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Microsoft Office Install Issue

Q: Microsoft Office Install Issue

Hi, I hope someone can help or explain what is happening to my laptop.
I am sorry if this has been covered before, but When I turn on my Laptop, windows xp starts as normal and once it gets to the desktop page and the icon below near the clock are starting up. a window appears and starts to install Microsoft Office 2007. I hit cancel about in 3 concecutive attemps and it dissapears. I checked my Start Up page and there is nothing there.

I was wondering if there is anyone else having or had this issue and if they did, how did they fix it.


Preferred Solution: Microsoft Office Install Issue

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Microsoft Office Install Issue

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Regardless whatever I type in, if in WORD, YAHOO email, Browser input line, notes, etc, there seems to be a problem whenever I wish to type the quotation symbol " When I type " just one time, it does not appear on the screen. I ALWAYS have to type " two times, .... and it shows up on the screen as "" If I type " just one time,  nothing ever shows up on screen. To get just one ", then I have to type "" two times, and then erase the 2nd one. What's going on? Can this be fixed? It's a god awful nuisance not being able to just type " once. Can you help me. Mark 

A:Microsoft Office issue with key for "

mazeho Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!I read your post about problems with your keyboard repeating keys and wanted to help.Here are some troubleshooting steps you can try: Notebook Keyboard Troubleshooting (Windows 10, 8) | HP Customer SupportGood Luck========================================================================I am a volunteer and I do not work for, nor do I represent, HP.---------------------------------------------------------------If my posts helped you, please click the Thumbs-Up symbol on the left of the Reply button to say thanks.If my posts solved your problem please click "Accept As Solution" -- to help others find the solution.========================================================================

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Hi all, 
Can anyone please investigate me how to  open my damaged rtf format document in Microsoft Word? When I try to open it I am getting "Loading error " message.
Any advice how to repair rtf document? Hopefully someone will be able to help me with this. 

A:Microsoft Office 2010 issue

Perhaps have a look here:
From MS:
Google search also turned up these, offered "as is" (I have not tried either the links or the methods they suggest):



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Hi, I installed Office 2003 on my computer a few months ago after I had a virus and paid to get my computer wiped and ended up with none of my XP stuff left. It was working great until about 2 weeks ago when suddenly any Office program won't open. I am lost without my Outlook and Word and have tried everything to fix it. I ran virus scan, did a repair, deleted and reinstalled, etc. I have tried every computer setting. It will open for a second and say that it is not installed for the current user (I am administrator for computer and set it up) and in Word says "the function you are trying to run contains macros or content that requires macros support. When the software was installed, you or your administrator chose not to install support for macros or controls". I looked this up on the internet and followed the directions to set macros to run on my computer but it still does not work. Desperate for my calendar in Outlook, I just installed a Microsoft trial of Visio Professional and even that won't run on the computer after saying setup was successful. Thank you for any help I really appreciate it!!!

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So I had an issue where I couldn't access Microsoft Office 2010. I had recently installed a trial version of 2013 to open some documents that I had put onto my USB; I think this may have had a problem with the other version. Microsoft 2010 wouldn't open, though I can't remember what the error said. This Microsoft 2010 was already installed on my laptop and I'm sure it wasn't a trial version. I was told to uninstall Microsoft 2010 so I went to control panel>uninstall program>Microsoft 2010 English (I was told to not uninstall the Microsoft 2010 click to run). After I uninstalled Microsoft 2010 English, I couldn't find Microsoft 2010 click to run but I could still see it as an option of a program to uninstall. How do I get Microsoft Office 2010 back?

A:Microsoft Office 2010 issue

Download the copy again from Microsoft.

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Hi all.Here's my problem:I need help with Microsoft Word  file. It's giving me an error when I open my .doc format file: "Error loading of document".  Any information or advice how to repair .doc file?Any help would be much appreciated.

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I recently formatted my computer, which had a registered version of Microsoft Office XP for Students and Teachers. After I re-installed the software, when I tried to register it, it said that the software's registration code was already in use. I'm sure that I used the correct CD. Is there any way to de-register my pre-formatted version of Microsoft Office?

