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Unlock/Log in delay

Q: Unlock/Log in delay

So I installed Windows 7 over the weekend and love it, it's awesome, I fixed any initial problems I had etc etc.. but there's one issue that I cannot figure out. My laptop is asleep rather than off most of the time, so when I open the lid it turns on and up comes my user log in.

That's all fine, but after I type my password in and hit enter the screen goes black for a solid 10-15 seconds. This happens every time, and always for the same length of time. It also does not matter whether I am logging in or just unlocking, I still get a long period of black screen with no activity.

What can I do to troubleshoot a problem like this? Video card drivers are installed, and I'm in single display mode (don't have an external monitor) so I can't think of a reason for Windows to be doing this.

Thanks for any ideas.

Preferred Solution: Unlock/Log in delay

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Unlock/Log in delay

Are the drivers up-to-date? Where did you get them, Windows Update of the manufacturer's site?

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i have 1 T external Hard that is encrypt by Bitlocker tool .... when in plug in my hard into my computer and enter unlock password it doesn't open it and shows responding error ...i try with the others computers and in shows same error...i have a very very
important files and information in my hard...and i didn't save my recovery password ...please please help me...

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1st of all, im not sure in which topic i have to post this issue,
sorry if im post it in wrong page

unlock.exe <-- using this software, its locked all the access, and unable to unlock,

/me if this software run has admin, we can unlock it back,
but, the rite click was disabled,
to repair registry, locked too,
to access C:, locked too...

Its all checked - have to unchacke

Ubah - Change
Keluar - Exit
Settingan yang diubah - changed settings
Tambah Toolbar - Add Toolbar
Hapus History - clear History
Tidak ada autorun - No Autorun
Jam Taskbar - Taskbar Clock

The Software -

Please Guide me,
Thanx alot...

- NavinS

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Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
Western Digital WD My Passport 2 TB external hard drive
Western Digital's security software allows a password to be set on the external drive, encrypting it. When the drive is connected to a PC, a virtual CD (VCD) partition runs (via autorun) an unlocker utility WD Drive Unlock.exe, that allows password entry.
When I connect the locked drive to a Windows 7 PC (that does not have any WD software installed), the autoun popup appears and I select "Run WD Drive Unlock.exe". At that point, User Account Control (UAC) elevation prompt appears, requiring Administrator
password in order to continue.
WD Drive Unlock then lets me enter password.
Because of UAC elevation, the unlocker can be used only by an Administrator user or by a standard user account who knows the Administrator password.

Is UAC elevation prompt truly necessary?
Is it appearing because Western Digital hasn't coded the unlocker exe correctly, or would any such utility require UAC elevation?

I'd like to find a way that a standard user account can run the unlocker to enter passsword and access the external drive, without having to know the Windows Admin password.

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Title I wanted to use: Windows XP SP3: Slow Startup / Boot: Black Screen Delay & Delay after logging in

For some reason I can't preview my post when I use this title: I have tried removing all the punctuation, including the &, which doesn't work and have tried other titles with the same character length, which does work.

Problem Begins Here:

When I turn on or restart my computer, the boot up time from the time I press the power button to the time the final icon on my desktop loads is slow. I am not too concerned about the time after my desktop is shown since I have several items to run at startup.

The two areas of concern are:

1) After the XP logo is shown, my screen goes black. This lasts for about 17 to 19 seconds. I don't know when this started as I rarely restart my computer. The problem is worse if I startup in Safe Mode. It's about 1 minute and 10 seconds before I see anything on the screen, and another 40 seconds before something else is shown on screen. Note: In order to not to have to waste time pressing F8 and choosing Safe Mode, I enter safe mode by specifying so in msconfig. The options I chose were /SAFEBOOT and Minimal.

2) After I login, there is a delay of about 30 to 45 seconds before the desktop is shown. Windows stays at the login confirmation screen during that time. This I feel has happened recently.

