follows:

CPU: Pentium 4 2.2Ghz
Video: GeForce 6600GT
Mobo: ECS 661FX-M (I know ECS is crap, this is why i think it might be the mobo)
PSU: Thermaltake 430w

A:"Bios checksum error" after keyboard / mouse lockups

Yes sounds like a motherboard problem.. the Bios Rom chip is most likely faulty.. You can try these tips...

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To all those who keep on spouting the talking point that "touch" is the future of computing...
In fact is clearly is NOT. At least for the next half century is isn't.

As far as we can tell NOTHING is more efficient than the traditional keyboard and mouse for entering data, it is indisputable.

Perhaps in the following century there will be bionics that will allow those that want to compromise their bodies to use mere thought to transfer that data to a computer, but that is too far down the road to be concerned with now and even the near future, until then the rational, logical and practical issues mean that touch will not be the future except for playing with games or light texting on an WinPhone or Tablet.

A:Touch is NOT the "near" future of computing. Keyboard & mouse is.

In 50 years, the keyboard will still remain. The mouse won't. We've been using a QWERTY keyboard since the age of type writers. We've used computers with a keyboard until the mouse came into the game more than 25 years ago. It's not going to last a long time because if you have a UI that takes advantage of touch input, much like how the GUI took advantage of the mouse, it's gone. Not only that, there's gesture input as well...

Call it a change to how we interact with our PCs...

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I have a Dell 5100 which is approximately 2 years old. When I switch on the mains supply there is usually a brief activation ( sounds like hard disk or fans ) & when I subsequently press the button on the front of the case the system starts up. At the moment this is not happening. There is no light showing on the keyboard, the red light that shines out from the base of the mouse does not appear. The power light shows amber on the monitor and pressing the button furthest left results in message "In power save mode, press any key on keyboard or move mouse".
So far I have tried removing all connections & powering up. I have also checked for loose boards & connections inside the case. Any ideas? Is this most likely to be a hardware problem?

A:Keyboard & mouse "dead" on power up

Problem resolved !! ?

For reasons beyond my understanding the system booted on the latest attempt. I cannot tell what the problem was - but it has made me wonder if I should try & get some maintenance cover !!

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So here's what happened: I've been updating drivers and such trying to improve hubby's RCT3 game performance. Haven't done anything radical, just updated drivers. All has been working fine. Don't think this has anything to do with the problem, but figured I'd include it to help in diagnosis. The real problem begins the next day after all was still working fine from the last update.

In the morning I attempt to check email (outlook) and get all sorts of connection errors -- a quick check of my modem shows a connection problem. No big deal, I reboot and go to work -- maybe its a BellSouth issue. When I come home I try again, no email server connection, yet when I reboot my modem shows all ok. When I open email, the connection fouls. Reboot again, all looks good, even the dsl connection (ie, all lights green). So this time I open Internet Explorer and receive a "can't display" page, even though my modem shows a good connection. BellSouth Fast Access has a help program that pops up when there's a problem loading a webpage and asks if you want help, so I say yes and it goes through its thing -- testing connection, etc. and it tells me it needs to reset network settings, which it has done before. Only this time, when it reboots the computer, I get the lovely grey "active desktop recovery" screen and no mouse or keyboard.

Here is what I have tried so far:
* rebooting many times (both with reset and power buttons),
*unpl... Read more

A:Solved: "Lost" mouse & keyboard

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I'm using Windows 10 th2-10511 x64 and when I install EMET 5.5 final the EMET system service is installed with the "delayed start" flag and the service and never starts after a reboot. The same thing happened with the beta version, I didn't notice
it until the final was released. This issue doesn't occurs with EMET 5.2.
I switched the service back to the normal Automatic (not delayed) start, and everything seems to be working again. I was wondering if anyone else experienced this issue?

Also, can someone enlighten me about this warning message "DEP/ASLR Policy settings are ineffective by default; see user's guide on how to enable them". It appears when I enable the DEP/ASLR EMET GPO. I couldn't find any reference to this warning
message in the user guide. DEP seems to be enabled, I have no idea how to check for ALSR other than Process hacker that shows ASLR as N/A.

