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SSD limitation for X220

Q: SSD limitation for X220

Hi folks, I just upgraded my X220 4291-36G (i7-2620M) to 16GB of RAM with the support I was given in this forum !thanks so much, this is great. Now I want to replace the existing HDD 320GB with a new SSD drive.I know I must take a 7mm in high, 2.5". But I was wondering if there is a limitation in GB size to which SDD I can install.Actually there are SSD's to 4TB .. (but 4TB are too expensive at the moment...) Are there any recommendations to what is the best (or which runs best on an X220) ? What about this types: does anybody uses them into an X220 ? This are all 2TB models: - Sandisk SDSSDH3-2T00-G25 - Crucial CT2050MX300SSD1 - Crucial CT2000MX500SSD1 - WD Blue 3D NAND - WDS200T2B0A- Samsung 850 EVO Basic MZ-75E2T0B/EU - Samsung 860 EVO Basic MZ-76E2T0B/EU any help is very appreciated.Many thanks again !!!

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Preferred Solution: SSD limitation for X220

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


OK, here is the 137G HDD limitation again, under Windows2000, new build (pre service packs). Is it MB BIOS, and/or hardware admin under a new 137G formatted drive/win2000 install to bring my 250G ATA133 drive up to full capacity?

A:137 GB limitation

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Hi Guys

I know that Win XP cannot rezognize size more than 2TB.
My question is if for example I partition 4TB drive into 2 + 2 TB can Win XP recognize them then?

Thank you

A:Win XP 2TB limitation

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hi all

i have a pc with windows 2003 server that i use for sharing files (no apps).. and im thinking of wiping it out and installing vista instead because its easier to manage...

are there limitations on how many users can access it at once time?


10 is the limit

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Does NT4 workstation have an IDE Hard drive limitation at 137GB or is that just bios based. I am wondering because I have to upgrade some Dell Optiplex GX240 on NT4/SP6 to 250GB HD, and I had always thought there was a limitation, but now I have been thinking that maybe I had confused the bios issue.

A:Does NT4 have a HD Size limitation?

Well, it could be a BIOS limitation, if the BIOS is earlier than mid-2002. I presume you already know about the 8gig size limitation of the boot partition as described in: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;224526&Product=ntw40

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Hi guys,

I am trying to find solution to my problem but I had no luck so far...

I want amount in one cell(CASH) to reach negative values if necessary(DUE TO A COSTS), but in the same time, I want it to reach zero as minimum when I am changing other cell that is conected to it(DEPOSIT)

I know it may sound confusing...but I will attach an example. I has the comment on cell DEPOSIT which explains what I am trying to solve.

If any additional elaborations are necessary I am willing to provide it.


A:(Un)Limitation in one cell

I forgot to mention that I am using excel 2003.

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I was wondering if there a way around the 100 file limitation in Windows. For example, in the Outlook OLKxx folder it will create files Outlook.jpg (1), Outlook.jpg (2), etc. all the way to 99. At this point you are no longer able to see embedded images in Outlook emails, they just show up as a red X. The only way around this is to delete the files and start the count again. This can be annoying for those that receive emails with images in them on a frequent basis.

Any way to change this in the registry?

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first of all im from turkey so my english is not so good i will try to tell my problem.
im getting 5 mbit internet but my isp limits internet to 1 mbit if i download over 50 gb i think its not serverside because my net is limited to 1 mbit now but modem says otherwise can be seen below

i would like a solution for this if possible

thank you

A:Can anyone help me with internet limitation?

Hello kemal, and welcome to TSG

The 5723 Kbps speed represents the speed of continuous data from the ISP's head end to your modem. They most likely have their central office equipment configured that once you reach your 50 GB quota, it will send you data in 5723 Kbps bursts that average out to a 1 Mbps data rate. There is nothing you can do on your end to override it.

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Dear Friends..

