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Extreme graphics problem

Q: Extreme graphics problem

Okay, I need help big time with this one.
Recently I have been having a very odd problem with any game I've installed on my computer, both from CDs and off the internet. Whenever I try to load one of these games my computer screen goes black then turns what I can only describe as pixalated/multicolored and has no resemblance to anything in the games whatsoever.
At first I figured it was a problem with my graphics card and my first thought was that I needed to download new drivers. I downloaded the most recent but it remains unchanged.
I am almost certain that this is a graphics card issue, but I do not want to go spend all that money on a new card if I don't have to. I have an eMachines T3092 that hasn't been upgraded or had anything done to it really at all, so we just have the geforce 4mx series graphics card that it came with. I have played all the games in the past, so this is a newly developed problem.
Any help would be appreciated, please and thank you!

Preferred Solution: Extreme graphics problem

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Extreme graphics problem

Did you read the specs for the game BEFORE you got it?

It sounds like your system MAY not comply.

You may want to consult the Tweak Guides site: System Optimization Tweak Guides
TweakGuides Tweaking Companion
Game Tweak Guides

Also suggest you add their Home Page to your Favorites.

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To play games on my pc, I have to turn up the brightness in my video card settings so I can see what the hell I am doing. So I updated my driver the other day, fix the color like I usually do, but when I start any full screen game, the color scheme reverts back to the default which as I said is way to dark.

Is there any way to fix this without having to revert back to outdated drivers?

A:Updated Intel Extreme Graphics 2 driver problem.

use brightness buttons on your monitor

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This is my system

Dell Dimension 3000
Intel pentium 4
2.8 GHZ 512 RAM
windows XP (sp2)
Intel extreme graphics 2 onboard video

The video card im trying to install is a
Radeon X800 PCI series

When I try to disable the video card it seems to only reset my graphics settings to 8 bit and 800 x 600 resolution, I've looked at other posts here about the Intel extreme graphics 2 and I know that it will consistently try to reinstall its driver if uninstalled. My ATI Catalyst software will not install itself for some reason. I put in the disc and it goes through the installation process, aburptly stops but it doesn't install any ATI things onto the computer, when I look in my control panel afterwards there are no ATI things in there whatsoever.

I know this video card works and everything cause it was working in my other dimension 3000 even before I disabled the onboard video on that computer it allowed the ATI software to be on the computer. I tried getting the latest drivers from ATI but when trying to install them it pops up a message saying
"Setup was unable to find components that can be installed under your current hardware or software configurations. Please make sure you have the right required hardware or software"
what does that mean? Im not sure what hardware or software I may be missing...

any idea as to what I should do? Thanks in advance!

A:Intel extreme graphics 2 or radeon X800 problem?

You may need microsoft .net framework 1.1 which is on the ati site as well as microsoft's!!!!

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I just picked up an HP dx2000 desktop computer that has the "Intel Extreme Graphics 2" onboard video card. Im trying to play World of Warcraft on the machine and it is a bit jumpy due to what I assume is the graphics card. The system has 1Gb of RAM so I dont believe it has anything to do with the RAM.

My question is, will my system benifit from a PCI graphics card or is the bus too slow for PCI to show any type of improvement? The only reason I say PCI is because the system does not have an AGP slot.


A:Intel Extreme Graphics 2 VS PCI graphics card

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are the new intel extreme graphics 2 that are intergrated into some motherboards any good, would they beat my score in 3d mark 2001 se (i have an ati radeon 9600 256mb ddr (overclocked) )

A:intel extreme graphics 2

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I want to get my parents an LCD for their Dell PC. The PC is using Intel Extreme onboard graphics which claims to support resolutions of:

350 MHz DAC for 1800x1440 @ 85Hz max CRT resolution or [email protected] max FP resolution

However, here is what I found for supported resolutions:
1024 x 768, 16M colors (60, 70, 75, 85, 100,120 Hz)
1152 x 864, 16M colors (60, 70, 75, 85, 100 Hz)
1280 x 1024, 16M colors (60, 75, 85, 100 Hz)
1600 x 1200, 16M colors (60 Hz)
1920 x 1440, 64K colors (60, 75 Hz)
2048 x 1536, 64K colors (60 Hz)

Those may be for CRT and maybe not for LCD. I just don't want to buy the monitor and have it not work.

A:Intel Extreme Graphics and LCD WideScreen

Just get an LCD and a cheapo graphics card for like $30. Get like a X300 or Geforce 6200 or something. They are cheap, and support resolutions of up to 2560x1600 at full 16m color instead of crappy 64k. Also, they come with a VGA and a DVI output (DVI is for LCDs and that intel graphics card doesn't have DVI) so it will work.

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Hello every one, I'm having a problem. I want to install a better graphics card to my compaq presario 2223US notebook. It has intel extreme graphics 2 which isn't very good with new 3D games. I heard it was very hard to remove and may not be removable at all. Is it possible to remove it? all answers are thanked.

A:removing Intel extreme graphics 2

Well intel extreme graphics 2 is a chip built into the motherboard so you can't remove it but you can dissable it in bios allowing the instalation of a seperate video card.
However most notebooks don't have slots for video card upgrades so chances are you won't be able to upgrade your video card.

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I am thinking of buying a new computer, and I have found a good price for one. However, I don't know wheather it will run the games that I want it to.

