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Access - Finding second date in a series

Q: Access - Finding second date in a series

I'm sure it's simple but I'm struggling to work out how to get the second date in a series in Access. I have a list of customers and the dates they have been seen - I also have a table which works out the first date in the series I can't see how, it's something I've just got to use!). Is there a relatively simple expression which would find the next date after that one/the second in the series?


Preferred Solution: Access - Finding second date in a series

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Access - Finding second date in a series

sazzra, welcome to the Forum.
I am afraid you are wrong, it is not simple, which is why you are struggling.
I think it can be done with 2 Queries, one to find the first date and then one to ignore the first date and find the second.
However can you be more precise about the date position, when you say the frist date in a series, do you mean the "Earliest date" or the "Latest date" as being "first"?

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i am using turbo c++. i have read a file and need to read the date of creation for that file. so using c or c++ functions . how can i do it?
can anybody help me out?

A:Finding Date of creation?

Probably not the RIGHT way to do it, but since you know how to read files, you can output the dir command's results for the file, to a tempfile and then read it.

#include <cstdlib>
system("dir /TC filename.ext > tempfile.ext");

Then the first 10 characters on the 6th line of the temp file will be the created date.

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This seems like the sort of thing which be so simple...

I have connected a friend's iPhone to my PC, so that I can copy some photos taken between particular dates (03-Feb-19 to 20-Feb-19). But there are many photos there, taken on many dates and spread across a large number of sub-folders of the DCIM folder. Plus the file creation dates are not always easy to organise. Putting that column in date order in Windows Explorer doesn't always put the dates in date order...

Is there a file finder which can find those files reliably?

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU J3060 @ 1.60GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 76 Stepping 4
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3941 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 149 GB (80 GB Free); D: 780 GB (651 GB Free);
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Enabled and Updated

A:Finding files by date

You should be able to view each subfolder by date.

what happens when you select a subfolder?

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Hi, this laptop had vista on it and I went and installed windows 7 I got all the drivers installed the only one I'm looking for drivers for the built in SD, I can't finding it, please help thanks everyone. Iv been putting in the SD card and it dose not load the SD.

A:Need help finding drivers for gateway hdmi m-series

The Vista driver should work, from the Gateway site ( or whoever does Gateway now ) where you got all the others. It`s not there ?

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I have a Date/Time field that I need converted to just a Time field.

It comes back with 2/11/12 0:00:00

I need just the 2/11/12

I thought about changing it to a text field but I think there will be an issue with the month because it does not bring back a 0 in from the months with only 1 digit.

This table that I am creating is being sent to a txt file and that is where I see the issue. It looks good in Access, but not the txt file.

Any suggestions?

A:Solved: Access - Convert Date Time to Date

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I am using the "microsoft access date/ time picker" control to pick dates. These dates like termination date of a contract will end up in the database. The problem I have is that when I do this,

rst!dateIntoForce = Me!ActiveXCtlDOForce

I end up with this in my database:

1/6/2003 5:48:43 PM

How can I extract only the date part from "1/6/2003 5:48:43 PM" so that only


goes into the database

A:Date Part only from MS Access Date picker control

Format the date before it gets entered into the db. Format([Date], "m/dd/yyyy")

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Hi there

I know how to do add a criteria to a Query. For example in the QBE pane in design view in the criteria row I enter this statement: Between [Start Date] And [End Date]. When I open up the form that is bound to the query, a message box pops up and I enter the required dates and I get the required data that is between the dates that I specify. However, I'm now finding out that this method is now becoming a nuisance.

Is there a way that I can have 2 unbound controls - one for the start date and the other for the end date in a criteria form. This way I input the dates I want for a particular customer and the form with the required data shows up. For example, I have already developed a criteria form for customers. I have an unbound combo box control that has customer names and when I click on a particular customer name, all the data for that customer is displayed in a form. In the row source of the unbound combo box control there is a SELECT .... FROM ... statement. I also have a button next to the unbound combo box control that opens up the form for that particular customer. Now I want to add two more Unbound controls in the criteria form, one for Start Date and another for End Date.

