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Please don't ask users to run 'Security' Apps!

Q: Please don't ask users to run 'Security' Apps!

If you don't know how our certain security applications render their findings, then please don't ask for them!!
Those of us who know the Developer's and what to look for, work on many other forums. It just takes time away from us to go through more than "WE" asked for. It's okay to ask and have a look at the Topic, tho'!
Thanks for understanding this issue

Preferred Solution: Please don't ask users to run 'Security' Apps!

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Please don't ask users to run 'Security' Apps!

So basically, only let people with fancy mvp badges etc help out with security problems? Sorry, but i don't have any of these fancy things, i don't work on other forums, i've never helped on another forum like this yet i've helped solve MANY security issues.
Thank you for understanding my issue

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Full Article: http://androidcentral.com/why-android-malware-scares-are-almost-never-bad-they-seem

On the iPhone, everything that matters lives inside the OS. On Android, it's split between the OS and Play Services.

Google Play Services is a system-level app, which is updated in the background by Google on every Android phone going back to 2010's Gingerbread release. As well as providing APIs that let developers interact with Google services, and porting many features back to older versions of Android, Play Services has an important role in Android security.

The "Verify Apps" feature of Play Services is Google's firewall against app-based malware. It was introduced in 2012, and first enabled by default in Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. At the time of writing, 92.4% of active Android devices are running version 4.2 and up, and older versions can manually enable it in the Google Settings app.

Verify Apps works similarly to a traditional PC virus scanner:
Whenever the user installs an app, Verify Apps looks for malicious code and known exploits. If they're there, the app are blocked outright ? a message is displayed saying "Installation has been blocked." In other, less suspicious cases, a warning message may be displayed instead, with the option to install anyway. (And Verify Apps can also help remove known malware that's already been installed.)

While the underlying exploit may still be there, this makes it impossible for the bad guy... Read more

A:Android Security; How Verify Apps protects you against Potentially Harmful Apps

More information about Potential Harmful Apps; Android Security.

Feb'17 Blog: Shielding you from Potentially Harmful Applications
Support: Protect against harmful apps - Accounts Help
Documentation: PDF: Potentially Harmful Apps classifications


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Hi. I am setting up a new user in windows 8.1 (also an administrator) and I want to them to have the same apps on the desktop, same Windows theme. Is there an easy way to accomplish this, like copying the Desktop setting from one user to the other? I suppose that will probably leave out some minor details. Or is there another way? Thanks for your help.

A:Same apps available to users

You can use Windows Easy Transfer(Apps screen>Windows System>Windows Easy Transfer) to copy the settings and documents to a different account.
In the Wizard select to store the data into a transfer file. After the backup is finished, go to the 2nd account, run the Wizard again and select this is the destination PC and restore the settings from the file.
The Startscreen layout is stored in a file called appsFolder.itemdata-ms under C:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows. If the transfer wizard doesn't copy the layout, copy this file into the new account.

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Got a question. I installed Avast,SpywareBlaster,Spybot S&D & other security apps on a pc with 2 users. To update the programs, do I need to update & run them separately for each user, or not? TIA

A:Two users, same apps

I think I've answered my question. I just got access to the 2nd user of the pc & everything I updated , was already updated.

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First post here. After many research, it seems i can't find any way to make Apps installed on my "main" account available on all my child accounts...

I installed some game apps that i would like them to be able to use, but they don't appear on their start screen, nor in the "all apps" screen on their account. When i start the Windows Store on their account, they can't do anything since they don't have a Microsoft account.

Is the only work around for this to log on each of my children account, sign in on the Windows Store with my Microsoft account and install apps for each of them???

I hope it can be done easier than that... Anyone can help me?

Thanks in advance!

A:Apps not visible to other users

Hello c0der, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Windows Store apps are tied to only the specific Microsoft account that was signed into the Store when the apps were installed.

For other users to have the Store apps on their Start screen, they would need to either go to the Store and install them theirselves, or while signed into their account, sign in to the Store with your Microsoft account and install "Your Apps" to their account.

OPTION ONE in the tutorial below can help show you more on how to do this if you like.

Apps - Install Metro Apps from Windows 8 Store

Hope this helps,

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How can I share the apps in Windows 8 among all users of a computer?



