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Can't boot USB after update firmware and all from update software tools

Q: Can't boot USB after update firmware and all from update software tools

Can't boot USB after update firmware and all from update software tools

Preferred Solution: Can't boot USB after update firmware and all from update software tools

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Can't boot USB after update firmware and all from update software tools

I'm close secure boot and setting boot order and use boot menuThis USB disk its ok before I update all from Lenovo updateAfter this action, I lost my boot USBPlease Check your firmware.And Help me how to fix this

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Hi everyone, I need to do a firmware update for my Panasonic Blu-ray player, and this is the first one I've done since I started using Windows 7. The update file has to be written to a CD-R using the ISO9660 format.

I'm not quite sure which CD-R writing software I should be using for this purpose. Is the provided ImgBurn utility suitable for this, and is there a particular option I need to use within it?

If ImgBurn is not suitable, can you suggest a good alternative product?

Many thanks in anticipation for any advice!

A:Which CD writing software for a Blu-ray player firmware update?

You may use Windows native Image Burner. Right click on the ISO image and proceed further.

The tutorial: Burn Disc Image - ISO or IMG file by Brink

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Appupdater provides advanced functionality to Windows, similar to apt-get or yum on Linux. It automates the process of installing and maintaining up to date versions of software programs. It is fully customizable for use in a corporate environment.Click to expand...

FileHippo Update Checker

The Update Checker will scan your computer for installed software, check the versions and then send this information to FileHippo.com to see if there are any newer releases. These are then neatly displayed in your browser for you to download.Please note that not all programs are supported.Click to expand...

Secunia Personal Software Inspector (PSI)

The Secunia Personal Software Inspector (PSI) is a free computer security solution that identifies vulnerabilities in non-Microsoft (third-party) programs which can leave your PC open to attacks.Click to expand...

Software Informer

Software Informer will detect your installed software automatically, and it will display available up-to-date info about your programs.Click to expand...

Belarc Advisor

The Belarc Advisor builds a detailed profile of your installed software and hardware, network inventory, missing Microsoft hotfixes, anti-virus status, security benchmarks, and displays the results in your Web browser. All of your PC profile information is kept private on your PC and is not sent to any web server.Click to expand...

Software Update Monitor (SUMo)

SUMo ... Read more

A:Best Software Update Tools

FileHippo and Scunia PSI. I voted for Secunia

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Hi. I ran the Samsung 840 EVO Firmware update that was provided because of the degrading problem said to be with the product.

It went all the way through and said complete. There were no problems or interruptions there. I closed the application and rebooted my machine.

The computer will get to the windows screen but right when it is supposed to go to the login it goes black and the monitors stop detecting a signal. It just sits at a black screen.

The scary thing is that when i try to run a recovery all executables associated with a given recovery error out. I.E. StartRep.exe fails to run. Trying to load previous working fails to run to. They get memory exception type errors!

I put in the windows 7 disc and have had it come up with "hit key to boot from cd or dvd". all repair attempts are the same as above. They fail the same way.

The only thing I have not figured out is how to get the machine to load into safe mode. i have been hitting F8 and doing what I can but I get no such options. My options are only the repair dialogs or boot normally. I do not understand why this machine has never given me a choice to boot to safe mode. How can I get that to work?

Please help! Is there anything I can do? I can't find any samsung forums or info.

Windows 7 64 Ultimate.
Asus X99 Deluxe.
Intel 5960X 3.0 x 8 core
G.Skill Ripjaws 4 Series 4 x 8gb (32gb) DDR4 2400
Samsung 840 Evo 500gb SSD
Corsair RM1000 1000wPSU
Corsair H100i
Nvidia 780GTX

A:Samsung Evo 840 Firmware update - Now windows won't boot.

What degrading problem ? Samsungs are the best IMO, what did you think upgrading the firmware would help ? Or what did Samsung say it was for ?

How old is the drive, how often is it used ?

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I have already solved this issue myself, but perhaps I can help someone else with the same problem. After installing the latest firmware on my Ideapad 700, I was met with a list of bootable devices (HDD + network cards), none of which worked. To solve this, I put the Windows 10 installation on a USB flashdrive and booted from it, then navigated to the command prompt (Repair your computer -> Troubleshoot -> Advanced Options -> Command Prompt). From there, I entered the following commands:diskpart
sel disk 0
list volI noticed that the wrong drive (the FAT32 system partition) had the letter C assigned, so I selected that one and changed it to a free letter:sel vol 0
assign letter h:Then changed my Windows drive back to C:sel vol 1
assign letter c:
exitI then rebuilt the boot sector (using the FAT32 system partition), just to be safe:bootrec /fixboot
bcdboot C:\Windows /s h: /f
exitThen, I rebooted and it went back to Windows! Hope this helps someone.

