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Laptop won't boot...bad HD or bad mobo?

Q: Laptop won't boot...bad HD or bad mobo?

hi everyone, I was just wondering if anyone could help me out with a computer problem I have. My friend has a compaq R3000 laptop, and she told me recently she had some virus on her computer. It turned out to be a vundo virus. I tried clicking interet explorer, but it wouldn't load up. So I resetted the computer, and now it won't boot up. It flashes the "compaq" screen where I can enter bios, etc. but after that it makes a little funny clicking noise and the HD and disk drives don't appear to work.

I myself have the exact same model laptop as my friends. (they were really cheap on sale a while back, heh). Could I take out my HD and try it on hers? Or vice versa? (could that cause something to transfer to my computer?) Neither of us have our reinstallation cd's with us (both home for thanksgiving).

I was mostly curious if this sounds like a software problem or a hardware problem. There are a bunch of laptops on sale tomorow, it might be cheaper to get a new one if it is in fact the hardware. Sorry for all the text, can anyone help us out? Thanks so much in advance. (BTW sorry if this is in the wrong forum, I wasn't 100% sure on where to put it)

Preferred Solution: Laptop won't boot...bad HD or bad mobo?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Laptop won't boot...bad HD or bad mobo?

Did she get rid of the virus? If not then maybe you can switch HDs like you said and see if it works on your laptop and if it does then the virus probably screwed her laptop up

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I bought a cheap HDD enclosure from ebay to use my laptop HDD as a portable OS, as the laptop is dying.

The HDD boots fine in the laptop but when connected through the enclosure to my PC or two laptops it gets to the point where the four windows blobs join on the bootscreen, briefly BSOD's and then reboots.

It will also boot into windows startup repair but is unable to repair anything or find a solution.

I have tried two of these enclosures so I am pretty sure it's an issue with them but if this is common then I imagine there is a fix of some kind?

Thanks in advance

A:HDD won't boot through external enclosure but will boot on mobo

Windows won't work like that, the drivers are different and you will face authentication/genuine issues even if you can boot.

You would need https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_To_Go for that and that is Win8 Enterprise feature.

A bit unrelated but to install on a USB drive you can use [project] PWBoot <Latest version: 3.0.2> - Project forge - reboot.pro

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my pc was on, i was on the internet when there was an audible pop and the screen went blank.
this had previously happend a couple of times and i didn't know what happened but was able to reboot with no poblem.
this time there was no reboot, the light for the on/off switch lit up, the fan was going 290 but it wouldn't boot and the off switch would not power off. i had to cut the power by turning the power switch on the back of the tower to the off position.
i was initially told the ps was bad,
replaced ps with upgrade.
same problem
then i was told the mobo was bad,
replaced with upgrade.
same problem, but now the monitor says no signal, don't remember if it did that before or not.
the new mobo has more ram than the old one and has a different hardware config. i have a new hdd i wanted to add as slave, but the new mobo doesn't have the old mobo's ability to plug in 2-24 pin connectors-1 for the cd/dvd drive and 1 for the hd. the new ps will hook up for both types of connectors for the cd/dvd and the hd
i'm not really super knowlegable about the hardware end, i knew this was more than plug and play but i don't think the advice i'm getting is correct, the problem seems to be the same and new advice says replace plug and play graphics card.
i don't mind buying more hardware but want to get the right thing.
i can't replace the pc, it would amount to a 5000 dollar upgrade to periphials.

thanks for any input


A:pc will not boot, replaced mobo & ps, still won't boot

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I am not new to building computers.
This has me stumped, as well as hacked.
I just assembled an Intel Quad Core 2.4ghz in an AsusP5ke motherboard. Only
the Video card and RAM are installed.
Taking out/switching the RAM sticks makes no difference.
Case and CPU fans spin up for a few seconds then all dies. This suggests the
CPU/mobo is not getting past the Power Good Signal part of the boot process.
There are no shorts or inadvertent grounds that I can see. AMD motherboards
installed in the same case and wiring harnesses work fine.
Changing the power supply makes no difference, and both power supplies work
perfectly with other mobo/CPU combos, albeit AMD systems. These are not
cheapie came with the case power supplies but Cooler Masters of more than
sufficient wattage for the minimal components installed to this point. To
the best of my not unlimited knowledge AMD and Intel processors work the
same with regard to a Power Good signal.
The Asus mobo has an LED that lights up signalling the mobo is getting
Unfortunately I do not have another motherboard to trial the CPU and vice
versa (but I have several AMD systems, hand assembled with no hiccoughs
I have already arranged to exchange the CPU but could it be the motherboard?

A:New mobo/cpu will not boot

Have you tried running the Intel setup outside the case? Did you remember to connect the 4-pin molex power to the motherboard?