It has Intel extreme graphics intergrated graphics card, and I would like to know if this will run WoW for the minimum. It has directX support and it says that it can run 3D games.


A:Solved: Will WoW Run on Intel Extreme Graphics?

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Hi, first of all i'm not really that clever with computers. I'm just gettin a new one which has"integrated intel extreme graphics". Can anyone tell me if it is any good. I currently have a geforce 256. is that worse or better?

A:Integrated Intel Extreme Graphics

It seems to be worse from here.

# i845GL (integrated Intel Extreme)
# i865G (integrated Intel Extreme 2)
# V4 4500
# Rage Fury MAXX
# nForce 420 (integrated GF2 MX)
# Kyro
# Radeon VE 7000
# GF 256 SDRClick to expand...

Rated from worst(top) to best bottom. Note this is only a section of the chart, there are better and worse than the listed above.
http://users.erols.com/chare/video.htm Bottom of page for chart.

Hopefully it has an agp expansion slot so you can install a decent graphics card, but sadly many computers with intel extreme graphics completely lack this slot, and hence are stuck with very low end graphics.

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Hi all, I have stumled accross your website as a last resort before I throw my laptop into a large industrial blender!

I believe that I must have come down wit a virus (or many) a while ago and now am having many many problems.

Firstly, when I start up it asks me for the installation disk for an extreme graphics card???

It tells me that new software has been found (VGA controller)??

I have tried to unninstall Norton Antivirus so I can buy a new version but it wont let me??

My DVD Re-writer has stopped working, MY LAPTOP IS ONLY 2 YEARS OLD!!!

Can anyone help me please?? my email address is [email protected], and don't worry, this isn't coming from the laptop in question!!!


A:Please help me, asking for extreme graphics card disk??

what about the warranty on your pc?
have you tried to format the hard drive, if not give that a try, that is of course there's nothing worth saving. better than just binning it.

wouldn't bother with norton at all.

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Is this video card sufficient to run SIMS games? I am thinking of purchasing a Dell with this card installed.

A:Integrated Intel Extreme Graphics 2

It should run it if you get a processor(preferably a pentium 4 instead of a celeron) that's above 2ghz.
Neither intel extreme 2 or sis mirage2 are good at games. I have integrated intel extreme 2 graphics in my one system. If I use it I get a score of about 4,000 points on aquamark3(about 4 frames per second, a real slideshow), but when I use my nvidia 6600 graphics card I get about 40,000 points, (about 40frames per second, a reasonable rate). The 6600 128mb is about 10X as fast as intel extreme2. The 6600 costs about $110 usd. You need an agp or pci-express port to use the graphics card though, which most cheap dell systems don't have(they can't be upgraded cheaply).

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Ever since I put together my new system several months ago the 3D graphics have been messed up in Windows games. 2D graphics are fine, 3D graphics in Linux (it's a dual booting system) appear to be fine, but 3D games in Windows - all of them, not just some - show excessive artifacts such as textures flickering, geometry stretching, and so on. I even put a short video of the problem in a game at Youtube months ago in the hope that it would help someone diagnose the problem.

This isn't a game-specific thing - the problems apply to all 3D games I play, whether DirectX 8, DirectX 9, or OpenGL based. My system fails Freestone's "Video Card Stability Test" within about 10 seconds. Even very trivial 3D demos like the ones that come with the OGRE 3D engine fail. About the only things that render without flaw are the spinning cubes in DxDiag.

I've tested and replaced various aspects of the system to no avail. eg. The graphics card doesn't seem to matter, having tried 2 Nvidia cards and one ATi card. I've also replaced the motherboard (once for a replacement in case I'd broken it, and then once for a new model in case it was some sort of incompatibility), tried new RAM (although it all passes stability tests), etc. Logically it shouldn't be a hardware flaw, since all my testing under Linux appears to run fine (including Unreal Tournament 2004, the exact same game which shows extreme problems when running under XP).

There are no stabi... Read more

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I have a dell 2400 series pc, with windows xp. This computer runs an onboard intigrated graphics controller. Is it possible to upgrade this, and if so what would you recomend for playing games, and videos etc...

A:Dell Extreme Graphics Upgrade

If you motherboard has an AGP slot, then you can get pretty much any video card you want, if it doesn't, then you're limited to PCI video cards. Both will probably work better than the integrated stuff, and will free up some system RAM as well. Now, to recommend a card, it's easier just to know your price range...how much are you willing to spend? Also, what kind of games are you planning on playing?

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Need to buy a basic pc and on a budget, I have seen a Dell pc with "Integrated Intel® Extreme Graphics 2" as the graphics.

I will need to play games on this pc and I wondered if onboard graphics have improved much over the years?

Was considering this pc.

