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Cant play the downloaded video file ( unknown format )?

Q: Cant play the downloaded video file ( unknown format )?

I have downloaded a .avi video file.
I cant play the video file using many of the media players ( The KMPlayer, K-lite codec , windows media , vlc )

The file extension is changed to .001 for the first file and .002 for the sencond file....etc instead of .avi as mention in the website.

Thank for your consideration.

Preferred Solution: Cant play the downloaded video file ( unknown format )?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Cant play the downloaded video file ( unknown format )?

The numbered extensions make it sound like one large avi file was split into smaller files for downloading purposes. You will need a file joiner utility program to combine them into a single file before you can play it. There are various free and non-free joiner programs that can be downloaded from the Internet. I have not used them often enough to offer any specific recommendations.

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Hello,When I am trying to play a downloaded torrent movie, the windows media player is opening and then only the sound comes with a green square. No pictures appear in the square. Just a plain green square. Under properties for the file it says, "Video Clip".I updated the graphics drivers and also have the latest java updates. The funniest part is that in the same course of download there are other files which are playing perfectly. It's just a couple of them that are not playing.Request you to please let me know how to overcome this trouble.Regards.

A:Green square box when trying to play downloaded Video Clip file

a downloaded torrent movieIt could be a number of things,incomplete download, corrupt, or malware

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Some videos made using an online system, screencasts, now downloaded will not show the video component when played on the computer.  Windows Media Player 12 had played them just fine when they were online, but now using Windows Media Player 12 with the same video downloaded, only the Media Player's visualizations show but not the recorded video portion.  Why or what can I do?
Windows Vista
Windows Media Player 12
Downloaded videos as MP4 (actually onto external portable hard disk).

A:downloaded video files not play the video portion (mp4)

Download CCCP Codec Pack. After install make sure you reset user settings. Reboot and you should be able to play MP4's using the Classic Media Player included in the Codec Pack. This codec pack will let you play just about any media file. Don't worry about the Russian Looking page. The site is legit.
Go to Start -> Programs -> Combined Community Codec Pack and open the Settings manager.
Press "Next" to get to the second page.
Under "Special Settings", check "Reset All Settings".
Press Apply.
Select Yes to the question, and follow through the Settings until Apply is hit again.

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It's not that I get an error when I open the video, it's just that it doesn't run. Like I open it and the opening scene shows up but the video doesn't run. I can view the rest of the video only by grabbing the scroll bar with my mouse and just clicking it further along the line to progress the video. And even then it is just still images.

And yes I am 100% positive the video is not jsut a video of pics. This doesn't happen all the time, but only once in a while. and the vid is .avi

A:sometimes a downloaded video won't play

What was the downloaded video?

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Here is my problem: I store all my video files on an external hard drive. I had some problems on my computer and had to have the hard drive wiped and all my programs and data reinstalled. When the computer came back from the shop, I tried to play some of the videos on my external hard drive, but all I could get was a message that said access was denied because I did not have the proper permissions. Apparently something got wiped and not put back. Does anyone know a way for me gain the permissions or codecs I apparently lost? Is that possible? Please advise.


A:Downloaded Video Files Won't Play

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Nevermind, I gave up and tried streaming again and it worked.

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I recently download a .swf (shockwave file) from YouTube, but it won't play on my PC. I have Shockwave 11 on the PC, but don't know how to associate .swf files with it. Tried associating it with the only .exe Shockwave file I could find (SwInit.exe), but that doesn't work. What am I missing here?

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I have noticed a number of flash videos on youtube that, when downloaded and played from cache, start and immediately stop.

I have also noticed that if you start the video at some points maybe 60 percent through, you can start and play part of the video. This strikes me as very odd. The video won't play but some parts of it will play.

An example is at


GSpot tells me it is an ordinary .flv file, not flash 4, flv4.

I tried getflv and flvmid, but they did not fix anything.

