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can cortana write an email or can i use to write with microsoft word?

Q: can cortana write an email or can i use to write with microsoft word?

about cortana , can it write an email , i mean the body and can i use to use it and write a word document

because i bought word 2010 ,that's pretty old

Preferred Solution: can cortana write an email or can i use to write with microsoft word?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: can cortana write an email or can i use to write with microsoft word?

Cortana is essentially a search tool. It's a bit of a toy (my personal opinion!) which attempts (sometimes) to give a slightly intelligent answer to a very limited range and format of questions, otherwise simply opening your browser and launching a search.

It can recognise speech as well.

It can also search your indexed files and folders.

It also gives some sometimes amusing answers set up by MS to silly questions.

So no, it's not a word processor, nor is it an email client.

If you're worried about the age of your office suite, I wouldn't particularly, unless there's a particular document type you need which it doesn't support. You can always use one of the free office suites, or one of the many free word processors if you prefer.

I almost never prepare text for emails in a separate word processor, unless it's to be attached as a document.

Hope that helps.

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about cortana , can it write an email , i mean the body and can i use to use it and write a word document

because i bought word 2010 ,that's pretty old

A:can cortana write an email or can i use to write with microsoft word?

Cortana is essentially a search tool. It's a bit of a toy (my personal opinion!) which attempts (sometimes) to give a slightly intelligent answer to a very limited range and format of questions, otherwise simply opening your browser and launching a search.

It can recognise speech as well.

It can also search your indexed files and folders.

It also gives some sometimes amusing answers set up by MS to silly questions.

So no, it's not a word processor, nor is it an email client.

If you're worried about the age of your office suite, I wouldn't particularly, unless there's a particular document type you need which it doesn't support. You can always use one of the free office suites, or one of the many free word processors if you prefer.

I almost never prepare text for emails in a separate word processor, unless it's to be attached as a document.

Hope that helps.

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A:microsoft word to write a letter

Hi, Have you tried this ? Start > All programs > Microsoft OfficeWrod is in there as shown (yours may not have all of them):  Regards.

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I have Word 2007 when I received my new laptop. It told me that it needed a product key. I have no idea where it was or where it is now,however I know longer have the box or anything from which I received the computer. Since I all functions are locked until this is corrected any help would be appreciated.

A:Microsoft Word 2007 not letting me write

hello you probably had the trial of office if you did not purchace the program when you bought the computer. You will have to buy the software and put product key in. You can download open office it is free it is like microsoft office

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It?s called Resume Assistant, and it was created to help Office 365 subscribers craft compelling resumes with personalized insights powered by LinkedIn.

Here?s how to get started:
Simply open your resume in Word, click Review, and then Resume Assistant. (The first time you do this, click Get started in the pane).

Type the role you?re interested in, and optionally, an industry ? then click See examples, and Resume Assistant will show you work experience descriptions you can use as inspiration for writing your own description. Resume Assistant can also show you top skills related to the role, as identified by LinkedIn ? try filtering the examples by the skills you have.

Resume Assistant also surfaces relevant job opportunities for you directly within Word. Once you spot a job you like, you can go directly to the job opening on LinkedIn to learn more about the opportunity and apply. You can even let recruiters know that you?re open to new opportunities by turning on Open Candidates.

You don?t need a LinkedIn account to use Resume Assistant, although you can sign in to LinkedIn (or sign up for an account) when you follow a link from Word to the LinkedIn site.

Head over to the official LinkedIn blog or visit Office Support to learn more, and have a great week!
Windows 10 Tip: How to use LinkedIn and Microsoft Word to help you write your resume

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*Availability: Resume Assistant is now available to Office 365 subscribers on Windows whos... Read more

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I get the error message that "cannot write to the reports file" when I change any settings in McAfee 4.5.1....what's the problem???

