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Microsoft has finally fixed the freezing issue in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Q: Microsoft has finally fixed the freezing issue in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Microsoft has finally fixed the freezing issue in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Last month, we reported that many users were experiencing freezing issues on their PCs after the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Microsoft later confirmed the issue, stating that it was impacting a "small number" of users, and posted workarounds until a fix could be made available.

The problem usually involved a system freeze after logging in, which rendered the device unresponsive. Microsoft stated that this occurred due to the apps and operating system being installed on separate drives. Now, after nearly one month, the company has announced that it has finally resolved the issue.

While the update on its original Microsoft Answers forum thread isn't quite as extensive, the company has clarified that the Windows Update which was released on August 31 contains a fix for the freezing issue. Microsoft also stated that users who uninstalled the Anniversary Update because of the problem can now revert to it using Windows Update Assistant, or by going to the Windows 10 download page and clicking on "Update Now".

With that being said, the company also mentioned that if you're still experiencing freezing issues even after installing the update, you should try the following methods:

Option 1: If you have a second administrator account on the PC that you can sign into, please do so and install the latest Windows 10 update, released on August 31st, 2016. After installing the update, reboot the PC and you should be able sign in successfully on your other account.

Option 2: Use the ?go back? feature to uninstall the Anniversary Update. Once removed, you can re-install using the Windows Update Assistant by going to the Windows 10 download page and clicking the Update Now button.

There are two methods to uninstall the Anniversary Update:

Method 1: Using the Recovery Console

1. Restart your PC. When you get to the sign-in screen, hold the Shift key down while you select Power > Restart.

2. After your PC restarts to the Choose an option screen, select Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > Go back to the previous build. If you don?t see this option, try Method 2.

Method 2: Using the Settings app from Safe Mode

1. Restart your PC. When you get to the sign-in screen, hold the Shift key down while you select Power > Restart.

2. After your PC restarts to the Choose an option screen, select Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Startup Settings > Restart.

3. After your PC restarts, you'll see a list of options. Select 4 or F4 to start your PC in Safe Mode.

4. Open the Settings app.

5. Select Update & security and then the Recovery tab.

Under ?Go back to an earlier build?, click the Get started button and follow the instructions.

Option 3: If you are uncomfortable with either of the earlier options or if the ?go back? feature is not available to you, please contact support and one of our support agents can assist you in applying the resolution.

Are you still experiencing freezing issues on the Windows 10 Anniversary Update or have they been resolved with the recent patch? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: Microsoft

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Preferred Solution: Microsoft has finally fixed the freezing issue in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Microsoft is investigating freezing issues on PCs after Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Last week, we reported that several users are experiencing freezing issues on their PCs after the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. This usually involved a system freeze after logging in, which rendered the device unresponsive. Several of our readers confirmed that they were experiencing the same issue on different devices and configurations as well, but had been unable to discover a universal fix.

Now, Microsoft has acknowledged the issue, stating that the company has received a "small number of reports", and has confirmed that it is currently investigating the reason behind the problem, as it works on a fix.

According to Microsoft Forum Moderator Basith M, the company is aware that users are experiencing freezing issues on PCs after the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. However, the moderator mentioned that the problem plagues only those with the operating system installed on solid-state drives (SSDs), with apps and data downloaded on separate drives. Basith also went on to say that if users sign in to Windows 10 in Safe Mode, the issue does not occur.

While Microsoft works on a fix for the problem, Basith has suggested a temporary workaround for users, asking them to start their PCs in Safe Mode, and then to transfer apps and data to the same storage device as the operating system. The moderator has also stated that another alternative is to roll back to the previous ver... Read more

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Microsoft admitted there's a problem with the Anniversary update for some computers. Microsoft says it's looking into a permanent solution for the problem, but in the meantime, has offered a temporary fix

A:Microsoft confirms freezing issues after upgrading to Windows 10 Anniversary Update

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I have dealt with an issue of windows being unable to perform updates, or being unable to update other software such as Adobe Reader, and Office was crashing.
This came about with an update back in May 2016.  I had turned off the computer while it was attempting to shut down.  For the past five months I've spent countless hours (more than I care to admit) and tried EVERYTHING that I came across online, and I do mean everything.
I was getting an error code of 80080005 and zero updates were shown in the windows update history.  The computer properties showed that Windows wasn't activated or valid and displayed no product ID.  The Office suite (Word, Excel, etc.) also showed no activation and would only allow work to be performed for a few minutes before locking up.  Each time the computer was shut down it would hang when attempting to shutdown after this message "Preparing to configure Windows... Do not turn off your computer" and I would have to do a hard shutdown.
It was driving me mad, insane I tell you, but I kept researching for a solution, not wanting to do a fresh install.
I finally found a solution here on this site, and whomever created this tool is a God.
I can finally delete about 100 bookmarks related to the issue and supposed fixes.
The only solution that worked, yesterday, was this:
Windows Repair (All In One) 3.9.11 Download
I have to go, because ... Read more

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Only took 3 months. I just waited for the update. Now I have to straighten out my PC again.

A:Finally got the anniversary update

Congratulations some (myself included) have had trouble upgrading.

