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annoying buzzing sound

Q: annoying buzzing sound

for a few days now my computer's not been playing songs properly, there is frequently a distorted buzzing sound over them, it seems to go on and off when different notes or tones are played.
and i've no idea what's causing the problem, whether it's because of hardware or software.
ive cleaned out the whole pc, and re-installed the sound driver (reltek high definition) but nothing has worked so far.
i dont think the tracks are damaged in any way because the audio is also distorted on games and video's as well.
it's not the speakers either becuase headphones play the buzzing sound too.

if you have any ideas on what could be the problem or what component might be causing it, please let me know


Preferred Solution: annoying buzzing sound

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: annoying buzzing sound

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I don't know which category this question belongs to but..

Ever since a couple of days ago, there's been this annoying buzzing sound that's playing over all my media files. It doesn't always persist but seems to go on and off every 30 seconds or so. I did some searching but as the problem is very vague, I wasn't able to find a definitive answer on whether it's the hardware or what not. There HAS been a similar problem posted here back in janurary that I found with google though, and the original thread is here:


As you can see the problem was not answered. And like the previous person, I don't think the media files were damaged in anyway as videos also exhibit the same problem. At first I thought i was because of lag caused by bittorrent, so I restarted my computer. However the problem persisted. I've run adware and virus scans dozens of times and they can't seem to pick out the problem either.

As for the suggested solutions:

What's the difference between directsound and waveout? If that's the problem, how can I change it?
As for EMI, that's probably not the case either since both my cellphone and DS lite are turned off. Please help me out if you know what's causing this problem because, as the title suggests, it's VERY annoying. Thanks in advance.


On a side note, I've first noted the problem aft... Read more

A:annoying buzzing sound

Are you using a desktop computer with external speakers? Or a laptop? I heard laptop speakers can blow pretty easily and not be able to output certain notes from the music. Same things goes for external speakers im pretty sure.

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Hey everyone,

I just got a new rig about 2 months ago and ever since I turned it on for the first time, on startup it has really loud annoying beep and buzzing like


all the way until I click on the user account I want.

I could not figure it out!

Thanks in advance

A:Annoying buzzing/beeping on startup

You have a hardware problem, consult your owners manual. It's a new rig and should still be under warranty.

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Please help. Everytime I'm listening to music or watching a video or anything of the sort and other pages on my browser load, there is a horrific buzzing sound that continues on for the duration of the page loading. It's really disruptive and hard to ignore at this point. I love this laptop, but oh my god. Also, it happens with and without headphones on. Please, is there a solution? What is the problem? Help

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Greetings all!

I'm new to the forums and thought I'd ask about my little issue here (was recommended by a friend!).
I bought a new GPU some time ago, an MSI R9 270, which works great. The problem is that now whenever I'm playing games, there's a buzzing sound on my headphones. The buzzing gets louder or quieter depending on how much activity is going on the game. When I quit out of the game, there's still a buzz but a very quiet one.

I've unplugged my headphones from the back audio jacks and used the one at the front instead and there's no buzzing noise.
Is there something wrong with the audio ports now? But it didn't do this with my old GPU.

Any ideas?

Thanks for reading.

A:Annoying buzzing noise on headphones after installing new GPU


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Just built a new computer, and everything went smooth except that a small but sometimes very noticeable buzzing comes out my headphones. I cant really explain it other than its a high pitched buzz, that changes frequency depending on whats on my screen. On the desktop, or web browser its very fast, while when I go into a game it slows down but becomes louder. And when something is loading, as in when i bring up firefox, it pauses for a second, then continues buzzing, or when loading a game, at the loading screen it is completely quiet, then when I am in game, it continues. Another wierd thing is, if I am scrolling through a long webpage or text file really fast, the buzz will vary depending on how fast Im scrolling.
I actually had to take my sub woofer out because i t was amplifying the buzz probably almost 20-fold, so I'm going straight from headphones to the computer.
Also, changing the sound volume on the computer does not change the buzz.

