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need wireless mouse that doesn't require flash drive for yoga 3 1170

Q: need wireless mouse that doesn't require flash drive for yoga 3 1170

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Preferred Solution: need wireless mouse that doesn't require flash drive for yoga 3 1170

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


My Yoga 3 1170 came with 8.0 several years ago and was upgraded to 8.1.  Later was upgraded to 10.  A few months ago was updated to the insider program and had lots of problems so I downgraded back to 8.1 which was a big mistake.  I think most of the problems were because of going back to generic drivers.My big problrm right now is that the Wireless network adapter is not showing up in the device manager.  I am currently relying on the wired adapter which does show up and works properly.  It appears that I have no wireless lan capabilities but I do because I have had wireless in the past on 8.0, 8.1, and 10.  It simply stopped working when I downgraded to 8.1 so I am sure that it was caused by the downgrade.I have done a lot of research and have found no solution. The wireless is enabled in the BIOS so that is not the problem.   Anyone have any suggestions?

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I'm looking for a software program (I am running Windows 7) that can help me create fairly simple quizzes that I want to put on my churches website. I really only have 2 requirements:
1) It must not require Flash to design the quiz or a Flash player to take the test or view it.
2) Once the quiz is created I need to be able to get the embed code to place it on the web site.

Any suggestions?
Free would be nice but willing to pay up to $100 or so.

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The telephone wiring in our house is very old & confusing; only 2 outlets, both downstairs, are functional. We use cordless phones (Vtech) & the transmitter base for 4 satellite phones is plugged into 1 of those outlets. My desktop pc is upstairs where, until recently, there was a functioning phone outlet to which i connected the internal modem. I use the modem for faxes. I have FIOS for the internet. That outlet is no longer available & I have been without a modem for some time. Trying to fix the upstairs wiring has been a frustrating waste of time. I don't want to pay a repairman for something that could be very expensive & involve going behind the walls, especially when a wireless solution might be much easier.
Question: is there a modem i can purchase that is wireless & responds to a phone call from a transmitter station that is plugged into a phone outlet, just like my cordless phones do? I want to plug it into the other outlet downstairs. Any other solution using my home tel# would also be welcome.



A:Need modem that doesn't require phone cable. (wireless?)

Since you have FiOS, why not consider dropping the phone line and using VoIP from one of the many providers?

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I have recently figured out that I can put my games on a 16gb USB flash drive and play them off a computer without having to log into said computer (so I could play them after school on campus computers). I have since put my games onto the USB flash drive, and have about 5gb left. However, when I tried to play them while logged in, it said I could not connect to the internet, and thus the game could not launch. I have searched the internet on how to connect to internet on a USB but have not found out where to, at least not when trying to get it from Windows 8, where I cannot view the properties of the connection and just copy it to a flash drive.


A:Putting and using games that require internet on a USB Flash Drive

related to http://forums.techguy.org/windows-8/1137638-getting-internet-usb.html so also closed

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The above captioned model is not fully charging. It charges to 57%. Is there a solution for this?

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How do I make my touch pad work on a yoga 3 1170 while I?m typing?

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I have a Yoga 3 1170 which has no Break key. I need to know how to do a ctrl break as it is a necessary evil for VB6.  None of the key combinations for the other models seem to work and I find none specifically for the Yoga 3 1170. This is a huge deal for anyone programing in VB6.

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Hi all, Attempting a fresh install of Windows 10 Install I got the error:"Windows Setup could not re-initialise the deployment engine. To install Windows, restart the installation." After rebooting I now get the Recovery error as below image. I cannot past this screen with the Windows 10 USB inserted. Inserting a Live Linux USB boots fine. Error Photo? Please help.Regards

A:Yoga 3-1170 Laptop - Windows 10 USB Installer - Re...

Have you tried turning off secure boot in the BIOS? Also, what did you use to create your USB pendrive with Windows 10 ?

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Hi, Im in the market for buying a new amplifier to my Hifi-setup. The one I'm looking for now only has a coaxial input as digital selection, and no USB. Is it possible to connect the sound from this laptop via coaxial cable or not?  