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New dv6-7000 laptop (Win7 64-bit) has a problem I can't seem to solve:  When using any SDHC memory card you cannot write or erase files to the card.  You can read the files just fine, but you get a "Write Protected" error when trying to write or erase.   The card is, of course, not write protected, and can be written to in several other laptop/desktop SD drives that I've tried.   And I've tried different brands/sizes of SDHC cards.  Smaller capacity regular SD cards work just fine.   I tried removing this device and rebooting to reinstall the hardware, but no help. The Realtek SD Driver shows as version 6.1.7600.16385 in Device Manager properties, dated 6/20/06.  HP's support site shows a newer driver version 6.1.7601.29005 dated 2/24/12.  When I download and run sp56166.exe to update the driver, it seems to go through the update process successfully. But the driver still shows as the older version in Device Manager.  And, of course, the problem still exists.  Any ideas would be much appreciated!  Hard to believe that a new dv6 laptop can't properly write or erase files from High Capacity SDHC memory cards.   Thank you!

A:dv6-7000 can't write to SDHC cards ("write protected" error)

I understand high capacity SD cards return the message they are write protected in your system.


I take it the write protect switch is in the off/disable position on the card since they work in other systems.


What is the product number?

NOTE: Do NOT provide the serial number.


What brand and model is the SDHC card?



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I am trying to write disk to my model of dvd plds+dvd-rw+ds8a9sh el3a firmware  but on the wndows 10 and windows 7 ultimate I am getting the same error that write process goes very fast and ends with fail. I am using the normal cd writing way provided by both windows.
the firmware utility says that there is no update needed for the el3a as it is the latest one.
in the even viewer I am getting the same error ""error 7 ,rom0 device has a bad block" .
when I am using bios built in function of Lenovo it passes the test successfully but when try to write using above of the operating systems then it says that above error in both of these. the dxdiag command result is as follows.

some files are here.
Mod's Edit: System model added to the front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity and moved post to a model specific forum.

A:B590 - dvd rom write test works but failed to write disk

It looks that it is firmware error after trying all the tests. But there is no firmware on the manufacturer webisit(LENOVO) or PLDS manufacturer(DVD ROM) website.Any suggestions.

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I don't have any kind of burning software, and am forced to rely on Windows XP's built in Write-to-CD software. The problem is, even with a rewritable CD drive, re-writable DVD drive, and re-writable CD's and DVD's, any material I put on them with the built in Windows XP writing software, becomes write-protected, making it impossible not only to remove the material at a later date, but also to add anything to it. A CD can have over 675 mb of free space that is absolutely inaccessible because of this problem.

Is there any way to reformat these CD's or otherwise remove the write-protect on them? Some of the data on these CD's is not the kind I'd like anyone else to see, meaning that if they are absolutely absolutely ***ABSOLUTELY*** untouchable forever and ever and ever, I would be forced to destroy them altogether (likely breaking them in half or something) and dispose of them as trash (environmentally unsound or not) rather than submit them to a recycling center and risk some noseybody reading what's on them before recycling them.


A:Windows XP Write-to-CD: Write-Protect blues

All CD's are read-only and the contents cannot be changed. Some use packet-writing, but those only erase the previous version and write a new one, so they can't be changed, either. Space is less and gets used quickly.

The best way to have read/write access to data is to use an external USB drive or thumb drive.

It is best to stick with the standard ISO format. Save all your changes to a folder untill you are ready to burn the final copies to CD.

Free burning software:

AmoK CD/DVD Burner
CDRTools Frontend
DeepBurner and DeepBurner Portable for removable drives
Infra Recorder
CDBurnerXP Pro (Works perfectly in Vista.)
DP CD/DVD Burner
Dirk Paehl's EasyBurning
UsefulUtils CD/DVD Burner
SilentNight Micro CD/DVD/ISO Burner
Small CD-Writer (standalone)
Terabyte ISO Burner (standalone)
ISO Recorder for XP
Burrrn audio CD creator
MP3 CD Doctor Lite audio CD burner
BurnOn CD/DVD (no spyware but free version is adware supported)
Burn4Free CD/DVD Copy
Turtle MP3 Burner
MS-DOS Burning Tools (direct download)
Zilla CD/DVD Rip N' Burn