Boot Time Results tested using a stopwatch:

Normal Boot (i.e. Not Safe Mode):
Time shown next to event is for when ... Read more

A:Windows XP SP3: Slow Startup / Boot: Black Screen Delay & Delay after logging in

Hi and welcome to TSF I have changed the title for you hope it is now ok.
Did you try running any diagnostics like seatools for dos on the HDD SeaTools for DOS tutorial

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After the Windows 10 April 2018 update, my Lenovo Yoga 3 14 laptop is not starting immediately. It's not boot-up delay, it's a device start-up delay like after pressing the power button, just keyboard back light blinks once and nothing will happen and it's taking 35 to 40 seconds (earlier it's 1 to 3 seconds) after pressing the power button to show Lenovo UEFI screen along with Windows loading animation (this boot-up is quick like earlier versions about 5 to 7 seconds). Re-installed the complete OS (clean install) and re-installed the BIOS (Version BACNA0WW and BIOS date 07/15/2016). But nothing helps. Changed to earlier version of windows with clean install (the one with creators update, but issue not resolved.) Formatted complete drive and cleared all partitions (including OEM) and installed on a fresh partition, re-flashed BIOS, but nothing helps. Later I thought about hardware issue. Opened laptop, removed display connector, cleaned and attached, but issue not resolved. So, it's not a new Windows issue and It might be a problem with BIOS and it needs to be updated. Since my laptop is mote than 3 years old, Lenovo probably don't bother about updating this BIOS. Any solution that I missed?Thanks in advance.

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Hello, i've the same problem and i don't find any solution
I've already searched on google but i've just find this website so if anyone have a solution, it's welcome

A:IE7: youtube delay, facebook delay.. why?

Hello and welcome to the forums

Please read this:


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Hi all,
Very strange problem with my IE7 on Win XP system (Fujitsu Siemens laptop Xi1546 btw).

Basically, so far ive only noticed it on those 2 sites but essentially the problem is, certain links on the site, when clicked, do nothing.
Youtube for e.g. the videos always have a 10 minute delay before they load. Regardless of time of day, whether im using GB youtube servers, or the kind of video, OR even if i change go home and use my home internet, same problem: 10 minute delay before the video loads. This must mean a setting which has gone awry? Metacafe works fine and it also uses Shockwave so why does my laptop hate youtube?
Also if i click to change servers on youtube, e.g. choose youtube UK, IE just 'loads' the page but stays stuck. Other websites work fine so its not a temporary lack of internet thats causing this.

Facebook is really bad and has the same 'loading but stuck problem.' I post messages on walls and it stays stuck but if i click profile, that loads instantly and it says ive posted..? I cant goto the groups page, or events, it just stays stuck and wont load. ive had this problem for about a couple of months..

overall i think its a setting for my IE, but what do you think? really appreciate help, really fed up.

A:IE7: youtube delay, facebook delay.. why?

Hello and welcome to TSF

Do you have these problems in any other browsers? Please try one of the below (both are free):


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I have tried to fix this but to no avail. This is a list of what I have tried (I probably forgot a few things):

- run IE9 with no add-ons
- run IE9 in 64bit mode
- tried the above 2 in safe mode
- deleted the registry keys corresponding to Spybot, even though it's not installed
- uninstalled and reinstalled IE9
- "regsvr32 actxprxy.dll" in an admin cmd
- reset to default settings in the advanced tab
- tried with GPU rendering on and off
- ran Malwarebytes and found nothing

I have a Q9400, 8GB RAM, Radeon 6850, and a SSD for my W7x64 Ultimate; so my computer is blistering fast. Any more ideas? Thanks

A:IE9 - 2sec startup delay; 0-2sec delay when opening tabs

Doubt you want to hear this, but my honest solution to the problem is to use either firefox or chrome instead.
I have friends who put your system to shame and I.E. just never seems to 'pop' for them.

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Computer seems to be sticking all around.. thought it was browser(s), and then connection,, but it is like some kind of delay...approx 100ms delay.. between the initial double click and PC processes any request... just started today.. have been uninstalling and installing quite a bit this last month.. but up to this point all was pretty good.. by that i mean nothing like what is happening now has transpired..



A:Delay Delay.. [Moved]

As no logs have been posted, I am shifting this topic from the specialized HiJack This forum to the Am I Infected forum.==>PLEASE DO NOT NOW POST LOGS<== unless a log is specifically requested.

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Q: unlock

my computer had a system recovery and i want to find out how to get all my stuff back from my hard drive disc D but it has a lock on it and it doesnt let me open it what do i do


what is the exact error message you're getting?

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My number will not unlock on the number pad, they work well with number above the letter, I have hit the unlock too many times and it will not unlock, can you help?

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hi guys i have 3tb+unlock it says available drivers 2048gb but i cant click on create,recover or parition. what should i do? i have window 10. please help

A:3tb+unlock need help please

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I do have PC based on Gigabyte 970A-DS3P motherboard, I bought it already assembled, and out of the box it had this 3TB Hdd Unlock program installed. I would have to reinstall my system soon and I was wandering what exactly this software is for? What is it do? Will I need it when I'll reinstall my system or not really?

