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Dialup at broadband speed

Q: Dialup at broadband speed

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Preferred Solution: Dialup at broadband speed

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A: Dialup at broadband speed

Dual post.

(Its against the rules.....)

Other post has some comments here

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hi there, i thought i would spread the good news, you can get broadband speed out of your existing dialup connection and even increase your broadband connection. It works, check it out at www.whizzconnect.com.


A:Dialup at broadband speed

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I recently had broadband set up on my PC but have lost the use of dialup.
Still want dialup as a backup & in case I run out of megs that I'm allocated to in my broadband setup. Can I have both & if so how.
Any help would be appreciated

A:Now have broadband but still want dialup as well

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I'm upgrading to BT /yahoo broadband on friday.

Just wondering if anyone had any tips.

I've used up most of my dialup hours

D/l 'd zone alarm

should I install it before (and switch off)or after the upgrade?

I've checked up on stealth mode etc.

I'm just worried I may have missed something.

Any tips gratefully recieved

ps I'm in the uk.

A:dialup to broadband

Always keep your anti-virus updated!!!
And a pop-up blocker is never a bad idea!

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I am about to change from dialup to broadband. I want to make a tidy changeover so that I do not lose any files etc in Internet Explorer (e.g. favourites) or in Outlook express. I know that ther are some import/ export facilities in the latter.
I want to make sure that all of these are transferable in the right form for the new setup. Firstly can I run both broadband and dialup together for a while until my dialup finally cuts off? Presumably connection settings would be different. What I am not clear about is whether you use the same IE and outlook Express copies as before but change parameters if necessary or whether you install separate copies somehow each dedicated to a particular service.
I am thinking in terms of having the dialup as a backup during the changeover to make sure that the broadband is working properly.
If it's all the same copy, what exactly needs to be changed as you go backwards and forwards to the different services? Also are there any other do's and don'ts which are good tips in this situation.
I will probably be connecting to BT in the UK using their wireless modem/router which has a wired facility as well to the first computer.
Any other tips about what to backup would be useful.
Many thanks,

A:broadband from dialup changeover

I changed from dial-up to broadband years ago. The only thing I had to do was change the network connection. IE, Outlook, and all my other applications - and data - were completely unaffected.

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While browsing using broadband I sometimes get a dialog box showing
"Connecting My ISP, Dialling ozemail.com.au".
I assume that this means a program is trying to automatically connect
to the internet.
How can I identify this program?

A:Broadband dialup cnflict

Duplicate post.

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While connected to the internet using broadband adsl and Firefox 3.0.8
I sometimes get a dialog box showing "Connecting MY ISP,Dialing Ozemail.com.au "
I assume that this means a program is trying to connect automatically.
How can I identify it.
I would appreciate any suggestions.

A:Broadband dialup cnflict

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I need help. I installed XP+SP2 ( blanked the drive of ME & reformatted NTFS) on my daughter's computer who lives 600 miles away. I put in a NIC card so I could get on the internet for Dell drivers; activation and anti-virus updates. She ONLY has a winmodem for dialup connection thru phone line. The Network Connection Wizard will not allow a Dial-Up connection, just Broardband. She uninstalled the NIC & modem in device manager, shutdown & removed both cards; reinstalled the dialup modem, which is found in device manager and says it's working with the same results. Add a new network connection will NOT allow a dialup connection. Tried a new modem with same results. Any ideas before I have her do a complete XP Repair from her CD???

A:Broadband & DialUp Connection HELP

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I am about to change from dialup to broadband. I want to make a tidy changeover so that I do not lose any files etc in Internet Explorer (e.g. favourites) or in Outlook express. I know that ther are some import/ export facilities in the latter.
I want to make sure that all of these are transferable in the right form for the new setup. Firstly can I run both broadband and dialup together for a while until my dialup finally cuts off? Presumably connection settings would be different. What I am not clear about is whether you use the same IE and outlook Express copies as before but change parameters if necessary or whether you install separate copies somehow each dedicated to a particular service.
I am thinking in terms of having the dialup as a backup during the changeover to make sure that the broadband is working properly.
If it's all the same copy, what exactly needs to be changed as you go backwards and forwards to the different services? Also are there any other do's and don'ts which are good tips in this situation.
I will probably be connecting to BT in the UK using their wireless modem/router which has a wired facility as well to the first computer.
Any other tips about what to backup would be useful.
Many thanks,

A:Broadband from dialup changeover

You don't need to change or save anything to accomodate upgrading to broadband . The same softwares work as usual regardless of the internet connection type , only faster .

