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Outlook 2007/ mail merge/ cant include attachments or email to send from

Q: Outlook 2007/ mail merge/ cant include attachments or email to send from

I have been sending individual emails to roughly 400 of my clients and perspective clients per month.  I have been sending them one by one so I could personalize it. I need to be able to do the following.  
Include the first name of my client after "Good Afternoon _______ "   in the body of the email.
Select 1 of my 3 business email addresses from my Microsoft Outlook 2007 Imap emails.
Include 2 PDF documents.  
Using mail merge via  Microsoft Word does not give these 3 options from what I can find.  This would save me so much time if I can send personalized mass emails to my clients.  Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.  

Preferred Solution: Outlook 2007/ mail merge/ cant include attachments or email to send from

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Outlook 2007/ mail merge/ cant include attachments or email to send from


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I have windows 7 & office 2007. I am attempting to create an email merge. I have tried to do so starting with first with outlook (which takes me to word) which failed in sending, and then starting with word (which takes me to outlook and then back to word) and also failed in sending. I have followed all instructions to a T (as provided by help in both programs as well as microsoft help online).

What am I missing? Is there some connection between the 2 programs that needs to be set up first?

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I can mail merge fine w Outlook 2002 SP2; however, if I attempt to merge an E-Mail which has an attachment, the merge strips off the attachment and sends the e-mail.

How do you mail merge using Outlook and use an attachment?

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Recently I send out a bulk email for our CEO (ya, that's right, the big guy!?!). I had a mailing list as my datasource, created the document in Word (as my email editor), attached two files and sent it off. However, once the merge was performed and everything was sent out the attachments either weren't on the resulting mass email, or only the icons for the attachments appeared. Simply, the attachments seemed to be stripped off the resulting email.

Does anyone have an explanation for this? I've looked on the MS Knowledge base to no avail. I'd really like to be able to explain it to the CEO so I look like less of a bumbling idiot!


A:Attachments disappear in Outlook/Word email merge

Hi, I don't have an answer for you but you seem to be trying to do the same thing I want to do - send an email/merge mass mailing and include an attachment to the email. When I start in word and do the mail merge/email function I can send a form letter type text email to everyone in a mailing database but I can't figure out how to have each email attach one (the same) document as an attachment. It sounds like you figured it out. Let me know how you did it and i can let you know if I have the same problem you did or not. Thanks

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I'm sorry if this has been covered elsewhere, but i can't find a solution antwhere. Outlook 2007 works fine to send and recieve normal messages. When i try to send any kind of attachment, it will not send. It simply says "preparing to send/receive..." in the bottom right hand corner. This message stays there for ages. An icon also pops up in the bottom right hand windows taskbar, saying "Microsoft office outlook is synchronizing folders." I have left it trying to send for up to 2 hours with a 4MB connection, and then i get impatient, and give up. Please help. Thanks in advance,


A:Outlook 2007 can't send attachments

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My Outlook 2007 (OS XP2) suddenly won't send emails that have attachments, whatever the size.
It says "Preparing to Send & Receive", but nothing happens and it eventually times out.
I have recently installed Bit Defender, downloaded Microsoft Updates, and repaired Office 2007.
I ran Scanpst.exe which found some errors and repaired them. I have carried out anti virus and malaware scans. I have tried to send with Bit Defender switched off. I have also tried to send to myself.
I have no problem with incoming or outgoing simple emails.

Help would be appreciated.

A:Solved: Outlook 2007 Won't Send Attachments

The problem was not that emails with attachments were not being sent, they were being sent many times. They stayed in the outbox even though they had been sent, and then were continually resent until I deleted them from the outbox.

I ran Office Diagnostic and the only problem it highlighted was that I had not deleted Office 2003 when I installed Office 2007. This I did and the problem has gone away.

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i am using outlook 2007 and i can not send doc attachments, keep getting the following error messages
the operation timed out waiting for a responce from the sender SMPT server.

sending reported error (0X800CCC08)

sending reported error (0x800ccc13) cannot connect to the network

some excel and PDF attachments are not attaching to incoming e mails, shows the paper clip symbol but no attachment

this has only happened in the last couple of weeks.

my OS is windows xp pro

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I have two email accounts that I want to be able to switch between using outlook so that I can use one for general use and another for a mail merge.

