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Touch screen will not support double tap for right click

Q: Touch screen will not support double tap for right click

I have a Touch Smart All-in-one PC H110 that I just bought about 2 weeks ago. This was manufactured a while ago, but I just got it with a solid-state hard drive. I think that the touch screen worked properly when I first tried it. I have loaded up all of my programs and now the touch screen works with a single touch and hold, but I cannot get any double-click action using the test program. I uninstalled the HID compliant touch screen from the device manager menus and then rebooted to restore it but the problem remains. I think that the Microsoft driver 10.0.14393.351 dated 6/21/2006 is the latest driver, but I am not sure of that. The computer works fine except for this problem. How can I be sure that my driver is not corrupted?Microsoft has a "Refresh" function available from a rescue bootable USB drive, but that will remove all of my programs and I am not sure if it will replace the driver. Can anyone suggest a way to know that the driver is being replaced with a good version? If I have to use the Refresh program does that insure that I will get a new driver? I notice that there is a new UEFI boot for this PC dated October, 2016? I doubt that a UEFI update will solve the problem so have not done it. Can anyone help me with suggestions as to how to solve this touch screen problem.Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.David

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Preferred Solution: Touch screen will not support double tap for right click

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


Hi guys

got HP 530 laptop, have struggled to remove vista home basic to xp professional but now got a big price.

It cant use the touch pad, controll panel cant be opened

whats could be solution to this please?

A:Solved: touch pad doent open an icon if you double click

Can you not tap the touchpad for anything? Do the buttons work? You may need to install drivers for it. Most laptops use Synaptics. If you don't see the drivers on HP's site, you can try generic drivers from http://www.synaptics.com/support/drivers.

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Problem: During a Windows 10 update that was interrupted, the screen came back with a partial double image. The full screen is compressed in the left 2/3rd?s of the screen, and the segment on the right repeats a portion of the screen again. An external monitor connected looks normal. Troubleshooting so far ?Adjusted screen resolution. No improvement.Deleted video driver and let Windows reinstall the proper driver. No improvement.Tried performing the Windows 10 update again. It often locks up for hours.Reset the Windows OS on the computer. No Improvement.Any suggestions?  

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Forgive me if my searches weren't up to speed to find the answer to this... I tried, I really did.

I just had to get a new system and it has Windows 7 Pro - X64. Now it seems like a double click in a window header bar, all windows, end up with a full screen window. Driving me nuts! (short trip )

I've searched all over and can only find the doc. on disabling the full screen snap when moving a window off screen or to the top.

Any idea how to disable the bar-double click behavior?

Thanks, and again I apologize if my search was crud.

A:Disable Windows double click = full screen window?

Double-clicking the title bar to maximize a window has been a behavior since at least Windows 95. I think it cannot be disabled. You may need to change your approach.

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I am so frustrated.  How do I fix the constant going to black of my monitor (using Windows 10)???  I also can't double click on anything without the screen going black too.  I am so irritated and frustrated.  HOW can
I get Windows 10 to STOP constantly making my monitor go to black?????

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Hello,I want to learn if my y70-70 touch 64 bit laptop support any pen that I can use for programs such as Adobe Illustrator and so on..Thank you for your help!

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Hello. Using vb.net, I've been trying to figure out how to paste the clipboard into the window your mouse pointer is pointed.

If anyone has used unix you are familiar with what i am asking for; just to double right click or middle click and to paste the content of clipboard to the given window.

Can anyone offer any ideas for .net?

I would use double right click, or middle click, or single right click.

Please respond with your ideas~



A:Help me paste clipboard text with double right click (or right click, click)

This is kind of confusing but I just wanted code to paste the clipboard by using the mouse.

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I would like to know how to add touch support in Windows PE (like adding drivers, packages, etc.) for Windows 7 tablet PC?
Appreciate your help!

