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HCR file type?

Q: HCR file type?

what program do you use to create or read a .hcr file?

Preferred Solution: HCR file type?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: HCR file type?

Hello Pizzaman,

I hope this may be able to help some.

File Extension .HCR Details


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So lately i found this nifty lil Twitter app that comes with Windows 10 But when i click a tweet with a vine retweet or such it gives me an error saying "Unsupported Video Type Invalid File Type" Has anyone been using the twitter app lately and are getting the same error?

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How do I search a directory for a file type, and have it only show files that aren't that file type.
For example, searching a directory for only .jpg, and have the search only show files that are not .jpg, such as .txt, .png, etc.

A:Searching by file type, showing files that are not that type?

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I have recently bought a new mobile phone, made to specifications of Telstra here in Australia.

I have received photos from two different friends which are in the phone as "Multimedia message's"

The phone came with software (called Joinme, written by a local Melbourne company) for transferring photos to and from a PC, as well as backing up calendar, other message files etc.

As a beginner I have managed to transfer all Multimedia messages and Text messages from the phone to my PC, and appear on my PC with a file type '.sqm' (ie. for both the Multimedia and Text messages).

Windows cannot select a program to view the photos received as a Mulkimedia messages.

I rang the company who write the 'Joinme' and an unhelpful software support person told me to go and read their web site and anywhere the file type is a consequence of that used by the originating phones (my photos come from two different friends.

Can anyone help with a possible viewer for the '.sqm' files?

A:file type .sqm, viewing a file of this type

I dobut your gonna find a program to view them in Windows. SQM files are typically log files anyway. The program that makes them and your phone are you best if not only two ways to view them.

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I need to change a zip file to an epub file. I have heard this can be done, but when I add the .epub after the file name, I notice the file is still actually zip type file when I right click properties. This is causing a problem when I try to open it in in different ebook reader programs.

I know there is a way to change a file's actual file type, but I don't know how. Perhaps there is a software or I need to go into the registry?

I can do this either with windows 7 or XP home, because I have two computers. So help on either operating system would be great?

As a related question, I am wondering does changing a file's icon type actually change the file type or just the icon?

A:How do I change a file's file type (not only file association)?

Hi awd and welcome to Seven Forums.

I take it that your zip file is an e-book. Changing the extension does nothing to change the format of the data. If you have need to convert an e-book from one format to another try Calibre. In addition to managing e-books it allows you to convert from one form to another. calibre - E-book management

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I have a smartphone running Windows Mobile 5.0. I tried to install Acrobat Reader and it didn't work. Now the .pdf association with File Viewer doesn't work. Does anyone know how to create file associations? Either a registry hack or free software would be good.

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I opened a PDF file in notepad then in Word, now all PDF in my windows explorer shows a Word-like icon and file opens automatically in word.  I checked folder options and rebooted the machine, but it still shows that icon.  

How can I get the PDF file type icon back and file opens in Adobe automatically?
Thanks for any tips!

A:How can I get PDF file type icon back in Windows Explorer after I opend the file in Notepad?

Found it -
Control Panel > Default Program OR  Start >Default Program (if the shortcut already there) > select PDF file type and change default file association > pick Adobe 

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Receiving forwarded emails as attachments in Gmail. Only 2 options to access, View Text and Download.
Download doesn't work since there is no file type extension. View Text not acceptable since images can't be seen. Any ideas on how I can open this file in Gmail or convert it somehow.?

A:Solved: Gmail: no file type on attached file which is a forwarded email

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How to create a batch file that will move files based on the file type?

My Requirement : I need a batch file to copy all .doc files in all my HardDisk to a removable disk say (Z: drive) . Can anyone make it possible using a batch file?Please...Its urgent...

A:How to create a batch file that will move files based on the file type

Download XXCopy
XXCOPY, A Versatile File Management Utility --- Boldly Extended Xcopy
This is a vastly improved and extended version of DOS XCopy
Sorry, can't remember the syntax, but its quite simple if you read the manuel carefully :-)
Put the command line in a .bat file and it will run

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Hi all,

I have been hammered by several viruses. The result of the attack is that Windows Explorer now shows the file type for an exe file to be a file folder instead of an application. I assume there is something not right in the registry but I do not know where to start looking. Can anyone help? Thanks very much.

