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Repairing/Accessing 2 Terabyte SATA drive without formatting?

Q: Repairing/Accessing 2 Terabyte SATA drive without formatting?

Ok. Quick question, hoping for some kind of good news, but all answers are appreciated!

Until very recently my main desktop pc was a 1.99 Ghz 64-bit single core with 4 gigs of ram, a Sapphire X1650 video card, 80 gig IDE drive, and a seagate 2 terabyte internal SATA hard drive. Running "Microsoft Windows XP Pro. SP3".

I had run out of room on the main hard drive for installing programs and whatnot, so I installed my newest game to the 2T drive. This didn't seem like that big of a deal at the time.

So I was sitting here playing my game when we got hit by a power surge. PC restarted, got to the bios screen and the computer stayed there. Unplugged it for a while then plugged it back in and it no longer did anything.

Long story short: Pretty sure the power supply got fried. ((old power supply info)) so I decided to switch towers since I'd been needing to upgrade anyway.

New tower has a Triple-Core Phenom processor 2.1ghz (64-bit) with 4 gigs of ram. 600 gb sata primary drive. Running "Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium SP1." Switched over the video card, no issues. Then I swapped the 2T over to the new tower... Once windows was done booting, it detected the new drive...

Things were looking good until I got a popup that said the disk needed to be formatted before it could be read. I exited out of the popup and restarted. After the boot I tried to access the Disk Management Utility. (Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Computer Management - Disk Manager) The whole computer hangs when the Disk Management tries to connect to Virtual Disk Service.

Ended up having to do a hard reset and for the time being, I have completely disconnected the 2T hard drive. Hoping to be able to find a way into it, even just to copy out the important files. At the time of losing access, I had less than 30 gigs of free space remaining. Thatís a lot of stuff to lose.

--Is there any chance that, because Win XP was still actively accessing the 2T hard drive, it might still be paired with that particular Win XP which is why Win VIS can't read it? Could this problem possibly correct itself if I were to plug the old setup back in with a new power source and let it run for a minute, then power down normally?

I tried to add as much info as might be needed for brainstorming. Will give more if needed. Let me know what you think.


Preferred Solution: Repairing/Accessing 2 Terabyte SATA drive without formatting?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Repairing/Accessing 2 Terabyte SATA drive without formatting?

You might be able to fix the corrupt partition table/file system of your drive using your drive's manufacturer utility (Seatools or WD Lifeguard) or you can also try Testdisk.

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System is based on FOXCONN 865A01-PE-6EKRS Mobo, with P4 CPU, 1.25 Gb RAM, NVidia 5700LE 8X 128Mb, CD-RW, and with a NTFS Seagate 250Gb SATA drive split into system and data partitions. It uses a Q-Tec 400W PSU which is reasonably new and has given no problem over the last few months. There is more hardware to connect like a second IDE drive but I have unhooked it all until I can sort out this problem. This is using WinXP Pro.

Out of the blue a couple of months ago the system started to blue screen every time the printer was used. This is a USB Brother HL-2030. I tried to solve this for a while and accepted I could just not use the printer. During this initial blue screen problem stage Windows would report afterwards that it was possibly due to an incompatible BIOS and CPU. I could not simply upgrade the BIOS as Foxconn give such poor support in this area, their web site gave nothing that the upgrade utility would use manually, the auto upgrade section of their Utilities does not work, and even a respected BIOS flash utility I was pointed at would not touch anything.

Then out of nowhere a week ago a worse problem occurred. When the system booted up it would start Windows ok but during the settling period it would spontaneously restart. This looping would continue ad infinitum. Sometimes it would only just have shown the desktop but other times it would get a minute or so into the process with background software finishing loading. You could not restart it without removing t... Read more

A:Formatting problem on SATA drive

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I had a PC with a 1TB Samsung Serial ATA HDD. The mother board packed up so I bought a new machine. I took the HD out of the old one and mounted it in an external drive housing. Over a number of weeks I managed to recover around 80% of the data from the old disk. I then decided to use that old disk as an external backup/archive drive. I thought the first thing to do would be to format it to clean it of any rubbish and start with a blank drive. However, although I have made several attempts I have failed! I keep getting a window that says I need to format it but when I click Format it says it can't format the drive!
There were no jumpers fitted to it when I removed it from the old machine and I can't see anything else that might need "adjusting" to enable me to format it.
As I said the drive is a Samsung Serial ATA around 2 years old.

It isn't recognised at all - I'd even use it without reformatting if that's my only option as at least it was mine from new!!
Both the original machine and my new one were/are working under Windows 7 - 64bit.

Has anyone got the magic spell to help me out of this fix please?

A:Problems re-formatting SATA Drive

Can you post a screen shot of Disk management?

Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums
Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image

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What is the sequence of steps I would have to take
to format a new Sata hard drive for use in a hard
drive docking station.

I have limited computer tech knowledge; however
I am capable of following a ?recipe-like? sequence
of steps for most tasks of this nature.


