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[SOLVED] Windows XP Pro - Blank Screen After Startup

Q: [SOLVED] Windows XP Pro - Blank Screen After Startup

Hi all, I have a problem that I hope you guys can answer.

When I start up my computer, it goes through its normal startup process, it shows the Windows XP Pro logo and the welcome screen and it even loads my Windows XP desktop. Then, about 5-10 seconds after Windows XP loads, I get a black screen, (However Windows is still running), and then in another 10 seconds my computer reboots and starts the process over again.

Strangely enough, I can reboot in Safe Mode (Which I'm using now), and I can reboot in VGA Enabled mode, both of which work perfectly fine. Also, suspecting maybe my video resolution or something got messed up to something my monitor or video card couldn't handle, tried upping the resolution in VGA mode, and of course it worked fine, so that isn't the problem.

I've been searching around the internet, and many people have indicated that bad video card drivers might be the problem, so I've uninstalled my GeForce 6800 GS video drivers and reinstalled them, with no luck, which I'll explain some more. When I uninstalled my drivers, windows loaded up normally, everything okay. Then, I proceeded to reinstall my drivers and reboot, my problem was back to normal, black screen 5-10 seconds after XP starts. This seems to indicate my video drivers/card is the problem, but if reinstalling them doesn't fix the problem, what will?

Also, I have been using my GeForce 6800 GS for over a year now with no problems, so I KNOW it works on my system. I've tried everything I can think of and now I'm beginning to wonder if my video card has died on me, but if that happend wouldn't I not be able to see anything? Either way, I don't wanna dish out at least another ~$200 for a video card if that isn't the problem

One site I found seemed to outline my problem exactly but you need to PAY to see the answer!

Any help would be appreciated, I've done everything I can think of...

Preferred Solution: [SOLVED] Windows XP Pro - Blank Screen After Startup

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: [SOLVED] Windows XP Pro - Blank Screen After Startup

Hello . . and welcome to the forum . . the solution there was using the "next to newest" drivers . . which version are you using? It it's in the 160 series, try the 140 series to see if the problem persists

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OK, this problem has got me stumped... Yesterday everything worked just fine on my work computer.... but today I got major problems. When I start the computer, it shows me the standard Gateway splash screen in the beginning, and then shows me the XP startup screen (the one with the little progress bar under the windows logo)... but then nothing.... It just shows me a blank black screen. My Hard drive continues to work, and my scanner goes through it's little start-up calibration that it always does, and I hear the windows startup sound, but it doesn't show me anything on my monitor. Pressing the power button makes the hard drives spin back up, the logoff sound plays, and then my computer shuts down... so I'm thinking windows IS actually running just fine, it's just running blind. Running in safe mode fixes the problem, but it's back every time I boot up normally.... I ran Ad-Aware and a virus scan with no problems found. Also, I didn't do any updating or install any new software yesterday, so I have no idea what could be causing this problem.

Computer Specs:
Windows XP Media Center Edition
Gateway GT5032
AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+
1 GB Ram
On board nVidia graphics

A:Solved: Blank Screen after Startup

Anyone? I really need to get some work done on this computer..... I tried checking the display drivers, but unfortunately windows won't give me any info on them when in safe mode

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After the Starting Windows screen a blank black screen with a cursor that I can move pops up that lasts a minute (shouldn't happen with SSD, used to be ~10 second boot). Afterwards the login screen will appear as normal and everything works as normal. This doesn't happen when I boot into safe mode.

I attached a list of start up services, installs, and scheduled tasks, along with my latest boot log.

Any suggestions?

A:Windows 7: Blank screen on boot up, before login screen; slow startup

Hello and welcome, try this to see if you have something that's going you don't know about. Use the free version.

SUPERAntiSpyware | Remove Malware | Remove Spyware - AntiMalware, AntiSpyware, AntiAdware!

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My almost new Compaq C700 has started to develop a worrying problem. When I turn it on I get a blank screen.The only thing I can do is hold down the power button until it switches off,which I hate doing, wait a few minutes & try again. Its done it a few times now-what can I do.

A:Solved: Laptop screen blank at startup

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Gateway W340UI
Pentium Dual-Core Inside (t2060 @ 1.60 GHz)
1gb RAM
ATI Radeon Xpress 200M Series
Windows Vista Home Basic
Trend Micro Anti-Virus/Spy-ware '08

I get a blank red screen during my start up in Windows Vista. It occurs after the Vista Welcome screen, goes red for about approx. 30 secs, then goes away when start up completes, my normal desktop background is then fine. This is a new problem. The only changes I made recently were I added a free firewall program. First I tried Sunbelt Personal Firewall, which was NOT compatible. I had to start in safemode and reboot in previous saved mode. Now I am using ZoneAlarm free firewall by checkpoint. Seems to work fine. Any suggestions as to what the problem could be. I do not believe it is a case of RSOD, but not certain either.

