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Boot Configuration Data got corrupted

Q: Boot Configuration Data got corrupted

When I try to boot my Lenovo Flex 3-1580, Windows 10-64bit, I get the following BSOD:

"The Boot Configuration Data for your PC is missing or contains errors.
File: \EFI\Microsoft\Boot\BCD Error code: 0xc0000034"

I haven't been able to get it to try booting from a USB, but I did try reinstalling Windows. That failed when it told me to restart and it went back this issue.
When I tried to find solutions online, they all assumed the computer could boot, so were useless.
Any help is appreciated! Thank you!

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Preferred Solution: Boot Configuration Data got corrupted

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


When I try to boot my Lenovo Flex 3-1580, Windows 10-64bit, I get the following BSOD: "The Boot Configuration Data for your PC is missing or contains errors.
File: \EFI\Microsoft\Boot\BCD Error code: 0xc0000034"
I haven't been able to get it to try booting from a USB, but I did try reinstalling Windows. That failed when it told me to restart and it went back this issue.
When I tried to find solutions online, they all assumed the computer could boot, so were useless.
Any help is appreciated! Thank you!

A:Boot Configuration Data got corrupted

Hi toasterbot,
It's not an uncommon issue mate, and not that hard to fix. You will need to boot from your Windows disk to fix it .
Boot your computer using Windows installation media
Select the correct time and Keyboard type.
Click Repair your computer in the lower left corner.
Select Troubleshoot from Choose an option screen.
Click Advanced options in Troubleshoot screen.
Click on command Prompt.
Type these following commands one at a time and hit enter after each line of command:

Bootrec /fixmbr
Bootrec /fixboot
Bootrec /scanos
Bootrec /rebuildbcd
shutdown -s
After about a minute after the last command your machine will shutdown. You can remove the Windows media now.
Restart your machine.
Is your issue resolved?

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I have an Inspiron 17R. After installing a security update from Avast antivirus, I was told to restart to finish the update. After restarting, I get a blue screen stating that this PC needs to be repaired, the boot configuration data file is missing, and I needed to use recovery tools. The error code is: 0xc0000098
After purchasing the recovery USB from Dell, I ran the recovery tool and it started to scan for errors. After the scan, it said that the Master boot is fine, but the partition has a red X by it. I would have to back up and restore. When I tried to select the files I needed to specifically back up, the computer restarted. I didn't want to factory reset my computer as I still need some book marks and files I can't get any other way on it. Is there anything I can do?

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Computer: Dell Inspiron 1525, 320 GB HD with about 2 GB of free space left, 4 MB memory, running Vista Home Premium 32-Bit, SP1, updates current. Just lately, booting from off, Windows will not load, but instead gives me a \Boot\BCD error (0xc00000f)--an error occurred while attempting to read the boot configuration data. I have repaired this error with my Dell-supplied OS disc repeatedly, and each time I turn off the computer it has the same error at startup. I have read that I may have to rebuild the BCD, but I don't know how to do that. Before I check with Dell, who I suspect will just tell me to reload Windows, I need to know how approach fixing my boot configuration data. The computer has had no new software installations, just routine Windows and Trend Micro Internet Security updates, I checked the disc for errors, and a few files were missing or incorrect, and defragmentation has also been performed routinely. Dell PC checkup finds no issues. How should I proceed?

A:Boot\BCD error reading boot configuration data when starting from cold boot

Try this hard drive diagnostic procedure: http://usasma.vox.com/library/post/b...agnostics.html

Repeated errors on a hard drive usually indicate an impending failure. I'd backup your stuff as soon as possible.

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I am running Windows 7 64 bit Ultimate on two PCs on my home network. I went to use one yesterday and was presented with a black screen. I rebooted the PC hoping that would solve my issue and was presented with the following error message while trying to reboot:

Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause.

Status: 0xc000000d
Info: An error occurred while attempting to read the boot configuration data

I checked my other PC and saw that it had been updated with several Windows patches yesterday. I'm guessing that the broken PC had an issue installing or rebooting from one of the patches.

I ran the repair utility on the windows 7 dvd as instructed by the error message. It was unable to find a previous installation of windows with an error box saying:

The file or directory C:\Boot\BCD is corrupt and unreadable please run Chkdsk utility.

I tried the auto repair anyway, which appears to be working until the end when it gives me the "The file or directory C:\Boot\BCD is corrupt and unreadable please run Chkdsk utility" error again. Then it says it can't save the fixes and says it can't be repaired. When I check the details it says I need to "repair offline" and that it cannot find an OS installed.

In my searches for an answer, I read about rebuilding the BCD through the command prompt. I ran the following commands:

BOOTREC /FIXMBR - said it was successful
BOOTREC /FIXBOOT - said it was succes... Read more

A:\BOOT\BCD 0xc000000d unreadable boot configuration data

Check your ram.
Memory Diagnostics Tool
Memtest86+ - Advanced Memory Diagnostic Tool

Check with a hard drive diagnostic tools.