That said , it's good practice to back up your data regularly in any case . You never know what trouble might be around the corner .....

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Basic question but I'm a beginner!

I currently use a dialup 56k modem to connect to the net, but I want to use a wireless broadband package - they provide the router but what do I need to change on my pc to 'wifi enable' it? Is it just a card that goes in where the modem is?

A:Basics - from dialup to wifi broadband

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27 November 2005
0011 Hrs. U.S. Central time.

FM: Rumba352

SUBJECT: Changing over from Dialup to Broadband. Part 1.

In mid December I intend to change over from Dialup to Broadband.

1. What do I need to know in order to achieve this goal?

2. I know that I need a physical firewall.
Is there a particular brand and model that you recommend?

3. Is there any security software I need to purchase?

4. Concerning music and movie downloads, do I need
any special software?

Thank you.

Awaiting your response.


A:Changing over from Dialup to Broadband. Part 1.

A good firewall/antivirus combo that uses little resources is Zone Alarm with Anti Virus!! Norton Internet security does a good job, but it is a real resource HOG and might slow your computer down !!!

Scuse me I didn't notice you SAID Physical Firewall, they are usually included in the Router!! A good one that is less expensive is the D Link 610 for a wired system!! I am not into Wireless myself !!!

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Why can a PC access a web site while on a dial up connection but not when using cable modem / router? I have tried three different browsers on two different PCs, one running XP and the other 98se, and the result is the same. The common item is of course the web site and my router. The site is one my wife has accessed in the past with no problems. It is a sewing / machine embroidery design site - www.ericas.com. Would appreciate opinions. tks, Bob

A:Website accessable via dialup but not broadband

A router is for sharing an Internet connection between more than two computers and/or for connecting more than one computer on a LAN. The firewall within it might be configurable and be blocking that one site. If you have just one computer using a broadband connection there is no need for the router. You would need a software firewall like free Sygate installed or, if using WinXP, the WinXP embedded Internet Connection Firewall (ICF).

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i'm connecting a laptop that has dialup to a wireless network (new) with a dsl connection. The laptop is a new(ish) hp and cannot go online over the wireless network. Any suggestions? (the wired desktop works fine).

A:Solved: aol dialup blocking my broadband?

Hi and Welcome to TSG!

Ok firstly I will need you to clarify a few things for me so i don't point you in the wrong direction.

1/ In your title, you say aol dialup blocking broadband! Do you still have the dialup installed?
2/ Are you trying to connect via the AOL software?
3/ What security measures do you have installed on the wireless? Stop braodcasting of SSID, Wep/Wpa key, only allow users in list (commonly called DHCP i believe)
4/ What router do you have?

Kind Regards

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Help please.
I have 900mhz PC on XP Pro with an internal Speedstream 3060 modem. I am on ADSL broadband with PLUS.NET (UK) It is so slow it has just taken it 60 seconds to download 180kb.
It is connected to a laptop, also on XP Pro, via a "crossover" cable which is equally slow.
I woould appreciate help please at DUMMY level. Keith

A:ADSL broadband and XP. slower than dialup

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Hi all,

Windows XP Pro
Broadband at home
Dialup on the road

Broadband works fine. After disconnecting the network cable and plugging in the phone line, the modem cannot detect a dial tone. All cables are correctly connected and the phone bill is up to date.

The modem should be just fine as it has worked fine very recently. I think there is a port sharing issue or something. Surely there is a way to get them to play nice and take turns.

