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Graphics Card Picture Quality and Video Quality

Q: Graphics Card Picture Quality and Video Quality


I'm having problems with my the graphics card on my laptop. It's an APU and I have picture and videos problems. Whenever I watch movies or look at pictures I see most things fuzzy, (if that makes any sense). I tried to watch a DVD and the video quality was unbearable. The most unbelievable thing is it affects picture quality. I can't do anything without poor quality pictures or videos. I have tried installing new drivers and all sorts of things. Is it me or is it my laptop?

My Laptop Specs:

AMD A6 Quad Core APU 1.5Ghz
AMD Radeon HD 6520G
6GB DDR3 Memory 1066Mhz
Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit

Preferred Solution: Graphics Card Picture Quality and Video Quality

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Graphics Card Picture Quality and Video Quality

Quote: Originally Posted by MarshCaptain


I'm having problems with my the graphics card on my laptop. It's an APU and I have picture and videos problems. Whenever I watch movies or look at pictures I see most things fuzzy, (if that makes any sense). I tried to watch a DVD and the video quality was unbearable. The most unbelievable thing is it affects picture quality. I can't do anything without poor quality pictures or videos. I have tried installing new drivers and all sorts of things. Is it me or is it my laptop?

As you supply no technical information, it's hard to guess.

Is the laptop display running at its native resolution?

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Since I reinstalled my graphics card, when watching videos the colour is all messed up. The colour is a lot whiter than usual and is almost black and white. I never had this problem before I reinstalled my graphics card and I have the latest driver for the website. The driver I had before I reinstalled my graphics card was different however I don't have that any lnger as I lost the Cd that came with the card.

The graphics card I am using is the XpertVision GeForce 5500 fx 128mb and I am using Windows 2000 professional SP4.

A:Video quality is poor since I reinstalled graphics card.

The last version of Forceware, I think 77.72 caused the same problem for me. 77.77 cleared it up. You can find older versions of the driver on nVidias site. You dont have to use the ones from the cd.

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Hi,if anybody knows what the blotchy background is on all my videos when I play them ,I would be grateful if you could help me fix it ,or tell me what it is,as it is very annoying,it does not show up on anything else ,except when I play a movie .

A:Help with the quality of video picture Please.

Hi Jim,

I'm not sure what you mean, nor can I see anything on your images. Can you highlight what you mean?

In the meantime, check your graphic settings. I know that you have ATI graphics whereas I have NVidia, but you should have similar settings available.

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My Daughter just purchased a Genius VideoCam Trek Internet USB Video Camera to use on my system mainly on MSN Messenger. The picture quality is extremely poor after all adjustments. The transfer rate is also quite slow. Is my system too slow for this unit.

My O/S is Windows 2000, 256MB RAM, PC133 SystemBoard (Bus clock 100MHz) 900 Mhz Intel Celeron Processor, Broadband 256 Mbps. I have a Firewall (Zone Alarm) and AVG Antivirus. Hope I have provided enough information.

A:Poor Video Cam Picture Quality

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I wasn't sure if this should be in "Audio & Video" but this is a mod so I put this here.

Ok, one of the last posts in the old forum was improving picture quality on nVidia cards by bypassing RF filter. Well, I did this yesterday to my GeForce2Ti card and I do notice the difference. At resolutions 1400 x 1050 and above text is sharper now.
I got quite funny colors at first as I wasn't sure what to solder, green signal was bypassed, red & blue weren't etc. After a few tries colors are as they should be.
Here's the link from where I got information:

A:Improving gfx card's picture quality

I hesitate to try it on my GeForce2 because there never seems to be an after photo(are people afraid to show their soldering skills or lack thereof) and I never use resolutions higher than 1024x768(monitors max).

Duron [email protected], Epox 8KTA3, 256Mb PC133, 30Gb WD HDD, GeForce2 Pro 200/400

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Greetings....I have a Dell Dimension 4400 PC, this past week my hard drive crashed. I replaced the hard drive with a used Western Digital WD400 drive. The hard drive has Windows 2000 installed. However, the video and picture quality is extremely poor. The images are fuzzy and my display sometimes flickers. How can I correct this problem? Thank you in advance.