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This is a heads up message as I was able to recover my system by doing a grub2-install booting from a recovery USB. I must say I had used `fwupdmgr update` before to update my Thinkpad's firmware and it worked flawlessly. However, this last update left my boot pointing at the wiped out Windows boot in UEFI, which rendered my boot broken. If anyone from Lenovo is listening, please try to avoid breaking Linux user's systems . It is more disapointing when this happens using a Linux only toolchain (Btw, kudos for the support of lvfs!) This is my `fwupdmgr get-history` output in case it provides some useful info: 20LDCTO1WW System FirmwareDeviceId: d3db6c5633d83a940028fc88d8102d1f1563e3a4Guid: fc5552dc-7882-409b-9b98-699361c74fc4Plugin: uefiFlags: internal|updatable|require-ac|supported|needs-rebootChecksum: SHA1(804154ccc003a77e9b0d88fcb2d52cf12050e434)Version: 0.1.29Created: 2019-06-06UpdateState: success[Release]RemoteId: lvfsVersion: 0.1.34Checksum: SHA1(269cea4389dd420e58b88f182eabeaab23d74e85)Flags: noneBootMgrDesc: legacyCompileVersion(com.redhat.fwupdate): 12DistroVersion: 20190607CompileVersion(org.freedesktop.fwupd): 1.2.8SecureBoot: EnabledCompileVersion(com.redhat.efivar): 37UEFIUXCapsule: EnabledESPMountPoint: /boot/efiCompileVersion(org.freedesktop.gusb): 0.3.0RuntimeVersion(com.dell.libsmbios): 2.4DistroId: opensuse-tumbleweedCpuArchitecture: x86_64BootTime: 1559848020RuntimeVersion(org.freedesktop.appstream-glib): 0.7.14RuntimeVersion(com.redha... Read more

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I turned on my computer and a message popped up to update my 3 month old Samsung firmware.
I used Magician 4.5, pushed the button, and it said "failed to update drive with new firmware".
Oh? When I rebooted later my OS would not boot. I went into the bios and it ID'd the drive as Samsung 3.
Now I can't boot the drive at all. I burned the ISO of the firmware update but it can NOT find the drive in DOS. If I boot with another drive and the ruined drive together, both Samsung 840 Pro and Samsung 850 Pro, it jams the boot until I remove the damaged drive. Anybody have any knowledge or any ideas?

A:Samsung 850 PRO firmware update fialed. Now drive won't boot

I have the same problem, and now in my bios show my ssd with the name 3ckcCkckcCk;!cKcCcKcCcI and I can't re-update it

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Howdy,I've got a t460p thinkpad, running win10.  It has the dock, and 2 monitors are usually attached to the dock.My lenovo system update wanted me to install the critical security [urgent] update to my intel management engine, the update is to version  I followed all the instructions, closing nearly everything and the update proceeded normally and quickly, until it froze. The system updater says "installing: Intel Management Engine 11.8 Firmware - 7 [32/64]/8.1/10 [64]"  and"Overall Progress:  91%"The cmd window that's showing the actual install says "FW Update:  [ 99% (-)] Do Not Interrupt"  but the little progress spinning thing has not spun in a long time. (40+ minutes)Every so often (every 5mins?), it the upper progress bar in the "system update" will backup a little bit...then it will move forward again a minute or so later. Umm...I need to use my computer.  It's been about 45 minutes that I've been looking at this screen with no change (other than the backup-forward cha-cha in the gui progress bar).(image to help) (the progress bar is in it's full position, this is what it looks like after the top progress bar moves forward again after backing up a wee bit, when it backs up, it just doubles that gray area at the end, it doesn't move back a whole lot).I am guessing I cannot restart at this point. Can I abort the install and try again? 

