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Upgrade possibility for DELL inspirion 660

Q: Upgrade possibility for DELL inspirion 660

My video card recently broke ( Sapphire R9 270x ) so im getting a new one very soon, but my DELL inspirion 660 is to small to be able to fit any decent card in it, so therefore im also getting a new PC case. However, i have read in different places that the UEFI bios on the inspirion 660 aren't compatible with many of the newer graphic cards such as the GTX980 series, is this true? And if so what can i do to fix this? get a new motherboard altogether?
Also, are there any other general tips and things i need to know before upgrading my case to a bigger one?

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Preferred Solution: Upgrade possibility for DELL inspirion 660

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Yes, its a old computer, but I would like to upgrade the Power supply for it. Preferrably something 400 or more watts, but I can settle for 350w or 300w

A:PSU upgrade for dell inspirion 530 (not slim)

I upgraded the PSU on an Inspiron 530 with an Antec 550 watt modular PSU without any issues.  Just be sure to purchase a standard size PSU and you should not have any problems.

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I want to switch my 6200U CPU dual-core to a quad-core cpu but I'm unable to find any information on the max cpu upgrade in the Dell manual that says that I can.  Is it possibly to install a quad-core or is dual-core the max it'll go?

A:Can I upgrade my 6200U CPU i5 in my Dell Inspirion 5559 laptop?

Unfortunately, quad core processors were never validated by Dell on the Inspiron 15-5559. We only validated Intel Skylake-U dual core processors which were integrated onto the motherboard.

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I have a Dell inspiron 1100 portable with a celeron processor. Is it possable to upgrade the computer with a pentium 4 processor? If so, is it possable to use a pentium from a desktop computer? I have not done much with portables so I don't know if desktop &
portable cpu's are interchangeable?

Thank you,

A:Dell inspirion 1100 cpu upgrade with desktop processor?

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Does anyone know whether a Dell Inspirion 8600 keyboard would fit into an Inspirion 2650?
Thanks in advance.

A:Solved: Dell Inspirion 8600 keyboard fit a Inspirion 2650?

Might do. Why dont you try it. Not like anything bad can happen can it? Or could it?

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The CPU in my PC (upgraded to Win 7 Home Premium x 64) Dell OPTIPLEX 520 is (Pentium D 2.8GHz) old and slow. The MoBo model Dell 0RJ290.
What CPU with max. performance is acceptable for this MoBo, if at all?
My goal is to speed up my PC on the cheap. Would Microsoft require a new product key or refuse giving out one, or the present key will suffice?
Thank you

A:CPU upgrade possibility?

You aren't going to want to hear this, but no new CPU in that system will make much of a difference.......and I doubt you will be able to "feel" any difference at all IF you can find parts for it. Time to save up for a new build that you will be happy with instead of sinking money into an old computer that won't be any better off than when you started.

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I have a decent Win Vista machine that the Windows Compatibility app said I could install Win 7.

However I use Win Vista Home Premium 32b. Can I upgrade on the same machine to Win 7 Professional 32b?

Will I run into any problems? How long should it take and are there any possible issues that may come up?

A:Win Vista Upgrade Possibility

You will be fine.
Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version[2]=General Tips

I would take the upgrade advisor to double check. If you are approved just follow the easyinstuctions for the install. You have to buy another key, however.

But after that you will love the system, I do.

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I`ve looked through the forum and I know some G500`can have the CPU upgraded and some can`t, I`m assuming because the CPU is soldered to the board? My G500 details areSerial Number:CB28347943Machine Type:80A6 Not sure of the processor in there but it`s not an i3, I`m hoping it could be upgraded to an i3 or an i5, if I need to add any info to help me please let me know, I`ve posted this at work but could find out more on the current CPU if it helps.

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Ok so this is a complete shot in the dark question. I have the Lenovo G70-80 i3, does anyone know if the same laptop was released with a better or faster processor?  Wondering if it's possible to swap main board to something with a bit more power.

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So, I've just found an i7-3610QM, which will fit the Motherboard of my laptop just fine (rPGA 988B).

The only thing I don't know is if the CPU will actually work if i install it. It'd be a waste to buy it and find out it doesn't work when i put it in the laptop.

If someone from Toshiba could tell me, honestly, if the BIOS is locked down to one CPU or not that would be great, as I could use having 4 cores and 8 threads instead of 2 cores and 4 threads.