Some computer specs:

Microsoft Windows XP Pro
Version 2002
Service Pack 3
Intel? Core ?2 CPU
6600 @ 2.40 GB of RAM
2.41 GHz. 2.00GB of RAM

A:Formatting Sata hard drive

Hi -Make and model of the computer into which the new H/D will be installed -First have you already purchased the new SATA H/D and is it the same as you removed -If you have Did it come with an install disc - You may need to check the BIOS setup after installing -Thank You -

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I just picked up a new Seagate 500 GB SATA hard drive to replace my older ATA's. I am going to use Seagate's software to clone my OS onto the new one but want to create a partition for my OS.

Should I partition it before I clone the OS or do I do it after ?

Thanks folks !

A:Question on formatting a SATA drive

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Hi there

a few days ago i had a problem performing a clean install of Windows XP which is on another thread Link below:


I now have managed to install XP on my 60GB drive but when i try to format my 400gb SATA drive i cannot.

BIOS Sees my SATA drive and windows XP sees the drive as Unallocated. I tried formatting it in windows and Partition Magic 8 and both times windows seems to crash and hangs and there is nothing i can do but reboot to get back into windows.

Any Help would be appreciated.

A:Solved: Formatting New Sata Drive

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Hello all,

I currently have a Windows XP x64 installation that's about 3 years old and overdue for re-installation. Now, I like to keep all of my old installations' files (i.e. "Documents and Settings", "Program Files", "Program Files (x86)" and "WINDOWS") for a while after re-installation, in case there's something I forgot to copy.
In the past, I've always booted into BartPE to change the names of said directories before re-installing the OS. The problem I'm having is that BartPE won't boot on my current PC for some reason I've been unable to determine. (The screen just stays blank after the initial progress bar has filled up.)

The next thing I tried was to boot a Windows CD and rename the directories from the recovery console, but apparently that's not allowed; I got "Access denied" when I tried to rename Documents and Settings.

Matters are complicated by the fact that this is an NTFS partition on a SATA drive. For any boot CD to be able to help me, it will have to be able to deal with both.

So basically what I need is some way to rename the Windows/Program Files/etc. directories on an NTFS partition located on a SATA drive. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi Guys,

I have an 80g sata drive (secondary internal) that was getting quite full.

I went to buy a new terabyte drive and bought an external docking station while at it.

I swapped out the the two drives, thinking I would simply put the 80g in the docking station and transfer the 80g back over to the internal terabyte drive via the docking station.

However, W7 doesn't see the drive, as I remember an ide drive being seen from a docking station back in XP..

Any tips on ways to mount this drive or alternative workflows to migrate from the 80g to the tera without first swapping drives, copying to an external, swapping back and recopying?

A:Accessing SATA drive in USB docking station?

Welcome Mike14,

What is the make & model of the docking unit ? Is it IDE only, or Sata & Ide combo ? If you use an IDE in a docking unit or external case the IDE jumper needs to be set to master for the IDE HD.

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I have an older 30 GB SATA drive (FAT format) that I use for backups via USB. It works fine when I connect it to my Mac. When I connect it to my XP SP2 computer, device manager shows it's there without any conflict, yet I have no way to access it - there is no icon under My Computer for it.


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i purchased a new seagate 1TB Sata Hard Drive 3.5 inch to be used as an external USB Storage Drive. i installed it in a Vantec NexStar Cx External Enclosure. i formatted it using my windows xp desktop computer with the ''disk management'' utility in ''administrative tools'' the format went to 100% then an error message popped up saying ''the format did not complete successfully'' i tried to run ''CHKDSK'' and another error message popped up saying ''the requested could not be performed because of an i/o device error''

how do i fix the problem?

A:Problems Formatting A 1TB Sata Hard Drive

I would suggest removing the drive from the enclosure and hooking it up to the internal connections of your desktop PC and see if it will complete the format. If it does then I would suspect the enclosure is faulty, even some new ones can have faults.

If it doesn't complete the format run the hard drive diagnostics from Seagate to check the drive is 100%. You need to download the Seatools ISO (CD) image for DOS and burn to a CD with image burning software and boot the PC with the CD in the drive and the Bios set to boot first from the cd. This free software will do the burning isoimageburner
Diagnostics download from here Seagate, Maxtor & Quantum

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hello! i recently got blackscreened on my old dell. it would boot up to the log in screen and allow me to pass but would not load from there. from what i read online, this SATA cable would allow me to access my hard drive on another computer to possibly save some files. when i plug it in to the new computer, it recognizes the drive but when I click on it i get "Access is denied." I tried to go to settings-security-allow user permissions to access. When I did that I could see some file names I recognized flash by on the screen but it still wont allow me access. any help is greatly appreciated!!

A:trouble accessing hard drive via SATA cable


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Ok Guys and Gals, heres a good tech question for you all.

Ok first, some background. I have windows XP Pro loaded on a 60Gig Maxtor parallel drive. I recently bought my first SATA drive, since my new MB allows it. I transferred XP over to the new drive, using blastmax 4.0

The new SATA Drive is 200G, and I formatted it into 4 partitions, making the first one a windows bootable Drive, now my drive C. While I was doing this, I ran both Parallel and the SATA drives. THe 60 Gig was also formatted into 4 drives, C D E and F, just as the new one was; but xp assigned G H I and J to them until I removed the parallel drive from the system. Now the SATA drive reads C D E and F. It ran great for over 6 months now, without problems. However, that was before I had to renew my norton anti-virus/.