A:video and picture quality extremely poor

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I have a Dell XPS 630I, 4GB Ram, Intel Core 2 Duo, running Vista Home Premium. It has a dedicated Dell NVidia GeForce 9800 GT video graphics card installed. In the last couple of days my video display has become very poor. The screen either has a real fuzzy look, or it will be clear but has 4 black vertical bars on the screen. The system will lock up sometimes requiring a hard reboot. And my NVidia Control Panel will not open. In my 'Problems Reports and Solutions' screen I have the following recent errors listed.

Host Process for Windows Services
Stopped working

NService Application
Stopped working

NVidia Control Panel Application 4.3.790.0
Stopped working

NVidia Control Panel Application 4.4.730.0
Stopped working

NVidia Performance Service
Stopped working

PSIService PSIService
Stopped working

Windows Explorer
Stopped responding and was closed

I have tried updating my video drivers, removed and reconnected my video card to ensure proper seating, but I'm still unable to open my NVidia control panel. I have also tried using the second port on my video card to see if that would solve the issue to no avail.

Is there a way to test if this is my video card that just needs replaced, or if it is something entirely different? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

A:Video Issues, Poor picture quality or black vertical lines

Did you try installing a new and updated driver version from NVIDIA?

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I have hp EliteBook 8470p i5-3320m , 8GB ram , Intel HD 4000 graphic card. Problem is MP4 video 1080p and some are not working properly .1, How can i check i have discrete graphics card of AMD Radeon 7570M or not ? as it is not shown in bios and windows device manager ?2,It is possible to upgarde discrete graphic card ?3, Is there any option to chage share memory of intel graphic card 4000?4,If i upgrade 8GB ram to 16GB ram it will be improve  graphics quality or not ?

A:Video and Graphics Quality Problem

There are two types of motherboard for that model. One has only UMA or integrated video and one has switchable discrete video. If your BIOS and device manager is not showing an AMD Radeon video card then you have just the Intel HD4000 series integrated video.  The HD4000 should have no problem with full HD full screen MP4 playback assuming you have the right drivers and video codecs installed. You say that some full HD videos play OK and others not? What video player are you using? Is there any common feature to the ones that play OK and those that do not? To answer, no you cannot change video memory allocation. That is done automatically and there is no adjustment. Plenty of video memory is available so that is not the problem. No there is no way to upgrade the video chip without also changing out the motherboard, which would be very costly. 16 gigs of RAM would not alter the video performance.   

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i have recently bought a 256mb graphics card

nVidia GeForce FX5500 AGP

and although i can play better games video quality i still low, is this just a problem you always get of does it need configuring??


A:256mb graphics card quality

quality doenst only depend on video card, it also depends on your CPU speed as well, and the amount of memory for a video does not directly contribute to how good the graphics appear.

for example, if you have a radeon x1900 512 mb card, it does NOT have better graphics than a Radeon x1650 XT 256mb......

so it depends on the specs/speeds of the GPU not just how many MB it has.

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(not sure if I'm posting this in the right section)

I recently got a new graphics card (Nvidia geforce 7500), its great with all my high-graphic computer games, but I cannot see DVD menus, I get the rest of the DVD perfectly, its just the menu that won't work. Alll I see is a grey screen, but I can hear any music. All I usually do is press enter and since the selector usually starts on 'play' by default I can make it work.

I suppose it could be the software that I use (InterVideo home theater), but it never happened until I got my new graphics card.

Please help

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I just bought a new video card and now my sound seems kinda sketchy ? And when i try to talk to people on Ventrilo they sound all distorted and break up alot. Can this happen from not having enough power, after installiing a new card?

A:Bad sound Quality, Due to Graphics card?

what is the systems specs?