A:Windows Explorer Is Defaulting "file Folder" File Type For Registration

I'm not sure this is what you are talking about, but you can change the icon:
Tools -> Folder options -> File types
Mark the file and press "advanced".

*edit stupid mouse

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More as an alternative to twiddling my thumbs than anything else, I tried to produce a batch file that would count up the number and size of files in a folder, as well as the number and size of files with each extension. Hence it would say how many word documents I have and how much space they're taking up, etc.

I've managed to get a vaguely working model, but the output formatting is terrible (I just wanted it to say X bytes in Y "Z" Files, none of that ugly dotted variable names) and I have failed to get it to equate .htm and .html, .jpg and .jpeg, etc.

IF EXIST FTypeDst.txt ERASE FTypeDst.txt
ECHO. >FTypeDst.txt
ATTRIB +A FTypeDst.txt

ECHO Please Wait Paitently. . .


REM cycle through the current directory and subs, Increment Allnumber, Allsize, define and increment Number of * files, size of * files.
FOR /R %%F in (*) DO (
IF NOT DEFINED Number.of.%%~XF.files (SET /A Number.of.%%~XF.files = 0)
IF NOT DEFINED Size.of.%%~XF.files (SET /A Size.of.%%~X... Read more

A:Solved: File Type Distribution analysis: Batch File.

Posted via Mobile Device
You would be better off using third party software that already does this. Plenty of them out there.
I personally would check the extension of each file using the cmd extensions of a for loop. then do an if statement for each file type you want to keep track of. then use a call statement to branch to a function that adds up the file sizes and number of files.

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If anyone can help it will be greatly appreciated,I am taking A + Essentials and my instructor isn't explaining it,

A:How to switch file type name to contents using a batch file for notepad

If you are as it appears you are paying for a Course for a Comptia A+ certification and the teacher isn't doing the job why haven't you gone to the school and asked them to switch you to a course with a different instructor? Or Demand a refund?

When I got my A+ back in 2000 it wasn't that hard to pass. I believe it was two tests and I was over 95% on both with no training course. I was experienced in computers and doing things and They did have a sample test as I recall it.

And of course that old standby Google

I'm afraid I can't help you further as the tests have changed a lot over the years.

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I downloaded a zip file that contains three executable .JAR program files and 2 zipped .tar.tar files. i have two laptops - one has only win zip installed and another one has both winrar and win zip. When i open this zip file in the laptop which does not have winrar, i can see the .jar files in the win zip window and their file type shows as executable jar file. However the .tar files are still zipped so i double click on them and I get the error "Error reading header after processing 0 entries". Now, when I try to open the original zip file on the laptop that has both winrar and win zip, I can see the two .tar files (File type: TAR file) however, the .jar files' file type changes to "WinRAR archive" and even the icon against the files changes from the typical .jar icon (Java cup inside a rectangle) to WinRar icon (which looks like 3 colorful books on top of each other).

I need your help in extracting these 5 files on my desktop in such a way that their file type remains "executable Jar file" and "TAR file" respectively.

A:Extracting .jar file using winrar without changing file type


Just a suggestion here, try peazip to extract the files, it handles most file types and is the program I have used in the past rather than winzip etc

PeaZip - Free file archiver utility for 7Z, RAR, TAR, ZIP...


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Please tell me MIME type & file signature of .dd file format which is a disk image. I searched in google but couldn't find the answer. All I found was .dd file is created with DD-command line tool in Linux/Unix OS.
Any help would be appreciated.

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I downloaded a zip file that contains an executable .JAR program file and 2 zipped .tar files. i have two laptops - one has only win zip installe and another one has both winrar and win zip. When i open this zip file in the laptop which does not have winrar, i can see the .jar file in the win zip window and its file type shows as executable jar file. However the .tar files are still zipped so i double click on them and I get the error "Error reading header after processing 0 entries". Now, when I try to open the downloaded zip file on the laptop that has both winrar and win zip, I can see the two .tar files (File type: TAR file) however, the .jar file's file type changes to "WinRAR archive" and even the icon against the file changes from the typical .jar icon (Java cup inside a rectangle) to WinRar icon (which looks like 3 colorful books on top of each other).

