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Powerpoint is recognizing sound clip as movie, won't play the sound

Q: Powerpoint is recognizing sound clip as movie, won't play the sound

At a lab I've spent numerous hours on this animation that I'm entering into a national competition. In PowerPoint I had my friend narrate it, and uploaded to drop-box. It was all working perfectly, but now at home when I downloaded it most all of the sound clips are recognized as movies, and won't play. Two of the sound clips still are recognized as sound clips and will play, but the other 12 don't. How do I fix this? The due date is tomorrow.

Preferred Solution: Powerpoint is recognizing sound clip as movie, won't play the sound

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Powerpoint is recognizing sound clip as movie, won't play the sound

Not knowing what format they were uploaded to and if they all were uploaded in the same format, its hard to say. Are you using the same powerpoint version?

Can you look at them individually within powerpoint and see what they are listed as (not the powerpoint show).

Although this is an audio problem, its more a Powerpoint problem and maybe should be posted in the MS Office section.

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HI - I have some AVI clips that I am processing in Movie Maker but they have background sound recorded.

How can I clean up/delete the background sounds before I continue adding a new soundtrack?

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Hello All,

I have powerpoint file includes sound clip as background . i want exctract sound clip from powerpoint and save it as sound clip but i can't

Any body can help me ?


A:Solved: I want extract sound clip from Powerpoint file?

What version of PowerPoint?

If 2003 or later have you tried saving as a web page, the images (and hopefully the audio) will be saved as separate files in a directory.

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Hi, not sure if thisis the right forum but here goes...

A friend recorded a 45 second sound clip of a paintball gun being fired for me, in order to add it to a webpage.
It recorded fine, played back ok, got burnt to cd no problem and will play back off the cd just great.
My problem comes when I copied it off the cd onto my pc.
When I played it from the cd, windows media player jumped into action and played it. Once I copied it off the cd onto my desktop (as a .cda file) it just won't play. Windows media player claims not to support it and winamp just sits there doing nothing no matter how much I click the play button.

Any ideas please??

The clip was recorded with soundforge on Win ME. I'm running XP.

A:Sound clip wont play

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How do you play a .mod Movie Clip file?
I tried to play it in the Windows Media Player and it threw an error.

A:How do you play a .mod Movie Clip file?

You have to convert to .MOD TO .WMV. Just download Prism Video Converter 1.95 (freeware) means free. Just the add the file my video.mod to my video.wmv.

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How do you play a .mod Movie Clip file?

I tried to play it in the Windows Media Player and it threw an error.

A:How do you play a .mod Movie Clip file?

Hello there .o/

Are you sure it's a movie ? The .mod files I've seen so far are music modules.

If it's a .mov file however you'll either need to install Apple QuickTime or use a third party video player which comes with its own plugins, such as VLC, the KM Player, and such.

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hello everyone,
My brother give me a movie to watch,the movie is about truck pulling,the video is fine on my computer & my home dvd player, but I have no sound at all,I can play it on WINAMP,good sound & video, but Iam kinna parshial to Windows Media Player.The name of the movie is Truck pulling xvid.avi. Can someone point me in the right direction to get this sound on media Player please,

**many thanks**

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Hi...I have downloaded some movies and are attempting to watch them. Some work fine...while others don't. I use media player and it tells me that it doesn't support the file or codec. Then if i try again.. it tells me it can't play a .AVI file. Can this be fixed?

A:can't play "video clip (.AVI) movie...why?

even though it is an avi file it might be a divx or other compressed avi file, and WMP does not have the codec to play it.

Yes there is a fix, download this codec pack and install it


Now the movies will play.

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Hello everyone,

I made a proposal video for girlfriend, I used Windows Movie Maker to edit the video. Is there anyway I can burn that on a dvd so that I can play it in my Dvd Player? It would be great if someone could help, Thank You in advance.


A:Can I play a Windows Movie Clip on my dvd player?

