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Problems with a Seagate IDE Tape Drive converted to a USB drive.

Q: Problems with a Seagate IDE Tape Drive converted to a USB drive.

I recently purchased a Seagate IDE Tape Drive, STT20000. I only have 4 IDE slots, and they are all taken, plus I don't have any room for an IDE controller card, so I bought a IDE to USB external case that turns any IDE device to a USB external device. I installed the tape drive, Windows XP recognizes the new device, attepts to install drivers, but cannot find any. I tried to search the Internet for any correct drivers and could not find any. Other devices work via USB that are attached to the same USB hub, and I can put a tape in the unit and it rewinds it. No drive letter is assigned at all.

Any help is appreciated.


Preferred Solution: Problems with a Seagate IDE Tape Drive converted to a USB drive.

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Problems with a Seagate IDE Tape Drive converted to a USB drive.

I suspect the tape drive will have problems being interfaced through the USB. I suggest you move one of the disks into the USB case and put the tape on the IDE controller in the machine.

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I was having troubles with Tapeware, the backup app that shipped with my drive (Seagate STT20000A), but I'm starting to think the problem might be the tape drive itself.

Under Windows 2000 Pro, I deleted the drive from Removable Storage>Physical Locations. When I reboot the drive is listed twice, both occurences with a fat red X through the icon. If I leave it as is and reboot again, there will be four instances of the drive under Removable Storage. Of course, none of them work.

Does anyone have suggestions? Possibly the drivers for the tape drive?


A:Problems with Seagate Tape Drive


Please let me have an e-mail address by PM.

I have a long e-mail from Seagate detailing issues with this drive.

I'll then send you this e-mail, plus the URL for my own web space where I have a 5 mb ( = 4 floppy disk ) driver file, plus the other two file mentioned below as a zip file.

The file is latest Seagate driver for the STT20000A TBU, I don't use it as XP runs it without any issues. The other two files are a hardware / firmware update and DOS test utility.



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Does anyone know where I can find or have the driver for this IDE tape drive ? I found a driver on driverguide but I can't get it to work with Win 98.

A:Seagate Hornet - STT38000A - Tape Drive

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Do you how to get a free download for a seagate travan tr5 tapedrive.

A:driver for Travan tr 5 seagate tape drive

The Quantum site has them, TR5 are also known as Travan 20: http://www.quantum.com/ServiceandSupport/SoftwareandDocumentationDownloads/Index.aspx
I think most versions of Windows had built drivers for them but these things are massively obsolete.

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Hello,, THANKS for your time, help, and advise!

Searching the forums for related items were not successful,,, And, I apologize if this is the wrong forum to discuss this issue.

We are supporting a Windows 98 Second Edition system with an old Seagate STT20000A (Hornet,,,I think.) tape drive and the Veritas BackupExec Desktop 4.5A. Several backup tapes have been created.

The system with the Seagate STT20000A tape drive and Veritas Backup Exec went "south". A new CPU and Hard Disk was installed with the Seagate Tape drive still on the IDE/ATAPI cable. The system was rebuilt with W98SE and is now up and running and the tape drive device was recognized by "CONTROL PANEL/SYSTEM"! (Proper Drivers installed???).

Since the bad Hard Disk Drive had the BackupExec 4.5A and Seagate tape drivers installed these will require re-delivery.


o We Cannot find the customer's CD for the delivery
of the Veritas BackupExec Desktop 4.5A and
Veritas does not support this version any longer.​
As we understand from Veritas, the "Backup Exec Desktop" was farmed out to WWW.STOMPSOFT.COM. STOMPSOFT says we need:

"BACKUP MY PC" version 4.x <----> 5.0​
But, STOMPSOFT no longer has these product versions and they have pointed us to some "After Market" links like CDW, eBay, AMAZON.COM, etc.


We would like to get something--- "Veritas Backup Exec Desktop 4.5A", or "Bac... Read more

A:Seagate STT20000A tape drive and Veritas Backup Exec Desktop 4.5A

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I purchased 2 Seagate ST32000641AS drives. These are 2TB drives giving 4TB all up.