A:Integrated IntelĀ® Extreme Graphics 2

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Well, I pretty much upgraded my whole system, replacing the mb/cpu/video/network/ as well as a new hard drive. the only thing I migrated from my old setup was my SB Audigy 2 Plat and IBM desstar. Before my upgrade I had no problems. Now, whenever I fire up any 3d game, from morrowind, doom3, farcry, world of warcraft, etc, I get random, very annoying errors. at first, in world of warcraft, my game screen would freeze for a few seconds, go black, then come back up. this was just a little annoying, nothing that I couldn't live with. Then, the screen would suddenly go blank, signal to monitor ceases 'This Mode Not Supported', then this awful high pitched screech fires on my speakers, and I have to reset. Almost as if it's changing, recently the screen just turned into a bunch of colored spokes which rotated and changed colors as I would use my movement keys. After that, straight, thin lines started appearing and disappearing randomly on the screen. Those are all problems that occur in WoW. In Doom3 and Farcry and Morrowind, random freezes are all that happen. Not able to alt-tab or ctrl-alt-del out, so I just have to reset. Twice now my desktop has crashed and lost monitor signal, requiring a reset. A few times my game directories and system files end up scrambled when I reboot and I have to fix them and of course it's never back the way it was.

ATI (I have a Radeon x800 XT) has been very helpful, and I have done everything they recommended, plus flashing my BIOS... Read more

A:Extreme graphics problems... no hope?

what version of drivers are you using for your videocard? if you are using the latest ones, roll back to an older version and install that older version of drivers. dont forget to download "driver cleaner" from www.majorgeeks.com

uninstall the drivers for your videocard with driver cleaner by following the instructions that comes with the program. if you hvae an older version of drivers, then get the latest version if you have any.

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Intel Extreme Graphics 2 XGA 1280x800 support?

Hi, im new here and i really have searched hard for many weeks to resolve this issue to no avail. I will be very impressed if someone can help.

Im having problems with intel 855gme graphics drivers (Intel extreme graphics 2) on my clevo M12CW/M121W/M120W (4 yrs old, XGA 1200x800) and dont know where to turn.
The basic driver that came with the computer, regularily when i open a browser window or video window, the screen goes stripey grey. Everything seems to be fine underneath as i can shut down with no problems but no screen until i reboot.

I installed the latest drivers (and tried those inbetween to no avail) and this seems to overcome this problem but there seems to be no support for XGA resolution.

The new driver says in display>settings that monitor is digital flat monitor 1280 x 1024, but my screen is 1280 x 800 (XGA) and there is no option to change that. The only resolution that is usable is 1280 x 768, which fits the screen, but the text and icons are slightly distorted.

Ive searched all driver sites, intel drivers and the give the same driver for the GM and GME.
Is there any other drivers i could possible use for this resolution or is there one i can't find.
Im running Phoenix NoteBIOS 4.0, would an upgrade resolve this (excuse my ignorance on this one, i don't know much about BIOS upgrade and will have to read up)
There must be others with this model that have had similar issues over the ... Read more

A:Intel Extreme Graphics 2 XGA 1200x800 support?

Have you thought about getting an add-on AGP or PCI HD ready video card?

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Hi, I just got a Dell Dimension 3000 computer that has integrated Intel Extreme Graphics 2 and no AGP slot. I was thinking of buying a 128MB or 256MB Nvidia/ATI PCI video card to improve gaming performance.

My computer's specs are: P4 3.0Ghz, 800MHz FSB, 1MB L2 cache and 256MB DDR PC3200 RAM.

Do you think I would get any tangible, noticeable improvements in video playback quality and gaming performance? Or will the slowness of PCI just negate any benefits of the better video card?

If there are noticeable benefits to upgrading, which should I choose, the 128MB or the 256MB?

Thanks, I'd appreciate any help you could give me!

A:PCI Video Card Vs Intel Extreme Graphics 2

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title says it all

if it help hear are some additional specs

1024 ram
pentium 4
1.6 ghz

Here are some games though I want you guys to tell me if it can take

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory


Knight online (wars) -I want to know if it can take all those huge wars in the game with little to minimal lag


Battlefeild 1942
thanks guys

A:What games will run well with Intagrated Intel Extreme Graphics 2?

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currently im using a SiS graphic card. but i want to use an intel extreme 2 graphic card, but it wont let me install and it always says something about INF files when i try to install or corrupt / missing files..
SiS lags my games and i think its worse than intel
But i read on the INTEL site that the intel drivers wouldnt install if there was a PCI (?) on my computer. i have no idea what this is but can someone tell me how to uninstall it?
i just got my pc fixed from a local shop too.. pics below
if anyone can help me id appreciate it!!!btw i am on Windows xp PRO


A:need help on installing intel extreme graphics card

Intel Extreme Graphics aren't a graphics card- but instead integrated graphics chipsets. This means your system must already have integrated Intel graphics on the motherboard. As you've stated, you already have SiS integrated.. so which one does your mainboard have? You can't just install the Intel drivers and have it "change" the integrated graphics chip your system has. You'll get the INF error if you try to install Intel Extreme Graphics on a system without this chipset on it.

If you can provide your system stats, this would be helpful for providing advice on what you need to do. Neither SiS nor Intel integrated graphics are very good or supported for many 3D games, so it's highly recommended you consider upgrading to a new videocard and disabling the on-board/integrated graphics entirely.

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Hello, I recently received my X1E and a 10-in-1 USB-C dongle (https://www.amazon.de/EUASOO-Aluminium-Gigablit-Kartenleser-Chromebook/dp/B07GNDRD56), but I'm having trouble getting the HDMI and VGA port to work properly. If the BIOS is set to the default Hybrid Graphics mode, Windows will detect that there is a monitor connected (even shows the correct model name), but won't show any image. Inside Windows' display settings it just shows up as a small, grey square next to the internal display and all resolution options are greyed out. When I try to extend or mirror the internal display, I get the error "The display settings could not be saved". If I switch the machine to dedicated GPU only inside the BIOS, the HDMI and VGA port on the dongle work perfectly fine.Obviously, I don't want to run around with just the dGPU as the battery life becomes even more atrocious than it already is. Has anyone faced similar problems on this or another machine with hybrid graphics?