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i downloaded a movie recently and the audio wouldnt play. i followed a few forums and installed a couple of codecs. none of them worked, and now none of my movies will play sound. i tried opening an mp3 file to test too and now my mp3s arent playing either?

i have winnamp, sound blaster sound, divx player, xvid, etc. and all my windows sounds work its just movies and mp3s - no sound.

how can i solve this problem?

A:Audio problems (mp3s / movie sound wont play)

Hi mitcho, welcome to the forums...

to be honest, it does sound like a codec issue.

What codecs did you install? Also, does web based video/embedded content play ok?

Plus another thing to check is the program settings to see if your sound card is still selected as the default audio device...as this can something get changed without 'reason'.

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And before you say anything, IT'S NOT THE FILE. The file is an .avi and it works fine. The problem isn't that it doesn't play sound at all, but that it will play sound for a while but after I move the cursor to another time on the video a few times it will
just stop working and I'm forced to guess what sound is playing based on what's happening in the video, which obviously, isn't working. My speakers are fine because my music will play so don't say that either. This is something on WLMM's part as my videos
will work fine in other editing programs. This has been going on for weeks and it needs to be fixed.
I apologize if I sound demanding but this is absolutely ridiculous.

A:Windows Live Movie Maker doesn't play sound

This kind of issues are caused by Codec. Have you installed third party Codec packs? You may temporarily remove the Codec packs and check the result.
For Codec related questions, please refer:
Codecs: frequently asked questions
http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows7/Codecs-frequently-asked-questionsPlease remember to click ?Mark as Answer? on the post that helps you, and to click ?Unmark as Answer? if a marked post does not actually answer your question. This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread. ?

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Hello, I'm new to the forum, so please be patient.

I have a Windows Movie Maker clip that was sent to me through an e-mail. I had difficulty playing it at first as Windows Media Player gave me an error message "... does not recognize", or something to that affect. I got past that after some research.

I tried to re-send it to a friend and it would only open in Note Pad on his computer. From the error messages, apparantly there is a problem with the file extension. I sent it back to mayself and figured out how to solve that problem and advised the friend.

What my ultimate goal is, is to post this clip on my website or U-Tube for promotional purposes. Can someone please tell me how to resave this file or what ever else is necessary so that I can post it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated .


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I have a new-to-me desktop dell
pentium 4
windows xp pro SP 3
dvd player: tsst corp cdrwdvd ts-h493b
(also has samsung cd-rom sc-148c)

software: avast free, malwarebytes, spybot s/d (scan only), spywareblaster (currently off), spywareguard (currently off), zonealarm free firewall

hi techspot,
i am trying to solve another problem over at bleeping computer having to do with streaming video on this computer. i read about you--you were highly recommended for someone with a driver-related problem, which this may be.

in trying to figure out my streaming video problem i tried out the cd player and the dvd player today for the first time. the cd player works fine except sound is weak even at top settings.

dvd player has pretty much the same sound as the cd player with a cd in it, that is, weakish sound.
When I put in a movie there is beautiful video but zero sound. I tried a few different movies to make sure of the problerm.

other info: default media player is wmp
a former user seems to have used powerdvd 6

i can play a movie using either wmp or powerdvd. Neither have any sound.

i am happy to add new drivers, etc, but will need help.
Not sure if related to streaming video problem (shuts down browsers, explorer and firefox, for you-tube and hulu, as soon as video loads. some short commercials ok video and sound.)

appreciate ideas.

A:Dvd player has sound with a music cd, no sound with a movie

Sounds like you are missing some sound codecs, at the very least. Luckily Techspot can provide them for you...

Hope this solves your problem.

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I am super panicked at the moment. The 2-hr meeting recording I made today just will not play. And it turned into some Janet Jackson song? What is this?

Anyone had the same problem?
I recorded it using the Sound Recorder in the laptop.
The file is there, length is correct, just won't play and has this Janet Jackson thing in the properties.

Anyone could help me with this?

