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Problem loading operating system

Q: Problem loading operating system

Hello everyone. Ive been having a sustained and frustrating problem with my PC. To cut a long and very infuriating story short the drive letter was changed on my pc meaning that windows xp professional wouldnt load up. Ive tried a number of different fixes but in the end backed up my hard drive to a friends pc and then decided to start from scratch.

I ran the windows 98 boot disk to format the drive so that I could then reintall windows. When I used that floppy disk it made me partition the drive. After doing this I now only get a message saying 'Problem loading operating system'. This happens with the xp cd in as well. I have checked the boot priority in the bios and everything is fine there. At no point do I get the 'press enter to boot from CD' message either. I just want to reinstall xp and start again, Im not bothered about losing anything on there as Ive backed it all up. Any suggestions?

Preferred Solution: Problem loading operating system

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Problem loading operating system

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Finally got back to here, my 40GB drive failed and Maxtor was kind enough to RMA an 80GB back to me! It's very quiet and fast so I'm happy. Basically I have a backup drive set as the slave which has all my backed up files from before the crash. I'd naturally want to hook it up to my PC. I have it set as a slave, power, IDE cables all attached. My BIOS recognizes it, but then during boot I get error loading operating system. So I go and run XP Recovery console, and I see that it's examining the drives, but they're both on Disk 0. Not sure if they should be. The newer one is Id0, older backup is Id1. Not sure what has gone wrong.

Booting with just the 80GB works fine.

If you need my specs, they're in my profile.

A:Problem with secondary HDD, error loading operating system

I suggest you disconnect the slave, install your OS to the new drive, then re-attach the slave and see what happens.

If that doesn't work, then you need to check the jumper settings on each drive (maybe do this step first just in case). You are probably best to set both drives to 'cable select' (CS) setting and make sure that the boot drive is attached to the furthest away connector. Then there will never be any confusion between drives.:grinthumb

PS: I am assuming that you autodetected each drive in your bios!

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Hey all! I am pretty new to this kind of Win7 issues, so I hope some of you will be able to help. Story goes...

After few hours of gaming the computer died. (It happened right after switching keyboards.) Now, on every setup BIOS(?) comes up with list of options (F2 enter BIOS, F11 boot options, F6 Flash etc.). After that a black screen with error message comes up: Missing Operating System.

I tried rebooting from USB (since I have no disk-drive) and I keep on getting the answer: Error Loading Operating System.

Any ideas?


A:Missing Operating System/Error Loading Operating System

All unlikely, but possible - (a) your HDD died. (b) your bios became corrupted (c) your HDD boot sector became corrupted (d) your HDD partition is corrupted.

Does the drive spin up when you switch on (feel it)?
Check the bios to see if the HDD is reported correctly and is at the top of the boot order.
Find a bootable CD - an OS installer, or create Easeus partition manager bootable CD http://www.partition-tool.com/personal.htm and boot from it. What does the HDD look like with Easueus?

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I'm trying to fix my friends Hp and I usually know what im doing. But here I have no idea what to do.

I tried going into the bios to change the boot order to cd to format and I can't. Can anyone tell me what to do.

-I changed out his hard drive with mine and it does nothing. just posts and goes to a black screen instead of trying to boot and blue screening as it usually do when you change hardrives between two computers

-Changed the Ide cables no luck.

Any ideas

A:Error loading operating operating system

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Please can anyone help?
In task manager I accidently closed an explorer process, the laptop then crashed. So I closed it down, then it now is unable to find the operating system. Can anyone offer any advice on how to help it find the files it needs to boot?

Can this be done by using the command prompt? Start up repair ran for over 24 hours with no success.


A:Operating system can't be found computer loading with system recovery options

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

Can you boot into Safe Mode?

Do you have your Windows Vista CD?

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While doing some heavy video work, I managed to overheat my system spectacularly, resulting in the smell of burning plastic, all my fans going at 100%, all lights on the PC going off and all buttons becoming unresponsive.
I pulled the side off to see what was going on and found a desert of dust in there. Possibly somewhat foolishly now that I think about it, I left it running with all the fans roaring away and directed my desk fan inside the case while I went and got the vacuum cleaner and an air sprayer and got most of the dust out. (Still with the system running. No, I didn't touch anything while doing this. The vacuum was held well out of the case, just to suck up the dust cloud.)
I then rebooted it and it died in exactly the same way soon after. Through subsequent repeated crashes, I have established that it goes off at roughly 1 minute and 42 seconds after the "Do you wish to enter Safe Mode?" screen is dismissed. Any delays (such as being in the BIOS) prior to and on that screen do not affect the timing.
Very oddly, safe mode works perfectly, and I can't see the bios complaining anywhere (not that I am remotely familiar with the BIOS.)
I have tried:
Booting normally - crashes
Booting into Windows Recovery - crashes
Booting into an Ubuntu LiveCD - crashes
Resetting the BIOS - no change
Taking the top fan off the CPU heatsink and removing the cubic meter of dust somehow compressed within the fins - The BIOS reported the CPU running 30ºC cooler than ... Read more

A:System blacks out less than 2 minutes after loading any operating system

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Hi Guys,

I am new on this forum. Came to know about it through an online search. I have an OS boot issue with my Acer laptop. When is start the laptop it shows the company logo 'acer" on the screen and then the screen goes compeltely black/blank. Nothing really happens after that. I have tried to force the shutdown and restart multiple times but it keeps doing exactly the same thing. Could someone please suggest what could be the problem?