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Hi all, I've been experiencing an issue with my Yoga 3 11". A windows update a few weeks ago completely knocked down the touch screen and the USB devices. This means my touch screen doesn't work any longer and no USB devices gets acknoledged, even though (even if they get power).  Using windows restoe to revert my system back fixes the issue, but every time windows updates, touch screen and USB break again.  I have Windows 10 and I have also tried to install the windws 10 drivers for the chipset but nothing is doing it, this laptop is just not working with the last windows update. I contacted support which suggested as a first and quick thing to try to simply wioe down my laptop... I won't do that, as it's silly.  Is anybody experiencing this issue and have a professional solution (different from the non-professional one offered by lenovo support)?  

Go to Solution.

A:Yoga 3-1170 - USB andtouch screen broken

Hi kyuzo87  , 
Welcome to the Community Forums. 
One of the challenges that Windows 10 have amongst users is the persistent Windows Update. 
Solution you can try is to disable / hide particular update once you have identified it using this guide ..
Additional article:
How to Uninstall and Block Updates and Drivers on Windows 10 
Another step to control windows updatem from changing current working drivers is to set driver update default to "no let me choose " option .
System Properties window, switch to the Hardware tab and click Device Installation Settings
Update us how it goes . 

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Hi, I've recently bought a Lenovo Yoga 3-1170 (80J8), and all worked well till I decided to have dual boot Windows/Linux. Linux works great. I installed a clean copy of Windows 10 in Legacy mode. It worked well untill the HD5300 graphics card driver was installed when the screen started flickering. I've been trying like mad  all possible drivers, screen brightness and power-saver configurations but nothing worked. Then I realized it could be the UEFI, so I installed a clean copy of Windows 10 on UEFI mode and worked fine. If I then change to Legacy support with UEFI as first option, the screen flickers again although Windows is in the UEFI. So it's clearly a problem of the BIOS. Any idea how to solve the problem? Lenovo guys, are you gonna provide a BIOS update? Thanks a lot

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I have upgrade our travel-notebook  (Yoga 3-11 (m5-Y71) to Yoga 700-11isk (m7?) ) and am left with two Yoga 3-1170 and one Yoga 700-11isk,all showing similar behavior:(1) on boot all of them (erratically do not) show/allow to use mouse (touchpad)  & keyboard.  All driver had been installed, Windows 10 is installed and - in principle - running, no defects shown, when able to access the system. Windows installation followed different roads,-  starting from Windows 8.1 plus updates ülus upgrade to windows 10 plus updates and upgrades till 1903ff (yesterday).- starting from scratch windows 10. (2) I suppose, the problem could originate from "insufficient cooperation" of systemparts and windows 10-today.  Intel driver assistant does work on Yoga 3-11, it does not work on Yoga 700-11 as the Intel graphics chip is a proprietary version of Lenovo. But both systems could do with a update of the graphics driver by lenovo and a service update of the touchpad-drivers. Advice / help  needed... 

friedrich-eugenUsed to Using AST-Notebooks 1993-1998,Thinkpads since 1998 and still a fan of the parrot and its Bill (...Morrow)Today: T60-61P ("Frankenpads", X60/X61/X60T, X200T, X201T,helping others with Thinkpads and Thinkcentres

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I've been through a number of threads, much older, and haven't found a solution, hoping someone can help.   I recently bought a Yoga C740, 500GB SSHD, 12GB RAM.  64 bit Windows 10 OS.  Intel Core i7 10th gen processor. Also purchased the Wireless YOGA optical mouse that has both USB and Bluetooth connectivity.   Problem - that YOGA mouse freezes up for 5-30 seconds completely randomly.  It'll do it after it has sat for a minute, or right in the middle of active use, so it doesn't seem to be a power/sleep setting.  It's not powering off, it's just not reacting in any way with the PC. Eventually, it just starts working again, maybe for 20 minutes, maybe for 30 seconds.   I initially thought it was a Bluetooth issue, but discovered the same thing happens when connected via USB dongle, no improvement at all. I have other Bluetooth and USB keyboards, mice, no issues with any of them, they all work normally. I've disabled/uninstalled/reinstalled/updated every driver I can think of, no improvement.   With all that considered, it seems to be specific to this YOGA optical mouse, and I'm struggling to identify/correct the issue.  Has anyone encountered this, any suggestions for fixing it?  Hoping maybe I'm just missing a buried setting somewhere specific to this mouse.  Thanks