If you are in Singapore I will definitely take you for a sushi dinner

A:Meeting Recording (Recorded in Windows' Sound Recorder) won't play sound

Oh and this is work laptop, so I can't install other audio player to try it on others :(

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I've got one W7 PC, with one Creative X-Fi soundcard in it, on a motherboard that has built in audio.

I'd like to play two music tracks on my PC at the same time, using any browser or browsers. I'd like one track to be heard on one set of speakers, and the other track to be heard from another set of speakers.

To potentially make things a bit easier, I'm happy to either run two instances of any one particular browser (eg two Firefox browsers open at the same time), or run two seperate browsers (eg one Firefox and one IE).

If there is any software that needs to be bought to achieve this, then I'm happy to buy it. Thanks a lot for any recommendations/advice on this subject.

BTW, the music must be played from a browser(s).

A:Play two seperate sound sources using two sound cards on one PC?

Multitrack Music Mixing Software-Download Recording Studio Software Free


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I keep getting this weird sound coming from my speakers and wonder if it could be a virus. It sounds vaguely like someone saying "cheers". It's very strange and I have checked several things and am left with the impression that it could be a virus... or something. Please help. Here is a Hijack this log:

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 2:53:32 PM, on 8/10/2005
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\ATI Technologies\ATI Control Panel\atiptaxx.exe
C:\Program Files\Viewpoint\Viewpoint Manager\ViewMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\HP\hpcoretech\hpcmpmgr.exe
C:\Program Files\QuickTime\qttask.exe
C:\Program Files\Microsoft IntelliPoint\point32.exe
C:\Program Files\iTunes\iTunesHelper.exe
C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\HP Software Update\HPWuSchd2.exe
C:\Program Files\Google\Google Desktop Search\GoogleDesktop.exe
C:\Program Files\AIM\aim.exe
C:\Program Files\Nikon\NkView6\NkvMon.exe
C:\Program Files\iPod\bin\iPodSer... Read more

A:Weird Sound Clip???

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I have P4X333-8235 board (P4 VXAD+), it has onboard sound card.

I recently formatted my comp. and reinstall win xp but now i cannot play sound.

When trying to open volume control it says

"no active mixer device available. To install mixer devices, go to control panel and click add hardware" .

but the sound card is already installed i remove the same several times and try to reinstall but of no use.

In control panel when i click at sounds and audio devices in volume tab it says "no audio devices" and all the options there are disabled same situation in audio tab.

At Hardware tab when i click the driver installed (CMI9739A) in properties section it shows that "driver is enabled but has not been started".

I checked in the CMOS settings there the device is enabled.

I tried my best but not able to correct it can anyone help me resolve the situation.

Thanks in advance

A:On board sound card cannot play sound

When you reformatted and reinstalled Windows, you lost many of the drivers you formerly had installed. Now you have to reinstall any drivers that are missing. Check the Device Manager and if you see any yellow symbols next to any device listed, those need drivers installed.

For your onboard sound, for example, you should find the sound driver on the motherboard driver CD that should have or might have come with it. If you don't have this CD, you should be able to download the onboard sound driver from the motherboard manufacturer's website. In your case, I think the manufacturer is ECS Elitegroup.

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Hello there,

I need to take a sound clip from an audio file but have no idea how to go about doing this.

For instance, a 10 second sound clip from a song on a CD... or a 3 minute sound clip from a MP3 file that I have.

I need to do this for a project that I have been asked to participate in.

I am totally stumped. I do have bits of software on my PC, but do not know if any of them will do the job.... and even if they will..... how to get them to do it for me !!!

I would really appreciate it if someone could demystify this for me & to advise me with regards to what software !! and how to use it.

I look forward to hearing back from you

Regards Richard Milner.

A:How to take a sound clip from an audio file ?