A:3TB Hdd Unlock

It's most likely intended to allow you to see and be able to use all of a large drive.

Windows can only see and utilize about 2.2 TB on a drive that is initialized as MBR. If you had a 3 or 4 TB drive, the portion above 2.2 would be useless and not even visible.

The standard way around that is to initialize as GPT, rather than MBR. GPT doesn't have that 2.2 TB limitation.

BUT--some motherboard manufacturers have provided downloadable software that can overcome the MBR limitation. It tricks Windows, so that you can see and use the portion above 2.2 TB. I'm not sure if it's usable on drives larger than 3 TB. I'm pretty sure that's what Gigabyte has provided to you in this case. I'd guess you have a 3 TB drive and the builder knew of the limitation, so used this special Gigabyte download.

It doesn't have anything to do with installing Windows per se. If your drives are under 2.2 TB you don't need it or if you can initialize the drive as GPT rather than MBR, you don't need it. Otherwise, you do need it, unless you don't care about not being able to use all of a large drive.

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Q: Unlock

How can I unlock the hard drive


Hi, and welcome to TSG.

That would depend on the details and specifics about the hardware, operating system, and how the drive was locked; none of which you have shared with us.

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I spilled something on mouse the other day and as a result I cannot right-click. Instead, I press shift and click. For some reason, lately, I have not been able to do this. I also notice that the function key is not doing anything and the F1-12 buttons work without it, as if the Fn is locked. Does anyone know how to change this back? I can't right click at all anymore and its kind of annoying.

A:How to unlock Fn key?

A 5 button mouse costs around $15. What's your excuse for trying to fix it? Just replace it.

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In Windows XP if a user locked their pc I could simply unlock it using my user name and password because I am the network administrator. This does not seem to work in Windows 7. Is there some setting to return to the way it used to be in XP?

A:Unlock pc

unfortunately; i do not believe there is a way to do such a thing because windows 7 is pretty much a updated version of windows vista whereas xp was completely different in terms of the architecture of the operating system as vista and 7 I would say are more secure than xp by a long shot.

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Q: unlock

when my computer first comes on there is a box in the middle of the screen that says locked and i press on that then I can use it how do i get rid of that box so i can turn it on and it goes straight onto windows I have vista thanks


Take a look here.

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Hey guys, i'm currently running a system with a p4p800 se m/b and a p4 2.4Ghz proc. with 1.5gb of ddr 400 ram 2 X 512mb and 2 X 256mb. The problem i'm having is that, my bios sets my fsb at 133 and my ram speed to 266mhz, what i'd like to know is if there is a custom bios or something that can help me unlock the multiplier. I have overclocked my processor to 3.2Ghz and it's running cooler with my cpu cooler but that only pushes my ram to 333mhz. Can you help me?

A:P4 Cpu unlock?

P4s are multi locked. There are hardware hacks to unlock however I never recommend doing so.

If it is just that your ram speed increases and you do not want it to, just use a lower divider or ram speed. When you raise the fsb, it is back to where it should be.

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Q: Unlock

I have an ibm laptop, and it is locked.
I would like to know how i can unlock it?


if it is bios locked only ibm can tell you and they will need you to prove ownership first

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I have an Inspiron 2650 and the Fn key is locked.....my cat sat on the keyboard.I have tried everything I can think of to unlock but to no avail.  I have to use the Fn key for all keys that have both characters/numbers or letter/numbers.  Anyone know how to unlock?? There are 3 indicator lights at the top of the keyboard....1 is CAPS lock, 1 is  NUMS lock and the third is what is lit and apparently controls this function but I have no idea what it is called.   Sorry if I am not explaining myself properly.   Thanks.  

A:Unlock Fn Key

hold down the fn key and tap f12. (or scroll lock if it isn't f12)

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Well I never thought I would be here. I was doing regular check-up on all computers when the
wife gave me her Dell Inspiron Mini, forgot the password I was told this problem is new to me./ No clue
Dell Inspiron Mini  OS XP
What do I do

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anybody knows how can i unlock my pc if i don't have the password.

A:unlock my pc

Is it when you start the computer or when you login. Here is the login password reset.

Reset User Account Password

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I have locked my usb with password and it gets unlocked in my dell laptop. But I have recently changed my laptop with no access to old laptop. I have forgotten the password for usb. I don't know how to get the recovery key of my old laptop. I was using dell Vostro 14 series with windows 10 in it. And now I am using Lenovo notepad with windows 10. Can you help me with a way to unlock the usb as it is urgent.