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I recently installed a new motherboard (Abit NF7-S 2.0) and now I cannot get Windows XP to boot up. I made sure to clear the CMOS but for some reason when the WinXP load/splash screen starts to appear, the computer restarts itself. This is really starting to aggravate the hell outta me. I also noticed that my CPU is being read as "Unknown CPU type." I have an Athlon XP-M 2800+ (socket 462/A) that was pulled from another system and worked fine. I'm not sure why I'm having these problems but I could really use some help here! Thanks in advance!

A:XP Won't Boot w/ new Mobo (HELP!)

did u reinstall windows when u started using the new mobo, if u did not that is u're problem, to change mobos u have to reinstall windows. or atleast do a repair, but a full reformat and reinstall is the best.

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I have just installed a Foxconn P4M8907MA-KRS2H mATX motherboard and now my dvd roms won't boot into the XP disc to do a reinstall. I have gone into the bios and set the first boot to CD rom and also have enabled "OTHER" but i am having no joy. Can anyone help please?

A:Mobo won't boot DVD

ensure your DIP switches are set correctly on the DVD drive and the cable is correctly installed.

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since I dont have a cd rom drive Im not able to download the cd that the motherboard comes with so what I was thinking was I could just take the cd and put it in my laptop and download all the files to a flashdrive and boot up the computer that way but it didnt work also I dont have an operating system on my computer since its a fresh build. So if someone could walk me through how to do it all through a flashdrive that would be great. thanks

A:New Mobo but cant get it to boot up

OK, first of all, no one has any idea what hardware you are running. Post ALL of your exact specs ie exact mb, exact cpu, exact ram, exact pw supply, etc, etc. Note do not post "500W" pw supply; post the exact make and model. Do that for all of your parts.

Next what operating system do you intend to install ie win7, win8, linux, what?

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After having read everything thread I can find on this subject, I'm still left with a PC that won't boot into XP.

Here's my situation:

I ordered an Asus A8V-XE mobo (socket 939) with an Athlon 64 X2 3800+ CPU and two gigs of DDR400 ram. My intention was to upgrade my old computer by swapping out my mobo/cpu and basically only keeping my soundcard, DVDRW, floppy, and two HDDs. Before I attempted the switch, I read up and made sure I had everything I wanted to keep backed up and out of reach.

To shorten this a bit, XP refused to boot with my old HD even after I ran the repair install that is so often recommended. So, I chalked it up to a loss and formatted to do a clean install of XP. Things still didn't work as planned.

I booted with a WinXP home CD (not a recovery, but an actual retail CD), and the formatting / installation went fine, or so I thought. At the end of the installation (the one with the "DOS-like" blue screen with white type), it said the pc would reboot after 15 seconds and when it came back on it would continue the setup process. So it reboots, I get my Asus splash screen, and then it boots from CD again, trying to go through the exact same process again. If I follow the onscreen options, I can only do what I've already done...repair, format, etc. Unlike what it should do (load up the colorful windows setup screen) it gives me the "Press any key to boot from CD" and when I do, it goes back to the old blue-and-whi... Read more

A:New Mobo = No XP Boot

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I'm guessing this is a mobo problem. Just upgraded to a DFI Crossfire board, a athlon 64 x2 4400+ and an x1900XTX. Got the 3 adapters that were needed (20 to 24 pin, 8-pin to 4-pin molex, and the PCI-express 6-pin to 4-pin molex) got it hooked up, and I can't power it up. The stand-by light is on on the board. The board has a power and reset button directly on the board, but that won't turn it on either. The other parts of my pc are in my profile...

A:New DFI Mobo Won't Boot

So you got everything plug in, but when you turn on the power for the cpu it fail to run? anything appear on the monitor???

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ok i'm "upgrading" from a gigabyte k8-ns nforce3 to a gigabyte ga-k8u uli, because of a conflict between nforce3 chipsets and 6800 video cards (search the forums, it's a common problem). so i put the new mobo in, and the computer turns on, but it doesn't boot. My first thought was it could be a power supply issue. so i took out unnecessary components that might be sucking up power, yet it still didn't boot. so at this point i figure it might not be a power supply issue, but it is still a possibility, though i can't see any reason why the ga-k8u would require more power than the k8-ns (however, the power supply that i received from the cheapskates at ibuypower.com is some generic designed-for-pentium-4, even though my processor is an ATHLON, this might be an issue, i don't know). Is it possible that i can't simply switch chipsets without going through reformatting and reinstalling windows? if anyone knows what the problem could be, please tell me what to try. thank you.

Windows XP SP2
Athlon 64 3400+
GeForce 6800 GT 256mb
SoundBlaster Audigy 2
1GB Kingston Hyper-X RAM
whatever else you might need, just ask

A:New mobo won't boot

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Hi there, thanks for any help you can give me in advance. This seems like a good place to come for advice so here's my problem:

I'm currently trying to upgrade my PC (a couple of years old) from a 3.2Ghz Pentium 4 to a fancy new quad core system, mainly because my 8800GTS is just causing the system to bottleneck and I need more speed for gaming.