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 Hi there,  I would really appreciate help in relation to this ongoing error. I am prompted by Vantage on regular basis to update the SSD firmware from 6L7Q to 7L7Q. Using Lenovo Storage firmware update tool 1.103. Fails every time, has been like this for months so I am not expecting an auto update fix.  Tries to do it, gets to reboot, and then the error below appears.  "software condition is not ready to update due to some condition" I have also downloaded from Lenovo website manually, and have run the zipped version, with same result. I have looked up Samsung SSD drivers directly and there is no options for this drive. Has anyone had similar issue? Please let me know if you have a fix.  Many thanks.  

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I have installed Windows 10 and started installing drivers on this page https://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/selfservice/hp-envy-touchsmart-15-j100-notebook-pc-series/54011... sp77075.exe Seagate Hard Drive Firmware Update When this etup is run now Windows does not boot. I boot in to Tiny core terminal and nothing goes on. Please help. Thanks.

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Hi, since a couple of weeks, system update prompts me to update my NVMe disk firmware. It downloads and runs Lenovo Storage Device Firmware Update Utility, but it always fails with the same error: Update Failed: Firmware update FAILED! RC=0x1 Stopped by a device reason.  This happens to me with the last version of the firmware update toot (FWNV29), but also has happened to me with previous versions. Also, downloading FWNV29 and running it independently from system update leads to the same error. Can someone help? Thanks. The log from fwwinsd.exe (fwwinsd.log) shows the following:[2019/03/27 07:47:09]: CFWWinDlg::OnInitDialog - IN
[2019/03/27 07:47:09]: CFWWinDlg::OnInitDialog - OS : Windows 6.2 Build 9200
[2019/03/27 07:47:09]: CFWWinDlg::OnInitDialog - Current path : C:\Users\fpiris\Desktop\FWNV29
[2019/03/27 07:47:09]: CFWWinDlg::openProfile - IN - fwwinsd.pro
[2019/03/27 07:47:09]: CFWWinDlg::OnInitDialog - Profile verified to exist
[2019/03/27 07:47:09]: CFWWinDlg::disableAutoODDPowerOffFeature - IN
[2019/03/27 07:47:09]: CFWWinDlg::disableAutoODDPowerOffFeature - Open registry key : Software\Lenovo\PWRMGRV\Data
[2019/03/27 07:47:09]: CFWWinDlg::displayDrives - IN
[2019/03/27 07:47:09]: CATADrivesScanner::scan - IN
[2019/03/27 07:47:09]: CATADrivesScanner::cleanUp - IN
[2019/03/27 07:47:09]: CATADrivesScanner::enumerateDevice - IN : GUID=0x53f56307
[2019/03/27 07:47:09]: CATADrivesScanner::enumerateDevice - Device info se... Read more

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Hello, I have Carbon X1 5th (20HR) running Windows 10 pro (updated).  Altought I followed the instructions here - https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/cy/en/downloads/ds120390 (This is the page for Lenovo users who wish to update TPM firmware) - and installed the "BIOS Update Utility for Windows 10" version 1.33, Windows still keeps telling me to update the TPM firmware driver.  In BIOS it shows that I have TPM ver 2.0, enabled. Since Windows kept telling me to update the TPM driver, thanks to Google I found out that there is a tool created by Lenovo called "TPM Firmware Update Utility -ThinkPad" (It is worth noting that this tool is not mentioned on the instruction page). I downloaded the tool, but can't understnad how to use it (assuming that I should use it at all, because this tool is not mentioned on the TPM instructions page). Could you please help me to solve the TPM issue described above? Is there a way to check what version do I have? Thanks in advance!  

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Well, idiot me, I went ahead and told the lenovo update thingie to roll the firmware update for IME. Now... brick. Suggestions?

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Hi there, my Helix laptop (purchased a few years ago) is giving me the "Keyboard Dock Fan Error" at startup. I am then unable to use the keyboard and mouse pad. I previously had this same error a couple of years ago and had solved it using the Firmware update.Now I tried:- BIOS update. Done updated to the latest BIOS version.- Tried doing again the firmware update (although I had done it a couple of years ago) but now I have Windows 10 and the firmware update executable on the Lenovo site says it is for Windows 8 or below. I tried it anyway but it gave an error saying: "This tool and EC firmware mismatch, or communication error is happened.".  Your help is much appreciated.- Najib

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A week ago at regular system update request I installed the offered "Lenovo SSD & HDD Firmware Update Tool"  10.3010 on P50 running Windows 7/64. Message appeared that I needed to remove password on (only) the factory 500GB HDD. Passwords also exist on the two SSD's but no action requested re them. I presumed the SSD updates were installed and I would have to later temporarily remove HDD PW and run the update again. So I removed the HDD PW just now and went to System Update online but message then was that there was nothing for my machine. How do I force installing the update again, if that is the right way to do it. Is there any way to see if it somehow took care of the problem automatically as soon as soon as I removed the PW? Thanks.

