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Can't Print From Vista Laptop to Printer on XP Desktop

Q: Can't Print From Vista Laptop to Printer on XP Desktop

There was an old thread with this same concern and I tried all of the suggestions posted there. The most frustrating thing about my scenrrio is this freakin thing worked fine till I uninstalled/reinstalled my printer on the pc.

I have a Lexmark x2470 connected via USB to a Desktop running XP. My Laptop is running Vista Business and connected to my Desktop via a Netgear wireless router.
I can access files on the Desktop from my Laptop and access files on my Laptop from my Desktop. I can print from my Desktop but cannot print from my Laptop.
I know that many others have had the same problem and have tried the solutions that solved their problems -- none worked for me.

Solution 1-

This is how I got my Vista Laptop to Print to a Shared Laser Printer which is connected via USB to my XP Desktop computer.
1. On your Vista Laptop, Go to Control Panel - Choose Printer - Then Choose Add Printer
2. Choose Add Local Printer
3. Click on Create a New Port, the default in the drop down list is Local Port. Do Not Change this. Click Next. You may have to type in Local Port. You will then be presented with a list of printer manufacturers. Select your vendor and specific printer from the list. If your printer is not listed, select the closest match. My printer is not on the list nor can I find any documentation on the web as to which is the closest match.
4. A dialogue box will appear asking for you to enter a port name. Type in \\computer name\printer name. For example, My computer's name is Office and the printer's name is Office Printer, so I typed in \\Office\Office Printer. You can find out the name of your printer by Browsing for available network printers BEFORE you do step number 2 above. This is accomplished by doing step number 1, but select Add Network, Wireless or Bluetooth Printer. Vista will search for available Printer. Right down exactly how you have named your XP printer.
5. You should now be able to print from you Vista Machine to a XP Printer. So this was moot for me to do.

When I attempt to "connect" from the Vista Laptop this is the error message I get:

I tried dlding Vista drivers to install on the laptop but they turned out to be Vista installation files that obviously installs the whole program on the laptop. No point in installing anything Vista-esque to the PC cause that will over ride the operational drivers that I have running now. I truly am stumped. Thoughts?

Preferred Solution: Can't Print From Vista Laptop to Printer on XP Desktop

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Can't Print From Vista Laptop to Printer on XP Desktop

Please........ someone except the challange. I need to resolve this so my daughter will stop nagging me. Yep, her Mom, the IT technician.

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This is driving me nuts! hehe... Seriously though, I have a laptop running windows XP and a desktop with Vista 64. The HP 932/930 printer is attached to the desktop unit. I've read and done everything on the page below to enable printer and file sharing...


I was able to get the printing on the laptop to work, but only after I did the following: try to access the Vista PC via the list workgroups computers, the laptop would ask for the username/password of the Vista PC, after that was entered, I could print but only until the lpatop was shutdown then you have to di it all over again. I don't want my username/password out there, so I disabled the need for passwords on Vista via the link above, but the laptop still asks for it and still won't print.

There seems to be endless articales on Google for prinitng from Vista to an XP connected printer, but mine is just the reverse. Has anyone else here run into this same situation?

Thanks in advance for the help!

A:Can't print from XP Laptop to printer attached to Vista 64 Desktop

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I have a desktop printer connected via USB to my desktop PC running 64 bit Windows Server 2008 R2 HPC. I am trying to print to it from my laptop which is running 64 bit windows 7. I have both firewalls disabled along with the router firewall (I saw on another post to do that).I have network sharing enabled on both the computers along with the printer being shared. I can print from the laptop if it is connected by usb and it will print from the desktop. So its not a driver problem. This I know but the tricky part is I just printed a page out from firefox and it printed out fine so I turned the firewalls back on and I haven't been able to print from the laptop since even if I turn the firewalls back off. It has to be connected because my little printing progress screen is coming up just like it does when its printing.What I don`t understand is it worked fine before I turned the firewalls back on now it wont work even with them off.This has been going on all day and it`s driving me nuts I won`t be able to sleep until I figure it out any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I have a brand new Dell laptop with Windows Vista. I have an HP printer that worked fine with my old computer. I have downloaded the HP driver for my printer from the official HP website (I've deleted and repeated this process several times). Prints go to the queue but don't print. The scan function works, so the connection is fine.
HP techs tried to troubleshoot but ultimately gave up and blamed Dell.
Dell blamed HP before even trying to help, and recommends that I call their tech support line and pay them to troubleshoot.
Microsoft is currently trying to troubleshoot but has been unable to solve the problem.

This is driving me crazy!!!