The problem I'm having is down to installing a brand new MSI P35 Platinum motherboard and Core 2 Quad Q6600. The computer just won't boot when I put them in the case.

I have tried it with everything connected and the bare minimum connected as your guidelines suggest, but it just won't start up. The cpu fan and the graphics card fan start up as well as some whirring from the hard drive but then it just hangs without any beeps at all and no display on my monitor. According to the mobo manual the four red LED lights on the board mean "the processor is damaged or not installed properly". Considering I have already replaced the processor thinking that this was the problem it would be very unlucky for them both to be broken so it must be something else.

I recently tried replacing my old 533 memory with some brand new sticks because i found out that they were incompatible with the new board (it requires 800/667) the new board. I thought this would solve but it still hangs exactly the same as before.

Any help you guys could offer would be fantastic...



EDIT: I should add that the graphi... Read more

A:New mobo will not boot...

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Ok I got all the parts, and a new case to build an almost new system.

My problem right now is booting up the system. All the plugs are in the right place
the 24 pin power supply is in, the IDE connector is in, the ram is in, the video card is in, the processor is in.

The motherboard draws power from the powersupply, all the fans are working, but I can't see anything on my monitor when I turn the computer on. Im am not sure if my hard drive is getting booted at all. What should I do now?

Current hardware

Intel G31PR micro atx motherboard Newegg.com - http://www.newegg.com/product/product.asp?item=N82E16813121323
Core 2 duo 2.33 ghrz processor E6550 Newegg.com - http://www.newegg.com/product/product.asp?item=N82E16819115030
A-DATA 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16820211066
256mb XFX Nvidia 8600 GT Video Card. Newegg.com - http://www.newegg.com/product/product.asp?item=N82E16814150229

The hard drives I am trying to get up and running is I think a Barracuda 7200.7 by Seagate ST3160021A
and a Maxtor DiamondMax 20 STM31600812A

I think I isolated the problem. See, when I have the white power plug in the hard drives without the IDE cable attached, the drives powers on and I can hear it spinning. When I have the IDE cable attached to the hard drives, it doesn't, Strange eh? Anyone know what to do? Plz help! At this point I can't even get to bios screen or reflash bios and my video doesn... Read more

A:Help! New MoBo and HD won't boot

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I was called to fix a dead computer. The computer wouldn't boot so I assumed it was the PSU. Took out the PSU and put one in that I know worked. Turned the PC on and no problem PC boots fine, everything works.

I had a third PSU sitting there and wondered if it was still good so I pulled the PSU out that I just replaced hooked up the third PSU It didn't work. Ok so bad PSU now I know. So I put the PSU back in that was just working plugged everything back in now computer won't boot? Green light is on at the back of PSU I also have a green light on mobo. I should have just left it alone when I had it running but.......Could the power supply just die like that or did my mobo just die can't figure it out. Can anyone help me please?

A:PC won't boot is PSU bad or is my mobo bad?

I would say the motherboard has gone bad... That "bad" power supply may have taken it out

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while trying to boot up the machine in my specs, (just completed)

i just get a blank screen, i have checked all the connections and they are intact and plugged in correctly, the 6pin pci connecter is plugged into the gpu. both the 8pin and the 24pin connectors are plugged into the mobo, ect ect..

all the fans and such work while trying to boot, even the cpu cooler lights up and the fan spins, just a blank screen, witch leads me to believe its either the gpu or the mobo.

the mobo has 4 indicator lights on it and 2 number type lights.

the 4 indicator lights show yellow, yellow, orange, orange

the number lights show 1, 1

can anyone tell me what these mean, the mobo manual i have is very breif and doesnt get into much detail.

while i wait for a response, i will go to evga.com and download the larger manual.

thanks in advance.

A:Cant boot up, is it my mobo?

Reading my mind as checking what the lights mean should help.

Have you tried resetting the cmos?
Have you reseated the video card and ram?

Any issues with cpu being supported by the mobo?

Is the psu ok?

If the mobo is in your case is it grounding accidentally?

Not much info to go by but just a few suggestions...

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I just built a new computer with a Biostar K8M800 Micro AM2 mobo, AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ CPU and 2gb of ram. I'm trying to get the HDD from the old computer to boot on the new system. Is there any way to make the old drive (I don't want to loose the data or installed software) boot on the new system without reformatting or reinstalling the OS?