I am suspicious that this is a new antidownload measure, but I can't anything anywhere that says that.
Does anyone know what is going on here and how to work around it?

A:Downloaded Youtube Video Stops on beginning of play

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I'm trying to change some of the various sound effect with downloaded portal .wav files. So have worked while others have not. The only difference I have seen between the one that have worked and the ones that don't is that the working one show a bit rate in their properties. Is there anyone that knows how I can fix this? Thank you very much.

A:Downloaded .wav file will not play in sound effects

In case it's really the sampling rate what hinders the process, simply convert one of the non working wavs to the same rate of the working ones. Winamp does that quite easily via the Wav out-plugin


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When I am trying to play a downloaded torrent movie, the windows media player is opening and then only the sound comes with a green square. No pictures appear in the square. Just a plain green square. Under properties for the file it says, "Video Clip".

I updated the graphics drivers and also have the latest java updates. The funniest part is that in the same course of download there are other files which are playing perfectly. It's just a couple of them that are not playing.

Request you to please let me know how to overcome this trouble.


A:[SOLVED] Green rectangular box when trying to play fully downloaded video clip

Please read the Rules.

We can't help you with anything that's to do with pirated software or files. Sorry.

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ok so i know how to burn dvds but this time when i downloaded it its in a different format and when i open it ,it is like lots of peices of paper with the edge folded and when i move the mouse over it it says File type:r00 file when it normally says "video" thanx so much.....

A:How to get dvd to video format from unknown???? Please help

Hi lara54, and welcome to TSG.

What kind of video was it supposed to be and where did you download it from?

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I can't find a definitive answer for this anywhere.

What format should my movie file be in, in order to view it on TV? I have trie AVI and MP4 however I always get the text 'Video Format Not Supported'.

Any Ideas?


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If the image files you're unable to open were obtained via download to a folder name that includes certain special characters (for example, the symbols seen in "【Pictures】") this creates a file path that, although acceptable to the operating system, is not recognized properly by IrfanView (or other apps), yielding the somewhat misleading "Can't Read File Header, Unknown file format" message (should really say "File Not Found"). Simple solution is to rename the download folder, or move the image files to another directory with a name that's recognized properly by IrfanView. Hope this helps some who are encountering this confusing error!

A:IrfanView: Can't Read File Header, Unknown file format

closing duplicate, please don't create duplicate entries for the same issue.



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If the image files you're unable to open were obtained via download to a folder name that includes certain special characters (for example, the symbols seen in "【Pictures】") this creates a file path that, although acceptable to the operating system, is not recognized properly by IrfanView (or other apps), yielding the somewhat misleading "Can't Read File Header, Unknown file format" message (should really say "File Not Found"). Simple solution is to rename the download folder, or move the image files to another directory with a name that's recognized properly by IrfanView. Hope this helps some who are encountering this confusing error!

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i need to know how to convert a avi format video file to a mpg format video file.. please help.. thanks

A:Solved: need to convert a avi format video file to a mpg format

You need a codec. These guys have a free mpeg1 but I would recommend you buy an mpeg 2. http://www.tmpgenc.net/

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Hey all..
I just recently attached my HD, CDROM and DVDROM to my onboard ATA100 IDE ports.. I didn't have them attached in the first place because my Voodoo 5 5500 is a monster of a card and it goes over them so I needed to find some ribbon cables with smaller connecters..
Anyway, since I did that I haven't been able to use software (winamp, media player, real player, cd player, etc. ) to listen to my audio cds. I either get a no track/file message or file type unsupported message.
The tracks are listed as .cda which I would think normal...?
However, the only way I can play the cd is to just use the play button on my cdrom...

Any comments would be appreciated,

T-bird 1000GHz
Asus A7V133
Western Digital 40GB 7200rpm
Asus 50x max with vibration control

A:Unknown File Format (.cda)

Hey Falcon,

First I would check all the ribbon cables, you may have one hooked up wrong. also I would check the audio cables from cd to sound card.

