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Cover removal procedure for new x360 13t-u100?

Q: Cover removal procedure for new x360 13t-u100?

I have just gotten a new x360 13t-u100 convertible and am wanting to remove the cover to replace the HDD with a SSD. I found the disassembly instructions for the older units with the 2 big rubber feet. This new model has 2 long rubber track feet, which I have removed and removed all the screws under. I've then pried the keyboard cover away from the case, however the keyboard cover still acts like theres an attached screw or clip in the middle. Theres a small indent in the middle of the bottom case, however it doesn't look like theres any screws in there. Is there a service manual for this model so I can figure out how to free the keyboard cover to get to the HDD? Thanks

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Preferred Solution: Cover removal procedure for new x360 13t-u100?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hi,I wanted to remove the LCD (with Top Cover and Hinges) on my Spectre X360 to use it only as a Desktop tower.  Could you please advise on how I can remove it - none of the manuals seem to show me how I can remove it.

A:Removing top cover (LCD) on my Spectre x360?

@jayk9 HP Spectre 13-4000 x360 Convertible PC - FRU Remove/Replace Videos https://h20574.www2.hp.com/results.htm?SID=7527520&MEID=ADAE3344-49B2-4383-88CE-B75DE7C7B4AB Click on Display panel assembly/Top cover  REO

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I have the Spectre x360 2-in-1 laptop with a 13.3" (diag.) screen and notice some hairline scratches in the glass screen from normal use in the field using the stylus pen, especially along the bottom where the onscreen handwriter tool populates.  The touchscreen display functions fine.  Can the actual glass screen cover (over the display) be replaced?  Can the glass be ordered through HP?  Can places that do smartphone screen repairs replace these glass screen covers, too?  I am technically handy so disassembling a laptop is not an issue for me.. I don't know if the glass screen cover and the actual touchscreen are two separate components able to be replaced separately or if they are all 1 component.Thanks.

A:Can Spectre x360 glass screen cover be replaced?

Yes we need your specific model. HP does not source just the glass, but you can find it on eBay. And also yes, a cell phone repair shop is actually the best place to have it done. I consider myself a fair to middlin' traditional laptop tech but I avoid replacement of touchscreen glass as it requires some skills that you just don't develop doing standard laptop repair. But a cell phone repair guy develops exactly the "touch" to handle touchscreen glass. 

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I have a Packard Bell desktop that needs more memory I know where to get the memory plug ins but I cannot find out how to remove the cover its a Imedia 1509 can anybody help out here I would be very much oblidged if you could.

Regards, James.

A:PC Cover removal

Packard Bell desktop looks like a standard case. Should have one or two screws (or thumbscrews) at the rear that hold the side panel in place. I'm sure you don't have a computer screw (if you can get one that'd be helpful) Look for a small screw driver or anything that fits and remove the screws (DON'T LOST THEM lol) and then slide the side panel towards the rear a little and Remove the old RAM and insert the New Memory sticks carefully into the slots and close up the case.

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Je voudrais retirer la base arrière de mon A720 AIO 720. Une vidéo explique comment le faire, mais je ne peux pas.
English translation...
HelloI would like to remove the rear base of my A720 AIO 720. A video explains how to do it, but I can not
Il n'y a pas de vis, tout se fait en glissant.
Il y a un petit onglet au-dessus du pied, mais je ne sais pas si je peux le tirer (risque de le casser).
Si vous avez une idée, je vous remercie pour votre réponse.

English translation...
There are no screws, everything is done by sliding.There is a small tab above the foot, but I do not know if I can pull it (may break it).If you have an idea, thank you for your reply.
Mod's Edit: Google translated for benefit of English readers. Since this is an English forum, please post in English as it will ensure a better response. Thanks!
Mod's Edit: Corrected model number in Subject line and Body of post.

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I need to get the cover off to repair/replace the power jack. Are there hidden screws or other tricks?