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I just purchased a click 10 and the touch screen does not work at all. IT says that there is no pen or touch available. I cant work out how to activate I have tried a whole host of things . This is the model where you click and the tablet separates from the keyboard but the tablet has no touch. Anu help would be greatly appreciated

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I want to change settings from Double Click Zoom to Double Click "highlight" and don't know how. 

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Hello... I just recently bought an used T450s Ulbrabook with Windows 7 pre-installed. I am just wondering if this unit supports touch screen. and how would I verify it?  Thanks,Daniel. 

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I have two Acer 23 inch multi touch screens, being driven through a Matrox DualHead2Go. So the ATI graphics card thinks it is driving a single 2050 x 1080 monitor, the DualHead2Go then splits this across the two screens.

Will Windows 7 support multi touch across two screens?


A:Does Windows7 support two screen multi touch?

This is the first time Ive seen this question... give it a try and let us know...

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I have three Win10 systems, all recent motherboards with various video capability. One is an Asus Maximus VII Hero with an i7 3960K and only Intel embedded graphics. The next is an Asus 990FX R2.0 with an AMD FX-8150 and an Asus Radeon R9 390 graphics card. The final system is An Asus X99 Deluxe with an Intel i7-5820K processor and an MSI GTX980 graphics card. All systems started as Win7 and were upgraded to Win10. When the Maximus VII upgraded all functions were available for the Planar PCT2785 touch screen. Both mouse and keyboard and touch worked perfectly at all times. When the 990FX was upgraded if you started using the mouse you could never make use of the monitor's touch capability. If you started with touch, you could use touch for what seems permanently, and if you use the mouse occasionally touch would still work, but if you used the mouse and keyboard for any length of time you lost touch capability. When the X99 was upgraded no touch capability was available from the start. I never loaded the drivers for touch for any of the Win7 systems, so that shouldn't be a factor. I would love to get all the systems, but especially the X99, to have full capability for touch and mouse and keyboard. Thanks for any help you can provide.

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I have a 3 month old Yoga 720 13IKB that is now experiencing touchpad issues. I can move the cursor around fine but the left or right click/taps do not work when I hover over an icon. Once I use the touchscreen to open the app, the cursor then works normally. Sometimes the cursor will freeze but I can tap the touchscreen and the touchpad will work normally again. It can be a bit glitchy but is mostly usable. It started exhibiting these issues today after putting my laptop into sleep mode. There is no rhyme or reason to this issue. It happens sporadically.  I have tried to uninstall the mouse drivers but all the options are greyed out. I have adjust the pointer settings as well. Nothing seems to be working to resolve it. I unistalled the Lenovo Vantage software and I also updated the BIOS which was the only update in the Vantage software before I uninstalled it. Another thing I attempted to do was to download the Wacom drivers for the touchpad but none exist. There are also no touchpad drivers listed on the Lenovo drivers site. I am really enjoying this laptop but this touchpad issue is driving me a bit crazy. Thanks in advance for any help!

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hello my PC (300-15ISK Laptop (ideapad))  screen got hit, probally need to be replaced. does this brand of pc support and have touch screen? and how much it cost?

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I bought this Inspiron 15-7579 in March - 3-4 months ago. :( Already the touch screen isn't working. I had Geek squad log in remotely to try and fix it and they were unable to repair it. It appears that it never had one! This happened about a month ago after a Dell update.
Also, I am unable to use the Dell Support tool! It says that is "Unauthorized to use on this system" So I uninstalled it and reinstalled a fresh version. And now I get "Error 1603 Fatal Error during installation"
I am very unhappy with this laptop.

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I have had my Satellite Click Mini for a little while now (three months or so?) and although I have not used it much beyond one or two occasions a week (for school), a pretty significant vertical 'bar'/area of the touch screen does not respond anymore, at all. I've already reset the device to the factory settings just in case, but it is definitely a hardware problem. I feel like it might have received internal damage at some point in my bag (despite protecting it with cloth and a case), but there is no visible damage to the screen.