More free burners:


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I have a Gateway Computer running Windows 98. MY problem concerns a Philips 3610 Read/Write - Write CD. It has always been a problem i.e. - balky. I am using Adaptec Easy CD Creator 3.5 software. I can burn a CD but it is only readable on the Philips. I can't get it to initialize on the other CD drive on the computer or on the drive in my wife's Compaq laptop. I had to transfer a 5MEG file to her computer and finally had to install an old Zip Drive to do it. Sometimes (sometimes not) I get an error message after the CD is burned, but it reads OK in the parent drive.

Any thoughts will be appreciated.

Also, went to Philips website to try to find new drivers - It's lousy!


[email protected]

[Edited by mountaindance on 06-20-2001 at 11:56 AM]

A:Philips 3610 Read/Write - Write CD

I trust you have the updates from Adaptec/Roxio.

Try the Sony CD Extreme software: http://sony.storagesupport.com/dlag...m/dsonyweb/cdrw/SonyCDExtreme1.3.390Setup.exe It should work fine with your burner. If you just select “data” in the opening wizard it will record session at once, close the session so it can be read and leave the disc open so you can add more stuff. Very robust software – make sure you don’t use a formatted CD. If that still doesn’t work I suggest trying some different blank media.

If you are recording to a formatted CD then you are packet writing and it can’t be read on any other computer until you install the reader for it from http://www.roxio.com


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Hey all,

I am having an issue with a Western Digital 320Gb SataII drive that I purchased a little while back. The store I purchased it from insists that there is nothing wrong with the drive, but I think there has to be?
The first time it happened, I was downloading files from a P2P application. Failed to write to disk on the partition and something along the lines of G:/$mft kepy popping up(I guess to do with the boot table on the disk?). Figured that there was just an error, so I ran a chkdsk, but it didn't find anything. I rebooted the comp, and tried chkdsk again, but this time it couldn't access the partition. I had a couple more errors or problems with it (tried partition magic, but that wouldnt even open because the partition table was screwed up or something), so I decided to backup and then format the partition. Great, everything eventually worked again, and I copied everything back.

A couple of days later, I was copying some files over, and I had the same issue again, random popup saying something like "failed to write to disk - delayed write failed" and then my system crashed and I rebooted. Couldnt access the partition when I tried to chkdsk again. However, I still cannot find any bad sectors on it when I finally managed to get chkdsk working again (after a couple more reboots). It also took me three reboots/tries to get an image of the disk because it had problems reading it.

Is there any way I could convince the retailer that there is s... Read more

A:Failed to Write to Disk - Delayed Write

Well what you need to do is get a copy of Diskeeper. Go to www.diskeeper.com and get a trial version. Then you open that up, and analize the drive your having trouble with. Soon you can go into your options and run a program in there called Frag Shield or something like that. That will change your MTF size to a proper size (Cheoose Recommended settings) and the problems will go away. I had the same thing happen to my old 250 GB drive. But that should take care of everything.

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I'm trying to understand how fast a DVD burns, I mean in minutes it takes to burn data to the disk. What I want to burn to DVD is actually just data for storage, not movies.

Let's say I want to burn 4.7 Gigabytes of data to a DVD. The way I calculate it, if I burn at 2.4x, it should take about 27 minutes to do this, once the burn is started.

Is that about right?

By the way, I don't own a burner... yet.

A:DVD Burners, Write Speed and Write Time?

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Hello everyone,

I can't get Outlook Express to open a new message window. Whenever I try it just sits there. I'm looking for a fix.

Any ideas?

Uncle Eddie.

A:Help. I can't write new email.

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not able to write new message-when click on nothing happens

A:not able to write new email

Hiya and welcome to Tech Support Guy

Are you still having this problem? If so, which email program/website are you using?