They are S.M.A.R.T enabled drives and as such I installed monitoring software to check up on them from time to time . I am concerned that both of these drives are showing indication of failure already. Normally I just use 1 program to check but I have tried with 3 different ones and they all show the health of both drives, one at 40% and the other at 32%.

One drive is showing Surface Read Error Rate at 80% health and Controller Hardware ECC Recovered at 32. The other drive is showing Surface Read Error Rate at 67%, Surface Seek error rate at 51%, and Controller Hardware ECC Recovered at 40%.

Have I got reason to be worried as these drives are only about 3 to 4 months in use. It is not showing any physical problem except that it is the slowest part of my PC rating at only 5.9 on the Windows Experience Test.

A:Seagate Drive Problems???

Download and run SeaTools, Seagate's diagnostic software. If that says there are major problems, I'd look into RMAing the drives. I've heard in the past that Seagates higher capacity drives have a higher fail rate.

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Hey guys. I have a 300 gig Seagate drive. Well its not been working for a few months.

I am 100% sure its nothing to do with the drive itself coz believe it or not, I haven't MOVED my drive from my desk since I bought it. I'm pretty sure there's some loose connection somewhere inside the drive as sometimes it does show up.

Well, I sent it to Seacare and after 2 weeks, they returned it. And guess what? I still wasn't working! Same problem.

The thing is, the drive doesn't show up on my Mac. I've tried every possible troubleshooting method without success.

I was thinking, what if I opened up the drive? I could just break open the plastic and see what connections were loose. Is it possible to do that, remove the metal drive from inside and connect it using new wires? I AM really desperate, so..

A:Seagate Drive problems!

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I have a Seagate FreeAgent Go, external hard drive and it looks just like this.

It has over 200GB of artwork I need for my work and it isn't working on any of my 8 computers in the office.

When I plug it in (USB) it says "Device driver was not installed successfully, device unplugged"

Would this be the usb cord? or would this be something wrong with the hard drive itself?

Don't know exactly what you need, but here are the numbers on it.

The PN: 9KW2AL-502 1 TB

The SN: 2GE925LH

A:Seagate Hard Drive Problems!

Could be a cable or drive issue. As it doesn't appear that it's being recognized or installed properly, it could simply be a faulty enclosure. In which case you could remove the drive from the enclosure (*will VOID your warranty*) and connect it internally, via a USB adapter, or with another enclosure.

And you should have a BACKUP copy of all data that you don't want to lose. If it's important, more than one copy. Live and learn.

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Hi all

I had an old laptop that died by water damage, its OS was Vista. I removed its internal hard drive as it contains valuable photos. I read that you can convert internal hard drives into external USB ones so I purchased the necessary 2.5" sata case from ebay, put it all together and plugged it into my new Windows 10 laptop. The new laptop does not want to acknowledge the drive. I changed the drive letter to one that wasn't used, 'M' in this case, it shows as Drive M on my file manager but when I click on it it only asks me to put a disk into the drive. I have run a couple of scanning programs on it, Stellar Phoenix data recovery and Recuva with no luck. I do not want to lose the data that was on there so can anyone help with any solutions?
Many thanks!!

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Hello guys, I've been racking my brain trying to solve this problem for months, with no posted internet solutions working.

Problem: Attempting to copy files from a mounted network server to an HP Ultrium 6250 tape drive results in Windows security errors and prevents copying from working. It appears to be a mix of internet security settings
or permissions related, and nothing changed has worked yet.

Running Windows 8.1, and the drive has simply been mounted via map network drive as the IP of the server \\192.x.x.x with appropriate credentials. The system is able to work with files in every other regard, copy and paste locally, etc. Trying to
do the same through the tape drive is the only related "Security error" we've encountered.

This is what happens:

Windows Security
"These files might be harmful to your computer.
Your internet security settings suggest that one or more files might be harmful to your computer. Would you like to continue?"

Clicking OK results in a second warning dialog:

"An unexpected error is preventing you from copying the file. 

0x8007003A: The specified server cannot complete the operation."

Try Again, Skip or Cancel

Clicking anything but cancel will continuously pop the same dialog up for every single file. It starts with .DS_Store files, as some directories were created via OSX, but this shouldn't be a problem in theory. The server is OSX Server running on
Yosemite, conne... Read more

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I recently bought a second hand pc and have tried to instal my old HD as a slave.

