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Can I play audio through 2 usb headsets?

Q: Can I play audio through 2 usb headsets?

Hi Everyone

Any help would be sincerely appreciated.

Is it possible to play my music through 2 headsets plugged into 2 seperate usb ports in windows xp? They are different makes/models. I just wanna be able to listen to music with my son while my daughter watches movies on my laptop.

Is there anything i need to purchase or software that can do this?

Thx in advance.


Preferred Solution: Can I play audio through 2 usb headsets?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Can I play audio through 2 usb headsets?

Im guessin its a no????

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I have three audio devices on my pc (ATI HDMI, Via HD onboard and steelseries usb soundcard) and through all devices I only get audio out of the left channel. I have tried two pairs on headphones and my tv speakers all with the same results. I have looked at all the balancing end everything is set to even on both channels.

Windows 7 X64 ultimate
M4A78 PRO Mobo Via HD audio
Steel Series Usb SoundCard

A:Audio Only out of one channel (multiple headsets and audio devices)

As you have three devices, each one separately generates the sound. The only thing common would be the sound itself, such as a wav or mp3 file.

When you use the PC's sound chip (VIA HD) that is one hardware device and the wired on the motherboard output jacks. If you use a USB connected sound device then you are using that device to generate the sound and that device's physical jacks. If you use the ATI HDMI, most video cards have their own built in audio chip (unless this is an old video card that uses S/PDIF connection to the motherboard) and thus again everything separate for audio generation and connection.

One comment, if you have both the Via on board audio and the usb connected sound card enabled at the same time there can be conflicts and sound problems. Not the balance problem you have but there can be problems. If you want to use the VIA then physically disconnect the USB. If you want to use the USB, disable the on-board audio in the BIOS.

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Hello everyone, lately I've been receiving issues with the audio coming out of the wrong place when im using my new headphones. I'm not sure if it could be a problem with skype because it only happens when im on a call with somebody.

So every time im in a call with someone on skype, the audio from the call stays in my headsets just fine and usual but everything else starts coming out from my speakers. This is especially annoying because my headsets are noise cancelling and i cannot hear the audio properly from the speakers anymore.

Also the headsets i am currently using are SteelSeries Siberia V2

A:Audio comes out of both headsets and speakers

Hi Electros,

Skype has it's own Audio section in the settings iirc, open Skype, find the audio settings and in there you can chose from a drop down menu which device you want for playback and mic.


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Hi All

First time poster... thx in advance to any of you technical wizzards who might be able to help.

Just wondering if it is at all possible to have audio channelled through 2 usb ports on the same PC listening to the same audio. Unfortunately the headsets are different manufacturers. I dont know if that is relevant but i thought i would mention it.

I would love to be able to listen to music with my son at the same time while my little girl watches movies on my laptop... lol... You can see my dilemma?

I'd be extremely grateful to anyone who can help...

Windows XP Pro... C-Media Headset and Logitech Headset... both on USB... and i will download any media player the helps if anyone has a suggestion.

Thanks everyone.

A:Running Audio thru 2 USB Headsets????

Anyone know????!!!!

Im gonna guess its a no.

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I have a Dell New Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming (Intel) – 7567. Can someone tell me the size of the Mic/headset jack? I’m looking for some great gaming headset and short on USB ports? If I use my Buffalo Blu-ray on the right side it (uses 2 USB ports) all the available USB ports on the right side, so if I use the only USB port on the left side for a headset , I’m out of USBs??? Thanks


Hello. The Inspiron 7567 Setup and Specifications document calls it a "headset (headphone and microphone combo) port", but gives no actual specifications. All Dell laptops up to now have had the standard 3.5 mm jacks, so you should be safe using that as a reference. Get one from someplace that accepts returns.