I have installed 2 new RAM cards to my PC specification as follow:

PC: Acer,
OS: Wind XP 2002, SP3,
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual CPU
E2200 @ 2.20GHz
screen: 19" resolution 1024 x 768

I bought 2 RAM cards : Kingstone 2048/667
each card has 2 GB of capacity,

after installing the 2 cards I checked and I saw 3:00 GB of RAM,
I asked the technicien at the shop why is not showing me the 4 GB of RAM?,
he told me that in in windows XP will show 3 GB as maximum capacity of RAM only but in Vista it will show the 4 GB of RAM, bcoz the Wind XP designed to show not more than 3 GB of RAM,

I am getting confused, and I couldn't argue with him as long as i am not sure about this issue, is it true?
and what made me more confused tha I didnt notice that my PC much faster than before I used 2 RAM cards each 1 GB total 2 GB RAM capacity, or something wrong with my OS? I did disk defragment, disk cleaner.. but still the same, ? !

awaiting your helpful advices with many thanks in advance.

A:RAM capacity limitation

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I tried to use AutoStreamer to make a win 2k bootable CD (inputing win 2k sp4) to get over the infamous WIN2k 137 GB limitation when trying to format my Maxtor 160GB HDD.
A folder was generated with a zipped 370MB plus file in it. Knowing a PC would not recognize a zip file on bootup, I unzipped the file and burnt the resulting files to a CD.
My newly built PC would not bootup to AutoStreamer-generated CD. I know bios settings are OK since PC does bootup to a true bootable win2k CD.

Any suggestions as what may have gone wrong?
Very Frustrated. Any help is very much appreciated.

A:137 GB limitation & AutoStreamer

What do you mean it created a zip file. It should have created an ISO file. From there you would use Nero or any other application to burn the iso file as an image. If the 2000 install cd you used is bootable, the cd will be bootable after you burn the ISO file as an image to a cd.

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I just completed assembling a new rig. The mobo can take up to 32 Gig RAM. But when I installed Win 7 Home Edition 64 bit it warned me that it can only take 16G max RAM. This was verified by a PC repair shop. I was told that my option was to go with the Win7 Ultimate if I were to take advantage of 32 G RAM the mobo can support. I knew about the limitation concerning the Win7 HomEd 32 bit but I thought the 64 bit can handle it. Any thoughts in this matter?

A:Solved: RAM Limitation

Well the shop was right I'm afraid, see the list of how much ram different versions of Windows 7 can use here :- http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-gb/lib...=vs.85).aspx#physical_memory_limits_windows_7

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that my cpu had a limitation and wouldn't run 1066 duel channel is that true or can i run this RAM at 1066 duel channel. Thanks

A:Solved: Amd cpu limitation

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should i have the jumper on my sata HD to limit it to 1.5 GB/S or take it off so its 3 GB/S, i've never had a sata drive before so i have to ask

A:Sata limitation?

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My hard drive crashed and is non recoverable. I bought a 320gb Maxtor HD it partitioned at 137gb max. I have windows 2000 installed then downloaded updates I have sp4 now. My registry has the 48bit enabled and bio recognizes the 320gb. Not sure how to proceed to get the rest of my space on a different partition. Any suggestions? Is there a disk wizard that can take care of this for me?

A:137gb limitation

I believe Win 2000 has a Disk Management utility just like XP does. Not positive it is accessed in the same way. Click on My Computer and choose Manage and then Disk Management. You can then do what you want with the unused space.

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Anyone know why there is a 384 mb RAM limit for an HP8565C running a 500 mhz Pentium III with Windows XP SP3? Originally the computer was loaded with W98. Presently I have 6 x 64 mb installed and would like to install 6 x 128 mb or 6 x 256 mb being Windows XP with 384 mb is a slug.

A:384 mb RAM limitation for HP8565C

Because back when the PII and PIII CPUs were made, Windows98 was standard... 128mb was fairly standard, 256mb was closer to high end. 512mb was the max usable supported. The chipset on the HP has a hardware supported limit.

A 500mhz P3 really has no business running XP - especially with SP3 and todays software. A 1000Mhz P3 is the least to get something usable.

Either replace Win98 back on the computer (no security supported software anymore) or replace the computer. Even for $150~250, its possible to get a refurb P4 3.0ghz computer with WinXP installed.