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Can a Firmware Update and/or drivers on printers be reversed?I am new to BleepingComputer, so I do not know which Forum to post this to, as this issue involves multiple forums: Hardware (HP Printers), Software (Firmware & Drivers), Operating Systems running Windows 2000 and Windows XP.At my workplace, we have many HP Printers on the network. HP sent me a link promoting HP Easy Printer Care. I figured I would try it (big mistake) because I take care of all of the printers in our building. So this Easy Printer Care tells me that there is updated Firmware for my printers. So I get the firmware and install it. Of course, HP didn?t really explain how to install it. I had to look it up to actually do the install. After installing it, HP tells me that the Firmware Updates still need to be updated!?!Now the end users are having problems when they print. Multiple users are having the same and or different problems. The problem that has the most reports to me are: When someone is printing a document and they want to change it from portrait to landscape, they click on properties and receive an error message that reads:Function address 0x2e2a5aa caused a protection fault. (exception code 0xc0000005) Some or all property page(s) may not be displayed. Click OK.Then another windows pops up saying: Operation could not be completed. Click OK.The function address is always different (for different users or systems) The exception code is always the same. The User c... Read more

A:Can A Printer Firmware Update And/or Driver Update Be Reversed?

You can go to Device Manager and find the printer and in properties it gives you the option to "roll back" the driver to a previous version. A firmware update and driver update mean 2 different things, to me anyways. My understanding is a firmware update offers "improved" instructions to the onboard chip of the device. What does HP say about the problem?

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I was updating my drivers for my new Lenovo Yoga 920 laptop and I tried to use this driver: https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/no/en/products/LAPTOPS-AND-NETBOOKS/YOGA-SERIES/YOGA-920-13IKB-GLASS/do... However, the update keeps failing and the Type C ports do not work now. I can't charge my laptop. Luckely I am at 75%, so I have about 3-4 hours to fix this before I'm forced to take it to service. I tried this solution: https://www.gfisk.com/lenovo-yoga-pd-firmware-update-failure-ccg4-two-port-usb-c-controller/but it doesn't work for me. I'm getting desperate I'm supposed to press the power button for 8 seconds and the powering should be back on, but for me the lap top goes off after 3 seconds of holding the power button. I keep pressing the button of course to see what happens. But, when I turn back on, the battery still won't charge. And the firmware update keeps failing. I tried everything according to instructions, but with no avail. Please help! My laptop is off now, so I will wait for solutions here before I turn it back on.

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Windows Update pops up a UAC style notification every time I log in to my stand-alon Lenovo X230T laptop running Windows 8.1 Pro x64 saying that something "needs to restart to install a firmware update".  I am sure that the notification comes
from Windows Update:

If I kill the Windows Update process in Task Manager, the notifications go away.If I disable the Windows Update service in services.msc, the notifications never appear.
However, I have read that Windows Update can be compromised, and I have not found any confirmation that Windows Update makes unsolicited firmware updates on stand-alone computers.  Here are some screenshots of the notifications:

The first notification appears as soon as I log in. It stays in the foreground and blocks all action until I click "Close" or kill the Windows Update process in Task Manager.  Afterwards the notification is visible (in the task switcher) in
the background, but I cannot give it focus or bring it to the foreground.  It pops up again at the 5-minute mark, and again stays in the foreground and blocks everything until I click "Close" or kill the Windows Update process in Task Manager.
How can I be sure that this is legitimate?  If it is, why doesn't it show up in the Windows Update GUI? What firmware is being updated? 

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So First off, I am sure most of you who are looking at this will think it is an easy fix, and trust me I wish it was. I have spent the entire day before this post searching for common fixes to issues, with no luck.

First off, here is the scenario:

I went go get on my PC that has been running flawless since December 2010, and the first thing I notice is it came back from sleep or idle, whatever you want to call it. This seems to happen now and then and I believe it happens because windows installed an update over the night (Wednesday 2/27/13). Normally this is no big deal, I go about my way and all is fine.

