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How To Save a Contact From SMS/Phone No in Windows 10 Mobile

Q: How To Save a Contact From SMS/Phone No in Windows 10 Mobile

If you receive an SMS from a new phone number or if you manually dial a phone number, it doesn't appear that you can save the number to your contacts list as a new contact. With SMS, if you click on the phone number you received the SMS from and then the save icon (the only option available) it just opens the People app, making it seem like it's disappeared somewhere. With the phone dialer, again if you hit the save icon, it just throws you into the People app leaving the user to wonder where it's disappeared to.

I'm not entirely sure why Microsoft designed it this way as it pretty rubbish, however it is possible to save numbers. After hitting the save button, you then need to click the '+' symbol in the People app as if creating a new contact from scratch. Why it doesn't just go straight to the 'New Outlook Contact' Screen is beyond me, as that would be the most logical and user-friendly way to do it.

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Preferred Solution: How To Save a Contact From SMS/Phone No in Windows 10 Mobile

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Is there a way I can run my Windows Phone's IE on my notebook PC?

A:Use Windows Phone's mobile IE on PC

Are you interested in upgrading to Windows 8.1 ?

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How to backup my files from ios mobile phone and how can i recover it

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Is there a programme on Windows that will transfer the phone numbers from my AOL address book to my Sony Ericsson phone? Or any other software where I can store all the numbers and then transfer all the numbers to each new phone?

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Can anyone point me to a Driver for a Samsung SGH-A421 mobile please. I have downloaded Kies 3 but it does not recognize the phone.

Thanks in advance.


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Hello guys, I am thinking of buying a windows mobile phone and need your help.
Please recommend me a phone with its specification and if you can plz also post its price.......

Thank u guys


A:Recommend a windows mobile phone....

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A client had a virus which they activated through an email with a (supposed) link to a dropbox file.
He checks his email (hotmail) on Outlook.com on a Win7 laptop.
Using his laptop, when reading the mail, by clicking the link it sent out the same message to his contacts (though with a slightly different landing page that had been modified when compared to the original link). 
There were no messages saved in "Sent" items.
The laptop had been cleaned by the client using MBAM. He then ran ESET online scanner.
Since receiving it I have run Rkill and then SAS and Bitdefender on it with none of them showing any infections.
Since this issue occurred his contacts on his phone have been showing strange links to each other - as if the "link" contacts functionality was used in some way to create distribution lists. It also mean's when someone rings him he sees different names coming up on his display. The phone is a Windows Nokia phone.
When I review the contacts through outlook.com I see no linkage.
I was wondering if there has this been any instances of this being seen before ?
Do the gurus of this site think this is a possible side effect?
I can send the links to the dodgy site - just don't want to include it in case someone clicks it by mistake.

A:Windows Phone Contact List affected by Virus?

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***************************************************If you still need help, I would like you to post a Reply to this topic (click the "Add Reply" button in the lower right hand of t... Read more

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I would like to use my android phone camera as a webcam for use on my Windows 10 desktop PC. I was hoping to use it for videochat. What would be the steps to set this up? My phone and computer both have wifi and Bluetooth. I was thinking that it might be best done using bluetooth? If you can guide me through a procedure for my windows 10 pc that would be great.

A:How to Use Mobile Phone Camera as Webcam on Windows 10 PC?

What's the exact phone you have?

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I m using htc touch to use the wifi internet connection provided by my collage campus. So all i want use the same connection on my pc With through that phone. so how can establish the bridge connection bet (wifi>>>>Phone<<<Pc) so i want to use the wifi internet connection on my pc through/using my Htc Touch....

Plz reply or e-mail at (or maybe not!)

Mod edit: remove email address.

A:how to connect the pc to wifi through a windows mobile phone

Not a good idea to put your email address in posts unless you enjoy bots sending you all kind of spam email.

What you are trying to do is called Tethering. Most cell phone providers do have this option but I believe technically you have to pay for it. There are hacks around it though. I know how to do it on my Palm not sure about windows mobile.
I would google search for: htc touch tethering
You will get lots of hits.

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I just upgraded and I like it.

A:Microsoft Office Mobile 2010 (Windows Phone)

windows phone only?

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I offer this post in the hope that it may help others in the same situation.

I had WMDC working well with my TYTN (HTC Hermes) but, having moved to an HTC Touch Pro 2, I found that the connecting and syncing was very unreliable. Two days ago WMDC started saying "error" instead of connecting to my phone.