I was wondering if there are any 'simple' fixes I could try out? I understand it is likely not possible, but I figured I would check first before spending money on likely expensive repairs/replacements, especially since I feel like I've hardly done anything to risk really damaging it.

Thank you in advance!

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My company just bought a Dell AIO Inspiron 3059, its came with window 10.
But recently, due to our work, we need to downgrade it to window 7 pro 64-bit. But after that, the touch screen do not work anymore.

So, our question is that: Does this AIO model with window 7 64-bit support touch screen? Do we need to download some specific driver?

Thank you/

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I have a SATELLITE Click Mini L9W-B tablet not used for a while.
Tablet docked to the keyboard, I plugged it to charger and it is charging.

When I turned on the device, windows 10 started and loaded up to desktop.
But once loaded nothing is responding.
Touch screen is not working.
Keyboard is not working.
Touchpad is not working.

On windows desktop, I have dynamic tiles updating.
This way, I can tell the device is not freeze or crashed.
Sound or power buttons are not doing anything but if I press power for around 10 seconds, the device power off.

I managed booting to bios and from here, everything is working fine.
The keyboard is fully responding, as well as the touch screen and touchpad.

I tried to boot the tablet without the dock, the touch screen is not respoding.
I docked the tablet but nothing happen.

Looks like a windows issue.
But I can't run recovery because it's powered by windows and nothing is responding from here too.

Please, I'm stuck and need help to find a way recover usage of my device.

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I have an Acer T272HUL touch screen and use it with my Protools Audio Recording Rig. I use windows 7-64 exclusively. Recently the left mouse click just stop working (both single and double). At first it happened on my laptop HP 8560W, it was already a few years so I decided to buy a new faster machine and went for the HP Z240 T model as they are certified by AVID. Just finished installing all SW from scratch but still the same issue occur; When I connect the touch USB cable, the mouse clicks just stop working. A reboot without the touch cable and all is fine. (The touch itself works brilliantly in all respects.) Tried all possible variants of usb 2/3 ports, changed to different mices (usb/ps2) Also tried to Google the problem intensivly, but nothing on this subject in particular. If anyone has a tip towards HP HW with touch and mouse click problems, please respond - Tom

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I have recently noticed some odd behavior in my computer, for some reason when I open My Computer and double click on a hard drive (I have 3) it will not open the drive. However I can still right-click and choose Explore to get around it.

At first I thought that this was a virus but after 3 scans with SpyBot I am still clean. Any ideas? It's not critical but I do find it odd.

A:[SOLVED] Baffled again, double-click does not open hard drives but right click will

What happens when you double click? Nothing, or Search opens, or a command prompt, or something else?

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My symptoms are these:
right click hangs on all files but not folders for about 30-40 seconds then works fine for a few moments but once I click away or do anything else the problem comes back
using the keyboard to copy hangs and then once the computer "unfreezes" copy/paste with keyboard works fine
double clicking on a file that would launch a program hangs for a while then opens the program.
using the delete key hangs
Otherwise performance is normal everything runs fine while using all programs.

What I have tried so far:
Running Adaware and AVG to determine if spyware/malware installed
using shellview to disable processes - no results
cleaned temp files and defragmented drives
uninstalled hp easy button keyboard software

Problem does not occur in safe mode.

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 9:41:43 AM, on 6/20/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16674)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\bin\AppleMobileDeviceService.exe
C:\Program Files\Bonjour\mDNSResponder.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\LightScribe\LSSrvc.exe
C:\WINDOWS\system32\svcho... Read more

A:Right click hangs, copy/paste, double click on files hang

Bump, please

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WLM opens emails with a single click rather than just selecting the email. The boxes selecting double click to open are checked. This box is in the folders section and may be for folders ouyside of WLM. I want single click to select and double click to open emails.

A:How do I change single click to double click to open emails?

