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External drives show in Device Manager & Disk Manager but not Computer

Q: External drives show in Device Manager & Disk Manager but not Computer

Two of my USB external Hard drives, a Fantom 600 GB and a Western Digital My Book 500GB cannot be seen in My Computer. I can see them in Device Manager and that says that they are working properly and the drivers are up to Date. In Disk Manager the 2 external drives had a black bar unlike the other drives which had blue bars. The 2 external disks had a number assigned to them but no letter.

I have tried diskpart in the command prompt, was able to assign a letter, then had to format the drives and they did show up in My computer as valid empty external hard drives with the correct amount of space on them. But when I tried to recover the backed up data for one of the disks (less than a third of the capacity of either drive) they went back to not being recognized by My Computer ans in disk manager had a black line with no letter again.

I just went through that process again, got both drives back and tried to recover the backed up files to my Fantom drive and lost the Fantom drive once again.

I am attaching screen shots of my current My Computer (Computer in 7) Device Manager and Disk Manager. In Device Manager you can see the Fantom. The My Book is the WD 5000AAV. In Disk Manager the My Book shows healthy with Disk 1 and the letter L. The Fantom is Disk 2 with no letter and a black bar. In My computer, the My Book is there but not the Fantom.

Any ideas for this. I am about to just recover my computer to factory setup and start new. I have saved all my important files and mail to the newer Toshiba Canvio.

Thanks in advance.


Preferred Solution: External drives show in Device Manager & Disk Manager but not Computer

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: External drives show in Device Manager & Disk Manager but not Computer

Hi Dick1030,

Welcome to Seven Forums.

Please do as follows:

1. It is unusual for the System Reserved Partition to have a drive letter. Please remove the drive letter.

2. Please remove (always Safely Remove) all the external drives including any card reader and do a drive cleanup as indicated here. http://www.sevenforums.com/hardware-devices/298744-usb-thumb-drives-not-recognised-not-drive-letter.html#post2477076 It will clean your system of all non-present devices and you will be starting with a clean slate.(Incidentally this can resolve many drive letter assignment confusion of Windows OS, as you can see in the referenced thread.)

3. After you reboot on completion of the drive cleanup, plugin only your WD My Book and the Fantom drive. As you plug-in the driver for each device will be installed ab-initio. You can watch it.

4. Now take a screenshot of the Disk Management and post. While taking the screenshot, click on "Show/Hide Console Tree” and “Show/Hide Action Pane” buttons on the toolbar on top to hide those and also pull up the center partition line up as much as possible so that we get a clear and full view.

5. Also tell us whether you are sure that you had formatted the Fantom drive and it contains data and whether you want to recover the data..

(Your statements and the screenshots are so confusing - atleast to me - it is necessary that you do the above and restate the problem.)

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Yesterday, I started a download and kept the pc on with my Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex External HDD 1TB plugged in. After I woke up I realized that there was a power cut and the computer went off unexpectadly (I had no UPS or any backup system).And, I found that my Ext HDD was not seen in my computer anymore (It was working perfectly until before I went to bed).
In device manager, under 'Disks' it shows 'GoFlex Hard Disk', but in BIOS or Disk Manager there is no sign of this HDD.

I really need the data in the HDD badly. Please help me recover it.
P.S. I read somewhere that keeping the HDD in freezer might help and give a little more time. Is that true? Worth the risk?

A:External HDD gets detected in Device Manager but not Disk Manager or seen in 'My Computer'

Power outage probably killed something in the enclosure or its PSU. The drive in the enclosure is probably fine. I would remove the drive from the enclosure and put it in a dock or install it in a desktop computer before considering freezing it. Freezing is usually reserved for click of death drives, and a last ditch effort.

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few days back i have completely formated my hard disk with the help of seagate seatool.Then i have installed windows xp sp3. i have made 4 partitions at that time ie. c,d,e,f. After that i have installed windows 7 now i cant see my hdd in disk management or in device manager. both device manager & disk management are showing me my external drives like pen drive. so what may be the problem. plz help me.

A:cant see hard drives in disk management or in device manager.

Can you post a screen shot Disk management & Device manager?

Screenshot tools.
Screenshot with Paint
Screenshot and Upload using MWSnap
Fscapture free download

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I installed the SATA drive. Formatted it. Assigned it a letter. It won't show up in My Computer, but I can access it by typing in the drive letter in Windows Explorer and when I do this it comes up under My Computer in the "Folders" side pane

Data writes and reads from the drive fine.

I've tried formatting it and deleting the partition and creating a new one.