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i want to say firstly i bought my laptop 2 years ago but till this day no problem occures. My problem is wheneve i start my laptop the display is totaly off but power butten starts and shuts automatically,afer few seconds it on the the capslock butten continiously  changes like of and on again and again. after few hours laptop starts normally and sometimes while laptop is on then automatically screen has color lines at whole screen and automatically laptop shuts down. I think this is major problem.....pls find out the solution and inform me pls......

A:Loading of Operating System

Virat11 wrote:i want to say firstly i bought my laptop 2 years ago but till this day no problem occures. My problem is wheneve i start my laptop the display is totaly off but power butten starts and shuts automatically,afer few seconds it on the the capslock butten continiously  changes like of and on again and again. after few hours laptop starts normally and sometimes while laptop is on then automatically screen has color lines at whole screen and automatically laptop shuts down. I think this is major problem.....pls find out the solution and inform me pls......This is a user help forum not a Official HP support ticket posting. Since it is out of warranty you need to contact HP support for repair options. Otherwise you have to take it to a computer shop to diagnosis and repair the problem. From what your describing it sounds like a video chipset failure and that can be a costly repair depending if they have replacement boards for it.

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I having installed windows 8 (selected keep nothing in setup) everything is great so far except that i get stuck at 'Loading operating system' during boot.

I have waited for ten mins and nothing happened. I then rebooted with the setup DVD in the drive and it booted okay from that, so I know my configuration is fine is fine.

I'm sure its something silly like the old Fdisk/mbr command would have sorted back in the XP days but this is a new beast and i really don't want to have to re-install (again) as everything works great.

possible useful info:
My motherboard is a Gigabyte Z68AP-D3 running a (stock speed) I5 2500k. I have 12GB of RAM with a 1TB drive (its a spinner, i have no SSD yet)

I cant think of anything else that maybe relevant.

any help would be regretfully received on this.


A:Loading Operating system - then nothing....


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I will be getting a new computer for my father soon. It will be fresh with NO previous operating system installed on it. I want to load windows 98 on it. Any type of step by step instructions on how to go about doing this successfully, as always, would be greatly appreciated. GB

A:Loading new operating system

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My friend has a custom built computer with XP, he has 2 IDE hard drives and 2 SATA. He had an issue a few weeks back, it would not load the keyboard, he plugged it into the USB on the front of the computer and it finally worked. Now he is getting this error, he only has XP on the primary drive, and obviously no diagnostics available because he built it himself, its 7 years old. Is there anything that you can think of that he can do? He is just trying to get the information at this point because its obvious that his main probably failed.

Thanks so much!

A:Operating system not loading......

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I am having trouble with a Gigabyte motherboard. I took everything out of an old case to put it all in a new one except now when i go to boot up i get stuck at a black screen saying "loading operating system..." I have tried changing the boot priority of the drives and changing the geometry from auto to LBA but so far nothing has worked. I've also tried to boot and reinstall Windows 7 from the disk but the installation always fails with an error message. I've tried to do a repair from the disk and it says that ther boot manager is missing or corrupt and attemps and says succecfully completes a repair. Still the same message when trying to boot.

A:Loading Operating System

I had that once with mine

install the latest bios even if it is on there then go to boot priority change to the drive you will be using with winOS

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My friend has a custom built computer with XP, he has 2 IDE hard drives and 2 SATA. He had an issue a few weeks back, it would not load the keyboard, he plugged it into the USB on the front of the computer and it finally worked. Now he is getting this error, he only has XP on the primary drive, and obviously no diagnostics available because he built it himself, its 7 years old. Is there anything that you can think of that he can do? He is just trying to get the information at this point because its obvious that his main probably failed.

Thanks so much!

A:Operating system not loading......

You might want to check the bios setting to see where the booting will take place. Maybe the booting is set to take place on the hard drive where the OS does not reside.

Does the OS reside in the IDE or SATA drive

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The last time I was using my system it froze up a bit, I left it for a few minutes and came back it was running again and would navigate through IE but nothing would really work on the websites. I then tried to open the start menu which worked but all of the folders simply read "Empty". At which point I thought ok time for a reboot. Windows froze in the shutting down and I had to power it off.

On the next start up Windows wouldn't run, the system encourages me to do a repair with the disk but that is having problems too. The following happens:

- When I try to start up in normal mode it gets to a point where the Windows scrolling bar is moving left to right and goes no further, eventually the scrolling bar will freeze completely and that's it.
- Trying to start up in safe mode with prompt it runs through a list of processes but stops on CRCDISK.sys and then goes no further.
- I've tried to boot off my restore disk which seems to work at first but then gets to a similar freezing point as with normal mode.
- I've tried to boot off my Windows Vista64 OEM but it seems to do the same thing as the restore disk.

