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Windows 7 (new for me) is not saving pictures from camera to my pictures.

Q: Windows 7 (new for me) is not saving pictures from camera to my pictures.

What the title should say is ..."Windows 7 (new for me) is not saving pictures from camera TO my pictures file." Thank you for any and all advice.  I went to upload photos from my website but could not find them! What I have done so far: 1. Set autoplay to default 2. Unplugged all ports and replugged 3. Typed jpg in search and found them but they are not accessible when I try to upload them to my website. 4. Looked in temp files (not there) 5. Tried another "test" photo and tried one more time to upload it from snapfish and photobucket and still can't find them. Can I tell windows where to save my photos? Could this be from a corrupt file? I don't know what else to try.

Preferred Solution: Windows 7 (new for me) is not saving pictures from camera to my pictures.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Windows 7 (new for me) is not saving pictures from camera to my pictures.

They on all of my machines end up in the picture folder unless I click on save as and select another location.

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Hi,i am trying to save pictures in a folder in windows 7 in a random order ahead of uploading them to an sd card to play on my digital photoframe. Unfortunately my digital photo frame doesnt have the capability to play in random order, otherwise this option would have been a lot easier!
Every time i try to just drag and drop a selected picture in a folder it wont move and i have tried creating a new folder and moving the pictures over in a random order but it still saves them back down together. There is the option to arrange by month, day, rating etc but i just wanted to appear on my digital photoframe out of date order, appearing to be 'random'. On old Windows versions, i'm sure it was possible to save the images in any order?
Any suggestions gladly appreciated.

A:Saving Pictures in Random Order Windows 7

Many are complaining that you can't "Manually Arrange" in Windows 7.
W7 or W8 does not allow you to turn the sorting OFF.

Maybe rename the files in random order ???
And Welcome to the TSG Forum

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For almost six years now most of the time when 'save picture' is selected, jpeg was the first option & bmp the second. Since yesterday png is first with bmp second. No option for jpg.

Issue started after deleting many gb's of old Norton 360 backup (N360_Backup) files.  All temp internet files cleared daily. 

Work around using paint is time consuming & a PITA.  Something tells  me there is a way to  reinstate the original option, just not being addressed by the right people.

A:Windows 7 Home Premium suddenly saving pictures as png's


It seems that there is an article may relate to your problem, please refer to the link:

Cannot Save JPEG Files with Picture It! Express or Paint:

In addition, this article may help you.

Best Regards,
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I'm having a problem saving pictures to my personal folder with Windows 7. I never had a problem with Vista solftware. I was given options as to where I wanted to save the pictures. I'm not able to do this with my new computer since the name of the folder doesn't come up.

A:Solved: Saving pictures to my personal folder on Windows 7

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I am using Windows 7 and I'm noticing that all my emails from Windows Live is auto-saved into my MY Pictures. I have to continually delete everyday. Is there a way I can stop this from happening?

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I have a Cannon, fairly generic low end camera that is 1 - 2 years old - don't have the exact model with me and don't think it matters for this issue. I usually just open the camera as a folder and transfer pictures manually by drag and drop. When I connected the camera recently to a windows7 box it showed the pictures in 5 different folders with names like 117_04, 118_05, 119_06, etc. When I connected the camera to an XP box it just showed the pictures all in the main folder - no subfolders. So I transferred all the pictures and deleted them from the camera. Connected to Win7 and deleted the 5 subfolders. Then took one picture as a test. Win7 showed the picture in a subfolder! I assume this is some sort of "helpful" feature but I find it annoying. What is going on and is there a way to stop them showing up in subfolders?

A:Windows 7 shows pictures on camera in folders/XP does not

my experience with Canon is they use subfolders on there cameras at least the ones i have played with from about 2002


are you using canon software zoombrowser on 1 pc and not the other

i suspect on one you are using the canon software to import and the other is windows

I think you will find the card has the folders - as the link i posted

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I have been uploading pictures from my camera sony cyber-shot 8.1 for years now, but today when I plugged my camera into the laptop no import pictures came up, I cannot find the camera on my computer and cannot reinstall it in the devices ,it just comes up with a disc :/F storage device
and click to open files, no import pictures window at all.