What the **** is goin on?

A:Drive doesn't show up in my computer, but does show up in disk manager.


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Hello all.....
Ty for any help with promble even before i get started ty ty......
I have a hp pavillon dv-9000 running win 7 pro.......this laptop when give to me was in bad shape.... At one point i had the cd/dvd rom drive working yet in the middle of loading windows files it stoped working.... Knwoing the bios has only the driver for win vista i thought the driver for cd/dvd might not work.. So i droped win 7 on a usb flash drive..... The os is up n running.... So far no real troubles.. Ive had to jump around to find drivers for this... Hp lazy over paid plp.... Any ways i still dont have a cd/dvd driver nor any place in the device manager to even update the driver.... Any ideas????? Gren ligh on cd/dvdrom door..... Oh and i have a replacement cd/dvdrom drive. That when i install i no longer have a green light on door it is red..... Funny thing is it dont show in my computer or device manager yet in the bois it is enable.. Yet dont read in boot list? Humm wait now my head forgot if it reads in boot list or not... Ill check it again to make sure im right... So thinking this over.... Im thinking i might have a m/b problem in this case it very well could junk.. Ty agin for any help with this......

A:Cd/dvd rom not show in device manager or in computer

After checking Hp's website for drivers, I find that particular laptop only supports Windows Vista, XP and 2000. So that may be the problem right there.

You have a couple of options here, one is use the drivers for Vista - bit specific and install in compatibility mode. Another option is to find the product specs page for the make and model laptop and find what make cd/dvd drive they used and go directly to that manufacturers website for the driver.

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The hard drive is a Western Digital 320 GB that I've had plugged into this computer before (and worked). Then i got a virus and had to do a recovery of windows.

Ever since then I can't get windows to recognize/show it in my computer. I just "disabled" and "enabled" it in device manager to no effect. I have a C, D, and E drive which are: two partitions on the hard drive, and then the CD drive (respectively).

So i'm stuck, not sure where to proceed since it's obviously not the hard drive itself, I use it on my xbox all the time. What next?

A:External Hard Drive doesn't show up in "my computer" but does in "device manager"

Does it show in Disk Management ? ?
Right clik My Computer...select Manage...then Disk Management.
Find the drive...right clik it and select Properties.
Report back with your findings.

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Win XP SP2

DVD &CD drives missing from my computer and device manager. Showing in bios however. (yellow exclamation marks in device manager)

I have tried numerous fixes for this problem but to no available. I have shown below the entries I see in the registry.

(default) reg_sz dvd/cd-rom drives
class reg_sz cdrom
enumproppages32 reg_sz mmsys.cpl,mediaproppageprovider
icon reg_sz -51
installer32 reg_sz storprop.dll,dvdclassinstall
noinstallclass reg_sz 1
silentinstall reg_sz 1
troubleshooter-0 reg_sz hcp://help/tshoot/tsdrive.htm

Can anyone advise on how to rectify this problem before a complete re-install.


A:DVD Drives Missing In Device Manager & My Computer

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My 2 year old Win-7 64 bit, SP-1 PC no longer detects the DVD drives. Not sure when the trouble started, as I haven't used them very often. I'm guessing about 3 months ago was the last time I used them. At that time they both worked. Now they don't nor do they show up in Device Manager either. It only lists my Card Reader types. I couldn't find anything wrong, so I installed two new Asus drives, same thing! Tray opens, green light comes on as if they are working. Windows Fix-it, apparently don't recognize them either as no error was found.
I checked BIOS they aren't listed. Boot order has the HD and then the card reader (SD,SM MS etc) never seen that before? Not the way I set it up??
Note: old drives where Sony and ASUS. New ones are ASUS DVD DRW-24F1ST-49
MOBO is a ASUS M5A99X EVO R2.0
CPU=AMD FX-6300 Six Core
Chipset = AMD 990X/SB950
2TB Hard drive.
No viruses have been found.
I have not installed any new software, or hardware in the last 12 months. Fact is I'm in my 70s and have not been up to using the computer much in the past few months.
I would just re-install windows if i could. would need OS on a flash drive
thanks for any help

A:DVD drives is no longer in My computer or the Device manager


Stage 1 : Please do all the below even if you have done some before as it is often the total
process which solves the issue.

Try this - Control Panel - Device Manager - CD/DVD - double click the device - Driver's Tab -
click Update Drivers (this will likely do nothing) - then RIGHT CLICK the drive - UNINSTALL -
REBOOT this will refresh the default driver stack. Even if drive is not shown continue

Then work your way through these - remember the drive could be bad, could have a loose
cable or slight corrosion on the contacts (usually for a laptop) and other issues.

