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T480 reinstall Windows - LENOVO windows boot logo

Q: T480 reinstall Windows - LENOVO windows boot logo

Hi, I have Lenovo T480 made for german market, german windows preinstalled.I would like to reinstall Windows, but I dont want to make same mistake like when I have reinstalled original windows on x260 and lost LENOVO boot logo. I dont speak about LENOVO logo during the BIOS startup, I speak about LENOVO windows boot logo.How to make this.Thanks

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Preferred Solution: T480 reinstall Windows - LENOVO windows boot logo

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I recently got the Yoga C940 15" and found out that Lenovo uses its own boot screen logo.  Is there a way to get rid of this ugly boot screen logo and use the default Windows 10 logo as most other laptops do? I would like it to be changed to: 

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Hello, I have camera issue in my laptop, so Lenovo support changed the Camera and also motherboard and I just realized that on Windows 10 startup boot no more Lenovo logo, it showing Windows original logo. Is there any way to change back to the Lenovo logo? Thank you

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Please help! My mouse does not work properly, so I go to msconfig and check the "start up window with basic setting" (sth like that, the second choice on the 1st tab), then I restarted me computer.  After that, my computer show nth after the windows logo but my mouse pointer, the keyboard is not responding but my mouse does.  I cannot not boot up my computer using safe mode either. It turns out the same, black screen with a white pointer.  It's a windows 7 OS.  Can anyone save my computer?? 

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I've got a Yoga 12 that I have applied the latest bios to, and have wiped to install a fresh copy of Windows 10. I've set the bios to load best settings for the OS, and then done a restore defaults, which enables UEFI, secure boot, etc. Trying to boot off thumbdrive, the machine hangs at the Lenovo boot logo probably 90% of the time. Occasionally it will go past, but it'll fail again next time around.  I've pulled the bottom of the machine and unplugged CMOS and battery for over an hour which reset CMOS. I've tried a different SSD, and I've run the lenovo diagnostics. All seem clean. Also reset the security chip, played with secure boot options (reset to factory or reset to install mode).  Is there something I'm missing? Some Lenovo specific partition that needs to exist, or is the machine basically a brick at this point?  I realize the machine is pretty old at this point (I believe we purchased in 2015). But it SHOULD work. I'm going to try the Lenovo recovery download tomorrow and see if that somehow functions (even though I don't want Windows 10 Home on the machine).  Thanks. 

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I need help and suggestions on what to do with this black screen crisis. Mine is a little different that others. so sorry if this is a repeated thread. ive looked everywhere, and no one has the issue when they have dual boot.

laptop description:
I have dual boot on my laptop with windows 7 ultimate 32 bit and windows 7 home premium 64 bit. the home premium came pre installed on the laptop and the ultimate version i installed later dual boot (i needed some capabilities that home premium doesn't have).

Problem: I cannot see anything on my screen after windows logo while booting up my laptop bcz of the black screen after the windows logo. When i boot into WINDOWS 7 HOME PREMIUM. i hear windows logon screen notification noise but see nothing! oddly enough even my built in webcam logs me in with VeriFace software with my face, passwordless! ALSO my laptop boots fine with windows 7 ultimate and i can see everything, and it works great! i need the other version to WORK cause my life is in that other version of windows. i cannot factory restore!!!

What i have tried: the keyboard is also unresponsive, bcz i held down a bunch of keys to see if it makes the beep noise. I closed the laptop lid to see if it goes into hibernation and waited 3 mins to see if it still does, so that when i open it i can see everything (it has worked before). nothing. i rebooted a bunch of times even with a second screen attached, tried to guess switch into projector mode with my function key and switch s... Read more

A:Lenovo Ideapad Y560 "black screen in boot up after windows 7 logo"

Sounds like a corrupted file system, so try running chkdsk.

How to run System File Checker (SFC) or chkdsk from the Recovery ConsoleBoot your Vista or Windows 7 installation DVD
When you see "Press any key to boot from CD or DVD", press Enter
At the "Install Windows" screen, click on Repair your computer at lower left
At the System Recovery Options screen, make note of the drive letter assigned to your boot drive (normally C and click Next
At the Chose a Recovery Tool window, click on Command Prompt. You will be sitting at X:\Sources directory
Run SFC or chkdskIf you did not note the drive letter of your boot disk, you can enter bcdedit and look at the osdevice line to see what it is.
For sfc, type sfc /scannow /offbootdir=c:\ /offwindir=c:\windows and press Enter (use the letter from above)
For chkdsk, type chkdsk c: /r and press Enter (use the letter from above).