A:New Mobo, HDD won't boot

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I replaced an older mobo with a Chaintech 7NJL6 Socket A Motherboard and installed an AMD Athlon XP3000+ Socket A CPU Barton Core 333FSB along with 512MB pc3200 DDR 400 MHz memory. I have Windows XP installed on an existing hard drive. After unsuccesful attempts to boot from the hard drive, I reset CMOS and upon bootup I get the following:

Memory Frequency 200MHz
IDE Channel 0 Master : ST300021A 3.19
IDE Channel 0 Slave : None
IDE Channel 1 Master : None
IDE Channel 1 Slave : ATAPI CD-RW
nothing on IDE channel 2 or 3
CPU has changed, Please reinstalling CPU information in CMOS setup

F1 to continue

Then it shows Pool Data ...

Then I can choose to start Windows in Safe Mode, Last Known Good, or Normal.

The machine then reboots regardless of what I choose and goes back to screen 1 with a Post Code 7F.

Can anyone help point the direction on this one?



A:new mobo, now won't boot

Repair Windows

Try booting from the Windows CD and selecting repair.

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Hey everyone,

I've recently gave my other computer to my brother (because he broke his) and I had to get me a new one. I actually didn't get a new computer, I customly built my own. It has a Asus Mobo the PHQ3-PRO. However, with all the new goodies, there comes the baddies. I tried booting it up after everything was in place and now when I try to boot off my HDD (that has Windows XP installed in it that I kept before I gave it to my brother), I get the message that there was a recent hardware or software change or problem and it won't start windows. It gives me the option to
A) Start windows in safe mode.
B) Start windows with last known good configuration.
C) Start windows in safe mode using command prompt.
D) Start windows normally.
I have tried these things but after I select one, it just gives me a blank screen and runs back through the boot sequence again. Now I'm back to square one-which option do you want to start windows with??
Does this mean that I need to re-install windows XP? Or is it something else?
Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated.

A:Can't boot with new Mobo

OK I had thought that this may had been the problem, Thanx!

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I've got a P50 laptop that's out of warranty with a bad motherboard.  I was just going to order a replacement mobo, but I figured as long as I was doing the replacement, I wondered if the base and components were all the same between the P50 & P51, allowing me to upgrade to a P51 mobo instead.  I thought I'd see if anyone knows if this is theoretically possible before I plunked down the money to try it.

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its an hp, thats my first problem
but my main problem is, the laptop wont run off AC
theres a little light by the ac adaptor port that lights up when the charger is plugged in, win 7 also says "plugged in" and i believe even says charging when its plugged in (so it IS detecting the cord being plugged in) but it will not run off of the ac adaptor. i even tried starting the computer with JUST the AC adaptor (rather than pullin the battery while the machine is running)

when i plug the machine in i also noticed the lightening bolt (battery?) light just blinks..
the light does howeever stay solid once the machine is turned on.
the machine will not charge period (machine on or off)
will not run off the ac adaptor
will only detect that the ac adaptor is plugged in, and thats all. any suggestions anyone? i cant think of anything but needing a new motherboard. thank u very much.
ive tried a different battery and ac adaptor.

becuse its not the hd
not the memory
not the ac adaptor
not the battery
and i was thinking maybe its the ac aadptor jack in the pc? but the laptop recognizes the cord, and light sup the indicator light when i plug the ac adaptor in.

if its of any help, i think the charger may have went bad at the same time? maybe shorted something out? im not sure though i could be wrong.

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I've been experiencing problems with my Asus AM2 motherboard. Simply, I have been wondering why my motherboard hasn't been allowing me to boot my computer. I turn it on and 15 seconds later, it'll shut off. For weeks, I thought it had been my power supply even though I tried 3 and got the same results. I tried to troubleshoot the problem by unplugging 1 thing at a time (HDD, SATA, drives,) But I noticed that when I unplug my 4-pin connector next to my CPU, my computer will actually run but it won't boot Windows, obviously. I just need to know if anyone suspects it be anything else? Possibly a power supply problem? Or an electric shortage problem? CPU problem? I ordered a new MSI 785g AM2+ Mobo suspecting it'll be the solution. Can I get anyone's ideas? Thank's.

A:4-Pin Mobo 'boot' Problem??

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I just upgraded to an Asus P8Z77V motherboard and an Intel i5 3570 processer but my PC will not boot. There are not POST test beeps nor is there anything thing on my monitor. The only clue I have is ther there is a warning light fpr the DRAM LED. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this?

A:Solved: Cant boot with new mobo & cpu

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Hello, I have an ABIT KN8-SLI mobo, I previously had 4x512mb in dual channel and it ran great. Decided to go upgrade with matching 4x1gb and here is the weird thing.

With DIMM slots 1-3 with 1gb each, boots fine
With DIMM slots 1-4 with 1gb each, no post, black screen no image
With DIMM slots 1-3 with 1gb each and DIMM slot #4 with 1x512mb, boots no problem.