A:cant print from Dell Win Vista laptop to HP printer

when you were re-installing the printer, did you just delete it in the printers menu, or did you uninstall all of the files that came with it? I only ask because i have had a similiar problem, but when i completely removed all the software then re-installed, it worked. Give it a shot

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New Vista laptop.
Home Premium Edition

HP printer 5150 connected locally to HP 716n PC with XP SP2
Printer is set to sharing
PC is connected to a wireless router via ethernet cable
Laptop sees router w/LAN(otherwise, you wouldnt be reading this)
What hoops to I need to jump thru if at all to get the laptop to see the printer???

A:Print from Vista laptop to shared printer on XP PC

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I have a desktop with XP Pro with a HP LaserJet 1018 connected to it and am trying to share it with a Vista laptop setup on a home network. I can print but do not have the functionality that comes with the driver when connected via USB cable. Specifically, I am trying to use the print on both side from the laptop. It prints one side, but will not prompt me to change paper orientation or to hit continue to print like when I print locally. I reinstalled the drivers from the HP website but no luck. Any idea how I can get the printer to work wirelessly the same as when hooked up directly?

Thank you.

A:Sharing Printer on XP desktop with Vista Laptop

Hi, theking, and welcome to the forums.

Did you install the software for Vista and specify that you are printing wirelessly, or is it printing through the network?

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Gah! I've been trying for days to do this, trying against all hope to accomplish it on my own. Alas! I cannot. But I did get closer...I am hoping someone can help me finish up the process. I am not terribly computer-savvy, but I follow directions well! Here's some info that may be helpful.

I have a Dell AIO 962 printer attached to my desktop. My desktop runs on an XP operating system. My laptop runs on vista. They are both from Dell.

First, when I looked for the printer, it didn't even show up. Now it does. And I have added it but it doesn't print. Here's what I did so far:

I went to the dell website and dowloaded a driver for vista for Dell all in one 962.

1. went to "add a printer."
2. I added a local printer.
3. I used existing port LPT1 (because it showed up. I don't understand ports and the like, I admit..)
4. I went to "install printer driver" and chose the right printer.
5. It deteced the drivers were already there and I said ok to use them.
6. It said the printer was installed.
7. When I went to print a test page, it could not. Here's the error message I got:

"Incorrect Port Detected"
"This printer is designed to work with USB cables only. The current software setting is not set to USB port."
"Make sure:
-you are using a USB cable
-The printer is set to a USB port."

SO THEN. I went to printers, selected my printer, looked at the ports under properties--thinking I�... Read more

A:Can't connect printer on XP desktop to Vista laptop!

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New Acer Aspire laptop running Vista.
2 desktops running XP
Wired network which sees and connects all machines to each other and the internet.

HP photosmart 6160C printer connected to XP desktop - shared and visible on all machines.
All latest drivers installed.
Both XP desktops print perfectly
Test print page printed from Vista laptop - no problem
All other documents sent to the printer from the laptop appear in the printer queue (on the desktop) as printing then disappear but nothing comes out of the printer!

Any suggestions?

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hey guys ,

i recently decided it was abt time i linked my vista home premium laptop (32bit) to my desktop XP OS network to add a printer to my wireless home network. Ive scanned through forum after forum and have tried a few things but i reallly have no idea what im doing. The printer is connected via usb to our wireless d-link router that is printing server capable and when i connect it im not even able to print from my desktop. any ideas? ive also tried adding the printer from both my dektop and laptop through the wizards "locally" as ive read but still have had no luck ...yet. Ive tried searching for it from the laptop on the network but it doesnt find it. Ive got a brother HL-2040 so im pretty sure its compatable. If any one can provide me with step by step instructions or any help at all it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks ..

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Problem: new vista laptop connecting to xp desktop printer (via network)
OK, quick and to the point. The fast facts:
1: new vista laptop
2: have existing xp desktop w/ printer attached
2a: note: 2 existing laptops (xp) working fine printing through the xp desktop through existing network (workgroup).
3: positive the new vista laptop is correctly connected through wireless network which is connecting all computers on this network. (proof by way of accessing internet is fine.)
4: renamed new vista laptop and also renamed the workgroup to 'existing' workgroup name given to all other computers on this network.
5: rebooted vista laptop after renaming and assigning new workgroup name.
6: when going through the 'add a printer' routine on the new vista laptop I have tried entering the \\printerhostcomputername\printername and even the \\printerhostcompuername\users\username\printername , and ALSO the 'network printer search' routine but nothing shows up??
I've never had problems connecting with an XP laptop to the XP desktop (the printer host) before.
So what am I missing with the Vista 'add a printer' routine???
Help please!