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If your computer has an "on-board" Intel display adapter and uses the Intel Extreme Graphics 2 drivers, version 14.2( was released today to replace version 14.1(

After installing the new version and rebooting, my HP N5495 laptop with Windows XP refused to go beyond a black screen. I went into safe mode and reinstalled it, then rebooted again, but still no luck. I went into safe mode a second time and attempted to roll back to the old version, but the rollback function did not work. I went into safe mode a third time and installed the old version(which I always save), then rebooted. Everything returned to normal.

This post is just to warn everyone of what I went through and what might possibly happen to you.

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Hello, I am trying to fix a computer for a friend. I have put the OS cd in and am trying to run a repair. at 34mins into the repair it says "Intel Extreme Graphics Windows 2000/XP installation Disk needed".

I have downloaded the disk needed and added it to the OS iso file and burned it to a cd to have it with the install. I point it to the right dir, but it keeps popping up saying the same thing. What's weird is when I select the file it asks for, it says I am installed a driver that has not been approved of microsoft and so I press yes. but it goes back to asking for the installation disk.
Anyone have any ideas? If anything, I just want to back up the files and format it and run a new install.

Please help!!!

A:Intel Extreme Graphics Windows 2000/XP installation disk

I just want to back up the files and format it and run a new install.Click to expand...
See this


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igfxtray.exe does not work?
After installing SP2 RC1, my Intel Extreme 82845 G/GL Graphics Controller Option vanished in the right click menu on the Desktop and also on clicking the Icon of Intel Extreme Graphics in the Control Panel, nothing happens and the interface does not come up as such I'm unable to view my monitor's settings that were accessible only through the interface of the Intel Extreme Graphics Controller!
Even its Interface's Option under the Display Properties->Settings->Advanced Tab is also no more available.
Kindly help me in being able to access it!!!

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Hi!Just got my lenovo extreme and were trying to configure it to dual boot with linux. Apparently Linux mint doesn't like the nvidia optimus thing so to try to get it to boot after install I changed the graphics from hybrid to discrete in the drivers. Now my computer doesn't even boot to bios so that I can change it back.I've tried hitting the reset pin with a needle but it didn't work.I've also tried plugging the cmos battery out for alittle while and plugging it back in but that didn't work either.Right noww I'm at loss and can't find any solution online so I'm praying that someone here has the know how to help me!Regards Axel

A:X1 extreme doesn't boot to bios after changing to discrete graphics

You mentioned Dual Boot.  Can you get in to Windows?  If you can see below.  If not what happens when you hit F1 at boot?

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Hi I recently got a new laptop: HP Pavilion dv6-6b12ed

I have a Control panel from Intel where I could change the colors of my screen and other stuff, but I can't get it to open!

Here's my weird problem: It shows in the system tray but when I click it I see this:

When I try to click on it, or anywhere else, it disappears and the program won't open.
I've even tried ALL methods in this following link: Graphics — How to open the Intel? Graphics Properties window

I think the problem will be solved if I can re-install the driver, but I've no idea what to (un)install.

Help and advice would be appreciated.
If you need any additional info on my system specs, just ask me or look up my laptop specs.. .

A:Can't open Intel ® Extreme graphics control panel suddenly

Okay... I download a driver from Intel site, and it has been fixed BUT...
I can't switch to my HD 6770M Graphics card, instead of the Intel HD 3000 Graphics card. I Used to have a AMD Optimus thing but it's gone now! I get a Catalyst Control Panel with limited options now instead.

So I've done a system restore for time being, if anyone could explain to me how to fix all this crap.. It would be appreciated.

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Is the M910x Tiny Extreme available for purchase? I found this data sheet that says it offers the option of an RX460 4MB occupying the hard drive space, with a larger 135W power supply to support that.That sounds great, but I can't find one for sale. They do list the M910x on some European stored, but not with the RX460 installed.Is it available as part + power supply to install in a regular M910q?http://psref.lenovo.com/syspool/Sys/PDF/datasheet/ThinkCentre_M910x_Tiny_datasheet_EN.pdf
Mod:  Split RX 460 graphics discussion into it's own thread

A:Lenovo M910x Tiny Extreme: RX 460 graphics option, details and avail.

This Norwegian store lists a M910x with RX460 installed as 'no longer in database'. Is the product not sold anymore, or maybe never released?https://shop.itello.no/lenovo-thinkcentre-m910x-tiny-rx-460/cat-p/c36161/p9517130/l_en

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Thanks @BiggAl is the M910x Tiny Extreme available for purchase? I found this data sheet that says it offers the option of an RX460 4MB occupying the hard drive space, with a larger 135W power supply to support that.That sounds great, but I can't find one for sale. They do list the M910x on some European stored, but not with the RX460 installed.Is it available as part + power supply to install in a regular M910q?http://psref.lenovo.com/syspool/Sys/PDF/datasheet/ThinkCentre_M910x_Tiny_datasheet_EN.pdf
Mod:  Split RX 460 graphics discussion into it's own thread

A:Re: Lenovo M910x Tiny Extreme: RX 460 graphics option, details and avail.