The master HD is a Seagate ST320420A (20gb)
The slave is a Seagate ST380012A (80GB)

I have set the jumper settings on both as per the info on the seagate site (http://www.seagate.com/support/disc/ata/st320420a.html) but it doesn't seem to register in "My Computer" and when I go into the bios it says no slave is installed.

This is the first time I have had a go at upgrading/dealing with internal hardware so Im not 100% sure what Im doing is correct. e.g. Does the slave need to have a cable going into the 4 larger pins next to the jumpers?

Can someone talk me through it please as Im going nuts? Im obviously making some newbe mistake.


A:Problems Instaling Seagate Slave Drive

Yes both hard drives need A power cable and an IDE Ribbon/cable going in to them. If you have them attached to the same ribbon make sure the ribbon is in the IDE 0 slot on the MB. If you are using a separate ribbon for the slave then the slave jumper has to be set to master (which would be secondary master in the bios) and plugged into IDE 1 on the MB.

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Hello, Well... I first bought a Mesh Computer last year some time, And about 6 months ago it had a hard drive problem, So when i took it in to a computer shop they told me i needed a new hard drive, They replaced it with a SeaGate hard drive, I have been having alot of computer problems lately and i don't know what has caused it, At first when i turned my computer on it would freeze and just stop, i wouldn't be able to move the mouse or anything. I tried it about 2-3 times a day and after about 4-5 days it worked, It loaded up the user i clicked on (the only one on the comp) and then i got like a little yellow sign in the bottom right hand corner of the task bar. I put my mouse over it and it said somthing about files being corrupt and i should run chkdsk.

So i click on run and type the "cmd" command, And do chkdsk /f /r command and it asks me if i want to check it on next restart, I say yes and then when i restart my computer nothing happens.

I load everything back up again to find out the problem has only got worse, I click on the user and i get a message which says as following;

This system is shutting down. Please save all work in progress and log off. Any unsaved changes will be lost. This shutdown was initiated by NT AUSTHORITY\SYSTEM
Time Before Shutdown : 60 (It starts at 60 and counts down in seconds)

The system process
C:\windows\system32\services.exe terminated unexpectedly with status code -1073741819. The system will now shut down and r... Read more

A:Seagate Hard Drive/Major Computer Problems help

After the message

C:\Documents and Settings\Admin>chkdsk c: /f /r
The type of the file system is NTFS.
Cannot lock current drive.
It should come up with the message that asks me if i wish to run the chkdsk at next restart but it doesn't it just freezes at that point.

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My system specs are below. My OS is Windows 2000 Pro, SP4. I'm trying to add a Seagate 200GB SATA drive to the system. It is to be a secondary drive, the IDE remains the boot drive for now.

My first problem is, I'm not sure which SATA connector to use. There's 4 - two are labelled Pri_SATA and Sec_SATA and use the Promise controller. The other two are SATA_1 and SATA_2 and use the Via southbridge controllers. I've tried PRI_SATA and SATA_1, currently it's on SATA_1:

I've installed Seagate's DiscWizard software. When I boot the computer, the BIOS does see the drive, but DiscWizard does not (doesn't show up in the list). However, I *can* see the drive in Windows Disk Management, but it has a "no" type icon (red with a white horizontal "minus") and the "Write Signature and Upgrade Disk Wizard" starts -something I've never seen before. I'm unable to do any management on the disc.

So, two questions: Why can Windows but not Seagate's software see the new drive, and should I go ahead and run the Wizard?

Any assistance appreciated. I badly need the drive to work, my "oh, it'll be big enough" 120GB HD is nearly full!

A:Solved: Problems installing Seagate SATA drive

I did a bit of research on the Wizard, decided to "take a chance" - only a chance because of my unfamiliarity, apparently - and was able to attach a signature (whatever that means) and format the disk. Currently moving data about, so my 120 can have room enuf to run. Oddly, Seagate DiscWizard *still* does not see it's drive, though it sees the IDE drive fine. Any idea why? I did get an appropriate manual after entering the model # of the drive, so I'm confused as to why it is so blind.