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I was on my PC, my dual boot failed, windows boot configuration data is now gone. I don't have a system install disk, don't have an order number the manufacturer needs to send me one, nothing I've tried worked. The status error is 0xc0000098. Is there a way to fix it without the install disk? Some sort of repair tool I can download? If I could even get a command prompt open I could fix it but it won't boot at all.

A:Boot configuration data gone

Downloading Repair ISO which is small size file is illegal as per Microsoft. But you can download the ISO for Windows 8.1 Enterprise Evaluation, burn it to a blank DVD and then use it to repair your system. The file size is more than 3 GB.
OR  Just ask one of your friends for their Windows 8 DVD and repair your system in a few minutes.
This is why you should create a repair disk the first time you boot your Windows computer.

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Hello everybody,

I wouldlike to know how to enable/disable the BCD.
Can you help me please?

T.Y. in advance

antivirus is warning about the BCD is allawing non-signed drivers installation.
Would like to fix this.
Is it worth it?

A:Boot configuration data (BCD)

Being worth it or not, really depends on what you want it for, can you give any more info?

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I was attempting to install xp as a dual os system. After setting up my partician vista still would not let me install xp , older version error. I used a program vista bootpro or bootpro and changed my boot configuration trying to get it to allow me to install xp. Now I cant boot up my laptop. Only system info I have is toshiba, 2 years old lots of ram, How can I change my BCD back so that I can boot up vista. I tried from xp cd, safe mode, last known. I don't have the vista disk with me at the moment, Can I get it to boot up with that disk? If not how can I create a emergency boot up disk for vista?


A:Boot Configuration Data Changed


I think you might have to wait until you get the Vista disk back.

That will just repair the boot configuration without any problem.

There are various boot disks HERE and the Ultimate Boot CD

but I`m not sure they would be much use.

There is a very good page HERE for dual booting XP/Vista

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This message came from "Recovery" settings on my computer

A:The boot configuration Data for my PC is missing or contains...

File: \EFI\Micrisoft\Boot\BCDError code : 0x0000034

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 Recovery PC needs repair it states the boot configuration data for your PC is missing or contains errors error code 0 EXC 000000F 

A:Boot configuration data for your PC is missing or contains e...

JA77 Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums! These problems are generally due to one of two basic problems:1) Failed hard drive2) Corrupted/missing boot loader filesAs to the first, please follow the directions in this link for testing your hard drive: http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c00439024If that confirms your drive has failed, then you need to replace it. Please report back if that is the case.As to the second, you will need access to a working PC for this step in order to create the media needed to repair your PC boot loader.Once you have that, please download and create Win10 install media from this link: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-10/media-creation-tool-install?ocid=ms_wol_win10Yes ... I know that is for Win10, but it uses the same generation boot loader as Win8x, so it can be used to do boot loader repairs for Win8x as well as for Win10.Boot from the media you created, and follow the directions in this link: http://www.windowswally.com/how-to-fix-error-code-0xc0000185/You will probably have to run Startup Repair three times for it to fix all the boot loader problems.When done, your PC should boot OK. If it does not, you have a more serious problem.Good Luck

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I recently booted up my Gateway notebook only to find the "blue screen of death"

I rebooted and it came up to a windows boot manager screen which says windows failed to start..insert installation disc and click repair to fix...blah blah...i'm sure you know the story...

My question is, I booted the Vista disc and when I click repair it doesn't even find the C: drive...when I try and run the BCD fix from the command prompt screen, it says it found 0 Windows installations...would this indicate a faulty hard drive?? If so, I dont mind replacing the drive, I just wanna make sure this is the issue before I spend the money to replace it...

Much thanks for any help anyone can offer!

A:Boot Configuration Data Error

I'm not sure what BCD fix you tried, but see if it is this one and if not, try this one.

To run the Bootrec.exe tool, you must start Windows RE. To do this, follow these steps: (you need a Vista Installation Disk to do this)

1. Put the Windows Vista installation disc in the disc drive, and then start the computer.
2. Press a key when you are prompted.
3. Select a language, a time, a currency, a keyboard or an input method, and then click Next.
4. Click Repair your computer.
5. Click the operating system that you want to repair, and then click Next.
6. In the System Recovery Options dialog box, click Command Prompt.
7. Type Bootrec.exe, and then press ENTER.

Note If rebuilding the BCD does not resolve the startup issue, you can export and delete the BCD, and then run this option again. By doing this, you make sure that the BCD is completely rebuilt. To do this, type the following commands at the Windows RE command prompt:
 bcdedit /export C:\BCD_Backup
 c:
 cd boot
 attrib bcd -s -h -r
 ren c:\boot\bcd bcd.old
bootrec /RebuildBcd

See if that works.

If you don't have the disk (or that didn't work), try EasyBCD http://neosmart.net/dl.php?id=1 and see if that helps resolve the problem.

If that doesn't work, you probably have some type of hardware problem - but it's hard to tell. It may be as simple as the hard drive cable got disconnected a... Read more

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When I start my computer this is the screen it gives me:
I do not have a dvd/cd drive on my laptop and the codes that are on the bottom of the laptop are not readeble anymore. What can I do??


