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Boot problem and MAIUSC Led blink

Q: Boot problem and MAIUSC Led blink

Hello everyone, I have a problem with the laptop probook 4740s which sometimes does not start after pressing the power button . After pressing the button , the LED flashes the SHIFT key, and after a few seconds the fans run fast . Other times the computer starts normally . What may be due? I tried to make a bootable USB flash bios update but it failed! Thank you

Preferred Solution: Boot problem and MAIUSC Led blink

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Boot problem and MAIUSC Led blink

Please... it does not happen to anyone else???

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Today while I was browsing the internet, my laptop suddenly shut off. I tried turning it back on. The lights on the computer blink once and the laptop stops. I have tried the discharging the whole system, but I get the same effects. I noticed that every light blinks white, except for the disk light, which blinks orange. What does this mean? I am sorry if this question has been asked before but I could not find a duplicate.

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Hey all! Hope there's some help around... My t5500 randomly died. Would turn on for a few seconds, without booting then turn itself off. Swapped MB out, now get 234 blinking diagnostic lights (halted before transfer to BIOS control, and the fans slowly get louder.). This is with three different motherboards, two different cpus, two GPUs, two power supplies. If the BIOS isn't being transferred to, could it be corrupted? Is there a way to flash a new BIOS externally myself? This was such a great tower, and I'd rather keep it running than replace. 6x2gig RAM. First gen MB with fans on both bridges. Nvidia gtx 950 or fx1800 available. Single CPU e5530 quadcore. Terabyte Seagate 7200rpm. Any questions or input is welcome. I cannot work without my station being operational. Thanks all

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I had previously hooked this up to my big screen via the hdmi.  The next morning I went to turn it on and got nothing.  Holding the power button down with power plugged in, not plugged in any combination for 1 - 120 seconds produces the same exact result.  The little light on the " i " lights up for exactly 4 seconds and then nothing.  I have tried a different power cord and get the exact same result.  I have tried using the emergency reset with a needle on the back of the device...same result. Any help would be great.

A:Yoga won't boot. Red light comes on for 4 seconds no blink.

Can you clarify when you say it "lights up for exactly 4 seconds", is it a solid light or a blinking light?

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Good morning to all! My computer was running fine, either with Windows 7 64-bit or with the upgrade to Windows 10 64-bit. My battery is dead, so i use the laptop without it. Just AC cord in. Last night, as i was setting up a Wi-Fi router at home, i left it on for about 3-4 hours.When i finished, i powered it down normally. This morning, i took it out and set it on the dinnign table, and when i powered it up, the leds from the sound, wi-fi and mouse pad stay lit, the fan starts up, the leds from the caps-lock and num-lock blink once, but no bios or OS boot. I powered it down, removed AC cord and reset holding power button for 1 minute+ 3 times, then power cord in and powered it up and the same thing happened, but this time i got 2 blinks from the caps and num lock, then 5 second pause, and another 2 blinks: BIOS corrupted, right? Since i have customed my laptop with an HyperX Fury SSD drive 240Gb from Kingston, i don't have the partitions from HP Recovery or HP Tools, so i tryed to get the BIOS file from HP Support and created a BIOS recovery flashdrive. The BIOS file is not the latest BIOS update tool from HP, it's Winflash, so doesn't allow creating a recovery flash drive directly, so i extracted the contents and put it in a 4Gb flashdrive, formatted in FAT32, Renamed HP_TOOLS, and tryed the whole reset process, then hitting Win Logo + B keys in and pressing Power button for 1-2 seconds to recover BIOS. Worked once out of 7 tries!... Read more

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I have a Dell vostro 5470. I changed a samsung SSD 850 EVO 120GB. My computer then cannot start up with only the power LED blink once every time when I press the power on button.
Anyone has methods to solve it?
Thank you very much.

