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Windows 7 Detects 2.4GHz, But NOT 5GHz Mode on Home-LAN

Q: Windows 7 Detects 2.4GHz, But NOT 5GHz Mode on Home-LAN

Good morning!

1. Background. I recently purchased a "Toshiba A505-S6017" laptop (Intel Core i5/4GB RAM/500GB HDD) with Windows 7, 64-bit, Premium Home edition installed: (1) I have a fully functioning home network with 4 (other) XP, 32-bit, PC nodes. (2) My router is a "Netgear Rangemax Dual Band Wireless-N Router WNDR3300." (3) My new laptop has an internal "Realtek RTL819 Wireless LAN, 302.11n b/g/n(draft) PCE-E NIC," (4) My laptop tranceiver is "Microsoft 2.4GHz, V1.0" (5) I have two wireless networks on the router, one for the 2.4, the other for the 5Ghz and can switch between the two, as desired.

2. Problem. Windows 7 found the 2.4GHz, no sweat, but does not see the 5GHz. I want 5GHz access since am worried about my 2.4GHz and mutual interference with household cordless phones, microwave, etc. which also use 2.4 -- plus, 5GHz is preferred for the speed/modernization advantages.

3. Actions to-date. I have followed Windows 7 procedures for automatic home-network detection, in many ways. I have researched (all/most?) involved OEMs' documentation, forums, and Internet-wide Google queries. I can find no solution or suggestions for the problem.

I am desperate to find a solution, as I need to set up access to my other computers from my laptop. I am considering upgrading my older PC's to Windows 7, but first need to address this issue. Can you help analyze and solve this?

Thanks so much for any consideration you can give me,


Preferred Solution: Windows 7 Detects 2.4GHz, But NOT 5GHz Mode on Home-LAN

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Windows 7 Detects 2.4GHz, But NOT 5GHz Mode on Home-LAN

Hello and Welcome to the sevenforums!

Have you investigated if the Toshiba wireless NIC has a 5GHz transceiver? If not, that is surely your issue. Cant see 5GHz if lappy isnt 2.4/5GHz dual NIC.

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                           I want to notify that my wifi adapter is not detecting 5Ghz bandwidth it detects only 2.4Ghz ,I am using Y50-70 Laptop (Lenovo) it is a high end gaming PC which has this feature and the hardware capability to detect 5Ghz bandwith.I Bought this laptop on 25/12/2014, i have been using this laptop ever since ,i was using this laptop in LAN to access internet for faster internet ,at certainty I started using the internet using WIFI ,but i came to notification that it only detects  2.4Ghz bandwidth,but this model and the WiFi adapter has the capability to detect 5Ghz bandwidth , i went to the lenovo service centers (Volta Technology Solutions in Chennai many times, but they are not rectify the problem clearly and they asked to mail to the customer care or to call. Please notify this mail as soon as possible and rectify the issue in the means of replacement of the WIFI adapter within the warranty period. Laptop serial no : CB33567993    Model no: 80EJ59431090

laptop bill1.jpg ?885 KB

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I thought I had a double NAT problem, online somewhere it said go into Bridge Mode, CSR said the ISP router is already in that mode.

I have a cable router as my ISP, hooked up to a ASUS router (2.4GHz and 5GHz) for the house. Have 10 devices on the ASUS. On the Cisco ISP router, I got my Desktop computer in port 2 running to my Ethernet port on the back of my computer, and ASUS in port 1 which goes to the blue input port on the ASUS. I turned off the WiFi on the Cisco router.

The question I have is how can I log into my ASUS router when hard-wired into port 2 on the CISCO router.
CISCO is - ASUS is using port one, Computer is using port two
ASUS is - Can only access this router when connected to it via WiFi.

Well I am connected to both now - the WiFi on the ASUS and hardwired to the CISCO.
I have both routers open. ASUS and Cisco
This problem seems to be artificially solved.


An other issue - I am trying to use ASUS AiCloud 2.0 and USB Application. I want to be able to access this computer anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Basically in USB Application under AiDisk (Share files in the USB disk through the Internet.) - I cant get past setting up a DDNS and receiving a ".asuscomm.com" link to access the computer. It says Invalid IP address. From my internet... Read more

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I have a Asus PCE-AC68 wireless card and can connect to my router TG799vacxtream on 2.4GHz, but I cannot see the 5GHz. That's strange, because I see it on my laptop running Windows 10 and on my iPhone and iPad. Only the Asus card cannot see the 5GHz. When I contacted Asus they put the blame on Windows latest update, and when I contacted Microsoft the put the blame on Asus and that they must update their driver. I contacted Asus again and asked for a date to have a updated driver but they can't tell. Strange policy?

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 860 @ 2.80GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 30 Stepping 5
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 12286 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 5700 Series, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 394 GB (246 GB Free); D: 2794 GB (1373 GB Free); F: 3725 GB (1882 GB Free); G: 28 GB (15 GB Free);
Motherboard: ASUSTeK Computer INC., P7P55D-E PRO
Antivirus: BullGuard Antivirus, Enabled and Updated

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Hello Windows Gurus,

I'm starting to design a 5GHz Wireless Networks that will work together with an 2.4Ghz during the tests and transition phase. In order to keep the same configuration into the clients, we are choosing the same SSID, so we do not have to go one be one and change the machine configuration.

My question is, If there are two WLAN, one with 2.4Ghz and another with 5Ghz with the same SSID, how Windows will choose to which frequency to connect?! To the 2.4Ghz (the default frequency for most APs) or will it try to connect to the 5Ghz (Faster and Less Interference)?!

I also checked and the computers does have Wireless card that works with 5Ghz frequency.

A:Which wireless frequency Windows 7 considers the best? 2.4Ghz / 5Ghz?

