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X1 Yoga Second Gen left laptop speaker not working

Q: X1 Yoga Second Gen left laptop speaker not working

brand new out the box and the left speaker isnt working. already resintalled the drivers.I am assuming its hardware and not software. anyone esle??

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Preferred Solution: X1 Yoga Second Gen left laptop speaker not working

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


I have had a 5.1 speaker arrangement on my Vista x64 PC for some time. Today, the front left speaker decided to stop working correctly. When trying to plug my headphones in to a rear jack on my motherboard (onboard sound), I noticed that sound was only coming through the right earphone. I decided to give up with trying to listen through my headphones for the time being and plugged my speakers back in, only to find that now my front left speaker wasn't working correctly. I tried to adjust the balance on my speakers, as I thought I could hear a whisper of a sound through the front left.
The front left speaker is producing sound, but at a greatly reduced volume to the rest of the speakers, I have to set the balance to the following to make FL and FR speakers 'the same' volume (by ear).
FL volume: 100
FR volume: 0
I have my speakers plugged in to 3 jacks on my motherboard (out of 6).
The green jack for FL and FR.The black jack for RL and RR.The orange jack for C and SubW.I have been unsucessful installing Realtek (which is a shame, because on my last motherboard I was able to solve the problem with that somehow, but I can't remember how) as it states the drivers are not supported. Which I'm assuming means my motherboard doesn't support it.
My motherboard is an MSI Intel p35 Neo.
I have had this setup working fine for around a month.My speakers are labtec (but I don't see how that would matter).I am currently using the normal drivers that come with Vista.Any ideas?

Regards, Grah... Read more

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This began about six months ago. I picked up my laptop and it was unresponsive and the red logo lights was blinking. I forced shutdown with the power button and restarted it. When it was back on I could get power but no data transfer from any usb ports, the touch screen didn't work, and if i let it sleep it automatically went unresponsive with the same error light. I checked for viruses. None. I updated all possible drivers. Nothing. I even restored my computer to factory settings and reinstalled windows. Nada. I use it heavily for school, so I haven't had time to send it in for warranty. One day, I turned it on and everything worked again. Wonderful. A couple days later I opened it and it was back to its previous state. PLEASE HELP

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Hi.I purchased x1 yoga about a week ago. Since the day after the first use, I have been having a problem with the left speaker which gives a crackling sound with higher than about 70 % of the volume. The volume where crackling starts varies depending on the source of the sound (talk show, music, whatever). I updated all the softwares and drivers with the latest versions on windows 10 and the problem doesn't seem to be resolved. Can somebody help me out with this? 

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My left speaker didn't work . I bought it a little while. please hepl

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I got new dell n5521 core i3 about a month ago, my left speaker gone off automatically when i was listening song, but right one is working fine. can any one assist me either is it a hardware or software problem.
Initially I had problem in sound driver, most of time my machine gets stuck while I tried to click on sound  icon on task manu. but this issue was resolved as the driver diagnose from dell I ran and installed another sound driver. but now from today left side speaker stopped working during a song I was listening.

A:Left speaker is not working

Hi UMSid,
May I know the media player you are using (Windows Media Player/VLC etc) ?What happens when you connect a pair of headphones? Does the sound come from both ways?
. I would suggest a clean re-installation of the audio drivers.

Open Device Manager (Start -- Control Panel -- Device Manager).
Expand Sound, video and game controllers, right click and uninstall both the drivers listed 
From the drop down menu, select “Uninstall”.
Ensure to check the box “Delete driver software for this device”.
Restart the computer.
Then check for the Audio drivers in Control Panel -> Add or Remove programs, possibly Realtek might be mentioned, uninstall the driver.
Restart the computer
Now re-install the latest drivers from the following link http://dell.to/154D42D
Restart the computer and check the functionality.

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My right speaker and the big thing its on is working fine but my left speaker is not working, which means i cant hear anything just a buzzing sound. How do i fix this problem?