This way I can select a customer from the customer combo Box, select the start start date from the start date combo box and the end date from the second combo box control and get the desired data for that particular customer between the specified dates. I have attempted to do this bu... Read more

A:Access - Start Date and End Date in a Criteria form

Mario: What you want is called a query by form (QBF). I don't know how to do them myself, offhand, but here's the MS Technet article:

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I am having issues pulling the earliest date based on 3 criteria for thousands of unique loan numbers. I have a database where I have information on the below criteria on a monthly basis which has been maintained for a few years. I want to pull the earliest year/month (YEAR_MONTH field) for each of these loans based from the following:

1) First date after the DATE_CANCELLATION Field where Condition 1 is met
2) First date after the DATE_CANCELLATION Field where Condition 2 is met
3) December 2013

Do I create a CASE statement? If so, do I put it in the SELECT or in the WHERE section? Thank you.

A:Finding Earliest Date from 3 conditions

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I am trying to find the manufacture date for pcs that I cannot physically look at, but have the service tag numbers.  Is there an link other than looking at the warranty.  That only shows the ship date, not manufacture date.  Thanks!

A:I need help Finding the manufacture date from the service tag number

The shipping date is essentially the same as the manufacturing date - bear in mind that in recent years, Dell systems are built under contract with ODMs (Foxconn, Pegatron, Wistron, etc).  Dell hasn't manufactured systems itself in years - so the ship date is all there is.

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Hi, I need help with a Graphics issue. My laptop renders my external Monitors slightly out of focus or fuzzy. I thought it was the Monitor but when I hook up my much older PC (running XP) the Screen quality is fine! I got a different monitor hooked up to it now. The screen is still fuzzy. I noticed a few other weird issues. -When I hook up the Flat Screen exterior Monitor to my laptop both Monitors stay on. When I hook up my Laptop to my old heavy Tube monitor the Laptop monitor automatically turns off. -When I go into Personalize/Display Setting it has 2 monitors showing. The Exterior is #1 & the Lap is #2. The max setting for Monitor #1 is 1924 X 768. #2 has a ton of choices. maxing out at: 1920 X 1080.My Computer friend said I probably do not have the right &/or updated ATI Radeon Xpress 200M Series Graphics drivers. I went to ATI website & they didn?t have drivers listed for that series. It?s probably too old (2006). I was able to download ATI Catalysis:8-11_vista#32_dd_70229.exevista#32_dd_ccc_wdm_enu 70229.exeI installed both & rebooted & nothing changed. I?m not sure if I did something wrong during the install. I even went into the Display setting/Advanced/ Monitor/Properties/Drivers & had the system directed to : 8-11_vista#32_dd_70229.exeI thought there would be some prompts to help me optimize the display. Nothing happened. So I guess what I?m asking is:-What Graphic drivers do I need to be up-to-date?-Where can I find them? (since I ha... Read more

A:Need Help finding updated ATI Graphics Driver Radeon 200M series

With the old CRT's , check your refresh rates

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It seems that file backup software resets the file created date to the date of the backup; in this case the critical files are .CAD (AutoCad) files, and I need to know when the project began. It was several years ago, and I do not recall the backup programs that were used, and old HDs were wiped; recovery attempts indicate - no .CAD files or fragments. Is there a way to find or restore the original file created date...?

A:restoring, or finding. the original 'file created' date

Try right clicking on the file, click on properties, and you should see the create date, as well as the last modify and access dates. This works for many types of files, although I don't know about .cad files. I use Ghost for backup, and it shows the last date modified by me, not the software (right click/properties is not available for the backup file).

If you don't have the file on your computer separate from the backup copy, depending on your backup software, you might be able to restore the file to a different location so as not to overwrite you current copy, then look at its properties.

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Just started using Belarc Advisor.
Glad to see some threads with information about it... like the security score question.
I was going there next.

BUT... Here is my question:
Belarc is telling me that my Flash Player (Firefox, I assume... hmmm... I'll need to check MSIE).
is out of date and vulnerable. See screenshot....