A:Solved: Help; Blank red screen during startup in Vista

About the only thing that would make sense here is a display driver or monitor issue.

It is at that point that Windows switches from its VGA drivers to your installed display drivers.

Although I don't know why it would "go away", check your cable connection as well.

If you choose VGA or Safe mode from the F8 boot menu, do you still see it?

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I get the "cetihpz://errors/blank.htm" error messsage along with a blank window about half the size of the screen each time I start up. It is not interfering with computer operation but I know it doesn't belong. System Restore doesn't get rid of it. Any ideas on how to remove the message and blank screen?

A:Solved: Blank Screen Error on Startup

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I am newbie here and am amazed by the amount of information and response on this forum. I hope someone can help me with my problem.

I have one of those SONY Vaio All in One PC's - VGC-LS25E running Windows Vista Home Premium, 2GB Memory, 250GB HD

Started having problems with computer booting up and it would start dumping memory - so got into safe mode and tried restoring the settings from the last known system restore point, but had no luck.

Next, using my Recovery DVD, I tried going back to the Original Factory installation but it would not not go through my Vista installation.

I got myself new memory and a HD, and wiped my old HD clean. When my memory and HD showed up in the mail a couple days later, I first replaced the memory and tried to start up the computer with my Recovery DVD in place, but the screen is completely blank. There is some activity in the DVD drive, but otherwise there is no noise at all.

I also replaced the HD and still the same.

Any suggestions will be much much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

A:Blank Screen upon Windows Startup

I don't want to be the harbinger of bad news, but maybe your dvd drive is broken too? Have you used it before your pc has started acting up?

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I am getting a blank screen after starting, even before displaying Windows 7 logo.

Before it Windows 7 stopped working, the error message I got is C:\ drive not accessible error.
Both system repair and restore options say D drive but Windows 7 is on C drive. If I go to command prompt, I see c drive but there is no windows folder.

How do I recover from this error?

Thanks in advance.

A:Windows 7 - blank screen at startup

See if System Restore can help.

Boot into Recovery using your Windows DVD or the HDD recovery partition and select "Windows System Restore" - choose a restore point prior to the problem

Regards. . .



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SOS - Ever since I removed the old Avast and downloaded new Avast (also tried Avira) into Download Files folder, then tried to run either Avast or Avira, a message displayed re: Can't install due to corrupted files.

Antispywares such as Malbytes (or was it SAS) kept remaining "locked-up" and even CTL/ALT/DEL plus EndNow wouldn't work. The only way I could shut the system would be to turn off the power on surge protector (even the power-off button failed to work).

So I tried Super AntiSpyware.
I downloaded the latest definitions from SAS.
SAS then picked up 4 Trojans & asked if I wish to quarantine the corrupted files (which were in the Windows system).
I chose YES. The corrupted files now in quarantine are:
(1) c:\windows\system32\lowsec
(2) ditto\lowsec\local.ds
(3) ditto\lowsec\user.ds
(4) ditto\lowsec\user.ds.lll

Ever since then, I had further problems.

First Win XP stating it cannot reinstall, and asking me if I want to restore system to the point prior to the problem.
I chose YES.

Ever since that, XP will not start up except in Safe Mode.
It won't startup Normally (totally blank screen).

I don't know what to do now.
I shiver at even the thought of complete reinstallation,since that's always been a horrible ordeal for me, even when I was finally able to reach the Microsoft guy years ago to help walk me thru it. Just dealing with the various personnel until reaching someone halfway knowledgeable took hours and hours & endle... Read more

A:Solved: Antispyware quarantines trojans - now blank screen at startup

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Both on normal and safe mode startups, it's only a black screen with a movable mouse cursor.

- tried startup repair, no problem found
- tried sfc /scannow, told me it needed to reboot to do some repair operation, did nothing.
- system restore has no restore points
- cd-rom is dead/dying
- have an usb boot image thing and it loads files but then there is only the background image with mouse cursor, no setup or whatever appears. So, same as normal, only with a pic instead of black screen?
- tried both fail-safe and optimized bios defaults
- cleaned for dust and dis-/reconnected some wires
- doing a windows memory scan, because it seems the only option left

long back-story, short:

did a defrag a while back, there was a power loss, .dlls started not be recognized, tried to fix, but no success, found out cd-rom was dying and couldn't use the install dvd, wanted to use usb image to reinstall, but this happened so i never got the chance.

A:[SOLVED] blank screen on startup, only mouse cursor works

While you were in the BIOS, did you notice if the Hard Drive and CD were recognized?

We will need the specs of the computer, what is the USB image you talk about. You are going to need a way to boot from either a CD or USB to test the hardware.

If the hard drive was being accessed when the power failure occurred, there is a chance the drive has been trashed.