A:Microsoft Office Registration issue

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Hello, I don't know if you can help with this..

Since the logon problem, Microsoft Office has told me I need to activate it but won't let me as I have used it too many times - the thing is, I activated the day before the logon failed and it was fine so not sure why it's asking me to do it again.

Now it tells me because I have installed it too many times that I have to buy another copy!!!!!

There is no way I am giving Microsoft another penny of my money when it was a vista problem that has caused this in the first place, what can I do? I've tried the activation phone line but it's not a real person.

Any suggestions?

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I am having an issues with Microsoft office professional 2007. After some time my applications stop working. When I go to use any of the office programs I get Microsoft office word has not been installed for the current user. Please run setup to install the application. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it works for about a week. How can I stop this from happening?

A:Microsoft office 2007 issue

How can I do these steps when I can't even access the applications.
Update Diagnostic — Unable to access a required file

The Update Diagnostic was unable to run because it requires a file that you have chosen not to download. To give Microsoft Office permission to download this file, do one of the following in one of these 2007 Office release programs:

Access, Excel, PowerPoint, or Word

Click the Office Button, and then click Access Options, Excel Options, PowerPoint Options, or Word Options.
Click Trust Center, click Trust Center Settings, and then click Privacy Options.
Select the Download a file periodically that helps determine system problems check box.
Wait about a week to allow the file to be downloaded, and then run Microsoft Office Diagnostics again.


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Hi all, 
Can anyone please investigate me how to  open my damaged rtf format document in Microsoft Word? When I try to open it I am getting "Loading error " message.
Any advice how to repair rtf document? Hopefully someone will be able to help me with this. 

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Hello all, I have an ASUS K50 notebook which came with Office installed on it. When I went to use Word 2010 and Excel 2010 today I noticed that when I right click, the menu shows up for a brief amount of time, say three seconds, and then vanishes from the screen. I did a search online and it said to disable an add-in called Babylon in most cases to restore functionality; however, I do not see this anywhere in the menu for add-ins on my version. If someone could please give me some information on how to resolve this issue, it would be most appreciated. Thank you very much for your time!

A:Microsoft Office 2010 right click issue

Go to C:\Program Files\Babylon\Babylon-Pro\Utils. There you will see BabylonOfficePI add-in. The only way to solve the issue is deleting that add-in. Babylon announced that they will fix that error when Microsoft completes the full version of Office 2010

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I have loaded Microsoft Office:Mac 2011 Home and Student onto my Mac Pro laptop and have used each program in it ( excell, word, powerpoint) for around 4 months. Everything has worked great, but then when I tried to open Powerpoint it does not open. I have tried to reinstall Office from the disk but does not work. The laptop has Mac Snow Leopard O/S on it. What do I need to try, and I do not want to lose any info I have save from this program. Thanks

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Right... you know about Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007, correct? Well... whenever I try to install it, it does the installation, but as soon as it gets near the end this error pops up and rollbacks the installation.Error 1Error 2Error 3 *Why would it ask me if it DIDN'T install correctly?*Due to this error, I cannot install Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007, if you need to know what Computer I am using, here are some specs.Computer : DellType : Windows XP Home EditionI would really be glad if someone could tell me how to fix/bypass this error, as I need to install this otherwise I won't be able to get my work done.

A:A issue with Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007.

Sorry for the double post, but I got this issue resolved. It is now installed and working thanks to some online help.

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Dear friends,

I have just reinstalled the entire system on a nearly new computer (I was using it on vista and switched to XP). for some reason, I can't get the microphone to work (and it was working fine on vista before I reinstalled XP). The skype test call produces no result, and the windows hardware test is also fruitless. This happens with a microphone plugged in or not (in the RED socket ).