Recently I tried to upgrade my norton anti virus, from version 2004, (which was installed fresh when I changed my HD over, and thus I got another years worth of free virus def's), to 2006 from the disk I bought. It totaly crashed my system. From one set of errors to another, it totaly screwed up everything.

I loaded windows XP disk, and did a repair that did not work properly.. My system is slower then snot, and the Hard drive never shuts off. Not only that, my screen savings are never saved. And it seems as if I lost all of my System restore points.

So I want to reformat JUST the C section, and reinstall windows from SCRATCH. Now, is there a way to do that without loosing the partition ... Read more

A:Formatting SATA drive due to Norton Crashing it question

Move everything off of C:. When you go to do a clean install, just do a fresh install to the C: partition. You'll probably have to delete that partition and recreate it in windows setup. Windows Setup will see all of your partitions... As long as they are in NTFS or FAT32 (basic windows) formats. You may need to however, find a driver for you SATA controller for windows to detect it properly in setup. SO run setup and see if you can even see the drive first.

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Desktop hard drives holding 1 terabyte, or 1,000 gigabytes, of storage will likely debut in 2006

The first magnetic drive, the RAMAC created by IBM, weighed a ton and could hold 5MB of data on 50 24-inch circumference platters. Now people can get a one-inch drive that can be held in your hand that holds more than that.

A:Terabyte drive this yr

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Hi, I am running Windows XP Home Edition but do not have the original disk for it, so when I was having problems with my system a while back, I bought a new XP disk just in case I had to reformat my drive. I was able to get my system up and running without doing that by using a fix-it disk, but am concerned about future problems, so thought I would ask what to do should I encounter a problem that the fix-it disk cannot fix.
I have three main concerns, one is, can I use an XP disk that wasn't used to install XP on the system to repair the system or add components?
My second concern is, I have reformatted a drive many times that had been running Win98SE but have never done that to one that has been running XP, do I do things any differently to format a drive that has been using XP?
And my third concern is, I could only buy an XP upgrade disk so I know that should I reformat the drive I will have to install Win98SE first and then upgrade it to XP, are there are any steps I should take while doing that to avoid problems?

Thank you to everyone who can offer any help with these concerns

A:Repairing System and Formatting Disk

Hi Stang777, and welcome to BleepingComputer.Is the XP disk that you purchased a upgrade disk?

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I partitioned a 3 terabyte drive to use internal on my computer. It worked fine. I now want to restore it back to its default . I've saved all needed files and put it back into usb box and connected usb to computer. When I start format wizard it only shows 7?? Gig available to format. How can I restore to 3 terabytes?

A:Format 3 terabyte drive

Quote: Originally Posted by don6558

I partitioned a 3 terabyte drive to use internal on my computer. It worked fine. I now want to restore it back to its default . I've saved all needed files and put it back into usb box and connected usb to computer. When I start format wizard it only shows 7?? Gig available to format. How can I restore to 3 terabytes?

Post screenshot of disk management please

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I heard a friend talking about a 1 terabyte HD, only it wasn't for the PC, instead it was part of professional video editing equipment, and costs about £5000.

Now, I think he knows what he's talking about, but 1 terabyte? I mean, HDs are only on about 130Gb for the PC, at the max. Plus I think that this equipment is over 6 months old..so what's going on?

Is it possible to have that much storage?

A:1 Terabyte Hard Drive?

Originally posted by hdmk
Plus I think that this equipment is over 6 months old..so what's going on? Click to expand...

What's going on is that there are computers out there which are much more powerful than anything you see or get to use, or (probably) could ever afford. I am talking about machines that are used for more than just sitting in some kid's bedroom playing games and downloading mp3s - that's just the tip of the ice berg....

What I find more amazing than a 1 TB HDD is that you, in this day and age, actually seem to find a TB a lot of data. These days it is not. Not by a long shot.

I have 1/4 TB of HDD space approx, and its very easy to fill this space up. I would welcome a TB of disk space easy now that I have a cable modem internet connection at 512 kbps. Think about what space I will need when I can download whole DVDs instead of Divx rips..... at 7 GB or so a pop my TB will not last long....

Now a pecabyte or something... Now you are getting somewhere.... And certainly an exabyte.... Now you are scaring me. But I fail to find a TB HDD frightening in any shape or form and both hope and expect to be able to buy one some time very soon....

1000 GB is a terabyte.

1000 TB is a pecabyte.

1000 PB is an exabyte.

1000 EB is a zettabyte.

1000 ZB is a yottabyte.

Oh man... a yottabyte.... I don't think there is even a yottabyte of data in existence in the whole world.

1,000,000,000,000,000,000 MB in a... Read more

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I'm going to buy a 1 terabyte hard drive for backup, and could use your help here since I'm completely clueless on all the details - internal or external? is there a recommended manufacturer?