I had a site with things to disable as far as privacy was concerned, that site isn't found anymore, here's another one, it's got some things http://www.howtogeek.com/221864/digg...vacy-settings/

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Well after trying a zillion fixes for the Network issue on my Windows 10 Pro Anniversary system which none of them worked
I finally formatted the drive and done a clean USB install of Windows 10 Pro Anniversary, And now I can see my computer under the "Network" and I can see all others that are connected! I can also access the other 2 computers (laptop with Windows 10 Home and old XP Pro server) and transfer files.
So it is plain to see that when I done a USB upgrade of the Anniversary update to overwrite that it corrupted the Network files.
Also the laptop was upgraded the same way instead of waiting for the update to come through windows update and I am still getting the same errors when I try to connect to the other computers from the laptop.
So it looks like I am going to do a clean install on the laptop to fix the network issues there.
If I get time over the next few days I will do that and post back here with results.


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Using all available win10 previews and now the official public release I have had 100mbps speeds on my LAN.
til yesterday when I set jumbo frames to ON and 9k size. I didn't try any other I just used the largest.
BAM.. My full normal gigabit speeds are back.
once again I find myself dumb founded as to what Microsoft has done to a 100% working network architecture to break it so badly that shares, speed, and availability are now nearly broke.

NEVER have I ever had to use jumbo frames on any PC or OS. in fact doing so previously has made zero difference in throughput.

i love windows 10 for what they did but it's actually worse than windows 8 on many levels. I won't go back to Win7 yet, if at all, I am just baffled why they did what they did for the home and pro versions. Sure make enterprise have a newish type of network architecture because businesses are going to do a complete review due up all of their PCs way home user is going to do one they're going to use Windows 10 be immediately turned off because the networking doesn't work very well if it all

A:Finally fixed my network speed issue.

Still strange, though, as my adapter has Jumbo Frames disabled and it runs 1Gig no sweat.

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Windows 10 PCs Freezing After Installing Anniversary Update

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update is now available for download, and just as expected, users rushed to install it to get all the improvements that everyone has been talking about in the past few months.

Unfortunately, however, a number of PCs are hit with issues causing them to freeze after installing the Anniversary Update, and judging from the number of posts online, this isn?t quite an isolated bug.

Basically, what is happening is that machines freeze all of a sudden after installing the Anniversary Update, and the crash occurs at random moments, after booting to the desktop. There are reports claiming that PCs become unresponsive the second after they boot to the desktop, while others say it takes a few minutes for their systems to freeze.

At first look, it doesn?t seem like the problem is caused by third-party apps, as booting into Safe Mode and performing a clean boot make no difference, so it has to be something caused by the Anniversary Update, users believe.

How to fix the problem
According to posts in this reddit discussion, the easiest way to deal with the issue is to create Windows 10 Anniversary Update installation media using the Media Creation Tool and then perform an upgrade.

Here?s how reddit user /u/KuruQan describes the workaround that solved the issue in his case (keep in mind, however, that Microsoft has not yet acknowledged the bug, and an official solution is not yet available):

?... Read more

A:Windows 10 PCs Freezing After Installing Anniversary Update

its not the user but the Microsoft who is rushing to upgrade.

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Are you experiencing whole system freezes after the anniversary update? It's happening every 10-20 minutes and lasts about 30 seconds. People all over the web are reporting it on all sorts of different laptops. I am wondering if any Acer users have a fix. Have you experienced it on your VN7? What's your solution? I can't rollback. I tried and my whole system crashed. I had to reinstall Windows from scratch and all I could find was the Annniversary version. Now I'm stuck with it and the freezing. Paul

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Microsoft Finally Fixes Error 633 in Windows 10 Creators Update

Microsoft rolled out Windows 10 cumulative update KB4022716 earlier this week, and one of the most important changes that it brings is a bugfix for error 633.

If you?ve never experienced this error, the chances are that you have no idea what it does, though there are thousands or maybe more users out there who have been trying to deal with this since the release of the Windows 10 Creators Update.

In just a few words, this error impacts modems and dial-up connections, causing them not to work correctly, even though everything was just fine before the update to the Creators Update. We?ve also experienced the same bug on at least two Windows 10 laptops here at Softpedia, and finding a workaround was a really difficult job, especially because the typical fixes made no difference.

So if you are also experiencing the same problem and want to have it fixed to continue using a dial-up connection in Windows 10 Creators Update, just download and install Windows 10 cumulative update KB4022716 and everything should return to normal.

The easiest workaround
The only workaround that we tried and which got the modem working on our PCs involved launching the Windows 10 Registry Editor (by typing regedit in the Start menu) and navigating to the following path:


Look for a key called RequiredPrivileges and double-click to open it. At the end of the tex... Read more

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hello i have YOGA 2 PRO from long time cant use my webcam its not working almost of time you can say 99.99% and the
0.1% its come and broken and led light open and off without cam on ;
i try every thing all solution i do but no resultant
yesterday i see news ...i need your help to tell me if this news work withe my problem
its from website its say ( Webcam issues in Anniversary Update to be fixed in September )http://windowsreport.com/fix-webcam-...ersary-update/

any help pleas

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After what seems like an eternity of waiting, Microsoft has finally released the Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update. The news comes two weeks after all of the other Windows 10 platforms saw the update, and Dona Sarkar said it would be available in the coming weeks.

