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Solved: How to delete duplicate tracks in iTunes

Q: Solved: How to delete duplicate tracks in iTunes

For various reasons, I find that a large number of my music tracks in iTunes are duplicated. I wanted to delete these but don't relish trawling through about 3000+ tracks in the "My Music" section and deleting the unwanted ones individually! Is there any way (duplicate tracks deletion program, etc.) that I can use to help me to do this? Once I have rid my system of these I would then like to transfer most of the remainder to Playlists, which I could easily arrange. Thanks.

Preferred Solution: Solved: How to delete duplicate tracks in iTunes

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Solved: How to delete duplicate tracks in iTunes

Have been told about a small free program called GizmoTrim which cleared out all my duplicate tracks very quickly and successfully - highly recommended! (Marking solved)

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I have seen a number of duplicate tracks in my Media Monkey setup, and wondered if there is a relatively short means of highlighting these so that I can delete them. I have tried to find an answer to this online, but the best I can come up with is to go to "Library" then Files to Edit > Duplicate Titles node. But when I go to "Library", there is no sign of the rest of it! Can anyone please enlighten me? Thanks.

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I have purchased a number of music tracks from iTunes and would like to transfer them onto my mp3 players. (I have an iRiver H320 jukebox and a 1G Sandisk Sansa m240 player.) Is it possible to convert the iTunes tracks (mp4, I believe) into mp3 in order for me to play them? If not, then I would like to find a non-subscription online music store to buy from which would be compatible with either or both of my players. I believe that Rhapsody has a monthly fee, which I prefer to avoid. I'd much rather just buy the songs and albums individually. Thank you.

A:Solved: Can I convert iTunes tracks to mp3?

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E8400 @ 3.00GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3579 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM v1.1), 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 465 GB (116 GB Free); D: 465 GB (465 GB Free);
Motherboard: Hewlett-Packard, 3031h
Antivirus: AVG Antivirus, Enabled and Updated
I had to recover the Music folder in Windows, which was inadvertantly deleted. Consequently, I have a lot of duplicate tracks throughout the Music folder.
Is there a quick way to get rid of the duplicates? One by one will take forever

A:Duplicate music tracks

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I have just gone over (fairly successfully) to Windows Media Player, and transferred my (approximately) 3000 tracks to it. However, I have been landed with lots of duplicates, and want to find a good way to correct this problem. Reference to Google suggests that I start by pressing the F3 key, and follow the instructions shown. However, pressing F3 has no effect whatsoever on my PC, and I don't know how to proceed otherwise. I have Windows 10 installed, and the only way I can see to remedy this is to delete duplicate tracks individually, but life is too short for that sort of exercise!! Is there any way I can avoid this long winded option, please?

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I have around 2000 music tracks in iTunes on my PC, but I have suddenly been unable to play lots of them, instead getting an error message, accompanied by an exclamation mark (!) - "The song (xxxxxxxxx) could not be used because the original file could not be found. Would you like to locate it?" My music tracks have been playing just fine up to now, so I don't know what has caused this, nor do I know how to locate/resurrect them. The missing ones are very random, so I would appreciate if someone can suggest a cure for this problem. Thanks.

A:Missing iTunes Tracks

The only reason why that error message would appear is if the files for your missing songs were somehow deleted. To see if the physical files are still on your machine or not right click on each song that won't play & click on show in windows explorer. If the file appears on screen then there's a problem with itunes. If that doesn't work go to edit, preferences & under advanced it will tell you where itunes saves music you purchased or imported from an audio cd. Search that folder for your missing songs & if you can't find them then they may have been deleted & need to be redownloaded from the source you got them from.

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Anyone know of a 3rd- or possibly freeware that will help me eliminate all the duplicates of songs in my itunes?

A:Itunes and duplicate duplicate songs

auslogics duplicate file finder i've been using..

set like this..

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Ok another challenge.. I wish I could do this myself, but I struggle with the code.

Is there a way to have a macro check the line below it, and if it is a duplicate row, delete it

A:Solved: Im sure it can be done.. Delete Duplicate Rows

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I have a list of 39525 emails in column A and a list of 19909 emails in column B. If there is the same email in column A and B, I need the duplicate removed from column B and stay in column A. Please help Thanks!

A:Solved: Delete Duplicate Emails In One List of Two

Excel 2010

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I began receiving messages about corrupted files in XP and so tried to repair option to reinstall the corrupted files, but somehow ended up completely reinstalling into a second directory.

