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MS Cloud/One Drive or iCloud from PC

Q: MS Cloud/One Drive or iCloud from PC

I have a 500gb HD in my Windows 10 Laptop and I also have a Windows 10 Tablet with 9gb spare from 32gb storage with one USB port.

As the bulk of my data is the on 500 drive in the laptop.

What is the best way to share this data between the Laptop and Tablet. Also adding to these two current machines, I am also looking into an iPad. Again the iPad only has 32 or 64gb storage.

Any tips of how solve this, with using MS Cloud/One Drive or iCloud with iPad or of any other method.


Preferred Solution: MS Cloud/One Drive or iCloud from PC

I recommend trying the free service from Zip Cloud. It's currently our users' favorite backup and storage solution and will save you headaches down the line.

You can get it direct from this link http://goo.gl/rFYDxc. (This link will open the Zip Cloud homepage.)

A: MS Cloud/One Drive or iCloud from PC

The "best" solution depends on.....

a) How much data (in GB) you need to share between these 3 devices
b) The budget that you have for this


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My computer carsh in Dec 2017.  Lost everything.  I am trying to get my icloud back & have except for the drive.  I have been trying to back up my ipad on my computer but it's not working.Hope there is some one out there that can help me.  I love my TouchSmart I realy don't wont to get a new computer.Thank YouZoomerZips

A:Icloud drive

@ZoomerZips If you have not done so, see the following Apple help for downloading, installing, and using iCloud for Windows:Download iCloud for Windows Webpage includes links to FAQs, solutions, and help from the (Apple Support) community Click the Thumbs Up to say Thanks!Click Post that answers your question "Accept as Solution" to help others find it.   

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Quite while ago, iCloud was installed and updated on both Windows 7 and windows 8.1 computer.
I see both iCloud drive and iCloud photo folders in windows 7. But iCloud drive (its icon and folder) is missing in windows 8.1 computer. In iCloud control panel on windows 8.1, I could not tick in the box in front of the iCloud drive. Sometime I could tick it. but the check mark disappears when the icloud control panel is re-open. Any suggestion would appreciated.

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I use Google Drive, Box Sync, Dropbox and iCloud, but I am running out of disk space on my "C" Drive. It looks like my C Drive has 216 GB and I have an E Drive of 931 GB. My C Drive is almost full at 196 GB and made me turn off/unsync many of my Google Drive folders so I could save some of my files for work. My E Drive has almost 900GB available. I think I have my Dropbox syncing to E Drive, but I can't choose how to sync Google Drive to E Drive....It points it automatically to C Drive. My Mac seems way easier than this $***...ugh, what a pain in the *$$...why do I even have two drives seperated like this?! My last work PC was way easier than this more expensive paperweight, but in order to Run all the DEsign intensive stuff we do [Adobe Creative Suite, Autodesk Design Suite, etc.]  we were told this computer should work well...ummmm, well, it's not..it's making my life more complicated and stressfull!

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I want to know if there are any free solution or workaround to sync my Google Drive files/folders to another Cloud Drive like box.net, dropbox, sugarsync?

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What is the best way to setup a WD my cloud Drive Download the software setup from the internt,or manually ?

A:WD My Cloud Drive

Download it from the internet as the internet usually has the newest version available.

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I am using a cloud to hold all my files and folders. Is there a free way to back up this cloud in the event it fails. All the data is also on m phone's cloud.
I use external drives to image my hard drive but I doubt that includes the cloud like Onedrive drive or Drive.
Thank you

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Hi, I'm currently looking for service providers in the cloud or online drive sector that allow for searching in the online storage using a URL so that I can integrate the online storage service with the app I am currently creating. PLEASE HELP

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What is sky drive and cloud drive? Please explain me in deatils.
Thank you :)

p.s.: I also don't know if this is the right section to ask this question or not. If not, I request the admins to forward it to the right section.

A:[SOLVED] What is skydrive and cloud drive?

