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Help w/password for a Dell Dimension XPS R400...running XP...

Q: Help w/password for a Dell Dimension XPS R400...running XP...

not sure where to post this since this is my first time on board. I have a Dell Dimenstion XPS R400 running XP. My son was using this computer last week and now it displays a "Enter Password" box in the middle. You shut the computer off, it starts up again, normally, but then won't take you past the page where it lists the BIOS info, etc. I have tried F8 or ESC but it won't go anywhere unless the password is entered. I am not thinking it is the XP but am thinking it is a Dell password that is needed. I won't even download from the disk and reload XP.

Any suggestions on a password or on what to do? thank you in advance! mellow

Preferred Solution: Help w/password for a Dell Dimension XPS R400...running XP...

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Help w/password for a Dell Dimension XPS R400...running XP...

given the "system disabled 65535" code, also...

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I know I have to take this computer with old OS out of service, but I wanted to know if this is a good candidate for ubuntu or a NAS server or media server. It runs well and has maximum RAM. It does have SATA.
Are people using this as a movie server in their homes? Can this be a file repository and then automatically sync with the cloud to backup files? I have a router that would allow me to access remotely, but thought if its mirrored in the cloud I could access files from my onedrive. I am also considering moving to google doc, or amazon or some other cloud server for my files, but I thought if I kept syncronized files on my home network it would speed things up and reduce bandwidth.
Thanks for yout help in advance.

A:Dell Dimension 4550 running XP

I guess it all depends how well it performs under any of these tasks.  I use my old but well kept up to date Dimension 5000 to backup my wife's Surface Pro 4 via home network on Windows 10.

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Hey Guys,

I have this Dell Dimension L466c that needed some refurbishing. I replaced the CMOS battery because it was bad and now I am prompted for "Enter CURRENT Password" I do not know what the password was. Why or what is wrong and what can be done?

A:Solved: Dell Dimension L466c needs a password?

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My dell dimension 8300 is running sluggishly.I have run the recent versions of spybot and ad-aware,nothing serious shows up.Task manager shows page file as 346Mb.I plan to find a recent bios.Thanks for any assistance

dell dimension 8300
celeron 2.20Ghz
768Mb shown in system info and 256Mb shown in system properties(must be due to old bios)
xp pro sp2
bios a07

hijackthis log file:

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.0 (BETA)
Scan saved at 22:47:16, on 18/05/2007
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VS7DEBUG\MDM.EXE
C:\Program Files\Microsoft LifeCam\MSCamS32.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.5.0_09\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\Lexmark 1200 Series\lxczbmgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Lexmark 1200 Series\lxczbmon.exe
C:\Program Files\Messenger\msmsgs.exe
C:\Program Files\Google\GoogleToolbarNotifier\1.2.1128.5462\GoogleToolbarNotifier.exe
C:\Program ... Read more

A:dell dimension 8300 running very slow

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My Dad's desktop computer is a Dell with windows XP 2002. I can hear the computer gearing up and running at full speed regularly, even when no one is working on it and there are no programmes running. I presume the noise is the hard drive working?

I read an earlier thread that is now closed, so I followed it's advice and opened Task Manager and looked at the I/O reads a few of which were in the millions. This means nothing to me and I don't know what to do next,

Any help welcome,


A:Dell Dimension 5150 Constantly Running

The blinking light shows when the hard drive is running. You might be hearing the fan. Processes can be running in the background via Task Scheduler. You can use the three finger salute to stop unwanted tasks.

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Hello, I know this Dell is rather old but it is all I have for use until I have saved for a new laptop. My problem with it is that it is very slow.

It has a 1.8GHz Intel Celeron CPU and 512MB of RAM and it runs Windows XP Home Edition, but when I attempt to browse the web via Google Chrome or Firefox or any browser, it's really slow. Trying to load a video on YouTube on this thing is pretty much impossible. I assumed this was just normal behaviour for a machine this old but I was told by a friend that 512MB should be more than enough to run Windows XP without it being this slow.

I constantly get the "virtual memory minimum too low" message while trying to visit Twitter or Facebook or even when checking my mail. I've just tried increasing the virtual memory and I will check if that has made any difference but I'd just like to know if there's anything else that can be done to improve this machine's performance. Thanks in advance for any help.

A:Dell Dimension 2350 running slow

here are things I do to maintain my computer at its top potential:
1. update OS
2. update antivirus definition and regular scanning with antivirus and antimalware will help.
3. update device driver.
4. HDD check - chkdsk /r

hope it helps.