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I have a question regarding the amount of RAM I can install. I have an HP Pavillion with an AMD Sempron LE-1200 2100MHz
and I have 3Gb installed. One 2Gb and one 1Gb. Can I install two 4Gb? How do i know what the limitations are?
Thanks and Happy New Year!!!

A:Solved: Ram limitation ???

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Hi everyone,

I am trying to help someone (my cousin) escape from facebook addiction. I am looking for a parental control software that can limit access to facebook, leaving the possibility to access it only between certain clock intervals like 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM.

Can you recommend me anything? I am ok with paying for a license as long as it does not cost more than 30$.

Thank you in advance!

A:Looking for limitation software

K9 Web Protection - Free Internet Filtering and Parental Controls Software K9 Web Protection Features Block web sites in more than 70 categories, including pornography, gambling, drugs, violence/hate/racism, malware/spyware, phishing Force SafeSearch on all major search engines Set time restrictions to block web access during designated times Configure custom lists for "always allow" and "always block" Override a web page block with password Trust the enhanced anti-tampering, even children can't break View easy reports to monitor and control web activity Real-time categorization of new adult and malicious sites Best free parental controls software/internet filter available Compatible with Windows or Mac machines Download for free now

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Background:PC: HP Desktop - 32 bit -
Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad
Ram: originally 2 Gb, recently added 2 Bb more, i.e 4 Gb total
Mobo: AsusTek Barkeley
Graphic: NVidia GeForce 210 GT218 - 1Gb
Bios: Ami 5.11 (original, not updated since 2007)
OS: Win8
Recently I upgraded the RAM from 2 to 4 Gb. Control Panel (System page) reads: installed memory (Ram) 4 Gb, (usable 3 Gb)

Tried already the following:Msconfig: unchecked MAX
Enable DEP mode
Bios (is really very basic) reads all 4Gb, however no MMIO found
I am using 3 out of 4 Gb Ram.

Any suggestions?

Many thanks

A:Usable RAM - Limitation-

There is an inherent x32 bit operating system "addressing limitation" that cannot make use of the full 4GBs so 3GBs (usable) looks about right. However, you may be able to "get close" to using the full 4GBs if you upgrade to an x64 bit system but even x64 systems are subject to BIOS and chipset limitations so there are no definitive guarantees.

Here's my x32 bit OS information for your reference:

Attachment 19093

Also, FYI, I have a BIOS restriction that will not allow me to make use of the full 4GBs (even when using an x64 bit OS) but I also have a very old PC.

Good luck.

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I have heard windows xp home edition limits you to five devices connected to a network. Does anyone know if this is true?

A:windows xp lan limitation

Yep, XP-Pro has a 10 connection limit.

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I was wondering if it is possible to give a user limited access (non at all) to the internet but the anti virus (Bitdefender) access so that it can still update the defs. Is there some way I can set this in bitdefender itself, is there a app that can help me or any ohter way? The users are running a static IP range, and on the internet settings it is set to auto detect.


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Hello everyone

i am new here,hope welcome
so what i want to know is ,it might be a little annoy case,pls help me

we have no server but i want to limit bandwidth to each PC from my network .
I've already test a lots of software to limit but they work like server and clients,
as i said , thereis no server ,be simply
i want to control bandwidth on my network by using software (i am not a server )without additional hardware requirement.
I've RAM 8 GB,core i 5 , 1 NIC
Thanks in advance

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the red bar says "activation limitation" : "In China only"

what does it mean?

A:what is Activation Limitation?

I may be wrong but I believe it means that you have 30 days to activate windows 7 and its a china version only maybe or something

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Hello, My hard drive is broken and I am looking to get a new one from Best Buy and I was hoping that HP can provide some feedback if there are any limitations on the hard drives that will be compatible with my machine, since it is 7 years old. I have HP Pavilion dv6t-6b00 CTO. I am looking to buy a 500GB HD, possible solid state drive. Also, will USB Win recovery kit work on a non HP Hard drive? Thanks,Dennis  

A:Hard drive limitation

Hi, Actually no limtation but very safe to use 500GB of SATA (2 or 3) HDD/SSD. Where does the kit come from ? HP standard Recovery kit works with new HDD/SSD. Note: HP uses different HDDs from few different vendors for HP laptops and desktops. Not from HP. Regards.