Welcome to Seven Forums,

When you said two WLAN, are there 2 WAPs? One operates at 2.4GHz and another one at 5GHz? Perhaps, you're talking about a Dual Band Router that supports both Standards (11n and 11b/g)?

If your Wi-Fi adapters support both and they are configured with a mixed mode then they should be able to connect to the 5GHz band. The wireless mode can also be changed from your router and set it to just '5GHz' if you'd like all the wireless network devices to utilize the 5GHz.
FYI....802.11n supports both 2.4 and 5GHz clients but you must consider 5GHz than the 2.4GHz if you'd like to achieve a great network performance.

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I have recently acquired a faster USB adapter (NETGEAR N900) for my connection. I have a NETGEAR N600 router. I can choose from 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz. My connection runs very well on 2.4Ghz, I have a limit speed of 144Mbps. However, with 5Ghz that limit is 300Mbps, which I thought it was great, but when I switched to 5Ghz I was only getting 54Mbps and weaker signal strength.

2.4 uses one channel, while 5 uses two channels. Could that be the problem? Again, I'm fine with the current 2.4, but I was just curious if there is a way to increase my speed. It's always nice to have faster internet

A:2.4Ghz vs 5Ghz

I was researching this myself just this morning. Here's the link I read a comparison on the 2, hope it provides a little helpful info for ya.

Is 5 GHz Wi-Fi Wireless Computer Hardware Better than 2.4 GHz?

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I thought that 5Ghz would always beat 2.4Ghz hands down on everything apart from distance. With this in mind I set my router to broadcast at 5Ghz and thought that my wifi would be much better as a result,but it wasn't.

I have my router and my PC in the same room a few meters from each other, and while I was using 2.4Ghz I would always get 90% signal strength,but when I changed to 5Ghz instead of my signal getting to 100% it went to 70%? My router is capable of both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz so why is it that 2.4Ghz is better than 5Ghz when I have been told that it should be the other way around?

I was told that microwaves, cordless telephones and other electronic devices use the 2.4Ghz frequency range and this causes intereference and as such causes a loss of signal.

5Ghz I was told is free of other electronic noise so it is much better and you will always get a stronger signal. The one thing which I was told that made 2.4Ghz better than 5Ghz was the fact that legal restrictions on 5Ghz routers meant that the amount of power they could use to output a signal meant they were not so good over long distances, and in some countries it was even illegal to use 5Ghz frequency.

A:2.4Ghz vs 5Ghz puzzle?

The higher the frequency, the more power it takes to emit said frequency in comparison to lower frequencies. If you have a decent router, however, it shouldn't make a difference which band you transmit. Just because the router CAN use the 5GHz band doesn't mean it'll operate best on it.

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SO I picked up a new router thinking it was simultaneous dual band, turns out it is just single band. so either or. My question is, is it possible to leave the ADSL+ modem wireless on @ 2.4ghz and have the router wireless @5ghz?

A:New Router, 2.4ghz and 5ghz?

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I have a router on one side of my house that is broadcasting 2.4GHz. I have an extender on the other side of the house that is connected to the router with 2.4GHz, but it is broadcasting 5GHz. Both the router and the extender have the same SSID and password. Is this a suitable setup if I want to roam the house on the same network?

Thanks for the help!

A:5GHz Extender with 2.4GHz Router

I actually just disabled 5GHz completly around the house and both the router and the extender are on 2.4 and have the same SSID and password. Is there anything else I need to do to make roaming the house a smooth process?

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I am having an intermittent issue with my Asus RT-AC88U router (purchased about 4 months ago). The issue started about a week ago and there have been no changes I have initiated to the router or my Windows 10 Pro PC.

I noticed it first on my phone when at home, it would connect to WiFi (2.4GHz) just fine but said under the connection that internet was not available. 5GHz and wired connections had internet just fine. Resetting (power cycling) the router did not fix it but sometimes it seemed to fix it's self. Last night I had no WiFi on 2.4 but this morning it's fine. My provider is Comcast but if it was Comcast I think the issue would be on 2.4 and 5.

I contacted Asus via their support chat and the tech. had me change some setting and I figured that fixed it till the problem showed up again a day and a half later.

Has anyone had a similar issue and if so found a fix? Is this a router hardware issue and I should contact Asus for a replacement?

Thanks for the help!!

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I have an issue with the Wifi connection, but it is only problematic when I'm connected to 2.4Ghz networks.My laptop is running with a Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 8260. When connected to 5Ghz networks no problem at all, but when the laptops connects to 2.4Ghz networks the internet either does not work at all, or it is at such a low speed it is impossible to be productive. Especially if I'm not near the router as it then automatically shifts to 2.4GHz due to better signal. The issue is present with any network - not just my home network. I have no issues with other devices (PC's, Mac's and smartphones) at home; only this specific laptop. I have chosen 5Ghz as the prefered option, and the driver is up to date. What to do? 

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Hi everyone!

This is my first post here, so apologies if I am not providing the correct/enough information at the outset.

I will be happy to provide as much information and in a timely manner as prompted.

The crux of the issue, is that recently the 2.4ghz and 5ghz connections in my home are only working one at a time. Meaning, I can be connected to 2.4ghz, but am unable to disconnect the same device from 2.4ghz and connect to my 5ghz network if I chose to. This is not a device compatibility thing, as an example I have experienced this on an iPhone XS.

Now, the interesting thing, is that when connected to my 2.4ghz for example, the connection will frequently drop, and then if I select 5ghz, my connection to the internet will be successful.

If I were to go back to 2.4ghz it will not connect.

After a while the 5ghz will drop and I will revert back to 2.4ghz.

It is incredibly obnoxious.

Please help!

A:Wi-Fi Connection Flipping from 2.4ghz to 5ghz

It's either a problem with the radio in your router, or a problem with the networking components of your laptop. Borrow a router from a friend and see if the problem continues, if your friend's router works, then the problem is isolated to your router - buy a new one. If your friend's router doesn't work, then it is a problem with your laptop.

