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Portege R830-1EE: Supervisor / Bios password - No Boot or login prompt

Q: Portege R830-1EE: Supervisor / Bios password - No Boot or login prompt


yesterday i set the bios/supervisor password.

When i now turn on the notebook, i can see the Toshiba - Leading innovations screen and then it goes dark and won't boot any further.

The harddisk / fan / graphics card etc is working - but i don't see anything nor do i get some kind of prompt or shell or whatsoever.

I tried all those "Press, ESC, Press F2, Press F1, Press INS" stuff, nothing worked out.
I removed the battery for several mins while pressing the power button, nothing.

Maybe somebody has some kind of clue whats wrong with this maschine....

Preferred Solution: Portege R830-1EE: Supervisor / Bios password - No Boot or login prompt

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Portege R830-1EE: Supervisor / Bios password - No Boot or login prompt


Did you use some high ASCII character like ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ? etc in your BIOS / Supervisor password?

In the past the usage of such characters prevented the notebook from booting up.
In such case you had to contact the service partner in order to solve this problem.

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Have a Satellite PRO S300 (PSSB0A-06500T) which is BSOD-ing with Stop 7B and I want to get into the full part of the BIOS so I can reset boot order to enable me to re-install Win XP.

Esc - F1 just gets me into the restricted part of Page 1 of the ACPI BIOS set-up. I know the Supervisor password! So how do I get to a password prompt that will allow me into both pages of the BIOS set-up.

I have tried F12 on boot to attempt to get into the boot options on the Toshiba splash screen, but that does not work.

A:Sat S300 - How to get Supervisor Password Prompt to Enter Full BIOS Setup?

I think you hold down a button during power on. Try holding the "INS" key to get the supervisor password prompt to appear.

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Hi all,

I think thereis a bug in the M780 BIOS. I have set only a Supervisor password on all 100-odd machines that we have. There are no other security settings enabled and when a machine goes into deep sleep (ie. after a few hours) they get prompted for the Supervisor password when waking the machine.

All machines are running the latest BIOS (2.10) and WIndows 7 64bit. As we are a school we want to prevent the kids from booting from CDs etc.,

I have configured the Security section of BIOS like so;

User Password: Not Registered
Supervisor Password: Registered
HDD1/SSD1 Password Mode: <User Only>
HDD User Password: Not Registered
TPM: <Disabled>

Any help or confirmation of the issue would be appreciated. Cheers!

A:Portege M780 - Prompted for supervisor password after sleep

UPDATE: I have since discovered that the problem exists when waking from hibernation, not from sleep. I have disbaled this via Group Policy for the "Balanced" power plan which has resolved my immediate issue, although this behaviour still shouldn't occur.

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Hi All,

I have a Toshiba Portege R830, running 32-bit Windows 7 (SP1) enterprise (for work).
I also boot into Linux Mint 14 64-bit, which I have installed on a portable USB HDD (outside work).

I recently bought a USB 3 HDD, but when I connect it to the USB 3 port on my R830, it only gives me USB 2 speeds (25 MB/s).

I checked with some diagnostic utilities (usbdeview, etc), which say that the drive is connected in USB 2.1 mode.

The drive reports itself as being USB 3, the cable is USB 3 (SuperSpeed), and the port I'm using on the R830 is 3.

I experience the same, whether I boot into windows or linux.

I updated all drivers on both OSs, to no avail.

next i tried to update the BIOS, but I keep getting the following error:
"An error occurred while preparing the update environment.
You have not given permission to execute the update."

For the record, this is the BIOS I'm going from, & to.
BIOS Version : Current Ver.2.80 --> Updated Ver.4.10
EC Version : Current Ver.1.10 --> Updated Ver.1.60

Does anyone know why I would not be getting USB 3 speeds (which, for my drive, are expected to be around 40 to 50 MB/s), or why all diagnostics are saying USB 2?

Does anyone know how to overcome the BIOS update issue?
(I've tried safe mode, disabling AV, disabling NX)


A:Portege R830 - USB 3 & BIOS updates

Is this USB driver installed?