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If you own a Razer laptop and plan to install the latest Windows 10 upgrade, you should read here first:




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The devices that die right away are the network adapter and any USB memory stick plugged in, they still have their lights and all running but aren't recognized in "This PC" and the network adapter isn't found in "Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections".

My keyboard, wireless mouse that runs through the keyboard's USB ports and the external HDD remains functional UNTIL I pull the plug on them, after that plugging them back in does nothing.

I put randomly in quotations because it seems to fail more often when I download something at speeds over 3Mb/s, for an example downloading Hearthstone through the Battle.Net client will more often than not make the issue happen after a little bit. BUT it still happens randomly during NO network load what-so-ever.


Foo | Bar
CPU| FX-8350
GPU| Radeon 5850
Motherboard | Crosshair IV Formula
RAM | 2x DDR3
PSU | 700W Gold
SSD| Evo 850
OS | Windows 8.1


* [ Downloaded these chipset drivers](Chipset)

* Installed all Windows 7 drivers I could find except the BIOS ones due to lack of Windows 8.1 drivers from Motherboards | CROSSHAIR IV FORMULA | ASUS Global

* Turned off "Allow this computer to turn off this device to save power" in Device Manager for ALL devices in the USB tab that had the option, and the Network tab.

* Set the Power Options to high performance and disabled "USB Selective Suspended Setting"

I simply don't know wha... Read more

A:All USB ports seem to stop working "randomly" but some remain functioning until unplu

you maybe overloading the USB ports
wireless adapters and USB External drives use quite a lot of power

try this , and see how much power is being used
Windows Tip of the Day: Windows 7: Checking USB Device Power Usage


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Dear Experts,
Recently, I often got Error "A problem has caused a program to stop working". This happened when I was on Paint, Google Chrome, and some other applications. Here's what I found in Event Viewer. Please tell me what to do.
Thanks all

A:error 0xc0000374 "A problem has caused the program to stop working"

I googled the error and found the error may be a hardware or memory problem.
Just copy the error and paste in a windows search.
How old is your system and how much ram does it have?

Some of sites recommended doing a restore back to when your computer was not having this problem.
I am not an export in solving your error problems but someone will be along to help out in the meantime look under the hood and make sure everything is clean and seated properly.
Might even try a restore also.

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For about 2 weeks now whenever I launch an application it will fail to start or give me a "has stopped working" message.

It often takes 3~5 tries for it to finally start.
I get random "stopped working" messages throughout the day while using my computer as well.
This happens very frequently when I try to move files around (copy and paste) and when browsing folders, especially those with images and large icons enabled.

It started happening when I was trying to update Spybot and AVG one day. It may be a chicken or egg sort of situation, but now I have trouble installing or uninstalling any sort of malware prevention software including the ones mentioned. They either "stop working" somewhere in the middle of installation, or will say the installation was unsuccessful after it finishes.
Similar things happen when I try to use windows updates.

Any help would be spectacular!

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Hello All,

I am experiencing a very debilitating issue with my laptop. The error indicated on the title of this thread appears every time I try to open multiple programs on my machine; the error is present in at least the following applications: Windows explorer, HP SimplePass, HP CSI Shell, HP Support Assistant, HP Installer, Adobe Acrobat X Pro, Synaptics TouchPad V7.5... and perhaps more.

I include with this message a zip file with some recent logs (CBS. log, Errors Event Viewer, Last Scan.txt, Malware log.txt, Check Disk Event Viewer log) for your review so that both of us can save some valuable time.

Note: I am not by any means an expert on either computer software or hardware so, I would really appreciate if you help me out to sort this issue having that in mind.

Thanks in advance for your help.

A:Error message: "A problem caused the program to stop working..."


Can you remember when this problem started to happen, if so had you made any changes to the computer such as software installations?

