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Laptop won't connect to wifi after clean windows install.

Q: Laptop won't connect to wifi after clean windows install.

A friend bought a new Acer Aspire E1-570 laptop and it had a lot of bloatware so he borrowed my windows 8.1 cd and did a clean install, he told me he deleted all the previous partitions during the install (which I think erased the driver) and when it finished, there was no wifi. I looked in device manager and there was no driver for the network card. I went to the Acer website to try and find drivers to install and found 2, one for Atheros, one for Broadcom. I tried both, the one for Atheros had no way to let me install, just a bunch of random files. The one for Broadcom had a setup application, but it tried installing bluetooth drivers. It's hooked up by ethernet to the router and working but he wants wifi. You can look here http://www.acer.com.au/ac/en/AU/content/drivers for the Aspire E1-570 drivers and see what I mean.


Preferred Solution: Laptop won't connect to wifi after clean windows install.

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Laptop won't connect to wifi after clean windows install.

he has probably removed all the recovery partitions
I assume he was using windows 8.1 and NOT 8
did the copy of windows activate OK
chances are he will need to install a few drivers
he could also call Acer and get a set of recovery CDs sent to him - in UK if under warranty and an issue with the recovery manager they will provide free

can we see a device manager screen shot
Device Manager

Please Post back the results in device manager as requested below

You will now need to take a screen shot and copy that back to the working PC.
Save the file to a USB flash drive or other removable media. Plug it into the working computer with internet access and copy the screen shot and attach the screen shot in a reply on the forum here.
If you do not have another PC - do you have a phone connected to the internet - can you photograph the result and post the image in a reply

how to access device manager for different windows versions

Hold the Windows key and press Pause key, should open to allow device manager to be seen, see the menu on the left hand side

on a laptop you may need to use Hold the Windows key and press FN key + the pause key

If the above does not work then

For Windows 8
If you happen to be using a keyboard with Windows 8, the quickest way to open Device Manager is via its shortcut on the Power User Menu, accessible by pressing the WINDOW key and the X key together.
If on a touch screen - have a read here http://pcsupport.about.com/od/windows-8/a/device-manager-windows-8.htm
​Once you are in device manager then navigate to:

network adaptors, click on the + > post back the devices that are listed under network adapters
are there any yellow ! ? or a X​
post a screen shot of the device manager - network adapters

To post a screen shot of the active window.
For Windows 8
you can use the snipping tool > Open Snipping Tool (From the Windows 8 Start Screen, type "snip" and press enter.
>Press the Esc. key.
>go back to your Windows 8 start screen - Swipe from left or press Window Button
>Press Ctrl+PrntScr button to use Snipping Tool

To upload the screen shot to the forum, open the full reply window ("Go Advanced" button) and use the Manage Attachments button to upload it here.
Full details are available here http://library.techguy.org/wiki/TSG_Posting_a_Screenshot

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Hello to whoever reading this I hope your day is going better than mine as I?ve experienced issues after re-installing windows on my Lenovo Ideapad Z570 and I have spent 2 days trying to figure it out, but then again that?s probably why your reading this because your also experiencing issues yourself, any way I won?t bore you any longer with more babble so let me get to the point of why I?m writing thisI made this quick post because I also ran in to some trouble when re installing windows after my system had begun to run quite slow. The symptomThe symptom that was present was that after installing windows I just could not get the wireless internet to work for the life of me. It WOULD recognize the driver installed on device manager but just would not pick up any WIFI connections, there was a red cross on the network icon at the bottom right tool tray and when pressing FN+F5 it would not list wireless network card ATALL, only the Bluetooth connectivity icon was present. My procedureSo this was my procedure, I re-installed windows 7 ultimate 64 bit and installed all the drivers accept the wireless LAN driver and the bios update, so that?s including drivers, utilities and software on the off chance that some of the software or utilities also included drivers I needed in the system to work, I tried installing the intel wireless link driver and the wireless LAN drive together, the intel wireless link driver on its own still nothing I even got to the point ... Read more

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Hi All,

I am new to this forum..few day agai got to know that I can make my Windows 7 Laptop a HotSpot via Virtual WiFi...so I tried to make my laptop hotspot and the same can be detected from my iPhone also...i can connect connect iPhone to my laptop...but i cant access any internet..
i have also tried putting off my firewall but with no use....
can somebody help me out with the same?

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I am new at this, did one posting but lost it some how.  I did clean re-install of windows 8 from a cd that Dell sent me when they first fixed my new computer.  The reinstall programed on the compute was no good, so sent it back, they fixed it, but sent me an install only for dell cd for windows 8.  Did the install, went to wireless in setup, it showed me the two options for wifi and airplane mode.  When I clicked on airplane mode both option disappeared.  Unable to find a way to get wifi.  They also sent me a dell drives disk, installed the wifi adapter they had, but when I go to device manager there is none.  I have three objects with an exclamination point by them.. They are Net Work Controller, PCT Simple Commuications Controller and VSB2.0 CRW.  I can't seem to find the model number of my Inspiron but the install CD was for 3521/5521 and or 3721/5721.Right now I have no connection to the internet, unless I try an Ethernet connection.  Why would I have this problem using a Dell Install CD.  Can you help me get my wifi back so I can add my programs etc ?  Let me know how to replay to your answer also as I am new at this.