Please try to install it and check USB speed again.

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Hi...i have a lenovo B590...this laptop was a gift ...two days ago i power up and no boot...shows boot option menu but no option get charge the system, also cannot boot from the usb key or cd room...i tried remove the battery (the two) but still no boot and the bios supervisor password still appear... anybody know a solution?

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Hello Forum,

i have exactly the same problem as described here, 2 years ago:

I need to update my BIOS, but i cant because the BIOS Updater tells me that Intel-TXT is enabled.
Unfortunatelly i cant disable it in my bios. Its just not selectable. The "cursor" just jumps over it.
I can only "Hide" it which doesnt help.
I have the same for the VT-d and VT-x setting in the BIOS. This is not selectable or changeable as well.

TPM isnt enabled though...
I installed the infineon suite and it tells me that i need to enable TPM in bios to use it. :-(

I have an very old Bios Version 3.1 and i read in the changelog that in V3.4 and 3.5 there were many TPM related changes....

Back then, a user named Paolo30 uploaded a file P007Dv360A_EC77V140.zip to 2shared.com which fixed this.
Unfortunatelly this file was deleted on 2shared.com

can someone please provide that file (or a later bios update) which fixes this?
Thanks in advance.

A:Need Portege R830 BIOS Update without Intel-TXT Check

Port?g? R830-10P belongs to the PT321 series so you need BIOS released for Port?g? R830 PT321

You can download such older BIOS versions from different Toshiba driver pages.
For example: http://www.toshiba-asia.com/sg/support/drivers

On this Toshiba Asia page I could find all BIOS for this Portege model.

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I have problems with entering the BIOS and boot. My device requests a password, what can you do? Toshiba service centers in our city is not present. All I could do - press control, tab, control, enter, and the machine gave me PC Serial

Sorry for my English, I used Google translator.

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I want to update my laptop bios 3.40 with the version (BIOS_V390_ECV160_WIN) , it shows me an error message :
TOSHIBA BIOS Package Ver.4.2.1

"This computer in not supported"


A:Re: Bios update Toshiba Portg R830-1DR (PT321E-0G401EFR)

Check this thread:

try the update to v3.60 before trying the v3.90

By the way: Does VAP (value added package) is installed properly? This package is very important for BIOS update

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Portege R830/PT321E: Bios Update stops with "An error occurred while preparing the update environment..."

Following message seems at first

BIOS Version: Current Ver. 3.40 -> Updated Ver. 3.70
EC Version: Current Ver. 1.30 -> Updated Ver. 1.50
Bios and EC should be updated

During the BIOS update seems following message:

+An error occurred while preparing the update environment. You have not given permission to execute the update.+

My settings:
- BitLocker is switched off.
- No connection to a docking station
- Windows 7 is installed
- Boot mode is on? I guess it means:
"Closes all open programs, shut down windows, and then turns off your computer."

Any idea what the problem is?

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A:Portege R830/PT321E: Bios Update stops with "An error occurred while..."


Maybe stupid question now but why do you want to update BIOS on this, I think, pretty new notebook model?
Have you noticed some issues or hardware problems?

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Hi Guys,
I have a little issue with my Satellite L50-B-PSKT4U laptop and have created a service ticket at Toshiba, took additional warranty and no answer from Toshiba support..Have been on the phone after 3 weeks with their support and after 30 minutes of listening to keep-you-calm music the line get's cut and no support. Called again, after 30 minutes again same story, and 3rd time same wonderful support. One and a half our further no support, so let's try the queue for business laptops......
Within 30 seconds I get a service guy on the phone and I told him I pressed intentionally the wrong option for business support, because I had been waiting for 1.5 hours in total without success and 3 times in a row the line was cut... He told me that this line was for businesses and not consumers.
I told him the laptop was bought and owned by a company, bought via a reseller and my problem is a buggy BIOS from Toshiba/Insyde and could affect also business laptops..The guy became pissed and wanted to bet there was nothing wrong with the BIOS, because Toshiba would not supply buggy BIOSes.
Furthermore BIOS problems are not covered by warranty and if I wanted to get my laptop fixed I had to send it to a repair company and pay their fee for fixing the result of a buggy BIOS supplied by Toshiba..
Are you completely out of your ****ing mind???
This is the last time I bought a Toshiba laptop and will never recommend it to someone else......
Here is the problem:.
I upgraded the BI... Read more