They are both online data storage services:

SkyDrive: Skydrive - Windows Live - 25 GB Free Storage

Cloud Drive: Cloud Drive | A simple free online storage tool

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I would like to create a bootable USB drive (OS+drivers) for Windows 7 Professional 64-bit. I downloaded and ran sp76482.exe from your site. It took about two hours for the process to reach about 99.5%, then suddenly the download progress goes backward from 99.5% down to 99.49% then to 99.48% etc .. and failed to complete. I made several attempts, and they all failed. Could anyone give me a fix to this problem?

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I posted this in someone's thread but don't want to hijack completely.

I was looking for something basic for myself to clone my computers to all have the same folder structure so if I backup to separate hard drives or a flash drive I can always have the right folders without making duplicate copies in folders such as "Music" and "My Music" etc.
Something along these lines:

I have:

-2 laptops
-3 hard drives
-3 flash drives
Mobile SD cards etc. I want all my digital folders identical! Its getting confusing!

Also, I often have long file names that don't copy over to the external software that helps would be helpful.

Sync would be awesome: http://download.cnet.com/SugarSync-Manager/3000-2242_4-10798179.html

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Does the WD cloud external drive back up all of its 3TB on a cloud so that even when it fails, the 3TB of content is stored online so that you can get the contents back if you either buy a replacement for the drive or get one for free as part of the Best Buy black tie warranty? Can you also get a new one free if you have the Square Trade warranty?

Or does the cloud mean that it is only backed up on the hardware itself but is accessible from far away via internet connection?

A:What is the difference between 3TB WD cloud external drive and normal

A simple google search returns:

WD announces My Cloud, an external drive that connects to your home network for $150 (video)

Can't answer the stuff about warranties though.

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I recently purchased a My Cloud drive, and set it up as a network drive on my home computer (on the same network) by adding it as a Windows Credential. I have port forwarded the device on port 80 and tried adding it as a Windows Credential the same way on a laptop connected to a different network. I entered its address as xx.xx.xxx.xx:80, but I can't get the drive to show up this way. Is it possible to connect to it this way despite being on a different network?

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I'm using a hard drive to store all my files at home and I have my desktop and lap top both pointing to the hard drive, so that whatever computer I'm on, I am accessing and editing the same files.

I'll be moving away for the winter and am looking for a cloud solution where I can take the files on my hard drive, and duplicate them in the cloud, so that every time I access and edit a file in the cloud, it re-writes it on my hard drive and vice versa.

Both my desktop and laptop are Mac. OS X El Capitan

I'm using Google Drive now, but as far as I can tell it requires I transfer all my files to a Drive folder that lives on each computer. That won't work because when I access the files on one of the computers to edit, it doesn't change it on the other. So I would need the Drive folder to be installed on my hard drive/server, and I don't think that's possible.

I much appreciate any suggestions/solutions

A:Sync desktop - laptop - hard drive - cloud

Syncing across devices is how google drive should work
icloud drive
all work the same as syncing between devices

so you edit a file on PC A and save onto the onedrive folder on the PC and all other PCs logged into the onedrive/googledrive/dropbox etc
will see and re-sync the updated file

I will have to think How that may work with an external harddrive as well

i have 4 PCs all synced via onedrive/dropbox and so any files are available to all the PCs A,B,C & D where ever they are , so long as they can access the internet and be kept in sync
even using pages on an ipad willsync across all the devices using icloud drive

onedrive is limited to 5GB storage for free with a MS email account like outlook.com / hotmail.com
dropbox is limited to 2GB storage

i thought google drive did do the same syncing , but not used google drive for a while

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I am looking for a solution to the following business issue. Preferably a cloud based non-hardware, non-vpn solution.

I have data files used by some mortgage software in my office (24,000 files across about 800 meg). Currently I have just shared the folder and the individual PCs accessing the data just set their data location as \\joes-pc\datafiles\ or something like that (the data location is set in the mortgage software).

My main problem is that I am opening an offshore location and I need to have the remote users to also specify a networked location for the file storage. I have no vpn or other hardware other than wireless routers. Only a few requirements.....when one user has a file open if a second user tries to open the file (from the mortgage software) it tells the user the file is already open....there is no simultaneous sharing of a file and this needs to continue. I do not want to sync files from the cloud to local drives since I am guessing this would lead to all sorts of sharing issues. I basically need the files to act as if they are on my local network. I need the files centrally located, not distributed to users desktops.