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hello.i am trying to use my hp pavilion g6 windows 7 64bit notebook pc and use the internet but i can not use the internet. i can not connect to the internet. I donwloaded a driver which makes the internet work with an ethernet cable, but not wifi.  i need to install the network and pci controller for this computer. here  is the network controller id number PCI\VEN_10EC&DEV_8176&SUBSYS_1629103C&REV_01PCI\VEN_10EC&DEV_8176&SUBSYS_1629103CPCI\VEN_10EC&DEV_8176&CC_028000PCI\VEN_10EC&DEV_8176&CC_0280   and here is the pci controller number  PCI\VEN_10EC&DEV_8176&SUBSYS_1629103C&REV_01PCI\VEN_10EC&DEV_8176&SUBSYS_1629103CPCI\VEN_10EC&DEV_8176&CC_028000PCI\VEN_10EC&DEV_8176&CC_0280

A:pavilion p6 wifi not working after windows clean install

Hi: You need this wireless card driver... This package contains the driver installation package for the Realtek RTL8188CE wireless LAN Controller in the supported notebook models running a supported operating system. ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp57001-57500/sp57049.exe You need this driver for the pci controller: This package provides the Intel Management Engine Components Driver for supported notebooks with supported operating systems. ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp52001-52500/sp52143.exe

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I did clean re-install of windows 8 from a cd that Dell sent me when they first fixed my new computer. The reinstall programed on the computer was no good, so sent it back, they fixed it, but sent me an install only for dell cd for windows 8. Did the install, went to wireless in setup, it showed me the two options for wifi and airplane mode. When I clicked on airplane mode both option disappeared.  Unable to find a way to get wifi. They also sent me a dell drivers disk, installed the wifi adapter they had, but when I go to device manager there is none. I have three objects with an exclamination point by them. They are Network Controller, PCT Simple Commuications Controller and VSB2.0 CRW. The install CD was for 3521/5521 and or 3721/5721. Right now I have no connection to the internet, unless I try an Ethernet connection. Why would I have this problem using a Dell Install CD? Can you help me get my wifi back so I can add my programs etc? Let me know how to reply to your answer also as I am new at this.

A:Inspiron 3521, Clean Windows 8 install, no WIFI connection

The 2012 Inspiron 15-3521 shipped with the following WiFi cards =DW1703 WiFi/Bluetooth 4.0 combo card DW1704 WiFi/Bluetooth 4.0 combo card
So the first thing we need to know is which one is installed? Check your invoice. Or enter the Inspiron 15-3521 service tag number here. Then click System configuration, Original configuration. Look at the list for the WiFi card. Or insert the 3521/5521 driver CD and look for those cards above and try to install them. If the incorrect one is chosen, it will state no hardware found.
How to reply, click the blue Reply button under this post =

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About a week ago, our cable internet connection went out. Before I had a chance to reboot the modem & router, my 11 year old decided to completely reset the router to factory settings! Ugh! This caused several issues: my home network is now gone, only a unsecured factory network is available. When I try to plug my laptop into the router via ethernet cord (in order to login to router and setup secure network) my computer will not recognize the router and won't connect to internet. I tried troubleshooting with my cable provider and they say it's in my computer (IP address will not reset) and he recommended I replace my network card. However, today when I brought my laptop to work, it will instantly recognize the wifi at work. So is it really my network card that is causing issues? Please help, I'm desperate and not tech too tech savvy!

Linksys wireless router
Charter cable modem
Hp pavillion dv6 laptop with Windows Vista OS

A:Laptop won't connect to home wifi but will connect to work wifi

Did you figure this out?

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I have a laptop running Windows 8. It does not connect to the WiFi at my university (connects to other networks) and I have been trying to find out the problem for some time. I have tried using Google, but have had no luck. Just yesterday I took my laptop to the IT department where they did a bunch of stuff, but none of it worked. They said it was probably due to a virus. Can you guys help me to find what the problem is?

A:Windows 8 laptop can't connect to WiFi

Have you tried to reboot to safe mode with networking and try to connect then?

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For some reason my windows 8 Hp will not connect to my home wifi network. Has had no problem connecting in the past but yesterday I unplugged my router to move it to another part of my house and ever since then it can't connect. My cell phone and other laptop connect to the internet no problem.
On my Hp it will show a list of wifi networks and my home network is on the list, however, when I try to connect to it and then troubleshoot the problem it says I can't connect to the network because it is hidden. I don't see how thats possible since the network name shows up on the list of nearby wifi networks.
What I've done but hasn't worked:
Reset my router and laptop multiple times.
Tried to manually connect to network.
Forgot the network on my laptop and tried to reconnect.
I don't understand how one day it can connect to the wifi fine and then I unplug it and all of a sudden it can't connect but my other devices can.
Please help me this is very frustrating and I couldn't find a specific answer anywhere else online.

A:Windows 8 laptop won't connect to wifi.

Networks are not my thing but have you tried setting up a connection manually?

Unable to connect to hidden wireless network.

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My windows 8 laptop will not connect to the wifi hotspot of my samsung galaxy note 3

Can find it on other devices such as : iphone, ipad, Mac Computer but nothing running windows 8

A:My windows 8 laptop will not connect to my wifi hotspot

How have you tried setting it up? You are sure the Wifi on your laptop is turned on and working?

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My pc was slowing down so I formatted my hard drive and reinstalled windows 7. All went well except one thing internet on wifi doesn't work. The rest of the toys in the house still connect through the router but the laptop does not. If the lan cable is plugged in the internet works. I used this to find the latest drivers for my laptops wifi card. Through the wifi I can enter the router settings but not externally to the internet. I'm thinking its something simple in the security setting Please help.

A:Windows 7 laptop wifi connect but no internet

Did you install ALL drivers including the chipset driver? Open device manager - any yellow or red symbols?

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Hello, i know a lot about the dell xps m1330, especially when it runs xp.
However i dont know much about windows 7.
I know the wifi in the laptop works, i know the laptop has no issues.
I know this because i switched my hard drive from my 1330 to this laptop which is also a 1330...connects and works fine.
Wifi IS turned on
In device manager the driver is ok no exclamation marks anywhere

When i try and connect with the ethernet i get identifying no network access, then it says currently connected to unidentified network, no network access! You cannot browse.

So that being said it must be in the setting with windows 7.
I uninstalled and reinstalled the wifi driver it did not make any difference.
I also tried using a ethernet connection and it would not connect either.
When i use the win 7 trubleshooter it states a network cable is not properly plugged in or may be broken.