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Hello, Problem 1:I've set the supervisor password some time ago on my T450s. I think I used the special character "!" which was accepted at that time, but I'm not sure anymore today. Now after severeal BIOS updates the "!" only leads to a beep of the system and I also tried all of my standard-passwords without "!" , but without success. Problem 2:Now I've tried to roll back to older BIOS versions to try if one of these accepts the "!". But every version I tried leads to a "secure flash authentication failed"-error after the reboot of the laptop to actually flash the BIOS. The following link says its the Rollback Prevention Enabled, but I checked in BIOS and it's clearly disabled.https://support.lenovo.com/sg/de/solutions/ht117858 Now I have no idea how to proceed. Has anyone seen that the BIOS has accepted special characters like "!"?Are there other T450s which are not able to rollback to older BIOS versions with the above mentioned error? Technical Infos:- Model: ThinkPad T450s 20BW-S03E00 (the one with Intel graphics only and a core i5-5200)- BIOS: 1.29(JBET65WW) Thanks in advance!  Best regards,Linus123

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I just reinstalled XP into an ex lease Lenovo Thinkcentre M57 [6072 ] & trying to actvate Enhanced Security & need a password .Is there a defult p/word for a M57 ?

A:Bios supervisor password


While I have not used that exact model, most BIOS passwords can be cleared by opening the case and removing the CMOS battery for a few seconds. It looks just like a big watch battery on the motherboard. Good luck!


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Hi, I didn't really find the answer I was looking for so here I go: I bought thinkpad yoga 460 that was previously in demopool(nbwn.de). After using it for 4 months I noticed that it has a BIOS supervisor password set and I couldn't get in BIOS. I sent it back, but none of the passwords they usually set worked nor did the one that was given by the previous customer. I definitely haven't set a password of my own, nor could anyone have done it while I have been in possesion of the laptop.  The interesting thing is that when trying to enter BIOS, it asks for fingerprint first which is mine interestingly, although I set one only in windows and after that it asks for the supervisor password. So is it possible that I have unknowingly set the password for BIOS through windows?

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Hi, I found a script who update the BIOS password:***************************************************** '' Update Administrator Password'On Error Resume NextDim colItemsIf WScript.Arguments.Count <> 3 Then    WScript.Echo "SetAdminPassword.vbs [oldpassword] [newpassword] [encoding]"    WScript.QuitEnd IfstrRequest = "pap,"+WScript.Arguments(0)+"," + WScript.Arguments(1) + "," +WScript.Arguments(2)+";"strComputer = "LOCALHOST"     ' Change as needed.Set objWMIService = GetObject("WinMgmts:" _    &"{ImpersonationLevel=Impersonate}!\\" & strComputer & "\root\wmi")Set colItems = objWMIService.ExecQuery("Select * from Lenovo_SetBiosPassword")strReturn = "error"For Each objItem in colItems    ObjItem.SetBiosPassword strRequest, strReturnNextWScript.Echo strRequestWScript.Echo " SetBiosPassword: "+ strReturn'' Update Administrator Password'On Error Resume NextDim colItemsIf WScript.Arguments.Count <> 3 Then    WScript.Echo "SetAdminPassword.vbs [oldpassword] [newpassword] [encoding]"    WScript.QuitEnd IfstrRequest = "pap,"+WScript.Arguments(0)+"," + WScript.Arguments(1) + "," +WScript.Arguments(2)+";"strComputer = "LOCALHOST"     ' Change as needed.Set objWMIService = GetObject("WinMgmts:" _    &"{ImpersonationLevel=Impersonate}!\\" & strComputer & "\root\wmi")Set colItems = objWMIService.ExecQuery("Select * from Lenovo_SetBiosPassword")strReturn =... Read more

A:Do you have a vb script to set a new BIOS Supervisor Password?

