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configuring home network with firewall and wireless router

Q: configuring home network with firewall and wireless router

Although this post isn't strictly related to an issue on my computer, perhaps it can still be addressed as it deals with the general security of a network. The physical setup of the network (which does provide for fully functional internet access) is as follows in terms of wire connectivity:

The wireless router is connected via an ethernet cable on its WAN port to a LAN port on a wired firewall. This wired firewall is connected to the modem via ethernet from WAN to WAN.

This configuration as previously stated provides for internet access. My question however, is if the external IP address on the wireless router is protected by the built-in security features of the wired firewall (once having enabled them in the firewall's web-based utility), or if the firewall is simply acting as a switch, in that it successfully relays the connection from the modem to the router without implementing its security features in the process.

If it is the latter, then I ask how to configure this setup so that the wireless router utilizes the firewall's security features properly.

Preferred Solution: configuring home network with firewall and wireless router

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: configuring home network with firewall and wireless router

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I have two computers at home: a desktop pc that has a cable modem, wireless router and a printer connected via parallel cable; and a laptop with integrated wireless. The desktop has a vpn so that my wife can connect to her office in PA. I would like to share the printer if I can so I don't also have to connect the printer to my laptop. I have tried to enable printer sharing but to no avail. Any suggestions out there?


A:Configuring a home pc with wireless router for printer sharing

I noticed you said you enabled printer sharing but did you actually go to the printer properties and share the actual printer?

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I have a desktop computer that is connected to my ADSL modem and printer, and it is also connected to a wireless router. My laptop computer, which has wireless, can connect to the Internet using the desktop's ADSL modem and router without any problem, but I would also like to be able to print from the laptop, as well as share files between the desktop computer and laptop.

How can I do this? Can someone please post some detailed instructions?

A:Solved: Configuring A Wireless Home Network

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Hello. My question is almost identical to Tanna's -- except perhaps for the details of my goofy system. Should we discuss here or should I start a new thread?

I have an ancient desktop (Pentium III 500 running Win98SE), attached to my wireless router (Westell 327W) attached to my DSL service. Just bought a lovely new laptop (running XP). The laptop's wireless connection is hitting the DSL flawlessly (which I sure don't want to screw up) but I'd love to know what I need to set up in order to network the two computers as well.

Just like Tanna, I'd like to, from the laptop, access the desktop's printer and scanner, as well as transfer files amongst the drives in both computers.

Do I need a separate wireless card for the desktop, or can I already do this through its ethernet card? Will I have any problems unique to the XP & 98SE coexistence? Etc. Etc.

Thanks in advance for any help, as I'm "old at" computers, but new at networking!

-- Randy

A:Solved: Configuring Wireless Home Network

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I have a Win XP Home network with two PCs connected though a Router/Switch. Each computer has its own firewall, and in the network connections wizrd under each ones LAN connection it says firewalled. Is it safe for me to allow sharing of files and folders without risk of outsiders getting to these files?

Also I have Norton Personal Firewall 2003. My ISP provider is a Dynamic IP Address type. I can configure Norton to add certain PC to the Trusted Zone. Right now I can access each pc anyway. SHould I bother? If so, it asks for the PC's Network address and Subnet Mask. WIll this not be the same for both computers? So then will it really be doing anything?

Finally, how do I know what my Internet address and subnet mask are?

A:XP Home Network, Router/Switch and Firewall

I share all of my drives on my internal LAN machines, I have had no issues with breaches of my router's security. As far as setting your firewall parameters, just put the internal network address range in the trusted zone.

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what is the best firewall for a wireless home network on cable internet service (modem never off because the other comp can't access internet without it)........ we've tried zone alarm but both users HATE it.... they say it interfers with access to the internet for the wireless system (not a laptop just standard pc) and for the main pc it they said that they couldn't access certian game sites with it (zylom, pogo etc...) now when i installed zone alarm there was none of these problems but the next day they said the problems started so now there is absolutly no way to put zone alarm back on (they refuse).... so i need a recommendation for a different firewall because they are relying on windows firewall and spyware doctor (they are novices with no desire to learn more so they call me) and i don't think thats enough of a firewall considering they both ended up with a trojan already (each one was different)..... any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated.... thanks..

A:firewall for wireless home network

don't you have a firewall in the router

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I'm tryin to figure out how to network my computers at home. I have a cable modem hooked into a linksys router. One of my PC's has an ethernet cable running to the router and my other is wireless.

I tried to set up a hom/office network and my notebook says that I need to be plugged into the router. I don't want to do that on my notebook, I want to be wherever in my home. Then I tried to set up a wireless network, but then it said I needed an access point.

All I want to do is share some files. Can't I set up a network with the equipment I have now? I was hoping to get this to work, then get a network harddrive.