Remeber this laptop functions fine with my hard drive in it with windows xp.

Should i out the windows 7 disc back in...is there a repair function??
Thanks if you can help

A:Dell laptop Windows 7 wifi wont connect

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Hello, i know a lot about the dell xps m1330, especially when it runs xp.
However i dont know much about windows 7.
I know the wifi in the laptop works, i know the laptop has no issues.
I know this because i switched my hard drive from my 1330 to this laptop which is also a 1330...connects and works fine.
Wifi IS turned on
In device manager the driver is ok no exclamation marks anywhere

When i try and connect with the ethernet i get identifying no network access, then it says currently connected to unidentified network, no network access! You cannot browse.

So that being said it must be in the setting with windows 7.
I uninstalled and reinstalled the wifi driver it did not make any difference.
I also tried using a ethernet connection and it would not connect either.
When i use the win 7 trubleshooter it states a network cable is not properly plugged in or may be broken.

Remeber this laptop functions fine with my hard drive in it with windows xp.

Thanks if you can help

A:Dell laptop Windows 7 wifi wont connect

Hi Kentuckynet,

My name is Mohammed from DELL social media outreach team

In response to your recent query I would suggest you to go the DELL website update the chipset drivers and wireless drivers .You can do it by clicking on the link given below


Once it’s done click on start->Run-> type CMD type the command ipconfig then press enter and check whether you see any numbers in default gateway if you can see that then type the following command ping then the numbers.If you are not able to get reply after you ping might have issues with windows 7 .Please reply back with the findings.

Thanks & regards
DELL social media responder

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Replaced drive in my HP Pavilion. Installed windows 7. Everything going fine until trying to connect to wifi. Connects hard wired. Loaded drivers from Hp for wireless. Keeps say no connection available. Any ideas.

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HI, I am having G400s Touch laptop which is out of warranty. It has Qualcomm Atheros AR9485WB Wireless Netowork Adapter (Wifi Card) installed but now a days I am getting problem in connecting to Wifi. Router doesnt has any issue as mobile and other laptop is able to connect to same wifi without any issue.   Sometime G400s Touch laptop connects to wifi and then dropped and then didnt connect again for hours. So I decided to change the Network Adapter I want to change to new Wifi card which is Dual Band. Please let me know which all Dual Band Wifi Cards / Network Adapter supported by G400s Touch. Is there any link on web where i can see the compatibility. I dont want to end up in the situation where I will buy dual band netowrk adapter but then it wont support my laptop. Please help!!! Thanks...

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I want to install a fresh copy of Windows 10. Because I dont like having "leftovers" from Windows 8.1. But how do I do that? I also want to use the Lenovo apps that was installed on the computer when I got it. 
Mod's Edit: Added additional information to Subject line for clarity of problem.

A:Z50-70 Laptop - Windows 10 Clean Install

ernstlu wrote:I want to install a fresh copy of Windows 10. Because I dont like having "leftovers" from Windows 8.1. But how do I do that? I also want to use the Lenovo apps that was installed on the computer when I got it. Take a look at this link on how to clean install Win 10. After the clean install you may have to install some of the drivers from the Lenovo site or from the drivers folder in your drive. I'm not sure though about the Lenovo apps but you can try to look it up in the store or inquire from Lenovo.

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Hello everyone,

tomorrow I will be getting my new HP laptop, I want to do a clean install of Windows 7, which i know how to do.

to get the full functionality from the laptop after do i simply got tp the HP website and download the drivers and install 1 by 1? do i need to do them in any particular order?

HP Pavilion dv6-6051ea this is the model i am getting,

From experience I remeber on my old Sony Vaio once I had done this, things like hot keys did not work and the battery life was just terrible after and it heated up even more!! dont want any of these things hapening to the new laptop now! or should I just remove software that I dont want.

It just feels better for me knowing that there is no junk whatsoever on the new machine!!!

please advise



A:clean install of windows 7 on HP laptop

HP should have a complete list of all necessary drivers. They are probably more current than the ones that come with the laptop. As long as all drivers are installed everything should work unless some are tied to HP's apps, which are also downloadable from their website. When you get the laptop why not install the OS on their hard drive to see which apps you like so you will know which ones to download. I really don't think there is an order in which to install the drivers except for things like chipset drivers. It's probably just my preference, but when I do a clean install I disconnect from the internet as soon as the install is complete. I install all of my drivers, then reconnect. It allows me to install the drivers I want to before windows starts installing theirs. You should also receive a drivers disk from them which will have all drivers, though not as current as the website.

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I just purchased a new Toshiba laptop it comes with Windows 8 Home 64 bit. It has been my custom when purchasing a new computer to do a complete clean install to get rid of all the bloatware that comes on the new machine. There is no Windows 8 dvd it is pre installed and I only have the Win 8 User Key how do I go out wiping out the new computer and starting fresh? Never had to deal with not having a disk before so uncharted waters for me..............

A:New Laptop like to do clean install of Windows 8


We always assume you have made your Recovery Disks using the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Media Creator app the first day you had your new PC.
& made the Startup Repair CD.
Recovery Drive - Create with USB Flash Drive in Windows 8
System Repair Disc - Create in Windows 8

You can use the Toshiba version of
Recovery Drive - Create with USB Flash Drive in Windows 8
Deleting the Recovery Partition is NOT RECOMMENDED

Did you make the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Disks?

How to make Toshiba Recovery disks.
Toshiba How-To: Understanding Windows 8 system recovery options - YouTube

Toshiba How-To: Create System Recovery Media on a USB Flash Drive - YouTube

You can order the Microsoft official OEM Recovery disks from the OEM manufacturer's website.
You can order Toshiba Recovery disks from here:


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Hey guys. I got my dell desktop to work after following all the instructions from you posters like greg and barefoot in my other thread.

Today i tried to do the same thing for my laptop. Its an Asus u45jc laptop. I have the Windows 7 Recovery CD for it and the CD with the Driver and Utility CD as well.