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I have the following issue with my Yoga 500 (win10): Until recently everything has worked fine, when all of a sudden for some reason my mouse (USB Logitech wireless) stopped working. The Touchpad works fine, the keyboard works fine and the touch screen monitor works fine.  The mouse is shown under devices in the control panel as a HID compatible microsoft mouse, no errors there.  In the mouse settings, only the touchpad is listed. I have tried disabling the touchpad (Fn+F6), but that only disables the touchpad and won't bring back the mouse.  I have tried to replace the mouse as well, no change.

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Previous postings don't seem to address BOTH clicks going out at once with a Windows 10. I tried a YMC reset (I think), restarting computer - still not luck. Help! I am sure I'm out of warranty - 2 1/2 years old. Otherwise, have had no issues

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Hi, This has happened to me before, a while ago, and am afraid I don't remember how it was fixed before...But recently my mouse pointer disappeared again and the touchpad doesn't do anything. When I click Ctrl, I see where the mouse pointer should be, but it doesn't reapear. Selecting F6 does nothing. I've googled and scanned the forums, but all proposed solutions don't work. Help? Thanks!

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i have a microsoft wireless mouse and it just stopped working. I tried a wired mouse and it works. I tried resetting the wireless mouse and it didn't help. Maybe it's missing a driver? Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this problem?Thanks

A:wireless mouse doesn't work

Hi cgbones, have you tried synchronising the mouse with the wireless receiver (if it comes with one which i imagine it would do)? also if you download and install the latest drivers just by doing a search of the make and model of the wireless mouse in google, or if you said its a microsoft wireless mouse i'm sure if you have a look on the microsoft website they should have the latest drivers on there.

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I Recently bought Amkette Ergo Wireless USB Mouse, It works fine except it doesn't get deteted on reboot... Every time I turn on my PC, I have to remove the usb and plug it back, then it works...

What can be the problem...??

Please Help !!!

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I do not understand this. I've been buying and returning 'defective' wireless devices for my media center for the last few months. I bought a logitech wireless mouse (v220) a few days ago and it works on my E6410, E6510, Thinkpad T500, NC6230, and custom amd gaming machine.

However, on the machine it is intended for use on, it does not work. It seems to work fine (as far as I can tell) in windows. In media center, bridge, firefox, ect... it just doesn't work. You move the mouse, nothing happens, or it moves very spotty.

I just cannot think of anything that could be causing this. I've tried removing all unnecessary devices, I even disabled the wifi on the off chance that was causing interference.

Has anyone had an issue like this before?

A:Wireless mouse doesn't work... on ONE computer

This might sound stupid, but people often overlook the simple things. Have you tried in different USB ports on the machine they tend not to work on?

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So when I startup the computer, or any restart from an install, I get this message...
1170 Hard Drive detects immenent failure, F1 to boot, F10 to setup...
I just hit F1, and everything has worked thus far, but no telling how many more times I can bypass this thing with no f**kup...

Anyone have anything like this before??
Know how to fix it.

I have already run the scandisk util, with no success...

A:1170 Hard Drive Detects Imminent Failure, F1 to boot, F10 to Setup

First I`d back everything up,and then download some diagnostic tools,either from the maker of your HD or here- http://tacktech.com/display.cfm?ttid=287

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I am running XP Pro SP3. When I plug a flash drive into the front panel USB port after the system has already booted, the drive doesn't show up in "My Computer" or in the Disk Management utility. However, the "Safely Remove Hardware" utility down in the tray shows it being connected as "Generic volume - (H:)". If I do a 'refresh' on the Disk Management utilty, it freezes up (hourglass). If I try to unplug the drive with the "Safely Remove Hardware" utility, it freezes as well (Not Responding message). The only way I can get rid of it is to reboot.