A:unlock usb

What USB
a flash pen
a usb connected hard drive

What is on the USB whatever it is , anything you need

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hi to all hope someone can help asap last night i was messing around with settings on pc as it wouldnt shut down ,got it to close in end but now when i start up it has gone to adminstater log in screen which happens to be the person i brought the pc off few months back off ebay i dont no password and cant contact him obviously how can i get my pc back i have work on there i need to finish can i put it into recovery or something plz help ......................

A:Need To Unlock Pc

I can only offer 2 suggestionsleave it blank and hit EnterTry ADMIN-admin-or AdminAny other suggestions violates BC rulesNo subject matter will be allowed whose purpose is to defeat existing copyright or security measures. If a user persists and/or the activity is obviously illegal the staff reserves the right to remove such content and/or ban the user. This would also mean encouraging the use or continued use of pirated software is not permitted, and subject to the same consequences.SorryTopic closed

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I would like to have following information: I have an Acer Aspire One ZA3 laptop, which needs to be unlocked. A Boot Scan was made that did not go as expected (boot.ini missing - <root of windows> \ system32 \ hal.dll), so it does not allow
the normal restart of the laptop (this laptop will have a virtual machine). Since the restoration of the laptop is excluded (first - due to its software, it will be difficult to restore all the drivers, second - by the need to recover the
programs and files that are on the laptop), I need to know if you know of any way to unlock this laptop.
Best regards,

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i locked two of my disk drives with bit-locker encryption option in windows-7 , now i forget the password and recovery key to unlock my drives . Is there any way to unlock my drives ? or if i format the system can i able to unlock the drives without loosing the contents in it ?

A:Help me plz..... unlock bitlocker

From a Microsoft article about BitLocker:

When a local administrator initializes BitLocker, the administrator should also create a recovery password or a recovery key. Without a recovery key or recovery password, all data on the encrypted drive may be inaccessible and unrecoverable if there is a problem with the BitLocker-protected drive.

Source: BitLocker Drive Encryption Overview

But I also found another Microsoft article that may permit using a Data Recovery Agent.

Scenario 14: Using a Data Recovery Agent to Recover BitLocker-Protected Drives (Windows 7)

The problem is, drive encryption is supposed to be secure. It's supposed to make it difficult, if not impossible, to recover data. Otherwise, what's the point in using encryption if everybody can just hack their way in.

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How do I unlock my laptop

A:How to unlock my labtop

@Bigsquik? Power-on password or Windows login password??? REO

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Same problem, system disabled, error code60938736

View Solution.

A:Unlock bios

Hi: Enter this unlock passcode: 75690318

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Hey everyone,
    I was locked my drive using bitlocker but unfortunatly i was forgetted my password and losted recovery key.I need help for unlock my drive.Is there any way or any command that help me to unlock drive.
  Please help me.
Thanks in advance.
yogesh javeer.

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I was running Windows 10 and there was some sort of error that forced my computer to shut down and restart. When it did, bitlocker was asking for a recovery key. I used the recovery key that is listed on my Microsoft account (I made sure that the key ID
matched the one displayed on the computer) but it said that the key was wrong. 
After attempting this a few times, I gave up and hit "skip this drive." Since then, that drive is completely locked.
Since my computer has two operating systems, the second being an old Vista install, the Vista started up. I used the command prompt (in Administrator mode) and ran the manage-bde -status command. 
the output was as follows
Volume G: [Label Unknown]
[Data Volume]
Size: Unknown GB
Conversion Status: Unknown
Percentage Encrypted: Unknown%
Encryption Method: Unknown
Protection Status: Protection Off
Lock Status: Locked
Automatic Unlock: Disabled
Key Protectors: None Found

I've tried to add a key protector, but it will not let me. I tried to unlock with manage-bde -unlock g: -recoverykey.
I tried to unlock using manage-bde -unlock g: -recoverypassword.
Nothing is working. I never lost my unlock password and I've tried using that too but it didn't work. 
I have even tried manage-bde -forcerecovery g: and get: ERROR: No recovery methods exist for Volume G:.
I tried to use manage-bde -protectors -add and got an error because it was locked. 
What is next?