Quote: Originally Posted by flyboyo2

WLM opens emails with a single click rather than just selecting the email. The boxes selecting double click to open are checked. This box is in the folders section and may be for folders ouyside of WLM. I want single click to select and double click to open emails.

Correct. "Folder Options" refers to Windows Explorer. The "folders" within a program, like WLM, are under the control of the program. However I noticed that my version of WLM (2009) behaves the way you want without the "Reading" pane turned on. If I turn it on then a single click shows the email in the reading pane. If I turn it off, it takes a double click to open the email to view it. The reading pane is controlled via the "Layout" Viewing option.

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please slove it 
i am click single time but mouse take double times and files are open 
please slove it
thank you

A:double click problem in mouse i click single time

G'day hassensk, and Welcome to BC.
Windows 7 ?    windows XP...? Windows 8 ?......

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Can anyone please help me figure out the solution to this? My Dell 14R 5437's touchpad isn't properly working lately. It's right-click button and double-tap to right click function isn't working as intended; the left-click button and single-tap to left click function is working ok. When plugging an external mouse, however, I can right click as normal.
I tried reinstalling the driver from the Dell website and it's still not working properly. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Lately my pc has been acting a bit weird. I have windows xp. Sometimes when I go to click on something it will jump up or down and I have to scroll back to it and do it again..anyways I ran SUPERAntiSpyware and it detected 114 file threats which it said it got rid of but everytime I do a scan the same ones continue to come back. I saved the scan log to show you. Can you please help me get rid of these once and for all.

SUPERAntiSpyware Scan Log

Generated 12/11/2014 at 12:23 PM

Application Version : 6.0.1164
Database Version : 11645

Scan type : Quick Scan
Total Scan Time : 00:03:21

Operating System Information
Windows XP Home Edition 32-bit, Service Pack 3 (Build 5.01.2600)

Memory items scanned : 313
Memory threats detected : 0
Registry items scanned : 16716
Registry threats detected : 0
File items scanned : 4312
File threats detected : 114

Adware.Tracking Cookie

A:double click, get clicky, fast click keeps coming back even after

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I am having this problem since a few months...
Sometimes when I make single click, my computer receives double click...
suppose I try to select a file by double clicking but it gets opened

is there anyway to fix this?
please help

A:Solved: Single click makes double click

If it happens everytime, there is a setting in windows, but if it's only sometimes, it might be time for a new mouse.

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It's taking over a minute for a file to open or for the box to appear after I right click. It just hangs with the hourglass cursor until it finally responds. I know this isn't normal. So what's causing it?

Anyone, anyone,

...Bueller, Bueller

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ive been trying 2 download my old game i used 2 play on my new PC i just bought and it wont let me double click it or right click 2 open idk wats wrong i turned of the firewall thinking tht may be the problem but didnt work i tried installing the exe file that i saw for .exe files nt working that didn't solve it either any help would be appreciated

A:game not working cant double click or right click 2 open

It would probably be helpful if you actually named both the game and the download source.

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What I mean is that let's say I am trying to hold and drag a desktop file it will sometimes just click, making me drop the file on the spot. It will also double click when I try to make a single click. I tried to lower the settings for double click timing on the settings menu.

EDIT: Tried out another mouse, it doesn't click out of nowhere but is there a way to fix my old mouse? I can switch the buttons so right click acts as left click so it seems that specific button got practically destroyed

A:Mouse double clicks when I click once and click when I hold it.

Do you mean the other mouse works fine? As far as I know there's no way to fix a mouse other than making sure the trackball or optical lens is clean, whichever your has.

A repair would cost more than a new mouse I suspect. You can get an ordinary one for about $5 or so.