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I have 4 apple devices in house. 3 on 5ghz connected to access point, and 1 on 2.4ghz.
its a belkin router, model N10117.

the belkin router is connected to a virgin router.
thier is a setting on the belkin router, which allows you to use it as an 'access point'.

all 4 devices can connect perfectly. and use programs like 'VLC remote' perfectly.

but when it comes to itunes on the pc, after setting all the apropriate settings on itunes,
itunes is unable to see all 4 devices for 'wireless syncing'.

ive come to a hault, and stuck :/
many thanks in advance,

A:Router 5ghz and 2.4ghz not see apple devices?

as etc info -

I have virgin router 4 lan ports - port 4 is connected belkin N10117 router, and setting is set too 'act as access point'.

PC is connected to virgin router via LAN...

is it something to do with the IP address maybe?


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I bought a D-link DIR 825 router, having read claims that, on ONE wireless network, it runs 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies SIMULTANEOUSLY, and somehow determines for itself how to apply those frequencies to what I'm trying to achieve on the network.

D-link's own support contact denies that this is possible, which appears to contradict D-link's claims about the DIR 825 and what I have read about the product online. They are saying that, indeed, you can use both frequencies at once, but on DIFFERENT machines, i.e. that a single machine cannot be simultaenously connected to both frequencies.

For the life of me, I can't see how to connect to both frequencies at the same time. When setting the DIR 825 up using the relevant wizards, it treats the 2.4GHz and 5GHz as two separate wireless networks. I can then connect each of my computers to one or the other, but apparently not both.

Any help would be enormously appreciated!

A:D-LINK DIR 825: how to connect to 2.4GHz and 5GHz simultaneously

They imply two separate transceiver circuits insted of just one that switches transmitting frequency.
Traffic for the 5GHz will be faster with a separate SSID and transmitter., since you will cut out the delays caused by the transceiver switching frequency and handling the slower 2.4GHz traffic.

Your problem is that the computer's wireless adapter can only connect to one SSID and IP address.
You can set up alternate connections for your wireless adapter using a different SSID and IP address for the separate frequencies and switch back and forth, but this is not what you want.

To connect your computer the way you want you would need to have two wireless adapters on the computer.
Set one up using the 2.4GHz SSID and IP address as a default for general wirless use.

Setup the other one using the 5GHz SSID and IP address.

You would need to then set up routing on your computer so that programs that need to use the 5GHz will connect to it.

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I just ran over this strange irritating problem on one of my laptop devices...  The connection times out and drops but still connected to router. No internet works when dropped and cant access WAN either when this happens. When this occurs the internet comes back for some second and then randomly drops fast again
The problem only occurs on 1 laptop and @ 2.4Ghz channel works just fine on 5Ghz. 
When internet drops on laptop connected with 2.4 the mobile who is also on 2.4 works just fine 

A:Laptop drops internet ONLY @ 2.4GHZ not 5Ghz

Please post the computer and router model next time.Download MiniToolBox and run the program.When open, checkmark or select all options then click Go.A notepad will open then copy-paste the report on your next reply.

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HiLooking for the part number to replace wireless card in notebook.I need a dual band 2.4ghz and 5ghz card.Current part is HP p/n 709505-001 sps#709848-001ThanksGlenn

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I want to upgrade my home network to support HD streaming over Wifi. I am considering getting an 802.11ac router and replacing my laptops Wifi network card with one that supports the new Wifi 802.11ac standard.

On my home network I want to connect a TV set top box to the router over Cat6 but my laptop is the only device that will be connecting over Wifi. I have a Dell Inspiron 7520 laptop. It has an Intel Centrino Wireless-N 2230 Wifi card which supports dual stream but only one band: 2.4Ghz.

It looks like my laptop only has two internal antenna cables and for this reason I am thinking I cannot avail of triple stream Wifi-N 450Mb/s + 450Mb/s on a simultaneous dual band N900 router. I am stuck with a theoretical max of 300Mb/s on 2.4Ghz under Wifi-N and/or 866Mb/s on 5Ghz under Wifi-AC.

Here are my questions:

1. If I get a simultaneous dual band router can my laptop stream an HD movie on the 5Ghz band and at the same time download say a Youtube video on the 2.4Ghz band? I ask that because I'd like to get a such a router and preserve every ounce of bandwidth on its 5Ghz band for streaming movies from the set top box to my laptop... not have to share it for web browsing needs.

2. Would it be a better solution, or even possible, to install a third internal antenna in my laptop and get a triple stream 802.11n class Wifi card (such as the Intel Centrino Ultimate-N 6300) and Wifi-N Class router OR should I buy an 802.11ac router and get the better bandwidth it offers... Read more

A:Can my Laptop simultaneously connect to a 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz Wifi network?

You can stream HD movies fine at 150Mbps or even less but it depends on how much of the bandwidth is being used by your neighbors. This can be a big problem in some areas. You won't be able to use both frequency's at once.

Finding the best clean channels to use are what matters most on 2.4 GHz, channel bonding comes in handy sometimes but works best when the channels are mostly clear.

5Ghz is better in this respect because hardly anyone is using it so you tend to get all the bandwidth to yourself but the drawback with 5GHz frequency is that it won't go through walls worth a darn so it's really only useful for open area's outdoors or for large rooms.

I'm running the Asus AC66U router and the Asus PCI-e AC66 NIC which usually runs about 877.5-1.1 Gb. I can stream multiple YouTube video's while watching movies although I could also do this using the 2.4GHz frequency at 300Mbps.

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I have a N600 Wireless Dual Band Router model WNDR3400. My question(s) is that if I connect with a wired cable, will I be connected to the 5ghz and avoid interference with those on the 2.4ghz connection?