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I have been having on going problems with a Seagate Free Agent go 500 GB external USB drive and pretty much any computer that it is attached to. This is the second drive that I have had after having the first one replaced I seem to be having the same or similar problems. Basically the drive was working fine and then it basically over night everything went wrong. When hooked up I cannot operate any software, remove the drive, check disk management or reboot the system. I cannot boot the system with the drive attached, it stalls. I cannot even safely remove the drive without forcing the computer to shut down with the power button, as soon as the drive is no longer attached all programs immediately respond like nothing ever happened. I have seen similar situations described on several different boards but no one seems to have any solutions. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Problems with Seagate Free Agent Go 500GB drive and Windows 7

Try a USB "Y" splitter where you pull the power for the drive off two USB ports rather than one and see if the problem continues.

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Bought me a 320 GB Free Agent external drive by Seagate. Plugged it in to USB 2.0 port; works flawlessly. Problem is, when I shut down and reboot the computer, it seems to interrupt the boot up process, causing a black screen, and stopping the boot process right there. I made sure that it wasn't included in the boot devices in the BIOS, and this boot up problem happens only about 50% of the time. If I unplug the drive, it'll boot up fine almost 100% of the time. Any idea what could be happening here? I'm running XP home, with 1.5 G of memory, and two internal 80 GB HD's. I tried plugging this drive directly into the tower, and into a hub - same problem either way. (Actually seemed to occur more frequently when plugged directly into the tower.)

The site's tech support pages have no drivers to update (plug and play), and doesn't tackle this problem.

A:Seagate Free Agent Drive causing boot up problems

This is probably a BIOS issue. I have two systems here, (the two newest), that have the same issue. When I boot with a USB device attached, the BIOS gets confused about what device to boot, and there's nothing in the BIOS setup that will make it right.

Do what my doctor prescribes for issues like this: "If it hurts when you do that, don't do that".

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All the data is gone, you cant read or add to files on the seagate free agent drive. It says 83.4 GIG is in use and 65.6 GIG is free so the data is there it just wont read it.

It says it cant find, the files are there:

the error message is "Windows cannot find 'F\StartCeedo.exe. MAke sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again. Tio rearch for the file, lcikc the start button and click search"

Install FreeAgent Tools.exe

The following folders are empty and cannot be read or added to:

My Documents
User Manuals

what is wrong and how can I fix it? PLEASE HELP ME

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It is on a computer running XP SP3. Now, it shows up in ?My Computer? but with no statistics and I cannot open it. The drive does not show up in Windows Disk Management. I have gone thru the Seagate website's ?External Drive Trouble Shooter for WinDOWS xp/2000? as well as contacting Seagate Support with no success. I have tried Windows Format, DOS Format, Seatools for Windows, HD LFF Low Level Format, testdisk_win, and Disk Wizard with no success. The drive showed up but they all reported failure in testing and/or accessing the disk. Seatools for DOS sounds like it would do the trick but it didnotrecognizeeitherofmyexternaldrives, theotheroneofwhichisworking.Can anyone recommend a fix? Seems to me that it is a software problem, not a hardware problem, so there should be a software solution. I have very limited funds and can't afford to replace the drive right now. It is used as a backup drive so loss of the data on the drive is not an issue. I'll just run another backup when the drive is restored to health. My boot drive is not backed up on this drive, so that is not a problem.

A:Seagate expansion hard drive worked fine until I aborted a conversion to a compressed drive

Have you tried reinitializing the drive?

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After Transferring file from Seagate External drive to flash drive 16G. (Verbatim)

I can't remove hardware device on Verbatim Flash drive to remove it.

Even after I close all the files, folders and programs in my computer.
It won't say "safe to remove device".

I have to switch off the computer to remove the flash drive.

Is this normal or what ?

If not what can be the problem ? I can fix ?

Is it safe to remove device even if I can't disable the usb flash drive ?
I closed all the files, fodlers and programs before I remove.


A:Transferring file from Seagate External drive to flash drive

The computer may still be saving data to the Flash. Or it is caught in ROM. If your certain the transfer is complete, you can pull the drive. You may want to do a Check Disk on the Flash Drive to make sure it is in good order.

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When I switched my Laptop on yesterday the nice Seagate Icon for my external backup hard drive had vanished but has been replaced by a dull looking generic Windows page icon ? This external backup drive is the K:\ drive on my system.