I have confirmed that all 4x1gb sticks work, I am wondering if perhaps I need to make an adjustment in my bios in order to get the system to post. My manual says each bank can hold one gig, but its not working for me. 3x1gb and 1x512mb, very frustrating.

This is a dual boot system, and xp home and vista premium.

Any advise would be great. Thank you!

A:Mobo will Boot w/3.5gb but not 4x1gb

Hi and welcome….

What BIOS version do you have? Have a look at the BIOS revisions for you board here. They fixed a memory problem in version 20




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Hi everyone, I'm having a bit of trouble.Here's the scenario.

My computer has 2 SATA HDDs (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16822144701) and 1 IDE HDD (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822144422). Windows XP is installed on the SATA HDDs, the IDE HDD is just a storage HDD.

One day, my motherboard (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16813131013) died so I replace it with this new motherboard (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813131595). I decided to replace the CPU and GPU as well (but I don't think it would be part of the problem).

With everything connected, the first thing I did was change the BIOS.

SATA Configuration
SATA Port1 - Port4 ........... [RAID]
SATA Port5 - Port6 ........... [RAID]

I didn't see my SATA HDDs as an option in "Boot Device Priority". I only saw my old IDE HDD. However, after changing the options in "Hard Disk Drives" - making 1st Drive "RAID: Single Disk 1" as opposed to "HDD:{My old IDE HDD}" - it saw the Single Disk 1 in "Boot Device Priority" but it no longer saw my old IDE HDD as an option. I tried booting from that and Single Disk 2, but nothing worked. I just get "Reboot and select proper boot device".

My old set up was on RAID 0. Do I need to install the RAID drivers onto the new motherboard? I downloaded the drivers onto a flash drive and got into DOS and tried to run setup.exe but it... Read more

A:New MoBo, cannot boot from RAID 0

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I'm in the process of building a new PC. I already had the thing put together and had Vista installed when some other hardware issue caused me to get a new mobo. Now that that issue is taken care of and the new mobo installed and bios up to date, Vista will not boot.

Every time I try to boot in all the different safe modes, last good config or normally it gets to the boot window with the bar at the bottom that moves(sorry the name is escaping me right now). The bar moves for 15-30 seconds then freezes. Then a blue screen flashes for a split second and the PC reboots.

I've tried to just reinstall windows, but it freezes after the moving bar screen. It gets to what looks like the first screen on the OS with the mouse that I can move around for about 30 seconds then it just freezes and stays there.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance.

A:Got new mobo, now Vista won't boot.

Is this the same model motherboard as the one you replaced, and using the same processor?

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I have an extremely old computer which I wanted to see if it could boot from USB. I checked the motherboard to see if I could change the boot order to USB but all I could change it too was "Removable Devices" which I then put in the #1 spot to boot. I restarted my computer with my USB drive plugged in, but it booted to XP like normal.

Is there a bios update that I can update my mobo too, so that it can boot to usb or is it just too old?

Here is a screenshot from cpu-z of my motherboard.

A:Can I update to Mobo so it can USB boot?

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Iv just today bought a new motherboard n68c-gs ucc, and also a new 550w psu and cpu heatsink and fan, .. Reason i bought all this is because i was having problem with my other board which was getting old.

The problem im having is that i cannot get the aystem to boot up. The fans and everything seems to work just no beeps or video. I had the aame problem with my old mobo which suddenly stopped working. I replaced my cpu fan nd psu, iv tried booting using one hardware at a time still no hope. I tried a barebone installtoon and still no hope. Could this be a bad cpu? I currently have am2 amd 64 x2 processer.

Did i get the wiring wrong?

Plz i urgently need help, iv been trying all day and night just no fix at all.

A:New mobo . No boot no video

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I bought a motherboard off ebay, came bundled with a celeron 2.8 and 512mb ram. It was not new, but was advertised as working fine.

It will turn on and POST, and it recognises my IDE hard drive with XP installed on it, but it will not boot it. It gets to the screen saying "Windows did not shut down properly" and asking you to choose to start normally, or in safe mode etc. Which ever option you choose it always simply restarts as soon as you select one.

Also, I used a different, empty, hard drive and tried to install XP from my CD onto it. It will format the disc etc, but when it reboots after formatting (as part of the normal installation procedure) some garbage is displayed.

So it would appear that the board is having trouble reading from the hard drives.

I have tried everything I can find in the BIOS, as well as trying it with different IDE cables, on both IDE ports and with the drive set to master, slave and cable select. Have tried it with and without other drives (such as CD) present.

One thing I'm not sure on, is that this board supports SATA, whilst I'm trying to boot IDE drives. Will the board only boot SATA drives maybe?

Board is: Fujitsu Siemens D1561 There's also a manual for the board there.


A:New mobo wont boot

You cannot swap boards and expect xp to boot.
It is possible to do a board swap without a clean install provided you follow the correct procedure however this starts with the old board still installed.