A:Boot configuration data is missing

1. Welcome to Tech Support Guy

2. What is the make and full model of the laptop please

3. What OS was on the laptop originally- was that Windows 8/8.1 or what please

4. Do you have a usb flash pen drive and if so what capacity is it please

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So I just downloaded adware delete or w.e to remove vosteran search which had bee plaguing me for a while. I delete the files it tells me to and as I restart the computer I get the "Recovery$ system files are missing error code 0xc0000034 File :\BCD. Now I've done the research and it seems I only have 3 options. Windows 8 DVD, windows 8 drive or booting it to system recovery. I don't have the flash drive OR the windows 8 disc and pressing F11 at boot up doesn't do squat... I'm really terrified. I think my computer is done for? If for some reason I manage to fix
d, the bcd, will that detele all my data? System specs: Lenovo ideapad core i5 windows 8 model name 20191. Any ideas suggestions?

A:Boot configuration data is missing

Windows 8, "Missing File: \BCD Error Code: 0xc0000034"

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so DEP doesn't like my skype and thus won't let it stay open. i had DEP turned off before, but then i had my computer wiped and all this and that, so i had to turn it off again. but the tutorial on here by brink for how to turn it off isn't working this time, and i get a message that says

"boot configuration data store could not be opened.
access denied."

what can i do to fix this?

A:boot configuration data could not be opened?

my boot configuration data apparently cant be accessed, so this isnt working, and for the life of me i cant find a way to get access to it. i tried looking at the comments a few times and dep closed chrome each time i tried. HELP.

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Posting this from my phone lacking most computer specifics, unfortunately.

Running windows 8.1 off of a Toshiba satellite laptop.

A bit of history: HDD was crapping out on me so I bought a new, larger HDD and did a HDD file transfer but I believe there were damaged files on the old that never made it to the new HDD.

That was about a month ago. Pc working until yesterday when I accidentally unplugged it from the charger (I'd been getting Eco battery charging notifications), causing the laptop to immediately go into a non-responsive black screen, powered down state. Tried to turn it back on and that's the screen I got (attached screenshot).

I'm getting a Windows 8 recovery media usb from a friend, to try refreshing my files from it, but I'd like to know how screwed I am?

A:Win 8 - Boot configuration data missing

Go this way, unplugging the power adapter, the Battery, hold the Power Button down for a minute. put the power lead back into the laptop. start the laptop up. If it Starts up, shut down the laptop.

Put the battery back in. Connect the cable back into the laptop, see if laptop starts, see if it starts OK with the battery in.

BTW the screenshot is no good

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My brother brought his PC to me with the above error.
The rest of it is File: \BCD and error code 0xc0000034. And of course being my brother he did not make a recovery CD. There is also no windows twenty five digit serial number sticker on the case. So can someone direct me where to proceed from here? Thank you for any guidance....

A:Boot configuration data file missing

Startup repair (up to 3x consecutive runs might be needed, but probably only 1) will fix it.

You might try your luck with "finding" a Win 8 (or 8.1 if you have that instead) .iso to burn or make a USB out of, so you get to startup repair. Check hashes if you do this, compared to known well discs or official disc.

Someone will probably have a suggestion or two how to get one. Maybe even officially.

It would be helpful to everyone if you give the exact machine model and submodel (if there is one).

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Several times, and only from a cold boot, I get a pop-up stating "Boot Configuration Editor Has Stopped Working" However everything loads okay and functions. What might be causing this and what does it mean. IE: What function does this editor serve?


1 TB 7200 SATA 3.9 GBS 16 MB CACHE

Dave K.

A:Boot configuration data editor error win 7

Run Startup Repair on a cold boot.

More info on BCD here: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/l...8WS.10%29.aspx

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Hi I'm trying to fix my nephew's laptop.  It is a Toshiba P75-A7100 running an Intel Core I7 processor. It came with Windows 8.1 installed and he upgraded to Windows 10 when it was available.  other than these recent developments the laptop has been running fine.
Right now I'm getting a Windows failed to start message.
File: \EFI\Microsoft\Boot\BCD
Status: 0xc000000f
Info: The Boot Configuration Data for your PC is missing or contains errors.
He was receiving Unexpected Store Exception errors, the first time while updating a steam game, then while working on a photoshop project.  He ran system file checker (sfc.exe) and the output file has 23,977 lines most of which say Primative installers committed for repair.  (i have a copy of this file if needed)
I removed his hard drive and attached to my laptop with a USB to IDE/SATA cable adapter and ran a AVG ( my anti virus) scan on it and it came back clean. I was going to copy his documents, music and other user files to my laptop but under C:\Users his account is missing.  All that's there is Default, Default.migrated, Public, and TEMP (which looks weird to me, I dont have a TEMP user on either one of my PCs)
I reinstalled his harddrive into his laptop, downloaded a Windows 10 ISO from Microsoft's website burned it to a dvd, went into his bios and changed it to boot from dvd first. I tried to run Startup Repair. It went through diagnosing yur PC and Attem... Read more

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Have a HP compaq 6300 pro running windows 7 pro. today computer would not boot,
black screen came up it asks me to insert installation disc
scrolling down it lists the following
file \boot\BCD
Status: 0xc000000f
info: an error occurred while attempting to read the boot configuration data.
unfortunately since windows came preinstalled there was no installation disc
when I went to the windows support site to download one https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/home
it said since it was preinstalled to contact manufacturer.
my support/ waranty with HP for this computer has ended
Thanks in advance for any assistance in this matter
Bob J

A:error reading boot configuration data

If you have access to another Windows 7 computer create a System Repair Disk. Boot it and do a Startup Repair. It may take up to three attempts to fully do the repair. If you have 64bit then you would need to find a Windows 7 64bit computer.

