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ASUS mobo in conflict with ATI cards? (reaschering the mobo)

Q: ASUS mobo in conflict with ATI cards? (reaschering the mobo)

Does ATI cards conflict with this mobo?
ASUS A8V DELUXE Socket 939 VIA K8T800 Pro ATX AMD Motherboard
I heard there would be 'cause the mobo is a VIA. Is that true?
Should the mobo conflict with any of these below and forgive me for the video in a CPUs, Chipsets and Mobos board,
SAPPHIRE Radeon 9550 256MB 128-bit DDR AGP 4X/8X Video Card and or
ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon X800XT 256MB 256-bit GDDR3 VIVO AGP 4X/8X

Preferred Solution: ASUS mobo in conflict with ATI cards? (reaschering the mobo)

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: ASUS mobo in conflict with ATI cards? (reaschering the mobo)

Have you asked ati yet? Read what the mobo manufacturer has to say about it?

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I've just finished rebuilding my PC, (ASUS P5N32E-SLI mobo, Audigy-2 card and ASUS EN8600GT silent graphics card, 2Gb RAM/Crucial) only to find that the sound card is absolutely 'sound-free'. nada. No sound. Not through the speakers (logitech Z-650's), and not through the headphones.

I read online that sometimes the mobo conflicts with the sound card
a) anyone has heard similar?
b) What can be done to trouble shoot a sound-card, and/or determine where the problem lies.

Please forgive a certain 'vagueness' here as i am not an uber-tekkie. I have tried moving the sound-card to another slot, downloading up to date drivers for all hardware and re-installed the OS (Win XP), i have also looked for BIOS settings to twiddle, and not found anything that is obvious to do with sound cards(HD audio on/off was all I cd find)

I am not sure if there is any on-board sound capability on the mobo, or if there are any IRQ conflicts (apparently a cause of some hardwares not getting along / not working - is this true?)

Please help (3000+ sound files waiting to be played)

A:Audigy 2 possible conflict with ASUS mobo

Boot into the BIOS and disable the onboard audio. When you go back into Windows go to Sound(the speaker icon) in Control Panel and make sure the Audigy card is selected as the default. Unless you have the Platinum version of the Audigy with front panel connectors, the headphone jack on your case runs off the motherboards onboard sound not the sound card.

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I am experiencing the most bizzare behaviour with an Asus K7V motherboard.

If I combine an IDE HDD and an optical drive on the primary IDE
channel, the HDD isn't recognized by the BIOS. It does not matter which
is MAster and which is Slave. The BIOS does detect the drive, but fails
to recognize it! I tried several CD / CD-R and HDD combinations, and all
the drives I tried are known to be good.

If I disconnect the optical drive, then the hard drive is recognized.
If I connect both, the optical drive is recognized, but the HDD is not.

Stranger still, this only happens on the primary channel,
and not on the secondary.

This is a replacement for an older Asus P38-F , which went on vacation
while I was swapping hard drives. Incidentally, it was the PS2 connector
that went bad on the old motherboard, not anything chip related.

The P38-F did not experience this odd behaviour.

This has got to be an issue with this particular model of motherboard,
because it has me befuddled.

Oh yeah, I also reset the CMOS and flashed the BIOS to v1007 (the latest).
The song remains the same.

This board is out of warranty, and not registered in my name, or I'd ask Asus.

I've posted here before, but it's been quite a while, and I forgot the
email/acct info, so I just started a new one. Oh, well...

A:Solved: Strange IDE conflict on Asus K7V MOBO

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Have an HP Pavilion xt926 (Windows XP) with an ASUS OEM Mobo, A7V-ML and there is a conflict with the gameport and MPU-401 device (see screen shot). Anyone know where the drivers are for those or how to otherwise resolve it?

A:Device Conflict for MPU-401 and Standard Game Port (Asus A7V-ML MOBO)

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Hi team,

I am considering adding a pair of pci express usb 3 cards to my mobo to run my ever-growing number of usb2 devices..

I have seen these 7 port cards on Ebay,

ORICO PVU3-5O2I 7 Ports USB 3.0 20-Pin PCI-E express card Controller Hub New | eBay

Has anybody used these? I would also consider a 4 port card. Please let me know which cards you are successfully using.

Thanks for looking

A:Which usb 3 pci express cards for Asus z87pro mobo?

seems to be a good one to get ORICO PVU3-502I Monster USB3.0 PCI - Express Card with 5 Rear USB3.0 Ports and 1x Internal USB3.0 20PIN Connector Controller Adapter Card - Newegg.com just keep in mind it may be not exactly plug and play http://www.amazon.com/review/R3LJNYS...41966&store=pc .