A:Solved: sony uploading pictures from camera in windows 7

Try using a different usb port or try to reinstall the original software that came with the camera

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I noticed problems began after the first time in six years I tried to use the Windows Print and Fax Viewer Wizard to print pictures. The whole thing was so slow as to effectively cause the computer to freeze. Afterwards, I began to "leak" memory. Over time, as I browsed the Internet, Windows has somehow saved pictures from websites I have visited without me asking it to do so. It has also saved faxes attached to emails. I am unable to delete them.

I have gone to Delete Temporary Internet Files (I delete these daily and always have done). There is no box to check to delete "offline content" as I have read in various places. The upshot of this has been that Drive C is being loaded down with pictures saved without my consent or knowledge. I do not not know how to delete them and stop the problem. It apparently has to do with a DLL file. I tried to do what was suggested in the following link:

See this link http://en.allexperts.com/q/Windows-X...x-viewer-1.htm

This is what came up: DllRegisterServer and DllInstall in shimgvw.dll

From there I was once again totally lost. I know that this is behind my loss of memory, but I do not know how to reset or fix it. Help!

As some people told me I only needed to add memory to my computer, I added 512 MB today, and it did NOT solve the problem. With over 700 MB of RAM, I still show only 20% free space on Drive C. I have not added any new programs in ages, and I am sure it all has to do with ... Read more

A:Windows Fax and Picture Viewer saving Internet pictures and causing me to lose memory

Please don't double post.

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Just downloaded Windows 10 and with I put my memory stick into my computer I get the following error message:
E:/ the directory name is invalid.

Can someone assist me?

A:Viewing camera pictures from the camera memory stick

We're going to need a lot more detail than that. What are you trying to do when you get the error message?

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Hi, I'm having trouble with my digital camera software and/or transferring pictures from my camera and dock to pc. I have a Kodak cx7525 digital camera. The software loads normally, but when trying to open the software or trying to transfer pictures to the pc, I get an error message that states a .dll file is missing. The dll file is LOCACQMOD.DLL. I contacted kodak and they sent me new software but that didn't help, still get the same error message. The camera works fine but cannot get the software and camera to work on pc. I have searched for the dll file but cannot find it and have no idea what it is or what it does. I'm guessing something is missing from the pc instead of the camera software. Any help is greatly appreciated. I have family photos stored on it that I would love to be able to save them and not lose them. Again, thanx for any help I can get. You guys and gals are the best.

A:Cannot get digital camera software to run and pictures will not transfer from camera

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Every time I try to save a picture from the internet, my computer is only allowing me to save it as a .art or .bmp file. I can't save them as .gifs or .jpgs I can save the same pictures at school, but when I try to do it at home (on this computer) it only allows .art or .bmp files, and when I try to preview them, it won't display no matter what program I try to open them with. Help!

A:Saving pictures

Go to page 7 and try what is posted about saving pictures. Hope this helps.

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How do I save pictures on Windows 10? My mouse does not have a right click on this system.

A:Saving pictures

What kind of mouse do you have? Have you checked for a new driver for your mouse?

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i am using firefox and i was trying to save pictures thru adobe flash player? or is there any waya round this? when i click on a pic it wont let m right click. so is there any program or a way around this please help??????

A:saving pictures

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Hi, Not sure about my feelings for Win 8 yet, but I do know that I am unable to save any photos from the internet into my "photos" folder.

Anyone have a resolution for this?


A:Saving pictures from the web

Works fine in the Opera Browser for Windows, Mac & Linux | Download the latest Opera internet browser for free

I can download images and save them to any folder I choose with a right click.

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At the end of my last PC pictures went bad all of a sudden, very dark and kinda got this 256 color look.
Not a sharp spot left.