Both directories are on my C drive. One, the original, is still the same. All software installed and working the same as before my attempt. The second, Windows.0, is XP with nothing installed, fresh condition.

As this isn't an upgrade from another windows, I'm don't know how to get rid of this second windows.

Also, everytime I reboot my computer, it asks me which windows I want to use.
Not to mention the wasted disk space...

How can I get rid of these!!??

A:[SOLVED] How do I delete a duplicate copy of winXP?

Hi J-BO and welcome to TSF.

Try This

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Hi all.

I have just moved a load of music around and Itunes has found it in the new location but not removed the information for the song from the list and now just has an '!' next to the title. is there away to tell itunes to remove all of these as there are quite a few? would take ages to do it manually. Thank you

A:Moved music - Itunes displaying ! on some tracks

JPLamb said:

Hi all.

I have just moved a load of music around and Itunes has found it in the new location but not removed the information for the song from the list and now just has an '!' next to the title. is there away to tell itunes to remove all of these as there are quite a few? would take ages to do it manually. Thank youClick to expand...

As far as I know, there is no way to do this, every time I encounter this, I just delete all songs from iTunes and re-add them.
All of my music is organized within one folder, divided into sub folders, so it's easy to keep it in tact.

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hello everyone

can anyone please tell me if it is possible to take all of my mp3 tracks out of itunes
and on to my external hard drive.

regards calmat

A:export mp3 tracks from itunes to an external drive

Hi again
You may want the I Handler. Since not tried by me, you may want to start with a system restore point, just in case.
iHandler – Export Mp3 Music From iTunes

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Hey guys, probably a really, really simple thing to fix, but I'm stuck...
So, iTunes decided to have a freak out and mess all my track ordering up.
How do I make it show the tracks in order?

First pic is what it looks like now.
Second pic is what it should look like, different album though.


A:Make iTunes play tracks in the right order?

Hello Daniel,

Thats odd for iTunes to do that. Have you tried reinstalling iTunes (direct link).

If you uninstall the old version, preferably with Revo Uninstaller, then install iTunes again and re-import all of your songs and videos. It's a bit of a pain but as far as I know, iTunes doesn't have a diagnostics function

As I am writing this, I have just thought that in the iTunes installer there may be a Repair function which you can try?

Hope this helps,


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I have about 2000 tracks missing, but I have them elsewhere on my computer. I'd like to add them back, but if I just import them back into my itunes all the playlists that have those tracks in them won't work anymore. Any way to get them back in as the same tracks they were before so that the playlists will continue to function?
Unfortunately the filepaths are very different so I wouldn't be able to just run find and replace in the library.xml. the tags are completely identical, though... there's got to be a way!

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I am using an Excel worksheet with several thousand records listed. On a daily basis, I get an updated list, but I need to keep hold of some of the 'old' records.
At present I'm copying the new list, adding it to the end of my existing list and then filtering it so that only unique records are visible.
Obviously, this means the list is ever-increasing with many duplicated records (hidden or otherwise).
Is there a way to simply delete the duplicate records (so I can just keep one record of each) rather than hide them?


A:Solved. Excel 2000 - delete duplicate records?

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Anger over DRM-free iTunes tracksThe launch of music tracks free of digital locks on iTunes has been overshadowed by the discovery that they contain data about who bought them.News site Ars Technica was among the first to discover that downloaded tracks free of Fairplay have embedded within them the full name and account information, including e-mail address, of who bought them.

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Is there such a thing,or is this one of those times when I have to go through each file and delete by hand? Date modified will not apply since I made tag modifications,my bad.That is a whole new problem.
Jeebers I really messed up my music files.The transfer from the old comp 2 HDD's to the new comp ,1HDD,had 2 "my music" folders,one under docs & sets,my music, and another one under docs & sets, my name ,my docs,my music.....Put them in 1 folder and now have 2 of almost all ,except for all the new tunes I have put in that folder.
I just need to know if there is a best one time only use for a reliable duplicate file removal program.

A:Solved: Good,Better,Best Duplicate Music File Delete Program

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Anyone know how to delete subtitle tracks from .mkv files?

A:delete subtitle tracks from mkv files

Permanently delete? You can try MvToolnix or use VlC to shut the subtitles up when you are watching the film.