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This problem has the configuration listed in my system specs below, which have just changed recently. My OCZ Vertex 2 died, RMA'ed but sold, and replaced with the Transcend SSD720, 2.5" SATAIII 64GB. Also sold my GPU...

Now, trying to get everything back on track. I reinstalled my OS on the SSD, but I can't for the life of me get the HDMI working. When reinstalling, I knew it was normal for only my Dell CRT to show up via its VGA connection, but then the main ViewSonic HD monitor never came on. I finally realized it wasn't responding to anything. The ViewSonic HD monitor is the only thing plugged in right now, on both VGA & HDMI, but will only work on the VGA. It had been working fine before the OCZ SSD died. No VGA problems. The onboard ATI Radeon HD 4250 is fully updated and all the drivers are installed and updated to the best of my knowledge. There is an update for the BIOS on the ASUS website that I had never installed, ever, but the only change from before was the SSD so that should not matter. I've even made sure I installed the specific driver for the monitor from the disc it came with. I tried playing around in BIOS, and (for once) no matter what graphics device order I set, (i.e., IGPX-PCI-GPX-etc) it always reverted to the mobo's VGA. And obviously, Device Manager is showing no yellow question marks and is generally no help right now...

Again, there is NO longer a standalone GPU/video card in this system, just the ASUS M4A88TD-V EVO/USB3's onboard inter... Read more

A:Mobo not detecting HDMI? - ATI Radeon HD 4250 onboard ASUS mobo

It's plausible that your HDMI port on your MOBO is dead. Is it possible to obtain a GPU and try it's HDMI port?
It could be your monitor as well, do you have access to anything else supporting HDMI and see if your monitor connects?

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ASUS P5B LGA 775 Intel P965 Express ATX Intel Motherboard
Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 Kentsfield 2.4GHz LGA 775 Processor Model BX80562Q6600
APEVIA X-ALIEN-BK/500 Black Steel ATX Full Tower Computer Case ATX 500W dual fan w/ automatic fan speed control. Connector 20 + 4 pin Power Supply

The story:
Bought those and a few other parts, got it assembled and I power on. Everything seems to go fine for about 5 seconds before it powers off briefly and then restarts. I get absolutely no video and the dvd drive will not even open. I thought it was a bad power supply, so I spent 50 bucks sending it in for a replacement. I got that, re-assembled and still have the same problem.
I asked a friend and he said my mobo needs a bios update before it will work with quad core, or I have too small a power supply.

I figured I'd ask for a second, third and fourth opinion before spending any more money.

A:Mobo and processor conflict?

Your P5B does likely need the most current bios to accept the quad core. When I changed from a 2 core to a quad core cpu, my p5w needed the most recent bios.

If you're booting all the way into the OS for 5 seconds, I'd say you have an adequate bios revision, and it's not a cpu/mobo conflict. Still doesn't hurt to update to the most recent version, plus it's free.

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Well got my new PC up and running and all is good save for one thing. I have for a headset the Logitech premium stereo headset and mic, but for some reason i cannot get any sound from the headphones and mic will not work. now i earlier in the day had used the same headset on my old PC and mic and earphones worked. So unless they suddenly died on me, (soemthing i will be able to confirm in the morning). there might be a incompatibility between my new mobo and the headset.

my current mobo is an Asus and model is M4A88TD-V EVO/USB3

it uses for the audio realtek HD.. my logitech speakers do work but for some reason not sure why i can't get the headset to work. so if anyone knows what might be the issue please comment.

Also if you know of a better headset with mic that will work that is not too expensive you can recommend please do so.

finally io do have a blue tooth headset i use for my Ps3, i remember someone telling me it can be used on some Pc's but not sure if mine is one let alone how i would even go about adding it. so info on this as well would be helpful.

Thanks in advance.
just fixed it, needed to disable front panel audio lol. damn sorry for the post

A:Possible headset and mobo conflict?

OK i can't figure out why I'm getting echoing now in my headset though with my mic

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Tried to get HP support to give some similar board model from ASUS' own models so I could get the correct Asus AI Suite to control fans, read system info. The similar Asus model they gave didn't even have the same chipset. I'm not sure if that truly matters as far as their AI Suite working correctly. Just need a reliable program to adjust case fan speeds a bit. Simpler is better.

1) Does anyone know how I can cross the HP / Asus board w/ some similar model on Asus' site to get the correct version of AI Suite?

