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Solved: Getting an average...

Q: Solved: Getting an average...

Ok here is my next problem. sorry to be such a bother.

Please look at the sample, the question will be more clear

Ok lets say I have a list of Cities.

Des Moines
St. Louis
Kansas City

Is there a way I can get an average of work times by city without having to break them up and do them individually?
The sample is just a VERY small portion of the worksheet.

Preferred Solution: Solved: Getting an average...

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Solved: Getting an average...

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I have a Inspirion 15 5558,with i7, 8GB ram,1TB HDD,My average To reach the login screen was around 45 secs.
I was facing LCD issues, the technician came over and checked the LCD and pasted some stickers on i it so that it can be repaired later.
I found that its taking more than 4 minutes to reach the login screen.
When i contacted the technician he said it was an OS problem and that i should downgrade to 8 or 8.1
so if everyone can comment about their boot time it would be helpful in determining the problem.

Thank you 

A:What is the average boot time/average time to reach the login screen of Inspirion 15 5558 Win 10?

" I found that its taking more than 4 minutes to reach the login screen ".

I like to suggest you launch "Startup Repair" in Advanced Startup:
A) Type settings in the (Cortana) search bar, Update & Security, and then Recovery
B) Click Advanced Startup, and then " Restart Now "
C) Troubleshoot, Advanced Options, and then Startup Repairs

I also like to suggest you check Startup in Task Manager.Please disable some of the programs that you don't want running in your startup.
A) Type Task Manager
B) Click Startup

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Ok so this is probably stupid easy... but I just don't use Excel to it's potential. I have a order history log and in A1-x1 I have month/day/year (mm/dd/yyyy) I want to know the average of days between orders.

A1 is 10/04/2006
B1 is 10/10/2006 (6 days later)
C1 is 10/12/2006 (2 days later)
D1 is 10/17/2006 (5 days later)

How do I find the average of elapsed days (6+2+5=13/3=4.3333)?

Happy Holidays!

A:Solved: Average between dates

Dates can be subtracted from each other, and the result is given in days.
I would use this approach:

these are the elapsed days, and finally

Y2 = AVG ("B2:X2")
Is this what you need?

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Is the a way to have an Average [=average(...)] formula not include cells that have no value and are outside a parameter. For example: I have a column of numbers with some cells blank and some cells either too high or too low, that I don't want to include in the average.



I don't want the blank cell and the high cell(23) and the low cell (2) included in the average. The high and low numbers will be varaible


A:Solved: Average formula

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In excel I would like to calculate the value of Column A ($) / Column B(# of years) across the row, one result per column for each number of years.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

7 $2,800 $400 $400 $400 $400 $400 $400 $400
5 $364 $73 $73 $73 $73 $73
3 $150 $50 $50 $50
2 $200 $100 $100
3 $250 $83 $83 $83
2 $210 $105 $105
2 $210 $105 $105
2 $200 $100 $100
2 $100 $50 $50
1 $140 $140

A:Solved: Calculate an average

The ideal way would probably be to use macros. However if you put this in every box that may hold the results (i.e. every box with a 400 in your first example, for the maximum number of columns you'll have years) it should work


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This problem is driving me mad even thought I thought it should be simple to resolve.

I have a table with monthly performance data for a number of funds. The fund names are listed in the first row of the table and the the rows below have the peformance data for each month.

To the right of this table I have created a column in which I want to calcuate the average of each month's performance but only for certain funds. I have identified these funds by placing the number 1 in the cell above the fund's name (the positioning of the ones may change)

I would like to create a formula which only takes the average of the funds's with a 1 above their name. I have attached a spreadsheet to illustrate this. The problem seems really simple but I just can't get my head around how to do this.

A:Solved: Calculating average of only certain cells in a row.

you can use averageIF function


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Hi guys

I am trying to set up a markbook type thing using excel. File attached.
There are 10 sets of mark. Each set is made up of a academic mark (%), which will be typed in by the teacher. The second column is a symbol which will add or subtract bonus marks. A=25

The teacher will just type in the symbol.

