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need setting for a tp-link td-w8910g fo connect to talk talk broadband

Q: need setting for a tp-link td-w8910g fo connect to talk talk broadband

having tried so many times to set-up my wireless router to talk talk even calling them in aiding me to get connected they have help for d-link a hauew based version but not tp-link
TD-W8910G all i need is the correct setup procedure and what i have to tick or not tick using the so(called) quick easy setup built in this is what i have done so far....to no evale


vpi0-255) 0
vci(32-65535) 38
PPP over atm(PPPoA)
encapsulating mode (??????????)
authentiification method :CHAP
dial on demand :15


THIS DONT WORK UNABLE TO CONNECT TO ANYTHING NET RELATED AND YES HAVE DONE A CMDING/IPCONFIG AND SETUP XP CORRECTLY....sorry for the shouting but doing my head in need help plus the router has been tested with another network and is working correctly...

Preferred Solution: need setting for a tp-link td-w8910g fo connect to talk talk broadband

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: need setting for a tp-link td-w8910g fo connect to talk talk broadband

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Had problems with this laptop but sorted thanks to this forum. Been in spain for 6 months internet fine. Back in UK, trying to connect to Talk Talk, wont connect. Other laptop working fine. Dont know what the problem is???

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Hi there,

I'm in the UK and I currently use BT as my Broadband provider. I'm now at the stage where I'm looking to change as I feel I've been paying way too much for years.

I was wondering if anyone has any experiences of Talk-talk? They seem to be doing a great package at the moment, comprising of landline telephone with 8Mb broadband.

Would welcome any personal feedback if anyone has some.


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how do I remove anti virus that wont uninstall at all

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Hi all

I have just received a Huawei - Echolife HG521 router from TALKTALK and am wanting to set up port forwarding so that i can have my web server working, i have had the web server running on my old router but i can not find the port forwarding page on this router. does anybody know how to find it? i know it exists because i found it yesterday but am not sure how i found it

Any help would be great


A:Solved: Port Forwarding on Talk Talk HG521

Scrap that, as soon as i posted that i found the page,

for anybody else that can not find it

Advanced > NAT > Port mapping (at the top)

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I am a new member and I have a weird problem with Talk Talk. Moved into new flat and while we are waiting for our internet to be connected(?) our neighbour has told us we can use his Tallk Talk wifi which is unlimited and gave us the necessary code to connect. My wife's Xperia phone connected immediately and works fine on this connection. Her laptop (on Vista) however connected immediately but keeps coming up as Local Access only and won't open any web pages at all. My netbook (which is on XP) also connected immediately and show full connection at 54Mbps but also will not connect to any websites.
To further compound my frustration, both laptops will connect using my t MOBILE dongle and they work fine on that 7.2 Mbps connection. Also another neighbour has BT and both laptops will connect to the openzone from that (using my son'e log in as he is with BT) and open websites through that.
Does anyone have any ideas? I am not really confident enough to start deleting things and down loading new unless I know exactly what to do.


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I am unable to connect my new wireless lappy to my local (Talk Talk broadband) connection I use for my desktop.
Is Vista wireless compatible with Talk Talk broadband? Doesn't seem to be aware of that connection...

Also where do I obtain key 'security key or passphrase'

Im sure this is obvious but I need help as Im no good at this


A:Wireless Vista laptop connection to Talk Talk

How does your desktop connect, are you using a router or modem or what. We need more information to be able to help you.

What operating system does the desktop use and what security programs do you have installed on both your machines, it could be the firewall blocking things or it could be something else.

Post back with as much information as you can get about your machines and the way you connect to the internet and someone should be able to help you.

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Having just purchased a new computer and set up my Talk Talk router, I am having serious issues setting up Outlook Express. I have spoken to Talk Talk for assistance having eventually got through to their 2nd line support but as I have a google mail E Mail address they were less than helpful. I have everything set up as per google mail help centre instructions other than incoming mail server (POP3) which is set as mail.talktalk.net. I can receive E Mails but not send. Everytime I attempt to send I receive the following error:

The connection to the server has failed. Account: 'pop.googlemail.com', Server: 'mail.talktalk.net', Protocol: SMTP, Port: 25, Secure(SSL): Yes, Socket Error: 10060, Error Number: 0x800CCC0E

I had AVG free edition installed by the manufacturer of the computer prior to receiving it. As a computing novice I am unsure if this a possible problem; could it be?