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Hello, Could someone tell me how is the SD Card Reader phycially connected internally in HP PAvillion X2 10'1 Hybrid laptop please?I am going to buy the fastest SD card I could find but if the cardreader is connected through, let's say USB2 interface, it does not make any sense to buy any card faster than 30-40MB. I'm currently thinking about Samsung Pro which can run up to 90 MB/s but I am not sure wouldn't I just wast my money with this card if the laptop can't cope up with that speed. Thank you.

A:HP Pavillion x2 10.1 - SD cardreader limitation

Hey @Flooter , Welcome to the HP forums. I understand you have questions about the SD card reader on your notebook. The only information available is that the SD card reader is integrated directly on the motherboard and that the SD card reader supports up to SDHC 32GB cards. No information listed for supported speed classes but my best guess would be that it supports up to UHS Speed Class 3.  Hope this helps.

Please click the "Kudos, Thumbs Up" at the bottom of this post if you want to say "Thanks" for helping!Please click "Accept as Solution" if you feel my post solved your issue, it will help others find the solution.The Great Deku TreeI work on behalf of HP.

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I started out with the store demo because this pc really fit my needs. Did all the updates and my 128GB micro sd card worked fine in the card reader. I was having problems with the PC and got a new one from another store. After doing all the updates with the new pc the 128GB wont work in it only my 64GB card works. This is puzzling to me! I even called HP and they said it could only hold a 64GB card.  One thing i foung funny is after i did all the updates on the first PC when I booted up the PC the HP logo was White. The logo on the new one is still blue. I just want me 128Gb sdcard to work we even tried a new card and it wont read it. Any help would be great.

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Why exist a Win32_PerfFormattedData_PerfOS_Processor limitation of 64 cores (numa group 0)? We have some dual sockets systems with 88 cores, but performance data exist only for first numa group. How i can access the second group? Or knows someone
which way is used by task manager to get the usage of all separate cores?

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I am trying to save some data from an application as an excel file. I receive an error message stating that there are too many rows to output, based on the limitation specified by the output format. I have done this successfully in the past, but the data keeps getting bigger. Is there a limitation on excel. Thanks.

A:Excel Ouput Limitation?

Excel 5.0 (and 7, I think) = 16,000+ records (not sure of exact number)

Excel 97 + up = 65536

Brainbench MVP for Microsoft Word

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is it true that office xp can only be installed on 1 computer and just once or u can install it on diff. computers?

i bought office xp and installed it on 1 computer; i am trying to load the same legal copy on a new computer but it gave me an error saying that it couldnt find some key or whatever (i forgot the exact message)from my computer after i keyed in the serial number that came with the 2CD's.

and i vaguely remember someone saying that office xp can only be installed on 1 computer; i'd like to get confirmed whether that's true or not.


A:question about office xp limitation

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Is there a limitation of how many case statements can I use????


A:case statement limitation

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Here are the specs:
Dell Dimension 4400
Windows XP Professional SP2
I want to install a second HDD (300GB) - NTFS.
BIOS recognizes the 2nd drive (Primary IDE Slave - 300088MB)

The BIOS appears to recognize the larger drive;
Windows XP SP2 recognizes the larger drive;
But I can only get a 137GB partition (128GB actual)!

Any ideas or suggestions?

A:Solved: 137GB Limitation

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Hi there,
I got an Alienware 17 R3 a few days ago, upgrading from an Alienware M17x R3. What I noticed was that there are some keyboard limitations (of course) when pressing multiple keys at once. However, these limitations are different from my M17x. I went to a Key-Test website, and this is what I observed:

Whenever I press and hold one of the WASD keys and any of the arrow keys, it works fine.
Whenever I press and hold W and A, only the Down and Right arrow keys work (Up and Left are ignored)
Whenever I press and hold W and D, the Down and Left arrow keys work (Up and Right are ignored)
When I press and hold S and A, the Up and Right arrow keys work, Down and Left do not.
And holding S and D, the Up and Left arrow keys work, Down and Right do not.