A:hp omnibook XE2 cover removal


Welcome to the Forum.

This would be worth $10:


and this might work out for free:


I've had my HP ZT1170 apart a couple of times. Apparently for the same reason as you...broken power plug.

The first time it was split and loose from the board but still intact electrically. I repaired it with JB Weld epoxy.

The next time the solder joint broke. I repaired it with a needle point low wattage iron. I would call it a poor design for a potentially stressed connection...I use it on my Lap not on a desk.

Each time it was like the first...where is that hidden screw? Their engineers have a warped sense of humor.

Also, I noted that the machine was available used for about $700. The MOBO replacement part is $470. Capitalism Lives!!!

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BonjourJe voudrais retirer la base arrière de mon A720. Une vidéo explique comment le faire, mais je ne peux pas.https://www.lenovoservicetraining.com/showcase?sid=1220&key=TGVuZw== Il n'y a pas de vis, tout se fait en glissant.Il y a un petit onglet au-dessus du pied, mais je ne sais pas si je peux le tirer (risque de le casser).Si vous avez une idée, je vous remercie pour votre réponse. 

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How do you remove the right side cover? (the side where all the caliing runs)? Can't find anything in the user or service manual! TnxChazz

A:Z820 right side cover removal?

See the videos in the   Services Media Library  http://h20464.www2.hp.com/index.html 1. Navigate in the [1. Product Category] panel to click on [Desktop & Workstations]2. In the [2. Product family] click on [Personal Workstations]3. In the [3. Product series] panel scroll down and select [HP Z820 Workstation]4. Below panels 1, 2 & 3 find the link to the [Remove/Replace videos] and click on it5. In the popup window, select [Right side panel] to watch the video. It should be the 2nd from the top.  

z820-right-side-removal.jpg ?138 KB

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Does anybody know the clue how to remove the back cover of T560 ? I have released all the screws according to T560 manual p65 but I still can't remove the cover because there is something which is very tied in the central part of cover.

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I have been trying to remove the cover on this G133CL AMD A10 system to upgrade the mechanical drive to SSD as it's too slow for school use. Everything else about it is great. BUT, mine is not new its a refurb so I ran into this weird problem. I have the service manual from the website and it says to remove all the screws on the bottom.Then there's is supposedly the screws that are tiny by the CD ROM drive bay to remove after you remove the CD ROM to get to them.  WELL.........mine have these small circles that are metal no place to unscrew these two !  So now what??? It's the only place left that is being held (again after you remove CD ROM) and the bay i s exposed to remove the cover screws from it. EXCEPT those two screws there have no head or place to put the screw driver.  Just what look likes metal nail heads.   What I'm takling about is on pg 34 chapter 6.  It's number 3 where it says remove the 2 philips PM 2.0 flat screws.   Mine has no way to put in screwdriver on those two screws.   HUH? What gives here HP??? Why can't I Remove those two screws after removing the CD ROM cvover how do you get those things off???  They look like nail heads with no way to put a screw driver in it.  They are metal though. 

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I want to replace the HDD on a G580. The first step is to remove the outer cover, held by two screws. So far, I've been unable to loosen these and are now slightly damaged. I was wondering if the computer repair kits would help?Or is it possible to use force and either cut the cover or drill them out? A bit of minor damage isn't a problem.If I can get the HDD out, how can I change the boot device on startup? I've tried all the Function keys and the NOVO button but they all result in a normal startup. Thanks

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I want to replace the HDD on a G580. The first step is to remove the outer cover, held by two screws. So far, I've been unable to loosen these and are now slightly damaged. I was wondering if the computer repair kits would help?Or is it possible to use force and either cut the cover or drill them out? A bit of minor damage isn't a problem.If I can get the HDD out, how can I change the boot device on startup? I've tried all the Function keys and the NOVO button but they all result in a normal startup.
Mod's Edit: System model added to the front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