In short you need to clean install windows. Note if your system came with an OEM ver of windows or it came pre-loaded, you will need to buy another license / copy of windows. The OEM ver is tied to the original hardware; your lic lives and dies with the original board.

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ok, after a long epic battle with a stuttering problem with my 6800/nforce3 combo (which took me about 9 months to find out the problem, check the forums, it's a huge widespread problem), i finally decided to switch my motherboard out for a new chipset. first i ordered an abit kv8 pro, and after i turned on the computer, all the fans worked but nothing was displayed on the monitor. the led indicator on the board told me that it was a successful boot, but for whatever reason nothing loaded. that coupled with a few minor power issues, i determined that the problem was that my power supply was not strong enough for the board (i run 18amps and the 12v rail, whereas the abit forums suggest 20a for that specific model). so i sent the board back and ordered a gigabyte k8u with a uli chipset. i put it all in, but the same thing happens (minus the power issues). fans spin, i hear the hard drive start up, but nothing happens. i know that there can be issues with booting windows when changing chipsets, but this doesn't seem to be the issue at hand. this is my first time dealing with mobo changes, so i could very well be missing something simple. if anyone knows, please reply.
ps i'm certain everything is plugged in correctly

A:PC won't boot with mobo change

MS: I assume you loaded the drivers for the chipset and video card?

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old mobo fried, installed new k7mnf-64 mobo.

when i power it up i get two audible tones, one short one long sonds like a mini ambulance lol. also red light on mobo stays on.

nothing is plugged in, no cd or hdd or anything, no cables either, cpu fan not turning on.
I suspect either fan or cpu itself, any insight?

A:new k7mnf-64 mobo won't boot up

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I replaced the mobo on my mom's computer (which i have done before) and now the HDD won't boot. The light comes on for a second and goes out. The monitor shows the mobo opening screen and just freezes there.

Is the HDD gone?
Any ideas would be appreciated.


A:Solved: HDD won't boot after new mobo

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I have a gigabyte-ga-p35-ds3p brand motherboard. My PC won't boot off a windows 7 install drive. I created this usb drive and used it before to do a clean install on other PCs. I tried everything in the bios, even setting floppy disk as first to boot. But it just insists on immediately booting from my SSD, the only internal disk drive plugged in.

Pics of my bios for reference below.

I did test the usb drive and it seemed to work although it didn't get past a black windows loading screen, I don't know if that is because my test software is not a proper virtual machine or something else.

A:modern mobo won't boot from usb

PicPaste - tmp_4389-146333813431321355113984-NPOZEKnl.jpg

PicPaste - tmp_4389-146333813424711743507183-WSGB8SyP.jpg

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My computer has been running excellent for a while now, but when I came home from work today, I turned my pc on by the fron power button and it starts up for about 3 seconds, beeps once then completely shuts down again. I have to turn to power supply off then unplug the supply, reverse the process then try again. same thing happens.

ABIT UL8 uli m1689
1.5gb RAM
3200+ amd
ati radeon x1650

A:Mobo wont boot

Have a look here: Tutorial: No POST (Power On Self Test)

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Someone please help!

I have an Asus a7n8x Deluxe Mobo, an ATI all in wonder Radion 9700 video card and an AMD 2800 (333 fsb) cpu.
I get no video at boot and I've tried erasing the bios (CMOS)
and reading the whole manual. but still nothing
all of the jumpers are at default and the RAM is it's correct slot.
I also tested the video card, cpu, hard drive and RAM on a friends pc who has the same Mobo, and everything worked perfectly.
note: the motherboard is new and was in it's original factory box, everything is.
what else can I do?

A:help! No video @ boot. it's the mobo

My best bet would be a faulty AGP slot, since you have the cpu an other components tested. Before you confirm the source of the problem,, it is wise to get a working PCI card and do a bench top test with the barebone system and see if it works, If it works, chances are your AGP slot is faulty.

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I just built a new computer with a Biostar K8M800 Micro AM2 mobo, AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ CPU and 2gb of ram. I'm trying to get the IDE-HDD from the old computer to boot on the new system. Is there any way to make the old drive (I don't want to loose the data or installed software) boot on the new system without reformatting or reinstalling the OS? I've tried to do a repair 3 times with the new hardware to no avail. Is reinstall my only option? The old setup was a crappy emachines 2.6 celeron with 512mb ram.

A:New MOBO and Can't get old XP drive to boot

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I have a boot problem with my computer:

2.4Ghz Celeron CPU
Via P4XB-SA Motherboard
60GB Maxtor 7200RPM HD (Set Master on Primary IDE)
256Mb PC2100 RAM
Matrox 4mb VGA PCI Card
Onboard Sound
DVD Drive (Set master on Secondary IDE)
Optimized Defaults were loaded

I changed out the RAM, CPU, and the HD and still have the same problem. I tried setting standard defaults in Bios (even tried switching some things around in bios) and still get the same problem.

