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Vista Improper Shutdown Notice, after good normal shutdown

Q: Vista Improper Shutdown Notice, after good normal shutdown

Hello all!

I seem to be having an annoying error alert for an error that, as far as I can tell, never occurred.

When I shutdown my computer (through start -> shutdown....as I always have), it shows the vista shutdown screen then the computer powers off, like it always has.
But, when I power back up and log in, I get an alert stating the following:

Windows has recovered from an unexpected shutdown.
Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.0.6001.
Locale ID: 4105

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 1000007e
BCP1: C0000005
BCP2: 8D728267
BCP3: 803CCC04
BCP4: 803CC900
OS Version: 6_0_6001
Service Pack: 1_0
Product: 768_1Click to expand...

This problem began to occur this past week, and I think is a result of 6 windows vista updates installed on Sept.10. Four updates were listed important (two recommended were for my Windows Mail software and a general update to resolve application compatibility issues - KB954366) and are logged as being successfully installed in my update log.

I don't really want to have to uninstall windows updates, unless absolutely necessary.

Is there any other likely reason for this notification to pop up on startup after a completely normal shutdown?

Thanks in advance for any help.


Here are my system specs:
Processor: AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 6400+
RAM: 3GB Comstar DDR II 667/533
HDD: Western Digital 250GB
DVD: LG 20x Super Multi Security DVD Rewriter with LightScribe
Graphics: NVidia GeForce 8800GTX
Monitor: 22" Samsung SyncMaster 226BW (Digi)
OS: Windows Vista Home Premium SP1
AV + Spyware: Norton AV 2008, Spybot S&D, HijackThis

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Preferred Solution: Vista Improper Shutdown Notice, after good normal shutdown

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Every time I boot up my computer it gives me that message saying that Windows was improperly shutdown and asks if I want to boot it up normally or go to safe mode, etc. But I'm shutting it down properly every time... I'm giving it plenty of time to power off it's not like I'm turning it off halfway through. I don't understand why it would be doing this? It isn't a huge problem half the time it just defaults to booting windows normally if I don't choose an option after a certain amount of time (most of the time I just boot the computer up and walk away) but still it's annoying sometimes and I would like to know why it happens.

A:Windows Vista "improper shutdown" every time...

Check the entries in the Evenet Viewer - there may an entry to tell you what is causing this - may be an application that has trouble shutting down .

Run a CHKDSK on the partition where the OS resides

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Vista Premium 32-bit
HP Pavilion dv6000
Intel [email protected] Ghz, 3GB RAM

My computer's not booting correctly. It gets stuck at the welcome screen. I recently had an improper shutdown (battery died), thereafter it would boot up but instead of going to the desktop it would go to a black screen, where I could move the cursor and could use ctrl+alt+del and use task manager, etc. Now I've tinkered with it. And it gets stuck on the welcome screen, where it doesn't respond to anything. Besides pulling the battery out. It does boot in safe mode.

By tinkering I mean I've created another user. I've used 'msconfig' and disabled all the start up programs. Still didn't work, so I went and disabled all the start up programs and then hid the microsoft services and disabled all the services. I've also been to the repair menu and performed all the tasks besides restoring to the original factory conditions, which is probably what I'll end up doing. I've tried to restore to previous successful boots and it acts as if it is booting correctly, and previous boots don't work either. I haven't done anything recently to the comp, besides change the registry to bring back a disappeared sound icon. I think my problem is just due to the improper shutdown. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

A:Vista won't boot properly after improper shutdown

Hi read this tutorial.....Startup Repair

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my pc still remains in sleep mode even after shutting down.

A:improper shutdown

i have removed the POLL
and edited the post and added the question

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Hi guys.

I'm having a problem with my laptop. It's an ASUS type. Last night, I shut down my laptop, but when I woke up this morning, I found out that my laptop switched to Stand-by mode automatically. How can I force my laptop to stay in shut down mode?? And is this a common problem among all laptop users??


O/S: Windows XP Pro (w/ Service Pack 2)
RAM: 512 MB
CPU: 1.6 GHz (Intel Centrino)
HD: 60 GB
Suspicious(?) Program used last night: FastDefrag
System Restore: ON



A:Improper shutdown on laptop?

how did you shut it down? did you use the shut down option in windows? Or did you just press the power button? If the shut down option did you accidently select Stnaby rather than shut down? Have you tried just doing a normal shut down ensuring that you select the Turn Off button?