A:Home Network Through wireless router

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I am by no means a network expert but have set up multiple wireless networks for friends. Right now I'm trying to help a relative setup a network where he has a basic Belkin wireless G router behind a Speedstream 4200 modem/router, and we can't get it working. The best I figure is that both are trying to perform the function of router and thus conflict. I dealt with a very similar situaion last summer that took a few hours or trial and error to get working, but unfortunately I can't remember what settings I changed....something having to do with bridged mode and DHCP server in the modem. Can anyone help?

A:Wireless router behind Speedstream 4200 modem/router....need help configuring.....

Welcome to TSG:

See if this tip from Johnwill,addresses your issue.

Connecting two soho routers in a network

Note: The "primary" router can be an actual router, a software gateway like Microsoft Internet Connection Sharing, or a server connection that has the capability to supply more than one IP address using DHCP server capability. No changes are made to the primary "router" configuration.

Configure the IP address of the secondary router(s) to be in the same subnet as the primary router, but out of the range of the DHCP server in the primary router. For instance DHCP server addresses through, I'd assign the secondary router as it's IP address, for another router, etc.

Note: Do this first, as you will have to reboot the computer to connect to the router again for the remaining changes.

Disable the DHCP server in the secondary router.

Setup the wireless section just the way you would if it was the primary router, channels, encryption, etc.

Connect from the primary router's LAN port to one of the LAN ports on the secondary router. If there is no uplink port and neither of the routers have auto-sensing ports, use a cross-over cable. Leave the WAN port unconnected!

This procedure bypasses the routing function (NAT layer) and configures the router as a switch (or wireless access point for wireless routers).

Also FYI:I believe that the "primary" router in this scenario,is... Read more

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I currently have a TP-Link WR841N as my main wireless router( connects from the cable to modem to TP-Link). I get pretty good range with the TP-Link but the wireless signal doesn't cover my garage area.I was thinking about running a network cable to my garage and hooking up my Linksys WRT54G wireless router so that the wireless signal covers that area.
What do I need to do to set this up? Is it as easy as just plugging in my Linksys router to a network cable and then just being able to connect a laptop wirelessly? It would be great if I could just walk outside and as I moved toward the garage the laptop would just pick up the new routers wireless signal. But if that isn't possible or requires to much then I would be ok with having to just switch and reconnect to the Linksys router everytime I went to the garage.
Thanks for all your help.

A:How do I add another router to my home network to extend my wireless range?

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I alreadfy have a home network. Cable modem connection serving my computer and telephone (I have vonage broadband phone) through the linksys adapter provided by vonage. I purchased a wireless router and I need to hook it up. If I connect the wireless routers internet port(WAN) to an ethernet port in the linksys adapter, it doesnt work. However, when I connect it port to port (ethernet port of the wireless router to an ethernet port of the linksys adapter), the internet connectionw works. However, I am unable to activate the wireless network.

I tried connecting the wirless router directly to the modem (removing the linksys adapter) and carried out the installation provided in a CD by the manufacture and it wont work fine.

I cant get rid of the linksys adapter as it is essential for my broadband phone.

Any suggestions? Please help..


A:Connecting a Wireless router to an existing home network

You should have bought a wireless access point instead of a router.. *mutter*

"unable to activate" means what? Increadibly heavy feeling creeps into your hands making you unable to operate the computer?

Some more information here would really help.. Symptoms, computers and operating systems involved, types of wireless equipment, the router configuration etc.

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I have just joined up to sky broadband and have been sent a d-link router. I followed the set up disk that came with it and the Internet worked fine while it was connected through the Ethernet cable. I disconnected the cable and tried to connect wirelessly. My laptop found the new network to which I selected connect. I typed in the key code supplied with the router and my laptop tells me it's connecting. Once it connects it states that the network is unidentified and can only connect locally.

This has confused me as my iPhone works fine on the new network but my laptop can't.

My laptop is a Samsung R20 and runs with OS vista. I have never had problems like this with any other network I have connected to.

Please let me know your thoughts

thank you in advance.

A:Unidentified network shown when connecting wireless to home router.

so the router works with other devices - so something is blocking the pc to connect to the internet via wireless - this maybe your firewall - what firewall do you have ?

Would you post back the following
{ipconfig /all}
If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to paste the results into something like notepad and then copy onto a machine that can access the internet and post results here
We would like to see the results from ipconfig /all post back the results here
-> Start
-> (XP - enter the following in the RUN box)
cmd /k ipconfig /all
-> (Vista or Windows 7 - enter the following in the Search box)
cmd /k ipconfig /all

A black box will appear on the screen -
rightclick in the box
select all
control key + C key - to copy

then reply here and
control key + V to paste
{Ping Tests}
If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to paste the results into something like notepad and then copy onto a machine that can access the internet and post results here

Start> Run {search bar in Vista}> CMD to open a DOS window and type:

Type the following command
Ping {plus the number thats shown against the default gateway shown in above ipconfig /all}
Post back the results
rightclick in the box
select all
control key + C key - to copy
then reply here and
... Read more