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Recently (in the last month) my computer has started giving me a double click on a single click of the left button.  This is very irritating.
It does this with both, a USB Logitech Track Man Wheel and with a wireless HID mouse.
I have tried adjusting the settings for the mouse but that doesn't seem to have any effect.
I have AVAST antivirus.  I have run Microsoft Security Essentials, Malewarebytes Anti-Malware, Spybot search and destroy, Super Anti-Spyware and Junkware Removal Tool.
I have updated all of my drivers and used Drive Booster 3.
When I click to close a window on Firefox it will double click and minimize the browser.
This problem is active in all of my programs that I run, not just the browser.
I have Windows Vista, 64 Bit on a Dell Inspiron laptop.
Does anyone have any suggestions.
I think this has to be a software problem, but I don't know how to correct it or which software is involved..
Thank you

A:Mouse will double click on single click of button

Personally I think your problem is an overused mouse. I used to have a mouse that does that, but the problem disappeared when it was swapped for another mouse.Have you tried another mouse to rule out the mouse itself?

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Many times when I single click on an item with my mouse, whether it be a program, a shortcut, or whatever, more often than not , it acts as a double click. When I double cliclk, it opens up the program twice more often than mot, also. I have the Folder options set up to double click so I don't know what's going on. I regularly run AdAdware, Spybot, and I have ZoneAlarm Suite running all the time.

Any ideas?

A:Mouse single click but double click response

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Hello all, from a few days until now I have started experiencing what seems to be a recurrent problem in the P50 laptop touchpad drivers. When using the driver for synaptics pointing device, the left button of the touchpad double clicks most of the times (about 70-80% of the time). If I decide to update my drivers to the latest version,, then something even worse happens: the left and right buttons are inverted (and I have checked that the box of inverting the buttons in control panel is unclicked). From what I have been reading this has been an issue that has happened before already, but I don't know if Lenovo fixed it, or it has just been unsolved until now. Maybe someone around here can help me with this?

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I came up to a problem that I cannot solve. Using the Explorer (not IE but the plain explorer to organize folders and files) I cannot change the behaviour of an Active Desktop like in WinXP or others.

I am very used to this procedure: single click = mark an object / doubleclick = execute an object.

Unfortunately, the Explorer just uses the option single click = execute. I remembered the option in XP/Vista, that you can go to Extras -> folder options -> Select Elements and tick a radio button for the Active Desktop method or the classic method (execute via doubleclick). Just as described in the tutorial "Single-Click or Double-Click to Open an Item" within this forum.

I tried this, and now I'm getting nuts: The radio button is already put on the classic mode (execute by doubleclick, select by single click). The other option is grey, i.e. it cannot be selected.

I guess, there's some tick wrong in the registry or else, but I cannot find out which. Does anyone has an idea what can be done?

A:folder options / single-click or double-click

The checkbox/radio button option is under the View tab in the same dialog.

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Info on my PC is below. In many windows such as those opened within Internet Explorer, a right mouse click on the right-hand scroll bar acts like a double click, making the scroll go down much further than wanted. It used to be that a single click on the empty area of the bar would make the screen go down only one screen height. It now goes down two. Please help as this is irritating.

A:Mouse Single Click acts like Double click

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Just a goofy phenomena that seems to be puzzling me. Each time I single click on a desktop icon, it acts like it was double clicked and opens the file/program. When single clicking on a scroll-bar to the right of a window, it acts like it was double clicked, traveling much further down the screen than expected.

I'm using Windows ME. My mouse is an IBM Scrollpoint II, 3-button mouse with a small scroll pivot-lever. Any assistance to solve this problem will be appreciated. Thanks.

A:Single mouse click acts like a double-click

Hi there Amaul,

One thing to check is go into the 'mouse properties' in the 'Control Panel' and under the 'Buttons' tab there will be an option for 'Files and Folders'. Make sure the 'double-click to open an item' is selected.

Hope this helps.