The results are the same whenever I use the arrows on the numpad as well. I noticed that whatever 2 or more keys I hold down for WASD, this reflects on the arrow keys and disables them. I never had this problem on my old Alienware, so I was wondering, is there a fix to this without buying an external keyboard? 


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Hi there. I have been working at reviving an old Dell Dimension 2400. Started out installing Windows 7 on an 80GB drive. Worked great after applying the XP drivers for graphics, etc as administrator. So then I went back to xp on that drive. Then I wanted to install Windows 7 on a 200GB Maxtor drive. Wouldn't take it. Didn't even work to install xp or a linux system on that 200GB drive. Went through the whole process of installing, but wouldn't boot. The files were there, the bios recognizes the drive. Windows 7 setup finally told me the error, something like: the IDE controller could not handle the drive. Weird. I know, you are going to tell me to scrap my pc, etc. But I just like the challenge... Right now, the drive is hooked up as additional storage. But that's all I have been able to use as, no matter how many formats (full or quick) it has gone through. Any ideas? Partitioning? Boot sector not killed by format? Thanks in advance.

A:Boot limitation of IDE controller

This is an IDE drive? Do you have the Master/Slave shunts set properly? It should be set to Master if you want to boot from it, IIRC. The drive can also be set to "Cable Select", as long as it's plugged in to the right end of the cable (usually the connector at the end of the cable, not the middle).

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MB on my Hp only has PCI slots and I have to upgrade the OB video. The unit has a 2.6 ghz chip and 2 GB of ram and handles W7 quite well, except on the video requirements. Any suggestions other then changing out the MB. Thanks

A:older HP (6 yrs) has video limitation

You can only upgrade it to the highest slot you have really. So if you only have PCI slots, then you can't put anything other than a PCI card in them really.

Are you sure there's no AGP or PCI slots at all? Any of the slots shorter than another? Different colored?

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HEy guys , need ur help,,
My college provides a wifi connection for the student with password..... basically i m its client,,, but it has lots of clients so the download speed i m getting is very low..... can i do any data control or manage clients and there connection speed being a client itself which wud give me good download speed........ Is there any menthod to perform that,,,, plz do suggest it if its can be done with LInux as well...... THANKS ....

A:CLient Limitation in wifi::::

Giteshpoudel, Not unless they make you an administrator, which I doubt.


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Microsoft claims you can run up to 4GB of memory on Windows XP Home/Pro as long as it has SP2 installed.
I discovered recently, however, that after installing 4 1GB sticks of Corsair PC3200 DDR400 into a 64bit motherboard with an Athlon64 3200 939, that the board read the memory(4GB), the loading info saw 4GB memory, BUT . . the loaded OS (WinXP Home SP2) only saw bewteen 2.9 to 3.11GB of memory with a "physical memory extension" listing under the reported memory. AND, the computer seemed to lag. When I dropped it back to bewteen 2GB (2x1GB) or 3GB (3x1GB), the system picked back up and reported the proper amount of memory.

Anybody have any ideas on why it listed only 3GB when 4GB were installed !

Microsoft didn't give me any answers on this one !

A:WinXP Memory limitation under SP2

Are you running the 64-bit version of XP pro? if you're not then it seems that it isn't possible under the memory mapping of 32-bit systems:

The second issue at hand is that XPSP2 is limited to 4GB physical memory. On top of that, PCI/PCIe/AGP hardware devices map their memory below that limit. So you face another issue: Memory hole. You memory controller has to remap part of its memory above the 2^32 address space. XPSP2 can't benefit from that. Although XP supports PAE (needed to enable DEP support), it does NOT actually use the address extension mechanism provided! (because many drivers would be confused faced with a 64-bit address space)Click to expand...


No matter what you do, Windows XP Home/Professional simply will not use
ram which is mapped above 2^32, you can enable /PAE /3GB or whatever and
it simply won't work. This is an artificial limitation of the PAE
implementation in Windows XP.Click to expand...


The size of the address space is capped by the number of unique pointer values. For a 32-bit processor, a 32-bit value can represent 232 distinct values. If you allow each such value to address a different byte of memory, you get 232 bytes, which equals four gigabytes.