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So I have been literally trying to fix my windows not being able to boot at all for more than 12 hours straight till now. I almost read every single article and troubleshooting step on the web to find a solution but nothing seems to work. I will keep it short as much as I can.

I was playing the Division game on my PC then suddenly the PC crashed and then it restarted by itself but stuck at the windows logo forever. I tried system restore using the windows recovery CD then it failed as well, since then, whenever I try to boot from my HDD, it gives the error 0xc00000f "The Boot configuration data for your pc is missing or contains errors"

I then boot through the CD in the cd drive, have only 4 or 5 options which are

1 - Reset this PC
2 - Refresh this PC
3 - System Restore
4- Command Prompt
5- Automatic Repair

the "Reset this PC" gave an error "The required drive partition is missing"
the "Refresh this PC" gave an error "The drive where windows is installed is locked. Please unlock and try again"
the system restore gave an error something I don't actually remember but its like "Choose your OS and then try again"

I tried the so-called commands in the CMD (bootrec /fixboot, /fixmbr, /rebuildbcd, etc...) and all didn't work. Also the rebuildbcd command showed that "Total identified windows installations is ZERO"

Tried the diskpart command as well and when I listed all the volumes, all appeared as Healthy a... Read more

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Does anyone no how to fix this? Yesterday I got a UAC Zero Access Virus and tried using windows repair disc to go back to a restore point. That just made everything worse and now I can't boot into windows at all. I have a multiboot PC (its set to just windows 8 and windows 7 right now, windows 7 being the biggest partition on the drive).
Your PC needs to be repaired
The boot configuration data for your pc is missing or contains errors.
Error code: 0xc000000f

A:The Boot Configuration Data For Your PC Is Missing or Contains Error

Can you boot into either of the two operating systems?

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Hi my  name  is sandy,     i just  got the  HP 15 F233  Notebook about 10  months   ago.  and i had done the  useual  factory   install   because it seemed  like it was going  slow    i never    had a  problem  with it before  until  a couple day's ago   it ran smooth no hicups  nor  errors. after   that i would  normally shut down the laptop and hope to resume my work  on the  computer the following  morning  when i  finally did turn  on my laptop  on,   this what i saw on my   screen  i have done  the factory install countless   of times  on my other    computers that i had in the past    and  I've never had this happened   my main concern  when    i  get the recovery  tools disk  would  it restore    the factory  install settings  you know  HP  Should   included  CDS and  other materials with their  laptops and desktops  as needed  ty

A:The boot configuration data for your Pc is missing or contai...

Hi, Turn off your computer then turn it back on and immediately tap away ESC button then select F11 then select "Troubleshoot" and then "Advanced" and try these steps:b.Select "Advanced options" and then select "Command Prompt".c.If prompted, enter in the password for the user name.d.At the Command Prompt, type the following commands and hit enter.?bootrec /scanosbootrec /fixMBRbootrec /Fixbootbootrec /rebuildBCD?If prompted to press yes then press Y then restart if not then type the code below??chkdsk c: /f /r /x After running the commands your computer should restart and will automatically install windows update. Sometimes it will take for a while to update. Just extend your patience and wait until your computer restarted successfully. DONT LEAVE YOUR COMPUTER UNATTENDED.. Hope it helps. 

"Education costs money; so does Ignorance"If my post has helped you, click the Kudos Thumbs up!If it solved your issue, Click the "Accept as Solution" button so others can benefit from the question you asked!

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I have uninstalled some software, then whenever the computer was turned off the windows always restart again, i.e. effectively the computer could not be turned off.  I then restored the windows system to a previous date which is before the date software was uninstalled, hoping that the restart problme can be resolved. After the system restore, on start up the PC shows a blue screen, with messages: The Boot Configuration Data for your PC is missing or contains errors, File:\EFI\Microsoft\Boot\BCD, Error Code 0xc0000034, and "You'll need to use recover tools....".As the PC does not come with the Windows CD, so I tried to download the Media Creation Tool.exe from Microsoft web site, run it for "create installatio media for another PC", this generated the windoes.iso file, which was copied to a USB drive. However, on boot up the PC does not provide any access to the USB drive, It only shows the following via the F9 Boot Device Options for selection: Please select boot deviceUEFI Boot Sources Windows Boot Manager UEFI: IPv4 Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller UEFI: IPv6 Realtek PCIe GBE Family ControllerLegacy Book Sources I have also ran a 3.5 hours extensive test on the harddisk and found no problem with the hard disk. Any advice welcome.