A:Solved: Outlook Express and Talk Talk

AVG could be a potenial problem if it is scanning emails.
Some have problems right from the start others don't have
any for months and then suddenly do. Email scanning is
not necessary.

At the very least turn the scanning off. The best
solution is to uninstall AVG and see if you can install
using the custom installation. At that point choose to
leave out the email scanning.

For the gmail account information.
Try these settings first and see if they work - no Talk Talk settings.
These are US settings, if you are in the UK or elsewhere,
check the gmail for your area to make sure these are the ports used.
It appears you used Port 25 and that is the cause of that error.

Sever Tab
POP3 incoming mail: pop.gmail.com
SMTP outgoing mail: smtp.gmail.com
Also put a check mark in My server requires authentication

Connection Tab
Check Always connect to this account using
Local Area Network

Advanced Tab
SMTP Port 465
Put a check mark at This server requires a secure connection (SSL)

POP3 Port 995
Put a check mark at This server requires a secure connection (SSL)

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right well it is a wireless router (duh!) ne ways it is bein strange i wont work then when you get on the fone 2 and ring it connects ????

then also wen u disconnect the call it goes off

i am using windows vista

also i did everything the manual sed i set it up using the ethernet cable then removed it later

help plz im well confused i think it's the micro fileters but i been thru 5 and it has the ame problem

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I have just changed from talktalk to virgin media.. My sony laptop switched wirelessly with no problems. i have another laptop Asus but i can't get the Asus connected to the internet.

A:Solved: Virgin Media from Talk Talk please help..

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Has anyone suffered prolonged loss of connection using a talktalk wifi bband router? (ISP- aol) If so, what explanations were offered by aol?

I've got an aol engineer visiting Thurs.to examine connection loss (since last Weds). But I'm convinced the problem is with the router. But from the tone of the aol help man's questions I suspect he's already briefed his engineer to do his best to represent the problem as being either with my computer or positioning of router/filters/condition of wall-sockets - usual getouts.

The talktalk router is neww, issued Feb 12, after my original router, speedtouch, started suffering idle timeouts every day.

Can anyone advise on the most often-used excuses given my wifi engineers so I can counter them and convince the engineer to do an unbaised examination? Or could I be wrong and there really is a technical problem with my line or connections. Before the engr comes I want to be prepared to fend off ******** and recognize genuine cause-suggestions.

Any replies appreciated : but I have to use comp at local library so I shan't be able to respond promptly.

A:Talk Talk router, lost connection

Without further detail, it is really impossible to give an opinion.
If you have another computer - with wireless, or by using a wireless usb try that and if that does not lose the signal, it is a fair bet it something with the setup on this computer - is it not.

Sometimes changing the wireless channel may improve the result.
If some other local equipment is using the same channel that could cause the loss of signal.

I am sure it is best to wait until the engineer has been seen as it only 2 days or so
I've got an aol engineer visiting ThursClick to expand...

and then if you still have problems, and he has checked the broadband service to your property, please post back

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I recently hit upon a bug that has been plaguing me for quite some time and I am sure that I am not the only one that has run into this. I tried to post the bug and its fix to the google help forum but couldn't the topic/thread section was no longer accepting new additions or replies (???).

Moving on. I found that if you have another program running like a movie player (VLC, MPC Star, media player etc... or iTunes, etc...) and try to make a call with google talk you won't hear anything (the other party gets the call though, as I learned, "WHY THE **** DO YOU RING 6 TIMES GRRR....") and have to try the call again and again an it's touch and go as to whether it ever works. Well close any other programs that are running that also output sound and the problem should go away.

Hope this helps someone searching for a possible answer, when I was I couldn't find anything that resembled this one. That is why I am posting it.

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OK so awhile ago my Pipex account swapped to talk talk since then I was getting disconnect anywhere from every 5 minutes to an hour. I solved this problem buy swapping from a Speedtouch 330 to a netgear N300 DNG2200.

now my connection is perfectly stable I haven't had a disconnect since I swapped which has been a very long time. However since the change my down speed has gone from somewhere around 250kb/s to 120kb/s (so says steam). I think this has something to do with the 330 using G DMT rather then ADSL, but tbh I don't really know. so is there anyway I can reclaim my lost speed I know the line is capable off? with going back to the frustration of repeated disconnects (i had to restart computer on every disconnect because it wouldnt redial otherwise )

ADSL Link Downstream Upstream
Connection Speed 1202 kbps 693 kbps
Line Attenuation 62.0 db 38.0 db
Noise Margin 5.4 db 8.0 db

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I have recently installed Talk Talk on my laptop. I went through the instillation CD and it seemed to go OK. The laptop will connect if hard wired through the router but wont connect wirelessly. It doesnít even detect a wireless connection. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it twice to make sure.