The third column is a hidden column. This column uses an if function which gives the correct bonus mark as described above.

The fourth column must add the marks from the first column and the bonus marks in the third column.

At the end, there must be an average column, which must keep a running average of the marks.

My problem is this, if I use the sum function it returns a 0 value, if no values are entered. This then messes up the average value at the end. How can I enter the sum value so that if no figures are entered the total cell remains blank so that the correct average value is reflected.

Many thanks

A:Solved: Excel sum and average functions

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Sorry about freeky subject, I wasn't sure about my nick and paswd

Ok here is the question and it's EXCEL related. I have a long huge spreadsheet with calculated per unit cost per invoice. On monthly basis I would like to calculate the average per unit cost by using the formula =average(a0:a660). I entered that formula but it's calculating the wrong average. IT's including the ROWS which have zero balances. For example if I have only three item in one column it will still devide the total to all 660 ROWS rather then only to three existing numbers.

Any idea why? Any help will be appreciated.
[This message has been edited by Shabby (edited 12-06-2000).]

A:{Solved} Excel Average Function

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Hey I need help with creating a formula for Average, but I often have 0's in the data that i don't want to count. Is there anyway i have a formula for average to only include numbers greater than 0?

See Attached Workbook

A:Solved: Average Calculation (Don't Include 0's)

This is one way. You can combine the two formulea in to one.

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I am trying to figure if there is a way to average the numbers that are showing in blue in the attached worksheet. I really don't know how to use the AVERAGE function if all the numbers aren't connected. I am using Office 2003 if that helps any.


A:Solved: Average function in Excel

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Dear everyone,

I could not seem to get the formula right to calculate time-weighted average for my data. Attached is a sample of my data. I need to get the time-weighted ave for the data B3 to B16. A3 to A16 were corresponding points of time at which each datum was measured. B3 was the baseline.

I think column A cells need to be properly formatted in order to calculate the weighted average, but I don't know how.

Your input will be much appreciated.


A:Solved: Time-weighted average in Excel

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Hi. I have a simple formula:


How do I re-write the formula to ignore the empty cells that return a zero value?
All I want to average are the cells that have a number. If I delete the zero's in the cells that don't have a number the fomula returns a "#DIV/0!, which another formula picks up, therefore I have to keep the zero value and not delete them.


A:Solved: Excel Formula, Average Function...

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I've been using the following formula for a while and just noticed the results are not what I wanted.

What I need is to exclude any cell outside the conditions. Now it uses them as if they are 0.
As an example: If a cell is 9, it counts it as if it's 0 and uses it in the average. I don't want it to count it at all.


A:Solved: Average formula to exclude certain cells

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Hi Guys,

I'm using the average function in excel however its returning #DIV/0! errors because of blank cells. Is there anyway to correct this? Part of the problem is that my cells are not consecutive so every fix I've tried is telling me i have to many arguments for this function.



A:Solved: Excel 2010: Average function = #div/0!

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Does anyone know a formula for the following? Any help would be great.

A simplified example of what Im looking for is:

I want to find a running average for the amount of miles I drive every week. Collumn A is the days of the week, Collumn B is the miles I drive which are added each day and in Cell C1 I need a running average.

So on Monday if I do 100 miles, C1 will be 100 (100/1)
Tuesday I do 200 miles, C1 will be 150 (100+200/2)

I know there is a formula that keeps a running average in collumn C, but I need to have it in just one cell.

Thanks in advance.

A:Solved: Excel formula for running average

The attached has two approaches to your question.
I hope one will work for you.

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I need this urgently!

Trying to find the average sale per hour using number and time.


Sales = 2

Hours worked is calculated as a difference between opening and closing time.