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My daughter's laptop has died.  When you push the power button the power light on the side comes on and stays on and the hard drive light blinks momentarily then not at all.  There is a blink code on the Caps Lock key that appears to blink twice - one blink followed by a second about 1 to 2 seconds later, then a longer wait and the code repeats.  There is no LED on any other key.  I've tried the hard reset by pulling the battery and pushing the power key for a long time.  No change. I've looked up the blink code which says it's a corrupted BIOS and used the Windows key/B key combination before pushing the power button and nothing happens except the blink code continues. This is all that I can find to try with this laptop and the daughter needs it for her online college courses.  She bought it from Amazon and it is a refurbished unit.  Any suggestions? Thanks.

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My computer boots up immediately but my screen won't stay on. After 25 times pushing the button on and off the screen finally comes on. Any thoughts.

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My computer fails to boot and gives me a caps lock code. The LED blinks twice. I have tried hard resetting and reseating the memory, but nothing worked. I have had this problem for a fairly long time, however in past the computer would eventually boot up after I forced turned it off and on a number of times. I am at the point now where over the past few days I have been trying this and it so far has still failed to boot up. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to fix this!

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Whenever I boot up the system, my cursor will blink in the fast speed. I need to go to control panel, keyboard & change back to normal speed.
But next time when I boot up again, it happen again. How to solve the above problems ?
(note: i've changed the registry but didn't work)

A:cursor blink rate problem

when you power off your computer, you click start than shutdown right? if you do a hard shut down than it wont save this change.

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I need some help with my computer and have to admit I don't know that much about them. I am not ever sure I am posting in the right section for help with this problem.

I have a very old computer but I don't have the extra funds to buy a new one at the current time but I want to fix it so I can at least get my information and files off that computer. I don't have another computer available to to use either.
It's a Gateway 510 S model. Everything is the original hardware except the power supply which I replace several years ago. It's got an Intel (R) Pentium (R) 4 2.60 GHz.
The computer does turn on and does show the gateway logo but after that it goes to a black screen with a blinking cursor and just stay there and doesn't do anything else. No error messages pop up. The only time I can get an error message to pop up was when I repetitively push either f11 or f12 and then it say pxe-e61: Media Test failure, check your cables.
I've tried to do a windows repair with the xp disk but the repair options isn't available. I've open up the computer took out the bios battery and put it back in. That didn't work. I unplug the cables connecting the hard drive those long ribbon ones and replug them back in still does the same thing. I've gone through the bios system I think it's saying the hard drive still there it list the following

Pata Primary Master: WDC WD800BB-53KAD (I think this is the HDD)

PATA secondary master: Lite-on comb LTC-481611 (DVD/CD rom Drive I think)

I tried t... Read more

A:Black screen with blink cursor problem

You say you don't have another computer to use, but your posting from a computer? Anyways to backup your files use a Ubuntu Live CD to a USB Flash Drive
To Repair your computer boot off of the XP CD and get to the Recovery Console, here type chkdsk /R and press enter. The Check Disk utility will try and fix any file errors.

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nothing goes dark, just that once or twice a minute, there is a kind of bright flash on the external monitor.   
i am not having the problem same HDMI cable and viewsonic monitor on a different laptop.   so it must be my dell e6530, not the cable or the monitor.
what do you think could be the problem?   more detail:
windows 10, Nvidia nvs 5200M, intel HD4000 graphics.   i disabled "optimus" in BIOS so it just uses tne Nvidia card, not the cpu graphics.  
device manager shows settings for 'display' and for 'monitor'.  for "monitors", device manager shows both the 'generic pnp driver' and the 'viewsonic' driver; disabling one or both of these "monitor" in device manager does nothing.   in the 'display' section, it is just showing the Nvidia because intel was disabled in BIOS optimus.

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hi, i have hp laptop from 2 years and it dont power on.
it flash green light and yellow light for 2 second and again green light and yellow.i dont have any battery in my laptop. i work on ac power . do any one know why its not powering on?