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RE: Pavilion 24-a020xt All in one  /  Product# V9A91AA#ABA   / memory upgrade When trying to remove bottom 2 cover screws, they  seem want to rotate the back cover off ( like on a cam ) , rather thanunscrew. This causes a bending of the plastic back cover.Before I try prying the cover the rest of the way off, maybe someone has had the same problem or answer ??Many thanks

A:Pavilion 24-a020xt cover removal for memory upgrade

Hi, Rear Cover removal Before you begin: Remove the stand. StepsUse a fingernail or a flat head tool to pry off the rubber screw covers at the bottom corners of the rear cover.There are two captured Philips #2 screws at the bottom edge of the rear cover that help secure the rear cover to the unit.  Turn each screw about a quarter turn until the corner of the cover releases up. (Note: Do NOT attempt to turn farther than a quarter turn to avoid damaging the mechanism.)Pry the bottom of the cover up and partially remove the rear cover from the PC. The webcam transfer board is attached to the rear cover and its connector or connectors will prevent full removal of the rear cover. (Note: units with a 3D webcam installed will have three connectors. Units with an HD webcam will have one connector.)In order to fully remove the rear cover from the unit for any reason, disconnect the motherboard cable or cables from the webcam transfer board.Pull the connector/s out of the cable guides on the inside of the rear cover and remove any tape securing them to the cover.The rear cover may now be fully removed from the unit.Rear Cover replacement StepsIf installing a new rear cover, remove the existing camera box, webcam transfer board, and camera box spring and install on the new rear cover.To replace the rear cover if it has been fully removed, first replace the webcam transfer board connector or connectors into the cable guides on the rear cover, taping the connector... Read more

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Hello, The rubber coating on the lid of my T430 is down to the plastic in places. Looking quite a mess. Does anyone know of a way to remove the rubber coating or remove the whole back cover so I can replace it? I've tried alcohol - no joy. Can't seem to find any tutorials on youtube either for the back cover replacement. Thanks, Benjamin.

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1.what is the maximum amount of memory that can be increased in my laptop ideapad 500 151sk.??2.can i replace the side frame of mt laptop specially the area covering fan . it got cracked. 

A:IdeaPad 500-15ISK Memory increase / Cover Removal

16GB max / PC3-12800 1600MHz DDR3L, two 204-pin SO-DIMM socketsReference:http://psref.lenovo.com/syspool/Sys/PDF/Lenovo%20Laptops/ideapad%20500%20(15%20inch)/Ideapad%20500_1... Another user can address the crack.  Could you post a picture of the crack?

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Is anyone able to point me to a source that details the procedure for removing the covers of the iP4000 printer, please? I have found a couple of sources for service manuals/parts lists, but none of them provides anything on this basic procedure! I have it for my iP4200 (yes, the one that keeps Canon in business with ink "tank" sales!), and it's quite simple when you know where all the clips are, but for reasons best known to Canon, they do not seem to include this for the earlier 4000. There is a horrible grinding sound emanating from the works, and I need to take a peek inside.

Any assistance appreciated.

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i bought my lenovo ideapad s510p touch from usa in dec 2013, i only hav upgraded warranty.,  
recently my laptop's TOP COVER  has broken i need the part very urgently please any one can help meee please  
Link to picture/image
Link to picture/image
Link to picture/image
Link to picture/image
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A:lenovo s510p touch top cover broken, top cover nee...

hi sumanth same i had also bought lenovo s510p from usa and me too had same problem.Lenovo people are asking 4500 for back panel .

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I am looking for FRU part number for LCD Hinge Cover and Strip cover, its not clear in the Hardware maintenance manual. Can someone please help me? My right side hinge cover is broken. The parts I am looking for are on Page 51 of the Hardware Maintenance Manual and are labeled # 3. https://download.lenovo.com/consumer/mobiles_pub/lenovo_yoga_2_13_hmm.pdf

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I have the Yoga 720. I adore it, but it was a gift. My last laptop was pretty much obliterated by a well-meaning, but giant 120 doofus dog that doesn't understand the meaning of personal space. My house has lots of fur and lots of invasive dogs (two german shepherds & an italian greyhound) and several even more invasive cats. I am looking for:1. A protective case2. A keyboard cover to keep the hair out3. Screen protector Do you know of any? Or are any particularly your favorite? 