Let either run to completion undisturbed.

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In preparation for the Windows 10 upgrade, I wiped my SSD and did a clean reinstall of Windows 8 before using the Windows 10 upgrade. However, after installing Windows 8, my boot logo is no longer the blue Windows logo but the Asus logo. I'm assuming this resulted from some driver update that Windows Update forced on me when I reinstalled Windows 8, but I'm not positive, so it could be something else entirely. I should point out that before I reinstalled, I used Windows 8/8.1 for two years and never had this problem. My hardware has not changed. Even though my motherboard and monitor are made by Asus, this problem never occurred until now. I tried to do another clean install, but the boot logo never reverted to the Windows logo. I'm now on Windows 10, and the boot logo is still the Asus logo. How can I change the boot logo back to the Windows logo?

I've uploaded a picture of the boot screen below, so you can see what's going on. As you can see, above the white dots that keep moving in circles, the Asus logo has replaced the Windows logo.

A:Asus Logo Replaced Windows Boot Logo

Most likely from you re-installing the factory image. I think that it is kind of cool.

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my boot logo is the windows 8 boot logo but after upgrading to windows 8.1 it changed to the hp logo. How do i change it back?

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Hi All, I'm trying to install a 32bit windows 10 on ThinkPad T480Core i7 8550U / 1.8 GHz8 GB RAM256 GB SSD TCG Opal Encryption 2, NVMe.64 bit is no issue. But the 32bit cant install on the nvme. Error: couldnt create partition. I've tried shift+f10 and clean, create primary partition, convert. Nothing works. I've tried a different nvme with same result.  I've also disabled secure boot, tried UEFI and Legacy and boot throught PXE using Serva. Any Ideas Thanks 

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Hello,Let me start off and say that I own a Lenovo T410, T420, T430, T480 and several other machines, and I am very familiar with these devices, and my primary operating systems are Windows 7 and OpenSUSE linux OS. As required by my employer, I bought a new laptop, Lenovo T480 which came with W10Pro (cannot downgrade) and installed an OpenSUSE KDE. In the beginning the T480 on W10 worked smoothly, but after one of the automatic updates, my sound system isn't working properly anymore. Before the update, I could have a dual channel sound output meaning, on W7 I could use "Realtek Audio Manager" to choose that I will have different volume setting for: 1. Machine speakers.2. Headphones if/when plugged in. This would prevent my laptop for blasting sound to the room through the speakers if I accidentally unplugged the headphone. This is a crucial feature to me as I am often connected to a meeting and I sometimes like to listen to music while working. This feature is gone. I have it working on the linux side, it is definitely driver/OS problem, not hardware. First, Lenovo T480 +W10 never came with realtek audio manager support.Second, I cannot download it seperately, and I somewhat get a buggy "resolution" if I downgrade where the mute button sticks. I am wondering if someone was able to solve this.Thank you for your time.-SJLPHI

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I was having problem with amd graphic driver update it would not able to install display driver so i reinstall windows 10 and it worked and after then i tried to update amd display driver it started having same problem so i dled the latest windows 10 from Microsoft and did reinstall but during reinstallation after getting ready it reboot and stuck at hp logo forever.
I tried hard start nothing happen same stuck at hp logo i did diagnosis of hardware all stated passed did chksdk r .
It couldn't load into safe mode also and just stuck at hp logo.
Tried refresh but it say failed .
I can't lose my files cuz my whole semester work is in there and I have to submit my project next week. I need a Big help.

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Hello, My Lenovo yoga 3 pro 1370 is barly 5 months old, this morning when i tried to switch it on. it is stuck at the lennovo screen.I treid accssing the BIOS screen but even if the press the button it still wont go past the lenovo logo screen.Please help  Thank you,Shyam Jampala

WhatsApp Image 2016-11-08 at 18.08.07.jpg ?80 KB

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Hi ALL ,Today only i got new laptop and i am facing same above :I was updating my laptop using the automatic driver update on the lenovo site and there was a bios update listed, it installed all drivers and then the BIOS. After the BIOS update the laptop has been in an infinite boot loop, and I've tried everything. First I thought it was the HDD, but I tested it and it's not I even placed another one in.I took out the CMOS battery for a few minutes, took out the laptop battery, tried the whole hard reset thing and the Pin Button on the Side (Novo Button) and it just boots up the laptop, shows the Lenovo Logo and literally crashes in the same second and reboots again, I can't access the bios or anything. I tried F12, F10 plus power button, Fn plus R plus Power Button, holding the power button, I don't know how to reset the BIOS. Another thing is that the laptop clicks whenever it crashes and boots up again (a clicking/tick sound just once per crash).Please help for that ,  if find any solution please try to reach me +91-8096001082  