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We operate a home office network (workgroup) of 6 older PCs running Windows XP SP3.
It's a Windows based network using a designated "home" PC as a server, and until recently we were using ethernet cables and a hub/switch for sharing files which worked well because we only share small document files, no music or video.
The workgroup does not have a shared internet connection, we don't want or need one for what we do, although the individual PC's can connect to the web using USB dongles just for checking e-mail.
Recently the ethernet hub died and I decided to take the opportunity to upgrade to wireless file sharing.
None of the PCs have inbuilt wireless adapters so I bought a D-Link USB wireless adapter for each PC.
I also bought a Netgear N300 router, thinking that this was suitable entry level equipment for wireless file sharing. Now I'm not so sure.
So far I was unable to install the router on the "home" PC because the installation CD seems to assume that the router will be used for sharing an internet connection and does not seem to offer an installation option without a standalone modem. I searched the net but could not find anyone else asking this question of how to install this type of router to create a closed home wireless network without a shared internet connection. An enquiry e-mail sent to [email protected] has not been answered.
Have I purchased the wrong equipment or can I make this work?

A:How to set up a Netgear N300 router for a closed home wireless network

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I'm trying to set up a home network where files/printer on my desktop can be shared over a wireless network. Here's how it's set up:

Desktop is connected to the internet via usb CDMA, which is my only internet connection. All laptops at home connect to the internet through the desktop's CDMA internet connection via a Linksys Wireless Router. there are no problems connecting to the internet, simply 'sharing' the CDMA modem's connection to the local area network.

CDMA modem-desktop-wireless router (via LAN)-laptops (wireless)

Now, I've set up file and printer sharing on the desktop, but since the router get an IP address from the desktop, at the same time giving IP addresses to the wirelessly connected laptops, I cannot 'see' the desktop computer from my laptop.

Now my question is: Is there a way to make all the computers visible to each other using this setup? the key is access to internet, which is only possible via usb (which is why I can't connect the router directly to the modem).

Any help on this will be greatly appreciated

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I have to configure a 2nd NIC and wireless router, so that mobile devices connected to router can access Internet which is through NIC-1 with static IP:

refer the attached file for my query, as it is hard to explain the whole details in words.

A:Configuring 2nd NIC with wireless-router

You don't need all that: if you have on wireless adapter connected to the internet, in Network and Sharing center click on Change adapter settings. You should see a Virtual WiFi miniport. You can use that one to create a virtual network which shares the "real" adapter's internet connection.
Can you see the virtual adapter in Network and Sharing Center?

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Some lady in my building wants me to install a wireless router for her and well her cable modem is downstairs and her computer is upstairs and she doesnt wanna buy a cable that long just so I could configure it so I was wondering if I could configure the router with my computer and just take it up to her like that?

A:Configuring Wireless Router

Sure, as long as you know what options she'll be wanting.

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I'm trying to set up a home network where files/printer on my desktop can be shared over a wireless network. Here's how it's set up:

Desktop is connected to the internet via usb CDMA, which is my only internet connection. All laptops at home connect to the internet through the desktop's CDMA internet connection via a Linksys Wireless Router. there are no problems connecting to the internet, simply 'sharing' the CDMA modem's connection to the local area network.

CDMA modem-desktop-wireless router (via LAN)-laptops (wireless)

Now, I've set up file and printer sharing on the desktop, but since the router get an IP address from the desktop, at the same time giving IP addresses to the wirelessly connected laptops, I cannot 'see' the desktop computer from my laptop.

Now my question is: Is there a way to make all the computers visible to each other using this setup? the key is access to internet, which is only possible via usb (which is why I can't connect the router directly to the modem).

Any help on this will be greatly appreciated

A:Solved: Home network for file/printer sharing: desktop-wireless router- laptops

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I didn't know where I should post this, mods please move as appropriate.

I recently changed ISP from Tiscali to Direct Save Telecom. I received a letter the other day saying that the switch had been made. However I still have the same issues as before and haven't done anything actively to 'connect' to their provider. The router is still configured to Tiscali. I'm a little confused as to how it all works.

Anyway I have been attempting to configure the router to DST, assuming this would complete the switch and halt the Tiscali usage.

So I entered in my browser and entered the setup wizard. When asked for the ISP DST wasn't on the list and this means I have to manually enter some things. When I just tried going with the default, it wouldn't connect, only inputting the old Tiscali details reconnected me. I don't have a clue what they refer to and my DST literature doesn't suggest what I should input there:

Connection type: PPPoE, PPPoA, Dynamic/Fixed IP (1483 bridged), Static IP (IPOA), Modem Only (Disable Internet Sharing)

IP assigned by ISP: Yes/No (No opens up more fields)

VPI/VCI: Both require numerical entries

Encapsulation: VC MUX, LLC

MMU: Another numerical entry, default is 1454

Could anyone give me an idea what to enter in these fields?