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I have just installed WindowsXP from a Gateway CD which I borrowed from my friend. I have a new WesternDigital 80 Gig IDE Harddrive WD800 NR. I formated it & tried to install WindowsXP on it. After the CD checked all my hardware & installed the WindowsXP installation software, the computer went to start up. Then I get a screen that says Starting WindowsXP, after about 3 seconds the screen goes blank. I can still here the Hardrive Spinning, but when I look at the bottom of my screen the little light is Orange??! (the little light I'm talking about is the one that turns green when the screen is on & turns orange when the screen is on but the computer is off) What do I do?? Could it be that the CD's Installation program can tell that the computer that I am trying to Install this on, is not from Gateway? I am really stuck, what should I do?

A:Windows XP just installed, screen goes blank during startup!!!???!!

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Ahh my first post...
Please help me out with my winXP bootup problem

My computer worked fine until i got a new monitor,
I start my computer, POST goes on fine, Windows XP Professional Logo appears, but just as I would expect to see a mouse pointer and a desktop, i get a black screen (monitor is not receiving signal from video card) and the computer hangs (busy light does not flash as it would normally when windows loads up processes...).
I turn off power, switch back to old monitor, but problem persists.
I remove all devices unnecessary for basic operations, didnt help either.
Safe mode is still operable (the monitor does not shut off there), so I use it to backup all my files.
I insert windows XP installation disk and format my drive, remove all partitions, and install a fresh copy of windows in the only partition left.
Installation works out fine until when the computer restarts, displays the windows logo, and then bang! the same old black screen and lifeless computer.
I went to microsoft support and found article 314503:
"Computer stops responding with a black screen when you start windows XP"
When you try to start Microsoft Windows XP, the computer may appear to stop responding (hang) with an empty, black screen immediately after the power-on self test (POST) is complete and before the Windows XP logo typically appears on the screen.
Which is not really my case because i STILL see the windows logo BEFORE the black screen, but anyways i follow the gu... Read more

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Im having a problem with my newly installed ATI Visiontek X1550 video card. After I installed my card. When I started up my pc the Windows XP startup screen came up but, then my display went blank. The only way that I can use my computer or browse the net is if I turn on my pc press F8 and then choose VGA mode. I even decided to go directly to ATI's site to download the most up to date driver. But my display still comes up blank. I also bought a 450 watt power supply, thinking the old one wasnt poweful enough. My PC is a Dell Dimension 8300 2.66 GHz with 512 MB of memory. I bought the video card at Best Buy and returned it for the exact same card just in case the first card was defective. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you, Matt

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Desktop cannot startup windows 7 home premium 32 bit.
Can only boot from CDdrive and did startup repair / chkdsk / Sfc scan
Hard Drive seems ok.
On reboot, windows logo appears and after 4-5 minutes I get blank screen with cursor arrow even when trying to reboot from safe mode or normal mode.
Have Avast free anti-virus loaded. Could this be the problem?
Pl help. I do not want to lose my files with a clean re-install of Windows 7

A:Windows 7 cannot startup and goes to blank screen with cursor

blank screens problems are hard to handle Ive had this issue before & it repaired itself a few days later luckily i had more than one desktop. However the main concern is Data loss I would advise that you either move the hard drive to another PC internally or externally if you can. If not reinstall windows without formatting windows will move all of your files to a folder called windows old

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Earlier today I was perusing the internet when I was attacked with something that really got my computer good. At the time of the situation the computer just stalled and had the action bar in the bottom of the screen going and going like it was doing something. After a little wait I opted to manually shut down. When I turned my computer on it said there were some issues and then corrected some stuff (which might have been the virus changing stuff in my registry or something like that??). However, after signing in as admin on my Windows 2000 desktop my desktop doesn't even come up as no applications show up...just a completely blank white monito with the hour glass constantly going forever. I'm really frightened of this one 'cus normally I can clean stuff up. I've run Adaware, Spybot S&D, and run a scan on trendmicro.housecall and with all I've done it cleaned a bunch of stuff but didn't change anything?
Here is my hikack this log. I am (or was) running Windows 2000.
Any assistance is truly appreciated!!!

Logfile of HijackThis v1.97.7
Scan saved at 7:06:02 PM, on 12/26/2004
Platform: Windows 2000 (WinNT 5.00.2195)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)

Running processes:
C:\WINNT\System32\svchost... Read more

A:Solved: After Signing In As Admin At Startup Win Won't Start. Blank Screen And Hourglass

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I left my computer on over night on sunday, when i checked my computer late monday evening it just had a blank black screen on it. I rebooted the computer and it loads all the way to the winXP logo and then it displays this blank black screen with nothing on it. no sound no nothing. I tried starting "the last known good configuration" and the same thing occurs... i can start the computer in all 3 safe modes, but no other option works. i have no idea what to do. i didn't install any new software or hardware. any ideas?