If you were willing to forego the flat memory model and deal with selectors, then you can combine a 16-bit selectors value with a 32-bit offset for a combined 48-bit pointer value. This creates a theoretical maximum of 248 distinct pointer values, which if ... Read more

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Hello there,

I found a tool on the internet that could remove the ram limitation of the x86 versions of windows vista and 7, but I was wondering, would that affect the performance of the x86 apps at all? I mean, the x86 are designed to get full use of only 3.25G of the ram, so what's the point of the x86 windows being able to use more ram if that's true? unless that's not true and I'm totally wrong..

Will be waiting for your inputs.

A:What if the rams limitation was removed from x86?

Quote: Originally Posted by The Wannabe

Hello there,

I found a tool on the internet that could remove the ram limitation of the x86 versions of windows vista and 7, but I was wondering, would that affect the performance of the x86 apps at all? I mean, the x86 are designed to get full use of only 3.25G of the ram, so what's the point of the x86 windows being able to use more ram if that's true? unless that's not true and I'm totally wrong..

Will be waiting for your inputs.

How much RAM are you talking about?
I think even with software modifing WIN7 is not the only issues.
You have to think about your MB chipset and BIO limits.
Adding more still doesn't make things run better or faster if your hadware can't keep up. Unless you are planning very large video editing I would't waste the time and if you are a gamer I still don't seeit as a positive.

My 2 cents.
Have a great day!

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Can anyone tell me step by step how to remove the connection limit ms imposed on us so i can use utorrent properly? I know there are some sites that tell you how to do it but id rather hear from someone on these forums so i know im not messing my system up. I have vista ultimate x64 & have heard rumours of it not booting when ppl do this.


A:vista connections limitation

Hi Fieseler,

This tutorial will show you how to change the Maximum Download Sessions in Vista. I'm not sure if utorrent is bound by this or not though.

Internet Explorer - Maximum Download Sessions


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I have multiple computers; recently I just upgraded my internet to 15/5mbps speed, and have tested it with downloading files from fast servers.

On one of my PCs, the file downloads at 1.5 to 2 MB/s... However on my Windows Vista PC, it downloads only at a max of 250 KB/s. Very odd.

I have essentially shut down almost all of my programs, including firewalls and limiters. I haven't been able to figure out what is going on with it.

Any suggestions on what to test? I'd like to be able to use my full internet capacity on my main computer, which is the vista machine.

Here are the stats:

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Business, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) II X4 630 Processor, x64 Family 16 Model 5 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 3325 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8500 GT, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 305242 MB, Free - 4607 MB; D: Total - 319997 MB, Free - 14594 MB; F: Total - 610477 MB, Free - 102836 MB; H: Total - 476937 MB, Free - 14860 MB; J: Total - 610477 MB, Free - 9710 MB; K: Total - 129999 MB, Free - 18627 MB;
Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd., GA-MA770T-UD3P
Antivirus: ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4.2, Updated: No, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

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Does the store have an app count limitation?

I am curious, Does anyone have an app listing page that exceeds 10 rows vertically by 10 - or 100 per section?
Or does anyone have a section that exceeds 10 rows vertically by 25 - or 250 per section?
How many store apps do you have?

A:Does the store have an app count limitation

I don't know where you got those categories. Mine are:

Spotlight 10 apps
Games 515 apps
Social 76 apps
Entertainment 349 apps
Photo 72 apps
Music and video 106 apps
Sports 103 apps
Books & Reference 149 apps
News & Weather 239 apps
Health & Fitness 59 apps
Food & Dining 58 apps
Lifestyle 105 apps
Shopping 35 apps
Travel 96 apps
Finance 37 apps
Productivity 191 apps
Tools 310 apps
Security 21 apps
Business 46 apps
Education 287 apps
Government 9 apps

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Hi Everyone,
I would like to know if anyone knows how to bypass the limitation of a 4 gigabit file max. in a FAT32 format. I am trying to transfer some video to my pc via my vcr, in an uncompressed format. Then will encode(uncompressed file) to an Mpeg 2. So about 5min. worth of video is equal to 4 gig. I have a large enough HD to host the file,But windows will not allow a file larger then 4 gig. If anyone knows about video transfer, then you'll know that video EATS up very much drive space. Also I tried windows movie maker,which worked fine until I tried to encode it in mpeg2....(using NERO there after) Didn't work.Any help is most appreiciated.