I'm stumped. Thanks for your help.

A:Configuring my Belkin wireless router to my new ISP

is this a router-modem or one or the other?
whats the model and brand?

If its a simple router, then its mainly dependent on your modem a;readu having access to the ISP service already. Then configuring your router to use the modem as a gateway..

If its a combo unit, or the modem, then the settings you may need to tweak with. I'm not familiar in what your ISP settings are for you, since i don't live in the UK, but theres a few things to try..

-Reset your unit to manufacturer's default
-download the latest firmware from the manufacturer and update
-read/download the manual for your unit and have a read. Often it will give you explanations of what each things do and mean.
-contact your provider and ask them if they can assist you in someway..

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ok right to it: I have a 3g usb modem that i use to connect to the internet. That connection is shared to my wlan connection that connects to my ddwrt router which is used for home networking and internet sharing.. It would look something like this:


My problem is that i have trouble accessing the admin area of my router at when my 3g internet is connected or accesing the internet when i can access the admin area ( depending which connection is on top of the list in advanced network settings -> adapter and bindings). What do you think would be the easiest way to solve this and to setup 3g internet sharing most efficiently?

My PC is the one in specs running windows 8 pro, the usb 3g modem is huawei e353, router gigaset sx763 running ddwrt.

A:Configuring 3G USB Modem and router for internet sharing and home networking.

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Hi everyone,

I recently switched my phone deal to one which included phone AND broadband rather than just phone. They had to send me a new username and password for my router which is an OfficeConnect ADSL Wireless 54 Mbps 11g firewall router. They also sent me a simple modem. In orer to connect through the router, I have to go to their webpage and type in a username and password, but on putting them in it doesn't work: I get to the 'configure' page and it won't let me past, as the next page says "Internet Explorer Cannot display this webpage."

I've tried my provider who insist the password is right, and it must be as I am currently connected to the internet via the modem they sent which requires the same new password. I just can't get passed configuring the router, which used to work perfectly. I have checked with my provider who says I am a PPPoE and VC-MUX and these are the only other settings I have to decide. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. With 2 kids in the house, we are finding it a struggle only having one computer which can connect to the internet.

Thanks so much for any help at all,


A:configuring OfficeConnect ADSL wireless router

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Hello to all,
I'm configuring my home wireless for the first time. I have bought ASUS wireless router RT-N10E

User manual is here:

The current setup at home is the following. I have ADSL modem which is set up in the router mode so I have ethernet cable which I plug to my notebook and IP address is assigned automatically and Internet works fine. There are no any setups.

Now according to the manual, this setup of wireless router should be fairly easy. Now network cable that was previously going to the notebook is plugged in to WAN input port on wireless router, and new ethernet cable is connected from one LAN port to notebook (just for the purpose of setup).
So, I use this quick install setup but at the first step: "Detecting connection status" fails so I need to skip to manual.

Can you assist me here? If everything is put on automatic it still doesnt work. I have put everything to factory settings and wait for your instrctions. I cannot understand why this auto detect QIS is not working and I'm not sure what to do manually.

I didn't try to set up all adresses manually. Right now this ADSL modem that was used to go to the Internet through ethernet cable have IP address, but this same address have also wireless router.
My friend told me that this doesn't matter since all I need is to use that ethernet cable from ADSL modem that at first was going to... Read more

A:Solved: Configuring wireless router for the first time

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I have very little knowledge of networking. I have had configured my home network with the help of online guides and tutorial and mainly by hit and trial, last year and it performed successfully. It may not be perfect but it worked and this is how it has been working.

ADSLModem provided by ISP (PPOE and subnet mask ( DHCP enabled range ( to 192.168.80) and default DNS by ISP. UPNP enabled (but nothing configured here and in NAT as well, as things were working fine so I never touched it) Wireless (OFF)
NOTE, I can't tell if my ISP registers Mac of this modem to authenticate the services)

LinksysWTRG router with DDWRT 2.4 installed with auto 'configuration DHCP' (guess this enables connections from the SETUP1 for WAN, hence IP, subnet mask, gateway and DNS LAN setup; ip
Subnet, gateway DNS by UnblockUs.com to access Hulu, Netflix etc outside U.S. NAT services and UPNP enabled with nothing specifically mentioned to forward the services to.
Wireless enabled. And DHCP Server enabled for LAN IP to

16 port switch that is hosting Roku, Bravia LCD, 2 NAS and a windows seven Laptop wired. All the devices on the switch are connected to Setup 2 through wire and wireless, like iPhone, iPads etc.

TpLinkRouter set on Dynamic Ip configuration with auto Ip for wan and for LAN. With subn... Read more

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Hi,i have a wired router at home.I bought a Tp link Tl-wa701nd wireless N accesspoint device,How can i set it up as an accessppoint.

Thank you

A:Configuring an wireless access point with a wired router.