The build that you'll be seeing today is 14393.67, which is a cumulative update that was offered to Insiders a week ago. If it's not entirely obvious, you'll need a phone that's officially supported for Windows 10 Mobile to grab today's update.

The Anniversary Update brings quite a few new features to your device. For one thing, Wallet now supports tap-to-pay. Well, to be more specific, it only supports NFC payments if you subscribe to one of seven banks and your phone is a Lumia 650, 950, or 950 XL.

You'll also find a few camera improvements, which is also exclusive to certain devices. Windows Camera will now have a panorama feature, and on the lock screen, you'll notice that the back button turns into a camera button.

Aside from improvements to Cortana and the Action Center, perhaps the most important improvement is the new UWP Skype Preview app. One of its biggest new features is that it won't beshut down in early 2017 like its Windows Phone 8 predecessor. It also supports light and dark themes, which is something that's huge in the Windows world.

Those are just a few of the improvements that you'll see in today's update. You can check out our full re... Read more

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I am currently running windows 10 on a HP Touchsmart 610-1030y desktop. I am having issues updating to the windows 10 anniversary edition. When I looked online, I saw that this desktop has not been tested for the anniversary update. How can I update to the new edition of Windows 10 or is it just not possible with this computer. 

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I just updated the OS yesterday, and I find I am unable to install anything from the windows store. I keep getting a message that the action could not be performed because of a problem at the server end. Is there any way around this?? Everything else seems

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Microsoft Announces Patch for Critical Windows 10 Anniversary Update Bug

Soon after Microsoft rolled out the Windows 10 Anniversary Update on August 2, the firm started getting reports of a potential bug that might impact partitions on computers that upgrade to the new version.

Specifically, users were complaining that after installing the Anniversary Update, some of their partitions were no longer visible in Windows 10, making it impossible to access data that was stored here.

Without a doubt, many thought their data was gone, but Microsoft rushed to acknowledge the bug shortly after that, explaining that it was working on a fix, and no files were lost despite the fact that partitions were no longer visible.

And recently, Microsoft announced that a patch was ready, and it would release it to users as part of the next Windows update patch, without actually providing specifics on when exactly this is scheduled to take place.

?Thanks for everyone?s input and patience. Microsoft is planning to release a fix to address the majority of the misidentified partitions in an upcoming Windows Update,? a company engineer said.

Possibly releasing to insiders first
Furthermore, this message doesn?t state whether Windows insiders would get it first or not, but the chances are that they will given the fact the original post also highlights the steps necessary to get updates as part of the Windows Insider program.

Until the new update ships, it?s important to keep ... Read more

A:Microsoft Announces Patch for Critical Windows 10 Anniversary Update Bug

Thanks for sharing
I had some problems after AU update: random slowdowns and high CPU usage.
Then I've downloaded the latest ISO and I have made a clean install, no problem after this.

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Full Article: Microsoft Confirms Windows 10 Anniversary Update Launches in July


The July release date for the Anniversary Update concerns only the RS1 version, which is actually the first wave of the update, with a second one projected to take place sometime in early 2017.


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Anyone else having issues after their Windows 10 anniversary update that the mouse scroll is insane?.
already set it to move only 1 line, but doesn't seem to fix it... Kinda lost here

All my programs 1 little scroll, makes things fly over the screen.
Didn't have that problem before the update.

A:Windows 10 Anniversary update Mouse issue

Touch pad or real mouse ?
Scroll can be adjusted thru Start > Devices > Mouse & touchpad.

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The laptop is a Toshiba SATELLITE U920T which came with windows 8 originally. It was upgraded to 10 during the time it was free and hasn't had any issues updating until now.

Most threads about that error leads to an IDT audio driver which isn't on this system I have a realtek audio driver installed. Tried uninstalling it but it doesn't seem to uninstall from device manager. The system has 30+GB free so that shouldn't be the issue.

I suspect the disk space error from the install media is due to what ever is causing the 0x8007001f code to be given during updates.

A fresh install isn't an option as there were programs on here that came from schooling and I wouldn't be able to get them back after fresh install.

I also noticed there are probably about 4 of those recovery partitions from all the previous upgrades not sure if that could be somehow related.

If anyone has an idea about this or anything to try it would be much appreciated.

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Microsoft is reportedly putting the finishing touches on the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, which is slated to arrive on August 2. The report comes from Windows Central, saying that build 14384 should be the first RTM (release to manufacturing) build.

The company has begun the sign-off process for the build, which means that it will put a variety of builds through internal tests, and then it will pick the best one for a public release.

According to the report, Insiders can expect to see a final build by the end of next week. The timeline isn't surprising. With the Anniversary Update less than a month away, we should certainly be in the polishing phase.

The fate ofWindows phones that are ineligible for the Anniversary Update is still undetermined. Such unsupported devices have had a sort of "upgrade at your own risk" option through the Release Preview ring. These users will be unable to install the Anniversary Update, but it's not clear if build 10586 will remain available for them.

The report also states that the Redstone 2 (Rs2) builds that Microsoft is compiling are in the 148xx range, and should begin shipping to Insiders in mid-to-late August. The Redstone 2 update isn't slatedto arrive for the public until April, 2017.