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I am trying to use port 80 for a Program. I already Port Forwarded this port in my router. I have a program that is called TCPview and its showing that Port 80 is being used by a program called system:4 How can I stop this cause I cant terminate the process.
Additional Info

C:\Windows\system32>netstat -aon | findstr 0.0:80

C:\Windows\system32>tasklist | findstr 4
System Idle Process 0 Services 0 24 K
System 4 Services 0 640 K
csrss.exe 464 Services 0 2,728 K
wininit.exe 504 Services 0 2,768 K
lsass.exe 620 Services 0 7,024 K
svchost.exe 724 Services 0 5,796 K
svchost.exe 804 Services 0 5,380 K
MsMpEng.exe 872 Services 0 48,832 K
svchost.exe 984 Services 0 12,120 K
svchost.exe 1048 Services 0 59,528 K
svchost.exe 1264 Services 0 7,056 K
spoolsv.exe 1532 Services 0 8,144 K
svchost.exe 1560 Services 0 9,424 K
svchost.exe 1660 Services 0 3,904 K
AppleMobileDeviceService. 1704 Services 0 3,116 K
mDNSResponder.exe 1740 Services 0 3,320 K
NBService.exe 680 Services 0 4,744 K
SMSvcHost.exe 1200 Services 0 7,456 K
QBCFMonitorService.exe 1368 Services 0 10,428 K
svchost.exe 2544 Services 0 3,496 K
TuneUpUtilitiesService32. 2648 Services 0 12,616 K
svchost.exe 2668 Services 0 4,096 K
XobniService.exe 2704 Services 0 14,176 K
SearchIndexer.exe 3944 Services 0 23,284 K
TuneUpUtilitiesApp32.exe 3220 Console 1 6,224 K
dwm.exe 2276 Console 1 18,344 K
explorer.exe 2060 Console 1 59,412 K
WinRAR.exe 1012 C... Read more

A:Help Unlock my Port! I need it!

Most ISP's block port 80, so are you sure this is going to work in any case?

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1. Need bitlocker recovery key... my account never generated one.  Trying to use cmd to override / reset password. 
2. Was so close... but volume locked... need password.  How do I unlock volume without password? 

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So because im gonna install ubuntu 15.04 alongside windows i need to disable secure boot. So i go in there and find that i cant change much. I did a little research and found out that you have to "unlock" your BIOS. How do i do this?  OS: Windows 8.1 64-bit PC: HP ENVY 17 Notebook PC BIOS: Insyde F.65, 2014-11-20 RAM: 8GB Cpu: Intel Core i7-4700MQ @ 2.40GHZ BIOS mode: UEFI SMBIOS version: 2.7

View Solution.

A:Unlock BIOS

NVM i solved it dont reply.

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Guys...how do I unlock my multiplier? on my Pentium 4? This might sound like a stupid question, but I seriously don't know how to.

it's locked at 18x (18x111 = 1997Mhz (2Ghz))

does a lower multiplier and an increased front side bus raise your performance?

A:How do I unlock my CPU multiplier?

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Im using window xp home edition, when i start my comp it shows this diaglog tell me to log in. when i try to sign out it wont let me it says the admin( me ) locked it ! it locked automaticly ! plz help!

A:how to unlock the computer?

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Hi all,

I'm using a laptop (pentium III, 128mb, 20gb) with a qwerty keyboard. The problem is that some keys are locked in Fn mode. Such as p (is -) o (is 6) etc..
I tries rebooting, hitting f11, f10, system restore but it didnt work. The strnage thing is that other keys such as all the F (1to 12) keys which also have a second function with Fn seem to work like normal.
When I use the Fn key with for instance p I get p but when I hit p without Fn I get -.
Any ideas?

A:Fn key locked and cant unlock

Is this an external keyboard? See if there is a numlock button (possibly turned on in the bios on boot up) and try pushing that. Laptop make and model and keyboard make and model would help us give you better advice.

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I am unable to unlock my scanner on x6170 printer

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just want to make use of garbage

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I would like to have following information: I have an Acer Aspire One ZA3 laptop, which needs to be unlocked. A Boot Scan was made that did not go as expected (boot.ini missing - <root of windows> \ system32 \ hal.dll), so it does not allow
the normal restart of the laptop (this laptop will have a virtual machine). Since the restoration of the laptop is excluded (first - due to its software, it will be difficult to restore all the drivers, second - by the need to recover the
programs and files that are on the laptop), I need to know if you know of any way to unlock this laptop.
Best regards,

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I just had Word 2007 installed on my computer and it locks all documents that I type. First, how do I unlock these documents to change them? Second, how do I change this setting so it doesn't continue to lock documents?