But checking Firefox, and Installed Programs, they both say I have the latest version.
See Flashplayer.jpg.

Any advice?

===Add / Edit ===
Looks like it was Microsoft Internet Explorer version that was out of date.
Trying to get it to update now.
So... we can keep or delete the thread, as mods think best! Thanks.

A:Is Belarc Advisor finding something, or is Flash Player up to date?

You might want to bookmark this link http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/

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I'm trying to install Windows XP SP3 as a dual boot on my Windows 7 laptop (Asus U33JC).

I'm following this tutorial:

Dual Boot Installation with Windows 7 and XP

The computer has a SATA hard drive (not supported by XP), so I need to create a Win XP setup disk with the correct drivers "slipstreamed". To do that I am following this:

SATA Drivers - Slipstream into Windows XP CD

I'm having no problems with the technical aspects, but I'm finding it impossible to find and identify the correct SATA driver. The chipset is an Intel 5 Series / 3400.

You'd think this would be trivial but I've spent hours on it! All I can find on the Intel or Asus websites are automatic utilities to identify and install drivers on systems with operating systems already installed, not the drivers themselves or any information about them. I did download one of those exe files and used 7-Zip to extract all of the drivers, but there is no way to figure out which is the correct one to use for XP and for that particular chipset. I thought I'd figured it out by a process of elimination by searching the .inf files, but it didn't work so I must have got the wrong driver. Googling just brings up hoards of fake driver download sites that link to what I presume are malware installations ("drivermax", "driveridentifier" etc).

I find it completely incredible that it is so difficult to obtain the driver or even information about what the correct one is!

A:Finding SATA driver for Win XP dual boot - Intel 5 series/3400 chipset

First check for all the Win XP drivers for your hardware on the manufacturer's web site.

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Hi Guys

I use VBA to do all sorts of useful things inside my MS Access system. Currently, I have been asked to monitor and report on the use of electronic meetings within in the official committee structures. What I have is:
1. the path to the folder - the naming convention is Electronic meetings
2. the name of the outcome - that's what I must count - it is always in a .msg file with outcome as part of the name.
BUT what I don't have, is the name of the Electronic meeting sub folder. There is no naming convention with these. I want to look for and count all the *outcome*.msg files within in the Electronic meetings folder. But when it contains 3 sub folders inside the Electronic meetings folder, and the *outcome*.msg file is inside those, I don't know how to find the names of the sub folders to be able to use the Dir(foldername & "\*outcome*.msg") to count the outcomes.
So, to re-cap my question; How do I get the name of sub folders in a folder? (we don't have a GetFolders command in VBA, do we?)

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Hello Everybody:
We are trying to download the OS Version on Satellite C (W8 to W7).
How can we Access the BIOS?
We are pulsing the F3 key during loading process but this way dont run.
Thanks a lot

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when I go to 'My Network Places' and click on another computer, it prompts me to type in a password in which I do not remember setting and therefore I do not know, only recently has this happened

I want to access and or change the passwords on the Lan with administrator access rights

If you all dont know thanks for reading this anyway

oh yeah:

all computer Windows XP Home Edition
wireless LAN TCP/IP network

and if you are anyone wants to give me help in Command Prompt form that is fine


A:Changing and finding a password for LAN access

well I seemed to have fixed my own problem,

it must have been just the posting of the problem on the network that caused me to find the answer, thanks anyway

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Had MS Office 2000 installed on my husband's machine, but it never worked right with Windows 7 (no surprise there), and so he deleted it from the machine. We also have a church accounting software installed on that same machine, which was written in Access, but is a stand-alone program. Since he uninstalled the Office program, the link for the accounting program no longer works - errors on 'unable to find object 'database' '.
Oddly enough, since my computer and my husband's are on a network - and the accounting program is shared - I do part of the work, so I can go to his machine thru the network and open the program. I do not have MS Office on my machine - use Kingsoft Office instead. I have no problem opening up the accounting software that resides on his machine.
Thinking something got uninstalled on my husband's machine that is still on mine that enables me to open the program and he cannot, but I don't know what it could be, or how to find it and fix it!
Both machines are fairly new, and run Windows 7 - have plenty of storage and RAM

Any enlightenment on this problem would be SO appreciated!!