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System:  Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit
Yesterday Dec 6 I tried to run Windows update. Received error message that service was not running. Which was NOT true. I tried stopping / starting service, and running Windows update, but still received the error message.
BUT - I was able to fix the problem by doing the following:
(1) Opened command prompt as Administrator
(2) Used date command to change date from Dec 6 to Dec 3
(3) Launched Windows Update - it worked!! There was one important update that was installed
(4) Rebooted
(5) Used date command to change date from Dec 3 back to correct date of Dec 6
(6) Launched Windows Update - it worked!!
Not sure why this fixed the problem, but it worked.  

A:Windows 7 Update Issue - Fixed


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Windows 10 has been running fine for some time, but attempt to update to Anniversary fails. The update runs fine until the point after restart where it states "The machine will restart several times"; soon into that sequence when  attempting a restart, the machine switches itself off instead. When I then switch it back on manually, the update is lost and the system resets itself to the previous Windows version.A Microsoft technician worked for hours before concluding that I would have to do a full, clean WIndows 10 installation, after which all files and applications would be lost and needed to be reinstalled. I have been wondering if the faulty restart behaviour is related to the BIOS somehow, and I have had it reinstalled from HPs site with no change. So, my questions areCan BIOS be the cause? Btw, I have turned the fast restart option (under power schemes) off.I note that I got a "legacy" BIOS installed. Is UEFI available for this laptop, and would that make a difference?If I do install UEFI, will Windows 10 and applications run as before or could other issues arise?

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Let me start off by saying I'm not very tech-savvy but I have searched for solutions to this problem for weeks and tried many things but to no avail. So I am really hoping I can get some help here.


Dell Inspiron 15 3541 laptop
Windows 10 Home 64-bit
Processor: AMD A6-6310 APU with AMD Radeon R4 Graphics, AMD64 Family 22 Model 48 Stepping 1
8 GB of RAM

I have had this laptop for almost two years and have had no problems until the recent Anniversary update. Ever since then, the computer will sometimes totally freeze. When this happens, I press the caps lock button on my keyboard and its light won't even come on. This total freeze sometimes lasts for 30 seconds, sometimes for 10 minutes, and sometimes doesn't unfreeze even after 30 minutes of waiting. If/when it does finally unfreeze, my caps lock light will suddenly turn on and everything on the screen will slowly but surely become usable again.

Sometimes the freezes seem random, but other times it seems to correspond with something I'm doing. For example, multiple times the computer has started to seem a little sluggish so I will go to open task manager, and the act of opening task manager will cause the freeze.

My other big problem is that my wifi connection will drop out intermittently. All of a sudden, my Skype call will drop and I will not be able to load any webpages. This usually lasts between 10-30 seconds. Then everything will be fine again. This sometimes happens 5 times within a 10 min... Read more

A:Freezing and wifi dropping out after anniversary update

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after the first anniversary update of windows 10 ,my dell xps 15 9550 notebook computer has become totally unstable.every day every 2 to 3 hours interval here is BSOD.i talked with mcrosoft's tech assistannt and tried to sort it out.they told me that it is the problem of driver or hardware.so i updated new driver of latest version but there was no good result.after that they told me to do "clean boot".but in clean boot i can use only 3 or 4 apps and in the long run BSOD.i am highly dissappointed and also broken heart that this is happening again and again.is there any solution for me ? right now i am using windows 8.1 instead of win10. my computer is working well now and here is no BSOD.i can not communicate with the english spoken dell tech assistant because i bought it from mainland china.whenever i try to contact,it redirects to chinese website and i can not understand chinese language.2 days back i have applied for service tag change for the country change in dell website.i am very very disappointed, very very disappointed.this is my dream computer but it has become my hallucination ....

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after the first anniversary update of windows 10 ,my dell xps 15 9550 notebook computer has become totally unstable.every day every 2 to 3 hours interval here is BSOD.i talked with mcrosoft's tech assistannt and tried to sort it out.they told me that it is the problem of driver or hardware.so i updated new driver of latest version but there was no good result.after that they told me to do "clean boot".but in clean boot i can use only 3 or 4 apps and in the long run BSOD.i am highly dissappointed and also broken heart that this is happening again and again.is there any solution for me ? right now i am using windows 8.1 instead of win10. my computer is working well now and here is no BSOD.i can not communicate with the english spoken dell tech assistant because i bought it from mainland china.whenever i try to contact,it redirects to chinese website and i can not understand chinese language.2 days back i have applied for service tag change for the country change in dell website.i am very very disappointed, very very disappointed.this is my dream computer but it has become my hallucination ....

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did Microsoft update or enhance the NTFS file system in the
anniversary update cause i am having severe permission issues
cause my puter cant duel boot i boot from a removable HDD's
my HDD began to run out of space so i got a 6TB hdd and put w8
on it then upgraded to win 10 pro both HDD's use the same computer
hardware cpu and mobo and same activation code and same microsoft account
now some of my hdds i use for storage cant be accessed when i switch the boot hdd
the same goes for ne folders created and files coppied...one hdd i rename and when
i switch boot hdds the name on the drive is the same before i renamed it...needles to say i am a bit angry and this just recently started happening...any help appreciated tnx Gene

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On September 20 Microsoft pushed through the Windows 10 Anniversary Update to my computer - ever since then it does not work at all.  When I turn it on I get the HP logo and an occasional horizontal cursor blink in the upper left corner. Pressing F11 at powering on brings me to a troubleshooting screen per the instructions on HP website - I selected repair / recovery.  Repair progressed to 64% then seemed to stall for several minutes before the screen just went black and then nothing.   Repeated the process and "attempted repair failed".  Repeated the process and attempted recovery made it to 52% before crapping out. My computer was "born" on 11/11/2015 and apparently died a mere 10 months 9 days later.  I cannot seem to find any answers and I'm at my wits end.  My computer is still under warranty and I really need to get this back up and running! I don't know what to do next - do I need support from HP or Microsoft ? Can I take my computer to a nearby repair person or will that void my warranty? Hoping someone can point me in the right direction. 