I've pretty much exhausted my knowledge and am looking for some help now. Anything would be greatly appreciated.

The system originally came with Vista32bit (and I guess the recovery disks are as such). I installed Vista64bit with a system builder OEM that I still have with product cert and everything.

I can't seem to find any optio... Read more

A:Operating System not loading (please help)

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ok heres the deal.. i really do not know much about computers but dis is what happened.
Last night i had run a crack for a software. My antivirus alerted me that it was a virus.. But it indicated that it had been deleted from some location.. i am not sure..
somthing like this C:/ XXXX/worm.exe. i dont know the exact location but it wasnt one of the ordinary folders.. any way after the antivirus "deleted" the "worm" my computer was still perrforming goood. everything working perfectly but when i shut down and tried to restart in the morning the OS was not loading..
when the computer attempts to start.. after the "biostar" logo another screen another screen comes up for like 1/2 a second. it asks to boot from some location.. After this the black screen with
1 safe mode
2 last known good configuration
3 start normally ....
comes up.
non of these work when i select one the cycle restarts. And the black screen reappears. It is not a problem to reformat the hard drive but i would like to get the information from it first. Is this possible or are there any other solutions to this problem???. feel free to email me at" bald_head_rastaman at yahoo dot com"
Thanks alot i appreciate it

A:operating system not loading! what can i do?

Yes i should say when you deliberately let in worms or viruses even though antivirus

picks it up, doesnt mean your in the clear, IT HAS ALREADY DONE DAMAGE TO

WINDOWS!.....this is what happens when you mess with cracks and pirating.

we do not give support for that here in this forum.

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During a recent windows update my pc froze, (mid-update) and I restarted my machine. Now windows gets stuck at the black" Loading operating system..."screen. After a long wait it will eventually display .........boot from cd/. When I boot from my windows dvd my os is not shown in system recovery. I Have also tried running start up repair from recovery with no luck. ANY IDEAS?????

A:Windows not Loading after update, hangs on "Loading operating system."

Hello deralickt and welcome to Seven Forums.

Are you receiving any error codes? Are you able to boot your machine in Safe Mode? If yes, see if you can access System Restore and go back to a date/time prior to the update. If you don't have a restore point you could also see if that update is showing in Windows Update History. If it is, try uninstalling it.

Safe Mode

System Restore

Windows Update - Uninstall an Update

The failed update may have damaged or corrupted some system files. From Safe Mode you could try running a System File Checker scan from an elevated command prompt (option two.) If problems are noted run the scan 3 times rebooting in between each scan.

SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

Since you have an install DVD you could also try a Repair Install to fix your currently installed Windows 7 and preserve your user accounts, data, programs, system drivers, etc.

Repair Install

A repair install may require that you reinstall a bunch of Windows Updates. I found it's safer (but more time consuming) to install just a few at a time rather than all at once. If you install a few at a time you can reboot, see if there are any issues, and if there are, you'll know exactly which 3 or 5 or 10 updates you need to remove. Reinstall them one at a time. They'll either all install correctly or you'll know exactly which one(s) are problematic. (If you install all at once and later find out there's a problem it's almost impossible to know which update is inv... Read more

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hello i need some help with this one, i guess i should explain this from the start, i installed windows 7 64bit ultimate (7600) a few weeks back, but just a few days ago i decided to install windows xp home sp3 on my back up drive for other reasons, qoute me instension was not to have a dual boot partitions, i unpluged the sata cable on first hard drive that has windows 7 installed, and just booted of my second drive with xp only, now today i dicdided to reformat the back up drive with xp cd, i shut the computer off plugged in sata 1 cable back to first hard drive, went into bios set sata 1 option to auto detect then rebooted pc thinking it would load into windows 7 but i get this (error loading operating system) with a black screen, so i thought maybe some how my hardrive got currepted so i attempt a few things, i reinstalled windows 7 without formating, reason why cause i dont want to go trough all the hassle to reinstall all windows and all my games apps etc, so after a reinstalled i thought everything was fine, i restarted computer i got the same error, rebooted 6 times with no luck, the only way i can load into windows is by putting the windows 7 disc back in

A:error loading operating system

why is it people respond to other posts but not mine what gives

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!!!!!THANK GOD!!!!! I just had this same problem and was reading this forum to try and find an answer (though sadly i did not). Instead i decided to boot from my original windows install disk and run the recovery console (press R). at this screen type 'FIXBOOT', it will prompt you for a confirmation so just say yes (type 'y'). It will write over your previous boot files BUT NOT YOUR PERSONAL DATA!!!!! after this runs and says that it has completed successfully, type 'exit' and the console should quit and your computer is back.edit: caution, i think this is only a temporary fix (meaning you'll have to go through the same procedure every time you boot your computer) so i would recommend backing up all of your files onto an external hd and then reformatting your computer (by the way i have the same computer, Dell Inspiron 5100, so this fix will probably work the same for you as well).Was having the same problem. Followed the instructions, but computer still won't boot. Now, its not even giving me the option to boot from CD. The new message Reads "Windows XP could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM" At this point, I just want to do a clean reinstall of XP. There is no data of importance on the computer. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Error Loading Operating System

What happens when you try to boot from the CD?