I uninstalled WMDC, and then reinstalled 3 or 4 times - no go. I read everything I could on the issue (and there is plenty of it ) in this forum, and other places. After several frustrating hours, I hit the jackpot - I am only sorry I cannot remember where.

I uninstalled WMDC and WMDC update with Revo uninstaller, and reinstalled them - bingo ! It is reasonably clear to me that Revo does a better job at cleaning out registry entries than Windows uninstaller, certainly in this case. I was so grateful to Revo that I bought the package (special offer at the moment).

I sincerely hope this helps other searchers for a solution to this problem.

Whether I stick with a Windows phone, long term, is a different issue!

A:Windows Mobile Device Centre not responding to new phone.

Windows uninstaller only does what the program's uninstaller tells it to do.
I liked the older uninstalls where you could manually select every single component of a program and remove it completely.

Glad you fixed your problem.

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Hi All

Trying to sort out protection for my Android Phone, and PC, seems whenever I put Avast Mobile Security back on phone, I end up putting it back on Desktop lol, ( I know I shouldn't reinstalled it, but guess bad habit of mine sighs) oh well when I do the clean install of Anniversary update of WIndows 10, that should be solved it hope

A:Recommened Protection for Android Mobile Phone/Windows 10 PC


Bitdefender Free - light, simple, and free.


Windows Defender and Malwarebytes Anti Malware free.

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I am running a Windows Vista Ultimate 64 system, and I just upgraded my cell phone to an HTC Pure (Win Mobile 6.1) from AT&T to replace my AT&T Tilt (Win Mobile 6.0). The Tilt was synching just fine with my PC.

I deleted the old pairing in Vista and the new phone shows up and I set up the configuration to load my Outlook 2007 Contacts, Calendar and Notes. I hit synch, and I get all of the appropriate messages, but NOTHING shows up on my new phone . . . yet I get a message that synchronization was successful. As far as I can tell -- every setting is correct on both devices.

The Tilt was transferred from an older PC running XPPro. Does anybody think the answer might be going to the older PC and doing the first synchronization there first?

I have found several instances of similar problems with various makes and models of mobile phones and the last two or three iterations of Windows Mobile, but I cannot find a single answer where the person with the problem hasn't come back and posted the problem recurred after finding what they thought was "the answer."

Thanks for ideas.

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The SSD in my carbon x1 6th dead within a year. I sent it to lenovo asking them to fix it. This took two weeks.  After I received it, I found the windows they installed is NOT the orginial windows, and it's NOT activiated! I tried to call the customer sevice for a product key. The lady asked me to ship it back. I told her that reinstall the windows will cause the loss of all the software I installed - a lot are license associated and expensive. I asked if they can just give me the product key or if they can pay the software I got, I'm fine to ship it back. The lady just hang off my phone.....twice..... I'm very upset with the customer service. Is there a way to get contact with her upper manager and solve this issue? Many thanks! 

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I have Outlook 365 on my desktop for emails , calendars and contacts
I use Icloud for Windows to sync my Calendar and Contacts from iphone to desktop or from desktop to iphone.
Was seamless until a few days ago when trying to edit a contact on Outlook it would not allow me to save it
Error message was "Your changes cannot be saved because you don't have permission to modify some or all of the items in this folder. Do you want to save a copy of the item in the default
folder for the item?
I can edit the contact on iphone and it updates though to Outlook on desktop.
Calendar appointments (new and amended/edited) are seamlessly working both ways.
A new contact inputted onto Outlook icloud contact will save but if you then try to add a new number or note then get the above error message.
Please advise

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Someone installed Windows Live Mail on a new (used) computer, then imported my contact file (.cvs format) from my old computer where I was using Vista 64bit. This was done from within windows live mail option.

The import works but every time I reboot the contacts disappear from Windows Live Mail and I have to import again which takes hours.

I tried importing via hotmail page but it keeps timing out.



A:Windows Live Mail Contact List (.cvs) will not save

This is a common problem,

You will have to "add" those contacts manually afetr performing an import.

To do this,

Click on Tools > Options > then click on Privacy,

In the Contact Lists Menu click View
Right click on each contact and click add.

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Hello i have a laptop, with Network & Modem i want to connet to the internet using my Nokia 5110 what do i need and what do i do or is it even possiable p.s i have a Nokia 5110 Data Cable (Sirial)

Thanks for any replys!

A:Mobile Internet using mobile phone

a serial data cable can't connect to the internet.
First of all you need a data capable phone which I don't think the 5110 can.