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a little bit of redirecting,(not responding),slow, won't restart,"verizon access manager has encountered a problem and must shut down",replaced Samsung 512kb memory with an offbrand 512b memory.presently have DefenderPro2012 installed but i still have serious problem.Can you help me,please?

A:XP on da blink

Hello, lets see if malware is in the way. If it starts at all.Reboot into Safe Mode with Networking How to enter safe mode(XP/Vista)Using the F8 MethodRestart your computer. When the machine first starts again it will generally list some equipment that is installed in your machine, amount of memory, hard drives installed etc. At this point you should gently tap the F8 key repeatedly until you are presented with a Windows XP Advanced Options menu. Select the option for Safe Mode with Networking using the arrow keys. Then press enter on your keyboard to boot into Safe Mode. .Please download TDSSKiller.zip and and extract it.Run TDSSKiller.exe. Click Start scan.When it is finished the utility outputs a list of detected objects with description.
The utility automatically selects an action (Cure or Delete) for malicious objects.
The utility prompts the user to select an action to apply to suspicious objects (Skip, by default). Let the options as it is and click ContinueLet reboot if needed and tell me if the tool needed a reboot.Click on Report and post the contents of the text file that will open.

Note: By default, the utility outputs the log into system disk (it is usually the disk with installed operating system, C:\) root folder. The Log has a name like: TDSSKiller.Version_Date_Time_log.txt.Next run MBAM (MalwareBytes):Please download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and save it to your desktop.Important!! When you save the mbam-setup file, rename it to something rando... Read more

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Q: Blink

I've used Blink for the last 6 months or so, and really enjoyed it. I received a message this AM that if I wish to continue to use them for bookmarks, all I have to do is pay $4.00 a month (a discounted price ) this is not what I had in mind.

What blink did was to allow you to have bookmarks at their site, categorize them, modify them, and in general have all your bookmark stuff saved in case of a crash and loss of data on your PC.
My question is: Is anyone aware of a similar site that is free, and that they like? Thanks in advance.


Hi after updating my bios my computer is now failing to start up. I get the 4 code LED blink which means graphics controller not functional. I tried to following things: Hard reset, Windows key and B, and I cleaned the ram with a cotton swab. This has never happened before. Please help! It also originally came with Windows 8.1 then I upgraded to Windows 10 during the free upgrade phase.

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I just got a new Toshiba Notebook , and the blinkies won't blink on any of the websites I visit. It's not just blinkies either, it's anything that flashes too. I downloaded the flash player and the shockwave player, and that didn't help at all. I'm frustrated...please help!!

A:Help! My blinkies won't blink!!

Hi and Welcome to TSF

Blinkies......hmm never heard them called that

Use this link to Test your Java Virtual Machine

Test your Macromedia Shockwave & Flash Players

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Had my PC for just over a year (prob about 18 months) and its been absolutely brilliant since I got it. I've upgraded just about everything, graphics card, RAM, hard drives and even the OS, however I'm still running off the same Pentium 4 HT CPU and wondering whether that should be the next on my list.

It was running fine up until a few months ago, now it seems to stutter every sort of 30 seconds whilst in a game and I think I've got it narrowed down to the CPU by quickly ALT Tabbing to resource monitor when I notice the stuttering.

Vista reports CPU as the lowest subscore on the experience index at only 4.3 - whereas my graphics and hard drive etc. is 5.3 and above.

It's played games alright before, how come it is finding it difficult to cope with games only recently? Come to think of it, I did just get a new monitor before Christmas which meant a higher resolution in games, so I wonder if that's done it.

If so, which CPU should I go for? I've not got a huge budget, looking for a mid-gaming one for sub-100?


A:Solved: Is my CPU on the blink?

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I have a hp 110 desktop pc series running windows 10 and i have a hard time logging in and when I get logged in all the screen does is blink there are no desktop icons and i cant do anything i cant even get task manager to open up

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This is a really hard one to describe.