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Mod Edit:  Split from http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/400733/error-loading-operating-system/#entry2981888 - Hamluis.
I am having this problem also when i click F9 it brings me to a screen that says 
Insert your windows installation disc and restart your computer 
Choose your Language settings and then click "next"
Click "repair your computer"
File: \boot\memtest.exe
Status:  0xc000000f
Info:  The selected entry could not be loaded because the application is missing or corrupt.
My computer didn't come with the disks to repair it and i dont know how to fix it please help

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I really need help here. I am not very computer savvy so I'm completely lost at this point. When I turn my computer (Dell Dimension 8400 running Windows Media XP) on it looks as though it's going to start but then the dreaded blank screen stating "ERROR LOADING OPERATING SYSTEM". I read a bit in the forum that I may need a recovery disc, which never came with my Dell computer. I called Dell and they will not send me a recovery disc because I'm out of warranty, big surprise. Is there any way I can download it from the internet or is there something else I can do. I unfortunately have no back up CD. My priority is to keep all my programs, internet bookmarks and documents. If anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them. Remember I?m not that computer savvy so I?ll need very detailed instructions on what to do. Thanks to all.

A:"Error loading operating system"

Well, you could try...Follow the directions at How to Create a Bootable XP Recovery Console CD - http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/276527/how-to-create-a-bootable-xp-recovery-console-cd/.Once that is done...follow the directions for How to use CHKDSK in the XP Recovery Console - http://pirules3.14.googlepages.com/recovery_console_chkdsk.If any error messages appear onscreen...write those down and post in your next reply.Do not exit after the chkdsk /r command completes.Type the command fixboot and hit Enter.When that completes...type exit and hit Enter.Typically...the error loading operating system indicates a failing hard drive, from what I see.Louis

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So I have a dell inspiron 1720 laptop and I have gotten rid of vista. I have been using tiny xp and just recently decided to reformat after a virus bomb. I was going to particion my drive space so the OS would be in it's own part just in case it happened again I wouldn't have to lose some info. In the middle of the reformatting it lost power. When I try and start up the comp again it gives the error loading operating system message, and when I try to boot from the disk it gives the same message. So I can't continue formatting. I'm doing a diagnostics test right now to see what errors it gives. Is there anything anybody could think of to fix it? Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks.

A:Error loading operating system

Can you try removing the drive and formatting it on another computer?

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Anyone encounter this problem all of a sudden?
I just happened to be working on my pc, deleting some old apps and things stored in My Documents.

I am an advanced pc user running Windows XP Pro SP2.

After deleting a lot of things I had stored in My Documents, I decided to reboot before running a defrag.
Upon rebooting, I got this black screen immediately saying "Error loading operating system".

I ran an advanced test on my Hitachi HDD using their Fitness Tool and no errors came up.

After thinking about it, I decided to boot up off my Windows OEM CD. At the menu I chose "R" to go into the Recovery Console.
At the prompt I typed "HELP", and it gave a list of commands.

I figured my Master Boot Record was corrupt so I typed "fixboot" and hit Enter.
I exited the Recovery Console, removed the cd and rebooted.
Problem solved!

I would recommend trying this before trying most of the suggested options that come up when you Google this problem.

A:Error loading operating system

Appreciate your sharing your solution to this, happy computing .


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Hey guys.
To day i did some partitioning.
There were two drives , C and F. Windows xp was installed on F and C had Windows me which i did not need no more.
So i deleted the Windows me partition and let Windows xp have it.
But now when i restart the computer i get this "error loading operating system".
Now i was just going to reinstall Windows , but i go real slow internet and can not be brothered reinstalling Windows xp and then installing Sp3 and so on.
What can i do that does not involve formatting and installing windows xp? I do have a Ghost of Windows Xp on the 2nd hard drive(yes one 80 Gb and one 40 Gb).
Can i install windows xp(yes i know i said no reformatting and installing , but i don't have to download any thing this way) and then ghost it over with ghost?

I used to do this with Windows me all the time and found no problem with it. Now i know its not the same with NT os's.

A:error loading operating system

May be a BIOS or maybe even an MBR problem...Here are some links for possible causes and solutions:http://support.microsoft.com/kb/326676http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/92217/error-loading-operating-system/http://www.computing.net/answers/os2/error...ystem/1437.htmlhttp://www.computerhope.com/issues/ch000730.htmI remember something about XP and not recognizing partitions over a certain size during set-up upgrading from windows 98me but that has been such a long time ago I can't remember the exact details. You may have to just bite the bullet and do a complete re-installation even though you don't want to (last resort to say the least).

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Hi everyone!