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Currently i'm playing a game called SKYFORGE a new MMO recently released and my computer can only handle it with 20 FPS when i'm around a mob of people. 30 FPS max in dungeons with 5 people i want to have better stability because i really enjoy this game but can't because i have frame issues which makes the game sluggish. So i'm looking to upgrade for this game and i need help with what kind of graphics card i should get.
I do run the game on maximum settings because any other setting i still get the same amount of FPS and lag so might aswell.


A:Looking to upgrade my Graphics card to have better FPS/Quality on SKYFORGE

I Would strongly suggest the same card I purchased for the newer Games.
I have the HD7870 For GTA V and Witcher 3. I am Getting great frame rates from 40-50 FPS on High Settings. But Any game you want to MAX Out all graphics you need to buy the high end cards that can cost $300 or more. If you look around you can get the HD7870 With 2 GB Ram for 150.00. I sure it will play SKYFORGE Fine!

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I just bought an ATI radeon saffire x1950gt video card because I thought that DVI would give me hd like quality instead of vga. I disabled my on board video card and everything works great but when I play video's I can see horizontal lines when the frames change. I changed the framerate to the highest that my cpu would let me which is 60 but it still does the same thing....When I had my onboard video card it didnt do that and the quality of everything else looks about the same than it did with the original on board video card

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Hello people, i had just bought the above mentioned graphics card. I want to know how is its performance and quality? After installing this card i played NFS underground. I just can't see any difference or any advantage in this game. Is it really good a card? And if it is then which games would put this card for real tests? Also i wanna know which latest games are compatible with this card? Please provide me with the list of such latest games.

Thank you.

A:Quality and performance of Asus EN210 graphics card

I'm sure the quality of the card is good with respect to its manufacture but it's not a gaming card at all. It might be able to play some low spec games but if you want to play the "latest games," this is not the card for it.

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help my pc can only show 8bit color quality and i cant adjust it to 32bit......i reformated then this happend.....i have a Intel® Desktop Board D845GVFN im using the built in graphics card......do i need to download a driver?!?!?

A:My built-in graphics card, has 8bit only color quality, after i reformated it

i tried it but it didnt help......i downloaded the exact driver for that motherboard

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Hey there,

Recently got a cheap Tv card off a m8 for video capture for some ingame recordings. Its a "Hauppauge WinTV 88x" card. Im still learnign about what compressions to use etc but one thing has been troubleing me. To test it i plugged my video camera into it and the quality was fine, but when i use my graphics card monitor it decreases quite alot compared to the video cam. (Spec in sig). It is going though AV leads to each card, and i do know that S-Video is much better and so on, but this cards jus to do me a little while and i was wondering if there is any way to increase quality from Gcard to Tvcard. A screen is linked at bottom (sorry i couldnt get it any bigger) to give u a rough idea of what i mean. It is useable for what ill be doing with it but was just curious if there are any tweaks to help it out


P.s. i am using iuVCR , have used all compression methods, and although performance differs with some the quality stays the same.


A:Able to increase quality on Video capture card?

Standard TV is rather poor quality to begin with.. Are you sure the problem is with the capture card and not the output from your vid card?

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Hey....I just bought the game CRYSIS and despite the fact that i have a custom built gaming computor i can only run the game on the "low" graphics specs....im assuming this has something to do with the quality of my video card...? So i was wondering what would let me play CRYSIS on "high" or "Very High" graphics specs, without spending over $250-$300? amy help or suggestions are appreaciated.

A:I Need A High Quality but Not too expensive video card...suggestions?

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A friend of mine recently updated his video card drivers, and upon restarting his computer his screen resolution was set to 640x480 and colour quality set to 4-bit. The slider will still move, but as soon as you click apply it just sets itself back to the lowest settings. I've updated both his video card and monitor drivers, and tried decreasing hardware acceleration, but the problem persists.

Monitor: Samsung 953BW (most recent driver version 1.0)
Graphics card: Nvidia GeForce 8800GT (most recent driver version 285.58)

DirectX is updated to the latest version and I'm completely lost as to where to go from here. He updated the graphics card drivers in an attempt to fix graphical problems in a couple of games and now everything is gone to ****. Thanks =)

A:Updated video card drivers and now can't increase screen resolution or colour quality

I believe you might have the wrong drivers? Try this one.