A:Share the apps among all users

Hi balubeto,

It is in general not possible to share the apps among different users on your pc. You'd have to install them seperately per account.

There is a 'work around'.\ ==> You could logon to the Store, at the other user accounts, with your own master account. That way you can install the same apps.



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Hi there!

Logging on XP Pro under UserA, I noticed that some apps may decide to install for UserA only and others for All Users. (Note: UserA has Admin's privileges.)

Is it possible to force XP to always install apps for All Users? Or -even better- to give you the choice between UserA or All Users?

It would also be nice to know a way to force an app to use UserA\Application Data instead of UserA\Local Settings\Application Data.

BTW, could anyone provide a justification for the existence of local settings for a given User?


A:Forcing XP to Install Apps for All Users

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Hi Everyone,

Ive got a quick question in regards to win10, I'm an IT Technician within a company. And we are looking to start switching out our old machines for windows 1. To slowly phase out Win7 before the end of its EOL.

I need to remove all built in apps. All the Xbox and groove music stuff. For all users on a machine. I know there are commands that remove apps. But they only remove them for the said user and nothing else.

Is there any way to globally remove those apps from machines.

Thank you.

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Hello, this is my first post here. I tried googling but nothing answers my question.

I have a Windows 8 tablet and on my main user account (same email as my Xbox sign in etc) I cannot add any payment methods at all. I've been on to support and they've tried to fix it and and I'm awaiting response.

Basically I just want to purchase games from the Xbox windows store and use them on my main account.
Is it possible to create another user account on my tablet with a new email and attach my payment methods and download it to my tablet, then switch to my main user and play the games? If it's possible would this work for episodic content in a game like Adera and such? Thanks.

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i was shocked to know that office apps are not availbe for android users in Pakistan ? why is that ? When they will be made available ?

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Is it possible to grant another user the use of paid for games/apps when they sign into their Win8 account on the same PC/laptop? I would like them to be able to access them from the Start screen.

If so, what is the process?


A:Sharing paid for games/apps between W8 users - Possible?

Any assistance please?

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Hi all,

Hope i can have some help as i made a error in my image i created.

I've left the built in apps installed and i would like to remove them via GPO or logon script?

Dose anyone have any ideas on how?



A:Remove built in apps windows 10 for All Users

Hello Newp, and welcome to Ten Forums.

If you like, you could use steps 4 and 5 in OPTION FOUR to uninstall all default apps except Store and system apps for all users and new users.

Apps - Uninstall in Windows 10

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I?m responsible for multiple computers for our youth work. All windows 10 computers with multiple local users (administrators). Clean installed at the beginning of January.

Windows 10 drives me kind of crazy, cause on a very regular base Store apps stop functioning. I?ve had troubles with the calculator app, the photos app and the store itself. One fine day a user starts the pc and calculator/photo or store app does not work any longer. The app appears in the search result, but it?s icon is white. And under it the text ?desktop app?. I?m not kidding: the store pretends to be a desktop app.

I read some other posts on your forum about not working apps. But ?my? apps think they are desktop programs.

Then not all the users on the pc have the problem. Most of the time it?s okay for one user, and for all the other users it is corrupt.

I found a work around: make a new user. And for the new user all apps are present.

But I kind of get a fulltime job creating new users and giving the user it?s documents and it?s settings back.

Does anybody know a way to PREVENT the loss of functionality of the modern apps?
Does anybody know a way to REPAIR the broken modern apps? I found some Powershell magic on the internet, but that did not help.

I?d be very grateful for any help.

A:Windows 10 apps or Store not working for some users

Use this tutorial:
Apps - Reinstall and Re-register in Windows 8 and 10

Do it on one computer first and use Step #2...To Reinstall and Re-Register All Windows Apps for Current Account Only
If it works and no ill effects, then you can use Step #3 on all the computers.

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It is possible update for all users the Windows Store apps with a local account belonging to the Administrators group?

Then, I believe that the management of updating of the Windows Store apps can also be managed only by administrators. Right? If so, how do I do this?