2) If no to # 1, suggestions on reliable prgms that will allow controlling fan speeds?
Fairly sure this mobo has the ability to adjust fans. 1st tried SpeedFan - no options to adjust any fans (reports them), but MSI Afterburner had no trouble adjusting GPU fan.

None of several socket 775 boards I looked at on Asus' site had G33 chipset.

The info HP has for this mobo is

Manufacturer's motherboard name: Asus IPIBL-TX
HP/Compaq name: Burbank-GL8E
Form Factor Micro-ATX: 24.4 cm (9.6 inches) x 24.4 cm (9.6 inches)
Chipset Intel G33
Front-side bus speed 800/1066/1333 MHz (processor dependent)
Processor upgrade information
Socket type: 775


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Recently I got a new motherboard and was installing it into my computer when I realized that while my CPU heat sink had screws, the mobo holes didn't have screw holes, but instead simply had holes meant for pins. My question is, should I buy a new heat sink or try to drill holes in the mobo and hang the heat sink on the new holes? Thanks in advance.

A:Heat Sink and Mobo conflict.

New motherboard always deserves a new heat sink and a quality fan. You should never have to consider doing anything to your motherboard which would void the warranty. A combo pgk of heatsink and fan, with thermal past, should cost you $12 to $25 depending on size, brand, and quality.

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I have the gigabyte GA-5AA with rev 2.2 stamped on it. I am running a k6-3-450...no problem. My bios indicates version 1.19. I have a tnt2 card that will not let me upgrade from Win98 to 2k...says incompatible hardware. I need to update the bios, BUT the only reference on the gigabyte site is to rev 3.2. can I use this bios upgrade on my board? Would it be easier to switch video cards? Any help would be appreciated.

A:Gigabyte GA-5AA mobo and tnt2 conflict

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Connecting asus spdif module to asus p4b mobo

sorry i also posted this in the audio section but maybe this is a better place to post it


ok went out and bought an asus spdif out module for my puter - the mobo has spdif 6 pin connector on board

problem is module only has 3 pin connector

anyone know how to connect

module has pins 1,2,& 3 says 1& 2 for green header (ac97) and 2&3 for black header pci audio

mobo has spidf out +5v spdif in
ground ground

on the 6 pin connector (1 pin missing)

do i connect spdif out & ground or spdif out & +5v?? don't want to fry the module

Thanks 4 your help

A:Connecting asus spdif module to asus p4b mobo

same problem with a7n8x deluxe

hello karmstrong, i just got my spdif out module today (optical & co-ax) and have the same problem with my a7n8x deluxe. 5 pin socket on the board, three on the module. i suppose we need a different module? if anyone has any suggestions, i'd be very much obliged...

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ok went out and bought an asus spdif out module for my puter - the mobo has spdif 6 pin connector on board

problem is module only has 3 pin connector

anyone know how to connect

module has pins 1,2,& 3 says 1& 2 for green header (ac97) and 2&3 for black header pci audio

mobo has spidf out +5v spdif in
ground ground

on the 6 pin connector (1 pin missing)

do i connect spdif out & ground or spdif out & +5v?? don't want to fry the module

Thanks 4 your help

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I just got a quick question. I got a 680i Mobo and an 8800 GTS card, But I now kinda want to switch over to ATI 3780x2 . Will the Mobo allow me to do so?
Even go as far as Crossfire it?
Thanks guys.

A:SLI mobo & ATI Cards?

Are you talking about 2 HD3870's in crossfire or a single HD3870X2?

If 2xHD3870X2 than yes you can use it on your motherboard if it has SLI with some hacked software but its not recommended.

If you mean a single HD3870X2 than yes it works on ALL PCI-e slots whether its an AMD motherboard, Intel motherboard or nVidia motherboard.

The HD3870X2 also gives you better performance than 2xHD3870's in crossfire. You won't be disappointed with it.

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I recently installed a new hard drive along with a fresh XP install. I also installed a new video card, a GeForce 9500 GT. When I installed the drivers for the new card and rebooted, my video resolution and color quality were both at the lowest settings and not adjustable.

I since realized that I had neglected to update the chipset drivers for the mobo. I downloaded those and installed them, but my device manager still shows the the video controller under 'Other devices' with a yellow question mark. When I attempt to load the video card drivers, I get an error message that reads:

"Setup was unable to find components that can be controlled on your current hardware or software configuration. Please make sure you have the required hardware or software."