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the boot configuration data store could not be opened, access is denied

A:boot configuration data store could not be opened

Hi Kevin Hill I guess you're trying to use BCDEdit from the command prompt? You need to right-click on the Windows logo and select Command Prompt (Administrator) otherwise it won't work as you need Admin Rights to use that utility.

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Hello. Last night I set Acronis Disk Director to merge two partitions on my C drive.
I had an unnallocated 100mb that used to be partitioned as system reserved, but I deleted that partition as it was not needed. So I made a new partition out of that unallocated space and set it to merge with my primary partition on my c drive. It restarted my computer and 40% through, showed an error and restarted quickly. Now I get the following message when attempting to boot my computer:

File: \Boot\BCD
Status: 0xc0000225
Info: The Boot Configuration Data for your PC is missing or contains errors.

The second partition, that I attempted to merge, now has 1mb of space on it. Whenever I try to run chkdsk on the primary partition, it says that the disk structure is corrupt and uunreadable.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I need my c drive recovered.

A:The boot configuration data for your pc is missing/errors

The system reserved has The Boot Configuration Data for your PC.

Try this:
From the Repair CD/USB:
How to do a Auto Repair:
Automatic Repair - Run in Windows 8
Note: You may need to do startup repair 3 to 4 times.
Startup Repair - Run 3 Separate Times - Windows 7 Help Forums

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here's the specs and then the problem.

2.7ghz celeron
512 ddr ram
soyo p4i845pe v1.0 mobo socket 478
120 gb hitachi deskstar sata hdd
40 gb western digital ide hdd
30 gb maxtor ide hdd
audigy 2 platinum
an array of pci cards but that is really irrelavant

this ight be lenghty and alot of it mught be erroneous but to give a complete picture of whats goin on heres how it goes.

the parts mentioned above minus the sound card, western digital hdd and hitachi sata is is about to be given to my grandparents when my new stuff gets here in the next few days (thanks to newegg)

the hitachi hdd is my primary drive and will be reformatted and put in the new rig that is on its way. i was bored and set up xp pro on the maxtor that is not staying with me. it had all my important stuff backed up on it. not a big deal i was going to back up all my stuff on the western digital drive off of the sata drive so i didn't care that i reformatted all my backup.

i got lazy and didn't back up all my data from the hitachi on to the western digital and well i think i got a virus and my xp pro has become unbootable on the hitachi. it hangs at the black screen with the scrolling blue bar and then reboots its self. so basically i am pretty sure i am S.O.L on getting back my music porn etc. about 20 gigs or so of stuff i have collected.

my mobo only supports a single sata hdd (no other type of sata device) it is only detected as the master no way to make it the slave. ... Read more

A:can't use ide to boot so i can get data off of sata drive that is corrupted

simpler way of putting it

i failed to mention or it wasn't made clear that i want to get my data off of the sata drive before i do a fresh install on my new rig thats coming. unless someone has a definite way of doing it i can bet i have already tried it. i am horribly stumped and am going crazy. i need the eqiuivalent of jumpering two ide drives to make one boot and the other not boot if that makes anymore sense.

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Hi, I was running Windows 7 on a Dell Vostro 3700 Laptop..After doing a spyware scan and finding and deleting all the entries I found, the next time I turned it on I get the error: oxc000000f "An error occured while attmepting to read the boot configuration data File: \Boot\BCD"

I have looked online for solutions and tried using the Windows 7 disc (a copy) and also tried using 3 recovery disks, these all fail because it just stays completely black with a cursor (left for hours even) or I get a error message something around the lines of "insert correct boot media into the correct boot device" and I have no idea what this means. I cannot do a repair because I can only get the Windows disc to load if I remove the hard drive?? this is the only way I have got it past the green loading bar, so I am stuck and have no idea what to do..it only seems to respond to cds if the hard drive is removed?.. this all happened very suddenly and now I have a very expensive ?800 paperweight.. Any help massively appreciated!

To add to this - I also tried the command prompt typing the bootrec.exe code that I found on the internet..selecting command prompt from the option when the Windows 7 disc was loaded, but basically it came up with an error of some sort and it had a drive letter of X:/ on the command prompt ?? ..Also to get to this the hard drive was removed because like I said I cannot get the discs working with it in.. I'm guessing this means the hard drive is screw... Read more

A:Error oxc000000f Need help repairing Boot Configuration Data??

Are selecting the optical drive as your boot device for the windows install disk? sounds like maybe with the hard drive removed its defaulting to the optical drive and booting correctly. Also, make sure you have a good copy of the windows disk.

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Hi, thank you. glad to be the newest member here. I have an Aspire S3 laptop Windpows 8 to 8.1 - that now has a BCD error blue screen upon start up that is error OXCOOOO0D - boot configuration data Recovery

Blue screen reads:

Your PC needs to be repaired.
The BCD is missing some required info.
you'll need to use recovery tools...

I don't have an install/repair cd/dvd, and I don't have my product key - since its on the BIOS and is unretrievable. I want to save ALL my files so, please, if someone can help, thak you! All I tried so far is to get into the BOOT by pressing F2 and switched it from UEFI to Legacy only it asks for BOOT disk...