I need your help in extracting these 3 files in such a way that their file type remains "executable Jar file" and "TAR file" respectively.

A:Extracting .jar file from win zip or winrar without changing file type?

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Hello Everyone,

I have kind of an odd question, I have been looking into changing file type icons when I came across an interesting conflict.
I would like to be able to change the file type icon for all .exe files to the same file type icon within a file explorer. If you were to try to do this, all icons that are associated with each .exe program becomes the same icon no matter where they are located.

The thing is that usually when I am in a file explorer the .exe files are installers and when I have .exe files in places like on my desktop, in the start menu, and in the taskbar, they are for launching already installed programs.

Can anyone think of a possibly way that could solve this conflict easily with some kind of setting or software.

I thought maybe something with shortcuts but that turned out to not work for me.
I also believe that .ico icon files have multiple sizes within them but I don't think there would be a realistic way to edit each of them for all the programs installed.

Has anyone else ever tried something like this? or have any solutions that I am not aware of?
Thank You

A:Changing .exe File Type Icons In File Explorer But Nowhere Else

File Explorer is on Windows 8/8.1, renamed from Windows Explorer on Windows 7 back to Windows95/Windows NT4.

Usually an .exe file for running a program will have its own icon, right-click a Shortcut, Properties, Change Icon to see what the .exe file has in it. Some programs may have a separate icon in their Folder in C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files (x86). If no icons are found Windows will put up a panel with a number of choices but they are more generic, mostly for Windows things.

Installable .exe files will have more of a generic icon and are of only a few types.

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I?ve got a file that seems to exist, but I can?t delete. I created it as a.txt with a long-ish file name (76 chars) as a reminder, but it now has no extension & is zero bytes. When I try & delete it I get the msg: ?Cannot delete ?. Cannot find the specified file?. I can?t open it and the properties doesn?t give me much info.

It?s on a drive (h:) that?s sync?d to a network and only appears when I?m not connected to the network. This makes it difficult to use things like ccleaner, deletefxpfiles, chkdsk etc.

I?ve tried deleting it from a command line (tells me it doesn't exist) in safe cmd mode (couldn't log on) deleting the folder and a bunch of other things ? but no joy.

Any ideas?


A:How do I delete 0 byte file with no file type

Have you tried refreshing the H: in windows explorer? If it disappears, the problem is the file never existed to delete!

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I work with film editing and need to have several media players. I wonder if it is possible to associate file type to different programs, depending on the file path. I.e. every file in path E:\ is opened in program1 by default, and program2 takes care of the rest of the paths. Today I use right click and "open with", which gets kind of annoying.

Thank you!

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Every time I try to start up my new HP laptop with windows 7 I receive this
message that the computer is checking file on C drive. The file being NTFS.
It says it is recommeded and if I press any key in 10 seconds it will stop (which it wont) because I tried that. So I powered down and restarted and it timed out and when I tried to start it again it is sending this message again.
What do I do?

A:checking file on C: type file NTFS

let the disk check run when you boot your lap top. It may take a while to run but the pc or in your case laptop had detected a problem or it was schedualed when your lap top was last used. After it runs your pc should boot normaly.

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hi forum

i would like to know if someone knows any good file binder and also a good file changer, i wish to change file types for example from an exe file to an image file and it should run the exe file and also be able to hide an exe file in an image file for example

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Just found out another strange thing happing on my computer. Don't know if it's suppose to do this or not, but I though see what everyone here had to say.

When I click on download links on the internet to download mp3 files, the save as box pops up, but it saves it as an MPEG instead, with no option for mp3. The linked file appears as an mp3 file on the info bar. How come it doesn't automatically save it as an mp3.

I could probably choose 'All file types' and type '.mp3' at the end of the file and then choose save, couldn't I. But, I want it to come up as an mp3 by default.

What's the deal?

BTW, this isn't in the wrong forum is it? I didn't know where to put it.

A:File formats-saving as another file type


Is it definatly a mp3? Sometimes, sites can offer links that are in the form of another file extension. Try to click one in www.mp3.com, or is this where you're getting them from?

Have you got mp3 associated with Windows Media Player? Open up the player.