This Norwegian store lists a M910x with RX460 installed as 'no longer in database'. Is the product not sold anymore, or maybe never released?https://shop.itello.no/lenovo-thinkcentre-m910x-tiny-rx-460/cat-p/c36161/p9517130/l_en

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Hi my name is James

I am running a Dell dimension 2400 with 256mb ram, celeron processer 2.4 ghz and Intel extreme graphics, and 40 gb hdd and the rest.

I just brought a 256 mb PCI card made by powercolor, built with radeon 9200 technology. Not pci express just straight PCI

Followed the instructions, pluged card in, turned on computer,go into the device manager and i get a yellow
"!" mark with the code 12 error against my card.

Uninstalled onboard intel extreme graphics controller, its model thing is ...
Intel® 82845G Graphics Controller it has 64mb of video ddr ram
Um well as soon as i uninstalled it and rebooted, windows would automactically recongise it again and then yeah. it would become default.
So i disabled it and now its outta use. yay =)
I am currently running off the default windows vgasave graphics thing and i still have the error code 12 on my radeon.

I have installed catallyst, downloaded specific drivers from the powercolor site, installed those and i get either

TUL corporation, RADEON 9200 SERIES ver. [5/3/2006]

just the plain

RADEON 9200 SERIES ver. [5/3/2006]

Well i am using the plain Radeon 9200 series driver ^
And have tried both with no luck.

I read somewhere that i should not use the microsoft drivers
so i steered clear.

Then i saw that I should try adjusting the agp apeture in the bios setup.
To have it under 64mb.
I dont even have a agp slot!! but it couldnt hurt.
... Read more

A:Ati radeon 9200 upgrade from intel extreme graphics , pci , code 12 error

Did u try to install the latest Catalyst drivers? The latest Catalyst drivers do not have support for the 9200 series of video cards. U will have to use Catalyst 6.5, which is the latest one for ur card. Here is the link.

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Hi everyone, I am new to this forum and I'm seeking help to setup dual monitors with my new ATI RADEON 9250 from NewEgg. I have an AOPEN motherboard with an onboard graphics card (Intelr Extreme Graphics Driver I came upon this thread and I saw he had trouble installing his ATI card. I read that, and I went to Device Manager and I disabled the Intel controller. Then I shut off my computer and installed my ATI card without any problems. I booted up the computer and installed the drivers successfully. But I had one problem - dual monitors. I wanted to set up one monitor hooked up to my onboard intel card and one monitor to my ATI card. When I clicked properties on my desktop > settings, under the display I saw *screenshot 1* (attachment) I was hoping to see Intel and ATI but instead I saw 2 ATI. Now I know that on the ATI card theres a secondary plug for a second monitor but you need an adapter to it. The adapter would be my second way out, the first way out is to set up the second monitor to the Intel onboard card. When I went to device manager, I only saw 2 ATIs, the Intel disappeared. I tried installing drivers again but it gave me an error.. *screenshot 2* shows what I just said.

err attachment wont work..

A:ATI RADEON 9250 & Intelr Extreme Graphics Driver [Dual Monitors]

tbui said:

I went to Device Manager and I disabled the Intel controller. Then I shut off my computer and installed my ATI card without any problems. I booted up the computer and installed the drivers successfully. But I had one problem - dual monitors. I wanted to set up one monitor hooked up to my onboard intel card and one monitor to my ATI card.Click to expand...

Well, you won't get a picture out of a disabled video controller.

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All right so I definitely need some help from the pros. I'm not a very big gamer, the only 3-D game I play is the Sims 2. I am having a laptop built for me with a Intel Pentium M 760 (2 GHz) processor and I need to choose between the standard Intel Extreme Graphics video card or the more expensive Nvidia PCI Express 6600 video card with 128 MB Video Memory. Which do you think would be better and more worth the money for my purposes?

Thanks so much!

-Molly Kay

A:Nvidia 6600 or standard Intel Extreme Graphics video card for my new laptop?


the 6600 is WAAYYY better ...but depends .for e.g if you dont play games at all than y spend money hmm

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So hey everyone, I'm kind of a complete noob, but I need some help. I recently (like 30 min. ago) bought a Radeon 9250 PCI vid card. I was desperate for some kind of upgrade, and this looked pretty good and fit requirements as far as I could tell. Anyways I was trying to replace my relatively crappy "Extreme" graphics 3D crap that came integrated with my PC. So I followed all the instructions throughout the box and thought I would finally be able to see Master Chief in all his iradescent green glory, when I hit a roadblock. Nothing had changed. It was still running the same way. I poked around in the device manager and found the secion where my graphics stuff was. It listed my Extreme Graphics 3D, my Radeon, and Radeon (secondary). All of them were enabled. So I thought "hey, I'll just disable the Extreme and all my dreams will come true!" So I did, and it told me to restart. Once it was booted back up again, everything was really big, really pixely, and there were very few colors displaying. I tried changing the settings in Properties, but that changed nothing. Eventually I just enabled my old crap and things went back to normal. Please help me! Thanks

A:From "Extreme" Graphics 3D to Radeon 9250 PCI

Hello and welcome to techspot.
Do you mean Intel Extreme Graphics?
generally we know what are the steps, like:
1. Uninstall and the drivers in device manager, DISABLE it then
2. Turn off
3. Insert the GPU card
4. Disable the IGP (Ext Graphics) in BIOS one more time
5. Install the ATI / nVidia software and device drivers (i.e catalyst)
6. restart

i know you have do the abovelisted method, but i didn't see above that you have install the ati drivers AFTER disabling EG.