A:Left speaker not working

I assume you have a 2.1 speaker system (two small speakers and one bass speaker). First thing, check the connection to the PC. If the plug is not fully inserted or not making good contact you could only get one channel. Reseat the plug (unplug then plug back in making sure it's fully inserted). Same way check the other end of the cable at the speaker system (probably goes to the bass speaker). If that is not the problem, it sounds like either a bad internal speaker system connection or a defective speaker system. If it's a defective speaker system and you are still under warranty contact HP or the speaker vendor, if it's not in warranty look for a new speaker system as they are not repairable.

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I had a Dell 7537 core i5, it works greatly until yesterday, was watching a movie with no problem after that i put the laptop on sleep mode , woke up after and open the lap (THE LEFT SPEAKER IS HAVE NO SOUND BUT THE RIGHT IS PERFECTLY WORKING) I thought that someone had make changes the sound system of the laptop. But no one touches my the laptop.. Please help that problem is very annoying
That's my first post..
Thanks For Your help

A:Problem with the left speaker not working

Hello. Test the problem this way.
1. Plug in headphones into the headphone jack and listen. You want to find out if the problem is only with the speakers or more widespread.
2. If you hear sound in both sides of the headphones, but, when you unplug them, in only one side of the speakers, test the speakers by running the ePSA audio test.
> Re-start the computer and tap the F12 key as soon as it starts to boot up. If the computer boots to Windows re-start the computer and try again.
> Select 'Diagnostics' from the boot menu, then press the Enter key. The ePSA tests should open.
> Look for a "Perform Quick Audio Check" button on the bottom right side of the ePSA main menu screen. Press the button and listen for the beep tones from the speakers.

The Quick Audio Check is a hardware test. If you do not hear the tones through the left speaker during the test then the speaker has failed or become disconnected. Contact tech support if the speaker fails the test.
3. If the speaker passes the test (if you hear tones through it) but still no sound through it when you boot back into Windows, then there is a software problem. Try re-installing your audio driver. Open the Device Manager and expand the Sound....Controllers category. Find the Realtek High Definition Audio Device and right click on it to open the context menu. Select to "uninstall" but do not check the box to "remove the software for this device". Restart the laptop and Windows ... Read more

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Hello, can anybody help me. Left speaker not working. I have win 7. I have latest drivers.It on Maximum Perfomance.

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Hi all,I have a Y480; its left speakers generated negligible noises from the time I bought it. Recently, the left speaker does not work anymore.  when I put the volume at the highest possible level and balance all volume to left I hear a very low voice when I put my ear on that speaker. I am wondering if it is software or hardware problem? and could you please share the possible solution. Regards,

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Hi there, I have a X1 Carbon purchased last month and predominatly use it on a docking station and thus use external speakers connected to the docking station. When away from home, I usually always have head phones in to listen to music; so I only noticed this problem recently when I was trying to play a slideshow for a presentation without any spearkers connected. My issue is that the left side internal speaker does not work -- nothing plays.  Only the right speakers work, with weird "crackling" sounds when playing.  It uses the Conexant Smart Audio...and I have reinstalled the latest driver, and also made sure that the audio levels are not only set to the right speaker -- I can put 100% for left audio, and make right audio 0% and absolutely nothing can be heard--it's only the right speaker that anything can be heard. Help?  Thank you in advance.

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I was playing a video game and the left speaker on my laptop just stopped working all of a sudden, I wasn't even sure it stopped working at first, but as i started turning around in the game i noticed the stereo being gone.  After about a week it turned on for a minute or so and stopped working again.  I tried messing with the balance in windows, nothing happens, i tried using AIMP and If i balance it to the left speaker the right one just becomes quieter. I'd appreciate any help, thank you.

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I have just brought a nice little set of pc desktop speakers by creative labs, with a left and right speaker plus a little subwoofer.
The sound is excellent except the right speaker is not working, now as you will know that is the one that the power runs through .
Now i wondered if the connection at the back of my pc was loose or dodgey so i had a little play. weird thing happened. if i pull the green connector about 1/4 the way out i lose the subwoofer but regain the right speaker..(so i know its working)
If i push it back in properly i lose the right but regain the subwoofer.
Now i brought new speakers because i thought we had blown the right speaker on the original one we had with the computer.
But it seems that there is some sort of setting? maybe... I have checked the usual ones in sound and audio and it all seems to be balanced correctly.