What version of windows are you using, why can't you use windows media player or other software ?? I would take care of the cable problem before I worry about the cd player. That may fix it

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I have a Windows XP Media Center Edition PC. When i try to play movies, videos, etc., in .avi format, it will allow them to play but only in audio format. I don't have trouble with any other format, they play correctly. With the .avi format I am able to hear the audio but no video is on the screen. PLEASE HELP!!!

A:Solved: .avi video format doesn't play correctly

Sounds like a CODEC problem.. Try downloading a codec pack... It is probably compressed using DIVx... www.divx.com

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Hi.....I am operating Win'95.......I recently downloaded Callwave internet answering......download was successfull.......but the problem i have is my messages will not play.........when i click the play message button i receive ...could not play wav file...unsupported file format...........I emailed callwave tech support and was told to uninstall and reinstall Audio Compression files which i attempted ....but after following the instructions from microsoft.....i began the process to uninstall and reinstall the audio compression files.........during the process i was prompted to place the win'95 cd in the cd-rom and while searching the disc i received the message that ....file'msgsm32.acm' could not be found....So i went back to microsoft tech support and downloaded instructions on removing and reinstall 16-bit msacm drivers and codecs.........as i proceded with the instructions following them precisely i was prompted to place Win'95 cd in drive and click ok.........I received a message saying...File..'iccvid.dll cannot be found.........My only alternative was to give up at this point and try and find some professional help.......so here i am.....plzzzz help ........and i will write microsoft off and contact Tech Support Guy from now on......LOL.....if i need to purchase or download any software......Your suggestion will be greatly appreciated....I am not a computer whiz......but i can read and follow instructions very well.......Thanks Guys for a... Read more

A:Cannot play wav file..........unsupported file format

Try downloading WinAmp. It should install all of the necessary codecs for you.


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A friend has sent me a short video clip and I am unable to play it back as PC says no file to play! I have windows media player but this dose not help me. I am using windows 98. Can you tell me what software I need to down load.

A:Downloaded Video file

Whats the file extension of the clip?

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Okay. Long story short:All music kept on external harddrive, dropped harddrive, lost everything, got most data recovered, half the music plays fine, half of it doesn't.In Windows Media Player, the error message I get when I try to play some of the files: Windows Media Player encountered a problem while playing the file.In iTunes, the file just doesn't appear in the library. I presume these files are corrupt or something?When I right-click each of the files that don't play and go to properties, the 'tpye of file' is 'MPEG Layer 3 Audio (.mp3)'.However, I have gotten the error message that they are in 'unknown file format'. (I can't remember where I got that message).But I don't understand how they can be 'unknown' when each file claims to be an mp3 file. Question:Is there anything at all I can do to get the music back to normal, and get it playing?Anything at all?Please?

A:'.mp3' files in 'unknown file format'

If the file extension is .mp3 then Properties would show it is MPEG Layer 3 type file. But when you play the file most of the media players determine the file type first by checking its content. That is when a corrupt file would give error Unknown type.

If the file data is corrupt then I am afraid there is no way to recover it.

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I am running microsoft windows me, using kaspersky Anti Virus Personal Pro, and update it everynight, the problem I am having is after kaspersky Anti Virus has completed a scan I look at the report and sometimes not always it shows 1 or 2 files in system restore that are Gzip, they should be cab files?
by the side of the files it says unknown format, I have never installed Gzip or used it, but I did install winace and that seems to be when it started to happen.
isn't Gzip used in unix systems?
I have been Purging all the files in system restore and then making a new save point redoing a system scan and the unknown file formats are gone, but they come back, sometimes the next day or sometimes not untill a couple of weeks later,
I have done file search but no Gzip can be found at all, does anyone know what this could mean or had the same problem?