A:[SOLVED] calculating average using time and number

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Hi there fellow Excel users .... here is my question:

I have researched a number of GREAT Excel sites, but my issue goes a little beyond what I am finding .. and some of the answers I am seeing go a little beyond me ... so I thought this might be the place to go.

In am trying to get rid of Div/0 errors and keep finding a neat little macro or subroutine, you may be aware of it ... but I do not know how to actually put this sub into my spreadsheet. Not even sure if I want to go the macro route ....so here is my issue:

I am using a series of data that is not congruent and using the COUNTIF function ... that is working fine, but I am averaging a series of averages (using weekly averages of some tracking numbers and then making a monthly average from those 4 or 5 averages). Some weeks there are all zeros which gives me, properly, the div/0 error ... well if any week average has the div/0 error, I then get that error for my monthly average of the averages.

If I could just get my weekly averages that equal div/0 to show up as a blank or better yet, ZERO, then I think my monthly average of averages will work out OK.

I am open to any and all suggestions. Thank you all very much for reviewing this post and possible helping out.

Don in Tucson

A:Solved: Excel Average/Countif/Div/0 Question

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Is it possible to use the AVERAGE Function with cells that obtain their values by a formula? I guess what I am asking can the AVERAGE Function be sued with cells that contain formulas?

A:Solved: Excel Formula -> Average Function

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I was able to calculate average time in my original spreadsheet in Excel 2003. However, when I copied data from that spreadsheet to another & attempted to calculate average time it doesn't work! It keeps returning the error code #DIV/0! which I assume is because many of the times I have (they are all in military time) have a zero in the beginning (i.e., 0:01:25). I would just change the time to regular time, but it needs to stay in the military format. Also, the column that the cells are in are formatted as time. What can I do to get past this?

A:Solved: Calculating Average Time in Excel 2003

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How can one (or is it not possible to) average multiple dates entered into a SINGLE Excel worksheet cell? E.g., AVERAGE(7/1/15,12/5/15). That formula does not, of course, work; no matter what dates you enter, you get "1/0/00" as the average. So is there a special way to enter the dates that will make it average them?

A:Solved: Average dates entered into a single cell

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Hi all,

I have created the following SQL code

SELECT Contacts.ContactID, Sum(Leveringen.Gewicht*Leveringen.DrogeStof)/Sum(Leveringen.Gewicht) AS WeightedDrogeStof, Sum(Leveringen.Gewicht*Leveringen.pH)/Sum(Leveringen.Gewicht) AS WeightedpH, Contacts.Naam, Contacts.Adres
FROM Leveringen INNER JOIN Contacts ON Leveringen.ContactID = Contacts.ContactID
GROUP BY Contacts.ContactID, Contacts.Naam, Contacts.Adres;

In my datasheet I have something around 90 customers.
each customer has mutliple delivery's, with the three values Gewicht (Weight), Droge Stof (Dry matter) and pH

Now I want to calculated the weighted average for the Dry matter and pH.
The code above does this, but only with one problem.
The pH isn't filled in at every record, only in some.
It seems that the code above takes the empty record as 0 and it does take the weight of those empty records in the calculation.

So a record may look like this:
Customer x; 1400 (weight), 35 (dry matter), 4 pH
Customer x; 1500 (weight), 35 (dry matter), blank

Now it takes (4x1400)+(0*1500)= 5600/2900(weight) = 1,93 weighted pH
The average should be 4pH, (the 1500 shouldn't be taken into calculation)

How can I fix this? So that the calculation only takes those records (for pH), where the pH is also filled in. (the weighted pH is much lower at the moment than what it actually is)
The dry matter is filled in in each record, so this one doesn't have this problem. It's only for the weighted average ca... Read more

A:Solved: access: weighted average blank cells

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Howdy all!

I have a list of average groth, Month on Month, and want to find the overall average . . . but in accounting you usually drop the highest and lowest values to account for an abnormally high or low month.