A:Solved: Problem: new vista laptop connecting to xp desktop printer (via network)

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I am running a wireless network from a Belkin Enhanced Wireless Network Router hard-wired to my Windows XP HP Compaq desktop computer. Last week I was able to set up my Sony Vaio FW-series laptop, my work IBM Thinkpad Lenovo and my wife's old work Toshiba laptop to access the internet wireless via the router and also connect to the Canon MP610 printer hard-wired to the desktop. I was happily sharing files on the XP desktop with the Vista laptop.

The following day I found that although all laptop computers could still wirelessly access the internet and the desktop was also working OK, I could no longer see the desktop from the Vista laptop and could not therefore share any files. Similarly the ability to print wirelessly from all three laptops to the Canon had gone!

Nothing had changed. I went through all the permissions I know bout, selected printer sharing, made sure all windows firewalls were switched off, set the wireless network up again, checked the Workgroups were the same, tried re-setting, checked on-line forums, and I am still pulling out my hair.

I am in now way an intermediatly-skilled user but not a novice and have been able to set up a network like this beofre but never with such frustration. Can anyone help me retain the last few grey hairs I have left.

A:Solved: Wirelessly connecting to XP Desktop from Vista Laptop to share printer & file

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I have a HP932C printer that has been working for years. I have an XP desktop PC and a laptop using a wireless netowork. Yesterday, prints from the desktop have the black character very light or unreadable. The color prints fine. Printing using the laptop and the same printer works fine. After the problem started I did update to the current driver from HP on the desktop.
How can the black not work from the desktop but does work from the laptop?

A:HP932c won't print from desktop will print from laptop

The only thing that comes to mind (mine anyway) is that the Print Quality setting (or some other variable setting) is different on the desktop.

So if the cartridge is going low on ink, and the laptop is printing best quality and the desktop is set to Draft quality, that might explain the difference.

Just a shot in the dark!

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My husband and I have our own desktops on Windows 7. We both use Microsoft Office Home and Student 2013.

The printer (HP Envy 4500) works great, so it's not a printer issue. My husband can print anything from his desktop.
I can print anything from PDF files but nothing from Word, Notepad, or Wordpad.

In the printer's "Documents Pending" nothing shows up.

I have removed, then re-installed the printer which changed nothing. I can't uninstall // reinstall Word as I only have a product key -- no disk.

I was previously being helped on another issue but wannabeageek was unable to come up with a solution to the printer issue. See this thread: Virus caused credit card theft ???

I welcome any suggestions.

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I just bought a new desktop pc. The desktop is wirelessly connected to the network. My wireless laptop sees the HP printer connected to my pc, but when I attempt to print it doesn't work. Have gone through wizard and usual XP printer sharing steps. Suggestions?

A:Can't Print on Network Printer After Buying New Desktop PV

Any error messages along with "it doesn't work"?

Have you eliminated firewalls as a possible issue?

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I have a new Dell Computer and an HP Laserjet 4100n printer. The printer worked fine with the old computer that had Windows XP, but since changing to a new computer with Windows Vista, the printer will only print a brand new document, but nothing that's been saved and nothing from the internet. The printer is hooked up with a USB 25 pin cable. The computer recognized the printer immediately. The printer reads that the data has been received, and then does nothing. Trying to cancel the print project is virtually impossible. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

A:HP Printer won't Print with Vista

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I have an HP Deskjet F4280 attached to a Vista 64-bit printer. It is connected to our home network (MSHOME) via wifi.

We have two XP machines that can print via wifi to the HP printer on the Vista machine.

We recently bought a Windows 7 computer. It is attached directly to the router with an Ethernet cable and is on our home network - sort of. I can't find how to make sure it's connected to the MSHOME group, though the other computers show up under "network".

Windows 7 can see the HP Deskjet on the Vista.
It found the drivers and installed them on Windows 7.
The printer shows up as an installed printer on Windows 7.
Windows 7 will print a test page.

Windows 7 *will not* print from any other program, even though it will show "printing" and the item appears in the print queue on Windows 7. (Items do *not* appear on the Vista print queue, however.)

I've browsed for hours in the forums and have tried several options, but nothing previously written has worked. One was to set up a "local" printer on the Windows 7, even tho it really isn't - when I plugged in the path (\\VistaComputerName\HP Deskjet name), it told me it was not an option, path does not exist. I tried \\network\VistaComputerName\HP Deskjet name, also \\Network\MSHOME\VistaComputerName\HP Deskjet name and \\MSHOME\VistaComputerName\HP Deskjet name... and same message, the path does not exist). (When doing the path names, I'm using generic names here; in actuality, I *am* using... Read more

A:Printer on Vista 64-bit, can't print wifi w/W7

Not quite sure what you mean by the following...