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I have a laptop running both windows 10 and ubuntu. The audio worked just fine but since yesterday I couldn't hear a thing  on windows or ubuntu.. There is a red circle with a white 'X' on the speaker icon in the taskbar. When I hower my mouse over it, it says "No Audio Output Device is installed". 
I tried to find solutions online but I couldn't solve the issue. I don't have the  "Sound, Video and Game Controllers" option under Device Manager. Sound/ Playback gives the message  "No audio devices are installed". I can't open the Realtek app. When I ran driver easy, it said that Realtek audio is unplugged.
Please do help me. I've been working on this for a while now and have had no luck. Any help is appreciated.Thank you. 

A:No audio from speakers or headsets

theodorebear,Click the link below to choose your computer model and then the OS you have installed. Download and install the chipset drivers first and reboot. You can then download and install the audio drivers and install them as well. Reboot the machine. Depending on the system Dell may not have Ubuntu drivers.

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I must say I'm a bit surprised that I can't seem to find a definitive answer as I would have thought they'd be plenty of people in my position.

I simply want to connect two bluetooth headsets (would they have to be identical?) to my laptop at the same time so that my wife and I can either listen to music or watch movies together.

I've seen a couple of answers on the web stating the Bluesoleil software will do it but they might be just saying that get me to buy the software. There also seems to be a device that you plug into the audio port (3.5mm) although not popular and that's not using the onboard Bluetooth chip.

Obviously this can be done using wired headsets but I just want wireless.

Thanks very much and hope you can help.

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Hi Everyone,

This forum has been fantastic for helping me with a virus issue, so hopefully, you all can help with an audio issue. I think I put this in the correct forum, if not please move.

I recently updated my nVidia graphics drivers, but somehow it messed up my audio as well. I have heard that this can happen for some strange reason. Before this issue, I had my audio coming through my 2 logitech desktop speakers and sub perfectly. Also, when I would plug in a USB Headset and Microphone the USB Port would stop any future audio going to my speakers, and instead, put them into the headset. I would typically be playing a game having the sound coming out of the speakers, but if I wanted to listen to a little tunes, I could plug in the headset and listen to some music but still have game sounds on the speakers. Now basically what the issue is, when I plug the headset into the front USB jack, I hear myself breathing (never did that before). In addition, the audio does not go to the headset on 1 of the 2 jacks. Also, now when I use the application Ventrilo, it will not recognize my headset.

It may help to provide what I have as far as hardware:

WinXP Home 32 bit
Intel Quad Core Q9300
ASUS P5Q PRO Turbo Mobo
Antec 900 Case (two USB in front)
EVGA GeForce GTX460

Not sure if there is anything else that would need to be provided. Also, I checked the device manager, and there are multiple instances of: nVidia HD Audio, so I am not too sure what that is all about. In f... Read more

A:Audio Issue - USB Headsets and Monitor Speakers

Drivers at http://support.asus.com/download.aspx?SLanguage=en&m=P5Q%20PRO%20TURBO&p=1&s=22&os=17&hashedid=c19zNYHCAXhCqBPq .

I would install the 1st chipset driver package...and the second audio driver package...after uninstalling all items currently reflected in your Device Manager for audio controllers.


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The audio quality of our built-in Beats Audio speakers is very good. Quality of audio played through BlueTooth is fine. However, the quality of the audio played through any device connected via the audio jack is terrible. The sound comes through as though the speakers or headset have blown cones when they sound absolutely fine connected to other devices (mobile phone, tablet, other computer, etc.). We have ensure that our Realtek drivers are updated and have seen many other complaints about this with no definitive means of correcting it. Has anyone learned of a way to fix this audio problem or should we simply plan to never play audio through this laptop to any speakers or headphones connected via wire? Thank you in advance for any advice you can offer. 

A:Poor Audio Quality, Crackling Speakers or Headsets

Hi!, Joyful-Life: Welcome, to HP Forum !.  See ... http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c04973149  

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Whilst Firefox will now only allow a site to play audio or video with sound once a user has done something to initiate audio, such as pressing a play button, the same cannot be said within IE11.
Blocking sound in autoplay video has been many browsers aim during the past year or so. Unfortunately, IE's checkbox in:
Tools>Internet Options>Advanced>Multi-Media Settings>Play Sound in Webpages successfully prevents sound playing in Autoplay, but this silences videos even when a user presses a play button by choice.
Has anyone managed to find a Group Policy which fixes this? 