A:Solved: Finding Access database

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Is there a way to find out what date a website was accessed from my computer?

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Sorry to bother you guys again, you must hate me by now.

I have attached an access database which explains what i need.

I hope im not bothering you too much.

Thank you

A:Another access date problem :(

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I want to automatically list the date everytime I open up a particular access record. I know how to do "Now()" and this works fine for long dates but i want to list
#1: SHORT DATE (Jan 23, 2004)
#2: MONTH ONLY (Jan 2004)

Its a database to track phone calls and I need want to be able to quick list them as to date called and month called in a report.
Steve Passmore

A:Access Date Macro

It isn't entirely clear what you are trying to achieve. What I don't know is what field(s) currently exist in your table/form for date...

For the sake of argument, let's say you have a field that contains the date the call took place.

You can have that field on a report or form as many times as you want (make sure only one of them is editable) and each one can display the data differently: one for input is straightforward Short Date, the next one, in the field's properties>format, you could put "mm yyyy" (without the quotes) and make this one non-editable, and it would give you the Jan 2004 view.

In a report, though, you can control how you view records by "grouping and sorting".

Hope this makes sense,


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I'm doing a database at the moment and I'm going to base a report on a query I'm doing. I want to know how many people this business has served over a year.
Can anyone tell me how i can filter down results so that they only fall between a certain year?
Eg i have their arrive data and then add criteria to the query to then filter down those people who have come in 09 from those in 08.
Hopefully that make sense

A:Access query date

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Am trying to autocalculate a field in a form.

The field is a sum of a frequency (in months) plus a date.

(ie: I want a date for the next car service due: first field = service due every xx months + second field= last service date).

How do I add a figure in months to a date?

I have had some results by entering a short integer in the first field but it adds the number to the date in days only. I need to have the number added to the months and not the days.

appreciate any assistance that I can get.


A:MS ACCESS 97-- help with date calculation

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In Access I want to view all the records for one week. I was hoping this would work. "Between [Enter Beginning Date] and [Enter Beginning Date]+6" What am I missing? The goal is to only have to enter one date.

A:Access query date

mcookaz, it is better to use a form to either enter a date or select a date from an ActiveX calendar, you then use
Between forms![Formname]![Enter Beginning Date] and forms![Formname]![Enter Beginning Date]+6

It can be used on as many queries as you like as well.

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Hi.. as you can guess I am not that good with access. I have done a data base and what I want to do is search by a time period.
example. I have 5 pieces of data 3 in jan two in feb I want to show only those pieces of data in Jan .. How do I do it. One of the variables in the data base is disptached date which is a pre set date.
Can i set up a data critera where it will ask for a start and end date for the search and show only those pieces of information.

Also. while I am on. another search I am in need for is. I have created a order book and what I would really like is for to print out a report that will show by date ( as above) but only showing orders acepted and not just quoted for or visa versa. when I do a quote there is a box for their order number and a box for quote date is there a way of making access check to see if there is a varible in that the order No. box and if their is to print it out IF its in the date range as well.??


I know it is asking a lot. but that date range search would be very helpfull and I know if anyone can help you can.. thanks

A:date searching access 97

You might try posting your question on http://www.wopr.com/cgi-bin/w3t/wwwthreads.pl too. It's specifically for MS Office Applications and has a category for Access.
Edited to fix link, hopefully this is what you wanted

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In access 2000 I need to find the length of stay for residents of a facility as of aug 31,2002
My field is adm_date (date of admission to the facility)
What is the best way to do this

A:Access Date Calculation (Down, where are you??)

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The database i am making is for the counseling office of my school to document special education students. Well i need a code that will update the date everytime a record is edited. I need it to show up on a form and also on a report. Maybe in some text box on the form that will update itself everytime the record is edited/changed. Can anyone help? please??