My only other concern with it is the motherboard power delivery. The power delivery is currently running a CPU rated for 35w, which under the most strenuous of loads only draws about 26. Could it support this new chip if it works, considering that it's TDP is 45W (so the running wattage may be around 37-38W). Cooling shouldn't be an issue at all

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I spotted the following which is talking about the Windows 7 upgrade program that shall be available to new PC purchasers starting July 1:

The Windows 7 Upgrade Program Debuts July 1, 2009 - End-date is yet to be determined - Softpedia

However the bit at the end talking about the restriction on the upgrade available (i.e. if you buy Vista 32-bit you will only get Win 7 32-bit when you upgrade) got me wondering if a similar restriction will apply to retail upgrade packages.

When I bought my retail upgrade from XP > Vista there was a leaflet inside offering a free 64-bit DVD if needed.

I was hoping the same would be offered for a Vista > Win 7 upgrade as I really want to go x64 this time. I'm now wondering if this will be allowed.....

A:Worrying possibility for future Win 7 Upgrade path

I suspect the retail version will be much like it was for Vista. The article is only talking about OEM. If you had an OEM of Vista 32bit, I believe you had to pay to get 64 bit.


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I have a retired Dell Dimension 4500 and like to reuse the case. The front panel connector is a Dell proprietary one, no pin-out specs could be found any where. 
I am just curious what's the disassembly steps to get the front plastic panel off to expose the power switch and audio header. 
If I am able to do that, I might be able to install some off the shelf standard power/reset switches to resue the case, which is very well-built and can last a long time.   
Thanks a ahead for pointing me to any right directions. 

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i just got a dell inspirion used but it seems when its unplugged from the hardwire to the router, im unsure what to do i have the disk for the drivers but i ran that it said something else like it needed some other system configuration file i'm unsure what that was,i' think i'm missing something simple any help i really appreciate it, thanks joe

A:help.dell inspirion

Every member here would like to help, if they can, but we need more information. What is the precise request that you receive from the computer regarding configuration?

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Help!! Desktop won't boot ,get a two beep code ,both fans turn/Stay on, got steady amber light on motherboard and steady blue power button, no pic, installed new ram , installed new CMOS battery rest/cleared CMOS, had to move over little red breaker like thing that is located in back next to plugin cause it wouldn't power up,have disconnected everything wire from power source and then moved the little breaker back ,started to put one by one of wires back to power source and it holder power until I connected to motherboard. Also did the jumper pin test to see if motherboard would turn on but all u hear something power up but no light on motherboard.

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I have a dell laptop and sometimes the screen just goes totally black. I need to power off by pressing the power button several time sbefore it will work again. Once the windows screen comes up it does work. soemtimes uit takes several tries to get it to work

A:Dell Inspirion

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Hi. My warranty expired so I cant take it and fix it. So the problem is I changed out the ram with a differnt brand I used 1x8 corsair 1333 mhz ram and turns out it was bad so I put the system ram back in the one that it came with and now it says I have 4 GB of ram installed and it says its running in single channel when its suppose to be running in dual channel please help! 

A:Hi I need help with a ram problem on my dell inspirion 660

Are you saying you only had 1 RAM module installed before you tried the Corsair?  What was your original RAM config (size of each and number of modules)?
Try reseating RAM module(s) in the slot(s). Then remove motherboard battery and press/hold power button for ~30 sec before reinstalling the battery. See what happens when you boot now.

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Please help! I have laptop Dell Inspirion 3537. 
On the laptop stopped working Wi-Fi. It is ceased to find any network, as if turned off. I've tried everything, from fn+f2 to reinstalling drivers and Windows. 
The most amazing thing is that on Linux everything works.In what can be the case, why does not the wi-fi work on the Windows?

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i got a dell inspirion mini netbook with only DOS on it and i want to install windows xp on it. I already have an original xp installation disc dut since the netbook doesnt have a disc reader im suing win to flash to transfer it to my 8gb kingston flash drive. But when i boot from USB it simply says:
"NTLDR is missing
Press any key to restart"
I dont know what to do PLS HELP!!!!!!!!!