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Haven't tried to play audio cd's since I re-installed Windows 98SE several months ago as my music is on the hard drive. However, when I tried today to play an audio cd, I got an error message: "WMP encountered an error when reading the CD ROM drive in digital mode. Click OK to switch to analog mode."

Nothing happened when I tried to do this. Went to Tools/Options/Devices and clicked on the relevant hard drive - nothing happened. Tried to open Properties and it wouldn't so I can't get in to see what the setting is.

Data cd's seem to be OK. My music already on the hard drive plays OK.

Any ideas? Thanks

A:Windows Media Play 9 won't play audio cd's

Just needed to extract and re-install the ASPI files from the Windows cd.

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Hi. I have 2 W7 machines, and only one will play the LPCM 16 bit, 2ch audio from a camcorder. Both machines have realtek HD audio.

The machine that plays it has optical audio out to a receiver. The machine that cannot play the audio has analog outputs to a logitech speaker system.

Should LPCM audio be processed by realtek and sent to analog outputs? Am I doing something wrong?

A:Can LPCM audio play to audio card analog outputs?

Both should play. How the sound card routes the audio output doesn't matter. Its just based on the input to the sound card.

Check the Sound Panel/Recording section. Set the one that doesn't play the same as the one that does (if they are different).

Generally, Stereo Mix should be set as the default Recording device. Then whatever input has sound will be heard.

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Hello everyone. I am using a old-ish Toshiba laptop with Windows Vista. So, every time I'm playing songs on YouTube, then open FL Studio 10, FLS 10 won't let me play or record any audio. When I look at the "ASIO4ALL" box it has A little red "X" on audio output(I use "Realtek HD Audio" if that helps). Now when I stop the internet audio/YouTube and restart FLS 10, the little red "X" is gone and all the sound works... I was wondering how to play Internet audio while playing or recording audio on FL Studio 10 is there something I can tweak with the laptop audio or some better sound program I can download free(or not free)and not have to get a new sound card??? Thank you for your time. Peace.

A:How to play Internet audio while playing or recording audio on FL Studio 10

Please use the font I've changed your post to above. Otherwise, apart from hurting the eyes of the reader, you'll seem to be like shouting.

Recording from youtube, be it whole clips or the audio track, is against youtube's TOS.

Therefore closing this since we cannot help.

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Hi there,

first i'll give ye the spiel about my laptop audio setup

I spilled a pint of vodka and blackcurrant all over the keyboard a few years ago, all this has damaged is how my speakers work (despite the wireless card and under the keyboard being covered in sticky sugar crystals)

(a) the two embedded speakers emit faint crackling when music is played at max volume.
(b)the embedded subwoofer works fine
(c) the headphone socket only works when a jack is inserted halfway in a very particular manner (giving audio to one desktop speaker only)

I've been using cheap "Trust SP 2750p" stereo usb speakers for the last few months (not interested in spending money on a proper external soundcard setup)

My question is: Can I configure windows or some application to allow audio playback through the usb speakers and the laptop speakers simultaneously? The internal subwoofer is pretty powerful and should sound quite nice combined with the usb speakers at reasonable volumes.

I've tried googling this but to no avail

Realtek AC97 soundcard, Acer 2003 wlmi,

TL;DR version:

Is there a windows xp config or software available that'll allow me to play audio through my usb speakers and internal laptop speakers simultaneously?

many many thanks if you can help me out

A:Play audio through two audio devices simultaneously?

First thing you should do is clean the sugar and gunk off the inside. I can't believe the keyboard still works

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When I play a dvd movie on my dvd player the video is perfect. But I cannot hear anything. When I put in an audio cd, it sounds perfect.