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I have renamed .exe to .txt and copied all text to a textbox. Now I want to create an exe file from that text . In this way I can embed an exe inside word document. The Problem is that When I write it to exe file doesnt runs(a command prompt window flashes) i have even tried to use base 64 encoded exeas text in text box and decoe it and remake exe out of it. But I still get an unusable exe.

Code i used is:-


Public Function Output(sInput As String) As String
Dim iFile As Integer
iFile = FreeFile()
Open "C:\Users\Admin\Desktop\abc.exe" For Append As #iFile
Print #iFile, Text1.Text
Close #iFile

End Function

I even tried replacing print with write.

Please help.

Do i need to encode it??

A:Help !! - VBA:Word write Exe File

please help ASAP

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I don't know whether to put this in Hardware, or software, guys. Kinda fits both.

I am using an AMD 5000 Athlon X2, 2Gs memory, WinXP, Samsung writer, Nero. Have been using this setup for a couple of years....never any problem writing files to CDs.

I scanned a manual for a piece of stereo equipment recently. Wanted to store it in very good quality, so I saved it to my HD as bmp. files, from Photoshop. About 13 pages, saved to a folder. Approximately 430 Mgs. Every page opens fine on the computer. I decided to copy it to a CD for safekeeping. Nero said it copied, everything looks like it is there in Windows explorer. You can physically see that the files were written to the CD. However, when I tried to open any page in Win Explorer, or in any of my picture viewers, it refuses....the CD writer just sits there clicking like it is trying to open the file. Only way to stop it is to close Nero and force the writer to open the tray. I tried writing one page to a rewritable CD...same thing. So the first try wasn't just a bad CD.

Along about this time a friend asked for a copy. So, knowing something was odd, I tried sending a page to another of my screen names, through Email. AOL email goes through the motions of sending the file, but never comes up with the 'Mail Sent' message. Finally pops up a window saying AOL has encountered a problem and will shutdown, which it does.

I finally opened each page, and resaved it as a high quality jpg. file, each under the sa... Read more

A:Bmp. files won't email, or write to CD

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When using MY comuter, I cannot write emails with hotmail. It seems like the page doesn't fully load. The toolbar for the email text-box never comes up...and when I try to press send, the bottom of the browser said error

A:can't write email on hotmail

I was having the exact same problem. It occurred when I switched from Firefox to Google Chrome. I still haven't figured out the problem, but when I want to send something via hotmail I use Firefox.

Googlechrome, as much as I love it, has been giving me many problems with some pretty widely used sites :s

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error message " write protection fault " I get it in Word. Why and can I stop it?

A:Write Protection Error in Word

The two main reasons for the write protection error is first your using a 3 1/2 floppy that is write protected second right click on the file then click on properties and remove the check from the "read only" mark. With a check in the read only the file can not be changed.
Hope this helps.

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I use Netscape as my email client. Recently I cannot receive emails due to an error message which reads"

Unable to write email to the mailbox. Make sure the file system allows you write privileges and you have enough disk space to copy the mailbox.

I can still send messages fine, but I just can't receive them! Please help!

A:Unable to write the email to the mailbox

I am also using Netscape 7.1for my e-mail and yesterday this exact message began appearing whenever I tried to get new mail.
I tried compacting all folders and even deleted over 20,000 e-mails I had on my computer. Can still send.
Have gone to using outlook express.
If anyone can help me please respond

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When one of our employees logs into netscape 7.2 he get the message - "Unable to write the email to the mailbox. Make sure the file system allows you write privileges and you have enough disk space to copy the mailbox." Our email provider is Bell South and their tech people says that the mail file must have a problem. Their side is ok and we can see their side from web mail ok. So our file does have a problem. The question is does anyone know how to fix this situation without losing the previously saved mail in the mailbox. This user has extensive mail files with lots of sub layers. Please address replys to [email protected]. Thanks to whoever can help.

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I have written a PHP package that automatically manages a subscriber list and emails newsletters to that subscriber list.

Now I want to write something that handles bounces. Therefore, I need to learn how to use functions that get and process email, preferably in POP3 format.