Now, as far as I know, i have the latest sound drivers, I went to my motherboards website, and downloaded the audio driver for the gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L. Other than that I dont know what else it could be.
Here's a dxdiag, if that helps.
(I did all the tests earlier, they all came out successful)

(to download)

(Scroll down past the html stuff)

sorry to have to host it, but the post w... Read more

A:Solved: Sound problems: buzzing sound that changes frequency


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Hi, I got new problem with my 2nd laptop.
The problem is hard to solve.
My sound card, everything is alright.
I can hear sound very well.
But the problem is, i hear BIOS booting sound-"Beep!"ing instead
of system error sound(like when you type "abcdefg" in run, low piano tone sound comes out with
X mark error msg).
That's all the problem i got.
Only error sound is the problem.
My sound card driver is alright.
How do i solve this problem?

A:Buzzing sound comes out instead of normal error sound

Please post your computer model/brand. Usually the manufacturing support site has documentations on beep codes. How many beeps do you hear?

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Back around the first of the year I sent my xps 17 L1702x back to the depot to replace a bad motherboard. Ever since then I have noticed a buzzing sound in the speakers when the volume is half way up or louder. I can press down on the top of the hand rest area, and the buzzing stops Has anyone else experienced this problem? I would hate to have to send the computer back to the depot for this but it's driving me crazy!

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hi all,
my sound works perfectly but it has this buzzing noise its not very loud but its enough to drive you insane, though i can turn the sound up higher to cover up the buzz.

i heard somewhere that it could be harddrive interference with the onboard sound? my graphics card also makes this noise when the sound is off no idea why

A:Buzzing sound

What's your graphics card? Mine makes some noise too. It appears to be the voltage converter....

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  Hi     Im   getting  a  loud   buzzing  sound  .... I  can  still  hear  internet  radio    or   a  video  clip  ... but  that  buzzing  sound  is   almost  overpoweringeverything  ... iM   on   a   desk  top   comp      Model No. 411. a025na

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I'm using a desktop computer, my computer was allright till this morning. After i click a link which was sent by my friend, Then suddenly my pc fan come out so loud like buzzing sound while running the fan, I tried to off the pc and on agian, it still have it. If anybody know how to deal with this. Help pls

A:Buzzing sound on Pc fan

It could be that something (like a wire) has found worked its way near the fan and is just touching the fan blades. The fan itself could be on its way out.

I would suggest, opening up the case and starting the PC to identify exactly which fan is causing the noise. Have a look around it and make sure nothing is near / in the fan blades (clean out the inside while you are there).

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Hello, There is a buzzing sound coming from my laptop. I got it since the day I bought it. I consulted the technician from the place Where I bought my laptop. He stated that its coming from the HDD in all 6th gen laptops since they are made slimmer. I am still getting that buzzing sound but i did not recieve any error messages or any kind of problems yet.  I would like to know anything about this matter. Thank you very much. !!! 

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Hello,I have a question about my annoying buzzing sound on my one week old laptop. When the master volume level gets higher that 65 on any kind of usage (youtube, movies, music, etc.), left speaker does some kind of annoying buzzing-vibrating sound. Drivers are up to date, are there any solutions on this matter or is it a malfunction?Best regards from Croatia. 

A:Buzzing sound

Hi, Kindly follow these workaround.http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Notebook-Audio/Crackling-sound-Distorted-Sound/m-p/5797418 

"Education costs money; so does Ignorance"If my post has helped you, click the Kudos Thumbs up!If it solved your issue, Click the "Accept as Solution" button so others can benefit from the question you asked!

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When I change the volume using f6-f8 (which on my laptop are volumeMute, volumeDown, and volumeUp), I sometimes get this strange buzz like sound while the volume is clicking up. It will just be counting up and then go --buzz---. If I'm watching a movie or listening to music, it interrupts the music for a short time to buzz and then goes back.


A:Sound is buzzing?

Make sure you have the volume turned up to max on your sound volume. Then control volume from function keys.