I used Windows Media Player 8.0 on a system running XP Pro.

I tried to upgrade my Media Player but received this message:
"Error creating process <COCU~\DAD~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\IXP000.TMP\setup_wm.exe /P:\DOWNLOADS\mp10setup.exe>. Reason: The system cannot find the path specified.

I recently formatted my hard drive and started over from scratch due to my system crashing.

A:Can play and hear CD audio on DVD player but not DVD audio

You probably need the correct audio codecs. They are likely missing since the reinstall.

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About a year ago, I bought the HP Pavilion Slimline s5780d Desktop PC.
All was fine and dandy.
Then one day, about 2 months after my purchase of the PC, my speakers would only play sound from the left one. I thought that my right speaker had died, but didn't bother to replace it.

4 days ago, I bought new parts to upgrade my PC.
New casing, graphics card, RAM and speakers.

Got a friend over to help me assemble it. Everything worked fine.
But when I plugged in the new speakers, I realised that again, only the left speaker would work. I then concluded that the port in which the speakers were connected to was bad, and plugged the speakers into the headphone jack at the front of the new casing which worked.

When I came back to the computer 2 days later, only the speaker on the RIGHT would work!

I realised that I could reassign the ports at the rear as audio out via registry editing(my realtek control panel thing won't let me), but again, audio would only come from the left speaker.

tl;dr, speakers connect to rear of computer, only left speaker has sound. Speakers connected to headphone jack at front of computer, only right speaker has sound.


Thanks in advance!
EDIT: I am running Windows 7 64bit Home Premium

A:Realtek Audio Will Only Play Audio Out Of One Speaker

One of the jacks may be broken and causing issues, or the audio chip is faulty. Easiest fix to replace the sound card and use that for the audio, here's one with a internal header for the front audio jacks; http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16829132020

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After installing WMP 9, I've not been able to play audio
CDs. Am able to play previously downloaded .mp* music and
videos, but not audio CDs from the CD players (Yamaha CD-
RW and Sony DVD).

Where do I start to look?
1) I've made sure the CD properties have "Digital" turned
off from Device Manager (i.e. analog).
2) I've done the same on WMP 9 device properties option.
3) When I "explore" the CD drive, I see files xxxx.cda
listed for each valid track.
4) I've re-installed the Codecs.
5) I've set "Work Offline"

OS: Windows XP (updated to the most recent essential

Your help is appreciated!

A:"0xC00D1197: Cannot play the file" - Cannot play audio CDs

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hi evryone.

i just installed the 7 rc and i cant play any audio it says no audio output device installed. my speakers are logitech g51 and my audio is integrated on my evga 780i mobo. my audio drivers come from realtek and i have installed the 7 version

any ideas?

A:Cant play audio

Quote: Originally Posted by Kbib31

hi evryone.

i just installed the 7 rc and i cant play any audio it says no audio output device installed. my speakers are logitech g51 and my audio is integrated on my evga 780i mobo. my audio drivers come from realtek and i have installed the 7 version

any ideas?

Hi and welcome to SF

first thing we need is to find out more info abt you could tell us what audio drivers you have intalled and if you are running 32 or 64bit, etc.

Waiting for info


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both of my cd players recognize that an audio cd is in place, but will not play them (data cds work just dandy.)Programs like realplayer and winamp don't recognize that a cd is in the player. In the control panel it says that an audio cd is in, but 2X click does nothing

A:cd rom and ram do not play audio cd's

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Hi all,

Is there a way to send the music I'm playing over microphone? I don't have a microphone and want other people to hear music in for example MSN or other chat program.

Thanks in advance!

A:Play audio over mic

If the program or chat that you want to use requires a microphone, you will have to get one. A computer mic is relatively inexpensive (many under $10 US).

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I feel like some third party software or something may be causing this problem. The only program that will play audio cds now is Nero Mix. Every other program will not recognize the cd. Windows media player gives me this error "0xC00D1197". I still use an old version of musicmatch jukebox and audio cds won't play on it either. I tried to do the registry fix with the "cdaudio" that microsoft had, but I have no idea what I'm doing. It wouldn't let me delete that registry code. I'm running windows XP with service pack 2.