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When I start Windows 10 I keep getting this message
procedure entry point cannot be found for "crtCreateSymbolicLinkW procedure in the dynamic link library MSVCR110.dll "

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Trying to add a second hard drive to my new envy 17t u100 but I can't find a connector for the sata cable.

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Trying to add a second hard drive to my new envy 17t u100 but I can't find a connector for the sata cable.

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Okay, here's the deal.

In XP on my laptop when I go to the folder that has some of my books in it in .pdf format, if I set the 'VIEW' to SMALL ICONS, MEDIUM ICONS, LARGE ICONS I can see what the cover of the book looks like. This makes it so that I don't always have to READ the title of the book to grab the one I need. However, I can't put all my books on my laptop and do most of my work on my desktop.

Here's the rub ... my desktop is running VISTA and when I go to any folder that has books in it in .pdf format, no matter which 'VIEW' I choose, all I see is the Adobe PDF logo.

Can someone help me fix this so that I can see the 'book covers'? PLEASE?

If you need pictures of what I'm talking about, please ask and I'll put them up for you to see.


P.S. I have posted this same issue at GeekstoGo and had no help. I was hoping I could get help here cuz this is just about Windows

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my msi u100 wind netbook
when i ym and activate my cam it says not connected i think the drivers are uninstalled or what i cannot figure out pls help if i have to install the drivers what i need what type and what specification i dont knw a lot about computers .pls step by step when i open programs for scaneers and camera its empty .what must i install and hw my email id is [email protected]
ur help appericated so much
god bless

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Hi. I have a Libretto U100. It is meant to have 512mb RAM. But when I check it through "My Computer" it says it has 496mb. Can someone explain why this is? Thanks.

A:Low RAM value on my Libretto U100


It's because of the shared memory graphic card.
This notebook was delivered with the Intel 855GME 16MB-64MB shared memory graphic card.
If the graphic card needs more memory it takes it from the main memory.
The standard value is 16MB.
512MB-16MB=496MB ;)

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I am the happy owner of several 100CTs and 110CTs, and after being so disappointed by my UMPC Packard Bell XS-20, I decided to buy a few broken Libretto U100s. After many patient hours, I have now got a fully working Libretto. But......

I have finally found a USB CDROM drive that will work with it.

I have tried several operating systems, Ubuntu, Gos. Sorry I'm completely lost when it comes to Linux.
Windows XP professional.
Dos 6.22

With the Linux options, I have tried booting from a live CD, and a memory stick. The operating system starts, but although recognizes the hard disk, I cannot copy anything onto it, although gos came very close by allowing me to install it and boot from the hard disk. But I was unable to do much else.

Windows XP goes through the most of the setup, but stops after it has copied all the files reporting a STOP:7B fault which is something to do with a missing boot device.

In desperation, I suspected some kind of hardware fault so I installed DOS 6.22 which works fine.

Is there a special Windows XP installation which I need to use to get this working; and could anyone help me obtain the appropriate disks as I would love to get the U100 working.

Many thanks and Hi from Rainy Bristol, UK


A:How can I install WXP on my U100?

The reason why you get the 0007B-Error installing Windows XP is that the driver of your external CDROM is not known by Windows at this time.
You can modify your Windows XP and include the driver but I suggest the following:

1. Prepare your harddisk with two FAT32 partitions.
2. Copy the I386 directory of your Windows XP CD to the second partition. May you have to boot Windows PE or BartPE to do so.
3. Boot from a DOS floppy and start installation to the first partition. Run winnt.exe from the I386 directory on the second partition.