Internet options are set to dial only if a network connection is not present.

Please advise... vacation is quickly approaching.

Thanks much!

-M(r)s. A

A:Solved: Dialup/Broadband sharing issues

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I'm not sure what's causing it, I used a Windows XP Professional disk to install XP in a virtual machine. Ever since then I get download speeds (On the VM only, my regular machine is fine) of ~20kbps. Anyone have a solution or is this just the software (VMWare Workstation 6.0)

A:VMWare Windows XP - Internet going at Dialup speeds on Broadband.

Did you apply the TCP patch for SP2 since there was a know issue with TCP slowness, that Microsoft start applying to their OS. XP SP1 didn't have this problem. Search on google for XP SP2 TCP Slowness Patch. This patch changes three files on your system. Once that is done I would recommend using TCP Optimizer found on speedguide.net to tweak the TCP/UDP/LAN/WAN some more.

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Hello everyone:
My Outlook Express worked fine with Dial Up but NOT since getting cable broadband service.
Example: When logged in to a busness website and I decide to use their "Contact Us" by e-mail option, it will NOT SEND anything. I have to logout and log into my Netzero Mail account and rewrite and send that way.

I must not have changed various options in my updated-Windows 98SE in the correct way. I've fiddled for hours to fix this.

Any directions as what I should have changed after switching from dial-up to cable broadband?? The cable is working fine for Internet Explorer.
Thanks. agpilot (sorry if this is basic stuff)

A:Solved: OutLook Express DialUp 2 BroadBand failed

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Hi, i was wondering if anyone could help me?

I've got a laptop (Vista, wireless), an Xbox (wired), and two desktops (XP, wired + wireless). We use AT&T/Yahoo/SBC DSL (yeah, confusing). On all of them it seems like we have a slow connection, but on my wifi desktop upstairs, where i am getting excellent signal, i have been experiencing dialup speeds and worse. I seem to recall a time when it wasn't like this, but i can't point my finger at any specific changes.

Our router is the classic Linksys wrt54g. Everything really seems completely 100% spiffy, except that loading any web page generally takes a full minute.

I have run network diagnostics and can paste the results in if you need.

Any ideas? TIA...

p.s., if another forum would be better, please let me know as i wasn't sure what this would best fall under.

A:dialup speed on DSL

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I'm stuck on dialup because of my location in the wilds of Pennsylvania. When I first log on in the morning I usually only hit at about 14.4 kbps I have a dedicated line for the computer. After downloading mail I will log off and reconnect. Slowly over the course of the day as I click off and reconnect the speed slowly goes up. The best I've done so far is 44 kbps but that was after logging on and off 4 or 5 times. The modem has been checked and it's ok. The connections and wire in the house seem ok and so far Verizon refuses to come out and check further. I can't replace the inhouse wire since the phone company has to connect it at the box. I think it's the connection at the box outside since my other line connects at around 50kbps. Any suggestions short of shooting myself?

A:Dialup Speed


Try this, Hope it helps....

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Looking for a high speed dial up isp? Do you recomend anyone provider? Like to have spam block, virus filtering, maybe parental control? I have a local Maine provider @ 15.95 plus 4.95 for accelerator, a month. Is there anyone that rates all the national isp that are out there? Thank you for your time.


A:High speed dialup


That should do it. There was a better one out that i used but i cant find it now. If i find it i will let you know

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Hey Guys, I hope someone here can give me some advice. I have windows xp and when I dialup my speed varies considerably. I always dialup at around 26.4. But i can disconnect and dial again and speed increases each time. I can ususally connect at between 36 and 42.6 after several attempts. I don't understand why I have to dialup so many times to get a decent connection speed. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:erratic dialup speed

Limiting your connection may help.

Limiting CONNECT Speed

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I request thread-transplanting if this is in the wrong place, but I've got a system that had been screamin'-fast, but lately Internet Explorer has ground to a steam-age dialup-caliber crawl.