And now 1 PC and 7 clean re-installs later the pics started looking bad again...
Some are okay and some are not, doesn't matter which format they are either.
Also when I open them in Photoshop they're bright as sh** instead - only place that pics look normal is when viewing through the internet browser.

What's happening?? Is there some codecs for pictures that can brake?

A:Pictures becomes bad when saving them

Have you transferred a picture file to another PC and see what they look like there?

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windows photo gallery allways double pics?

A:saving pictures

Your post needs clarification.

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I'm new to this site and wish to say hello, but anyway.... on with my problem... I upgraded from ME to XP recently and besides a host of other problems (which I fixed), I now can no longer save pics from the web in ANY format. I can save the pics to my desktop background but are saved as IE background and not saved as a picture anywhere. I've been saving pics for years on the web and this is rather.... frustrating. I hope someone out there can advise me... in some way.

A:saving pictures

Hello and welcome to BC littlebillYou said that you are having a problem saving pictures, in any format. What to you get when you right-click my name at the end of this message? When I click it, I get this:

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i have had this problem since installing xp earlier this year. on

Win ME, all i had to do was right click a photo i wanted,

pick "save as", and change the file type to "bmp.", from "art." i

never had a problem. now that i have xp, the only time i can

save a pic is if it is a high quality "jpeg" image. if the photo is not

a "jpeg" i find a little icon of a sail boat going along a sunset with

the file name under it. if i double click it, the previewer tells me

that there is no preview available. all of my saved pictures from

when i had ME are all still viewable even though they are

not "jpeg" images. i have found that if i choose to "set as

background, the photo comes up on my desktop with top with no

problem. i am using aol not explorer. please help!!

A:saving pictures from the web

Have you checked for the Latest software.

What happens if you use IE?

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Just wondering if there is a program or something that allows you to save a whole page of images? Instead of having to right click on each one. Thanks.

A:Saving Pictures?

You could use Ctrl + A then Ctrl + C then Ctrl + V

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I haven't liked windows 8 from the start and it hasn't gotten any better for me,
I would love to have XP back. My question is saving pictures, I right click my mouse on a picture that I want to save, Then I click Save Image As My Pictures,
Then when I go to my pictures it isn't there. Just where are they going, It always worked in windows XP.

A:Saving Pictures

hi, do a search for the file by its name .right click on the file when it shows in the search and choose show file location

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Hey everyone, how are you all?

I just got a new laptop with Vista installed (Home 64 Bit). Prior to that I was an XP User.

However I've encountered a problem I'm hoping someone can help me fix.

In XP, when I browse for pictures, I like to open thumbnails in new tabs. When I do this, I have to specify the destination folder only once, and all other pics default to that folder until I change it.

But in Vista, I am forced to specify a destination folder for each and every tab, otherwise it defaults to the My Pictures folder, and not the subset within it. Needless to say, it's very annoying.

I haven't tried it yet, but I assume it would be the same for video files as well.

Is there any way around this?

Thanks in advance.


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Sorry if this is straight forward folks but I am very green to the computer lark, How do I use a picture found on a website, I am right clicking, Save as.... but when I come to veiw it says no preveiw available. Ive tried sending it myself via email but still wont work, I am running XP home and ISP AOL


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Up until tonight I was able to right click and sava a picture to a folder now it appears that it is not recognizing file extensioons.

A:saving pictures

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I am trying to save some pictures to a folder that someone sent me. everytime I try to open the picture when I think I save it it says Unknown File Format This file does not have a file extension so the type of file can not be determined. I just got windows xp, dont know much about computers and do not know if windows xp works differently but this is what I am doing. My friend sent me this to copy my pictures http://www.bodycandy4u.com/cdthunder.com/sammi/

I go to the site and click on it get the picture and right click save as . In the top i have save in my pictures , in the middle box I click on my grandchildren, the folder in which I want to save it in and in the title box I put Sam and Haylee. Undereneath that I see it says Art if I drop down the box it also says bitmap but not jpg what am I doing wrong When I go to the folder I see it save but when I open it it says Unknown File Format This file does not have a file extension so the type of file can not be determined. can you help?