Your CD drive or DVD drive is missing or is not recognized by Windows or other programs
Your CD or DVD drive is not recognized by Windows or other programs - a Mr Fixit
Manually try this fix if the 314060 Fixit did not work
PC Hell: How to Fix Error Code 39 with DVD or CD-ROM drive in Windows XP/Vista
Your CD drive or DVD drive is missing or is not recognized by Windows or other programs -
a Mr Fixit
Your CD or DVD drive is not recognized by Windows or other programs

The CD drive or the DVD drive does not work as expected on a computer that you upgraded
to Windows Vista
The CD drive or the DVD drive does not work as expected on a computer that is running Windows Vista

When you insert a CD or a DVD, Windows Vista may not recognize the disc
When you insert a CD or a DVD, Windows Vista may not recognize the disc

Your CD or DVD drive cannot read or write media - A Mr Fixit
Fix problems with CD or DVD dr... Read more

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I have a problem with a new external hard drive I bought. In Windows XP, it appears as "Seagate Expansion Desk USB Drive" under Disk Drives in Device Manager, but it doesn't appear in Disk Management, where all the drives are listed. It also doesn't appear in My Computer. How can I allocate it a drive letter so I can use it? My drives go up to K, so it should be allocated L drive. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Seagate External Hard Drive shows up in Device Manager, but not Disk Management.

Attach the drive to a different usb port. Open a command prompt. Type
list disk
Copy and paste the result. You can do this by clicking the icon of a monitor in the menu bar Edit > Select All. Edit > Copy. Right click in your post > Paste.

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Hello everyone,

A friend of mine bought a 3TB Seagate SATA drive off eBay about a week ago. He has been having trouble with it since. He said at first the disk showed up in disk management but after a while stopped showing up all together. It wont show up in the BIOS, device manager, etc. His brother took it to the IT faculty at school and they said that it was marked as a server/RAID drive but didnt know how to change this or reset it.

Should this effect whether the disk is seen by the BIOS/Disk Management?
Is there any way to fix this or is this disk shot?

He contacted the seller on eBay and has yet to hear back.

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I have an external 1TB HDD that I bought several months ago. Now, all of a sudden, my computer is no longer reading it as a drive. In device manager, it still reads it as a USB mass storage device, but it will not show up in "My Computer" or the command prompt under either Windows XP or Windows 7.

I tried running TestDisk, but my HDD in question does not appear on the menu.

Any thoughts? Or am I basically screwed?

A:External HDD appears in device manager, but not My Computer

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Hey guys, both of my drives just suddenly disappeared from My Computer.. I checked Device Manager and they were gone there as well. my dvd rom drive still opens but the cd rw doesn't. It seems Windows does not recognize the drives at all.. Any advice?

A:my dvdrom/cdrw drives suddenly disappeared from My Computer/Device Manager

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When I plug in the USB cord for my external harddrive, I am prompted that the drivers have been installed, the device manager shows the drive in my list, but no new drive shows up in My Computer. Ideas????

A:External Hardrive displays in device manager but not in My Computer

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Ok; so I've done some digging into this and have tried practically everything. Under Device Management it's shown as Disk 3 "unknown/not initialized". Used to give option to Initialize disk and no longer does. Ran MiniTool Partition and it wasn't detected by the program. Drivers are up-to-date and device is "working properly" yet clearly there is an issue. I have almost 1TB of data on this drive, most of which is I do need so format/initialize isn't an option. I'm running into a wall now trying to think of things. Any help would be appreciated.

A:WD Passport External not seen by computer/detected by device manager

Hello pastmylife357. Welcome to the forum.

There could be an issue with the USB connection - connector. You could try gently jiggling it to see if you get a response, particularly the part of the case that fits onto the actual hard drive. Plus, try it in different USB ports.

I would try it on another PC, just to check to see if it is the drive or the PC that is the problem.

Let's start with that, see if it shakes anything loose.

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I have a Western Digital 250 GB external HD that had been working perfectly until yesterday afternoon. It has been making this repetitive whirring noise *not the clicking noise of death* and it died before I had a chance to copy the data onto another external. When I plug in the USB it makes the connection noise, but autoplay does not come up and it does not show up in my computer anymore. I did look in device manager and disk management and it does show up but it had no drive letter and it says unreadable. (I've attached a screenshot of this)


Is there any way I can recover the data off of it? Should I just take it out of the enclosure and hook it up to a desktop pc?