A:Help in buying a 1 terabyte hard drive

I like my Western Digitals ... But a Seagate is good also.
I'd suggest getting an Enclosure and an internal HD and making your own external.
It's best is the HD is the same type as used in your computer.

Does your computer use IDE or SATA ??

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a 2 terabyte hard drive today. I was using Diskeeper 2009 and it will no defragment a drive that big. Could some one give a link to diskeeper 2010 Pro , a link that I can buy the full version and not an upgrade, and not Diskeeper directly because they do not accept mastercard.

Thank you

A:Well I installed a 2 terabyte hard drive today

Is this what you were looking for? http://download.cnet.com/Diskeeper/3000-2094_4-10023645.html

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I have a two terabyte external drive which works fine with standard windows file searches and copies and so on. But the Windows Backup chokes. Could it be that the backup utility has not been upgraded to access such a large drive? If that it the case, would it help to partition it?

A:2 terabyte drive not usable in windows backup


AFAIK It's not the size of the drive, per se.
It's the physical format of the new external hard drives (native "4K" or 4KB sectors).
"Files and Folders" backup and manual copy/paste work fine, but "System Image" does not.

See here:

The native Windows 7 (and Vista and XP) backup utility does not support those new drives.

You'll probably need one of several 3rd-party backup software utilities, or one of several other workarounds.

I'll let the more expert forum members suggest some options.


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I updated my hard drive from a 500 gig to a terabyte and down my computer is running alot slower. I also installed Windows 7 Enterprise (32 Bit). I am using DDR2 Ram, with 6144 Mbytes, the total physcial memory is 3.24 gigs. Can anyone help me in resolving the speed issue??

A:Updated Hard Drive to a Terabyte and now computer running slow

you have 6gb of ram installed, but you are using windows 32bit.. that could be one reason you running slow, as windows 32bit will only show 4gbs of ram.. you need windows 64bit to have windows use and show all your ram... swapping hard drives should not slow your system down... was it a brand new hard drive or a used one??

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I managed to get hold of part 01HY319 for my trusty T460 and all works fine. It looks like this and converts from an NVME M.2 drive (M-key) to SATA Express connection on the motherboard.  SATA Express is only x2 PCI lines (rather than the 4 you get with "full" NVME support) so I was interested in performance. Performance before with a 1TB Crucial MX500 SSD SATA drive was like this  Performance afterwards with the 01HY319 part and a 1TB Samsung 960 Evo NVME drive was like this  Hope this helps anyone considering the upgrade.

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Last night, I tried to transfer a video file as I've done dozens of times. It didn't work. I tried a second time and realized it was because the file was more than 4GB which FAT32 USB drives will not accept.

I successfully formatted the new USB drive to NTFS.

My question is can I convert it back to FAT32? Can I do this using the same method (right-click drive checked off and optimized performance then right-click and select NTFS) I did from FAT32 to NTFS or is something else required?

Is it dangerous to due this? I will only be using this USB stick on my Windows laptops, dvd player and not on my iMac.

A:USB drive formatting back to FAT32 after formatting to NTFS

Hi and welcome to SevenForums,

You are correct, you can just format the drive back to FAT32 and no it shouldn't cause any issues doing this.
I have swapped between file system types many times and never had an issue.


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What is the best process to reformat my hard disk? it is SATA.. i will use winXP

A:formatting sata drives

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Well, as the title suggests, i'm the latest in what is seemingly a long line of people having trouble attempting to perform the same task - reformatting a laptop running on Windows XP to run on a fresh, clean, smooth, lovely version of XP SP2.

I have read through every single topic with reference to what I am trying to do, and am still COMPLETELY lost. I have tried absolutely everything I can think of, my friend can think of, everything that has been suggested on various websites to no avail. I must just be doing things wrong.
It is a Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Pi 1505 with a 60 GB Intel(R) 82801GBM SATA AHCI Harddrive. I know this EXACT problem, with the EXACT same laptop has been posted on here but it STILL managed to confuse me to the point of sweatting profusely and breathing heavily haha! Any help would be MORE than greatly appreciated... Thanks!

A:Problem re-formatting SATA HDD... Help! :(

Ive installed Windows XP on both the standard ATA and the SATA in a desktop. Ive also installed Windows XP on my laptop. You dont say at what point your difficulties with your installation are occuring. Have you deleted and then recreated and reformated partitions to your liking. Do you have a copy of Windows with SP2. Getting the OS on to your Laptop is fairly straight foward. Let us know at what point you are having problems.

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Hello everyone
I'm trying to install Windows 7 home premium 64 for about 5 hours...
The farthest i went once was at the % screen. It stucked at 0% ...

I'm trying to install this on a newly purchased computer with a Western digital 640Go caviar SE.

So my problem comes at the disk list screen, when i have to format my HDD.

I get several error messages [0x80300001;0x80300024;0x80300025;0x80300007; and some other i cant remember], sometimes the disk disapear (and sometimes it does in bios too), and there's no way to continue the install...