I have detailed the error message I received from talk talk below.

The laptop is a Toshiba personal computer Intel Celeron , 1.40GHZ, 1.40GHZ 480 M of RAM

The router is a Huawei Wireless HG520

These are the settings I received from talk talk when i rang.

1. VCI - 38
2. PTI - 0
3. Connection type - PPPoA
4. Encapsulation mode - VCMUX
5. ADSL Modulation - Auto/G.DMT/ANSI/ T 1.413
6.Modulation type - Auto/G.DMT
7. Authentication - CHAP
8. IP Address - automatic or dynamic
9. Primary DNS -
10. Secondary DNS

I donít know if these are the settings on my laptop coz I donít know how to check them.
The info below the line is what i got from Talk Talk help.
This information was saved from TalkTalk Broadband on 14 November 2007 08:19:30.

Gathering system information...

Please wait...
4 My network
4.1 Computer name LAPTOP1
4.2 DNS name LAPTOP1
4.3 Domain LAPTOP1
4.4 Workgroup -
4.5 User name User
4.6 DNS servers
4.7 TCPIP addresses
4.8 Proxy configuration
4.8.1 Proxy enabled false
4.8.2 Proxy address -
4.8.3 Proxy automatic configurat... Read more

A:Cant get Talk talk wireless connected

Please do an IPconfig /all when you are trying to connect wirelessly and post here

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I'm at a friends house and they were explaining how she had got rid of her antivirus software because of this thing called Talk Talk HomeGuard. Antivirus software is a very importent thing on a computer and I knew that this was a BAD idea. I also read on the TalkTalk faq that:

_________________________________________________________________Will Virus Alerts replace the need for Anti-Virus software?

No, they complement each other. Virus Alerts extends protection to devices unable to use traditional Anti-Virus software as they access websites. i.e. smartphones or games consoles.

Could anybody recomend a good free antivirus untill she gets a paid one?

A:[SOLVED] Talk Talk HomeSafe?

Microsoft Security Essentials - Free Antivirus for Windows

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I have setup a Speedtouch Wireless Router 585 for my sister...
The Talk Talk connection works fine on her modem, but when we try the router
it says its connected and has IP address and DNS Server address's but no internet
comes through, the lights are green indicating all is fine and conectivity test says all is OK
BUT it supposed to have...


but Ethernet is completely missing from the line up... the manual shows what a perfect running conection should be and its all ok except for the Ethernet entry missing completley?

The laptop connects @ 100Mbps no probs via Ethernet and we can access the router settings via ethernet so that indicates that there isnt any problem with the LAN connection

when she trys to access the internet the internet light flashes to indicate activity but nothing happens..

Pings all fail...

what could be the problem?

we have the right username and password in and if any of the config were incorrect it wouldnt connect at all would it?

I have it set as so...
VPI: 0
VCI: 38
Authentication: CHAP

are these correct?

it displays this below which im unsure about as it didnt say that on my IPstream connection (she on Talk Talk LLu maybe thats why i dunno)
g.992.3 annex l us wide

Any help greatley appreciated... thanks

A:Solved: Talk Talk ..vs.. Speedtouch 585 ...HELP! :(

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My freind and I both have small networks in our homes, we both use a netgear router. We tried to use the talk feature on AOL rather than the telephone but the router or the firewall in the router would allow us to connect to each others computers. I know the feature work on my network because I tested it afterwards with another machice behind the router connected with no problem. I basicly run both networks so there is nothing on his machines that I'm fearful of. Please any suggestions would be appreciated and we don't have to use AOL to get this done.


A:setting AOL talk feature

I've never used the AOL Talk feature, but I would suspect that you will need to open up a specific port on your router/firewall that will allow that traffic through the device. If that is the case, you should be able to determine the port number that needs to be opened by contacting AOL or checking out their website.