Well as the title says, I got that message when booting. Actually it is a long story before i got that message so i'll try to sum it up. So, what i've done and what happened are as follows:

27 October 2012: I built my PC from a scratch.

three weeks ago: I began suspecting HDD failure because it is not detected in the bios frequently, failed short dst and long generic test in seatools for windows and began to make weird sounds (kind of a scratching or grinding noise, but I can't really describe it) only when booting or extracting .rar files.

two weeks ago : the problem with the bios was gone. But the sound retains.

1.5 - 1 week ago : the PC loads gadgets and some programs (that launch on startup ex. drivers, antivirus) a bit slower. I suspect the HDD is causing this because the other components are fine and my PC could play games in full HD. Windows explorer also crashes sometimes, and minecraft too.

Just YESTERDAY : I've had enough with constant explorer crashing and slow system, so I decided to open my HDD to check for hardware problems (It's a stupid move, i know) but I failed because after i opened the screw and tried to open the cover I can't because the cover is shut tight and prying it open wont work. Then i just put the HDD back together with the PC and booted, then magically an error status 0xc000000f appeared on my screen. I searched forums and run repairs from my installation disk but my OS is not listed. So i went on to the commant prompt and use... Read more

A:Error loading operating system

sorry for the long post.

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this is my last call before i call it a day, my computer wont boot up, and displays error cannot load operating system each time, im trying to retrieve my files from my hard drive or get the computer working

heres what ive tried

1) using the recovery disk to repair windows which doesnt appear
2) using the recovery console and using commands such as fixboot
3) booting with ubuntu live cd, going into my computer and accessing hard drive says "error cannot mount file"
4) using spotmau recovery 2009, lets me see my hard drive but displays all weird file names with numbers, letters and symbols

any other help suggestions, i feel my hard drive is just corrupted and my data is gone forever.

A:Error loading operating system

Hello elimelim and welcome to TSF!

Have you tried unplugging your SATA/EIDE cable from your harddrive or maybe changing the cable? If this doesn't work, do you have another computer and plug in the harddrive and see if will detect it? If not, time for you to upgrade then.


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I have a Sony Vaio VGN-N130G, Model PCG-7T1L.
Attempted a system recovery, but while on step 2 of 4, it froze at 12%, then flashed an error 400 message. Computer restarted and now it's a black screen with error loading operating system.
Tried resetting the BIOS to default, but still doesn't work.

I do not have a recovery disk, was told it's all built in. I do have a Vista upgrade CD that I have not installed. Not sure if I can restore from there. I have no problem starting over from factory settings, nothing on the computer that I have to save.

Thanks for your help!!


A:Error loading operating system

Hi .If XP is the operating system installed...you cannot use a Vista CD/DVD to do anything other than remove the XP install and then install Vista anew.The only Error 400 message I am familiar with...has to do with Internet connectivity. Can you post the exact error message?http://www.docs.sony.com/release/VGNN100series.pdfPage 108 of the above link starts listing the steps users with problems should take. I can't suggest anything beyond that because Sony modifies the way that their systems boot, etc.Louis

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i' have had 2 HDDs on my PC for a little while now, and recently my older HDD died, So I pulled it out and installed windows onto my 2nd HDD, which is a SATA. Once I installed windows and rebooted it, i got stopped with this message

Verifying DMI Pool Data ...........
Error loading operating system

I cannot figure this out for the life of me. I thought it may have been a scratched windows CD, but i tried a back-up copy and had the same problem.

Anyone know what i am doing wrong? Thanks for the help in advance

A:Error loading operating system


Originally Posted by bassmann

i' have had 2 HDDs on my PC for a little while now, and recently my older HDD died, So I pulled it out and installed windows onto my 2nd HDD, which is a SATA. Once I installed windows and rebooted it, i got stopped with this message

Verifying DMI Pool Data ...........
Error loading operating system

I cannot figure this out for the life of me. I thought it may have been a scratched windows CD, but i tried a back-up copy and had the same problem.

Anyone know what i am doing wrong? Thanks for the help in advance

Have you reconfigured your BIOS so that it recognises the 2nd drive as your boot drive?

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Hi I have been trying all day to dual boot using the tutorial and no success.
I have windows 7 install on my computer. I want to have windows xp.
Now I have shrink my hard drive so I have 2 partitions now. Ok the problem is When I boot xp I goto install on D:/ the new partition it then copies all the files to that hard drive all good so then it wants to restart which is normal.
Then When it reboots it will say error loading operating system or just nothing.
Then I cant even Run windows 7 I have to delete that partition on windows xp and then put windows 7 and repair startup and Im back on again. It has to do something with the boot loader or something because I reckon Its trying to do start windows 7 but there is xp trying to install it self. Im not sure but I think I have tried every idea.
I have tried 2 different cds of xp.

A:please help error loading operating system

Is Partition D what you are trying to install XP on?