If so, you can try a system restore or use a backup if you have one to roll the os back to a time when all was working well and see if this solves your problem

I can almost guarantee that this is either a damaged or corrupt shell or a conflict with some software, as the fact that you can load the operating system up and get past post shows that it's not hardware related in anyway

Thank you

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My wife keeps getting kicked out of Farmville and Pioneer Trail, both on Facebook, with an error message ("A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available") indicating an issue with the application. It seems to be coincidental with our starting to use McAfee virus protection software. The computer is fairly new (i.e. a few weeks old) running on Windows 7. She did not have this issue on Windows XP using AVG virus protection. Any ideas what the issue/solution

A:"A problem caused the program to stop working" error

If this started when you installed McAfee, try temperately disabling it. Double-click the taskbar icon to open Security Center \ Click Advanced \ Click Configure \ Click Computer & Files. Turn Virus Scan off in the right-hand window and set it for how long. Click Internet & Network to do the same with Firewall. Now see if you still get kicked off.

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I had a game, 'Prime Suspects' that had been downloaded.Icon was on desktop. No problems playing it.
Then i learnt how to remove the square shortcut item for the game so that the round normal one would be there instead. This worked with my other games so my desktop looked tidy.

For some reason though now Prime Suspects will not play. It comes up saying:
"P.S has stopped working.
A problem caused the program to stop working correctly.Windows will close and notify you if solution is available."

Whats going on? If they've not notified me is there no solution? How can it suddenly be a problem? I've looked over other forums and googled that sentence but the explanations are too advanced for me.Any simple answer out there? and solution? thankyou

A:"problem caused program to stop working correctly"

strange stuff going on now-sometimes it will play when i click on desktop icon
othertimes that same message comes up-quite inconsistent

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I sometimes get the following pop up error when playing World in Conflict:

"A problem caused the program to stop working correctly..."

The message would pop up then shut the program. I think the program does hangs and will resolved itself, but Vista (64) is too quick in shutting program.

Is there a way to shut off this feature?


A:"A problem caused the program to stop working correctly..."

I'm not quite sure how to shut off that error message, but I had the same problem and resolved it by running it in compatibility mode for Vista 32 bit of Xp (SP2).

you can do this by:
(1) right click on the program
(2) chose properties
(3) click on the compatibility tab
(4) check "run this program in compatibility for:"
(5) select xp or Vista 32

This should stop WIC from crashing and resolve your problem.
The problem is that WIC does not support Vista 64

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I'm just wondering why this error notification keeps coming up and shuts down my programs?? I would be very grateful for answers!! Here is a "snipping" photo of the error in the event viewer. Thanks!

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After I turned off my PC for the night, the next day I turned it on to find that all of my web browsers "stopped working". The moment I try to open Google Chrome, Firefox, or IE, they all display the message, "_____ has stopped working". the system doesn't prompt me to find a solution or anything of the sort, it simply closes the browser right after I open it, I can't even get online to find help (on a different computer at the moment).

Note: All other programs that are NOT web browsers can still use the internet, updates and downloads still work fine, I simply can't browse the web.

I have already run a complete virus scan with adaware, malwarebytes, and super anti spyware, they all say I'm clean. I am quite honestly at an impasse... please help.

A:Any and all of my internet browsers "stop working" and close right after I open them.

Hello and welcome to TSF.

We want all our members to perform the steps outlined in the link given below, before posting for assistance. There's a sticky at the top of this forum, and

Having problems with spyware and pop-ups? First Steps

a link at the top of each page.

Please follow our pre-posting process outlined below. Use a USB flash drive to download and transfer the tools to the affected machine, if necessary. You might like to run the Flash_Disinfector.exe on the clean machine and the flash drive first to protect against any possible transfer of infection via USB.

NEW INSTRUCTIONS - Read This Before Posting For Malware Removal Help - Tech Support Forum

After running through all the steps, you shall have a proper set of logs. Please post them in a new topic, as this one shall be closed.

If you have trouble with one of the steps, simply move on to the next one, and make note of it in your reply.

Please note that the Virus/Trojan/Spyware Help forum is extremely busy, and it may take a while to receive a reply.

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At some point in the last three months, a number of machines have stopped being able to add new USB devices.