Big pixel and few colors probably 640x480 (default) and 256 colours, and it's the default your gpu could produce w/o a proper driver. for example, in a safemode (which the driver are turned off), my MR9700 also use 640x480 with 256 colours as the drivers are OFF.

so, i think you might consider taking a REINSTALLATION one more time and if the problem persists, please write your COMPLETE system specs so that it will help other TSmembers to help you

Good luck

((thx fin3st for what i've forgot, ive edit em))

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Here's a really bad puzzler:

Computer 1: Gentleman brings his computer to me and says it has a virus. He hands me a piece of paper stating that it has the magistrate virus. No Problem. I told him that i could get the virus fixed in no time. Plugged his computer in, turned it on, and the power supply explodes!!. I unplugged it. And started trouble shooting. I have narrowed it down that the power problem killed everything in the machine by testing each individual component. Note that i tried his hard drive in another machine and it wouldnt detect.....

Computer 2: Another Gentleman brings his computer to me and tells me that Norton Antivirus came up with the option to repair an infected file, while he was updating his virus definitions. He said he clicked repair, finished the update, and rebooted the computer. The computer comes up with "invalid system disk." I inspected it and the partition on the hard drive was 100% usage of type UNKNOWN. so i fdisked and reinstalled everthing, and sent him on his merry way. He calls me later from home saying that his computer wont come on. He brings it back and I start trouble shooting. The computer received no power at all. I put in a new power supply. And removed everything else except necessities. Computer comes on. I put in each piece, one at a time, and turn the computer on to see if it works. I get to the last piece (hard drive) and the computer wont come on. So out of curiosity i hooked the old power supply back up wit... Read more

A:Extreme Problem

I would check the power in your building to make sure it's grounded correctly. Sounds mode like you are feeding 210 into the power supply or something. Is there anything else besides a virus that these two PC's have in common? There is no virus that can migrate to a power supply and blow it up. Sounds more like a cruel joke on somones part altho I would probably laugh if it did happen.

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Alright, so I have a fairly large problem that I've dealt with for a while, but it's REALLY getting on my nerves. Whenever I play a game that's even somewhat graphics card intensive(usually FPS), it will play fine, but after about anywhere between 10 and 30 minutes of gameplay, all of a sudden, my screen will freeze, the sound will start looping, and then it does one of two things: 1, it stays like that until I force it off. 2, it just shuts down.

What is the problem here? I've tried everything? I carefully mucked about with the Windows Registry, I've tried killing/creating processes... I'm out of ideas. I consider myself to be fairly competent with computers, as I've been programming for the last 2 1/2 years, but this has thrown me for a complete loop. Can anyone help?

A:An Extreme Problem

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Okay, I have a really old Sony Vaio VGC-RB36G and i took it apart for the fun of it. Now, I'm starting to sort of rebuild it. But I'm using a DELL hard drive that is corrupt. I am also using a DELL CD-Drive but from a different DELL computer. I believe the hard drive has Windows XP Professional. What I'm trying to do is reformat the hard drive completely, but it goes to this blue screen and the blue screen usually says IRQL-NOT-LESS-OR-EQUAL... any help on this matter?

A:Extreme Problem

First off you mentioned that the Dell HDD you are using is corrupt I am not quite sure what exactly you mean by that but the error can also be related to bad RAM or a bad socket on the motherboard.

But to make sure you receive the proper assistance needed please follow the instructions here http://www.techsupportforum.com/f217/blue-screen-of-death-bsod-posting-instructions-452654.html

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can't get rid of pop ups even ones with uninstaller such as best offerLogfile of HijackThis v1.99.1Scan saved at 10:17:32 PM, on 2/28/2006Platform: Windows 2000 SP4 (WinNT 5.00.2195)MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)Running processes:C:\WINNT\System32\smss.exeC:\WINNT\system32\winlogon.exeC:\WINNT\system32\services.exeC:\WINNT\system32\lsass.exeC:\WINNT\System32\Ati2evxx.exeC:\WINNT\System32\S24EvMon.exeC:\WINNT\system32\svchost.exeC:\WINNT\system32\spoolsv.exeC:\INSIGHT\TOOLS\Aiclient.EXEc:\interSOC\ids\blackd.exeC:\INSIGHT\TOOLS\AICR.EXEC:\PROGRA~1\SYMANT~1\SYMANT~1\DefWatch.exeC:\WINNT\System32\svchost.exeC:\WINNT\system32\hidserv.exeC:\WINNT\System32\tcpsvcs.exeC:\PROGRA~1\SYMANT~1\SYMANT~1\Rtvscan.exeC:\WINNT\System32\RegSrvc.exeC:\PROGRA~1\SYMANT~1\SYMANT~1\savroam.exeC:\WINNT\System32\SCardSvr.exeC:\WINNT\system32\MSTask.exeC:\Program Files\Venturi2\Client\ventc.exeC:\WINNT\System32\WBEM\WinMgmt.exeC:\WINNT\system32\svchost.exeC:\WINNT\system32\ZCfgSvc.exeC:\WINNT\System32\1XConfig.exeC:\WINNT\system32\Ati2evxx.exeC:\WINNT\Explorer.EXEC... Read more