A:Gzip (unknown file format)

You're correct -- gzip is used extensively on Unix/Linux/Solaris and similar systems. It's another form of file compression and is reasonably efficient. Since I don't run WinME or even your anti-virus program, I can't help with the specifics of the messages you're receiving. However, a couple of things:

(1) gzip files are roughly equivalent to zip archives; they are not executable and should not represent a threat per se.

(2) I believe there are programs available for Windoze that understand the gzip format; you might consider getting one of these and seeing what's inside some of these files that keep appearing. Perhaps that would give you a clue about the origin of the files and why they keep re-appearing.

Hope this helps.

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Hi All
Was trying to burn a cd to play in my car, I have put them in mwa. formats but they will play but no sound comes out.I have got a cd that does play and checked properties on it and it says that its a cdfs file format, Now what format can I change the files into that will play in my car please?
Cheers Bill

A:CDfs? need file format to play in my car

If your car doesn't support MP3 or WMA formats, convert the files to .WAV first and then burn as an audio CD.

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Hi, i found that Internet Download Manager can download online movies/videos from what ever point i start watching. My problem is, these files wherein downloading was started from some midpoint of the movie/video plays only audio and no video. The same file if downloaded from the beginning plays without any hassle. VLC 2.0.1 plays the part file with audio only and no video. Windows Media Player 11, GOM Player and PotPlayer does not play at all. In fact, if i try to open the part file from within the player, the last 3 players cannot even detect the said file. What's going on? Please help. [i must mention here that i know almost nothing about computers, kindly note that any help will have to be simplified and detailed, sorry for the added bother]. Thanks.

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This isn't exactly programming, but came to me that this might be the best place to ask this question, and the filetype isn't unknown pre se, its just unknown how the data is stored, and unknown to Windows OS. Filetype is a .STO file, a setupfile of sorts.

I want to read the contents of a file (a proprietary filetype) outside of the native application. The data can be exported to HTML from within the app, and I'm thinking its mostly alpha-numeric values.

All I want to do deally is compare data values from one file against another file to review the differences.
Whn I do look at the exported HTML file, its in a horrible format, that doesn't really relate to the way the data is displayed in the App, thus making comparisons difficult.

I guess I figure that if I could read the data, I could reorder it somehow, maybe as an Excel document... for the purpose of comparison.



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I have recently downloaded a supposed video file from a file sharing website. The video was split into 2 parts and appeared to be a RAR file. When it downloaded i ran it through a RAR decompresion application (RARzilla free) that i have used to open RAR files before but it would not recognise the video file as a RAR file and could not open it. When i looked at the file properties the file type says 'File' not RAR or any other familiar type.
The files in question seem to be proper files, they took time to download and are of a signifiacent size, so there is apparently content within them. I would just like to know how to open them and play the video i (at least thought) i was downloading.
What do i need to do or what software do i need to download to make this work.
The website i used to access the videos is:
But the videos are actualy hosted here:
If this helps.... Thanks

A:Opening a Downloaded Video File - help needed

Look at the file extention of the files you downloaded.It should end with a .rar,if it does not then rename the file.Doesn't matter what you name the file,won't change the packing.For example,if you downloaded 2 files rename them to 1.rar and 2.rar.If it's not corrupt it will unpack.Let us know if it works for you.

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I just download a video from internet explorer9 when i click download it pop out and auto download , after the download done it direct me to the video(window media player) and I close the window media player the video gone , will the video file in my computer ?

A:Internet Explorer 9 Downloaded File Video

When you click on "download" the video you need to "save" it to a folder. Otherwise it is just a temporary file and will be lost when you close down the media player.

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I recently downloaded a video file off of one of the P2P programs and when I tried to run it windows media player couldn't. After that I noticed my computer was running really slow. I checked task manager and it shows that explorer is using 50% cpu. If I tried to delete the file, it says its being used by another program. I see nothing in HiJackThis for it. If I even click on it once to highlight it, it spikes my cpu as well! WTF kind of crap is this? I 've never heard of a video file infected with some kind of virus. They are usually always .exe's you download. I tried deleting it in safe mode - same thing. I tried using the recovery console and it said access denied. Any ideas?