Here's what I've already done:
- I've tested the microphone in another computer, so I know that part is ok.
- I've tried driver update and windows says I have the latest version, but driveragent says otherwise (it points to a version released on May 7 2008, but doesn't give me any other information unless I pay), and the same appears to be true on download.com and realtek.com.tw.
- I've tried "troubleshooting" and that just leads me to contact my manufacturer to see if they have a newer driver version
- I've searched microsoft support but only find solutions such as this one that are inconsistent with my situation (they refer to "office XP" and not "office 2007") and direct me to places and procedures that cannot be found on my computer -- nor can similar ones.
- I've downloaded two different possible updates (version R2.15 from Download.com here) and version R2.28 from Realtek here, but I'm not sure if they're the ones I need and am afraid to test them. Also, I'm not sure if it is a driver update issue, but I suspect so -- t... Read more

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Im having a problem with my Compact Presario SR 1000, Product number PU166AV #ABA. I am using Windows XP professional with SP3 and Microsoft Office plus 2007. The problem started after running a computer system maintenance and optimizer utility program by Acelogix.
Following optimizing my outlook 2007 failed to open. When Starting Outlook 2007 I am getting this error message: An extension failed to initialize. Cannot open file extend.dat. The file
may not exist, you may not have permission to open it
The Microsoft website suggested to find the extend.dat file, rename the file extend.old and start outlook. This did not work, and they also suggested deleting the file which also fail to solve the problem.
I then to my Microsoft office CD and ran the repair utility which did not work. The next thing I did was to delete and re-install office. Still no luck but the error message has changed to
An extension failed to initialize. Out of memory or system resources. Close some windows or programs and try again. Not having other programs or windows open I cancel the error message and windows continues to try to open but now I get an the following error message Can not start Microsoft Office, Can not open the outlook window.
I now dont know what to try next.

Below is system information
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3200+, x86 Famil... Read more

A:microsoft office 2007 + extend.dat issue

Well, I think you have learned why most of us here do NOT recommend the use use of these "System maintenance and optimizer" programs.

I would back up ALL of your data, email, music, videos and etc to a external device. Now plan on rebuilding your machine.

But before you do the rebuild, look into this system maintenance and optimizer, and see if there is a "Recover", "Restore" entry so you may be able to "Undo" what was done. If not, these programs do way to may changes, we will never know what all was done and may never be able to recover your programs into working order.

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I put the disk in, click "Start Installation", and it says "This is not an HP or Compaq computer."

Strangely I can easily look above my screen I see HP Pavilion dv2000.

The only thing I could think of that could be wrong might be the fact that my computer broke previously (unheard of for an HP, right?) and I took it to a repair service. The hard disk drive was physically damaged, they replaced it, about $200 in total including labor, and they re-installed Vista. That's why I have to install Office again.

Besides that there were no other changes.

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Good Day! Could anybody teach me step by step how to install MS office like word in my notebook. The notebook has no drive where you can put your cd or installer, right? Is it possible by using USB? How it will be done? Do I have to run the installer first in a personal computer? If does, what's next? If not, what's the other way? Plsss teach me.

A:How to Install Microsoft Office?

The easiest method is to copy the installation Disc to a thumb drive on another computer then plug it into your computer and install it from there.

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HelloI've had this computer for two years and was working fine, but few days ago I had a problem with microsoft office.When I tried to open work, appeared a message where said that can't find a file, and was the same when I tried to open the other programs of office. I tried uninstall office and re-install again but now I can't install it because appear the same massage. I have microsoft office home and student 2013 and my computer is a HP Beats 15 Notebook PCSomeone can help me?

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PROBLEM SOLVED (magically) - Please remove

A:Can't install Microsoft Office 97

If you don't mind, can you tells what you did to make that magic happen? It might help another who has the same problem.

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I downloaded update SP3 for Microsoft Office Pro and can't get it to install. There are six different updates, goes to different programs within, and five of them say it can be applied due to (windows\system32\advpack.dll) and the remaining one says (error creating process ^svstatus sptimer). Does anyone know what is going on? Thanks for any help

A:Can't install SP3 for Microsoft Office Pro

retiredandla said:

I downloaded update SP3 for Microsoft Office Pro and can't get it to install. There are six different updates, goes to different programs within, and five of them say it can be applied due to (windows\system32\advpack.dll) and the remaining one says (error creating process ^svstatus sptimer). Does anyone know what is going on? Thanks for any helpClick to expand...

This is a bit confusing.
You state above that five of them can be applied but then quote part of what may be an error message?