It is not possible to set a password with the WMI interface when a password does not already exist.  This is for security reasons.  Otherwise it would be possible to have malware which runs in Windows, sets passwords that you don't know, and locks you out of your system. It can be done in DOS.  Some customers boot a DOS disk as part of their unboxing procedure to set a known password.  Then they can change it by WMI later (if they want to).  Some large customers order their systems from the Lenovo factory with a known password installed, talk to your account manager if you fall into that category.

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I got a new ThinkPad P50 almost 1 month, the problem is I forgot the password of the bios, and I can not activate the virtualization, please find me a solution, because I can not test my applications on emulators

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Please, help me guys i have one big problem.Half year ago i set bios supervisor password because of my roommates.Now when i want to delete the password i can't Only ask for pass when i want to go on bios setup...Bad is that i can't do anything in my bios and i can't remove my password.Nothing! I removed batery from my laptop motherboard and nothing happens MSi GX660 btw...Is there any type of software to remove password?
Sorry for my bad english...Thanks in advance

A:Can't remove bios supervisor password, please HELP ME!

Quote: Originally Posted by Strahinja

Please, help me guys i have one big problem.Half year ago i set bios supervisor password because of my roommates.Now when i want to delete the password i can't Only ask for pass when i want to go on bios setup...Bad is that i can't do anything in my bios and i can't remove my password.Nothing! I removed batery from my laptop motherboard and nothing happens MSi GX660 btw...Is there any type of software to remove password?
Sorry for my bad english...Thanks in advance

Does this help;

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Hello all,

I'm in a bit of a bind. I'm working on a computer that needs the boot order changed, so I can install an OS upgrade (2000 to XP Pro) and I can't get into the BIOS without the supervisor password. The individual who had/worked on the computer before has long gone, so that option is out. The default stuff won't work (admin, exec, password...and so on). I seem to remember that you can dislodge the battery, or switch the jumpers (although different motherboards might have different stuff), but It's been several years since I've had this problem and I can't remember the solution.

Any and all help would be appreciated.

A:BIOS lockout...need supervisor password

Not quite sure that'll be crackable. It'll depend on the mobo.

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Hello there, I set my supervisor password long time ago, I still can use my laptop with hard drive password , but now I want to remove the hard drive password. I can not access BIOS to remove the hard drive password.So,Is there any solution? I still have time on my waranty.... Thanks 

A:I forget BIOS Supervisor Password

There is no solution to a lost supervisor password other than replacing the motherboard.  As far as the HDD password, it is encrypted in the BIOS but the encryption algorithm is the same on most models of a similar age.  (You don't say what model you have.)  If you have another machine or anything T400 or newer with an ultrabay, you can remove the password there

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I am wanting to send out either a tool or a script that will check all the desktops and laptops in my clients organization for a BIOS Supervisor password. They are all Lenovo Thinkcentres or Thinkpads running XP Pro. I think this is possible as i have IBM Standard Asset Manager installed on my Thinkpad and it scans for a Power On password and a Hard Drive password. I'm having trouble finding anything on this as every search i have done brings back info on cracking the passwords! There isn't even that much info about IBM Standard Asset Manager. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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Is there a simple way to remove or reset the supervisor password in BIOS?

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Hello,I've recently bought a used Lenovo ThinkPad L440 and it has a supervisor password which prevents me to modify anything on the BIOS. Is there a legal and easy way to clear it since the former owner doesn't know the password either? Thanks.

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When I boot into bios via esc and F1, it wont let me go to any other pages, says the supervisor password is registered but doesn't prompt you to enter a supervisor password to make any changes. I have upgraded the bios version to 2.0 but that hasn't made any difference. I need to change the boot order but can't get into it to change it.

Does anyone have any ideas? How I can force it to ask me for the supervisor password? Or let me go onto the other pages?