The version of IE I'm using is 8.0.7601.17514;

System info:

Gateway SX2800-01, Mfg date 06-19-09
Windows 7 Home Premium SP1
Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q2800 @ 2.33GHz 2.34 GHz
Installed memory (RAM): 4.00 GB
System type: 64-bit Operating System

What I'm experiencing are just enormous waits between virtually every action I take within IE. I've done the cache-clean, the ATF clean, the Malwarebytes and SuperAntiSpyware scans, and Secunia PSI says all my programs are up to snuff, so I suspect Foul Play. 8^|



A:IE Running at Dialup Speed on Cable 'Net

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Is there a way to bridge or simultaneously use dialup and high speed? I need dial up as a backup to satellite internet (for bad weather etc.) and would like to just have them both on at the same time pulling data together.

A:Bridge Dialup with High Speed??

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It might not be anything. Just a temporary loss of bandwidth on the phone line, but I was fooling around with some Firefox tweak utilities and, at the same time, had just installed AntiVir antivirus, when I noticed that my online bits per second had gone from about 45000 to around 31000.

I am using a dialup connection and trying to fix up this older computer for my neighbor, but this bothers me! Like I said, everything was working fine even after I tweaked Firefox, but it seems like when I installed AntiVir, things changed.

By the way, the tweaks I used for Firefox are "Tweak Network Settings" and "Firetune". But what else controls the BPS settings in Windows XP. Is there something I could have messed up in Network Connections or something? Maybe deleted too many registry entries with RegCure or what not?

If I can't get my dialup speed back to 45000 BPS, I might uninstall, then reinstall Firefox, maybe even uninstall the antivirus! By the way I have set up a manual network connection. I am not using any dialup software from AT&T.
And I'm just using Firefox, not IE. Suggestions are welcome.

A:Loss of speed on my Dialup connection!

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Heres whats up. About 2 weeks ago my cable internet started slowing way down. At first i had it connected to a modem and into a wireless router, but i thought that was the problem so i got rid of the router, but its still ridiculous slow. I mean its taking like 3 hours to download 45 mbs of stuff. Please help me!!! I know nothing about networking so.....

A:Cable internet speed like dialup..please help!!

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XP Pro - Currently DialUp
Will be switching to 'dsl' [high speed dialup] soon
i'm told modem is external [sits on desk]

i guess i need a usb card...what does it look like?
easy to install?
do i just remove card currently using for dialup now and insert usb card...need some input ...not knowing

A:High Speed DialUp/DSL -Questions

How old is your computer. I cant believe you dont have USB port on the back of your computer. A USB port looks like a very small rectangle about a half an inch wide and a quarter inch high.

You dont need to remove your dialup modem.

Do you have a Network Interface Card in the computer. They may give you the option to use that as well. I would go for that option if they give you that choice.

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I'm in middle of a css game when the phone rings and my game freezes up and have to wait for it to stop to play again. But now recently my mom was on the phone and the network was down the whole time. I reset the router modem main computer nothing worked. She got off restarted everything and it worked. What is going on with my network? Please help me I would really appreciate it. You have no idea how frusterating this is.

A:Wireless High speed is acting like dialup please help!!!

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Hi, After weeks of trying to sort my XP home edition, I decided to do a reinstall and have been left with a couple of problems.
1. The dialup connection speed is chronic (not that it was ever great before), it is down at 33,6. Before it would hit the dizzy heights of 48,0 max, nothing I seem to do manages to change it. I realise that it could be a server problem but doubt it as I have waited a full day, logging in and out and nothing has changed. Any ideas?
2. There doesnt seem to be any Windows Media Player drivers installed, when I try to play a CD in windows media I get an error saying that it cannot read the file/I have no audion files installed/the file is being used by another programme? Sorry for the slack translation, it is a foreign set up computer.
Any ideas why it doesnt install all the necessaries for media player to run? Is there another CD that I got with the computer to install the information it requires?
Windows media player opens and shows me what is on my CD, just wont play it.
Error code - 0xC00D11BA

Help appreciated........Pleased that I can use my computer without too much hassle after many weeks (these two niggles aside)

A:Reinstall probs- dialup speed and WMPlayer

Both of these problems may be driver related. You do not have the driver files loaded for your sound card. The modem not connecting as fast as before may have to do with the generic driver Windows uses for many modems. If you can find your driver disk or give us more hardware info we can help you more with this.