PEAR provides some documentation for IMAP routines that can handle POP. But it looks like a lot of slogging through heavy-duty techy documentation.

Is there somewhere I can look that describes, step-by-step, how to write code that reads from an email account? In a reasonably easy-to-read fashion? Or at least, gives a good overview of the process, so I can follow along with the techy documents?

Any help would be much appreciated! And remember -- I'm a PHP - MySQL programmer.


A:How can I write a PHP script that reads email?

The manuals at http://php.net should have all the functions you need. There's a whole section on accessing POP/IMAP (and the PEAR packages will help.)

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Many people have told me not to use templates in writing a resume. I have no idea how I'm gonna write one with lots of text on the left and right hand side. Is there a way to write a resume without templates?

A:Solved: How do you write a resume in Word without using templates?

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so basically, i'm learning how to build a new image with Windows Embedded Standard 2011. you get to decide which kind of write filters you're gonna use when you are setting up your image.... i need to figure these "write filters" out before i continue learning and reading through the lab manual. this is all so confusing to me, im a beginner at all this

any ideas? or at least a shove in the right direction?

A:Solved: File Based Write Filters v.s. Enhanced Write Filters?

40 views. no answers. fml

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I have a problem with Word 2007. The "Typing Replaces Selected Text" option IS checked under Word Options but suddenly I can't make it work. I select text and then try to write over it and nothing happens. Eventually, by hammering at the computer 2 or 3 times, I can get it to accept text but really all it wants me to do is delete the selection.

Will be very grateful for some help on this as I'm on deadline and this is slowing me down.

Many thanks,

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3210M CPU @ 2.50GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 58 Stepping 9
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 6019 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 7730M, -2048 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 715301 MB, Free - 665976 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0HDRR5
Antivirus: avast! Antivirus, Updated and Enabled

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I have a document in word 2007 which I would like to change the next 12 words font colour after a specific word.

I am looking to write a macro so I can use it over and over again.



A:How do I write a macro to change the font of the next 12 words after a specific word?

I should add that I need to do it several times in the same document, always with same word as the anchor point

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I have a problem with the language in Word 2007. English US is set as default language, but when I switch the language from English US to Macedonian, I can't whrite nothing.

Thanks in advance

A:Solved: Problem with Word 2007 - can't write in Macedonian language

Do you actually have the Macedonian language files installed on that computer?

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A:the disk is write-protected remove the write-protection or use another disk.

You'll have to provide more information than that for anyone to be able to help you.

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We ran the MAP Tool on Production and came up with the following Data.
How can we tell the baseline/recommendation level for IOPS? Avg R/W? QueueLength?

Average Disk IOPS
Maximum Disk IOPS
Avg Disk Writes/sec
Max Disk Writes/sec
Avg Disk Reads/sec
Max Disk Reads/sec




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I dunno what i did wrong or how this happened but i am not able to write or modify anything on anything connected via USB to my desktop.I have tried many pen drives and external HDD's.
I can read/copy but cant write/edit/del from the device.It gives me a message sayin device might be write protected.

P.S. Am not sure whether am posting in the rite section so please let m know if this aint the rite section to post this query in

A:No write modify write to USB

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I'm sorry to write this kind of issue here on a public forum, but was forced to and I can see that I'm not alone In a short words ... after a long service repair of my Yoga 710 and a long way of proveing to the seller that the hardware has a defect (fan is blowing straight to the microphone making noise), I've got money refound on 03.04.2017 !Total time that I was without funds and without a laptop lasted from 10.01.2017 to 03.04.2017 (83 days, including Lenovo Service Support - 32 days). I have got only one sorry word from Lenovo nothing more. That's all for my effort to contact them, explain everything, loosing my nerves, all invonvieniences at my bussiness etc. I asked finally what will you do if I want to buy new Lenovo product in the future (maybe small discount for me) but didn't get answer until today...Where should I write an email concerning complaint about Tech Support  ?  

