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Solved: Memtest86 What In The? (Picture)

Q: Solved: Memtest86 What In The? (Picture)

Hey so I ran Memtest and came up with this (see picture) I have no clue what I am looking at. Do I need to replace my ram? Thank you for your time!

Preferred Solution: Solved: Memtest86 What In The? (Picture)

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Solved: Memtest86 What In The? (Picture)

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Hi, I have been having some problems with my PC randomly restarting while I'm using it and after googling the message shown on the bsod I found it was most likely caused by overheating cpu or bad ram. I have checked the cpu and the temp doesn't appear to be unusually high so I don't think it is that. I would now like to test my ram using memtest86. I was just wondering how to go about it. Firstly, how many passes should I let run and I also need help interpreting the results. Is it ok to have some errors? How many is a problem? Sorry if this sounds stupid, I don't really know much about it.

A:Solved: Memtest86 Help

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I went to the memtest.org site to use the software provided there to test my memory. My PC is rebooting on its own and I want to check to see if maybe the problem is memory related.

But, I don't know which version of memtest to use, or how to use it when I choose it. Can someone help me. I have a emachines desktop with vista software. Thanks!

Here are my choices:
** Memtest86+ V4.10 (04/05/2010) **

Download - Pre-Compiled Bootable ISO (.gz)
Download - Pre-Compiled Bootable ISO (.zip)
Download - Pre-Compiled Bootable Binary (.gz)
Download - Pre-Compiled Bootable Binary (.zip)
Download - Auto-installer for USB Key (Win 9x/2k/xp/7) *NEW!*
[*]Download - Pre-Compiled EXE file for USB Key (Pure DOS) *OBSOLETE*
[*]Download - Pre-Compiled package for Floppy (DOS - Win)


A:Solved: memtest86

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Hi all

my computer keeps coming up with code 0x0000008e which i have been told that its a ram fault. the ram is new 2gb. the company i bought it from told me to run memtest from boot up as i cant run windows xp at moment.

memtest86.com has a bootable iso download which i have done and extrcted so on. but it comes up as an unreconised file

now i have writen to disk and set up bios to 1st boot but i cant get it to work

allso downloaded winzip which picked up the files and copyed that to disk but still will not work. i must be being thick or stupid and missing some thing can any help talk me through using it

thanks simon

A:Solved: Memtest86 help needed

Hi, just to be clear, you have downloaded the iso file and burned it to a disk and set your bios to boot from the disk, also you should have burned it at a slow speed using an iso burner.



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So I've been struggling with this problem for nearly 2 months now. At first, 3 of my 6 ram sticks were bad. Had to have them replaced twice for ocz to send me a second set of functional ram. After verifying that each individual stick works, I put in all 6 again, I get 3-7 errors per pass, regardless of what settings I use for the memory. I get a replacement mobo. Run memtest again, and I get the exact same errors. The same failing address, same everything. So I have intel replace my cpu, since Asus' tech support said that was the only remaining component that could possibly be at fault. Just put in the new cpu, guess what? Same faults, same address, same everything.

When I tested everything, I ran each stick individually in the first socket of the first bank. Each passed. I ran 3 sticks, filling the first bank. All passed. I put 1 in the first socket of the first bank, and filled the second bank. Each passed. The only time it fails the test is when there are 6 sticks in. The failing address is the same, regardless of where I move the sticks, after changing motherboard, after changing the cpu.

Not sure if it shows my system to people, so in case it doesn't, I have:

i7 920 d0 and c0
Asus p6x58d
2 sets of ocz3g1600lv6gk (6 total 2gb sticks of 1600mhz ddr3)
corsair cmpsu-950tx
asus radeon 5870

I'm stumped. I have no idea what it could be, but this is starting to drive me insane.

A:Solved: Can't pass memtest86+...

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A quick question just about memtest86.

How long should I keep it running to determine if my RAM is faulty or not?

It took about 21mins for 1 complete pass with a 4GB 800mhz stick which is supposed to be dual channel. I looked around and apparently anything <20 passes is considered useless, so should I just leave it on all night?