Do you really mean they can't be applied?

As for the "error creating process ^svstatus sptimer", the "^svstatus" part reveals no information when researching. The "caret" (^) is particularly concerning.

Any chance you could repost the error(s) -exactly- as displayed, checking the spelling of the last one in particular?

Also what Windows version are we talking about here?

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I just got a new Dell Inspirion laptop and set up all the security stuff before i installed anything else. once i put in my Microsoft office cd, nothing popped up. I went to my computer to click on it and a window came up and said, this program needs your permission to continue. after i pressed continue, nothing happens.

A:Microsoft Office won't install

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Hi All, I have a volume license with Microsoft for Office. I download an ISO file of Office. I have installed this same program on many other computers without difficulty. However, when I extract the ISO file to a virtual drive and attempt an install on the P52, it comes back with a slew of reasons why it will not install. Does anyone have this problem? Thanks, Harold P52 Product Number: 20M9000XUS

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Hi, I had microsoft office 2002 installed on my pc but recently I re-formatted the hard drive and when I tried to re-install it wouldn't accept the product key that I have for it. I tried several times and checked it carefully as I typed it in but it wouldn't accept it.

Does anyone have any ideas as to why this would be? I don't really want to have to buy another copy.

A:Can't install Microsoft Office XP

Just a couple of thought/questions.

Is Office XP an OEM? That is say Office you bought with a Dell desktop or another brand. If it is it can only be installed on the same computer. So when you reformatted did you use the original OEM XP CD?

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I got a new computer and it has a 60 day trial of office 2003 with it and I don't want purchase it, I have office 2000 disks that I had installed on my old computer and I want to put that on my new one, do I have to remove 2003 before installing 2000? can I expect any problems with this?

A:microsoft office install

Yes, remove it.
No, no problem.

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setup cannot find PowerPoint.en-us\PptLR.cab. Browse to a valid installation, source, and then click ok. Keeps on appearing. Please how can i solve this.

A:cant install microsoft office

Quote: Originally Posted by cmentvaliantino

setup cannot find PowerPoint.en-us\PptLR.cab. Browse to a valid installation, source, and then click ok. Keeps on appearing. Please how can i solve this.

The only reason for the problem that I have encountered is;

The downloaded source has corrupted files / folders and you need to download entire software once again.
It sometime happens, when it is downloded from a network / Internet.

You may need to call Microsoft for a new download source.


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so i have a laptop that i got in 2003 and i bought microsoft office pro with it. well my laptop is having problems and i have an extended warranty on it, the company said that the harddrive might have to be formated and i should backup everything

since my laptop didn't come with office and the cd got lost with the move to college, is there a way to copy the office program files?

what im talking about is how with a game you can copy the folder ..programs files/ea games/need for speed... like that and if you copy that folder to another computer it will work without having to be installed. i know its not in the registry.

hopefully this makes some sort of sense, im very tired and this laptop goes away on monday and i have no idea where this cd is.


A:install microsoft office

As a fallback until you can sort out ms office pro, why not use OpenOffice (free & ms compatible)?



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I am trying to install Microsoft Office Premium to a computer that has a window coming up reading" There is already a version of Office running."
I try to uninstal the version using add/remove but it asks for a disc.
The original discs are unavailable.Can I still Uninstall someother way ?
I have tried to install over the top but the same window appears.
Any ideas?
Thanks Ray

A:Microsoft office will not install

You could download the trial version of Cleansweep or Uninstaller and see if one of them can uninstall it for you.

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My Windows 2000 computer refused to boot, citing a problem
with the software hive. Poking around the Web, the solution I was told
was to delete system32\config\software and copy in repair\system\software in its place.

I did that, and the machine will now boot. Doing that cleaned out any memory the system had of any installed software. So, okay, I pull out my
Microsoft Office 2000 installation disks and try to get to work.

But, attempting to install anything fails. All that happens is that I get
the popup window saying "Preparing to instal . . ." and then its back to
the master "select what you want to install" screen, with nothing actually
getting installed.

How can I clear up this problem?