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Hi, all. New member here. I was updating my friend's laptop using the automatic driver update on the lenovo site and there was a bios update listed, it installed all drivers and then the BIOS. After the BIOS update the laptop has been in an infinite boot loop, and I've tried everything. First I thought it was the HDD, but I tested it and it's not I even placed another one in.I took out the CMOS battery for a few minutes, took out the laptop battery, tried the whole hard reset thing and the Pin Button on the Side (Novo Button) and it just boots up the laptop, shows the Lenovo Logo and literally crashes in the same second and reboots again, I can't access the bios or anything. I tried F12, F10  plus power button, Fn plus R plus Power Button, holding the power button, I don't know how to reset the BIOS. Another thing is that the laptop clicks whenever it crashes and boots up again (a clicking/tick sound just once per crash). Please help.

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Hi everyone, I've got an issue with my T480 laptop. I am unable to boot from USB - when I select an external disk in Boot Menu, nothing happens. USB disk works on another laptops in UEFI mode and secure boot disabled, and I can install W10. There are my BIOS settings: config -> USBUSB UEFI BIOS Suport - EnabledAlways on USB - Enabled security -> Secure BootSecure Boot - Disabled Startup -> UEFI/Legacy BootI've tried to switch multiple times between UEFI and LegacyBoot Mode - QuickOption Key Display - EnabledBoot Device List F12 Option - enabledBoot order lock - Disabled Does anyone know why it does not work? Did I skip any step? Thank you in advance!

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I have a broken laptop that refuses to boot. No BIOS screen or anything is displayed when the power button is pressed. I have removed the hard drive from the laptop and put it into a working desktop PC. I started it in safe mode and the computer restarts. I used the F8 key to prevent it from shutting down on errors and received the following Stop error code:
0x0000007B (0xFFFFF880009A9928, 0xFFFFFFFFC0000034, 0x0000000000000000, 0x0000000000000000)

So far I've used a boot cd to run chkdsk on the drive, and I've tried restoring to a previous point.

I do Not have an installation disk for Windows 7.

Any help is appreciated.

A:Windows 7 STOP: 0x7B Refuses to boot past the windows logo screen

Edit: Thanks for moving this to BSoD, my mistake.

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I have installed Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64-bit alongside Windows 7 Professional 64-bit OS in dual-boot configuration with GRUB 2.02beta2. Both OSs are up to date; however, occasionally I do not get the animated Windows logo in the Windows 7 boot-up and a distorted screen is displayed instead until I am presented with the login screen. This issue was non-existent before my Ubuntu installation and I am not able to fix it. I should also note that the Windows 7 boots up, but this artefact is really annoying. I already posted this on askubuntu.com but received no reply, for screen-shots you may wish to check it:

After Ubuntu installation, Windows experiences boot-up issues - Ask Ubuntu

So far I have tried a command on the Windows 7 console but it did not resolve the issue. By the way I experience this problem occasionally and in these cases mostly the laptop is running on battery power. My laptop brand and model is Dell Latitude E5440, respectively. Any help and/or suggestion is greatly appreciated.

A:Ubuntu Windows 7 dual-boot, Windows 7 logo animation problems

The link below might be a good starting point,

linux - Problem setting command-line console resolution. vbeinfo in grub2 does not report all resolutions - Super User

Good luck

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Hi everyone. Well I couldn't get rid of a knarley virus I had so felt defeated and I just gave up. I backed up my files to DVD's which may contain some malware ridden files. Probably not the smartest decision but I didn't know what to do. I wiped and reformatted my storage partition and proceeded to enter recovery boot mode to wipe/reformat my C:/ drive on Windows Vista Home Premium, and then it started but a Windows XP logo flashed for a couple seconds. Got skeched out and aborted the process and shut down. Any ideas on why that would be? As well as, how to clean my backed up storage data on DVD's without running on another computer potentially infecting it too? Thank you for taking the time to read this, any help/input would be truly appreciated.


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i have a HP corei3 4gb ram 1 TB HDD laptop. Recently i found some lag on my system so i decided to perform a clean install.
win 10 stuck at middle 40 % from DVD disk.
 Then i went for win 7 64 bit ( Ultimate) and formatted whole drive and installed win 7 from USB like always but now i am stuck at first boot logo after installation??
 Tried once more installing same problem ?  HDD check from bios passed no error.
is this HDD error or something else?? what to do now my system is just 13 month onlt for study used.