If it does find errors while im sleeping will anything affect my computer?

If this is the wrong section, im sorry, please move it to the correct subforum..

My original thread where people have told me to run it to test for problems which is mostly coming from my RAM- BSOD | Programs constantly crashing

A:[SOLVED] Memtest86 Question

7 or 8 passes would be adequate. If there are errors, it's time to replace the stick.

If you have multiple sticks of memory, be sure to test them one at a time.

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hi everyone. i downloaded memtest86 iso version and burned it onto moserbaer pro cd-rw.
now i want to erase it. but when i put it in the drive keeps reading and hdd keeps working and the pc simply goes sluggish. please help!

A:Solved: How to erase cd-rw that contains memtest86???

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Just a suggestion for users here who need to perform RAM tests to rule out hardware issues: Memtest86+ 5.01 has a bug with CPU multicore support (Parallel), as it hangs after some time testing and the only safe way to perform the tests is in single core mode, which is extremely low. This usually happens with test #7:

Memtest86+ is freezing while running test #7

The original proprietary version, Memtest86 6.2.0 Free, does not have this bug, which it means it performs the passes much, much faster than Memtest86+. Apparently, older builds of Memtest86+ do not hang with multicore support enabled as well.

Another advantage of Memtest86 over 86+ is that it supports EFI+GPT, so you don't need to disable Secure Boot on UEFI menu to boot the USB drive with Memtest86 installed like you do with 86+, as it's installed only in MBR. The tests are the same, it perform 4 passes and it can even save a report in HTML format after ending the test. You can download the free version here:

MemTest86 - Download now!

Here is the report in PDF so you can have an idea:


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Hi everyone, im having trouble getting my q9550 stable at 4.0 ghz. i have an asus rampage formula, good cooling, yada yada. Right now I'm at 33C for all the cores at 3.74 ghz with the fsb at 440 and mult at 8.5. Suggestions?

Also, I have xp 64-bit and I can't for the life of me figure out how to install memtest86+. This is a big problem, please show me how.

A:Solved: Overclock Q9550/ Can't install memtest86+

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Hello, thanks in advance for your time... I sure hope you can help... Okay, I have a dell dimension 3000 running windows xp sp3 that we use at our church to run a PowerPoint 2007 presentation for our songs to display on a projector. The problem is that more often than not the PowerPoint will crash and sometimes the entire system for no apparent reason. I have uninstalled word and reinstalled to no avail, it is still happening. I decided to start trouble shooting so I downloaded the memtest86 v2.11 and I am getting fails during test 2. Not sure if that means it is the ram or if it is a hardware conflict. Aside from a potential ram problem I am wondering about 3 other possibilities.

1. Could it be the way I have set up the video to run 2 monitors? I currently have purchased and installed a Zotac Nvidia GeForce 5200 video card which I plug the projector into and it acts as the primary monitor. The 2nd monitor a NEC AccuSync LCD5v monitor is plugged into the on-board video slot. Neither one of the settings for these video cards seem to recognize that I have two monitors plugged in, so not sure if that is the source of the crashes? If I should hook them up differently or what?

2. Within the PowerPoint itself is over 300 hyper links (one for each song plus one to end the song and return to main PowerPoint) I run it in presenter mode.

3. Also have a macro on one slide so it can function as a white board. Main PowerPoint has 6 slides. Not sure if the hyper links or the macros cou... Read more

A:Solved: Memtest86 + v2.11 errors PowerPoint Crashes

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I have been infected by "about blank" before and repaired it, this one is annoying me...help!

A:Solved: Click to see larger picture...about blank pops up with no picture!

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I've recently run a memory test on my laptop using MemTest86+ 4.0. While the scan came back fine for the memory, something interesting happened. The "walltime" for the test was running at about 1/3 of real time, meaning that a scan that said it ran for 3 hours...really took about 9 or so.