For example, I have a wired connection with my Playstation 3 but i believe the Playstation 3 incapable of detecting the 5ghz when I do a wireless scan. Does this mean when I connect with a wired cable with the ps3 I use the 2.4ghz connection with other users and getting interference if they're doing something like streaming?

And finally, if my Laptop is unable to detect the 5.ghz connection does that mean I need some sort of adapter? Or does it have to do something with the settings. Its enabled and is on the default channel.
[Sorry one more question, where do I go to see who is currently using the internet connection in the setup]

A:Dual Band Interference Question(s) 2.4ghz, 5ghz and Wired

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Hi, I have a netgear WNDR3400 100nar router, dual band, 2.4ghz and 5ghz. I set up 2 connections. On the 2.4ghz I set up a WEP connection with 64 bit encryption for my wireless repeater (WNR2000). On the 5ghz i set up WPA2 for regular use. Unfortunately my computer does not support 5ghz or atleast i dont think it does. My samsung tv picks up the 5ghz so I connected to that, the macbook pro connects to the 5ghz. The other computer I want on the 2.4 ghz with the repeater. Hardlined via ethernet anything and everything works. For some reason 2.4ghz wont connect wirelessly and does not even give me the option to enter the hex key. just says unable to connect. the 2.4 doesn't work on anything (currently the repeater is offline until I can fix this issue). Infact, ignore the repeater info. I think there is a problem with the distribution of the IP addresses. Could they be overlapping between the 2.4 and the 5? The next item on the network (tv) using 5ghz, occupies sequence 2 under the ip address....whatever the default is it would occupy I have reformatted my computer, uninstalled and reinstalled network drivers, as much as I could do with the computer itself so I'm assuming it is the router. I've disconnected it and reconnected it, reset it, redone the whole network multiple times, renewed the IP address. What is going on? Can anyone help me please.

A:Solved: router issue: 2.4ghz not working, 5ghz working

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My Windows 8.1 laptop, fitted with an Intel Centrino Ultimate-N 6300 AGN wireless adapter, suddenly stopped automatically connecting to my router a few months ago. I attempted to connect wirelessly to multiple other routers, all to no avail. My laptop could only connect through an ethernet cable/tethered hotspot. I then moved houses and got the internet set up on a new provider and suddenly my laptop could connect wirelessly again! Sadly, after trying to connect to my university's wi-fi, I found out that the laptop wasn't fixed, it was simply able to connect to my new 5Ghz internet but still had trouble connecting to 2.4Ghz access points.

I've tried everything I can to fix this as my laptop is too vital to my studies for me to be without it even for a short period of time, therefore sending it off for diagnostic and repairs is out of the question for now. So far I have tried:

Installing the latest Windows 8.1 drivers for the card (currently on v.
Replacing the wireless card with a new one (same make and model)
A complete, fresh re-installation of Windows 8.1

Running out of ideas on what to try and so turning to the community for help. Even if you're not sure of a fix, determining the problem itself would also be a big help. Thanks much in advance!

A:Laptop can't connect to 2.4Ghz frequencies, only 5Ghz frequencies

Try the latest wireless driver from the laptop manufacturer's web site.

If that doesn't work then try the latest driver directly from Intel's site.

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When I use Google.com, I get re-directs nearly every time I click on a link. Additionally, Avast Antivirus detects a virus in Firefox.EXE nearly constantly. Even when I am not in Firefox, Avast finds numerous viruses. I ran Malwarebytes and think I may have deleted some important registry keys because, 75% of the time windows freezes during startup. It works all the time in Safe mode (and no virus detects....), and 25% of the time in regular mode but nearly CONSTANT virus detection. Please help! I am more interested in solving the VIRUS problem before going on to the 2nd problem of the boot failures (I cannot locate windows install discs to repair...but like i said, right now I am loaded perfectly fine into regular Windows, no safe mode etc)

Please let me know which logs to provide so we can proceed. Thanks so much!

A:Windows Vista Home Premium - Virus Detects

Hello, can you post that MBAM (Malwarebytes)log??The log is automatically saved and can be viewed by clicking the Logs tab.Copy and paste the contents of that report in your next reply. Be sure to post the complete log to include the top portion which shows the database version and your operating system. Reboot into Safe Mode with Networking How to enter safe mode(XP/Vista)Using the F8 MethodRestart your computer. When the machine first starts again it will generally list some equipment that is installed in your machine, amount of memory, hard drives installed etc. At this point you should gently tap the F8 key repeatedly until you are presented with a Windows XP Advanced Options menu. Select the option for Safe Mode with Networking using the arrow keys. Then press enter on your keyboard to boot into Safe Mode. >>>> Download this file and doubleclick on it to run it. Allow the information to be merged with the registry.Run RKill....Download and Run RKillPlease download RKill by Grinler from one of the 4 links below and save it to your desktop.

Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Link 4

Before we begin, you should disable your anti-malware softwares you have installed so they do not interfere RKill running as some anti-malware softwares detect RKill as malicious. Please refer to this page if you are not sure how.
Double-click on Rkill on your desktop to run it. (If you are using Windows Vista, please right-click on it and select Run As Administrator)
A black scre... Read more

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Hi all, this is my first post so I really appreciate all of the help and I can't tell you how much I've benefitted from the things I've read while lurking here over the last few days. Now, on to the show...

I have an HP workstation with a Q35 based mother board that had a 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo in it (E6550), and I wanted to put the processor into my new rig, but still want to use the old comp. I have a Cedar Mill core Pentium 4 3.4GHz HT that's also socket 775 and I thought I'd just stick that in the HP since it doesn't need the better processor. Now, when I try to boot the HP, I get a couple of beeps and the fan just goes on overdrive and stays that way until I shut the thing off, but it never boots.