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Hi guys, I'm having severe lag/performance issues with my Dell Dimension 7100 Desktop running Windows XP Service Pack 3. I recently reformatted the machine and did a fresh install of my programs so I'm not positive it's software related. I question whether or not I could be having a hardware issue. The computer just lags and in general performs slow. I'm fairly proficient on PC's and have done all the diagnosing I know how to and now need help above and beyond my expertise level to troubleshoot and diagnose the problem. Thus far I have run msconfig and disabled all startup items (I didn't find anything strange) as well as disabling all services except Microsoft services. I've ran disk defrag and that did nothing also. I'm questioning either memory, cpu, overheating, or a software issue I'm overlooking perhaps? Below are the PC specs, please let me know what your suggestions are to start troubleshooting. Thanks for your help!

Dell Dimension Desktop 7100
Windows XP Pro SP3
Intel Pentium 4 2.80GHz
1.00 GB of RAM
75gb Hard Drive

A:Poor Performance On Dell Dimension Running XP SP3 - HELP!

Have you tried a Memtest for your RAM?

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Computer runs fine for 15 or 20 minutes... screen goes black with the message "enter power save mode". I press and hold the power button for 5 or 10 seconds. I can then restart the system. I have removed and then reinserted the two power cables inside the case as well as removing and reinserting the memory cards. In the control panel I have tried various combinations in the power section without success. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Gargle foot

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Hi guys, I'm having severe lag/performance issues with my Dell Dimension 7100 Desktop running Windows XP Service Pack 3. I recently reformatted the machine and did a fresh install of my programs so I'm not positive it's software related. I question whether or not I could be having a hardware issue. The computer just lags and in general performs slow. I'm fairly proficient on PC's and have done all the diagnosing I know how to and now need help above and beyond my expertise level to troubleshoot and diagnose the problem. Thus far I have run msconfig and disabled all startup items (I didn't find anything strange) as well as disabling all services except Microsoft services. I've ran disk defrag and that did nothing also. I'm questioning either memory, cpu, overheating, or a software issue I'm overlooking perhaps? Below are the PC specs, please let me know what your suggestions are to start troubleshooting. Thanks for your help!

Dell Dimension Desktop 7100
Windows XP Pro SP3
Intel Pentium 4 2.80GHz
1.00 GB of RAM
75gb Hard Drive

A:Poor Performance On Dell Dimension Running XP SP3 - HELP!

Welcome to TSF

Have you performed any hard drive diagnostic or RAM diagnostic tests?

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Ok, Im actually trying to fix a friends computer since they don't know too much about computers. They brought to me because it was running slow and I figured I nice cleaning would do the job. This thing was painfully slow. It would take 15+ mins to start. I decided to do a clean Windows XP install. The install took two days to finish. I noticed that there was a lot of noise coming from the hard drive. So I thought maybe replacing the hard drive would help. I replaced the hard drive with a Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 Hard Drive - 80GB - 7200rpm - Ultra ATA/100 (ATA-6) - IDE/EIDE - Internal (ST380215A). The noise is gone and its working faster but its still not up to speed. I'm not sure what else could be slowing it down. It has 512mb of ram, not ideal but it should be working faster with a clean install.

Not sure what else to try

Dell Dimension 2400
Intel Pentium 4 2.80 ghz
512 mb Ram

A:Dell Dimension 2400 Running Sloooow

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I've got an old Dell E521 desktop pc running Windows XP. I can boot it up fine but when it gets to the screen with (Start Windows normally) the timer counts down and then it goes back to the loading screen and loops like that? Note: I cannot press enter on run normally as I have no keyboard at the moment.

Also I am a bit of a noob when it comes to the complicated stuff so.....


A:My Dell Dimension E521 PC running XP, won't start properly?

Probably needs a new motherboard, or the trash can

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My Dimension 8200 is running at a snails pace. Boot up takes nearly 4 minutes. The hard drive stays active long after initial boot up. The OS is XP home. Processor is Pentium 4 2.00 Ghz. Memory is 512 MB. I have ordered 2 - 1 gig memory kits to increase memory to the max.(wondering if this could be the problem). The only apps in the msconfig startup that are checked are:

Google Toolbar Notifier
HP digital Imaging Monitor

I have unchecked the following:

DeLorme Serial Emulator
Kodak Easyshare software
Kodak Software Updater
Microsoft Office
Quicken Scheduled Updates
SerEmul for DeLorme

I downloaded "SpeedUpMyPC" and ran it, but have not allowed corrections.
What is the general feeling about this software utility? Is it safe and does it help. It found 2341 issues slowing my pc.
Sorry for the long post. I'm technically challenged!!

A:[SOLVED] Dell Dimension 8200 running at a crawl

Hi and welcome to TSF

Stay away from SpeedUpMyPC !!! These programs never really do much and can trash your PC.