A:External hard drive broken shows up in device manager but not My Computer

It sounds like the drive itself is dead rather than the enclosure. The repetitive 'whirring' noise likely is immediately following the click of death, just the click is pretty quiet on a lot of notebook drives. If yours is a full size (3.5") drive in that enclosure, then perhaps you are right and the click of death isn't occurring.

In either case, its not going to hurt to hook it up internally, because even if it doesn't work you aren't any worse off than you are now.

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I inserted my external SD card and nothing happens, not even a pop up window saying its been inserted. I also installed the newest windows 10 driver. The SD card dosent even show up on the disk manager under the DVD/CD rom tab (where it should be).

Can anyone help please??

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I'm trying to fix an hp pavillion dv6704nr laptop running windows vista home premium. It has the little red x on the speaker in the lower right hand corner. The owner said it has been there for some months. I have tried downloading the current audio drivers for the computer but every time I try to install the driver, I get an error that says the device couldn't be found.

The first time i restarted the computer, after the driver installation failed, the audio came back and worked fine, until I had to restart the computer. Now I keep getting the same error and nothing i have found so far online has helped.

There are no yellow triangles in the device manager and the device list isn't showing the category for "sound, video and gaming etc." at all.

Please help. I did a search but the other threads didn't solve this problem for me.
Thanks in advance.

A:No audio device installed error and devices wont show in Device Manager

I see three different audio driver packages at http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/softwar...ct=3646926#N661.You need to find the right one to install. If you install one and the system doesn't work properly...please uninstall it before trying the next one.Installing the wrong one won't do anything harmful to your system...it just won't do any good to leave it installed.Louis

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I have a Toshiba laptop, model L505-ES5018. I had Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit installed on here, but decided to reformat my hard drive using Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. After the reformat was finished, I ran Windows Update and it found several items to download and install for me. I noticed that it also found optional items to download and install for me, so after all the important updates installed, I ran the optional updates. After all of this installed, I checked Device Manager to see if there were any errors and I found nothing. I assumed everything was fine. I decided to check Devices and Printers and under my laptop icon, there was a yellow icon with an exclamation point on it. I decided to run the troubleshooting option when I right-clicked the icon....it gave me a solution to download a Toshiba password utility program, so I did that and nothing happened, even after restart. Same icon appeared. When I clicked on the icon a second time, I noticed that the model of my computer at the bottom of this window, changed from L505 to TIAS. I have no idea what this is. I decided to do another reformat on my hard drive. This time, I ignored the optional updates. I checked Devices and Printers again, the same icon appeared but the model of my computer said L505, like it should. There is something in the optional updates that is changing this. Could it be the Intel chipset driver that the optional update is pushing? I'm not sure. I went back to Device Manager, th... Read more

A:Unknown Device in Device Manager/Show Hidden Devices

Hi there ... You should Install the chipset Driver and also the Realtek Driver for your card Reader ... From the Toshiba website ... The Link is provided below

Satellite L505-ES5018 – Windows 7 32 and 64-bit Drivers Download

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My DVD Drive (Which i used to burn DVDs or CDs or watch them) won't show up in device manager even though it is attached inside my computer.

But sometimes when i restart my computer it either shows up or disappears.

When it shows up it works fine for a while but then disappears.
But when it doesn't show up, it won't show up at all.

I think the DVD name is Matshita DVD RAM but i can't remember what model name was it.

I looked for help elsewhere (Which is online chat) and they said maybe you have to replace it.

So please help!!!

A:DVD Drive won't show up on device manager

Sounds like either the drive is dying or the fitting isn't tight to the motherboard. If you use them a lot, they really don't have a long life and Panasonic are amongst the worst IMHO.

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I run XP home edition SP3, browsers firefox google chrome and IE7, printer, scanner, have all MS updates. The trouble when I place a cd or dvd in the drive it crashes the pc. I noticed it when using OpenOffice and trying to burn a slideshow. Openoffice would crash sometimes also. I used Revo Uninstaller to remove OOo and reinstall. Okay. I started backing up data to burn and it got worse. At first It was sporadic crashes whether music, data, or movies. I did scans for virus/malware stuff. Nothing. Then comodo anti-virus stopped updating. I did a clean reinstall and it was still messed up. I switched to Avast AV and xp firewall for now. I did an xp repair to keep from losing all my new data, reinstalled all MS updates and reinstalled SP3. Then the pc would take cd or dvd but my player stopped playing movies. Pc said the 'enabledvd.' file was missing yet it was still there. Then my Pinnacle Instant CD+DVD program crashed trying to burn data. More scans, another repair, updates required, it took cd's at first, now it crashes everytime. Bio's is on default. Video drivers were updated in device manager. The only thing I can think of is I used ccleaner then I used comodo system cleaner before the first repair although I have used ccleaner and no problem. Directx tests are okay. In Device Manager in System Devices the following show wrong yet no yellow marks:
Direct memory access controller,
Motherboard resources,
Numeric data processor,
Programmable interrup... Read more