I've run MemTest on other machines and never had this happen. Since I was running this from a CD (pre-windows boot) does this mean that perhaps I have some sort of other hardware or low-level software issue? Why would the test run so slowly?

Many thanks!

A:Solved: Slow "wallTime" in MemTest86+ 4.10

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I've gotten recent BSOD's, first i took my computer to the store and my graphics card was messed up. That was some months ago and i got a new graphics card. The BSOD's still occured though and last night I ran memtest86 for 4 passes and? it had 40 errors. Is it pretty much safe to assume that getting new ram will fix my problem?

A:Ran memtest86

No, that is not guaranteed. You may have other problems in addition to memory. That being said the memory must be fixed. If you have a dump report, you can download it here and we will analyze it for you.

I will not be around most of today, so you will probably be helped by another member.

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I am having problems that could be related to bad memory, and have been told to use a program called memtest86.

After downloading it, the readme tells me to put the program onto a floppy and restart the system.

I dont have a floppy disk drive installed.

I have a fdd but it didn't work when I connected it up. I didn't really see any need for it at the time so I disconnected it.

Is there any way to run this program without a fdd?

Would it work if I burned it to cd?

Is there any other programs that I could use?


A:memtest86. With no fdd?

re-visit the web site, has a section for creating a bootable cd that runs the program

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Have downloaded Memtest86 and have made a bootable floppy but do not know what to do next. The Readme file is convoluted to say the least.

Could anyone here give a brief outline how to use it or tips on using it ?


A:Does anyone know how to use Memtest86?

It's real hard, here's the steps.

Put blank formatted floppy in drive.
Place floppy in system to be tested.
Boot from the floppy.

Now, wasn't that difficult?

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Based on the well-known original memtest86 written by Chris Brady, memtest86+ is a port by some members of the x86-secret team, now working at www.canardpc.com. Our goal is to provide an up-to-date and completly reliable version of this software tool aimed at memory failures detection.

9/22/09 - memtest86+ 4.00

*** Enhancements in v4.00 : ***New Features Major Architectural changes
First pass twice faster (reduced iterations)
Detect DDR2/3 brands and part numbers on Intel DDR2/3 chipsets
Added detection for Intel "Clarkdale" CPU
Added detection for Intel "Gulftown" CPU
Added detection for AMD "Magny-Cours" CPU
Added detection for Intel XMP Memory
Added for CPU w/ 0.5/1.5/3/6/12/16/18/24MB L3
Added "clean" DMI detection for DDR3/FBDIMM2
Better detection of Integrated Memory Controllers

Bug FixesCorrected detection for Intel "Lynnfield" CPU
Corrected detection for AMD 45nm K10 CPU
Solved crash with AMD Geode LX
Complies with SMBIOS 2.6.1 specs
Fixed compilation issues with gcc 4.2+
Many others bug fixes


A:Memtest86+ 4.00

Thanks, Aaron.

I'll be grabbing a copy as soon as I can. When dealing with computer problems, and suspicion falls on the RAM then this is an excellent tool to confirm or eliminate RAM troubles. I know that there is a RAM testing tool that is available from the boot menu, but, because this relies on your system still being functional enough to load files from the HDD, it has its limitations. A copy of this program can be placed on a CD and, because it is bootable, can be run directly from there when you restart/boot your system (make sure that your CD/DVD comes before your HDD in the boot order).

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when running memtest are a few errors ok? or am i going for 0 errors no matter what? does 5 errors mean that one of the sticks of ram is bad? or does it have to be like 100's of errors?

i should narrow it down by slot/stick right? (use known good slot with each stick, then use known good stick in each slot)

A:memtest86+ v4.10

You want no errors. Any errors indicate a problem.

A good test is to install one stick at a time into RAM Slot 1 (or A1) and run Memtest on it. Do each stick one at a time. If only one stick shows errors then you have your culprit. If All sticks show errors then you want to do the test in another slot.

Let us know.