When I run the mail merge, microsoft word 2010 looks like it performs the merge correctly, however no emails are sent to outlook.

I am using Word 2010, Outlook 2010, and Windows 7. The email accounts are gmail accounts (POP3).
I was able to mail merge before I set up multiple accounts, and I have been able to get multiple accounts to work on separate computers (not with the same email address's though).
Unlike other people's problems sending emails through mail merge, I am not able to send any emails out - not plain text nor HTML.
I have looked online and found a suggestion to run SCANPST.EXE, and it did not fix my problem. I have also read online that this maybe an unknow bug or issue.

Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Maybe there is something with office 2007 that my give clues to what may be wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I used Word 2007 for mail merge to send about 1000 mails to my prospects
After I click the Merge and Complete button, for every email it sends, outlook pops a warning
"Some program is trying to access to send email. If it is not ok, click deny and check your virus settings ..."

I am forced to click "Allow" for every mail, this is too much to take for the number of mails I am sending
Is there a way to disable this warning system when I am doing a mail merge

Kindly help

Thanks and regards
Sasi Sekar K

A:Word 2007 - Outlook Mail Merge Warning for every mail

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Outlook 2007 SP3
Windows XP SP 2 (yeah, I know, but it's not my PC)

If I attach any normal file that already exists on the local hard drive, such as a .doc, .xls, .pdf, jpg and so on to an email, the email will send and end up in the sent folder. Verification with the recipient confirmed.

If I either:

Attach the same type of file, but it's original location is an external drive on our network, or

Scan paper with our network scanner (which results in a .pdf attached to a composition window)
then the email enters the outbox, then disappears altogether (nothing in the sent folder) and the recipient does not receive it. This is a strange anomaly that I have not seen before.

This PC has been in service for years, has always worked properly before, but this problem has persisted now for a week. The problem is easily duplicateable and the results are consistent.

Any suggestions?

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Hi, I am having real problems trying to send mail merge emails to subscribers of a charity event I am organising. I have previously done it successfully but I have recently changed my laptop and it now runs on Vista - this is the only change. I am using office 2007. Please help! Thanks.

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Logfile of HijackThis v1.97.7
Scan saved at 1:40:30 PM, on 8/5/2004
Platform: Windows 2000 SP4 (WinNT 5.00.2195)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\EPSON\EBAPI\SAgent2.exe
C:\Program Files\Accessories\ScheduleService.exe
C:\Program Files\Adaptec\Easy CD Creator 5\DirectCD\DirectCD.exe
C:\Program Files\Navnt\POPROXY.EXE
C:\Program Files\Zone Labs\ZoneAlarm\zlclient.exe
C:\Program Files\Spybot - Search & Destroy\TeaTimer.exe
C:\Program Files\EPSON\EPSON CardMonitor\EPSON CardMonitor1.1.exe
C:\Program Files\Nikon\NkView6\NkvMon.exe
C:\Program Files\Navnt\navapw32.exe
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\downloads\spybot software\HijackThis.exe

R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Bar = http://www.ajiri.com
N1 - Netscape 4: user_pref("browser.startup.homepa... Read more

A:cant open outlook attachments or send email.. PLEASE HELP

what kind of errors are you receiving?

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I am trying to send an email with an attachment via OE6 . I get "server time out" error message every time. This problem was so frustrating and it seemed so many things could be contributing to this behavior. So, I just wiped the harddrive and reinstalled windows XP media center 2005. I am still getting the same result. I am able to send email with other windows XP computers attached to our router/modem with the same DSL settings , server login info, accounts, etc. It is as if this particular machine , software or hardware built into it is not allowing attachments to be sent.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!



A:Outlook Express will not send email with attachments

did you try outlook express ,going to tool , accounts , properities , advanced ,half way down , " server time out " , sliding the bar to the right to 5 mins ?

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I am unable to send readable attachments with an oiriginal e-mail through Vista Outlook 2007. What is is received on the recipient end is a winmail.dat file which cannot be opened. This does not happen when I send attachments as a reply to recipients using Outlook and does not happen with original e-mails sent through my AOL e-mail or Network Solutions Webmail accounts. There must be something very basic in my setup of Outlook in Vista that is the problem - what is it?