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Hello everyone im having issues with my motherboard soundcard because i have recently purchased a new keyboard that had the cables to connect into the soundboard, when i plugged them in the volume increased and a buzzing sound was noticeable. I downgraded the soundboard to another driver and the volume went low again and the buzzing sound almost dissapeared but still there, you can notice it when you use the volume from windows, from 0 to 1 there you can notice a little buzzing sound, and my question is if its a electric failure or ai can fix it with anything else. Thank you for your support.

A:Sound buzzing

Many wires and cables and more chance of electrical interference. It also depends on signal to noise ratio, top notch device have it high and other ones so-so. Make sure cables are not close to power cables and other inductive stuff.

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I have a Lenovo ideacentre 700-27ISH AIO.  The computer has been working fine until recently when it developed a "buzzing" sound.  I've run a hardware scan on the storage devices and they passed all tests. About the only thing left that I can think of that might cause this sound would be the fan, but there are no tests for that component that I am aware of. My unit is still under warranty. Should I file a service request? Has anyone encountered this buzzing problem and if so, what was the solution?

A:Buzzing Sound

 Hi fairmarketvalue ,
Would that be a constant buzzing noise or intermittent?
Would it also be heard in BIOS ?
 To access the BIOS restart and tap on F1  ,
There also would fan on the power supply unit aside from the systemboard to consider .
Is the sound coming from the back or more at the inside?
You can run a temperature test if the noise would also happen on a particular teperature using this .
Having those above check would help identify needed parts for repair .
You may call tech support for the recommended repair service.
English  1-877-4-Lenovo, 1-877-453-6686 Schedule a Callback for faster support  24 hours a day 7 days/week 
Update us how it goes. 

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There is a buzzing noise that seems to be related to apps running. I have disabled the exclusive mode on the speaker which helped a little but it is still pretty constant. Very annoying. Any solutions?

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This has been an ongoing problem for the last month or so.

I've been hearing some irregular sounds from my computer lately. An unusual buzzing sound. I'm thinking that it's from the fan and the computer possibly overheating.

Also just tonight, the computer shut down by itself. I checked the power light, and the light was blinking on and off.

I wanted to know what the problem was.

I'm running an HP Pavilion 6370Z/Windows '98

A:A Buzzing Sound

Take the side of your panel off your computer case and look at your fans. You may need to clean the dust out of your computer or get new fan(s). The computer probably turned off because it over heated.

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I was playing poker and the comp made a loud buzzing sound for about 4 seconds and again for about 2 sec.
I have never heard anything like this before.
the ele circuit going to the comp is new and AFCI protected, and on its own circuit.
the comp didn't blink or go off.
anyone have an idea wjat it could have been.. thanks

A:buzzing sound

keep an eye on this. it could be any number of things. for instance i live near the interstate 70 and every now and then i receive cb radio traffic on my speakers this ranges from pops and buzz to clear speach

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I need help ,some times I get this low buzzing sound in windows 8 while playing audio/video files and while gaming , It only happens for a couple of seconds , 2-4 seconds and then everything goes back to normal .

this happens a lot of times .

I'm using windows 8 pro 64 bit
running the os from ssd and storing media files , software and games on a hdd .

A:buzzing sound and some lag

I uninstalled the audio driver and video driver and reinstalled them all over again , but with no luck .
I'm still having the same problem.

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I am using Sonic DVDit! software that comes with adobe premier and when I burn a dvd, there is a buzzing sound that plays during the menus that gets louder the longer the menu is on the screen, it also fades in and out periodically during the actual video portion of the dvd. does anyone know how to get rid of this problem?

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I have a HP t650 UK Pavilion desktop computer that has been upgraded to Microsoft Windows 7
The mother board is the ASUS K8N8X-la and the sound chip is a Realtek AC 97 Audio. All the audio works fine with the exception of the Microsoft Studio Life web cam. When this is connected to say Skype or Messenger the audio is fine and at the correct volume, but there there is permanent buzz and crackle on the speakers and earphones.
I know the web cam is ok as it works perfectly on other computers I have checked in the device manager and the Motherboard and the sound chip drivers are up to date.
I would be grateful if anyone can help me with this problem.
Thank you

A:Buzzing sound using web cam

Using the inbuilt audio in the Studio Life web cam, if you are getting the crackling sounds, my first suggestion would be to turn down the sensitivity of the web cam. As you say it works fine on other desktops, it is probably just the software on your desktop that is making the sensitivity too high (picking up background noise).