I believe there is a conflict in how my system believes the mobo is set up, i.e. it doesn't recognize the display adapter exists.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Mobo chipset/graphics card conflict

Okay simple things first. Did you download these drivers? http://www.nvidia.com/object/winxp_180.48_whql.html
If yes or that makes no difference, format, install XP, install the chipset drivers IMMEDIATELY before anything else and all should be fine from there on. (store the chipset drivers on a CD or flash drive to conserve them to be installed immediately.)

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I'm getting this mother board for my new computer and i was wondering if i could stick 1 or more video cards in it. thanks

A:Can i add Video cards to this mobo

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I have Acer aspire e360 and it's factory mobo + old single core 2.2GHz cpu and stuff.
I bought gta 4 and wanted play before I join the USMC But my pc was under the minimum requirements except my video card. I have Ati Radeon hd3650. I installed the game with my old settings and game was running with no crashes but very low fps.

I changed my mobo, cpu and psu couple of days ago
MSI K9VGM-V mobo
Amd x2 5000 2.6GHz and same video card (radeon hd3650)
PSU Corsair vx550W

the first I installed windows xp pro, flashed the bios, updates etc... well everything was cool but when I tried to run a game (old 3d games), pc was crashing. I changed some settings and I had some infinite loop ati2dvag reports, blue screens or sometimes black screen etc.. I tried every possible solutions but non of them works.

I decided to install vista sp1. When I install the latest Ati driver (with catalyst) my screen goes black, gray, green, pink, purple sometimes it won't boot, sometimes it boots but freezes while i'm doing stuff in vista, screen color changes again and crashes.. so my pc resets and same thing over and over and over again.

I tried to repair vista and didn't install ati drivers but after microsoft updates, my screen goes HIPPIE again with weird colors.

I don't think my video card is corrupt, it was working great with my old acer mobo, even it was running GTA 4 with no crashes or errors

So, I've uploaded a pic of my screen.
i desperately need to play ... Read more

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I recently purchased a geforce 5700 personal cinema video card, which is an 8x AGP. My motherboard can only handle 4x, but I was assured that my video card would run at 4, as well as 8.

I installed the card, disabled the onboard video in my BIOS, turned the machine off, hooked the monitor to the new card, and restarted. I was given the beep code for display memory read/write failure (8 beeps, on an amibios), and my monitor went into standby mode. I was forced to clear the cmos to restore my display.

I then borrowed an ATI Radeon 9250, which outright states it can run at 4x/8x. I proceeded as before, installing the card, disabling onboard video, shutting down, connecting the monitor, and restarting. I had the same result of the 8 beeps and the standby mode.

I borrowed a PCI video card (an ancient mach64) just to test if my machine would boot running that, and it did, after disabling the onboard video.

I've heard there might be issues with the power supply (350 watts, but used and fairly cheap), but the fact that it runs fine with the PCI card leads me to think otherwise.

Does anyone have any idea what the issue might be?

A:AGP video cards and the ECS L7VMM3 mobo

The problem might be that your motherboard freaks out becuase the video card is telling it to run in 8x mode, and the motherboard can't handle that.

You said you can "install the card" and then disable the on-board video in the BIOS, but can you boot up with the card installed and with on-board video enabled? In other words, can you "install" the card, boot up using the on-board video, and install the card's drivers?

If you can't, then post back with exactly what you do (more precise wording might help, since "install" could mean a lot of things). However, if you can, then try this:

Install the video card into the AGP slot and boot up using the on-board video. Don't disable it. Now boot up using the on-board and install the ATI drivers that came with the video card (or just download them from the ATI website and install them). Restart--don't disable the on-board yet--and right-click on the desktop, select Properties, the the Settings tab, then click Advanced. Are all the ATI tabs there? Hopefully they are (I would assume they would be after you installed the drivers), and if they are, then click the SMARTGART tab. Do you see the AGP settings slider? Move it down a notch (so if it's at 8x, which it might be, then move it down to 4x, and if it's at 4x, move it down to 2x). Reboot and go into BIOS and disable the on-board video, and boot back up with the monitor plugged into the video card. Hopefully you w... Read more

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does any one know any video cards that are compatible with the K7SOM.

I have one and the on board graphic is crap!
It has no agp so i have to buy a pci card. People say many cards arent compatible with it.

ps- I want to play games like half life 2 and bf2 and WOW!

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i put this up in another thread about my graphics card not peroformign at full power but noone is replying so ill post it here as it sort of a different topic. i have seen this metniond so many tiems about flashing the mobo. What is this? What does it do? how do you do it? i have built many computers and never remembered anything about this (unless i done it without knoing what it actually was) . And can you flash a graphics card? i have seen this mentioned before an i remember the card i have (thats not working, go here to see details http://www.techspot.com/vb/topic20020.html ) has 3 pins on it and a jumper. As i thought this gflashing might fix the card problem but i guess its an idea to know what it is and how to do it first lol

A:what is/ How to flash mobo and grafix cards

Flashing refers to updating the BIOS or firmware.
If you can actually find a newer BIOS for your card then it might fix something but you might as well end up with an unusable vid card.