I guess first of all you take the manual/User Guide out the box and read it, if you don't have one you can get the User Guide off the TP-Link website here. It will tell you exactly what you need to do to set it up.

My guess is that it will probably create its own wireless hotspot to begin with which you can connect to (settings usually on the label on the underside of the unit) and the manual will tell you the IP address you need to type in to configure it. TP-Link also provide a simulator for that model so you can mess around with all the settings first before you do it for real on your own unit.

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Since receiving a new AT&T 2 wire router, I am unable to print documents from my Dell laptop (Vista) through the router. When I check the control panel/printers, I see the documents with an error on the first document.

Any suggestion on what to look at for root cause?

A:Configuring sytsem to print via wireless modem/router

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Hi, hope someone can help!

I have a network card given to me by a friend. I need to install it in my pc which is simple enough.

However, how do I configure it once its physically in the pc? Also, does XP Home have generic network card drivers as I dont know what make the card is so have no idea of the drivers required.

Thanks in anticipation.

A:XP Home and configuring a network card

I'm using D-Link and Linksys cards in my PC's.
IIRC, D-Link for instance, specifically states to keep Windows out of the install process and to use the provided D-Link software.

I think you'll have better luck if you can get ahold of the software/drivers that came with the card.
If the CD is lost then I would go to the manufacturer's site and see what's available to D/L.


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hey guys pls help me out.

i am jagdish from mumbai(india) and i have hathway ISP's cable modem
based inter connection 512 blastextra(7 GB).

i have PC witn win xp sp2 and hathway guys had set
my lan card settings like this

Internet IP :
Default Gateway :
Subnet Mask :
(no usernames or passwords are required)

it works absolutely fine when i have direct connection to PC.

i bought a wireless router (linksys wrt54g) to share
internet connection and data files across my Laptops
so i set my lan card to obtail dynamic IP from DHCP server(Router)

but when i try to set the lan settings as above in my
router's as static ip settings.
i get a error message which stops me from even saving
the settings to router

""IP address and gateway are not at same subnet mask""

which is true while ip has subnet as 29 the gate way has it as 15.

when i make the subnets of both ip_add and gateway as 29 or 15 the
settings get saved but the internet does not work which is obvious
as i have changed the settings given by hathway.

here i checked by ipconfig command my settings were
IP Address :
Default Gateway :
Subnet Mask :

Info of other settings in Router
Local IP Address :
Subnet Mask :

DHCP server : Enabled
Ip Range :

Any techies around pls help me how shud
i set the given set... Read more

A:Problem configuring linksys wireless router to hathway cable?

First, your understanding is quite good.

Internet IP :
Default Gateway :
Subnet Mask : to expand...

that subnet mask is strange. in the router setup try instead.

you may also need the MAC id from your NIC card to be set as the masquerade id in the router

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Hello all,

I have an Acer laptop running Vista which I believe has a broken ethernet port (it's a basically new computer but port has never worked - will contact Acer about it, but in the meantime...)

When I had my internet installed the guy was here for 3 hours because we couldn't get it to work through the ethernet port. Finally he loaned me a wireless router (linksys WRT54G) and the internet works with that. I have to return it to him so I got a different one (D-Link DI-524) which I believe my parents have used in the past but never had a password on it or anything.

I cannot run the configuration for the D-Link from the set-up CD because it wants me to plug an ethernet cable from my computer into the router, and it's not able to find it. But when the installer guy gave me the Linksys router, he just plugged it in and off we went - no config needed, straight out of the box.

I plugged the new (D-link) router in and tried to find it in the list of networks available without configuration, because it may have been configured before. An unsecured network comes up called "Home" (my parents would quite probably name it something like that if they had used it before) but the signal is weak, and when I try I am not able to connect to it, so I'm not sure if that's this router (it comes and goes and I'm not able to determine if it's there when mine is plugged in or not).

You guys usually ask for ip adresses, so here's the info f... Read more

A:Configuring wireless router with broken ethernet port on computer

There isn't a way to configure the router without a wired network connection. You can pick up a pretty cheap USB to Ethernet adapter.


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Ok.. so here is the situation...

I get Wireless internet from my service provider, (they send out a wireless signal and my computer picks up on it and uses it with its WAN card).

What I want to do is use my wireless router to get the signal, and then send the internet via LAN cable to my 2 PC's. Does anyone have any idea of how I go about doing this? And what is the best way to set up the Wireless Router???

(Here is an overview of what I Wish to accomplish

Wireless Internet Signal
..{ (wireless signal)
.|_________pc 1

A:Need Help Configuring Wireless Network

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Just switched over to AT&T DSL from Road Runner Cable Modem.

While I had the cable modem, I used a Linksys WRT54G wireless router that had my PC and laptops connected to it.

Since I switched to AT&T DSL, I have been using AT&T's all-in-one device, the Westell DSL modem/wireless router/firewall.