I think this an older PC, if it where mine I would be checking out the hard drive as it could be failing.

How much free space do you have on it?

We have a hard ware forum that can help you check your drive:



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Everything seems to be working but suddenly it's slow motion. Takes a long time to load Internet Explorer, for example. Just about anything.

Could be coincidence, but seems like maybe a fan or disk drive or something is a little noisier than normal.

Do I just have to get service? Any way to tell if it could be software?

It's run fine for about 15 months since I got it new. Warranty JUST ran out two days ago and I decided not to renew.

Thanks for any suggestions,


A:Solved: Dell Dimension 2400 Running Slow

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In the process of performing a clean, 'unattended' install of Windows XP on a Dell Dimension E520, I decided to enter the BIOS and clear the existing "System" password as the computer requires several boots during the installation procedure. Upon saving the changes and exiting the BIOS, the computer rebooted and requested (you guessed it) a password. What? I thought I had removed the BIOS password! I turned the computer off, unplugged it, pulled the two-pinned jumper switch for 30 seconds and started the computer once again. Yep, it still wanted the now, *non-existent* password. As this Dell uses a Phoenix BIOS, I inputted several known backdoor passwords; none of which worked. I then shut down, removed the CMOS battery, and left it off for more than three hours. I started this Dell up again, and it *still* wants a password. BTW, this Dell has been turned off, minus the CMOS battery for more than 12 hours. I'm going to leave it off for a total of 24 hours to see if the "capacitor drain" solution will finally clear the BIOS settings, etc. God, how I hate Dells! If someone knows of a more 'radical' solution, please feel free to chime in. At this point, I'm willing to try anything! Thanks!

A:Solved: Dell Dimension E520 BIOS Password Problem

Just an idea, have you tried using the old password or leaving the password blank?

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I'm trying to install XP on XPS R400, previously running 98. I'm getting error message invalid system disc but all original discs are lost. I reformatted drive thinking the XP would go right on but I'm stuck.

A:Dell XPS R400 Pentium II

It sounds like it's not booting to the Windows XP CD. You need to get into the BIOS setup and be sure the boot sequence is set to CDRom Drive, Floppy Drive and then hard drive in that order.

When the PC first powers on, you should see instructions to press a key to get into Setup. It's usually the DEL or F1 key. Once in the BIOS setup set the Boot Sequence and be sure to read the instructions on the screen to save the settings as you exit.

Let us know what happens.

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Ok I have read on here the post regarding the fix about this however I everything applies to windows XP. I need to know if the fix would work on windows 7 just the same?? Please help. The keyboard and mouse are USB and are not recognized in anyway. Thanks a bunch!!

A:Keybaord and Mouse not recognized on Dell Dimension 9150 running Windows 7

Can you post a link to the other post?

Having worked on hundreds of Dell's, I can say that we ran into this problem where occasionally, a USB keyboard or mouse would not be recognized by BIOS, every time. Since we had stacks of keyboards and boxes of mice, we would just grab a different one and try that. Usually that would do it. Once in a while, changing the BIOS to try to boot to CD first would work so I always thought it was a timing issue with BIOS. Nothing to be done about it other then search for the latest BIOS upgrade and take the chance of ruining the mobo if it failed.

So, try these tricks:

1) Set BIOS to boot from CD first (but leave it empty).
2) Check that your USB setting in BIOS is set for Legacy USB.
3) Try different keyboards and mice if possible.

The biggest hassles I had with the Dell's was getting a USB/wireless mouse or keyboard to work. Sometimes gave up and went with the wired USB devices.

Once you post the link, I'll go check that other fix.

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Hello, I would be grateful for any advice about how to get into the BIOS for the above machine. I have tried the suggested methods posted on many other forums, but to no positive result. I would like to upgrade form a 32 Bit system to a 64 bit system by carrying out a clean install, but I cannot get to the BIOS to change the initial boot drive to the USB drive.

Many thanks in anticipation.

A:Dell Dimension E521 running Windows 10 PRO (1607) Unable to access BIOS

What version of Windows is running now?
Connect the bootable USB stick to the PC while it's turned off. Then power on and press F12. You should see the USB on the list of boot options.
Keep in mind that Dell hasn't tested this model for compatibility with Win 10, and you may have to dig around to find suitable drivers, if Win 10 doesn't have them for your hardware.

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I have a Dell XPS R400 with 196 Mb (32/32/128) of PC100 SDRAM running windows xp. I wanted to upgrade memory. Dell claims the machine can handle ~380 Mb of PC100 SDRAM. I checked around on-line, and it appeared that I could install PC133 SDRAM on this machine. My machine does not boot after I installed a single stick of 128 Mb PC133 SDRAM. It will boot with the original PC100 SDRAM. Any ideas?