How can I do this in Excel 2000?

I tried Median, but it is not showing the correct value

Here's the values I currently have

An average of all months shows 31% and Median shows 37%, but if I manually drop the 151% and the -81%, I get an average of 29%.

Basically, i want a function that will look at the range, drop the highest value, and the lowest value, then average the rest.

Any Help?

A:[solved]Finding average while dropping highest value and lowest value

Doh, can you believe I found the answer so soon!!!

I had been searching and working on this for over an hour, scratching my head repeatedly, and then found XL: Custom Function to Average a Range Without Highest and Lowest Values on MS' site!!


replace region with the range containing the data!!

Ah well, at least it's solved now!!

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hey all,

for the last several months ive been on a weight loss program and i've tracked my progress using an excel spreadsheet. currently i'm using openoffice (on ubuntu) to update it but it was created in excel 2003. i have a column where i enter my weight every day and i have a cell on another page which returns my most recent entry, for the purposes of projection and trend data, etc. i know im a total nerd about it, but it has worked great. I mostly do this to improve my own excel skills.

anyway, ive been trying to figure out how to get the cell to return the average of my three most recent entries in the weight data column instead of just the one most recent entry. I've been using this function to return the most recent:
Any ideas on how to adapt that to return the second or third most recent entry? Or is there another function I can use? I know this is such a trivial problem but any help would be appreciated :')

A:Solved: excel - return the average of the three most recent entries in a column?

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Here's my current setup:

AMD A8-3850 Llano 2.9GHz
SAPPHIRE 100312-3SR Radeon HD 6950
CORSAIR Vengeance 8GB
Windows 7 Home Premium
Antec HCG-750 750W ATX12V Power Supply

I just got this system put together yesterday (first build) and everything seems to be running fine. The only problem is I got a few games installed and the FPS is horrible and every game seems to lag really bad. I've tested it in 3 different games: World of Warcraft, League of Legends, and Civilization 5. I know something is wrong because I used to have a Geforce GTS 450 and I would get around 40-60 FPS in World of Warcraft with good-high settings. Now with this new setup it's anywhere from 11-30 usually sitting at around 30 FPS on normal settings.

The performance so far has been really bad. I have the right drivers installed. Just to be sure I had the right ones installed I reinstalled them today. I'm not sure what could be causing this. This card was supposed to have some really good performance.

I'm wondering how I can fix this, or if I have to get a new card or something. (I sure hope not)

A:Solved: Radeon HD 6950 performing really slow 30 fps average choppy gameplay

Can you run a DXDiag and save all the information to a text file on your desktop, then copy and paste the contents of that file into a reply (or upload the file itself)?

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Dear all,

I hope someone could help me with this request:

I have to find a formula that calculate the "Average six weeks'cash trading (turnover) over the last 6 months"

More details are shown on the attached Excel file

Thank you a lot!


A:Solved: Calculate the "Average six weeks'cash trading (turnover) over the last 6 mont

you have monthly figures showing - not sure i understand what you need to do

where are the weekly figures ?

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Hi, I am trying to figure out a way to get the correct average time for the respective priorities. I have attached a spreadsheet in which i have sample data. I also have pasted in it the calculation (my dumb mind could think of) along with the correct/ expected results. I dont want the "NA" value to be added to the average time. Can someone pls help? Thanks.

A:Solved: Average duration calculation excluding "NA"

In L9:


Use this custom format for L9:L12:


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In my sheet I am using conditional formating to return 4-color traffic lights (using number 0-3). At the bottom of each colum I want the average of all number 1-3, excluding any 0s. I am using the formula =AVERAGEIFS(I3:I8,I3:I8,"<=3",I3:I8,">=1").

This is providing the correct answer unless it is a column of all 0s. How can I have the current formula I am using but also if the answer is #DIV/0! for it to return a zero instead of the error message?

An example of what I am doing is attached. Thanks for your help.