What's weird is that I can stick the Core 2 Duo back in and everything boots up just fine, but the thing just hates on that P4 like no tomorrow. Now I've used the P4 in my new rig just to make sure it wasn't shot, and it works like a charm. It's just in that workstation with the Q35 mother board that I'm getting nowhere. Any thoughts?

A:Cedar Mill P4 3.4Ghz in Q35 mobo won't boot. Swapped in for C2D E6650 2.4Ghz

Your workstation motherboard probably does not support that P4 processor. Just because it is socket 775 doesn't mean it is compatible.

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This is an older via chipset 1.5 Sata with a sata 3.0 WDC 1TB drive, and I have the OPT limiter jumper in place
Problems encountered installing SATA 3.0 Gb/s hard drives on SATA 1.5 Gb/s controllers

Before I put the jumper on the drive, the bios ignored the WDC sata drive. With the jumper in place, the bios detects and recognizes the drive.
In the bios setting, I turned on SATA enabled and set from raid to IDE.

But when boot Windows or Linux, the drive is not showing up in disk management or anywhere.

So how can I get the OS to see the drive?

A:Sata drive bios detects, but os not detects neither windows or linux

well it is not solved, but clonezilla nows sees the drive, and is cloning the IDE onto the SATA.
perhaps a flaky connection?

I got a 1tb SATA for an external storage drive and wanted to see if it could work on this older MB 1.5 SATA connector. See if the drive did any better than the 320 GB IDE Maxtor drive.

Drive is Cavier Green Sata WD10EADS

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My question is I have a computer with 2.4ghz as well as 5ghz, my router is a dual band 2.4 and 5ghz wireless n and no matter what I do my computer will not recognize the 5ghz network.

Background info: I have read through many forums and tried many different solutions none of which seem to work. My computer is 2 weeks old (hp). I have gone into device manager and clicked on the network card, properties, and advanced tab to discover my computer does support both 5ghz and 2.4ghz, as well both are enabled. My router is the wrt601n linksys dual band N wireless router. I have tried every setting possible with that router including : mixed, n only, a only, 20 or 40 all different widths and no matter what combination my computer will only pick up the 2.4ghz. Both drivers/software for my computer and router are up to date with the lastest. I have also tried close to and far away, distance and range are not issues either. It's becoming a major issue not having both bands working because we having gaming equiptment that when somebody is playing it kicks the other person off of the internet entirely! I am at a loss here on what to do please help!!!

A:Computer won't recognize 5ghz router (computer has 5ghz), windows 7

Go into your cards'
'Computer management' > 'Device Manager' > right click on your wireless card > 'properties' menu > 'advanced'

Check that 2.4/5ghz is set up for your correct country band! (UK = 1-13)

To turn on Dual band wireless 'n'
My linksys 2.4/5 pci card has a menu item called "Multimedia Gaming environment" > 'enable'

This enables dual band - top speed @ 300!

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hey all who read,

i am thinking of upgrading from my intel p4 3.4ghz (oc'ed to 3.8ghz) prescott to a new core 2 duo e6600 2.4ghz processor.

i am running vista buisness x86 build 6000.
will i have to reinstall the os when i put the e6600 in as some reviews have been saying thats what id have to do?

asrock 1333 full hd mobo
p4 prescott 3.4ghz oc'ed
4 x 1gb pc6700 ddr2 ram
nvidia geforce 7900 gx2 g-card
600w psu
2x sony dvd rw drvs
jeantech nitro case


A:Os Help With 3.4ghz Prescott ---> Core 2 Duo E6600 2.4ghz

keep ur computer, it should work well enough for u

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Hi everyone, I have a Linksys AE6000 Wireless USB adapter in my Laptop and it is 5Ghz enabled. When I first got my laptop it had Windows 8 on it, but before I did anything I reformatted it to Windows 7. Under Windows 7, this wireless adapter connected to my 5Ghz SSID on my router (the 2.4 and 5Ghz SSIDs are different from one another on my router) just fine and I was getting 500Mb/s speed over Wi-Fi. Then, I upgraded laptop to Windows 8.1, where adapter only detects my 2.4Ghz SSID, and now I only get 150Mb/s over Wi-Fi.

What do I do? I have tried reinstalling driver, using Win7 compatibility mode drivers, installing manually without GUI, I have made sure internal card is fully disabled, etc etc...

My specs are as follows:

Intel Core(TM) i7-3632QM Quad-core mobile CPU
Intel HD Graphics 4000
AMD Radeon 7670M GPU 2GB
Samsung Evo 120GB SSD
HP ENVY/Pavilion m6
Internal Wi-Fi card - Intel Wireless-N 2230
External USB Wi-Fi - Linksys AE6000
Router - Netgear R6300
Internet Connection - 150Mb/s down , 10 Mb/s up

A:5Ghz Wireless adapter does not detect 5Ghz networks anymor

Here's a trick where somebody downloaded a Cisco driver to get it working in 8.1:

AE6000 No Longer works with Windows 8.1 - Linksys Community

Hope this helps you get it working!
Good luck,


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After upgrading to SP2 about a month ago so I could take finals on my computer at school, i noticed that my computer wouldn't boot up in safe mode (i just get a blank dark screen and i can hear the computer doing something but giving it a reasonable amount of time it doesn't progress from that screen). It didn't concern me because normal mode was working and i was able to take my tests. But now I want to get to the bottom of this. I delayed getting sp2 because i had a feeling it would mess up my computer. (i've had other problems too with visual skins but i was able to resolve those).If it matters, i ran a scan of my system with spyware doctor and it said i had a trojan.dialer and needed to boot in safemode to get rid of it. When I tried, it wouldn't load. Oh, btw, any way to get rid of that trojan.dialer without using safemode?

A:Windows Xp Home, After Sp2, Safe Mode Doesn't Work, Normal Mode's Fine?