A:Microsoft Access Date

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I have an Access 97 database on the network, in which about 10 users share. There is this one form that updates returned goods, for some reason I have one computer that adds the time and date to a date field. I want to get rid of the time, and leave short date. It looks like this, 2/5/2001 10:47:50 AM
Data is missing when I query the database using date ranges. I'm sure it's something that I'm missing. Any suggestions? TIA

This is the table input mask 99/99/0000;0;_
Table Format mm/dd/yyyy

A:Access 97 Date And Time

Check the user's regional settings for time/date...that's my guess.

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I want to have the last access date listed for all folders in XP Home SP3.
I can do this using one of the methods listed in the closed topic
Solved: Last Access file date attribute worthless? http://forums.techguy.org/all-other-software/865800-solved-last-access-file-date.htmlClick to expand...

which includes the reply copied below.
But how do I apply this method to all folders, as in the many subfolders in some larger folders?
Using the method below works only for the folder being specified. To do this for all folders and subfolders would take hours.



Computer Specs
Trusted Advisor with 8,864 posts.

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Location: Oregon, USA
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04-Oct-2009, 02:25 AM #3
In Explorer/My Computer:
Click View | Details
Click View | Choose Details...
Place a check mark in front of Date Accessed
Or, from a Command Prompt, navigate to the folder containing the file
Type Dir /TA Filename.ext
or from any folder type the complete path to the file:
Dir /TA "D:\My Folder\Filename.ext"
To sort files in a folder by date accessed:
Dir /TA /OD

Don't forget to use quotes if the filename contains spaces


JerryClick to expand...

A:Folder access date

Hiya Robert.

At the top of any open folder and after making any changes you want to, go into the Tools drop-down menu and click Folder Options. Now click the View tab and at the top, there`s a button to `Apply to All Folders`. Is that what you`re looking for ?


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I'm trying to run a simple query in access using VBA to construct the SQL. My problem is that on a BETWEEN...AND part i'm using a date which is in dd/mm/yyyy. As will be obvious to some this causes problems with VBA using US date format. So I thought the following code would work, it doesn't

Dim strDate As String
If DateCheck = True Then
strDate = " "
Else: strDate = "AND tblWholeOrders.Date BETWEEN #" & Format(Me.DateFrom, "dd/\mm/\yyyy") & "# AND #" & _ Format(Me.Dateto, "dd/\mm/\yyyy")& "#"
End If

It gives error 13 type mismatch

A:Access SQL Date problem

You can get an error 13 type mismatch by using DAO when your Access is set to use ADO.
But I would run the query using the original format and then display it in the format you prefer in a report or form or whatever.

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Dear tech experts,

I can't access date/time adjustment, and control panel. I even have smily at the right of my clock. Can u pls help me? I have HijackThis and ComboFix log file. I appreciate your help.

Normal Mode

-------Hijack This Log File---------------------------

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 3:58:35 ('_'), on 4/7/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\EvtEng.exe
C:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\S24EvMon.exe
C:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\ZcfgSvc.exe
C:\Program Files\QuickTime\qttask.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0_05\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\Eset\nod32kui.exe
C:\Program Files\Messenger\msmsgs.exe
C:\Program Files\Skype\Phone\Skype.exe
C:\Program Files\Google\Google Updater\GoogleUpdater.exe
C:\Program Files\TypeItIn\TypeItIn.exe
C:\Program Files\WIDCOMM\Bluetooth Software\bin\btwdins.exe
C:\... Read more

A:Can't access CP and date/time, pls help

See if this gets back your control panel..

Copy the text the in the code box to notepad. Save it as fixreg.reg to your desktop.
Be sure the "Save as" type is set to "all files"
Once you have saved it double click it and allow it to merge with the registry.



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I made a table in Microsoft Access 2000, and now I am writing a form. I am trying to create a date that will not change with the system. I would only like to keep the date when the record was generated. I am using ?=Date$()? under Control Source. Every time I bring the data up, the date will change to the system date, not the date it was generated. Can someone help me with this problem?