Quote: Originally Posted by wenlom

I have an HP Deskjet F4280 attached to a Vista 64-bit printer.

However, try ensuring you aren't using W7 Homegroup, and that you're using traditional networking instead, and that you've loaded W7 drivers for the printer.

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Hello All, for the last little while I been struggling to print from my Vista HP Laptop to my Printer (Brother MFC 7220). The printer is connect to my XP Desktop (Service Pack 1) and is configured to be network shared. I found this post to be helpful in almost overcoming my issues. http://forums.techguy.org/windows-vista/664992-print-vista-laptop-shared-printer.html
However, it was missing one detail which I figured out (and will now share with you). In addition to the steps below (from original post), I needed to change the Port of the XP Printer from a Bidirectional Port to the standart LPT1 Port. While having the printer on a Bidirectional Port the problem I faced was: the Printer Spool Queue on my Desktop Computer would show my Vista Laptop Print job as simply a "Remote Downlevel Document" which had an Error. Again, the problem was solved by changing the Printer on the Desktop from a Bidirectional one to a the standard LPT1 Port. (Go to Printers, Right Click to get Properties of your Printer, Click on the Ports tab and check LPT1 Port).

If this post was helpful to you, let me know.

(Original Steps Recopied --how to print from a Vista Laptop to a Shared Printer on XP)
What this post is missing is that you need to ensure that the port on which the XP
1.) Verify that File and print sharing is turned on and properly configured

on the XP machine.

2.) Locate and notate the Win... Read more

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My printer is a Brother 5250-DN. It is conected to my Desktop that is on a network. My laptop needs to connect to the network wirelessly. When I go into the network and try to connect, it says my credentials don't work. I am typing in the right username and password. Other laptops (a Mac) in the office can connect to the printer but I can't. Hoping this is an easy fix. Other info, I can connect to the network and access an F drive that has everything on it, files etc. but not the printer. Please help.

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My laptop has Windows Vista on it and I have installed OpenOffice on it to. My Lemark X8350 all in one was connected to our desktop via a cable and I got it to work fine, but we no longer use the desktop and only use the laptop. I installed the software CD that came with the printer onto my laptop and set the printer as my default printer but when I try to print I get a box sayin "No default printer found. Please choose a printer and try again." I have double checked the settings on my laptop and it is defanitly set as thdefault printer and is the only printer on there and it is online.
I have also been told I can use the printer and laptop wirelessly too but I cant do this either. I dont mind how I print but to be able to print something would be good.

Any suggestions welcome

A:Printer won't print from my laptop

From the Lexmark X8350 support site:

Attention Windows Vista Users

If you have installed your printer on your PC using an original Lexmark Driver CD that came with your product and you are experiencing problems when printing, you may have installed the Windows XP driver.

Follow these steps to resolve:

Disconnect your USB cable from your printer.

Uninstall all Lexmark printer drivers on your PC.

Download the correct Vista driver for your model.

Install the driver on your PC.

Important! Do not reconnect the USB cable until the install software prompts the question of how the printer is connected.


Here is the Windows Vista download link. Select the X8350 download link from the list.

When the next page appears, there'll be tabs for XP and Vista, so make sure that you select the correct tab.

My advice would be to download the driver package for both XP and Vista and then burn them off to a CD-R so you'll have them for future use as needed.


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My printer cannot print with my laptop.......Other laptop can print with mine.......I already reinstall so many time....When i print,they show one Dialog Box which told me to close Firewall,Reconnect and connect again and also told me to restart again.....Even i do all...No work....... ANYONE!! ....HELP ME PLEASE!!!

A:My printer cannot print with my laptop......

So wide thread...

1.Check you have services DCOM Server Process Launcher,Print Spooler are started and set to AUTOMATIC
2.Reinstall or better update drivers for printer
3.try methods from these links:
Bruce's Printing Pages

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I have a Vista Home Premium edition laptop that I keep upstairs. I would like to be able to print to a HP 2210si printer downstairs. There is no network currently established. I'm ditching an old computer downstairs that is virus-infected, and I would like to be able to leave the printer down there with no computer attached to it, and use the laptop upstairs.

A:How to print from a Vista stand-alone to a remote printer

Hello, is that printer wireless ? i did not check it , figure you could tell me quicker.