This discussion indicates that my machine can handle more memory: http://www.techspot.com/vb/all/wind...XPS-R400-with-Intel-SE440BX2-motherboard.html How can I verify this?


A:Mixing PC100 with PC133 SDRAM for XPS R400 Dell

maybe the bored doenst like pc 133 ram

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Just a curious question from a curious mind at the moment.

A:Will the HDD in my Dell Dimension E520 be compatible with a Dell Dimension 2350

DELL Dimension B110 1100 2300 2350 2400 3000 4100 4300 use IDE Drive so no Its not directly compatible.   Even with a KINGWIN ADP-06  sata to IDE bridge the windows install is not compatible.

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I have a Dell XPS R400 with a Pentium II, 400 MHz processor running Windows 2000. (It originally had Windows 98). I currently have one socket filled with 128 MB of SDRAM (PC100, unbuffered, CL=2) . I would like to upgrade and add more memory.

Information from Dell says the computer supports 100 Mhz SDRAM 168 pin DIMM with a maximum size of 128 MB up to a total of 384 MB (3 sockets).

The motherboard is an Intel SE440BX-2. The documentation for it says it supports up to a 256 MB DIMM SDRAM for a total of 768 MB.

Why the discrepancy? Is it based on the OS? And how high can I go?

A:Memory Upgrade - Dell XPS R400 with Intel SE440BX-2 motherboard

The old W98 did not function properly with 256MB or over.
W2000 does not need more than 512MB, but works fine with up to 1GB.

Intel said:

System Memory Combinations
The motherboard has three, dual in-line memory module (DIMM) sockets. Minimum memory size is 16 MB; maximum memory size is 768 MB. The largest DIMM supported at this time is 256 MB using unbuffered 128 Mbit technology parts. The BIOS automatically detects memory type, size, and speed.Click to expand...

I would believe Intel rather than Dell.
Make sure you get PC100/CL2 SDRam, anything else does not work.
You can mix different MB-sizes memory-chips. So buy what you can afford.
Unless you do intensive graphics, even just 1 256MB-stick will do wonders.

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I like to hear forum members opinion.
Just recently fixed the issue with Dell Dimension 4300, machine didn't power up when power switch pressed. I replaced original dead 250W PSU with new 430W dual fan and now comp is running. This PC is:
Intel 845 1.6 GHz internally and 400 MHz externally. 4 DMA channels and SDRAM PC133 512 mb of memory.
I also upgraded USB to 2.0, nice 128MB video card and some other goodies.
Now, I got another stock Dell Dimension 8100 without papers, but I check and this particular one has:
Intel 850 1.4 GHz internally and 400 MHz externally. 8 DMA channels and 384 mb RDRAM of memory. Nothing was done to this machine, and it also have original working 250W PSU.
What better to do? Keep the Dimension 4300 or remove goodies that compatible with 8100 motherboard, including fabricating in, new, dual fan PSU and excluding memory, I assume SDRAM and RDRAM not compatible and transfer to Dimension 8100?
Is 8100 machine more advanced then 4300? I know they both pretty old and outdated. I personally bough 4300 for my dad in 2001. Is 8100 was produced later? I see that CPU is Intel 850 vs 845..
Guys, opinion welcome.

A:Dell Dimension 4300 vs Dell Dimension 8100

"Opinions Welcome".......You're Sure Now.....?

I think you should concentrate on finding a computer that is still relevant in this century.

If you'll check put this publication from Dell http://support.dell.com/support/edocs/systems/dsleest/ , you'll see the copyright date is 2000, and by 2001 it is in the 8th revision.

So no, I'm not just being mean.

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I have a Dell Dimension 2400 1.6ghz 1gb RAM with XP Pro on it for several years now. It has many programs installed on it. I purchased a faster used Dell Dimension 8400 3.6ghz hyperthreading 3gb RAM with XP Pro on it.

My question is simple. My Dimension 2400 has an IDE hard drive and the 8400 has SATA. Rather than spend days re-installing and tweaking all of the programs on the 8400 I tried the following. I used Acronis Easy Migrate 7 to Image the IDE hard drive to the SATA hard drive and installed it into the 8400. It would not boot, I tried a repair install, then while booting I get a blue screen stop Error 0x0000007B. What do I have to do to fix this so it will boot? What else is it looking for?

A:Clone IDE to Sata from Dell Dimension 2400 for Dimension 8400

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I would like to install windows 7 on my old Dell Dimension 4700c which currently runs windows xp.
I have been told that it is not possible to do an upgrade from xp to 7.
Is it possible to do a clean install?
Or do I need to first upgrade to windows vista and is this possible.
I recently purchased the windows 7 disk from dell online.
Thank you

A:Is a clean install of windows 7 on a dell dimension 4700c running windows xp pro possible?