A:Average If and #DIV/0!

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I'm trying to make a program to calculate the average of grades, can anyone please explain what I'm doing wrong?

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
int main(int argc, char* argv[])
int x,y;
int *p;
int total=0;
int average= total / x;

cout << "Please insert the number of scores "<<endl;
cin >> x;
p= new int[x];
for (y=0; y<x; y++)
cout << "Please enter a score: "<<endl;
cin >> p[y];
cout << "The scores are: ";
for (y=0; y<x; y++)
cout << p[y] << ", ";
cout<<"The average is: ";
for (int y=0; y<x; y++)
total += p[y];
delete[] p;
return 0;

A:c++ average help

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Got the desktop working recently, but I'm a tad concerned, the CPU at idle sits

in the 29-32C range and goes up to about 40C when I'm playing Microsoft Train

Simulator with [email protected] and other apps in the background. The CPU is at stock

speeds and Rambo says his maxes at 45C and his is at 3.03GHz.

Do I need a case fan to help get the air circulating in the tower box?
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A:Average or hot?

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Q: average

I am using access 2000 and have a query with the length of stay for 14 clients..What is the best and Easiest way to calculate the average


Want to bring the Avg Amount, using IF Formula for the below calculations.
This Sheet 2
ColumnA Column B
Grade Group
Avg Amount
This Sheet 2





The below data is on Sheet 3 from where the data needs to be taken for the above function
Employee Code
Employee Name

Can u please help me with the Average if function.

A:Average IF

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Hi all I am using Excel and i am trying to work out how to do the following:
I am doing a Excell excersize for college (to be handed in when we return) and I have to use the 'PMT' function to calculate the monthly repayments of a loan in the spreadsheet - How is this done. MS Online does'nt seem to be very helpful :S

with my calculations () It has came up with -132 per month as payment which is obviously not right can anyone advise on the formula I shound be entering the spreadsheet states:

Loan amount 10,000
No. of Years 10
Annual interest rate 10%
Monthly repament = ?

The other problem with another spreadsheet i am having is I don't know how to get the average of something AND round it to the nearest whole number can anyone advise on how this would be done ?


A:Help with excel PMT and Average

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hi i am new to programming and try to make an average function with several variables, but got stuck
can someone help to solve. see attach file

A:help with vba macro average

some additional info for request.
20 colums B, D, F etc.from each column i want average of 2, 3,...., 20 last cells
averages of first column on another worksheet(averages) in E6:W6
averages of second column in E7:W7 etc.

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Sup guys i've recently invested in a desktop PC for my son for him to do some light gaming on.

The specs are:

Pentium D [email protected]
2GB DDR2 @ 667MHz
Nvidia GT220 1GB DDR3
160GB 7200RPM

He'll be playing things like World Of Warcraft, Garrys Mod etc, nothing too straining... Will this computer run those games fine?


A:Average gaming rig?

Well first I want to ask, how much did you pay for it? Passed that I'll say he should be able to play on low to medium settings with okay frame rates.

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can anyone figure out why the sum and average isn't displaying based on what the user enters? it runs and i get values of 0 for each sum and average...any help by MIDNIGHT WOULD BE GREAT!



int main()
int y, i;
double g, m=0, a;
cout << "Please enter number of values to be processed: ";
cin >> y;//receiving number of values
cout << "Please enter the " << y << " values:\n"; //asking for those values
a = m/y;
for(i = 1; i <= y; i++)

cin >> g;
g += m;

cout << "Sum: " << m << "\n"; cout << "Average: " << a << "\n";
cout << "Thank you come again!";
return 0;

A:C++ Sum & Average not working

Here ya go.