A:windows 7 stuck on windows boot logo after clean install???

Do you have valid Windows install disks for the attempts that you have made?
What model HP system?

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Hi there,

This thread is not much of question but rather an answer to anyone who encounters a similar problem.
Therefore, I do not know if this is the best place to post this. You are welcome to move this thread.

Here was my problem:
I had recently formatted my PC and reinstalled Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit and every time I would start my computer, generally after it spent the night switched off, the machine would hang while Windows loads, as the logo would start to appear.
The computer would hang for 2 seconds or so, then I would get a BSOD with varying error messages and codes.

My computer would reboot on its own but keep crashing until it eventually hangs generally as Windows is loading forcing me to restart manually.
After enough restarts (and BSODs), the computer would manage to load Windows and get me to the welcome screen. I could log on fine and would not get BSODs under Windows while I was using it. The crashes happened solely while Windows was loading during boot up.

My system consists of the following:
- 64GB SSD drive on which I have my OS installed.
- 2x 1TB HDDs set up in RAID 0
- 2TB HDD used for backup
- Intel i7 930 processor
- 6GB of DDR3 RAM
- AMD 6800 HD Graphics card
- MSI X58 pro-e motherboard

I formatted the PC and reinstalled Windows about 6 times from different images of Windows, yet the problem still persisted.

I checked my drivers and downloaded the latest for each components and nothing would do.
After nearly a month of research and trial and er... Read more

A:BDOD on boot up Windows 7 x64 (crashes when the Windows logo appears)

Thank you very much! That is a very detailed post and will help many experiencing similar problems. Nice job!

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Hi, I just got an HP Spectre x360, and I discovered that HP subsitutes its own logo for the Windows logo when it boots up.  I was wondering if it's possible to get the original Windows 8.1 boot screen with the Windows logo.  Is that possible?

A:Change Boot Screen to Windows Logo (Windows 8.1, HP Spectre ...

Hello @amt2, Welcome back to the HP Support Forums! I came across your post about the Boot Logo, and wanted to assist you! It is possible to customize your Boot Logo in Windows 8/8.1.  Please have a look at the following resource:How to Change Windows 8/8.1 Boot Logo *Easy* (This is not a HP supported Web site). Please let me know if this information was helpful by clicking the "thumbs up" below.Regards!

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i have a HP corei3 4gb ram 1 TB HDD laptop. Recently i found some lag on my system so i decided to perform a clean install.
win 10 stuck at middle 40 % from DVD disk.
 Then i went for win 7 64 bit ( Ultimate) and formatted whole drive and installed win 7 from USB like always but now i am stuck at first boot logo after installation??
 Tried once more installing same problem ?  HDD check from bios passed no error.
is this HDD error or something else?? what to do now my system is just 13 month onlt for study used.

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Hello there,  I have a Lenovo Thinkpad T430. I bought it used but in very good condition. Since it didn't come with a HHD installed so i had to buy a seperate HHD and install windows 7 by my own.* It did have the problem before, when i bought it first about a year ago, and i somehow managed to resolve the problem by help of some guys here in this same forum. But all my bad that i don't remember where was the solution.* Now i have decided to shift to SSD, and for that i bought a Samsung 128GB SSD and installed the same Windows 7, and this time i used the Lenovo's own software to detect and install all my drivers and here i come with the same problem again, this time my webcam also not coming up.Eventhough i have tried all my best from installing all the drivers avaialble in the lenovo site and also on the support pages but no help.* Some guys says its a hardware problem or a cable is not intact but i have checked both of them,1. The cable is intact i am sure,2. May be a hardware problem but why it happened before the same way and i resloved it without any hardware change.3. And What is the problem with my webcam?4. What am i missing, all the drivers and softwares are properly installed as per the device manager shows. * And i am sorry but this forum has no good helping enveroment, I am sure this isn't only my problem but since people don't get help from here therefore, they don't contact the forum. But i can't leave it as it is! So all you guys please prove... Read more