A:Various Drivers don't show in Device Manager

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Hi guys,

I'm trying to get Realtek installed and i do manage to install it without getting a failure message or whatsoever. But the problem is that it does not work.

I installed and removed many codecs and versions of realtek, it just doesn't show in the device manager.

The only thing i see is High Definition Audio Device, and not Realtek.

How can i get realtek correctly installed??

thanks in advance.

A:Realtek doesn't show in Device Manager

You didn't fill in the system spec's. Makes it hard to figure out what you have without it.

Generally the High Definition Audio Device is the sound module. Does the sound work, just that it's not showing "RealTek"? Did it ever work? If you upgraded from XP, you need Vista/Windows 7 specific drivers, the XP drivers usually are not compatible.

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I have a brand new P52 and the touchpad does not work. The red pencil eraser pointer, the touchpad buttons, and the touchpad itself are all non-functional. I currently have a logitech mouse plugged in. THe device manager shows two HID mouse devices and no options for ELAN devices. When I run the ELAN touchpad app it says it can't find or connect to anything. Suggestions? 

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This is a long Story but here i go.
Yesterday i received my new PNY GeForce FX 5500 PCI video card. I had some trouble installing first i didnt know i had to disable my old pci card and my onboard video card which i later found i had to do and which i did. So after doing that i installed my new video card again and everything seem to go right except on my instructions it said that after i had pluged my video card to turn my computer on and when i got to my home screen that my ADD NEW HARDWARE WIZRD would appear but it never appeared. The weird things is that on my device manager it said that is was enabled and it was working properly which it looked like it was. So i decided to go to my next step which was to put in my cd-rom to install the drivers but when i did it did not read it or even show up on the computer that there was even a cd in it kept telling me to put the cd in. So i tried using music cds and even my computer game on my DVD-R/RW bu nothing. So i turned my computer off and unistalled both my cd and dvd-r and i installed them againg and turned on my computer but this time it was worse no my cd and dvd would not open at least like they did before nor did they even look like they were working bc there is not light flashing at all and when i go to my device manager there is no cd or dvd drive showing so theres no way for me to enable or disable them. All the wires are hooked up correctly b/c i had a friend of mine who knows hot to install cd and dvd drives so i dont... Read more

A:Help with CD-Rom and DVD-R not working and dont show up in device manager!

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I Have Bluetooth but it doesn't show in device manager.

A:Help, Again!!! Bluetooth doesn't show in device manager

Quote: Originally Posted by ebartolon

I Have Bluetooth but it doesn't show in device manager.

Probably because the drivers for your device are not installed?

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Opened up Device Manager to look at settings for the various Com "Ports" in use and just can't see any listed. Here's a snap of what I have.

Where do they show, or how can I make them show up ?


A:Device Manager And Having Ports Listings Show Up ?

Open Devices and Printers
Select one of your printers
Then select Print Server Properties from the menu bar at the top of the Window.
Then select Ports.

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I am running Windows XP home. I was able to view comm ports earlier today in device manager but I had to re-boot my PC and now the Comm Ports do not show up in device manager. Does anybody have an idea as to why this might be happening.



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Hi, I have an HP dv5215 laptop. My mom tried to reformat it because it crashed about a month ago. It is restored, but the wireless internet doesn't work. When I press the button for wireless the light doesn't come on. I reinstalled the driver, and i already checked that it is enabled in BIOS. The wireless assistant says it is disabled in the devise manager but when I go there I don't see the wireless card. Is it called something funny that I just don't recognize or is there a way to make it show up?

A:wireless card does not show up in device manager

sounds like the driver is not installed
It should be in Device manager under Network Adapters

do you have any ? ! or X anywhere in device manager ?

but when I go there I don't see the wireless card. Is it called something funny that I just don't recognize Click to expand...

post here exactly what it says

goto the HP support site, download and re-install the driver

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Hi there,

I was wondering if you could help me i have and nvidia 750i platinum chipset which uses these nforce drivers to control stuff like your raid and ethernet.but for tje life of me my adapter has dissaperaed into thin ait its built in to the mobo right but it won't show up in device manager or network connections .
I am confused because the green light on the adapter means its on but it doesnt recognise it as software could this be an update problem or because ive updated my bios please help my email address is REMOVED


A:Graphics chip does not show up in Device Manager?