This has happened before. The reason I feel like it's a third party software is because I'm not the only one who uses this computer and a lot of programs get installed on here. Also the drive recognizes dvds and data disks I believe, but just won't play cds. It will even burn discs. When I right click the drive and click explore it shows the tracks as "track01.cda" and so forth. I don't know why they will only play in NeroMix. I've even tried deleting that program and it didn't help. Please, any help would be great.

A:audio cds will not play

What burning program did you use to make the CD's?

Try a different software, CDBurnerXP is a good freeware program.

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Can anyone help me? I am trying to fix a problem for my cousin but have come to the extent of my knowledge.

My cousin has a TSSTcorp CDW/DVD SH-M522C CD/WRITER/DVD which for the first two or 3 weeks worked fine. But in the last two weeks, It does not recognise or play audio CD's. DVD's are working on it fine.

I updated the drivers but that did nothing,

Anyone have any ideas that can help me?

A:CD/DVD ROM Will not play audio Cd's

As far as I am aware, there are separate lasers for CD and DVD within the drive.
If the CD laser has died, that would be one explanation?

Does it recognise any other CD apart from an audio CD (that would negate the CD laser as a fault)

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I seem to have this computer problem where I can not get .cda files to play through my cd rom drive. I also cannot rip cds.



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Pls help with my frustrating problem. A brief history: Right after I installed W2K, my CD-ROM would start automatically when I inserted audio CD. Then the autostart stopped, but I was still able to open CDA files and listen to music by going to F (CD-ROM) drive and clicking the individual CDA file. Now everything stopped. It's as if the drive didn't exist. I've tried to uninstall and reinstall the CD-ROM drive to try to force the related drivers to be loaded, didn't work. Now neither WINAMP nor Windows can open and play the music files on audio CD, regardless of how I set the file types. It shows the correct number of tracks but no content, i.e., all tracks have 44 bytes. Seems like an essential file/driver is missing. There shouldn't be a problem with the sound card or speakers because I can play MC3 okay from computer. The CD-ROM drive should be still good because it detects and runs data files automatically. The only thing I can think of is I have tried to install different "jukeboxes" like RealOne, Music match and Windows Media Player. They might have erased whatever driver or file I had. Is there a way I can get back to where I was without having to reinstall W2K? Thanks a lot for your help.

A:Can't play audio cd on CD-ROM

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to start off here are the basics of my system:
xp pro
pent 3
1.2 GHz
512 ram

i just installed a new soundcard to see if a broken sound card was the problem but it didn't help whatsoever. the new soundcard that i am currently using is from Mad Dog multimedia. it's a 5.1 6 channel card... system devices lists it as CMI8738/C3DX PCI audio Device.
Everything is unmuted and plugged in correctly. I've had this problem almost a year now and have tried to fix it multiple times. this system has had sound beforeso i know there is a way to fix it but am at a complete loss as to how.
I read about a similar problem on a different thread on this site and it said to disable the mobo onchip USB in BIOS. I looked for it and didn't see that setting anywhere in BIOS and i'm not even sure if that would help. It seems like there used to be an onboard audio system on the mobo i have currently but is no longer there. i'm not really sure if that is the case tho. I also have Legacy Audio drivers and Media control devices and AUdio codecs listed in device manager if that helps at all. if any additional information is needed i'd be happy to supply it. thanks in advance for any advice you can possibly give.

A:All audio in xp pro won't play

run dxdiag and do the sound tests.