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Hello everyone, Similar topics have been raised in this forum but I could not find an explanation and fix to my issue, so here it goes : I just received my brand new P51 and noticed that when I select Windows 10 reboot, the laptop hangs when the Lenovo logo displays (displaying the "press enter..." message), powering off and rebooting being the only option. Shutting down the laptop and rebooting from power off works fine though. I tried several scenarios, including updating the BIOS to the latest version (1.17), pressing PF12 to change the boot order, etc and I finally figured out a way to make the reboot work : assigning the NVMe SSD containcng the W10 partition as the first line in the boot order, moving Windows Boot Manager that was intially #1 to #2 in the list. I have no clue why that makes a difference ? Also, I may be wrong but it seems like the boot takes a little longer now.  Anyway, I can live with that now, but I would really like to understand what is happening. In particular as I plan to add a second SSD for Linux and want to eventually be able to select Linux vs W10 at boot time. Thanks in advance for your feedback (thats my first post in this forum). cheers, Philippe

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I have two SATA hard drives, a raptor and a data storage drive. One day after I rebooted my computer I was never able to boot again when both of them were connected at the same time. It seems that when the data storage drive is hooked up, windows reboots without giving me any error messages right after the windows logo (screen turns black and goes back to bios). When it's disconnected, though, and only the main raptor drive is hooked up, windows boots without any problems. I've done the following in order to try to find a solution to the problem:
I've tried booting into a linux live cd which showed both hard drives with the files accessible on both (second hard drive is still working). I've also tried booting into safe mode which shows the list of drivers being loaded and reboots after the list as well. In addition, I tried doing boot logging which gave me the following result in ntbtlog.txt

Loaded driver \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\Wdf01000.sys
Loaded driver \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\LHidFilt.Sys
Loaded driver \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\mouhid.sys
Loaded driver \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\LMouFilt.Sys
Did not load driver NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller
Did not load driver NVIDIA(R) nForce(TM) MCP Audio Processing Unit
Did not load driver NVIDIA(R) nForce(TM) Audio Codec Interface
Did not load driver VIA OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394 Host Controller
Did not load driver Creative Audigy Audio Processor (WDM)
Did not load driver OHCI Com... Read more

A:Windows restarts after displaying the windows boot logo

Finally, I tried doing a repair install which did not fix the problem. My last resort was to reinstall windows, which I had to do

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I have my laptop set to hibernate when closing the lid and starting yesterday (had this for about a month), upon waking up, I get stuck on the windows boot manager. Even if I exit out from it, it comes back to this screen. The only workaround is to force a reboot. I'm recent with both lenovo and windows update and ran lenovo diagnostics but everything comes out ok. Reset the BIOS settings to default as well. But to no avail. Setting the boot priority to my SSD first does nothing as well. 

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Hello. I have 3 year old Lenovo Y50-70 laptop. Couple days ago i decided to finally upgrade to SSD. The old HDD was 1TB WD 10SPCX and i replaced it with 480GB Kingston UV500 SSD. When I swapped the drives and tried to boot, I was stuck on completely black screen with only Lenovo logo. This ocured when I tried to enter Novo menu using Lenovo Novo button as well. I tried to put back the old HDD and it was working normally. When i pulled out both disks and tried to boot only from bootable USB this problem did not occur. Then i tried to plug the SSD to some HP desktop computer and I was able to install windows there and boot on the desktop normally. So I put the SSD back into my laptop and again i was stuck on the logo. However, because Windows was now installed, I was able to boot after being stuck on the Lenovo logo for some time. Then I tried to change the SATA controller mode. I tried both Compatible (IDE) and AHCI modes and installed fresh windows using both settings but still I was stuck on the cursed Lenovo logo. The lag lasted ~1 minute when usind the IDE and 6-7 minutes using AHCI setting.  My bios version is the same as the version available for donwload on my laptop drivers page (V3.03). Using bios options to restore to defaults or OS optimized defaults did not make any difference. All the drivers are installed and up to date, though I think this is irrelevant as the problem first occured before any OS was present.  Could it be t... Read more

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Problem is similar to others that have been posted earlier.

On boot sequence, PC hangs on Windows boot screen - with the good old progress bar churning along for eternity. It just stays there. It is possible to boot into safe mode, safe mode with networking, etc. but never boots up normally. 'Last Known Good..." does not help at all.

I have tried 'repairing' XP using the recovery console (deleting the boot.ini file, then BOOTCFG /REBUILD and then FIXBOOT) to no avail. Do not know where in the boot process it is getting hung up and not totally sure how to determine that.

Using Windows XP Media Center Edition with SP2. Plenty of RAM and disk space.

Had this problem once in the past and it seemed to self correct after about 50 reboots. No such luck this time.

Does this sound like a re-install of XP is required or are there any other options that might work?
Cheers, GR

A:Boot sequence hangs at Windows Logo boot screen with progress bar

You have trotry reformat and if that doesn't work replace the hard drive.