I tried many different solutions i found on the net:
Changed my sata cable
Changed my HDD power cable
jumpered pin 1&2 (first time i did this, it passed to the percent page, but stucked at 0%)
switched IDE & AHCI in bios
install mobo drivers

I cant format it with the prompt, it say there's no drive...

I can't test anything on other computers, it is too old to be compatible.
I'm going crazy !
Thanks in advance for any help you can bring me.

A:sata disk disappear while formatting

Welcome to the Seven Forums! TheOneWinged

First you will want to change the bios setting back to the Native ide setting. That only causes problems for any Windows installation without a set of AHCI drivers added for that type of custom install. You can see a guide for that. AHCI : Enable in Windows 7 / Vista

Next to get through pointing to the guide available here at SF it also depends on what type of 7 installation media you are using there. For a full version disk, Clean Install Windows 7

For an upgrade disk to see a clean install, Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version

Having a Gigabyte board here and running WD drives the first thing found was the need for the Native ide setting for both Sata II and Sata III installs. 7 should generally go right on without a hitch. The clean install also runs far better with the ide mode set from the start.

The one thing you may end up needing since the errors seem to point out the need for the Sata?Raid driver disk is downloading them to make a driver disk using a cd-rw while both Vista and 7 rarely need that for the newer boards. Yet this seems to work in some cases for both Vista and 7. Note the thread seen at SF's sister site. Vista Installation error 0x80300001 - Operating Systems

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I have a 500g Western Digital drive which has been removed from an otherwise dead NAS device. When I connect the drive to my computer (W7 64bit) it is detected in management but not in My Computer, so as such it is not allocated a drive letter and I cannot simply open it up and browse the files in explorer.

I have used EASUS Data Recovery and it has recovered all of the files, however this method loses all of the file names and organisation. These are 30,000+ files that I don't really fancy reorganising from scratch.

Does anyone have any ideas? Is there some way to make the drive readable as is?

A:Recovering data with formatting, SATA HDD from NAS

Check the permissions of the drive and take ownership:

1. Right-click the file or folder, and then click Properties.
2. Click the Security tab.
3. Under Group or user names, click your name to see the permissions you have.

To take ownership of a drive:

1. Right-click the drive (in Computer) that you want to take ownership of, and then click Properties.
2. Click the Security tab, click Advanced, and then click the Owner tab.
3. Click Edit. If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.
4. Click the name of the person you want to give ownership to (you)
5. Select the Replace owner on subcontainers and objects check box.
6. Click OK

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Hi all, thanks in advance.

I am repairing a laptop that was infected with a virus by reinstalling Windows 7 64bit after formatting.

Laptop specs, lacking because i didn't write it down before reinstalling:
hp dm4
465gb sata drive (the only hd on laptop)
4gb ram
intel dual core processor

previously installed with Windows 7 enterprise 64 bit, infected with virus with pop up ads and occasionally fail to boot.

What I did:
Don't have windows 7 bootable DVD, so I created a bootable USB with windows 7 enterprise 64 bit from Microsoft as a trial for IT developers. Booted to installation screen, detected 3 partitions on the SATA hd, and I tried to reformat all partitions into one. So I deleted the partitions into one unallocated space, and create a new partition with only 8mb unallocated space on the whole drive.

"Windows cannot be installed to this disk..." error shows up, and I restarted to BIOS diagnostics, which cannot recognize hd, so I booted to windows 7 setup from the USB again, opened command prompt (shift + F10), and did the following (X is the boot drive from usb):


DISKPART>LIST DISK \\disk 0 shows up as the empty hd





Then I restarted to Windows 7 setup, and since I completely cleaned it, now it doesn't have any partition, so I created new partition again with 8 mg unallocated space left.

Open command prompt again

... Read more

A:Cannot reinstall Windows 7 64bit after formatting infected SATA hdd

Why are you not Clean Reinstalling - Factory OEM Windows 7 with the licensed Win7 Home Premium 64 bit which came preinstalled on the that model? Anything less is a waste of a $100+ license you own for life of the machine.

What is the verbatim error message or fail point and when does it occur? Clean Install Windows 7

Exactly how did you write the ISO to flash stick? Try Universal USB Installer with Win7 in dropdown.

Is there a newer BIOS update?

Look in BIOS update to see if there is an EFI Boot disk in BIOS boot order. If so if you don't remove it then it requires special steps to install.

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I installed a Silicon Image SA3114-4R four-port SATA RAID card (PCI) on a P4M800-M7 mobo to add additional disk drives for data only. (I just need RAID0)

The case has a 6-slot backplane installed.

Slot number one is connected to one of the mobo's SATA connections, and the other mobo SATA connection is hooked to an internal HD that has the operating system on it. (XP Pro SP2)

I have three additonal SATA drives. The drive in slot one (hooked to the mobo) works fine. The drives in slots hooked to the SI card can be seen in Windows as healthy, onlline, basic, with correct sizes (465.75 GB) and drive letters.

However, when I try to format them, Windows returns a "The Format Could Not Complete Successfully" I can either do a quick format, and see the message right away, or a full format, and get to wait a couple hours before I get to see the message....I've tried it repeatedly.