A:unlock document

mollybrown said:

I just had Word 2007 installed on my computer and it locks all documents that I type. First, how do I unlock these documents to change them? Second, how do I change this setting so it doesn't continue to lock documents?Click to expand...

Couple things to check:

1. Have you ACTIVATED your license yet with Microsoft? If not, try this... on the Help menu, click Activate Product. Should take you through the process. Of course you'll need the activation key which they usually send to your email.

2. Is it possible you're sharing a document with someone else that may also be editing it at the same time? Probably not because you mentioned it's EVERY document, right?

Check out the following too: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/word/HA011406121033.aspx

Hope this is helpful.

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i need help please for Password/Unlock keyB2030BB6

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I asked the following in another forum and rec'd the quality answer, below.  Unfortunately the last step was to follow instructions from a linked resource.  The steps that were written did not occur as written.  I am hoping this forum can
help me complete the unlocking of my internal HDD.  I do not have an install or sys repair disk, or access to another win 7 home Prem computer.  Also, I have a 64 bit laptop but the pre-installed  OS is x86.  I burned the x64 ISO, should
I have burned the x86
**Original QUESTION**
My system crashed yesterday and when I tried to refresh the error message said the hard drive was locked, and I needed to unlock it.  When I tried the Arcronis true image 2013 sys disk, the error message said it could not find the hard drive. 
I suspect I had a system attack and I want to know if there is anyway I can unlock the Hard drive when I have no access to the operating system?

You'll need a Windows 7 System Repair Disc or a Windows 7 installation DVD.
If you don't have either of the above, you can create a System Repair Disc if you have access to a working Windows 7 computer with the same architecture (32-bit or 64-bit) as the problem computer.  See https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/17423/windows-7-create-system-repair-disc
If you don't have either disc and you don't have another Windows 7 computer, download the appropriate Windows 7 ISO file here:  http://windows... Read more

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I have this extreme weird problem were my computer locked me out right after I restarted from a Iobit disk and registry defragmentation. When I booted back up it automatically showed me the (The user name or password is incorrect). It's kinda like it thinks I don't have a password so it auto logs me in and then for some reason I don't log in. I'm guessing the problem has something to to with the registry because I don't think defragmentation would cause this. Also I tried the Offline NT password reset program that you need to mount on a disk image and then run the pc with that in but even though the software said that it removed my password it still says I can't log in. I would really appreciate help because I spent a lot of money for a person my age on an expensive pc.

A:How do I unlock my computer?

I think Iobit makes Advanced System Care? I'd generally avoid those type of apps.

Have you attempted a System Restore to a time prior to whenever this began? You may have to boot into safe mode.

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I have Windows XP......and my question is........when i sign on to my computer a window shows up and says.....THIS COMPUTER IS IN USE AND HAS BEEN LOCKED...only YOUR-3E1ECJMPN9 owner or an administrator can unlock this computer. Now i went into Control Panel and went into Owner and changed the Owner name (because it didn't have a name only said Owner) and i changed the password......so this way if it shows up again i can punch those in and it would except......Well it did...but now it keeps coming up as i am in the middle of something....I need to know how to get rid of that box? And, it comes up all the time when the computer goes to sleep on me..and i don't know how to shut that off also....so it won't fall asleep....If there is anyone who can help......please help ......thank you for ur time.

A:How to unlock a computer

To turn off the password on hybernation right click anywhere on your desktop

To shut off hybernation

Select properties
Click the screensaver tab
Click the power button
In the power schemes taqb, click never to:
turn off monitor.
turn off harddisks.
system standby.
next click the advanced tab

Uncheck the "prompt for a password when computer resumes from standby"

Click the hybernate tab

uncheck the enable hbernation tab

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guys,Im playing NovaRO,at my home using my laptop,
and I get permanently banned by the server because I was breaking their laws of the game.
now I would like to register a new account on that game,and try to connect to the server with my current laptop
and it cant connected,it said I was get banned...eventho I was using a different accounts member
so basically I was trying to use my friend laptop at my home and it works
I was assuming that the server game was banned my mac address,and my windows serial key
or probably my motherboard serial numbers.

so far,I did try to change my mac address and using a virtual windows to try to connect to this server again
and still..they still can detect me as their current users...using any their game account..
any advice or suggestion guys to solve this kind of problem?in case I'm still want to use my laptop instead of changing it just for this game?
thank you very much.

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