A:Supervisor password and BIOS settings

Which laptop model do you have?

Tell us the PSxxxx-xxxxxx number found on the Base Sticker.

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In the Thinkpad BIOS, is there any way to access the pre-boot environment with only the supervisor password if a HDD password is also set? I note that at least on my machine (X1 Carbon 5th Gen), with both a supervisor password and a hard disk1 user password set (I have set different passwords for each), I am always prompted first for the HDD password to enter any pre-boot environment, including:BIOS (pressing F1 at Lenovo screen)the boot order menu (pressing F12 at Lenovo screen)the boot options menu (pressing enter at Lenovo screen)However, for any of these functions, I am not accessing the disk drive and not booting into the drive, but rather trying to access only the pre-boot environment in the BIOS. So why does the system ask for the HDD password? I can see a scenario where perhaps one needs to boot via USB for troubleshooting, or the HDD password is forgotten or some other issue where only the BIOS needs to be entered and not the disk drive.  Is there perhaps a certain key press at the HDD password prompt to switch to a "BIOS only" mode? (I tried the various function keys at the disk drive password prompt, but it didn't do anything) Thanks in advance for any assistance!

A:Possible to access BIOS with only Supervisor Password?

If the HDD PW is forgotton the only way to get in is to pull out the drive

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In the BIOS I set the password for supervisor and user but it is not getting activated. I do not know whether anybody has disabled it permanently. how to get it activated. Is there any command in the c prompt I should give. Earlier it was working.

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I recently acquired a Lenovo W530, however on startup it is asking for a password to move forward. I got this password from my supplier, however when I go into the BIOS to turn off the password protection, it says 'Can't remove when Supervisor Password is set' - meanwhile the Supervisor password change option is greyed out. Is the password I have only the Power On password, with a separate Supervisor password that I don't have? Is there any way to remove the Supervisor password if you don't have it (other than replacing the motherboard)?

A:Supervisor Password greyed out in BIOS

Power on PW and Supervisor PW are different from each other, you can open your computer using power on PW but not on the other. I suggest you to contact the manufacturer directly and most of the time they can deactivate that PW on their end.

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Hi, When I received my new T480 a couple of months ago, I set long BIOS supervisor password.Now it does not work. I tried multiple times to enter it and I still cannot unlock the BIOS. Mypassword is 35 characters in length. Is it possible that it's truncated somehow? Thanks

A:T480 - BIOS supervisor password not working

No.  Not truncated.  No special characters.  Numbers, letters and spaces are OK.  Caps and lower case are the same.  (ABc = abC)

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I recently changed my BIOS password (aka supervisor password) on my ThinkPad T400 and I did not write it down. I do remember that the character limit for this password was short (maybe 6,7,or 8 characters long). If I knew the (default?) character limit or length I could rule out dozens of other passwords in my memory and gain access to my computer that much sooner. Ive read every manual and users guide for my laptop and there is no other method readily available, no bypass solution so it is imperative that I remember what I set.. Thanks for your time.

A:Supervisor(BIOS) password for Lenovo T400...

rillo31957 said:

so it is imperative that I remember what I setClick to expand...

Indeed it is. That's the only solution so there's nothing that we can do as we don't assist with password issues as per the site rules.

As a result I'm closing this thread.

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Hello, I wonder if anyone can help ?

We have just started to put a supervisor password onto our Tecra A11 laptops so our pupils cannot set passwords on the hard drive etc.

To get into the BIOS and set a BIOS password, we press F2 as the machine starts.
We then go into the security option, then supervisor password.
Having entered the password we want to use twice, we press F10 to save etc.

The machine starts ok and goes in to windows without a hitch.

The problem we have now is that we cannot get back into the bios at all.
As the machine starts we press the F2 key as before but unlike previously the screen just remains blank and the 'Toshiba leading Innovation >>>' screen no longer appears.

If we keep our finger on the F" key or keep pressing it the laptop just restarts without ever getting to the BIOS screen where I assume we will get asked for the supervisor password we set earlier?