Also try uninstalling the old drivers reboot then install the new ones.

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How do i get a good quality picture from my PC to TV? I am currently using a s video cable or something but the picture is poor i cant even read the writing but i can watch movies and play games perfectly. Any ideas how to get a better picture.?

A:PC TO TV picture quality

What TV is it and did it have a S-Video input on it?

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I have camera panasonic lumix dmc fz45. pictures look good on camera lcd screen. when transferred to windows live photo gallery they are dull and need serious editing. Am on windows 7, can anybody help?

A:Picture Quality

It is becuase the resolttion viewed on lcd of camera is small enough to view better quality images. While when it comes to larger pixels/resolution monitor, it goes off!

How many megapixels camera you have? 14!!!

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I have around a $200 budget for a video card. I currently have a geforce 7900 gs but i want something better. Im looking for a glossy sharp image that looks like hd quality.

What is a good ms rate for lcd monitors ( i play online games)
What card would you recommend for 200 bucks
should the geforce 7900 gs give off a glossy image ( could my Acer AL1916w be a ****ty monitor?)

What would you recommend for a hdmi quality picture??????

A:Best Picture Quality

A 4-5ms response time is good enough, but lower is better.
The 8800GT is the king in the sub-$200 price bracket.
And no, the card is okay.
Lastly, bear in mind that picture quality also depends on the resolution you view it at. A game played at 1600x1200 looks noticeably smoother than when it's at 1024x768. Dittto for video.

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hey guys
i have recently been having trouble finding a compatible m-peg2 decoder for windows media player 11. that has been fixed, thankfully, but the picture quality is somewhat like a cartoon.
here is a frame of spiderman 3:

A:dvd picture quality help

and another:

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Since everyone is sending me photos over the internet or on CDs, I've been looking into printing them myself. The results are pretty dismal. While the pictures look great on the screen, they are fuzzy and look quite out of focus coming out of my printer, an HP Deskjet 842C.

I've been using the Photo Printing Wizard, which came with my Dell computer and Windows XP. Under "Preferences", I click "Best". My browser, by the way, is Opera. I like smallish pictures, so I've been using the layout of 4 pictures (3.5x5" each) to a 8x11" page. I prefer my photos in matte, and am using matte photo paper, 92 bright, 6 mil.

I realize that, by right-clicking the picture, I can open it with Dell Image expert application and make it sharper; but then the pixels start showing, and I don't like that either. Anyway, the originals, as sent me, are perfectly fine.

So, what should I do to get professional-looking snapshots out of my printer?

Thank you,

A:picture quality

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I fixed my sound , still working on my printer problem,, now I still cannot watch anything on the computor from utube or cbs sites movies it will not download, or does and cant watch all the way thru, just stops

A:picture quality of

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Well, when I used to open videos, they had crystal clear quality, but yesterday when I opened the same file, suddenly everything looked fuzzy; the thing was full of minuscule distorting dots. Anybody know what happened?

A:Picture Quality Goen Bad

Could be a number of issues :

1) Did you try another movie, same file type?
2) Which player do you use?
3) Is for the rest your monitor ok?

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Hi, I've recently bought a new Dell Dimension 9150 media center with an LCD monitor. When I play a dvd the picture quality is poor. Its like watching old VHS at best. Very dissapointing !

I'm relatively new to computers and so I dont understand all of the technical stuff too well but I'm getting there.

The machine came with an Nvidia GeForce 7300LE card. 2.8ghz Viiv pentium D 920 dual core 1 gig ram.

Any advice very much appreciated.

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I currently have a monitor and a 32 inch HD TV attached to my PC.

I use the monitor for all of my day to day activities, but when I try to view my desktop on my TV in 1080i HD thepicture quality is really poor.

Is this because my video card is not very powerfull, so it therefore doen't have the ability to make a good picture on my TV, and can this problem be recitfied by purchasing a much better video card.