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I'm facing a bit of a dilemma. I have a network of two computers, one running XP Pro, and the other running Vista Home Premium. I have an HP Photosmart 7150 Series Printer on the XP computer (which is also connected to the modem and the router), and I installed the corresponding Vista driver on the Vista computer. I can now print documents from the Vista computer to the XP printer. However, I cannot edit the printing preferences. Whenever I click the "Properties" button on the Print Window or "Printing Preferences..." in the Printers Window, it waits a few seconds before flashing the preferences window (it just comes up and goes right away before even loading, probably for like a tenth of a second).

My question is... how can I configure things so that I can change print preferences. Right now, I can't change color/grayscale or print quality, two important features.

Thanks in advance!

A:Editing Printer Preferences from Vista to XP Print Job

You may have to try different version of the drivers. I'd try connecting the printer directly to the Vista machine and installing it and get it running. Then move it to the XP machine and change the port assignment in the properties of the printer on the vista machine. Add a new local port with the full path name of the printer on the XP machine.

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got a hp1050a printer that wont work on an acer aspire running vista

wont print on vista..just says error-printing in the printer box
it does scan though

i have:

reinstalled USB drivers
downloaded and installed vista drivers
run ms fix tool
stopped and started print spooler service (though i did restart the machine a few times)

has sp2 on it
it does work on an xp machine

im going to reinstall the OS as i have spent about 3 hours on it

any idea please, busy backing up

A:Solved: hp printer wont print on vista

That's not enough info to identify your printer.
See the support page here.

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Linksys/Cisco wireless router network connecting:

1 Vista SP1 Home Premium PC (x64).
1 Vista SP1 Home Basic laptop (X86) via wireless connection.

2 XP SP3 PCs, one with Panasonic KX-MB271 printer connected via USB.

I can print without error from the XP PCs and from the Vista PCs as an administrator user.

However, trying to perform a test print (or print from an application) from either of the Vista PCs as a standard user causes the error "Test Page Failed to Print".

All users are assigned to the same workgroup, same networked printer name, and local ports attached to the XP-networked printer.

The latest drivers for XP and Vista are installed.

Printer and file sharing is enabled for all systems.

User permissions for the offending Vista standard users are set to print and manage printers and documents.

I disabled both Windows and McAfee firewalls, but the problem remains.

I tried printing with the Vista laptop connected directly to the network with an Ethernet cable and disabling the wireless connection: same problem.

I reinstalled the latest Panasonic drivers for the XP and Vista systems: still fails.

Now, here's the surreal part: I attached the printer directly to the Vista (X86) SP1 laptop; loaded drivers anew; configured the printer to a USB port; and then attempted to print as a standard user. IT STILL FAILS!!!

However, printing via administrator directly through the USB connection to the printer still works as before!!!

I had a good f... Read more

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Vista - Printer error when attempting to print

When I send an item to print, the document appears in the print que. The printer is listed as offline in control panel.

I change the printer status to online. The document now has error next to the file name in the printer que. Nothing actually prints. This printer connection was working fine for seven months, and then just stopped.

Iím using Vista with a USB to parallel printer cable connected to an Epson printer. The printer passes the printer self test (done with PC off). I replaced the USB to parallel cables, no change.

I have tried to delete the printer, delete USB printer support, and all items in the print que. Still no file prints.

How do I find an error code for the print file, to help define the problem? Any ideas on what to check?

A:Vista - Printer error when attempting to print

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I can't get my printer to print out more than one page of a document with windows vista, I have a Lexmark x2470.

Every time I try to print more than one page of a document, I get an error message pop up saying "Lexmark connect time executable has stopped working". I have installed the vista drivers for this printer, and the printer and drivers are all working properly when I checked...

I have uninstalled and reinstalled a few times using the vista drivers, I have no clue what else I can try?



A:Can't print multiple copies with my printer on Vista

Same Trouble. Moved to Vista from XP. Canon Pro9000. I can only print one document at a time. There are no error messages. Is it another administrator setting?

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The Check Print Cartridge light comes on and replacing thetwo cartridges will not make it go out and the printer will not print from the computer. What must I do to change that? And the Control Panel indicates that I am OFF LINE. How do I come ON LINE?

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I just replaced an XP machine with a new Vista 64 machine. We have a home network. My wife's computer is XP home and it has a Canon Pixma IP 4000 color printer hanging off one of your usb ports. I've always been able to print to it before Vista came into my life. Now when I try to connect to it I get a message saying "The server for the IP 4000 does not have the correct print driver installed". However, when I go to her XP machine it says it does have the latest driver installed. Why the hell can't Microsoft make a product that is simple to use? Does anyone know how to fix this issue? Or was Vista created to sell more printers?