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Hi Guys
Got the blue screen of death after this recent MS update & therefore unable to login - SAFE MODE neither
Trying to install recovery console using Recovery CD that came with PC
Went into boot menu & booted from CD - PC went striaght into SET UP mode (no option to get into recovery mode??!!)& started to install files,....just when it said formatting HD I quickly turned off
Turned PC on again to try again.
How when it boots i get 'error loading operating system' !!!
Am i buggered & will hI ave to reinstall XP ?
Please tell me there is way out else my wife will be stringing my bits up to lampost for losing all her data ?
Yours desperatley

A:error loading operating system

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Hi guys, tired man here.

All was well... until an error message chose to appear every time I boot my pc.

"Error loading operating system"

I've tried switching from Auto to Large (no change), I've tried mounting my windows partition in linux (doesn't even work although is has before) and It's looking like im screwed for good.

Does anyone know anything that would help me?

The best solution would be actually loading the operating system, but if that's not possible then the next port of call would be somehow backing up files (read something about hooking it up as a slave to another machine?)

Well, thanks for taking your time to read. And hopefully one of you wizards can help me


A:Error loading operating system. Help!

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I was working on my thesis last night when my computer crashed. Upon rebooting, I was hit with a black screen and the words, "Error loading operating system".

I had plopped in my Windows Vista 64 bit Recovery CD and it booted up right up to the part of the loading screen and then it went black.

I'm just stuck there now.

A:Error Loading Operating System

Was there any indication why the system crashed?

Can you get to safe mode?

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hey guys a i really need some help. I restarted my other computer and got the message error loading operating system. its a hp pavillion xt963. ive tried using the f10 option but it dosnt work. please help!!!

A:Error Loading Operating System

Did you make any changes to your computer just before this problem started?Here are some suggestions:Error Loading Operating SystemError loading Operating System after Windows XP setup

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I'd be grateful for anyone's thoughts on this one.

I downloaded the latest security patch from MS [the one about remote takeover of computers] installed it, restarted and then got a horrible error message - error loading operating system. Its like an old fashioned command prompt that you see in the movies - just that single line on a completely blank screen with a flashing cursor awaiting instruction.

I'm running a dell 8200, with windows XP home, service pack 2 and all other patches etc. installed. Everything was fine prior to this. What happens is that I switch on, the graphics card details flash on the screen [as normal] followed by the Dell splash screen with F2 and F12 prompts and bios version [a08] then the above blank screen. Nothing works once the above screen is reached.

From reading the web I've kind of figured out that this is a problem on the bios and that, somehow, my bios has become corrupted. One solution offered on a few sites seems to be go into bios and then change the hard drive access mode from auto to large, but i'm not sure about this and it sounds a bit scary.

Any thoughts?

My prime concern is that I have a lot of data on my hard drive [stupidly only partly backed up - I know!!!] and I'm really worried about losing it.

I should confess that I'm a bit of a newie at these things and my technical knowledge is very limited so please, phrase any replies in simple terms.


A:Error Loading Operating System

My prime concern is that I have a lot of data on my hard drive [stupidly only partly backed up - I know!!!] and I'm really worried about losing it.Rightly so, but who among us have not been caught in this situation?Without addressing your original issue, I just want to speak to getting the data off of the hard drive. You could always remove the hard drive and install it in another computer as a 'slave' drive. The working computer should still boot up from the 'good' Master hard drive, and then you will be able to navigate (start > my computer) to the slave drive and recover your data. More info on how to install a second drive can be found HERE.But of course, if you need help with this or any other procedure you can just ask for help here and we can explain it in more detail or refer to somewhere on the web where it will be explained more fully.

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When I start my PC, I get the message "error loading operating system". If I restart and go into the boot menu, I can bypass this message and my computer loads normally, seeing no issues whatsoever.
Running Windows 7 on an iBuyPower Gamer Paladin D827.
System was running normally yesterday. Installed a Java update before getting off last night.

A:"error loading operating system"

Try running the chkdsk /r command.  Possibly damaged files.

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Hey, new to this forum, not exactly a computer wiz either so bare with me. Basically, I moved the location of my tower yesterday as I was switching rooms, it was working completely fine and I shut it down properly etc before moving it, took it into the new room, set it all up, turned it on and it only gets to a black screen with "error loading operating system" keep in mind I didn't try reinstalling windows or anything on it, it was just me turning my computer back on like a normal day and that shows up. From what I've read it seems like a harddrive error and the harddrive is broke. I inserted my windows 7 disc (yes it was running windows 7) went through the bios etc to set it to boot from the disc, as I was in bios I noticed that the bios still detected my hdd so that would mean the hdd is not broke? Anyway I tried setting it up through the disc and it give me the option to install windows 7 to my hdd and also my external hdd, it said it can't install disk 0 partition 1 on the external so I tried installing it on the internal hdd on the windows 7 install screen and it come up with error  0x80070057. As I said before I am no computer wiz but if anybody is willing to help me figure out how to install windows back onto my computer on the external or internal i'd really appreciate it, thanks guys.

A:Error loading operating system?

Can you boot into Safe Mode?
Immediately after pressing the power button start tapping the F8 key till the Advanced Boot Options opens.
You should see a image like the one below. 
Use the up or down key to navigate to Safe Mode and press Enter.