I surfed google yesterday trying to find some advice on how to restore what was a very attractive Icon ? . . but have been struggling to find any advice I could understand or thought I'd be able to follow ?

On a positive note, I have located the exact file for the disappeared icon on my laptop (its called SeagatePortable.ico) and I have copied it to my desktop temporarily, but, I have no idea how to re-apply this icon to my K:\ drive ?

Whilst surfing, I discovered a simple freeware program called "Drive Icon Changer" so I downloaded this program and tried to use it. It is very easy to use, but, try as I might, I cannot get this programme to interact with my K;\ drive ? . . so I've given up and uninstalled that programme, as, in this instance at least, it clearly does not do what it is supposed to be able to do.

I also saw some advice about going to a DOS prompt (I do not understand what this means or how to do it?) and deleting or editing something called the autorun.inf file - I suspect this type of action would be well beyond my understanding and I'd probably do more harm than good if I attempted to edit this sort of system file and got it wrong !

I've also done a system restore - to a back up point of a couple of days ... Read more

A:How do I restore the Seagate Drive Icon for my External Backup Drive?

Also just spotted an obsolete thread on this site where someone suggested:-

"Un-install the driver while the external drive is connected and then rebooted and let windows reinstall - everything should go back to normal when Windows re-discovered the drive".

I don't know if this might cure my problem ? . . but unfortunately I do not know how to uninstall a driver ?

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I'm having trouble getting Windows 7 x86 RC Build 7100 to recognize my Seagate 3.5" External Hard Drive 500GB (Model ST305004EXA101-RK). It is connected through a USB 2.0 port on my Asus K8V SE Motherboard - running an AMD Athlon 64 3000+ (2.0 GHz) and 1 GB of RAM.

Currently, this hard drive when connected appears in Device and Printers as as "Device" named Desktop. Right Click -> Properties shows that it is a storage device.

Device Manager recognizes it as a Disk Drive and calls it a Seagate Desktop USB Device - no conflicts.

Under Computer Management -> Storage -> Disk Management the drive appears as Disk 1 - Basic and Online statuses. If I try and assign it a drive letter, I get the following "The operation failed to complete becasue the Disk Managment Console view is out of date. Please refresh the console view..."

Only one conflict exists in Device Manager - I have one Unknown Device under USB Controllers. When viewing that device, it gives me a Code 43 error.

Thoughts? Thanks in advance.


A:Seagate external hard drive not accessible as a drive

Has it been initalized & formated?

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Seagate's website / the manual say the (this one: Desktop-Festplatte Expansion| Seagate) 5TB Expansion Drive is initialized in GPT (Expansion drives switching to GPT) but Windows 7 and dispart (http://i.imgur.com/1JxRAja.png) show it is initialized in MBR / not in GPT (the column under GPT is empty). The item to initialize in / convert to GPT is grayed out (I assume one have to remove the partition first to access that option): http://i.imgur.com/xeqkQmJ.png. And it looks like as if MiniToolPartizionWizard shows it was GPT as well: http://i.imgur.com/PsQfLY8.png

What could that mean? Is the display of Win / diskpart correct?

Is this message correct? DriveInfo shows: S.M.A.R.T. Drive Status: Drive is not OK! The device has detected a threshold exceeded condition! (http://i.imgur.com/5xfPSq9.png). What does that mean? A defect, a problem?
The entire report:

ChystalDisk shows this, does not appear to look that bad:

SeaTools shows this:

HDDscan shows:

What do those items marked with that yellow sign mean:

"Airflow temperature"
"HDA Temperatur"
A problem?

What does the display about "Health" mean, 90 %, 92 % (instead of 100 %) appear to mean the state of the drive is not the best (any... Read more

A:Seagate 5TB Expansion Drive not initialized in MBR or GPT? Drive OK?

everything is okay. delete the partition, initialize GPT. gute nacht.

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I had a system glitch a couple of days ago. I installed a program that claimed to be Win 7 x64 friendly, but it caused the system to no longer start.
I was able to get into the registry via the Win 7 disk and delete out all mentions of said software, and the computer booted back up again. However, one of my partitions disappeared. When I looked further into it, it had somehow converted to an EFI drive with no letter. I can change the drive letter, but I have no access to anything on the drive. And when I reboot, it defaults back to a hidden (letterless) drive.
How do I change it back to a standard partition to get my files back?