A:Solved: Can I Print To An XP Printer From My New Vista Machine

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Hey guys, been banging my head on the wall about this issue.

I recently purchased an Epson XP-205 Wi-Fi printer, and I set it up on my network and installed the drivers to my laptop, initially I could print over the network, but since a restart I can't. I have tried an uninstall and reinstall of the printer, but to no avail and if it matters, I'm running W7 64-bit.

I've ensured the printing programs are part of my firewall exclusion rules, and I can access the printers set up page via, also as expected, the printer is "pingable". On top of this my Android tablet is able to send things to the printer, so I'm sure it is an issue with my laptop.

I'm tech minded, so feel free to rabble on, I'll understand.

A:Laptop can't print to wireless printer

I assume that there is now a printer icon in your Notification Area showing the print queue of files you've tried to print. Examine the settings in that to make sure the printer is not in a "use offline" mode.

In Devices and Printers right click on the printer - Printer properties (that's not the Properties choice at the bottom) - General tab - Print Test Page. What happens?

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I have a aspire v3-571 laptop, windows 7. print on screen normal, but when it prints on my, h p envy 5532
the print is very small ,difficult to read. Any alteration on laptop magnification does not help, I cannot see anyway of altering the size of print on printer I would be pleased if you can help please appreciate I have just started on computers.

A:print size from laptop to printer

What are you printing? a document, a website?

You do need to go into the printer settings and set the paper size, size of margins, portrait or landscape mode, etc.

The setup looks like this
You can go here and get manual, user guide and watch a video

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I am trying to get my HP Photosmart Premium Print-Scan-Copy all in one Printer C310A to print from my Compac Presario CQ57-229 WM Notebook PC.  Now, my problem was to begin with was that the regular download of a driver will not work on this combination due to the computer having the AMD Dual Core C-50 Processor without a patch which was also downloaded.  This worked fine for about 2 days but now it has stopped printing from computer.  I am running the Windows 7 64 bit system.  The printer prints just fine from a memory card or from the scanner but if I try to print from anything on the computer such as texts or pictures, it will not do anything.  It is my default printer and everything I try to print goes to the printer que but it will not print and when I check the printer in my control panel it is checked that it needs troubleshooting.  I am at the end of my knowledge and ability to correct this problem.  HELP!!

View Solution.

A:Can't get my wireless printer to print from my Laptop

Turn everything offunplug the printerturn the pc onuninstall the printer (drivers)re-start the pcreinstall the drivers (printer) May sure you downloaded the right drivers FROM the HP official site.run a test. I hope it helps-- I have a driver from HP if you want to try it, leave your email

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I have long printed from my laptop to my printer - wirelessly. Some time ago, my wireless router went down and I had to reconfigure to print via USB for awhile. Since the wireless has been back up, I can't print from my laptop. My daughter prints wirelessly from her laptop. My husband prints via USB. I've done my best to make sure my settings are right, but nothing works! One thing - when I got the new router, it couldn't handle my network name the way it had been before, so I changed it. Perhaps that messed something up - but I sure don't know how to know, nor how to fix it. Any ideas out there?!

A:laptop can't print to wireless printer

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I am not able to print in program(ie works, notepad ect.) to my network printer. The printer is a Kodak ESP 5250 connected via usb to my desktop cpu. Desktop is hp running win vista, laptop is an hp running win7. All printer sharing is enabled. I have another laptop( aser) running win7, it's hooked up the same way and it prints just fine. Here's the tricky part, I can get my hp laptop to print a test page from within the kodak program, but it won't print from within any other program. It acts like it spooled but then nothing come out. thanks

A:cannot print from network printer on win 7 laptop

When you send a print to the remote printer from within e.g. works, does it appear in the print queue of the printer but doesn't print or does it not show up at all ? Is everything wireless ?

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Windows 10 proPrinter is a Sharp MX-M453N The printer is connected to a network/domain and so is the HP laptop. This is a new laptop and I use a program called  "PC move" to move all the applications and files from the old HP laptop to the new one. I downloaded the new driver for the Sharp printer and looking at the control panel, the printer is listed. But when I tried to print with it, the printer wakes up but it doesn't print. I do see the job going into the print spooler but quickly disappears as though it is going to print. We are able to print on other printers on the network and other users are able to print to this printer without a problem. I have had network people look at this and they are mystified and well.Are there any ideas out there?Mike

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Hi guys,

Until a week or so back, Vista printed (using HP-LaserJet-IIP driver) to the NEC870 on a networked PC. I have added nothing to the Vista PC and changed nothing but Vista now shows an error when printing. I can use one of the other computers on the network and it prints fine. I have Windows auto-updates off so nothing has been slipped in without my notice.