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I have a computer that a while back I got the blue screen OD and was trying to fix it myself. I don' t know what I did but after a day of working on it, it went to a black screen that says error loading operating system. I know it was dumb to try to work on it myself without professional assistance but I did. I have been searching the internet for a fix but cannot find one and would appreciate if somebody can help.

I am sure your first questions will be, what happened to get the blue screeen, what code did it show and what did you do that caused the error loading screen. This happened literally the week before we were set to move and I ended up just leaving this computer in storage until I had time to work on it. That was a year ago. So I don't remember how it happened, what the code was, or what I did to get the error loading screen. Sorry.

I am deeply appreciative of any help you can lend me.

A:Error loading operating system

I was thinking really hard trying to figure out how this happened and now I remember, My cousins xbox harddrive was not working and I was trying to figure out how to back it up so he didn't lose everything on it. Unfortunately when I hooked it up as a slave drive it wasn't reading even though I could feel the disk turning inside. So, in the process of disconnecting wires trying to figure out how to make it work, my computer started having problems. Not sure what I did but I thought maybe it was a bios issue?

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Hey all, i have an issue trying to load up windows xp pro. the other day i was running spybot, ad-aware, and avast. after everything came out ok i reboot to finish the install of an avast update. upon reboot i got as far as the screen that shows system information, and at the bottom of the screen it said searching for floppy boot record. then the screen goes blank except for the message "Error loading operating system". cannot get into safe mode or setup. have checked hd cables and reseated. any tips would be greatly appreciated.

A:Error Loading Operating System

It sounds like something in windows was corrupted. If you have a windows xp cd, try booting from cd and running recovery console. Here is a microsoft overview of how to use it.http://www.microsoft.com/resources/documen...e_overview.mspxIf you have trouble booting from cd, go into bios setup and change boot order to have cd drive ahead of hard drive.

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My system was working fine till yesterday but when i switched On today, getting a black screen mentioning 'Error Loading operating system'.

Tried 'Boot Menu' and did complete testing but still facing issue.
I have Reinstallatio DVD of HOme Vista Home PRemium.

Should i reinstall it? if so, will i loose all my data.

Pls help

A:Error Loading operating system

Hello Sudarmani, and welcome to Vista Forums.

You might see if running a startup repair may be able to help. Sometimes it may take running it a few times though.

Hope this helps,

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Good morning at the forum from Hellas.
Because my English is very bad, I want your understanding.
 My problem is the same with that of-Posted September 23, 2013-05: 15 PM (michael3332).
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I can't seem to find that post so I ask for your help.
My system is Windows 7 Ultimate PS1.

A:Error loading operating system

michael3332's topic.

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I come home from work, open the lid on my comp, and see this black screen. I've never messed with the HD, or have had any problems like this in the past. When I left the computer everything was fine (I left the power on) After seeing this message I hit the power button and tried to reboot again, only to have the same issue. What the heck happened? Anything I can do? I have windows 7.

A:Error loading operating system.

Hi -

Boot with your Windows 7 DVD or via the HDD recovery partition and try system repair or Windows System Restore.

Regards. . .



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I recently downloaded a media file, im not sure if its corrupt or not but i have reason to believe it is.
The colours went dodgy (only 4 colour bits and 600x800 sommin resolution and it wont allow me to change anything).
Then i shutdown windows and tried to restart, i out in my recovery diskette but that made it worse. now i started the computer, its about to load up but a message says "error loading operating system".
I tried using a AV disk using BIOS setup and tried reinstalling windows, but it doesnt help.

Any ideas to fix this?

A:Error loading operating system

Assuming you have Windows XP from your 4bit colour setting. Sounds like it might be a display driver problem. If you completely re-intalled Windows, you need to install motherboard drivers and video drivers if they are seperate.

If you need more help, please try to post more details as to what happened and what you did exactly.

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Ok, its been few days now since i made attempt to try to reinstall Windows XP on an olfer Dell Dimesion 2400. I should also note that i do not have any of the original cd's that came with.
So, since the machine was not responding due to malware and viruses, I figured reinstalling the OS will be the only way out….
Well, halfway during windows xp installation process, there was some questions on blue screen asking for formatting the hard drive and patricians and other questionnaires – well, since I wanted the whole thing to be wiped out (nothing of value was there anyway) I let it delete all.
Somewhere along the way, machines stalled and returns “error loading operating system”
Tried numerous scenarios to try to resolve the issue
1. Started without CD – same issue
2. With CD……says strike any key – once I hit any key – same error come back on black screen.
3. BIOS checked boot sequence and change to CD first – no help either.

At this point, I ‘m just tired of scratching my head and will greatly appreciate some advice or the if I should consider burying this thing –

I don’t know if this was clear enough, but my main concern is to regain access to the machine so I can install windows XP professional – please note, the previous windows version on the machine was Home Edition if that will help.
Again, Error Loading Operating System” on black screen has been my nightmare during past few days.
***yes, i did scanned the forum, but found no similar issues

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Error loading operating system is the error I get when I turn on my computer.