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Hey there, I am trying to get a mail merge to go out to my client list and I would like to include a hyperlink. I am using Microsoft XP Suite and would think this is a basic feature but it isn't.

I can construct the merge to include stationary background and header and I can send it out in HTML format but the links that are established (and work) in the original message, do not go through. WHAT CAN I DO?

This must be possible considering the spams I have received. Do I need a different program? Do I need to write a macro?


A:Mail Merge and include Hyperlinks

I just tried it with Office 2000, and it worked. Can you give us a better idea of how you are creating your Mail Merge, and are you creating it as an e mail?

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I've seen this issue on other postings but have not seen the answer yet.

I have Vista, Outlook 2007 and Office 2003.

1. I have been trying to send an email merge (works fine on my other XP machine with office 2003) in HTML. I can send a merge in text, but the HTML option yields nothing. I purchased outlook 2007 because Msft Mail was not working either. I am about to throw out outlook 2007 and try to downgrade to outlook 2003 to see if this option works as it does on my XP machine. Any ideas before I totaly frustrate my wife by reloading her software again?

2. When the "text' email merge is initiatied, I get a message for each mail that asks me to accept that another program is trying to send an email. This seems to happen for each email which could really be a problem for several hundred emails. I have tried turning off the firewall but the box still appears. This whole Vista thing is making me crazy. I have to reconfigure my outlook 2003 and transfer the list of names and the word doc to my xp laptop just so I can send the mail merge. What is the setting to turn this off?

I am wondering why I paid for Vista, and the Oulook 2007 sw. Sorry, just frustrated. This should not be so difficult.

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I have often used Word 7 Mail Merge and merged emails to Outlook 7 Since I have installed Windows 7 I am now unable to get the emails to show up in Outlook. They appear to merge in Word but they do not show up in Outlook or any other email programme I have. Can anyone help me? I have noticed many others on the web having the same problem.

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I have recently upgraded to Office 2010 (from 07) and I perform a lot a mail merges. I have come across a few issues with this feature within 2010 and wondered if anyone has a solution. I am obviously running Windows 7.

Issue 1 - When performing the mail merge to emails (HTML), Word 2010 doesn't seem to recognise my IMAP email account, which is set as default in Outlook 10 it uses one of my other pop email accounts.
Is there any way to set my IMAP account as the default for mail merging?

Issue 2 - Once I have completed the email merge I then need to create them as a PDF, which in 2007 worked fine but the Acrobat addin in Word 10 doesn't do anything. (I do have Acrobat 8 prof installed as well) I have done a little research and can see that this is a problem but I need a solution to fix.
Otherwise I'll be reduced to uninstalling and re-install 2007!

Anyone with solutions please let me know.

A:Email Mail Merge Issue - Word & Outlook 2010

Hi welcome to the forum,
Have you tried the macro to save As pdf file of print to the adobe pdf printer?

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My Outlook 2007 won't send email - "out of memory of system resources" I was able to send mail this morning, but starting after lunch I can't send mail. 21 messages in the outbox. I've been receiving mail the entire time and still can

A:Outlook 2007 won't send mail

Try re-installing Office, and use the repair option as well as install office SP1,2 and 3.

Had a similar fault, this worked for me

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I recently upgraded to Office 2007 and now Outlook will no longer authenticate with my email server. I'm receivng this error: None of the authentication methods supported by this client are supported by your server.

This worked perfectly with Outlook 2003. I have not been able to find a solution to this anywhere. Any ideas?

A:Outlook 2007 will not send mail

What type of email do you have (I'm not asking for your address) if you have yahoo pr gmail type web mail, chances are, you just have to go through your port settings in the account setup. Did yoou do an upgrade or did you uninstall 2003 first? If it was an upgrade, the settings should have carried over...

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Using Windows 7, sbcglobal.net, and MS Office Outlook 2007. Able to play WMV attachments when received, but after "saving" them the WMV attachment will not respond. No problem when using Windows XP and Outlook Express. I'll appreciate any recommendations.