I turned off Zonealarm firewalls on Vista and the PC with the printer.

This is driving me nuts. All help will be appreciated.

Here's what I have and all have tons of memory

Acer Laptop:
Intel Core 2 duo running Vista Home Premium

Intel Core 2 duo running w2k-pro sp4 with NEC870 printer on LPT1

Intel Atom running w2k-pro sp4

Gigaset SE 567 Router

nstat does not exist on any of the computers. I get the following on all 3.
C:\Users\Admin>nstat -n
'nstat' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.


IPConfig for all three
Vista Laptop
Microsoft Windows [Version 6.0.6001]
IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . :
Win2000sata with NEC870 PRINTER on LPT1
Microsoft Windows 2000 [Version 5.00.1236]
IP Address. . . . . . . . . . . . :
win2000old will prnt fine to the NEC870 on win2000sata
Micro... Read more

A:Solved: Vista fails to print to network printer

Aaarrrgggghhhhhhhhhh !!

The router was the cause. During a power outage last week on the re-start it assigned different IP addresses to the PCs. VistaLaptop win2000sata win2000old

The Vista Hosts file contained in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc VistaLaptop win2000sata win2000old

I have adjusted the Hosts file and hard-set the IP addresses in the router so this will not happen again.

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I have switched over to Vista Business Operating System, I can print to the local Printer but cannot print to any printer attached to Windows'98 Computers within the same workgroup.

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I have a windows vista desktop and a windows vista laptop on my home network. I am trying to print from my network printer via my laptop. To make a long story short I am unable to print from the laptop. I have posted this question on numerous forums and I searched Google for hours but no one gave me nor did I come across a solid answer. Everything I came across talked about File sharing setup. The File sharing is setup correctly according to Microsoft.

The printer driver is installed on the laptop but I am having problems communicating with the printer. When I try to print a test page from the laptop the printer setup shows the printer is printing the page but the printer goes offline and the printer mode on the laptop changes to error. Also, the printer is connected to the desktop via a USB port and prints correctly for the desktop. My question to the forum is how can the laptop print to the printer? Which port should I use for the laptop? I have tried the numerous suggestions of creating a new port and add the name of the computer (desktop) and the name of the printer but this does not work. I hope I have explained myself well enough for someone to offer some advice.



A:Solved: Cannot print from network printer via laptop

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Hello. I have an HP OfficeJet All-In-One V40 Printer, and I'm not sure why but I will print out pages perfectly on my Windows 7 Laptop, but not on my Windows 8 64bit Laptop. It either prints out part of the page or none of it and the printer ends up in an error state. Can someone help me fix this issue?

A:My printer won't print on my Win8 Laptop but on my Win7

You may try the Diagnostic Tools from this site:

Software & driver downloads HP Officejet v40 All-in-One Printer | HP? Support

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I tried several approaches to enable my laptop to print from my PC Installed printer burt without success. The computers are connected via Wifi and both use Windows 7 operating systems. Any good suggestions?


A:Laptop setup to print from PC Installed Printer?

Here is a link with some printer setup info.I do not have w7,but hope this sheds some light on your situation


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Printer is HP Inkjet
Laptop is VIAO
OS is Vista
The printer works fine after booting, however the printer does not print though the job show printing and the job cannot be deleted in these conditions:
1- the laptop has gone to sleep and is "revived" and then we try to print something local or from gmail or other online doc
2- the laptop is closed but not turned off and when it is reopened and "revived" - same problem

The only way then to make it print is to reboot the laptop - then and only then the print jobs start.

Any idea?

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My network - gateway 835gm desktop with epson stylus color. Trying to print items FROM my laptop, hp pavilion dv7-1135, to my network printer. I plug usb from printer directly to laptop and it prints. ditto from my desktop -BUT- will not print from lap top direct to network printer. Been working on this for 3 days. please help. tnx.

A:Solved: Cannot print to network printer from laptop

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I want to know if the ability to print from anywhere in the world to a printer. My initial setup i was thinking of was this:

The laptop pulls up the IP address of a wireless print server which is connected to a wireless router (where it gets its internet from). The person using the wireless laptop gets the IP address of the print server, some how configures the computer to print to THAT IP address, and the paper should come out of the printer. Correct? Please correct me if I'm wrong.

P.S. it would be nice if i could be told how much this will cost.

A:Ability to print from a wireless laptop to a printer anywhere

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Hi All

I am having problems printing from a wireless laptop.