You need a 6210 or 7110 etc more info on nokia website

Even with data phone I've never heard of a suitable cable but you can connect using infrared adapter - you need infrared capability on phone too. I guess it would be dead slow too.

if you want to connect to internet on laptop but a nokia card phone. You put it in you PCMCIA slot after putting your SIM into it and it acts like your phone. It's fast and reliable but about £150 GBP

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I am creating a web site where the header is moving some images depending the mouse position, you can see at it: http://www.ventadecarne.mx/
The problem is that mobile devices (iPhone, Android, iPhone, etc..) not show this effect.
I know that there is no cursor, but I want to know if I can touch the finger to view this effect.

A:About Contact Finger on Mobile Devices

Hello, and welcome to the boards...

No, I'm afraid this is not going to happen. The touch interface doesn't register constant X / Y coordinates, as is the case with a mouse, it just registers the element clicked on, and relative offsets from that element's origin.
In order for this effect to work on touch devices as it does on mouse based interfaces you would need to measure the difference in horizontal mouse location, basically over riding the drag functionality, and that's not a good idea (if it is even possible!).


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What is the application that you need in order to save your contact list on your PC and upload it to your cell phone? I know there's a program that allows you to do this so what capabilities would your cell phone need to do this? I upgrade cell phones every year but having to manually input my contact list to my new phone is just getting tiring. Does anyone know what I am talking about? I think it's a Microsoft program.

A:Contact List Application Pc To Mobile?

What brand of phone are you using?
Motorolas use Motorola Phone Tools, this program will
not work with other brands...LG, Sony, Nokia,,.
I believe the program you are thinking of is
Microsoft ActiveSync. It only works with Windows Mobile devices.

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To modify the check moment, original, double-click on the AVG icon and then click on Tools> difficult Settings from the list of options Click the ?+? offered just after that to Schedules. Click on Schedule scan options and the modify the time from the right. Click is relevant at the bottom of the screen and then clicks on OK. For more information to visit this Official website: Avg Support UK Other Source:Avg Help UKAvg Contact UK

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I have a Windows 10 Enterprise 15063.1088 system that accesses a security camera DVR via local IP.
When i login i get a message that i need to download (DL) an addon: IVSWeb.exe. (this is presented as a blackbox with DL URL in center over what should be camera feeds)
DLing, installing, adding site to compatibility list, relaxing Edge security settings, etc. does not change the behavior (prompted to DL IVSWeb.exe).
When i use browser emulation the results are the same (IE 8 through 11) UNTIL i get to
Microsoft Edge - Windows 10 Mobile. This setting along with
Internet Explorer 11 - Windows Phone 8.1 Update and Internet Explorer 10 - Windows Phone 8
allow me to access the DVR and view camera feeds.
This behavior is duplicated if i use IE 11 browser then enable emulation. Prompted to DL addon until emulation hits
Internet Explorer 11 - Windows Phone 8.1 Update
My question is:
What is difference between desktop Edge (cant stream camera feeds) and emulated Windows 10 mobile Edge (can stream camera feeds)?
Same for IE:
What is the difference between desktop IE 11( cant stream camera feeds)  and emulated IE 11 (can stream camera feeds)?

(in researching this i have just downloaded a couple of the browser VMs to test)

Preparation plus Opportunity = Luck

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    I need exact working HP contact phone number in U.A.E ;                    Many times i try to contact HP center in U.A.E using 2 numbersthat get frpm internet but i cann't,                                                                          so,please help to get the correct working number of HP U.A.E and also the working hours.                                                                                                        please it is an emmergency   

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How do you get someone on the phone 

A:How can I contact hp on the phone? My two month old laptop ...

While reading this, scroll-down to the bottom-left of the whole web-page, to see: About usContact HPCareersInvestor relationsSustainabilityNewsroomAccessibility Click on "Contact HP", and follow the on-screen prompts. 

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Facebook is mostly used by everyone but unfortunately any user need to contact facebook support because of having issue with facebook account so you can also get help from facebook helpdesk. You just need
to @dial toll-free number and get solution of your issues.
Toll-free number:
+1-844-773-9313 (USA,CANADA)
+44-800-051-3717 (UK)
+61-180-082-5192 (AUS)

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i am trying to download mp3s to my 02 x4 phone i can install the driver but the software comes up with error message runtime error i cannot get the p.c suite to load

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Hi there,

I've recently bought a new mobile phone (LG U8120) this came with a CD for my PC and a USB connection. I have loaded all the drivers and programmes that came with the phone.