Secondary issue would be ensuring backups happen somehow....right now I just copy the files to a external harddrive once a week, but I really should at least use dropbox for this or something so it is done automatically. Used carbonite in the past and it encrypted the files in such a way that they were unrecoverable.

Id... Read more

A:Map network drive to cloud storage, no syncing, options?

Some ideas:

1. Purchase a cloud server service.
2. Look at Logmein Hamachi.
3. For backups, use a batch file and set it to run on schedule via Task Scheduler.

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Throwing all caution to the wind, Amazon has launched a new cloud storage plan in which users can store an unlimited number of files using its Cloud Drive service for just $59.99 per year. If you're after the absolute cheapest...

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A:Amazon Cloud Drive now offers unlimited storage for $60/year

I love the idea of cloud storage for some things. Here in Maine it is useless. The time it takes to upload anything is abysmal at best. (180k up 50k down) With such a useless connection, cloud storage is not a useful option.

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We've used successfully Carbonite for a couple of years. I now need the service to include 1 USB flash drive. Carbonite does not have this ability--even for more dollars.

Does anyone have solid, firsthand experience with a similar type company that does have the ability to include a PC's USB flash drive?


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Hi all
Here's a little warning of what could happen if you start becoming too reliant on using "The Cloud".

Twitter was forced to turn over a huge amount of its data to the FBI -- didn't matter if you were resident of a country not subject to the USA's internal policy or legislation.

Maybe 99% of it was just ignored -- but the fact that 3rd parties can access supposedly private data at the drop of a hat should be a concern for everybody.

I don't agree at all with "Child Porn" , "Terrorism" or in particular "In the Interest of Security" -- Whose I wonder !!, etc but these shouldn't become catchalls for instigating investigations just because some corporate big wig doesn't like what's being said about "his / her private life".

(My whole take on sites like Twitter is if you are stupid enough to use these then you deserve everything you get -but that still doesn't excuse the entire database being made available to the FBI - especially when you are dealing with Non US citizens).

I have no time for this particular group -- but you can see where the end point of this type of control can end.
Twitter Forced To Hand Over Occupy Protestor's Tweets It Sought To Protect (latest news) | The Wall


A:the Cloud really is Cloud Cuckoo land

Why anybody would think that The Cloud (or any online storage service) is private? All datas you put on the internet is public or at least the property of the company or organsiation managing the online storage service. Poeple using such service should read the agreement in full. Something nobody ever does. Even if they write that your datas will remain confidential and shouldn't be sold to any third party they know of the law loopholes to do whatever they want with them anyway. About Tweeter and the FBI I don't understand how this is relevant since the FBI has de facto access to tweeter messages just as anybody else. They gave the FBI the datas which are public anyway. They got it in a consolidated format to make it easier to searh through, but these datas are in no way private or protected by some privacy agreement since they were posted on the network for all to see already. The purpose of using Tweeter is that a maximum of poeple read your nonsens, so don;t be surprised if the FBI or the CIA or Interpol read it too.

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I wanted to get an opinion or a knowlege of what seetings the laptop needs to be, for iCloud to function properly? Maybe the settings on the other end as well, have to be adjusted to accept a PC system?
At this point, I am having screen resolution & color issues. Seems when I open the iCloud program, the screen switches & the colors & resolution go to a negative & cartoonish appearance.
Putting the feelers out there now.

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Up til now, I have been happily syncing my iPhone4 and iPad2 with MS Outlook 2007 via my PC x iTunes.

Somehow, I recall choosing an option somewhere to use iCloud "cos it sounded OK" but now when I try to sync the devices on iTunes, it tells me that I cannot do this anymore as it is being done on iCloud and I will have duplicate contacts and all sorts of dire problems.

At the risk of being old fashioned, how do I get rid of iCloud and go back to the procedure first mentioned in Para one ..........?