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Is there currently any way to configure a custom boot logo for UEFI booting? I can only find methods for Legacy users, but no luck with UEFI.

I'm kind of new to custom boot logos, so if anybody could give me some information as to if it's possible first?


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I really hope one of you fine people can help me out.

Last night I was browsing facebook and my computer froze up. I tried to reboot it and it wouldn't load pass the windows logo.

It will however let me get into Safe mode.

Here is what I have tried:

- Restore to earlier date: I do not have one created as I recently restored my computer to factory setting (about a week ago)
- Malware scan with Malwarebytes: nothing found
- Memory Check - looks good
- Chckdsk - all went well
- Startup repair - Gave me errors and couldn't fix the problem. here is what the log showed:

Any help would be super appreciated.. i am very frustrated with this right now :(


A:PC wont boot pass Windows logo. Will boot in safe mode. Error code given. Please help

Which CHKDSK did you perform? /F or /R?

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I just got a new SSD for my laptop and reinstalled Windows 7 and all my software. I noticed though, now when I startup the computer the boot hangs on the windows logo for a little while and then the rest of the bootup takes under 10 seconds.

I have tried to reinstall Windows 7 multiple times and the boot only seems to get slow once I start using it and installing applications.

I was wondering if anyone knew why this happens or how to diagnose what is slowing it down. Is there a way to see a live log of Windows startup?

A:Windows boot slow at Windows logo on SSD

Recheck your data cables. For pauses at the logo usually indicates a hardware issue. From msconfig you can activate bootlogging and check the file ntbtlog.txt (not sure of this file name) in windows folder.

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I first noticed my video card running extremely hot, it was spiking around 102c. It would normally run about 72c on a decent load. When it would stay around 92-99 c, my pc would go black and the screen would flash at the top right corner a "vga" then flash "dvi" and then it would shut down. I installed new fans and it would still run about 89-90 c. I knew i would have to get a new video card but was holding out till payday. Well the last time it shut off,it would get to the windows logo and then shut off. It will start on safe mode but nothing else. Would a new graphics card fix my issue? Sorry for my jumbled post and thanks in advance for reading.

A:Pc won't boot up passed the windows logo on windows 7 x64 pro

Assuming you have tried the obvious, like blowing the dust bunnies out of your nooks and crannies (don't forget the power supply also gathers dust), do you have an old video card you could swap out with? The logon screen is hardly graphics intensive so it doesn't seem like it has time to overheat before you even get logged in.

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Greetings Sir !
i got some weird problem, my windows sometimes when i start boot suddenly not past the windows logo, and restart asking us repair startup windows, when i choose start windows normally, it's not past windows logo again, so startup repair ask do restore, so i do it, after i do it, finished and i see it's said number of root caused 1 repaired, it's back to normal, but sometimes the problem back again i need do another restore, what do you think sir ? need you help here, already 2 or 3 times like this ~

A:Windows 7 HP x64 Won't Boot Past Windows Logo (Sometimes)

Can you tell us more about your system? Desktop or laptop, what is the operating system, what security software is installed and is it current, are your operating system, security software and drivers current?

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When I power on my T450 docked in UltraDock sometimes it stuck at Lenovo logo.Only solution is to undock laptop and enforce reboot.This is video of my probelm https://photos.app.goo.gl/L9AhXoJZeqcXvr7m9

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My G50-80 will not boot. The Lenovo logo appears but not the loading wheel, and it hangs endlessly at that screen. The onekey recovery button yields the same result. No boot menu. Also, the power light and charging light are both lit, even though the charger is unplugged. I've tried removing the battery as well. Haven't been able to find any other instances of this issue. Anybody have a clue? Mod's Edit: Additional information added to Subject line for clarity of issue. 

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My G50-80 will not boot. The Lenovo logo appears but not the loading wheel. The onekey recovery button yields the same result. No boot menu. Also, the power light and charging light are both lit, even though the charger is unplugged. I've tried removing the battery as well. Haven't been able to find any other instances of this issue. Anybody have a clue?
Mod's Edit: Additional information added to Subject line for clarity of issue.