So I noticed that some open files I was working on in excel have duplicates, one set is read only, one is not. I closed all that down and we were all set. The other big thing is the Aero feature was dead. So I went online and hit ALL the usual fixes, running the diagnostic, downloading the specific MS diagnostic tool, resetting the service multiple times, restarts, even some registry updates I found. NOTHING worked. The interesting thing is the only part of aero that is not working, is the glass feature, and the peek feature. All the mouse icons and other attributes seem to be working.

I have an Nvidia GTX 460 card, so I updated to the most current form of the drivers, nothing. I delete the drivers and install the original CD drivers, nothing. I then delete the driver and try to use driver sweep to remove them. This is when I notice that I can not boot into safe mod... Read more

A:Software Issue After update (Aero, Safe mode boot, Software currupt)


You mentioned OEM. Do you mean an OEM installation.....on a custom built machine? Which OEM?


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When I install seagate hd firmware update it shows this error message how can I install this update????

A:how to update seagate hd firmware update

The error message did not come through; all is there is a grey triangle.  Post the message as text.

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HP-Update FIRMWARE update problem?
I got some critical update for my Seagate 320 gb hard drive?s firmware. I went to download an process the update, later it asked me to insert a blank disk. Well I don?t have a blank disk but I hit bootable cd anyway thinking it would create some file on the hard drive. Well obviously that?s not what it had in mind because my disk drive opened, I shut the disk drive and it started saying writing data to disk. HOW could it do that with no disk. I couldn?t close it. It then said installation succesfull. What the heck. I restarted my computer to see if I had screwed up my system and it seams to be running fine. Have I screwed up my hard drive? Did the dang update install? Can I delete these firmware updte files lying around on my desktop? Please help me????

A:HP UPDATE FIRMWARE update problem?

Originally Posted by GreatNate

HP-Update FIRMWARE update problem?
I got some critical update for my Seagate 320 gb hard drive’s firmware. I went to download an process the update, later it asked me to insert a blank disk. Well I don’t have a blank disk but I hit bootable cd anyway thinking it would create some file on the hard drive. Well obviously that’s not what it had in mind because my disk drive opened, I shut the disk drive and it started saying writing data to disk. HOW could it do that with no disk. I couldn’t close it. It then said installation succesfull. What the heck. I restarted my computer to see if I had screwed up my system and it seams to be running fine. Have I screwed up my hard drive? Did the dang update install? Can I delete these firmware updte files lying around on my desktop? Please help me????

It is ok.

I dont know what happened, but You HAVE to burn the bootable disk, and then boot into it after a restart in order to update the firmware.

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Hello, Lenovo Community, I recently tried updating my battery's firmware. It was going smoothly for about one minute until my charger disconnected and my laptop's battery died and will not charge. My charger has a long history of automatically disconnecting (two blinking lights, one white and one orange) so I cannot power my laptop through the charger itself. I really don't want to get the port checked, so I am looking to see if there are any other ideas from the community.  Here is what's happening:-My charger disconnects everytime I try to boot now (used to disconnect before loading Windows 10)-My battery is disconnected from the system (electronically, not physically probably)-I really cannot power on the system.  Thank you, Lenovo Community! [UPDATE] I'm (99%) going to replace the DC power jack! Any ideas about how to get the battery connected again?

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Dell Update reports there's an update for  "SupportAssist OS Recovery Tools". When I click Install Now, it looks like it installed, but it reports the same update again an hour later (or immediately if I force update check).
I have this problem on two XPS 13 9550's, and this thread shows five other users (and counting) having the problem on machines including XPS 15, Inspiron 15-7569.
Is Dell aware of this installer bug, and will there be a fix? That notification balloon is really irritating.