However, i encountered multiple problems.

I followed the steps on this site who tells you how to

Complete Walk-through For Doing A Clean Windows 7 Install
The problem that occurs here is
The next screen displays three install options. Depending on your personal needs, you will have to decide which option is best for you. To help you decide, here is what each option means:Recover Windows to first partition only
This option deletes only the first partition and allows you to keep other partitions, and to create a new system partition as drive "C".

Recover Windows to entire HD
This option deletes all partitions from your hard disk drive and creates a new system partition as drive "C".

Recover Windows to entire HD with two partitions
This option deletes all partitions from your hard drive and creates two new partitions "C" (60%) and "D" (40%).My laptop has one hard drive, so my choice is "Recover Windows to entire HD". When you have made your decision, click the "Next" button.Please note that this process doesn't delete or modify the hidden partition on the hard drive which contains the original fact... Read more

A:Asus Laptop Windows 7 Clean Install Help

Partitions and hard drives dont mean the same thing. Most people have at least 2 partitions, one for the OS the other for data. I hope you backed up your data before recovering, because it would be wiped out.

Anyways, even if you chose to install win7 on the entire HD, thats fine because you can always create data partitions later.

As for the wierd things, you said you have the driver CD, have you installed all the drivers?

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hello, I just did a clean install of windows 10 on my yoga 900-13ISK2. can somone provide me instructions on how to reinstall drivers (i get you download the file from the site and just execute it) but i know drivers and utilities required to be installed in certain order. I also want to make sure i install all of the drivers and not put any bloat wear. My computer is a signature edition, so i would like to install all drivers and programs that came out the box.

A:Yoga 900 Laptop windows clean install

Drivers are of course needed for the hardware devices on your system to work properly, and many will be delivered by Windows Update, but I would probably update them with the versions found on the Lenovo Support site.   The order that they are installed, however, is not really important as long as you reboot when requested.   As far as software and utilities, you don't really need any of those for your laptop to work, and only you can determine what software or utilities you think are useful, and what you consider bloatware. Cheers,

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I have a feeling im screwed here, but hopefully someone can offer a solution.

I recently bought an Asus s200e with windows 8 pre-installed. This does not come with a windows cd/dvd/usb or product key. I planned to replace the HDD with an SSD.. so i formatted the drive to mess around with debian and ubuntu. I read that the KEY was tied in with the UEFI and i could just boot windows 8 from a usb flashdrive when i bought my SSD.

So i installed the SSD on the laptop and created a UEFI bootable usb windows 8 iso from my windows 7 computer. This worked fine installing on the laptop but it says it's in 'evaluation' mode and valid for 90 days. I used Belarc Advisor to pull the product key and used the cmd: slmgr.vbs -ipk "product key here" to "activate windows".

But i dont know if the product key is that of the evaluation version or not as it still appear to be in evaluation mode, i was under the impression the product key was tied in with the UEFI?

How exactly am i meant to do a clean reinstall of windows 8? If the key is tied in with the UEFI then wouldn't it just pull the product key from there when installing.. im not sure why i have the 'Evaluation Version' unless i've downloaded the wrong iso..?

Thankyou for any help.

A:Clean install windows 8 on preinstalled laptop


I think i do have the incorrect .iso - i went to activate windows through cmd: slui and entered the product key that i pulled with Belarc Advisor. It said the key works but it's invalid for this version of windows 8.

On quick reflection i realized theres windows 8 basic, windows 8 pro and windows 8 enterprise. So im in the process of downloading the basic .iso and hopefully activating it with the key from the UEFI.

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Hello fellas i need to connect my dumb Xbox 360 to live for it does not play any movies!! and asks to connect to live that i am unable to do.
OKey here is the plit-> i have a usb modem that i connect into my laptop wihch has wifi n all that now i create an adhoc n/w first on lapi--the xbox detects and connects but still test connection fails(the xbox is unable to connect to the adhoc n/w)
second i tried creating a adhoc n/w on my xbox-->lapi connects to that n/w but still the test conncetion fails on the xbox

I have checked "Allow users to use this n/w" for my USB modem connection which i use to connect to the internet In Properties-->Sharing
But here it asks to select the n/w connection out of 3 options Wireless conn,Wireless conn2,Local Area Conn.
Sometimes it shows only Wileless Conn and LAN
i tried every possible combination of all these settings but nothing is working.
The internet on my laptop works fine.
I am using Win 7 Home Premium.
I just need to connect my Xbox to my laptop wirelessely and use the internet connection my laptop is using.

i tried some manual settings of ip.subnet n dns server on my xbox n lapi, in this case the xbox connects to the network (while connection test) but does not connects to laptop.
HELP guys

A:Solved: wifi laptop+wifi xbox360+USB modem--->not able to connect to live!!!

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I have an HP Pavilion g6. This laptop used to run fine with no issues. Now no matter what I do I cannot get the computer to connect to any wireless networks. I can still connect via direct LAN eithernet cable. There is only a LAN Network symbol where the Wifi symbol used to be. The wireless key's light remains solid orange and does not change. No message appears when it is pressed. The divice manager only lists the Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller and does not list any Ralink driver as it should. I have tried everything. Reseting does nothing.  I am running Windows 7 Home Premium.

A:Laptop wont connect to wifi. Wifi key light is always orange...

   Check if you have Wireless adapter under network adapters in Device Manager.

Thanks & Regards,Emmanual Nebu

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It connects if I use a cable. All other devices, including a newer computer connect fine wirelessly.

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I perfomed a clean windows 7 install on a dell latitude 820.

The stange thing is that if I press the shutdown button, windows seems to shut down but after the screen turns black the power an bluetooth lights keep burning.

I see no further activity on the laptop.

Anyone seen this before and know a solution?

Thanks in advance.