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I am trying to send email direct or as attachment direct from Windows Live Mail
direct from a Word 2007 home and student document.

I ?m using Windows 7 home premium 64 bit with Office 2007 home and student Word

I am not techy - does the word MAPI (not IMAP) mean anything in this situation.

A:send email in live mail direct from word 2007 doc

IMAP - Internet Message Access Protocol is one of the two most prevalent Internet standard protocols for e-mail retrieval. MAPI - Messaging Application Programming Interface is a messaging architecture and a component object model based application for Microsoft Windows which allows client programs to become email messaging-enabled or based. Here's more information on MAPI: Messaging Application Programming Interface

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I have a problem in my office that two systems are taking long time to send Excel attachments in MS Outlook 2003.
Even a 35 kb of excel attachment takes 2 minutes to send email.

The system I have WIN XP operating system
Symentec Antivirus client 10.1.5

I reinstalled the symentec and outlook 2003 but the problem remains the same
Please help

A:Symentec email scanner taking long time to send Excel attachments in MS Outlook 2003

You could turn off your email scanner.

Why you don't need your anti-virus to scan your email:

Email scanners can be bypassed:


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I have a problem in my office that two systems are taking long time to send Excel attachments in MS Outlook 2003.
Even a 35 kb of excel takes 2 minutes to send email.

The system I have WIn XP operating system
Symentec Antivirus client 10.1.5

I reinstalled the symentec and outlook 2003 but the problem remains the same
Please help

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New messages for sending are going to my Outbox. When I send and receive the
process completes and there are no error messages but the items do not leave
the Outbox. I have checked my account settings and they appear to be fine. The test option in the settings menu works for both send and receive. I have tried different accounts but no joy. I am using Outlook 2007.

A:Solved: Outlook 2007 will not send mail.

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Please direct me to the answer to my problem on Outlook 2007 which receives e-mail but won't sent e-mail.

A:Outlook 2007 receives e-mail but won't send

Take a look at these posts:




Let us know if none of the above links help resolve your issue.

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Yesterday I installed the win10 "November major upgrade" to my Win10 system. I upgraded to Win10 couple of months ago from Win7. There were some problems then but I managed to fix them. After yesterday's upgrade some of the problems reappeared. I had hard time to recall HOW I fixed it couple of months ago, but this one I just cannot get over:
When trying to send mail from Outlook 2007, this error appears: :Error 452.4.1.0 Policy violation . Your host xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx has no valid reverse DNS.: and mail resides in the "to be sent" folder. No need to say that before upgrade all worked OK and that this cannot be real error, because I can send mails from the same LAN via other devices. It seems that the upgrade changed something. The inability to send e-mail costs me lot of money and I need this to be solved asap.

A:Cannot send mail from Outlook 2007 after upgrade

Have you tried going to Programs and Features > right click at Microsoft Office 2007 > click CHANGE > click Repair ?
If that does not fix anything, consider Uninstall > Reinstall option.

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Hi Folks,

First post here so be gentle ;-) Here is my issue.

I have just gotten interested in using the "Delay Delivery" feature in Outlook 2007.

Yesterday, I set up three mails for delivery at 09:30 this morning (the reason is that they are invoices and must be sent on the date of the invoice and not earlier). I "sent" them all using the normal button and they were copied to the Outbox as normal, but not sent.

However, come 09:31 this morning, the mails were still sitting there in the Outbox.

I have looked around the 'net but not found any solution to my problem.

If anyone has an idea what the problem might be, I'd like to hear from you!

Note that the emails do have attachments (a small < 200 KB PDF in each case), if that is at all relevant.

Outlook 2007 is version 12.0.6550.5003, operating system is 64-bit Windows 7.

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I have had Office 2007 for about 6 months now. Since installing it I have not had any problems with Outlook. I have been using Outlook for a number of generations now. Suddenly this week it stopped sending emails. When I tested the connection I get the following error:

Task 'USA.net - Sending' reported error (0x80042109) : 'Outlook cannot connect to your outgoing (SMTP) e-mail server. If you continue to receive this message, contact your server administrator or Internet service provider (ISP).'

I have a number of different accounts using different SMTP settings and none of them work. I contacted my ISP (Comcast and was told that they had made no changes)

I could use a little help here, as my emails are backing up!