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hi, man i havent been here in a while lol..

anyways, today i installed Anti VIR on my computer because my trial for norton security 2007 runs out in like 2 days (im getting vista anyway so i needed something to hold me over safety wise). so i installed it and ran a scan, and it kept finding like trojan's and all that, and then all of a sudden norton was detecting things too.. now this computer is a dell dimension c512 (customized) and i just got it in early december, no problems what so ever. it's media center edition. now my problem is, if i try to play music like on winows media player or center or even on my MP3 players software, i get an error message.
"Windows Media Player cannot play the file because there is a problem with your sound device. There might not be a sound device installed on your computer, it might be in use by another program, or it might not be functioning properly."

thats for windows media player, the message i get from my mp3 players software is
"unable to open the necessary device(s) for playback. It may be in use or unavailable."

my sound card is the 7.1 creative sound blaster thing and ive never had a problem with it.
so i wanted to try a system restore, but if i select a checkpoint, after it goes thru the motions, it says it cant restore because no changes have been made!

please help,

thanks in advance

A:Cant Play Any Audio!

NEVER MIND I FIXED IT! you can take this topic off i fixed the problem

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I've got this werid problem, I've got a cdrw 52x drive and a DVD rw 4x + and 4x - on my PC, when I put an audio CD in either, both see it as a blank cd to write on but if I go to rip the track to .mp3 or .ogg using a program like cdex it rips and plays them fine as mp3. Is there any reason why it would be acting like this ? Also I can generate/create Audio Cd's that work but I cannot play them. !!

A:Can't play audio Cd's

you could try going in to my computer right clicking on the drive you want to play your music cd's in, go to properties, then the auto play tab and tell it what program you want to use for music cd's
its just a thought , hope it works

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Alright i posted before about all my audio in XP not working... i'm going to repost my original and then update everything i've tried...
to start off here are the basics of my system:
xp pro
pent 3
1.2 GHz
512 ram

i just installed a new soundcard to see if a broken sound card was the problem but it didn't help whatsoever. the new soundcard that i am currently using is from Mad Dog multimedia. it's a 5.1 6 channel card... system devices lists it as CMI8738/C3DX PCI audio Device.
Everything is unmuted and plugged in correctly. I've had this problem almost a year now and have tried to fix it multiple times. this system has had sound beforeso i know there is a way to fix it but am at a complete loss as to how.
I read about a similar problem on a different thread on this site and it said to disable the mobo onchip USB in BIOS. I looked for it and didn't see that setting anywhere in BIOS and i'm not even sure if that would help.

i've run dxdiag and couldn't hear anything. i've tried troubleshooters which don't help. i've disabled my onboard sound just to make sure it wasn't interfering. i've checked device manager to make sure nothin is messed up there. i have a fairly current driver which came with the sound card. maybe update teh mobo drivers? i dunno why that would help but perhaps.

for more info about stuff i've tried and about what i'm using, here is the link to my posts and ... Read more

A:xp pro audio still won't play

im no pro but i had the same problem, all i did was in BIOS set me PCI bus settings to auto (if not set to auto then try that) REBOOT. if that dont help i would just try uninstalling all sound drivers of every type and remove and reinstall the card reboot let xp find its own driver. dont no if you have done this but it workd for me hope you have some luck..... jut

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Hi there,

My Windows Media Player will not play any Audio CD's, whenever i try to play them i get a "Codec missing" error, i've downloaded several codecs and nothing seems to work, the cd's play fine on VLC and iTunes.

I'm confused.

A:WMP won't play Audio CD's

Try downloading DivXs Free version (google search Free DivX), it usually contains all the up to date video/audio codecs.

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I recently bought 2 mp3 cd. However, my pc does not even acknoledge the cd. I have played alot of movies and audio cd in my machine but this has never happened. I use xp. BUT the cds do work in my dvd player. To play the cd in my dvd player, I have to turn on the TV. Can some one please tell me a way of playing these on my system. I use the latest Media player and VLC player. When I click on "E: drive (cd drive)" it says to insert a cd. Can some one please tell me a way of playing these on my system.

A:Can't play audio mp3

Are you sure they're CDs, not DVDs?
Does your CD play other music CDs?
Does your computer have a DVD player, and have you tried them in it?
Try opening your media player first, then navigating to the CD.