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Prior to the update my computer never froze, suddenly one day after the update it happens non-stop.
I Google and found out a lot of people are affected.

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when ever i try to go to windows update....it freezes up!!
is there something wrong with the home page???..or is there something wrong period?? i try to minimize the page while its scanning and it does nothing...and then finally when it does minimize i cant get it back up!!!

please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks

A:Microsoft Windows Update Freezing Problems!!!

I got this from a M$ tech

I understand when you are scanning for updates on Windows Update site it stays at 0%. I realize the importance of getting this issue resolved. If I have misunderstood your concern, please let me know.

I have outlined some common suggestions below. Kindly follow these suggestions and let me know the results of it.

Suggestion 1.

The issue that you are facing could be because of incorrect proxy settings in Internet Explorer. We can make one quick settings change that should resolve this. We will just change the proxy information to NOT automatically detect settings.

1. Click Start, Settings and choose Control Panel.
2. Choose and double click on Internet Options icon.
3. Click the Connections tab.
4. Click the LAN Settings button.
5. In the Automatic configuration frame uncheck "Automatically detect settings" and “Use automatic configuration script”
6. Click OK and then OK again to close the window.
7. Now try the Windows Update site again.

If your issue is unresolved then, try Suggestion 2.

Suggestion 2.

This could have happened if you have an older version of Windows Script on your system. I suggest you to download and install the latest Microsoft Windows Script. You can download it from the link given below:


Now try and access the Windows Update site and see if the issue is resolved.

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I use a program called Dashware to overlay telemetry data from my racecar onto video taken with a GoPro to provide driver coaching to identify how I can go faster. The Dashware software is now owned by GoPro, but is no longer developed.

Dashware runs fine under version 1511, but after update to 1607 it will no longer load and play videos in any file format I have tried (MP4, MPG, WMV). It starts to open the video file, but then hangs before I will play it.

I have tried this on three separate PC's with the same results, and other users are also reporting the issue, so I do not think it is specific to my PC configuration.

The Dashware program requires .NET Framework 4.0 to run and uses FFMPEG for video encoding

I have now reverted one laptop back to 1511 and Dashware runs fine again.

Can anyone think of any changes within Build 1607 that could be causing the problems.
Secondly are there any tips on how to stop Windows Update automatically running the update back to 1607 again?

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Hello All, After the last Win 10 Anniversary update, my wifi speed is terrible. I am using  100 mbit connection i did have any problems before the update. After it the speed drops to 3 mbit . I am sure it is a problem related with the new Intel WIFI drives. So can i ask to recommend a driver version for win 10 with which I can fix this speed drops. My details are following: Model: Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7265   date of the driver: 14-Jul-16 version of the driver : Best Regards,Alex

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Under group policy > administrative > control panel > personalization > do not display the lock screen: it is enabled. and the associated registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Personalization NoLockScreen is set correctly to 1. Yet upon bootup I'm presented with the lock screen that I must dismiss to get to the login screen to enter my password. This policy setting is supposed to turn off that pointless screen so that the login screen is presented right away. This was not an issue prior to the update. Any ideas how to fix this? Thanks.

A:after anniversary update lock screen issue, help please

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I didn't have a choice to update to the anniversary update. Following the update - the screen doesn't always refresh very well - sometimes there is gobblygook when switching windows.I have a 2560x1440 display.

A:Win10 Anniversary update - display refresh issue

bericade Just like the original Upgrade, this new Update tends to work the worst when it is done through Windows Update. What might work, in your case, is something known as a Repair-Install.  This is the least destructive of all the Windows recovery functions and rewrites the Windows system files, including the drivers, leaving your data, settings, and applications intact.To do this, you will need to use the link to download Win10 installation media and either burn a DVD or create a USB stick: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-10/media-creation-tool-install?ocid=ms_wol_win10Note that when you go do download and build install media, the tool defaults to matching what is already installed on your PC (as in, Home for Home, 64-bit for 64-bit).  Make sure you select the same version as needed for your PC. If you do not, the resulting media will be different and will force you to enter a NEW product code!Once you have that media, follow the instructions in the link:  http://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/16397-repair-install-windows-10-place-upgrade.htmlGood Luck