View | Options. Formats. Are all the boxes ticked? If not, tick them.

I think really, that it may be just down to the site. Can you tell me the name of one of the sites, and I'll have a look?



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I accidently deleted important files for making of short film and recovered it two days after using cmd. I recovered the files completely with the right file size and everything except for one problem..... It can't be viewed/played and doesn't show any codec. It says "The file isn't playable. That might be because the file type is unsupported, the file extension is incorrect, or the file is corrupt." I already tried various repair tools but nothing seems to work. Is there any way to recover my files back? :<

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Is there any way to get vista to remember to save files to a default destination folder depending on what kind of file it is? i.e. I want the default .pdf files saved to "my documents", .jpeg files saved to "pictures, etc. I'm often having to go look for where a file was saved to.

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Turned the PC on this morning and all my files (audio , picture and video) now have the file type at the end of the file name so instead of cars42 it reads cars42.mpg same for all other file types, Why?
Also, had 2 new desktop icons "Desktop.ini" which open in wordpad as some directory log.
But now every folder now contains a desktop.ini file some have thumbs.db file.
Also, "This PC" has several device driver icons appeared which are empty but ask for a disc to be inserted, they read ie: CF/MD (E and SM/xD (F, aswell as a G: and H: , i've no idea.
I have not changed any file specs, it just appeared today.
I have many thousand files and need them to be short for work, i don't want the added .mpg,.jpg, .mp3 etc added.
Do i just system restore? how did this all happen though, Was it an update?
Also, Another seperate issue my PC takes several minutes to shut down though this has happened for most of the time i've had this PC which is only 3 months.
Using W8.1 on XPS 8700, how do i solve it? how to prevent it? TIA

A:My files have the file type at the end of the file name?

Hello Shau, and welcome to Eight Forums.

It sounds like you may have mistakenly set to show known file extensions. The tutorial below can help show you how to turn this off.

File Name Extensions - Hide or Show in Windows 8

You also set to show hidden OS files (ex: desktop.ini). The tutorial below can help show you how to not have them show anymore.

Hidden Files and Folders - Show or Hide - Windows 7 Help Forums

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I recently recovered some file of a hard drive. I got quite a few .chk files and used unchk and file chk.They did not find the ones i wanted which were avi files and premiere pro files .prproj I got a few which were avi because of their size but i changed one from chk to avi and it was'nt a avi.Is there a way i can change it back to chk?

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I need to reformat an audio file so I can play it in Windows Media Player. A conversion attempt fails with the above error message.

Is it possible.


A:Windows Media Player cannot play the file. The Player might not support the file type

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Have received an attachment containing family pictures with an extension called .zlg, when I attempt to open this my system tells me that there is no program associated with this file type and therefore access is denied. My research would indicate that this file is associated with ZoneAlarm but can not understand why I cannot access on my machine. Would appreciate more info. I am using Win 98se with IE6 and Outlook Express.

A:.zlg file type

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Hi Guys, I Am Running Vista Ultimate Extreme Edition, Dell Optiplex 755 Intel Core 2 vPro, 4GB Mem, 750 GB HDD. This Is My Question, What Type Of File Is This & How Do I Convert It To A Usable Image File?? "add-.001" - "add-.030". There Are 30 Files. I HJ Joined These Files Into One Big File & Tried to Burn An ISO Image To A Disc Using IMGBURN But Just Got A Disc With A Picture Of That Same Blank Sheet Of Paper image File. Do You Know What The Name Of This File Is Called, What Program Opens It Or What Program I Need To View It?? They Have 14,649 KB Per File. Thank You For Your Help In Advance Guys.

A:What Type Of File Is This??

These files are part of an archive that have been split up. I use WinRar to extract the contents of split archives. Just right click the first file of the archive (.001) and select open with and select WinRar from the list of programs. When WinRar opens you then need to extract the contents to the location of your choice. Every archive I've ever extracted using this method has resulted in a BIN and ISO file that can be burned using Nero or other CD buring software. I'm not sure if Winzip will work but you can give it a shot.


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have a compressed file with a .EX file type, i tried opening with winrar but it wouldn't work, i check the file's properties and found the following info:
Sfx-Factory! Self-Extractor


1997,2000 e-merge GmbH

i'm guessing it's compressed using winACE or something, but winrar couln't open it, nor can the file exract itself either.

thanks for helping.