Can anyone suggest a way to get both speakers and woofer working.
(I also went in to advance settings and selected stereo desktop speakers...)
I did notice it had a tab for 5.1 but not 2.1 which these are would that make a difference)
Sorry to be dense...
but with the speakers seeming to be ok, and the pc seeming to be ok... i'm stumped...

A:Only left speaker and subwoofer working...

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Hi Everyone, I have a Lenovo G500, I recently realized that my Left speaker is not working at all. i did check in the configuration and tested it too. I m currently using Windows 10 btw. Kindly suggest!!!
Mod's Edit: Additional information added to Subject line for clarity of issue.

A:Lenovo G500 - Left speaker not working

Welcome to the Lenovo Community !
At this point the problem could be hardware or operating system related. 
If you plug in a set of headphones is the sound present in each ear?  If no, then try reinstall the audio drivers to see if that corrects the problem. If yes, worse case scenario is that either the speaker is dead or the speaker cable is no longer fully seated in its socket.

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Everything started yesterday, when i plugged in my headphones. (They are Plantronics, don't know the model) I realised the only the left speaker is working. Everything was fine before. if i plug in any other speakers or headphones, it all works fine. it is not a computer problem because right speaker isn't working even if i plug them into an MP3, radio... maybe the problem is the connection between the left and the right speaker, because the cable is on the left side.

P.S. This is my first post and i didnt find any threads with the same problem

A:Solved: Headpones: Only left speaker working

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Hello, I have HP Pavilion 15z aw000 but it does not play the left other spekear, can you please help me with this, Thank you!

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my dell inspiron left speaker is not working even after whole restorartion.
I also updated the audio driver but no gain.
while testing with dell audio, when the screen show the audio output from left speaker but the audio comeout from the right side but that sound is very, and when it signals for right then fine.

tell me what should I do to resolve the problem.

A:dell 13 inspiron 13 7000 2 in 1 left speaker is not working

IAMRAMKING not working even after whole restorartion.
Hello. A speaker that doesn't work after restoring with the Factory Image is because of hardware failure, either a loose connection or dead speaker.
If you want to perform another test to make sure, run the audio test in the ePSA utility (or PSA on some models). These tests are in motherboard memory and do not depend on Winows or drivers -- in other words it is a purely hardware test, so if you don't hear the sounds during the test, it means hardware failure.
IAMRAMKINGtell me what should I do to resolve the problem.
If the laptop is still under warranty, contact tech support to have it repaired.

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A couple days ago I noticed the sound coming out from  my laptop was horrible like a crackling sound coming from the speakers. I tried the diagnostic.. and it looks like the left speaker is not working and the right is doing that awful sound like a crackle or rattle sound. Using the bass makes it worse.  I used to have perfect stereo sound with nice bass  using Realtek Sound system configuration and Maxx waves.
what could have happened? could it be a hardware issue? I ran the test but that doesn't solve the problem. 
Please help!! 

A:Dell Inspiron 15 7547 left speaker not working

GiselaCI tried the diagnostic.. and it looks like the left speaker is not working
Hello. If the diagnostic tool you used was the audio test in the ePSA daignostic, and you did not hear the test tones in the left speaker, then it has either failed or become disconnected. Connect tech support to schedule a repair.

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MODEL NAME:m6-aq005dx
HP ENVY *360 m6 Convertible PC
(removed content)

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(Handshake) everyone!

I will tell you about my problem in short:
I have laptop travelmate p253-m. Today, i decided to clean cooler. i disassembled laptop well, cleaned cooler and when i re-built it and started windows 7, i mentioned that left speaker stopped working. When i plug my iphone headphones everything works great! but internal left speaker died??? wtf. i didn't tear any connectors on motherboard.

after this, i re-disassembled laptop again, change internal speakers locations on motherboard, started windows 7, right speaker worked perfectly but left didn't. so, i think the issue is with motherboard and not with speaker. should i replace whole motherboard cause of this problem? or should i change only speaker pin connect on motherboard to fix that problem?

Thanks a lot!!

A:Acer laptop internal left speaker problem!!!

Normally I'd go for the cheapest solution-making sure I do not create a bigger issue.

Try the pin first.