Text in a text editor or sometimes a small window like a dialog box, install box etc. will regularly blink. It's not really a screen redraw where it disappears and reappears, just a blink.

I updated my graphics driver for my Matrox G400 and it still happens. This didn't used to happen on my W2K system.

My XP install is rather new with the same hardware as the W2K system and I don't remember this happening right away. I'm not sure what changed.

I tried going down a level on graphics acceleration and that didn't help.

Thanks for any help.

A:Windows Blink

hello lemonflavor,

now what i need to do is go to your (device manager)

now once there you will want to select from the toolbar of the window(veiw) then a drop down menu / from it you will select (show all hidden devices)

now if you see any (red or yellow) quotation marks , make a note of what they

now go to the (event veiwer) this is thru the (administrator tools) in the control panel
here you will find 3 to 4 subcatagories

you will want to check each of them for this is where windows keeps track of all errors
now you will want to make notes of the errors that have been recorded ( you do not have to make notes of double entries just of the dates of their happenings & how many there is)
you will get more information on the errors if you (right) click them / then select properties


do you have a Windows Xp cd, not the restore cd's that come with some systems, the cd will have the Windows logo & 3D hollowgram/image on it

if you do not maybe you can barrow one from a friend/family member/co-worker as long as it is the same version that is on your system

if you have (Windows XP Home Ed. sp2 ) then the cd will have to be that / if you have a cd with (Windows XP Home Ed. )you will have to slipstream (SP2 ) onto a disk that you create

this also applies to (Windows XP Professsional )


now if you do have the Windows XP cd with sp2 please follow these steps

------... Read more

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I'm having the same problem as above.. i've clicked your links and everything is updated and still no "blinking" of the blinkies on any webpage. Any ideas? Thank ya!

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I have a windows XP
When the computer is turned on the computer screen blinks for about 30 minutes then stops . What would cause that ?


Could be failing monitor...could be damaged video drivers...could be failing video chipset or card.

I would try uninstalling the current video drivers...and then reinstalling same. I would also try a different monitor to eliminate suspects.


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My screen is now blinking once before welcome screen and once it loads the desktop , it returns to normal after a blink. I have installed a old 7600 gt that I had(This blinks started after that, my integrated card was 6150se). Installed the latest driver. My monitor is Philips 105e.

A:Screen blink

What's the problem here?

Do you get a normal working desktop?

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hi everyone

I am trying to pair my windows 8 computer with my arcam r blink. When it finds the device it keeps saying
ARCAM R BLINK OFFLINE what does it mean by Offline.

When I try to pair with my Ipad it connects straight away

can anyone please help.

regards calmat

A:arcam r blink

Note: Due to the differences in Bluetooth technology, some Bluetooth enabled devices may be incompatible, function improperly, or may not support all features when used with the Arcam rBlink.
Have you check to see if drivers are available for your OS
Arcam rBlink Wireless Bluetooth? digital-to-analog converter at Crutchfield.com

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My monitor goes through an erratic 'blink' every now and then. It only lasts a half second and has no set pattern. It's not doing it now, I just turned it on. I'm trying to remember if it tenders to do it more when warmed up, possibly. I have given my connections a check and they seem tight. Could it be a joint on one of the monitor boards? I've done a search here and didn't find anything pertaining to quick blinks, only long ones!! It's about 1 1/2 yrs old. Any ideas?
p.s. FYI - Don't shut down your computer at night and forget to take out the win98 cd! When I fired it up today, for some reason the auto run didn't kick in, it got to desktop fine. I tryed to connect to internet and got an error 666 . "modem not conneted or is not functioning". I went through all the checks, found all in order. Decided to reboot. I then noticed cd firing up, removed it and all is fine. Just thought that was a little strange. The win98 cd causing that error.......