A:dell inspirion mini xp bug?!?!?! PLS HELP

1. Are you sure there is no part of a Windows installation left on that drive.
2. I do not know that particular netbook, but I presume it is bootable from a usb flash pen and you have so configured the boot priority in BIOS

See this - a good guide.

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Hey guys..So glad to have found this site..>Have pulled my hair out today, trying to add my Dell laptop to my home network. It will NOT let me access the internet...It says I have an LAC Vs an LAN (No clue what that means)..I can't get to the internet at all..Keep getting the page that says to to tools, click internet options yadda yadda..I've tried it all..

My icon on the tool bar..when I click on it says:
Broadband Connect
Disconnected, Firewalled
WAN Miniport (PPPOE)

LAN or High Speed Internet
LAC Local area Connection
Network Cable unplugged, Firewalled
Broadcom 440X 10/100 Integr

Disconnected, Firewalled
WAN Miniport (PPTP)

**I have NO clue what to do next..Can y'all help?

Thanks so much in advance...

A:Dell Inspirion 1150

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Hi everyone,
I have a very odd issue,   I plugged in an external monitor to my new laptop  7567 15 inch and now my integrated graphics card won't display full screen in browsers and even some apps like the netflix apps.
I tried to view fullscreen on my laptop monitor and then moving the browser window or app to my external monitor and both will just display a black screen.

the only fullscreen that works is when i force my nvidia chipset gtx 1050 to be used by the app.

Also something peculiar i noticed within windows 10  it'll see that i have 2 screens and i can extend normally BUT when i use the intel graphics app to change settings for the display it only sees 1 display, if this helps.

could both of these issues be related? and how can i fix this?

(on it's own with the external monitor unplugged , things seem fine, my external monitor uses a VGA to HDMI converter to plug into my laptop, is supports the 1920x1080 resolution as well and thats what i set it at.

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It has been a long time since I food with the laptop. Do I need to hook up a router to the laptop in order to connect to

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My cousin has this laptop the Dell inspirion N5010

Windows 7 64 bit service pack 1

Core I5 2.53 GHZ

4 GB ram

anyways for some reason the WiFi only works for like 10 to 15 minutes and then it just like stops working and the computer needs to be restarted for it to work again. The thing is though that it still shows as connected with full bars and it says internet access and everything seems normal but when browsing the web it just stops so you are browsing fine and all of a sudden it stops and won't go to a page and just says connecting and looks like it's trying to go to the page but doesn't. The thing to is that it happens and both my house and over at hers. At first I thought it was maybe there Comcast Modem/router combo but then it still did it over here at my house. SO I am wondering if anyone has any ideas as to why everything seems normal but the internet just stops.


Any more info needed just ask and I'll try and get it.

edit: I decided to now plug in Ethernet to the laptop after the WiFi went down and it still doesn't work. it says connected but I still get nothing. I went to the status window and it shows ipv4 connectivity Internet and ipv6 connectivity no internet access Media state enabled Duration which just shows a running time and then speed which is 100.0 Mbps

A:Dell inspirion N5010

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Ok I have a dell all in one inspirion 2305. It has a black screen problem but I know it has to deal with the thermal past for I heated the cooler up and it posted and every thing. However, now my power button won't let me shut it offand its orange. When plugged in the power butter comes on and the HDD activity light is solid white. Every other function works fine. I just can't shut it off by the power button and like I said when plugging in the adapter it automacally comes on. I can use it as a monitor. I know there sound and everything any suggestions or ideals would be much appreciated

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My computer goes to websites. I go to my radio station and want to gather points from surveys and trivia questions to win prizes. I click on surveys and trivia and they do not come up. I am also not able to play blackjack on my radio station the blackjack table does not come up. I also use webstore auctions and I am unable to view any particuliar auctions after getting to the website. I talked to a friend who had me download Java, but that did not work. Thank you.

A:Dell Inspirion B130

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Hello, I have a Dell Inspirion 660 and I have been looking around as I don't have that much money for a custom PC build, but I do have enough to upgrade. I have seen the Youtuber Austin Evans do a video where he upgraded a Dell Inspiron 650 and was wondering if I could do the same, would it have the same effect or would it just be a waste of time and money. 
Thank you for all future replies! 