A:Update the apps of Windows Store for all users

Hello Balubeto,

Store apps are owned by each specific user account, and must be updated in each specific account as well. User accounts do not share Store apps, so they can not be updated for all users from another account.

However, Store apps have automatic updating turned on for all users by default.
Windows Update - Automatic Updating - Turn On or Off in Windows 8
You could disable or enable the ability of all users to turn on or off automatic download of app updates though.
Store - Enable or Disable Automatic Download of Updates in Windows 8

Hope this helps some,

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Is it possible to enable limited users to install and run all applications and still have limited privilages in Windows XP Professional and if you're not in a domain? If so, how?

Thanks in advance,


A:Enable Installing of Apps For Limited Users In XP

if you work out how I would love to know if you could do it for XP home

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So you love Minecraft? You might want to be very careful before downloading the cheats for the popular Minecraft game from Google Play Store.
Nearly 3 Million users have downloaded malicious Minecraft Android applications for their smartphone and tablets from the Google Play store, security researchers warned.
The security researchers from IT security firm ESET have uncovered as many as 33 fake "scareware" applications that have been uploaded to the Google Play store in the course of the past 9 months, masquerading as Minecraft cheats and tip guides.

A:Malicious Minecraft apps affect 600,000 Android Users

The pricks always find a way... Good thing I don't like Minecraft, or even download a lot of stuff to my phone! Just goes to show how unreliable the Play Store actually is. It's so easy to exploit it, apparently! Kudos to giving the heads up.

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Hi All,

I have been searching the web and cannot seem to find a way to do this (it may not be possible). I work in the ICT department for a large organisation and we have just purchased some Dell Venue pro 11 tablets. Obviously they come with 8.1 installed and we are putting a new corporate 8.1 enterprise image on them.

We have nearly got everything the way we want it and now it has come to the stage of installing default 3rd party applications. We want some of these applications to be Metro/moderns apps and we want them to be installed for all users. From what I can see this is not possible.

Now the devices are tablets so we do want to use the touch screen apps some of which are only on the windows store. There will be several users on each device and they can change as time goes on so we dont want the users installing them. I am happy for the apps to go on either via MDT or GPO or even install them manually once so is this possible?

So for example is there a way I can install Adobe Reader touch for all users on a device?

If not I cannot believe the Microsoft would create a product where this cannot be done a it makes no sense at all to their core customers (Business/School).

I have read about sideloading but that is only officially for in house apps.

Any help would be appreciated.

A:Deploy 3rd Party Metro/Modern Apps to Al Users

AppLocker is what you're interested in.

AppLocker Overview

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I've doing research and have not been able to find the solution my problem, hopefully you guys can help me. I am building a Windows 8 Image for our Lab here at UTEP and was wondering if there is a way that I can display the apps (mostly programs installed) to show to all user on our domain? Like word, excel, etc. Software that students usually use. My boss wants students to have accessibility to the software that we installed but I have read that metro application and per-user installation, does that also include installed software?



A:Domain Users, Metro Apps, Program Shortcuts

No one!? Someone?!

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Just like it happened in Windows 8, Windows 10 requires users to log in with a Microsoft account in order to install apps from the Store, but this is no longer valid for those whose computers are powered by the Pro SKU of the operating system.

German website WIndowsArea has discovered that Microsoft suddenly made a policy change that makes it possible for Windows 10 Pro users to install apps from the Windows Store without the need for a Microsoft Account.

There are some limitations though. First of all, only freeware applications can be installed, so if you want to purchase an app, an account is still required.

Then, if you?re trying to update a paid application that?s already installed on your Windows 10 device, an account is once again needed.

Why the change?
Microsoft hasn?t explained why exactly it made this change, but given the fact that it concerns the Pro version of the operating system, it?s not difficult to see that the company specifically targeted companies that are trying to get more control over what users install on their systems.

On the other hand, it?s not yet clear if the Enterprise SKU of Windows 10 can also install apps without a Microsoft account because reports in this regard are still mixed, with some claiming that it works, while others indicating that it doesn?t.