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Okay, well I think I've got a bit of an issue here.

The sound had originally worked before, but I guess I played my music a little too loud.
I was used to amplified speakers...

And now the left internal speaker might have blown out.
The issue is that I hear crackling.
I can hear some of the noise coming from it so it's not 100% dead, but the right speaker still works.

It's just scratchy and not very loud when I play music from the left speaker.
And so I was wondering if maybe I blew the speaker out, and if so....

I was wondering if there was a way to fix this easily. (Yes, sound drivers are fine and so are balances on stereo)

If not, would Acer cover this in their 1 year warranty?
I just bought it August 13th.
Damn Circuit City has the stupid 30 day return thing...
So I don't think they can take it back.



A:Acer Aspire 5100 (Laptop) Left speaker blown out?

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Got my new inspiron 7567 laptop yesterday and found out that i only heard sound through the left speaker everytime. Went through the audio test for left and right channel output on youtube and tried to windows test option in playback devices windows 10,still everytime even if the animation says it playing through left and right speakers separately i still get audio from the left speaker both times.Is there some setting i am missing out on or is it a hardware issue.please help 

A:Audio playing through left speaker only on dell inspiron 7567 laptop

sandy5837Is there some setting i am missing out on or is it a hardware issue.
Hello. This is the audio hardware test for the laptop's internal audio hardware. It works differently from the other tests. If no sound is heard through the laptop's right speaker during that test, then the cause is hardware failure. If it passes, then it's software.
If it is software, then download and install a fresh copy of the audio driver. Get it from your model's support page, or I can give you a link. Installing a fresh copy will re-set the audio settings, which would fix it if the cause is mis-configuration of the settings.

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I recently discovered a difference in the volume; the left speaker of the laptop has been functioning normally while there seems to be very low to no sound coming from the right speaker.

Any suggestions?

A:Dell Inspiron 15 5559 Audio - Right Speaker has low volume while the left speaker functions normally

Hello.You didn't mention the headphone jack, so if you have not yet done so, plug in headphones and see if the balance is okay in them. If the headphones check out okay, then most probably it's a problem related to the speakers.
The test for speakers is the ePSA audio test. It is a hardware test, which means that if the test  tones are very low in the right speaker, but normal in the left speaker, then there is hardware failure somewhere, related to the right speaker.
If both speakers sound normal during the test, then the problem is in the software. Do the usual things like re-install the audio driver, check the balance levels in the Sound properties, try different audio sources, etc.
Re-installing the audio driver resets the settings to their default configurations, so if you do it then you don't have to bother with things like volumes and balance settings, because they will be okay.(Also if the balance is okay through headphones, then it should be okay through the speakers too.)
Here is how to do a simple driver re-install:
1.    Open the Device Manager.2.    Expand the "Sound, video & game controllers" category.3.    Right click on "Realtek High Definition Audio".4.    Click "uninstall".5.    Do not check the box to “delete the driver software for this device”. 6.    Restart the computer. Windows will detect your device a... Read more

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I have just bought a lenovo ideapad z510 and i found that the right speaker is louder than the left speaker...... I made sure that the balance is exactly the same but still the problem exsists ......... any help

A:lenovo z510 right speaker louder than left speaker

Hi Heshamelmilady,
Welcome to Lenovo Community!
I?m sorry to hear that the Audio balance is not as expected from the internal speakers. Hence, I suggest you to re-install the Audio driver and also check if the issue is same with the external Speakers/ Headphone connected.
Hope to hear back soon
Best Regards

Shiva Kumar

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Recently purchased Yoga 3 Pro (Windows 8.1) from Lenovo website (2 months ago).The speaker has been working fine until yesterday. All of a sudden, the speaker stopped working, after I used the headset. Now, only headset works, and no sound can come out of the speaker. I've updated the speaker RealTek driver to a newer version 9/2014. It did not help. Does anyone have any idea on what might be the cause and how to fix it? Thanks!

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A:Yoga 3 Pro: Speaker stopped working (headset jack ...