You can convert the partitions later using convertntfs command.

Good luck!

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I use Samsung 840 EVOs as backups devices. I use either a SATA to USB 3 adapter or a SATA to USB-C adapter. The below images show the differences using the same SSD and connected differently to the HP 17t-u110 and again to a custom desktop. The custom desktop does not have a USB-C port at this time so that benchmark is not available. USB-C is very fast compared to USB 3 but not quite as fast as native SATA.      

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I'm trying to get hold of a VGA cable for the U100 does anyone have a spare I can purchase or know who sells them?

I've tried Toshiba Direct and different dealers, that and the other...



A:Libretto U100: Need a VGA cable


Usually it should be possible to order all spare parts form the Toshiba service partner in your country. I think you should contact the guys and ask for this cable.

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I have a Libretto U100 with a Toshiba DVD RW (docking station) and it does not respond when using a DVD.

In the past I have been able to press the play button, forward and back when using Windows Media Player on the DVD player, but this also no longer works.

Please could you let me know if it's possible to fix the problem.

Thank you.

A:Libretto U100 - DVD-RW does not repond

What is the problem exactly?

Does your Toshiba Control buttons don?t work or does your CD/DVD drive doesn?t work?

If the Toshiba Control buttons are the problem then a driver and utility reinstallation would be advisable.

On the Toshiba European driver page you can find the Common Module and Controls
Reinstall both parts; common modules at first

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Great Product:
I've been using the U100 for two months as a go-anywhere, do-almost-anything, clone of my main computer (Tecra S1) and I'm delighted with it. The fingerprint reader is surprisingly useful and I've even got used to the small keyboard.

At first, though, I found a lot of screen text too small to read and since the solution was not obvious (at least to me :-]) I'm posting my solution here, together with a few other findings. I hope others will find it useful, and maybe others will post their experiences too.

Display Tweak:
Right-click on desktop, choose Properties, and click the Settings tab. Click the Advanced button and select the Monitor tab. Ignore the warning beneath the box 'Hide modes this monitor cannot display' and uncheck it. Click OK and then change the Screen Resolution slider (in Display Properties) to the previously undisplayed value of 1280 x 1024. This gives a virtual screen larger than the physical screen but when you mouse to top or bottom, the screen pans up or down to suit.

Now click the Advanced button again, open the General tab, and change the DPI setting from 96 to a 'Custom' value of 144 (150% normal size) and click OK. This makes most text 50% larger. (If you do this without altering the Screen Resolution you'll find that with some windows the OK, Cancel, and Apply buttons become inaccessible off the bottom of the screen). Most screens work ok like this although the text may become a bit cramped in some (e.g., Tos... Read more

A:Two Months Using The Libretto U100

Hello David

I saw this small ?toy? a few days ago and it is very nice designed. I really don?t like to use small notebooks like Libretto. Portege R200 is for me very nice unit and it is for me the best solution for a subnotebook.

Like I already said the Libretto is designed very well. Just one characteristic is not positive for me. The display cover has a very broad edge and, in my opinion, larger display panel could be much better.

I wish you a lot of fun with your new ?toy?.

Best Regards

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I've been looking around for an additional VGA adapter cable for my Libretto U100 so I can have one on the monitor both at home and at work. Unfortunately, I've not been able to locate anybody selling them, and they're not listed on Toshiba's site as an accessory.
Does anyone know if it's possible to purchase these cables from anywhere?

A:Libretto U100 VGA Cable


Well, as far as I know the Libretto 100U uses a Mini-RGB port to connect an external video display.
Unfortunately, it was not able for me to find this cable or adapter. But I would recommend to contact the ASP. I?m sure that he has a possibility to sell you this part.


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On http://www.xbitlabs.com/articles/mobile/display/a4-roundup-2_33.html I can read

"The docking station is connected via Toshiba?s exclusive connector. It is very handy that you can disconnect the station ?on the fly?, i.e. without powering the notebook down. To do so, you should use a special lever and look at the indicator ? when it goes out, the station can be undocked."

but the manual tell you to turn off computer before docking and undocking.