A:No longer able to send mail in Outlook 2007

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i have all the POP3 and SMTP settings correct for my ATT account and even my biz account and i can recieve email on both email accounts and programs, but not send emails. HELP!

A:Cannot send mail in Thunderbird or Outlook 2007

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I'm trying to set up my msn.com email addresses in outlook 2007. (Ironically they set up fine in Entourage.) I don't want to use the connector program, as it receives mail in a separate folder, and I'd rather keep my email together in one inbox. I've set the proper settings for both receiving and sending, but I can neither send nor receive. Any ideas? Thanks very much.

A:Can't receive or send msn.com email in Outlook 2007

imap or pop3 for msn?


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I am unable to receive messages in Outlook 2007. I can send without issue, but I cannot receive across a variety of email addresses with various port settings. Outlook was working without any issues until a few days ago and there were not any updates or installations that can be linked to this issue. I have tried removing the antivirus software entirely and I have disabled the firewall but still can’t receive messages. I do however receive emails on my blackberry from all email accounts. I have verified settings with my domain hosting company. When clicking on the “Test Account Settings” button on the “Internet E-mail Settings” page Outlook does not detect any issues however the test email is only received on the blackberry and not in Outlook. Outlook also does not show any errors when attempting to send and receive emails. Thanks for your help on this baffling problem.
I am using: Outlook 2007, XP Pro, Lenovo T61p

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I am using Outlook 2007 (IMAP) and a Hotmail account. Each time I send an email. I receive a copy in my In Box. This just recently started to happen. Any ideas how to resolve this?

A:Outlook 2007 copies me on every email I send

I don't use Outlook at all, but I think it has pretty much all the features of Thunderbird.. If so, then you may be using one of the following account settings:

a. auto add cc your email address;

b. auto add Bcc your email address;

c. when sending place a copy in your inbox.

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This is the error I'm getting:

Task '[email protected] - Sending' reported error (0x80042109): 'Outlook cannot connect to your outgoing (SMTP) e-mail server. If you continue to receive this message, contact your server administrator or Internet service provider (ISP).'

I'm currently running Vista Ultimate. I've tried turning off my windows firewall and my anti-virus firewall. I have also played with the port setting from what I have read from google. Nothing has worked so far. So I was wondering if anyone here could possibly help me.

The settings I'm currently using mimic what my friends(XP Users) are using. I use to be able to send email but then it suddenly stopped working.

A:Unable to send email on Outlook 2007


Please someone help me.

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Yesterday morning, Outlook 2007 simply stopped sending/receiving email. Send/receive status simply hangs, showing some variation of "receving message X of X (X.XX KB of XYZ KB). When I cancel, the send/receive function doesn't work. I shutdown and restart, same scenario. I've removed and added Outlook to no avail. I am running it on Windows 7. Appreciate any help you might offer.

A:Outlook 2007 will not send or receive email

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My current email provider is shutting down after 15-odd years in the business. I've changed my Microsoft account ID, removing the old email address (@c2i.net) and creating a new one (@live.no - the .no suffix refers to Norway where I'm living for the moment).

Now I want to configure Outlook 2007 to be able to send and receive mail using the @live.no address.

I've tried adding a new account, but that doesn't work. The process stops up when I'm asked for the password provided by the Internet service provider. If Microsoft (or Hotmail/Outlook/Live.com) are the provider, they haven't given me a password. The one I use to access my Microsoft account doesn't work, obviously.

I'm sure there are instructions somewhere, but finding them is like looking for the old needle in an enormous haystack.

(I just might add that calling the Windows 8 mail service 'Outlook' makes it even harder to find answers to questions involving Office 2007's Outlook.)

Anyway, I'd be very grateful for any suggestions

A:I want Outlook 2007 to send and receive @live.no mail

So let me get this straight... is this the situation?

Situation Before:
Email address=<your email>@c2i.net

Email password=<password1> - this is the password you use to look at your c2i email on webmail for example

Microsoft Account password=<password2> - this is the password you use to log in to your microsoft account. It's probably different, not least because Microsoft can't see c2i.net's servers; they're just using your email address to identify you.