A:blank black screen after windows logo on startup

Boot to safe mode, set your display for a generic vga, low resolution. Restart in standard mode, see if you get display. If so, start then, select correct display driver and try, step by step, to get back to where you were. If, somewhere along the line, you get the blank screen again, you should have an idea what happend.

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Booting up normally, I noticed that windows lately has had a harder and harder time loading the desktop.

Lately it won't load, the startup flag shows and the chime, but nothing follows as the hdd light seems to reflect a searching.

I can get in thru safe mode, but not normal mode.

Since the drive has about 1.5 years on it (thinking a wear issue), I decided to pop in a cloned O.S. and there is no doubt that this is clean. Same exact thing followed, which ruled out a software glitch and led me to the possibility of a hardware failure.

This sound like processor (Intel Core I5-4670K LGA 1150) or motherboard (Asus Sabertooth Z87 1150 ATX) or defective ram (Crucial Ballistix 8GB kit, (2) 4 GB Sport DDR3-1600 (PC3-12800_ [email protected]) ) or what?

How to determine?

A:Windows 7 - startup to blank screen - ruling out software

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Hi everyone! My parents have a windows 7 Asus pc (I believe home premium) and when started it goes to the black screen stating that it was shut down incorrectly and gives you the option of running startup repair or starting windows normally. When starting windows normally is chosen it appears to begin starting as normal and then goes to a blank blue screen (of death?) with a black border on the left and bottom sides. I'm not much more computer savvy than they are and have no idea what the problem is or where to start. What does this mean?

A:Windows 7 Asus blank blue screen upon startup


Are you experiencing a BSOD? Like this?:

Are you able to boot into Advanced Boot Options?
If so please choose "Last known Good Configuration"

If you are able to boot into windows, reconfigure windows to collect the correct info
You want small memory dumps - "MiniDumps"


And here are the instructions for posting:


Ensure you click the "GRAB ALL" button and then wait for each window to appear in turn and then click OK



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I have a ThinkPad Edge E430, 64bit Windows 7 computer that is under warranty. Upon normal startup, I am able to load Windows 7 and get to the user login screen. After logging in, I get a black screen and can see the mouse cursor but no applications ever load. I think there is a problem that is preventing windows explorer from loading.
I'm not sure if this is related, but a few days before this started happening I received a Windows Action Center notice that the small.CA virus was detected on my computer. I ran Windows Defender, Malwarebytes, McAfee Virus Scan, and Emisoft Emergency Scanner, but none of them turned up any problems.
I'm able to run my computer through Windows safe mode with networking at the moment normally.
Do you know if this is a software problem and if so is it fixable? If it's a hardware problem, my computer is under warranty and I can send it back.

A:Black/Blank Screen upon Normal Windows 7 Startup

In the Advanced Boot Options where you chose Safe Mode with Networking there is the option to Repair your computer.  Give this a try.

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I have been struggling for two days trying to get to the boot up screen, since windows did a major update without warning. The machine is active and I have tried to use your script to get a bios reset without any success and as there is no terminal for an external screen I am getting no where. It would appear that windows has wiped out my screen drivers and changed the bois how is this possible. Debra  

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Hello, wondering if anyone can help with this issue. I am looking to install xp so I wrote the .iso onto a bootable USB and changed the boot order in the bios to boot from USB first. Then after it rebooted, the screen stays black with no bios screen etc. Not sure why it doesn't come up, any suggestions? Thanks

This is an acer aspire one netbook running ubuntu 10.04. 120gb hdd and 1gb Ram. Have absolutely no problems in past with it and it's about a year and a half old.

Extra info :-: when trying to hit the caps lock in the blank screen, the light does jot come up and the keyboard seems to be unresponsive. I am letting it cool down as it was on all day whilst o was researching the xp installation so will attempt to turn it on again soon but fear it may be to the boot order change.

A:Solved: Blank screen on startup after changing boot order to boot from USB.

Any POST messages?

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Hi all,

Starting yesterday my computer would go through startup... while loading the desktop it would crash to blue screen with white text (unfortunately, I can't remember the exact error message). If restarted, it either goes to a blank black screen or back to blue, and I could only get the computer to operate in safe mode with networking. My antivirus software (avast free, malwarebytes)scanned and found no infections.

I have Windows 7, Samsung laptop.

Today, I was able to start the computer normally and am functioning with internet (still acting a little funny), but I am sure something is still not right. I also did a system restore last night, with the same problems (crashing, not starting up).

Any assistance would be highly appreciated!

Thanks in advance,


PS: I (goofily) started a similar topic in the "Windows 7" forum section without knowing this section was down here... Sorry! I tried to delete the topic/post but couldn't. Thanks.