A:Is a RX 460 compatible with a Dell Inspirion 660

We do not have an Inspiron Desktop 650? So not sure what system he may have upgraded. The Inspirion Desktop 660 only ships with a 300w power supply. The AMD RX 460 needs at a minimum a 380w power supply. The Corsair CS Series Modular power supplies will fit in the Inspirion Desktop 660.

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Hello,After changing the hard drive of the computer and doing a factory reinstall the computer starts and I have the following message:The AC power adapter can not be determined.The battery may not charge.The system will adjust the perfomance to match the power available.
Please connect to Dell 130 w AC adapter or greater for the best system performance.Strike the F3 key (before F1 or F2 key).Strike F1 key to continue, F2 to run the setup utility.
The computer starts by giving me a PXE-E53 error according to the forum you must deactivated integrated NIC what I did, then I have this message:
Reboot and select proper Boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key.
I put the hard drive first boot but I still have the message telling me restart and select the appropriate Boot Device.
For 3 days I have been looking for a solution without finding a satisfying answer.
My client has to find the long time because no way to run this computer with a new drive and a factory operating system.

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What stylus works with this laptop?

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I recently acquired this notebook and know nothing about its previous life. It allegedly has windows xp on it. When I turn it on the screen is black, led's come on and the fan. I cannot hear the hard drive come on and the cd drive does not have power either. There is no display on an external monitor either. The same happens whether it is using power cable or battery. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions.

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i purchased a dell inspirion around a year ago. recently whenever i push the power button to turn the pc on, it would continuously restart 3 times in successions before finally booting up bios and windows as normal.

so i turn on pc, it stays on for 2 secs, then suddenly turns off for precisely 5 seconds, then goes back on again for 2 seconds, then turns off again for another 5 sec....etc until it finall boots windows at it's third restart.

my pc is very new.

those who own a recent dell desktop system; i'd like to ask if any of you have ever tried turning on the pc without plugging a monitor to it? the reason whay i'm asking is that i think dell pcs are made in such a way that it would restart itself several times when it doesn't detect a monitor, which was what happened in my case, it happened for first time after i had unplugged the included dell monitor in my desktop package, since then the pc's never stop restarting itself whenever i turn it on, and it's always 3 times to be exact, and doesn't boot anything until this 3 times cycle is completed, tried pushing the power button as it's restarting, no effect, so i'm sure the pc must be stuck in some kinda cycle, my pc would turn on fine until that day when i unplugged a monitor after i had turn it off. then all o fthis happened.

interestingly, after i had plugged the power cable back in the pc after i had previously unpluged it to stop the pc from restarting like that, it woul... Read more

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Have the subject computer and need all the drivers (I guess). When I turn it on I get the following messages:
"keyboard failure"
"F1 to continue"
"F2 setup"
Obviously not able to do f1 or f2. Guess I need some motherboard drivers. Motherboard is a foxconn G33MO.
Don't have an OS either. Original OS was Vista. Don't have that disk either. Need ALL the HELP I can get.

A:Solved: Dell Inspirion 530

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Hi i read a few issues on the dell e1505 laptop . My screen is black . I tried connecting another monitor no image .Computer boots fine and my front control buttons are blue and working. Somtimes i see the screen and somtimes there is no image . I tried changing the memory . Sometimes boots and then no image again ....

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When I power on computer 1st message reads: Page Fault IN Nonpaged Area.

I then rebooted system and received a new message:
R423SE P/N 113-A32102-103-8P A12 BR# 7891 Rel 9.3.17

Any ideas?


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Hi all.   .how you doing?

i have the dell inspirion 1525.  
recently i have changed the ram . the three blue lights by the power button give me the code for the ram problem. 
so i got a 2nd hand ram x2 & changed them, then the system came on & worked good.

before this...
every now n then the laptop would freeze or crash.
so, i got a 2nd hand hard drive (from a place i would say is a decent place, i got hard drive for my ps3 & got my sisters hp laptop ,its about 2yrs old now..)
& put this hard drive into my dell 1525, the laptop came on but nothing really would work, so i found out that it needs drivers for ..-.. wireless card.. -. sound card..-. & other thing's.

so i put the old hard drive back in & it works but every now n then it goes down. 
before it completely does..
can i copy my drivers that are ...
go into... my computer...
..then into,, OS (c)
..then into.. drivers..

then a number of folders are on the right hand side..
when i click on a folder, a number of things in this folder open. 
.. can i just copy a main folder from the laptop to a usb flash drive..?
or do i have to copy each 1 in the main folder to a usb flash drive.?
the put in the other hard drive & the copy the files from my usb flash drive.

will this work.?

help please...thanks all...sorry for the long message, its my best way of explaining. 

thanks all...