A:Solved: Downloaded video file causes 50% cpu usage

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Dear all,

In my system all files file type changed in to unknown file type. if I try to open by changing in to correct file format its shows as junk file. All files are important pls help me in this. Am attaching screen shot for your reference. hoping for better response.. pls help me.

A:File type changed automatically in to unknown format

Hello and welcome Atleast mate looks like quite a pickle you are in. Now two scans we would normally ask you to do are these if you haven't run them already
http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/433-disk-check.html < if necessary include the /f and /r in the command line as per Option2
If these do nothing then post back please but just make sure you run them as admin and in safe mode if you want to as safe mode only loads the essential Windows files to power up. To do that shut down then wait a few seconds - power up while tapping F8.

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Sometimes we have faced some problems to play any kind of video in our PC. When we tried it doesnt play by windows media player or others. Actually all the player doesnt play every format of audio and video. Only for this reason we face this type of bar. Suppose windows media player doesnt open 3gp file. What can we do now? You can use a 3gp player but its a temporary solution.

this article collected by http://newsupdates24.com/?p=77

Are you interested to get the permanent solution? Today I will tell about a codec. characters. Most search engines use a maximum of 160 chars for the description. The K-Lite Codec Pack is designed as a user-friendly solution.If you install it in your PC only one time you can play easily any types of movie files.

How to use it?

A:“K-Lite codec” must play 99% movie file format

K-Lite Codec Pack 6.6.0 Full(the current version) works great for me for using Windows Media Player 11/12 to watch and listen to CD audio, DVD movies, on-line video clips, etc..

And it eliminates the need to buy programs, such as InterVideo WinDVD and Cyberlink PowerDVD and others.


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To whom it may concern:

The following zip file is corrupted. Please check.

FTP-URL vidpl-20150211140640.zip
Date last modified 02/11/15
Company Toshiba
Type Video Player
Subtype (none)
Size (Kb) 148050455
Language Universal
Country World Wide
Description With the TOSHIBA VIDEO PLAYER, you can watch videos on your Notebook.

Download link

A:Toshiba Video Player - Corrupted downloaded zip file

Hi Luis

What do you mean with corrupt?
It cannot be downloaded or you have noticed some problem with player installation?

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Having trouble burning CD's because music file format has media images. These songs will not play on older cd players or car cd players because of media images. Any help appreciated.

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I?m running Windows XP, and my default media player is Windows Media Player 11. After I downloaded a video clip (properties: audio format MPEG Layer-3) and played it, widows media player opened, and at the bottom it says ?acquiring codec? then ?codec acquired? but all I get is sound, no video. A friend of mine downloaded the same file from the same link, and they didn?t have any problems (but I don?t know what operating system or media player they?re using). However, after I downloaded Media Player Codec Pack, the video played back just fine.

My question is: how do I know if it?s a problem with the FILE or with my SYSTEM (possibly my media player)? I wanted to burn the file onto a CD, but I?d like to know up front if the file is going to play correctly on my friend?s PC or not. This is the first time I?ve ever encountered this problem, and admittedly don?t know a great deal about the ins and outs of video files, codecs and players.


A:Can you tell me why a video file would only play audio, no video?

You may be not happy with my reply, but I'd dump WMP and start using VLC Player: http://www.videolan.org/vlc/It has all necessary codecs built in.

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I received a card in the mail that came equipped with a 2" LCD screen, a speaker, and multiple buttons. It plays a training video about golf. I would like to use this hardware for a birthday card I am making for my girlfriend.

I plugged the package into my computer to see that the training video that came installed on the disc was an *.ani file. I have tried to install various files on the disc and none would play. My guess is that there is some software installed that only allows *.ani files to play.

Does anyone know about *.ani files? I was reading that they may come from NeroMix or NeroChrome. Can anyone help me create a *.ani video to install on the disc?