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I am thinking of upgrading my DSL Broadband speed from the basic to the next level. My question is how much difference in performance will there be? What am to expect that will improve? What are the pros and cons on a faster broadband speed? Is broadband speed relative to modem speed?

Looking forward to your responses.

A:Broadband Speed Vs Modem Speed

Broadband is normally MUCH faster than a dial-up modem. However, I think from your post that you already have broadband but want to upgrade to a more expense package. The difference in speed will be totally dependent on your internet service provider and what type of packages they offer.

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After restarting FireFox computer slows to dialup speed over a very short time. I'm using Vista with Firefox. Ran a hijackthis file and saw O13 - Gopher Prefix: of which I'm not familiar. Please look at the file, I need help with this. Another thing. At random times the webpage I'm on will flash and will say at the top page or FireFox not responding. Thanks for your help...

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 5:00:47 PM, on 8/5/2018
Platform: Windows Vista SP2 (WinNT 6.00.1906)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v9.00 (9.00.8112.16872)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Acronis\Schedule2\schedhlp.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Seagate\Schedule2\schedhlp.exe
C:\Program Files\Real\RealPlayer\Update\realsched.exe
C:\Program Files\NTI\NTI Backup Now EZ\BackupNowEZtray.exe
C:\Program Files\Western Digital\WD Utilities\WDDriveUtilitiesHelper.exe
C:\Program Files\Intel\Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology\IAStorIcon.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Java\Java Update\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Aimersoft\Aimersoft Helper Compact\ASHelper.exe
C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\wmpnscfg.exe
C:\Users\David\AutoRun Exterminator\AutoRunExterminator.exe
C... Read more

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In 20+ years of computing, I've run into a problem that just has me completely perplexed.

I have a G3 Dell Laptop that's only a few months old. Everything was fine until today, when my broadband speed dropped from around 80mbps to 8-9mbps, so about 10% of what it used to be. I noticed the difference and ran tests on several different sites.

Here's the kicker - when I plug my laptop directly into the modem, it's at 8mbps, when I plug another laptop in, it's at the 80mbps, so it's definitely something on my laptop.

The laptop is clean from malware. I've tinkered a bit with the network settings and nothing has changed. All my drivers are up to date, Windows 10 is up to date - I even uninstalled my AV and disabled ALL startup programs just to see if that was it - still at 8mbps.

Anyone have a suggestion as to what might be causing this?


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How can I tell if my 1mb cable broadband is running at the right speed? I have gone onto different sites to get a speed check but I don't really understand the results. My oS is Windows XP Pro and my ISP is ntl. All I want to know is if it is running at the speed it is supposed to run at. I've just had an upgrade but it doesn't seem that much faster than the 300kbps I had before. Can someone please tell me how I can find out in language I can understand. The first test I did was at ADSL and the results were: Downstream actual speed 148 Kbps, Upstream Actual speed 28 Kbps. The second site was bandwidthplace.com and the results were: 532.5 kilobits per second. The third site was numion.com, which said Throughput 5580 Bps and Throughput 45 kbps. The last one was dslreports.com which gave me download speed of 951 kbps and upload speed of 42 kbps. I don't understand any of this. Please can someone help. Thanks in advance.

A:Broadband Speed

You can try http://reviews.cnet.com/Bandwidth_me...-7254_7-0.html

Its always worked well for me.

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i have just upgraded my broadband to 20mg from 4mg and it does not seem to make any difference when i go in to network connections and it says 100.00 mbps this has not changed when i upgraged does this change when you have a faster connection is there a way of checking how fast my b/band connection is as my provider is telling me i am getting 20mg any help would be cool

A:broadband speed ??????

that 100 mbps is how fast you can transfer files from your pc to another pc on a network, not your internet speed. it will not change from upgrading internet services. you can test your internet speed by going to http://reviews.cnet.com/7004-7254_7-0.html and running there test. there are also other sites that will test your connection too. hope this helps

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Is there a link you could provide which would enable me to test the speed of my Broadband connection please?