A:Blue Screen with Error Messages, Blank Black Screen on startup

Hello,I will be helping you with your problems. Please be patient while I assist you.Some points for you to keep in mind while I am helping you to make things go easier and faster for both of us Please do NOT run, install or uninstall any programs, unless instructed to do so.
We ask you to run different tools in a specific order to ensure the malware is completely removed from your machine, and running any additional tools may detect false positives, interfere with our tools, or cause unforeseen damage or system instability. Please do not attach logs or use code boxes, just copy and paste the text.
Due to the high volume of logs we receive it helps to receive everything in the same format, and code boxes make the logs very difficult to read. Also, attachments require us to download and open the reports when it is easier to just read the reports in your post. Please read every post completely before doing anything.
Pay special attention to the NOTE: lines, these entries identify an individual issue or important step in the cleanup process. Please provide feedback about your experience as we go.
A short statement describing how the computer is working helps us understand where to go next, for example: I am still getting redirected, the computer is running normally, etc. Please do not describe the computer as "the same", this requires the extra step of looking back at your previous post.NOTE: At the top of your post, click on the Watch Topic Butt... Read more

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Bonjour mes amis.

I recently have started getting the infamous black screen of death at my computer's startup, very similar to this fellow user's problem. Basically, Blank screen on boot up, before login screen; slow startup. The black screen lasts at least two minutes on average, before the windows login screen comes up. Everything else runs fine!

I think it might be my antivirus, Bitdefender Total Security 2013, and I've posted on their forums about it, and I've gotten responses from other users saying:

The Black screen issue is known by BD Support till now they have not able resolved that issue.
hope BD 2014 resolves the issue.

And the booting time issue is been solved.

However, I uninstalled Bitdefender and the problem still persisted. I proceeded to uninstall every program i could remember installing before the problem started, so before the start of June. This was painful because I updated all my software, so everything was listed as installed recently.
My startup time after removing all these software is attached below; 156 seconds, compared to before with the speed ranging from 200-500 seconds, with the worst at 472 seconds.

Although this sped about my startup, I still got the annoying black screen issue. I am sure it is a software issue because the black screen is present, but lasts no longer than about 5 seconds when starting in Safe Mode with Networking, and is present even int he low graphics.

What should I d... Read more

A:64-bit - Blank screen on boot up, before login screen; slow startup

Hello mate try some of these Troubleshooting Steps for Windows 7 start at point 15 then do chkdsk Disk Check

The go through the other stuff.

Oops should have mentioned this one too start at point 7 - option 3 Optimize Windows 7[2]=Performance Maintenance

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Hey, first time posting here, so sorry if this is the wrong section or anything.

Lately my laptop has been experiencing a problem when I boot it up. After the Starting Windows screen with the glowing Windows logo, a blank black screen pops up that lasts for ages (I'd say at least 5 minutes). Afterwards the login screen will appear as normal.

When I log in, the desktop appears quickly, but when I try to start any programs, like my browser, they are slow and freeze often (usually I can run programs with no problem when the desktop appears). Sometimes the laptop will hang every three seconds. It takes a bit of time before the programs and the laptop run like normal.

I've tried several things without success:
-Uninstalling and reinstalling graphics drivers (I've never updated my drivers because no updates are ever available for my driver; is that normal? My laptop is about two years old)
-Defragging hard drive
-System Restore (I don't seem to have any restore points)
-Clean bootup
-Startup repair (or whatever that first F8 option is called)

A:Blank screen on boot up, before login screen; slow startup

Welcome to Seven Forums Tienjt.

You can run this SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker and post back with results.
Below my sig is a link to MalwareBytes, download the free version, update it, and run a full scan.

Have you installed anything new, hardware or software? Sometimes OEM's don't/won't have driver updates.

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Please note that when ever i am trying to run system Restore, i get a blank screen. Also I am not able to get some sites like HOTMAIL. whenever i open it i get a blank screen. Please let me know what may be the reason and what can be its solution

A:Solved: Blank screen In WINDOWS XP

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this morning when i woke up i started my laptop got a message saying to log on use ctrl-alt-del did not no why it showed that to me so i restarted the laptop to see if it would go into safemode would not go into safemode so i restarted the laptop again and now i get a black screen will not load windows or go into safemode can someone give me some idea's please ?forgot to mention the lights are all lit up green on the laptop but nothing but a black screen

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running windows xp home on an ibm laptop.

I disabled the vga driver and after restart cant see anything after the windows logo / splash screen.

-> restarting in vga mode still wont let me see anything
-> restarting in safe mode hangs at .../Drivers/Mup.sys

not sure how to re enable the vga driver...

thanks for your time.


A:Blank screen after startup

Reboot your computer, press F8 during the boot process, use the arrow keys to highlight Last Known Good Configuration, and then press ENTER.