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I've had some BSOD's of different flavors for about a year in my first build(see system specs). All of them have been resolved, some quickly and some have lingered before I dropped the hammer.
I got another one 4 days ago so used memtest86+.
Since I have 2 sticks of 2GB each I just tested them both. I got 12 errors in 8 minutes, went out for 3 hours and had 140 errors.

So I figured the problem was resolved, only to find out if it was the ram or the MB slots.

So I ran stick #1 in slot #1, no errors.
then stick #2 in slot #1, no errors.
I figured it was slot #2 by then.
So ran stick #1 in slot #2, no errors.
and then stick #2 in slot #2, no errors.

I ran each test for about 2 hours and at least a few passes.

So Then just ran the original configuration, stick #1 in slot #1 and stick #2 in slot #2.
No errors since.

What could be the problem?

One idea I had is that there was maybe a spec of dirt/dust between the contacts.

The other area I noted is that when I put the ram in I would get it down pretty far and use the tabs at the ends of the slot to 'grab' the ram and seat it.

But the last time I put the ram in I just pushed down and the tabs automatically moved to the close position.

What about memory controller? Could this be a problem and where is it/what file is it?


Quote: Originally Posted by George1

I've had some BSOD's of different flavors for about a year in my first build(see system specs). All of them have been resolved, some quickly and some have lingered before I dropped the hammer.
I got another one 4 days ago so used memtest86+.
Since I have 2 sticks of 2GB each I just tested them both. I got 12 errors in 8 minutes, went out for 3 hours and had 140 errors.

So I figured the problem was resolved, only to find out if it was the ram or the MB slots.

So I ran stick #1 in slot #1, no errors.
then stick #2 in slot #1, no errors.
I figured it was slot #2 by then.
So ran stick #1 in slot #2, no errors.
and then stick #2 in slot #2, no errors.

I ran each test for about 2 hours and at least a few passes.

So Then just ran the original configuration, stick #1 in slot #1 and stick #2 in slot #2.
No errors since.

What could be the problem?

One idea I had is that there was maybe a spec of dirt/dust between the contacts.

The other area I noted is that when I put the ram in I would get it down pretty far and use the tabs at the ends of the slot to 'grab' the ram and seat it.

But the last time I put the ram in I just pushed down and the tabs automatically moved to the close position.

What about memory controller? Could this be a problem and where is it/what file is it?

Ok lets assume it fails first time when the machine is fairly cold but does not in later runs. maybe heat, or power... Read more

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Fixed issues with USB keyboards. The USB keyboard functionality is memory mapped into a portion of low memory on some (maybe many) machines, typing on a USB keyboard changes some values in RAM as the key presses are stored in memory as you type. This can cause the keyboard to become unresponsive during testing or input from the keyboard to generate errors in the tests.
Fixed crash when configuring memory ranges. Changing the meory range during the first test, or changing the memory range multiple times during later tests could cause the current test number to become negative, triggering a crash.
Fixed highest error address not reporting correctly on error.
Fixed error counters overflowing and reseting to 0 after too many errors.
Fixed max contiguous error reporting.
Cleaned up some UI text.
The Windows USB package now includes ImageUSB to make creating Memtest86 USB drives easier.

PassMark MemTest86 - Memory Diagnostic Tool

A Guy

A:MemTest86 V4.2.0

I have always used this site.

Memtest86+ - Advanced Memory Diagnostic Tool

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hey guys!
hey i have a question, i have been having issues with my pc bad slow downs, i mean my pc is so slow that i actually have wait about 2 minutes from going to one place another, and there are times that i have to go back of the pc and shut it down manually, because it take to dam long to shut down. so a friend of mine recommended to do a memtest86 and i ran it but there is one thing how do u tell what wrong what do i have to look for in the test to let me know that the memory is bad.
just incase these are specs to my pc, if by any chance is not enough information please let me know.
thank you i really appreciate any help you guys can give me.