A:what file type is this? .EX?

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On my Garmin Nuvi 200W there is a Help file which when connected to my PC will not open (extension unknown).
Is there any software I can load that would allow me to open this file and hopefully print off?
Any help would be appreciated but keep it simple please for a simple man.

A:GML type File

You could try creating a new file type.

To do this:

1. Launch Explorer.
2. Select Tools/Folder Options/File Types.
3. Click New.
4. Type the file extension into
"File Extension."
5. Click OK.
6. Click Advanced, then New.
7. Type open into the "Action" field.
8. Type in the path of the .EXE file (such as notepad) in
"Application used to perform action."
either by typing in a new path or
selecting Browse, locating and double
clicking the .EXE file.
9. Click 'Apply' >> 'OK'.

See if you can open the file.

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I have a music file that will not become associated with winamp. This means that to play the file I have to go to "Open With", and then select winamp. I have no idea what format the file is in, since the properties says File Type: File. Most of all i'd like to know how to associate this file with winamp- the checkbox for always use this program to open this file is un-clickable. I also have the problem that after I click open with, it takes a long time for the list to show up. I'm not sure why I have that problem, as most simple tasks on this computer do not take so long. Many thanks to anyone who can help.

A:No File Type?

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X_x I had no idea where to post this or how to find this on google. -_- I absolutely out of my mind hate how there is no .jpg or .txt at the end of my files. I think it's the most dumbest thing ever but w\eva, I just wanna know -- How can I tweak this so that it does show that? So that I can change the end of the filename so it changes the filetype? Thx.

A:File type

Open My Computer, click Tools -> Folder Options -> View, and untick "Hide extensions for known file types".

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.7z, i download a file with this ext, what soft. do i need to open it?


A:what type of file is this?

Have a read here... http://www.7-zip.org/


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I have a Logo that was created for us, they saved it as a PNG type, when I try to save it as a JPEG or GIF it goes all Black? Even when I try to add it to my web page ( as a PNG)?

am I missing something here, or should I ask for a JPEG/Gif type?

A:what use is a PNG file type?

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i had a problem with my computer. i had downloaded a certain file a while ago and then after downloading, i just double clicked the file then afterwards all of the application files in my desktop was converted into winRAR image icon and then when i checked every properties of the application it appears like this..

i can't open my system restore also.. everytime i open it:

what should i do? i don't know much about computer.. i hope somebody can help me with my problem.. thank you

A:Please, I need HELP (EXE file type)

See if SFC can help -

START | type cmd.exe into the start search box | right-click on cmd.exe | select run as Administrator | type/ paste the following:

sfc /scannow
Upon completion re-boot to allow files in use to be repaired.

SFC general info - http://support.microsoft.com/kb/936212

SFC & the CBS log - http://support.microsoft.com/kb/928228

Regards. . .



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ok not sure if you can help or not but i have a "compressed" file i believe with the extension .zip. when i try to open it the four different zip programs i have tried says it is not a recognizable format. is there a program or a way to tell exactly what type of file it is?

A:help with file type

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Is there a way to upload an html file to forums? If so, how do you do it please?


A:File type

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Is there anyway to remove the file type at the end of the name?

It looks like this

A:File type at the end of the name

Hi raboragaroo welcome to SevenForums

to hide file extensions:

File Extensions - Hide or Show

Open any folder,
press the Alt key, then click Tools>Options
click the view tab
check the box that says "hide extensions for known file types"

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Hello. My first post - hope this is the right place.
Some time ago I changed my computer settings so that the file type (by which I mean .txt or .MP3 etc) always appears in the file name.
Now I want to switch off that feature and have forgotten how.
Can anyone remind me please.

A:file type

Click My Computer.

Click on Tools > Folder Options > View.

Put a check mark on "Hide extensions for known file types".