The problem i have is when i try to Synchronise the PC with the phone i get the following message:

Fail to connect to the mobile phone,
Please check the COM port and connect in idle screen.

I've tried the help pages with the CD but i can't see that I'm doing anything wrong.

The thing i have noticed is that when i put the USB cable into the Computer i get a double noise from the PC (as though the PC doesn't like it when i place the cable into the usb port) (Does this make sense?)

Any idea's?

A:Mobile phone via USB


I assume when u say synchronize, you mean dialing directories etc. I have a LG-4400 which had a similar problem. I think the problem is the software was orginally implemented to support serial ports only. To provide support for USB, they added some additional code. My software reported a similar message, but I had an option in the software to search the USB connections. It was called "re-detect phone". It was in one of the programs pull down menus. What it did was to search all COM ports for the phones attachment. I still have to do this if I plug the phone into a different port everytime. Hope this helps.


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Afternoon my Bleeping friends,
I want to put a film on my Nokia N96 and need to know what is the best way to do this, ie what program to use and how to do it !

I not very good with the different files formats, so would be nice if you could to a step by step.

Many thanks as always.


A:DVD to Mobile phone

The mobile phone file format is .3gp.Super, should be able to convert your movies, to .3gp.Sorry I can't give you a step-by-step, but it's not something I've ever done, before.

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i'm not sure if anyone can help
i've got a sony ericsson k800i i've installed the software which come with the phone
the problem i've got is when i conect the phone to the computer and try and use file transfer mode the phone will turn itself off and restart when the phone restarts in file transfer mode the computer does not reconise the phone or the memory card i'm not sure if it is a problem with the phone or it's the software

A:mobile phone

Find someone else with the same phone and try a different phone.

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does anybody know of any software for sending ringtones to mobile phones via internet??? as i have polyphonec ringtones and it is faaar to expensive to browse wap and download them

any ideas?????


A:mobile phone

There are a number of sites that will send ringtones to your mobile (cellphone (for our US friends ) without additional software, assuming that you have a Nokia

Just remember to be patient, as you can well imagine, they are quite popular. The best times to d/l is early morning/late evening

A couple of sites to start you with


A google for free ringtones will reveal more

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Gday Folks,
Can any one help with this problem? I am trying to connect a Samsung E2510 mobile to my PC using USB. I have downloaded the disc that came with USB cable to install Samsung PC studio 3 but cannot get my phone to connect to PC. I need step by step instructions on how to achieve this , but remember I am no Einstien when it comes to computers. You guys have always solved my problems before and I hope you can keep a 100% record. Thanks in advance

A:Mobile phone to PC

I have used both Nokia and Motorola Razr connected to our computers. You need to go to the Samsung site and d/l the most current program for the phone/computer. Install the software first. In my case after installing the software it has the instructions on connecting the phone. Ir is possible that you need USB 2 ports. I know the Motorola requires USB2 rather than the USB 1.

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Hi all,

A few questions, hope you can help.

Is it possible to save a mobile phone video onto a DVD that will play on a normal DVD player ?

If so how would I go able this. Is there a freeware programme that can do this for me.

What format is a DVD ?

Cheers, Wizzkid.

The phone I am using is a Nokia N95

A:Mobile phone to DVD


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I did a search and only found one post but it had no answer. The computer shop I rang said download software so I have googled it as well with no success. The guy in the shop said they could do it for me for $55 (Australian).

If this was going to be a once only thing it would not be too bad but I will be hopefully doing it more. Can anyone tell me how to make MP4 files from a mobile phone to Dvd?


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How to take the backup or syncronize my phone book contact of my window mobile (samsung I600) to MS outlook 2003. I had Active sync 4.2 version available.

Can anybody suggest me the solution.

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I use outlook to manage all my contacts and sync with my Nokia mobile, however the way that it formats the phone numbers irritates me to no end. (see screenshot)
Is there a way to change the formatting so it just ends up being 1234567890?
I've looked everywhere and even tried to edit the form that it uses but I havent found anything that looks close to what I'm after.

A:Outlook Contact Phone Number Formatting

mine goes in just as a number - i dont remember doing anythng special - i think i canceled or said no when they first tried to format

i'll try and see if i set an option up somewhere

heres mine with numbers
and the result when double click on number

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Hi,I'm posting this on behalf of my son, currently studing in the USA. All he needs is a US Support phone contact so he can talk to someone.His laptop has bluescreened, and all attemps to resolve have failed.