And here's the kicker, If I start up the machine with the flash drive already plugged into the port, it mounts it just fine (as H:) and it shows up everywhere it is supposed to and works with no problems. The flash drive works as it is supposed to in all other systems.

Any ideas?


A:Flash Drive Doesn't Appear in XP


Try to give the USB stick a different drive letter. XP can often hang on drive letter allocation as it wants to re-assign the same drive letter to the same devices.

So change it from H: to say, Z: or Q: and see if that works.

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Hi, I have the Microsoft wireless desktop 6000.

When I leave my computer on for a bit and walk away, the screen will turn off by itself (this is not standby!!!) and sometimes, the keyboard or mouse seems to have lost its connection to the computer, and will not respond to anything, I have to hit the reset button.


A:Wireless Keyboard/Mouse doesn't respond anymore?


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Hello. I am just trying to get some opinions on the subject of wireless remotes for a mouse. I can't believe it but someone on Amazon.com sold me a wireless laser mouse without a remote (MS wireless mouse 6000). Incredible.I have found that you cannot just use any remote to any mouse, even if it is the identifcal model. In fact, I have this same identifcal MS wiresless 6000 mouse but doesn't work with it. Is there something you can do to get them working? There is a section on Amazon.com where you click more and I guess that's probably where it said no remote. It sure wasn't made obvious-like in bold or something. He definitely intended to trick me. You have to completely read everything with people like that around. Not to mention, it wasn't even cheap.

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I have a yoga 720 and have an issue with it going to sleep. If i wake the computer with the trackpad and use it with the track pad, everything performs normally, after 5 minutes unplugged and 10 minutes plugged in, the screen will dim and then it will go to sleep, just as it should. However, when i wake the computer with my Logitech M510 wireless mouse, and use the mouse, the computer will go to sleep at 2 minutes and the screen does not even dim before going to sleep. This happens both plugged in and unplugged. I have tried changing the sleep and power settings to no avail.Does anyone else have this issue? Any settings anyone can think of that could fix this?(other than sleep settings which I have already tried.)

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I have an HPV100W flash drive and it doesn't work in my Windows 7 x64 laptop. I think there are three files that need to be in the Windows\System32 folder but I can't remember what they are. Can anyone tell me what they are?


A:Flash drive doesn't work

Check Device Manager for any yellow flags under the USB section.

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I'm running WinXP and have recently had problems getting my 2GB memory stick to appear in My Computer. The stick is fine--works well with another computer and always used to work fine with this one. The problem seems to have surfaced since I bought a WD My Book external hard drive, which now takes up the "E" Drive designation the memory stick used to open on. When I plug in the memory stick, the chimes sound as if recognised and the LCD on the stick flashes a couple times, but there's no drive listed for it on My Computer.

The drive is displayed in Device Manager and seems to be running properly, but the only way I can access it is to create a shortcut from the device manager to my desktop. Even then, it won't perform as in the past, for example as an update drive for my Quicken financial programme. Surely there's a way to allocate the memory stick to an unused drive and access it through My Computer??


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Hi Folks, I plug in my flash drive and it doesn't register, i look in device manager and i see the yellow triangle next to the flash-drive device, i right click to update the device,it tells me the device driver is up to date, i click on to property's and it say's this device cannot start, code10, any advise would be appreciated,thanks.

A:Pc doesn't recognize flash drive

WPD FileSystem Volume Driver (Error Code 10) - Windows Vista and Windows 7
This post had the same problem and suggest using the device manufactures driver not the Windows default driver

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I don't know much about a flash drive but we have one plugged into one of my front USB Ports on my PC. When I tried to backup my work onto it I got a pop up saying that the F drive isn't ready to receive data. I pulled the flash drive out and reinserted it into another front USB port to see if it would work, but no. Can someone tell me if this is what happens when the drive is full. I have a 2G "Attache" Flash Drive and I've stored my Quickbooks info on it. Is there some directions I can follow to see if my front USB Ports are working, or is it the flash drive that is the problem?
Any thoughts? I need some step by step directions to follow.