Your email address got removed, because if u get threatening emails from someone, your parents can sue vista forums, because u publicly posted your email address on the internet (everyone, including pedophiles can view ur email address).

Or in the device manager, right click the system devices section, and click scan for hardware changes (feel free to do the same with all of the other sections just to make sure we dont miss anything).

If that doesnt work then,

Look for the chipset drivers and reinstall them.

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Hi,i've done a system restore on a HP Stream 11 Pro with Windows 10 (64 bit). Touchpad worked properly before. Now the touchpad doesn't work and I can't detect him in Device Manager. I've tryed to:Install all HP drivers (including chipset, Synaptics, etc)Install Synaptics driversUpdate biosIn any case, Device Manager doesn't show the touchpad so I can't operate a direct driver installation. There are no unknow devices in Device Manager.Actually, the touchpad works properly in HP bios hardware test, so the hardware is ok.How can I fix this problem?Thanks!

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I have a Jetway PA78VM5-H-LF motherboard.

Newegg.com - JetWay JPA78VM5-H-LF AM2+/AM2 AMD 780V HDMI Micro ATX AMD Motherboard

It's discontinued.

Downloaded the lan drivers for the onboard lan at Jetway.

Jetway - Tech.On The Move - Motherboard - PA78VM5/PA78VM5D

Went to install and I got this error.

The RealTek Network Adapter/Controller was not found.
If Deep Sleep Mode enabled Please Plug the Cable

I went to device manager and the device isn't showing up at all.

I don't have the device under network devices. Even when showing hidden devices.

Onboard Lan is enabled in bios.

Really clueless why it wont show up in device manager.

The weird thing is when I shut my computer down and restart it the ethernet on the back of the mobo turns red.

I have to unplug the tower and power cycle it to get it to restart.

And whenever I get into Windows 7 (64) the clock is always reset.

Any idea? I've pretty much done everything, I have never used it since I have a wireless USB device but I need to use the Ethernet for the time being.

I will try to install chipset drivers.

Maybe I need to update the bios? Anyone know a good how to flash guide?


A:Onboard LAN wont show in Device Manager

Check the battery.

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i have looked through the forums for some time and i cant find any thing that will fix my built-in webcam.i have tried to find the driver for it but it wont show up and i have had the cmd (admin) run a dignostic on the whole computer and still nothing. 

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I recently was able to reset my laptop via USB. However, I had some drivers missing, which I reinstalled. One of them, which was not showing up at all on the device manager or the mouse settings, was the touchpad. I tried installing the driver two times, and the touchpad still does not work. The cursor wil not even show up, and it still does not show up in the device manager or the mouse settings. I am not sure if I should reset my laptop again, seeing as the touchpad stopped working after I already reset it, when before it was working just fine. What should I do about this?

A:Touchpad not working. Will not show up in Device Manager or ...

Hi, Please try to download and install the following  Synaptics TouchPad Driver for your machine:     http://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp71501-72000/sp71867.exe Regards.

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Changed subject to match the subject - mod
This post is old but the problem of my SD-Card reader in my W520 not being detected happened to me a few days ago, Feb, 2018. My SD Card reader had been working a couple of months earlier.
First I did a Diagnostic test by checking if Linux could make it work.:
I have configured my W520 to dual boot Windows 7 / Linux Mint, so I booted it to Linux and found that Linux detected the card reader immediately and could read SD cards. That test told me the reader was okay and the problem was with Windows.
Based on a hint from this other post, I opened Device Manager from Control Panel and opened the devices under IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers (not Disk Drives as suggested in Method 1-4 of the other post). I found two devices. I right clicked on the Ricoh PCIe SDXC/MMC Host Controller and clicked on Propertes, and I found the Device Status was "Disabled". I clicked on the "Enable" button, and the SD-Card reader immediately started working again.

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I have a very strange issue regarding a USB mouse.
The following happens:
I turn the machine on. No mouse is present/detected. So I plug in/unplug multiple mice and the first couple do not appear (although I can hear the "Ker-plunk" sound that XP makes when you plug in a USB device. (Note, I have tried ALL USB ports, and have other USB devices plugged in and have tested multiple mice on multiple machines. Finally after trying lots of mice...the "Found New Device" dialog box appears to search for a driver for the mouse. IF I select "find driver" then the mouse will not work. The arrow pointer just stays frozen in the middle of the screen. If I click on cancel, then the mouse will work until the next time the machine is powered down.
But even when the mouse is plugged in an working it does not appear in the device manager (There is not even a mouse tab in Device Manager)- and nothing appears in the "Mouse" section of the Control Manager.