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I'm having this issue on Inspiron 5559 and Windows 10 Pro (SO build 14393.693)
I don't have a solution but I can provide more information from the log files to help with troubleshooting.
For anyone interested, the log files are located in C:\ProgramData\Dell\Update\Logs\ and C:\ProgramData\Dell\SARemediation\log\.
General update process messages are in C:\ProgramData\Dell\Update\Logs\Service.log but post relevant messages are in C:\ProgramData\Dell\SARemediation\log\Deployer.log.
Here are lines from the Service.log after an update attempt:
2017-02-10 05:21:14,157 [21920] INFO Tray app has requested that we install 1 updates: [OnInstall]
2017-02-10 05:21:14,158 [21920] INFO plugin SupportAssist OS Recovery Tools Downloaded C:\ProgramData\Dell\Update\Downloads\SARemediation\DownloadFiles\SOS\ESP\EFI\Dell\SOS\bootx64.efi d441731d-38bc-449b-8bd6-3433446429a0 [OnInstall]
2017-02-10 05:21:14,159 [21920] INFO Queueing 1 packages for install [OnInstall]
2017-02-10 05:21:14,160 [21920] INFO Queueing 4377 (SupportAssist OS Recovery Tools) for install. [OnInstall]
2017-02-10 05:21:14,164 [21920] INFO Setting AppStateData to 'Installing|1|1|0|10.02.2017 06:38:55' (1 clients). [SetAppStateData]
2017-02-10 05:21:14,167 [21920] INFO Pinging installation manager. [OnInstall]
2017-02-10 05:21:33,242 [11716] INFO Setting AppStateData to 'Installing|1|1|1|10.02.2017 06:38:55' (1 clients). [SetAppStateData]
2017-02-10 05:21:33,246... Read more

A:Dell Update stuck on "SupportAssist OS Recovery Tools" update

For the last three days I have been asked to update SupportAssist OS Recovery Tools.  I have, but obviously, like the OP, it's not taking.

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Firstly apologies if this is in the wrong section, there seems to be so many, I wasn't sure which one to choose.

I've updated my Nvidia graphics card, since then my PC won't boot. I've tried to get into safe mode and remove the update, but I can't get into safe mode.

Everytime I boot and press F8, I end up in 'System Setup' and not 'Advanced Boot options', I've tried hundreds of times but it's always the same.

If I let the system boot without pressing anything, I get a black screen with a cursor top left and E7 bottom right, nothing else.

I'm an engineer but am not particularly PC savvy so I don't know any details of my graphics card etc.

Nothing else has changed, I simply updated the software from Nvidia as requested by the PC.

My keyboard is the cable free USB type, and I have to select a function key to select F8 as the key is a shared one (F2 & F8)

Thanks in Advance


A:Nvidia software update PC won't boot!

Hi Andy Welcome to Seven Forums .. Do you have another keyboard to try to get into the Bios that and timing might be the problem .. Will come back to that in a moment .. If you can please post as much Information about your Computer .. Now for getting into safe mode read the Link below .. Its from an old thread .

Advanced boot option F8 not appearing

Please also read this other Link
Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot

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Hello,first of all I am sorry for my bad English. Now about my problem. I have Dell Latitude 3350 laptop and everytime I search for drivers updates in Dell command update, Intel chipset device software update appears. I installed it, it says "succesfully installed", I restarted the laptop and then it appears again in Dell command update. Details of update: Version, A01, release date 17 Jun 2016, filename: Chipset_Driver_320CP_WN32_10.1.1.9_A01.EXE. Filesize 10 MB.And the same problem in Dell SupportAssist..it shows again and again Intel management engine components installer, version,A00. Filename: Chipset_Driver_78C1C_WN32_11.0.0.1158_A00.exe. Filesize: 98 MB.So can anybody help me to resolve install problems of these updates, please? Thank you in advance for you reply.

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iTunes 12.5x will not install on my Windows 10 desktop. I download the latest iTunes version and then get the error below, multiple times.

I read up on the error. The recommendation to cure the problem was to go to Programs, Uninstall, but instead Repair the Apple Software Update application.

I tried that, right-clicked to Repair ASU, but then I got a message saying that ASU was already uninstalled. I cannot now find Apple Software Update application to re-install it. I've looked all over the Apple and Windows download systems. No luck.

Can anyone help me with this problem ?



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A:Software Update Incomplete when I go to the Windows Update area