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I have a Dell Dimension 8300 running XP (Intel Pentium 4 cpu at 3.00GHz, SP3, 1.5 Gb Ram, 80 Gb hard drive, CD-ROM drive, floppy, NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200) which is over 8 years old. I know the time is approaching to purchase a newer computer, but this one still runs great and does everything we need to do and more. I am one for fixing things (our society is way too disposable) if I can when a problem arises. We received a large number of pictures from a family event from our photographer, many of which were on Dropbox. In downloading Dropbox and when looking at these pictures I noticed that the computer was responding quite slowly. The original 80 Gb hard drive was getting filled, especially from pictures, and had about 10 Gb to spare. For both increased storage needs and because it was older, I thought it best to add a second hard drive. I installed a Western Digital WD2500JB (250 Gb) IDE drive as the primary drive, and kept the original 80 Gb drive as the secondary. In addtion, some dvds with pictures from our photographer (which I first thought were cds) wouldn’t play in the cd rw drive that came with the computer. Imagine a cd drive that wouldn’t play dvds! So I realized it was time to upgrade to a dvd drive. I installed an Asus DRW-24B1ST Sata drive. And while I was at it, I decided to increase the Ram from 1.5 Gb to the maximum 4 Gb (which may have been more than I needed, but the Ram was cheap enough). I installed the memory recommended for the compu... Read more

A:Windows XP random freezing problem--finally solved

Hi, Here is part of the support site information for your computer, I have taken a small excerpt from their Owner's Manual about replacing RAM modules:

(You can go to the site using that link in the webquote, it is clickable, the manual requires a .PDF file viewer such as Adobe Acrobat Reader that you probably have installed on our computers to handle .PDF files. The entire manual can be saved and downloaded to a computer by clicking the icon next to the small printer Icon at top right of the manual page)

Dell maintains extensive support information for their machines so if you need anything else, it is reached by typing in the Dell service Tag #ID found on the label or tag usually on the side, or rear of a Dell tower.

See "Adding Memory" begins on Page 87 in that manual. Also see page 88 for a diagram that shows how the modules must be situated.....(as you found out)

Dell Dimension 8300 Owner's Manual
Adding Memory
You can increase your computer memory by
installing memory modules on the system
board. For information on the type of memo
ry supported by your computer, see "Memory"
on page 102.
DDR 333 memory operates at 320-MHz when
used with an 800-MHz front-side bus.
DDR Memory Overview
DDR memory modules should be instal... Read more

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A few weeks ago I experienced the infamous Black Screen of Death (KSOD) on my computer running 64bit Vista Business. You know the one where the computer stalls out during boot up at a black screen with a white cursor and it won't respond to anything. I finallly fixed it today.

After much research, I'm starting to think this is boils down to ACL problems that prevent key Windows services from starting. For example, my (KSOD) occurred after chkdsk went haywire and "replaced invalid security id with default security" on every file on the hard drive. That made me suspect the services could not start because of bad ACLs on their associated files. Some KSODs may be caused by bad permissions in the registry as described in some posts, but the result is the same.

My fix was to reinstall Vista which puts the previous system folders in the Windows.old folder. Reinstalling Vista warn you that you cannot use the previous version of Vista. Fortunately that is not always true. Sometimes you can go home again.

Under the new installation I was initially denied access to the other folders on the C: drive and had reset the ACL and/or ownership on each folder by opening it with administrator permission.

Now here is the trick to get the old system back again. I booted the computer with a BartPE cd based on Windows XP that I had created in a previous life. I then used the file manager to access the hard drive whereupon I created a windows.new folder. I proceeded to move (not c... Read more

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Microsoft today released a new update for Windows 7 and 8.1 PCs, which finally removes the Get Windows 10 (GWX) app. The move comes almost two months after the free upgrade period for Windows 10 ended on July 29.

KB3184143 "removes the Get Windows 10 app and other software related to the Windows 10 free upgrade offer that expired on July 29, 2016." It's not exactly clear what the "other software" is, but your PC will no longer be prepped for an expired free upgrade offer. You can find more information in Microsoft's article here.

If you're not familiar with GWX, it was one of the most despised pieces of software during the free upgrade period for anyone that wanted to stick with Windows 7 or 8.1. The app pulled every trick imaginable to get users to upgrade, including changing it so that closing it confirms the upgrade (rather than cancelling it), showing an alert icon and a countdown to July 29, and more.

According to ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley, you can still grab a free upgrade if you want one. A Windows 7 or 8.1 key should work with a Windows 10 installation. Also, if you upgraded your PC before the free upgrade period ended and rolled back, your PC is licensed for Windows 10, so you can still upgrade for free.

Source: Microsoft via ZDNet

A:Microsoft is finally removing the 'Get Windows 10' app

So finally they listen or have just given up.

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Like innumerable other Win10 users, I have been trying for quite a while to get broken apps and Cortana to work again, after the Anniversary 'update'. I've repeatedly tried sfc /scannow; DISM restorehealth; MS Repair tools; Windows troubleshooter; the infamous Powershell "Get-AppXPackage | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register "$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml", ad nauseum, with no luck at all.

Today, while Googling a somewhat different topic, I stumbled across a shareware program that actually FIXED Cortana, and ALL metro apps. It's called Windows Repair Free/Pro, from Tweaking.com. The free version is fully functional for repairing Windows problems; just follow all the directions exactly. The $20 Pro version just adds some performance and visual tweak options.

You have to run the repair tools twice; it took about 4-1/2 hours, total, on my system. On the first pass, when the repair tool was re-installing metro apps, several of the same errors appeared in the cmd box as with the above mentioned Powershell command line. After the required reboot into Safe Mode w/networking, the second pass returned no errors at all, and everything is working again.