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Every time Windows does those mandatory updates, I cant use my computer anymore.  Usually I can find a solution, but not having luck this time.  So...at first, I would see the hp logo and then it would go blank.  Now when I start up, it's just blank.  I tried F2 diagnostics and no problems.  Can't boot from my recovery disk.  Don't really know what I'm talking about here. Just tried things I read.  I have no idea where to take it for repair except BB and I'd rather not.  I'm assuming it's an easy fix and I'm cheap.   I would welcome suggestions on this specific issue and/or how to stop these problems in the future.  It is continually frustrating. Do I just have to turn off all updates?  Wouldn't that cause other problems?

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Hey BleepingComputer community,
I am having trouble with my Gateway GT5685E desktop that i upgraded to Windows 8 from Vista HP. After a few months of installing it, it suddenly crashed. It starts up, but there's a blank screen, no POST, no cursor, nothing. At first, I thought it was the mobo graphics, but after I bought a new NVidia GT610, it still hasn't worked. It has an Intel Core 2 Duo E4600 @2.4 GHz. Can it be something else, like the PSU, the hard drive, memory, or even the motherboard? Please I need replies ASAP because I use this computer everyday.

A:Blank Screen on startup

Hi terrytek,
Did you get this resolved?
I understand from your post that you've been using Windows 8 for several months without any issues but recently it will not power up or perform a POST.  Is this correct?
I am going to assume you are fairly competent with installing hardware since you've stated you purchased a new graphics card and it hasn't changed anything.
Basic questions I'm sure you've already checked but humour me:
Do you see any power lights on the front of the case?
Do you see any lights on motherboard to indicate it has power?
I have seen issues like this before on older ASUS boards. What I've done in the past is remove the CMOS battery for a little while.
To do this, ensure the computer is unplugged for the mains, remove the CMOS battery from the motherboard and leave the battery out for 15 seconds. Put the battery back in and power on the computer. 
Does anything happen?
Thank you.

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Hi guys,

I'm having a problem with my old computer...

Whenever it starts up, it'll go through the boot process... memory check, cd drive check etc etc... but when it usually loads windows it just goes blank. Its a black screen but its definitely not the monitor as i have tested it with others... could it be my video card?

It could be windows too I guess, but i reinstalled it about a week before it stuffed up and it worked perfect... I am running windows xp and its a really old amd computer but has run without any problems for ages.

Thanks for any replies.



A:Screen goes blank after startup

Try Safe mode (repeatively press F8 function key on Windows Startup)
Then go to Device Manager (Start-->Run-->devmgmt.msc)
Click the + sign on your Display Adaptor to expand it
Then right click on your actual Display device, and uninstall it

Go back to Normal mode (ie Restart)
Go on the web, and download the most up to date driver for your Display card (from your manufactures support page)

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Hi all,

I am having a problem with my xp. It only started happening today. During startup the screen goes blank for a min or two before the login screen appears. Then it appears and everything seems to be normal. It never did this before and i dont know what is causing this. I would appreciate it if you could help me?

P.S. I downloaded a racing game that required me to disable my cd drives to play. I did so and the game worked fine. But the problem occurred when i restarted the computer. I'm not sure if it is related or just a coincidence or even a spyware.

Danish Ajmeri

A:Screen goes blank on startup

Well, first of all welcome to the Tech Support Forums. I would try runing some virus/spyware programs, just go make sure that's not it. I wouls suggest Ad-Aware, and Spybot, for anti-spyware/adware...and AVG, and trend micro's online scan avaiable at http://housecall.trendmicro.com.

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I have reinstalled my OS about 3 times. However, 'time after the installation' I still have problem where my computer boots up and I have a dark screen. I normally have to reboot it about 1 to 4 times.

When I go inside my machine I wear antistatic wrist band. The disk I used to install the OS is not damaged. The hard drives both OS and aux/misc. use are in working order. Cables are all connected. Heck screws aren't touching the board from the last time I had to take out the mother board.

Any suggestions?

Also I in some instances would get a freeze then blank (black) screen while performing normal activities on my computer.

I don't know what is going on?

A:Keep Getting Blank Screen @ Startup.

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Hello All,

As the title says I start up my computer and get blank screen. I have tested with 2 monitors so thats not the problem. I have changed the ram so that appears not to be the problem either. I have made a vid:


and heres a pic of my motherboard:


Any suggestions would be welcome.
The computer was shipped from poland to Ireland, something must have gone wrong on the way.

A:Blank screen on startup

that green cable with 4 connections is for a different sort of motherboard.
when you start this there is no beep from the speaker - see if you can reconnect this and then tell us how many beeps you get when you turn it on, One beep is good - many beeps is not good but should give a clue as to what is missing.

Is the voltage setting correct?
I noted from the video that the power light and the HDD lights looked as if they were already on before you started the system - is this so?