It depends on the disc you purchased.  It will need to be a full copy of Windows 7 (not an upgrade edition) with a new license key.  If that's what you purchased, you should be set.
If what you purchased is an upgrade disc with no license key, you're not going to be able to do a clean install.

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Hi all,
I have a spare computer from work, but I do not know the password to log in, and so would like to wipe it. Ergo, I decided to try and boot the computer using a USB thumb drive with Ubuntu on it, so as to wipe the windows partition on the hard drive and then install Ubuntu. The computer boots normally to the Windows XP login screen. When I press F2 or F12, there is no display output. I have tried this with a variety of monitors and with two D-SUB cables (one at a time). These are the Samsung LT27B551EW, LG 27EA63V-P and Dell Rev A00. None of them show either the Dell splash screen or the BIOS screen. I have tried pressing F2 and F12 at strategic intervals (every 2 seconds) but still there is no display output. I also know that I was able to access the BIOS on the same computer a few months ago, but I forgot which displays I used then - I had to wait for permission to wipe the hard drive.
I have also looked up this problem in a number of other places, and found that this is supposedly due to an incompatibility of some kind with the monitor. However, I am not sure as to how I might go about fixing this issue, as I do not have any other monitors or cables which work with the Dell - all my other cables are either HDMI or other sorts of cable which do not plug in to the Dell. If there is a way to use the hard drive and wipe it without accessing the BIOS I would also be grateful to hear about that too.

A:Dell Dimension 3000 skips Dell splash screen and BIOS

Try connecting the USB stick before you power the system on.
You can try this too:

Power off, and unplug power cord from rear of PC
Press/hold power button for ~30 sec
Reconnect power cord to rear of PC
Power on and immediately tap F12 a couple of times

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This computer was just continually rebooting itself so I was preparing to try to get into safe mode or something. Now however, it just boots to a Dell screen and stayst there with the blue globe with the word Dell on top of it and www. dell.com on the bottom of the screen. I removed power from the machine for a few minutes, and tried booting again to the same situation. Has been running now for 15 minutes with no change, just the dell screen. All advice welcome!

A:Dell Dimension XPS T650r wont get past initial dell screen.

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Hello to all,   I recently did a clean reinstall of Windows XP (Home) on my Dell Dimension 2350. All went fine. Now I need to install the correct drivers. I have the Dell Resource disc and this is where the problem starts.    As noted elsewhere, after the reinstall the screen display of the Resource disc is as it would be in "Safe Mode". I was aware of this. As such, the Resource disc Search Criteria screen was a bit larger than the monitor screen. I was able to size it to fit the screen but this is really not the problem it is the following: The Search Criteria options I have from the drop down menus (on screen) are as follows:System Model:   All, Dimension C521, DXC061, Dimension DXP0G1, Dimension E521, DM061, XPS710    (Which, if any, do I pick?)Operating System: (I think I got this one)   All, Windows XPTopic:   (Maybe this one too)   All, Applications, Dell Diagnostics, Diagnostics, Drivers, Utilities   For the life of me I cannot figure out the exact drivers I am to install*. Windows XP only appears in the Operating System menu. I pretty much know the install order but as I said, I'm a bit confused about selecting the correct drivers from the disc. This computer is not connected to the internet at the moment so I can't download and use any sort of driver detection program. Other searches have confused me further and have provided no specific answer to this problem.&nbs... Read more

A:Installing drivers after Windows XP reinstall on Dell Dimension 2350 using Dell Resource disc

You need, in installation order:

Chipset driver
Video driver (depends on which video card)
Audio driver
Network driver (depends on which you have)
Modem driver, if you use a dialup modem

Go to the Support page and put in your Service Tag. It should give you the drivers you need. You can download them on any PC and copy onto a USB stick for installation on the 2350.
You only need the applications, if you actually use them (eg, Roxio, Jasc Paintshop, etc).
Then install your antiviral software and get online to the Microsoft Update site for all the patches and updates.
Keep in mind that XP is no longer supported by Microsoft and they stopped releasing security fixes for XP and IE9, more than 1 year ago. So they're both full of security holes and put your personal data at risk.

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I have an old dell dimension c521 desktop with a AMD Athlon X2 4400 2.3 ghz  CPU. I would like to know if I can swap the original motherboard with another Dell OEM motherboard that supports a quad core CPU, such as a AMD Phenom or Intel Core2Quad. Will I have any issues with powering on the PC with a different dell motherboard? or with the front panel USB, headphone, power button?