Thank you

A:Help with *.ani file format (video)

All of the information that I can find, seem to point to it being an animation file, as used with cursors (as you have been told elsewhere).

However, I also see that it may be related to Nero. Try using the Nero Multimedia Suite to open the file.

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I want to convert some avi files to a format suitable for burning to a dvd.What format would this be and does anyone know where I could download a free converter to do this.Thanks.

A:video file format

Click on this site http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090102150036AAxW6YJ and the first answer down gives you two that I use also,a link to the site is provided ....

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 I got a video from a friend who has a MAC, and it was in this file format (M4V). I have tried VLC, Windows Media Player and Windows Live movie maker with no luck. Can someone please help me here in getting this video file to play on my Windows 7 64 bit PC?

A:Play a M4V Video file

Have you tried QuickTime?  http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/

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My cousin sent me an attachment that ends in .wvx. I open it in Windows Media Player and it plays for a few seconds and then quits. Why can't I play this file?

There is a window that pops up stating the file can't be played because a network error occurred. The server might not be available. Verify that you are connected to the network and that your proxy settings are correct.

I don't know what this means. I have high speed DSL connection and I don't think I use proxy settings.

A:Can't play wvx video file

Sounds like the server from where this video is originating does not function correctly. I don't think there is much you can do on your end. Try it another day.
The file extension is a little strange. It appears to belong to Winradio. It could be that you need a subsciption to their service.

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Hi, I have a CASIO EXILM EX-Z1000 digital camera which also shoots videos. I loaded these videos onto my computer, and tried to play it though Media Player 11. However, i get an error telling me that i cant play these files because i am lacking the MJPEG Codec. I searched online, and Microsoft told me to install Direct X9.0c or something, and i did, it still doesnt work. I tried Real Player, with no better result

however, strangely enough, i tried quicktime, and somehow it can play those files perfectly fine. Now i'm not the biggest fan of quick time so i would like to be able to play these in my WM Player. Any thoughs?


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Hi, i've been searching this forum for quite awhile and can't find any answers and was hoping someone can help me. Like the title says, when i download any .wmv file, i cant play it. I get this error, "Windows Media Player cannon play the file. The player might not support the file type or might not support the codec that was used to compress the file." But when i stream the video to watch it, it plays fine. I formated my computer twice and reinstalled windows xp with sp2 and windows media player 10. Please, any advice will help.

A:Solved: wmv won't play when downloaded but will play when streamed

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Hopefully, this will be my last stop in my discovery for a program to convert a movie file to a DVD playable format. I tried DVDVideoSoft for about 10 minutes then realized it was known for malware -_-
So are there any good programs? Thanks

A:Looking for a program to convert a video file to DVD format

I haven't actually used it but I've heard good things about DVD Flick.

There's a wealth of information here: http://www.videohelp.com/convert

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My father went to the Nantahala this past weekend on a church trip and they purchased the cd that has all of their pics on it as well as a slideshow (which is just all of the pics strung together with a song being played in the background) and we would like to email and post it to his facebook page. I have tried emailing it as an attachment but when you go back to play it, nothing happens. I have also tried downloading it to facebook but they said that they don't support exe. files to download in the video area.

We have the release form from the company to make prints of the pictures and we would like to be able to send the video to the other thirty ppl so we don't have to burn that many copies. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Basically I need to convert this exe. slideshow into whatever file I can so that I can email and upload it to the computer.

Thanks a million

A:Converting exe. file to some kind of video format

I'm not sure if this will work, but you can use winrar or 7zip....

1. Copy the .exe file to your hard disc
2. Right click it and select open with winrar or 7zip (whichever you are using).
3. Hopefully, this file will open now.
4. Now you can extract the files, wherever you want and can mail them too.

Hope this helps.

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Is there a way that I can convert an .avi file with a Y800 video format to YUV 4:2:2? Unfortunately the software addin that I am using (IC Imaging Control inside VB6), does not support YUV 4:2:2 video format so I am hoping that there is a way to convert the .avi file to YUV 4:2:2 or some other color format.