A:saving pictures

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when i right click and save picture as it saves the files as .bmp which are big files...it used to save them as .jpg ...how do i change it back to .jpg instead of .bmp...thanks for your help

A:saving pictures

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I hope this is the right area to post this!
Anyway i was wondering. Everytime i save a pic i find online it seems to want to save it as Bitmap. So when i go to add these pics to say a Yahoo group photo album or something it doesnt work. How do i change this to be able to right click on pics, and save as a jpeg and not a bitmap.
Thanks in advance!

A:saving pictures as jpeg's

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Hi, can anyone help me?
Since changing to a new laptop I am unable to save pictures from web sites by right clicking and saving picture as..
It will save a jpeg icon in the file but when I try to view it comes up with "no preview available".
I am using windows xp.
Many thanks.

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Most of the time when I save pictures, they're saved as Downloads, and I can only access most of them when I'm adding them as an attachment. I'd like to have all of them stored in Pictures. How do I do this or correct the problem without losing my Pictures?
Please help. Thanks in advance.

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Hi,I'm trying to save the large versions of the pictures from Walmart product listings you see in the middle of the screen when you hover over the smaller picture on the left, but I can't seem to do it. You don't get a menu when you right click on the picture and I can only find the small versions when I search Google Images. Help with this would be much appreciated.Thanks,Joe

A:Saving Pictures From Walmart

It can be done but it has to be done in a round-about way.When the larger image is shown use prt sc key on your keyboard to take a screenshot. Open up Paint, paste the screenshot into Paint.If you want only the larger image without all the other stuff on the page and you have a version of Windows with the snipping tool you can then use the snipping tool to isolate the larger image after you paste it into Paint. Then save the snip. If you keep the larger page view in Paint, you will have to save it. If you snip the image from Paint, you don't have to save the Paint image if you don't want to.Paint image, which has the advantage of the URL in it and could come in handy in the future.snip imageedit to add: when you take a screenshot you will not see anything happen.

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Hello, and thanks to everyone who helps make these boards run!

I am having a problem with downloading photos from web pages...seems that when I click on 'save file as" it only lets me save it as a a "BMP" file,,,,there are no other options in the drop down menu.

as of a couple of weeks ago, I cauold use the drop down menu and i could save it as a GIF or a Jpeg or other things....

I don't know what has happened, but it's really bothersome to have to go into photo shop and change all these pictures to a different type.

I sure hope someone can help, as I am not all that computer literate.

Thank you in advance for any help on this.


A:Problems saving D/L pictures

Try deleting your Temporary Internet Files ( Windows has a disk cleanup utility that will help you do this); when these files become too large, Windows will only save pictures as bitmaps. If this does not solve your problem, please post back.

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I have a compaq presario and am running windows xp, I want to know why you can save some online pictures to your background but not to your my pictures folders? I've tried it on my windows xp and on my husband's windows vista neither will save all pictures to my picture folder.

A:saving online pictures

first of all, most online pictures are copyrighted and you must generally get permission for personal use.

That said, generally all you have to do is to right click the picture and save as. How are you trying to save the pictures and what browser are you using?

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I use CompuServe & when I try to save a picture I only get the option of saving it as AOL Art Format (*.art;*.jg). ..My computer doesn't read .art files. ...If I try adding .jpeg or .bmp at the end of the name I can't open it in Paint or the other program, Microsoft Photo Editor. ..This is a new computer & I don't remember having this problem with CompuServe before.

A:Saving Pictures with CompuServe???

..Any ideas??

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I downloaded and saved some pictures that a family member sent to me but when I go to open them to view I get the message "No Preview Available" I probably changed a setting on my computer but can't figure out what I did. Can anyone help?