My spec are:
A8N32SLI Motherboard
Kinston Hyper X Memory 2GB but 4 sticks of 512
2 SLI 7900 GT/GTO Video Cards
CPU DualCore AMD Athlon 64 X2, 2200 MHz (11 x 200) 4400+


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I created a bootable test floppy disk and on startup ive just got codes on the left hand side of the screen and it sounds like the floppy drive is constantly trying to be accessed quite rapidly thes are some of the codes


its been doing this for about 30 minutes now

is this normal ?


I have had issues with the latest version of Memtest. It doesn't seem to work on some of our newer computers at work. Works on the older ones. If I use an older version of memtest it seem to work fine on our newer computers.

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Found it in the system reserved partition. How can it be removed?


It can be included as part of BIOS tools and system diagnostic software. (as well as downloaded and run standalone). It's a great thing to have on your system at some stages (ram troubles), is very small and only runs from the BIOS... Does not run under Windows as far as I know.
Why would you want to remove it?

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Ive tried a few tuts and nothing has worked for me. My mini can boot usb hdd already. if i have it formatted as fat/32 it says please remove all removable media. If I format it as ntfs it looks for bootmgr. How can I run memtest86+ with my usb drive? I need to check my ram and I have heard windows memory diagnostic doesnt always find whats wrong. I heard one person found nothing with windows but memtest86 found over 5k errors.

Please and thankyou.

A:memtest86+ from a usb?

I followed this tutorial:
How to format a USB memory key

Worked fairly well for me.

To run MemTest just place "mt400.exe" (or whatever version you're using) in the root of the key after following the above tutorial, then type "mt400.exe" once you're at the command prompt.

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Can anyone provide a step by step explaination of how to do a memtest using the memtest86 tool using a cd on windows XP Media Center?


A:Need Help w/ memtest86

1. Download the memtest86 iso file
2. Burn the iso file with an appropriate burning software (Nero, Roxio, CDBurnerXP Pro <-free )
3. Boot from the cd (you'll need to set the cd drive to be booted before the hard drive).

You are likely screwing up step 2. You do NOT want to end up with a cd that contains the .iso file you downloaded. The iso is a disk image, it is essentially a 1 file package of a bunch of files that go on the cd, your burning program has a way to burn that iso file as an image, this is what you must choose.

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is memtest86 suppsoed to stay just pretty much doing nothing, like its running right now on my other computer and it has a contant noise reading from the floppy it has the same thing displayed on hte screen but you can tell its changing jsut keeps redoing the same thing is it supposed to do this?


that is what it has all teh way down the screen, it keeps repeating.


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Im on Corsair Technical Support and they want me to install and run Memtest86+. The only thing is, I have no clue what the heck I am doing. Can someone plz tell me what to do, this is the link they gave me http://www.memtest.org/ . Can any one tell me which one to DL and what to do after I install it. Thank You

A:Memtest86+ Need help

You may want to check these:


Product help, info and downloads

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Hello, everyone.
What is 1 full pass of the memtest86? How do you determine or gonna know when 1 full pass of the test has completed? I would appreciate an answer to this question that i really need to know.


When you use the normal test sequence of Memtest86 it will run through eight seperate tests.
You will see the individual test being used in the upper right corner of the screen.
Test 0 - Address test, walking ones, no cache
Test 1 - Address test, own address
Test 2 - Moving inversions, ones and zero's
Test 3 - Moving inversions, 8 bit wide pattern
Test 4 - Moving inversions, random pattern
Test 5 - Block move, 64 moves
Test 6 - Moving inversions, 32 bit
Test 7 - Random number sequence
Test 8 - Modulo 20, ones and zero's.

Once all eight test have been completed you will see (about mid screen) "Pass" (third from the end before "Errors" and "ECC Err(or)s") under that will be the number of successful passes you have run. There will also be a notification below that to the same effect.
Screenshot here: http://www.memtest.org/pics/i875-big.gif

There is also a ninth test. From the release notes:

The bit fade test initializes all of memory with a pattern and then sleeps for 90 minutes. Then memory is examined to see if any memory bits have changed. All ones and all zero patterns are used. This test takes 3 hours to complete. The Bit Fade test is not included in the normal test sequence and must be run manually via the runtime configuration menu.Click to expand...