Without a doubt, installing apps from the Windows Store without an account can boost adoption of Store apps, but we?ve reached out to Microsoft to find out if this is inde... Read more

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SSL-busting code that threatened Lenovo users found in a dozen more apps - http://arstechnica.com/security/201...rstechnica/index+(Ars+Technica+-+All+content)

A:SSL-busting code that threatened Lenovo users found in other apps

Two weeks on, Superfish debacle still causing pain for some Lenovo customers - http://arstechnica.com/security/201...still-causing-pain-for-some-lenovo-customers/

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Beginning of 2013 there was about 40,000 apps ready to be downloaded at the Windows Store. The Store grows rapidly, faster than other similar stores for other platforms.

Not all Windows Apps cost money. In fact a great number of games and apps is available for free, ready to be installed. This is a collection of Windows Store Apps the users of the Eight Forums have tested and used and want to recommend.

The idea is to give you a short description, only a few words for you to get the idea what the app does. If you are interested you also get a direct link to app at Windows Store where you can get more information before deciding if you want to install the app or not. Notice that as Windows Store URL protocol is not recognized by our forum software you need to copy the link manually and paste it to IE10 addressbar (protocol ms-windows-store is only recognized by IE10, it does not work on other browsers).

If you have found an app you would like to share with us, reply to this thread giving the app name, short description and enough details for us to find it in Store. Remember that the app should be free, no test or paid for version.

Have fun!

You need to copy the full Store Path for the app, paste it to IE10 and hit Enter to open app presentation and installation page on Store. Notice that because of forum software word wrapping the link might be divided on two rows. You need to copy and paste it as one continuous link. ... Read more

A:List of free Windows Store Apps recommended by our users

After completing my favorite list above, I found PC Monitor from MMSOFT Design.

Remotely monitor and manage your IT infrastructure using this securely encrypted app that gives you total control of your critical servers and applications from anywhere, anytime.PC Monitor is free for non-commercial use and you can monitor up to 5 computers or applications with no subscription payment required and no time limitation.All computer resources, network performance, IIS, Exchange, Active Directory and Hyper-V - just to name a few.Run tasks, execute commands in a terminal, manage running processes and services, check and apply updates, restart, shut down and wake your computers.Monitor the status and uptime of all computersMonitor the current CPU usage and available memoryMonitor and start/stop/pause/restart services

The user interface is clear, straight to the point, no unnecessary clutter. Here me playing with it, checking my wife's laptop over the network:

An ideal tool for family IT guys. I like it. Added to the list.


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Microsoft Data Shows Way Too Many Windows 7 Users Don?t Install Antivirus Apps

Despite the many security improvements included in the most recent versions of Windows, having an up-to-date antivirus solution running on a system still appears to be a mandatory thing to do given the growing number of attacks and infections targeting users.

But statistics provided by Microsoft reveal that users of older Windows versions enjoy playing with fire, as many of them don?t run any antivirus software on their computers, while others keep them off.

Specifically, the data that was published by the software company in the Security Intelligence Report Volume 22 concerns systems that aren?t listed as ?protected,? which means they?re not having an up-to-date antivirus solution because of various reasons.

In the case of Windows Vista and Windows 7 installs, the top reason is that no antivirus is installed, with more than 50 percent of unprotected computers running any of the two operating systems said to be going commando.

?On Windows Vista and Windows 7, unprotected computers predominantly report having no AntiMalware software installed at all. On subsequent Windows versions, Windows Defender is enabled by default if no other antimalware software is present, so the number of computers reporting no antimalware software is very low,? Microsoft explains.

Out-of-date antivirus protection
As far as Windows 8 and 8.1 users are concerned, the problem here is that most of them ... Read more

A:Microsoft Data Shows Way Too Many Windows 7 Users Don’t Install Antivirus Apps

A scary read for sure. I wonder why they do not use an AV.

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New applications are turning up on Facebook. Unfortunately, some of them are fake anti-virus programs.
While researching Web sites that host malicious software, Roger Thompson, chief research officer of software security company AVG, noticed something funny. A Russian Web site known for hosting malware was getting lots of referrals from Facebook.

Hacked Facebook apps lead users to fake anti-virus software | Security Central - InfoWorld

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I have a combo of Avast Free and MBAM installed on my laptop.

What other essential/effective apps would you experts recommend, which give less false positive results and aren't hoggers?


A:Security apps?