These can be USB headsets, mass storage devices, anything. This includes devices which previously have installed fine and been working without issue.
In device manager, the devices show as "No drivers are installed for this device". However, if you click update drivers, and then manually select the Mass Storage (for example), you can install the device without a problem.
This has nothing to do with any vendor specific drivers - This is a Windows 7 issue.

Has anyone seen anything similar?
Is anyone aware of a recent update that may have had an impact on the USB stack or the operation of PnP?
Any other ideas?


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COREL'S e-mail tech support and myself have been going back and forth for awhile now trying to fix my software issue, but nothing worked. Then I happened to find the PROBLEM SIGNATURE for my software. I copied and pasted the PROBLEM SIGNATURE in another e-mail to COREL'S tech support. (To access the PROBLEM SIGNATURE open SYSTEMS>PERFORMANCE>VIEW PROBLEM HISTORY>then scroll down the list until you come to COREL Paint Shop Photo Pro X2; click on it and you should see the PROBLEM SIGNATURE). Today I received a reponse from COREL with instructions to try and repair my software and VOILA IT WORKED!!!!! Here are the instructions I received from COREL:
Step 1

We would need to make sure that there are no corrupted files in program's file folder. In order to do this, you would need to fully remove the software from your computer and install a fresh copy.

Please follow the instructions at the link below on how to do a clean reinstallation procedure.


Step 2

Let us try to clean boot your PC before running Paint Shop Pro.

Go to MSCONFIG (VIsta > type MSCONFIG on Start / XP > type MSCONFIG on Run).

Go to the Services tab, then click on "Hide all MS services" Uncheck all the remaining items on the list (take note of it). Save the changes then rest... Read more

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Windows Error: "a problem caused the program to stop working correctly"

I get this error message within 5 minutes of starting my game Knight Online. freeze!

I have been playing Knight Online on this laptop for 1 year with NO problems then boom

My computer:
Gateway model:P-7805u
Intel Duo core 2.26GHz
NVIDIA GeForce 9800M GTS video card
4G RAM / 64 bit operating system ~ under resolution my choices are 16bit and 32 bit ??

I looked up the report yesterday from control panel and it had stuff I didn't understand ..numbers and ID's.. I just went back to see the report but now its turned off and I'm the administrator! ):

Any solutions/ideas for error message and why its crashing my game?

A:Windows Error: "a problem caused the program to stop working correctly"

Some good suggestions
Tips on Troubleshooting Game Issues - Windows 7 Forums

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Hi it me mark here again

I want to know what this means

"Microsoft Windows Search Protocol Host hast stop working"

It keeps appearing every 5 sec or so

But the worst thing is that when i restart my Laptop The whole screen goes black
after loading the Window Vista logo and a pop up appears saying

"Explorer has stop working"

and i can no longer log on to windows

And the only way to fix it is by Reformatting the drive

But the weird thing is that I can press ctrl+alt+Del to restart my computer

What is wrong??

I check some forum they say it is MS outlook 2007 problem?? But I didn't install that

I only installed Ms Words, Powerpoint and excel

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I just installed a game, and when I try to launch it I get the message "A problem has caused the program to stop working. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available."

I'm not sure what this means or how to fix it so any help is appreciated.


A:"A problem has caused the program to stop working"

Have you installed all the patches for the game?

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I reset my Lenovo G50-45 after some booting issues. Everything seemed to work fine, except for the fact that the Network Controller is not working. This is what I get when I click on the driver:
--manufacturer is 'Unknown'
--the driver is not installed
--Location: PCI bus 3, device 0, function 0

Plus, there is a yellow exclamation point next to the driver icon.

I can't access wireless, which I suppose is caused by the network controller not working, so I could not access solutions to this problem through the Web. Any help would be appreciated. I am not very computer savvy.