I've noticed that uPnP doesn't work as well on the Westell as it did on the Linksys. I also had to change some settings to get my VPN to connect to my company's network.

Which is better? Should I put the Westell in bridged mode, and reconnect my Linksys? Or keep it the way I have it running it though the all-in-one device?

Thanks in advance.

A:Westell DSL modem/router/firewall VS. Linksys WRT54G Wireless Router

I'd put the Westell in bridged mode, which will then emulate your old configuration, which apparently worked properly.

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i just brought a belkin 802.11g that runs 54mbps, but we i got it to work it, but it displays 11.0 mbps... it;s download speed is only 20k. how do i configure it properly?

btw my router is alos belkin 802.11g but it;s in my basement and my computer is two floors up....(might be a factor). I also heard that by installing sp2 it will make wireless connection run faster, is it true?

p4 3.2
asus p4c00-e dlx

A:configuring wireless network adaptor

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I downloaded Kai xlink. Dont know if you know what it is but it helps get a game online.I downloaed it and my internate connection goes away and then it is lost. I go to "view wireless connections" and it says windows it not running you wireless network settings. What ever program thaat is running it run that program. I uninstalled Kai think it was it and it was. I dont know why it is running my network settings but then I had to go and make windows run it. I have never heard of someone having this problem with this. Any help would be great.

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I am having difficulty getting my HP Officejet Pro 8500(A910) configured to save digital faxes to my Iomega 2TB Home Media Sever (cloud edition). My home network is setup through a Linksys E4200.

I was able to successfully configure it to save to a folder on my PC, but I do not want to leave it running 24/7.

I believe the breakdown is in the Authentication part of the setup... It asks for the Windows username and password, which works fine for the PC setup but not for anywhere else. Do I use the UN & PW for the home media server if I'm saving to one of its folders? If so, how do I correctly type the path? It is communicating with the folder and leaving an alphanumeric file saved inside the folder when I use the 'save and test' option, but it breaks down from there.

I've spent nearly 6 hours on the ph with HP tech support and engineers, but they do not have a resolution.

Does anyone here have a suggestion?

A:Configuring digital fax to network folder located on a home media server

You should investigate how communication goes between HP and your PC, NBT (port 445) or Netbios (139). After investigate how do you communicate with Iomega. Most often those home servers are linux based, what means it can have samba server inside.

How you see folders of this home server? I believe in both ways path should look like \\device_or_PC_ipaddress\sharename in same way you saved now faxes to your PC... same way to show path, only IP address will be different

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I've got a bit of a problem I'm having trouble solving. I have a Desktop which I'm trying to network with an EeePC for the purposes of internet connection and file sharing. Both are running Win7 Ultimate. I'm using a USB Mobile Broadband dongle on the Desktop, and a crossover cable between the two. Now, I can get the file sharing set up no problems with the Homegroup feature, and internet connection sharing works fine too. But my concern is that for some reason, Win7 is lumping the 'Local Area Connection' for the crossover cable and the Mobile Broadband connection together as the same 'Unidentified Network'. I've attached a screen shot to illustrate.

I don't like this. It means that in order to set up a homegroup (which is the only way I've been able to figure out how to get the file sharing to work), I have to set the 'Unidentified Network' to the 'Home' location. Considering this includes my connection to the internet, it really doesn't seem secure at all, especially if I enable file sharing.

Does anyone know how I can split the two connections ( the Crossover LAN and the mobile broadband) into two separate 'unidentified networks', so I can apply the 'Home' template to one, and the 'Public' to the other? Or any other means of setting up a secure crossover network with a shared internet connection?

Thanks in advance

A:Configuring Crossover network sharing and Wireless Broadband

Seriously? Not one reply?

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I have a small (5) peer to peer network running Win XP Pro. I would like to add an additional wireless router to existing setup.

Exisiting setup is a PC with a Compex DS 2216 router and a Cisco firewall, netiher of which I have the private IP addresses for. The wireless router to be added is a NetGear WGR 614. I am think I may have to set the second router as an access point, but am clueless how to do this.

Am I on the right track?

A:How do I add a second wireless router to existing router or firewall?

Why do you want to add a second router? Adding an access point will save you a lot of trouble.

If you insist on using a router then there was a thread about using two Linksys routers the hard way. You can also connect the routers using the easy way by using the LAN ports only.

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I was told that there's no need for me to have a firewall program since I am connected via a wireless B router. Is this true?

If this is not true...
I just recovered from a SPYWARE STRIKE infection thanks to the generous help of CYBERTECH in this forum. Would a firewall have helped protect my system?




The router's firewall may prevent hacking but a software firewall can stop some problems caused by viruses after you're already infected. I doubt if any firewall would block spywarestrike.

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My aunt and uncle have wireless router connected to their DSL modem and a firewall on their computer. Their tell me that now I need to by a certain chip from radio Shack for $80 dollar to get online with my Toshiba laptop. I fairly new to wireless and routes so what is the easy way to connect to the internet via wireless? Laptop has built in wireless and ethernet card. need to find out how to allow router to be access by laptop?