Hope this helps you out.

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i have just completed a 26 hour run with memtest86+ V4.00,this completed with no errors shown.I noticed during the test that there was no entry opposite "chipset" but having looked at quite a few screenshots on various sites there was always an entry for the chipset,before the test i was sure the problem was the ram! Could this be an indication of a faulty mobo or just a glitch with the memtest programme.
I must add this was the first time i have used memtest and not sure if i ran the test properly,test was run with all four sticks in place,should i have ran with each one alone and would it be wise to do so or is that just overkill?
PS any links to tuts for memtest would be welcome.

With thanks Tamarc

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I see a lot of people suggesting to use this memtest to check ram. Is this memtest really only available if you boot it from floppy? What if you dont have a floppy drive? It says installable from windows but when i ran the program it says must boot from floppy.. any help? thanks


you can order a Ubuntu cd for free and it has Memtest86 on it, it may take several weeks for the cd to arrive in the mail though

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How long should memtest run?


I believe the general consensus is 5 to 7 passes for a decent result, though generally in my own experience just a couple is enough it will usually start spamming errors rather quickly if there is a notable problem... but not always.
It also helps if you start right after you've been using the computer so the components are already 'warmed up'.

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It's been 9 hours and 44 minutes since I first started it. But the "WallTime" counts 0:36:33....


It's almost done, it's at 99% overall ,test #12 is at 11% and has been stuck there for god knows how long, and even tho the WallTime is still counting, I got this feeling that this last percent isn't gonna come easy.

BTW this is memtestx86 3.1, not memtest86+. What's the diff? I'm running an Athlon 1.2 with 512MB DDR PC2100. Should I be using memtest86+ instead...?

A:memTest86+ or memTestX86?

Either program will do. One version (can't remember which) does not run on ASUS with KT333 chips.
Found any problems?

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so installed windows 10 on new PC, crashes regularly, indictaes "memory_management" on blue screen of death...so i ran memtest86, although not entirely sure how to interpret screens.

how long to run memtest86? (been running it over night and still going)
does memtest86 ever stop?
see screen dumps below, what is wrong?


A:win 10 and ram errors, memtest86

this is 15 hours later...

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I've been reading up on memtest86+, and it is advisable to let it run overnight. Does it create a log file that I can access to see what was found and where?

A:memtest86+ log file?

Quote: Originally Posted by New7user7

I've been reading up on memtest86+, and it is advisable to let it run overnight. Does it create a log file that I can access to see what was found and where?

Memtest should be run for at least 6-8 passes. How long it takes depends on your system specs. It doess not give a traditional log file that you can "access" but when it finishes there will be a summary on the screen. As long as you dont reboot it will be there

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hi friends. i have a frequent blue screen error before i formatted my hdd. i bought a desktop pc and installed windows 7 ultimate 64-bit. i have not any problems till i plug my friends USB device which i recognize it has autorun virus. ant instantly a blue screen error is appeared many times. so i could scan my computer only once and it didn't find any trojans, viruses etc. then i tried to use combofix but it didn't work cause my windows is 64 bit i guess. so after i formatted my pc i plug my own external hdd for install programs. in addition i tried to install daemon tools but after an error i gave up to install it. and finallt i have an blue screen error again. in this forum i tried use Memtest86 to test memory but it doesn't work correctly. could you help me please.

here this my dump file

and a caps about Memtest86 which is very strange.

ImageShack&#174; - Online Photo and Video Hosting

A:Help with Memtest86+ Error

Please read this thread, follow the instructions and post back. We will be glad to help you. Having more than just the dump files helps us help you better.


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When running memtest86 the pc reboots withing 3-4 secs when selcting option 1 or 3

option 2 just seems to freeze the system.
This happens with both overclocked and stock settings.
Also running Prime when overclocked results in an error on one of the cores.
I'm not on overclocker and this was a pre-overclocked bundle. i5 @ 4ghz with 4gig of corsair ram.
Also a corsair 750 watt psu.