Another thought is that noise might be from your desktop, if the web cam is sitting on the desktop. Trying moving it away from the computer.

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Whenever doing process intensive tasks (photo/video editing being one of them) I hear a buzzing sound. Example, when changing settings in photoshop with the arrow buttons I hear a buzz every time the button is pressed. Also when scrolling windows.
Has anyone had this issue? I still have the ridiculous crackling sound when watching videos fullscreen which dell seems to ignore, I've tried using an intel updater but it says the 9350 is not available for them to update.

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Well i was playing a game i think it overheated im not sure cause its like over 100+ and i was playing games. Anyway there was a screen that was a bunch of colors i think mostly purple or pink but whatever. So i shut down my computer and when i turn it on it makes a buzzing noise for like a minute. I cleaned the inside of the computer all the dust out from the fans and all that but it still makes the sound. Also after the buzzing sound it turns off then back on then a light buzzing sound for a bout 4 or 5 mins then i think its gone.

Its either that or because i turn on my modem then turn on my computer a second later.(i dont usually do that)

Whats wrong with it and does like anything fry or something? Please help. Thanks

A:Weird buzzing sound

I think its because i turn my modem on then turn on my computer a second later because i just restarted it and it didnt make the sound anymore it started like a normal computer.

I still dont know whats wrong and what happened when it made the colored screen something.

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I have on board sound and no matter what I plug into it I get a buzzing hissing sound. Is there any way to fix this or am I going to need to buy a sound card? Thank you for your help in advance!

A:Buzzing Sound From Speakers

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Hello, I hear a buzzing noise in my headhones when plugged into the headphone jack of my aspire 5760-6025. I can fix the issue by running the driver update executable file Vista_Win7_R249.exe However when i do this i can see no stereo mix channel under my recording devices on windows 7 64-bit. I need to see this option because I am a musician and I need to record the sound I hear on my computer, in order to capture the effects within the live recordings I do. I can do this if I update the driver with the Vista_Win7_R249 exported to program files folder named realtek then update the drivers through the device manager. However when I do this I get the buzzing noise again. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Edit/Delete Message

A:realtek buzzing sound

Since no one responded perhaps im not asking the right questions. Why would the exe version of the realtek drivers install differntly then updating the driver in the device manager and selecting the unzipped folder? The difference between the two things is this: one is you can see the stereo mix within the recording devices, and the other one is the buzzing noise. When updating the drivers from device manager I have both the stereo mix and the buzzing noise, the .exe driver download i have no stereo mix and no buzzing noise. What makes these install differently? The drivers can be found at: http://www.realtek.com/Downloads/downloads...p;GetDown=false (hit accept to see the latest driver downloads) I downloaded both the zip and exe version for windows 7. If anyone knows the answers to the above questions or knows information about the stereo mix and the buzzing noise, please post, any info might lead to a solution thanks again, cody

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Hello guys i signed up just to ask you about my problem which is ongoing for a year now.

The problem is when i play games like Battlefield 4,Arma 3 and lots of heavy games i don't really have any problems.But there are some games that causes my pc to freeze with a really loud buzzing coming from my headphones and requires me to restart my computer.For example Total War Rome 2,Shadow of Mordor,Grid Autosport,Splinter Cell: Blacklist are the ones that caused this to happen.The weird thing is,i was having this problem 2 months ago while playing Rome 2,and now i can play Rome 2 as long as i want without having this problem,but 4 months ago i could play Grid Autosport as long as i want without that problem but nowadays i'm having this problem while playing Grid Autosport.The freezing appears randomly,sometimes 30 minutes in to the game,sometimes after 3 hours of gameplay.I can't predict when its going to happen.If i'm to describe it more clearly,the freezing starts with little buzz sounds and mouse starts to slow down,then system gets to a full freeze with loud buzzing noise from my headphones.
My System:

i7 3770k
Gigabyte GA-Z77M-D3H
16 GB Corsair Ram
850W Raidmax PSU

FYI if you think this is a heat related problem,i am certain that its not a heat related problem..Because this happens no matter how hot my CPU & GPU is when the computer freeze.I did both prime95 and furmark tests for 1 hour,no problem occured.I even formatted my PC 2 mont... Read more