A:Access 2000 and date

As a 'quick and dirty' solution you could try this:

Delete =Date$() from Control source and enter it instead in 'Default Value', this should enter the current date in the control whenever a new record is created but will not change it thereafter

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I am having trouble with a date range in a query. What I want is to have a permenant starting date (1/7/94) and the ending date to always be "todays date" (ie the date the query is being run). Is this possible and if so how do I do this. Thankyou

A:Access Date ranges

Set your criteria for the relevant field to:

Between #01/07/94# And Date()


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Wondering if someone could offer some advice on an Access question.

I have three date fields in a table and I want to return an Approved/Unapproved in another field within the table based on these dates. I'm not really sure how to do this.

If I were to write out what I am trying to do, it would look like this...

If today's date < 60 days of DATE1, and < 365 days of DATE2 and DATE3, then put APPROVED in the approval field
Else put NOT APPROVED in the approval field.

Could someone help me with the syntax for this?

Also, where do I put this syntax (ie in the approval field of table?).

Thanks in advance


A:Access Date Question

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On Access I have a little connundrum that will probably be simple enough to those in the know.

In one of my queries I am trying to calculate future weeks that a particular person will be staying at our tuition centre. No need to worry about how I got to these values but the columns that I have now are:

For future week : week #
For future week : day name (underpinned by a number)

Thus for the day Friday 20th February 2009, I would have:

Week # = 8 (using datepart function)
Day name = Friday (or numeral = 6).

What can I write in a cell (or if need be in VBA) to combine these two known figures, that will result in the format (20/2/2009)

Thank you in advance,


A:Access Date Question

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Hello, im creating a database for new pc that are deployed and the date that it is deployed. What i would like to do is have a query setup so i can just put in a date and bring everything new plus that date. So if i inputed 10-1-2006,it would show me everything newer then that date plus 10-1. I have tried a few different thing but can seem to get it to work. Can someone please help me.


A:Solved: Access date help

In the query where the criteria is for your date field you could type in >[Enter Start Date]
This will display all the records after that date.

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Hello, I have a database used for projects. Im creating a query that has dates that the project where open and closed and when they should be done. What i would like is have the query ask for a date range. For example, when i run this query i would like to beable to put in 1/1/2007 to 1/30/2007 and have it show me just those records. Now the thing that is stumping me, is in the table the open_Date field has the date and the time, so is shows up 1/1/2007 10:31:21. How could i get the query to do this, I have tried a few thing but my query comes up empty. Thanks for any help

A:Date question in access

Chris, see my email.

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I am trying to build a table with a date expression in a field relating to another field.

In the help file it gives an expression of "=DateAdd("y", -10, [PromisedDate])" as an example.

I have added this to my table under Default Value and changed it to "=DateAdd("y", -84, [WithdrawalDateFrom])" which i think gives me a date 84 days before the date in the field Withdrawal Date From.

However, when i go to save it, it says that it can't find the field WithdrawalDateFrom.

Firstly, can you explain what the "y" is in the formula, as it is the only part that i don't understand, and also can you explain to me why it doesn't recognise the Field, that is very plainly there.

Thanks in anticipation


A:Access date expression HELP PLEASE

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I am having trouble getting a query to work! I have dates stored which are when a service was last completed eg. DateServiced = 10/07/02. Services have to be completed yearly. I need to enable the user to enter a start date and an end date as to when services are due to be completed again. eg 01/07/03 and 31/07/03 for services due in July. This needs to pull up all records where the DateServiced was in July 2002. I have tried to have an expression in the query which calculates the due date (as below) and then query on the value of this field. It brings up incorrect records. Hope this makes sense!!! I am confused!!!! Please help!!!

Here is the SQL:

SELECT tblHousing.strUPRN, tblHousing.dtmDateServiced, [dtmDateServiced]+365 AS DueDate
FROM tblHousing
WHERE ((([dtmDateServiced]+365) Between [Enter start date] And [Enter end date])) OR ((([dtmDateServiced]+365) Is Null));
UPRN is the primary key and is a reference code.

A:Date Query in Access

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Hello Everyone!

I have a field that has Days (Ex. Monday, Tuesday etc...)

Is there a way to turn this Days into a nearest date coming up. So for example if i have Wednesday on the field as a value and today is tuesday... I want the date for tomorrow displayed.