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I'm having the hardest time setting up a simple on computer router. My laptop will connect to ationtec gt701 modem. My laptop will connect with the d-link di-524 but when I try to use the router to log on it wont connect to the net. Tech support with Qwest won't help because they didn't sell me the router. Any idea's

A:My qwest dsl wont talk to my d-link router

The "modem" you mention is a router too.

How about showing us this when connected directly to the modem.

Start, Run, CMD to open a command prompt:

Type the following command:


Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter.
Paste the results in a message here.

If you are on a machine with no network connection, use a floppy, USB disk, or a CD-RW disk to transfer a text file with the information to allow pasting it here.

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For better or worse TakTalk is my ISP. They are offering a free complete security package called HomeSafe.
I have used AVG free for many years with no problems of which I am aware. For some time I used Zone alarm firewall but a couple of years ago I switched to The Microsoft firewall. Again I have not been aware of any problems.
Would it be advantageous to switch to HomeSafe or am I better off staying with the protection which has served me well?
Your views would be appreciated.

A:Solved: Advice re Talk Talk "HomeSafe"

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This problem has befuddled me. Some programs can't access the internet (such as iTunes and Windows Update) while some have no problem. I am running Vista Home Ultimate and the firewall is turned off. I'm really at a loss for what to do, and I've run through every guide available on the internet. Any ideas? What other information do you need?

A:Firefox, AIM, Google Talk can connect - IE7, iTunes, MSN Messenger, others cannot

There is a problem with iTunes software, it is NOT Vista ready and will cause problems with your computer.
See http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=305042

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Whenever i try to use audio related services like calling my friends through Gtalk ,skype or yahoo messenger the system restarts.
As soon as i press call button on yahoo ,gtalk or skype the system restarts.
it would be of great help if u can help me find the solution to this problem.

Eagerly waiting for ur reply


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Okay so for the past week i have battled with my two routers trying to make them talk to each other.
My main router (router A) is a dlink dir-615 ver. B
My second router (router b) that im trying to make talk to router A is a dlink router dir-615 ver E1 flashed with dd-wrt custom firmware.
I have looked at every setup guide people have posted online and youtube videos to no avail.
can anyone help me make my 2 routers talk to each other?

A:trying to connect my 2 dlink dir615 routers in client mode to talk

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Can someone advise me on Pal Talk, for or against. I am thinking about trying this program, is there any spyware attached to it, etc.


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I was using the Dv7 doing 3D modeling with 2 models at the same time on my screen. I checked the temps at the time....87 Degrees Celegrade!!! I was like no way this is happening. I am assuming that this is bad...but does anyone have any suggestions on how to possibly cool this down or is it acceptable at times to have this happen when I am modeling? I need to get some canned air to clean it out some so that may make a difference.

Thanks in advance.

A:Talk about hot...

A chillpad like one of these helps: BestBuy.com - Search Results - 87C is not healthy.

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I lost the charging cable for my laptop and I have no idea what kind it is other than Pavilion. I have looked at every single article that tells you how to find the serial number and I still cannot find it and nothing lets you ask anything unless you have all this information! I need to know what type of cable to order so I can start using it again! At this point after spending an hour researching, I'm just about to order one and hope it's right.

A:How do I talk to someone?!

Remove the battery  and look inside the battery bay. Can you describe the laptop? Screen size, how old? Maybe a picture? Help us help you. 

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Any Brits out there that are using Talk Talk for there ADSL broadband, thinking of giving it a go, would like some feed back, using cable at the moment.


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I feel that Dell is not taking my computer issues seriously.  I am not getting anywhere with Tech support.. And would really like to talk with someone in customer service.

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hi...i am trying to use the talk function on aim but i keep getting this message..
Connection problem with "SCREENAME"; no connection was made.
Toggling the 'Use alternate Internet Address' checkbox in Talk preferences may help.
Note: that Talk may not connect if you or your buddy is using a proxy server.

A:Talk through Aim...


Are you using a proxy? If not, the person you're contacting may.

This is where to look:

Tools | Internet Options. Connections tab. Settings. IS Use a Proxy... ticked?

Does this happen with all users, or just on in particular?