A:Laptop doesn't shutdown after clean Windows 7 install

Quote: Originally Posted by John14


I perfomed a clean windows 7 install on a dell latitude 820.

The stange thing is that if I press the shutdown button, windows seems to shut down but after the screen turns black the power an bluetooth lights keep burning.

I see no further activity on the laptop.

Anyone seen this before and know a solution?

Thanks in advance.

Probably going into sleep
Go to Control Panel>Power Options>(on the top left)Change what power buttons do

Is it set to Shutdown?

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My current state:
I ordered a laptop from DELL about 6 months ago that came with Windows 8.1 Pro on it. Since it was ordered from DELL I do not have access to my Windows 8.1 Pro Product Key. I recently downloaded the windows 10 upgrade tool from Microsoft's website and went through all of the steps. Since this was the first time I figured it would be best to upgrade to windows 10 keeping all of my apps and files. This upgrade was 100% successful. I am also assuming that my windows product key is not in Microsoft's database as a valid Windows 10 Pro key.

My future goal:
Now my goal is to do a 100% clean wipe and install of windows 10 on this PC. This is the process I want to follow but I am scared to attempt it without confirmation/help from others.

Burn a Windows 10 Pro 64-bit DVD using the ISO available on Microsoft's website.Boot from the DVD using UEFIGo into advanced and completely wipe every single partition. Even the recovery partitions that DELL sets up since I won't be needing them anymore. (NOTE: I will never go back to Windows 8.1).Install windows on the Unparitioned Space and let it do its thing. I am assuming it will install with the new partition types.HERE IS THE STEP I AM SCARED ABOUT: When installing I am assuming it will ask me to enter a product key which I do not have. I am hoping since Microsoft recently made the process easier that it will see that I have a Product Key injected into my motherboard by dell and automatically use it. Can anyone confirm thi... Read more

A:Clean install of Windows 10 on a laptop purchased from DELL

You can easily get your key with this Solved Showkey - Windows 10 Forums just to be safe before you start.

It should not ask you when you install (you are right it will get it from BIOS) but if it does you can either enter your 8.1 key, or press "Skip" or "I don't have a key" and it will activate automatically anyway as your hardware ID is already stored on MS servers.

I (and many people here) have upgraded and then clean installed and it works fine as long as you install the correct version (i.e. you install 10 Pro if you had 8.1 Pro and you don't try to install 10 Home).

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Hi everyone!

I have a Dell laptop that is currently running Windows 7 Professional x64 (downgraded from 8.1 Pro). I would like to do a clean install of Windows 7 myself, but have been advised that my Digital River ISO (X17-59186) would not not be activated automatically by the laptop. I think I can get my hands on a Dell OEM Windows 7 Professional x64 disk; will doing a clean install with this ensure automatic activation? Will any Dell OEM Windows 7 Professional x64 work, i.e. are they all the same?

Thanks for any help in advance!

A:Which Windows 7 Media To Clean Install On A Win 8.1 Pro Dell Laptop?

If the laptop originally came with 8.1 then it should only auto activate when you install 8.1 using the correct OEM media. You would need a legal key to activate 7 if you reinstall.

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Hi everybody,

The reason I am seeking your help today is that I'm trying to do an clean install on my freshly bough Asus Zenbook UX330UAK which came with a pre-installed windows 10 loaded with bloatware.
Now I know that it's touchy to mess with windows 10 pre-installed laptops beacause of OEM's partitions and stuff.

So here I am trying not to mess it up with I hope you help.

Basically all I need to know is how to manager the partition part.

Right now on my SSD I got 4 partitions

- Partition 1 : System
- Partition 2 : MSR
- Partition 3 : OS
- Partition 4 : Recovery

I read stuffs like you have to be very careful with pre-installed windows 10 laptop because of UEFI settings stored by the OEM. That if you happen to delete them your laptop won't boot anymore on UEFI mode and you'll have to swith your BIOS to legacy, do a BIOS install of windows ... bref, problems

I want to avoid that.
I read online that I should delete System, MSR and OR then create a new partition and install windows on it. During the installation profess windows will create new system and MSR partition. Right or not ?

I just need someone to shed some light on this for me.

Thanks in advance

A:Clean install on a pre-installed windows 10 laptop (partions)

First, we need a bit more information about the recovery partition. How big is it? If it is 450mb then it is just the standard, vanilla Windows 10 recovery partition and nothing special from Asus is likely to be in it.

Here's what you can do. It's not what I do with a new computer, but you can do it:

Delete Partitions 1, 2, 3 (System, MSR and OS). Do not create a new partition. Just select the custom install option in Windows 10 setup, select the unallocated space to install to, and click next. Windows 10 setup will create it's own new System, MSR, OS partitions and a new recovery partition in front of the old recovery partition which will remain left over.

What I do when I get a new computer.
I boot the new computer from a USB flash drive containing Kyhi's Recovery Tools from this forum. I save an image of the entire internal hard drive/SSD onto an external USB hard drive.

Then I boot the new computer from it's own drive and enter Audit Mode and export the manufacturer specific drivers to the same external USB hard drive using the dism /online /export-driver command.

Then I reboot the computer to a Windows 10 installation flash drive (which is also my Kyhi's recovery tools drive), completely erase (delete) all partitions on the new computer's drive, then install Windows 10 to the empty drive. If I have to, I reinstall the manufacturer's drivers from those I exported earlier.

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A friend of mine is wanting Windows 2000 installed on her laptop which is currently running Windows 98. I figured I would just boot from the windows 2000 CD, format, and install the OS but theres a problem. I can't access the BIOS to change the boot order. Is there some trick to doing this on a laptop? Its a Dell Inspiron 7000.

any help would be much appreciated!

A:Windows 2k Clean Install on a Dell Inspiron Laptop

Hi Slapper,
Try F2!! or F1!!


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my HP 15 116 laptop wifi cannot connect to wifi router modem AND it keeep on saying "cant connect to this network" whereas it  can work perfectly fine on smartphone wifi hotspot . please fix it ......... DONT MAKE ME REGRET ON BUYING HP LAPTOP ....