Is your headset still connected?
Right click on volume icon in the system tray (Bottom RIght) and select PlayBack devices.
Check that the laptop speakers are selected as Default device. (Tick Mark)

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Hi, I've had this issue off and on since I purchased this yoga 910 over a year ago. The sound randomly stops working (not even after an update - just out of the blue) and a red x appears on the speaker icon. Clicking the speaker icon will make the troubleshooter search for fixes, but to no avail. In the past, the issue would solve itself after a few days and the sound would randomly come  back, but recently the issue has been persisting. I've tried updating the sound driver, restarting, reinstalling Windows and installing a new audio driver, but nothing works. I'm running Windows 10.

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hello all,i am having an issue with touchpad clicks on my X1 Yoga and wanted to see if there is anything i can do to fix it myself.The issue is with physical clicks on the left and right sides of the touchpad, it was working up until few days ago and suddenly stopped. I can stil use these areas for touch, but since clicks are not working, i am forced to use physical buttons above the touchpad.is there anything i can do to fix the problem? Anyone knows what this could be? thank you!

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Hi all,I'm not sure if I posted in the correct forum and I'm new to this so bear with me.  So I bought this laptop around 5 months ago and only about 1 month ago the left side of the touch screen is not working. It would register that something is touching the bottom left side because I have my visual feedback turned on and after a half a minute of that, you can see it go haywire and register nearly the entire 1/3 left side. After 30 seconds of it going haywire, it would stop. And then either the entire left side or just the bottom left side would completely not register any touches at all. This wouldn't happen all the time, just every other day and definitely enough to be extremely annoying.  I bought my laptop in to get fixed for a completely unrelated problem because it's still under warranty and I told them about this issue but it doesn't seem like they fixed it and I'm thinking it's because it just didn't happen to happen to them when they had it. Also, I'm not sure if it's a software issue (since I don't think that's covered by warranty) or hardware. I have Windows 10 Pro, 64 bit OS, pen and touch support with 10 points.  Is there anyway that you guys can help me on this? It would be much appreciated. 

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Pls help me, when I put on the headset on the socket, the headset is not working fine. I already tried t in three different headphones. what seems to be the problem with these? at first, it is working fine but after some time, 2 weeks i think, the headphone is not working anymore. everytime I put it on the socket, windows can detect it because it says "A jack is plugged" on its tray.

please help me, do i need to update the driver? but the drivers are all installed and not corrupted or damaged.

my audio manager is Realtek HD Audio Manager with ALC 883 something on its version.

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On my Thinkpad Yoga S1, the keys t, y, backspace, enter, caplock, and left shift are suddenly not working. This seems to be a common problem on lenovo computers, but the lenovo forum administrator closed the only thread that attempted to address this without any solution. The lenovo admin said that too many diferent models were involved. I don't understand why these exact specific keys are affected on so many Lenovo models. Lenovo has no solution, and will not support a thread to work towards one. The Microsoft store already replaced my keyboard under warrenty over a year ago, but the YTP S1 is now out of warrenty. This does not seem to be a hardware problem given the relatively recent Keyboard replacement. Does anyone have any suggestions? I wont buy another Lenovo if this problem cant be solved. I've had tremndous problems with this computer and have found Lenovo to be unhelpful/unresponsive. This was an expensive computer when it was purchased.

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If the volume is low everything works fine, but once you turn it up using the volume button, the left speaker stops working. This only happens when I use the button, and not when I adjust the system sound.

I tested it with the audio configuration, and I can hear what's supposed to be the left speaker sound coming from the right speaker. Once again this is only if the volume button is turned up high enough, and it works just fine otherwise.

Another strange thing is that everything not only works right when the volume is low enough, but also when it's high enough. So the problem is not that the left speaker can't handle that much sound or something. It's only in the middle where this problem occurs. Does anyone have an idea what's going on?

A:Right speaker thinks he's a left speaker

Hi welcome to the forum.

Have you tried the speakers on another system or another set of speakers on yours. Try reinstalling the driver.

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my laptop model is alienware m11x r2.I have realtek HD speakers built in.I turned on my laptop today and realized that my right speaker is not working.


*I went to realtek HD audio manager and clicked test,like in the screenshot below.When i clicked "test",The test sound of the left speaker came through the left speaker,and also the test sound of the
right speaker also came through the left speaker(A BIT MUFFLED)

*I also checked the balance of speakers.its was balanced.