Temps when testing prime were 64-72 on all cores.

Is it right for memtest to keep rebooting as I've never used it before?

A:Memtest86 reboots

Try this Memtest guide

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I loaded the program onto a diskette and rebooted with the diskette in...now it has a two letters on the left followed by a color then some numbers, all the way down the left side of the screen...does this mean its working?

A:Question about MemTest86

Yeah, that sounds like its running.

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Can someone please tell me if the attached picture shows that my one RAM stick is bad or not?

Memtest 86-
1st run- Ran overnight with both sticks in- no errors
2nd run- Ran with stick #1 in slot #1- ran 4:38 hrs, with 10 passes, error
generated on pass #6 (attached see photo)
3rd run- Ran with stick #2 in slot #2- ran 4:28 hrs, with 10 passes, no
4th run- Ran with stick #2 in slot #1- ran 2:35 hrs with 6 ? passes, no

I've been working in another post regarding various issues causing BSOD on my Sony Vaio, but want to know if the RAM is bad or not too:

Tammy's various BSOD issues

A:Memtest86 results?

Posted> Tammy's various BSOD issues

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I ran Memtest86 last night and came up with the following error:
ERROR - Confidence Value
Lowest Error Address: 0020c33000 - 1204.1 Mb
Highest Error Address: 002f2faeff8 - 12079.6 Mb
Bits in error mask: 00000010
Bits in Error - Total:1 Min:1 Max:1 Avg:1
I am guessing that there is a problem is with the RAM but I am not sure how to interpret the results correctly.
I have 16 Gb RAM (2x8GB) (Corsair Vengance LP 1600Mhz DDR3). I am going to remove each module in turn and test the remainig one on its own.......currently running at the moment....
The reason for using Memtest is that my computer started freezing up yesterday. I had to reboot using the restart button on the front. However only the  fan starts and won't boot - the screen stays blank...... after a few attempts (having to power off with the button on the front) I get this message:
('American Mega Trends' logo).....Overclocking Failed
please enter setup to re-configure sytstem.
Press F1 to run setup.
So I pressed F1 and set 'Default' settings option in Bios and it boots.
However the next time I try to boot the same thing happens.
I have uninstalled some recent programs and updated the BIOS.
Any ideas what all this might mean or what I should do next?
Windows 8.1 64bit
Intel Ivy Bridge  i7-3770 Quad Core CPU @ 3.4Ghz
ASUS P8Z77-V LX - Intel Z77 Chipset
ATI Radeon HD5450 1024Mb Dual Head


A:Help with Memtest86 results.....

First, reset the system and ensure that you are not overclocking.
Then run MemTest again (let the system cool down for 30 minutes before starting).
If it still gives errors, then it's likely that you have bad memory sticks.
To figure that out, then do this:
- remove all memory sticks from the system (be sure to unplug the system from the wall (and, if a laptop, removed the battery also)
- ground yourself by holding onto the metal of the case/chassis
- test one stick in the first slot with Memtest
- if it passes, then test each slot with that stick
- then test the rest of the sticks in the first slot (to find which one fails)
Should the first stick fail while testing, test the other sticks in the first slot until you find one that passes.
If all the sticks fail in a slot - then it's either that all sticks are bad, or that the slot is bad (that's why you test the slots with a stick that you know is good).

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I built my computer a few weeks ago and it has been experiencing many crashes BSOD. I am currently running memtest86. It is on pass 2 and has 4096 errors. The err-bits all say 00800000. I dont know what this means or what to do about it. The first time I ran memtest86 a few weeks ago it did 7 passes with no errors.

I was planing on replacing my hard drive tomorrow but could these errors be the major issue?
please help and thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

A:Memtest86 errors

Till someone comes along to help. I see you have two sticks. Pull one and try to boot. If no boot, swap sticks and run mem test. Colud be a bad stick. But you need to reseat them before giving up. from what you said sounds if they are under warranty.

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I have run Memtest86 on my three sticks of RAM separately and no errors reported after approx 7 passes. Would it be a good idea to run Memtest with all three installed or is this unneccessary?