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I've been attempting to get Windows 7 up and running on my Asus F8Sp-X1 laptop for a couple of days now. It came with Vista, which only lasted as long as it took to take the disk image with True Image, after which XP was installed. It's been that way ever since, and it runs perfectly... but everyone knows the limits of XP now since the security updates have stopped.

Since I have an unused product key for 7, I thought that would be a better choice than the Vista the laptop came with. I've never used Vista, but it is widely held that 7 is leaner and faster, and on a 3gb laptop, that seems the better choice.

The DVD that corresponds with the product key I have is of the 64-bit edition (OEM), so I plugged that product key into the MS web site and downloaded the 32 bit Win 7 SP1 DVD ISO, then created the disc.

I had already restored the original Vista setup from the image I made all those years ago, and had allowed it to update up to SP2. I started the CD and selected an in-place upgrade, which (though painfully slow) worked without any errors.

After fooling around with the fingerprint sensor for a while (finally I did get it working), I went to Windows Update to download all of the fixes that came after SP1. It never finished searching for updates... just goes on and on, with no errors and no results.

I went to the MS support site and tried the fix it tool. It claimed to have fixed things, but the problem persisted. I did a lot of reading... I tried the WURT, but it j... Read more

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I am attempting to do either an upgrade or clean install of Windows 7.  The HP laptop I have is currently running Windows Vista.  
The error message is:
Windows cannot copy files required for installation.  The files may be corrupt or missing.  Make sure all files required for installation are available, and restart the installation.

I bought the .ISO file from eKey Market for about $55.  

I've tried resetting the laptop to factory settings, and still get this error. 
I've made 2 different DVDs with the .ISO files on them.
I am using an external USB CD/DVD drive.
What is the problem?

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Now that we have the ability to clean install 10 onto a pre-existing 7 machine, and then activate using the pre-existing 7 key...

1. Created a 200GB partition for 10.
2. Booted from USB 10 installer (created today, so latest version).
3. Installed 10 into said 200GB partition with no reported errors.
4. Installer first reboot re-loaded the installer, so removed and rebooted. You'd think they would do something about this, but I'm not holding my breath. Also few walkthrus mention this fact.
5. Boots Windows 7 original bootloader with no sign of the 10 install, so unable to continue on with the setup.
6. Booted into 7 and I can see the installed 10 partition (with no drive letter obviously). Assigned a drive letter and explorer shows Win 10 files are present, and what looks like a bootloader.

According to various sources a Win 10 install will lay down its own bootloader and provide a dual-boot to the pre-existing o/s, in this case Win 7.

As a quick and dirty I used EasyBCD to create a third entry to 10 inside the 7 bootloader, but it throws an error when trying to use that option, something about not being able to verify the o/s.

It should be noted this is an MBR arrangement, a Dell machine, with a separate 20GB OEM recovery partition containing the Win 7 bootloader.

Any "intelligent" ideas much appreciated.

A:Adding Windows 10 dual-boot (clean install) to a Windows 7 Laptop.

From an elevated ("Run as administrator") command prompt in Windows 7 try:

bcdboot e:\Windows

The path in red will be the path to the Windows 10 "Windows" folder.

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Hello , I just installed windows 7 ultimate x 64. I have a problem with wifi connection.
When I open Control Panel \ Hardware and Sound I see a yellow icon above the laptop icon.( I don t know if I m making any sense but I try to explain every little thing that might have some influence.
I have a HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU M 430 @ 2.27GHz,2267Mhz, 2 Core(s) .
If you could help me it would be much appreciated .

A:New windows 7 install , no wifi detected on laptop.

Hi Welcome to Seven Forums ... Do you have any errors in the Device Manager ? I think the error you are seeing in Hardware & Sound is because Windows is not showing the correct Model Number for your Laptop ? .. What is the exact Model Number of your Laptop ? ....

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Laptop came pre-installed with Windows 8/8.1 and I didn't like the OS so I decided to downgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate x64.

After finish installing OS, I download all drivers and install on my laptop. (DONE)
I connect to the internet and start to download windows updates and install them. Then the computer randomly freezes in the process of downloading the updates. Sometimes, the laptop will boot up and then freeze without me having a chance to do anything! Other times, it freezes randomly out of the blue when playing a game, installing some programs, or just not doing anything. When the computer freezes, I have to hold the power button to reboot the laptop again. The back lit keyboard is working but that doesn't really matter since the screen froze and I can't do anything unless I reboot.

I have also re installed my laptop with Windows 7, installed all the drivers again and the same problem happens again.

RAM- 6gb (4gb,2gb)
CPU- Intel I5 Ivy Bridge

A:Laptop freezing minutes later after booting up (Clean Windows Install)

Start over and this time don't force drivers into a driver-complete OS. This is not XP.

Follow the same steps as for Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7 especially how to handle drivers in Win7. They will all come in on Windows Update after install. Just have your wireless driver in backup in case you need it to get online and Check for Updates. Then install all Important and Optional Updates, with reboots, until there are no more offered.
If problems persist check your UEFI settings in BIOS. You've already disabled Secure Boot, correct. What are CSM, Legacy BIOS and Boot settings. Did you install to UEFI or in Legacy?
Once you do that then if problem persists start at the top of the Troubleshooting Steps for Windows 7

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Here is the problem I was having before for reference:


I don't know if this problem and the previous are related, so started a new thread. After re-installing the OS everything worked fine until a few weeks ago. So flawless for about 2 months. Very intermittent BSOD has become more frequent, just as before. Attached is my zip file for examination. Let me know if any further information is required. Thanks for your help!

A:BSOD starts 2 months after clean re-install of Windows 7 on HP Laptop

Hello there!