A:Extreme Problem With Pop Ups

Hello and welcome.. ==RIGHT-CLICK HERE and Save As (in IE it's "Save Target As") in order to download DelDomains.inf to your desktop.To use: RIGHT-CLICK DelDomains.inf and select: Install (no need to restart)==Please download the trial version of Ewido Anti-malware here:http://www.ewido.net/en/download/Please read Ewido Setup InstructionsInstall it, and update the definitions to the newest files. Do NOT run a scan yet.==Next, please reboot your computer in Safe Mode by doing the following:1) Restart your computer2) After hearing your computer beep once during startup, but before the Windows icon appears, press F8.3) Instead of Windows loading as normal, a menu should appear4) Select the first option, to run Windows in Safe Mode.==Run Ewido:Click on scannerClick on Complete System Scan and the scan will begin.While the scan is in progress you will be prompted to clean files, click OKWhen it asks if you want to clean the first file, put a check in the lower left corner of the box that says "Perform action on all infections" then choose clean and click OK.Once the scan has completed, there will be a button located on the bottom of the screen named Save reportClick Save report.Save the report .txt file to your desktop.Close Ewido Anti-malware.==Reboot back into Normal mode, post back with the Ewido log aswell as a fresh HijackThis log.

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When I use I.E. it almost always freeze after about 5 mins... I don't mean lag freeze, I'm talking about a freeze that makes the whole computer stop so I have to reboot it... Help is urgently wanted.


A:Extreme I.E. problem

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OK. I got a new CPU for my computer today and I'm having SERIOUS problems.

I got a Intel PENT 4 3.00 GHZ 1Meg cache socket 478 to replace my
Intel Celeron 1.8 ghz socket 478 that came with my computer.

Here's the deal. I apply some thermal paste to the top of the cpu and plug it into the mainboard socket not problems. I placed my heatsink on top and plugged in the CPU fan.

I plug it in, power it up. Doesn't boot.

All the fans spin on the case and PSU however the CPU fan does not.

Confused I took the processor out and put my old one in. It boots fine. I shut it down take it out. Noticed it's hot and put the new processor back in. Boot it, nothing. The new CPU is not heating up at all. I don't get a visual on the monitor and the Hard Drive doesn't spin.

I took a very carful look at the new cpu to make sure there wasn't a bent pin or any other damage.

There looks like there may be something in the little hole in the top of the processor and there are very slight dents in the corners on the top.

Do I need to get a new mother board or bios chip? Would completely submerging the cpu in alcohol and letting it dry damage the CPU(it looks like there's something in there that could be broken down with alcohol) ?

A:Extreme Cpu Problem

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I got a Zune for christmas and tried to update my computer with Service Pack 2, and it gave me a blue screen of death when i tried to restart. It did something, and now it acts like my computer is fresh out of the box. I've lost all my music, and I don't think I have any system restore points. Is there any hope to restore this computer to any time before today, or am I SOL? :( Please help. I'm almost certain I don't have a virus...

A:Extreme Problem, Need Help ASAP

I still have some word documents, but all my music and photos are gone.

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I am new to this forums, and ive tried everywhere looking for hwelp, trying so many things, My computer is 3.2GHz, 512 ram, 40 GB and i had recently had a spyware attack, now ive used many spyware cleaners and i smitfraud and hijack this a lot of the time and then after cleaning out my registry, viruses, spyware, maleware my PC has turned incredibly slow....Ive done al these procedures in safe mode and now my computer takes literally 20 minutes to start up, programs take forever to load. So ive ocome to tthe conclusion that I have to reformat my computer, So ive a windows Xp with SP2 CD and the bootdisks now i insert the disks into my computer and they sometimes freeze up, now i just take out the floppy and put it back in, and it works again but the problem is that when i get to disk 6 on the bottom it tells me to 'Please wait...' which i do for HOURS and its just frozen and will not change screens, so ive tried to coot from CD but that doesn't work either because i change my 1st format read from floppy to CD ROM but it doesn't boot with my Windows XP Slipstreamed, i cannot system restore because there is no earlier point, so you can see that i am in quite the pickle here, Please help i am unable to afford another computer and my last hope is this.

Here is my HiJack Log (by the way after starting hijack and doing scan it took 5 minutes to open up notepad and unfreeze...thats how slow my pc is):

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 11:25:04 PM, on 7/14/2006
Plat... Read more

A:Extreme Problem With Computer


Please do help with this

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hello pals please help me...
my computer says that it has no sound device installed in him.
the sound device is built-in that is why i didn't know it's name.my computer is windows xp,service pack 2...

please help me to find the right driver for this...
i want an answer....