A:Picture Quality on 32" HD TV.

The 4350 is capable of 2560x1600 I do not know what you are setting your TV at but 1920x1200 is certainly obtainable by the card. What is the TV model and hpw are you connected to the PC? I'm wondering if there is a setting in the TV that may need to be set.

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Lately I noticed my pictures [online or on HD] are fuzzy ... need to correct before I go blind

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 6:45:06 AM, on 1/10/2006
Platform: Windows XP SP1 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccEvtMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast4\aswUpdSv.exe
C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast4\ashServ.exe
C:\Program Files\Norton SystemWorks\Norton AntiVirus\navapsvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Eset\nod32krn.exe
C:\Program Files\Norton SystemWorks\Norton Utilities\NPROTECT.EXE
C:\Program Files\NovaStor\NovaBACKUP\NSENGINE.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccApp.exe
C:\Program Files\ATI Technologies\ATI Control Panel\atiptaxx.exe
C:\Program Files\UnH Solutions\IE Privacy Keeper\IEPrivacyKeeper.exe
C:\Program Files\Sympatico Dial-up Accelerator\slipaccel.exe
C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast4\ashMaiSv.exe
C:\... Read more

A:Picture Quality Poor

You are running Sympatico Dial-up Accelerator, which drastically compresses all graphic content viewed over the internet.

Hence your picture quality has suffered. You cannot have both a "faster internet experience" and higher quality web graphics. Choose one or the other....

Also you should not be running HiJackThis from a Temp directory if you want to be able to undo any changes, install and run it from a different directory.

Have HJT fix tese:
O16 - DPF: {9394EDE7-C8B5-483E-8773-474BF36AF6E4} (ST) -
O23 - Service: avast! Web Scanner - Unknown owner - (no file)

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i installed norton antivirus today and when i restarted my computer a message came up saying " there is a problem in the display settings. The adapter type is incorrect, or the current settings do not work with ur hardware." so my photos on the computer are very bad quality.

A:(Solved) bad picture quality

Norton anti-virus has probably screwed your video card settings:
First thing to try is..

Right Click on Desktop, and choose properties.
Then choose the settings tab.
Check that your colour quality is set to 16 bit or 32 bit on the drop-down menu.

This is the most obvious solution, but if there are only 16 colours as an option your driver has been corrupted.
Then you would on the Settings window, go to advanced and then adapter.
From here you would click on properties and go to driver, click on update driver and point to the cd-rom holding the driver (specify full path).
Restart computer and that should be you operational.

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Hi all, I am new to scanners and I have a new H/P scanner with transparent materials adapter and holding rig for negatives. I assumed that scannning a negative would produce the best end result. However I scanned the 4x6 color print and it came out much better. Which way should produce the best results? Scan the print or scan the negative?

I did search the forum first.

A:Scan a picture or negative for best quality?

From my experience the negative is much better. Make sure you're setting the DPI at the maximum of what the scanner can handle. Also get a can of compressed air and blow the the dust off the negatives before scanning them. Even a little spec shows up.

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I recently purchased a Hauppauge WinTV PVR USB2. It works well, but the picture quality is not (in my humble opinion) good enough to record to DVD. In online forums, I've read comments that suggest that the picture quality on these types of devices is as good as television gets.

The picture is perfectly watchable--totally smooth, no skips, no obvious fuzzies. People and objects in the foreground look fine. But people and objects in the background seem a little blurry to me. It's like being slightly near-sighted.

Is this as good as these devices get? Are PCI tuners the same? Could this have something to do with compression? I do not have digital cable, so perhaps that's the issue?


A:USB2 TV Tuners--picture quality

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I have recently encountered a problem with my Windows 7 log-on screen. Ever since using "Tuneup Utilties" to automatically change the BACKGROUND of the log-on screen, the User Account Picture has become extremely low quality and blurry. It is not a problem with the picture resolution, even the default pictures are not blurry. I have no idea what to do. Please help.