Try running Ewido online scan and post the results overhere.

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Hi Guys,

I recently upgraded a Dell Inspirion laptop from vista to windows 7. That went smoothly. However, a few days ago I couldnt pick up our home wireless connection but could see our neighbours connection. Im stumped as the other 3 laptops in the house pick the neighbours and the home wifi. The card is DellWireless 1397 WLAN Mini-card.

Any help would be great as i am stuck!!


A:laptop detects neighbours wireless not home one

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I have a machine that won't load windows at startup. There are 2 drives, Identical Seagate 320gb SATA2 configured as RAID 0. There are no other hard drives. Motherboard is ASUS P5W DH Deluxe, AMI BIOS version 2404, 2gb Corsair RAM, Core2 E6600, Windows XP SP2. When I power it up, the BIOS Display includes:
Auto-Detecting 3rd Master...IDE Hard Drive
Auto-Detecting 3rd Slave...IDE Hard Drive
Auto-Detecting 4th Master...Not Detected

3rd Master: ST3320620AS 3.AAD
Ultra DMA Mode-5, SMART Capable and Status OK

3rd Slave: ST3320620AS 3.AAD
Ultra DMA Mode-5, SMART Capable and Status OK

Auto-Detecting USB Mass Storage Devices
00 USB Mass Storage Devices found and configured

Press F1 to resume.

F1 does nothing, requiring a restart. I cannot get into the BIOS, nor do I have another bootable HD to eliminate the array as the source. Should the previously configured RAID set be detected as IDE drives? These drives are the original set that RAID was installed on using the F6 disk and it has run without a problem for over a year. The only thing I did was remove them from the chassis in order to vacuum the case.Does the Array have a Master when configured with SATA drives?

Thanks for any suggestions...regards, steve

A:Win XP Home detects my SATA RAID drives as IDE?

Oh what tiny teeth you have, grandma!

FYI: SATA and PATA are both IDE devices.

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I am puzzling! I am really not a computery person - but dropped my Acer laptp on the floor, and broke the screen - so bought a dell monitor, plugged it in, and it works - but only in SAFE mode. I have tried the Fn F5 or F6 keys, and that doesnt work. When I do that it just freezes to the screensave on my laptop (a lovely picture of my cat!!) however wont let me use any keys or anything.

I dont know much about drivers or anything... I am just completely baffled, and really have no idea what to do now! When I went to windows help, it talked about setting the external monitor, but it couldnt detect a second monitor (even though I am clearly using it RIGHT now in safe mode!!)

Please can someone help me - in simple terms?



A:Broken laptop screen - only detects external monitor safe mode!?

Hi Mazz,

The 'external display' does not seem to be supporting the 'graphic drivers'. Please follow these steps:
- Boot to 'Windows' in 'Safe Mode'
- Access 'Device Manager' and expand the category 'Display Adapters' > Right click and uninstall the 'Video Drivers' > Follow through with the uninstall process > Restart the unit
- Click Acer Support: Downloads & Support Documents - Notebook, Ultrabook / Aspire / Aspire 5332 to 'Download and Install' the appropriate 'Display driver' for your unit
Note: Please filter search results by selecting the 'Operating System' installed in the unit. You may also want to check the system configuration in detail; it comes with an optional 'AMD' graphics adapter. Uninstall and Re-install the driver that is applicable to your system.

Hope this helps.

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I built a new computer and used the AMD 1.4GHz tbird on an ECS K7S5A motherboard. I am using 512MB DDR memory and running win/98se. When I boot up it only runs at 1050MHZ. I have tried to set the prossecor and multiplyers to get 1400MHz but only result in crashes or the dreaded blue screen. What can I do to get this thing running at the right speed?

A:Why won't my new AMD 1.4GHz TBIRD run at 1.4GHz

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I just did a lot of playing with all of my computer equipment in order to learn a bit...anyways I took my 300 gB HDD from one computer and put it on a lesser computer, on which I am going to install an evaluation version of Win2000 Server. Then I took the 40 gG HDD from the lesser computer and put in on the better computer.

Ok...now the problem...Win2000 server setup recognizes 131068 mB of hdd space on two seperate unpartitioned spaces. And I find this abnormal for 3 reasons...
first - I know windows will only recognize 137 gB of each partition, but why 131 gB.
second - usually unpartitioned space is combined into one, not 2 seperate spots
And by the way, everything worked fine before the HDD swap and everything reads fine in the BIOS.

I also tried to partition the hdd before the installation with a seagate utility that came with the hdd, but windows wouldn't recognize that properly either.

Thanks for any suggestions.

A:Setup only detects 131068mB of HDD space, but bios detects all of it.

The 'lesser' PC may not be able to handle such big HDs. Check that 48-bit support is available and activated in the BIOS. Or get a BIOS update.
Also, check the Master/Slave jumpers. And are you using 40-wire IDE cable instead of 80-wire?

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I had a friend call and ask if I could help with her computer. I am fairly certain that she is infected with at least one and possibly several viruses and various malware.

I thought I would start and go into Safe Mode with Networking and do an online scan with Trend Micro Free Online Virus Scan.

The problem is that I can't get into Safe Mode. I can restart hitting the F8 key. Then select Safe Mode with Networking. It will show it loading the drivers and then it will kick back to the Windows XP Home logo page and begin loading drivers. I can't seem to find a way to get past this loop. There seems to be no way to get in and try to do anything to clean the computer. I have Malwarebytes that I can put on the computer as well as several other programs that I have found using this site.

If anyone has any suggestions on how I might proceed, I sure would appreciate your assistance.

One other question. If I did a repair install of Windows XP, would this assit in getting Windows XP opertional. Then I could clean the viruses after I have something to work with?

Thanks again for any and all help.

A:Windows XP Home will not go into Safe Mode

I would start with running Malwarebytes in Normal Mode.