Since the reinstall of Windows if it still BSOD'ed then it could be Hardware. Run Hardware Diagnostic (RAM and hard Drive) Hardware Diagnostic | Captain Debugger

Check for BIOS update. It's pretty out-dated.



Loading Dump File [C:\Documents and Settings\Shyam\_jcgriff2_\dbug\__Kernel__\082312-15927-01.dmp]
Built by: 7601.17835.amd64fre.win7sp1_gdr.120503-2030
Debug session time: Fri Aug 24 02:06:49.692 2012 (GMT+6)
System Uptime: 0 days 0:53:47.174
BugCheck A, {2, 2, 1, fffff80002cd6b36}
Probably caused by : ntkrnlmp.exe ( nt!KiDeliverApc+126 )
PROCESS_NAME: chrome.exe
FAILURE_BUCKET_ID: X64_0xA_nt!KiDeliverApc+126
Bugcheck code 0000000A
Arguments 00000000`00000002 00000000`00000002 00000000`00000001 fffff800`02cd6b36
BiosVersion = F.16
BiosReleaseDate = 12/03/2009
SystemManufacturer = Hewlett-Packard
SystemProductName = HP Pavilion dv4 Notebook PC
Loading Dump File [C:\Documents and Settings\Shyam\_jcgriff2_\dbug\__Kernel__\081912-25022-01.dmp]
Built by: 7601.17835.amd64fre.win7sp1_gdr.120503-2030
Debug session time: Mon Aug 20 06:21:01.110 2012 (GMT+6)
System Uptime: 0 days 9:58:55.593
BugCheck 3B, {c0000005, fffff80002f292fa, fffff8800938bbf0, 0}
Probably caused by : memory_corruption
FAILURE_BU... Read more

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HELP!!!!! Here's the scenerio: Computer freezes at the same "Set Up Windows" Screen each time during Windows Vista Home Premium clean install from factory recovery disks

1. HP PAVILION dv6000
2. Just installed new HDD (Seagate Momentus Laptop, 500GB) because system was freezing with old HD (WD Scorpio 320GB) and Diagnostic tool in Bios said to replace HD, so I did.
3. Able to read old HD drive via USB connection to a different computer, so data is safe
4. Ordered and received recovery disks from HP for my particular laptop and have tried to clean install 4 times.
4. PROBLEM OCCURS AT "SET UP WINDOWS" SCREEN asking for Country/Region. Mouse is frozen, and system just hangs (dead).

As I said at the top: HELP!!!!!

A:Solved: Hp laptop hangs during windows vista clean install

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Hello, I have a Dell Inspiron 15R SE 7520 laptop that came with Windows 8 Core edition pre-installed. This laptop has never worked properly for some reason. It won't shutdown the normal way (it'll just stay on the shutdown screen forever) and it never comes back from sleep without a BSOD along with other troubles that haven't been solved by updating drivers,etc.

I decided I want to do a clean Windows 8.1 re-install and upgrade on my laptop to get rid of these problems, but it's been ages since I last did this (back in Win2K times, I used to dual boot Slackware Linux) and I've bee reading about all this UEFI, Secure Boot,etc and quite frankly it's making me quite nervous. I was even planning on taking this chance to dual boot some linux distro, but it looks sooo difficult. Things are much more complicated these days for the tinkerer!

I need a bit of help making sure I don't screw up, and if I do, I need to make sure I can get back to a running system quickly.

For starters, here is how the hard drive is partitioned: http://i.imgur.com/Tr4ke87.png
And this is the Diskpart output : http://hastebin.com/raw/mejazevose

1) Why do I have 5 partitions? I understand the recovery partition, the OS partition and (after lots of reading) the ESP partition, but I'm not sure about the others. What do I need to keep? I've been reading around and I see some people recommend wiping the whole drive and starting from scratch. Is this a good ide?

1.1)I'll create the installation media fro... Read more

A:Performing Clean Install Upgrade on Windows 8 Dell Laptop

Originally Posted by rama

1.1)I'll create the installation media from a windows 8.1 MSDN ISO using a USB drive. When I start the installation process it will ask me where I want to reinstall it to. Do I just choose the OS partition? Won't the recovery partition be based on a Windows 8 image and be useless from now on?

Delete all partitions until you only see Drive 0 Unallocated Space.

How to clean install Windows 8.1 if you have an OEM computer with UEFI firmware (BIOS) embedded Windows 8/8.1 product key?

Windows 7/8 setup: Installing using Legacy BIOS Boot Mode or UEFI Boot Mode.

Originally Posted by rama

4)As a last resort, I've made a Recovery USB using the Dell Backup and Recovery Method. In the extreme case that I screw up real bad, will this work to get back a factory-state system even if I've wiped my hard drive clean?

Note: This usually does not work if your hard disk is blank: link

Reset Windows 8

This will show you how to use a new feature in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 to reset your PC to completely start over back to default to remove all personal data, apps, and settings from the PC, and reinstall Windows. This is like doing a factory restore/recovery on a purchased computer.

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Ok I just bought a used Dell laptop with win7 Home 64 & from my understanding the boot disk is actually now on a partition?

How do I access this partition in order to completely format the computer & reinstall a nice clean setup?


A:Bought used Dell laptop, how to re-install windows for a clean setup?

Sounds like you want to do this,

Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

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Hi, My lenovo laptop, which I have used for 3 years, suddenly had a problem connecting to my house's high speed wifi. Other devices are able to connect to my home wifi but my laptop has intermittent and slow connection to the wifi, sometimes my laptop cannot even detect my house wifi and the signal is usually 0 bars even though I am very near my wifi modem. I have tried restarting my wifi card and reseting the saved networks but the problem still persists. Would be great if anyone has a solution. Thank You.

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I hope this is the correct Forum subsection to post this.

So I made a mistake while taking on a friend's problematic sony vaio laptop. They were wanting to install a newly purchased Kaspersky av, but after uninstalling the old version of Kaspersky there was a problem with an unresponsive usb mouse & mouse pad. I wasn't able to resolve the issue through various repair programs and manually reinstalling the driver, which was giving off the error code of not being properly installed or functioning. With owners consent, I decided to let Vaio Care to bring the computer back to factory condition. (I wish the owner had the owners manual to this thing.)