What is the right, can you do hot docking or not???

A:Libretto U100 hot undocking


Well, I don?t know exactly how to handle the undocking procedure on the Libretto but a friend of mine uses a Tecra with a docking station and he don?t turn off the notebook for undocking the notebook.
But maybe it?s is another case on the Libretto.
I would recommend following the guideline the user manual and turn-off the notebook if you want to remove the docking station.

You are on the safe side if you will follow the instruction in the user manual.

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Is it possible to change the harddrive of a Libretto U100 without voiding the warranty? Has anybody tried to do this yet?

A:Libretto U100 - HDD exchange

Hi there,

should be possible without voiding warranty, but I am not sure how to exchange it. You should look on the bottom of your machine for any lids which are secured with a screw.

Any feedback would be good from you.


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hi guys,

I have msi u100 xp sp3 installed as a netbook.
From some reason when I tried to upgrade my ie6 to ie8 - as soon as I did, I did not have any internet connection throw the ie8. as soon as I uninstall the 8 the internet went on.
When I installed Firefox - the same, as soon as I try to access the internet, it does not successed.
Not only that even remote admin programs are not able to access the internet nor msi update activex until.
Networking is on, I do have pings to the internet, dns and etc.
I have disabled Firewall or antivirus options - they do not stopped it, the problem happends even when shutting them off.
I tried both wired and wireless cards.
The only last thing I can think of is that something hooked on my computer ans it is not letting me out.
I was redirect to this forum in otder to get additional help, maybe install the combox util
please advise

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my Libretto is brand new, but I cannot find the place to plug the Kensington lock in. My "at work" notebook got one so I have an idea what it should look like, but I dont find it on the Libretto.
Any clues ?


A:U100: Where to plug the Kensington lock?


It would be very interesting to know the detailed name of your Libretto.
Nevertheless I think you can find this info in the user manual. Please check this document. I?m sure it can be very helpful.


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A few days ago I got myself a new Libretto U100, all is working fine without problems.

But after the battery have been charged, and I disconnect the computer from DC, I see the DC IN system indicator glowing orange, why???

The User's Manual doesn't say anything about any lights on when you don't use the computer???


A:Libretto U100: DC IN LED glow orange


Are you sure that this is a DC-In LED?
I know that if the adaptors output is abnormal or if the power supply malfunctions, this indicator flashes orange.

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Netbook MSI Wind U100
No optical CD/DVD disk drive
OS: Windows XP Home (Pre-installed)
Purchased March 12, 2009

Problem Description:
Boot brings up the white on black screen with the options of Safe Start, etc.
Whichever option selected (or, if no option selected, then after 30 seconds) - restarts and brings back that same screen.

Solution Attempts:
1. Tried to change BIOS parameters (by hitting Del during startup), enabling/disabling one by one each parameter. In vain: same behavior.

2. Tried power-off (pressing the power switch). then disconnect the power cable, then detach the battery, then reverse the procedure and power-on. Same results.

3. On purchase the computer came with two original disks:
- NOTEBOOK (Driver, Utilities, Manual)
- Recovery DVD
Since I don't have an external optical CD/DVD disk drive, I copied each of the disks to a DiskOnKey and to a SD card, and tried to reboot from each of them, by changing the startup order during reboot (F11):
- No option to boot from SD card
- Starting from DiskOnKey brings up error message that says it isn't a system disk.

4. Power on with the power switch. As soon as MSI logo appears, press F3 for several seconds. Recovery to Factory Settings starts, with all sort of warnings. Approved all. Machine pretended to work hard for several minutes, and then - - - guess what: it reverted back to the same white on black screen (see Problem Description above).

So, we are back to square one. What next?