View Solution.

A:United States Phone Support Contact

Please try HP Customer Support - Contact... must fill out the form. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Please click the White KUDOS "Thumbs Up" to show your appreciation 

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Gooday all. Details first, AMD Sempron 2600+, 1.60ghz, 700mb ram. Windows XP Home sp2.SamsungSGH-A701 phone. I want to transfer my phone contact details to my PC for safe keeping. I downloaded the appropriate software, updated that, and all the other apps in the suite work. However when I try to access the contacts list I get the error, "unknown error". Not particularly helpful eh!! Could someone here possibly point me in the right direction. Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance. Regards, James.Edit: Moved topic to the more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

A:Unable To Read Phone Contact List.

What software program did you download?

Hmm. I'm assuming you are transferring the phone contact details from your cell phone?

Orange Blossom

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how-to-contact-at-t-technical-support-phone-number ?

A:how to contact AT&T technical support phone number ?

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Hi Friends

I just want to know which Processor is in Mobile Phone and also OS name.
Actually I am working on Hnadsets like Chinese clones Phones,Alfatel,Gfive,Lephone etc.

Thanks and Regards

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I am trying to install this program in order to transfer pictures from the mobile to the pc but it happens that starts to load and suddenly the pc boots again and so over an over. So i am unable to install the program What could be the error? Normally the pc works fine/

A:Mobile Phone Tools V 3.0

What's your operating system? What kind of mobile phone?

In my limited experience the software that comes with even top brand phones is very badly written and you need to make sure you have the latest version downloaded from the phone co.'s website.

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My grandaughter's month old lap top will not reconise the usb adapter for her mobile so that she can upload her pic's, Any idea's please. This is Windows7, Thank you.

A:Mobile phone adapter

some older usb adapters cannot be seen in windows 7 You may need to update its drivers from its makers site.

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Where do you download games for your mobile phone? I’ve been using…


Have a bunch of great ones there, anyone know any other good ones?

A:Mobile Phone Gaming


Moved you here for more response


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Hi I am new to this forum. I have bought Sony Vaio VPCEB24EN last week.
Configure :Intel Core i3-350m porcessor,2.26 ghz Windows Home Basic 64 bit, 3gb ram.
My query is 1) I do not have Outlook express and I want to backup my contacts & tasks from Mobile Phone . Is there any free software to download and configure to pc suite.

Thanks in advance.

A:How to synchronize with mobile phone ?

Hi, your probably aware by now that Outlook Express is no longer supplied with W7. I presume you have W7 as you didnt say:

Quote: Originally Posted by PrabakaR

Windows Home Basic 64 bit, 3gb ram.

Not sure what you mean by "download and configure to pc suite", however, did you not get any software on CD/DVD with your mobile phone? They nearly always have some backup facility of some description??

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I've set my Samsung U600 phone with all of the account details from my Tiscali email account, but I can't get it to connect.

When I try to get it to check for emails, it connects for a second, then disconnects with the message 'Server mailbox locked or incorrect password'.

Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?



A:Email on mobile phone

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OK, i am trying to access the internet using the GPRS connection on my phone. I have the wire that goes from my phone to the computer, and thats fine, and I have a connnection thingie set up.

My computer 'dials up' or something, and then it says:

"TCP/IP connected successfully.
IPX or compatible CP reported error 733: A connection on the remote computer could not be completed. You may need to adjust the protocols on this computer. For further assistance, click More Info or search Help and Support Centre for this error number.
Press Accept to use the connectoin as is, or Hang Up to disconnect."

It then has a little checkbox thing that says "do not request the failed protocols next time". I leave this clear, and click accept.

And then it has a little balloon thing in the bottom left that says "Siemens MC60 GPRS connection now connected, Speed 114.2 kbps".

And then when i try and go onto a web page it doesnt work!


A:Internet with my Mobile Phone

You have two issues. First off, you don't need the IPX protocol, so I'd check the box that says don't try the failed protocols. For the lack of connections, try this when you're connected.

Open a DOS window and type:


Open C:\RESULT.TXT with Notepad and copy/paste the entire results here.

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Hey yall
it's me again back with another troubleshooting question

This time around I decided to get my self a new motorola v220 phone
It does come with this neat usb cable and software

neways the driver I have to install is called P2k
which sets the driver under modems in device manager in winxp
I try to run a test and it does not communicate with the the phone
It keeps saying it's not communicating correctly with the phone
perhaps someone could give me a little advice on whats the dillo

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