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Anyone using or think you can use Nvidia video cards on an Intel 975XBX2KR Motherboard? I know it can run ATI Crossfire but I am finding better deals on the Nvidia cards. Think those will work okay in this mobo?

A:Nvidia Video cards on Intel BX2 mobo?

It will work on that motherboard but not in SLI mode, that can only be done on nVidia based motherboards.

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Has anyone heard anything about the Asus PN5-E 650i SLI having problems such as BSOD or system crashes due to ram speeds over 800mhz? This board is supposed to support 1066 and 1333. I don't get why I'm having these problems, except when i run the ram at 667mhz. Someone please help.

A:Asus Mobo

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anyone know where i can get an asus p4B mother board with2.0ghz processor, or even just the motherboard alone. i've been all over the net with no luck. not even anything on e-bay

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Have a friend/has a comp that Everest(Aida32) IDd the mobo as Asus ME-99VM/Mes-VM. Well we finally figured it out, ME-99VM is one kind of mobo, and Mes-VM is another kind of mobo, and Everest is seeing his mobo as either/or. Does anyone know what the diff between the two is?, it has a 500mgh Intel Celeron(IDd by Everest) in it now, and he was wanting to see what he could upgrade that to. Thanks for any help.

A:Asus mobo help

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I would like to upgrade to Windows Vista Premium 32bit. I have an A8N-SLI-SE motherboard.
Can you please tell me if vista drivers are available for this board? I cannot find them anywhere!

Thanks in advance


go here and look under others and ATK

http://support.asus.com/download/download.aspx?modelname=A8N-SLI SE&SLanguage=en-us

thats the only ones i can find

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I just ordered this Mobo with a 3400 AMD chip. It offers SATA raid. I'm not familiar with raid other than I know it offers a way to back up your system. Where can I get an explanation of what Raid is all about, in particular the Raid that is on this Mobo?



A:Asus A8V Mobo

Brief RAID reading: http://www.acnc.com/04_01_00.html
Click on the RAID levels to see the features of each. Your board only doe RAID-0 or RAID-1. RAID-0 is for performance, RAID-1 is for data redundancy(backup).

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hi m8s, might be able to get a p4 pe board and 512 mb ram cheap. would that be a decent enough board to begin with. your comments would be of great help. also there is a ati radeon 9600 pro graphics card going for 60 is that reasonable. the card is a month old. and the board is 6weeks old. cheers. regards. gboy.

A:asus mobo

welcome to tsg

do u have the processor yet?
if u do, check if the processor is compatible with the mobo

if u dont have the processor yet, first make sure u can get one/ afford one whatever

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I have an asus p4s533, I need to find the serial number on it, but asus says its located on the box, which is now long gone. There are like 5 stickers on the mobo with numbers and bar code on them, anyone know if one is the serial number, and if so, which one is it and where is it located?

Hope someone can help.

A:Asus MOBO ?

download Aida 32 it will tell you the serial number of the mobo under " computer/DMI/Motherboard"


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hey guys.... im trying to get an old machine built, which i have, just having trouble with the software part. when i first built it i had two cdroms installed, one wouldnt ope and the other one would. anyways i booted from an xp disk and installed xp, it ran slow so i decided to find a different os. well i just got an ubuntu disk ive been waiting for so i decided to install it (by this time i took out the cd drive that didnt open). so i stuck in the ubuntu disk and booted up, everything works fine RECOGNIZES the cd-rom as a cd drive, boot sequence is setup as cd-rom first. reads the cd-rom when posting but when it gets to the point to where it asks you to press any key to boot from cd, the drive isnt spinning the light isnt blinking and then it says "boot from cd: failure..." WTF?! i can not figure out what just happened! the only changes i made was pulling out the broken cd rom (which ive tried booting from cd with it installed again), added a network card (which i tried boot from cd with it pulled out), and put in a different power supply with more watts, which i couldnt imagine that being the problem. has anyone had a similar problem and fixed it?! its driving me crazy! im going to try some more things later but if you could help that would be nice. thank you

(working cd-rom is set up as master)

A:ASUS P2B mobo

positive..... i ordered the ubuntu from ubuntu so its the disc they made and it worked in my pc. and the xp disc works to, my friend just installed it the other day and its not recognizing it. the weird thing though is if theres no cd in there it says failure instantly but when there is a disc in there it waits a minute or two then says failure. but the whole time the light isnt blinking and its transparent above the top spindle..... and its not spinning. i tried a different disk drive to. but their both older drives, so ill try and find a newer one somewhere.