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I had an improper shutdown on my asus laptop and now when I switch itstarts to load windows and then resarts saying windows error recovery. When you choose the option windows repair it comes back with windows cannot repair this computer automatically in the diagnosis and repair details it comes up with an error code of 0x0 . When i go into system recovery options it wont let me log on as administrator and will not let me do a system restore. I do not have my backup disks on me at the moment . Also the computer will not let me restore to last good configuration or go onto any safe mode options.......... SOMEONE PLS HELP ME

A:Improper shutdown on laptop

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Hi guys,Starting about two weeks ago my computer would shut down on its own with the BSOD. It has happened about 4 times, and I have no idea what I need to do to fix it. I have run antivirus and antimalware programs, but they say I'm clean.I have an Asus N53SV with Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit.Below is the message I get whenever I turn my computer back on.Problem signature: Problem Event Name: BlueScreen OS Version: 6.1.7601. Locale ID: 1033Additional information about the problem: BCCode: 1000009f BCP1: 0000000000000004 BCP2: 0000000000000258 BCP3: FFFFFA800D0A0660 BCP4: FFFFF80000B9C3D0 OS Version: 6_1_7601 Service Pack: 1_0 Product: 768_1Files that help describe the problem: C:\Windows\Minidump\013013-32073-01.dmp C:\Windows\Temp\WER-70262-0.sysdata.xmlRead our privacy statement online: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=104288&clcid=0x0409If the online privacy statement is not available, please read our privacy statement offline: C:\Windows\system32\en-US\erofflps.txtAny help is greatly appreciated.

A:BSOD and Improper Shutdown

Hello DenverR, Welcome If we could gather a little more information about the problem computer, it might prove helpful in pointing toward a solution.1. ) Please follow this link: BSOD Posting Instructions Windows 8 - Windows 7 - Vista.Follow all instructions with the exception of:Create a new thread HERE and attach the file(s) after step 4Note: Both files of Step 1 need to be in the Documents folder.Next, Upload the zipped folder to a File Sharing website of your choosing because Bleeping Computer has a 512 K only upload limit and this file will be much larger. For a listing of free File Sharing websites see: http://technojourney.com/trending/best-alternatives-megaupload-and-filesonic-file-hosting/or you may use File Dropper or Box.com.Please post a link to the file in your next post.2. ) To help us get a better look at your computer's hardware, please download and install Speccy by Piriform. (mirror site)Run Speccy and from the top menu, select File --> Publish Snapshot. Click "Yes" to proceed.Click, Copy to Clipboard and paste this address into your next post.3. ) Finally, please download MiniToolBox by farbar, save it to your Desktop, then run it.Check the following checkbox:List Installed ProgramsThen click Go.Copy the result (Result.txt) by clicking Edit from top menu -> Select all, then Edit -> Copy.Please Paste (Ctrl + V) the contents of this file into your next post.

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my new dell laptop is not start up and indicating blus screen with installing 2 of 16 for a long time

A:improper shutdown of laptop

please solve my problem

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When trying to get back on the computer after it has been "sleeping", the message, "Windows Did Not Shut Down Properly" appears, forcing me to reboot from "Normal Windows Startup", going through the entire boot up process. 
It is behaving as if the batter went dead while the computer is on.  No issues with battery, but have to reboot on every occasion of the computer going into sleep mode, or if I close the laptop lid.

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The past few weeks, my wireless router has been unable to detect any networks after an improper shutdown. I've been trying to avoid these shutdowns, but I"m wondering if there is anything I can do to fix the wireless after this occurs?

Thanks in advance,

A:Improper Shutdown = No wireless

Perhaps these guidelines will help.
Troubleshoot problems finding wireless networks
See if an SFC command run three times will help
System Files - SFC Command
If not I would make a system restore from a few days before the shutdown.
System Restore - How to

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I have had the occasion to shut down winXP improperly several times but scan did not take place on reboot. It is a newly installed windows. On my previous windows such scan used to take place on every such shut down.
2. How do I enable this scan ??

A:Solved: No scan on improper shutdown

Your system just may not need to be scanned. The shut down just may have been when a things were not running.
I have seen this many times with no problems.

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I?m new to computers and I just want to know what is going on, I improperly shutdown my computer using the power button while apps were still running and now I cannot start up my pc. I get the message ?automatic repair couldn?t repair my pc?. I tried self repair in advanced options but it does not work and it loops me back to automatic repair.

useful information (maybe?)
Alienware Aurora gaming desktop
Windows 10

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we have a compaq proliant 1600 server with 3 -9gig raid scsi drive running windows nt 4.0.we are getting a message saying at least one service or driver failed meassage then it and then it improperly shuts down.