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Windows 7 SP1 on my desktop.

If I insert an audio CD into my DVD drive, right click and choose Play it will not play. I get a message saying "application not found." If I choose instead open autoplay and play audio using Windows Music Player it plays just fine.

On my laptop choosing 'Play' plays the CD just fine.

Can someone help me get the CD to play using the right click Play option on my desktop.

Thank you.

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Hello I have a HP Pavillion A1223w LG GSA-4164B DVD CD drive it will play a DVD w/sound but not play a audio CD will not read software disk I went to the HP help site checked the conections on the ribbon ect.all seam to be ok.Went thru the trobleshooting There is no cable for audio plug? I got one out of an old pc Plug fits the drive but not the "cd in" on the motherboard cable end is a little larger.Has it been misstakenly left out or is it not required? If not needed,sonic was reloaded thru HP recovery,but still not working. Also planning of adding a lightscribe drive any advice? Any Help would be appriciated. Thanks Greg

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having probs with cd rom will not play audio no prob with data checked all cables nothing amiss there have checked under sys info /multimedia/cd-rom shows cannot find suitable test file any ideas

A:cd-rom will not play audio

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Windows 98. Can play MP3s but not regular audio CDs. Have tried Windows CD player, Winamp, RealPlayer, Windows Media Player. No luck. Default player is Winamp, but haven't been able to change that at File Options. Says can't find path to other players. Any idea what's going on? Thanks. [email protected]

A:Can't play audio CDs

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Weird. Takes me back to my scratchy old vinyl days.
When i try to play an audio cd the sound is noticably slowed down. Paul McCartney sound like James Earl Jones.

Any suggestions?

A:audio cd's play slow

How old is the drive? It may be time to replace it with a new one also check the disks them selves for dust and or dirt. How many resources free do you have and software app. are you using to play the cd in? There may some dust build up on the laser lense that could cause your drive to respond slowly or poorly. There are disc cleaners out on the retail market for about 10-20 bucks you can get one that will clean the cd's as well as the laser lense.

Hope this helps some.

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I have ITunes 7 installed on a Dell (Windows XP) computer. I am unable to play audio Cd's. When I insert a CD a window pops up saying "Accessing Gracenote CDDB Processing." Then after a minute or so, the window disappears and that's it. No CD song list appears in the source window as it it supposed to. I have a suspicion that Windows Media Player 11 is somehow interfering, but I am not sure how.

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I burnt an Audio CD using windows media player but neither my CD player or car stereo will play it. Ive tried both CD-R and CD-RW and my CD player says on it it will play both types of CDs and MP3.
I am using Vista.

A:Audio CD won't play in stereo

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Hi, I have quicktime 7.2, whenever I set the player preference to 5.1 audio none of my .mov files (all use AAC decoder) play any audio but works if i set the audio to stereo. I hust want to know how I can get the player to pick up speaker set up. Everything else including .avi and .mkv files can play using multichannel audio.
I'm using Windows Vista

My old PC using onboard sound and XP home used to work without any problems.

A:Trying to get Quicktime to play 5.1 audio

Any help or direction appreciated

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Hi There,
I have a no sound coming from any music CD that I place into my CD rom drive. The default windows CD player comes up, (Not W/Media player), showing that it is playing, but no sound is produced. When booting into Windows I get the usual sounds that accompany the process, showing the sound card is working, but that's all... I have checked to make sure every thing is switched on in Control panel, multimedia, & sound settings etc,etc,etc, including advice from the Microsoft help troubleshooter file, in Windows...but it leaves me alittle mystified...& I miss my sounds while I'm working...This is a recently formatted PC I have bought second - hand, (P2-350Mhz, 196 meg's ram, creative sound blaster -Plug & Play, Win 98.)
It should go as far as I can tell, shouldn't it?

A:Audio play back

i don;t know jack, but maybe you could check the volume for the software itself, (the software you are using to play the cds). i know i got stuck the same way, and all i had to do was uncheck the mute button in the volume options for my player.