A:monitor blink

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Hi. I turned off as normal but when Windows shuts down, the monitor goes black but the green light stays on. When rebooting, a whistling noise comes on and only when turning the monitor off and on again, does Windows load. One time it started in Safe Mode and the screen was split into three with three cursors appearing. I am at a loss.

A:monitor on blink?

Have you tried another moniter?

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My Fathers PC is running vista home premium (64bit) and has decided to go wonky.

It is a genuine install, but he has lost the CD and the boot options / system restore etc is not making a difference to the problems.

I have advised upgrading to win 7, but I just wanted to check with you guys, that we can run the upgrade (with a new win 7 home premium disc) from the disc drive, even though vista itself is not booting up?

We will of course want to keep all programs and files etc?

Thanks for your help in advance...

A:Vista on the blink - can I install Win 7 ok?

Since you are using an upgrade disk you will have to use this tutorial a Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version as widows 7 will not activate trying to directly upgrade from vista. Also some of the errors from the Vista installation may be carried over to the Windows 7 installation if a direct upgrade was possible, however If you thoroughly read & follow the tutorial in option two there is a way to retrieve some of your data from the windows.old folder but not installed programs.

I would also recommend that you get a second, third opinion from many of the skilled members here before proceeding as some have lifelong experience dealing with computers.

Another option if you do not want to lose all your data and programs would be to check the Vista forums (see link just below search) as many of the same members here are also members of that forum too and may be able to fix the wonky vista installation

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Login to your PC by looking into a webcam

Login to your PC without touching a thing! Luxand Blink! is a free tool to let you log in to your Windows account by simply looking into a webcam - no passwords to type and no fingers to scan. The innovative face recognition technology developed by Luxand recognizes users' faces quickly and reliably, and is able to match the user with an associated account even with different haircuts, beards or mustaches grown or shaved off.

i just discovered this amaizing application you can download it for free here by clicking Download Luxand Blink! 2.0.
have fun..

A:Luxand Blink For windows 7

this is really cool,i'm gonna try it out. thanks for sharing.

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hey all, just wondering if anyone has any experience with blink antivirus by eeye. i read in some posts awhile back that some people liked it. it has antivirus, firewall and antispyware protection. i would like to know if it is any good and how it is on the system resources. it is a year free trial to those who reside in the u.s and canada. thanks for any input. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE.http://free-antivirus.eeye.com/ i included the link

A:Solved: blink antivirus

I use it & I will be buying it as soon as my trial version expires.I have used Norton Suite(paid version) & just Norton anti virus(paid version),+ spybot,ad aware,& a couple of others.Now I just use Blink Personal.I have nothing but good things to say about it.I used to use 3 anti spywars along with one anti virus + the Windows firewall+ my router as a firewall, now I just use Blink(nothing else),with the Windows firewall turned off but with the Blink firewall on,& the router,
I'm into my second year of using Blink,got an extra year free,it just caught a trojan the other day trying to install itself on my comp as I was surfing,not even downloading anything,it had it removed by the time I checked out what the problem was a minute later.
So from personal experience I recommend it highly.

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I have been running eEye's blink and really like it. I'd like to hear from smarter people what they think of it before I start recommending it to friends and family.


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Hello i writing because my screen is blinking all the time after sleep mode until i restrat it. I have update BIOS, and video drivers but still sometimes it starts blinking any solutions?

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Hi, I have no power problem, when I press power button only what is happen is blink code:
one white
two orange
two white
two orange
two white
and so on
What can cause this problem? Test was on battery.

A:Portege Z30-A-152 blink code

Same blink code is with and without SSD and RAM

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I have 2 DVD drives, a Samsung SH-182M and an LG GSA-H22L, both on a single lead to the motherboard.

They were working fine up until today (both with original drivers).

I placed a CD in the Samsung drive (it contained an old Win 98 database).

Both drives simultaneously went on the blink.

They don't show up in My Computer, but they do in the Device Manager under their personal titles (as in, not unrecognized).