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Download Windows XP Mode

I selected Home Premium 64-bit and it's letting me download XP Mode?? (I haven't tried physically downloading it yet as I'm on a work PC, but I'll give it a crack when I get home).
Could anyone verify this is the real deal or a glitch on the website? I thought this was only available to Professional and above editions?

A:Windows XP Mode now on Home Premium???

It should only be available for Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Ultimate?

Is it Windows Virtual PC you are downloading or XP Mode as well. Could be a glitch I suppose?

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I'm not sure if this is where I should be posting this, as I don't know if this is caused by a virus or not.
Searching tells me this is common, but I've tried some of  the suggestions I've read and they haven't worked.
Last night my computer froze.  It would not respond to anything:  mouse wouldn't move, ctrl-alt-del did not respond.  So I powered down.  Now when I boot, I get the Windows screen, followed by a blank screen.  I can still boot in Safe Mode.
Here's what I've tried:
In Safe Mode, I ran MSconfig and did a system restore to last week.  It says it successfull restored.  But I still can't boot normally.
I ran ComboFix.  I can attach the log (or simply post it in a response) if it is helpful.  Still can't boot.
In safe mode I ran msconfig again.  Under "Services" tab, I clicked "hide all Microsoft Services" and then chose "Disable All".  In the "General Tab" I unchecked "Load Startup Items".  I did this twice, once as "owner" and once as "administrator".  Still can't boot.
It appears all my files are safe, and I can hook up an external hard drive to back them up in Safe Mode, so I'm not in a panic.  But what should I try next?
Thanks in advance!

A:Windows XP home - can only boot into Safe MOde

I didn't notice there was a "Boot Fixes" pinned topic.
According to that topic, my problem is probably my video driver.
How do I find out what kind of video card I have, and find the latest driver?

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I just bought a new WD 320 gig PATA hard drive and attempted to install Windows XP Home from my original installation disk. My computer is a Dell Dimension 3000 with a Pentium 4 processor with 2 gigabytes of ram. Currently this new hard drive is the only hard drive that's connected with a 40 pin IDE cable to the primary slot on my motherboard.

My problem is that it will only boot in Safe mode. The installation shows up on my bios and I've checked disc management which shows that there is an installation with a single partition and 3.26 gigabytes of used space with 294 gigabytes of free space. It shows the condition as healthy. I've also run check disc and found no problems. I've repeated the installation process many times with the same results. I'd really be grateful if someone has a suggestion as to how I can boot this normally. I've also tried my install disc's repair function with no luck.



A:Windows XP Home only boots in safe mode

1) You need to tell us what happens when you try to boot to normal mode.

2) When you say you "attempted" to install XP - what does that mean? Does the installation seem to complete normally? And exactly HOW are you trying to install it (step by step) and what are you using as an installation cd (original retail copy of XP, duplicated copy, home grown copy, oem, etc)?

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One of my desktops has the following problem: all of a sudden and out of the blue xp wouldn't load and I was stuck with an ntldr is missing sign. Not knowing the admin password wouldn't let me fix the problem with the xp disk recovery console so I decided to download xp again on a new partition. The xp is there alright, but locked up in safe mode out of which I 've not been able to escape no matter what I do. The screen resolution shows up as being incredibly low and I have tried to set it up in high resolution but through device manager it shows up as the vg display driver missing, which I've no idea if that's true or just a consequence of it being in safe mode, out of which I cannot exit.
I've tried to load the display driver again off some disks but haver no idea which of those discs has the vg display driver on it.
Is my computer dead, should I bury it, and then move out of the country or can someone tell me how to do the Lazarus gig on it?
Thanks in advance for any possible.
More Info: Computer is an ASUS.
It has three partitions with xp on them but I have no idea how to access them, and plus if I do, one will probably show the ntldr is missing message anyway. Does anyone know how I can get out of safe mode in my latest windows xp?
Please let me know if I'm not articulating my problem clearly or if I need to provide any additional information.

A:Windows xp home locked in safe mode

Hi, Are You sure it is stuck in Safe Mode. In Safe Mode on XP the words "Safe Mode" will be in the four corners of the desktop.
The reason I ask that is Low resolution can also be caused by Missing Video Drivers.
Can You post a screen shot of the Device manager?
Thank You

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.40GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 2 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 1021 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) 82845G Graphics Controller, 64 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 38170 MB, Free - 21711 MB; D: Total - 38138 MB, Free - 38018 MB; E: Total - 38170 MB, Free - 32715 MB; F: Total - 38170 MB, Free - 38066 MB;
Motherboard: Intel Corporation , D845GEBV2 , AAA97677-102 , AZBV24401972
Antivirus: Quick Heal Total Security 12.00, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled
I have too stares getting "Exception Processing Message c0000013 Parameters 75b6bf7c 4 75b6bf7c" problem recently. I searched solution on web and got one. Regedit and in microsoft web following solution:
Locate, and then click the following registry subkey:
Caution There can be many instances of the registry subkey that is mentioned in step 2. You must make sure that you are in the appropriate registry subkey before modifying the UpperFilters and the LowerFilters values. To verify that you are in the appropriate registry subkey, make sure that the Default data value is DVD/CD-ROM and the Class data value is CDROM.
In the right pane, right-click UpperFilters, and then click Delete.
Click Yes to confirm the removal of the UpperFilters registry entry.
In the right p... Read more

A:Intel 4 Processor 2.4GHz, Windows XP SP 3

Is the Quick Heal anti virus a registered copy?

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Hi guys,

This is my first post.

I have been reading through tutorial 61 (Starting Windows In Safe Mode) as I am having a problem accessing Safe Mode via F8.