A:Dimension C521 Dell to Dell motherboard swap - will it work?

Dell typically uses custom connectors between motherboards and front panels. So unless you -or somebody else- has mapped the connector in the c521 case, you may not be able to install a different Dell (or non-Dell) motherboard in this case.
You'll also need to purchase a new Windows OS license from Microsoft because your current license is tied to the c521 motherboard. And, you'll have to reinstall Windows on the hard drive because the motherboard hardware will be entirely different.

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hi how are you i have purchase a dell 170l mother board looks like there are two kinds it has one that works with the sata tats the one i have i bought it to replace my dell 2400 but cannot mount it please help as the lining up of screws are different i need to know how to mount it it only has one screw i think it may short if not mounted properly.

2 the front panel lights how to connect the lights as the pins looks different

A:Can Dell 170l motherboard fit Dell Dimension 2400

I've moved to the correct area of the forum, where it will be better read by other members.

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I have a nasty nasty infection on my pc. I've tried several things to remove it myself and I can see that the forum for HJT logs and malware removal is swamped here...

So, I'm considering a reformat. My Dell Dimension came with a utility called the DSR--Dell System Restore. It's a hidden partition users can go to to easily set the OS (Windows XP in my case) to it's original "from the factory" state.

I haven't been saving a lot of my files to disc the way I should have been. And now this infection has disable most of my operating system's peripherals--I can't burn cd/dvd, can't print, I don't even have audio right now. I'm in Safe Mode With Networking because it's the only way I can get onto the net.

I've read a few good turtorials about using the DSR but, none of them mention whether I can just re-install my snapshot to my main drive (C and leave some files I backed up to D: or, if all my disc will be wiped clean--including the files I moved to D: ?

Does anyone know anything about this? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

A:Dell Dimension DSR (Dell System Restore) question.

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After doing a clean install of my computer about a week ago (Windows XP Home Edition) my Dell speakers won't work at all, in WMP and on websites, such as YouTube. I installed the driver from Dell Support but they still don't work. Everything is plugged in properly and the green light on the right speaker goes on, but no sound at all comes out. NOTHING. I looked around in Audio settings and everything seems to be in place. The speakers aren't muted or anything. Could someone please help me solve this problem? Thanks!

A:Dell Speakers won't work on Dell Dimension B110

Check your connections again. We've all plugged in the PC connection to the wrong port from time to time.
If that's not the problem, uninstall the driver in Device Manager and reinstall.

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Transferred all information from Dimension (Dell) to Dell XPS 410. Both computers using XP program. When I start to use my Picasa program I have a continual pop up that says " The DLL "cpuinf32.dll" can not be loaded. OS reports: The specifdied module could not be fouind. Am no computeer whiz--so this is all "Greek" to me. What should I do to correct this? Any haelp will be appreciated. Thank y ou Wildhog

A:Problems with down load of XP from Dell Dimension to Dell xps 410

Try reinstalling Picassa.

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I have a Dell Dimension L__r that I am working on that I had to remove the motherboard from the casing and put it into another case. I would like to see if anyone would have the specs of this board so I can wire the control panel properly for power.


A:Dell Dimension

allstartps said:

I have a Dell Dimension L__r that I am working on that I had to remove the motherboard from the casing and put it into another case. I would like to see if anyone would have the specs of this board so I can wire the control panel properly for power.

AllstartpsClick to expand...

oh no not another one, you guys with your dell/HP/etc pcz have to learn to do a wiring diagram of the front panel wiring before you rip them out, its not going to be fun looking for a mb manual for a computer you dont even know what the model is, what is a L__r anyway?

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Hello I am currently working on a client's computer. But every time I turn on the power button, on the computer's screen at the top left corner there is a little dash just blinking nonstop. I tried to go into bios but everything seems to be ok. I also powered down the computer multiple times and the blinking dash still remains. I asked my client if he had downloaded or done any upgrade to the machine but he said that it was working just perfectly fine the day before. Can you please help me in solving this problem. Thank you so much in advance.

A:Dell Dimension won't run

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My parents have this Dell Dimension 4400 and they told me to fix it or they would take away my DSL because THEY don't have a computer to use it with. Me, I just bought a HP dv2037 laptop and I'm loving it. I've always hated Dell (because HP is better), and have this deathwish on my parents computer... well, today... it seems my wish may have come true. The first problem was with the network adapter. I fixed that with no problem, then when it was fixed I thought to myself... well I have all these old junk computer laying around, I may as well upgrade their computer a little bit by putting some more memory in it.