When I boot the system, it will go through HD detect, RAM Count, and DVD Drive Detect fine, but when it switches to the next screen (when the floppy drive starts to read), it will go to a blank screen with a blinking cursor in the upper left hand corner. I kinda narrowed it down to either the Mobo or VGA card. All components are new so I don't think it is a hardware malfunction, just a setting or incompatibility issue. It could also be some type of setting in bios that I may be over looking. Anyway, I can let it sit for 30 mins and it still stays on the same screen. I tried to manually erase CMOS. Doesn't work either. I also made sure that master and slave was set correctly on the HD and DVD Drive. Everything to my knowlegde is correct. Any advice?

A:Boot problem with Via Mobo?

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dell xps 210 vista - mobo died so i replaced w/ factory mobo and system starts to boot up but stops on boot up screen and says " system does not support processor" press f1 or f2 to continue. If i go f1 windows starts up and everything works- f2 takes me to set up menu. Any ideas?

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i just replaced my MOBO in my home computer. after replacing MOBO i got verifing DMI data pool. when i try to load windows 7 disk i get this error.

trap 0000042e exception
tr=FFFF cr0=00000000 cr3=00600060 gdt limit=007F base=0001F000 idt limit=07FF base=F08000000

cs :eip=0006:00000050 ss:esp=0060:000003F6 errcode=0000 flags=00000000 nocy nozr intdis down trapdis
eax=0000042C ebx=00000001 ecx=0000000D edx=00000000 ds=0310 es=13BC edi=0CED0040 esi=02100000 ebp=00000CD9 cr0=00000000 fs=0060 gs=0060

after some searching i have found out that there is a block/restricted the HD. or atleast i think thats the problem any help would be great thanks!!

Gigabyte EP43-UD3L
Intel® Core™2 Quad Processor Q8200
windows 7

A:New MOBO boot problems

So, when you replaced the motherboard did you reinstall Windows or did you just use the hard drive that has the Windows installation with the new mobo?

If you didn't reinstall Windows, that is your issue.


By the way, what was your previous motherboard make and model?

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I just upgraded from an ancient Athlon 850 to an ECS RS400-A motherboard, and Intel P4 640 CPU. When I try to boot my system, I get a "Blue Screen of Death" telling me that Windows has detected an error and is shutting down. It told me to run chkdsk on my drives (which I did by hooking them up to another system, no issues). What should I do?

Note, I did not reformat my drive prior to upgrading. Should I have?

A:Upgraded MoBo and CPU, now Win XP won't boot! HELP!!!

Hello and Welcome to Techspot!

You can try to run a windows repair on your system. It may fix you up.

If not, then yes you will have to reformat.

Good luck!

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Ok ...

I had a puter which either my motherboard or my cpu died on me. So I bought an AthlonXP2400+, Asus A7N8X, and a stick of Kingston RAM to go along with the Western Digital drive that was already in there.

I had to know if it was the chip or the board that died, so I installed the Athlon T-bird 1.33 chip in the board and turned it on. It was posting, but it said "Warning: CPU have been changed!" It wasn't even posting before, so I was happy to even see see it do this. So then I put the new chip in. I booted up and it said the same thing. So I went into BIOS and set everything back to defaults and that stopped. So now, when it posts, it detects the old 1.33 processor speed that I had tested in there (1700+? I think). Then after it posts, I get a stop error and it says A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage. It tells me to check for virii and remove newly installed hdds or hdd contollers and to run checkdisk. It does this when I boot into safe mode also. So in case, I put it on my other computer and ran tests and it was fine. I had an extra hdd that I tried in the new computer and it immediately gives me an error "NTLDR is missing" and tells me to his control +alt +delete to reboot. Im assuming I have all kinds of settings messed up in the BIOS or something. Can anyone shed any light on what is happening to me?

A:Replaced mobo, cpu, ram.. will not boot.. :(

Make sure you switch off the Virus-check in your BIOS, that accesses your HD.

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I recently purchased an ECS K75SA pro and an AMD Athlon 2400+ I formatted the HD and put a fresh install of Win XP Pro (full version). Setup for Windows XP completes and on the first attempt to get into windows after is auto restarts the boot hangs on a file. I told it to record the bootlog (I am able to get into windows in Safe Mode). In Safe Mode i looked at the bootlog. MUP.SYS is the file that appears to be hanging my system.