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i have dreamscene that awesome app that make video appear as wallpaper

but now i got active desktop calendar
which is a very good calendar that add events/notes in precise way and i was looking for something like this for my mom medicine it have strict times that cant be delayed

anyway i installed it and then added events then restarted then got this error "error reading original wallpaper bitmap" which come from active desktop calendar side

then dreamscene stop working and isntead of cool video on wallpaper it turn black

i tried everything couldn't find a clue and tried to ask the customer support in each of dreamscene and active desktop calendar and no reply until now

i dont know what to do

if someone have any clue about this please help

or if you know another perfect calendar/note/reminder program that actually like active desktop calendar or better than it tell me it's name


A:Dream Scene Stop Working After Restarting "error reading original wallpaper bitmap"

You have altered the original BitMap photo of the calendar by adding events and Dream Scene cannot find the original un-altered photo so it gives you a black screen. I don't think you are going to be able to have an active calendar for a screen saver that you can add events to, as far as I know.

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Having read a previous post to your site called "Mouse and keyboard DISABLED!!"
I have exactly the same problem. My PC is an old (2003) but good to date desktop Medion 2Gb RAM running XP home edition, not sure of service pack because I can't get in to it.
I run McAffee antivirus free with my O2 broadband!
I can't get into the computer at all now to give you any form of log file.
It started with popups telling me I had corrupted registry files and gradually got worse. Asking me to buy the software to remove these nasties. I did manage to remove it once with MBAM from www.malwarebytes.org but after a few weeks it has come back, or a new one with a vengeance.

Now the mouse is disabled, so I couldn't buy their magic-fix software even if I wanted to (ha ha)!
Booting in normal mode presents the usual fake application to purchase a $$ fix from, but the mouse is disabled, nothing works, not even Ctrl,Alt,Del.
Booting in safe mode - pressing F8 continuously - gives a black screen with the message "SVGA mode not available" or similar.
I have tried your 5 - step guide. No luck. I can't get into safe mode, and I can't see how to do a system restore. Although a restore will wipe latest files and I dearly want to preserve my Outlook .pst file if possible.

Help, I don't want to ditch the PC even if it is some years old, it is like a trusted and loved pet around our home!

Hoping you can shed some light on this.
Many thanks


A:"Mouse and keyboard DISABLED!"

Welcome to TSF :)

What kind of mouse and keyboard do you have? I would try and get a usb or ps-2 mouse. bluetooth or wireless stuff might be the problem. Let me know.

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Hi, please help...

I just reinstalled my windows 7 (64-bit, home) because needed to kill some viruses. After reinstallation, most software will crash when double click, including media player etc. But If I run these software as administrator, it is OK.

And double click IE 9 64-bit is good, no need to run as administrator, but IE 9 32-bit and Chrome will crash if they are not run as administrator.

After the software crash, sometimes it will show some error message such as "the instruction at 0xxxxxxxxx referenced memory 0xxxxxxxxxxx. The memory could not be written."

It is weird that I can not double click a mp3 to automatically open the media player to play the song, and constantly need to right click the player to run as administrator and drag the mp3 into player, too much trouble.

I have done all updates of windows 7. It is still the same.

Please help, thanks!

A:Programs always stop working except "run as administrator"

Tried "sfc /scannow", no bad files, but the problem is still there. Every software include mediaplayer, IE 32 bit, E-mail, MSN will crash when double click. But if I run as administraor, it is OK.

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Application is actually a game .previously it was working perfectly. But now whenever i tried to open it, it gives that error "application has stop working" . i also tried uninstalling that game and installed it again but the problem persists . i m using windows 7 professional 64 bit on hp probook 4520s

A:How to get rid of this error "application has stop working" ?

Hello umairchang and welcome to Seven Forums. Not much info to go on but I'd try system restore to go back to a date/time prior to the problem starting.

System Restore

If system restore doesn't work it would help if you told us what game it is and gave the specs for your computer as well as any other information like what you were doing just before the problem occurred. Just as an example: Did you install any other programs? Update anything? Suffer a power outage?

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"We want to let you know that your AcerVCM.exe app will stop working with Skype starting december 2013."

What does this mean? That Skype will not work anymore with my computer or what??

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After about 1 minute the mouse scroll and keyboard stop working until I left click mouse. Tool bar on browser also greys out but comes back after left click. Video and sound also are choppy. Not sure if this is related. Flash keeps crashing. Any ideas whats wrong? Windows 7 pro. Asus desktop. This occurs on Firefox, Chrome and IE. This seemed to start after Microsoft update and Flash updates

A:Mouse scroll and keyboard stop working until left click of mouse

Hello mpmckee,

First run Antivirus, Malware, and Spyware scans. Remove anything the programs find.