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Hi all,

my computer infected as I been getting audio ads play in background even if I am not doing anything on the computer, I am running windows XP and Kaspersky IS, please help!

A:audio ads play in background

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Hello, since yesterday i have a problem with windows 10, whenever i try playing audio my pc just freezes (ctrl alt dlt also doest work) however my mouse still moves without problems.

I tried updating any audio related drivers in the device manager.
I also run the troubleshooting windows has, however no problems could be resolved.
To the advice of a couple posts I found online I run some malware removal programs, they were also unsuccessful.

I'm using an usb audio interface for a microfon and my headphones.

Im currently at work and can't write down all the specs, I will update the post once I get home. But if someone encountered a similar problem before, any experience would be helpful.

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For some strange reason, whenever I try to watch a DVD on my computer all it does is play the audio when I open a clip and not the video. Any suggestions on how to fix this? Most of the dvds I try won't play the video, some of them do though. I'm pretty sure my codecs are up to date, I have the K-Lite codec pack installed, I think the standard one.

A:video won't play, but audio does

Have you checked the settings on the player program?

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I burn from "D" to "E". My "D" drive is a DVD and my "E" drive is CD. I can copy audio CD's from "D" to "E" but I can't play audio CDs on "D" (DVD drive), only on "E". Have kind of forgotten but I think I used to be able to. But I can't now. The only new program that I have installed recently is Roxio PhotoSuite 5 Platinum which is a mere upgrade from PhotoSuite 4 Platinum. I can't see any connection there.

A:Should DVD player also play audio CDs?

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When I try to play.ram files, I get the following message: 'unable to connect to server; check network settings or try auto-cinfigure". What to do? (It is at more than ome site,too).

A:Audio files won't play

Do you have a firewall running or connecting through a proxy server?

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Hi ,i have many mpeg movies on my computer (my blu-rar rips, muxed from mvk in order to play them on extenders without transcoding) However the sound of those files does not work using Windows Media Player or Media Center.

Here is a sample video: http://cid-8b2a08581ed50e70.skydrive.live....re.IISample.mpg

I was able to play the files with sound using Nero player. Here is all the info nero gave me:

"Audio attribute :
Audio format : Dolby? Digital
Sampling quantization : 32
Number of audio channels : 6
Number of audio streams : 1

Video attribute:
Video compression mode : MPEG-2 High Level
Source picture resolution : 1920x1040
Interlacing mode: progressive. "

I would really appreciate it if someone could help me find the right codecs/fix to this issue.

I must add that I currently have the Vista Codecs Pack installed

Thank you for your time

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I've been running Vista with service pack 1 for a few weeks now (before that XP) and I've noticed that I cannot play cda files. I have no tourble playing DVDs, data CDs and mp3 CDs and they all play fine, it just seems to be the cda files.

I've tried on both of my DVD drives (both samsungs sh-s183 and sh-s203) and several software (windows media player, winamp, foobar, vlc) but to no avail. I've also checked the file type associations in control panel which shows that windows media player is the defaul software for cda, I've tried changing this to winamp but still no good.

on to the error messages, when I use windows media player 11 I get this message:-
Windows Media Player cannot read the CD. The disc might be dirty or damaged. Turn on error correction, and then try again.

with foobar2000 v0.9.5.6 I get:-
Decoding failure at 0:00.000 (I/O error (win32 #1117)):

winamp v5.541 doesn't give me an error message it just skips through all the tracks without playing them. VLC 0.9.2 just freezes on me.

It's definitley not a problem with the CDs, I've tried about 10 different CDs and non of them would work on my computer but they all work on a hi-fi or another computer. I've also tried formatting my computer and reinstalling vista but that didn't work either.

So if someone could please help me with this cos I really don't know what else to do.

A:[SOLVED] Can't play audio CDs (.cda)

Got my CDs working again, turned out I just needed to update my nvidia chipset driver

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