I feel much happier with it and not having vast numbers of contacts, appontments etc. would prefer to leave iCloud out of it for the moment.

How do I do this thanks?

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Q: Icloud

I just purchased a new HP all in one computer. I downloaded the cloud. I'm trying to get my photos from my i phone to my pc. I've tried everthing i know.

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Your very own computer online. Complete with desktop, mail, applications, up to 50GB storage, and much more. Too many computers? No problem! http://icloud.com/en/features Use icloud for storing files online. Store once. Open from any computer. icloud keeps your files and photos safe, yet always right next to you

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My boss and I used me.com very successfully for his calendar and contacts, but awhile back when he upgraded he was moved to icloud.com, and I can no longer access the site from work. It is not blocked by the firewall, and the browser (firefox) works fine going to any other site. The error I get is: The proxy server is refusing connections.
Nothing has been changed on the browser settings and the browser works fine otherwise. I'm lost without access to this site.

A:Can't access icloud.com

I can get to that site with both my Opera and Firefox browsers but, when I do, it makes it clear that I will need a device (iphone or iPad?) with iOS 5 or a Mac computer with OS X to setup my Apple ID and access it.

I don't know anything about proxy servers but it sounds like it is something your workplace setup or ISP may be using. Is there anyone in your office that deals with techie stuff who might be able to help?

Another possibility is that using the Windows version of Apple's Safari browser might help, but that's complete guesswork on my part; http://www.apple.com/safari/ (although it does state that it works with iCloud).

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I switched from Windows XP Pro to Windows 7 Pro, so I could utilize the iCloud that comes with my iPad & iPhone 5. It was said I could sync all the devices; which I can, but the colors invert when I click "Open iCloud Control Panel".
The colors invert after the monitor changes to another phase & the screen flips. I went through the trouble shooting prompts & I thought that it was going to clear up. It didn't.
I know that it wants me to setup Outlook, but I already use Thunderbird?
What advice can anyone give from this forum.
Thanks ahead of time.
And I attached the screenshot to illustrate the color change.
I did try the 16bit setting.

A:iCloud issue(s)

Still no bites?
I went ahead & called the maker of the video card, NVIDIA & they said it was an OS problem. Of course Microsoft said it was Apple's & then not to be the only one fixing the blame, Apple said it was a Microsoft problem.
Anyway, took it to the local computer nerd store & they say that iCloud is changing the resolution. The service tech went right in & adjusted the resolution through iCloud, but when clicked on again, the resolution & the colors invert.
I wonder if it makes a difference of what browser that is used, to download iCloud on?

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I have a problem with a popup window from iCloud. I am signed in to Apple, and iCloud works, with contacts, calendar, etc. But every now and then I get this popup telling me to sign into iCloud. The problem with this is: I changed my email address and password on my Apple ID, and deleted the old address. I can go in and out of Apple with my new email address, but this popup has the old email address, and none of the passwords I try work. (Not the old PW, and not the new one).
I cannot log into iTunes for the same reason, and it seems my account has disappeared with all my music and books.
Does anyone know of a fix for this?

A:recurring Pop up from icloud

I returned my old email address to Apple ID, and that seems to help. But I still get the popup, which I ignore. Annoying. Workable but not a fix.

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I have a W7 laptop, an iPad & a MacBook Air and I am thinking of storing photos on one on the above mentioned as a safe guard. I have absolutely no idea at all how this iCloud etc stuff works as it is beyond me in my old age. So what I am looking for is advice on which one I should use and how to go about it. From what I have read One Drive gets the best write up but I would rather take opinions here from members who have had experience & know what they are talking about. Thanks for any help here.