Yeah, that didn't go to well... Something went horribly wrong, it started beeping really fast and I swear I smelt plastic burning, but when I took the new memory out and put the old memory back in and turned it on, it beeped three times (long beeps). Also, the four LED's on the back were "Yellow - Yellow - Green - Green". I googled the problem for about an hour and all I could find was that I needed to "reseat" the memory... which I did, about a million times. Still... nothing. Can anyone help? Please?

A:Dell Dimension

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i'm working on a dell dimension 2400.windows crashed and there are no restore cds.i formated the hardrive and installed win xp professional.in device manager i don't have drivers for the ethernet controller and the usb controller.does anyone know where i can find these?thanks

A:dell dimension

im not sure if everest will work on dell but get it and run it to get names and model #s ethernet and usb controllers


you may just have to install all the updates for XP to regain funtionality

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Here you gohttp://support.dell.com/support/topics/glo...lang=en&cs=

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ok basically i have a dell dimension 8100 (bought in summer 2001 in UK) and i want to get extra RAM for it. I checked out the dell website and they say for 8100 i should use Kingston KTD-DM800/512 512MB Kit . Now not only do i not need this much extra ram, its also really expensive, but on the dell website and the Kingston website this was the smallest amount offered for the 8100 series. So i looked around to see if i can maybe find 256mb ram which can also work on my dell, and i think i might have found some, but im not sure. Here are the specifications of the dell website recommended ram :

Kingston (KTD-DM800/512) 512MB Kit

Product Description Memory - 256 MB x 2 - RIMM 184-PIN - RDRAM
Storage Capacity 256 MB x 2
Technology RDRAM (RAMBUS)
Form Factor RIMM 184-PIN
Bus Clock Rate 800 MHz
and now here are the specs for the ram which i am thinking of buying instead :

Kingston (KVR800X16/256) 256MB RIMM PC800 RDRAM Non-Parity

Product Description Memory - 256 MB x 1 - RIMM 184-PIN - RDRAM
Storage Capacity 256 MB x 1
Upgrade Type Industry standard
Technology RDRAM (RAMBUS)
Form Factor RIMM 184-PIN
Bus Clock Rate 800 MHz
Data Integrity Check Non-parity
these specs seem similar but i dont really know a lot about ram so was just wondering if the 256 one would work on my system ? any help would be appreciated, thanx .

A:Can i use this RAM with my Dell Dimension????

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Hi .. I have a friend's very old Dell Dimension XPS R400 here . I blew the major dustbunnies out of it and went to boot it up to take her old files out to tranfer them to her new computer.. The blasted thing won't post BUT that is not the immediate problem. It won't shut off with the power button at the front and it doesn't have a shut down switch at the back. Is there anything else I can do but unplug it ? I sure do hate to do that but right now I can't see anything else. Thank you...

A:OLd Dell Dimension won't run ..

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I have a brand new dell dimension and have been unable to get their tech support to answer. So thought I would try you guys in here. I often but not always get an error message when working online. I am not sure whether it is a dell problem or my internet service provider. I have dial up. A small box pops up in my face and it says . . . windows must now shut down because the RPC service terminated. System shutdown initiated by NT/AUTHORITY then it counts down 60 sec and shuts off my computer. I have no control when it does this, i cannot X it out or make it stop. Very annoying. Sometimes it goes for hours and does not do anything, sometimes it will do it 3 times in 30 min. I have scanned for virus' and it comes up clear. Am running Norton.

A:new dell dimension

Post a Hijackthis log for review:


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Hi, I have used Dell Dimension 5150 with XP Pro desktop in my office and someone plugged in to it her palm. After she unplugged and we started this Dell it won't let in to windows or anything ( F2 or F12 ain't workin either) and asks for system password. Now it just peeps and gives information about over 7 attemts to enter wrong password and system is halted and it has to shut down.

Please give me some solution to this.

A:Dimension 5150 started to ask system password.

Contact Dell

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I am currently troubleshooting a computer, trying to figure out the culprit of the problem. When I press the power button, it lights up amber color but there is no LED lights, nor is any of the case fans or power supply fans are running at all. Essentially the only thing I hear from the computer is a very low volume high pitch sound from the computer.

Things I tried so far:
Checking Power Cord
Checking Power Outlet
Checking LED (unconfirmed)
Stripped components to bare minimum.

Here is the website of the manual that I looked at


I have a few suspicion of the problem but need to confirm it here. Anyone else have any inputs on this? Any questions will be answered as detailed as best to my knowledge. Thank you.