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i want to delete all internet evidence so no 1 can ever find out what websites i was on any programs to erase permanatley all files for free?

i already have c cleaner and easy cleaner but i need one that will not let any 1 to ever no matter what they do to see my internet browsing?

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Hi, in my itunes library, the songs appear multiple times..most appear only 2 times, but other appear 3-4 times...help would be great-thanks

A:duplicate itunes song

Take a look at this thread HERE. It may help.

Regards Howard

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i recently reformatted my computer (win xp sp2) when i reinstalled my itunes with my library reference file intact (windows is installed on one drive, my documents on another), there were 2 of almost every song! and its not like they're in different directories, they're like "D:\My Music\iTunes\Library\Band Name\01 - Song.m4a" and "D:\My Music\iTunes\Library\Band Name\01 - Song 2.m4a" etc etc etc. is there any easy way to delete the "... Song 2, ... Another Song 2, ... Third Song 2, etc"? i'm well aware of itunes's "show duplicate" feature, however this requires manually selecting EVER OTHER FILE (which there are 3,525 of!).

thanks for your help!
its really appreciated!


A:3,525 duplicate songs in iTunes!

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Hi, in my itunes library, the songs appear multiple times..most appear only 2 times, but other appear 3-4 times...help would be great-thanks

A:duplicate itunes song

Take a look at this thread HERE. It may help.

Regards Howard

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I have 16000 songs. probably 2,500 are doubles that i do not want. now i dont want to spend the rest of my life going through 5000 songs and deleting the duplicates. does anyone know of a program that find duplicate song from an itunes library and deletes the songs based on a designated criteria?

A:Itunes Duplicate song help

although i dont have nearly the volume of songs you do, i have that problem too. I wonder if any of the updates sooner or later will address that issue. looks like you will just have to find duplicates and delete as you go as far as i know

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Hi, I'm new-ish to 7, and I've just set up icons for all my Superbar buttons.
As I'm sure most users know, if you set your Superbar buttons settings to "Always combine, hide labels", then the different windows you've got open for any one application will appear in the little mouseover menu you get for that application's button.
Although I've set iTunes as a Superbar button, when it's open it doesn't acknowledge that iTunes is already "pinned" to the Superbar, and instead of running in my custom-icon button it opens in a second button with the original, boring iTunes logo (see attached screenshot)

I wouldn't really mind but I like having my Superbar icons match, without an odd-one-out.
Please note - Because I couldn't change the icons for the original "exe" files of each application, I just dragged shortcut files onto the Superbar (which you can change the icon for) that link to the original exe files. This doesn't affect any other program though - for example if I open a Word document the Word button on the Superbar highlights to show that I have it open, and new word documents open within the button's pop-up menu as they should.

Sorry for the length of all that - point is it's only iTunes that creates this problem and it'd be really good to hear people's suggestions =]

A:Please help - duplicate Superbar buttons for iTunes?

Itunes update, now theres two taskbar icons.

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I am trying to delete songs from my itunes that I do not like anymore to make some space on my laptop. I know that sometimes when I delete songs it pops up saying "delete from hard drive?". I want that to pop up always, but for some reason it doesnt sometimes. My friend said that it will only do that if you have itunes organizing the folders. So i deleted my preferences and made it so itunes will organize my music. However I still delete songs and they dont delete off my hard drive. I was told that the songs have to be in the itunes music folder, I had alot of songs in there, but some in a different folder. I thought maybe I could move the other folder into the itunes music folder, and then it would work. However now when I go to play some songs it says the file cannot be found. Anything I can do? HELP ME!

A:How do I delete songs from hard drive when I delete them from my Itunes library?

Because you moved the songs from where iTunes was used to looking for them they will not play - when each song comes up and the error message you described comes up you can click yes to find them and browse for them (you should know where they are if you put them all in one folder). This will re-establish the link to the song's new location in iTunes.
If you have lots to do, it may be faster to delete all your songs from iTunes (not your computer) and set up the folder on your computer properly - one My Music folder with all your music in there - they can be further sorted into subfolders if you want to. Then open iTunes, set the Preferences to "Keep iTunes folder organised" and "copy files to iTunes folder when adding to library" and import all your music from your My Music folder again.
When you get new music by whatever means and import them to iTunes it will automatically place a copy in the iTunes "iTunes music" folder for you and always know where to look for them.