A:Trouble saving pictures

I figured out my problem. I had changed my browser settings from never compress graphics to always compress graphics.

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Whenever I right click on an image and choose save as, it only gives me the option to save it as a .bmp. Of course the majority of the pictures I want are .jpg. This started happening about a week ago and I don't remember doing anything to cause this. I have looked through all the options in Internet Options and found nothing.

A:Problem with saving pictures

This situation you are describing is usually an overload of TIF (Temporary Internet Files). Try cleaning your TIF by going to Internet Options, once there on first page select delete files in the temporary section and select all offline content when the selection box appears. Close and restart IE and see if you can save as JPG now.

Let us know how it goes.


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Boy do I have a problem. When I go into any internet page and want to save a picture, the picture is given a file name "untitled" and I only have one save option "bitmap.bmp" The problem is I only have so much hardrive space and bitmap images are taking up too much space. I have always previously been able to save the images as "jpeg" or choose another file format. Something has obviously happened to my computer (although I have no idea what) and now I can only now save them in one file format. Any suggestions as to how I can get the other save file options to show and ideally get jpeg to be the default? P.S. I have checked to see if the pictures were intended to be jpeg files and they clearly are so this is not the problem. If you have any ideas, thanks a lot!

A:(Solved) Saving Pictures

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My computer now is saving pictures as BMPs . Any JPG image I copy it saves it as BMP how do I fix this. saving it as a JPG does not give me that option. Only in paint

A:keeps saving pictures as BMPs

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I just got a new lap top with windows 7 and when I try to save a pic into the library they save but save as black-there is nothing but a black box where the jpg should be. Is there something being blocked? How can this be fixed? Thanks

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Has anyone had the following rather odd problem?

I was surfing, saving images etc. and all of a sudden IE refused to save a jpeg picture as a jpeg. Rather, it insisted on saving it as a bitmap and calling it untitled, despite the fact that the image is in jpeg format on the webpage and has a clearly defined jpeg webpage name.

In the drop down box in the screen that appears once you click save as, where it usually gives the option of saving as a jpeg or bitmap there is now only the option to save as a bitmap.

Its very irritating because, if you are saving a series to a folder, you can't have the same save as name more than once, so you have to manually change the save as name each time.

I didn't change any settings or do anything. It just happened.

How do I get the save as command to regognise the jpeg format again?

A:Problem on saving pictures

Try cleaning out your temporary internet files. When these get overloaded, it can sometimes cause your problem.

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While on the internet if i try to to save a picture it is always save as a BMP an listed as untitled.I've checked my download program folder like microsoft ask, but still the same. Anyone have an idea THANKS

A:Solved: saving pictures

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Hi all,

I am getting a strange error when saving images through Internet Explorer. When I right click/save as on a picture, Windows will save the image as a .bmp and with the default filename being "untitled," rather than the actual filetype/filename of the image.

For example, if I try to save a .gif, it will only save the first frame of the animation as a .bmp. Same with a .jpg. What's even more weird is if I try to alter the file extension and open it in a photo-editing program, I will get an error message stating that the file is corrupt.

Is there anyway I can revert back to saving an image based on its actual filename/filetype? TIA!

A:Problems Saving Pictures in IE

You might care to read further at this site :


Not sure - but I think the 7th fix might help you out.

If not then of course please post back.

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Hi: New to the group. After loading pictures from my camera the pictures on the camera do not delete. Win 7 had a little box to check to delete the pictures. How do you set this in Win 8? I have looked and cannot find the place to set this. Thanks for any help.

A:Camera Pictures

Originally Posted by applelisa

Hi: Thanks for any help.

I use Picasa:


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I often recieve P/Point slide shows and am stumped as to how to save indivuals pictures. I want to use them as a desktop background. I have opened PP and then opened the file that I recieved in the e-mail, right clicked on the pic and no option to save, I have then gone file save as and saved it to word, still no option to set as background. Can someone please help me?