I can swap drives between slots, and whichever drive is on slot one (hooked to the mobo) works fine and registers as being formatted NTFS.

Device Manager lists the SI 3114 as being correctly installed and working properly.

Also, when I boot up, I see both drives (with correct sizes) listed, then the message 'No valid device available' (something like that). It gives the option of pushing hotkeys to get into the RAID utility. When did that, it shows the drives as physical drives, but no logical drives. I tried creating a RAID set, and the BIOS util... Read more

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Got a new 3TB HD today which I use as external drive.
When I connect it with USB it seems to work fine. Windows sees it and I can format it.

When I conntect it with e-Sata, Windows says the Drive needs to be reformatted. As soon as I start a Quick format, Windows gives me an BSOD

That's a 64 bit system.

Any ideas? : )

A:BSOD on formatting 3TB HD connected with e-Sata / USB works fine


Please reconfigure windows to collect the correct info
You want small memory dumps - "MiniDumps"


And here are the instructions for posting:


Ensure you click the "GRAB ALL" button and then wait for each window to appear in turn and then click OK



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topic says it all accually

it's a sata 500g hd internal that I used with my win XP when I was to install vista I put all my stuff onto this Hd to do a clean install on another HD

everything went great at install no error and so on but when I went into Computer manament to atcivate it the only option I got was to "convert to standard disk"

it's Dynamic atm

the Disk is named: WDC WD5000AAKS-00YGA0 ATA

I use Vista Home Premium Oem Version

A:newly installed Vista HP and cant get my sata to activate without formatting it

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I had tp transfer my master Sata HD to my new computer as a slave, but as a lot of my files were saved under my user account folder (c:/documents and settings/[account name]), I can no longer access the folder. The HD works fine, but whenever I try to enter that folder, a pop-up appears saving "access denied...". I understand that this problem is due to the fact that I now have a new username etc on the new pc, as I am using a different master HD now. I have tried to rename my user account on this new pc to the same that was on the old computer, in the hope to be able to enter the folder. I still know my password etc for the old HD account if that makes any difference.

I use winXP SP2 and use SATA HD's...

Please help.


A:Transfer of old Sata HD to new comp - problem accessing files on winXP

This should help: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/308421

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I recorded some saved programs on my Dish Network DVR 622 to an external hard drive that formatted it for that purpose according to their instructions. Can the external hard drive now be reused by being hooked up to my standalone computer and reformatted or have I lost it because of that use? If so, how do I do it? I do not want to save anything on the drive--just format it and use it for a different purpose. I no longer have the Dish DVR. When I connect the external drive to my desktop I do not even see an icon for it in My Computer.
Thanks for any help.

A:Formatting external drive after dvr formatting


its possible it has been formatted using a non standard file system, use disk manager to view the drive and remove any partitions on it, then use disk manager to recreate parttions on the drive

Start >settings> control panel> admin tools >computer management >disk manager.

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Am running a new Lenovo G570 laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium. Attempting to access my IDE ATA/ATAPI controller (Intel Mobile Express Chipset SATA AHCI controller) to check for DMA settings. Getting nowhere, because what I get is a message that tells me it is working properly. No opportunity to see whether or not it is running as DMA or PIO. The computer has Intel Core i3 installed, and the driver was preinstalled when I purchased the machine. Have attempted to rip a DVD, and while it worked, it took a looooong time to load and the result was not particularly useful (short homemade DVD that duped three times!). Is it possible to access settings beyond "working properly" so that I can be sure that the rip/burn process is OK? Help appreciated! Thanks, Jacko.

A:Accessing Intel Mobile Express Chipset SATA AHCI Controller for DMA

Maybe you can have a look at those two threads:

reset dma can i do it?
Hard Drive changes to PIO Mode 4 - can't change back to DMA

Hope this help and welcome to SevenForums!

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hi all i am new to this forum and could do with some help please.

i recently brought a asus pc tower which came with windows 8.1 installed.i am finding that c drive keeps needing to repair on start up.i keep checking in c drive tools section and c drive shows no faults but at least once a week when pc is switched on it needs to repair its self.

my knowledge of pc is very basic so any help in it most simple terms would most helpful.

many thanks

A:c drive keeps repairing?

Windows X key + X, select Command Prompt (Admin)
Type: sfc /scannow

If it is unable to correct all corrupt system files, type:
Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

Then the sfc command again,

These processes will take a while to run, let them run.

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I want to transfer data from my hard drive in my laptop (Lenovo Y480) to a hard drive in my desktop. the cables for the sata adapter do not fit the hard drive from the laptop. Is there a different form for a 2.5 hard drive and a 3.5 hard drive?

A:sata to usb adapter cable dosen't fit sata hard drive in laptop?

Does the drive have an adapter need to remove to expose the SATA conenctors? I don;t see anything about the Y480 not having a standard SATA drive and laptop and desktop SATA connectors are the same.

Maybe post pictures of both the drive and your SATA cables.