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I just bought a computer windows 10. I had a window vista with a great movie making program. 10 doesnt have it. how can i get it


Whitecloud1 wrote:I just bought a computer windows 10. I had a window vista with a great movie making program. 10 doesnt have it. how can i get itChance are that you will receive better support / answers from a knowledgable volunteer.  That being said, any help requires more specific details and questions.   No pro-nouns "How can I get it? " * Movie program?* Windows Vista ?* Phone tech-support? If you want to talk to someone at HP, make sure that you have your credit card in-hand. @moderator: this post does not belong in the video/touch forum as it is an applications or OS inquiry

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I just bought a computer windows 10. I had a window vista with a great movie making program. 10 doesnt have it. how can i get it


Whitecloud1 wrote:I just bought a computer windows 10. I had a window vista with a great movie making program. 10 doesnt have it. how can i get itChance are that you will receive better support / answers from a knowledgable volunteer.  That being said, any help requires more specific details and questions.   No pro-nouns "How can I get it? " * Movie program?* Windows Vista ?* Phone tech-support? If you want to talk to someone at HP, make sure that you have your credit card in-hand. @moderator: this post does not belong in the video/touch forum as it is an applications or OS inquiry

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As it stands now, I have no desire to purchase windows 7. I have purchased 2 Vista PCs since its release, 1 32 bit and 1 64 bit and have had problems with neither, in fact I much prefer vista over XP. I just bought a gaming rig in June (I was unaware of windows 7 and the cutoff date for free upgrade). And I am not finding any reason to spend $120 on the upgrade. What makes windows 7 better than vista? Because I find very few things that would make it worth the upgrade.

A:Talk me into it

Well dude it's whatever you make it out to be. If you've tested it before, it's really nice, to be honest. You can shuffle pictures as a slideshow(which makes your background change to your favorite pictures) it's faster than Vista, and on top of that, it's looks nice as well as it performs.

But don't take my word for it. /laugh

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For one reason or another, I just have not taken the plunge into music download services yet, but after finding that iTunes has many of my favorite songs, I'm interested in them.
Before I dive in though, a few questions....

After you purchase and download your song, does it stay on your hard drive as an MP3 file? I thought I hard someone say that you can only play it through iTunes. Also can it be burned to disc?

A:Somebody talk to me about iTunes

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Ok guys: I want to help mom get to her Email, she forgot the address. I wish to take over her computer and lead her to her Juon Email address and I need control of her computer. plz explain how I get into her computer.

A:Vista talk

You should be able to use the Remote Assistance tool.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU 2.80GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 4 Stepping 4
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2046 Mb
Graphics Card: RADEON X300 Series, 128 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 231036 MB, Free - 199092 MB; D: Total - 7413 MB, Free - 422 MB; K: Total - 199996 MB, Free - 198418 MB; L: Total - 100006 MB, Free - 97294 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTek Computer INC., LITHIUM
Antivirus: AVG Internet Security 2012, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

Networking an Xp desktop with a win7 laptop wireless or hardwired connection using a LinkSys Router
WRS54G version 1. The laptop won't access the Internet hardwired but ok
on wireless. Network shows Icon "Trouble Again" on desktop and "Again
Trouble" on the Laptop. but neither on both. Wireless printer works on
either. Both have the same Workgroup, MSHOME, Something is missing that
won't let them talk. Any help appreciated

A:Talk XP to 7 with LinkSys

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I have Audio files on a SCAN disk card ...MP4 Music Files.

I have windows VISTA...BASIC edition.

I would think this should be simple, yet I am un able to do this...

I would need step by step instructions on how to do this...What program is EASIEST to use, would my basic operating system do this and also what type of DVD to use so it would play anywhere? I am gratefull to any help.

A:Talk to me like a baby MP4 to DVD

Hold on let's get this straight: you have some MP4 music files (I'm pretty sure MP4 is only for video files; MP3 is for audio, so that needs clarification) and you want to burn them to a DVD. Before we go any further I need to know for sure what file extension they are (MP4 or something else) and if they're audio or video.

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Hi, i am suffering a problem with my netowrking i have two boards a WinFast K7N415DA and a PC-Chips 810LMR both with onboard LAN and i also have a crossover cable connecting the two (belkin). They can see when one another is on the network eg say cable is unplugged when 1 pc is off but when they are both plugged in and on, they each send packets but don't recive any they can't ping each other. I really don't know what to do , could you help?


A:PCs detect each other but won't talk :(

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Sun's Cobalt Linux Servers Open to Attack

Today, Sun and CERT announced that many of Sun's Cobalt RaQ 4 Linux servers can be completely taken over by a local user or via the Internet. Ironically, the vulnerability is only present if the vendor's optional "Security Hardening Package" is installed. The package is quite popular and is installed on a large percentage of these servers.