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microsoft office can't find your license for this application.  A repair attempt was unsuccessful or was cancelled.  microsoft office will exit

Please do help me for the same.  I have a valid license even updated the same today itself.

A:microsoft office can't find your license for this application. A repair attempt was unsuccessful or was cancelled. microsoft office will exit

Try to restart SOFTWARE PROTECTION service.

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I've run into a bit of a weird issue with my Microsoft Word. Whenever I highlight/select text, and press any button (space, "x", backspace, delete, etc.), instead eliminating all that text and performing the action that I pressed, the text just stays in place as if I never highlighted in and the action is carried out at the beginning of the selection. I've never seen anything like this before, and I'm really not sure how to search in the help function for it, so does anyone have any idea how I might fix this? Let me know if you need more information or anything and I'll be happy to share. It's just a very irritating, very bizarre issue. Thanks!

- Carder

A:Microsoft Office Word 2003... Weird Issue

I don't have Word on this comp to test, but hit the insert button, and then try again, see if that changes anything.

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Hi! So a friend of mine has been having an issue with Microsoft Office Outlook 2007. It all started this week, she turned on her computer and Outlook Office 2007 windows started to pop up non-stop. She tried restarting it but as soon as her computer was on the windows started popping up again. She contacted a repairman to help her and the first night everything was fine, I don't remember her complaining about it but the next night it started again; only 2 windows popped up. But the next morning everything started again, windows started to pop up, this time every 10 seconds but still very very annoying.
She has tried opening the task manager and closing Outlook but obviously that did not really help her. She has also tried deleting Outlook but I can't remember if she said she could not or that deleting it did not help. We have no idea if it's a virus or something else.
My friend has Windows Vista and I have Windows 8 so I can't help her much. She really needs to solve this issue since she can't work without a computer, thank you so much for the help!
This is a video she sent me: 

A:Important Issue With Microsoft Office Outlook 2007. Need help!

I suggest your friend post in the malware forum. Let's start there.

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Howdy all,

This is my first post on the forum! I've had an extremely frustrating problem and can't figure it out. I hope someone here can help me out! In short office 2013 will not install on my computer. It starts going and at some point it just says there's an error and quits. It doesn't give me an error number or anything, it just stops. Here's a little context though:

I have a Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13, and overall I've been very satisfied with the computer. However, it only came with a 128 GB SSD hard drive, so I decided to add another 128 GB SSD in the second hard drive slot. I got it in the computer and it works perfectly as far as I can tell.The only other thing I changed on my computer was to move the music library to the new hard drive. After adding the hard drive, I tried to use office some time later and it wouldn't work. I tried repairing it with the install disk, and it didn't work. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and it didn't work. It always just stops at some point as I said above. Is there a reason adding a hard drive or moving a library would effect Office?

Thanks in advance!


A:Microsoft Office 2013 will not install

Hi Willm,

welcome to Eight Forums! Good to have you aboard.

About your problem. It is not a problem related to you adding an extra SSD and moving a library. That stuff doesn't influence the Office installation.

Before I can give you advice I need more information. Please provide the following info:
Is it a plain Office pack or the Click-To-Run Office pack?Do you try installing it from a DVD disc or from a standalone executable?Where did you buy the licence?What kind of virusprotection are you using? (i.e. Windows Defender, McAfee, Norton etc.)


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A:how to install office 2003 microsoft

Please write more details about what your problem is.


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We are going to install a fresh copy of Windows 7 on our laptop. What do we do about out Microsoft Office? Is there something we should do prior to re-installing the O.S.?

Many thanks,


A:Windows 7 Install and Microsoft Office Key?

Back up the Product key. If needed audit the key along with all other software/hardware using Belarc Advisor.

This is included along with other steps to get a perfect Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

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Ok so I switched my computer out yesterda for a new computer. My old one got a virus in it, and have to use a loaner until I can get it fixed. I use it for college, and the computer my landlord gave me did not come with Microsoft Office. I went to install it on there and I get this message: Setup can not find HomeStudentr.WW\HomeSrWW.cab. Choose a valid installation source....What am I supposed to do??? If I can't get this installed, my professors are going to flunk me this week, and they don't accept anything written in Open Office at my university. I do everything 100% online. Any help would ge GREATLY apprecated.