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My 13 y/o cousin did something to Grandma's computer and now it doesn't work right. I only got to look at it briefly, but it seems slow and one of the parental control programs stopped working properly and had to be removed as it was blocking internet access.
According to my cousin, he turned the computer on one morning and it wouldn't start properly and went to an error screen. At some point he restarted it with the power button at least once. In the event log, I saw where it was shutdown improperly, but there was only one reference to it. There were other errors that only started showing up after this incident. I don't remember what they are, I'll have to go back over one day and write them down. I remember that the errors referred to ATAPI and the Shadow Volume Copy, and maybe the Kernel.
Is there a program that could do a system analysis to determine what and where the problems are? I don't want to simply reformat the computer as that's above my skill level. Grandma misplaced the backup discs so I don't even know how to go about reinstalling the OS. She doesn't want to upgrade to Windows 8 or 10 right now either.
Any suggestions?

If it matters, this happened about three weeks ago. The computer has been left on the entire time since then. I was waiting for school to start before looking into it any further. My cousin lives there and annoys the heck out of me when I visit.

A:Computer Slow After Improper Shutdown

Please download MiniToolBox  , save it to your desktop and run it.
 Checkmark the following checkboxes:  List last 10 Event Viewer log  List Installed Programs  List Users, Partitions and Memory size.
 Click Go and paste the content into your next post.
 Also...please Publish a Snapshot using Speccy,  taking care to post the link of the snapshot in your next post.
   Go to Piriform's website, and download the free version on the left.  Click Download from Piriform.com (the FileHippo link requires an extra click). Or if you want to use a portable version of Speccy (which doesn't require installation), click the builds page link and download the portable version. You will now be asked where you want to save the file. The best place to put it is the Desktop, as it will be easy to find later.
    After the file finishes downloading, you are ready to run Speccy. If you downloaded the installer, simply double-click on it and follow the prompts until installation is complete. If you downloaded the portable version, you will need to unzip it before use. Right-click the ZIP file and click Extract all. Click Next. Open up the extracted folder and double-click on Speccy.
     Once inside Speccy, it will look similar to this (with your computer's specifications, of course):
     Now, at the top, click File > Publish Snapshot. You will see the following prompt:
 &#... Read more

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Experiencing the following problems (networking) ever since my computer restarted after an improper shut down (power trip). No errors whatsoever prior to that. Never had these errors before. Also, my computer now takes longer than usual to load when starting. I did try the sfc scannow command and it went fully without any errors and when my computer restarted, all it changed was my desktop wallpaper. The computers and mobile phones in my house can still connect to the house wifi with no problems. I'd appreciate any help at all. Thank you so much.

A:Networking Issues After Improper Shutdown

No idea what happened, but I managed to get everything back in order after entering Safe Mode with Networking and doing a System Restore dated two days ago.

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I need some serious help with my laptop. I have a hp dv1000 Centrino. Today, as i was watching a video of a band called GB5, it froze. I could hear the videos in parts but then quickly tapped the keyboard to see what would happen. Suddenly the screen goes black and but the keyboard is still on. You can see the the power key on, music, and dvd button. the top ones were all on because it showed a blue light, except that the screen is still black.

Also, the computer has been tellin me that i need more memory because i only had 2% left until i cleaned everything up and it went up to 3%. Could not havin much memory anymore be the issue or is there an additional problem? Someone help me out. i'd appreciate it.

thanks in advance.

A:Erratic behaviour after improper shutdown

No, i've had to hold the power button to shut it off because the screen still wont show. The keys and power button will turn on but the screen wont show. Is this a battery issue or is it somethin more?

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plz help me my chkdsk doen't run automatically on boot after improper shut down

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My laptop did not hibernate and I know this because after I closed it, I heard a beep so when I opened it the screen was black but it was running. I couldn't get anything to happened to I just pressed the power button. The next day Chkdsk ran upon start up and does every time. There were no errors found.

1. When I hibernate; it doesn't hibernate properly and the same thing happens where it is still running and I can only stop it by powering off.

2. My wireless internet doesn't come up so I cannot connect to internet. It doesn't even show as an available network to connect to.

3. When I tried to restore the computer to a rpevisou date it said my C drive was corrupt.

4.Chkdsk runs at every start up and I don't want it to.

Please help me with these issues.


A:CHKDSK due to improper shutdown and now NO INTERNET

Hello Latina, welcome to the forum.

I just need some more information about your system, OS, Memory, hardware etc.

So please provice me all these details before giving any advice.


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hey i know ive posted this before in another topic but that was started by someone else.

my condition right now is the comp restarts automatically i select anything on the win xp improper shutdown screen. i can shoose normal, last good or safe and get the same result. i have format and installed windows twice, but it just comes back. the first time i installed drivers/ windows update, the second time i just let windows install the drivers.

i was frustrated after the second time and took it to the repair shop. they thought they fixed it the same way i did, but then when they tested it to me the exact same thing happened. the guy there was totally stumped. anyone have any idea what could have happened? i think this may be a hardware problem. since 3 reinstalls, one done by a "professional" and the same problem occurs. or could this be a virus?