A:my laptop's right speaker stopped working

Have you tried headset to see if it's the actual speaker or a problem in the PC?

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Hi there, I have a strange problem with my laptop. Details are as follows:
HP NX9110 - standard specs, Windows XP SP2

The other day I was watching a vid using media player I think and the speakers were working fine. I then opened Nero 8s Soundtrack and notised that the speaker were not working. Tried media player again and still not working. Numerous reboots, removing Nero 8, reinstalling sound drivers had no effect. Notised that the headphones still work fine.

I also have a linux boot disk and the speakers work fine under linux (this points to something software related in windows).
Turned the laptop off for about a day and started back up.....speakers working fine again.

They have stoped twice since (have used Nero a few times but cant find a pattern). They did stop at one stage for an hour or so then just randomly start back up when I was having a look through processes in task manager......dont think it was due to ending one but it could have been.

The whole time the headphones work fine.

The speakers have now stoped again and I cant seem to get them working again.

Any ideas? This really has me stumped and I dont really want to reinstall windows. Is it possible that some process has picked up the speakers and not released them?

A:Laptop speaker not working, headphones do.

Anyone got any ideas? Or know of somewhere I can ask this question?

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So my computer has three speakers. Two on the front and one big one below the screen. The two front speakers work but the one below my screen isn't working. I try watching netflix but the front two aren't very loud and would like to know any way to fix it.

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Hello when i click on left button nothing happens , however pluged in an external mouse , and mouse works fine , my pointing device is a synaptics v6.3 . went into properites and changed over to right click so now can use right side where i use to use the left,
can somebody tell me how i can get my laptop back to normal.
my laptop is an emachine D620 and run vista

A:left click not working on laptop

Seeing the external mouse works correctly and the internal does not, my guess is you have hardware failure. In other words, you may have to replace the part. One way to verify this would be to download a live OS, burn it to CD, boot to it and see if it works under the live CD. If it does, you have a Windows configuration (software) problem. If not, you have a hardware problem.

In order to boot from the CD, your BIOS needs to be set to look for boot files on the CD first, before the hard disk.


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I am using a Dell Inspiron 15 5567, Service Tag: <Service tag removed>. This is a newly purchased laptop (Dec'16).
Now after using this laptop for some time, i came to know that there is some problem with one of my speakers.
Now when i am playing some music files, i am just getting sound from one of the speakers.
I updated all the audio drivers and even checked by changing the music players but still no use.
As i said before, for this laptop there are two integrated speakers. My laptop right side speaker is not working.
Can anyone help me out with this issue...?

A:My dell laptop (Inspiron 5567) right side speaker is not working

Narendranath,Click the link below for troubleshooting sound issues on your computer. Within the link is information to run diags on the sound/speakers.Sound/Audio Problems in Microsoft Windows

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My left click is not working on my toshiba laptop. I reinstalled Windows Vista again to rectify but it still the same problem.. Does anyone know any Solution.. Please Help!!!


A:Left Click is not working on my Toshiba Laptop Please help!!!

Have you tried a different mouse?

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I have a pair of Dre Beats Tour earphones and they work perfectly in my iPod but when when i plug them into my dell laptop the left earphone doesn't work. I have tried:

Updating my drivers
Un-installing and re-installing my drivers
I have checked the balance between Left & Right
And I have been through every option in the Dell IDT control panel.

I still cant fix the problem could i please get some help.

A:Left Earphone Not Working When Plugged Into My Laptop

Are you plugging them in all the way? If you only have it partially plugged in you will only get one side.

Does the built in speakers work OK? and have sound from both speakers?

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2 left side usb port are not work ing after formating the laptops.windows 7(64 bit) was loaded.two usb ports on left side doesnot responding

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Left side USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports are not working in my laptop. but the right side USB 2.0 port is working. i have looked in to device manager and tried to update USB Driver. But it shows that the driver is not available contact your product service provider. plz help me to install the driver. what should i do.