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Bit of a problem here. I just got a new Firewire PCI card and attempted to install it. I got it in alright and closed up the case. When I tried to turn on the computer, it would do the memory check, show the bit at the bottom that allowed me to go into the BIOS etc. but before I get the "Starting Windows XP" screen, everything freezes and the screen goes blank. I've already tried taking out the card, but that didn't help. Every time I restart the computer it does the same thing.

A:Blank Screen After Startup

Go back in and be certain the ram is in right and all pci cards are reseated...then reseat all plugs on drives etc...I would bet you bumped something when you installed the card.

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Hi there, I read a couple posts related to this problem but none have seemed to properly address or solve my problem so far. I'm running Windows XP Pro on my laptop and apon startup my computer screen will show the Windows logo and then go blank and continue to startup. I can hear the icon popping sound once the startup has finished. The strange thing about this is that when i tap my power button, the closing jingle happens and then it shuts down. Normally when the screen is working tapping the power button won't to anything unless I hold it down, then it will inproperly shut down. So far this the only way I am able to get my screen to work, after shutting down i simply restart and most times the screen then works the second time around. Any help would be great, thanks

One other small problem, my battery icon wont show up on my task bar, I have insured that the ALWAYS SHOW thing is ticked, and it wont turn on unless plugged into power and once plugged in, is constantly charging but never does increase its battery power.

A:Screen blank on startup

I have a very similar problem and am still trying to find out why it happens,but some info is avalable on this site http://www.ezinearticles.com/?What-To-Do-When-Windows-Wont-Boot&id=16309 and also this one http://techrepublic.com.com/5100-10877-6031733.html# write back if you have any success...

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I tried booting up my XP today, and it went to a blank screen, with a flashing ___ line. That's all that was on the screen. It's right after the press F2 for setup and F12 for w/e else.
I've also tried hitting both F2 and F12 and nothing happens. After a while, and a little messing around, i finally got it to boot up just fine. Is there any way to stop this from happening again? If not, what will become of this? It is a fairly new Dell Dimension 3200 i think.

A:Blank Screen on startup?

You may have a dodgy master boot record.


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When push on the power button i heard fan (or HD) run, the screen light but any info appears. The screen goes on and off (the screen not the laptop) continuosly every few seconds.Tried some solutions from HP site but without results.When Windows button + B + power on are pushed, the caps lock blink twice then pause continuosly but none happens.Couldn't verify the RAM because not found instructions for to remove keyboard.. (model is 15-G000SL). I found a similar problem on this board, they says to update the BIOS, i downloaded BIOS to a USB key, but dont know how to start it, if that is the solution to try. Can someone help me?

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Blank screen at start up and you don't get a boot up that I can tell.have done what was proposed on previous post. But nothing has worked. 

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I have a HP Stream I bought on a back-to-school sale this year. This morning when I opened it and turned it on, all I got was a blank screen. Sometimes the screen shows the curser by itself and sometimes the cursor with a blue circle but most of the time, nothing at all. I have tried turning it off and restarting it several times. I have tried closing it and opening it. I have tried turning it off, closing it, opening it and turning it on. The same results every time, a blank screen sometimes with cursor and blue circle. I have tried advice on this forum to do the following:Boot the computer normally and log-in. At the black screen, hold down the ctrl and alt keys and press delete. Select Task Manager. There are several other steps, but the CTRL+ALT + DEL does nothing. All I get is a blank screen, so there is no way I can select task manager or anything else.   I am not sure if it is a WIN 8 32 bit or 65 bit or 8.1 but I have listed the model # if that helps. 

View Solution.

A:Blank Screen on Startup

Hi @jdsullivan411?,Welcome to the HP Forums! To help you get the most out of the HP Forums, I would like to direct your attention to the HP Forums Guide First Time Here? Learn How to Post and More. Thank you for posting. I have read your post, and I understand that you got a blank screen when you started the stream book. I wanted help. What is the product number? BCM943142 HM did not locate the product. Please try a hard reset as explained on the link below:HP Notebook PCs - Computer Does Not Start (Windows 8) Let me know if it worked. To say thank you, click on the "thumb up". Accept the post as solution, if your problem solved, so other people have the same issue can see it. Good luck,

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Hi All, Hope you all are well and doing best in your job. However, I am bit scared as my laptop has some issue and my work is pending because of this. Here is the detail description of the problem. When I start my PC, it starts the screen light. Just in next moment, a bright white color flash goes through for a fraction of a second and then screen remain blank. I have tried hard reset, BIOS update as suggested in following link.http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c03518165 However, when I connect it to another monitor, it starts good. I can access my PC from another monitor. but not from  its own screen. I tried to find the drivers and softwares but i did not work. I would really appreciate if you help me in resolving this issue.

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I recently left my computer on overnight. When I woke up I found that it had turned off, sort of. Everything was powered on, but the HD was not reading and the NIC lights were not flashing. I have it set to never go to sleep, in the BIOS as well as in WinME. I pushed the reset button and ever since When I power it on it enters the same state: the monitor won't come on, but the HD and all the lights come on, but the HD stops reading after about 5 seconds and it just sits there after that! Please help!
system specs: AMD K6-2 500, Asus P5A MB, 128 MB RAM, Riva TNT v550, 30 GIG 7200 ATA/100 HD.