A:Freezing with buzzing sound

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Hi, I am experiencing problems with my speakers. Every time I play anything the sound becomes distorted and there is a small buzz, as if the frequencies/sounds are too much for the speakers to handle. It even happens on system sounds. It started happening about a week to 10 days ago, and I think it was after Windows installed a substantial package of updates. I am also under the impression (although I can't be sure) that it doesn't happen directly when I turn the computer on and play something, but if I am playing something and then a system sound or a sound from another source comes up, that's when the distortion occurs. If I plug my headphones in the sound is great and there are no issues.All my drivers are up-to-date, I manually installed the latest ones two days ago but that didn't seem to solve the problem. I've also made sure that the sound levels (audio output) are not too high.  Any ideas would be much appreciated, as this is becoming very annoying and I am beginning to wonder whether the speakers are somehow damaged. It's barely been 2 months since I bought this computer, so this is quite upsetting.Many thanks

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My friend just bought a "HyperX cloud" headset. Usually, these microphones are quite good,

But his, his sounds like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZbXJ...ature=youtu.be

Anyone got any ideas? I've checked so many settings for him, microphone boost is off.

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I just bought a new computer and when i enter a game i hear a buzzing sound, sounds realy like a shaver or something.
When i talk to people on skype they also hear the sound, and its quite annoying.
I'v tried many things, updated my drivers, checked the wirerings and such.

my soundcard is a creative PCI Express X-Fi Titanium,
Please help

A:buzzing sound in the headset

Try connecting the headset to the back of the case if you're using the front connections now.

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My PC has over the last 3 days started just freezing randomly, and while freezed just saying a loud buzzing sound in my headset. Like the sound it was just about to say, then repeated 1000 times a second. I have tried removing my ram and putting them back in. But in really not an exspert when it comes to PC hardware. I do not know what causes this problem, but i would like to find out so i can fix/replace the component.

my specs:

**Processor**: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 860 @ 2.80GHz 2.80GhZ

**Graphic-card**: Radeon 5850, 1GB GDDR5

**RAM**: Kingston 4GB DDR3, 1333Mhz (DUAL)

**hard disk**: Samsung 500GB, 7200rpm

A:Freeze, with buzzing sound.

Hi and welcome to TSF try reinstalling you sound and graphics drivers you can get them either from the pc makers support site for your model or from the motherboard makers support site for your model motherboard.

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I was having problem with issue of buzzing as soon as i get to logon screen and continued into windows,the buzzing sound even cam up in "Mixer". so i came to this site in hopes of finding a solution, i found a forum on here but no answer to my problem. i am here now to tell you how to fix such an issue: go to control panel > sound > recording, and try disabling "internal mic" (for laptops), and "stereo mix". Hope this helps anyone.

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My PC is connected to a home theatre system via an amplifier. The home theatre system's plug is two pronged and all the plugs including those of PC and monitor are connected to the same extension cord that is connected to the wall power outlet by a three pronged plug. When I plug the 3.5mm cable from the amplifier (home theatre) to the sound card output I hear a loud buzzing sound. Please help.

A:Buzzing sound from speakers

Until someone else comments - can you test the 3.5mm cable with something else? Like your phone?

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I seem to be having an issue again, on a smaller scale. I have made sure the Enhancements option isn't enabled. My drivers are up-to-date, and I don't recall having installed any system updates lately or changed anything in general. I would appreciate some help.
Many thanks

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I just bought my laptop and after I started to play some videos, there is a random buzzing sound coming from the speakers. After I stopped the videos, it's still there. It is not very loud but I can always hear it. How should I fix it? I've tried restarting the laptop but it still doesn't work. Thanks!