A:comp restarts after improper shutdown message

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It is advising with to shut it down using the on button. I have done it but still persisting on the screen of the printer

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It's not what you think based on the title.

(Running Windows 7 Home Premium)

I was in the middle of doing a full format of a new 1TB HDD using a SATA to USB adapter, when I stupidly hit he sleep button half way through.

I have tried everything to get the HDD to format since then and I just get errors.
I tried Wiping the drive with Active Kill Disk, but it just hangs up in the middle.
I re-initialized the drive. No change.
Used disk manager, didn't work.
I haven't been able to find a solution thru Google.

I don't know if this is meaningful info, but out of desperation, I tried cloning the drive which usually overwrites anything. The cloning software told me it could not start the clone since the "block sizes are different". The source HDD is 953,870MB and the messed up destination HDD is 953,877MB (7MB more). I checked every 1TB HDD I have, and they are all 953,870MB.

So that's the background. I have 2 questions:

1) Did I damage the HDD?

2) If not, is there something I haven't tried to get it operating properly?

Thanks very much. (sorry for the long post)

A:Hard Drive Won't Format after Improper Shutdown.

Hi Mitch,

Lets try wiping using the CLEAN command. See below:

Disk - Clean and Clean All with Diskpart Command


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the issue i am facing--- yesterday my laptop got shutdown because of power loss after that
- on booting win 7 i got a BSoD bad_system_config error three times then
- On my fourth attempt the win7 os started to boot again but the keyboard and mouse were no longer working (both external usb and internal).
My system details--------
asus k53sv laptop with
1. i5 processor 2. 8gb ddr2 ram(2sticks of 4gb) 3. geforce gt540 graphics card 4. 750gb seagate hdd(with 4 partitions(199gb*2 ,288gb*1,10gb*1)
5. 3usb ports(1*usb 3.0 , 2*usb2.0)
I have a dual boot config so Both 199gb partitions have os namely winxp pro and win 7 pro.
1. Safe mode does not work i.e keyboard mouse do not work(both usb external and internal do not work)
2.win 7 repair found no errors
3.Do not have a Restore point so could not restore it to previous working condition.
4.Tried to shut down laptop remove battery and power and press power button for 20 -25 second release the button then put everything back again..
5.Done online spyware bot scan,Malwarebytes scan, avast free scan.(from win xp)
1.keyboard mouse work completely fine in BIOS and in win xp.
2.The keyboard light goes off as soon as the win 7 welcome screen is shown.
3.Initially in the second try win 7 os was detecting external keyboard showed installing devices notification but then did nothing.
NOW external usb keyboard and mouse are not detected at all in any of the three usb ports.
what i am trying... Read more

A:keyboard mouse stopped working after improper shutdown

Some laptops have a fn key combo to toggle the mousepad on and off. Does one key have a picture of a mouse on it? If so, press fn and that key at the same time.

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the issue i am facing--- yesterday my laptop got shutdown because of power loss after that

- on booting win 7 i got a BSoD bad_system_config error three times then
- On my fourth attempt the win7 os started to boot again but the keyboard and mouse were no longer working (both external usb and internal).

My system details--------

asus k53sv laptop with

1. i5 processor 2. 8gb ddr2 ram(2sticks of 4gb) 3. geforce gt540 graphics card 4. 750gb seagate hdd(with 4 partitions(199gb*2 ,288gb*1,10gb*1)

5. 3usb ports(1*usb 3.0 , 2*usb2.0)

I have a dual boot config so Both 199gb partitions have os namely winxp pro and win 7 pro.


1. Safe mode does not work i.e keyboard mouse do not work(both usb external and internal do not work)

2.win 7 repair found no errors

3.Do not have a Restore point so could not restore it to previous working condition.

4.Tried to shut down laptop remove battery and power and press power button for 20 -25 second release the button then put everything back again..

5.Done online spyware bot scan,Malwarebytes scan, avast free scan.(from win xp)


1.keyboard mouse work completely fine in BIOS and in win xp.

2.The keyboard light goes off as soon as the win 7 welcome screen is shown.

3.Initially in the second try win 7 os was detecting external keyboard showed installing devices notification but then did nothing.

NOW external usb keyboard and mouse are not detected at all in any of the three usb ports.

what i am trying

... Read more

A:keyboard mouse stopped working after improper shutdown

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Vista64 SP2 on my desktop, I want to put it to sleep every night for a quick resume in the morning. I would've used hibernate like on my XP laptop but Vista doesn't have one in the shutdown options.