A:Blank screen at startup

almost makes me wonder if the cpu didn't fail. Usually what happens when you don't seat a processor correctly.

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Hi, I have a DELL Inspiron E1705 and when I try to start Windows XP, the computer may appear to stop responding (hang) with an empty, black screen immediately after the power-on self test (POST) is complete and before the Windows XP logo typically appears on the screen. I've tried rebooting in safe mode, last configuration, taking the battery out and many others. Nothing seems to work! Control Alt Delete just sends it back to POST and then a blank screen once again! I called Dell and they said give them $ & they'll answer my problem! Lol

Any ideas? Please? All my work info is on it and I need to get it up and running soon! Thanks for any advice!

PS! I was running spyware & AVG but it seemed to have gotten hung up overnight so I restarted the computer this morning due to it being frozen). Thus, I'm almost positive a virus initiated the problem.

A:Blank Screen on Startup

Hi, do you have an XP CD at hand?

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I hope someone can help me with this one.

When I start up my PC, it loads up to a blank screen (with the arrow from the mouse which I can move around the screen). I have no idea what could be wrong. I left it on for hours hoping that Windows would finally appear but it doesnt.

I tried running in Safe Mode and Last Known Configuration. Both result in the same problem. (For Safe Mode, the words "Safe Mode" appear on all four corners of the screen by the rest remains blank.

Any idea what the problem could be? I can get into System Recover. Would that solve the problem? I really need to get into the my system soon!

A:Blank Screen on PC Startup

Can you access Task Manager? If so, try starting explorer from there. Otherwise, I would try system restore or system recover.

This happened on my XP system a few weeks ago, had to resort to a boot CD to access the drives. Seems some malware had edited the registry, so XP was running but I had no input (trying to invoke task manager got me a message stating it had been disabled); it also trashed a 320gig slave drive (from which I'm still trying to recover files). After several days of cursing, trying to restore registry backups, system restore, etc. I could never get a useful start from the HD; finally gave up, reformatted, and reinstalled XP. Hope you have better luck.

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I have a problem that seems to be common and I still haven't found the solution after 2 days of searching the web.
I've installed Windows 7 and it works fine only in Safe Mode or if I disable 9800 GT else I get blank screen after startup.
Solutions I've found searching the web:
1. Change graphic card driver - tried from 181 up to 197, no change
2. BIOS update - did it, no change
3. Plug in the monitor into second DVI slot on my graphic card - no change (I don't have an onboard graphic card so I can't test with it.)
4. All kind of tiny little solutions that I've tried with no succes.

I'm still not sure what is actually causing the problem. At first I tought it was the graphic card but after a deeper web search I've stumbled up on something called EDID and monitor not being detected corectly. By the way my friend has the same graphic card and it works fine on his PC.
My monitor is CRT SONY and I'm using VGA to DVI switch to plug it in.

P.S. blank screen doesn't mean It froze or something, I can still hear starting chime and than an error sound like somehing isn't working.

If someone had the same problem and solved it I would really like to know how.

A:Blank screen after startup

Try updating your system drivers one by one (can you compare them to your friends motherboard driver dates?
Things like an old SMbus driver etc can cause your problem!

Updating bios or motherboard chipset drivers to latest seem to give most solutions ie letting 3d mode lock on and integrate

Download/install latest DirectX package (Feb2010)

There are loads of 9800(GT) threads on here to look thru too!

When you get really fed up with it all, delete your "PCI bus" driver (in "device manager") and let Win 7 download/rediscover all your drivers again.

Then reinstall latest Nvidia downloads

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For the last few days, each time I start IE 5.5 I am taken to a blank screen. My home page is http://www.google.com and that's what appears in the Address bar, but the screen is blank. "Done" appears in the Status bar at the bottom. When I hit Refresh, the regular Google screen appears. And I noticed just now that when I came to this forum, a banner appeared at the top, but nothing else until I hit Refresh, making the Tech Support Guy home page appear. I use a Dell Dimension desktop running Windows Me. I tried deleting and reentering my home page, but that didn't solve the problem. Any ideas on how to avoid having to hit Refresh? Thanks.

A:Blank screen at IE startup

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hey, I have a HP Pavilion Elite, OP windows seven.
The problem i have is when i turn the computer on, it goes through the RAID boot up and the Ethernet Boot up. But after that, all I receive on my monitor is a blank black screen. if anyone knows how to fix this, that would help a lot. Thnx.

A:Blank Screen at Startup

What changes did you make prior to this happening?

Is this new behavior with a RAID then Ethernet boot? Do you have RAID?

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