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Hey guys, i have a blackjack and i wanted to make some ringtones for it. I was wondering if anyone knew a program were i could take a windows media file (.wmv i think) and take a clip out of it of the part i want. My blackjack can make windows media files as ringtones.

thanks for reading


A:Sound Clip out of full song

Audacity works and it's free but you might need the MP3 plugin as well. All free and available at sourceforge.net.


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If I put a sound clip in PowerPoint and click on it, it plays directly.

But when I put a sound clip in Word, it launched Window Media player plus first a pop up windows gave me some warning about using sound clips.

So, how do I get the clip to start immediaty upon clicking?

Thanks in advance.


A:sound clip in Word 2003

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Hi Everybody

This is my first post on this forum, so please excuse if I don't get it all right in terms of etiquette and code of conduct - I will try my best though!

I have this about 18 months old PC - i7, 920 with 6 Gb memory and a set of el cheapo speakers. Don't remember the motherboard details - shall post when I get home tonight. I am running Windows 7 Professional, 64 bit O/S on it.

When I try and play any CD/DVD/music or video stored on this or any other PC on my home network - all work fine with sound coming from the external speakers - so far so good!

I recently bought a Kaiser Bass HD TV tuner - works ok! Recorded a short TV clip. It seemingly recorded ok because whilst I was recording it, I heard the sound coming from my external speakers. However, when I tried to play it back on this computer using Media Player, Media Centre, Winamp etc., there was no audio at all - what happened? Can anyone help?

I had previously downloaded the freeware 'FreeCoder' (I think its called) to record audio from soundcard (apparently) - I have uninstalled it now. Again, the same problem occurs, that is, when I am recording it, audio seems to be ok but when I playback the recording, there is no playback?

Any help would be highly valued.

Best regards

Deepak Agarwal

A:No sound on recordings' playback - clip recorded on this PC!

If I understand you correctly, you cannot record what you are listening to?

Regardless of exact source and regardless of recording program?

Or do you think you ARE recording, but the recording cannot be heard when played back?

It's unlikely related to your choice of recorder.

Go to your sound control panel. Look at the recording tab. Do you see a choice for stereo mix, stereo mixer, or "what you hear"?? If not, right click in a blank white spot within that recording tab and confirm that "enable disconnected devices" and "enable disabled devices" are both checked.

Do you then see stereo mix, stereo mixer, or what you hear? If so enable them so they have a green check mark.

Then try recording again.

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I have a starting page that has a wav file (i may swap this for a video clip) that is from one of my tables. Can this wav file play automically when the starting page is open. Im using 2000 format ms access. Or maybe there is a better way to get a video clip to play when the starting page is opened? Any help would be great!

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im running ie 9 and windows 7,; ie9 as recently started playing a brief voice tutorial, explaining how to delete its history and cookie files . this happens every time i start the program, or open a new tab. everything else seems to work ok, just an annoying little glitch.

A:ie9 plays sound clip tutorial oon start or new tab

Settings>Manage Add-ons>Disable what you don't want.

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Hi, my sound, speakers dont work when online watching a clip, but do work, if Ive downloaded the clip on media player, just not if I watch a clip on a site, that isnt media player, it used to work, but then just stopped for some reason. Can anyone help me on this.


A:Sound has gone when watching vidoe clip online

Are the online videos Flash videos?

Do you have the latest Adobe Flash Player?

If yes, right-click inside a running Flash video and select Settings...

Once in there, select the Display tab and uncheck the "Enable hardware acceleration" box:

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Trying to burn an MPEG and seperately a video clip. I can get picture when I play the burnt cd in my dvd player, but not sound. What am I doing wrong? I am using Nero Burning Rom 6.

A:Burning MPEG or Video Clip, Picture, but no sound?

hi chatter if i were you id get a program called winavi, and use this to convert the MPEG to avi, and then the avi to DVD (VIDEO_TS) and then use DVD shrink to add the VIDEO_TS files and burn them to dvd thats what i do and had no problems.