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I have to replace my original hdd on my 9 year old Dell XPS 8100. The desktop  has an i7 chip so I'd hate to replace it with a new i7 PC because they are expensive.The bad drive is an esata drive. I notice that current crop of hdd's seem to be sata III drives. Will the old Dell PC mother board  on the desktop support the new sata III drivesIf I replace the bad hard drive would I be able to restore the W7 OS and all my data by using a macriumbackup file on the desktops external  backup drive?
Thanks for your help!

A:Can old oem sata hard drive be replaced with a new current generation sata III hdd on an 8 year old xps 8100 with an i7 chip??

Any 3.5" SATA drive will work.
As long as the system is in working order, and you purchase a SATA data cable for the additional drive, you should have no trouble cloning the existing drive to a new one.

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Hi, hopefully should be straight forward enough...

I have just bought one of these space saving Acer Revos which does not come with an Optical drive.

I have a Blu-ray reader (dvd writer) which is SATA, but the Revo only has USB or eSATA.
So... i was wondering what is needed to get this (SATA) drive to work via eSATA or usb?

Is it as simple as a SATA to eSATA cable or will this not give the necessary power to the drive?

Or do i need an eSATA enclosure, and if so what size for an optical drive 5.2?

Cheers for any help.

A:New PC with no optical drive or SATA connection (can i use a SATA drive in it?)

Ya no problem use it. For more details contact us at www.sacatech.com

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Hi, i'm new to this site but very familiar with technology, i built this machine myself.
im currently running off my old HD but i want to reinstall windows onto my new SATA hardrive (160GB) this one is an IDE. The BIOS and Nvidia Raid config recognize the drive but the windows installation does not. I was reading this thread on this site that i foudn from google


because he has the same MB as myself but different hard drives. I am currently in the process of trying what he did but i do not have a floppy drive. I only have a 1 CD drive and a 16GB floppy drive. i'm going to try these routes first for the configuartion software but if not im going to see if i can find one laying around.

IF i cant find one and the CD/flash drive don't work is there another way to try the methods described in the previous web link?

*Hard Drives are Western Digital Caviar

A:Installation Problems of Windows XP onto SATA HD. SATA Drive not recognized.

Most newerBIOS allow an Alternate method for SATA . . Go into the bios and check the "Sata Operation" setting, change it to "Raid Autodetect/ATA if it is not already. Now try to install XP ( Verbage will vary by manufacturer )

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Hi guys,
My old A215-S4747 has a Toshiba SATA drive (200 GB, model name: MK2035GSS) in it. However when i look at device manager, the drive appears to be configured over IDE bus, rather than SATA bus. I know, old motherboards were providing such option in order to eliminate compatibility issues with older OSes like XP, however this machine has Vista (SP2) by factory default.

I wanted to upgrade the drive (it's really aged) with a new faster SATA drive, but i couldn't find any option to configure it as SATA (not IDE) under BIOS!

I'm attaching screenshots here, and really disappointed about it. If i bus brand-new SATA drive, will it be forced to run over IDE channel (UDMA 5 max) which is really slower than SATA.

It seems Toshiba left no such option in BIOS and configured drives automatically as IDE eventhough they're actually SATA-provided.

Screenshots here:






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My windows 8 HP laptop keeps getting scanning and repairing drive D 100% complete and just stays there and nothing happens. And sometimes it goes on and it just becomes a black screen... My laptop was shut down for a few weeks and this happened and I need it again now... I got a new laptop which is why it stayed off but now i need it again. What should I do? I don't care if everything on it gets erased. I actually prefer to format it. Moreover, my f keys dont work nor does my escape button.
Any suggestions?

A:Repairing and fixing drive D

System Recovery Options - Boot to in Windows 8

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Quick question, I have Windows 8 and i got it from the online download upgrade from 7, but I don't have my windows 7 disk anymore. Now the Action Center has a message to "restart to repair drive errors" and when I click it, a little clock thing appears on it, but nothing happens. This has been for days now, I did some googling and saw that you need to reboot with installation media to repair these errors. Is that the only way? Is there a place I can download just the media for repairing my drive or something? I would really like to get this done, there are certain things I need to do that aren't working because of this issue (and I know it is this, I have run every malware and anti-virus scan I can find to make absolute sure my computer is not infected with something). Any help is msot appreciated.

A:Repairing drive errors

I think all it is going to do is run CHKDSK when you restart your computer.
To do this, open the command prompt (search for CMD, make sure you "run as admin").

At the prompt type CHKDSK /f

It will fail, which is normal, and will ask you if you'd like to run it on the next restart. Say yes, and restart, and let it do its thing."

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Recently, Wii would not accept any of my discs. I was able to take apart the Wii, and specifically, the top metal case to the DVD/CD reader. There was a dark gray, thin, magnetic disk attached, with what looked like old glue on one side.

I've seen numerous things about the XBOX spindle motor magnet, but I don't know where I'm supposed to glue this magnet in the Wii. I am assuming it's to help stabilize the disc. Without it in there, the Wii works fine, but I'm concerned I'll start scratching discs without this thing in there.

Also, if it's supposed to glue to the spinning mechanism, how spot-on does the placement need to be.....will it wobble if not perfectly placed.