A:my extreme soundcard problem

Hello markjacob 04,

Could you please give mor information about your system ?

as in

is it a store bought computer

name of brand & model number
a custome build

name of motherboard & model number

then I can help / I may need more information but that is a good start


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We have a Windows Vista computer. Today while my brother was on youtube is suddenly crashed and blue screened. Unfortunately I wasn't here to see exactly what happened, but when I returned we were having the same issue. If we turn the computer on, it starts booting up and then goes to certain screen, please check the picture I took.

picture 1: http://i569.photobucket.com/albums/s...9/IMG_0015.jpg

We have tried F10, F2, F12 and they all bring us to the screen to launch start up repair. We tried start up repair, which will scan saying checking for repairs, then it was start disk checking. The disk check will run and then stop after a while, and we have to start over again.

OR It will keep disk checking and then suddenly go to a blue screen that says dumping memory.

If we try "start windows normally" it goes back to picture 1.

Please help us, we have over 5g of family photos and important documents, we dont want to lose them!

A:EXTREME computer problem, please help!

Hard drive is dying, apparently...Is it a home-built machine or OEM?

Look for your hard drive's manufacturer (if you don't know, it may be listed in the BIOS or you'll have to burn an Ultimate Boot CD, let us know if you need it) and download the correct test from here: http://www.techsupportforum.com/f234...es-302602.html

Burn it to a CD or DVD with ImgBurn: www.imgburn.com

Good luck.

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I'm using Creatives beta-driver SBXF_W7DRVBTA_US_2_18_0013.exe, but it seems to "forget" the analog audio. Sometimes when I turn on my PC, there is no sound, and in control panel there is only showed SPDIF out.
The only solution I have found is to reinstall the driver, but is there a better solution?
All my settings is gone everytime I reinstall the driver

A:X-Fi Music extreme problem

Hey I dont know if you have checked the site lately for Creative but it looks there is a final release driver version out. I have not yet updated because it all just works for me with the beta drivers.

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Alright, everytime I run my modem (connected to the internet) and play music ( SoundBlaster Live! 24 bit) my computer crashes.

There's no conflicts in device manager, and it ONLY happens when I do the two things at once.

I really need some help here, because this is extremely annoying and I have no idea what to do.

As far as I know both drivers are updated.

A:Extreme problem : Crashes

try uninstalling and reinstalling both the drivers

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I have a new laptop and there is a serious fan noise problem. Fan is immediately active. I have tried the following, it helped reduction but still the fan becomes active unnecessarily. Any solution advise? C:\Windows\system32\powercfg.exe /setACvalueindex SCHEME_BALANCED SUB_PROCESSOR PERFEPP 33 ??C:\Windows\system32\powercfg.exe /setACvalueindex OVERLAY_SCHEME_MIN SUB_PROCESSOR PERFEPP 60 ??C:\Windows\system32\powercfg.exe /setactive scheme_current

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Hello everyone.

I'm having a lot of trouble regarding my son's ASUS Aspire laptop. It's running Windows 7 Home Premium SP1. My wife shut my son's laptop one night and put it away without turning it off first. When I gave it back to him, the battery had died and was showing the Disk Check screen. I ran the disc check process and it froze at 9% all night long. I shut it off and disregarding the disc check process, I tried to log on. After about 10 minutes of nothing but black, a blue screen appeared and it turned off the computer. I tried to log on again after that and got in successfully. The computer is now running very slowly, and will not connect to the Internet. I tried running Malwarebytes (the most recent update) and it would not open. I tried starting it in safe mode and that freezes when it reaches...

Loaded: \Windows\system32\DRIVERS\avgidsha.sys

Is there any way I can log into this computer and create a disc backup? I plan on restoring it to original factory settings after the backup.

A:Extreme Computer Problem

Instead of booting into safe mode, choose the last known good configuration option that is in the advanced boot menu screen with safe mode. If this doesn't work, you could also try system restore in the recovery options. You get there by pressing one of the f keys at boot.

(I realize your actual question was creating a disc backup instead of getting the computer working, but I don't do much of creating backups so I'm not great at that. Until someone else replies with a way of doing that, we can try and get the computer working)

CORRECTION: Last known good configuration should not solve your problem. This is because it will boot as the computer was the last time you successfully booted into the system. Since you have already been able to log into the system, that is what is stored in LKGC, so your computer shouldn't be any different than now. My apologies.

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? OS - Windows XP Professional SP2?
? 32 - bit
? Windows XP Professional
? Age of system - Old, like 7 years
? Age of OS installation - have you re-installed the OS? - Yes, like a year ago
? CPU - Sony Vaio VGC-RB3G6
? Video Card - None or ATI, forgot
? MotherBoard - Sony Vaio VGC-RB3G6
? Power Supply - Hippro 305 Watt

Okay, I have a really old Sony Vaio VGC-RB36G and i took it apart for the fun of it. Now, I'm starting to sort of rebuild it. But I'm using a DELL hard drive that is corrupt. I am also using a DELL CD-Drive but from a different DELL computer. I believe the hard drive has Windows XP Professional. What I'm trying to do is reformat the hard drive completely, but it goes to this blue screen and the blue screen usually says IRQL-NOT-LESS-OR-EQUAL... any help on this matter?
When I boot it normally, it goes to the boot screen that says all the Safe Mode Stuff, Last Known Good Config., and Start Windows Normally. When I hit enter on that, something shows up as This file is either missing or corrupt: WINDOWS/SYSTEM32/CONFIG/SYSTEM and then it goes on about the repair option. When I use a boot disk, and go to repair option, it does the IRQL-NOT-LESS-OR-EQUAL thing.

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