A:Power Point Saving Pictures

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I am having a problem with IE 7.0 when I try to save a picture that is xxxxx.jpg on a web page, that trys to save as xxxxx.jpe. I used "View Source" to verify that the files are .jpg. I have a old Netscape on the PC, and it works fine. Any ideas?

A:[SOLVED] Saving pictures with IE 7.0 (.jpg saves as .jpe)

I did some reading, and saw where it was suggested to some to check in folders, tools, folder options, file type, then make sure that jpg and jpeg were both showing, and if jpe was not there, to delete it. Ever thing looks fine. I also deleted all the saved Internet files. Still trys to save .jpg files as .jpe file

I did some testing on this, and found something odd, that may give a indicator of what is causing the problem. If I use my web page editor to bring up a IE session to view a html file on my PC with the .jpg file on my PC, I can save it as a .jpg with no problem. The same web page and jpg on the Internet will only do as jpe file. I also tried the same IE session reading the web page on my PC, that had a jpg file on the Internet in it, and it saves as a jpe file.


I also found that if I linked directly to a jpg file on the net, that it would save as a jpg. If I click on the same picture in a web page, it will only save as a jpe. Odd

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I just purchased a new desktop computer system. I am using Windows 7.

I'm trying to think how to describe this so that it makes sense.

I am the only person who uses this computer. The staff member who transferred my data from my damaged computer to the new one apparently gave the computer my full first name ... and then gave my "nickname" the Admin role. Now I appear to have two My pictures and my documents in the library. My photos are scattered between the two My Pictures. When I save something to my pictures ... it doesn't end up where I expect it to be. It could be in either My Pictures.

Not sure if that makes any sense at all to you ... I don't want two sets of pictures and two sets of documents. When I save a picture I want it to go to the same place every time .... unless I designate it somewhere else.

I'm just not sure what exactly to do to meld the mess all into one default identity.

Before I start deleting/moving anything I need to understand why my pictujres are going to one area sometimes ... and sometimes the other.

Is this clear as mud so far?

A:Saving pictures and documents - going to two different locations - why

Clear as mud.

No, not actually that bad.

First,here's my recommendation:
Move everything you want over to your admin account.
Empty all of the folders in the other account.
Delete the other account.

When you get that far then let me know.
The easiest way to move, not necessarily the sophisticate way:
Format a usb stick as Fat32.
go to the non-admin account
Move the stuff you want to keep to the fat32 stick.
sign out and sign in to the admin account.
Move the stuff from the fat32 stick to the appropriate folder in your admin account.
Go back and forth like this until all is in that admin account.

Go back to the non-admin account and empty all of your folders here, in other words, delete everything left in the folders.
Empty the Recycle bin.
From the non-admin account, run CCleaner.
From the non-admin account, run CLEANMGR.exe
from the non-admin account, run TFC TFC - Temp File Cleaner by OldTimer - Geeks to Go Forums Oops, I think you can't do much if you aren't running as admin.
from the non-admin account:
Win | type %temp% | enter | cTrl + A to select all | Ctrl + D to delete your selection
Once again empty the recycle bin.

Go back to the admin acccount and delete the non-admin account.

Let me know when you get this far.

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I get on the internet I see pictures. I try to save them to my Pictures. Everything seems allright except the picture is not saved. Is there some item I have turned off.
Bill http://images.techguy.org/smilies/redface.gif


A:Solved: Saving Pictures from Internet

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So 7068 doesn't have all the backgrounds and user icons and such that 7000 had. Where are they on the computer? I'd lke to save them for use in later builds before I put on 7068, but I can't find where they're at.

A:7000 to 7068, saving pictures

I think it has the same images just lots extra. Anyway, you'll find the wallpapers in c:\windows\web\wallpapers, the themes in c:\windows\resouces\themes and the user images in c:\windows\winsxs & search for 'usertile'. This should help.

Don't forget the rep

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