A:Buzzing sound from speakers?

Hi, well the buzzing sound can be a problem with the hardware, update the drivers for audio from hp.com and connect external speakers or headphones and check if the buzz persists on the external speakers too , if there is no buzzing sound in the external speaker , then its the hardware problem , call hp for repair , if there is a buzzing sound on the external speaker too , then it must be a software problem , run a recovery to check  steps to run a recovery power down the note book as soon as you hit the power button , keep tapping the esc key on the top left corner until a new window opens up(the start up menu ) choose the option f11 and choose the option trouble shooting, and run the option called recoveryNote: recovery  will cause all the data to be lost on your computer and makes the computer to go back to day 1 condition , try and back up the data before you run the recovery  

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I recently bought this HP15ac646tx 15 days ago n its making buzzing sound & I guess it is coming from fan or something. It's very annoying. I can hear it only when the room is absolutely quite. Plz help me. Thank u ?

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For some reason, when I booted up my PC this morning, it was going quite slow, in comparison to yesterday, and there was a strange buzzing sound coming through my headphones. I shut down my PC, and booted it up again. Then I got the message that recent Hardware or Software changes made my computer not boot. I clicked further through the options I got from then, and it booted regularly. It was still slow, and I was still getting a the sound.

I also got got a strange crackling sound through my headphones the last week while booting up (when the white text on black screen goes away, it started, and when everything was running, it stopped), but that's gone now.

I switched my headphones for my boxes, and I still got it. After some research, I came to the conclusion it might be that I'm getting "dirty power" or something, but I have no clue what that means. This is the first time this happened.

I have not changed, added or removed any hardware in my PC for the last 4 months, and the only recent application I recall installing was the video game Dragon Age: Origins, 2 days ago.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


A:Buzzing Sound + Slow PC

Have you tried installing that latest sounds drivers and video drivers? was this doing it before you install Dragon Age?

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Just bought a brand new CM GX 750W PSU, after 2 days of use, an on and off electrical buzzing occurs, it's not constant. But after i shut down the com a less loud buzzing sound is heard from the psu I'm sure of it.It's non-stop, i have to switch off the main socket to eliminate the noise. What is happening?

A:CM PSU making electrical buzzing sound

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Today I made three changes to my PC.

#1: Removed a faulty DVD drive.
#2: Gave the inside of my PC a good dusting with CO2 can.
#3: Formatted C: drive and reinstalled Windows.

Now I have everything reinstalled, but I have a sound quality issue that's a bit weird. There is a slight buzzing that varies with graphical on screen movements and perhaps even CPU activity. I always use headphones on the rear audio output, and tried on a separate pair and the same noises occur. The drivers I am using are the latest from the manufacturers website.

The sound card is a Soundblaster Live! 24 bit and the PC is a Dell Dimension 5000. Does anyone have any ideas of what might be the cause/solution of this problem?

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Loud, disturbing humming-sound from right backside of the monitor.Brightness level affects this sound and it disappears at brightness level of 100 (100%).Maybe it is from back-light inverter? Pushing monitor from back with hand will muffle this sound a little bit.Maybe this is resonance?I'm sure it is NOT coming from internal speakers. Monitor settings are in factory default state.  So how can I or you fix this.Does this affect the lifetime of the monitor?  

View Solution.

A:HP w2408h - humming / buzzing sound

Hi! I had now got to the bottom of this problem. And what I figured out:  Problem: Humming / Buzzing sound from HP's (19 - 24 inches ?) (models >2008 ?) widescreen "mirror surface" displays.Users figure: Brightness level affects this sound "pitch".Source of this sound: Power and/or backlight inverter (coil vibrance).Cause: Bad filter capacitor(s) or coil(s) or both.Solution: HP will not repair this monitor under warranty but they will send you a brand new one.DIY solution: Fast: use spray called "transformer varnish" to mount components tightly to PCB so no coil vibration is possible. Better: Replace components (capacitors / coils). Warranty void if varnish is used or components replaced or even monitor case removed.   So call directly to HP support if warranty left. Otherwise try a local tv repair shop or do-it-yourself (diy).