A:windows 8.1 error 0xc00000d boot configuration data


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Yesterday, my laptop fell off the end of my desk.  No visible damage to the laptoop, but I can not boot.  I get the error that configuraiton data missing or contains errors.  it says that one of my options is to insert a  Windows installation disc and restart the computer.  I do not have a disc.  Is there anything I can do to try to get my computer up and running.  I am past the warranty period, and I don't have any idea how much it would cost to send in to be fixed.

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My Dell Insperion 15 now has this boot error. I tried using the recovery USB from my HP. It is smart enough to know that I'm not trying to reboot the HP computer so it doesn't work. This is so frustrating. What to do?

A:windows 8.1 error 0xc00000d boot configuration data

Check HDD with this: Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities (Storage) - TACKtech Corp.
Test your RAM: RAM - Test with Memtest86+ - Windows 7 Help Forums
one stick at a time eight passes per stick
Drive letters in WinPe will probably be different from what you see in windows - that is normal.

I would delete the bcd store and run the commands again. You should be pointing them at the reserved system partition .

Otherwise, at cmd prompt, type:


lis vol

( Look to see the drive letter for your main windows partition - if it is D then type as below, otherwise replace D with the letter diskpart gives for the main windows partition)

sel vol d



bcdboot d:\windows /s d:

bootsect /nt60 all /mbr

restart the pc - you're good.

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 Hi folks, couple weeks ago I bought a new server to my company, and installed Server 2012 Foundation to it. Also, using Intelligent Provisioning, I enabled RAID 10 (4x1TB HDD). When OS was installed, I changed DVD-drives letter from D to E, and then in disk management I created new volume, D (labeled Data). Through Windows Update service I think almost every available update was installed. The server is a database server in a basic WORKGROUP (not part of a domain), which sends and receives information from our retail stores and online store, it acts as a central database for all the operations. It doesnt run for example our online store by itself, it is "just" a computer which keeps all the data in - it doesnt do any "urgent" matters for example run a site. Locally, in a LAN network it also provides access to our erp sofware. So = it is just a basic computer, which just needs to work, no matter else. This server is going to replace our really old ML310, which is still doing its task. Today I booted our new server, but as you can see in attachment, it didn't boot. I can't understand what happened. It says BCD file is missing... No changes has been made in a week. Last time I just shutted the server down. I tried to use "bootrec" commands in recovery environment's command prompt screen, but it didnt help (commands I found from another forums, I dont know do they only work in consumer pc's). Also, using automatic repair with installation DVD didnt help ... Read more

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I have a Dell and won't boot giving a black screen but will boot after about 10 turn on and offs. It is very annoying and have uploaded the latest drivers for the system. Since installing Windows 7 there seems to be this erratic problem with the Dell XP. Anyone have an idea about how to fix this problem?

A:[MOVED]Re: Boot configuration data editor error win 7

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Hi, I need help please.

My Dell Inspiron 13 running on Win 8.1 has a blue screen crash on startup with the message along the lines of Boot Configuration Data missing etc. I learn from this https://www.dell.com/support/Article/us/en/19/SLN287103/EN post that I need to basically recover from a separate boot cd or drive, but i procrastinated on making one while my laptop was still OK. Then I hit a snag with trying to make one via downloading according to instruction here http://www.dell.com/support/article/us/en/19/SLN130027 because apparently my warranty had expired and because of that It wouldn’t allow me to download and make a USB Key… (Really, Dell, why? Why not just give consumers a boot cd/usb key in the first place?)
What can I do?

A:Inspiron 13 Out of Warranty, Boot Configuration Data crash

The OEM media is available for purchase while placing the order.
Ensure the HDD is fine before you troubleshoot the OS - Restart the system and press f12 key on startup - choose diagnostics. Let it run the diags and if you encounter any errors - make a note of the complete error and report the same to us.
You would basically need the OEM media to repair the OS as stated in the first article you have posted.
If you are in the US / UK - you could order the media online - http://dell.to/12vcZ27
Let us know if you have any other queries.

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Help I can't get past the booting error and there is no way for me to pass this? I've tried many things and can't get past it

File: \Boot\BCD
Status: 0xc000000f
Info: An error occurred while attempting to read the boot configuration data.

OS: Vista x64 Bit

A:Error while attempting to read boot configuration data?

Please see this article. It has some suggestions. https://neosmart.net/wiki/0xc000000f..._48120c000000f

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I hope that someone can help me I had restarted my computer which is HP Pavilion Elite m9150f, and I got this message on my screen as the computer started to boot up. It says "Recovery The boot configuration data file is missing some required information. File:\Boot\BCD error code: 0xc000000d You'll need to use recovery tools. If you don't have any installation media like a disk or a USB Drive, check your PC administrator or PC/device manufacture." I do not have a recovery disk is it possible to get one from hP customer support? Anyones help on this matter will be greatly appreciated.

A:Recovery The boot configuration data file is missing

Assuming either Vista or Windows 7, then THIS THREAD has the typical answer.  Of course you need a real install disk for Vista or Windows 7 or a repair disk.  You can borrow an install disk from someone and boot to the disk and pick repair instead of install.  As long as you do not try the install it will be fine.  Read the link. HP does not provide a disk, so that is your choice to find one.  Like I said, you can borrow one.