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Ever find your actual write speed is far less than the selected write speed?
For example I have a LG CD-RW 40x12x40
and use Memorex CD-R 700MB 48x multi speed disks.
I set it to burn regular music CD at 40x and it only writes at 16x
It seems drivers are far and in between and I have the latest so that rules that out...
Hardware getting run down and old maybe? It doesn't get used very often. Maybe easy CD creater is the weak link...
Any suggestions? comments?

A:Selected write speed vs. actual write speed

Does it write data at 40x?

It may be that your writing software is saving you from badly written audio CDs and automatically reduces write speed.

Most CD-RW drives fail to produce error free audio CDs when writing at full speeds.

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So, I've been trying to fix this problem for months. I have two Maxtor hard drives on the primary IDE channel, one's a 120 Gb(master) and an 80Gb(Slave). Both of them write at about 1.8 Mb/sec and read at a normal rate. I've put a new ribbon cable in it, checked the jumpers, Windows says they're running in UDMA mode 6.

Both hard drives can't be bad, so I've ruled that out for now. I honestly don't remember when they first started running slow, but at least 6 months. I did a reformat about a year ago, and I think it was working well then, but that's a while ago and I just don't remember thinking it was slow at the time anyway.

Windows XP -SP3
AthlonXP 3200+
2 Gb Corsair Ram
120 & 80 Gb Maxtors
450 watt PSU


A:Slow write speed, but normal write speed

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I have recently upgraded one of my PC's to Win 98 SE and ever since then it
has locked up regularly. It's very frustrating. It seems to happen
whenever it wants and it is almost every time the PC is on for more than a
1/2 hour or so. The keyboard and mouse will stop responding and the cursor
just blinks for a little while then eventually the screen goes to blue
screen and shows an error that says "Disk Write Error. Unable to write to
disk in drive C: Data or files may be lost. Press any key to continue." I
can press any and all keys and nothing happens. I always end up powering
down. I went to Technet on Microsoft and I found the exact error in the
knowledge base. However, it mentions that this is caused by use of an
EherFast network card. This PC is standalone and not networked at all and
there are no legacy cards in it at all. What else could possibly be causing
this error? Any help is most appreciated. This is really frustrating.

Thanks In Advance

A:"disk write error. unable to write to disk in drive C:"

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Guys, a real basic question. I am looking at buying a new machine and have a choice of DVDRW/CDRW or DVDRW. The CD write and read speed (16 and 24) appears alot quicker than the DVD write and read speed (4 and 8). Is this a true comparison i.e. the CD reads 4 times quicker than the DVD or am I missing something. Will be using the laptop for a lot of CD reading for itunes and this is an important factor in my decision. All guidance appreciated. Cheers.

On a side note anyone know what the differance is between these two graphics chipsets?? i.e. which is better or are they pretty much the same

Gaphics chipset - Intel 855GM NVIDIA Ge Force FX go 5200
Mem Size - 64mb 64mb
Mem type - Shared Dedicated

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My External Hard Drive PDA1000B gets write delays alot, ran the microsoft hardware scan, not completing, what tools do you recommend

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Does anyone know how to open old Display Write text documents in MSWord? I have not been able to find a converter for it.
Thank you

A:Solved: How can I convert Display Write 4 files into Word 2002 files

Look here: http://www.gmayor.com/downloads.htm

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My McAfee virusscan detected the [email protected] virus. I'm unable to do anything with it (delete, clean, quarantine). I get disk is write-protected error. I try to browse to the directory it's in and I can't see it. I've changed folder settings to show hidden and system files. I'm running XP and still can't see the folder it shows up in. I've run viruscan in normal and safe mode. Still can't do anything with it. I've included my Hijackthis log.

A:[email protected] and disk is write-protected error

You are using an old version of Hijack This. You are also running HJT from your Temporary Internet Files folder. It will not function properly from there and it cannot create and restore backups from there. You need to create a new folder in My Documents and name it Hijack This. Now Click here to download Hijack This again. Download it and click "Save". Save it to the Hijack This folder you just created. That way it can create and restore backups if needed. HJT will store the backups in the same location that it is run from.