I have a desktop PC which is connected to an HP Photosmart 1000 printer and is running Window XP SP2

My desktop has a USB Wireless dongle to enable connection to my wifes wireless laptop also running Windows XP SP2.

I have set up the file and printer sharing and can access the folders I have permitted access to.

I have enabled the printer sharing.

On the laptop I can add the printer via the network printer option and the laptop can see the desktop printer.

The only problem is when I try to print the printer fails to print anything.

I am able to print from the desktop but that is all.

Has anyone else had this problem?? or can anyone help sole this issue

Many Thanks

A:Wireless laptop can see network printer but cannot print

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This is a 3-computer network using windows xp home
everything was fine until today when I wanted to print from the Toshiba laptop to the network printer, which is wireless through a router, & has been going great for a over a year. All of a sudden, today, it does not hook up to print and this error message is displayed:

Print Server
Error initializing output device

I have never seen that and have no clue what it is talking about, (thank you Bill Gates).
If you look in the printers, the correct printer says ready and there are no documents in the queue.

The printer works fine and the other computers can print to it.

Rebooting the computer and rebooting the router don't help.

Thanks a lot for any help you can offer. Estatelawyer

A:Help: can't print to network printer from wireless laptop

My guess would be corrupt printer driver. I would download the printer drivers, remove the printer and when you re-install it, point to the new downloaded drivers.

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Upgraded from windows 8.1 to windows 10 and haven't been able to print from the lap top since.

A:Unable to print anything from laptop. Tells me the printer i...

@Lukenj? If you left the printer program / software on the computer during the migration to Windows 10, the Microsoft check service that looks for incompatible programs would likely have just left it alone. The problem is that even if the existing printer program is of a version that should work, the software on the computer gets mangled during the migration process. You need to remove the existing printer program from Programs and Features / Apps and Features and replace it with a freshly downloaded installation package. Printer Driver Page:HP Photosmart 5520 e-All-in-One Printer Full Feature Software (printer program):File name: PS5520_1315-1.exeRelease detailsReleased: Nov 3, 2015Version 28.8  Help, suggestions, and examples:Install Full Feature Software ? Printer NOTE:  If the computer has been recently migrated to Windows 10 or if you need to re-install the printer software: Create a Restore Point >Download a fresh copy of the Full Feature software >Remove any existing printer software from Programs and Features / Apps and Features >Restart the computer and log in >Install Full Feature Software (look in your Downloads folder and Double-Click on the file) >Restart the computer and log in to finish the installation Section(s) of interest include:PreparationExtras and Optional > HP Information, Diagnostics, and Installation HelpThe Windows 10 Printer Frenzy (includes link to TCP/IP Port setup)Resta... Read more

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This has been around for some time, but I've yet to find a solution that works.
My Set-up is:
BT Home-Hub (up to 8 MBs Broadband connection with two ethernet ports and Wifi, telephone and USB)
- port 1 connected to Vista PC
- port 2 connected to 8 port Netgear switch.
Netgear switch.
- port 1 input from BT Home Hub
- port 2 connected to TV
- port 3 connected to NAS
- port 4 connected to Samsung CLP 620 ND colour laser
- port 5 connected to this desktop PC (Win 7/64bit)
- ports 5 to 8 as yet unused.
Other PCs
- desktop running XP SP3 connects through WiFi
- old Toshiba laptop running XP SP 3 connects through WiFi
- new HP laptop running Win 7 SP 1 connects through WiFi
- Acer laptop running Win 7 SP1 connects through WiFi

The issue.
This desktop can print via the network
All XP pcs/laptops see the printer on the network and can print
The Win 7 laptops see the printer on the network, but when asked to print a test page, the document gets stuck in queue until it gives the Error - printing message. If the printer is sleeping, when the test page is sent, the Samsung print dialog panel on the laptop remains showing "Printer is sleeping..." - as if no commands are being sent to the printer (and why nothing prints). Cancelling the document returns the printer to normal - ie the exclam mark in the yellow triangle disappears and is replaced by a tick. When the laptop is shutdown, and then restarted maybe a day later, if the printer is on, it jumps into life and prints the t... Read more

A:Laptop unable to print to networked printer

Dear Daveatthewell,
Troubleshoot this in the windows 7 Laptops.

To reset the printer port, follow these steps: Click the Start menu, and then select Control Panel>Hardware and Sounds>Printers.
Double click the Printers option. The Printers window appears.
Right click your printer, and then select the Properties option. The Properties window appears.
Select the Ports tab, and then check mark the USB option.
Click the OK button to save and exit. (Courtesy Samsung)


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