I do not want to format because i have documents i need saved on the harddrive.

I read somewhere that if i change to lba setting it might work..how do i do this?

A:error loading operating system

FWIW: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/92217/error-loading-operating-system/IMO, that message signals that the hard drive or the file system has problems. Since the file system is the layer on the hard drive upon which the O/S and all other files lies...it's the same effect.FWIW: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/326676Other opinions: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&sou...ng+&aqi=g10System manufacturer and model?Do you have a Microsoft XP install CD (not recovery/restore CDs issued by manufacturer)?You can always run a hard drive manufacturer's diagnostic on the drive, just to verify/refute concerns about the hard drive.Hard Drive Installation and Diagnostic Tools - http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/28744/hard-drive-installation-and-diagnostic-tools/ FWIW: I don't know where you read anything about LBA, but LBA is already commonly employed (automatically) on most systems these days. It helps if you post a link to references by someone else...that you are going to use as guidance.Louis

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I was attempting to load XP on a separate drive from my Vista machine. Booted in the XP CD, formatted and began the installation. After the setup files were copied to the other drive, the computer rebooted to finish the installation. Upon reboot, I got "Error loading operating system".

Reading further, I see that the mbr, boot sector and boot files were overwritten on my computer. I booted from my Vista DVD, navigated to the Boot directory, and issued "Bootsect.exe /NT60 All" at command prompt. Says it was successful. I reboot and still get the same error.

I also tried the automatic repair option. It didn't find any problems and didn't fix the error.

Booted again to command prompt from the Vista DVD. This time tried:
bootrec /FixMbr
bootrec /FixBoot
bootrec /RebuildBcd

When I issued last command, it said it was successful but # Windows installations found was 0.

Also did a chkdsk on my hard drive and came back clean. All files and directories are still present as well.

Rebooted and still getting the same error. What do I need to do?

A:Error loading operating system

If your xp installation went through smoothly without skipping any of its files then i'd suggest you to download EasyBCD. This one will allow you to modify your mbr at ease, it works fine in vista but in xp it requires dot net framework 2.

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while bootup my pc showing this error message
Error loading operating system

PC details
Intel 82801BA, Intel i815/E/EP
AMD Duron(tm) processor 2.8 GHz
256 MB DDR Dynet
40 GB Seagate

after i restore my drive image, then this error message is showing, till then my PC is working properly.
when i set my jumper setting to limit 32 GB then only PC bootup, but some folders are not accessable because of limiting HDD
please help me...

A:Error loading operating system

What did you do to the drive before restoring the image? Did you delete the existing partition, format it, wipe the drive?
Does your image include the MBR and Boot Sector, or was it just the C: Partition?

The Error loading operating system message usually means the MBR code is unable to read the Boot Sector.

You can boot with the XP CD, go into the Recovery Console, and run the FIXBOOT command.
To boot into the XP Recovery Console:
You may need to enter the BIOS and make sure the CD is set as the first boot device, or you might have a Boot Menu you can access with a key press when you start the PC. F12 is common.
When you boot from the CD, the following is displayed:
Press any key to boot from CD....
Press any key so it will boot from the CD.
Next on a black screen:
Setup is inspecting your computer's hardware configuration...
Screen turns Blue, and Windows Setup is displayed at the top.
at the bottom is displayed the following in sequence:
Press F6 if you need to install a third party SCSI or RAID driver
Press F2 to run Automated System Recovery (ASR)...
Setup is loading files (file names displayed)
Title changes to Windows XP Professional Setup

The options to setup or repair Windows are displayed
Choose To repair a Windows XP installation using recovery console, press R.
You may need to choose the Windows installation if you have a dual boot system
You will need to enter the Administrator password unless you previously disabled that requirement; if it's blank, ... Read more

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Hi, I've tried searching the forum, but nobody seems to have had the exact same problem as me.

I've had the same computer for 2 years now, one which I built myself, and until a couple of days ago, it's been fine.

However, it was starting to get a little slow, and so I looked on the internet for ideas on how to fix it.

I can't say for sure what caused the problem, because I did a few things. However, most was removing itunes from startup and the like (obviously I didn't stop any services that I shouldn't have) and the windows sidebar. The only thing that I hadn't done before was a service called error checking, and I also selected the scan and perform recovery of bad sectors bit.

Anyway, when I tried to boot again I got the message "error loading operating sytem."

I have tried changing boot settings in the BIOS, switching the hard drive that is used to load in case it was using the wrong one.

I saw a lot of people had success with fixboot and fixmbr with the vista disk. I have one, but can't load from it. I put it in and select to boot, get the press any key message, loading windows components, the bar loading, and then just a blank screen. I've left it for hours and still nothing happens.

This is driving me crazy, does anyone please have any idea what I could try?

A:Error Loading Operating System

Try booting in safe mode F8 during system post logo. If Windows loads go to start type in CMD in the command prompt

type in

type in y for yes reboot.

It is odd that the Windows disk does not work. Could be scratches on the disk. Is the disk a genuine copy?

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