Anyway, on my vista desktop, when I wake it up via keyboard mashing, it comes back with the black BIOS screen that says it was improperly shutdown and if I want to boot up in safe mode or start windows normally. I start it normally and after regular bootup screens, after windows loads, it shows me solutions and a cause was a blue screen. I saw no such thing when it was going to sleep.

Why is this happening? My XP laptop is sleeping (it calls it standby with a moon icon) without issue - I hit the function key and it wakes up immediately back to a useable screen. Hibernate also works on the laptop though bootup takes longer of course.

A:sleep mode revival: claims improper shutdown

hi try doing this http://pcsupport.about.com/od/windowsvista/ht/arestartvista.htm then you can post the error code or look in C:\windows\minidump.you can also try going to start control panel power options and on the left hand side change when computer sleeps option is there or set a custom plan,this is just a thought

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Hi All..

Last night in a rush to go out I shut down my computer by holding down the power button, instead of waiting for windows to close the open programs and shut down properly.

When I got back, I turned the computer on, and the boot process was severely messed up. After the animated black Windows XP screen, it goes black for a few minutes, then the blue screen that says 'windows is starting up' (or something similar) appears, but stays for another 5 or so minutes. Then, the 'Welcome' blue screen comes up but stays for even longer. When Windows finally loads, the wallpaper loads, then the desktop icons (note programs' correct icons don't show, only window default 'exe' icon), then the taskbar, but the task bar remains white and only has the start button, quick launch and clock - no other icons show.

It stays like this indefinitely, with the CPU light flashing and the computer seemingly loading. I left it on all night and it got no forther.

When in that state, anything I click on (including ctrl-alt-del) takes about 5+ minutes to do.

I tried safe mode - it took so long to load I gave up.

I tried ERD Commander - not even that would load past a blank screen with a cursor.

I tried booting from the Windows CD - the reinstall option isn't there and it doesn't spot the previous installation.

I am using Windows XP Home SP2 - Can ANYONE help? Is there a solution or do I have to format and reinstall?? Eek.

A:Solved: Bizarre slow startup after improper shutdown

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Before I start listing the problems I am having, I first have a guess as to what might be the cause but if it is I have no idea how to fix it. I looked at my history in Firefox and one of the last visited pages (when internet was still working) was pucowyq.pluto.ro WARNING: If you go here it will give you infinite messages telling you to install something for windows media player and you may have to use the task manager to close out your browser. It might help if someone went there or has heard of this website and can tell me if this really is the problem... but if you don't know then I wouldn't download it to find out. To be honest, the website is very shady but I'm pretty sure I allowed it to install because I wanted it to stop asking me to >-<

The problem started with internet... I have 5 bars almost always for wifi and it had been working great but now I always have limited connectivity or local only. I don't think its the provider because I'm using that connection right now on a different computer. The computer that I'm having problems with the the Hp TX2510z if that helps.. I tried all the things that the computer suggests and restarting the router and such, I even plugged it in and tried using the internet on ONLY this computer while disconnecting the others and nothing worked.

Whenever I start up my computer after shutting down properly it tells me that I shutted it down improperly... it never did this before and now it does all the ti... Read more

A:Improper Shutdown, Weird Error Messages And "limited Connectivitiy"

that website might very well be the problem, I investigated with firefox with noscript, I wouldn't allow scripting since siteadvisor showed links to some real nasty romanian siteshttp://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/ind...st&p=932243please use the directions from this post to install MBAM, run a scan with it and post the log please

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Hi! you guys have helped me before and other major problems were solved! now i have other concerns, it seems i either still have a virus or have picked another up

my spy sweeper by webroot picked up the trojan downloader zlob. norton antivirus and lavasoft adaware aren't picking up anything.

i keep getting kicked off the internet. i mean every single time i use it. i know its not my connection or router. also, my computer is not going through the proper system shutdown. it will stay in "shutting down" mode endlessly if i don't intervene. not every time, but often enough for me to be concerned about the health of the computer which is only a couple months old

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I recieved a shutdown notification while doing a routine restart this past week. The shutdown was for "Medusa_callbackmessage_579" I have never heard of this program before, and was wondering if anyone here had any ideas what the heck it was. I looked on the net and came back negetive on every possible search. Thanks for taking the time to look at this guys.

A:Unknown Shutdown Notice

http://www.nightmare.com/medusa/Way, way, way outta my league! Some networking hardware (like Cisco) uses this. We'll have to start by looking at your network and working from there.So, what sort of network do you have? Is this a corporate thing, or is it a home network? Do you use any special tools for web programming or networking?