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I started out with the two previous posts about macros (post 1, post 2) that move rows into columns, but I'm having a little trouble getting it to work for what I need. First, I'm trying to do a data merge into Word, but in order to get the data merge to work/look the way I want it to, I need the XLS data to be in columns.

I'm attaching an example file that has one worksheet of the sample data (though my "real" data has about 300 rows) and the other worksheet is an example of the outcome I need.

Is there anyway I can do what I need? Exporting into another file or another worksheet within this file would be fine.

Thanks in advance.

A:XLS Macro to move data to columns, delete empty rows, delete duplicate columns

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Hi. I have Cakewalk Guitar Tracks Pro 2.0 and Line 6 Tone port ux1. I've managed to get my TAPCO mixer to record on two separate channels through the sound card input on Cakewalk and one separate guitar on a third channel through Line 6 USB software input. What I'd like to do is record one more separate channel using the Line 6 software (gearbox) through the "line 1 and 2" source select. When I plug in two guitars into the right and left inputs, the gearbox software shows independent signals from either line in. The sound from both guitars can be heard, however only one guitar is recorded in both selected channels in Cakewalk. Is there a way of sending two separate channels out of gearbox through the USB?

A:how to record two separate tracks from one port on guitar tracks pro 2.0

I think I complicated matters. Bottomline, is it possible to send two separate channels through the USB connection on a Tone Port UX 1?

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Been using Glary's Utilities 3 to clean things up. When I ran its "Duplicate" cleaner, there were many duplicates with iTunes and my pictures. My problem is that I don't know which to delete and which to keep. Here are screen shots to give you an idea of what the duplicate scan showed (BTW, there are many other areas where there are a mess of duplicates,but to keep things simple-I hope, I've only shown those duplicates that may take up a lot of space:

A:Which duplicate(s) to delete?

Flycaster mate cannot see any screenshots? so cannot comment.

Personally I am not that overly keen on add on software like Glary but it's your choice.

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duplicate - delete


at the top right of your post, click on the Edit button. At the top of the page you will see a check box marked Delete. Check it and then click the Delete Now button!

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I am using WLM in W7 x 64 bit on my desktop. Recently several duplicate contacts have appeared in my contacts list.
I have tried to delete them by right clicking on the duplicate contact, but in every case the 'delete contact' is greyed out.

Can you please help ?

A:Delete duplicate contacts in WLM

Hello mate now the first that comes to mind is that you run these if you haven't already
http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/433-disk-check.html < if necessary include the /f and /r in the command line as per Option2

if those do not fix the problem then a scan with these - just to eliminate anything untoward that may be lurking
ADW download from bleeping computer delete any rubbish found with the malware scans
(with ADW if you are running Kaspersky it will throw it up as malware just override Kaspersky by ignoring it or disabling it for the duration of the scan)

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Hi, Is there such a program as a free duplicate photo finder out there for download? I have a ton of duplicate photos on my hard drive and need to delete them. Thanks.

A:Delete duplicate photos

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Is there a good free program or way of deleting duplicate music files, simply?

Thanks for any help!

A:Trying to Delete Duplicate MP3 files

right click on the file and choose delete

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Hi there,

I told my buddy I wanted to reformat my computer. He went to do that by installing a new Windows 7 64 bit for me, but somehow, I now am operating on the new Windows 7 but my old Windows 7 still exist and is taking up enough space in my hard drive to annoy me

Can someone please let me know how I can delete the old Windows from my hard drive? I'm having to install all the old applications I used to have (Quickbooks, Photoshop etc) and it's eating up the hard drive space due to double applications.

Thanks for the help!

A:How Do I Delete An Old Duplicate Windows?

Hello Tony, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Sure thing. The tutorial below can help show you how to delete the Windows.old folder.

Windows.old Folder - Delete

Hope this helps,

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Is there a good free program or way of deleting duplicate music files, simply?

Thanks for any help!

A:Trying to Delete Duplicate MP3 files

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Duplicate post, please delete

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Hi! I use the free version of CCleaner to list duplicate files, many of which are dll or java script files along with a few dic files. Almost all of them in a group have the same name, size and creation date, but have different paths. Those paths share an initial path, but then differ to one or two different sub-folders.
So my question is this: which, if any, of the dupes can be deleted? In other words, if I retain the highest level of a file and delete the dupes in its sub-folder, am I asking for trouble?
Thank you very much: I'm glad I found your site!
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, 64 bit, Build 18362, Installed 20190829113902.000000-300
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6600U CPU @ 2.60GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 78 Stepping 3, CPU Count: 4
Total Physical RAM: 16 GB
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 930M
Hard Drives: C: 222 GB (38 GB Free);
[NB: I have 2 external hard drives, one for system backup and one on which all my photos are stored]
Motherboard: LENOVO 20FAS5WR00, ver SDK0J40697 WIN, s/n L1HF68P04J4
System: LENOVO, ver LENOVO - 1280, s/n PC0GCSCM
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Enabled and Updated

A:Which duplicate dll files to delete?