I don't m... Read more

A:Can't boot MSI Wind U100 Netbook

Try the method here to make a bootable XP install Usb stick :- http://liliputing.com/2008/04/install-windows-xp-on-mini-note-usb.html

I have done it this way myself and it works. (I didn't use WinToFlash btw).

If you set Usb as the 1st bootable device in the Bios and manually change the menu that shows onscreen just after the install starts to use the lower boot option you can leave the computer to do the rest automatically.
Otherwise you will have to wait for the first reboot and use the computers startup menu to make it boot the Usb stick again, this time let it boot the 1st option (default).

EDIT : I think this will work work with an XP recovery disk as the source for the XP files.

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Hi Libretto U100 Fans,

It looks like that the Libretto U100 is no longer available in Germany. There are no shops anymore offering a Libretto U100, even the Libretto webpage from Toshiba has been removed.

Does anyone of you know if there will be a successor for the Libretto U100 and if yes when it will become available?

Thank you very much,

- a very satisfied Libretto U100 user -

A:Libretto U100 in Germany not longer available?

This is not known to me but as you mentioned the Libretto was removed from the product ? notebook area. I would recommend reading the Toshiba newsletters under Insights & Information about new technology and new models.

Maybe there you will find more information in the future.

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I've read reports on the net of people running Vista on UMPC's such as the Samsung Q1, given that the spec of these units is lower than the Libretto it's got me thinking to install Vista on the Libretto... are Toshiba planning to release any Vista compatible drivers for the U100?

I realise it's a rare device but it'd be a nice showcase device.


A:Vista drivers for the Libretto U100?


In my knowledge the Libretto notebooks are out of life. The Toshiba does not design and produce this notebook model.
I?m not 100% sure but in my opinion the Toshiba will not publish Vista drivers for the little, tiny Libretto.
Additional I think the Libretto is not Vista capable?

But you could visit the Microsoft website to check the necessary hardware specifications which are needed to run the Vista.

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My U100 is now 2 years old and I'm delighted with it. It's remarkable that even after two years there's still nothing to match it.

Until now it's been completely trouble-free, but twice in the past two days it locked up for no obvious reason. (I'm just hoping it's not practising for when the warranty expires this time next year).

The symptoms are:

1. Completely freezes. Display holds whatever was on it already.
2. The fan starts racing. It seems to go faster than it ever does in normal operation.
3. The Bluetooth mouse, trackpoint, and trackpad all stop responding.
4. No response to Ctrl-Alt-Del.
5. Have to use the power button to forcibly shut it down.
6. Works fine when restarted.

The first time it was running on battery while I carried from one room to another. The second time it was on mains power and I was adjusting the settings in Power Saver Properties.

I once had similar symptoms on a new Tecra 8100 but a revised display driver cured that. Seem's unlikely to be a driver issue here though because I've not changed a driver for ages - unless there's some conflict with a recent Windows update. The only recent change I made to the original software was to remove the fingerprint software.

Do these symptoms ring a bell with any other U100 user?

A:Libretto U100 occasionally freezes


For me it sounds like an overheating issue.
In many cases a high temperature causes a notebook freezing and not responding.

The libretto is a very tiny notebook and I assume the cooling modules and ventilators not huge. Therefore it?s important that the cooling modules are lint-free and can rotate with full performance.

In my opinion you should check this.
Many computer technicians use a compressed air to clean the fans. I use a vacuum cleaner. Its very simple tool but it functions ;)

But be careful. If you don?t know how to do it, please ask an technician who has much more experience as common notebook user like me and you.

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Please can you let me know how to check that I have the latest video drivers?

Thanks alot.

A:Libretto U100 - drivers question

Firstly it would be useful if you tell which operating system you have since no one is standing besides you and knows what your system contains. (operating system, applications, etc. )
A more detailed description of your system would be really useful.
Regarding your display drivers you should check this site www.intel.com and download the display drivers from there, since I know (after my little research on google ;) ) that you have a intel graphics chipset in your machine. So if you have a intel chipset you should also download the drivers from there to have the latest drivers. :)

In case of any questions, just ask.