If only I had found this program five or six weeks ago! I could have saved countless frustrating hours of beating my head against the scre... Read more

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My first post here ..
Well guys ,I have run into this problem a couple of times after removing viruses from computers...
Was it virus related ?I couldn't say for sure but the indications are there..

I think I may have found the long awaited solution to the autorun problem
that affects both xp and vista boxes --WITHOUT reinstalling..

Autoplay -some love it ,some hate it .
Sometimes it doesn't work when the customer wants it to.
I personally like it disabled ,but that's not the point..

Simple right ?
Just right click the drive in my computer and reenable/disable ,or download and use tweak UI,or uninstall and reinstall said hardware in device manager
or use group policy editor to enable/disable autorun

None of this worked on my problem pcs,and I had felt like I had been beaten by a stupid ,simple problem.

Since the hardware was completely functional,my theory was that it might be a registry entry corrupted by the virus to prevent drive access .Finally I found what I believe to be the culprits,virus related or not..

Try this at your own risk ,but here is what I discovered to be the solution for me when all other avenues failed..

4-navigate to and delete these 4 Dword entries (if present):
[HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer] -NoDriveRun AND
NoDriveRun AND
(may be easier to use the sea... Read more

A:Solved: Autoplay Solution -finally fixed-ymmv

Well-I certainly feel like an idiot-

I should have searched the forum first..
I was so happy to have found the solution I posted it in haste..

Looks like Phantom010 already solved this problem the EXACT same way I did back in June only for USB instead of DVD roms..

Oh well ,great minds think alike..


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Microsoft Finally Got Windows 10 Cumulative Updates Right This Month

Microsoft has a long history of shipping botched Windows updates, but with Windows 10, the company made everything a lot worse, as many of the cumulative updates it published failed to install or caused several other issues once deployed.

As a result, it?s no surprise that there are plenty of users out there who prefer not to install updates when they are released or to keep auto-updates off until others deploy them to determine if everything is working fine.

But since April when the Creators Update goes live, cumulative updates have provided much smoother performance, with the number of issues experienced by Windows 10 users declining substantially to the point where almost everyone can install them correctly.

This is what happened this month when cumulative updates installed correctly at a rate that exceeds 99 percent, and complaints regarding failed installs or problems caused by these patches pretty hard to find online.

Long install times
In most of the cases, users complaining about issues with this month?s cumulative updates, which are KB4025342, KB4025339, and KB4025344, point to long install times. Indeed, cumulative updates sometimes take too long to install, in some cases up to an hour, but in 99 percent of the cases, the process was completed just fine.

This is actually one of the issues that Microsoft also needs to address with cumulative updates, as the install process still ... Read more

A:Microsoft Finally Got Windows 10 Cumulative Updates Right This Month

I rarely had any issues with installing updates and none when running on a new update.

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Microsoft Is Finally Killing Off Forced Reboots in Windows 10

One of the changes that Microsoft is making in Windows 10 with the upcoming Creators Update is giving users more control over the updates they install, finally killing off forced reboots once and for all.

In the past, Windows computers automatically rebooted to complete the installation of certain updates, and this was undoubtedly frustrating not only for home users, but also for enterprises where a system restart interrupted work all of a sudden.

Starting with the Windows 10 Creators Update, Microsoft is introducing a snoozing update feature that makes it possible for users to pause a specific update for up to 3 days and thus find the most convenient time for installing it.

Options to pause updates have already been implemented in Windows 10 Creators Update preview builds, and Microsoft says it?s all because users want more control over the updates they install.

?Prior to the Creators Update, Windows 10 made most of the decisions for you regarding when updates would be installed and didn?t provide ways to tailor the timing to your specific needs. What we heard back most explicitly was that you want more control over when Windows 10 installs updates. We also heard that unexpected reboots are disruptive if they happen at the wrong time,? John Cable, Director of Program Management within the Windows Servicing and Delivery (WSD) team, said.

More options
In addition to the snooze option, Microsoft is al... Read more

A:Microsoft Is Finally Killing Off Forced Reboots in Windows 10

W10 is embracing Linux like update mechanism would be added in future releases.

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MSE just had its real time protection turned on, as I apparently did not verify my Windows genuine status, even though I'm positive I did. I didn't see any button to run a check, so I tried to turn on real-time Security Essentials couldn't turn on real time-protection This operation returned because the timeout period expired. Click help for more information about this problem. Error code: 0x800705b4 So I didn't feel like dealing with this, and just decided to do an uninstall/re-install. When I tried THAT (via add/remove programs in control panel), I got this message: The Security Essentials Installation Wizard is missing a filter manager rollup package needed to complete the installation. To continue installing Security Essentials, you must first download the required package. (I click it, and nothing happens) I googled this problem, and found a possible solution on the Microsoft support forums, which was to do a Windows Update. So I try THAT, and even that won't even load, as I get THIS message: The requested lookup key was not found in any active activation context. Talk about annoying. Help is appreciated, because I really don't know what to do now!

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Thought it might be interesting to note what seems to have been fixed that we've noted as longstanding quirks or bugs. These are things I've noted so far.

1. Items listed in explorer search which were deleted from the search results list formerly remained displayed unless on hit F5 to refresh the window.