Both show the yellow warning sign next to them.

I have tried reinstalling the drivers, but the drives do not show up during the installation, so i can't proceed any further.

(The drivers i downloaded are 'SFDNWIN.exe' for the Samsung, and 'GSA H22L 102.exe' for the LG.)

I have no idea how to proceed any further. As the drives don't show up, I can't use the original CDs.


A:Solved: DVD-Drive on the blink

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W10 working OK except each page I open it blinks out & returns. Anybody knows the reason & cure?
Home made CPU Intel Core 2 Quad Pro Q6600 95W 2.4GHz, OCZ Vendetta Cpu Cooler, 2x2GB, 240-pin DIMM, DDR2 800 (400mhz) PC2-6400, EVGA GeForce 6600 GTX, HD sata1 TB, Corsair TX750M Psu, X45, W10 pro, 64, WD 1TB.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, 64 bit, Build 18363, Installed 20200222115501.000000+000
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 11, CPU Count: 4
Total Physical RAM: 4 GB
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT, 1024 MB
Hard Drives: C: 182 GB (122 GB Free); E: 199 GB (17 GB Free); F: 184 GB (141 GB Free); G: 69 GB (52 GB Free); H: 70 GB (67 GB Free); I: 223 GB (81 GB Free);
Motherboard: ASUSTeK Computer INC. P5K Premium, ver Rev 1.xx, s/n MS1C83B00G01149
System: American Megatrends Inc., ver A_M_I_ - 6000819, s/n System Serial Number
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Enabled and Updated

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help please !

A:Blink rate typing ?

What is it that you need help with?

Here's how to change the blink rate: -

Go to the Control Panel, change the view to icons, click on Keyboard, then you can use the slider on the Speed tab to change the blink rate.

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fter connecting the AC power supply to CPU and on pressing start button , CPU light does not blink spontaneously ,It took 3 to 5 minutes to start blinking and window start immediately as light start blinking on start button .Reliability report does not show any error.Pl suggest me some remedial action

A:CPU light does not blink spontaneously

Ehm, CPU is "central processing unit", a computer component. It does not have a light linked to its operation. If by CPU you mean the whole machine, call it "computer".

If that led is close to a symbol that resembles a lightbulb, then it's the power led, and tells if your computer is actually getting power or not. It should go on when you press the power switch and remain on until you shut down the computer.
If it is close to a cylinder symbol, it is the memory usage led, and tells if your computer is reading from its main internal memory device. It does blink randomly when in normal operation and if you don't experience other issues you can safely disregard it.

Other leds can indicate the wifi connection or whatever the maufacturer thought to place there, if it's not one of the above, try to describe it or find an image of it from google.

Please follow this tutorial to fill your system specs (step 7 to do it automatically), so we can know what is the thing you have in your hands. Without knowing more, help provided will be limited.

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Since my itunes has not been working i tried to restore my computer to a previous date, when it worked. Alas now i am far worse off.

It still does not work. But now my computer resolution is fixed on the lowest level and won't allow me to change or upgrade it. The other restore dates that had been available have now gone, and it wo't let me undo the last restore!!

Can You help?

A:Sreen resolution on the blink!

Did you reinstall your graphics drivers and i-tunes after the system restore?

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I have come across this product that seems to be an attempt to do an all in one security product a la Norton 360. It's called Blink Personal Security with Anti Virus. So I was wondering if anyone has used this. Obviously one product to do everything is an attractive idea but does it work? I suppose I would have to uninstall what I have currently to install this. Here's the link.http://www.eeye.com/html/products/blink/personal/index.html

A:Blink Personal Security?

I just did a check of this site with McAfees site advisor, it said that some virii had been downloaded with the software, a backdoor trojan. Plus, I can only find manfacturer generated stuff on other web sites. Personally something makes me nervous about this software.