Right now, your security combo should be fine enough considering that your laptop is able to handle them pretty fine. Avast can be a hogger at times though. You could try Microsoft Security Essentials alternatively. It isn't a hogger and doesn't give false positives that often and is the most recommended by all security professionals here. If you are facing issues that MBAM doesn't fix, you could use SuperAntiSpyware too (though I don't recommend running them all at the same time as they can interfere with each other). Other than that, your security combo seems pretty fine to me consider they don't cause any problems.

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Hey guys, I have windows 7 and set up Homegroup. All the folders I share additionally to what Homegroup is sharing have EVERYONE in the Security Tab enabled with all Permissions checked!

Now I also realised that C:\Users has in Security Tab has EVERYONE with Read & Execute - List - Read activated?

Is that the default option?

And is it normal that every folder I share in Homegroup gets EVERYONE added with all Permissions?

A:Everyone in C:\Users Security Tab?? Is that right?

If i read your post right you are talking about Share Permissions and not NTFS permissions.

If this is the case, the is normal. When looking at what access a user has when accessing a shared folder, you combine the share permissions and NTFS permissions with the least priviledge taking priority.

For example, if user John has FULL CONTROL permission to the USERS share but has only READ permission for NTFS permissions on that folder, then John can only read.

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So I am getting a new computer (because this one is a little outdated) and I would like to know which security applications I should use.
On my current computer I am running Norton Antivirus 2005, Ad-Aware Pro /w Ad-Watch, and use Ewido.
I find that Norton isn't very good at stopping things before I am infected. It Rather wait until it is more difficult to get rid of. So I have been looking into some other programs (like ZoneAlarm). Since I am only moderately aware of holes in security I would like the opinion of someone who knows a little more. What programs should I continue using and what programs/utilities should I add to my security for my new computer?
I read the sticky but I was really wondering about the applications from businesses that I can buy (like an internet security suite or something).

PS. (if you read this) Sorry to CheeseBall81, I forgot about my thread about a malware issue. I formatted my computer after a back up. lets just say it seemed like an easier escape from the extensive problems on the machine.

A:NEW Computer..Security apps?

I find norton very reliable, atleast if you do the right things like run virus scans regularly. I'd recommend sticking with norton antivirus and norton internet security suite, the norton firewall is really good. Sygate & Zone Alarm are free firewall alternatives. I'd also recommend getting a router if you are willling to shell out a few bucks anyways they are not that expensive and if you are in business envoirnment you most certainly need them.
Also get a couple more free anti spyware in addition to ad-aware like Microsoft Defender
Spybot-Search and destroy and turn on the real time protection. Both are free

If you really dont like norton try
McAfee or
Both have free 30 trial so you can see if they work for you. I really like norton internet security suite but then again its up to you what you want to use.

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I just switched from an iPhone 6 Plus to a Samsung A5. I have never really cared much about the security on my android phones but I should. Can you recommend me some good apps to increase my security?

I have already encrypted the phone and have remote wipe on.

A:What apps for Android security?

I find that DR.WEB mobile security or Sophos mobile security finds more stuff in real world than most and they are free.

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I was wondering if anyone could suggest or refer me to a solid desktop security program..something that wont take over my system like some programs. Basically to lock up my system when i'm not using it. Thanks in Advance

System Specs:

Intel D845WN P4 MotherBoard
Intel P4 1.5 CPU
Windows XP Home Edition

A:Desktop Security Apps

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Hi all

I just realized that when i installed windows, I only had an admin account. I created a normal user account, but all my programs are installed for the admin user.

How do I make an existing installed program available to my 'normal' user?

Also, how do people secure their machines? Meaning, do you run malware, firewalls, etc, and if so which?

thanx in advance...

A:Users and programs and security

For the first part of your question this should help

How to Take Ownership and Grant Permissions in Windows Vista My Digital Life

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Is it normal to have "Everyone" in security permissions under \Users?
Given that Users(PCname\Users) is already in the list.

A:Security Permissions for Users

Quote: Originally Posted by mjf

Is it normal to have "Everyone" in security permissions under \Users?
Given that Users(PCname\Users) is already in the list.

just checked my system (32bit) and no it is not. Did you upgrade from a previous OS?