The problem I am having with the tutorial is understanding the fifth paragraph on page 7, the one that starts:- Once the file is renamed, you can then......... The part of the paragraph I don't understand is the line:- "When you get back to normal Windows mode, you can then rename C:\Boot.ini.bac to C:\Boot.ini" How do I input that command when I am back in normal Windows mode?

I would be most grateful if someone could clarify this for me.



A:Starting Windows In Safe Mode, Xp Home Edition

Hello cottage and welcome.

Could you provide a link to the tutorial?

Without reading the tutorial its difficult to comment on. But from what you have posted I would imagine it is referring to right clicking the file in question and then selecting the rename option.

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Ok here's the deal.

I run windows XP home. I was on my computer (its a HP desktop) all day yesterday. I didnt do any hardware changes. I did have to go into safe mode and do a system restore from early in the week and after I did that, I restarted it a few times, it worked great and now...it wont do anything.

I turn on the pc and hit F8 to go into safe mode. I get the safemode option, I choose run in safe mode, and then my OS system and then the screen goes black and stays black. No blinking cursor, no blue screen of death...just black. It does the same thing when I just try to start it up normally. I get the Compaq start up screen and then it goes to black and nothing. No mouse, no sound when I hold a key down on the keyboard...nothing.

I have been reading in these forums for hours trying to find someone with the same problem and couldnt find one so I do hope that this post in not a repeat.

Please help.


A:Windows XP Home wont boot up in reg or safe mode

What was wrong with it before when you had to use System Restore?

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How can I solve a problem of my computer getting into sleep mode after 20 minutes of running, although I configured the system to never sleep?

A:Randomaly sleep mode in windows 7 home premium

Hello Dov Solomon and Welcome to the forum.
You have probably configured a plan and you're probably using the other one. Can you make a printscreen of it please?

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Hi, I'm having many problems on my HP p6-2100 desktop running Windows 7 Home Premium now, the programs like Internet Explorer 9.0.8112.16421, Excel, is more and more often become not responding, tried System Restore but failed, showing "The restore point was damaged or was deleted during the restore", tried to run Disk Cleanup, but stucked on calculating space, tried to run Disk Cleanup in Safe model, but can not get into Safe model, it's stucked on Loading Windows Files, Loaded: \windows\system32\drivers\CLASSPNP.SYS

Any help would be much appreciated.

A:Windows 7 Home Premium - not responding -can't get into safe mode etc

Is this factory preinstalled Win7 which is the worst possible install one can have of Win7, larded with bloatware and useless duplicate utilities which interfere with better versions built into Win7?

That's why most tech enthusiasts will not run such an install but instead Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7. Everything is provided in the blue link tutorial.

Otherwise you can try to raise the Titanic by working through the steps for Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Start

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When I start my computer, it says that probably because a change in the hardware or software Windows can’t start. It shows the options to start in Safe Mode, Safe Mode in LAN, Last Known Good Configuration and Normal.
It won’t start in any mode. After the Windows logo in black screen, it displays a blue screen that goes so fast I can’t read it, and then starts the same all over again. I have to shut it down.
I can use Compaq’s System Recovery, but it will erase all my files. (I don’t have the CD´s, but the program is installed in the computer)
In order to save my files I tried the following:
I installed my hard drive as slave in a different computer (to use it as a folder). I remembered to change the jumpers in both computers. The other computer wouldn’t start with both drives installed, it goes as far as the Windows XP logo over the black screen, but before the blue Welcome screen it goes black. Completely black. Sadly black.
I really need to keep all my files (I know I should’ve backed up, but I didn’t)
HELP !! What can I do?

A:Windows XP Home Edition wonÂ’t start in any mode

When putting the suspect drive into another machine you need to check a few things. Given that the error is happening on the other machine, I suspect that it is trying to boot off the damaged drive - have you set the jumpers to Pri/Sla or Cable select? I suspect that you have got the drives the on Cable Select and it's picking up the damaged one first. If this IS the case make sure the working drive is either jumpered as primary or is plugged into the END connector of the IDE cable (normally black connector).

If this is too obvious and all checks ok, then you need to check your BIOS - does the BIOS pick up both drives in (detection set to 'Auto'). If so, is your boot sequence correct - (IDE-0, CDROM, Floppy)? You may well have IDE-1 (which would be your secondary drive) as the primary boot drive in which case you will simply be replicating the errors you describe.

Check this first and let me know.

Best regards,

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Hi all,

I am trying to help someone with their Windows Vista machine. They absolutely insist upon running Windows Live OneCare (much to my dismay).

The problem I am having is that Windows OneCare insists upon running in Public mode whenever the computer is reboot. The people I am helping do not want to have to go through all the steps to change it back to Home mode.

The problem only started happening after I setup OpenVPN for them which requires a virtual network interface to be added to the system. It is this interface which is always set to public mode. This in turn sets all of OneCare that way. This is especially bad because this machine is a server running several services that the other machines need to use.

Note: By the public and home modes I am refering to a feature of OneCare which changes the firewall rules based on the type of network you are on

I suspect that OneCare does not trust the virtual network interface, but I don't know how to convince it that it is safe.

Any advice about these matters would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks :)

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I have a HP Pavilion ze4530us that is freezing on the startup. I have tried all option available on the Safe Mode screen, ex: Safe Mode, Last Known Good Config., Safe Mode with Networking. Whenever i choose one, it freezes on that screen and stays there. I was going to run a Windows repair, but thought i would see if anyone else had a better idea.


A:Windows XP Home freezing on Safe Mode Screen

When booting normally, how far does the machine go before it halts? Also, are you hearing any POST code beeps when starting up?

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I started Windows XP Home Edition and pressed F8. I chose Safe Mode with Networking. The OS loads the files. As it is supposed to load Windows in safe mode, it restarted again in Normal Mode. What seems to be the problem?

A:[SOLVED] Windows XP Home Edition cannot run in safe mode

Does it work without Networking??

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