A:OneDrive or iCloud

I use and like DropBox.  They have a free version with no limitations except amount of storage.  I pay $9.99 per month for the basic since I have a lot of photos and some videos.  I back up almost all files I create. And you can share files with others. Without them having access to your folders by a simple right click to create a link like this one:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/ev6a7mgbohlh2o1/2015-07-11%2018.54.52.mp4?dl=0 

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I have a problem with a popup window from iCloud. I am signed in to Apple, and iCloud works, with contacts, calendar, etc. But every now and then I get this popup telling me to sign into iCloud. The problem with this is: I changed my email address and password on my Apple ID, and deleted the old address. I can go in and out of Apple with my new email address, but this popup has the old email address, and none of the passwords I try work. (Not the old PW, and not the new one).
I cannot log into iTunes for the same reason, and it seems my account has disappeared with all my music and books.
Does anyone know of a fix for this?

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I installed and activated iCloud on my iPhone, MacAir and Windows 7 desktop to sync my Contacts & Calender. It snapped into place and work right away. BUT after afew days the Windows 7 unit contact and calender data in Outlook, in the Windows computer was gone. It's still on the other units and the program is listed as installed and running on the Windows computer,: Just no data! I get and error message when I click on the iCloud file selection in outlook; "The set of folders cannot be opened. The information store could not be opened."
How do I find the data and re-install it?
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770 CPU @ 3.40GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 58 Stepping 9
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 16347 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series, -2048 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 941283 MB, Free - 758426 MB; K: Total - 1430796 MB, Free - 1163451 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0YJPT1
Antivirus: Kaspersky Internet Security, Updated and Enabled

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Hi i just got a new computer and trying to set up outlook mail with my gmail account.
i have worked with Microsoft every day setting up the email account to the data file. i have icloud for my contacts and calendar only NOT my email. every time micorost fixes the email account it disappears and gets replaced by the icloud account and I can not receive mail. it has happened 5 times. i have worked with level 2 guys in microsoft and
it still happens. i can not get help with Apple because i do not have a mac.
why would the icloud interfere with my mail in outlook to download it and wipe it away.
when this happens i can not get my mail in outlook
any suggestions? is it outlook, icloud or my computer
thank you
susan rosenberg

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When I try to uninstall <g class="gr_ gr_30 gr-alert gr_spell gr_inline_cards gr_run_anim ContextualSpelling" data-gr-id="30" id="30">icloud</g> Apple says I can not do this because I am not logged on as an
administrator and the uninstall is unsuccessful. When I double checked <g class="gr_ gr_264 gr-alert gr_gramm gr_inline_cards gr_run_anim Grammar replaceWithoutSep" data-gr-id="264" id="264">in</g> my settings it clearly
shows that I am logged in as an admin. How do I uninstall this program?

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In my Outlook Contacts area I have Outlook contacts and ICloud contacts. Is there any way to keep these two lists in sync?

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My daughter's Windows 10 Laptop gives her a notification that her iCloud is almost full. She gets it about every 20 minutes or so. She knows nothing about iCloud and neither do I. So, how do I get rid of this notification?

A:Can't delete or fix iCloud notification

Originally Posted by gilloz

My daughter's Windows 10 Laptop gives her a notification that her iCloud is almost full. She gets it about every 20 minutes or so. She knows nothing about iCloud and neither do I. So, how do I get rid of this notification?

Maybe one of these pages has help:
remove icloud at DuckDuckGo

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I have windows 7 and outlook 2010 on a PC. When linking to icloud and enabling it to synch with icloud, icloud took the contacts off my computer (at least it seems that way). In trying to resolve the issue and talking with Apple and Omnitech, a variety of solutions were tried. I now have all my contacts in the right categories showing up on my PC, but it appears that they are not on the PC but in the cloud. My goal is to copy one of my categories, mailing list, into a  new separate folder in the folder list in order to use it to merge with Word and make labels. In the past, I could right click on the mailing list category and drag it to the new folder that I created. It would then ask if I wanted it to copy the file there or move it. I copied it to the new folder and then was able to merge it with word. Currently, when I try to drag the file to the folder, it indicates that this action can not be done. It appears to me that the reason this is occurring is that the contact file is in the cloud not on the computer.  ?? I would like to create a file with my contacts on the PC with the contacts in the right categories and not duplicating what is currently showing up from the cloud. I believe once I do this I will again be able to copy the category to the new folder.

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This Mac can?t connect to iCloud because of a problem with "email address". OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 I do not understand what to do.