Note: if you need some suggestions on which tools to use, let me know.

Afterwards, test functionally of mouse and keyboard.

If no change, run System Restore, choose a Restore point before the issue started.

Again test behavior of mouse and keyboard.

If the issue has been resolved, go ahead and reinstall windows Updates.


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MS thinks that one of my PCs is running W7 that's not genuine. It is genuine - at least I bought it from Amazon and paid ?141 for it so that - to me - means it's genuine. It may not be but neither Amazon nor MS will take any responsibility for it not being genuine so I've given up with them both. I think that the issue arises because of hardware changes I've made. Oh - yes, I've lost the box with the key on it too.

Long story short. I use this PC very little and when I first first got the black screen and messages after I installed a larger hard drive and reinstated the drive image from an Acronis backup. I stupidly forgot to reinstate the drive signature. Then it happened again when I changed the ITX motherboard.

Now here's the real question. Every now and then it gives me the "black screen" treatment. I fix it by restoring a drive image and turning off W7 updates.
If the damned thing is told not to call home then it shouldn't should it? What's going on? It seems to give me a month or two and then goes psycho on me like HAL9000!

A:How do I stop W7 "calling home" and displaying "not genuine" messages?

If this is an OEM version then I can understand why it's doing this after you changed motherboards, since it is forever tied to the first one it is installed on.

If you can follow these instructions for activation issues,

Windows Genuine and Activation Issue Posting Instructions

The results of that can help resolve your issue.

Filling in your system specs will help as well,

System Info - See Your System Specs

If your installation is valid then there's no reason to turn off updates or try to keep it from calling home.

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I use win xp pro service pack 2.
I don't know how or when (little brothers) but my mouse pointer goes to the "working in background" graphic from startup.
I noticed in task manager, in the processes list that regsrv32.exe keeps blinking on and off. Which would be the reason for the pointer problem.
This happens in safe mode as well.
I ran two diff online virus scans which said i'm clear. Ran adaware. Ran yahoo anti-spy which removed something.
I've opened hijackthis and things seem ok except for a bho that won't fix or delete.
I've run CWShredder, which said it removed VX2.Look2Me. After restart it said the same thing. I then used a symantec tool for look2me removal. Said I was clear. Even tried manual removal steps. Nothing there. CWShredder still says it removes it each time I run it.

I have nothing unusual in my startup list. No regsrv32.exe listed. No sign of W32/Rbot-GM worm.
I tried searching for regsrv32.exe on my computer. The search thing must be faulty because it finds nothing. In my system32 folder though i have the proper microsoft file.

The last thing I tried was a windows update. 14 files were listed. After restart, automatic update still came up asking to download and install 4 files.
I did it again, and again, and again. The 4 files won't install.

pls help

A:mouse pointer constantly on "working in background" graphic


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This is not really a problem, more like a nerdy technical question, since I like being informed about the goings-on in my PC. I hope I posted it in the right section, since IMVU would probably fall more under "game" than anything else.

I have always been curious as to why would the developers of the chat client IMVU decide to have the program install within C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\IMVUClient (previous versions did so under "Documents and Settings") instead of "Program Files" or "Program Files (x86)" on Windows... I am also curious if this unconventional choice could potentially make my PC vulnerable to attacks.

Now, the program works fine AFAIK, but I'm puzzled by this. I'm the kind of user who likes having the choice of installing apps in a drive other than C: (to free space in C:, for portability, etc.), and who gets nervous when apps do not install or behave the way that I'm used to.

I was told by someone more knowledgeable than me that it was probably a lazy way to get around administrative install rights in Windows Vista and Windows 7. He also added that the cache data of the program shouldn't be in Roaming when there is no upper limit or even default size set on it.

And yes, this has been asked on their forums, but no staff member ever answered it (only a forum mod, who didn't have a clue).

Any ideas? Or am I being overly paranoid?


A:IMVU Installed in "AppData\Roaming" instead of "Program Files"

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