This is really a pain because every time the computer is reboot I have to "trick" the computer by using two mice and plugging them in and unplugging them quickly.

Any ideas?

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I have hp laptop model:F9F78EA. recently i can't see my dvd drive in my computer or in device manager, but still show in bios.i tried the registry fix but no luck. can any one help me.

A:dvd drive is not shown in device manager but show in bios

For future knowledge, you own an HP 15-d002se Notebook.  That is the best way to identify it in the forum. Have you installed the CyberLink media software and drivers?They are available in the software-media section at the following link.http://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/selfservice/HP-15-Notebook-PC-series/6529963/model/6822794 

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basically whats happening is when i start my computer and it tries to boot the OS it gives me the boot device not found msg...i thought at first that the hdd might just needed a format or maybe the mbr might need to be fixed...but i also cannot access the hdd in the windows xp recovery console or when i try to format(it says disk drive not accessible)...in windows when i go to device manager the hdd shows up fine..but i cant access it through my computer.

I believe the problem was caused when i tried plugging in a ps/2 mouse when the computer was on...the next time i shut it down and restarted was when the problem occured

A:HDD showing up fine in device manager..but wont show up anywhere else

if it can't boot how are you seeing in device manager???
are you using it in another machine??
in manager does it say it is ntfs system ,boot ?? :knock:

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Hi folks,

I am attaching a screenshot of entries in Device Manager 'Show Hidden Devices' that have yellow exclamation marks on them.
Their properties say "This device is not present, is not working properly, or does not have all its drivers installed. (Code 24)"

I recently uninstalled my Iomega 100 zip drive as I haven't used it for years and I'm wondering if these are left-overs from that. I can't think of anything else I've done to cause them. Can anyone help please?

A:Errors in Device Manager ('Show Hidden Devices')

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Hi , I've G50 I5 (20351) ...AMD Radeon Graphics doesn't appear in device manager windows even the driver were well installed

plz help me !!

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ok this is a weird thing for me, never had to deal with this and dont know what to do.
The problem: I had a video capture card/ tv tuner installed in my pc. At the time i had windows xp pro sp2.
I formatted my pc and installed windows xp Media center edition.
when i tried to install my capture card it wouldnt work.
It read the plug n play, it installed the drivers but when i went to any program to capture video, it wouldnt read it.

So i thought my card had fried, as i did fine a small burn mark on the silver strip on the back of the card.
No problem, i ordered a brand new one.
Only to find im having the same issue, Its installed but when i go to windows movie maker, it says the hardware is in use already when it is not.
WinDVR that came with my card just shows TV fuzz.

the problem i think it is, Is that theres another card supposedly installed on the PC that isnt there.
in widows movie maker when i choose to capture video im givin the option between two cards.

Card 1: PCI TV TUNER PCI 2309 (This is my new card that i just installed)

card 2: BT878 VfW to WDM Mapper

now when choosing card one, It doesnt give any options in the drop down box for video source. and it says the hardware is in use after i click next a couple times.

When i click card 2 i get an instand error just by clicking it.
"A problem was encountered while trying to connect to one of your capture devices. Check your capture devices and try again"
upon recieving this error, the capture di... Read more

A:uninstall hardware that doesnt show up in device manager

Download drive cleaner and remove both sets of drivers, reboot and try again.

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My laptop is a Vaio VGN-SZ38GP/C.
It was loaded with XP when I bought it, but has been clean installed with Windows 7 without any problems for the past year. I used a graphic driver with a modified inf to install the video card driver (the laptop came with nVidia Geforce Go 7400). All was fine.

Now here's the problem.
Two days ago, when I turned on the laptop, the display went small (it doesn't cover the entire screen). After it entered into Windows, a message pops up: 'new device has been detected', it was then installed etc. The new device turns out to be an Intel Express Chipset. After that, it required me to reboot the system. After the system was rebooted, all seems well, the display once again covered the entire screen.

However, I found out that the laptop is currently not utilizing the video card (it doesn't even shows up under device manager). There's not even a 'standard vga adapter' entry in it. None under display adapters. None under other devices. Couldn't find it.