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I find this little notebook very interesting and would definetely buy one if it was available here. (or anywhere with scandic key markings).

A:Is Libretto U100 going to be sold in scandinavia at all?


I?m sure that you can buy this notebook in your country with right keyboard. On the Toshiba websites you can find the authorized service partner responsible for your country. They can give you informations abut places where the machine is available.


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The online Libretto U100 manual appears to discourage the use of 3rd party software to partition the 60GB hard drive. I want to use Norton Partition Magic to create 3 more virtual drives. Is this a problem?

A:Libretto U100 Disc Partitioning

HI Tony,

I don't see any problem in using PartionMagic to divide your hard drive.


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I have a microphone problem on laptop and also when using my recently purchased Philips SHM3100 Multimedia headset. I have tried to use the Windows Sound Recorder software but my voice is not recognised at all.

I have a Bluetooth Headset configure of which the sound and microphone works perfectly. Has anyone had the same problem, and found a solution?

Thank you very much in advance.
Kind regards.

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A:Libretto U100 - cant get the microphone to work


Why do you speak about a problem? Do you think this is really a problem or maybe only a wrong microphone setting configuration?
I think it?s only wrong configured mic settings!

If you use the external mic you should check the settings in the control panel -> ?sound & audio devices?.
In ?Volume? tab press the ?Advanced? button and check if the ?Microphone control? is not ?mute?.
Use the ?Advanced? button and mark the options called ?Mic2 select? and ?mic boost?.


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Hi I have just become the proud owner of a Libretto U100. I have a number of SDHC cards 4Gb/8GB/16GB. These do not seem to be recognised by the SD card reader in the U100. I installed Microsofts Hotfix:
WindowsXP-KB934428-v3-x86 and the cards were seen by the U100 but when the card is accessed the U100 locks up and I have to reboot. If I leave the card in then the U100 boots to a black screen requiring a further hard reboot with the SD card removed.

I have installed Windows XP Service Pack 3 but still the same problem occurs. Can this be fixed with a software patch or is the Libretto U100 SD card reader limited to 2GB SD cards.

many thanks


A:SDHC Cards in Libretto U100

Hi mate,

I checked several sites and couldn?t find any information bus as I know there should be a SDHC controller version 1.2 in this machine (which is very unusual) and I am not sure if the controller can handle cards above 2GB.

So, I assume that the reader can just handle cards up to 2GB.


P.S.: You can try a BIOS update but I am not sure if it would solve anything

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My notebook will not hibernate properly anymore. It used to work perfectly. I have changed nothing so I don't know why this is happening. The symptoms are:

1. Close the lid, XP goes through the preparing to hibernate process, then is hibernated. After at least 2-3 minutes, sometimes longer, the notebook awakends on its own. The lid is still shut.

2. The notebook awaken on its own also when I have hibernated the system using the following method: select Start>Turn Off Computer>Hibernate. Systems awakens on its own again.

I have tried the following things to fix the problem, but unable to fix the problem:

1. Disable Wifi.
2. Check BIOS. Wake on Lan is Off.
3. Uncheck HIbernate and then run Disk Check.
4. Unplug USB
5. Do not logon to Windows XP ie. stay at the logon screen, then close the lid of the notebook. Systems goes into HIbernate but then awakens at randomly on its own. Sometimes after 2-3 minutes and sometimes longer.
6. I have put the system into Standy and Standy works perfectly.

I would be very grateful if you would be able to assist me.

Kind regards,

A:Libretto U100 - will not hibernate properly

Are you really sure that no Windows update or driver was updated on this machine? Sometimes microsoft distributes updates without the knowledge of the user.

I would recommend you to recover your machine and check if the hibernation works again after the reinstallation of the machine..

Would appreciate any feedback in this case ;)

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