Is there another key we should be pressing as the laptop starts ?

I should add we have added a supervisor password for the BIOS security screen on three of our laptops and all three have the same issue.



A:Tecra A11-1EG - cannot access BIOS after setting supervisor password

I think this should be useful for you:

In some cases you need to press the "INS" key while Toshiba logo appears.

Then a prompt for the Supervisor Password would appear and if the password is certified then the BIOS could be entered by pressing the "F2" key.

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 I bought this laptop from a used-laptop store and I only bought it because the BIOS where accessible and ready to use. I set virtualization to on and everything was great, even before I left the store. I also have a friend who loves his Lenovo T430. I told him about the problem and he said to just give Lenovo a call and they will know what to do. Of course there is no phone number I could find except sales, so I am hoping I can find a fix here. A little while ago I updated my T430 to BIOS Revision 2.7, and without my knowledge, in the process the update set a new BIOS Supervisor Password and it decided to disable virtualization extensions. Does anyone know how to fix this?Thank you.

A:T430 BIOS Update gave the laptop a Supervisor password

A BIOS update cannot create a BIOS password.  There is no backdoor password and no way to reset.

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Hi All,

I have installed an anti-theft software in my Satellite R830, but it suggests that I adjust the settings in the BIOS so that it will only boot up from the hard drive, and to ensure no one else can alter it (if stolen) the BIOS settings are password protected.

Can anyone tell me how to access the BIOS settings on boot up?

A:Satellite R830: How to make BIOS settings password protected?


You can secure the BIOS settings by setting the BIOS password.
If someone would like to change the BIOS settings, the BIOS password would be required.

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I have a Satellite R830. As I closed down a notice appeared to say do not shut down until updates had finished. On completion of updates the laptop closed, then restarted. When it re-started on black screen PASSWORD:_ appeared with flashing cursor. I have tried all of the passwords I can think of including administrator password. After three attempts laptop shuts down. Any ideas of which password is required and if there is a safe mode to reboot?

Many thanks

A:Satellite R830 - Re-Boot password

When it re-started on black screen PASSWORD:_ appeared with flashing cursor.

Sounds like a BIOS password.

But to be honest, the story sounds really strange to me… I never read about the BIOS password which could be set automatically during the system update…

Nevertheless, if it’s really a BIOS password and if it’s unknown to you, well, then you will need additional help from authorized service provider… only authorized person is able to remove an unknown BIOS password.

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After I configured to start up the Windows 10 with the safe mode as following method for uninstalling a software, it does not prompt to enter a password at login screen anymore.

It was working fine until now.

I have tried following but no luck.
Pressed Windows icon + r to launch a run command - No responsePressed the space, enter, and any other buttons to launch a password prompt - No response. *It seemed to accept a keyboard entry. i.e. Caps lock worksTried to start up the Windows 10 using F8 safe mode (I know it does not work for Windows 10 but I tried anyway)Switched the Microsoft account by selecting lower left corner account options - It did switched the account but no password prompt.

As I can not login to the Windows, I am using my second PC to create the post. Please help.

A:No password prompt at login screen. Can not login.

Have you reset System Configuration to normal boot (remove the check from safe mode)?

Try pressing the Ctrl key and just type your password blind - there was a bug in the Preview builds, but I haven't seen it since then.

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Hello all,

I hope I can get some help / guidance from some one with more experience with the M400 if possible?!

I reinstalled the OS and setup the biometric security for me, which has worked flawlessly! However I stupidly also set up the boot up security (BIOS Password). So when the tablet gets turned on I can scan my finger and get in without any issues, however I now want to turn the boot up security off. So I booted it in to the OS and went to disable it....however it asks for my password....which I have forgot as I have been a typical end user and have been only using my bloody finger!

Does anyone know if I can disable the BIOS security while in the OS using the biomentric security rather than entering a password? I have tried just changing the admin password within the win OS but that doesn't work....any ideas?

Any help with be greatly appreciated!