A:Repairing Wii disc drive

ummm...i ahve no idea..but i belve it would be easier to just replace the whole disk drive...if u can get ahold of one....

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Hope this is the correct forum. A while back I got a thing from World Start that you could use to take the hard drive out of a computer you're not using and use it as an external/backup hard drive on the computer you are using. It also said you could run scans, and use your anti virus/anti malware stuff from the good computer to try to fix the one you took out of the other computer. That's what I need to do. But I can't figure out how. I know I have it hooked up correctly, because I show that I now have an E drive. It's also ready to be used as a backup.But considering the HD is messed up using it for a backup would be a dumb idea. If I can get the HD fixed I will either keep it as an external hard drive for the computer I'm using now, or put it back in the old computer, and have 2 good pc's Can anyone give me help on how to fix, or run scans on an external hard drive? As always thank you.

A:Repairing a hard drive

If there is physical damage with the drive, no software application is going to fix that. If there is not any physical damage, a format or possibly re-partitioning the drive could fix the issue.

Sure you can format/scan a drive and flag bad sectors. However it has been my experience once a drive starts showing bad sectors, the count of bad sectors continue to grow. This is not to mention several sectors that barely pass testing and are not flagged as bad which severely hender HDD performance.

Short(long) story;
I once was having issues with an external drive. I formated the drive and no luck, I was still loosing access to my files. I was no longer able to read some of the files which were stored. I had deleted the partition and created a new one which didn't seem to help either. The format was not showing anything wrong with surface scans.

I then preceded to remove the drive for physical servicing (what little I could actually do anyway). I pulled the printed board off the platter housing and check the contact for tarnish between the board and platters. No luck, I then decided there was little hope for the drive and also pulled the platter cover off (yes it is highly recommended not to do) and looked around on the inside of the platter chamber. I could not see anything wrong with the drive. There was no tarnish, nothing was loose, no bad sectors, but yet my files were not safe when stored on the drive.

At this point I had just about given up on the drive and an i... Read more

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Alright, first off I tried to search the forums and couldn't find a similar issue but forgive me if it's been posted somewhere before.

My co worker dumped his lap top on me with a bad hard drive and now I'm in a pickle.

Apparently when he said "Yes he had the restore disks and new drive" he meant, "Hey, I have a Microsoft Office disk and the drive."

Dell is being bothersome about mailing a restore disk because my co workers information wasn't matching their's.

Bottom line is I was trying to just see if I could restore the old one to factory settings since I couldn't see any burn spots, or chips and it honestly SEEMS to be in good condition. If nothing else I figure it'd be faster and he could return the new drive.

However, everything I've read said there should be a "Repair computer" option unde advanced boot options. His inspiron does not have that. The closest two options are, "Last known good configuration (advanced)" and "Directory services restore mode"

At this point I'm just wanting to get this fixed and if I have to, I'll just drop cash on it if I have to but I'd prefer not.

Can anyone give me a hand on resetting this to factory defaults?

A:Repairing hard drive.

Before referring this to our Hardware Forum, how was it determined the HD was bad? Was a test run?

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I Have just managed to use raw copy to copy a corrupted hard drive on to a partition on my laptop. I then converted it successfully onto a separate partition.

After shutting down my laptop I tried to use it later on and found that it wouldnt boot up fully. The message says scanning and repairing drive 36%. one hour later it still displayed the same screen. I can only assume that it is the raw partition causing this. I am using windows 8 pro, not the upgrade. Any ideas? Many thanks.

A:scanning and repairing drive

Welcome to Eightforums.

For the old HDD,Check the hard drive with the manufacturer's diagnostic tools.

Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities (Storage) - TACKtech Corp.
Hard Drive Diagnostic Procedure
For migrating the OS from old HDD to new Hdd.
How to Migrate OS to new Hard disk.
You may find the old HDD is to corrupted to use.

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Hello everyone,
Im using windows 8.1 which came out with my laptop.
Problem is that, that "scanning and repairing drive ( c : )" stuck at 10% completed...
Today I installed latest TuneUp utilities program, and it recomended me to use ' disk doctor' , after that, Ive restarted laptop as it asked, and now all i see is HP logo and that line, where it says ' S. and R. drive C : 10% completed ..
It been like that for a hour or so...
I had did disk scan n repair month ago as well, but then everything worked without any problems. Then (month ago) and now, while this scan and repair is working, I hear some kind of sounds coming out from my laptop. Like clunking,very quiet beepinv or clicking something like that( never heard these sounds, while i boot and use my laptop normaly).
Ive red in this forum about same situation, but didnt got correct answer.

Is there anyway to cancel this scan? I tried holding power button and restarting like that- on boot it goes on s and r. again, and stucks at 10% ..
If no, how long it will take to scan and fix c disk, if it has 1TB in in?

Thanks for reading, i hope somebody will answer :c

A:Scanning and repairing drive

wizthis, I assume you're running chdsk? I have a one TB drive as well and it took several hours to complete. For me it was stuck at 27%. How long it actually took, I don't know as I walked away and left it alone; it was several hours at least. I found no way to stop it so I just let it run.

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