A:Broadband Speed

Here's one: Speedtest.net.

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Hi there seems to be so many 'Broadband speed' tests, which ones are the most accurate ? or are they very much the same?


A:Broadband Speed?

The test results can vary greatly, depending on which site you use, the location, and the time of day.

I'm fortunate to have a speed test site that my ISP provides locally, so the upload and download speeds are usually within 90% - 100% of what I pay for.


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I have recently upgraded from dial up to broadband. I had just downloaded some software and it took a few minutes to download,15 mg. The speed it was downloading was 50 kbps. My broadband speed is supposed to be 256/512 upload/download! Why is it still downloading as if it is dialup. I do not dialup and the broadband is connected! XP, 3.2 ghtz, 160 gig, 512 ram,

A:Broadband speed

It could be the server you were using is just real busy. Try a free online speed test. http://reviews.cnet.com/Bandwidth_meter/7004-7254_7-0.html

With cable, your download should be above 1500 KB.

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Is there a prog around that will sit on the desktop and show the broadband speed??

A:Broadband speed

Well, I found this for the Windows Sidebar.

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Morning Guys, Maybe someone has ran across this and can help. I'm looking at a Insight Broad Band home network for a guy. 3 pc's on his router. He is paying for the 20.0 package, supposed to be 20 MB download. 2 of the pc's get about 18MB download, I figure this is about right with the modem (motorola surfboard sb 5100) and a (linksys wrt54g wireless router) all with current firmware. Insight say's everything is provisioned correctly. All pc's are wired with the longest run at about 100 ft. The middle run at 30 ft only get's about 10 MB download with several different speedtest. That pc is running XP Pro and all pc's have the same OS. All pc's are about the same, 2 to 2.5 gig processors. I have ran, hijackthis, spybot, adaware, super anti spyware, malwarebytes, combofix and his virus program along with online scanner Housecall. All came up clean. If not infected anywhere, where should I look for the speed loss. I changed cable ports on the router, changed nic card and cat 5 cable. I am at a loss on this, any help would be appreciated.


A:Broadband speed


You should post this in the networking section here.

1. Are the network settings the same on all 3 computers? Especially DNS. Or are all 3 computers set up using DHCP?
2. Do you have anything else running at the same time as browsing? Especially updating software like antivirus/Adobe/Java/Apple or Quicktime/Windows updates? Try to stop it if you have.
3. Do you have any Firewall software running? You can temporarily disable it and see if it makes a difference.
4. Is the 3rd PC still slow when the other 2 are disconnected?
5. If you ping www.google.com do you get any timeouts?
6. Have you tried to use a different browser like Chrome or Firefox if you are using IE? You can also try resetting your browser or disabling any add-ons
7. Is the network cable of the 3rd PC running next to any power lines, fridges, heaters or anything that can cause electrical interference?
8. If you go into the properties of your network adapter and click on the advanced tab, is "Media Type" set to "auto Select"?

Please let us know.

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I have Tiscali ASDL 512MBS

Over the last 2 days the speed had slowed well down

using the online speed checks I get the following:

Direction Actual Speed True Speed (estimated)
Downstream 466 Kbps (58.3 KB/sec) 503 Kbps (inc. overheads)
Upstream 111 Kbps (13.9 KB/sec) 119 Kbps (inc. overheads)

at one time the upstream was 33Kbs

I have a wireless router/modem and the problem occurs on all 3 networked PCs.
Is the problem with me or Tiscali?

It is driving me nuts! :knock:

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Hi im on "orange broadband" & should be getting 8Meg but since last week ive noticed im getting much faster speed

Usually when I have done a speed test I was getting around 6meg

the only thing i can put it down to is ive changed my landline phone package from BT to post office (would this have any effect...?)