A:Drive Converted Itself to EFI...

I think you will have to run a data recovery program like GetDataBack NTFS.

I do no think there is an easy way to get your disk back to an MBR one.

So before you do anything else, recover those files. Messing with partition tables is a "high risk"
for permanent data loss, even for IT pros.

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Hi -

My c: drive is an SSD (120 GB) and the e: drive is a 3 TB internal hard drive that appears as 2 TB in Disk Manager.

I believe this is because there is a 100 MB partition on the e: drive titled "System Reserved" that is a System, Active, Primary Partition. The other partitions (2 TB and 746 GB) are unallocated currently.

When I installed Win 7 Ultimate, I didn't ask for any system info to be put on the e: drive. Can I simply format the e: drive and then convert it to GPT?


A:3 TB drive can not be converted to GPT

Had you formatted the 3tb before in this machine? If not check for a BIOS update to enable drives that large.

Try wiping HD first with Diskpart Clean Command followed by Convert GPT command, then format in DIsk Mgmt.

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Gentleman, i would like to seek a advice regarding HP LTO Tape drive, now i m working a education environment as a IT Administrator. Currently our file server backup (350GB-1TB) data saving to HDD Drives.  i have a plan to buy a new Tape Drive Backup instead of HDD, if some one have any suggetion for the same, and like to recommend a particular model Too. your valuable comments its highly appreicated. Best regards, Azaf 

A:HP LTO Tape Drive

Hi: You may also want to post your question on the HP EBC Support Forum -- Tape Libraries and Drives section... https://community.hpe.com/t5/Tape-Libraries-and-Drives/bd-p/itrc-198#.V_p0bOQVDGg

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I have an Onstream SC-30 Tape drive and I will be darned if I can find some head cleaning software for this. By the way I have win 2000. Will any software work for this and if so does anyone now where I can download this type of software.


A:tape drive

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Hi there.

just wondering if I am thinking on the righ track about a problem I am having with a tape drive. I backed up the C drive to a tape when the system was on windows NT. Then I installed windows 998 and when I went to restore it - no go. I am guessing that I need windows NT to read the tape. I was thinking of putting in a windows NT HD, as a master then restoring the docs to the slave drive (win 98). Will this work? Also I was wondering if the backup if different on windows NT is different to the backup on window NT server because I tried to read the tape on windows NT server and it wouldn't read it either.

Thanks in advance


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I have a 500GB IDE (seconday master) (all my OS and other drives are on SATA) to dynamic. (it wouldn't being recognized by W7, and in a hurry I converted it to Dynamic).

A:Converted my drive (non OS) to Dynamic

Quote: Originally Posted by Windows7user2009

I have a 500GB IDE (seconday master) (all my OS and other drives are on SATA) to dynamic. (it wouldn't being recognized by W7, and in a hurry I converted it to Dynamic).

What exactly are you asking? or what do you want to do? it seems your making a statement in a question form or visa versa.

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ok i have a Seagate Barracuda 250GB HP Model VB0250EAVER (ST3250318AS) SATA Hard Drive and i need to the max of hard drive i can run or allow on my DEll Optiplex 740  small factor tower plus  also need help about if i can upgrade my  ADM Athlon Dual core Processor 4850e  and higher?

A:want to upgrade my hard drive Seagate Barracuda 250GB HP Model VB0250EAVER (ST3250318AS) SATA Hard Drive

Any 3.5" drive at 2T or under should work fine.  Upgrading the CPU would mean buying used - these CPUs went out of production not long after your system was current - and that was a decade ago.

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I have a compaq proliant 1600 with netware 5.0 service pack 6 and we use
arcserve 6.6 as our backup software. We currently use a 4/8 tape backup
(SMALL!!), but we need to get a larger tape drive because we added (2)
9.1 GB hard drives. I don't know what Tape Drive options I have that
will work in conjuction with the netware OS, the arcserve software and
the compaq 1600 server.

A:finding the right tape drive

Hey T!!