You could also try this guide


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Hey, so basically I went to letmewatchthis and I wanted to watch a tv show. however, a new window opened (google chrome) saying that i needed to update java. As usual, i tried exiting out of it but it wouldn't let me. it said that when i updated java, it would automatically close. So i figured that it wasn't a bad site or anything since it seemed legit. I downloaded the update and java got updated. now heres where the problem started
I was watching a tv show and all of a sudden a random sound clip starts. There were no popups, no apps running, but the sound came out of nowhere. it was something like "I can't see you, are you a boy or a girl?" or something like that.

I'm really bad at computers and stuff and when I googled this, I found that there are viruses that start random sounds. However, all the solutions seem pretty complicated. I would be really grateful if you can help me solve this with a detailed, step-by-step solution knowing that I really don't know much. If you can help me, just know, you made someones life better. I would really appreciate it. Thanks so much for your help.

oh yeah, so I disabled java after seeing the sticky on this site. thanks for any possible help :/

A:Random Sound Clip Trojan or Virus from Java I'm assuming

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If it gives you a warning about rootkit activity and asks if you want to run scan...click on NO.

Click the image to enlarge it
In the right panel, you will see several boxes that have been checked. Uncheck the following ...IAT... Read more

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Hi guys!

Got so much help with my previous question on here that I really look forward to getting "answers" to my problem again...

And, yes, also posted this in the "Other software" section...

The problem is this:
How can I have a PowerPoint presentation with music (from a CD I've got) on it? Would really like to have audio in the introductory part - and so it fits with my slides... You get what I mean?! Is there some way of doing this?!

Have a great weekend, mates!

A:PowerPoint and Sound

Hi sydney. Please post your question only once, unless you post it and no one replies at all.
Insert-Movies and Sound-Play CD audio track doesn't work?

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Ok, I am making a slide show with Power Point and I want to have a song playing throughout the whole thing. But when I add the song it starts over at each card. How can I make it so it plays continuously through each slide?

A:Sound - Powerpoint

Haven't done this for a while, so may not be spot-on ...

Under Custom Animation settings for the object (Multimedia Settings), make sure "Stop Playing After ..." is not less than the # of slides you have.


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I need help adding sound to a powerpoint. We are doing a slide show for graduation, and we would like to show class pictures, and some how add our own voices to some of the slides. We want to have a total of 23 pictures and 23 sets of voices. I just need to know if this is possible, and exactly what I need. Microphone? What type of file should it be saved as? Can I add 23 sound files to a power point? Thanks for your help!!

A:Add PowerPoint Sound?

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i'm using powerpoint 2000.

i have a powerpoint presentation with sound. the sound starts on the 1st slide but when i look at that 1st slide, i can't see the little blue speaker icon.

if i go to 'slide transition', under 'Sound' i do see the wav file listed.

i would like to use that sound on another presentation. i tried doing 'save as webpage' in order to extract all the objects, but i get the message 'powerpoint found an error that it cannot correct. You should save presentations, quit and then restart powerpoint'.

this exact thing has happened to me before. i can't find the blue speaker icon so i try to extract the files using 'save as webpage' and then i get that error message.

Any ideas?


A:powerpoint-how to add sound

>> 'slide transition', under 'Sound' i do see the wav file listed ...

>> i would like to use that sound on another presentation.

Possibly you can't if it's been done that way.

Might deleting all existing slides & doing Save_As to then use as a template be an option?


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hi, can anybody help me out. I have a presentation done in powerpoint everything is working fine, i have background music and narration running at the same time. The only problem is the volumn of the sound, i need the narration louder and the background music lower. i have tried changing the settings in the control panel and it doesn't seem to treat them a seperate sounds, it only treats them as one moving the volumn up and down.

The background music is MP3 format file and the other sound is a recorded sound using mikes...

Can anyone help?

A:Sound in PowerPoint

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I have a customer built PC.

Intel Pentium 4, 2GHz. The motherboard is Intel also.
Video Card is a NVIDIA GeForce 6300
Sound Card is a Creative Sound Blaster Audigy, model SB0090.
Operating system is Windows XP SP2.