A:Wireless router and firewall

Buy a USB wireless adaptor and plug it into a USB port on your laptop, or buy a PCMCIA wireless card and plug it into the PCMCIA slot - either should work
Personally I prefer the PCMCIA approach, as it sticks out less when installed and therefore is less susceptible to damage if the laptop is moved, but on the other hand USB is more versatile as you can use in any PC with a USB port, whereas most desktops don;t have PCMCIA slots.

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I've got a wireless ADSL router with 4 ethernet ports. I've a desktop using XP and connected via ethernet and a laptop running windows 98 connected using a wireless PC Card. I can connect to the internet from both machines but can't get them to see each other.

Laptop says it can't browse the network. I tried the network setup wizard in XP and created a disk when prompted. Tried disk in 98 and rebooted when prompted. On startup, wizard said it couldn't find network card and couldn't continue.

Any help gratefully received. Thanks.

A:Wireless ADSL router, XP Home connected via cable, Win 98 via wireless card - HELP!!!

Checklist for networking Windows Machines with TCP/IP
- PCs which are not XP must have TCP/IP installed.
- Each PC must have a unique computer name.
- Each PC must have a network share defined.
- ALL NICS must be on the same subnet (e.g. IP 192.168.0.* subnet mask
- XP PCs must have Netbios over TCP/IP enabled (only essential for XP to talk to W9X PCs).
- MS Client and file & printer sharing must be enabled on each machine.
- All NICs must have their node type = anything except p-node (peer to peer, or point-point).
* To check, open a command prompt and type IPCONFIG /ALL.
- XP's ICF firewall is permanently disabled. (Only necessary for pre XP SP2).
- All 3rd party firewalls are disabled, uninstalled and deleted (until connection is working).
- PCs have the same workgroup (helps, but not essential for XP/2K, necessary for 9X/ME).

Allow 15 mins after rebooting a PC for that PC to appear in the workgroup, or
for it to see all other PCs. Or you can search for the PC by its computer name.
Additional things to check if you still have problems:
- Check your Services are Started on all PCs: Workstation, Server, TCP/IP Netbios helper, Computer Browser.
- XP gives access to its shares via the Net Guest Account. (Note, not the same as the local guest account in user accounts which should be off). Net Guest Account is enabled by default in XP, but... Read more

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Hi. I thought the following would be very simple but these days we know nothing is simple.

What I'm trying to do is block all incoming/outgoing traffic from my machine using Windows Firewall with Advanced settings, but allow only specific sites over http/https.

On the Windows firewall rules, there is no setting for URL, so I put in the IP for Yahoo for example, but I couldn't access Yahoo after I activated the rule. Plus, using IP's wont help when Yahoo can change its IP anytime. It's the URL is what I want, so I can do wild-card URL rules like www.yahoo.com/finance/*.

I tried tools like Kaspersky, but that only works for website traffic, nothing is stopping exotic things like newsgroup traffic from a news reader app for example.

Could someone please tell me how to block everything except specific URLs. Looking forward to your response, I'm stuck here.

A:Need help in configuring really simple firewall rules on Windows Firewall

Welcome to the forum.
Se if this link is of any benefit to your needs:-

How to: Configure a Firewall for Report Server Access

Let us know if it is ok.

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I've had problems for some time with 'Page cannot be displayed' message. I've jumped through many hoops trying to fix the problem, many of them with Zone labs, because I was using Zone Alarm. I've done many things they requested, including reading dozens of other reports of very similar sounding problems. It seems that the folks at Zone Labs are not really intent on fixing the problem. Earlier today I shut down the firewall and started the one included with my Windows XP system. Since then I've had no problem.

Not conclusive? Right, but it sure feels good so far. I haven't gone this long for months without having to do a repair or restart.

I don't remember why I decided not to use the Windows firewall in the first place. Am I in more jeopardy now than I was yesterday? I have AVG for virus protection and, as recommended in earlier incidents here, I run AdAware and Spybot S & D on a regular basis.

Anyone able to puncture my euphoric balloon? Thanks for any feedback.

A:Firewall Problems With A Wireless Router

Although I'm no authority ... my information is dependent on the advice and suggestions of others ...
a firewall that effectively blocks the action of any intrusive code aimed to your PC from the internet,
allows no unwarrented actions regarding connectivity, behaves in relationship with all other software,
and otherwise prevents connection of sites that are undesirable to it, is a good one.

It should also "cloak" the identity of your PC itself, so it's unique descriptive features are not detected by any internet-based sources.

Microsofts Firewall does these things.

Each connection to the internet you make is dependent on the functioning of applications and services running on your PC, to some degree.
Your browser needs to be able to function to visit sites. Applications need to run that will allow installation of software. The operations within media players, some video display functions, or those of the Windows Explorer involving file & folder access, for example.