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From windows xp pro,using dial up service to aol, i get online,thenget a one minute to shut down warning,then this messege

LSA shell(export version) encountered a problem and needs to close.

status code 1073741819
Any help is appreciated

A:getting one minute shutdown notice when i go online

run this online virus checker

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If it were not for the shutdown -a comman, my computer would be shutting down every 4 seconds.

I have a virus which is giving me several pop up warnings and has the Windows Security Center windo popping up asking me to purchase three different products.

In addition, I am receiving the pop up advising me my system is shutting down in 4 seconds

Norton is useless and Microsoft's Malicious Software Removal tool just advised me that my system is clean (as a pop up occurred).

Nothing seems to work. Can someone please help?

I have several different freeware including HJT, MBAM, Spybot, AVG's superantispyware,Smithfarud, FileAssasin, Killbox. Everytime I run them nothing comes up either.

Here's my HJT Log and my MBAM quick scan log:


Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 5:34:15 PM, on 05/10/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16640)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MsMpEng.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccSvcHst.exe
C:\Program Files\Symantec\LiveUpdate\AluSchedulerSvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Grisoft\AVG A... Read more

A:System Shutdown Notice - unbeatable multipe variants?

Please do this:

Download Deckard's System Scanner (DSS) to your Desktop. Note: You must be logged onto an account with administrator privileges.Close all applications and windows.
Double-click on dss.exe to run it, and follow the prompts.
When the scan is complete, two text files will open - main.txt <- this one will be maximized and extra.txt <-this one will be minimized
Copy (Ctrl+A then Ctrl+C) and paste (Ctrl+V) the contents of main.txt here.
Please attach extra.txt to your post.
To attach a file to a new post, simplyClick the[Manage Attachments] button under Additional Options > Attach Files on the post composition page, and
copy and paste the following into the "Upload File from your Computer" box:C:\Deckard\System Scanner\extra.txt

Click Upload.

What DSS will do: create a new System Restore point in Windows XP and Vista.
clean your Temporary Files, Downloaded Program Files, and Internet Cache Files, and also empty the Recycle Bin on all drives.
check some important areas of your system and produce a report for your analyst to review. DSS automatically runs HijackThis for you, but it will also install and place a shortcut to HijackThis on your desktop if you do not already have HijackThis installed.


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Very fortunate to find your website. Thanks for your efforts.

A:Random appearance notice of virus infection accompanied by browser shutdown

Hello and welcome,
Please download Zemana AntiMalware and save it to your Desktop.

Install the program and once the installation is complete it will start automatically.
Without changing any options, press Scan to begin.
After the short scan is finished, if threats are detected press Next to remove them.
Note: If restart is required to finish the cleaning process, you should click Reboot. If reboot isn't required, please restart your computer manually.​
Open Zemana AntiMalware again.
Click on icon and double click the latest report.
Now click File > Save As and choose your Desktop before pressing Save.
The only left thing is to attach saved report in your next message.


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Hello, well i got a great deal on this power supply for a around 20$ shipped.. I know its not that good.
well its a ULTRA, heres a link


Well when i shutdown i hear the psu shutoff first then like another second goes by then the screen goes off. i dont thiss is normal.. Its not like my other psu.. ANy ideas?!?

A:Is this A Normal Shutdown??!?

Hi, I really wouldnt worry about it too much. it sounds like the psu just cuts off power, but theres just a second or two where there is still a little power left in it. As long as evrything else seems normal then dont worry about it, but if it really concerns you then just send it back to tigerdirect, there very understanding with returns. -Nick

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So here is one that I could use some help with. I am running Windows 64 bit RC 7100 Ultimate on a Asus PL5. I downloaded EnhanceMySe7en, started it, but did not run any functions. I shut down the computer for the night and the next day when I tried to boot the machine, it started to do a disk check and repair. I left it to run, but when I came back to it could still not reboot. Eventually I managed to get the computer to reboot after using the repair disk. However after restarting Windows, when I click on the start button and go to "All Programs" it is blank.

Is there a way to restore the programs list?

I don't know what other information I need to supply that will help to understand this crash.


A:System crash after normal shutdown

Looks like EnhanceMySeven did something to it...I have known others with a similiar issue after using the program. Either try a System Restore or a repair install if you turned that off

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I just bought this HP Spectre 360 with a 256 GB SSD. After every shut down, which is done properly, I get a Critical Error 41 (63) in Event Viewer, as if the system crashed or lost power suddenly. What could be causing this. Everything seems to be running fine, but this critical error concerns me. 