A:broadband speed

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Hello & Happy New Year!

My ISP is BT & I am on the "Up To 8 Meg" package. When I use various Speed Test sites, they all show roughly the same figure of about 950 kbps for Downstream. However, when I complain to BT about this speed, they tell me to use their site: http://www.speedtester.bt.com/ & the results from the tests there confuse me.

Below are the last results I achieved & the Downstream figure is quite respectable!

Test1 comprises of Best Effort Test: -provides background information.
IP profile for your line is - 1000 kbps
DSL connection rate: 448 kbps(UP-STREAM) 2016 kbps(DOWN-STREAM)
Actual IP throughput achieved during the test was - 928 kbps

I have kept screen-grabs of previous tests & the IP profile for my line, (whatever that is... BT cannot give me a straight answer!), has varied such as, 1000, 1500, 2000 & 2500. There was one time when my line profile was 3500 kbps which resulted in 448 kbps Upstrem, 4224 kbps Downstream & an actual throughput of 3240 kbps.

When I use BT's site to see "How Fast Can I Go", I have had different figures on different days - anything between 3Mb & 4.5Mb

I find it hard to argue with BT's Tech Support when referring to the results from their site as they show a reasonable Downstream figure. My question is, why do all the other test sites I use show a figure of about 950 kbps for Downstream when BT's site shows a figure about double all these others?

Any help o... Read more

A:BT Broadband Speed.

i have a IMB line from UKONLINE service
and here are the results from the BT website
949 kilo bits per second (Kbps),

I would expect at least 5MB if i had 8MB line

heres a few sites I use










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hi, i was checking my broadband speed today and found the virgin speed checker,i entered my post code and it came up that i can get 5mb download but when i tried again i enterd my phone number and it came up that i could only get 3mb download is there a reason for this,any help thanks in advance

A:broadband speed

You'll have to ask Virgin, I imagine that's location specific.

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I am recently connected to broad band and the connecting speed now shows 100Mbps.I have a 256mb ram and 1.2ghs amd duron processor. While downloading a file I get a initial speed of 40-45mbps speed. I am glad if any one enlighten me whether this speed is normal or anything to be done to increase the speed.
Thank you

A:Broadband speed

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I have O2 Broadband premium with the O2 wireless box II on up to 20 meg. I would only ever get 2-4mb so I called them up and they said it was because I was using an telephone extension cable from the master socket in the livingroom up to my room and to change it to a broadband extension cable.

So I bought a RJ11 cable and I have done a few speed tests using various sites and show higher speeds from around 7mb to 12mb (depending when I test them) but whenever I download something it always downloads at the same speed around 150kbs to 250kbs? how is this when the speed test sites say I can get up to 12mbs?

I checked my uncles PC (stays across the road) and he is on talk talk and varies from 7mb to 12mb like myself and downloaded the same file from cnet and he was downloading at 1.5mbs - 2mbs where I was only 150kb to 200kb?? both are connected with ethernet cables.

why is there a big difference in speed?


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I access broadband from a Wired router, and my two kids, are wireless. I know that when we are all on the speeds will slow down, but even when I am the only one on, it seems slow for broadband. Today, however, the web pages are loading instantly. How can this be? How can I check my broadbands settings/speeds and what they should be, and why they don't always reach the speeds they are doing now?

A:Broadband Speed

what speed broadband are you allegedly on

is it cable or adsl

who is ISP

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hi johntaylor, and welcome to sevenforums,

usually i don't use capitals either, but here they are important.

1000 kbps = 1 Mbps = 0.125 MBps

b = bit, B = byte, M = mega-, m = milli-

A:broadband speed

Quote: Originally Posted by johntaylor

i would like to test my internet speed in mbps,last week i test my internet speed here IP Details.com : Internet Speed test , it shown in kbps i need the right website to test in mbps,please let me know if there is anything.


Mickey Megabyte is right but if you must speadtest.net

Oooops It was a BC (before coffee)<g>

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