Thank you

A:Low Quality User Account Picture

hello and welcome,
that's maybe cause by your background of the logon.
try to use the default background and see the logo picture,still got same issue or not.

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I have an HP 1120C that has worked problem free for several years. I'm running Windows XP. A few days ago I had a power glitch in the midst of a print job, which shut the printer down. When I restarted it, it was printing jibberish (symbols and unrecognizable letters). I shut the system down, unplugged the printer and restarted the system.
Everything came back to normal except, now when I print an image in black and white (photos etc) instead of a smooth greyscale picture I get a greyscale image covered with small dots (like the old newspaper photos).
The print quality has always been set on "good", which it still is. The dots still appear even when I set the print quality to "best". I've tried reloading the driver and that didn't change anything.
Any ideas how I can get back to my previous print quality and get rid of the "dots"?

A:HP 1120C picture print quality

try reinstalling its drivers...sometimes that does the trick

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Just wondering what the best settings are for Windows Media Center and IE8/IE9.

I have a GTX460 1GB and a 3Ghz Quad Core i7 CPU.

Here is what I am talking about:

I put everything to quality, but I dont really know what I am doing, so any help would be appreciated...

A:NVidia settings for best picture quality?

Its usally fine to just leave as it is as even viewing hd content is pretty easy for a 460 so no matter what you put it on it shouldnt affect it, maybe give it prioty over other programs, putting it all on max/quality wont hurt tho.
With ccc i just let the appliction choose.
I higly doubt with a system like that it will make any difference what settings you choose as it is quite high powered.

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Not sure if this is a tuner or a graphics card issue, or even a mce issue. I have two 22 inch wide screen monitors and no matter what resolution I use, I can't seem to get rid of the black border when I am running MC. My card is a radeon HD4670. The other issue is the quality of the picture, it is not crisp; it is sort of dark.My monitors are also hd180p. I am beginning to think this might be a tuner issue. Do tuners affect the quality of the picture? My tuner is hauppauge Wintv PVR PCII 2600

A:The black border around mce and quality of picture

Your monitor specs say 1680 x 1050 which is 16:10, and WMC's closest matching ratio is 16:9 - therefore unless you maximise the application to full screen you will see a small horizontal slice of your desktop (or worse) at all other times.

I've got a similar setup to your own, twin 22" 16:10 monitors, albeit my graphics card is an HD4850.

Maybe you have a relatively minor driver issue with the GPU...

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Before you start saying who cares, all games are made for 32 bit now, let me explain.

I have a few "old" games that I still like to play that only run in 16 bit : Thief, thief 2, Nomad Soul (Omikron). I've lent them to a friend the other day & he has a Radeon VE, it sucks I know but since those games aren't the latest, it should've been OK.

The image is awfull. Really bad. I'v red many sites complaining about te quality of 16-bit rendering on Radeon cards but I never thought it would be that bad.

I noticed a little degradattion myself going from a VooDoo3 to a GeForce but this is ridiculous. I'll try to get some screenshots.

Does anyone else here have a Radeon ? Try playing UnrealT or any other game in 16 bit. I'd like to know your opinions on this...

A:Horrible picture quality with Radeon in 16-bit...

o geez man. Have you ever tried to use your computer without the drivers installed. Let me say its a just a LIL frustrating. EVERYTHING moves slowly. Even scrolling a page makes it look like you video taped a television with the lines all over the damn place. I'm not sure why the radeon card has so much trouble with it. Maybe ATI focused more on newer games i suppose...

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I have a cannon mp210 all in one printer,scanner. When placing actual photos into the machine to be scanned then printed they come out perfectly fine but when I try to print pictures already imported onto my computer they come out very faint/light. The computer keeps saying the ink levels are low which is incorrect as I have just put in new ones. I beleive this is a issue to do with the colour settings installed on windows 7 as our pictures print out fine when the printer is connected to our lap top. If anyone could help me with changing the colour settings that would be great. Thank you

A:printed picture colour quality poor

Have you made adjustments to the paper type and print quality?