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I am wondering which is the better buy? For temperature, lifetime, and stability, as it seems both have similar specs. thank you so much for your opinions.

this is the Asus board

This is the MSI board


A:Asus or MSI Mobo?

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I'm trying to upgrade my AMB Ath 550 on an ASUs K7M MBoard, Slot A, 200 mghz FSb. I'm try to get the fastest cpu for the least amount of money that will work on my current MB. The ASUS manual states that the board is designed for a 242 pin slot A module, PBGA. I have been researching the available cpu's on E-Bay but all the descriptions for Slot A units with 200mghz FSB state that the number of pins are 400+. Does Slot A have different spec's? Also, can I use a cpu with a greater FSB on this MB? Does PBGA have any significance?

Thanks for your help.

A:cpu for ASUS MOBO

The only cpu you can use on that motherboard is the athlon slot A processor. You might find a used processor on e-bay. I believe the fastest slot A that was made was an 850mhz. Depending on the revision of your board you may need to upgrade the BIOS to accept a processor of that speed.

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Have you guys and gals seen this new mainboard from asus http://usa.asus.com/prog/spec.asp?m=P5WD2 Premium&langs=09

A:New Asus mobo

I will take the new duel core Intel and look at that 8Gb ram max

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Morning all,

could anyone tell me whether it would be ok to run a Nvidia 7800GT and Nvidia 9500GT graphics cards side by side, safely on this mobo. Obviously i do not intend to run in SLI mode, i just want to run 4 monitors from all four outputs.

Thank you in advance

A:Mixing graphics cards on (ASRock M3A770DE) mobo

Will it work, in XP most likely with no problems. In Vista (after the platform update that added DirectX 11) and Windows 7, probably not. Reason for saying that is you are mixing two different generations of card that use a different driver model. The 7800 GT will use the WDDM 1.0 driver model and the 9500 GT uses the newer WDDM 1.1. Both cards may install from the same driver package, but they won't use the same driver.

The problem is that when you mix two cards from the same manufacturer (ATI with ATI, Nvidia with Nvidia) that use the different driver model, the older card cancels out the newer and as a result the newer card doesn't work at all.

For what you're looking to do it might be a better idea to grab something like this,

Newegg.com - GIGABYTE GV-N84STC-512I Rev2.0 GeForce 8400 GS Supporting up to 512MB(128MB onboard) 64-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready Low Profile Ready Video Card

uses the same WDDM 1.1 as your 9500 GT. Also would use a lot less power than the older 7800 GT and produce a lot less heat, which would be even more beneficial when all it is ro be used for is extra monitors.

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Looking to play Skyrim and I need to upgrade my video card (PCI only).
I have a Sony VAIO PCV-2210. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
CPU Arch : 1 CPU - 1 Cores - 1 Threads
CPU PSN : Intel Pentium 4 CPU 2.53GHz
CPU EXT : MMX, SSE (1, 2)
CPUID : F.2.7 / Extended : F.2
CPU Cache : L1 : 12 / 8 KB - L2 : 512 KB
Core : Northwood (0.130) / Stepping : C1
Freq : 2545.97 MHz (134.02 * 19)
MB Brand : Asus
MB Model : KIRIN-V
NB : Intel i845GV rev A1
SB : Intel 82801DB (ICH4) rev 01
GPU Type : Intel(R) 82845G/GL/GE/PE/GV Graphics Controller
DirectX Version : 9.0c
RAM : 1024 MB DDR
RAM Speed : 134 MHz (1:1) @ 2.5-3-3-7
Slot 1 : 512MB (3200)
Slot 1 Manufacturer : Kingston
Slot 2 : 512MB (3200)
Slot 2 Manufacturer : Kingston

A:Do any of these PCI cards work with my mobo and will it run Skyrim on lower settings?

just realized I can't post links yet. I was looking at Micro Center under PCI cards.

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I have an ASUS MB P5WD2 Premium and need some help as to wether I can upgrade from
a Pentium D 830 Dual core to one of the newer Core 2 Duo chips and just what this board might support.


A:ASUS MoBo and FAstest CPU

Sorry, your board does not support any Core series processors.