BTW, I suggest using var names that
give you an idea of what you're doing,
such as "total", "numentries", etc.

int main()
int y, i;
double g, m=0, a;
cout << "Please enter number of values to be processed: ";
cin >> y;//receiving number of values
cout << "Please enter the " << y << " values:\n"; //asking for those values
for(i = 1; i <= y; i++)
cin >> g;
m += g; // Add entry (g) to total (m).
a = m/y; // divide m (total) by y (number of entries)
cout << "Sum: " << m << "\n"; cout << "Average: " << a << "\n";
cout << "Thank you come again!";
return 0;
Hope I'm not doing somebody's homework here...

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What is the average life of a cd drive

A:Average life of cd rom

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i have a dell dimension 3000 and i dont know what an average temp is for pc's but its running around 33C (91F) is that good or bad?

i have one fan blowing out with my side panel off and a little 4 inch desk fan i got from walmart blowing in on the side. my pc room stays around 72F or so no dust either i blow my pc out every couple of weeks

A:average temp for a pc?

What temp is that case or CPU? If case then what's the CPU temp? Your CPU temp is fine under 65C while under load (gaming, someother heavy processing workout, i.e Prime95). At idle it should be around 30-35C with air cooling and standard room temp. 65C is getting hot and I wouldn't want mine to get any hotter then that, in fact that's the upper safe limit. You really want it no hotter then mid 50's. (under load)

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Hi all I was just wondering what the safe operating temp. on a video card under load with the higher end games and video cards. thanks!

A:Average heat on a GPU

That depends on the GPU and the cooling methods used.

If you are looking for comparison figures, it would be helpful if you provided us with the GPU specifications in your machine.

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Dear HP Computer On November 3, 2016 morning, I sent my HP desktop computer (Windows10 and MS Office installed) to HP Service Center Jakarta.  In front of the HP service personnel, I backed up the data from hard disk as it was the only suggestion given.  The computer was in working condition when HP service personnel took it over. On November 7, HP service officer called and said the computer had no problem, and he just needed to fix some files.  On November 8, I picked up the computer.  At home I found out that the system was "downgraded" to Windows8 and MSOffice was "not properly"installed. As this was a paid service, I think this service was below average of typical services provided by HP. cw  

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I've been blowing through graphics cards about every 12 months. Even with my new system it's been the same. I do play a lot of graphic intensity games. Could that be the reason for their early demise? The latest casualty is my GTX 560.

A:The average life of a GPU

A GPU's lifespan is at least 3-5 years. Hell, if you take care of your components it will last as long as you need it to in most cases. The fact that your GPU's are dieing in a year is strange. If this has indeed happened to all of your GPU's it is safe to say that the operating conditions inside your PC may not be too good. Or, you may just be burning them out? Do you SUPER overclock them or something? What sort of operating temps do you usually get?

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I am using 3 column's let's say A B and C using A and B by inputting daily numbers and the total in C by using formula =A1+B1 all the way down to 30 (monthly totals). What I want is the average on a running average from the C column. I have used the =AVERAGE(C1:C30) but all I get is the divx error.

A:Average's in excel

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Hello all,
I have an Asus motherboard P5Ld2 with Intel socket 775 3.0 hypertreading,3 Gb of ram, 2 Sata hard drive, Asus EN6600 256Mb videocard.standard intel cpu fan with 3 case fan.
My temperature for the board is average 38 degrees C and for my cpu between 50 degrees to 70 degrees.Is this normal?
Lately i noticed that my computer was extremely slow at times.Should i buy a better cpu fan?
If so, any suggestion?
Thank you for answering.

A:average cpu temperature

First off, what Intel CPU do you have (sorry, I can't tell what cpu it takes from looking at the model # like some members :unch: )? In some cases this is normal, and in some this isn't. You board temp is fine overall, I just wonder about the cpu.