Email address=<your email>@live.no

Email password=<password3> - this is the password you use to look at your email on webmail and could well be a different one

Microsoft Account password=<password2> - this is the password you use to log in to your microsoft account. If you've kept the same Microsoft account (but with a different email) it should be the same as before.

If I've understood correctly, I think it's password3 that you want - whatever password was set up when you created the live.no email address. Although it's all Microsoft, it may not be the same as the password for your email as for your Microsoft account.

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Hello to all. I know sure the problem I'm about to describe has been discussed on this forum because I've been researching possible solutions tonight for over 2 hrs without success. In short, have a new computer with Vista Home Premium which seemed to be working fine. Only had this rig a couple days so how much could go wrong right? WRONG! All seemed well until I tried to send a link by email...... and nothing happened. So I tried again with same results. I ended up trying to open Outlook but it wouldn't respond either but WOULD work fine again if I restarted the computer. From my research on this forum and others I believe Vista for some reason Vista is refusing to recognize Outook2007 as my default email client, EVEN THOUGH I HAVE REPEATEDLY GONE INTO 'SET PROGRAM ACCESS AND COMPUTER DEFAULTS' AND MADE BOTH IE7 AND MS OFFICE 2007 DEFAULT PROGRAMS. I HAVE ALSO REPEATEDLY GONE INTO 'SET YOUR DEFAULT PROGRAMS' AND MADE IE7 AND MS OUTLOOK 2007 DEFAULT PROGRAMS THERE AS WELL, MAKING SURE EACH PROGRAM ALSO HAD ALL OF ITS DEFAULTS CHECKED. I also went into IE7 internet options and set up both IE7 and Outlook 2007 as default programs there as well and even went in under the 'advanced' tab and reset IE settings, losing some cookies in the process. NONE OF THIS HAS HELPED! I'm stumped and frustrated. I suspect there's a problem with the registry but just a guess. I could sure use some help with this! Thanks in advance!

A:Send link by email using IE 7 and MS Outlook 2007 does not work

I have had this SAME issue as well.

Certainly someone knows what's going on.....

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I am running Vista. I uninstalled Outlook 2003 and installed 2007 yesterday. All my folders and saved emails are visible. But I can't send or receive emails. The setting are correct. I have spent over 6 hours on phone support from Qwest and Microsoft. Of course each says it something only the other can correct.

Incoming and outgoing mail servers are currently at pop.sttl.qwest.net, although I have tried to use outgoing server as smtp.sttl.qwest.net as well. Currently my incoming server is set to 110 and outgoing to 25, withn no encryption, although I have tried many variations here as well.

I am able to send and receive mail via a web-based solution. I have no message in my outbox.
Error message says: Task - Sending' reported error (0x800CCC0D) : 'Cannot find the e-mail server. Verify the server information in your account properties.'
Any ideas, oh non-biased ones???

A:Upgraded to Outlook 2007 and now I can't send/receive email

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I upgraded to a new laptop that came with Vista and Outlook 2007. Since that time I am experiencing a glitch when I try to send an email by a) clicking on the TO button and selecting a contact, or b) typing in the contact name (rather than the contact email address).

When I do either of those things, Outlook cannot send the message and the "Send/Receive" dialog box starts flashing and appears to be attempting to send the email over and over again ... the number of times just builds and builds. It never does send the email and I can only stop the flashing by shutting down my computer and restarting. I can't edit or delete the email sitting in the outbox - I get the message that Outlook has already started sending the message.

If this happens with an email to a distribution group in my Contacts, it will send the email to some, but not all of the recipients (maybe stalling when it hits the email it doesn't like?)

Once I have sent an email to an individual by manually typing in their email address in the TO: field, it seldom happens again when I email to that individual. The randomness of this problem is driving me insane. I send emails all day long and often to groups of people.

I've tried rebuilding my Outlook profile, I've tried exporting my contacts as a tab delimited file and then importing that file. Under Contact/Properties, the "Show this folder as an email address book" is greyed out.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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A:Outlook 2007 & Vista - can't use Contacts, email won't send

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I am trying to find out if Outlook 2007 has it built in where I can setup an outgoing email to be sent to the same person (or people) everyday at the same time everyday? Can anyone confirm if this is possible and if so, point me in the right direction?