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I would like to buy a Satellite S50, and connect it to
- hd digital TV ( I will buy in the future)
- hd digital monitor with TV (I have a other model of 1920x1080)
- analog TV (I have a cca. 9 year old Panasonic model )

How is it possible?
What parameters are necessary?
What kind of picture would be generated by a Satellite S50 with 1,366 x 768 resolutionn on a 1920x1080 device?

So brief: which models could I use?
Thanks in advance!

A:Which Satellite S50 has to be choosen to have good TV picture quality?

You have to check the video out properties of the graphic card which are installed in single notebooks.
But in most cases the graphic cards supports an external resolution which is higher than an FHD resolution ?1920x1080? which is supported by all Full HD TVs.

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This is the third laptop I use with a Sumsung LE32B450C4W monitor. The other two plug in with VGA and look superb on the monitor. I have connected this HP laptop with HDMI and the picture quality on the monitor is really poor - colours are all wrong and text is pixellated.  Do I need to install drivers onto the laptop for the monitor? I'm at a bit of a loss!  Thanks so much.

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Per someones suggestion here to a question I posted last month, I got a ASUS VE278Q Black 27" 1920x1080.

I am really happy with it over all. I have one question / concern. Since I got it, depending on the exact angle I am viewing it from, it seems a bit off at the edges, most noticeable to me every day is that it looks like there is a bit of a shadow on the task bar along the very bottom edge of the screen. This lessens if I view it very straight on, but is noticeable when I am looking down at the screen, even at a slight angle when sitting up in my chair.

The other time I have found it is very noticeable (even when looking directly at it) is if I have a black screen that runs up to the side of the monitor. I took some photos. It actually looks a bit worse in the photos than it does in real life.

Left edge of screen with a black background active on the screen.
Bottom Right of task bar, notice how it appears a bit dark / shaded below along the bottom edge.
Right edge with a black background active on the screen. Doesn't look this bad in real life, the camera made it look worse.
Another, longer (taller) shot of the right edge.
Shot of full screen.
I made a very short video trying to show the issue also.

Any thoughs as to if this is a defect or if this is normal for this screen?

Thank You very much;


A:Question about picture quality on ASUS VE278Q 27"

Hello Jamie,

I'm using the exact same model monitor. I find that using Theater Mode by pressing the 1st far left button on the bottom right corner of the monitor until you see that mode looks best. You might try different view modes to see if one may look better than the default.

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Hi, I mainly use my computer for photo editing and web browsing, I've got 1000's of photos that I'm constantly viewing and working with.

I've noticed that when I increase the thumbnails of the photos I'm viewing to the largest size that it can go the picture quality deteriorates, it becomes slightly blurry, it looks as though its being interpolated and not displaying the actual photo.

When I decrease the thumbnail size halfway it becomes shaper but when I increase it again it just looks as though it's simply interpolating the image.

The issue is that I like to display my thumbnails at the largest size and it's frustrating to see a decrease in the picture quality, I dont notice it in the photo gallery.

My monitor is an Nec 2490, I've got the dpi setting at 120 dpi, I've noticed that when I have the computer set to 144 dpi I dont notice the decrease in picture quality when viewing the large thumbnails.

Should I keep my computer set to 144 dpi? I currently have it at 120 dpi Does anyone notice the decrease in picture quality as well? any help is greatly appreciated, Thanks, Stu.

A:Degraded picture quality when viewing large thumbnails

I think Windows use embedded thumbnails to view pictures. Generally JPEG from digital cameras will have such thumbnails, and rather than read the whole multi-megabyte file, Windows will just grab the thumbnail at the start. They're not particularly large, and probably won't even fit the space in "extra large icon" in view. Note that the view menu only has preset sizes (large, extra large, and medium) for thumbnails. In XP, you could set thumbnails size using TweakUI. Since TweakUI isn't available to Vista, you can try setting that setting manually in the registry, but I wouldn't know what key is involved.