Leave them alone. DLL type files take up very little room and you run a VERY real risk of messing something up.
CCleaner is a fine program however do not use the registry cleaner part nor the part you are attempting to use.

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I want to free up space on my hard drive, so I ran a duplicate files finder.
I have several duplicate copies of (large) driver files.  I would think that I only need one.  One of the folders with drivers is c:\drivers.  I use Windows 7, so I imagine I need that folder.  I also have folders with some duplicate drivers:  \documents\double driver backup and \dell\drivers. 
Do I need those last two?

A:Duplicate drivers; which folder(s) can I delete?

You should keep the c:\drivers.  You can delete the others, but if you need to delete because you are running low on hard drive space you really need to install a larger hard drive.  Considering the price of hard drives, now, there is no reason to have to delete, etc, because of drive space.

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Hi all, sorry if this is not in the right category (it kind of mixes email and applications).

I work IT for a local school and we're moving everyone's email from Rackspace email to Gmail. The way we have everyone copying old emails over is to have them setup both accounts in Apple's Mail 6.5 program (all the teachers have Macbooks) and drag and drop from one account to the other.

Here's my concern, we have several teachers who've wound up with duplicate emails in their new Gmail inboxes. Is there a quick way to get rid of the duplicates without manually having to go through each email. Is there some trick on Gmail or a usable script on Mail 6.5 (all laptops on Mountain Lion or Snow Leopard) that will help out? Or perhaps some third party program or service? Any advice would be great. Thanks.

A:Quick way to delete duplicate emails?

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Running Windows XP Pro on several computers here. Only *one* of them has this problem:

Everytime I create a desktop icon, the computer adds a second identical icon on the desktop. The second icon can't be deleted. When I try to delete it, I get the error message "Cannot read from the source file or disk."

What gives? Any help appreciated. Thanx.

A:Duplicate shortcuts on desktop ... can't delete

I'm wondering if a simple scan disk won't fix the problem. ScanDisk checks your hard drive for errors and then fixes them.

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I wonder can anyone recommend a free program out there that can find duplicate files, pictures etc on a computer? I found some but I am not sure if they are SpyFree and VirusFree.

A:How to find & delete duplicate files

Hi mamma,You can try this freeware :http://www.softpedia.com/get/System/File-M...le-Finder.shtml

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Hi so I was changing my password on my hotmail account.( i know old school ) My administrator account  windows is linked with my homail account. I changed the password on my mobile device. And when i turn my laptop I wasn't able to login. Therefore
I opened another account with the changed password.
Now whenever I turn on my laptop there's two administrator accounts. I'm not able to delete one of them. Please help

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How can I create a query to delete duplicate records?

A:query to delete duplicate records

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I think I downloaded a .reg file from internet that created double system folders in my computer but I can't remember. They seem to be an extra music, videos, documents, pictures and downloads folder but I cannot put any files in the folder. Anyone know how to delete them? There's also a strange name in address bar when I open one of the folders. Also, when I click start and then click a folder liek videos folder then nothing happens.

A:How to delete duplicate system folders?

Hello and welcome to TenForums

There is a tutorial that describes how you can delete or restore these folders here:
This PC 'Folders' - Add or Remove in Windows 10

Might be worth trying these methods to see if you can restore them.

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I've created a folder with shortcuts to all my songs; about 3,000 in total.
The problem is that it's created duplicate shortcuts for most songs:

How would I go about deleting the duplicates? The duplicates share the same name, just with ".lnk" at the end.

I've tried using the following AutoHotkey scripts but none of these worked, they ended up deleting every file in the folder.
FileDelete, F:\Music\myshortcuts\*lnk*.*
FileDelete, F:\Music\myshortcuts\*.lnk
FileDelete, F:\Music\myshortcuts\*lnk*

Any suggestions? Thanks.

A:How to mass delete duplicate shortcuts?

Would *mp3.ink work?

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