I have been doing research but I cant find anything. I have found the opposite but it doesnt do me any good. Thank you very much.

A:Access 2007 Day To Date Help

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Hya folks,

I need to enter a date in a table in access, however instead of using a normal input mask of DD/MM/YY I'd like to use the format DD.MM.YY as this is in line with the date format of all our bespoke software.

I've tried editing the input mask list to no avail. I'd like to keep the field as a date/time field as we need to do queries using it.

Any ideas gratefully recieved .



A:Date Format in Access

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Is there a way to select all records of a specific month & day, regardless of the year in an MS Access database? For example: I may want to select all records occuring during the week of 5/24 through 6/1. This is for a church db to list anniversaries, birthdays, etc that are happening during said week. Basically, I would like one query to find all 'events' occuring during any given date range.

Any ideas are extremely appreciated!



PS. Of course the MS Access Help section hasn't seemed to be very helpful so far.

A:MS Access date query

Format the date first in the column before setting the criteria. Format([DateField],"m/yy")

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How the hell do you access the BOOT Menu on the Tecra R Series?

And why isn't this documented in the Operating Manual (Toshiba)?


A:BOOT Menu Access Tecra R Series


As far as I know boot menu is accessible if you press F12 at start-up.
Choose bootable device using up and down arrows and confirm with ENTER.

Check it out.

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**Long post**

Hi, have a bit of a problem and would appreciate some (or alot) of help.

I have an HP Pavilion dv4000 series, DV4388EA to be exact, where my CPU seems to be seriously overheating, while playing games that don't really require that much processor speed.

Now i noticed that my current cpu-fan works quite at a slow RPM rate, and i'd like to speed it up, as this, i think, would definitely solve the overheating problem. The problem is that i tried various software programs like FanSpeed, NHC and the like, and NONE of them can detect my fans, because both tell me that my ACPI is not configured. They can detect the temperatures and stuff like that, but can't access or detect fans.

My idle CPU temperature is anywhere from 56-59C, and when playing games it rises rapidly up to 75-82C, where my FSB automatically drops by half, thus slowing down performance and drastically reduces playability of the game. Or sometimes the computer just plainly reboots....

Now, the ONLY reason i can think of why my ACPI is not configured is because i changed the default BIOS that came with the system, with the new and supposedly supported PhoenixBIOS version. Now, when i go and check BIOS, there is absolutely NOTHING i can change. The only interactable things in bios are checking temperature, doing quick scans of my HDD and turning bluetooth/USB on/off... that's it.

So should i restore my previous (if rather old, year 2005) bios and see if that helps, ... Read more

A:Can't access fan controll on HP DV4000 series notebook.

Oh yeah, or a solution to configure ACPI

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I am using the latest version of Microsoft Access. I have different two different categories, Home and Utilities. Now, I insert values for any payments I make, and will use the drop down box to mark it as Home or Utility. I can add up the SumofAmounts of both the Home and Utilities together, but how does one find the sum of each separately?

For example, I could see just the total of the Utilities, and then just see the total of the Home payments.

Sorry, I am really new to Access. Any help would be appreciated!

A:Finding the Total of Items Seperately-Access

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Ok, I myself and my friends would like to be able to remote access eachother's computers and I would like to remotely access one of my own computers on my network at home without leaving another one. I have tried numerous software programs and have been failing at all of them. Which one would you guys suggest is the easiet to setup and just plain work with? Also once I have the program installed could I be able to get some setup and run the software properly guides from you guys? Thanks this would be a huge help!

A:Finding a good remote access software to use

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Actually, what I want to is truncate some email addresses at the @ sign (since they are all internal). I can do a calculated field to get what I want if I can figure out what position [email protected] sign is in.

Sample field contents: [email protected]

Alternatively, in Access what's the equivalent of the Excel Find function [=find({CELL},"@",1)]?

Likewise, I could write sql substring command, but I need the position of the @ in the string.

Feel dumb that I can't figure this out...too late in the day, I guess.


A:Solved: Finding text value in Access query

Use Instr function.

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