Since you work with pics a lot, may I suggest, using xnview (freeware) for image browsing? It has a LOT of options you can customize, including thumbnail size (try sticking to high quality thumbnails). Some people will also suggest IrFanView, but I haven't had a chance to play with it.

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I'm putting this in games as I can't see anywhere else to.

I have an original pal snes that I've been trying to get right on my HDTV for ages. I can see e picture but the quality is terrible. There are areas of green and purple tints up and down the screen. It goes through an av cable (yellow,white,red) and is on 576i sd resolution. I have heard that's I problem but do not know where to change it. It's an acer LCD 23" full HDTV model no. AT2356

Any help would be much appreciated.

P.s. I'm going to be getting an N64 son. Will that have same problem?

A:Solved: Original snes console, picture quality issue

Never mind. It turns out it was my power supply. My adapter has different volt settings and it wasn't high enough to do full colour. Don't ask me how that works but all I know is that it is now working.

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Hi everyone, I am new here and I hope I can get help with a problem of mine. I have had the BenQ XL2420T Monitor for a couple of days now. I noticed that pictures look quite bad on it compared to my Samsung T220. After playing around with it I discovered that they only look bad when opened with the Windows Photo Viewer and ONLY on the BenQ. The pictures look absolutely fine opened with WPV on the Samsung. The funny weird thing, when I open the pictures on the BenQ using Paint or Photoshop they are all fine!!! It is so weird I dont understand it. I have made a video. It is a holiday pic so no jokes please ;-) IMG 5917 - YouTube

A:Windows Photo Viewer picture quality issues on FULL HD

EDIT: I had to delete a file in color settings

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Hi, I have a problem with gaming graphics on Vista x64 SP1 - every game looks very bad, with almost no details, though I set all settings to highest.
My config is: IC2D E6550, 2G RAM, NVIDIA 8800 GTS 512 with 169.25 (also tried 174.74 beta) driver.
Here's an example of how recent Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 looks with everything turned to highest:

Also Google Earth looks same crap in DirectX mode:

And it works perfectly fine in OpenGL mode.
I was thinking about a DirectX related problem - because ALL games look like that - old, new...
If you could point me to the solution, I would be very grateful


A:Bad gaming graphics quality

Question....are you using any graphic card tweaker like nHancer or RivaTuner? It's unlikely the drivers...I remember suffering this issue, and the only thing that I could narrow it down to was a setting change made by nHancer (nVidia Tweaker).

When i'd fresh install drivers and install nHancer (then modifying the settings etc) any DX game i'd play would have the same problem you're encountering. When I uninstalled nHancer and tried again...the graphics were still the same.

I'd proceed to uninstalling the drivers, cleaning/sweaping the remains in Safe Mode (using whichever cleaner is liked; Driver Clean Pro.NET, Guru3D Driver Sweeper) and reinstalling the SAME drivers......when all is done, the graphics are fine...the moment I reinstall nHancer, same graphic problem.

This was something I encountered a long time ago, so I'm not sure if it applies here....get the driver cleaners I mentioned above and install them. Once you have, uninstall the drivers, reboot into safe mode and run these apps. Once that's done, go back into regular windows and install the new drivers. Refrain from using any tweakers (if you did up till now) and just set the basic functions in the nVidia control panel.

Let us know the results.


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Erm... this might sound a dumb question, but I how do I print the best quality graphics?

What I want to do is to be able to print from a standard application, like Word and also directly from the web (I'll have web page reports generated that I want to print)

When I try to print a JPG, it is always blurry
When I try to print a GIF, it's not much better
I've tried creating PNG's, no use there either

If I print from a graphics editing software like Photoshop, then I can get better results

What am I doing wrong?


A:How do I print best quality graphics?

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I am wondering which is better, a intel graphics media accelerator 950 with 128mb shared or radeon express 1150 with 256mb shared? also if i could get a response to why which is better than the other, because so far people have only told me that intel graphics suck, but i go on the net and they specs for it seem alright.

A:Which one better in terms of graphics quality?

Jacal, neither one of those will be very good, get a real video card.

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