A:Left side USB ports are not working in my laptop

Hi: Download and install this driver and restart the PC. This package provides the AMD USB 3.0 Driver for supported computer models that are running a supported operating system. http://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp72501-73000/sp72680.exe

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I'm not a computer person, so I apologize in advance if I get terms wrong. All information regarding specifications are from the HP Support Assistant.  I have an HP Pavilion G6 Notebook (Product number A4A93UA#ABA)I'm running Windows 7 (64-bit)My microprocessor (if this matters) is an Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2430M CPU @2.40GHzI have 4GB of system memoryThe pointing device is Synaptics PS/2 Port TouchPadHopefully I didn't miss anything important. I'm having a few problems, mainly the left mouse button isn't working at all. I've searched and searched for an answer but I can't seem to find one. The touchpad itself is working perfectly. I can double tap to click, tap and drag to highlight, etc. The right mouse button is working fine as well. It brings up a menu everytime like it's supposed to. The left button on the other hand, isn't working at all. I've had the computer for about 6 months, so my warranty is still in tact. I was just hoping to find a simple fix before I go through the process of sending it back to HP or Best Buy. At first, the left button seemed laggy. It would work sometimes, and not others. Then it stopped completely (all within a time frame of a few days) This happened about a month ago. Since then, I've been searching for answers, and just dealing with it. even though it's super annoying!  Another thing I've noticed is that around the time that the mouse button itself has stopped working, my start menu was cleared out entirely.... Read more

A:HP Laptop left mouse button not working

I want to say it is a hardware issue but the thing about part of the menus disappearing makes me wonder if it is a virus. I would try a Windows preboot environment CD like Hiren's and see if the mouse works with different software. But that is a longshot and the likely answer is that the mouse circuit board is bad. The only other thing you could try is a factory restore.

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while doing keyboard operations like left Ctrl Key + C  is not working. it shuold copy the text but its  writing c only in notepad.

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My new laptop left side usb port not working, only 1 working out of 3 please help me

A:My new laptop left side usb port not working, only 1 workin...

Hi: Did you install the amd chipset drivers for W7 32 bit? If not, you need to install those and restart the PC in order to get the usb 3 ports to work. You want the first file listed on the webpage. http://support.amd.com/en-us/download/chipset?os=Windows%207%20-%2032

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Hello I just recieved my New HP W2N18UA#ABA laptop from QVC.  I am having an issue with the left button.  When clicking on something I sometimes have to click on it twice.  The firs click sometimes does not work.  Anyone have any suggestions to fix this?  Thanks in advance for your help.

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Hello everyone here. as i said on subject, i have a beautiful HP Pavilion g6-1279sl Notebook PC. about 3 weeks ago i upgraded it to windows 10 and right now 2 left side usbs does not work anymore.  lets have a look on my usb status on device manager. I did everything i read on web, such as update driver, uninstall and reinstall,any way if this issue is not for driver issue, so is there any way to discover if i have the hardware issue?unfortunately there is no update for this pc on hp drivers section on site ! ps : the usb port has the power yet.  no more data transfer. thanks guys for help 

A:Pavilion g6 Laptop left side Usb not working after windows 1...

KazemLovHp Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!I read your post about USB port problems and wanted to help.  Unfortunately, the image you posted is now showing in the forums, so I can't see what you saw. Here are some troubleshooting steps you can perform to diagnose the USB problem: HP PCs - Troubleshooting USB connections (Windows 10, 8) Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the problem you're up against is that Microsoft only supplies drivers with the most basic functionality, and what you really need for FULL functionality in laptops is the specialized drivers written for the specific hardware found in laptops -- and unfortunately, there are no HP Win10 drivers for your laptop. However, for MS-supplied drivers that aren't working well, you could consider using HP Win8.1 drivers -- although there's no guarantee that those drivers will work.  Here's the link to the HP Product drivers and software page for Win8  for your PC:  http://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/selfservice/hp-pavilion-g6-1200-notebook-pc-series/5145704/model...If that page does not show Win8.1 when you open it, then click Change and select Windows 8 using the pulldown.You might have to install the drivers using compatibility mode: http://www.windows10forums.com/articles/compatibility-mode.7/ I would suggest you try the Driver-Chipset drivers as those generally affect the USB ports on the motherboard.Good LuckI am a volunteer and I do not work for, nor... Read more

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