You can pretty much put anysize tape drive the interface and the software will support. I would think an 40/80GB drive would work and I am sure there are also smaller ones that will fit the bill. Get creative with your backups and you will not need that large of a backup. Write out your backup strategy first (what you need backed up and when), research the interface and the drives available and then contact ARCserver to see if your drive will work with their software prior to purchace.

Compaq might have some used or reconditioned ones in stoc that might work for you also. It might be better to buy from them and get the warranty and repair support.

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I am looking for a driver and possible backup program for an IBM DualStor Internal Tape drive... any help would be wonderful...


A:IBM DualStor 800 Tape Drive

It's a Travan floppy based drive.

Have you tried Windows Backup? You do have a floppy slave cable to connect it with right?

If Windows Backup doesn't work, you may want to try NovaBack

I believe they have a free trial available.

Get free stuff and help out a poor computer tech:
LarryCore begs for money

Vote for the best Tech Support site: VOTE for Helponthe.net!

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okay our IT person really bungled up the server where I work. After wiping out a hard drive that had thousands of important files on it, he assured my department that the files were backed up onto said server. So when he installed a new hard drive and tried to upload them from the server, all of the files were corrupted.

He now says that these files are still on the tape drive, but for whatever reason he is having trouble accessing them.

What would be the easiest way for him (and us) to recaquire these files and transfer them back to our computer.? I am at my wits' end and it's difficult to get an answer out of the responsible party as to the status of the data in question.

Any and all help/assistance/guidance would be GREATLY appreciated.

A:tape drive question(s)

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Our office uses a Dell PowerEdge 2400 server running Windows 2000 server, with a Benchmark DLT tape drive for backup.

Two days ago the DLT stopped doing backups, which we discovered this morning. Normally that means it's just time to switch tapes, but this was after an abnormally short time period, only a week or so when usually it's good for about 6 weeks. And none of the three tapes was recognized by the Backup Wizard or by the Windows computer management system.

The drive itself is at least partially operable; it does some winding of the tapes when they're loaded, but we mess with the thing so infrequently that I have no idea how far from normal it's behaving. I'm still thinking this sounds like a hardware failure, but really that's just a guess. Please help!!

A:DLT tape not recognized by drive

Have you run a cleaning tape through the drive lately?

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I have a 1995 Bernoulli 230 mg external tape drive I am trying to connect to my GP6-400 Gateway computer running Windows98SE. I have downloaded the latest driver for this tape drive but my computer still does not recognize it. Any suggestions?

Thank you,

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A:Tape Drive in Windows98SE

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I was cleaning up some old closets in my school's computer lab. I came across a few old backup tapes. I was talking to my friend, and he told me that you can get tapes pretty cheap to use for backup purposes. On the hp website, you can buy a 3TB tape for only $120!! That is a whole lot cheaper than a backup hard drive.

What would I need to get a tape drive for my laptop. I don't need the newest, just something to use this awesome technology!!


A:Tape Backup Drive... Should I buy one.

Drew, I have never used tapes. But don't forget that they are serial write and read and will loose the magnetization in time (how long I have no idea).

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I was wondering if anyone knew of any info sites about tape drives. Seem to be having a problem with one.

Just a run down of the problem.

Tape drive is used on a WinNT machine. What is happening is that when a new tape is being put in, it is just shooting it back out. Will not read/load whatever. First time this has happend.

A:Tape Drive Info

Have you tried doing a search for the tape drive's website?

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Greetings..!! I am using tape drive with tape of 3TB of LTO-5. I want to use the compression mode 2:1. Then will anybody tell me, what is the maximum size of data I'll store in 3TB tape after compression. Thanks & Regards, Shashank Saxena

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I'm trying to solve a problem at work. We have a tape drive to backup at night. It is an Onstream SC-50 (50 gigs) SCCI. It is on the company server which is running Windows 2000 Server.
Last night the backup failed. When I push the button on the front to eject the tape, nothing happens.
I ran the Hardware Wizard in Windows, and it says the device is working properly.
The tape drive has been "Loading Media" for over 11 hours (the backup usually takes only about 3 hours normally).
We cancelled the job. Yet, we still can't get the tape out of the drive. It is almost as if there is no power to the drive.
I've tried going to the Onstream site (www.onstream.com) but it doesn't go through. (What's up with that!)
Anyone have an guesses as to what has happened?