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Hi All, First, thanks in advance for bearing with my ineptitude and noobness when it comes to computers! Just got a new T480 - i5 vpro.  It came with 16gb ram and an M.2 256gb hard drive w/ Windows 10.  It booted up fine and I set up the computer no problem.  The laptop I had before this one was a T460 that was running fine with a Sata3 Samsung 860 EVO 1tb hard drive and Windows 10.  All my work and stuff is on that HD and I wanted to just simply transfer it over to the T480.  I took it out, ordered the SATA adapter cable for the T480, and when the adapter arrived, swapped HDs with no physical problem. The problem, however, was once I booted up the T480 with my old 1tb HD, it won't boot.  It keeps getting stuck on a Boot Menu/App Menu, Windows Boot Manager screen (see attached picture).  I tried continuing the booting process by selecting each of those options (windows boot manager, ATA HDD0, and PCI LAN) but each time, it ends up back at the same screen.  If I leave the computer on that screen, it will after a delay keep trying to boot and each time coming back to that screen.  The other picture is something else I will see pop up momentarily during the attempted boot process. I called Lenovo factory support but after speaking to two of the reps (I got disconnected while on hold with the first one), the conversatiosn didn't leave me with a very confident feeling abou... Read more

A:T480 stuck on Boot Menu/App Menu Windows Boot Manager screen

One possibility is that you you have a non UEFI setup on the SSD and secure boot is turned on.  In the BIOS, under security, turn off secure boot.  Under the startup tab, select both/legacy first.
Also, if you are running windows 7, it isn't supported on T480

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Hi all...

Is there any way by which we can change the Boot logo which comes like animated while Windows 7 starts.
No disrespect to Windows but m bored of seeing that logo....


A:Windows 7 Boot Logo

Hello karankhanna,take a look this
How to change boot animation in Windows 7

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I have the same phenomen on two different P50.Disable CSM in BIOS and Windows 10 boots with an underscore (instead of a Lenovo logo?) togtether with the spinning dots.Enable CSM and Windows boots with its normal Blue 4 piece Window logo. If I disable CSM should I have a Lenovo logo during boot such I see on my E570?Have anyone got a proper boot Logo with P50 with Secure Boot or CSM disabled?

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Windows keeps checking for updates for hours and never finishes - like is blocked.Same for MS Store downloads and updates.Is like is blocked.Internet working perfectly and Lenovo Vantage updates are working.Any ideas?Thanks 

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Hey guys, i've seen some similar questions asked about this, but the solutions to those problems haven't been able to help me so wanted to ask you guys if i missed something or you can help. Maybe i've overlooked something, but i wanted to write this post, before going to bed in hope i could try the suggested possible solutions. -By the way, i am new to this forum thing so if i am doing it wrong, please feel free to correct me or give me advice on that as well.I got a used Lenovo G500, with windows 8.1 (64-bit) from a friend, so i used the feature in windows to wipe it from all files and reset it. But after it had run for about 10-11 hours the screen had just been black for about 6 hours, so i decided to turn it off, although it was still running, to see if that would help. Now when it boots, it just gets stuck at thLenovovo logo right when i boot it, without no signs of loading or anything, when i leave it there for some time, nothing happens. The NOVO button is not working, and i can't access the BIOS menu or Booting menu with any keyboard shortcuts. Unplugging it and removing the battery and holding the power button, then rebooting, also does nothing. I don't think anything is wrong with the hardware since it was running perfectly before i wiped it, but now it just gets stuck at the lenovo logo right when i boot it.Is it because windows did not get installed correctly, or some drivers were corrupted, or something with the BIOS (which i am not really sure what is, i do... Read more

A:Labtop stuck at Lenovo logo when booting after "failed?" Windows reset (G500)

I posted a pre-solution for OKR feature. You can try and let us/me know if it works for you

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I am trying to dual boot Windows 7 Home Premium and Ubuntu 10.04 on my laptop (Toshiba Portege M400). I had Ubuntu 10.04 installed previously but I decided to wipe my hard drive before installing Windows 7. I used GParted to delete all my partition and setup two new ones. I formated the first partition as NFTS for Windows. After that, I proceeded to installing Windows. The first time I tried it, I was successful although I did need to reformat that NFTS partition I had made because it said that the partition table type (GUID) was not compatible. Windows 7 installed fine after that. However, when I try to install Ubuntu, it sees the whole disk as blank. I tried resolving this issue with GParted but that too saw the drive as if it were blank even though Windows 7 was installed. After that, I booted up the GParted Live CD once again and changed the partition table to MS-DOS. My Windows 7 boots up and goes through all the tasks before the first boot up. When it restarts for the first time, it fails to boot; it simply stays on the glowing Windows logo. I've tried formatting the entire disk through the Windows 7 disk and partitioning from there several times and I still get the same results. I've checked my BIOS and put it in it's default settings but still nothing.

A:Stuck at the Windows logo during first boot

Hello teKro, welcome to Seven Forums!