Everything on my PC had worked absolutely fine before the HD crashed and I had to basically start my computer from scratch and reinstall XP. I know when I originally installed XP, I had problems with the sound card, but I eventually got it working.

Now the sound card is not working and I've taken all the steps to get it working again and it won't. I've been to the Creative site and downloaded the driver I need, but still nothing. In my Device Manager menu, Multimedia Audio Controller has a ! next to it and when I try to manually select the Creative driver, none of them work. The computer DOES recognize that the Multimedia Audio Controller is a Creative product though.

Any help on how to get this working would be terrific. Thanks

A:Not Recognizing Sound Card

The motherboard is Intel alsoClick to expand...

Is the Sound card onboard, or is it an addon card ?

If it is onboard (the most likely of the two)
Then to find the correct Sound driver, you will need to supply more information on the Motherboard (or computer ie HP; Compaq; Dell; Other?)

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Bought a new PC a couple months back. Today I tried to play some music on PC. No sound. When I went into devices it showed a different sound system than the one I have. Specifically it shows Realtek High Definition audio. I have a Boston Digital Media Theater. How do I add the correct audio device so I can get sound?

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I have an Emachines T1840 using XP. Unfortunately my sound stopped working and now niether does my usb ports. I went to the device manager and found a yellow exclamation on Avance AC97, this device cannot start code 10, so i tried unistalling rebooting and reinstalling then updating. It did not work. I then tried uninstalling it again as well as my usb controllers unplugged the wires going to the front usb ports as well as the card that connects to the phone jack ( I just did dont ask why) rebooted plugged then rebooted again. None of this worked. So finally I reformatted my hard drive. Now im here I'm guessing its a hardware problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated im broke recession and all that good stuff. Thanks in advace.

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Attempted to install new sound card and NT will not recongnize one nor can I locate Device mgr. By these questions you might guess I'm new to NT. The machine boots up to a work station status as it is a stand alone machine which was once part of a network. It states that it can't find server in one of the error msgs. but all works well after it boots with exception of sound card issue.

A:NT-Not recognizing new sound card

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I have an Inspiron 1521 and up until about 6 weeks ago the sounds worked fine. Now I have DVD sound and CD sound but no sound when on the internet or in the PowerPoint pre-set sounds. I have called Dell their answer was to do a conplete wipe out and start over. There has to be a better answer. Can you help?

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It's office XP and I put together a powerpoint and on each slide has a WAV file that is supposed to play when you go to it. It worked, so I saved it as a powerpoint show, emailed it to a friend and the sound doesn't work. I have tried including the files along with the powerpoint show but no luck. This is stupid if Microsoft let's you add sound into your show and doesn't let you save it. Also, I tried the Pack & Go feature but I don't want that.

A:Problem with sound in powerpoint

No answer yet?

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When I created slide shows and insert the sound it works but the music restarts every time it changes to a new slide. How can I insert the music to play continually throughout the entire show?

A:Inserting Sound into powerpoint

I have the same inquiry. I am trying to add music (.wav file) to a slide show, but have been unable to find an answer in online help.

I am running PowerPoint 97. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Donna in Hawaii

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I built a powerpoint presentation and added sound to it. When I email it to a friend, there is no sound with it? How do you make this happen?

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When I created slide shows and insert the sound it works but the music restarts every time it changes to a new slide. How can I insert the music to play continually throughout the entire show?

A:Powerpoint Sound Inserts

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I'm working on a PPP, and on my xp the sound plays all the way. when i open it on a mac, it only plays until the second slide.

can ne1 help?

A:sound in powerpoint - works on xp but not on os x

Howdy. What is your sound source?

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I don't understand what's happening here.