Here's the CPU support list for your motherboard: http://support.asus.com/cpusupport/cpusupport.aspx?SLanguage=en-us&model=P5WD2 Premium

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what motherboard is the best of these tree?

asus: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813131405

msi: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813130239
gigabyte: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813128400&Tpk=GA-P55-UD4

A:Asus, MSI or Gigabyte mobo?

All 3 are extremely good. We are all a little partial and favour Gigabyte, but IMO go with the one that is cheapest.

I will be building a computer this Wednesday with the MSI GD65. So if you hold out till then I can tell you my impressions of the board then.

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ok, here's the skinny, i was updating the bios of my Asus p4c800e-deluxe (socket 478, p4 3ghz) to the latest bios. i used the convenient asus flash utility to install the bios without having to boot from floppy, etc. so i flashed the bios no prob, rebooted, and get nothing.
it just so turns out that it will only totally boot up about a third of the time, and that no matter how many times i revert back to default settings in the bios, every time i reboot it says "overclocking has failed, revert back to default settings" or whaterver. and im not overclocking it the slightest.

but get this, since the flash, my onboard nic has crapped out. not like it has a red x on it, no, my computer doesnt evern realize it has a nic! there is nothing in device manager or network connections about a nic.

so thats the disaster. now i am going to try and boot from a floppy and install the bios the old fashion way. see if that helps. (probably not)

so there it is. if anyone can help that would be great. im in a world of hurt.

A:asus mobo borkage

Have you tried clearing the cmos? You mobo book will tell you how!

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Bought an Asus Z8NA-D6C Dual Xeon motherboard and is now having problem to get it work. I tested psu, ram and even download the latest bios, the board just don't boot. I having been using a single cpu for testing at all times. Any idea from anyone? Please advise.

A:Asus Z8NA-D6C Mobo

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would a
Intel Pentium D 935 CPU
with a
Asus P5K mobo?

A:Solved: PD 935 + Asus P5K Mobo


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Hi I upgraded to an asus a7n8x-x motherboard with an AMD athlon cpu. All the other parts were carried over from my old computer. I installed the board and my Geforce Mx440 video card and do not receive any video signal (I know the card is good because it worked in a friend's computer). The system starts up, all LED's light, all fans spin continously, the cdROMS work, even the video card fan spins. I just do NOT get any video. I tried using at least 7 different video cards including one PCI card (all others were AGP) and still have had no luck. I reset the CMOS multiple times. I tried switching out the RAM in all different combinations of the three sticks I have available (including only one in the main slot). I have disconnected everything except for the video card. There are no beeps when it starts up. I tried a different powersupply, too. Basically, I have switched out, reset, and checked everything my friends and I can possibly think of with no luck. I highly doubt the board is bad because everything lights up and receives power. I am absolutely desperate for help here and will accept / try any suggestion that anyone has. Me and everyone I talk to can not think of anything else that could possibly be done. I read through dozens of threads on this site and others about troubleshooting and have tried everything I can find but to no avail. Please help me out.

A:new asus mobo, can not get video

You did not mention it so ,did you try the Display and Cable on a different machine to test.
Welcome to Techspot!

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Have a ASUS A8N32-SLI mobo with 2x1GB sticks of Crucial DDR-400 memory running XP Pro SP2 perfect. I have version 1009 of the AMI BIOS. Added 2 more 1GB of the same Crucial id memory, although they do not look physically identical, and booted up. I did not make any BIOS or boot.ini changes.

Belarc Advisor shows 2,288MB of memory with all 4x1GB DIMM's showing.

MS System Info tool shows 4,096MB Physical memory and 1.536GB available.

CPU-Z shows 4,096MB at 200MHz Frequency. For it's SPD all 4 sticks have same timings and max Bandwidth.
However on the two new sticks the mfgr.# is all zero's, the part # is blank and the serial # is all F's.
Everything reads fine for the 2 old sticks.

I understand that XP cannot use ALL the 4GB, but it does not seem to be using ANY of the 2 new GB's. Can someone help me use them.

A:ASUS A8N32-SLI mobo + 4GB. Help.

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Just built a new computer on the Asus X99-A/USB 3.1 mobo. I installed my GTX 980 GPU on the first 16x slot, and wanted to install the 750 add-in in the 16_4 (8x) slot. It hit the USB 3.0 Connection for my front panel, so this was not possible. Instead installed in the 16_3 (16x) slot. Problem is that the corner of the SSD PCB rests firmly upon the PCH heatsink. Looking for advice on how to manage this prior to starting up. Anyone who has solved this problem?