A:Flash drive doesn't work

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I have a Sandisk Cruzer 2Gb flash drive but on one of my computers it is not recognized.....well, I think it is recognized because I hear the pling Windows but it doesn't mount. There is no popup and it does not show up as a drive.

All drivers are installed.

What is wrong? Anyone know how I can fix it?


A:Flash drive doesn't mount

Sometimes flash drives take a drive letter that's already in use -- usually when there's a network drive involved. Right click My Computer, click Manage, then click on Disk Management. If you see your flash drive listed, right click it and opt to change the drive letter to one that is available.

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Hi all.
I've just recently purchased a generic wireless mouse from eBay.
more specifically, this one: 2.4GHz USB Receiver Wireless Optical Mouse F PC Laptop | eBay
it doesn't work. I'm running Windows 7 64bit and it started installing the drivers, first it was installing "HID Wireless Mouse", then it switched to "USB Input Device" but failed after 3 seconds. now it's listed in Device Manager as "USB Input Device" with yellow sign that indicates it doesn't work.
I tested it in 2 other Windows 7 32bit computers and it works just fine! installing drivers and everything.
moreover - I testes my bro's logitech wireless mouse on my 64bit Windows 7 computer and it works fine.
I think Windows fails on recognizing it. I mean the drivers are there.. the Logitech Mouse works but mine doesn't.. how do I make it work?

P.S. here are 3 attached images:
http://i44.tinypic.com/2dkg21.jpg - my win 7 64bit device manager with the problematic mouse
http://i40.tinypic.com/369e8.jpg - different win 7 32bit computer with the problematic mouse working
http://i40.tinypic.com/hso0ns.jpg - my win 7 64bit device manager with the logitech wireless mouse

A:Wireless Mouse Doesn't Work Win 7 64bit But Works On Win 7 32bit

Did you install the mouse software first, then reboot and install the mouse and USB wireless adapter?

Disconnect the the mouse, reboot the computer and start taping the F8 key to enter Advance Boot Options window. Using the down arrow key, select Last Known Good Configuation. Hit Enter.

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I have a Toshiba Qosmio G50-12Q

If you use a wireless mouse does not work the screen saver.
If I disable the mouse instead of the screen saver runs regularly.

There is some way to run the screen saver also using a wireless mouse?

Tank you

A:Qosmio G50-12Q - Screen saver doesn’t work if I use wireless mouse

That?s really strange. I use Logitech NX80 wireless mouse and it works perfectly with screensaver on my Satellite P500 preinstalled with Win7 64bit home premium.

Do you use original preinstalled OS?
Do you use screensaver downloaded additionally or it doesn?t work even if you use standard Win screensavers?

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Intermittently, but every time I use the laptop, my mouse will not respond smoothly.  Best to describe it as stuttering.  If I pull out the bluetooth plug from the laptop and plug it back in, the mouse is smooth again for seconds or even tens of minutes.  I have seen a number of similar reports, but all I found are a few years old and I already have the drivers they refer to or newer.  Anyone deal with this recently?
I checked and seem to be up to date on all drivers, etc. 
MOD: Title changed as the mouse isn't bluetooth

A:Yoga C930 wireless mouse stutters or laggy

I don't have the C930, but it doesn't have bluetooth built in?  I think it does, in which case you shouldn't need an external BT receiver. 
Now, if you're talking about the wireless receiver that comes with some keyboards and mice, that's not necessarily Bluetooth. Most of those are 2.4Ghz systems. Then, again, so is BT.  So, let's try a test; take your computer as far away from possible interference as you can... end of the driveway, picnic bench in a park, etc.  Then, with the mouse point blank to the computer (under a foot), try it.
Let us know how that works

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Hi, my yoga mouse is not working properly with the presenter mode with powerpoint. Strange thing is, it is working perfectly with volume up / volume down lighted button (orange) on presenter mode,but "<" button (go back slide) and ">" button (next slide) isn't working. It was totally fine up until recently and I don't know what to do. How should I fix this to make < and > button work again on presenter mode? I already re-pairing the mouse and it didn't work.