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I have a Dell Vostro Desktop computer with two displays. The monitors blink off and then come back on every 30 seconds or so. We tried upgrading the video card to NVIDA GEFORCE210 but it didn't help. Any ideas?

A:Duel displays blink off and then on

Hi millyjames,

What are the brand/model of your monitors? Try disconnecting one monitor and see if the blinking problem still happens. Also, googling the Geforce 210 it looks like it has a VGA port, a DVI port, and an HDMI port. Which connections port do you have the monitors hooked up to?

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I'm trying to find out if there are blink codes for the 7275 tablet. I found a small blurb about the power button lights, but it doesn't say anything about white blinking lights. want to know if the white blinking indicates anything. (example: 2 white blinks versus 5 white blinks when you press power button. Below is the only thing I could find.

LED status
What it means

Solid White
The battery is charging.

Solid Amber
The battery is at low level with the tablet on or in a connected standby state - the screen is off but the tablet is still turned on.

The battery is not charging or the battery is fully charged.

Flashing Amber
The battery is at a critical level and does not have enough charge to power on. If the power button is pressed during this state, the LED will turn on for 3 seconds and then turn off. Continue charging the tablet.

A:7275 Blink Codes

Just about any of these blink codes OTHER than a battery-related one means a bad mainboard.

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I am curious why UAC notifications blink the screen out when they come up. When you install an app or try to work in a directory that is under the UAC watch the screen goes entirely blank then pops up with the UAC warning.

Did windows design UAC to do that purposefully, does the UAC message require some sort of display format that it has to go into a special mode?

A:Windows UAC why did they design it to blink?

If I'm following you correctly, it's to prevent taking action before acknowledging UAC. As you're aware, you can disable the feature.

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Blinking Icons


At time the icons on the desktop blinkofto the system icon lookfrom the ones I have. It goes row by row.

I have:
3.0 P4 Prescot
2 Zerox 512 PC3200 DDR SDRAM
Motherboard Gigabyte GA-8IPE1000 Pro-G

A:Icon On Desktop Blink

check for virus ect.

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Replaced the screen on my brothers lenovo G50-80 and now the screen wont turn on. I did a hard reset (holding the power button for 30 sec without the battery then put it back in) the only thing that happens is that the two front led lights blink once and that's it. Nothing else happens the fan doesn't spin or anything else. When I plug in the charger no lights turn on, checked the charger and there is power coming through. Any help please.

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The black blinking text problem what problem?
windows 7 64bit
microsoft small business 2013

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My MAG Innovision 15" monitor has begun "blinking" during use. In every instance but one an area develops random black and white static-like images that run horizontally across the entire screen. This happens for just a split second and on an irregular basis. It may go half an hour without an episode, then have five within a minute or so. On one occasion the entire screen went blank for approximately two seconds.

I switched the computer I have hooked up to the monitor and the problem continued, seemingly eliminating problems peculiar to the original computer and isolating the problem as one with the monitor. Should I begin looking for a new monitor? Can this one be saved? Should I even worry about it?

A:Monitor on the blink-- literally

Well it may be time for a new monitor.. One thing I learned in the past is that computers get out dated fast but a good monitor never does... Not to say that they wont go bad.

My brother has a 1.4ghz Athelon and I have a overclocked Celeron at 850mhz.. He has a 17 inch monitor and I have a 21 inch one.. I kick his butt in Tribes 2 all the time Big screens kick butt.. Picked it up for $200.

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I really need help in trying to figure out why in all my games lines appear across the screen at sometimes i cant see what im doing,it has something to do with my Ati radeon 9200 (128mb).I dont know if the settings are wrong or anything,i downloaded new drivers and reloaded the original and it still doesnt work!I turn off anisopteric filtering etc and this doesnt help at all.Please this is very irritating and it needs to be fixed!!!!

A:Graphics card on the blink!!


What kind of lines? Horizontal? Vertical? Diagonal? Random?

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