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Hi everyone,

I tried to install new updates of Ableton live and the machine crashed badly... and since them it has really gone a bit wonky.

When I press the on button to boot up the laptop I get the following message.

The Windows Boot Configuration Data (BCD) Store file contains some invalid information.

Object : GUID : (8cb2db4-7co5-11de842e-bt611d44fefa)

Description: Windows recovery format.

Status: oxcoooooo24

Info: The configuation for an element within the object is invalid in the boot configuation store.

The assiocated windows boot loader entry may not be available for selection until the problem is rectified by an administrator.

Enter= continue.

So then I press enter... it boots up. (in about 5 seconds as it is a ssd...)

When I do this action: to see if I can do a restore etc...

Start-Control Panel- the progress bar at the top of the expoler window freezes half way and I cannot access any of the menu Items.

Also I canot move this panel or close the window.

I have a back up on another external drive ..... plus I have made a repair disk and so on when I first got the machine.

I would be stoked if you could provide me with the next steps so I can resolve this situation.

Thanks for your time, now lets party on and delve deep into the abyss

A:Windows Boot Configuration Data (BCD) store file error.

hatte auch einen 0x0000024 BCD Fehler. Hatte vor einer Installation die alte Partition auf "VERSTECKT / HIDDEN" gesetzt und nach der Installation vergessen die Partition wieder auf "Partition anzeigen / Show partition" zu setzen und erhielt so bei Bootversuch einige Tage sp?ter den x24 Fehler. Nach dem "ANZEIGEN" funktionierte der Boot wieder.

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I have a Lenovo idea pad P500. It is running windows 10. I am missing /BCD. The blue screen has an error code 0xc0000034. no idea what to do

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windows boot configuration data file does not contain a valid OS entry (0xc0000098)

Trying to fix my aunts laptop (Toshiba satellite/windows 7). Tried a recovery disc, which was painfully slow but no joy.
Here is screenshot of boot:

Partition check with 'partition wizard':

I was able to explore the "system reserved" partition, which shows boot folder etc:

When I explored the larger partition it only showed "(Disk 1 Partition 2)

I did the diskpart thing in command prompt:
vol 0= E dvd rom
vol 1= C 100mb partition (active)
vol 2= D 232gb partition

Any advice on what to do to try fix this missing OS.
Thank you.

A:windows boot configuration data file does not contain a valid OS entry

If you ran Factory Recovery it apparently failed. Had you asked first we could have helped you work through the steps for Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot. Now there is likely nothing to repair, although you can try Startup Repair after marking Win7 or its boot partition Active.

What I would do now is get and maintain a superior Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7 . Everything needed is in the blue link.

If it fails to install, reset BIOS to defaults: Clear CMOS - 3 Ways to Clear the CMOS - Reset BIOS

While in BIOS setup set SATA controller to AHCI to try install. If that fails try IDE mode.

If install still fails try wiping the HD from the installer's Command Line using Diskpart Clean Command

Report back results as there will be more steps if necessary.

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Hello, I apologize if this is in the wrong forum, and if there have been threads about this issue before, but I've searched for a while and could not find a solution that I could understand from reading, as I am a newbie. Whenever I start up my computer, it shows this:
Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. To fix the problem:
1.) Insert your windows installation disc and restart your computer.
2.) Choose your languange settings, and then click "Next."
3.) Click "Repair your computer."
If you do not have this disc, contact your system administrator or computer manufacturer for assistance.
File: \Boot\BCD
Status: 0xc0000098
Info: The Windows Boot Configuration Data file does not contain a valid OS entry.
The computer runs windows 7 and is an Acer Iconia Tab W500, so it's a hybrid tablet and laptop and did not come with an installation disc, nor does it have a disc drive due to its size. I can't access the window that pops up with F8, the only screen that can appear is the F2 screen.
I'm fine with completely restoring the computer to factory settings, or pretty much anything that will get the device working again. The problem is, I can't figure out how to either repair the file or restore. I'm really sorry if this is really confusing or if I didn't provide enough information, I don't have any experience with computers, but any advice on how to fix it?

A:Windows Boot Configuration Data File does not contain a valid OS entry

Do you have a Windows 7 Repair Disk?
Do you have, or can you borrow, a Windows 7 installation DVD (Same version as yours)?

If you follow the instructions in that message using either disk the chances are good that you can repair the problem.

If you can't get your hands on a DVD, then when turn your computer on - tap on the F8 Key as soon as it comes on. When the black screen with options appear, select "Repair your computer." When you see the option, perform a Startup Repair.