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It shows in Disk Management but... look at how it looks like right now

How did i start?
Answer: It started when I plugged it in to another person's computer which I was supposed to reformat. I found out that computer has a virus. When I plugged it back to my own computer, it suddenly can not be detected and/or it was shown in my computer but it was faded.
By the way, my flash drive's name is not Chipsbank just like in the picture. I don't know how it was renamed like that.


A:My Flash Drive doesn't show on My Computer

Anything of value on that flash drive?

If not, try zeroing it with Tools for OSForensics - ImageUSB - Write an image to multiple USB Flash Drives

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When I open My Computer, I have the following drives listed:

A: Floppy
C: System (hard-drive partition)
D: Programs (hard-drive partition)
E: Data (hard-drive partition)
F: CD Drive
G: CD-RW Drive
H: Mapped network drive
L: Mapped network drive
Z: Pagefile (hard-drive partition)

When I plug in *any* USB flash drive, it will be recognized by the computer (e.g., I can see it in Disk Management) but it won't show up as a drive in My Computer. I have to go into Disk Management and assign the USB drive a drive letter of its own. This wouldn't be too bad if I only had to do it once, but I have to do this every time I plug the thing in.

It's worse because I'm running under a Limited User account now, which doesn't have access to Disk Management. So to use my USB drive, I have to login to my Administrator account.

Does anyone know what's going on here, and is there any fix? Or, is there any way I can set up my computer to *always* recognize *any* USB drive as a particular drive letter?

Thanks in advance,


A:Windows Explorer doesn't see flash drive

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Hi all:

My flash drive seems to have crashed and I'd like to restore it or recover the files if I can.

It started when I took my flash drive to a Snapy's to print and scan something. At Snapy's, the guy had trouble disconnecting it, and when I got home, clicking on the drive only prompted the message, "You need to format the disk before you can use it."

I tried [Chkdsk /f D:], but received the error message, "CHKDSK is not available for RAW drives."

I took it back to Snapy's, and they plugged it in and messed around a little but couldn't do anything about it. Then when I got back home, my computer wouldn't detect it at all. First, it gave me the "USB not recognized" message, and now it isn't showing up at all. It's like the drive isn't even plugged into my computer.

Anything I can do to at least recover the files from the drive?


A:Flash drive asks to be formatted, then doesn't appear at all

Welcome to SevenForums.

Try partition recovery with the Partition Recovery Wizard in MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition 7.6 Free Partition Manager for Window PC | MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition

or TestDisk (Windows version) TestDisk - Partition Recovery and File Undelete

A trial using these for partition recovery that should help, here: Recover a flash drive turned RAW ? Partition Wizard and TestDisk.
( Read only the partition recovery portions in it. Do not attempt zero-write which I did to convert a good pendrive inaccessible for the recovery trial. You already have a bad drive. )

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my system have a problem when i copy data from pc to flash drive cannot work. display msg you'll need to provide administrator permission to copy this folder.

A:doesn't work copy and paste from pc to flash drive

Hi @HP193, Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forums. I have looked into your issue about your HP Notebook and not able to copy due to admin permissions. It is also possible to modify permissions. Try to enable the Administrator Account on Windows. I found this example it is a third party site and not affiliated with HP.  Please get back to me. To show that you like, or are thankful of my post, kindly click the Thumbs up below.  Thanks.

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Hello. I formatted my USB flash drive in win xp and now eahc time I connect it raises a warning: "The USB device can run faster if you connect it to a usb concentrer". Before format this message don't appear. The USB anyway works in win XP but doesn't work in Linux, an before the format it does.
My usb is a GeeDom 512 Mb. Somebody knows how to solve this problem? I need mi USB because I pass data beetween PC's with Linux and Windows.

A:USB flash drive doesn't work in linux after format

reformat as FAT32 which is accepted by ALL platforms.

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I have two P-III Dell Latitudes which I used for several years, and now would like to remove various files (music, e-mails, etc.) for my files. They use Windows 2000 for the OS, and have USB 2.0 software, and Service pack 4 or 5 windows updates. But the laptops will not recognize either flash drives (2, 4 or 8gb) or external "backup" hard drives, when I plug them in to the USB port. I've tried uninstalling and re-installing the USB software, with no luck.