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I recently got a Samsung NP-R519 that had a broken screen,after replacing the screen i installed windows 7 ultimate 32bit, but while installing it it started making a buzzing noise, its coming from the fan, and it also does it while on windows, but will stop and start again at intervals, but i dont know how to stop it, can any one help me solve this problem?

A:Laptop making buzzing sound?

Its probably a fan on your video card, assuming your laptop has one. My laptop does the same thing until it warms up, but it doesn't do it at intervals like you describe. The only way to make it stop is to replace the fan. You might also try a can of air; it may need to be cleaned.

If you think this is something you could take on, and depending what fan needs to be replaced, this is a project that shouldn't be too difficult. All I have to do on my laptop is remove one panel to expose the video card fan. Its just 2 small screws and a plug from there.

You will have to get the replacement fan from the manufacturer, though. It won't be something you can get off the shelf at Fry's.

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So I just updated my Toshiba laptop from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 and now I'm having audio problems. At first after I upgraded I had no sound. I fixed it by uninstalling and reinstalling my Realtek audio driver. Now thankfully I got my sound back, but now whenever I play audio the sound isn't clear anymore Especially when I use YouTube. I updated my Realtek audio driver from version to and I still hear the buzzing! I tried audio troubleshooting and it said the problem couldn't be identified. What do I do?

A:Continuous audio buzzing but with sound!

Hi there and welcome to the forum

Have you checked and confirmed you are using the correct audio playback device in your audio properties?

Have you got the speakers (and other settings) configured correctly in audio playback device?

Have you also checked to confirm whether running the driver in combination with Toshiba Audio Enhancement stops the speakers buzzing?

Have you tried an earlier driver version? For instance for example.

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So I don't have a tv, so I connected my xbox one to my Dell Inspiron 2330! I have the sound of the xbox, and I have 1 sound I don't know what is. So basically, I connected my xbox one with HDMI to my computer and some weird buzzing sound is coming from the inside of the computer when I switch to the hdmi monitor! 
Can you help, please?

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Just a couple of day ago I plugged my microphone in to my computer and it was working fine, now it just seems to make a consistent buzzing noise every time it is plugged in. I know it is not something with the headphones because when I am talking with someone on Skype I can't hear the noise. Is there any simple way to try and fix this problem, or could it be something to do with the sound card all together? Also, is there any mixer program that is better than the one that comes with vista? Preferably one that gives the option to lower certain frequencies, because I originally thought I could use something like that to try and reduce the buzzing noise. Thanks.

A:Microphone making buzzing sound

The buzzing noise is usually caused by a faulty cable on the mic, but if the noise can be heard through your headset while not using the mic then it could be just picking up white noise, try reducing the volume of your headset and see if the buzzing is still present, if so then you may need to try a different jack for your headset and/or microphone

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My computer has started this crazy phenomenon where it goes blank with a single color and makes a loud buzzing sound. The computer does not stop doing this...I have to restart to resolve the problem. At first this was only happening when I played DVDs on the computer. Now it happens at any moment. I have no idea what's going on. I posted a video here:


Any thoughts???

Thank you!

A:Screen Blank with Buzzing Sound

Most likely an internal hardware fault which a laptop repair centre will have to look at.

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I today bought a USB Trust HS-6200 5.1 headset. All was going well will I loaded up ventrilo, logged on and heard a buzzing, or humming - basically an audible high pitched tone. I have no idea what causes it and although moving some sliders around here and there can slightly alter its volume I cannot get rid of it. Furthermore, when I join a channel with my friends an additional static joins the fray, making it totally unbearable.

I did some further testing and when I go control panel>sound and audio devices>voice>test hardware it plays the same buzz when expecting to hear me.

I then established that if I disable the speaker output it still buzzes. it is only when I choose a mic input in vent that isnt the headset's mic that the buzzing stops. This obviously isnt a satisfactory solution as I do need to use the mic.

Things I have tried:
-muting mic in windows
-installing newest drivers
-using different USB ports

I am tired and frustrated. Please someone, help me.

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