A:Is there a way that I can convert an .avi file with a Y800 video format to YUV 4:2:2?

YOU have to first convert to an RGB by decoding the Bayer matrix. Once you get the color stream you can use Registax. How were theyse images captured.

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sorry, if this not the right place please move. I did many google searches cant seem to find the issue Im having, or maybe lack of the right key searches. You guys are my last hope.
I will try to explain my problem as clearly as I can. And so sorry about my bad grammar and spelling, trying to post this asap.

first off give small history of my PC. I bought my PC new Sept 2001. A HP Pavilion with 1.3 ghz, 256ram, and a 55gig hard-drive originally came with WinMe, since then I upgraded to XP. I kept my PC case clean, didn't try to install programs my PC couldn't handle, didn't go to any sites that knew were bad with viruses and such also had Malwareytes/spybot/avast/hijackthis to use, didnt install any toolbars, and tried not to have many programs open at the same time. I basically kept my PC simple with use.

Anyways around June I noticed some odd slowdowns
While playing Winamp and running a torrent with speeds of more than 400+ the audio would become choppy. This also happen when I would open FF, IE or any program while running Winamp, the audio would be choppy.

Extracting 700mb files from Winrar would take around 8mins

Playing Youtube, WMP, of VLC videos would be slow and choppy.

Transferring files from one PC to another over a crossover cable would take much longer. 4gigs of files would take about 20mins or so.

Virus scanners, Avast, Malwarebytes, and Spybot would also take much longer than usual.

So, about 2 weeks ago while my brother was on Youtube my... Read more

A:Solved: Computer slow file transfer, slow video play, slow youtube play

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Could anyone please tell me how to play a video file in Red Hat Linux 5. What will be the best player for Red Hat Linux to play a video file.

Awaiting for the reply.

Thank you for your valuable time.

A:How to play a video file in Red Hat Linux 5

You may do well to move this to the UNIX/Linux forum.

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I am so sick of trying to fix this, Ive had this for about 3 weeks and paid for a lot of these training videos for a package.

Softwarevideo.com won't respond to my videos.
So please, if anyone knows why I cant see video, please help me because Ive tried different codecs and nothing works.

1 - I have QT7, regular .mov files work fine.
2 - I use VLC for most other videos, still wont play video in there.
3 - I have a Video Converter, the .mov files will not convert to any other format they just show the "Software Video Logo".

I dont know what is wrong, have i done something wrong?

Download to Test/Help: http://www.jream.com/upload/img/1.mov
I would right click > download, in my web browser it just shows the logo :\

A:I cant get this MOV to play the video [File Included]

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I have a video that I aquired(Summer.Scents.Ep.01.V2.DVDrip.XviD-aznV.ogm)and I can't get this movie to play on my computer. I've tried BSplayer, Divx player, Windows Media Player...nothing seems to work. Using a program called GSpot(gives detailed info about a movie) I found something that refered to the .ogm as Ogg Media Stream. From that information I found a Web site called "Doom9.net" and it describes something called Ogg Vorbis, and keeps telling me that it's the new way to compress sound and store video...but I couldn't find out why I can't play this ".ogm video" on my computer.

Does anyone know what the heck I'm talking about. Please help if you can.

A:.ogm file extension : can't play video

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Hello Everyone,

I have a problem with my windows media player, it is version 10, and i am having windowsXP Pro, and installed Service pack 2 .

the problem is, when i play a video file with my windows media player 10, i get the video to play but towards the end of the file, the video disapears and i only have sound playing, the video goes completely blank. and i tried diffrent formats of video files, and it does that with all of them, even with Video files i created using the Windows Movie Maker (WMV files). now i can never enjoy a watching a movie, because at some point at the end everying goes blank and only have sound.

anyone might have an idea how to fix this problem..? Please.

Thank yOu.


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