You can modify how these "local" applications perform.
The use of a toolbar cookie-blocker is an example.
Using a host file modification to block URLs.
Enabling filtering applications of many kinds,
like Javacool's SpywareBlaster for ActiveX installations,
or parental-control software, you are making modifications
designed to provide an additional layer of control to the
"default" configurations present in the OS that deal with connectivity to the net.

Zone Alarm, being... Read more

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I have etrust EZ Armour thru road runner. It expired today and I went to update the key and everything was working just fine and then it asked me for my firewall password. I use the firewall in my NETGEAR wireless router and I have absolutely no idea what they are talking about or where I can even find that. I set it up myself and keep track of all that. I couldn't even tell where to put in the password so it would work. I downloaded the manual and read what I thought would apply. I even bypassed the router and just plugged the computer directly to the modem.

My software would have been updated since I bought the router last fall. Thanks in advance for your help!

A:firewall password in wireless router

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Hi everyone,

I just got a netgear wireless firewall Router WGT624 V2. I have a T1 connection our provider said is using NAT.... I have it connected to our switch. Can I plug this router from any port coming out of the switch??????

I was trying to configure it from my computer which is connected to my server but i didn't have any luck..!
Any help would be appreciated.


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Hi guys how you doing? my question is about " 3 com ADSL wireless 11g Firewall Router. first let me give you information how i use with it. i have 256kbps connection and i get the DNS Automatically from the ISP. I don't have public-IP Address just it is DHCP. Right now, the problem is u know most of the time the Primary and secondary DNS become DOWN. there is no internet connection. and the horible thing is that it takes time to connect and needs restart 3-4 times. the 2nd question, is it possible to use ROUTING AND REMOTE ACCESS with this 3com Router? how you do it? THANK YOU

A:3com Adsl Wireless 11g Firewall Router

[quote name='mocca' date='Jul 30 2007, 03:32 AM' post='581363']Hi guys how you doing? my question is about " 3 com ADSL wireless 11g Firewall Router. first let me give you information how i use with it. i have 256kbps connection and i get the DNS Automatically from the ISP. I don't have public-IP Address just it is DHCP. Right now, the problem is u know most of the time the Primary and secondary DNS become DOWN. there is no internet connection. and the horible thing is that it takes time to connect and needs restart 3-4 times. the 2nd question, is it possible to use ROUTING AND REMOTE ACCESS with this 3com Router? how you do it? THANK YOU

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I'm having problems playing multiplayer games through the Netgear wireless router.
I have allowed it in McAfee, but now, I think that the firewall on the router is now the problem. How can I change the settings on it?

A:Netgear wireless router firewall problems

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I have AT&T uVerse.

CAT5 out of the uVerse box into a wired switch.

A bunch of computers plugged into the switch and sharing files. They are all in a Windows workgroup (not Homegroup).

Then, an Airport Extreme is also plugged into the switch. When I connect to the Airport, I can still see all the computers plugged into the switch.

Is there a way to make those devices connected via the Airport not be able to see anything but the public internet? I basically want to use the Airport as a restricted guest network.

A:How to firewall a router from network shares?

The Airport Extreme like most modern routers have a guest wireless network which can be enabled in order to isolate the guest from the rest of the network. You should be able to find the setting some place in the firmware under wireless set up.

The following link gives more specific instructions for setting this up.

AirPort base stations: About the Guest network feature

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Ok, I've been hearing alot here about the benefits of having a firewall. What I'm wondering is, I have a small home network that uses ICS. How will adding a firewall affect my connection sharing, if at all? I know pretty much NOTHING about firewalls, but thought I'd check into Zone Alarm if I can get some good advice here. If y'all think it's a good idea....do I just need to put it on the host computer, or all on the network? And, what, if any special settings would there be?

I appreciate any and all advice I can get! Thanks in advance!


A:Firewall and home network with ICS

If you are using ICS I would onlt put sonmething like ZA on the host PC. It is basically acting as a proxy server for any other PC's that are sharing the connection.

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Hi I am just getting started with networking two computers for a home business network. For this I have used XP Pro(SP2). There are a couple of issue. One is that in the workgroup that I have set up I do not see both computers. I can access the machine with \\machine name, however it would be good if I could simply see it within the View workgroup computers section. Any ideas?

The other issue is that the network only works when the Firewall is switched off (I have ZoneAlarm on one machine and MS Firewall on the other machine) I would rather not be accessing the internet without a firewall, how do I go about setting it up??

Thanks for your time

A:Firewall within a home XP network

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I am attempting to add a Netgear FVS318 firewall / 8port switch and Want to keep using my Wireless router to broadcast a wireless signal. I attempted to "daisy chain" the wireless router into the firewall 8port switch.. I am having a terrible time trying to figure out what I am doing or if it is even worth doing.

Would love for some imput

A:Installing Firewall / 8 Port Switch and Wireless Router

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