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Since the search engine doesn't work on this forum, I'll create a new post. I'm trying to set up different IE security settings for the different users on my XP Home machine. Specifically, I want more strict settings when my kids are logged in.

I can't seem to figure out how to change the settings for a specific user. Can anyone shed some light on this for me?



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Hi Guy's,

Long time no see...... now a problem for ya?

In my security tab in properties I have 3 unknown user accounts

Can anyone shed any light on these... I have run all types of

security software to no avail.

Many Thanks


A:Unknown users in security tab??

What are the names of the accounts?

By any chance - TrustedInstaller, Authenticated Users, Administrators, SYSTEM, ...?

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I have been using windows 8+ for about a year and have installed some supposed security third party apps: CCleaner Free, Super-antispyware, Malwarebytes free, etc. I just installed Windows 10. Do I still need these third party apps or can I get rid of them? MM

A:Windows 10 and third party security apps

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How to protect your financial apps from getting hacked:

There's been no shortage of high-profile hacks over the last few years ? think Target, Sony and Ashley Madison ? but one sector that hasn't made as much news for breaches is financial. According to the Identify Theft Resource Center, out of the 781 data breaches tracked in the United States in 2015, just 71 were banking-related.

While that may be welcome news to the millions of people who use financial websites and apps, that number is rising, jumping by about 50 percent from the year before. And with more people using everything from personal finance applications and robo-advisor sites to fraud-detection programs and mobile wallet software, we'll likely see more hacks in the future.

"There's a huge amount of benefit to leveraging technology to bring insights to your account, but there's always a risk when you start to consolidate all of that information into one program," said Kennet Westby, co-founder and president of Coalfire, a Westminster, Colorado-based cybersecurity advisory that has a number of financial clients.

Generally, apps and websites from banks and other well-known financial institutions are considered fairly safe from intrusion, in part because they have the money to spend on security. Reportedly, Bank of America will spend $400 million in security this year alone, while other banks are also spending copious amounts of money to keep their virtual walls secure.

... Read more

A:Be Security Conscious When Using Financial Apps

This should be a course starting in middle school and up.
Call it net security 101 or something, this is much needed advise for today's generation.

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Hello, I am running windows XP on my laptop. I have the following security apps installed: Kaspersky Internet Security 7, Malwarebytes Antimalware, and SuperantiSpware Free. I am connected tho the internet via direct connection to a modem.Recently, i could not update any of the above security apps. On Kis: the update source is selected, but "error connecting to update source".On SuperAntiSpyware: when i try to update, the message "there was an error trying to retrieve definitions. make sure your firewall is not blocking SUPERANTISPYWARE.EXE from accessing the internet. i have made sure to add it in my firewall and allow "any TCP and UDP activity". but still cannot update.on Malwarebytes Antimalware: update failed. make sure you are connected to the internet and your firewall is set to allow malwarebytes' anti-malware to access the internet. i allowed it too, still cannot update. However, I can open and load pages on firefox, except: kaspersky-labs.com to manually download definitions, malwarebytes.org, and http://downloads.superantispyware.com/down...AntiSpyware.exe, but i can go into the website of superantispware. they say Page Load Error. but i can open google, facebook, gmail, etc... On scanning:Malware: no malicious items on FULL scanKIS: no viruses foundHelp?

A:possible malware? cannot update security apps

See if you can connect and run Kaspersky's online scanner------------------------------------------If you are using Windows Vista, open your browser by right-clicking on its icon and select 'Run as administrator' to perform this scan.Please disable your realtime protection software before proceeding. Refer to this page if you are unsure how.Open the Kaspersky Scanner page.Click on Accept and install any components it needs.The program will install and then begin downloading the latest definition files.After the files have been downloaded on the left side of the page in the Scan section select My ComputerThis will start the program and scan your system.The scan will take a while, so be patient and let it run.Once the scan is complete, click on View scan reportNow, click on the Save Report as button.Save the file to your desktop.Copy and paste that information in your next post.You can refer to this animation by sundavis.