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A few years ago I purchased a program called "The Jazz Pianist" and at that time I had an early version of Windows. I lost track of the file on changing computers (and to XP) but I find I have the two original floppy disks with this title on and I would dearly like to run it however most of the files have extensions MI$ or DK.and significant file (perhaps) are INSTALL (no file extension but properties show it is a BIN file) and JAZZPIAN.EX$ . The instruction on the Floppies says "Type Install from windows". I have tried clicking on these but they obviously need something more. I have also tried going to Command Line, changing to the CD drive where I have burnt all the files (see below) and typing "Install" but this is not recognised.

Two other points: I have tried to find the program again on the Net as I would buy it again if I could but I can't.

Also my floppydrive has packed up (actually I get the eroor message "insert disk in drive" which seems to be a common error) so using another computer I have copied all the files onto a CD,

I can't attach a file as the extension is not of the type permitted as an attachment.

Is there anyway I can get this program to run?


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I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this because I'm new but can someone tell me what a .rar file is and how to use it?

A:File Type

Arkyn1 said:

I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this because I'm new but can someone tell me what a .rar file is and how to use it?Click to expand...


have a look here.

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I use windows XP for my system. But some times change type of my files.
I scaned system. No virus.

Do you can help me ? if run a program who recovery registery problems
in windows can solve this problem ?

for example my Excel file (omid.exl) change to omid.tmp .

A:Change File Type

.tmp is a temporary file extension. How does it change? Are you saying you save your file in My Documents or wherever, and a few hours later, you come back and its magically changed to .tmp?

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I accidentally associated the .lnk (shortcut) extension with a program. Now all my desktop icons open that program (Picassa). I tried to change it back to Unknown Program using "set associations - change programs" but it does not give the option to change it to "Unknown Association"

Can anyone help with this?

A:Associate a file type

Hello Fort5, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You can download and merge the lnk (LNK) in the tutorial below to see if it may be able to help with this after restarting the computer. It will restore the default associations for shortcuts.

Default File Type Associations - Restore

Hope this helps,

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When my husband tries to download an attachment from his e-mail in yahoo, it opens in windows media player. This does not happen on my side of the computer. I was told I need to unassociate a file type. How do I do this?

Thanks so much for your help!

A:Unassociate a file type

Welcome to Seven Forums.

This should help.
File Extension Type - Unassociate - Windows 7 Forums

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I'm having a problem where I'm unable to choose "Save as type: All files", in order to change the format of a document using a word processor. I do not have Microsoft Word, but I've tried this with both WordPad and LiberOffice Writer and it isn't working. I'm trying to change a .odt-extension to .pdf. I've never ran into this type of problem before. Does anyone know why this is happening and whether there is something that I can do about it?

A:Need help changing file type

You cannot save a document as PDF simply by changing the file extension! If you change the extension of for instance a LibreOffice .odt file to .pdf, it's still an ODT document for LibreOffice, not a PDF file. The same in WordPad; whatever extension you give to your document, it's still a WordPad document, not a PDF file.

Looking the Save As options in LibreOffice, it seems not to have the PDF available as is in for instance Microsoft Word. However, Windows 10 gives you an easy workaround: Print to PDF.

You can Print to PDF from every application capable to print. Choosing this option will naturally not send anything to a local printer, in fact you don't even have to have a printer installed in order to be able to print to PDF. Printing to PDF simply saves a local copy of your document in PDF file format.


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Hey guys,
I am using winfax to receive faxes and I want to send those fax copies to my colleagues via MS Outlook. The problem is that the winfax file extension is only meant for Winfax. I need to make the faxes viewable under MS Outlook as an attachment like jpg/bmp. Any ideas?


I am here to stay!!

A:winfax pro 9.0 - file type

What's the file extension on the fax? You could make a screen capture of it. Open the fax and then hit the print screen key. Then open windows paint and click on edit--paste to paste the image into it. Then click file--save as and save it as a .jpeg. Then open that file into a photo editor such as Irfanview (which is free) and crop it to how you want it to look and then resave it. The only problem with that is you may have to make more than one screen capture to get an image of the entire fax if it's not all shown on screen when you hit the print screen key. You can however make two images and then paste the two together and resave them as one in virtually any photo editor. The reason I asked for the file extension is that maybe Irfanview can open it. If that's the case then you can resave it as a .jpeg in that program.

If you want a screen capture program that can scroll to capture the entire screen then use Snagit. It's the only one I know of that can scroll and capture the whole screen but it's not free.

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