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O.K. when originally wanting to do an Upgrade to Windows 8 i used VM to check it out.When i decided after alot of research to do the upgrade i used Windows 8 upgrade assistant.The message i receved on compatibilty was only one problem.Your PC Firmware doesn't support secure boot so you won't be able to use it in Windows 8.Secure boot requires firmware that supports UEFI v2.3.1 Errata B and has the Microsoft Windows Certification Authority in the UEFI signature database.Sure anyone who has UEFI like me received this message using this upgrade assistant.Through many hour and days of research on internet and other forums nobody seems to know how i can update my firmware,neither ASUS could advise me or Microsoft.To me i figured it should be a BIOS update,but no new ones are available for my system.So since i had no answers i decided just to do an install of Windows 8 Pro 64 bit (clean install) works well,faster then Windows 7.So far i like it.Only clue i have at this point was a site i found.Knowing my BIOS is a American Megatrend http://www.ami.com/Products/BIOSandEFIFirmware/AptioV/  Not sure if this is an answer to be able to do a UEFI install of Windows 8 Pro again to get full use of secure boot,GPT Partitions,but this is closest clue i got.BIOS stuff and flashing it can always be risky,rendering the motherboard inoperable,causing major issues,that i do not want to do.If anyone knows anything on this and can help with it would be very much appreciated i am stumped on thi... Read more

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I have a Gigabyte CD-RW. model GO-R5232B. I downloaded a zipped Firmware of the same model from the Gigabyte website. Is it safe to update my hardware with this firmware even it has not encountered any problems for the past two years?


A:When to update Firmware?

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For those with any of the following, OCZ has issued a series of firmware updates for the OCZ Vertex 3, Vertex 3 Max IOPS, Agility 3, Solid 3 and RevoDrive 3 bringing the firmware towards version 2.22,

OCZ Technology

For those with Windows installed on it the USB stick method works very well (and easy to set up),

NEW! - Bootable tools for OCZ SSD's

List of resolved issues (as well as a direct download link) can be found here),

OCZ Vertex 3, Vertex 3 Max IOPS, Agility 3, Solid 3, RevoDrive 3 2.22

A:OCZ SSD Firmware update for...

Thanks! My Agility 3 will appreciate this.

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I have installed Open Wrt Bin file on my WR703N Mini portable wifi device. After that it doesn't broadcast WiFi Signals. But Through the LAN cable and using ftp i can connect the Flash memory. Please anyone can help me to Update to my Old Firmware version using FTP. I have my old firmware version's bin file. Pls help to me.

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I don't know much about firmware updates as I never had to do it but my DRW-2014L1Tburners are giving me some coasters in vista x64. Not 1 coaster under Nero 6 in xp pro.

I got the driver update listing in the sticky, went to the asus site to check on a firmware update for my burner's for x64 vista and there are 3 hopefully that will eliminate the coasters.

My question is: If I get the updates for the 64-bit vista will that interfere with those drives when I use xp pro ?


PS: I use swappable drives; switching between vista x64 and xp pro.
only keeping xp for gaming and Nero 6

A:cd/dvd firmware update ?

Originally Posted by kem

I don't know much about firmware updates as I never had to do it but my DRW-2014L1Tburners are giving me some coasters in vista x64. Not 1 coaster under Nero 6 in xp pro.

I got the driver update listing in the sticky, went to the asus site to check on a firmware update for my burner's for x64 vista and there are 3 hopefully that will eliminate the coasters.

My question is: If I get the updates for the 64-bit vista will that interfere with those drives when I use xp pro ?


PS: I use swappable drives; switching between vista x64 and xp pro.
only keeping xp for gaming and Nero 6

no the firmware should be backwards compatible

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ok ive checked a bunch of sites and i wanna get my routers firmware to 3.43 so that it'll be primed for halo 3 tommorow. the problem is when i try to download i end up with a 505 error message saying: failed to change directory

Can anyone help?

A:DI-614+ firmware update

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I have an Olympus Evolt-500 that won't update the firmware. I'm running XP pro with a DSL internet connection. I've talked to every tech support person Olympus has and they don't have a clue what's wrong.

It will recognize the camera and lenses but it will download from 50% to 83% of the firmware update, then a message pops up and says no connection to server and everything shuts off. They had me try the download with no firewall on and using just the modem no router. I've used Olympus Viewer, Olympus Master and Olympus Studio Trial version and they all download about the same amount before they shut down.

I'm open to suggestions at this point.

A:Can't update firmware

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I have Aspire E 14. Last night, I saw I have 1 critical update for firmware v1.17. When I clicked the update button it just says "updating" It just goes on and is not stopping. I closed the portal and a window appears saying reflashing. I saw it did reflash up to 100%, but why won't the critical update notification disappear on Acer Care Center portal? I also checked update history and the firmware is not yet included. I tried it again the next morning, clicked the update button, but still, it just says updating and can go on until you close the portal.  Any solution? Did my Aspire really did reflash? It seemed nothing has changed. Thanks in advance!