If startup repair fails then select the last option which allows you to access a command prompt. You might want to enter these commands at the prompt:

bootrec.exe /fixboot
bootrec.exe /fixmbr
bootrec.exe /rebuildbcd

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Hi, Today I woked up to my day old Lenovo 510S not booting. I got a blue screen stating that my PC/Drive needs to be repaired because of a missing boot configuration file "/BCD". The error code is 0x000000d.  I attached an image of the screen. This is quite frustrating since as I mentioned, the laptop is a day old! It worked fine out of the box - but something happened to it overnight... Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

IMG_20170725_081734958.jpg ?2756 KB

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Failure to boot with the indicated failure message.Using USB recovery stick I get to the command prompt and Type Bootrec /fixmbrType Bootrec /fixbootType Bootrec /scanosType Bootrec /rebuildbcdLast command fails with "Requested system device cannot be found"/Scanos  finds [1] c:\Windows But this does not appear to have \efi\microsoft\boot\bcdWhere should this be found ? 

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I restarted my laptop today and then I get a blue screen with the following message
Your PC needs to be repaired
The boot configuration data file is missing some required information
file :\BCD
error code: 0xc0000034

you'll need to use the recovery tools on your installation media. if you don't have any installation media (like a disc or usb device), contact your system administrator or pc manufacturer.

press esc for uefi firmware settings
when i bought my laptop, windows 8 was already installed and i did not get any installation disc

how do i fix this problem?

A:boot configuration data file missing required information

Look over this procedure and see if you feel comfortable in using it.

How To Fix The Windows Bootloader ? TweakHound

I know you don't have a Win 8 disc at this point but I am more concerned with your level of comfort in executing the above.

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When launching my Microsoft Surface 3 with Windows 10, I get a blue screen as below;

Your PC/Device needs to be repaired
The Boot Configuration Data file doesn't contain valid information for an operating system.
File: \BCD
Error code: 0x0000098
You'll need to use recovery tools. If you don't have any installation media (like a disc or USB device), contact your PC administrator or PC/Device manufacturer.

If I hold the volume down key on boot up, I can get into some sort of setting screen where I have set the below settings;

Trusted Platform Module (TPM)                                                          [Enabled]
Secure Boot Control                                                                             [Disabled]
Device Information
Configure Alternate System Boot Order                 [Network -> USB -> SSD]
Administrator Password
Exit Setup

I downloaded MediaCreationTool.exe file from Microsoft's website and installed it on a USB. With that... Read more

A:The Boot Configuration Data file doesn't contain valid information...

Hi to BleepingComputer
Access the Command Prompt like you did before and try the following:
- Type Bootrec /RebuildBcd, and then press ENTER.
If the Bootrec.exe tool runs successfully, it presents you with an installation path of a Windows directory.
To add the entry to the BCD store, type Yes. A confirmation message appears that indicates the entry was added successfully.
If the Bootrec.exe tool cannot locate any missing Windows installations, you must remove the BCD store, and then you must re-create it.
To do this, type the following commands in bold in the order which they are presented:
- Bcdedit /export C:\BCD_Backup
- ren c:\boot\bcd bcd.old
- Bootrec /rebuildbcd

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ok i had some recent windows updates succesfuly and rebooted, since that at start up im getting "Error msg : Boot configuration data editor has stopped working"
any way to sort this ? what cause it ?
Have tryed system restore several diffirent restore dates but still the same.

Using a Dell studio xps 8100 win7 home edition 64 bit .

A:Error msg : Boot configuration data editor has stopped working

Try running system file check .

SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

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Hi everyone,

I have windows 8.1 and Lenovo y510. After upgrading from 8.0 to 8.1 a have several problems with my PC. Right now suddenly i cant start my PC.

I have BSOD
Your PC needs to be repaired.

The boot configuration data file is missing some required inforamtion.

Error Code:0x0000034
Need to use recovery tools on your instalation media. If you dont have any contact your system administrator or PC manufacturer.

ESC for UEFI firmware setting.

I try different setting in setting utilty (after pressing ESC) and nothing changed.

I dont have any USB or Disc with windows. (but i do have legal copy - it was already installed in my PC) so i cant use any of help with restoring pc from instalation media.

Do you have any idea what to do ?
Thank you very much. A need it pretty serious that pc because of school

A:Error 0x0000034 - Boot Configuration Data File is Missing

From the Repair CD/USB:
How to do a Auto Repair:
Automatic Repair - Run in Windows 8
Note: You may need to do startup repair 3 to 4 times.
Startup Repair - Run 3 Separate Times - Windows 7 Help Forums

Have you made the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Disks?


We always assume you have made your Recovery Disks using the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Media Creator app the first day you had your new PC.
& made the Startup Repair CD. (Windows 8 only)
Recovery Drive - Create with USB Flash Drive in Windows 8
System Repair Disc - Create in Windows 8 (Windows 8 only)

I would recommend you making the OEM manufacturer's Recovery DVD's or USB drive.
You can order the Microsoft official OEM Recovery disks from the OEM manufacturer's website.
From the manual for Lenovo G480.

Originally Posted by Lenovo

When the hard disk drive or solid state drive is replaced because of a failure, no
product recovery program is on the new drive. In this case, you must use the
Recovery Disc Set for the computer. Order the Recovery Disc Set and the drive at
the same time so that you can recover the new drive with the pre-installed
software when they arrive.

You can Order Lenovo Recovery Disks from here:
Lenovo Support - Home (US)
Click on Parts & Accessories.

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