The vulnerability is caused by a flaw in the input validation of a CGI (common gateway interface) script. The script is intended to allow remote administration of the server via a Web browser.

Sun reports that, at present, there's no workaround for the hole. The only way to close it is to remove the Security Hardening Package, which provides protection against (among other things) buffer overflows and port scanning. The protection is lost when the package is removed.

A:talk about ironic

As Homer would say, "Dough!!!"

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Great come back guys for "affordable tech support" Dan O has no sense of humor, but I guess that's why he gets paid the big bucks huh lol. Anyway, I am looking to buy one of those programs that lets you speak rather than type. I want to stay 100% Microsoft, and there are so many to choose from. Are they really perfected yet re: voice recognition ect., or should I wait. Any feed back greatly accepted. Price is not of great concern, just want the best. BTW thanks to all who helped me buy my APC backup it's great, love it. You guys and gals are great.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a broken fan belt.

A:Talk instead of Type

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Why is it everyone I talk to gives me different answer on malware and browser highjacking like home page change or a new search box or some thing new to the toolbar

Here are the answer .

1 Malware comes in bad programing code
2 Malware comes in by HTML
3 Malware comes in by scripting code
4 Malware comes in Active- X
5 Malware comes in by pop ups
6 Malware comes when download of some program.

5 browser highjacking comes in by HTML
6 browser highjacking comes in by Active- X
7 browser highjacking comes in by scripting code
Than they go on that all Active- X and scripting should be turn off.

A:Everyone I talk to gives me different answers!!

What does this have to do with networking?

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I use LANtalk as our office application for leaving telephone messages for users accross our network.
I am having a problem with one computer running win NT.
When I try sending to other computers on the network, I get this message....

The system could not find the name that was called Code 20

This fault has just started occouring. It used to work fine.
Anyone know what this might be?


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can i compress these each of these reinstalls to get more room for future reference and not mess anything up????

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How do I change my userid and passwrod for Google talk ?

At the moment each time I click on Google Talk, it automatically logs me in
and I can't exit to change the userid and password ?

I am using the latest Beta version.


A:Google Talk

Duplicate. See your other thread - Google Voice changing userid and password

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I just hooked up a Netgear DS104 Hub. Both machines access the internet with no problem. The "A" machine sees itself but will not see the "B" machine. Can not ping the "B" machine from the "A" machine. The "B" computer sees both but I get "is not accessible" error message when I try to access the "A" computer. When I click on the "B" computer icon using the "B" computer I get a blank explorer window.
I have TCP/IP and NetBEUI installed. I tried first with just TCP/IP; didn't work. The Workgroup names are identical; the Windows Logon is the same, File and Print Sharing is checked on both machines.
I'm using Win98 SE on both computers.

I tried hooking up a Netgear RT-314 Router but had the same problems. Netgear tech. support told me that as long as both computers accessed the internet, they didn't care about the intranet. Thank you Netgear. That router is new and is now for sale: BEST offer; you pay shipping.

[email protected]
Please don't be bashful about emailing me if you have the answer. Thank you.

A:computers won't talk to each other

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good evening all:
I just signed up with google talk so far the voice is coming in really clear.
Does anyone know if google is going to be adding web cam features?
Sure would be nice.
I was or still am with msn messenger but seem to be having problems with them. I am on line my contact is on line and we are both reading that each other is off line. This has been going on for a week so far. Got tired of that, went to yahoo messenger but their audio and voice is ( to say the least) "crappy"
thanks gopher1

A:google talk

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hello i just installed Pal talk that is a chat like msn but every time i wont to log in i get this error message CANNOT CREATE INPUT SOCKET, ERROR 10048: ADDRESS ALREDY IN USE

Thanks for hellp

A:Pal talk probelem


Which version of Windows are you running? Also, are you using a firewall?

Have you tried re-installing Paltalk?



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Hi to all. I have Windows XP Prof. I badly want to use my microphone , the very annoying thing is that a neighbour came in and adjusted ALL the controls ie. Mic enabled, Mic volume on FULL, he went on to several controls and then went on to Start, programs, accessories, entertainment, sound recorder! Then he plugged the mic in turned it on and used the recorder test box! It worked fine,as he spoke the green line moved and he recorded a message!
Well it will not work now, I have done everything that he did!
Please help. I need to talk to my LOVER and tell her that my Wife said I must not see her anymore! Bye. Norman

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