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Just recently moved to a new apartment and had to ditch my dsl for cable. I got the highest service available which was 1536kb/512kb. Now when I do the bandwidth tests on websites I can only get anywhere between 150-200kbps. I had a tech com over here and hook it up correctly, or so it seemed, because it was going very slow to start with. He showed me it was working by downloading a 100mb file and the transfer rate was hitting from 150-250 KB. Just wondering why it is that the internet seems soooo utterly slow but most of the downloads are realitively fast. Maybe I am misunderstanding some term or something but I know this cable line should be higher on the BW tests than 150-200 kbps! I have tried 8 seperate tests to check and all were about the same.

Thanks in advance,

A:Why is my speed so below average?

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Is 89C for a NVIDIA GeForce 6800GT a high temperature?

A:Average Temp for my GPU?

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I did a search and found 2 similar named threads, but neither seemed to pretain, so, I'm starting a new thread.

I'm a computer consultant, but I've run into an interesting situation. I have a WinXP Pro system 3.4ghz LGA processor 1 gig of DDR400 ram, 2 100+ gig HDs, a CD Burner, and a DVD/CD Reader, Nvidia GeForce 5700LE (256) video, SP2, and all latest updates installed.

Many programs installed. I've got Norton AV Corporate 8, AVG Free 7.0.323, Spybot 1.4, Adaware 1.06r1, Spyware Blaster 3.4, with all the lastest updates. Adaware found 7 tracking cookies, Spybot says I'm clean, Blaster is updated with no errors/problems. AVG and Norton run daily and show no virii.

What is occuring is when I leave my system sit with any program running either in the background or foreground, for 20 minutes or more, the system will bog down. When I check the Task Manager, it shows Explorer.exe floating between 48-50%, with memory jumping around. 160,000 - 280,000K, thought it was climbing but watched it and it keeps fluctuating. System.exe is showing 30-40%. It doesn't matter what program I may leave running, from WinMX to MS Word 2003.

The only way to clear it is to log out. I don't have to reboot, just log out of the shell. Logging back in and the system runs great. Now, if I have say WinMX going, typing a report in Word, have IE going doing a search... moving around the system, active, the system seems to run fine, I don't notice any slow-down, but if I leav... Read more

A:Explorer.exe using on average 50% CPU

Think I would try an online virus scan to make sure Norton and AVG have not missed something. I would also try Mirosoft Anti Spyware.

There are indexing programs that run to index the hard drive when it thinks the system is idle. Microsoft Office comes with find fast. Some of the desktop search programs use this also. Check msconfig for these programs and uncheck them.

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Hello all!

Some of you may know me. Like my software and WinSxS (I love the way WinSxS all fits together!) but am utterly clueless about the hardware. Please forgive me this question!

I have a DESKTOP PC which is NOT overclocked in any way. It is reasonably powerful (see specs) and is a Dell. However, it is used to the extremes of its ability - regularly.

I would just like to ask you what the temperatures you would consider good, warm, and hot for both the GPU and CPU. I know the GPU can get quite hot, but I would please like to know how hot, so that I can learn.

I have a feeling that mine are quite hot. Most of the time I get:

CPU: 52 degrees Centigrade (C)
GPU: 128 C

These seem awfully hot. Putting my hand on the GPU plastic casing after use makes me think that these are not anomalous!

Thanks so much in advance!


EDIT: All of the fans have been confirmed as working, and it has good airflow all around, and always has had.

A:At what temperature does an average CPU and GPU become too hot?

Hello Richard, I am not really knowledgeable in this area & can only reflect on my own research so that i can monitor my own temps which basically indicates 70 degrees C and below in both cases as being comfortable temps.

In posts i have read concern is usually expressed in 80c+, your CPU looks fine mine runs at 50-65 & max 72c under heavy load. I use Core temp to monitor which also has overheat protection


The tjmax is the CPU manufacturers max temp (assume critical) & safe temps to be 15c-20c below this.

As far as your GPU it looks extremely hot but i do not have a solution for you other than cleaning & extra cooling which i am sure you are already aware of. (my desktop has settings in the BIOS for the fan)

Here are my temps which are for a laptop;

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