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I had a new Latitude E7480 laptop hang during a TPM firmware update today. I have updated several other laptops with the same USB drive created for the process. The update hung at the point where there was text on the screen that the TPM update was in progress and to not power off the computer. The progress meter never advanced past zero percent. I could not warm boot the laptop nor power off the laptop by holding the power button down. After several hours the laptop is still hung at that point. Any suggestions?

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I periodically check the website for my router to see if there are any new firmware updates. I checked it today and every time i try it says :
A New Version is Found. Do You Want to Upgrade to the New Version Now?

Firmware Version:
Current VersionV1.2.0.8 New VersionV1.2.3.7

I click Yes.
It then tells me that the update failed.
Any suggestions?

I am running an XP machine.
I have Verizon DSL.
I have a Westell model 2200 modem and a netgear wnr2000 router.

Any other information you need i will try my best to provide. Just ask.

A:Can't Update Firmware

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Laptop is a Dell Vostro 1000 with XP Home SP3. Just installed a Crucial SSD. Works great. Tried to install a firmware update; not so great. Following the instructions from the Crucial site, I downloaded the update (it's an ISO file) and burned it to a CD. In the BIOS, changed boot order to CD drive first. Restarted the laptop. No joy - Windows still boots to the desktop. What could be wrong? I know almost nothing about using ISO files. TIA.

A:SSD Firmware Update

CD-image ISO files have to be written to CD in a special way, if you just copied the ISO file to a CD like a normal file, that won't work. There's a free app for creating a CD from an ISO file, it's called IMGBurn: http://www.filehippo.com/download_imgburn/

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Okay I want to update my DVD-rom Driver due to it having a difficulty playing LOTR-FOTR Special Edition.
Here's a link to LG's site http://ca.lgservice.com/index_b2c.jsp Link doesn't work.Got to www.lgservice.com than to Canada,than to device driver,dvd-rom,scroll down to LOTR-FOTR Special edition.Will tell you there.
Now I know that I have to download the files from www.bootdisk.com for Dos. 6.0.After I do this do I double click on the files,from Bootdisk.com and send them to a floppy disk?Than after that the 2 files from LG's site I put on this Bootable Disk?
Restart the computer type in the command and let it go?
If I do this wrong is there anyway of screwing up my Bios,I have a Dell computer and don't want to screw anything.
The Lg Dvd-rom I bought seperatly and installed myself.
Someone help me on this or was the above correct??

A:Firmware update....

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Dear Users,
Netgear WGR614 v7
Please advise on why I can't update the firmware. Every time I get the message that the upgrade has failed.


A:Firmware update

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Hey guys I have a Samsung SH-S222L. Should I upgrade the firmware to SB02?

A:Should I update the firmware?

Are you having a problem the firmware upgrade corrects? If not, leave it alone.

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Hello, I have recently purchased an "Onyx Portable Media Player" by "Mach Speed Technologies". I installed the included drivers and software and am currently upgrading the firmware. The update window says "SigmaTel MSCN Firmware", so I'm assuming it's licensed by SigmaTel. It's updating from version 000.000.000 to 880.282.433. The window's progress bar seems to be stuck at "Initializing", with no advances made in the main progress bar but the smaller one constantly filling and then refilling. Is this just going to take a long time or is there something wrong?

I can provide a screenshot if needed.

A:Firmware update

Is this the media player firmware or motherboard?
Why did you feel the need to upgrade the firmware?

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hi everyone. I would like to know if i should update the firmware on my ssd. It is not brand new, maybe 3 yrs old. ocz technology. I have neve done this. So i need to know how to figure out exactyly what i have and if i even need to.

any help would be much appreciated

A:update firmware

I don't see any harm in updating firmware. But please identify the firmware that you would like to update and what exactly are your doubts about doing it.

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Trying to update firmware on blu-ray but frm file will not write in Vista says I need supported writing software. What exactly do I need to do this?

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My laptop went off  and when i started it ask forr firmware update  and i updated it
Now after 4-5 days same problem happened
To start laptop we have to first remove and plug the battery then it gets start
Please help

A:Firmware update

Please list Dell model number and version of windows: Ex: Dell Inspiron 3543, windows 10
If you don't know it, type msinfo32 onto the search box, and look for system model....
By the way, do you remember the firmware update? If yes, please post....

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