Now they disappear after about 3s.

2. The Flight Mode/ Airplane Mode button in the Action Centre was at odds with the actual state of the mode unless toggled a couple of times.

Now it works as it should.

3. Desktop icon positions were often lost and icons rearranged on the left side.

Now the positions are retained.
(Confirmed in #135 here:
Desktop icons keep rearranging - Page 14 - Windows 10 Forums

A:Things that seem fixed in the Anniversary upgrade

The SFC opencl.dll conflict with Nvidia graphics cards appears to have been resolved.

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Microsoft launched Windows 10 on July 29, 2015, with the mission of bringing it on 1 billion devices by 2017, including here desktop computers, laptops, tables, and smartphones.

Yesterday, the company revealed that after 9 months since launch, Windows 10 was running on 300 million devices across the world, which makes it the fastest adopted operating system ever released by Microsoft.

The software giant has been saying the same thing since 2015 and comparison stats after 9 months on the market indeed seem to indicate that Windows 10 recorded better adoption figures than Windows 7, which is generally referred to as the most successful Windows version to date (together with the outdated Windows XP, of course).

Figures put together by VB show that Windows 10 needed exactly 281 days (approximately 9 months) to reach 300 million installs (between July 29, 2015, and May 5, 2016), while Windows 7 did the same in 462 days (about 15 months) between October 22, 2009, and January 27, 2011. This means that Windows 10 was installed on 300 million devices 181 days (six months) faster than Windows 7.

30 million installs in just one month.


Full Article: Stats Show Microsoft Finally Created an OS More Successful than Windows 7

A:Stats Show Microsoft Finally Created an OS More Successful than Windows 7

For those willing to upgrade to Windows 10, the GWX and Media Creation Tool are godsend. I believe people are still sceptical about switching to Windows 10 following the release of Windows 8 in 2012. Coincidentally, it's the same year the world was supposed end.

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Fully one month after its previous release, Microsoft has finally provided a refreshed new build of Windows 10 Mobile to Windows Insiders on the Fast ring. But build 10549 offers yet another complexity for testers to wrestle with: With this build, you have to upgrade from Windows Phone 8.1. That means wiping out any phones that are already using previous Insider Preview builds.

Yep. That?s the sound you hear. wa-waa-waaahhhh.

Why this draconian step? According to Microsoft, which it discovered a bug late last night?yep, last night?that caused phones upgrading from build 10536 to get stuck at a black screen after the new build is installed. So rather than make you wait even longer, Microsoft decided to release this build as a single update from Windows Phone 8.1 only.

The good news: If you decide to stick with build 10536, you can just wait a bit?hey, what?s a month between friends??and upgrade to the next Fast Ring build instead.

?We know having to go back to Windows Phone 8.1 to get this new build is a bit of work,? Microsoft explains. ?By doing so you are also helping us test the upgrade path that millions of Windows Phone 8.1 customers will take to upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile, so we appreciate the adventurous Insiders who choose to go this route and give us feedback.?

LOL. Whatever.

Here?s what?s new in this build:

Cortana improvements. Cortana now works for users in Japan and for English speakers in Australia and Canada. You can find out more here.
... Read more

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Microsoft to issue emergency Windows update for processor security bugs
Microsoft is issuing a rare out-of-band security update to supported versions of Windows today. The software update is part of a number of fixes that will protect against a newly-discovered processor bug in Intel, AMD, and ARM chipsets.
The company will issue a Windows update that will be automatically applied to Windows 10 machines at 5PM ET / 2PM PT today.
The update will also be available for older and supported versions of Windows today, but systems running operating systems like Windows 7 or Windows 8 won’t automatically be updated through Windows Update until next Tuesday.

A:Microsoft to issue emergency Windows update for processor security bugs

But be careful, some antivirus do not take patch KB4056892 well.
Do proper testing.
Read here:

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I am using Windows 7 Professional with Service Pack 1.
Windows Update has lost my update history and hangs when I tell it to check for updates. Windows Update Troubleshooter reports "Windows Update error 0x80070057(2016-07-15-T-12_59_34P) Not Fixed". How can I get Windows Update working again?

Here is a detailed account of the problem:
Earlier today, I ran Windows Update and told it to install 15 important updates. It said it was downloading them, but stalled for 30 minutes at 0% done.
I rebooted my computer and re-ran Windows Update. It reported that there were no pending important updates. I clicked "View update history" and saw that the most recent 15 important updates had failed. I clicked "Check for Updates" and,
when it finished checking, Windows Update continued to report that there were no pending important updates.
At that point, I concluded that something was wrong with Windows Update. In an attempt to fix it, I downloaded and ran the Windows Update Troubleshooter (WindowsUpdateDiagnostic.diagcab). It reported one problem found: "Windows Update error 0x80070057(2016-07-15-T-12_59_34P)
Not Fixed".
After running Windows Update Troubleshooter, I re-ran Windows Update. It reported that my most recent check for updates was "Never", and that updates were installed "Never". When I clicked "View update history" I saw an empty
list. When I clicked "Check for updates", the applicat... Read more

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windows 10 after update to  anniversary update I have cycle reboot (only dell logo)
I think it's problem with driver INTEL RAPID ON (Intel Rapid Storage)
I'm have lates update driver and bios

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