A:Dimension 4400 computer not running

Motherboard or power supply is bad I think

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I'm currently in the process of upgrading my mothers PC to Windows 7. I used the Win 7 upgrade advisor and everything that should return compatible did, except the Graphics Card which is obvious. I've got the Win 7 ISO and converted it to an 8GB USB drive. Right now, my main worry is if I wipe the hard drive and reinstall that I won't be able to find drivers for things such as internet. I looked in the download section for her PC and there isn't an option for Windows 7 Drivers but there is an option for Windows Vista drivers, although no Network drivers are available...

Can anyone shed some light on this PC and Win 7?

Thanks in advance!

A:Dell Dimension 3100

That model has the Intel Pro 100 VE Network controller.

Not to worry though, according to Intel's website the network drivers are included in the Windows 7 installation.

I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the hardware support of Windows 7.

Just make sure you have at least 2 GB of memory.

As an aside, you might still have satisfactory results with the video performance as long as mom is not playing Combat Arms

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Dell 8300 computer.  [Amin Note: Post Edited per TOU policy]

Unit will not turn on at all.  No lights, no noise, no power.  Is the power supply dead?

  [Admin Note: Personal Information Removed]

A:Dell Dimension 8300

What is the colour of the power button LED, is it solid green, blinking green, solid amber, blinking amber, check the sequence of the four Diagnostic Lights on the back of the case. The 8300 Troubleshooter and Diagnostic codes are HERE
Are there any 'Beeps'?Do any of the fans run?
If you are comfortable working around computers, you could try the following:Note: The only 100% method of testing a PSU, is to install a known working power supply.Unplug the cord from the power supply, hold the power button in for about 15/20 seconds, open the case, unplug the xx-pin power connector from the motherboard and jump the Green wire to one of the Black wires, reconnect the power cord and power the system on, if power supply's fan and the hard drive run, then the PSU should be good.Note: Do not remove any wires from the plug, use a small piece of wire or a paper clip as a jumper.

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ok guys dont let me down on this one
Blue screen on start up "DEMISION3_INITIALIZATION_FAILED TECH INFO STOP:0:0000006F (0XC000009C,0X00000000,0X00000000,X2
COMPUTER WILL NOT BOOT. HAVE USB BUT NEED PROGRAM. SAFE MODE NOTWORKING, CKDISK, CKBOOT, iVE TRIED IT ALL. Ive googled usb boot but no luck. need info on disk for friend. This will be a contribution request. thanks all

A:dell dimension 8300

contact dell. You will need to give them the model number and the service tag number...I am sure you can get the cd from them.

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I am at my wits end .
I lost USB on my Dell dimension 3000 and after a lot of heartache re-installed XP home on my PC.After installing the system perfectly and all the little DEll bits that they insist of putting in everything seemed to be working perfectly (for once).Except USB
If i boot up with a Memory stick inserted in one of the USB hubs it detects it and says what it is , but when you look in My computer to access it ,its not there.
I have looked in the System icon under hardware and USB all looks clean no yellow question marks and all the items when you expand them say they are all working perfectly.
I have managed to get USB printers working (via a hub) only by installing the software which then detects them (not via the PC picking them up and saying it has detected them)
one other item of info is that USB doesnt work via a hub or plugged directly into the ports on front of PC .
My wife who is a teacher says it is going out of the window soon as she uses a USB memory stick to transfer all her data from school to Home .
Please anybody help as there is nothing worse than a woman who expects a man to know what is happening when i obviously dont,

A:USB On Dell dimension 3000

Hi pmar2uk. I apologize ahead of time if you have already done this, but sometimes the simplest answers are the most obvious. When you reinstalled XP, and the "other Dell bits", did you reinstall all necessary drivers off of the "Dell Resource Drivers Reinstallation" CD that came with your Dimension (I have a Dimension 4400, an older model).
You would usually need to reinstall the chipset driver first, then all the others from the " Drivers" CD. If you did not receive, or lost that CD, you can download the drivers from the Dell.com website. Or, if your computer is still under warranty, you can call Dell and request for them to send you a new one (tell them you never received one with the system).
Again, if you already knew to try this, I apologize, but I figiured it was worth a shot.
Good luck

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this is horrible cpu went to slow to not even booting on. see i was doing something i did numerous times was switch ram slots well explaining to someone where the card was also checked wiether there was any promblem then for the first time it want boot after doing so and i will admit it was a mess in the exterior of the cpu got a bug problem managed to get them out all of them where in the power supply ewwww! but the source of the promblem isn't the power see the cpu has this diagnostic lights from the back of the cpu it looks like this that werent mentioned in the manual maybe is the power dunno:


unsure maybe a memory promblem maybe need a replacement was hoping to upgrade this pc with the little money i have to what it can possibly handle since its old also any suggestions on upgrade ram card, hardrive, etc plz help very appreciated

A:Dell Dimension 1100

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