This is what I have tried
- taking all extra harware out (including trying a PCI video card instead of AGP and RAM)
- enabeling/disabeling all options and peripherals in BIOS (plug and plac, ACPI etc.)
- resetting CMOS
- formatting HD, defragmenting and installng XP on a raw partioned drive and an Fdisked drive

so my brand new mobo, for some reason is causing the system to hang while XP attempts to load MUP.SYS (C:/...Drivers/Mup.sys)

what can i do to get into windows!? There has to be a way...

thanks in advance

A:Mup.sys hangs XP boot (new mobo)

from a search on google it recommends removing one pci card at a time to isolate the offending card.there seeem to be a lot of problems being posted with this paticular ecs m/board

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was having trouble with my computer so decided to get new mobo and hdd and start over. now I can't get it to boot up at all. all hook ups appear to be ok. new asrock 970 pro3 r2.0 mobo, new thermaltake tr2 rx 750 watt power supply and new Seagate 1tb hdd. new dvd burners too- all sata. old cpu, amd Athlon x4. system powers on. fans run, but monitor light just blinks green, keyboard and mouse don't activate. any ideas? thanks

A:new mobo and hdd. wont boot

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I'm in the process of building a new PC. I already had the thing put together and had Vista installed when some other hardware issue caused me to get a new mobo. Now that that issue is taken care of and the new mobo installed and bios up to date, Vista will not boot.

Every time I try to boot in all the different safe modes, last good config or normally it gets to the boot window with the bar at the bottom that moves(sorry the name is escaping me right now). The bar moves for 15-30 seconds then freezes. Then a blue screen flashes for a split second and the PC reboots.

I've tried to just reinstall windows, but it freezes after the moving bar screen. It gets to what looks like the first screen on the OS with the mouse that I can move around for about 30 seconds then it just freezes and stays there.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance.

A:Got new mobo, now Vista won't boot.

You have what the OS sees as bad drivers, and they won't work. You need to boot from the install disk, instead of the HD and completely reload the OS.

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Brink's tutorial on "How to activate Win 7 online" states when you may need to activate online again based on certain conditions. My case is not listed, so I need to ask. (I upgraded from Vista 64 which came with the Gateway to Win7 X64.)

I will be replacing the existing generic Mobo that came with my Gateway for a new ASUS P6TD Deluxe. I will use my existing Boot disk and backup drives as well as memory and all other hardware. Just moving and connecting existing components and accessories from one Mobo to another. (Bios will be different also).

Will I need to re-activate Win7 or will it remain activated upon booting with new MoBo?


A:New MoBo Same Boot HDD and Mem. Need to Re-Activate?

Although I can't be absolutely certain, I can only imagine a hardware change like that will require reactivation. Also, since your changing motherboards you should do a clean install. It's not very practical to do it any other way, and your OS might not even load with a whole new motherboard anyway.

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Last night I was gaming just fine - i did notice a few odd stutters towards the end of playing (kind of like the hdd tick lag) and this morning i tried to boot it, it came on just fine but was just a blank screen (i have it hooked up to a led tv). After some fair troubleshooting (pulled out the gpu, unplugged cd rom, hdd, ssd, sound card - still would not boot. Then, after pulling all ram sticks out, I can post with only 2 of the 4. Now, i have windows on the ssd, and games/etc on the hdd - the windows logo pops up and it says it is preparing to repair windows, but then goes back to post screen twice at most, then will stay on a black screen. I'm not sure that 2 sticks would suddenly drop like that, but this is odd. I did get a 4 beep post code at one point, and after research made me test out the sticks individually. I used a simple PSU tester, and all seems fine. I can sit in bios forever, but even upon attempting to boot windows installation media from a usb, it just resets back to post screen. I attempted to use hiren's boot cd to read the ssd or format it, to no avail - but, d-ban will boot up, not sure what that means. I am far from super tech savvy - so now I'm reaching out for help.

My specs:

Intel i7 - 4790k

16gb g.skill ripjaws (4x4gb) pc3-12800 9-9-9-24

Asrock fatal1ty z97 killer mobo p1.30

Kingwin lazer 850 psu 80+ bronze

Intel 250gb ssd

Toshiba 1tb HDD

Creative recon 3d sound card

Geforce GTX 1080 (evga)

Thanks in adv... Read more

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Hey guys my name is Heath and i have a computer that has a socket 754 and i just replaced the motherboard, but now when i turn the power on the cpu fan runs full speed and hard drive or and other drives wont work like there not getting power... I have tested the power supply with two testers just to make sure and the PS test fine. Could it be the CPU that maybe giving me issues? I have tried all drive unplugged and tried them one at a time and still the same thing. Please help me out b/c i dont want to buy a CPU then find out its not that.

A:New MOBO and wont boot

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I recently acquired a DUAL laptop and I was wondering how I can determine the make and model of the motherboard. The computer model number is MVA-6690. It has an AMD 400 mhz processor and I want to see if the motherboard can take anything faster. I also want to update the BIOS. Any help?!
(I tried opening it but can't quite get it open)

A:DUAL Laptop Mobo

wut is a dual laptop

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