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Found my T3500 had shut down. On start-up, got thermal shutdown warning. Once I logged into Windows 7, fan started running at max RPMs and soon shut itself down again.
Opened the case, cleaned the fan grates (there was a moderate amount of lint).
Left the case open, started up again, fan at max, but CPU temp app indicates normal (under 50C) temps. Does not shutdown, but did lock up eventually.
Started up again with fan disconnected. CPU temps normal, but locked up fairly quickly.
Seems like it's whatever is controlling the fans, not actual overheating. OTOH, still locking up with fans disconnected. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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I am trying to find the location(s) of the `Turn Off', `Restart', `Stand By', and `Hibernate' icons (as shown on the `Turn Off Computer' dialog), the `Switch User' and `Log Off' icons (as shown on the `Log Off' dialog), and the `Turn Off Computer' and `Log Off' icons (as shown on the Start menu).

I've already checked the shell32.dll file and have performed a thorough search of all files and folders on my computer for files with the `.ico' extension (including hidden files and folders) - all without success.

Anybody have a clue?



A:Where Are The Shutdown Icons Located In A Normal Installation Of Windows Xp?

I think that you mean...you want to find the parents of those icons.An icon is nothing but a shortcut for any executable.http://ask-leo.com/i_have_multiple_winlogo...at_do_i_do.htmlLouis

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I came across a Compaq Evo n180 P3 Windows Xp laptop that simply turns off (as if it gets unpluged) usually durring the bootup or while i'm installing somthing or moving files etc. I know it's not a software problem and it's not the bat. or the power cord. Please help!

A:Laptop Unexpected shutdown on boot and normal operation

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When I shutdown my computer, i get an error "DrWtsn32.exe has failed to initialize...." Also, my comptuer has been very slow. It is running at about half the normal processing speed. Here is a HJT log...Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1Scan saved at 9:06:06 PM, on 2/28/2007Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16414)Running processes:C:\WINDOWS\System32\smss.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MsMpEng.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\Explorer.EXEC:\WINDOWS\system32\spoolsv.exeC:\Program Files\Multimedia Card Reader\shwicon2k.exeC:\hp\drivers\keyboard\PS2.EXEC:\WINDOWS\System32\hphmon05.exeC:\WINDOWS\AGRSMMSG.exeC:\Program Files\Microsoft IntelliPoint\point32.exeC:\Program Files\iTunes\iTunesHelper.exeC:\Program Files\QuickTime\qttask.exeC:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MSASCui.exeC:\PROGRA~1\Grisoft\AVGFRE~1\avgcc.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files\InterVideo\SchSvr\SchSvr.exeC:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0\bin\jusched.exeC:\Pr... Read more

A:Drwtsn32.exe Error At Shutdown And Slower Than Normal Comp

Hello gojoWelcome to Bleeping Computer! Sorry about the delay. We're all volunteers here, and it's been very busy. If you still need help, please post a new HijackThis log to make sure nothing has changed. Before posting the log, please make sure you follow all the steps found in this topic: Preparation Guide For Use Before Posting A Hijackthis Log <--link And I'll be happy to look at it for you.I also need to see a different type of log from Hijackthis: Run Hijackthis.Click on "Open the Misc Tools section".Next click on "Open uninstall manager".Press the button 'save list'. It will open a Notepad file.Place the content of that file here in your next reply.Thanks, for your patience. Stelios

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very difficult as havin to use on-screen keyboard.
i installed software for motorola l6 and played solitaire, then shutdown last night. this morning couldn't logon to vista cos of no mouse or keyboard. dug out a usb mouse and used the onscreen keyboard to find out in devmgr that high def audio controller, two instances of my intel core2 duo cpu e7300, generic pnp monitor, pci standard isa bridge and umbus root bus enumerator all have the yellow ! icon.
driver details says could not initialize (code 37)
tried microsoft help ;uninstall, reboot and reinstalling but that jus returned (code 37) again.

please help!this pc is about 3 wks old!

thank you

A:missing audio device mouse keyboard after normal shutdown!

The make and model number for the computer would be a good place to start

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hmm about 30 mins ago i walked away from bestbuy a proud owner of a radeon 9800 pro, i go home i install it and i hook up my computer, everything is working fine and running smoothly untill i turn on a demo the GFX card cd had, about couple secs into the demo my computer shuts down and well, dosent turn on again, looking back im tracing the problem to my powersupply burning out (since i have 2 cd rom drives and 2 hard drives ontop of the new 9800 pro, it had to have given out sometime i guess) i am unclear of how to figure out the wattage my powersupply provides, also i do not even know how to tell if the powersupply was actualy the thing that broke, can anyone confirm the problem befor i go out and pay bestbuy couple hundred bux just to tell me i have connected powercords incorectly or something..
PS: i am not sure if this is the right section to post this topic, but it is my best bet (sorry moderators if i put it in the wrong section move at will)

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Lately, I'm having trouble with XP sleep mode, whereas normal shutdown occurs without any noticeable problems (except for the known but infrequent issue with the system freezing up during shutdown for no apparent reason).