A:Fat32 file limitation

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We have a work group of 7 desktops, and a couple of laptops. One of the desktops is connected with a SATA external drive (RAID5) that has been divided into several logical drives. Two of the logical drives, have Applications that are accessed and run from each of the work stations. All workstations are connected using a work group setting.

The main problem is: several times during the course of the day, staff are unable to run an application, because the maximum number of sessions has been reached. This is because all desktops are on XP, and this is a limitation set by XP-Pro.
What is the way around this? Are there other devices which will solve the problem.

Using a server is not only costly, but also seemed slower, time consuming in terms of maintenance, etc. Had tried a W2k server, was not happy, so switched to a work group setting. This are running faster except for this problem of connectivity.

Will welcome solutions from you experts out there.


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Hello all.

I have a cheapo emachine that I've been plugging external drives into because it has a lot of usb ports on it. Its acting as a secondary data backup unit. You can never have too many backups right...

Anyway. With 2 1.5 TB external Wester Digital drives, everything was fine for several months. So I added 2 additional 1.5 TB drives. Now windows locks up about every 3-4 days.

The only thing this machine does is sync with network machines. Nothing has changed as far as that goes, I have just spread the load more evenly amount the drives.

In event viewer, it is loaded with:


Event ID: 51 Source: MrxSmb
An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk1\D during a paging operation

The \Device\Harddisk1 is populated with Harddisk2, 3, and 4 through out the viewer.

Am I experiencing some kind of limitation? Or does anyone have any ideas of what might be going on?


A:# of External Drive Limitation?

I put in some incorrect information about the event log message:

The Source was Disk.


Event ID: 51 Source: Disk
An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk1\D during a paging operation

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I have Verizon wireless broadband at my house and was wondering if they sell a software or have free software that I could limit the time that my son & daughter would have wireless access to the internet on their laptops? I contacted verizon and they said the only way I would be able to deny them access is to change the WEP key.

A:Internet Access Limitation

If you have admin rights on your childrens' laptops you can install some Parental control software. Google for that.

Otherwise you can buy a router that has time limit control.

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Me and my wife share a home with my sister and her husband. i have a Belkin wireless router with my computer and xbox 360 hooked to the ethernet ports in the back of the router and my sisters computer is using the wireless connection. For some reason her computer likes to hog all the bandwidth even while she is doing normal browsing. its a real drag on the computer and especially online gaming on my xbox 360. i was wondering if there is any possible way to limit the bandwidth that goes to her computer, i dont want to cut her off completely just kinda even the bandwidth out so its not a drag on everyone. im a brother in distress please someone help me out tell me there is a way to experiance good online gaming again!!! LOL. any help is appreciated thanks

A:Router bandwidth limitation?


the quick answer is No, not unless you invest in an expensive Cisco type router with bandwidth control capability,

The question should be why does the PC drag the net down to the degree that it does? sounds like viral or spyware activity to me, i suggest visiting the virus section and follow the 8 steps method to at least check.

If it all checks out ok, then why not suggest some kind of time sharing, make time for your gaming and give her time for the PC.


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I have 15 computers connecting to the Windows 7 workstation yet I experienced the error message: 'An error occured while re-connecting.No more connections can be made to this remote computer at this time because there are already as many connections as the computer can accept'

I have been reading about the limitation and learning that there is no way around the 20 limitation. I am also seeing that an external hard drive connected through USB to the workstation is also limited to 20.

Question regarding the limit of 20 - are we talking about simultaneous 20 users accessing the file folder and the sub folders? Or are we talking about 20 mapped computers? Has there been a solution around this limitation?

A:Shared Folder 20 Limitation

As far as I remember it is concurrent. That would also include mapped drives I believe. The problem is that although the user may logout (turn of their machine etc) Windows won't always drop that share so you may have to reboot the machine acting as a server.

The solution would be to migrate to Windows server or use a NAS for the shares.

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