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Hi there, every time I go to start my computer, a screen pops up, asking for my country and then my language, then it will ask me to do a start up repair, once the repair finishes, its says it was successful and will ask me to restart my computer, once it starts up again, it does the same thing over and over again.. How do I fix this probablem, someone please help me.

A:Dell Inspirion 1525 help?

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My Inspiron won't turn on.  I received a new Dell 9 cell battery and cable today.  I've tried the recommendations of removing battery, cable, and doing all the finger tricks but the charge light only flickers for a few seconds and nothing happens.
Any suggestions?

A:Dell Inspirion N7010

Certified Dell Battery directly from Dell Parts? Exactly the same battery as original? This is an old computer that might have a motherboard failure. IMO it is a waste of money replacing the battery on an old laptop. $130 goes a long way towards a new laptop. See if you can return it. To test--remove the battery and use the adapter alone.

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I have a weird BSOD problem here. I installed Windows 7 64 on my daughters Dell Inspirion 1525 over the Christmas break. The machine is still running all original equipment including 4 gig of ram, intel wireless card and the integrated Intel graphics. I run AVG free and Zone Alarm, both latest versions.

It has been running rock solid at home on my wireless network. It runs fine at her friends house off campus. As soon as she takes it in the dorm, it BSODs upon boot up. I had it home (where it boots fine) and double checked all drivers and flashed the BIOS to the latest version from Dell. Back to college and same result. I had her disable the wireless card and it booted. Plugged it in to an Ethernet port and it runs for a while then BSOD again. We changed out AVG for Avast but it still is getting the blue screen. I have attached a picture of the BSOD screen and the only minidump file I have managed to find so far. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

A:Dell Inspirion won't go to college

Quote: Originally Posted by bdtyrrell

I have a weird BSOD problem here. I installed Windows 7 64 on my daughters Dell Inspirion 1525 over the Christmas break. The machine is still running all original equipment including 4 gig of ram, intel wireless card and the integrated Intel graphics. I run AVG free and Zone Alarm, both latest versions.

It has been running rock solid at home on my wireless network. It runs fine at her friends house off campus. As soon as she takes it in the dorm, it BSODs upon boot up. I had it home (where it boots fine) and double checked all drivers and flashed the BIOS to the latest version from Dell. Back to college and same result. I had her disable the wireless card and it booted. Plugged it in to an Ethernet port and it runs for a while then BSOD again. We changed out AVG for Avast but it still is getting the blue screen. I have attached a picture of the BSOD screen and the only minidump file I have managed to find so far. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

bugcheck shows usbehci.sys as the culprit for this crash

* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *
*****************************... Read more

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My Ispirion has the default 3gb RAM, but that doesn't cut it anymore, and that's why I decided to upgrade it. But I don't know which is the limit of ram that I can buy, some websites say that the maximum is 6GB and others say its 8 GB. And also what should they say in terms of 2x2 or 2x4. Sorry, but I'm new in the RAM upgrading ambit. If I'm forgetting to add some specs, please tell me and I post them. Thanks!

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Anyone know a good GPU for Inspirion 530? I replaced the psu with a 550 watt one. Something less than 100 bucks too

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I have a Dell Inspirion 531 that is two years old, running Windows Vista.
I believe I may have a virus or something that is keeping me from booting up.
The computer will boot up to to log-on screen and then it suddenly goes into a Blue Screen of Death.

The code on the Blue Screen is Stop - 0X000007E. I get the same message when I try to go into safe mode.

Can anyone tell me what the code means?

It also tells me about getting a "hot fix" - it's a form of Windows update - how can I do this if I cannot log on.

Someone please help me!!!!

Thanks so much,

A:Dell Inspirion 531 & Blue Screen

Is this a 32bit OS or 64bit?

I would try a system restore, pick a date before the problem started.


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I read my discussions regarding the keyboard n aware of the problems.Q, A, Z, Caps, shift, control , fn esc, 1, ` doesn't work after long period of not using it.  I live in South Korea and in my country this product cannot be fixed. how can I get it fixed??