A:Portege M400 - Change BIOS Password within OS without knowing password?

> So I booted it in to the OS and went to disable it....however it asks for my password....which I have forgot as I have been a typical end user and have been only using my bloody finger!

You are speaking about BIOS password which you set up in the BIOS?
As far as I know you cannot remove the BIOS password if you don?t know the old BIOS password.
In such case just the Toshiba ASP could help you? just the Toshiba ASP technician could remove the unknown BIOS password

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I have Portege R830-10Q with 128GB SSD inside, but it is getting too small.
Is there another slot for normal HDD, or do I have to buy [this|http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/like/261480744399?limghlpsr=true&amp;hlpv=2&amp;ops=tru e&amp;viphx=1&amp;hlpht=true&amp;lpid=108&amp;devi ce=c&amp;adtype=pla&amp;crdt=0&amp;ff3=1&amp;ff11= ICEP3.0.0&amp;ff12=67&amp;ff13=80&amp;ff14=108]
and throw DVD unit out to put HDD inside?


A:Portege R830-10Q slot for HDD?

Portege R830 supports only one HDD or SSD drive.

Regarding the Optical Bay HDD/SSD Caddy Adapter:
I?m not quite sure if BIOS would be able to use suchpart.

In the past some Toshiba notebooks supported the ?Select bay? which allowed you to use the HDD caddy in the ODD bay, but many notebooks don?t support this features.

In worst case you will need to replace your current HDD/SSD with bigger HDD/SSD drive

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I'm not sure if his has already been asked, but there is some problem occurring with my login screen, instead of showing my account picture, account name, and the password bar there is just a blank screen. This problem has been occurring for a couple months now so unfortunately I can't recall anything that would have caused it. However, I do know that it hasn't been fixed by the most recent updates because of this. I've read that it has some thing to do with an error in the startup files. I believe it might be something to do with the computers inability to access my account's information to output onto the screen (the account picture and name) and be able to asses the user's credibility (password prompt), but I have no idea how to solve that issue. The problem was avoided by bypassing the login screen but I want the password prompt, it seems rather unsafe without it. How can I fix this?

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Hey. Got a question here: If Password protected sharing is off in Networking and Sharing Center in Vista...

...why am I still getting a login prompt on my WinXP computer?

My network map:
The dashed line is a wireless connection; the solid line is a wired connection. "Nnet" is the wireless router. The switch is the hub which is a part of the wireless router. Michael-PC is Vista, and mdoccomputer is WinXP.

A:Login prompt despite no password protect?

looking at this it seems it must be a bug, just tryed doing the same myself but had no joy when it come to the xp machine. vista could access it no problem tho.

however, one way round it that i can think of is to make an account on the vista PC with the exact same username and password that it has on the xp box, you can also hide this account by adding it to the deny login locally in administrative tools > local security policy. this way the xp machine will login automaticly on that account.

hope this is of some help

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I need change the keyboard and I don't know how.

Please help me


A:How to change keyboard on Portege R830-1DU?

Check please your first post

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I need the right driver, maybe it's called "Toshiba Accessibility Utility" Driver written in the manual but not in the huge list of drivers - it?s for win764.

Where can I download it and how is it called?

A:Need driver for FN-Hotkeys - Portege R830


What you need is ?Toshiba Value Added package?.
Visit Toshiba?s download page under

Choose your notebook model and you will find it there.

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Hi all,

Just bought a R830 with Core i5 2520M and stock 500Gb 7200rpm HDD. I swapped out the HDD for an Intel 510 series SSD (250Gb). Performed system restore to factory condition onto the SSD. Everything works well and it's lightning fast (boots to desktop in under 20s).

However, I'm noticing some electronic sounds coming from under the trackpad (vicinity of where the HDD/SSD bay is) when there is moderate to heavy disk usage.
It appears to be some kind of interference with perhaps the electronics of the indicator lights below the trackpad buttons or somethings else?

Should I be worried? And has anyone else experienced this? Also, those who bought factory installed SSDs - do you get any kind of noise from the drive?