I am working in PPT 2003 on a dell desktop 3000 with xp. I have all my slides ready, now I am linking/embedding my wav files. I've done this before so it's no big deal, but..... on the single slide I can play it and the sound is there everything is good. I have the wav set up to play over the next 13 slides.. So I need to get my timing right so I go to 'view show' the slides advance but when it comes to the slide with the wav file in it, the sound (wav file) does NOT play! I can't figure out for the life of me what's going on. The files are pretty big, but I see they are linked. They are all in the same folder as the ppt slide I'm working on on the computer... Does anyone have a clue what's going on? The largest files in WAV are over 100kb. Do I need to convert to a different format in order for them to play during "view show"? The files were made as wma, and I converted them to wav files.
I have tired this on 2 different computers and neither have played in "view show". Please help someone!

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I've been working at this all day with no success.
I'm trying to embed some sound files in PP and am aware that they have to be seen by the application as wavs. I dowloaded a plugin (MP3Addin) which is supposed to fool PP into seeing mp3s as wavs. Everything is fine but no matter whether I try to lkink or embed the sound files I'm only hearing the first 12 secondfs or so. I've changed the parameter under options to 50000 kb although the files themselves are typically 300K or so but I still run into the same problem. The sound files are in the same folder as the presentation but still no luck.
This is sending me nuts - any help please?


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i've been trying to do this all day!

i'm using powerpoint 2000.

i want to put music in my presentation and embed the music so when i email the ppt file, the music stays with the file.

i took my mp3 and converted it to wav using a winamp plug-in (File Writer output plugin v1.17(c) (x86)).

the wav file became 46,000KB!

Then, in powerpoint, i went to Tools, Options, and under the General tab, increased the 'link sounds with file size greater than' to 50,000 KB.

i go to Insert, Movies and Sounds, Sounds from File. Then i go Slideshow, Custom Animation and on the Multimedia tab, pick my options to have the music play during the slideshow.

but now my ppt file went from 12KB to more than 46,000KB!

How can i put music in my ppt, make it so the music stays with the ppt file and keep the size down? should i convert the wav file before embedding it? how?

i'm sending this ppt file to people who don't know much about computers so i want them to get the pps file and just have it open and play music with no hassle like unpacking objects or copying folders.


A:Solved: powerpoint-how to add sound

You would have been better off leaving it as an MP3, though the media format that would give you the greatest compression to quality ratio is ogg vorbis,

As ogg is not a format supported by PP, you should go back to MP3

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This is a nightmare!
Yes - we were all sick of autoplay video sound.
Yes - the disabling of 'play sound in web pages' fixed that nicely.
However, there has been an unfortunate consequence of this. Now, across our organisation of 20,000 staff, whenever colleagues manually decide to click on an embedded video, or a link in a staff email to a video, they hear no sound in IE11, unless they follow
IE Settings:
Internet Options>Advanced>Multi-Media>Check the box for Play Sound in Web Pages.
This is not realistic for users to do manually on mass.
We can't launch a group policy to check this box for everyone, as they don't want sound to play on any autoplay videos.
My query is: Has anyone out there worked out a way you can keep autoplay video sound silent, but when videos are manually played through pressing the play button, then they will play with sound?
Surely Microsoft IE11 has not created one process to govern all web page sound when autoplay video is quite clearly different to manually wanting to play a video and hear the sound on it? That cannot be a logical decision. The two things are clearly different.
We are experiencing this issue because as an organisation we do not want sound to be heared on any autoplay videos by default, so the check box in play sound in web pages is unchecked. However, we still want sound to play when a user decides they want to
manually watch the video and listen to the sound.
P.s. We're using Vimeo, not You Tube.

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Whilst Firefox will now only allow a site to play audio or video with sound once a user has done something to initiate audio, such as pressing a play button, the same cannot be said within IE11.
Blocking sound in autoplay video has been many browsers aim during the past year or so. Unfortunately, IE's checkbox in:
Tools>Internet Options>Advanced>Multi-Media Settings>Play Sound in Webpages successfully prevents sound playing in Autoplay, but this silences videos even when a user presses a play button by choice.
Has anyone managed to find a Group Policy which fixes this? 

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