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So I've been having issues with my touch screen on the Yoga C930 Glass. Whenever I write or draw in sketchpad using the touch screen using either my pen or my hand something weird happens. Occasionally in the middle of writing, something similar to a mouse click and hold happens. My hand is no where near the touchpad and I need to click using the touchpad to make the hold go away. When I move the mouse when this issue occurs, the lines drawn can't be erased unless I close out of the sketchpad. 
MOD: Issue and model added to title

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Just went through my sister's computer and removed all the spyware and viruses (a lot). While doing this I noticed that I couldn't double-click on anything in Explorer. I could double-click on anything on the desktop. I can select objects in Explorer, but no double or right click on the files. To open anything, I have to select it and then File > Open. Anyone have a fix for this?

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I have a couple windows xp computers that the mouse is making a single click as a double click sometimes. I made sure that the setting wasn't selected to have a single click be a double click. This doesn't happen all of the time but is starting happen more frequently. Has anyone else ran into this issue or have a fix?


A:Single click acting as double click

Hi bjb21! I believe your answer to rectify your problem can be found here. Best of luck to you!

Troubleshoot mouse double-clicking when you single-click


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Hi all,

I have a wierd issue - I removed my laptop from a domain, because I left the company. Before doing so I created a new local profile, logged on, logged off, logged in as admin, copied everything but ntuser.dat stuff to the new profile, then removed laptop from domain.

Now when I log on my new profile, anything I double click on desktop items (folders or my computer) I get an error "Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item" - If I right click and hit open, it works great...

Also - programs seem to open fine, just problems with folders and my computer. I also get the same error from the start menu.

I have tried removing my account as administrator and then restarting and making it administrator again. Removed my permissions and readded them - cant think of what else to do.

A:Error when double click on folder - Right Click OK

so I figured out if I turn off UAC, the problem goes away - turn it back on and the problem comes back - is there a way to repair UAC?

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I'm hoping that somebody has seen this issue and can help. I'm running RC 7100 and it's working great. The one problem I have occurs consistently after the machine has been running for about 24 hours. Suddenly you can no longer open files / folders or start programs by double clicking on the icon.

It works when first booted, then stops. If you reboot it works again.

I tried changing the options such that you can open with a single click, and it didn't fix the problem.

Anyone else seen this? Any known solutions?

A:Can't open folders with click/double click

I have not seen this, but was this an upgrade or a clean install?

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When I try to open any of three drives by either double clicking or by right clicking and explore/open. I can't open them. A strange window appears on each of them...Also I can't select windows explorer to always open them since the 'always select this program to open this kind of file' checkbox is grayed out or disabled.Also when I right click on any of the three drives. Some weird symbols appear on the right click menu.I already scanned with malwarebytes and avast. They detect nothing.PLEASE help me solve this problem. I am desperate. I will be very grateful to anyone who helps or at least trys to help.THANK YOU.

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I am unable to double click on any application icons. If I do, I get the RED error window letting me know that there is no associated file. I believe that I caught a virus causing this issue. I have ran multiple anti virus and scanning programs and have determined that I have cleaned the system. I just need to fix the issues, possibly with the registry. Anyone able to help? I am running a Sony Vaio Laptop Windows 7, Intel Core 2 Duo. I was just using the computer as is, but wife just bought me a Apple IPAD and I cannot install I-Tunes, and assume that this is a related issue.

A:Cannot Double Click Any Icons... Must Right Click Run As Admin

Hi, run the attached .zip file and then right click on the returned .reg file select "merge" restart computer. Link post #2.

[SOLVED] I insanely associated the .lnk extension with NotePad. Arggh!

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I've got Windows XP Professional with SP3. About 3 weeks ago my computer started taking a single mouse click as a double click. I've gone into control panel/folder options and made sure it is set up correctly there ("double click to open item")

Any of suggestions??

I've got McAffee virus protection and it is up to date. I ran a full scan and nothing was detected. For Grins and Giggles I did a "CHKDSK /R" but this did not help either.


A:Solved: single click is double click

I just tried the obvious - BAD MOUSE was it.

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The same touchpad that selects links without being clicked on, also randomly requires a double click or a single click, or a light touch anywhere on the screen, or a serious hard tap on the left corner.   It is not consistant.  Can it be adjusted or disabled?  

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