Thanks a lot.

A:Portege R830 - Noise after installing SSD

Hi tn9393,

On this way without hearing this noise it?s hard to say if it?s normal or not and what the exact reason is. Easiest way is you test the original HDD in your Portege notebook. So you can determine if the noise is related to drive (SSD or HDD) or it?s an electrical part on mainboard.

But without this test procedure it?s not possible to give you a detailed answer because it?s user to user forum only. If you need professional help contact an authorized service provider in your country and ask for help. The guys have professional diagnostic tools to check everything on notebooks.

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Hi everyone,

I bought my self a second hand R830-1ee (i7 2640m, 256ssd, 8gm ram etc)

I paid a high price because of the specs and it turned out that the video adapter is defective. It is very blueish and a bit blurry. The seller dissappeared so I am by my own.

I checked on ebay and there is a fair amount of R830 motherboards with i5s and I was wondering if it would be possible to swap the motherboard with one of those considering they are both r830s.

I don't mind to much the downgrade to an i5 if it means salvaging this bad transaction.

Any help would be much appreciated!

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I have problem with my toshiba R830
Laptop doesnt turn on. I noticed only the flashing LED power.
It shows some error code but i cant find anything about this.
CODE: 00001001
0 - short flash
1 - long flash

I will be very grateful for help

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Info about R830-10P:

[Drivers page|http://pt.computers.toshiba-europe.com/innovation/jsp/supportMyProduct.do?service=PT&ID=smp-product-results&userAction=SMP_RESULTS_PAGE&partNumber=PT3 21E-00U010EP&USER_ACTION=Auto-detect]

According to:
[Intel ark: i7-2620M|http://ark.intel.com/products/52231/Intel-Core-i7-2620M-Processor-4M-Cache-up-to-3_40-GHz]

The processor i7-2620M supports up to 16GB of RAM. As the memory controller is embedded in the CPU, the chances of supporting 16GB of RAM are real. But the notebook datasheet says that the maximum RAM is 8GB.

Does anyone had success installing 16GB of RAM in a similar model of notebook?

A:Can I install 16GB on Portege R830-10P?

> The processor i7-2620M supports up to 16GB of RAM.
And what is with chipset? You have already maximum RAM inside (8GB).

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i have a Portege R830-10R, does it have SATA III?
Will I notice a big difference if I decide to change to na SSD and add 4GB memory?

Thanks in advance for any reply!

Have fun!

A:Portege R830 - Information request


I have an Portege R830. If you are asking about adding 4GB of RAM - I guess you're running a 64bit version of windows. I'm running a 32 bit version (for software compatibility) - so can't comment on the effectiveness of upgrading the RAM in this specific instance.

However I have installed a Samsung EVO 750 GB SSD.

This - in my view - has made a significant difference. Boot time is halved and in general opening a programme (such as PowerPoint) feels almost instantaneous.

On other PCs I have - the 'adding RAM' trick is something I've done - and it makes a difference. The SSD has been more impressive. I'd do it - but be careful about which SSD you choose. After much research - I'd only look at a Samsung.

Hope this helps.

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Hi - I have a Portege R830 and can't identify the exact Model - I have the Serial Number 4C047625H but that is all

The Sticker on the back has been covered with a VOID sticker and I can't get the model number!

Help please

A:Portege R830 - need model details

Run Toshiba Service Station to view the Model number.
Another tool you can use is Crystal DMI (google it).

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How I change the Keyboard on laptop Portege R830-1DU?
Please send the response to [email protected]


A:Re: How to exchange keyboard on Portege R830?


Generally speaking keyboard should be exchanged by authorized personal only. Small mistake can result with broken plastic parts like keyboard connector.
I presume you don?t have experience with this stuff so I strongly recommend you to visit nearest service and ask for help.
By the way: what is wrong with your machine? Why do you want to exchange keyboard?

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I used the @ character for my BIOS password.
But when entering the password when starting the PC, this character is not recognized by the PC.
What to do ?
Thanks for your help

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