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in my event viewer my pc is full of errows

A:Can't install security apps/ errors

im aving problems with my vlc freezing all the time and i cant seem to install my security services it installs but it doesnt show only in add n remove

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I'm new to the whole security world, and I barely know the difference between worms and Trojans. I saw a similar topic from September but it was more pro-oriented.
Currently I have 3 AVs on my device, I know it's wrong from both security and performance points of view. So apart from a good real-time AV, what would you install on an average user's device? Firewall, Sandbox, on-demand antimalware (MBAM or Emsisoft), MBAE, Bitdefender USB, ("HIPS" keeps coming up in conversations here, I have no idea what this means)...? And when professionals here talk about adblock, do they mean the browser extension or something else?
In a descending order, every internet user should have: (and please don't say just Microsoft security essentials and Windows firewall)
Real-time AV
On-demand antimalware
and then what?

A:Basic security for average users?

Well, it's a difficult topic actually. Take a look at these threads below to have a clearer image.
For an average user, sandboxes and HIPS are a no-go. They need quite some configuration and proper knowledge to respond to alerts.
Windows Firewall would me more than enough for protecting your network from inbound connections.
A simple free AV would be good for real-time protection (like Avast or Avira) or even Windows Defender that's built-in from W8 onwards. Some anti-exploit protection would be a good addtion, but chances to stumble upon something like that are almost non-existent.
Adblock refers to what you mentioned in your post. Exactly.
Now, a couple on-demand scanners (MBAM, HMP, EEK) would complete the puzzle.
But all of the above would be worthless, if not accompanied by common sense and safe browsing habits.

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Hi Folks,
Most of you may already know this who use the unlocker utility (and I find it rather handy). Well, discovery yesterday, it is detected by some security programs (MSE as Trojan, and NOD32 as Adware in particular), but there is one problem with this detection. I wouldn't call it a false positive per-se, but I'd call it more of a take-away of the user's rights. The only reason that it is detected is because of a clearly optional component that automatically starts up IE and redirects the user to www.ebay.com. What right do security programs have flagging programs due to optional components? I don't understand it, and I'd seriously recommend that the above companies reconsider their decision. Let me know what you here in this community think, and I'll certainly complain myself if you'd like.


A:security, sure, but where are the users rights here in 2010?

Basically your complaining about how they detect certain viruses. They are not gonna compromise just cause it may detect something you may deem as "safe". Seriously you should not be so mad at how they detect problems they do not have time to download everything for your convenient and test it. If you want just add it to exceptions or use a different av if your so upset about how they try to protect you....

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MS Fix Shores Up Security for Windows Users.

Microsoft has released a point-and-click tool to help protect Windows users from a broad category of security threats that stem from a mix of insecure default behaviors in Windows and poorly written third-party applications.

-- Tom

A:MS Fix Shores Up Security for Windows Users


Curious as to whether anyone has tried this fix yet, and if there were any problems?

Microsoft said:

Note Before you run the fix it solution, you must first download and then install update 2264107, which is described later in this article. By default, protection is disabled when you install update 2264107. Then, the protection can be configured manually as described in this article, or you can run the fix it. When you run the fix it, protection is enabled to protect against remote, nonsecure DLL loads.Click to expand...

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Security Alert for Windows XP Users.

Microsoft is warning Windows XP and Server 2003 users that exploit code has been posted online showing attackers how to break into these operating systems remotely via a newly-discovered security flaw.

-- Tom

A:Security Alert for Windows XP Users

&#8220;Given the public disclosure of the details of the vulnerability, and how to exploit it, customers should be aware that broad attacks are likely,&#8221; Microsoft said in a statement released last week.

I agree.

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Have got all the recommended software now


Im having a great deal of difficulty managing these for all users eg. Spybot seems to need to be run from each account and IE - SPYAD2 reads across to Admin accounts but not Users (from what I can see).

Please help.......any tips or tricks

A:Solved: Security Software for All Users

I know for Ad-aware and Spybot if you install them with an account that has admin rights they create the logs, etc in the All User folder. Anyone can run them but without admin rights a person can only clean their own profile and what ever is in Program files. Not much of anything else since they would not have rights to the folders.

I'm not sure on the rest of the programs.