So I want to send this email to [email protected] every day at 4am with no end date

"Please remove your empties"


A:Outlook 2007 - Can I send a daily recurring email

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*Unable to send emails to external contacts. Only able to send emails to internal contacts.*
*Using Microsoft Exchange.*

I tried to send out an email to internal and external contacts in the first place but then Outlook prompted to restart. I restarted the Outlook thought maybe its the add-ins problem so I enable the add-ins but then when I try to send out the email again, it did not ask me to restart but close the program instead.

Did a test send to internal contacts only and it sent out (works) but with external contacts it gives the prompt again.

Problem solved: I deleted the Outlook profile and recreated it. Test send to internal and external contacts, WORKS!

*But instead of recreate the profile, are there any other ways to solve the issue?*


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Please help!

I am unable to send, receive, or delete any emails from Microsoft Outlook 2007. Some of what I have read makes me think it may be due to too many emails stored.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium, Service Pack 2, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU P8600 @ 2.40GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 6
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 4062 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT, 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 464209 MB, Free - 129390 MB; D: Total - 12726 MB, Free - 2035 MB;
Motherboard: Quanta, 361B
Antivirus: Kaspersky Internet Security, Updated and Enabled

A:Outlook 2007 will not send, receive, or delete email

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I just bought a computer with Vista and Windows Mail installed. I had a lot of problems with Windows Mail so bought Office Standard 2007 with Outlook. Outlook worked fine until about a week ago when it stopped sending mail. It seems that whenever I try to send E-mail, Outlook synchronizes. I don't know why because this is the only computer I use. Any and all help will be appreciated.

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I'm new to Outlook 2007. I used Outlook Express exclusively until now.

I am able to send mail from my primary Outlook 2007 account to itself. I am also able to send mail from the secondary to the primary. However, I cannot send mail from the primary to the secondary, nor can the secondary mail itself. Actually, in these cases, the message does go to the 'Sent' folder, but does not download with a subsequent 'Send/Receive' (All Accounts). But both the primary and secondary receive mail in their correct folders and successfully send mail to outside recipients.

Both accounts are defined the same (POP3/SMTP) and I checked them on my provider's web site -- they are unchanged for over a decade. Not using Live Mail or any other mail client software.

This is not a problem for me, just an oddity: I am simply curious. I believe all the above scenarios worked under O/E.

Why do I send mail to myself? Basically to see what pictures, graphs and other attachments will look like to the ultimate recipient.

A:Outlook 2007 - Primary account cannot send mail to secondary

I noticed that in emails I sent to the secondary account from the primary, the email address appeared as:

'[email protected]_address' with the single quotes present

instead of Addressee ([email protected]_address)

Things were complicated a bit by the fact that the secondary account (my wife) also had a 2nd email address (her job). After I straightened out the address book, everything works just as it did in Outlook Express.

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Tried searching for a solution with no success, sorry if posted before
When I right click on photo's (or any file) select to send to>mail recipient I get the message "do you want to make pictures smaller etc, select OK get progress bar and when finished nothing happens, I am using outlook 2007, when I change my default mail program to Outlook Express via internet options in IE7, go threw the same procedure I then get an OE email with attachments ready to send, go back and change default to Outlook same problem, nothing. This has only recently started to happen, the pc is a Toshiba Sat Pro running XP PRO and Office 2007, have had the PC since December 2008, I also run Mozilla Firefox and Avast Antivirus, Lap top is also connected to an external USB keyboard and mouse and external monitor, this configuration has been the same since new, it is to much of a drama to use OE and really can't figure why the feature works with OE and not Outlook, or more to the point why it has stopped working in Outlook
Any Idea's

A:Send to mail recipient doesnt work Outlook 2007

Possibly because Outlook has damaged files?

Have you tried uninstalling it, then reinstalling...or repairing it?


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Hi guys,
I work in a small company (20 something employees), Anyway we bought new pc's for almost everyone that are running windows 7. it worked well for a few days then suddenly no-one was receiving any mails. Even the employees who remained on windows xp cannot receive mails. we are using exchange 2003.

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