And turns out the STAMINA-SPEED switch on my laptop isn't working (Vaio SZ has a STAMINA mode that preserves the battery by switching off the video card). I put the switch on SPEED, but the led indicator stays on STAMINA. Windows doesn't even seem to recognize any changes I made in switching between the modes back and forth.

Also, another weird thing right now is that the device manager shows that I have two Intel Express Chipsets when I turned on the 'show hidden devices' option. Both wi... Read more

A:[Help] Two intel express chipsets show up in device manager.

Welcome to the Seven Forums!

Firstly, just so we can make sure it wasn't Windows Update, do you have Windows Update set to automatically install Recommended/Optional updates, or only Important updates?

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Just reformatted my alienware laptop because I haven't used it in months. Now I don't even see "Network Adapter" listed under device manager so when trying to install the driver i don't think it had any effect. Suggestions? Running m15x windows 7 home premium 64 bit.

A:Help! Network Adapter doesn't show in device manager

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Hello all,
I recently discovered neither my CD-ROM or CD/DVDW drives are working, In the device manager they have an ! next to them. I found the following below in the help section ont he computer:
I haven't seen this problem in years and was wondering if the uninstall procedure below would be the right cousrse of action?

Uninstall and then reinstall your device.
To resolve the problem that is causing Device Manager to show an error code
for your device, try uninstalling and then reinstalling the device.
To uninstall your device
Open Device
If the category for your device is not expanded, double-click the category.
Under the category for your device, right-click the device that you want to
uninstall, and then click Uninstall.
In the Confirm Device Removal dialog box, click OK. Note
To open Device Manager, click Start, clickControl Panel, click Performance and Maintenance, and then clickSystem. In the System Properties dialog box, click the Hardware
tab, and then click Device Manager.

Once you have removed your device, use the Add Hardware Wizard to reinstall
To reinstall your device
Close any open programs.
Start the Add
Hardware Wizard.
Click Next, and wait for Windows to search for Plug
and Play devices. Most new devices are Plug and Play, so you rarely need to
go beyond this step.
If no Plug and Play devices are found, a list of devices appears. ClickAdd a new hardware device, and then click... Read more

A:Device Manager - CD-ROM and CD/DVDW Drives

Were there any changes (added or removed) before the problem? Can you check on the BIOS section if they are not also recognized? Try reseatting the cable/power connections and remove the CMOS battery for a couple of minutes then see if Windows will install the generic drivers on the next boot-up. See also this link http://support.microsoft.com/kb/314060 if its applicable to your situation,

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I finally got my dual boot system...when i am in 98 and open my computer it does show the 2 rom drives but they run really slow so I was going to uninstall and reinstall but in the device manager they are no where to be found...is there a solution? I have even tried unplugging them and booting up and shutting down and replug in ad reboot and still the same thing. they work great on the XP drive...HELP!

A:ROM drives not recognized in device manager

Right click on my computer, properties, performance, what does it say there? Optimal or something about dos compatibility mode?

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W98 SE, on a reboot got Sec Slave Drive-ATAPI Incompatible error message, Press F1 to resume. I do so and system boots but my two CD drives are missing. Neither appears in Device Manager list. No lights show on either drive unit after reboot but both are powered up. Checked BIOS settings but don't really understand the meanings,
BIOA Auto Detect settings are;
Pri Master: AUTO
Pri Slave: Not installed
Sec Master: Not installed
Sec Slave: AUTO
At system reboot I see the following;
Auto-detect Pri Master = IDE Hard Drive
Auto-detect Sec Slave= ATAPI CDROM
Sec Slave Drive - ATAPI Incompatible
Press F1 to resume
Since I don't use this PC(my wifes) I'm not familiar with what might have preceded this situation. Both CD's were working fine a few weeks ago. Any suggestions to cause or solution greatly appreciated.

A:CD drives not showing in Device Manager

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i recently installed Windows 7 RC 64-bit on my Asus G50V, after that i can't find my dvd/cd-rom on My computer. In Device Manager i can't find DVD/CD-ROM drivers.

can anyone help me?

A:DVD/CD-ROM Drives missing in device Manager

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I think this first started being an annoyance to be back around the launch of Windows 7. I've got an entire array of drives in use on my PC at any given moment, disbonded on my task or needs. With the advent of much larger USB thumbdrives, I've had less and less need for swapping/moving USB HDD's all the time.

SO this is what I want...I would like to be able to tell DeviceManager that these USB drives are just plain old drives. It makes me insane in the file explorer where under THis PC (or My PC) that when I expand, displays a whole collection of left my phone in the car--it was safe all girl!


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