Try using the Windows disk to do a complete wipe "clean all" of the entire HDD and create the partitions with that also to see if it'll work for you; have a look at this tutorial at the link below.
Be sure to post back to keep us informed.

SSD / HDD : Optimize for Windows Reinstallation

Clean Install Windows 7

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About 3 weeks ago i installed Guild Wars 2 and was required to update my Video card drivers before i could play 306.23 i believe they were ( i have tried so many other versions and older ones now i forget) since then i have experienced Crashes, Artifacts and lock ups in all games i play including even while browsing the web. Sometimes it recovers from these artifacts/lock ups and says display driver crashed and has recovered but 95% of the time its a hard reboot to try to solve the problem , Now i am getting the artifacts during windows logo if it does this before it gets to password screen the screen turns black and i need to boot again really frustrating any help would be awesome, thanks

:- System spec

Core I7 950
Memory : Corsair XMS 3 1600 3 x 2 gb
MoBo : Asus Sabertooth X58
Psu : Corsair TX 750
OS: Windows 7 64bit Ultimate

A:Artifacts During Boot Windows Logo.

I would like to add that If i tab out of game it normally crashes instantly, and the artifact/crashes come in GW2 when i go onto a loading screen I.e changing Zones.

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Hey everyone,

this may sound as some standard thread but i really tried everything to fix this.

I got two problems:
- Windows 7 logo is missing ( using Vista standard )
- bootrec can't find a windows installation (/scanos) which prevents me from using the /rebuildbcd command.

What I've tried:
- setting the locale to nl-NL -> no result
- used bootsect /NT60 c:\ -> no result
- played with msconfig -> no result
- startup repair from windows dvd (several times) also there no Windows installation can be found -> no result
- Moved the /boot folder to another partition( from files of the DVD ) -> no result

I assume these two problemens are somewhat related.

The locale of Windows seems to be fine, which is nl-NL.
It's not like I can't boot into Windows, i just find it terribly annoying.

And no, I am not using a dual boot environment never have.

Below you can find the advanced bcdedit output (/v)

Microsoft Windows [versie 6.1.7600]
Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. Alle rechten voorbehouden.

C:\Windows\System32>bcdedit /v

id {9dea862c-5cdd-4e70-acc1-f32b344d4795}
device partition=\Device\HarddiskVolume1
description Windows Boot Manager
locale nl-NL
inherit {7ea2e1ac-2e61-4728-aaa3-896d9d0a9f0e}
default {34288b60-fb23-11df-bb0c-eff76692ab00}
resumeobject {34288b5f-fb... Read more

A:Windows 7 boot logo missing

as it seems noone really knows the answer. Here is an update:

When i scanned for an OS with the bootrec /scanos tool ( and windows also) it never found an OS. I noticed when rebuilding the bcd by first deleting the bcd in the /boot folder and after that using bootrec /rebuildbcd it DID find an os. After selecting it, it said succesful. Right after i scanned with bootrec /scanos again, it again didn't find anything again. But still, the fact that it find something brings hope

maybe this is somewhat useful...

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Hello Guys, I have a lenovo b50-70 and my Windows 7 boot logo is not centred if I install a Linux distro! With Debian I see Windows loading in progress on the top of the screen and this in the other sides of the screen :
Then the login page appears ok and Windows works, but I would solve that problem

A:Windows 7 boot logo not centred

Hey, sorry I don't know what the issue is but can't see the picture. Follow the steps in Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums please so others can look at it.

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Ive had this problem for quite some time now now but it seems to occur at random times. The problem is that when I boot up the system, the windows logo screen comes up shows as loading, the screen blinks once then continues loading and nothing else happens. it just stays at loading. Ive spoken to a friend once about it and we tried running sdfix in safemode and it seems to get us around the problem but the error still occurs at random times. I use CA antivirus and it has detected a few viruses in the past as well as some malware and I regularly clean them up. I am in the process of doing a pandascan now and will post immediately after it finishes. here is a copy of a deckard system scan tho as ive read it may be more reliable than just a hijackthis log.

Deckard's System Scanner v20071014.68
Run by user on 2008-08-12 06:53:40
Computer is in Normal Mode.

-- HijackThis (run as user.exe) ------------------------------------------------

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 6:54:45 AM, on 8/12/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16674)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MsMpEng.exe
C:\WINDOWS\System32\svchos... Read more

A:Stuck at Windows Logo boot

Bump 8 days....
any help would be greatly appreciated ^_^ thanks

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