A:Running MemTest86

Yes, its a good idea. Sometimes RAM doesn't agree with other RAM and problems can arise, these should show up in Memtest.

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Hi, I am running Memtest86+ after some BSOD crashes on my system (I was told by someone else on this forum that the crashes were due to graphics drivers which I have now changed). I know that this sort of problem is also commonly RAM related so have been testing the sticks. I got a single error in Memtest with all 4 sticks of RAM on the board and now I am currently running the test with individual sticks to try and find the source.

Given me previous BSOD problems I should probably RMA any defective RAM but I was wondering if the RAM voltage and settings could be the source of the single error? Also, my BIOS is not the latest version. I have a Gigabyte GA-880GA-UD3H Mobo and the BIOS version is F4 while the latest version is F7. Could upgrading to the new version get rid of the error?


P.S. I will post back if I get more any Memtest86+ errors but I guess this will mean I need to RMA the sticks. The link to the previous post is;


A:RAM Error in Memtest86+

You are supposed to test single RAMs with that test (it also says so in the readme) and let it run through 4, 5 times not just once
If the refresh rate is set too low you usually get more than 1 error (because the ram "forgot" the information already when it's due to a refresh. with the wrong voltage it's being unstable which also shows you more than just 1 error. Just set it back to AUTO or check the manufacturer's page for the appr. settings


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Running a memory test because i suspect my chip to be malfunctioning. Im able to boot the test and get to the blue screen but it locks up 7% into the first test.. Am i doing something wrong?

A:memtest86+ hangs..

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I'm trying to run memtest86+ with four gigs of ram, but it is only testing three of the four. How can I get it to test all four?


A:Memtest86+ with 4 gigs

I will guess you have Windows XP 32bit OS Version, that only recognises 3Gb roughly but that isn't the cause Memtest86 should still detect it. If you haven't already check that the RAM cards are properly seated and then try running Memtest again.

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After multiple BSODs and troubleshooting multiple things I finally ran MemTest86+ last night. I woke up to 6 errors and 2 failing addresses.

So, I took one stick of RAM out and ran the test again. Within 3 minutes I had an error. Replaced it with the 2nd stick of RAM and ran for 6 passes, no errors at all.

The initial failing addresses:
1 000581a93d4 - Good: fffeffff | Bad: fffeff7f | Err-Bits: 00000000 | Count/Chan: 1
3 0004004f970 - Good: 73407cal | Bad: 73607cal | Err-Bits: 00200000 | Count/Chan: 6

Can any RAM experts give me a breakdown of what this means? : )

A:RAM problem, ran MemTest86+

Hello there, did you try both sticks in both slots??

Let's call the faulty RAM, RAM #1, and the other one RAM #2,

Did you try RAM#1 in slot 1 and 2? and RAM#2 in slot 1 and 2? Could be the slots or the RAMs.

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So I did the memtest and its defiinetly my memory / hardrive I got 686 errors. What do I do now ? And the proccess of doing whatever I need to do?

Thank you guys for helping me really narrow down this Problem.

A:I did the Memtest86+ with seven passes

Errors with the memory or hard drive or both? If it is memory, you will have to replace the bad stick if you have more than one memory stick installed. If it is the hard drive, a disk check while attempting to repair, might fix it

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May 5th, 2010

memtest86+ 4.10 is available. Changelog below -

*** Enhancements in v4.10 : ***
New Features Added support for Core i7 Extreme CPU (32nm)
Added support for Core i5/i3 (32 nm)
Added support for Pentium Gxxxx (32 mn)
Added support for Westmere-based Xeon
Added preliminary support for Intel Sandy Bridge
Added support for AMD 6-cores CPU
Added detection for Intel 3200/3210
New installer for USB Key

Bug Fixes Corrected a crash at startup
Many others bug fixes

Memtest86+ - Advanced Memory Diagnostic Tool

A:Memtest86+ 4.10 Released

Thank you for the heads up Aaron.

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