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I can't set up my iCloud email address on my Win 7 or Win 10 laptops. I've tried the me.com and the icloud.com but after "churning" for 2 or 3 minutes it says the connection failed. It works on my iPad with no problems. Does any one have a solution?

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OK, I installed iCloud on my PC. I created a document in Pages on my iPad. When I go to the iCloud manager on my PC, the document is listed as being there, but I can't open it. So what good is it to me that it's there? Is there some way to open it that I'm not getting?

OK, I install iWorks. Now I can upload the document to iWorks, and open it and read it on my PC. But I can't edit it. So OK, I can download it in Word and edit it. But now I don't know how to save those edits to the original document in iWorks, so I can have them on my iPad.

What am I missing? What am I doing wrong?

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iCloud services is using 99,700 K of memory. That seems excessive. Is it? What should I do to fix it?

A:iCloud Services using 99,700K of RAM

I have not updated iTunes in a long time. To update it today I had to launch a clean boot. iCloud services is now using 33,000K. Is that normal?
During the update to iTunes a message "could not start Apple mobile devices services" was received. I hit retry a couple of times then I hit ignore. Is that a major issue?

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I've had this problem where a couple months ago my email stopped refreshing. To sort this I tried to delete the email from my computer and the re login. When I did this it deleted all my past emails and still won't retrieve my new ones. When I try to have a look at the sync settings it won't let me click on it. Anyone know how to fix it?

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I have a new HP laptop with Windows 8. I have downloaded iTunes and iCloud and both appear in my Downloads folder - but I can't get them to run/install. When I right click and select "run as administrator" I get the pop up box to allow changes to the computer. I click YES but then nothing ever happens. If I try to delete the download I get an error message saying "can't do as the file is open in iTunes installer.

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Hello! it's posible remove this icon from this pc?? Thank you!

A:Remove iCloud Photos from this pc

I'm not sure but you can try this utility to see if that works for you:

WinAero: This PC Tweaker

It seems to work on removing (or hiding) protected folders or creating new ones in a normally protected area.
Good luck and I hope this information is helpful.


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I have a Lenovo Ideapad 120s.  Everytime I try to install iCloud, it gets to the end of the installation and a message about a problem with Windows installer pops uyp and the installation rolls back.  Any suggestions on how to install iCloud?

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my Outlook calendar has lost its' connection to iCloud after the anniversary update last nite . . Anyone have this problem and a solution?

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Is there a way (when I send a link to someone so they can download my files) that they can download a whole folder, rather than image by image. I've made a folder and put photos in that folder. I sent a link to myself to see how it worked. When the link is clicked, it takes me to the images (rather than just the folder itself). From there, I can only download each one, one by one. This would take quite some time to do as most of what I'm uploading in a folder has as many as 50 images/photos.

Any feedback is welcome! Thank you!

A:iCloud download question

Yes, this makes sense. Thank you so much!

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Anyone else having problems with Outlook 2016 and iCloud? The connection seems to be broken with the update this week

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I'm trying to map my box.com cloud storage using "Map Network Drive".

I found the "Map Network Drive" button at the top of my folder.
I click on "Connect to a Web site that you can use to store your documents and pictures"
I follow through "Choose a custom network location"
At "Internet or network address" I type the url where I would log into box through the internet:

At next I get the login prompt, so I login, clicking "Remember my credentials"
when it returns, indicating that my login is incorrect the number of letters in my password has doubled, so
of course my password is incorrect if the "network drive" is adding a bunch of extra characters.

So I go back and click on "connect using different credentials" and get the same result

what's happening here and how do I fix it?

A:Mapping a cloud storage site using "Map Network drive"

Your password looks longer because no one should be able to see how many char your password contains.

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Fastest way to upload 1.3 TB of data to NAS, "cloud drive"??

I've uploaded about 400 MB to a 3 TB personal cloud & it took several hours with an ethernet connection thru 100mbs dual band router using W Explorer. There has got to be a faster way.

Does anyone know how to upload MB of files faster, more efficiently?
Please advise.

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