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I would like to make a few quick questions about comodo

1/ How many of you are really using comodo (CIS, CF, CCAV)?
2/ what settings are you using? Minimal tweaks or many tweaks? Could you please share it? How stable and how annoying are they?
3/ What should I change other than CS's settings on her video?

Thank you

A:How many MT users are using COMODO security products?

Hello.Im using comodo firewall and panda free av.
Comodo FW settings from cruelsister
Panda Free AV settings: default. I also have the panda toolbar.
I have tested this combo a lot and the system remained clean.
I picked panda because its very light. I tried Qihoo but it was heavy and i saw an article about stolen data or something whatever. So i deleted it and installed panda.
Althought with cruelsister's settings u dont really need av but i wanted one
PS: In my opinion Panda is underrated product BUT if you try it for yourself you will see its pretty good.

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IE 8 Security Features Could Be Turned Against Users, Researchers Say.

At Black Hat Europe, presenters show how filters designed to prevent cross-site scripting can be used to launch those very attacks

The good news is that Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8 browser offers a new set of filters designed to prevent some cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks. The bad news is that those same filters could be used to enable XSS attacks.Click to expand...

-- Tom

A:IE 8 Security Features Could Be Turned Against Users

Great read!


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Hello, We have many laptops equipped with HP Client Security together with the Drive encryption, however one of the laptops has more than 10 users. The HP Client Security shows only a maximum of 10 users at the Preboot, is there a solution for this problem? I already have installed the latest version of the Client security ( Kind Regards,  

A:HP Client security Maximum Users?

@Basschutte_500? Product Name: Zbook 15G2Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 (64-bit) Basschutte_500 wrote:Hello, We have many laptops equipped with HP Client Security together with the Drive encryption, however one of the laptops has more than 10 users. The HP Client Security shows only a maximum of 10 users at the Preboot, is there a solution for this problem? I already have installed the latest version of the Client security ( Kind Regards,  The licensing restriction is not so much a problem (an event for which there is no known underlying cause) -- the ten license maximum is a restriction placed on the use of the software. You should contact HP:  Discuss your needs and ask about options. To Open a Case number for your business class systems:Open HP Customer Support - Laptops >Enter your precise Model / Product name in the space provided and Click Search iconORSelect 1 > Narrow your Selection >> Click on the icon for your notebook type / seriesWhen your computer's page opens > Click last tab (on the right): Get Help from HP Example:Open HP Customer Support - Z Book Workstations >Click on the icon of your workstation model >When your Z Book page opens > Click last tab (on the right): Get Help from HP >Select the option that best fits your needs:Submit or manage support cases Chat with HP All HP contact options When you see a Post that helps you,Inspires you,... Read more

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People ignore software security warnings up to 90 percent of the time:

A new study from BYU, in collaboration with Google Chrome engineers, finds the status quo of warning messages appearing haphazardly?while people are typing, watching a video, uploading files, etc.?results in up to 90 percent of users disregarding them...

Researchers found these times are less effective because of "dual task interference," a neural limitation where even simple tasks can't be simultaneously performed without significant performance loss. Or, in human terms, multitasking.

"We found that the brain can't handle multitasking very well," said study coauthor and BYU information systems professor Anthony Vance. "Software developers categorically present these messages without any regard to what the user is doing. They interrupt us constantly and our research shows there's a high penalty that comes by presenting these messages at random times."

For example, 74 percent of people in the study ignored security messages that popped up while they were on the way to close a web page window. Another 79 percent ignored the messages if they were watching a video. And a whopping 87 percent disregarded the messages while they were transferring information, in this case, a confirmation code...

To read the full article please follow the link at the top of the page


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Hi guys,

Two days back I saw that an outsider who was previously company employee came with his own notebook and he tired to access the access point whose security code was known to him but his user name and password was disabled form the sensys domain. One more risky thing was that the user can access the wireless network i.e. by access the access point from outsider the company.

In the first phase to protect unauthorized user form accessing the access point of our company I have asked the IT to change the security code of the access point and do not share it with the notebook user and provide the code manually once on all the machines.

But I want more then that, I want that only notebooks which are authorized can be accessed and authenticated on our domain and any other notebook which is not listed should not be authenticated on the our domain.

Please provide your feedback in this regard.

A:Wireless Security for Notebook Users

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