A:DELL inspirion 3148 Keyboard

Is there any liquid spillage / physical damage on the system? Does an external keyboard work fine on the system? Are the specified keys not working at all or do they work intermittently?
You could contact our Dell Reseller in your country and get the system serviced. If there is no warranty, it would be a paid service call - check your reseller options here - http://bit.ly/1OaGai4
Write me a private conversation with the service tag and your contact details(Name and Email) for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.

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I just got my brother's dell computer and it beeps at start up. It first sounds like 1 long and then a short but then it just repeats 2 short beeps. I googled it and all sound like ram problem...It has 4 sticks of ram and changing them around or just one and I even put in an older dds2 or NONE...I get the same beep. I even tried removing the CMOS battery and still the same beeps...can this computer still be saved?

A:dell Inspirion 546MT beeps

this is only like 2 years old and hardly used

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I have a Dell laptop that when trying to turn on, sounds as though its working but beeps and can hear clicking, power light flashing, but will not turn on.  Ive tried some of the quick fixes, except putting in the oven (scared of that), yet nothing has solved the issue

A:Dell Inspirion 15 5000 series

What is the exact model (5521, etc.) and beep pattern - 1, pause, 1, 3, pause 3, etc.?

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Everytime I close my lid, try to hirbernate my computer or try to shut it down it doesn't respond properly. When I open the lid again my pc won't turn on, it doesn't hibernate properly or shut off. It started when I "upgraded" my verson from w8.0 to w8.1. I read that it could be my graphic video driver, I updated it using the driver autodetect from AMD but nothing changed. My computer is a Dell Inspirion 15 (3537), on Device Manager > Display Adapters it says "AMD Radeon R9 M265X", but I believe that my graphic card is an AMD Radeon HD 8850M.
Should I change the driver installed by AMD, or the problem may be something else?
Thank you!

A:Dell Inspirion 15 not shutting off properly (w8.1)

[personal experience only]
I have found that the drivers from the Dell site are more compatible with their hardware than those from some manufacturer's sites.

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I have a dell Inspirion n5050 with a Intel Core i3-2330M processor wondering if a Intel Core i5-2540M (PGA) here is data I found to support compatibility  
Below is a complete set of Intel Core i3-2330M (PGA) and i5-2540M (PGA) benchmarks from our CPU benchmark database. Both microprocessors were tested on Supermicro X9SCV-Q motherboard with 2 GB dual-channel Crucial CT2KIT12864BC1339 DDR3-1333 SODIMM memory, and Integrated on-chip Intel Sandy Bridge graphics.
All tests were performed at default frequency and voltage, using manufacturer's stock fan/heatsink. None of the components were overclocked. Motherboard BIOS options were left at default settings.
The results of all benchmarks are broken into four categories: multi-threaded, single-threaded, memory intensive and graphics / gaming.

Sandy Bridge

Technology (micron)

Data width (bits)

Socket G2

Frequency (MHz)

Turbo Frequency (MHz)
3300 / 3100

Clock Multiplier

L1 cache
64 KB (code) / 64 KB (data)

L2 cache (KB)

L3 cache (KB)

Max temperature (°C)

TDP (Watt)




 received this data from http://www.cpu-world.com/Compare/488/Intel_Core_i3_Mobile_i3-2330M_(PGA)_vs_Intel_Core_i5_Mobile_i5-2540M_(PGA).html 

so is it compatible?


Yes, the CPU will work - just remember that unless your applications are CPU-intensive, it's not going to make a world of difference in overall performance (the graphics will remain the same, for one).
If the system is running a conventional hard drive, replacing that with a solid state drive will make a much more dramatic impact on overall system performance.

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Have a 2-n1 that I purchased a year ago key came off got brother ( major in IT)  to replace the key. After a hour of him taking the back off key was not fixed, instead computer is plugged in but not charging  in addition to touch screen not working and system is still very sluggish. Contacted Dell the tech's reply was that motherboard had stopped working. Tech never did a remote diagnostic on the laptop either. We tried to restore default settings. Ideas on problem please.

A:Dell inspirion 2-N-1 plugged in but not charging

Presumably the keyboard was replaced - if so, retrace the re-assembly to see if something like the DC jack or the display cable was left disconnected.

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