A:Onstream Tape Drive

Some times the SCSI devices hang so badly that you need to reboot the server to get the media to eject. Another possibility is that the drive or controller has failed. What backup software are you using?

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Are tape drives all generally the same? With the difference being mainly the capacity of the media? Ive donr some on them and seem to run across the name travan (?) fairly often. I need to build a system for someone that already has one of these tape drives but wants to upgrade to better equipment, will I find a "better" tape drive? Or have they not changed much over the years? A little higher quality suggestions would be fine, its for a Dr.'s office. Please advise.

A:Tape drive question

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hi guys,

got a dell server running sbs2003...connected is a small tape drive...not sure of the model...think its hp...
lately backups have been failing with the attached jpg error...

i cant see anything in the event logs...but i will run it again...as i wasnt sure what time it failed...

i have googled this problem...and dont get an exact match to my problem...

should i reinstall the tape drive...anybody have a good tape backup prog that doesnt cost an arm and a leg as i know ntbackup is weak...they are not using exchange...is nova backup any good?

any info as usual is muchly appreciated...

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I'm setting up SuSe 8.1 on a dual P3-800 and am wondering if anyone has had experience installing a USB 2.0 tape drive (portable Seagate Travan 10/20)? All documentation I've read from SuSe.com and an e-mail I've received from Seagate tech support suggest it's not possible.

Would it be possible, however, to run a Win2000 session in VMWare and have the device recognised from there?

Also, which USB 2.0 controller card(s) would anyone recommend using with this drive?

Many thanks,

A:USB 2.0 tape drive support possible?

I have been using Startech with great results for my desktops, has an internal plug, and PCMCIA from Adaptec USB2. http://www.startech.com/usbfirewire/

I have been using both with the HP external DVD burner.


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Iv got 4 9-track reel to reel tape drives and none of them seem to work. Two are cipher F880's, one is an Overland data OD5212, while the other is an m4-data 9903. I need to interface (via SCSI) to an rs/6000 server. The scsi bus has a 4mm tape drive and a cd-rom attached as id's 2 and 3. I cant test the cipher's because I dont have the Pertec to SCSI adapter. The cheapest iv been able to find this is from wiltec.com for $1250.00. Anyone have any thoughts?

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I have an old tape, one you put in a Stero or Hi Fi. I've been told to get a Stero 3.5 plug which i have I can't seem to play the tape and then it doesn't appear to be recording. I'm using audacity and my cable has a left and right speaker which goes correctly into my stero any ideas, any tutorails out there to do this? Thanks

A:Tape to Hard Drive

Say what???

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Anyone know where i can get drivers. my one uses NT backup and i can't workout how that works

A:Sony DDS tape drive

In NT if you goto Tape device and do a detect. It should find the Tape Drive. That should work for a DDS tape drive.

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hey guys

i have an Onstream ADR client machine attached to a NT4 Network can anyone please suggest some backup software which will backup a file server accross the network. I have tried several but non recognise the ADR as a drive.

Please Help, i don't mind if i whethwe it is freeware/shareware/ evaluation or retail.


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Hi, everyone....... Here I need a Seagate TRAVAN IDE tape drive: STT220000A..... I need about 4 pieces of these tape drives for my server storage back-up. Is hard for me to find here in Malaysia, because it is not popular here!!! SO i looking forward to find at other regions.

I need a brand new STT220000A, not refurbished....
ANy recommendation???ASAP!!

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Hey all,

My computer right now has 1 harddisk that is divided into 2 partitions (at least that's the way I think it's set up). The C: drive is for Windows and Applications and whatnot and I use the D: drive to install all of my games to and hold any downloads. The C: drive is only 13 Gigs and is FAT32; the D: drive is 64 Gigs and is NTFS.

The thing is that the D: drive was originally FAT32 and then I read somewhere that larger drives will perform more efficiently when they're NTFS. Then I started thinking the the concept of a "big" drive is pretty relative these days, so I'm wondering if I should change it back or leave it, or what?

What are you guys' opinions/suggestions?

A:Solved: When should a drive be converted to NTFS?

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