A:Intel 750 on Asus X99-A Mobo

Originally Posted by Submarine

Just built a new computer on the Asus X99-A/USB 3.1 mobo. I installed my GTX 980 GPU on the first 16x slot, and wanted to install the 750 add-in in the 16_4 (8x) slot. It hit the USB 3.0 Connection for my front panel, so this was not possible. Instead installed in the 16_3 (16x) slot. Problem is that the corner of the SSD PCB rests firmly upon the PCH heatsink. Looking for advice on how to manage this prior to starting up. Anyone who has solved this problem?

I've seen this problem on an older build and the best solution was a new motherboard. It's all about the layout of devices fastened to the board, a microATX board gives less possibilities than a full ATX board. Then I had to get a taller tower case to hold the full ATX board but it worked out better than I planned as I could add a second HDD without interfering with other things. A possibility with the full ATX board is some have 2 PCIe X16 slots.

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recently my hard drive crashed on me during a routine defrag, I got a "check disk" error, so i reboot and my comp cant find my OS (win 2000). so i bought a SATA drive and tried a fresh install with XP sp1 and i cant get past the 3rd party driver install ( for the raid controller on the mobo)
so i put another hard drive in (WD IDE) and when i try to install xp i says it doesn't see a hard drive. i went into the bios and i can see it there. the hard drive is set as master and iv checked all connections and cables.
any one know what could cause this? would flashing my BIOS help?

any advice appreciated.
ASUS A7n8x-e deluxe
amd 2.2
WD caviar 60gig
-WD SATA 200 gig
OS xp sp1

A:asus mobo prob


Let's talk about the WD IDE drive. If you have it alone on a ribbon cable, you must remove all jumpers and put it on the end of the ribbon cable in master position. See if that helps.

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Well I was just wondering what possible upgrades I could put on my asus A7V8X-X MOBO.
It's a rather old version and I tried to find the info needed, but came home from a sad voyage on that one.
All I need to know is, what better parts could I possibly add to it with the given MOBO and the hardware already installed on it.

CPU: AMD athlon XP 2600+, MMX, 3DNow, at 1,7 GHz
GRAPHICS: NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 440 with 64 MB VideoRAM
SOUND: AD1980 SoundMax integrated audio
NIC: integrated on MOBO
RAM: 512MB DDR, on box it says that it canhave DDR266, DDR333 and DDR400

So could someone advise me what best to do when I want to upgrade the performance without getting a new MOBO installed and with the data given, I gave this data to the best extend I could, cause the MOBO was a bulk version and came with no real manual.

Thanks in advance.

Yours Sincerely,


A:Just asking some info about what I could put on my asus mobo


Asus should have the manual online.

You could get a faster CPU, more ram and a new video card.

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I just got an ASUS P4P800S mobo. When it boots, it does a correct auto-detect of all the drives, and the BIOS setup works fine. I have a clean new Maxtor sata that I want to format and load up with Win2000.

But it never gets to the a: drive utility disk. Instead, after the POST completes, I get a red (uh-oh) popup which says "Invalid copy! Press any key to continue". Pressing keys does not clear the popup. I also won't boot from any other drive, including the CD. No other information is displayed.

If I disconnect my c: and d: (IDE) hard drives, the popup doesn't come up, but it still doesn't start the a: setup or even display a command prompt.

The CPU is a brand-new P4 2.8, right out of the box.

I eMailed ASUS, but haven't heard back, so I guess they're off for the holidays.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

A:Asus mobo not booting!

You have to enter teh BIOS and change the boot sequence so that it goes something like A, CD-ROM, SATA

The Windows 2000 CD is bootable so you can start off that.

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Hi guys (and gals),

I've just built a new PC out of the following kit:

ASUS P5P43TD Pro motherboard
Intel Q6600 CPU with
8GB Kingston RAM (KVR1333D3N9K2/4G x 2)
Ati X1300 dual monitor graphics card
Coolermaster case with 750W PSU
Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

All went reasonably during installation, with a couple of hangs, but completed successfully. Now, however, the setup is really unstable, with BSOD and hangs being too frequent for meaningful use. I saw another thread by josean777 in which he has virtually the same problems with another ASUS board, and also the brilliant reply by devidebyzero suggesting fixes. However, having downloaded the utils suggested, my motherboard is subtly different to josean777's. Does anyone have experience similar to mine?


A:Asus mobo BSOD

Can you describe errors displayed by the BSOD's you are having?

To start with, have you ensured that your RAM is listed in QVL for this board, and is correctly configured (settings/voltage) in the BIOS?

Lastly, I hope someone from admins will move this thread to correct forum i.e. Windows BSOD, Freezing, Restarting Help

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