Click on Hijackthis.exe to launch the program. Click on the Do a system scan and save a logfile button. It will scan and then ask you to save the log. Click "Save" to save the log file and then the log will open in notepad.

Click on "Edit > Select All" then click on "Edit > Copy" then Paste the log back here in a reply.

DO NOT have Hijack This fix anything yet. Most of what it finds will be harmless or even required.

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I just started using microsoft mail for my emails. I used to use outlook and microsoft word would automatically correct spelling and capitalization errors as I typed. This does not seem to be happening now. I searched and it seems like microsoft mail is not using word to edit my emails. Does anyone know how to turn it on? If you cannot is there a way to have my emails automatically correct spelling and capitalizations? thanks for any help.

A:using microsoft word as email editor

Hello Blake,

Welcome to the forums.

I'm guessing you mean Windows Mail. Here is a tutorial on spell check: Windows Mail - Always Check Spelling

If you just want to turn on spell check, Tools/options/spelling tab. It will check spelling when you hit the send button.

Hope this helps.

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Hi everyone,

I am having promblems with Microsoft Words E-mail Editor in Outlook, everytime I begin a new message a box pops up saying something along the lines of, "initating Microsoft Word E-mail Editor..." and it freezes. I'd have to close and open Outlook to get out of the freeze, but problem still persist. I have diasble the feature but I would like to use it. Any advise will be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance.


A:Solved: Microsoft Word Email Editor

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I was trying to configure Word 2000 to send email, but I can't seem to find the means to configure the bloody thing. I have tried help files, but wasn't much help.

Anybody plz?


A:Microsoft Word 2000 aka MS Word 2000 - Sending Email - Need Help Configuring

Word itself does not send (or receive) e-mail messages. You may configure Word to be your e-mail editor, but it still requires an e-mail program (such as MS Outlook) to send messages.

You can send e-mails from within Word by using File, Send To, Mail Recipient (or Mail Recipient as Attachment), but this still uses Outlook to do the sending and receiving.


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Hi. Is there a way to preserve the formatting of a document when you perform an email merge without making the document an attachment? If not, is there a program that can do this? Will using Outlook instead of Outlook Express solve my problem?

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A:Microsoft Word - Email Merge Preserve Formatting

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can not write to dvd but can read dvd, system has worked but sudenly stopped.

A:write to dvd

What software are you using to write to the DVD? I would suggest a reinstall of that.

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Could some one please tell me on how to write what i want in cmd please. I just want to type and save in cmd nothing else

Please help thanks.

A:How to write in cmd?

What exactly are you trying to do?

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Hi new here

I have One-Write Plus and Windows XP and i'm an idiot when it comes to computers, well anyway I really need to use this program and its not opening.

Whenever I double-click it this message pops up, on top it says:

16 Bit Windows Subsystem

C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\AUTOEXEC.NT. The System file is not suitable for running MS_DOS and Microsoft Windows applications.

Does anyone have any idea what this means? What do I need to do to be able to use One-Write Plus again?

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I did the partition on my windows 8 pc and added windows xp so I could run my OWP acounting program, however, I have a problem when printing checks. It used to display the last check number used when printing checks but now I have to go to the printer icon to see what the last check used was so I can confirm the starting check number. Is there a setting I am missing?

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I have 2 hard drives on my box.

I use the second one to back up any important stuff, but I cant paste anything directly into it.

When it was installed in this box it already had quite a few folders and files in it. I can paste into an existing folder and create a new folder inside an existing folder, but if I try to create a new folder of its own (not inside anything else) I get a pop-up telling me it cant create the folder "new folder".

I seem to remember it saying it was a "read only" file or something, at one stage.

I always thougt a hd couldnt be "read only"

Any ideas how to fix this ??

Thanks in advance.

A:Cant write to hd

Sounds like it might be a permission problem. What OS are you using?? If you're using 2000 or XP, make sure your NTFS permissions are set properly.

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