I made sure to backup all of the files that the owner needed saved, but failed to make any sort of backup recovery disk for the computer. Not sure if it's too late to do so, but the computer will not boot to windows any longer. I get a white blinking cursor on a black background immediately after Vaio disappears from the screen upon bootup, but cannot do anything with it.

I made a windows 7 home premium iso dvd, and when booting from it I reinstalled windows onto one of the 3 partitions on the hd (the largest of the 3 which was labeled "Primary" type). Of the other two partitions, one was labeled "Primary" and was named "System Reserved" but only 101MB, and the other was labeled "System" and was named "Recovery" and is 7.7GB. When installing, the computer does a ... Read more

A:HELP Windows 7 clean install on Sony Vaio laptop w/o recovery discs

Hello newtechy and welcome to Seven Forums.

I think the best thing to do is a clean install following the instructions in this tutorial that was prepared by one of the Forum experts. There's a special note for Sony Vaio owners at the bottom.

Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

I have a Vaio and I followed these instructions. I can say from personal experience this will work. I eliminated all Sony factoryware (Vaio Care, Vaio Control Center, Vaio Gate, etc) and I haven't missed any of it. The most important thing is once the computer is up and running with all Windows Updates, make a system image. When all of the additional programs are installed and updated, all personal tweaks are made, etc and you're sure the computer is working the way it's supposed to, make another system image. This can be your go-to master image that would take the place of that hidden recovery partition. And it would be even better because it would be more up to date than a factory recovery partition ever could be.

Have your friend stick to a schedule of maybe one a week or once a month and make a new system image. The more frequent the images the more up to date a restore will be. This can eliminate the need for recovery disks as well. Depending on which imaging software you decide to use, it would be a good idea to create a "system repair disk". This is just a single disk that will let you boot the computer should the entire operating system crash. From this single d... Read more

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Just to start off, I am COMPLETELY clueless and have no tech savvy whatsoever, so simple language would be appreciated

I've owned this laptop for a little over a year, and all this time I've been able to connect to Wifi without a problem. This morning the icon at the bottom left of the screen told me there was no Internet connection available. when I troubleshot it, it suggested using the Ethernet cord to connect. The Ethernet cord connects them fine, and the internet connection becomes available, but I'm still unable to use the Wifi.

This is an issue with my laptop, because all the other devices in my house are able to connect to the Wifi, and the modem is showing all the appropriate lights and such. I've tried turning it off and on again, but alas, this once that method has failed :/ I've also tried resetting the modem, and it made no difference.

Last night I was uninstalling various programs that I didn't need, and that's the only thing I've done differently to my usual computing habits. I don't think I removed anything unless I knew what it was, but it's possible I accidently removed something important. I don't know if that has any relevance or not, but it's all I can think of as the reason for this.

My laptop is a Toshiba Qosmio, and the system I use is Windows 7.

My modem is Telstra Bigpond.

Please help! D:

A:My Laptop won't connect to Wifi, but will connect with an Ethernet cord

How far from the router are you? I experience the same thing occasionally on my laptop.
I usually have to switch the wifi switch off on the laptop & on then I reboot & I'm back online. My laptop & tower are both about 50' away & on the lower floor where the router is. Good luck.

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Few days back I moved to Ubuntu from my Windows 10But since then it's wifi doesn't seem to work. I have updated the wifi drivers but still no luck. I had to move back to my Windows, because I couldn't find a fix online. Please let me if there's any solution. Ready to try.

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Hello All

My friend has an Asus X55A laptop that her son used and abused. It was so loaded with spyware and who knows what else that I had no other choice but to reset it to the factory set-up. Asus allows users to do this by hitting F9 and then following the prompts. For the most part the reset worked pretty well but the PC is still a bit sluggish in my opinion. I did remove all the bloat ware I could find by uninstalling the software and turning off the corresponding software in MSConfig.

The laptop only has 2GB of memory and a Celeron processor and it is running Windows 7 Home Premium, 64 bit. I do not have the actual recovery DVD that can be purchased from Asus for $50. The PC might have shipped with the DVD but who knows where it is. I have turned on the Windows Firewall and installed Microsoft Security Essentials as I do not want to do too much until I figure out what the next step is. All of the devices loaded properly in Device Manager and the PC can browse the internet. Sometimes it runs decently and other times it is sluggish as I said.

So here are my ideas and I wanted to get some feedback\advice.

If I could get a DVD with Windows 7 Home Premium, could I install Windows from the DVD and then use the Windows 7 Product key which is printed on the bottom of the laptop to activate Windows? My thinking on this is to do a clean install to wipe out any type of spyware or virus that survived the factory reset. I will have to install the drivers that Windows cannot... Read more

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I performed a clean windows 8 install on my asus essentio cm6730-uk020s and now I have been left with no wireless functions and after 2 days searching and downloading drivers and 2 more clean installs seemingly no way of fixing this. The network controller is flagged under other devices in the device manager and I have no real way of telling what the wireless card is. The official drivers on the website do nothing. I'm almost positive it's realtek as the network adapter is a realtek pcie gbe family controller.Any help would be greatly appreciated.The hardware ids of the unknown network controller is:PCI\VEN_10EC&DEV_8821&SUBSYS_21611A3B&REV_00PCI\VEN_10EC&DEV_8821&SUBSYS_21611A3BPCI\VEN_10EC&DEV_8821&CC_028000PCI\VEN_10EC&DEV_8821&CC_0280

A:No wifi after clean win8 install: No solution?

Hello, and welcome to bleepingcomputer.
This is a very difficult driver to find. From the device id it is a rtl8821ae
Go to windows update and select check for updates. See if an update for the wireless is under "optional updates"

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