What am I doing wrong, here??

A:Win2k laptop doesn't recognize flash drive

Most older laptops have usb ports that do not supply enough milliamperes for some usb devices, not sure if this is your issue or not. Try a usb hub that has its own power supply.

doesn't recognize flash driveClick to expand...

any error messages when you plug the device in? , any errors in device manager when the device is connected?

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When I plug in my usb flash drive, the mouse cursor will stop and not move. Then I have to do a hard shut down to restart the pc. The usb is not showing up as a hardware device in the system tray. The flash drive has worked normally before this for many years.

If you plug in any other usb device to the usb ports they will all work normally. There are no IRQ conflicts. I have reformatted the flash drive to no avail, and the flash drive will work fine if you put it in any other computer.

Any help will be appreciated.

Custom System:
Windows XP
Asus A7V400-MX mobo
AMD Athlon XP 2800+ (2.07 GHz)
1 GB PC2700 RAM
Microcenter 2GB Flash drive

A:USB flash drive causes pc to lose mouse function

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I tried to partition my OCZ rally2 16gb into a 12.9...gb NFTS and a 1.2...gb fat32 using Acronis disk director.

It started off as a 14.9gb NFTS (I don't have anything important on it and I RARed all data to my computer prior, so i'm safe to format it) before I tried to split a 1.25 gb chunk off. I got about 10% through before I got an "invalid format error" as shown in my logs. I retried a couple times, then skiped hoping it would still work. I got more errors and just canceled it after the first four.

Acronis showed it as two partitions, but the sizes were not as they should have been if the operation finished successfully. HPUSB format utility showed the drive as a single full sized drive. The original 14.9gb drive showed up, but said 0 bytes free, 0 bytes used and 0 bytes total. I did not check the contents, but the custom icon was still there so I assume my data was fine.

I reemerged the partitions successfully and both Acronis and HPUSB format show it as a single 14.9gb drive, with the correct amount of free space. The only problem is I can not see it on my computer. I rebooted and changed the name with acronis, but it still doesn't show. It shows up under device manager as a USB storage device. I've run the USB drive cleaner already, still not showing up.

I can still boot off my flash drive though, so I think it is still fine.

UPDATE: Pluged the drive in to another computer. shows up perfectly, so I flip the removable media bit ocz... Read more

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History:I have a Lenovo 100S chromebook. During routine use, it crashed, and upon boot-up it gave the Chrome OS is missing or damaged error. I used the recovery tool to dowlonad the OS to a flash drive. Now, when I boot up the chromebook it asks me to insert a flash drive or SD card with the chrome OS on it. Current Issue:Whenever I insert the flash drive, nothing happens. The light on the flash drive flashes, so I at least know it has power, but it doesn't seem to recognize that I've plugged anything in. There is no error about it not finding the OS, and no progress bar or anything. Nothing happens. Attempted solutions:I've tried re-imaging the flash drive with the recovery tool.I've tried a different flash drive.I've tried hard restarting the chrome book.I've tried both USB slots on the chromebook. Any suggestions? Thanks,Stephen

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I would like to install a game onto my computer for my kids but this blue screen pops up.
It says this version (XP) does not require an installation-but I want it installed so They don't have to mess with the disk. Is this possible?

A:This version doesn't require install

You might be able to copy it to your hard drive and play it from there..

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And can very easily be cancelled.

Someone I know has all his e-mail services screwed up, and wants to register here. However, he can't get into any of his e-mails to get the activation code. I suggested opening a throwaway account and getting rid of it, but almost all of them require a second e-mail address. A couple don't, but don't have an easy way to delete the account.

Does anyone know of such a service? Does it exist?

Thank you!

A:Looking for a service that doesn't require a second e-mail

you could open new e-mail accounts at say 2 different place's ...one at excite and one at yahoo...at excite if you don't use the account for 30 days they will delete it for you...no user intervention at all....

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