A:Microsoft Office 2007 won't install

A document written in Open Office and saved as a .doc shouldn't be distinguishable from a Word document.

You can use Office Live or Google Docs as well.

As an aside, any professor who threatened to flunk me for using Open Source software in this manner would get a reminder of his job description and the source of his salary.

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When I install Windows8 over my current Windows7 system I want to do a complete wipe of my PC and start from scratch. I currently have Microsoft Office installed, and activated, on my Windows7 based PC so when I have finished installing Windows8 will I be able to re-install my Microsoft Office package even though I activated it under Windows7?

Or do I need to install Windows8 over Windows7 and make sure I keep the Microsoft Office application?

I would prefer to wipe out my current Windows7 PC setup but I don't want to lose my Microsoft Office package either.

Please advise and many thanks for your help!

A:Win8 & Microsoft Office Re-Install

Originally Posted by mrstephen

when I have finished installing Windows8 will I be able to re-install my Microsoft Office package even though I activated it under Windows7?

I'm not sure about this one. Someone else will be able to answer this one. I think, you should be able to reinstall it and re-activate it.

Or do I need to install Windows8 over Windows7 and make sure I keep the Microsoft Office application?

I don't think this is possible.

I would prefer to wipe out my current Windows7 PC setup but I don't want to lose my Microsoft Office package either.

Again, I don't think this can be done.

Welcome to the forums

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I recently had to wipe my hard drive and re-install Windows. When I went to re-install Microsoft Office 2007 I was told by Microsoft, "The product key you entered appears to be for software pre-installed by the device manufacturer. Please contact the device manufacturer for software recovery options." When I went to contact HP about how I get Microsoft Office 2007 back on my computer from the contact customer support page they tell me my warranty expired in 2013 and won't go any further than that. I have my product key and everything. Any help would be fantastic.

A:Re-Install Microsoft Office 2007

Hi: If all you need is to download the software to install, I have zipped up and attached below, a tool that will allow you to download the iso file for the version of Office 2007 your key is good for. How it works...download, unzip and run the utility. Select the Office 2007 download button on the right side of the page. Then a new window will open and on the left side of the window, select the edition of Office 2007 your key is good for, then click on the Confirm button. Then select the language and then the Confirm button. A new window will open and you click on the blue Office 2007 download button to download the software.       

Windows ISO Downloader.zip ?445 KB

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I just got a new ASUS laptop, running Windows 8.1, which included MS Office Home and Student 2013 not installed, but there was an access card with the Key number.  When I get on MS online to download it, I can put the Key # in, and it accepts it, but when it goes to the page online to download it, it freezes on a pop-up box that says, "We are sorry for the wait, the page is taking longer to load than expected".  It doesn't go any farther than that.  So its accepting the key number, but it seems like there is an issue with the online download page. 
Any suggestions?

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So the problem is that I have a Microsoft Office Professional disc but yesterday my friend asked me to install Home and Student version as lately he losed his disc and is unable to install it and here is the question, is it with Microsoft Office the same like with Windows Vista/7 where I can input Home and Student key into Professional version and it will install it or do I need to download home and student iso from technet ?

A:Can I install a Microsoft Office in this case ?

Hi SmallB1gMac If you want to install Microsoft Office Home and Student, you need a Home and Student disc. If you want to install Microsoft Office Professional, you need a Professional disc. Simple as that The product key won't determine the version of Office you are using here.

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i am just changing my window into window 7, there is a problem when i am trying to install my microsoft office, it failed. After i press on "install now", the following sentences come out,

[Setup cannot find Office.en-us\OfficeLR.cab.Browse to a valid installation source, and then click ok. ]

Is anyone facing the same problem before? How to solve it? i had tried out many time but failed~

A:why cant i install microsoft office 2007 in win 7

Hi -

It sounds like a possible issue with the Office 2007 DVD.

Is the Office 2007 DVD a full retail copy, i.e., did you purchase it from a store other than the system manufacturer?

Regards. . .



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Hey there!