What happens with Sleep Mode?

Usually, it goes into that mode without apparent problem (except for the occasional freezing up mentioned above). However, after waking up the system, and working for some time without any trouble, suddenly the screen goes blank, then the ill-famed "Blue Screen of Death" (BSD) flashes on, then the system reboots.

When everything has started up again, one gets the infamous Microsoft message, asking to mail a report - the complying to which has never seemed to have any effect whatsoever over the years, but that is beside the point. Needless to say that all help - built-in or otherwise - from Microsoft is of no help whatsoever either.

Searching for possible problems in the log books, there is one that, in my case, is recurring, whatever the manner of shutting down the system has been, and is a DCOM event # 10016. This does not seem to have any effect on the system, even though I cannot get rid of that blasted event, whatever I may do. Indeed, the CSLID it is referring to (for the record: {A4199E55-EBB9-49E5-AF1A-7A5408B2E206}) cannot be found anywhere under DCOm Config - so a repair is impossible, even if this would help (by the way, before one can even begin to understand the Microsoft instructions concerni... Read more

A:Problems XP Sleep Mode vs. Normal Shutdown, and related error events

Hello again!

After a thorough search - heavens, how convoluted can Microsoft get ? - I stumbled upon a MS article advertising a hotfix for exactly the problem encountered with the 1003 Cat 102 event (article 925922).

However, when receiving that hotfix, which is apparently quite new, MS says that it has not been thoroughly tested. What am I to do? Wait until they come up with yet another service pack (an unlikely event!) or just try my luck after all necessary precautions? In other words, has anyone had any previous experience with this?

Best regards,


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OK here is the scenario:

Department director says he can't get online and his computer reboots after 60 seconds. He brings his machine into the office and low and behold boom RPC error sys will reboot after 60 seconds. (Which by the way was easily remedied by updating the RPC service to take no actions when it fails) I'm think OK blaster virus or something close to it. I download all the removal tools on another machine and transfer them over to the infected machine and no luck, they don't find anything. I have downloaded several trojan removal tools all revealing the same result, no virus. Im at a loss here and stuck. I have searched about 5 different tech boards and they all seem to have the same answers but none of the have worked.

Here is my hijackthis log. Let me know if you see anything since my brain is fried right about now!

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 3:39:38 PM, on 10/6/2005
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
c:\program files\mcafee.com\agent\mcdetect.exe
c:\PROGRA~1\mcafee.com\v... Read more

A:HiJackthis log - good old NT Authority shutdown

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Before I go to bed every night I shutdown my pc. Is it bad to leave it running?

If you dont know what I mean post here, but if you get the general Idea answer the poll please, and maybe give a specific reason or something.

A:Good/Bad to shutdown your computer at night?

doesnt really matter.
The spinning down/up of the disk does wear it out, but considering it can do that hundred thousand times (approx) in the systems lifetime it doesnt really matter.

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Windows keeps shutting down at different times and circumstances ,but for sure when HD or streaming is in play.Is the Windows info below any help in determining where the problem is?



Problem Event Name: BlueScreen

OSVersion: 6.1.7601.

Locale ID: 1033

Additionalinformation about the problem:

BCCode: 116

BCP1: FFFFFA800A3764E0

BCP2: FFFFF8800FC49B38


BCP4: 0000000000000003

OSVersion: 6_1_7601

Service Pack: 1_0

Product: 256_1

Filesthat help describe the problem:



Readour privacy statement online:


If the online privacy statement is notavailable, please read our privacy statement offline:


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Apologies if this is posted in the wrong Forum Category. Please guide me to the right one.
I have a Raid 1 on two disks on my machine.

If I shut down the system or restart everything runs smoothly. All disks (in Disk Management) are listed as healthy.

However, if I run the normal shut down process, and wait until the computer completely shuts down, and then unplug the computer from the wall socket, the disks have to resync the next time the computer is booted up again.

I don't understand why this is happening, since the change (of unplugging the computer from the wall) happened while it is turned off.

Any help in finding a solution would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


A:RAID 1 Hard Drives resync after normal shutdown and unplug from wall socket

Hello Simon,
Do you mean that after completely shut down and unplug the power?
If you don?t unplug, does this issue exists?
If yes, it may be caused by the hardware issue, please contact the manufacturer to check.

Please make sure you have completely shut down the computer before the unplug. There are no fans running or LED light.
Best regards,
Fangzhou CHENFangzhou CHEN
TechNet Community Support

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