When i tried to install Microsoft Office 2013 i get a message saying "This 64bit product may not be installed with Microsoft Office Click-To-Run" so i went and uninstalled ALL previous versions of Microsoft Office and tried again, Again i was still prompted with this message, any help would be appreciated,

A:Cant Install Microsoft Office 2013

The "Click to Run" only works for the 32 bit version as far as I know. If you are only using Office 2013 for home or small business use Microsoft recommend that the 32 bit version be installed, as there are actually more features available on the 32 bit version. Of course the 32 bit version works perfectly on Windows 7 x64. I use the 32 bit office 2013 Pro on my Windows 7 x64.
If you wish to install the 64 bit version, load the Office DVD & then Open to explore the files & if you check these you will find the 64 bit version, then double click on that & it will install the 64 bit version.

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I accidentally deleted the MSOcache folder.When i try to install Microsoft Office 2003, its says :Microsoft Office Setup did not complete successfully. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Is there anyway to download the MSOcache ?

A:Can't able to install Microsoft Office 2003..

The MSOCache folder is created when you install Office 2003 from the install disk.You are then given the choice to keep it or delete it. It's best to keep it as occasionallyyou are asked if you want to install features and if you do, the program accessesthe Cache folder, otherwise you would need to insert your install disk.So, do you have a Microsoft Office disk. If so and you are having problems setting up,you need to ensure that the program is properly uninstalled first and then try again.If it sets up OK, you will have a new MSOCache folder, if you have chosen to keep the setup files on your computer.If you have no disk, the answer is no, you cannot download an MSOCache folder.Remove the Office program through Add /Remove. If it won't go for some reason,you could use the REVO uninstaller.Freeware version:http://download.cnet.com/Revo-Uninstaller/...4-10687648.htmlThe WinCleanup Utility may also assist:MS Article (kb 290301) :"When you are working on your computer and installing a new program, the installation suddenly fails. Now you are left with a partly installed program. You try to install the program again, but you are unsuccessful. Or, maybe you have problems trying to remove an old program because the installation files are corrupted. You can use the utility to remove installation information for programs that were installed by using Windows Installer. Be aware that Windows Installer CleanUp Utility will not remove the actual program from your computer. Howev... Read more

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I've been having problems with Outlook 2000. I don't have access because of an OLE registration error and that it isn't correctly installed. It isn't opening and I'm told to run set up, but that won't fix the problem. Then I uninstall it and install again and Outlook hasn't changed and I get the same OLE error message. When I uninstalled Office 2000 I lost all of my contacts in Outlook Express 5. When I reinstalled all of my contacts were back. Is reformatting my HD the only answer? Thanks.

A:Microsoft Office: Uninstall-Install

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I just put MS Office 2000 on my XP system, I tried to install it so only word, excel and powerpoint would install but the whole thing went on. Then I tried to uninstall some of the programs and they didn't. ANy idea if I can do that?

A:Microsoft Office - Selective INstall?

There should be a custom install feature when you are going through the install wizard

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Help please! My husband purchased Microsoft Office 97 Pro off of ebay. He paid , I think about $100 for it.

The problem is, when trying to install it on the system, we keep getting the following error message: "Setup Error 797- Object 3600- Your setup files maybe damaged. Try restarting the setup program from where you originally run it."

We've tried that and sometimes we get a message saying that the install may damage my computer.

Can anybody help. Please tell me he hasn't been had.

Helpful wife.

A:Microsoft Office 97 Install error

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I just can't install Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 which I downloaded from it's official web site.
I'm using Windows 8.1 64 bit right here.
I can install Microsoft Office 365 with no problem (but I've uninstalled it for some reasons) but this one is just too much...

I can run the installer, but when it is in installing process, then one of these things happen :
1. Says "The file powerpoint.en-us\PowerPointMUI.msi could not be found
But I can see in that folder that that msi file is really exist.
2. Says "Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 encountered an error during setup,
3. Crashes.

I've tried using clean booting, or compatibility troubleshooting like trying it on Vista or Win 7, but really nothing works.
Please help me, I'm losing my mind here, really need this thing ASAP...
Thank you.

A:Cannot Install Microsoft Office 2013

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